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tv   New Day  CNN  May 7, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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shutting down roads and grounding all flights. cnn meteorologist chad myers is in the cnn weather center with our top story. how's it looking, chad? >> well it's going to continue for now, today and longer into the weekend. 46 tornadoes yesterday. debris launching into the sky. >> mike we have a roof that just flew through the air here. i don't know where it came from. >> tornadoing wreaking havoc yet again across the plains. >> large tornado north of verdon oklahoma. >> i got trees down power flashes, i got to back out of here. >> red cross and emergency personnel begin combing through the neighborhoods damaged or destroyed in oklahoma kansas and nebraska. >> i saw two clouds meet as one. and then we could hear the sound of a train. our ears started popping because of the air pressure. >> for the first time in history the national weather service declaring a flash flood emergency in oklahoma city.
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the massive storm causing up to eight inches of rainfall in a matter of hours. oklahoma city residents evacuate. >> this is a large tornado which is continuing to grow in size. >> south of oklahoma city the hardest hit, lightning flashing through a wall of clouds as tornadoes rip roofs off buildings, including the side of this hotel. >> i'm in the middle of tornado damage right now. >> at least three residents in critical condition after a tornado flattened a mobile home park. >> i got power flashes in front of me. >> the tornado emergency including the city of moore. >> the entire strand is a tornado, folks. >> where two years ago a massive ef-5 tornado killed dozens of people and demolished over 1,000 homes. and more weather coming for the rest of this week today, tomorrow and maybe the worst even into saturday. it continues to rain in oklahoma now. i expect a lot of that weather to get into arkansas today.
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not included in the severe watch right now or even in the potential for slight risk today. i believe, arkansas you are still in it today. and for tomorrow into saturday look at this. the severe weather continues from nebraska all the way down to oklahoma. more tornados likely with this system. now, back out here another storm system in the atlantic could be a tropical system if it turns into something it would be early. but it would be ana or ana out here in the atlantic ocean. sounds kind of nice but for the people in the carolinas not a good beach weekend i'm afraid alisyn. >> lots of stuff to keep an eye on. chad thanks for that. an update on sunday's garland, texas attack. cnn obtained never-before-seen video of elton simpson, one of the two gunmen who tried to ambush a prophet muhammad cartoon contest. cnn national correspondent kyung lah is live from phoenix for us this morning. what have we learned, kyung? >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. the reason why this particular piece of video is important
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because this is the first time we're actually seeing elton simpson speaking. you get a sense of what we've been hearing all week. he appears to be mild mannered and it's so difficult to reconcile this with the man who went on the shooting rampage. we also spoke with a friend of his. an evangelical christian pastor. he says as disturbing as it may seem to the rest of us that he believes simpson did not snap. that this move in the texas area that it was a logical defense of his faith. here's what he said. >> i was surprised but not shock shocked. i wouldn't put it past him because i understood the sincerity of his beliefs. and he expressed to me admiration specifically for osama bin laden he used the word hero. >> and pastor ma loan says he also believes simpson must have known that he and his accomplice nadir soofi would both die by doing this by taking this step.
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we have also learned, chris that the fbi has now begun making inquiries trying to talk to people at the mosque. it's being described to us as bringing them in for friendly interviews. chris. >> well there does seem to be this unusual confusion about how much activity these men had with the wrong kinds of people and the wrong kinds of intent and yet nobody knowing anything about it. kyung, thank you for continuing to dig. in baltimore the mayor this morning is asking the department of justice to investigate her city's police department. this as serious inconsistencies emerge between the police investigation and the prosecutor's case against the officers who arrested freddie gray. cnn's suzanne malveaux joins us live from baltimore with the latest. suzanne. >> reporter: hey, good morning, chris. well there are a lot of developments this morning. first of all you mentioned the mayor, the mayor asking for the federal government to step in now. she wants her entire police department to be investigated for patterns and practices potentially of civil rights violations. did they use excessive force,
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search harassment these type of things. we've seen these reports recently for albuquerque as well as cleveland, most recently ferguson. this report is likely very likely going to take at least a year to be produced. so that's in the works. she also said she wants body cams on her officers by the end of the year. and, chris, we're looking at some inconsistencies here when you look at the case. there are sources, attorneys for the police officers who were charged, those six police officers charged in freddie gray's death, and sources inside who are familiar with the police report as well as the prosecution's case. and they say the police report does not necessarily support some of the aspects of the prosecution -- the state's attorneys office. namely the autopsy report not necessarily showing that this would be a homicide. also not necessarily showing that this is second-degree murder. that would be an intent to kill but rather manslaughter. and then some of the attorneys for the officers they want to see the knife. the knife that was on freddie
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gray. because they say if it was a switchblade, that would make it a legal possession and therefore give them probable cause to have arrested freddie gray in the first place. all of these things playing out inside the courtroom, inside the police as well as prosecutor's office. and some of these things obviously being leaked but very contentious, chris michaela. >> i'll take it here suzanne. thank you for that important update. the pentagon stating training for syrian rebels later this week. the syrian opposition leader telling jim -- voters heading to the polls in the uk today and it's one of the closest races in decade. david cameron seeking a second term his main challenger ed
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miliband. stay with cnn as those results come in. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum may throw his hat into the 2016 ring. the republican says he's going to make a decision before the end of the month whether to run or not. he had a strong showing in the 2012 gop primaries. remember he beat romney in the iowa caucus. what did tom brady know and when did he know it? the nfl's report on deflategate offers no definitive answers, but there's a mountain of circumstantial evidence that the patriots intentionally deflated footballs and that their star quarterback was aware. my former tv husband john berman is here. >> now estranged. >> over this. >> over this nonetheless. >> so here's the deal. the world is waiting right now for tom brady to come forward and make any comment at all about what i am holding in my hand, this mammoth report with pages and pages of dockumentation
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as the star quarterback as they say more probable than not generally aware that footballs before the afc championship game were deflated. new details in the nfl's stunning 243-page report on deflate deflategate. it concludes the new england patriots megastar quarterback tom brady more probably than not was at least generally aware that game balls were deliberately underinflated. this is something brady has more or less denied since january. >> i have no knowledge of anything. you know i didn't alter the ball in any way. >> based on video evidence and witness accounts the report claims that two of the team's personnel, jim mcalnally and an assistant deliberately made efforts to release the air from patriots game balls after the balls were examined by the referee. the theory footballs with less air are easier to grip. inside the report damning text
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messages exchanged between the two men with talk of cash free shoes and autographs. mcnally even calls himself the deflator texting, tom sucks. i'm going to make that next ball a expletive, balloon. talked to him last night, he actually brought you up and said you must have a lot of stress trying to get them done. the report also says january 1th during the afc championship game mcnally was seen on surveillance video committing a violation taking the game balls on a sudden trip to the bathroom before bringing them to the field. also notable, a flurry of phone calls and text messages between tom brady and him after the news deflate deflategate blew up. brady texting, you good johnny by? texting, sfil nervous, so far, so good though. i'll be all right. brady, you didn't do anything
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wrong, bud. jastremski i know. i'll be good. >> he did answer questions, but he did not turn over his cell phone, his text messages or his e-mails. and it seems clear the nfl probably not too happy about that. chris. well we have the perfect forensic team to discuss this. the two mikes, mike and mike they're on your screen. the big question is, for all the names and all the time and all the hype do you believe that the nfl has revealed the truth and what is it? mike greenberg. >> well those are excellent questions. my answer to the first one is no and the second one is we still don't know. at the end of the day i'm not a huge fan of more probable than not. i understand that might be the preponderance of the evidence and might rise to find you on your side in some sort of a civil proceeding. but if you're going to destroy the reputation of one of the
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greatest players of all time i would like a little more than probably. >> i was a little surprised that's all we got, but if you put it in terms of what discipline is coming this report is lost in the case in a courtroom. but in a civil courtroom it's not. >> you mean the court of public opinion? >> no no in a civil court i think they would be found liable given the preponderance of the evidence and more probably than not i think you would be found liable in a civil court. i'm not a lawyer. i only play one on tv. >> he plays one exceptionally badly. to your second point there, chris, about the court of public opinion. at the end of the day that's the one that really matters. tom brady is overwhelmingly likely to get suspended. the very first game the patriots play this year is the nfl huge kickoff, that thursday night opener against the steelers. it will be one of the highest rated television shows of the year on nbc. it's the biggest nfl game of the year until the playoffs start. >> all right. >> and tom brady is going to be suspended for that game.
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>> right. >> let's talk about why. first of all, does the report show to your satisfaction golic, that the balls were underinflated? >> well it shows that the balls were underinflated. >> and that somebody did it. >> well i believe so. i think what helps in that cause is the fact that the locker room assistant and the officials assistant and these people haven't talked to brady by phone in months and all of a sudden they're talking a couple of times in a couple of days after that talking and texting. so i think that leads you to believe there might be something there. that's the issue is just what the report said. there might be something there. >> right. >> so you're right to ask, should a reputation be ruined on that. but i do think there's enough there where the league will discipline him. and while public opinion will come into play if discipline comes into play as green just mentioned and he has to miss a game that's huge. that's huge if he's got to miss a game when there's only 16.
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>> green, let's say to people's satisfaction and those who are relevant they say, okay these balls were underinflated and somebody did it on purpose, period. so forget the mistakes forget the environmental, you know hype and drama and all that. it's to the side. now it goes to whom do we point the finger at. i have to tell you, more probable than not that brady was at least generally aware is not strong legal language. and it seems almost like an intentional hedge, greenie, what do you think the intent here is by the league? >> yeah there are two separate equivocations in the very first sentence that matters in the entire thing. i agree with you. the most important thing to remember is this was an independent investigation done by ted wells and his group. >> right. >> so their intention is clear. they have passed the buck now on to the league and it's going to fall in the lap of roger goodell and one of his lieutenants by the way a long-time former player. and they will make the decision whether or not this is enough on
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which to suspend brady. they walk a fine line. because the relationship between roger goodell the commissioner and robert kraft the owner of the patriots is long known to be extremely close. so either way i think goodell has a challenge. if he goes soft on them. >> yeah. >> people will perceive he went soft on kraft. >> right. >> if he goes hard on them he's got a problem with kraft who is one of his primary supporters during the bad year goodell had. >> the best proof they have is this tweet exchange. put it up on the screen. you're intimately familiar brady talking you doing good johnny boy, still nervous, so far so good though i'll be all right. fyi, dave will be picking your brain about it later, he's not accusing me or anyone trying to get to the bottom of this. what is damning other than the time lapse but why wouldn't there be an occasion for brady to be talking to the guy in the wake of the controversy? >> listen let me reframe it if i could. because you're right. could you convict -- could you
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put a guy in jail with the evidence they have? absolutely not. >> no you can't, but you can find them liable for it. >> at the end of the day here's the question let's say brady was at least a little bit involved. because it certainly seems overwhelmingly likely that he was. i've been asking the question ever since the day this broke just how big a deal is it anyway? >> well here's the thing, my overall thought on this is i don't think this is a big deal anyway. but that's not what we're looking for. did it have an effect on the game? absolutely not. but that doesn't matter. if you knowingly tried to cheat, that's what you should be punished for, not whether it had an effect on the game or not. overall i don't think this is anything. but that doesn't matter what i think. the bottom line is it's bad timing for tom brady and the new england patriots. with what the league has been through this past year there's no way if they're going to discipline here that they're going to discipline softly. they can't afford to anymore. they'd be getting crushed at every decision they've made. so i think even though roger goodell is getting paid by the
3:16 am
owners and he's putting troy vincent in charge of the discipline i don't think there's a chance that they're going to go soft here because of the year that they've had. >> i don't know green, seems to me like this has been best just to hear the lines that come out of your mouth about it when you guys are talking about this game because of all the right puns. i'm holding a ball for our discussion for no reason just because it's funny. but if the league is deciding to put its flag in the sand on this after all of the problems with domestic violence and general violence they've dealt with i don't know that they're going to get a lot of dep with anybody let alone the faithful. we look forward to hearing the in depth coverage on mike and mike and always good to have you on "new day," my brothers. >> our pleasure. thank you. >> all right, fellas. so what do you think about this? how big a deal is it? does the league have to act? do you think they have a good basis for acting? the report's like 250 pages. they have plenty to go through. tweet us or use #newday and you can obviously go to
3:17 am alisyn. okay chris. new concerns that isis may be plotting an attack on u.s. soil. a member of the terror group tweeting you ain't seen nothing yet. our terror experts weigh in. we all enter this world with a shout and we see no reason to stop. so cvs health is creating industry-leading programs and tools that help people stay on medicines as their doctors prescribed. it could help save tens of thousands of lives every year.
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new fears this morning that isis is closer to carrying out an attack in the united states after a known terror recruiter connected to the muhammad cartoon shooting in garland, texas sent an ominous tweet. let's bring in paul quickshank our cnn terrorism analyst and phil mudd former cia counterterrorism official. let me put up this tweet on the screen so we can talk about it. again, this is a hacker a former hacker now a recruiter for isis. and he says you ain't seen nothing yet # words that mean soon. soon. phil i mean how seriously are we supposed to take this tweet? >> look this is not a tweet about isis potentially conducting an attack. it's a tweet about potentially isis sympathizers conducting an attack. let me tell you what i mean by that. this game of counterterrorism is shifted on its head. 15 years ago al qaeda has a
3:22 am
secret plot 19 people nobody knows about it no communications about it that are discernible. 15 years later you have a 20 -- 21-year-old brit in syria. what he's doing is probability terrorism. he's not trying to keep a plot secret. he's communicating with potentially tens of thousands of people. if one in 5,000 does something, that's a tremendous success. so what he's trying to do here is not to stage a plot conducted by isis. he's trying to stage a revolution with tens of thousands of people hoping that if just a couple of them pick up on it isis wins. >> paul what do we know about the author of that tweet? >> well we know he's a british isis hacker. he's somebody with significant hacking skills. he was part of an international hacking collective called team poison. he was based in the uk. he was actually convicted of stealing tony blair's address book online and then posting it
3:23 am
on the internet. former hackers say he's so skilled that he could steal millions of dollars from bank accounts online. in 2013 he went and joined isis in syria. he's put all his skills at their disposal. he appears to have a link to this texas attack. and he appears to have potentially had some foreknowledge of this attack. so the worry is if he's predicting some kind of future attack that may not just be bravado. he could have some knowledge. because he's somebody interacting with all sorts of people in the west somebody in a position potentially to groom people in the west for terrorist attacks. >> phil i want to ask you about the words he used. you ain't seen nothing yet. that's uniquely american. i mean he's quoting bachmann turner overdrive for heaven sake. he must know his american audience. >> he does. remember back in the day we were talking about watching bin
3:24 am
laden or zawhi. now we have a 20-year-old who speaks native english, by the way the second album i ever bought as a 14-year-old, talking to people in the uk and the united states we've also seen this in cases, for example, of germans talking german to potential recruits to western europe. what's going on is kind of the revolutionary aspect of the terrorist movement. back in the day you just had small cells. now you have entire waves of people who are trying to be recruited as far as the philippines, indonesia, nigeria north america. this is really the third stage of the terror movement from small cells to groups now to individuals in places like texas or california or new york who are becoming part of a movement because they feel drawn in by people who speak the same language they do. >> hey, paul i quickly want to touch on this new report out this morning from the "the wall street journal" that is about the second gunman in garland,
3:25 am
texas named nadir soofi. they interviewed his mom. and it turns out she tried to stop him. she didn't know what he was up to but she did know he had recently bought an ak-47 and that he was perusing some jihadist websites. and she said to him, quote, you have a young child. what are you doing? and he said nothing, nothing, nothing to worry about. and it just sort of goes to prove that we always say that people in the community should keep an eye out for people who are becoming radicalized or people in families should keep an eye out. but it seems impossible to do so. >> well it's obviously very difficult for parents when they become aware that their kids are being radicalized. but obviously if a parent has seen that their child has bought an ak-47 and is looking at radical websites they really have a duty to inform authorities at that point because it's obvious risk to public safety. one of the things that al qaeda and isis and other groups have been doing is to encourage these american lone wolves to take
3:26 am
advantage of relatively lax gun laws in the united states when compared to international gun laws to purchase these kind of automatic weapons to launch attacks, alisyn. >> all right. paul phil thanks so much for all the information this morning. great to see you guys. let's head over to michaela. all right, alisyn. baltimore police are questioning the evidence used by the city's top prosecutor to charge six of their officers in the death of freddie gray. we're going to take a look at the case. is it about to unravel on them? we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you. real madrid have about 450 million fans. we're trying to give them all the feeling of being at the stadium. the microsoft cloud gives us the scalability to communicate exactly the content that people want to see. it will help people connect to their passion of living real madrid.
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yoplait greek 100. the protein-packed need something filling, taste bud loving, deliciously fruity, grab-and-go, take on the world with 100 calories, snack. yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it. welcome back. we have bad news of weather. a burst of dangerous tornadoes hitting the plain states. more than 40 of them doing damage across oklahoma kansas and nebraska. you had your heavy winds there tossing trucks around like toys. many homes completely flattened. for its first time in its
3:31 am
history history oklahoma city had to issue a flash flood emergency. fortunately no deaths reported so far. let's bring in cnn meteorologist chad myers in the weather center. did they get good notice before? we know that's the key. what do they see coming today, chad? >> we told you yesterday it was going to get real. i mean because you put me on tv and look out. oklahoma nebraska kansas arkansas again today going to get -- this is the area of severe weather. i'm even going to draw it all the way to arkansas. i don't like the fact that it's not over here. i think, arkansas you're going to see the residual stuff coming out of oklahoma this morning and refiring into your area later on tonight. more storms iowa nebraska back down into oklahoma. this isn't going to change for the next three days. the jet stream is doing this. and when it does there's always going to be severe weather in here. and that's the story for today, tomorrow and saturday. and even saturday could be worse.
3:32 am
i know we'll have chasers out there. be careful this weekend the kids are out of school on saturday and sunday they'll be hundreds of cars. they'll be traffic jams looking for tornadoes this weekend. it's a dangerous thing. just let the professionals do it. michaela, back to you. >> hopefully people can make a plan now so they're not caught in the middle of it. chad thanks so much for that. new information for you about the garland, texas shooting. the fbi and phoenix police were conducting a joint surveillance operation targeting elton simpson since last year. simpson of course one of the two gunmen who was killed trying to ambush a prophet muhammad cartoon contest in texas last weekend. now, according to "new york times" authorities never suspected simpson and his accomplice were even planning the attack. pentagon officials concerned about isis taking over a key oil refinery in northern iraq. their fighters already breaching the perimeter of the refinery. the u.s. now conceding the facility could fall in a matter of days. if isis controls the refinery defense officials say the nearby city of mosul will be much more difficult to take back.
3:33 am
israel in the news has a new coalition government but just barely. prime minister benjamin netanyahu had six weeks to form a coalition, got it done with just an hour to spare. and it's unclear how the balance of power is going to work out. his party holds the slimmest possible majority in the israeli nesset. very premature babyies are surviving earlier than doctors once thought possible and that may have huge implications in the bors debate. a just-published study documents a small number who survived at 22 weeks with few health problems as long as they received medical treatment. the study is now spurring debate on the age of viability, which most medical experts consider to be 24 weeks. >> that's amazing. neonatal medicine is one place where science has made great strides. >> great strides. absolutely. >> i had two premies. it's amazing. they look like little birds and they can survive and thrive.
3:34 am
>> and they are thriving now. >> they are. amazing. >> when we had our kids seems like forever ago, the sonograms they used to look like tests. >> they're 3d almost. >> the kid's in there telling you where they want to go to college. most scientists think 24 weeks, the problem and i know i say this too much there is no consensus about when life begins. and it is a big block not just on reproductive rights but reproductive research and what we're dealing with nick lobe and sofia vergara. >> so interesting you're bringing that up. we'll have nick on later in the program to talk about how he believes these embryos they're fighting over are life. no smoking gun but a months long investigation by the nfl into deflategate finds two new england patriots employees probably -- >> that word. >> -- released air from the footballs from the afc championship game. and that quarterback tom brady
3:35 am
was at least likely generally aware. >> generally aware. >> -- of the rules violation. let's bring in andy scholes to help us parse these words. >> good morning, guys. when you look at 243-page report it jumps out at you right away are those text messages between those two patriot employees. their names are jim mcnally, a locker room attendant and john jastremski. here's an example of one of their texts from october of 2014. mcnally said tom sucks. i'm going to make that next ball an expletive balloon. jastremski replied, talked to him last night he brought you up said you must have a lot of stress trying to get them done. two things in the report brady refused to turnover any text messages and/or e-mails to help the investigation. and, two, he hadn't talked to jastremski on the phone for six
3:36 am
months but once deflategate broke he called and spoke with him for more than 20 minutes. what kind of punishment will the patriots receive? will tom brady be suspended? the league says they are reviewing the matter. all right, a much lighter note. last night on inside the nba this happened. >> this is obvious -- get him. oh! >> oh! >> hey! >> look at this. >> wow. >> shaq's always trying to race kenny smith to the big screen and the big fella didn't realize his size 22 shoe had a monitor cable around it. he went tumbling to the ground. >> and lost the shoe. >> i don't know about you guys this happens to me all the time. i'm always forgetting i'm tangled, my ifb plugged in. >> i knocked a chair over getting up to say hello to a guest the other day. i clear knocked the chair off the platform. >> did you hear the sound though? >> i think the whole city shook when that went on.
3:37 am
>> wow. >> but his beautiful shaqness not only does he defy science that a shoe that big -- >> right. how many children live in that. >> -- to fall off but he said i'll give you 500 bucks if you come up with the best name of me busting my butt on television. got to laugh at yourself. >> right. >> wow. so no laughing matter the charges in the freddie gray case. here's the new twist. are they supported by the evidence? you know who says they're not sure? the police that collected that evidence. what does this mean for the prosecutor's case? we'll take you through it. wait, what is that? a new outdoor cleaner from scotts - it's powered by oxiclean
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big story today. baltimore police challenging the prosecutor's charges. sources tell cnn that a police investigation does not support some of the charges that were filed against the six officers. proof that police can investigate their own? or is this proof that the charges may not stick?
3:42 am
andrew alperstein baltimore defense attorney joining us this morning. what do you make of the situation? first of all, unusual to have the police and prosecutor at odds over a case. but what do you think this means going forward? >> well chris, everything about this case is unusual. we can agree on that right? >> yep. >> so going forward this week we've seen the lawyer for nero file a motion to inspect the evidence. he lays out in great detail that he wants to see this knife and why. and he hit some pretty hard with an allegation. it's interesting to hear the reactions from the government. what we're seeing is an explanation that the officers that arrested freddie gray are alleging in their charge papers that this was a spring-assisted knife. >> hold on a second, andrew, do me a favor. will you take one step backwards and explain why what type of knife it is matters in this
3:43 am
situation? and then explain what the discrepancy is. >> absolutely. so in maryland it is illegal to possess a switchblade and conceal it. that's the state law. and that includes baltimore city. in baltimore city there's a more expansive law that prohibits specific additional conduct which is called a spring-assisted knife. and that's illegal. so that's the distinction here. so now layering that down when the police arrested mr. gray they alleged that mr. gray possessed a spring-assisted knife and they charged him with violating the city law, the city code provision that says you can't possess a spring-assisted knife at all anywhere in baltimore city period. when the prosecutor laid out her charges, what she did is she said this is not a violation of -- >> i want to file a complaint against the department of -- >> can you give me a minute? >> that's all right, andrew.
3:44 am
you know people there andrew want to talk about what's going on. this happens from time to time. >> right. >> violation -- >> we know that it happens from time to time. people there are angry about what's going on. and they make sure they don't do anything too hostile to the guy. they'll move your shot over a little bit, andrew. >> it's obviously -- >> it's proof that people are angry about what's happening down there. now they hear the charges are being questioned. to them it sounds like a cover-up. but he'll give you some space in a second. so you were at the point -- >> he's moved away. >> yeah. you were at the point where you were saying andrew that the prosecutor had said that this arrest was no good because of why? why was the prosecutor arguing the arrest was no good and that it was false imprisonment as a result? >> sure. highly charged stuff down here as you can see. >> absolutely. with good reason. >> yeah. the prosecutor's saying look,
3:45 am
this case is highly -- this is case is a problem because the statewide law, that is the spring- -- the switchblade law, is -- was not violated. that's what they charge these police officers with. they don't talk about the city code provision that the charging officers charge mr. gray with. so it's really a very inconsistent explanation by the state. state does not allege when they charge these officers the right thing. >> now, does the issue of whether or not -- how do they even know he had a knife when they first started chasing him if it was concealed? is that relevant? >> well, yes and no. federal law is that if a suspect in a high crime area runs from the police that's cause to stop him. according to the charge papers and it's really not disputed there was no knowledge by the arresting officers that's officer nero and miller that he
3:46 am
had a knife. they found that afterwards. but i think that would probably be a lawful stop by them. and that's not really what seems to be at issue. they didn't know of the knife at the time they chased him down. but if you run from a police officer, you know you're going to get stopped. that's suspicion -- reasonable grounds to detain somebody to further investigate. >> bottom line this conflict andrew what does it mean going forward in terms of the sustainability of the charges? >> well i think it's going to depend on two things. number one, the knife itself. certainly if it's a spring-assisted knife, case over for officer nero and officer miller. this case shouldn't even exist. that's number one. number two, even if they were wrong, if they had a good faith basis that the knife was an illegal knife -- because this is tricky stuff. what's a knife and it gets litigated all the time in our courts what is the definition of it. that's going to ultimately be a very good defense for them.
3:47 am
and finally, this second officer in the case which i believe to be officer nero he reacts to what the first officer says. so if the first officer says hey, take him or whatever the code is. the backup officer is not supposed to say, you know time-out i want to inspect the knife please or what's your probable cause before i actually effectuate the arrest. the backup officer saying to the primary officer and suspect saying excuse me can we inspect before i detain him? that's absurd. i think they're going to have a really tough time with that officer. >> to say the least it would be unusual for a defense attorney to be able to refer to the police investigation as a basis for fighting the charges against them. thank you for giving us the insight and keeping a cool head. it's very important we recognize a lot of people are angry there. and many of them have reason to be. >> they sure are. >> thank you for going through that with us. we'll talk to you again. mic. >> the genius of live tv. that kind of stuff does happen. hillary clinton is set to shift into another fund raising
3:48 am
gear courting donors for her super pac. is this just the start of the big money battle for 2016? our political panel will delve into the debate. when you do business everywhere, the challenges of keeping everyone working together can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. with the tools and the network you need to make working as one easier than ever. virtually anywhere. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. nicorette mini starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. anytime. anywhere. i never know when i'll need relief. that's why i choose nicorette mini.
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3:52 am
i did have one friend of mine in the other party say see what you get for transparency? they try to make you look like a crook. if you didn't tell them anything which is what i would do they forget about you and go on to the next target. >> that was former president bill clinton defending his foundation's fund raising. joining us to debate this cnn political analyst john avlon and host of the ben ferguson show ben ferguson. >> good morning. >> gentlemen, great to see you. john bill clinton is treating this az a tempest in a teapot nothing to see here this is all going to go away. is this the right tact for him? >> the guy's a master politician and that's a very good former deflection sounds real folksy. but you want to find the truth in politics you follow the
3:53 am
money. there are a lot of allegations here. there's a lot of smoke. so people would be really digging into it. and as the campaign progresses and money becomes more of a factor there's going to be a lot more things to follow. so it's a perception issue at the very least. >> nobody's going to get the high ground ben, when it comes to raising money in politics. as "clinton cash" has had its life span and this early edition of it it's not about how it's illegal it's how they handle situations. how big a hammer do you think you can use on this issue? >> i think it's going to be big especially if you look at the clintons own words. they're the ones that have attacked super pacs, they're the ones that have attacked big money and also said we need transparency in government. they've been the complete opposite of that. whether it be the lack of e-mails, having the server wiped or saying we vetted our own e-mails. and now you have this money issue coming in. and then they play the victim card. i mean this is not 1992. i think it's a weird strategy for the clintons to act like
3:54 am
oh we're just some people from hope arkansas just trying to make a difference in america. you are big time elite players in the political realm. you cannot act as if somehow you're a victim when people are asking legitimate questions. i think it only makes people dig deeper when they act like they're so innocent. bill clinton's not naive. he knows exactly what he was doing when he took the cash. he knows where it came from. he knows why people are asking the questions. he's like well i'm just trying to make a living and make a difference and take money from rich people and give to the poor. i don't think people are going to buy it. >> john. >> yeah look i mean hypocrisy's the unforgivable sin in politics. when the clintons try to take hair high road and hillary opens the campaign talking about citizens united that sets a high bar. saying we never promised to be ethical or open or transparent about this kind of stuff. until they actually present a real contrast taking on crony
3:55 am
capitalism finance reform all they're doing is pointing the finger and not proposing solutions. what we have is a system that's sick driven by consultants who profit of millions of dollars in cash where the letter of the law and the spirit of the law are in total conflict. it's a ridiculous system. >> meanwhile bill clinton did admit in the sit-down with christiane they did file some of their tax documents incorrectly. listen to what he said about that. >> that was just an accident. people refile their taxes all the time. we reported all the donations from all the governments and the private sources. and last year for some reason nobody really understands they were put together. the year before they were filed properly. which shows you there was no deliberate intent. i mean if there was some -- and there would be no benefit to the foundation for doing that. >> well remember the government the irs, okay. the political side and people like you, ben, you're questioning from whom. it's not that they have an irs
3:56 am
issue. it's going to be about the optics of the transparency right? >> yeah. and you don't make mistakes this big. i mean this is not some mom and pop foundation which he's trying to say, well we did it right last time and we messed up this time. we weren't hiding anything. the biggest threat to hillary clinton's campaign is people not trusting her and not feeling like she's been honest and open and transparent on these issues. and when you say, oh it was an accident we didn't mean to and people make mistakes and, you know we're fixing it. i don't think people buy it when it looks like you're trying to limit the amount of knowledge -- >> that said you've got to find something that sticks. you can't just keep asking the questions and not like any of the answers. at some point you have to have some proof. >> that's right. if you've worked in politics never underestimate the power of human error. >> bill clinton can attest to that i agree. >> exactly. but look the problem really is with the foreign donors that aren't declared i mean the problem as peter said it's a
3:57 am
pattern the clintons are going to have to address it. you're not going to be able to deflect the attention. as super pacs become more a part of the cycle frankly regulatory negligence, because there are no specifics in place that blow a hole in the bs that said there would be more transparency and accountability than ever before that pressure is going to get hotter. but it's a problem on both sides right now. everybody's stuck in the mud. >> and people have quit on money and politics. let's be honest you're not going to win an election by criticizing someone for what money they take. it's all about money now. the pacs are just the latest it ration of it and the problem is it's the legal money, not the illegal money. >> yeah quickly, ben. >> if you're hillary clinton, don't come out and act like you're going to be above it when you're purposely delaying certain things with your campaign to help raise money for the super pacs which you're saying are destroying america. and expect people to forget that. >> but nobody wants to play by the rules. >> nobody wants to unilaterally disarm. they're all playing the same game. they all say it's a bad game but
3:58 am
nobody changes the rule of the game so they all play the game. that's the bs cycle we get on both sides. >> luckily we get to talk about it for the next year. john ben, thanks so much. >> thanks. all right, this is a big story today because it's about presidential politics. but there's a lot of news for you. let's get to it. we could hear the sound of a train. our ears started popping. >> you need to take shelter immediately. >> for the kids they were scared. >> you're hearing sirens and hearing the wind. >> he was a student of islam. the more he studied, i think the greater his intensity grew. >> for the very first time we are seeing and hearing from elton simpson himself. >> state is going to have a very difficult time proving these charges. >> i'm asking the department of justice to investigate. >> to handcuff him and take him to the station they have to have a crime. >> the nfl's stunning 243-page report on deflategate. >> a mountain of circumstantial
3:59 am
evidence that they intentionally deflated the footballs. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. good morning everyone. welcome back to your "new day." more than 40 tornadoes leaving parts of oklahoma kansas and nebraska in tatters. these pictures tell you just how threatening and devastating the storms were. homes destroyed, trees uprooted now communities trying to rebuild. >> there were injuries at least a dozen people hurt in the severe weather, a mobile park completely destroyed. you have a flash flood emergency declared in oklahoma city. that's the first time they've ever had to do that. they shut down their roads, even their airport got closed. let's get to cnn meteorologist chad myers in the cnn weather center with our top story. chad the big question is always once they've suffered through what happened is what happens next. >> another round today, tomorrow and another round on saturday. 46 reports of tornadoes from nebraska all the way down to texas. and that's today.
4:00 am
there will be more to come and many more by saturday. >> we have a -- >> debris launching through the sky. >> mike we have a roof that just launched through the air here. i don't know where it came from. >> tornadoes wreaking havoc yet again across the plains. >> large tornado. >> residents in the heart land. >> i got trees coming down on me and power flashes. i got to back out of here. >> waking up to disaster as the red cross and emergency personnel begin combing through the neighborhoods damaged or destroyed in oklahoma kansas and nebraska. >> i saw two clouds meet as one and then we could hear the sound of a train. our ears started popping because of the air pressure. >> for the first time in history the national weather service declaring a flash flood emergency in oklahoma city. the massive storm causing up to 8 inches of rainfall in a matter of hours. the main airport in oklahoma city shut down as employees and passengers evacuate through a pedestrian tunnel.
4:01 am
>> you need to take shelter immediately. this is a large tornado which is continuing to grow in size. >> south of oklahoma city the hardest hit, lightning flashing through a wall of clouds as tornadoes rip roofs off buildings including the side of this hotel. >> i'm in the middle of tornado damage right now. >> at least three residents in critical condition avenue a tornado flattened a mobile home park. the tornado emergency including the city of moore. >> the entire thing is a tornado, folks. >> where just two years ago a massive ef-5 tornado killed dozens of people and demolished over 1,000 homes. >> so the severe weather switch got turned on yesterday. it's because there's a jet stream. it's coming up like this. when that happens moisture from the gulf of mexico interacts with cold air from this direction. so we have severe weather today. we have severe weather tomorrow. and even more severe weather on saturday. could even be the most severe day on saturday compared to where we've been. there's an awful lot of weather out there. one more thing, the potential for a tropical system.
4:02 am
i know it's not even tropical storm season but this could be ana before the end of the week. the carolinas picking up a lot of wind a lot of rain. although not expected to be a hurricane. anything tropical this early could tend to a pretty busy season. >> ominous. thanks so much for that chad. new details about one of the gunmen who tried to ambush that prophet muhammad cartoon contest in texas on sunday. we're learning more about elton simpson's motivation from a friend who knew him well. cnn national correspondent kyung lah live from phoenix for us this morning. what have you learned, kyung? >> reporter: well alisyn we've been hearing all week from the people who know him best that simpson was elton simpson is mild mannered he was very calm very measured. now we're actually seeing it in a 2012 video as he reflects about faith. >> recharges you as well when you come together and pray five times a day with the brothers.
4:03 am
>> reporter: for the very first time we are seeing and hearing from elton simpson himself. known as ibrahim to his fellow muslims speaking in a 2012 video to raise funds for his new mosque reflecting on his faith. >> it provides to you a form of weaponry to go out into the real world and use that weaponry to shield you against the tricks of the -- >> reporter: or satan. cnn is also learning the fbi is calling in members of the mosque for what's described as friendly interviews trying to find out why this seemingly soft spoken man would take this violent turn. malone believes he knows. he's the pastor at roosevelt community church and worked with simpson for three years as a packageing company. recalls arguing with him for hours upon hours. >> i was surprised but not shocked. i wouldn't put it past him because i understood the
4:04 am
sincerity of his beliefs. and he had expressed to me admiration specifically for osama bin laden he used the word hero. >> reporter: why do you think he took that step? >> my guess is he felt as if no one was doing anything to defend the prophet's honor. something must be done. he was the one to do it. >> reporter: but no one else not the mosque not neighbors, friends or simpson's family say they saw any signs. >> it's a big surprise to the family. he converted to islam, but they didn't know how extreme or how detailed. >> reporter: here in phoenix we have learned that the fbi has begun making inquiries into people who are at the mosque asking some of those who knew simpson to come in for what is being described to us as friendly interviews. chris. thank you for that. now to potentially embarrassing revelations at the pentagon. and the word potentially probably not needed. according to politico a defense department audit shows government credit cards being used for gambling and adult entertainment.
4:05 am
cnn's pentagon correspondent barbara starr joins us live with the latest. is there any good explanation for this? >> well that remains to be seen right now exactly to what transpired here chris. here is how it is supposed to work. military personnel, civilians working at the department of defense, they get government credit cards, they go on a business trip they pay that bill they submit their legitimate receipts for reimbursement to get paid for their legitimate government expenses. just like we do here at cnn. just like so many companies do when employees travel. but a government audit has turned up information according to politico that some employees, some military personnel in fact charged atlantic city las vegas gambling so-called adult entertainment to that government credit card. the question now is did the government wind up having to pay those expenses? we don't know. one of the thoughts is that in
4:06 am
fact these people went ahead and paid it themselves. they simply put it all on their government credit card so their spouses wouldn't see what they were charging. embarrassing to say the least. alisyn. >> it sure is barbara, thanks so much for that. let's talk more about it. we want to bring in senator tim kane democrat from virginia on the senate foreign relations and armed services committee. senator, thanks so much for being on "new day." >> absolutely. >> what about these credit cards being used for gambling and, i don't know porn, prostitutes adult entertainment? what's going on? >> the reports are troubling and you've got to get to the bottom of them. the thing we're focusing up here today now is today is the end of a nine-month war declared by a president -- >> that's too bad. we just lost his satellite feed. we'll get back to senator tim kane as soon as we can. let's get to michaela right now. i'll carry on with some other headlines here. voters are heading to the polls in the united kingdom today. it's one of the closest races in
4:07 am
decades. conservative david cameron seeking a second term. his main opposition polls close at 5:00 p.m. eastern. stay with cnn tonight for full coverage as results come in. baltimore's mayor says a slabtive review of police by the doj is not enough. she wants a full-scale justice investigation with teeth in the wake of freddie gray's death. but the real headline may be that the police are now saying their findings don't support some of the charges. so that's going to get even more sticky there. well mysteries surrounding a nebraska baby found inside a dumpster outside an apartment complex. we're told a man heard the 11-month-old crying and alerted authorities. police say the boy was covered in lint and was not wearing clothing. at this point it's unclear where his parents are or how he ended up in the dumpster despite scrapes and bruises he's currently in good condition we're happy to report at childrens hospital. >> i have to admit these are the stories i find the hardest to cover.
4:08 am
we usually can put a wall between our emotions what we have to do but it's those stories babies being abandoned like that i think by the grace of god went i but it's horrifying. i'm so glad they found him. >> so many people will want that baby. >> oh my goodness. >> i think they'll be able to identify who he obviously looks -- he's older than just a newborn so they'll be able to identify him. >> i don't know if it makes it more or less shocking but you think something like this would never happen. but it happens so often. >> unfortunately it does. >> the good stuff about the officer who found a baby thought it was a kitten because it was literally just born. >> they have safe surrender laws in so many areas. it doesn't make sense why people don't -- >> use those. >> exactly. we're going to try to get senator tim kane back as soon as we can figure out our satellite goblins. meanwhile, a state department official calling hillary clinton's private e-mail use while in office quote, unacceptable. but clinton says she'll testify about those e-mails to congress. what does it mean for her campaign?
4:09 am
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4:13 am
we want to go back now to senator tim kane. senator, sorry about that. clearly somebody tripped over a wire on your satellite. >> i'm sure my tie shorted out the camera or something. >> it could have. senator, thanks so much. when you were rudely interrupted by the satellite, what you were saying is that we have been at war tomorrow for ten months against isis. and you think it's time to call it a war. >> yeah. i think that we got a real scandal up here in congress that not many people are talking about. today is actually the last day of nine months of the war against isil. and as your reports this morning have shown this isil threat is spreading from iraq and syria to attacks in libya, attacks in afghanistan. the claims of people at this texas shooting that they're at least isil inspired.
4:14 am
but congress hasn't even done the job we're supposed to do by constitution to authorize the war. we haven't even had a debate on the floor of either the house or the senate about it. so i'm going to take the floor later this morning and talk about what it means to be engaged in a war for nine months. american service members have lost their lives, we spent over $2 billion, 3,300 bombing runs and congress hasn't even been willing to talk about this or authorize the military action. this is a big scandal in my view. >> but, senator, we have been at war now for ten months. there have been hundreds if not thousands of bombing runs. we spent i believe $2 billion. so maybe we don't need congress. >> well you know the framers of the constitution said no you can't have a war without congress. that congress is supposed to declare a war. the president started this war on the 8th of august. he didn't send even an authorization proposal to congress until the middle of february. and i've been hard on the administration about that. but at least since the middle of february, now two and a half months coming up on three months congress has had a
4:15 am
proposal before it and there hasn't even been committee action. the only committee action taken on this was a resolution i introduced in september, did get a vote in the senate foreign relations committee in december. but then it expired when the congress adjourned. and in the new congress we haven't taken it up. we are not supposed to be at war in a declared war on the say so of a president without a congressional vote. and this is a very dangerous thing. very disrespectful of the troops we're asking to risk their lives that congress won't even do the job to debate about whether the mission is worth it. >> well that's a great point in terms of what it does to the troops morale. however, is this the president's fault for acting and going around congress? or is this congress's fault for not being able to stand on the convictions of this. >> i put blame on more shoulders but more on congress's shoulders. the president started this bombing campaign on august 8th. he had congressional leadership telling him, and this is of record it was in "the washington post" and "new york times," they were telling him, mr. president, we don't want to talk about this
4:16 am
before the midterms. so just do it and don't bring us to it. that was outrageous. once the midterms were over it was up to congress to take this matter up if we hadn't done it before. but we're now five months into the new year and congress hasn't said a mumbling word about it. it's disrespectful to the troops. and next week allies from the middle east are coming to meet with the president here in washington about the iranian threat. and they're also going to talk about the war on isil. and they're going to look at america and say, hey, so congress hasn't talked about this at all? do you think isil is a threat or don't you? the events of recent days have shown that if anybody here in congress thought isil was going to go away or this problem was going to solve itself they're sadly mistaken. this is going to go on for a while. and congress needs to define what this mission is and then put our thumbprint on it so the troops out there risking their lives know that they have congress behind them. >> you've been beating this drum for many months a calling for the war authorization act. what are your colleagues saying
4:17 am
to you? are you getting pushback? >> i got a lot of pushback in the fall. they didn't want to take it up before the midterm election. i said look this is our job. and then i continue to get some pushback. i will say there's a glimmer of hope in the senate foreign relations committee we just acted in a very bipartisan way to put on the floor a bill about reviewing an iranian nuclear deal. and we acted very in a nonpartisan way on an important issue. the chairman of the committee, bob corker and the ranking democrat ben carden say we next need to turn to this authorization for a war against isil. they earnestly want to do it. we have some differences of opinion, but there's an overwhelming consensus in congress that we need to take military action. so it shouldn't be hard to get to the place where we can have a bipartisan support where our allies adversaries and troops all know that congress supports this mission. >> all right. we will be watching closely to see what you can do there on congress with wrangling your colleagues into action. senator tim kaine, thanks so
4:18 am
much for being on "new day." >> thank you, alisyn. over to michaela. >> now to the latest in the deflategate scandal. patriots quarterback tom brady has denied any knowledge of how his game balls became deflated but a bombshell nfl report says otherwise somewhat. let's bring in mel robins cnn commentator and legal analyst. also with her is tim green former nfl defensive end for the atlanta falcons and "new york times" best selling author of "football genius." what a duo i have on this story today. i love it. thanks for joining me guys. i got to talk about the language mel, first off. good to have you here tim. the wells report says brady was at least generally aware of the red lease of air from the patriots game balls, mel. i know that you are lit up about this. you think the report doesn't go far enough. >> i think the report got it all wrong because the report michaela is not this little cream puff report where it proves that hey, maybe something happened here. they prove that this was intentionally done with
4:19 am
scientific certainty to the tune of 99.6% likelihood. just look on page 114 -- >> she's got the page number and everything. >> i do. i read the whole thing. and here's the thing about tom brady. he was handing over signed balls, giving gifts to the two knuckleheads that were busy doing this. and on top of that three days before the investigators seized the phones of the assistant equipment manager, guess who spent 55 minutes on the phone and sent dozens of text messages to them? mr. tom brady. >> let's get tim involved in this because, tim, i have a feeling you do not agree. too much being made of this? >> right. well like mel, i'm also an attorney. and i think it's interesting that ted wells who did the investigation, who is a criminal lawyer used the evidentiary standard of a civil case instead of a criminal case. in other words, he came out and said it looks more likely than not that tom brady may have
4:20 am
known something. he didn't come out and say beyond a reasonable doubt. still, i think that anyone with good sense is going to look at this circumstantial evidence and say, yeah he at least knew about it and he probably was behind it. >> but why hedge such language tim? >> pardon me? >> why hedge? why the soft language? >> well i think you hedge because there isn't a certainty. and if we're going to say someone's guilty -- we have made a big deal out of this. if we're going to say someone's guilty of something we have to use the evidentiary standard of beyond a reasonable doubt and it's probably not there. i think, look at the end of the day the big thing was was there a conspiracy on the part of the team? and i think we know that that's not the case anymore. did tom brady know or have something to do with deflated footballs? yeah he probably did. how big of a deal is it? probably not that big of a deal. was he cheating? if he did it yes he was. >> okay. >> so in the league when i was a
4:21 am
player in the league people would put vaseline or silicone on jerseys to keep you from grabbing them use cleats longer than regulation. >> but that's not right. >> no it's not right. but i'm just saying it's not that big of a deal if you're talking about a criminal case it's not a felony it's a misdemeanor. and you're probably going to get a fine. and i think at the end of the day, you know, people who are tom brady supporters and football fans look, the guy's a phenomenal quarterback. at the end of the day people are going to see this as a footnote to a great career. >> i do want to talk about legacy in a second. so you're saying let's put this in the category of severity it's not high on the severity meter. i actually want to dig in a little bit and look at some of these text messages that were released as part of this investigation in this report. there were several exchanges between the players involved the key players in deflategate, if you will. this is one exchange on january 19th mel, i want to look at after the afc championship game
4:22 am
between tom brady and john jastremski he was an assistant equipment manager. tom brady, you doing good? still nervous, so far so good though. he then goes on fyi dave will be picking your brain later about it. he's not accusing me or anyone. trying to get to the bottom of it. he knows it's unrealistic you did it yourself. i mean that is damning, mel. >> yes, it is. and three days later his phone turned over to the investigators. tom brady of course didn't turn his phone over and didn't cooperate with them. here's the thing, i agree with tim. in the scheme of life is this a big deal? of course not. it's sort of like jaywalking you know versus a felony. it's not a big deal. what is a big deal though is you have somebody that people look up to that is clearly lying. >> okay. >> imagine if at the press conference michaela that tom brady gave where he denied any knowledge at all and then he walks off the set and goes and spends three days talking to the
4:23 am
assistant equipment manager about it after denying he knew anything. imagine if he had said, you know what guys i like my footballs slightly deflated. tell you what i've been doing it forever. take away the first 17 points in the first half of the game we still beat the colts 28-7 for crying out loud. >> good point. >> with regulation balls. sue me. for crying out loud. the fact you sit here and pandered us and lied that's annoying. >> tim, is that the issue that he lied about when brady was asked he said that he had no knowledge of it. he wasn't involved in any such thing. and then he also refused to give his text message and phone records and e-mails. that's got to look bad. >> right. yeah i mean it's going to look like what probably happened is what happened. i mean again, it's not that bad. the fact that he was not truthful and said you know that he had no idea yeah that's disappointing. that's discouraging. we've seen other public figures with a lot more important jobs
4:24 am
than tom brady, you know go in front of the american public. i can think of a president. and, you know deny knowledge of anything or you know basically say something that wasn't true. and, you know as americans we tend to forgive that. >> we do. >> and i think, look tom brady is a guy who has like everything right? he's known as a great guy, he's a handsome guy with a beautiful wife and family he's a superstar football player. and so there's going to be a lot of people look at him and say, look he did this wrong or this is horrible. >> right. >> he did do -- he was wrong. it's not that horrible. i think in the end we're going to laugh about it and move on. >> all right. a great discussion from the two of you. tim, mel robbins, there will be a lot more examination going forward. we have to wait to see what the nfl decides. they're contemplating the issue right now. great to have you with us. you at home i know you're screaming at your tv right now. tweet us or go to
4:25 am and put your comments there. chris. can you get it better than that? gives you the levity and kind of the long view on what this is going to be about at the same time. governor christie is heading to new hampshire today. is he wasting his time because of the bridgegate scandal? or will time just make it water under the bridge? john king has insight and insults for that word play ahead. right now, verizon is offering unlimited talk. and text. plus 10 gigs of shareable data. yeah, 10 gigantic gigs. for $80 a month. and $15 per line. more data than ever. for more of what you want. on the network that's #1 in speed. call. data. and reliability. so you never have to settle. $80 a month. for 10 gigs. and $15 per line. stop by or visit us online. and save without settling. only on verizon. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about
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4:29 am
a burst of 46 tornadoes causing major damage across oklahoma kansas and nebraska. heavy winds tossing trucks like toys and flattening homes. for the first time in its history oklahoma city issued a flash flood emergency. and the airport there forced to shut down. 13 injuries reported after a mobile home park destroyed. fortunately no deaths to report. phoenix police and the fbi were tracking texas gunman elton simpson since last year. this according to the "new york times." simpson as you know one of two attackers killed trying to
4:30 am
ambush a prophet muhammad cartoon contest last weekend. the "new york times" reports that authorities despite their tracking say they never suspected simpson and his accomplice were even planning an attack. and somehow failed to stop him from buying the weapons they used. now for something decidedly different. have you seen mcdonald's new hamburglar? a mysterious suburban dad playing grill master. and it ends, for those of you around in the '70s and '80s with the classic line rubble rubble and followed up like this one in twitter, it exploded at the very least. a lot of people calling the new hamburglar a hottie. >> this was a kid. >> the new one is definitely hotter than that. >> it was a kid. >> age of mayor mccheeseburger. >> he is kind of cute. >> little redhead.
4:31 am
>> the apron gave it away because it had the stripes. >> robble robble. >> john king talk. >> let's get to inside politics right now. john king you know you like little quarter pounder every now and then. >> it's been a long time but i think that was tom brady looking for a new line of work. >> oh hating on your own. respect it. >> that one is sad. glad you didn't hit me too hard with it mr. cuomo, but reading that report makes you sad. leave it there. inside politics this morning with me to share reporting and insights margaret. brand new numbers in iowa. this is news because it isn't news i guess. let's look at hillary clinton among democrats in iowa. she's had 60% among likely iowa caucus goers. bernie sanders now running in the democratic race 15%, joe biden at 11%. bernie sanders has gone from five to 15 from the last poll. so you would say, aha, he's moving. but the reason they moved is they asked about elizabeth
4:32 am
warren last time because they said she isn't running they didn't ask about her, if you're hillary clinton you're feeling pretty good. >> you are. it supports the idea of the questions about the handling of e-mails and this stuff are potential general election problems and not primary problems. >> great point. 70% of these democrats in iowa say she's honest and trustworthy trustworthy. about one in four have doubts but one in four as those candidates still speak, she learned in iowa four years ago but as we look at this field you don't see a surprise as of yet we knew back in 2007-2008 then-senator obama was beginning to move. >> if you're martin o'malley or jim webb it's frustrating. you're looking at joe biden not actually campaigning for anything and bernie sanders who nobody thinks is poised to unseat hillary for that spot running head and shoulders above these other two candidates who consider themselves i think sort of they're pounding the pavement they're really trying
4:33 am
to you know build sort of more critical alternatives to her and they're nowhere in this poll. >> she did to her credit tweet out this week hey, let's have six debates. the democratic national committee wants to sanction six debates, she said it will make the party stronger. some have suggested if she's at 60% is she really going to work it? is she going to get out and campaign and work hard? christiane amanpour put the question to bill clinton. does she think this nomination is hers? >> that's something her critics have said. you won't see her acting entitled. what did she do? did she have a big hoopla announcement like almost every other candidate? she got in her van -- >> you say she runs like she never run before. >> that's what she did. she went to iowa new hampshire, she talked to people. i also think it's the best way to start a campaign because that's the way you hear how the american people see themselves.
4:34 am
>> for perception purposes so far anyway look the republicans understandably so looking at everything and criticizing her all the time. but from a democratic standpoint they seem to think at least so far she's doing it right. >> you want to find that sweet spot right, where you're taking nothing for granted. where you're getting enough competition from your own team that you're staying in fighting shape. but without having to sort of be drawn down your money and resources and that sort of thing. >> key question going forward and one of the things republicans are talking a lot about is that private e-mail server. hillary clinton had the private e-mail server she used it when she was secretary of state, government employee. then she and her team looked at the e-mails on the server and said this belongs to the government this doesn't, no outside person brought in to litigate that. it was the subject yesterday republicans asking the state department's i.t. person the person wlo helps with freedom of information act and document requests what do you think about that? >> i think that the actions that we've taken in the course of
4:35 am
recovering this these e-mails have made it very clear what people's responsibilities are with regard to recordkeeping. we've done -- we continue to do training but we've sent department notices, telegrams, we've talked to directors. and i think that -- i think the message is loud and clear that that is not acceptable. >> she's a career employee of the state department there speaking very calmly and straightforwardly. guess what? she's about to be the star of a republican ad even though she's speaking slowly and calmly. the unexpectable part is going to show up in a tv ad. >> that's a given. for hillary clinton everybody knows it's unacceptable. right out of the gate nobody within her own party was sort of comfortable with her explanation of things. it's not clear how much more of this will hurt her. in some sense you could argue that it's good because it suggests that you know she
4:36 am
hasn't sort of coopted that the state department can speak independently about things. i'm sure it will be in an ad you're right. >> you're about to make history with the president of these united states. president barack obama has been to 49 of the 50 he's about to touch them all. south dakota is his last one. you're on this trip. for bill clinton who we saw a moment ago i was covering the white house in those days nebraska was his last democratic president, red state the last one, democratic president this time red state last time. george w. bush skipped vermont. i did a piece on will he ever get to vermont, he didn't. is this just checking the box? or what's the point? >> it kind of is to some extent. president obama made clear to his team even last year as they were planning for 2015 i'm getting to every state. let's make sure it happens. it's important that i'm every place and see all of my constituents around the country. but south dakota is a tough one. it was already trending republican. and since his tenure as president gone completely republican in terms of higher office constitutional office in washington representation. he's going there under the predicate of this sort of
4:37 am
education, higher education and encouraging his own initiatives and applauding the work they've done at this technical college there. but really this is about making this the last stop. and if you compare it to 2008 the last time he was there as a candidate where he was about to lose south dakota as a primary state but about to clinch the nomination it was such a heady time for him. it's a little more complicated now. >> you can bet, alisyn the late-night comics will be suggesting things like measuring mt. rushmore taking a peek on something like that. another thing we're going to watch chris mentioned at the top, chris christie first new hampshire town hall since the bridgegate developments and see how feisty it gets. >> let's do it. john thanks so much for all of that. well the baltimore police investigation and the prosecutors investigation into the death of freddie gray are not matching up. we will speak with the gray family attorney coming up. stick around.
4:38 am
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4:41 am
all right. here's the headline out of baltimore. the police are challenging the case being made against those six officers involved in freddie gray's death.
4:42 am
sources tell cnn a police investigation does not support some of the charges filed against them by the baltimore state's attorney. here with us this morning is william murphy an attorney representing the family of freddie gray. you've practiced law in the area for a long time. you understand the system very well. so what do you think of this alleged inconsistency that the cops are saying we didn't find what the prosecutor found here? >> well that's why the prosecutor did an independent investigation instead of being held hostage by police investigation by department that is under fire under scrutiny and generally doesn't have high grades in terms of confidence of the public. >> so the usual rule is the police do that digging and push a prosecutor to make a case and say here's why we think there's something here. you're saying that rule goes out the window here and that we should expect an inconsistency? >> well you ought to expect the police department if they're operating under the old
4:43 am
principles to close ranks and try to find ways to kill the investigation and to exonerate the police. that's why the prosecutor didn't rely on their investigation. and that's why probably there are going to be some significant differences in what they came up with and what the prosecutor came up with. >> has anybody showed you any proof of this alleged leak out of the medical examiner's office about the bolt in the van and that it sizes up with the injury on the back of may he rest in peace, freddie gray his neck. has anybody given that to the family? >> no. and we have avoided speculating down the line because it's just not good for the process. there is going to be a trial. there is going to be evidence at trial. >> you sure there will be a trial? >> oh sure. some of these cases are going to go to trial. there will be pretrial motions to dismiss. they're rarely granted. judges tend to wait on the evidence first before granting such motions. there will be a motion at the
4:44 am
end of the state's case to dismiss the case. and there would be a motion at the end of the total case to dismiss all or part of the case. and sometimes motions are granted but rarely. >> the prosecutor within her discretion didn't have to go to a grand jury early on. she is going to have that option again now. do you think that she'll use a grand jury this time? >> i don't know. >> would you prefer? >> i tell you why she probably will. if she doesn't, the police officers will get a preliminary hearing. and if you will remember back when o.j. was tried the prosecutors didn't seek an indictment and instead put it in los angeles court for preliminary hearing and that became a sideshow circus. there are two ways to assure that the charges are legitimate up to this point and meet the probable cause standard one is -- the other is grand jury which is impenetrable because they don't know what's behind that indictment. >> so the charges themselves
4:45 am
there are basically two big points of contention. the first one is so they chase freddie gray because he runs. they then get him, they find a knife after the fact. it was concealed. the cops say that the knife wasn't a switchblade or what it needed to be. the prosecutor says oh but there's another rule that says that this knife does qualify -- reverse that. the cops say it was legit because of the knife. the prosecutor says no you had no reasonable basis because the knife didn't qualify. the law seems to suggest that the knife would have qualified. does this matter to you? and did the prosecutor get it wrong? >> well, it doesn't matter to the gray family because we're going to wait and see. >> right. >> but it does matter to the criminal case because if the knife was illegal, there is some evidence that might support the ultimate arrest. >> the arrest and false imprisonment that charge would be tough to sustain. >> well on the other hand was
4:46 am
there enough evidence to stop him in the first place? and we take the position there was not. running while black is not a crime. >> and they cite federal law says if you run that's reasonable suspicion. they can then come after you. >> well federal law says a bunch of things the state law doesn't say and vice versa. this is going to be tried in state court. not federal court. >> so federal law being cited here you see as a red herring. >> yes. >> then you have the big ticket here. second-degree murder articulated as depraved heart murder. that is a very specific statute. it's designed for crimes like that are just showing random acts of violence where specific intent to an individual may not be clear but the person clearly had such indifference towards human life that we impute the intent as we say in the law, we just build it in to what you did. do you believe that's the right charge in this case? >> well we'll have to see. >> but your legal mind. >> well i was also a judge. >> yeah. >> and so i was trained additionally beyond being a
4:47 am
lawyer not to speculate. and i think speculation is dangerous. it makes for good news. but it makes for a dangerous climate because then you have all of this preliminary stuff back and forth before the trial, which necessarily doesn't have much to do with the evidence that will be produced at trial. the other thing that we need to remember the prosecutor hasn't shown all her cards yet. >> true. >> so we're debating this on an incomplete evidentiary framework, which doesn't help. >> true. >> so we need to wait. >> true. but the prosecutor did make a show of these charges. she said things that she didn't need to say. >> no no no no. no she read the charges. >> she read the charges, but she said things about the need for justice and that i hear you. you know she built some political talk in there that wasn't just a simple reading of charges. >> i thought that was plain vanilla stuff. and reassuring a community that was about to explode. >> true. >> that justice will be done. that she is seeking justice. she didn't say that the evidence
4:48 am
was sufficient to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. if she'd gone that far we would have a legitimate criticism of her. she said there is probable cause to believe that these men committed those crimes. now, the standard at trial will be different. >> beyond a reasonable doubt. >> different. >> so we have to wait. >> and there's no question that the community needed calming, still needs calming and needs attention beyond what will come from this one prosecution. billy murphy thank you very much. >> and thank you for your thoughtful analysis as usual. >> thank you very much. high praise. high praise. alisyn. okay chris. another story that a lot of people are talking about today, "modern family" star sofia vergara and her ex nick lobe locked in a legal battle over their frozen embryos. in our next hour nick lobe will share his side of the story with "new day." car of the year. so was the 100% electric e-golf. and the 45 highway mpg tdi clean diesel. and last but not least the high performance gti.
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it's time for cnn money now, and christine romans is here. >> higher wages for thousands of
4:53 am
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4:54 am
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4:58 am
this large multivortex tornado is getting ready to cross the highway in kansas. >> we could hear the sound of a train, and our ears started popping. >> you come together and pray five times a day with the brothers, and you are reminded about the hereafter. >> ben carson returns to "new day." >> merry mains a place of
4:59 am
dreams. >> you want to use the two embryos. >> i didn't know she was going to change her mind within the process. good morning. welcome to your "new day." it's thursday may 7th. 8:00 in the east and residents in parts of oklahoma kansas and nebraska are waking up to a new reality. a string of more than 40 tornadoes just barreled through the plain states. the weather spawning heavy rain and winds and tossed around homes and cars and trees. >> at least one dozen people injured when a twister hit a mobile home park and the mayor declared the first flash flood emergency in that city's history. cnn meteorologist is in the weather center with our top story. >> we are looking at a weekend full of tornadoes, i think. here they are yesterday. just because there are 46
5:00 am
reports doesn't mean there are 46 tornados. and the same report from a different guide looking from that direction could be the same tornado. and they are looking at the lines of tornados and damage to see how many there were but there will be a weekend full of severe weather. debris launching into the stay. >> mike we have a roof that just flew through the air and i don't know where it came from. >> residents in the heartland -- >> i have trees coming down on me. >> waking up to disaster as the red cross and emergency personnel began combing through the neighborhoods in oklahoma kansas and nebraska. >> i saw two clouds meet as one, and then we could hear the sound of a train, and our ears started popping because of the air pressure. >> for the first time in history, the national weather service declaring a flash flood
5:01 am
emergency in oklahoma city. the massive storm causing up to eight inches of rainfall in a matter of hours. the main airport in oklahoma city shut down as employees and passenger evacuate through a pedestrian tunnel. >> you need to take shelter immediately. this is a large tornado that is continuing to grow in size. >> tornadoes rip roofs off buildings, including the side of this hotel. at least three residents in critical condition after a tornado flattened a mobile home park. the tornado emergency, including the city of moore. just two years ago a massive ef-5 people killed dozens and demolished dozens of homes. the jet stream is coming like that and the cool dry air comes
5:02 am
in and you get a clash right over the central plains day after day. today, tomorrow and even into saturday severe weather in the same areas, and maybe over the same places that already have damage. you need to have your noaa radio on and get one of the apps for your smartphone and it will know where you are and will give you a warning in your area. >> you tell us it's all about early warning, and we'll stay on top of it chad. news this morning, a gunman that tried to shoot his way into the prophet mohammed cartoon contest in texas, and somehow elton simpson managed to buy weapons and attempt that ambush. we have new and never-before-seen video of simpson, and new details raising new questions about his ties to terrorists and missed
5:03 am
opportunities to stop him. this is getting more and more troubling here. >> reporter: certainly, and what there is in phoenix is a disconnect between the person the elton simpson friends and family grew up with and the elton simpson that went on the rampage. this is a fund-raising video from his mosque and you get a sense of his beliefs and fortitude when it comes to religion and his personality. take a listen. >> it recharged your iman as well when you come together and pray five times a day with the brothers and provide for you a form of weaponry to go out into the world and use that weaponry to shield you against -- >> friends say he converted to islam in high school to mainly keep him out of trouble. his family supported that
5:04 am
decision because it gave him some order in his world and now the family of soofi believes it was simpson that influenced soofi to take part in the attack, and how much of this was directed or inspired by isis. >> thank you for that. baltimore's mayor urging a full scale justice investigation into the police department following freddie gray's death, this has a police investigation challenges the prosecutor's case. let's get to evan perez. >> the baltimore police investigation into the death of freddie gray's death.
5:05 am
sources familiar with the case say the contradictions between the two cases could end up helping defense attorneys for the six officers. already there are signs of conflict in the findings between the two investigations and lawyers for two officers are challenging part of the mosby's case, and the police investigation found the knife was illegal under city code. back to you, chris. >> thank you, evan. appreciate it. we will go on to other news this morning. dr. ben carson worked and lived in baltimore for 36 years and he is heading back there to meet with community leaders to figure out what is going on and part of the assumed leadership role
5:06 am
the president would have. and congratulations on officially entering the race. before we get to politics what matters more is family and our best wishes to your mother and we hope she is doing well. we have been hearing the reports. i want to say that up front. >> thank you, and i appreciate that. >> to baltimore, doctor you live there and worked there and understand it well. are you concerned with what happened to freddie gray? >> of course i am concerned about that both as a resident of the city and as a concerned american about things that are happening in our inner cities. i should first of all say, i have had lots of interactions with the baltimore police and the vast vast majority are wonderful people and that's the case with police across the country. having said that this young man that was relatively healthy went into police custody and ended up
5:07 am
dead. obviously something went wrong, you know whether eupt was intentional or not, that's another issue, and i think our justice system is equipped to figure that out. it's the appearance of hiding and not being forthright which i think has caused a lot of the rage. again, i want to go back to what is really happening. people i feel have lost a significant degree of hope and, you know they see an opportunity to loot and fill their pockets and they don't feel like they are going to get that opportunity in a legitimate way, and those kinds of people are easy to manipulate and what we need to do is bring real hope back and duty kinds of things that actually allow people to be elevated out of a dependant and dismal situation, and partake of the american dream. >> you know what it's like to
5:08 am
grow up in the inner city and you came up in detroit and achieved many great successes. when those people that you are referring to that committed the crimes during this recent state of unrest there, when they are called rioters and thugs, do you believe that is dismissing people who deserve a better explanation? >> let's concentrate on the fact that the majority of people living in east baltimore and west baltimore are decent people. you remember the day after the rioting, a bunch of the baltimore men came out and formed a barrier between the crowd and the police to prevent further violence. we need to concentrate a lot more on those individuals and what they are doing rather than the few who are instigators and create the trouble, i think. i don't think we can characterize the whole city or community on the basis of those people. >> the charges being brought by the prosecutor do you believe that was the right move in the
5:09 am
process? >> well, i certainly recognize the fact that there is something that went wrong. somebody did something inappropriate, and therefore she understood i believe, that she was sitting on a powder keg and needed to do something to calm the situation down. i look at six police officers and i shouldn't say obviously, but i don't think that all of them did something wrong, but probably during the arrest process, considering the kind of damage that was done to the spinal cord some inappropriate pressure was applied to the spine by someone, and i am sure they did not intend for that to be the outcome, but that did happen. hopefully as the facts come out, appropriate recognition of what
5:10 am
happened will help to calm the situation. >> i understand you are trying to be sensitive to the process and balance the interest here but it was very instructive when you came out early on because clearly you are respected for your science and medicine and that was a significant injury he had, and yet you say you don't know that anybody intended to do that to him, and the prosecutor disagrees, right? she has homicide individuals there on two individuals which means she did believe somebody did intend for him to be injured and it took his life. >> i think we should ask her if that was her intention, or is she saying i had to make charges to make arrests. >> you know she can't do that right? she can't say i want to calm people down so i will charge these guys and that would be a
5:11 am
per per version of justice. >> yeah, we need to ask her. >> you said this was a hopelessness. what do you do for the people in the west and east baltimores in the country who are desperate for jobs and feel they are being forgotten. what needs to be done? >> there are a few things that need to be done. first of all, we need to introduce the police into the community in a pleasant and nonthreatening way early on so when little johnny first encounters the police officer, it's a pleasant encounter, he knows him as officer joe. that makes a big difference. and the other thing we have to do is get business, wall street and community groups and churches involved specifically with members of the community as opposed to having big government programs that just throw money at people. we have seen over the course of
5:12 am
the last few decades that doesn't work. rather than sit around and scribing blame to people saying you made a bad program, that doesn't matter, and what matters is can we now recognize that that didn't work and let's take a different pathway. what we do know is that there are a number of community programs across the country where people get involved with the community. >> right. >> those are the things that actually allow people to climb out of those situations and there are companies who have started programs with internships where they bring the young people in and get them involved early on and give them a pathway out, and it benefits everybody. >> you are used as an example of two different things for people. some people say see what happens when people get an opportunity even if they are in a hard situation and their life has not been perfect, and look how amazing this man became recognizing his scientific and medical potential, and other people will say, look see, they
5:13 am
could all be like dr. ben carson and they choose not to and are lazy and criminal and violent. what do you say to people? >> i think let's stop demonizing people and put on our thinking caps and figure out how we can make the tide rise for everybody, because it benefits us all. we don't have a bunch of people who are independent, guess what? they can find a cure and we have develop every single one of our individuals. >> congratulations on being in the race for president, and, again, the best to your mother and her health going forward. we look forward to seeing what happens when you go down to baltimore. >> thank you, chris. appreciate it. we turn now to deflate gate.
5:14 am
what did tom brady know and when did he know it? the investigation offers no answers, and cnn's john berman who may have a horse in the race a little bit, is here with more. >> my horse is the horse racing for justice, michaela. the question is when will we hear from tom brady about this. the report is more than 200 pages long which says he was more probably than not generally aware that footballs were deflated before the championship game. new details in the stunning 243-page report on deflate gate. it concludes that the new england patriot's quarterback, tom brady, more probably than not was aware game balls were
5:15 am
deliberately underinflated. >> i have no knowledge of anything. i did not alter the ball in any way. >> the report claims two of the team's personnel, the locker room aten opportunity and the equipment assistant deliberately made efforts to release air from the game balls after the balls were examined by the referee. inside the report, damming text messages exchanged between the two men with the talk of cash free shoes and autographs and he texted tom sucks, i am going to make that next ball an expletive balloon. the report also says on january 18th during the afc championship game mcnally was
5:16 am
seen on surveillance video committing a violation, taking the game balls on a sudden trip to the bathroom before bringing them to the field. also notable a flury of phone calls and text messages between tom brady and one, and tom brady, good johnny boy, and still nervous, so far so good though. i'll be all right. >> you didn't do anything wrong, bud. >> i know i'll be all good. >> tom brady did answer questions in the investigation and did meet with the investigators, but he did not turn over his cell phone, text messages and e-mails, and it looks like that nfl will not look too favorably on this. >> chris? >> i know this is tough for you. >> you are just making it worse.
5:17 am
>> to many people this is a new situation, and to others it's only confirming what was always suspected. john vermin right there. in other news the pentagon expect to be training some to fight isis, and the move is loaded with risks and resistance. a top syrian opposition leader is saying his forces need help against the assad regime saying u.s. help in that fight has been quote, too small and too slow. dorian johnson, the friend with michael brown when he was shot has been arrested. he announced a lawsuit against ferguson and daren wilson claiming the man that shot brown assaulted him. sophia vergara speaking out
5:18 am
with her situation, and she accused nick loeb of trying to get attention. >> i don't understand -- you know i don't want to allow this person to take more advantage much my career and try to promote himself, and get press. it should not be out there for people to give their opinion when there is nothing to talk about. >> later this hour we will get the other side from sophia vergara's ex nick loeb. so many people asking why can't he move on. >> there is the personal part and he is referring to him about this person, and you know there is a lot of bad blood out there, and it's a bigger concern about life and how it is negotiated through law. and in britain, collecting their next prime minister. how does their decision affect
5:19 am
us here in the u.s.? we'll discuss that. speculation that tom brady could be suspended based on the nfl's new findings. we will ask the experts what it means. >> how many seasons? for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in a study of the most recommended large companies in america. if you're current or former military or their family, see if you're eligible to get an auto insurance quote.
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there is an ancient rhythm... [♪] that flows through all things... through rocky spires... [♪] and ocean's swell... [♪] the endless... stillness of green... [♪] and in the restless depths of human hearts... [♪] the voice of the wild within. sit election day in britain, and prime minister david cameron going for a second term trying to keep his job. what is the impact of today on the u.s.? let's bring in our chief cnn correspondent, christiane
5:23 am
amanpour. what is at stake today in the uk for the u.s.? >> a lot alisyn because, as you know for years the u.s. and uk have had a special relationship and on the one hand the u.s. has been slightly concerned about the uk's commitment of britain being front and center in the world, and actually foreign policy has not come up at all in the election. on another issue the u.s. is very concerned in case one of the results leads to a referendum that sees the uk leave the european union, and that would not be good because the u.s. believes europe is strong with the eu and that's the largest american trading partner, and then another concern is if another party
5:24 am
wins they could want independence and break up the united kingdom and that could weaken the constituent parts, and there is no clear frontrunner at all after the six-week campaign. >> you had a chance to talk about all of this with former president bill clinton in your sit-down interview. let's see what he had to say. >> i like them all. i am not running for anything. i can say that. but i would rather have them fighting within a united kingdom, i would rather have them fighting within the eu. the rest of europe needs economic growth.
5:25 am
>> david cameron, the conservative party leader and the prime minister has seen an extraordinary thing happen here and that's the recovery after the financial crash here in britain has not translated into an out right leading ahead in the polls, and so when most people vote with their pocket books, and the polls do not show cameron has that advantage and he is the party that promised a referendum in or out of the eu and the other party, there is concern what deal they may make that could break up. >> and last night, netanyahu had a deadline to form his new government. what does this look like? >> from all the comments that are coming out of israel people can't believe this is what many people are calling the most
5:26 am
extreme coalition in israel's history in a long time, and the leader of the union party said this is a coalition of national failure and others have said it's like putting a pyromaniac in charge of the fire department and what happened netanyahu, like cinderella just before midnight put together an alliance with right-wing parties, and they had the eight seats that netanyahu needed for the 61-seat majority, and a very slim majority and some say won't last and apparently no 61-seat coalition has everlast lasted for four years, and it mattered to the united states because none of the people in the coalition
5:27 am
want a palestinian state, and this is causing a huge amount of concern in terms of what it might mean for foreign policy and peace in the middle east and it proves what netanyahu said under my administration there will be no palestinian state. anybody that leaves netanyahu wants to be the historic candidate needs to disabuse themselves of that thought right now. >> pyromaniac in charge of the fire department and that's overheated rhetoric to run with the theme. thanks for explaining all of that to us. this independent investigation of the nfl says tom brady was more likely than not generally aware of something about the footballs being doctored for the afc championship game. experts will unwrap that
5:28 am
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5:31 am
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5:32 am
time for the five things you need to know for your new day. damages being assessed after 40 tornadoes move through. the first flash flood in oklahoma city declared. and simpson was under fbi surveillance since last year, and somehow was still able to pull off the attack in a prophet mohammed cartoon contest in texas without raising suspicion. and then voters in the uk have today to cast their ballots, and david cameron
5:33 am
running. police investigation challenges the state's attorney case in baltimore. deflate gate the new england patriots and quarterback tom brady implicated and will the superstar face league discipline. go to for the latest. and why doesn't nick loeb just move on? we will speak with nick loeb to get his side of the story. that's coming up. when you're not confident your company's data is secure the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about.
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it stops sweat before it starts. add some color to your life with certain dri. i didn't alter the ball in any way. when i picked those balls out, at that point, to me they are perfect. i don't want anybody touching the balls after that i don't want anybody rubbing them or putting any air or taking anything out, and i would never do anything outside the rules of play. >> that was new england patriots' quarterback, tom brady, denying doing anything wrong, but now a report says he was aware the game balls were being deflated. is the super bowl champ really a cheater? >> let's bring in the sports columnist for "usa today," and
5:38 am
we have two questions, did they deflate the balls and was he responsible for the deflation of the balls? >> yeah i think he is responsible. again, it's probable. we will never know for sure, but this is not a court of law and it's the nfl and i think this is bad, and i think it's bad for brady and his image, and i think that the patriots were involved in this and once again, the patriots spy gate in 2007, and here we are again, and this report 243 pages are serious, and while we were chuckling about it and laughing about it in january, and maybe we are laughing about it it now it goes to the integrity of the game and especially now, post ray rice video. >> how big of deal is the whole thing to you? >> it doesn't matter what i
5:39 am
think. ted wells said this probably happened and i wanted to get perspective from a current nfl quarterback and i texted a guy who was a starter in the league and is it safe to say quarterbacks in the leagues have their one equipment guy will make sure the footballs is exactly the way they like them and he said 100% correct, and he said the equipment guys would do nothing to alter the footballs on their own, and he said zero chance. and i talked to a hall of fame and he was livid, and he said tom brady doesn't have to cheat because he is so good and he went and said the new england
5:40 am
patriots should have their super bowl title stripped from them. >> if what coy is saying is true he is saying this is something quarterbacks do how do you punish this guy for this? what is appropriate? >> you don't catch all the bank robbers, but the ones you do catch you catch. >> is this like steroids? >> yeah i do think -- it's not the same but it's to the same issue of can you believe what you are watching and that's what everything is about with fans and a league and to the nfl's integrity and the importance moving forward. my answer to you is absolutely you catch the people you can catch. if every quarterback is doing it, my sense is every
5:41 am
quarterback will not be doing it after this. >> and that's a good point. christine keeps throwing around the word integrity, and that matters to me and all of us and, so coy, i look at bell check belichick, and what happens there and how can this not be another scar on his organization? >> i think it is. you look at what happened with spy-gate and belichick was fined and they lost the first round draft pick and the precedent had been set about how goodell feels about cheating and you get the same organization and the same head coach. i think it has to be at least what it was before. you have 31 other owners around the nfl watching and all those players watching to see what goodell is going to do to this organization and to the players who were involved yet again in a cheating scandal. i think he is going to bring down the hammer.
5:42 am
>> what about legacy? it's something we have been talking about it and talking about it and christine, in terms of the legacy for tom brady, he doesn't have a lot of playing years left in him to have this at the end of his career? >> not good michaela at all. here he is mr. clean and the boy next door and we believe him and people cheer for him, and one of the greatest post season footballs of all-time, and this is bad, and it will be part of his legacy and resume, and it will be in the second or third paragraph of every bioand maybe the first paragraph, and that's bad. this is something, to your point, he is at the end of his career, and you don't want things like this at the end of your career. >> the timing is not good. and being a jets fan i should be loving this and it's more about, okay you don't have a
5:43 am
great case against the guy, and coy said this is something common -- >> still doesn't make it right. >> did not affect the outcome of the game and doesn't seem to be relevant to the guy's ability to throw the ball, and it's not like if he had the balls like this he would suck. and then of all the processes they have poisoned in terms of doing the right thing s. this the case for them to put the flag in the sand and say we are going to take a harsh stand. >> the national football league is doing more than they were doing. the i could make the case the nfl is leading word wide and so the nfl deserved all the criticism back in september, but they are doing more. so i think the get-tough nfl, this is completely in keeping with what they are doing now,
5:44 am
whether it be tom brady or hardy on domestic violence. >> thank you both so much. we'll be watching. guys actress sophia vergara embroiled in a embroyo battle, and we talk to nick loeb who says why he cannot move on. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet... ...served my country... ...carried the weight of a family... ...and walked a daughter down the aisle.
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i could choose you... or i could choose her if i like her more. and i do. oh, the silent treatment. real mature. so you wanna get out of here? go national. go like a pro. you guys break up and you say, look i don't want to have
5:48 am
a baby with you, i am not involved with you anymore? >> can you blame me? >> i can't blame you. by the way, the child needs a mother. >> yeah and the loving relationship of the parents that get along and don't hate each other. >> you hate each other now? >> i don't hate him, but obviously he has a problem with me. >> that was sophia vergara, the star of the hit show "modern family," and they are currently in a battle over embryos. nick loeb joins us today speaking out for the first time. >> thank you for having me, alisyn alisyn. >> what does it feel like hearing that? >> i respect her immensely, and she is successful in her career and very hard-working and i am happy she moved on with her
5:49 am
life but this is a serious issue that we are dealing with and has moral and ethical implications. >> what were the conversations like when you talked about having children together? >> she knew right from the beginning i wanted to be a father and it was a thing i wanted my entire life. >> did you start by trying naturally or did you always know it was going to be surrogate. >> she always wanted to use a surrogate, and never wanted to carry a child. we first created embryos, two female embryos, and we implanted one into the surrogate and it can't work, and we went through it again and it doesn't work, and then we had to create two new lives. >> you use the term creating
5:50 am
lives. not everybody believes that embryos are lives. >> i believe life believes at conception. how else would i define what two embryos are that happened to be female? i can't say they are female property. they are lives, and they are on a journey to a pathway to being born. >> you want to use the two frozen embryos, and she does not want to use the frozen embro yos, and some people online has suggested you are doing this to stick it to her and you are not over her and trying to hang on. >> i am happy that she moved forward with her life and i moved forward with my life. these are -- unfortunately, we left these two embryos behind. >> legally, this is complicated, as you know. you both signed an agreement with the fertility center and that agreement basically said you had to make a decision in tandem and the contract says
5:51 am
any and all changes must be mutually agreed to and one named person cannot use the material to create a child whether or not he or she intends to rear that child without consent of the other person. >> when we first signed the documents, this happened actually even before we went through the second cycle of creating new lives. we had talked about it and the decisions we made together was to take that life through the process of surrogate see. >> she said to me over and over again, she always told me her positions on life, so i believed -- >> the contract talks about
5:52 am
death, and if one of you died, then the embryos would be destroyed, and it doesn't mention anything about splitting up. she says she is comfortable keeping them frozen forever. >> i don't know what that means. one day they won't be able to be usable and they may ultimately die, and that sort of is destroying two lives that we have created. >> i know this is such an emotional topic. you have felt alone? >> yeah it has been tough. this is -- i always have wanted children and always wanted to be a father. i didn't create lives lightly. this was very very important to me to the point where we thought when we created these lives and we were going to put them into a surrogate, we were coming up with names for our children, and so to do anything besides continue their journey towards
5:53 am
life and through birth, you know to me is destruction. >> there are people who question your motives, and i wouldn't destroy them and it's time to move on and meet somebody else and have your own baby with the woman you love. i hear this a lot. i hear people saying, you are a good-looking guy and you are a catch, and move on and find another love of your life. >> i would like to. easier said than done. you don't go out the next day and meet somebody. hopefully one day i will meet somebody and we will fall in love and have a child, and that does not pt mean i should give up the two lives i have created. >> if you fell in love with somebody right now and you started a relationship would all this be over and would you let those embryos go? >> no, they would have to accept
5:54 am
me like if i add two other children born. these are lives that have already been created. i can't see any other way. >> if you lose what does your life look like? >> well you know if we lose you know then two lives will be destroyed and i will be torn apart and it will be horrible. >> we know how emotional this is for you and we appreciate you coming on cnn and sharing your story, and best of luck to you in every avenue of your future. thank you so much for coming on. >> thanks. >> it's going to be tough for him legally, and it's interesting if one of them died the embryos would be destroyed, but not if they break up. tweet us using the #newdaycnn or
5:55 am
go to facebook. a decorated vietnam vet, the good stuff, stay with us. you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in this baby. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck. you're not going to tell your dad about the time my hamster had babies in the backseat, are you?! that's just normal wear and tear, dude. (vo) subaru has the highest resale value of any brand... ...according to kelley blue book ...and mitch. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. watching football together is great... but i think women would agree... ...huddling with their man after the game is nice too. the thing is about half of men over 40 have some degree of erectile dysfunction. well, viagra helps guys with ed get and keep an erection. and you only take it when you need it. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain;
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there is an ancient rhythm... [♪] that flows through all things... through rocky spires... [♪] and ocean's swell... [♪] the endless... stillness of green... [♪] and in the restless depths of human hearts... [♪] the voice of the wild within.
5:58 am
i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders... awwwwwww!!!!! they have all those warnings on them. might as well say, "you're going to die, jeff". you hired someone to clean the gutters? not just someone. someone from angie's list. but we're not members. we don't have to be to use their new snapfix feature. angie's list helped me find a highly rated service provider to do the work at a fair price. come see what the new angie's list can do for you.
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there it is. well played. the "good stuff" today, 50 years ago, a heavily decorated soldier earning a stack of ribbons and medals from vietnam, and he lost them all in a move. what matters is fellow city employee justin hyde heard the story and spent months looking for the same types of ribbons and medals he lost like a dozen, and then -- >> we were able to purchase them on base and an army surplus to find them all. he called a bogus employee meeting, and 50 years to the day freddy enlisted he reunited
6:00 am
with what he earned. >> i was not a shock. >> every veteran deserves a thank you and a pat on the back for what they did. >> not the originals, but now they may be worth more. time for "newsroom" for carol costello. what a way to end the show carol. >> a great way to end the show. have a great day. thank you so much. "newsroom" starts now. happening in the "newsroom," dozens of tornadoes and creating major flooding. >> it is trying to move the car on to here. it is bad news. it's cranking down to the ground. >> this morning water remains a big problem with devastation left behind. a british hacker could be the new link between isis and the texas shooting and a cartoon contest. his ties to the man behind the


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