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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  May 9, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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we're following breaking news for you this hour right in the middle of the country. america's heart land a wide streak of danger is cutting across the united states. you're looking at live pictures from kfor in south central oklahoma. two new tornado watches have just been issued. that is very large hail and more
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of it is on the way. severe thunderstorms and very large hail possibly tornadoes. if you're in that zone southwest kansas western oklahoma parts of northern texas as well you'll want to keep an eye on the sky for the next few hours through 9:00 p.m. that's when the warning goes through. even though the risk of destruction haslessened just a bit. this is norman oklahoma. tornadoes touch down. just a couple of days ago and it's been nothing short of miserable since then. heavy rain and flooding closed down the city streets. even the interstates there is where we find our ryan young. i've been looking around you. devastation. the last thing this area needs is to be hit again. >> reporter: they are been trying to clear this building here. the storm hit here a few days ago. we'll walk you over.
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you can see the power of the storm. it ripped the roof off this place. the folks who live on the inside said they had to make it into the bathroom and put a mattress over their head and brace for the impact. this green trash can, there used to be two of them. one of them is on the roof. it have tossed up there. everyone said they could see it roll down the way. one of them bounced on top of this roof. we talked to a woman who said everything she owns has been ripped apart, taken away. she's happy to have her kids and pet turtle. >> i had to go beg people for metal to get another hotel for my girls so they didn't have to sleep on a cot or the floor.
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>> reporter: the two kids came back and found their pet turtle. they were so happy to go through this stuff that they have left. you can see how the roof has collapsed this this building. the folks on the inside said they were praising god to be alive at this point. now that the storm is rolling in and we can see heavy lightning in the area they want to get out of here. they didn't want to go through another experience like that. you can understand with more storms headed this way why the folks are nervous about tonight. >> absolutely. they are. we'll keep everyone posted as we get the updates minute by minute. ryan stay with me. i want to go to the cnn severe weather center. as i understand it the warning now for these tornadoes extend until 9:00 p.m. central time. >> that's right. a tornado watch there is right across that area into 9:00 p.m. central time. look at pretty expansive map. that's about 16 million people
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dealing with the severe weather. the concern at this very moment is not as high as we think. it will be in coming couple of hours. this is what poppy was talking about when it comes to an expansive area until 9:00 p.m. central time. that includes dallas oklahoma city. we've seen some 1,600 lightning strikes in a 60-minute period across this region of the country. this is pretty remarkable. what this means, the conditions are favorable for tornado to form. you take a look at the map across eastern portions of eastern oklahoma and south dakota and western kansas tornado watch in place as well. this far more sparsely populated. again, we expect the tomorrows to really fire up later on into afternoon and potentially evening hours. that becomes a concern.
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zooming out for you, a wintry weather aspect. pretty impressive snowfall across portions of high rockies could see as much as two feet in the coming days. denver you could pick up to nine inches of snow tonight into tomorrow morning and again not unheard of but impressive to see the cold side of this storm with parts of south dakota maybe up to two feet snoefw before mother's day is over with. >> ryan pedro mentioned may. when you think back to 2013 it was may 20th when that horrible tornado struck moore, oklahoma killing 24 people. what are the residents doing there to stay safe and protect themselves as much as they can until the warning is lifted at 9:00 tonight. >> something that touched all of us the people that lived in this building said the disaster wasn't enough to get large
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assistance. a lot of people living check to check have no place to stay. a woman was talking about using recycled metal to pay for place to stay. i don't know if you heard that. that's thunder rolling down. people sald they wanted to get out of here before they have to deal with this again. this is just one block. >> stay safe. i appreciate the reporting. if you see lightning, i know it's dangerous you and your crew stay safe. thank you. >> thank you. on this mother's day weekend a big protest. mother's gathering if washington, d.c. marching as one to the justice department and demanding an end to racist
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police brutality in their community. many william in this millions mom march are the mothers of sons killed the police shootings including the mother of michael brown. in baltimore, a march last night will be followed by one next hour held by the youth of baltimore. we saw last weekend as well. also other events hoping to bring peace and healing. sara has been on the story. you've been there all week. now we this beginning next hour one day after the justice department came out and said they'll do a separate investigation of the baltimore police department. what's been the reaction on the ground there to that? >> reporter: it's interesting. there's some folks that say good. they want to see a top to bottom look at the department. they want to see exactly what has been beginning on in that
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department from the inside out as opposed to the other way around. we know this department has paid out fair amount of money in civil suits. in the past and then you have this incident with freddie gray where he died in police custody and six officers are charged. we were at the youth rally earlier today at the baltimore city community college. there were a few dozen people who showed up for that getting ready to march. they will end up here at this park. they talk about different things. one of the things we're noticing is there's a lot of people pushing this hashtag b more rally. never mind the fact that some of the neighborhoods and the neighborhood where this happened with freddie gray the crime rate is high. there's been several shootings over the last week or so since fred freddie gray died.
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protesting is great but they have to do more to try to move towards getting city to move forward together. >> when you say that one of the questions that i have is how do you do that when you have such a disconnect even you've got the police department the union, the police union coming out yesterday and saying okay we welcome the department of justice investigation but we think they should also be investigating the mayor. you've got a huge divide among city officials. >> reporter: right. there is a divide there too. obviously the police union will support its officers. they basically said we feel like the mayor has said some things and has done some things that isn't right. they want to see the department of justice look at her office as well. right now we're hearing from the doj. it's going to be focused in on the police department itself. very similar to and i know you covered a lot of what happened in ferguson very similar to what happened in ferguson.
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looking at patterns and practices of the department to see if there's any civil rights violations or a pattern of practice civil rights violations against the people of baltimore. also you have this new allegation towards the state's attorney, the chief prosecutor here. five things that the attorneys for these six officers are saying and we heard some of that from the police union saying she has a conflict of interest in many different ways and she should recuse herself and her office should recuse itself. i don't think that's going to happen unless it's forced. she doesn't feel it's a conflict of interest. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. we're going to bring you that live rally that is happening the youth rally in next hour. ahead right here in the newsroom isis claiming responsibility for a big prison break in iraq.
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a particularly violent and deadly day in iraq today. that is the sound of car bomb exploding right in central baghdad killing four people wounding more than 25 others. this happened right here a crowd of shiite iraqi residents. they were getting ready for a traditional pilgrimage. in just the past few moments we saw that isis has claimed responsibility for that bomb. elsewhere in iraq a few dozen
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prisoners, some of them hardened terror suspects are,000 free after isis militants stormed a prison and killed five guards and set prisoners free. nick payton walsh is following it all from beirut. >> reporter: differing accounts of what happened at the jail on the out skirts of background. it clearly is a quite complex operation. they claim that this started when 15 ieds were detonated on military and security vehicles on the out skirts of that jail. differing figures from officials perhaps suggesting it was a riot inside the jail that triggered unrest and allowed people to allow this jailbreak. we don't know exact numbers. there are at least, it's fair to
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say, 40 inmates who have escaped. nine of them were facing terrorism offenses. we don't know who they were or what level of significance they have in the isis -- a man hunt is under way. difficult though given the mayturemay nature of terrain and how close this is to where it happened. it's some degree significant to geographically. this is an area that's supposed to be free of isis presence. they were able to project power to the out skirts and clearly as well isis is after some not great news in past. losing control of tikrit keen to be showing their on the offensive or able to get their people out of iraqi detention. once again no clarity on who they managed to release but it
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goes back to a tactic they used at the start of the campaign that liberated many extremist militants on the out skirts of baghdad perhaps looking for freshman power or get veterans back this their ranks. a troubled time for the militants group here but clearly able to project power on the out skirts of background and what should be an iraqi government stronghold stronghold. nick payton walsh. >> thank you for that. i just wonder do you think the most critical thing this tells us is it's cayhaotic in terms of iraqi security forces trying to hold things together? >> well yeah.
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that announced they were going to do this which was taking as many of the prisoners as possible. the whole movement is coming out of prisons. the various iraqi riz breekprison breaks since the withdrawal. it makes sense. asked why did he rob banks. that's where the money is. they are breaking into prison because that's where their comrades are.
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>> we keep hearing about isis gaining more ground and you see this increase even fbi chief talked about it this week of devotees to isis here in the united states. you see what happened in texas with that attempted terror attack last weekend and tieing into isis. where's the disconnect? >> not sure it's a disconnect. in iraq they're losing ground. a serious operation of ramadi. they can be opportunistic. they have to control all of iraqi territory. in terms of what director comi said it exists.
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some of whom try to join isis or the al qaeda affiliate. you're seeing something of a real spice in these cases here in the united states. night 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific only right here on cnn. we're keeping a very close eye on what we began this hour telling you about the dangerous weather across the central plains across a number of states oklahoma northern texas, kansas all under a tornado watch including colorado. we're going to bring you the latest on that when we return.
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almost four years after he was ousted from power following the arab spring uprising mubarak will be able to walk free. a court gave him time served after he was sentenced to three years for corruption. the decision has outraged opponents who believe he should be held accountable for the deaths of hundreds of people during those arab spring protests. >> reporter: poppy, while the former president wads found guilty of charges he'll be walking free according to state media. a judge sentenced him and his two sons to three years but will
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credit them for time served. the judge ordered them to pay over $19 million. when he first appeared in court in 2011 the nation ground to a halt. egyptians couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the president appear in court. now that trials have become a matter of fact. the nation seemed indifferent. more concerned with their daily lives. that's not to say there isn't anger over mubarak being released. the families during hundreds killed still demand justice. no one of rank has been held accountable. june 4th a court will decide whether they will accept the final appeal in a case that charges mubarak for the protesters deaths. the former president has been more high profile calling into a popular tv show telling them to support the current president.
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if he's free what role will citizen mubarak play? >> thank you for that. also i want to show these images we're getting out of south central oklahoma. i think we have some live pictures. we'll try to get them for you. that's the chopper shot you see. it's very very dark skies there in central oklahoma. tornado warning in effect until 9:00 central. we'll bring you more on that in a moment. nearly every major gop contender for the white house is at a meeting in south carolina today but one very big name skipped it. we'll tell you who and why, next. >> see why scotland is one of anthony boudain's favorite places. here is a preview. >> the scottish islands, one of the most beautiful places on
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earth. you get to wear cool clothes, shoot animals, drag them back, cook them and eat them. problem is there's hills. after that hill there's another hill and then another one and another one and another one. the scottish islands, the most physically challenging episodes of my life. it hurts. it hurts a lot.
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