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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  May 10, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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a high school in chicago. thanks so much for joining us me today. again, i'm ana cabrera. happy mother's day. the next hour of newsroom starts now with poppy harlow in new york. good night. this is cnn breaking news. >> 5:00 this sunday evening, you're in the cnn newsroom i'm poppy harlow joining you in new york. we begin with breaking news. reports of a tornado north of dallas right now near the dallas-fort worth airport. s here some live aerial pictures, what you're seeing on the ground from grayson county texas, where one of those tornadoes has hit, has touched down. you can see some flooding in the neighborhood there, this comes just a day after more than 40 tornadoes, 40 tornadoes were spotted in the southern and central plains destroying homes, snapping trees and ripping down powerlines. today, 35 million people are bracing for more severe storms as they struggle to clean up the
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damage from yesterday. let's go straight to our jennifer gray. she is on the ground in cisco, texas, where that tornado, jennifer touched down yesterday during this program, killing one person. how are things looking where you are now? >> well these are okay right now. most of the storms that we are seeing are off to our south and our east. you can see the skies just over my shoulder, a little ominous out there. we are seeing some cumulus clouds building outs to the west though so we will have to see if some of that could develop, we will get more storms here this afternoon. i do want to quickly mention though we still have some tornado warnings, tornadoes in progress around the sherman area. had is north of the dallas metroplex it is traveling to the northeast about 40 miles per hour. spot verse seen the tornado and so we want to you take cover, if you are in that area. we also have a new tornado warning, this is in the hamilton area south of dallas. this is just to the west of waco. so take cover if you are in these areas. that he is are very dangerous storms. poppy, we have seen the past couple of days this multiday
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severe weather convenient and it has left a lot of communities just picking up the pieces. you can see behind me these trees snapped in half of course this is south of cisco the tornado that hit yesterday, we just got preliminary reports that it was an ef3 tornado, about three-quarters of a mile wide with a path of destruction about seven miles in length. we are up a little higher elevation, you can see just beyond that curve, we are looking at more trees snapped in half there's a cemetery over there, a lot of the stones have been turned over and we have also been told from people in the community that there are three homes that were a total loss. we can't get to them because there are trees and powerlines on the road and so we can't get to those. we don't have access but we have told that those homes are completely destroyed, one person, unfortunately, died in the storms yesterday. three others injured. one of those in critical condition, last we heard. so these are very dangerous storms. any time you hear of a tornado
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warning in your area take it seriously, these storms can be dead labor day we have seen these the past couple of days. we have that threat today and we have a risk tomorrow as well. so just be aware, keep focused and in tune with what is going on meteorologists help keep you safe. all right, jennifer gray thanks so much live in cisco, texas, where that tornado hit down again, 40 spotted yesterday, more today. appreciate it. take you to mississippi, where a community there is reeling with shock and sadness after two of their police officers were shot and killed last night on patrol. these are the two officers, liquorry tate on the left benjamin deen on the right. this happened last night in hattiesburg, mississippi, gunned down brutally, the shoot stealing and ditching their police car. tate was just 24 years old. he had just graduated from the police academy, was incredibly excited to be serving his
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community. his partner, benjamin deen was 34 years old, he was married and he was a father of two children. deen was also named officer of the year back in 2012. [ crying ] >> curtis did you do it? >> no, sir, accident do t no, sir, i didn't do it. that is one of the suspects two suspects there are brothers curtis and marvin banks, they are in custody. they are charged with capital murder. two other people were also arrested in connection with this crime. this is the first time in 30 years that any officer has been killed in the line of duty in hattiesburg. on the phone about me right now, officer liquorry tate's father ronald tate. thank you for being with me sir. i tate's father, ronald tate. thank you for being with me, sir. >> yes, ma'am, thank you. >> i am deeply, deeply sorry for your loss. what can you tell me about your
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son? >> well first thing i want to say about my son, i would expect i would hope that the world would just understand that this was not a police officer first for me. this was my son. this was my baby. officer tate police officer tate patrolman tate that all came secondary. this is my baby. this is my baby. that's all i see is my baby. this is my baby. he was just wonderful. and he was doing what he wanted to do and he was happy. i talked to him every week. he texted me every day, what's up dad, let me know he is doing all right. i just want people to understand that take the blue suit off of my baby because this was my
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baby. i was willing to allow to go into this type of work dangerous, a guy who understood loved everybody, peaceful, passive. understanding. wouldn't hurt anybody. >> what is it about him -- what is it about him, ronald that wanted to serve so much? i mean he was so young. he had just graduated from the police academy 11 months ago. what is it about him that wanted to give back to his community? >> well ever since he was small, he loved police cars and the lights and the flashing lights and they stopped with the push cars and cars that go by themselves and motors to them got in those types car that he could ride and he was fascinated. now, he went to southwest mississippi community college and he got a -- he grant waited after two years with a
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certificate in automotive. he was manager at o'reilly's auto parts as a young man, 19 or 20 and he went to auto zone as manager. so then he says dad, you know what i want to be a police officer. and he had this enthusiasm and this fire in his soul. and i knew he meant that after paying all this money for automotive i said this guy wants to be a police. >> i know that you also have a daughter his sister. and you have said that she is absolutely devastated. and that he was really a protector to her, that he looked out for his sister. >> oh yeah. yesterday evening, before this all happened me and her, she and i was on the phone and this is exactly was her exact words, dad, you know he's my protector. he is my protection. we talked about him for about an hour 'cause she was on her way to her mom's house for labeled,
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i mean mom's -- mother's day answered wasn't able to go 'cause he had to work. and we just talked about him. and they -- they 11 months apart, so it was almost growing up as twins. they -- they were always able to play with themselves without other people. they were so close that they you know they just grew up like that and they was always like that and so this devastated her. and i talked to her today. and i thought she was a little better because she was there, she got to the hospital and found out and he was still in the room and she touched his face and she said you know, dad, i touched his face and it was cold. she said but i'm like you, i'm still waiting on a phone call saying this is just all a mistake. >> yeah. >> that our wonderful family member had been sacrificed like this. but -- >> sir, what -- what would you -- what do you want people
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to remember about your son and to do in his memory to do in his honor? >> well you know this whole thing about, you know this notion that all police are out to get people or they are bad, my son doesn't see color. he had so many friends from the time he was in kindergarten military for over ten years of his life he grew up in germany for five years. and we just didn't have color barriers. we didn't have all this animosity between racism. we didn't have -- my son didn't see that he didn't have time for that. he was just mellow and laid back and didn't want to get into that. and so he was a guy who was willing to put the risk out there, put his life out there at risk and he really knew the
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risks and -- but he thought, i think my son just thought, you know people are generally good. and that's just the way he was. he thought people are generally good people. so let's treat them all with dignity and he was a laid back quiet guy who -- i just -- i'm trying to come to grips. >> i think you said it well. let's treat them all with dignity. ronald tate, i am so extraordinaryily sorry for your loss sir. may you find comfort in the memories that you had with him. thank you for sharing a little bit about your son bus today. >> thank you for letting me to that. i appreciate it. >> god bless. we will be right back and when we come back we are gonna talk to the mayor of hattiesburg, mississippi, about how this could have happened and what they know thus far in the investigation. a mouth breather! well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. allergy medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip and pow!
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we are continuing to follow this story of two young police
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officers gunned down brutally murdered last night in hattiesburg, mississippi. joining me on the phone, the mayor of hattiesburg, johnny due pre. thank you for being with me mayor. i appreciate it >> you're welcome, poppy. # >> we knew three people were arrested in connection with this. now we understand a fourth suspect has been arrested. what can you tell us about this person? >> that's correct, pop pill. earlier today, we had curtis and marvin banks both charged with two counts of capital murder and joanne calloway with two counts of capital murder and now, as i said earlier, that the mbi was continuing their investigation, continuing their interrogation of witnesses and processing evidence and so in that process, core kneenelius clark has been arrested and charged with obstruction of justice. >> what can you tell us what happened we are watching video
2:15 pm
right now of one of the suspects saying he did not do it he did not do it. the justice process will play out. what can you tell us about what you know about how these officers were murdered? all we really have been told is it was a traffic stop around 8:30 at night. >> and it probably was a traffic stop. there was a call -- there was a traffic stop and officer deen apparently saw something that triggered his request for backup. so officer tate arrived on the scene after his request for backup and based on that you have the -- ensuing pistol or weapon being drawn by bun of the banks, mr. martin banks, and he actually shot the other -- the two officers. >> do we know if the officers if either of the officers fired any shots? >> i don't -- i don't know that
2:16 pm
poppy that would be something that would you have to ask mississippi bureau of investigation. those are the kinds of things they are keeping pretty close under wraps. i will tell that you when this is over we will have a -- our own internal as we have investigation, where we can actually look at these and see how we can use this as a training tool, a training model so that this doesn't happen to us again, keep it from happening again. >> i know that this is the first time in 30 years that an officer in hattiesburg has been killed in the line of duty. what has this done to your community? >> well you know poppy, it has brought our community even closer than what is being prior to this. we always pride ourself on the city, we have a motto, we are close to everybody, even to each other. the police department and our first responders and our
2:17 pm
citizens have a great relationship. we look at our -- i heard someone say the other day, one of the analysts i think you have on television said one of the things that you can tell about a community is the rate of solving crimes they have. you look at our rate of solving crimes it's pretty good and that's because we have community working with us and not against us. we are really high on community policing. and this brought us even closer we actually having a vigil tomorrow at 1:00 to bring the community together again so we can pray for this family ensure we do love them and how we will miss just like they will miss the father and the son, you know their spouse. we are community, we are family and we are going to grieve together through. this >> and quickly, sir, do we know when these two fallen officers will be honored? >> we are -- we would have the vigil tomorrow.
2:18 pm
they are still in jackson at the crime scene analysis or having a forensic procedure done on the bottoms and they have not been released yesterday dd yet. they will be released hopefully tomorrow at 4:00 and we will have an escort that will -- that will honor the police officers taking them to the funeral homes. >> mayor dupree so sorry for your loss for your community right now, thank you for talking us to. appreciate it. >> please be in prayer all those listening for this family, this community and these police officers we have around this nation. >> we absolutely will. thank you, sir. >> thank you. the death of these two officers in mississippi comes just days after a new york city police officer was shot and killed and was buried. officer brian moore. he was shot in the line of duty last weekend in queens. on friday a sea of officers from across the country traveled to new york to pay tribute at
2:19 pm
his memorial service. during the eulogy, new york city police department commissioner bill bratton said moore's death "came at a time of great challenge in this country, where the police are bearing the brunt of loud criticism." he also went on to say, "what is lost in the rhetoric is the context of what police officers do every day." here with me retired nypd detective, harry houk. thanks for joining me. >> thank you. >> you heard from the father of the 25-year-old officer gunned down last night in mississippi and he said to me they are not all bad. and he said -- you could tell how upset he was at the -- what he believes is the false rhetoric against police officers right now answered felt like his son was being put in that box. >> right. yeah you know when this rhetoric that's out there by some of these people pointing the fingers at police officers all the time and using just a couple examples and blanketing
2:20 pm
police officers as a problem in this country is just like devastating to the police department and the police officer's families. >> what is it like for you this was why you are career? >> this is driving me crazy. we have had an incident in statin island and ferguson where both officers were completely exonerated in those instance bus they are using those as examples of police misconduct. bev had one bad incident okay north charleston where a police officer actually murdered someone and an incident in baltimore that we still don't know what the evidence is in that case. >> so i want to bring this up because you brought up ferguson you talked about officer darren bilson who was exonerated was not indicted the same time the department of justice report that found huge problems within the department. >> i read the report. they found problems. and i think, you know the recommendations in that report i'm for 100%. ben i'm sitting there reading
2:21 pm
that report and they are going out on the street and talking to people and asking questions of these people about their incidents with the police but they are taking that as gospel and they are putting that in a report. i think the report was a little one sided, myself you know? and probably going to have something like that in baltimore also. >> a different justice department. this is a different attorney general. >> oh yeah sure sure, exactly, which i was very very impressed with, by the way, she gave her speech at other day regarding this incident. >> she spent time with the police officers, loretta lynch is an attorney general who republicans, rudy giuliani including, called exceptional. >> i'm hope when this new report comes out, they will check out the facts as they are. you know i want both sides of the story there are two sides to every story. >> i have to go but quickly before i do what is the one thing that can be done say here in new york city? i see police officers all the time on the subway my way to work, wait home what needs to be done to bring community and officers together?
2:22 pm
>> a lot more community policing. the problem is there's no money for t and we need to go back to the beat cop. i say that all the time. we into need so people can get to know the police officer on the street. that's the problem. all right? and we don't have that kind of money. here you got bill bratton oncewants another 1,000 police officers. we are behind 5,000 police officers since 9/11 and the mayor doesn't want to give them the money to hire even another 1,000 we probably need another 5, 6,000 police officers to put beat cops out there again. they really want to solve this problem, then give the police departments the money they need to go out there and put police officers on the beat again. >> harry houk thanks very much thanks for your service to this city thanks for being with me to talk about it our thoughts with the people of hattiesburg now and the huge loss they have suffered with these two officers. i want you to take a look at this these are live pictures of denton texas, currently under a tornado watch. look the that flooding from the severe storms rolling through texas in recent days. the residents there and 35 million other people right now
2:23 pm
in this country facing the threat of severe storms today and through the night, many of them still cleaning up after a series of tornadoes just yesterday. we will bring you the latest on that, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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i want to switch gears here as we continue to track the severe weather across the country and focus back on isis and the u.s. war on terror. a few things have happened since that attack that terror attack in texas last week. the gunmen were killed. the fbi discovered at least one of them was in direct online contact with a known isis recruiter. the u.s. military did raise at the end of this week a security level at every base post installation in this country. let's bring in phil mudd a former cia counterterrorism official. thanks for being here phil. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> when you look at what happened first of all, yesterday, isis attacking these prisons in iraq and releasing some of their own, coupled with an isis-inspired attack last week in texas, the argument that some are making that isis is being weakened do you buy that
2:28 pm
at all? >> you have got to look at this over the long term. yes, in some ways if you compare this to where we were last summer and last fall when the iraqi military and the government i think were surprised by the isis moves through iraq right now, isis is lost territory compared to that period of time. the problem is we are trying to look at this through the lens of what happened last week what happened last month, when you're dealing with insurgencyies like isis that already gained this much territory, remember they have been around in syria for years, they go back roots go back to iraq for years after the invasion more than a decade ago. if you want to measure progress against this organization unfortunately, especially now that they control territory already, you're going to have to measure it in years. i think we will eventually prevail. they do not have an ideology that can succeed but it's going to be a tough road along the way. >> but, phil so law enforcement comes out and they are saying they are -- shaking the trees more aggressively," right, since the shooting in texas. >> yeah. >> tracking social media as best
2:29 pm
they can. you heard fbi cheese james comey though warning this week i know there are other elton simpsons out there one of the perpetrators of this attack and talking about the social media aspect of it and how powerful it is saying it is almost as if there is a devil sitting on their shoulder saying kill kill kill. it just doesn't make a lot of sense to many people why isis keeps winning the recruitment war here in the u.s. >> there's a couple of things going on here. when i first started watching al qaeda after 9/11 i had witnessed them before but after 9/11 you're talking about a relatively small group, mostly in afghanistan and pakistan that want to operate in small, secret cells because as soon as those cells were penetrated we destroyed them. think of how quickly this has changed in 15 years. what isis says is we don't want to operate in secret cells, we don't actually have to meet people. we want to talk to thousands of people and if 1% of them succeeds in an attack that would be an incredible success. so, they are banking on the
2:30 pm
probability that 99% of the people they might communicate with will be disrupted. in my world of counterterrorism that's incredible. the message they are giving though is the real problem. the message is very simple. if you want to join you're going to join an organization that offers a simple path to a purist long. a message tough to beat when off 15-year-old who doesn't have an idea how to translate that message into every day life. >> listen to this sound from senator ron johnson, wisconsin republican talking on "state of the union" on-to-our jim sciutto about the texas attack and how he says it gives the idea to many people that they are winning. listen. >> the best strategy that the u.s. can employ to defeat this is actually defeat isis in iraq and syria so that the reality actually is conveyed that this is not a winning organization it is a losing organization because, jim, as long as they are not losing as long as the -- these individuals who might be drawn to jihad don't
2:31 pm
perceive isis as a losing organization they will be perceived as winning and they will continue to inspire this type of jihadist activity and extreme violence even here in america. >> and then also tom ridge came out today saying isis today is more of a threat than al qaeda in 2011. are they right? >> i don't agree with that i think they are a significant threat because, again, we face this group that is sending messages to people in the united states by overt means. that is over the internet. you can't follow if you're in a security service, 2 or 3 or 5,000 people at once. you can't. i don't care if you have a partnership with twitter and facebook. there is no way any security service can follow realtime that amount of traffic. but a couple of things that have changed here. number one, across the middle east the place where these folks like isis recruit -- not only recruit followers but get money, their message is not seen as credible by anybody except the fringe. we are looking at a fringe organization that cannot govern because people say we are not
2:32 pm
interested in beheadings and the second thing i would say is, we the u.s. government's got a lot better than we were 15 years ago. >> but it is scary when you hear the fbi saying there are open investigations in all 50 states into isis sympathizers. phil mudd thanks so much i appreciate it. for all of our viewers, do not miss "blindsided" how isis shook the world. cnn takes you deep inside the islamic state who are they and what do they want? that is blindsided fareed zmak zakaria zakaria, special report only at 9 p.m. on cnn. a georgia student dies would i will in police custody four months later, after nine officers are fired because of his death, his family still does not know how or why he died. the details next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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continuing to follow the severe weather, live pictures out of denton county texas, medevac rescues after the severe weather and tornadoes rolled through the area severe flooding you have got what appears to be someone stuck in their house there, you are going
2:36 pm
to keep a close eye on this severe weather for you throughout the evening here on cnn. also i want to get to this a story we have been following very closely, a georgia family demanding answers after a 21-year-old savannah student died while in police custody. his name matthew ajibede, in jail in an isolation cell become on new year's day, january 1st after police received a call about domestic abuse disturbance, which his lawyers do not -- do not disagree with between him and his girlfriend they came they arrested him and then put him in this isolation cell. the sheriff's office says that he became combative during the booking process, but a family attorney said bipolar disorder and he needed medical help to go to the hospital, not jail. rosa flores has been tracking this story and joins me now. what do we know about why he died how he died and now the nine officers fired because of it. >> yeah so many questions, poppy. and this is such a mystery.
2:37 pm
but let's start with this. so there are two parallel investigations one by the georgia bureau of investigations. another by the sheriff's internal affairs. once the sheriff gets the results of these investigations, gets a report then that's when we see the nine deputies fired which raises bit of eyebrows so what did you find in these two reports? we don't next actually know how he died but we do know the sheriff made some changes to policy and procedures that gives us a few clues and i want to share those with you. first of all, new booking procedures. now, this is to make sure that medical treatment is given to people who are booked into jail promptly. that gives us a clue. then another one, new security procedures as to audit the use of tasers when you should and shouldn't use tasers. we know he was tased as well. then you have cell extraction and removal. poppy, the big thing about this, i'm going to quote here the new focus is on discipline and
2:38 pm
non-lethal force. and you would think that that would be the ultimate goal. >> always there should be non-lethal force. those just gives us a few clues as to what could have happened. we don't know. >> they haven't turned over the autopsy report we don't know when they will. >> there is video of ajibade with his girlfriend, having altercation, we know from the police report, that the girlfriend had bruising and she had blood on her face and then we also know that from police he resisted arrest took him to the detention centered the situation escalated, also know that three deputies were injured and one, a female get here suffered a concussion and a broken nose but the family, again, wait a minute he had bipartisan disorder. >> needed to go to the hospital. >> he did not need to go to
2:39 pm
jail. rosa flores thank you very much. i appreciate it let's continue to talk about. this joining me now is his brother, chris -- chris is joining us from los angeles and also criminal defense attorney and cnn legal analyst, mark o'mara. thank you for being here. i called you his brother but i believe you're his cousin is that right? >> yes. >> thank you for being with me. i know you guys were very very close. look when what rosa told us is clearly, there are so many questions. months months later, you, your family his parents have been asking for answers what have you been told as to how he died? >> let me start by saying happy mother's day to all the mothers out there. >> indeed. i haven't had a chance to say happy mother's day to his mother and my mother yet.
2:40 pm
i'm afraid to spark up the conversation of why did he die, how did he die? every conversation since matthew's killings with any member of my family has been how did he die? and that scares me to even call anyone on mother's day, you know? i can't imagine how they are feeling on this special day and kill mess to even talk about it now, but inside of me i know how he died. i don't need the killer of my brother to tell me how he died. i know he was mishandled. he was strapped to a chair and tased till he died. as a human being, i can relate. doesn't matter if this is an animal or simply going insane i do not care do not treat another human being like this. that's truly how i feel at the moment. >> completely understandable because you have not been able to get any of the video at all
2:41 pm
of what happened in that holding cell despite multiple "for it and also haven't been given the autopsy. have you been told at all when you might get answers? >> not at all. we haven't received any information, this week is the only week we received anything the first press release by the sheriff's department five months of silence. we have been putting pressure on them nothing. when i got savannah i wasn't told anything, the sheriff's department didn't come and told us i'm sorry for what happened nothing and without this pressure on them they would have absolutely done nothing, just sit there till people probably forgot about him. >> so here's what has happened. nine officers have been fired, chris, as you know and as rosa just told us new policies have been put in mace including a focus on non-lethal force. are you encouraged to see that
2:42 pm
result? >> yes. yes. that's -- that's the beginning of what we would like to see, just the beginning. 'cause for nine people i'm sure it's more than nine people but for nine people to be involved in the death of one kid, one 21-year-old kid, makes absolutely no sense. i mean if one person out of the nine people cannot say, hey, what's going on this kid is actually you know erratic at the moment. let's use our common sense to treat him and to treat him properly. but no everyone reacted based on their improper training and lack of sensitivity to human life. what is the value of a human life if you cannot simply just understand what someone is going through by simply looking at them in the eyes. >> mark i want to bring you in here a cnn contributor, and also the attorney representing the family.
2:43 pm
what do you make of the fact -- good to see you, mark of the fact that the officers have been fired and i'm interested in what sort of legal information, anything you've been actually able to obtain from the department. >> well the second question first. bev gotten nothing whatsoever. we have gotten nothing but stonewalled. i first started making requests the first week i was involved which was the day after matthew was killed. and we got nothing. we literally haven't even gotten the cause of death. gvi said they were in the middle of an investigation, they would have an autopsy done in a month, that was four months ago. it is discretionary with the pros doubter to disclose information and i understand the need to keep a criminal investigation done in a rational way, but where is the humanism? where is the integrity in not telling this family what happened to their son and why? it makes absolutely no sense that they sit on facts for over four months and now, four months
2:44 pm
into it finally because we started making a lot of noise last week the sheriff says now i'm going to fire nine people meaning those nine people were working for the p.a. four months after they elected the death of matthew. that makes no sense and we want explanation. >> before i go very quick libs to you, chris what do you want the world to know about your cousin? >> matthew was just an amazing brother. i mean i can't call him anything else 'cause it's really difficult to have a cousin that looks just like you, in the first place and you know i feel like america's taken that from me and that i'm truly disappointed. he died naive and unaware of the american condition, being a black guy, you have to be more aware of what is going on. as nigerians we are not that integrated with the black community and that's my fault that's our fault and we are a you will to blame in that instance but you know matthew was just the kindest soul you were ever gonna meet and, you
2:45 pm
know the earth has lost an angel. i'm sorry to say, you know just -- there's no other way to put it, this kid's life is never gonna come back and we are just hurting so bad. >> chris -- chris, thank you very much for joining us mark o'mara thank you, we are going to stay on this story appreciate it. i want to take you now down to denton county texas. these are live pictures. you are watching this as it is unfolding. medevac rescues in a terribly flooded part of texas after days and days of severe there. tom say thor is there with me in the severe weather center monitoring all of this. pretty remarkable images we are looking at. >> yes, absolutely. this really started to develop this flash flooding and emergency rescues in the last 40 minutes. we were watching poppy a storm about two hours ago that was moving through the denton area. now this is just to the north of dallas-fort worth. the storm, a massive storm in size, a supercell storm, was
2:46 pm
only moving 25 miles per hour. now, about an hour and a half from that point, it picked up to 55 miles an hour. but you can see these slow-moving storms just the incredible amount of rain that has fallen. yesterday, it was mainly -- and the day before and the day before that i mean going back to wednesday, it was the oklahoma city area southward, where we had reports as much as 15 16 inches of rainfall. this is a crazy, crazy day in the u.s. you have got a tropical storm that made landfall on the border of north and south carolina. you have got blaze zbhard conditions in parts of the dakotas, as many as ten states have seen snow and now you have got these isolated tornadoes hail that's tennis ball-sized hail and even greater, but to goes back to wednesday, poppy, what an outbreak we had 48 tornadoes on wednesday, mainly in oklahoma texas much then you throw another nine in on thursday six more on friday then 45 yesterday. early this morning there were five tornadoes in the state of south dakota as blizzard
2:47 pm
conditions were prevailing in the we were part of the state. unbelievable. mother's day and what we are seeing across the u.s. this however, after a couple fatalities this week is good to see rescues. now, we have had numerous water rescues in parts of oklahoma into texas. again, massive rain amounts with this tornado activity but it's going to continue for a while, the threat's going to easily go into the evening period until we lose the heating of the day. >> and tom, as we monitor these pictures we are trying to get someone on the line obviously from denton county emergency management down there deeming with this situation. what do you make of what we are seeing just in terms of the am of flooding? >> well i believe they are pretty close to a correct, which obviously, topped its banks. but it's those slow-moving storms. i mean it's not just that a tornado dropped out of this and was visually seen by local law enforcement. what they appear to have a problem with on radar, poppy, is that it was hard on the ground to visually spot the tornado because it's called rain wrapped.
2:48 pm
there's so much heavy rain that circulates the vortex that you visually cannot get an image of it. >> so tom, sorry to interrupt you, but i'm just wondering for people in and around this area that are watching these live images with us what do they have in store coming forward because as jennifer gray our meteorologist on the ground there just reporting, the skies still look ominous. >> exactly. in fact, if we can show the radar, show you exactly what's in store. we have a tornado watch in affect until 9, but there's another line of storms and we are going to show it to you here south of dallas, starting to fire up those thunderstorms are supercell, at least one large one, you get to north of the dallas area there is still a well-defined line poppy well off to the west that is developing as we speak, not just storm winds, but again, band and band after heavy rainfall. take a look at that. see the force of. this so with another storm system it's -- in fact another line i should say, of storms yet to move to this region we could see an additional 1 1/2
2:49 pm
inches maybe 2. the amount of rain in these storms dropping two and three inches an hour is staggering to say the least and you are doing this day after day. since wednesday, the threat has been mainly in the same location with one line and one barrage of storms after another and every elmhe willelmhe willelement has been severe. >> tom, stay about me as we monitor. this remarkable images. look that the car disappearing under the water practically as flooding is ravaging denting county texas. jennifer gray joins us from cisco, texas where one of those tornadoes hit down yesterday evening, taking one life critically injuring another person 40 tornadoes in all yesterday. jennifer what do you make of seeing what happened here in terms of the flooding that has followed? >> yeah, the flooding all in northeast texas, north of dallas we have seen pictures of those water rescues, the texas national guard has been called out, we have seen pictures of
2:50 pm
people standing on top of the rooftops shall waiting to be rescued and so that flooding can happen very, very quickly. of course we see these slow-moving systems, just as tom was talking about. and so we have had a lot of rain in this area the past catch people off guard because when the creeks and rivers overfill the banks can come up quickly and that's what we're seeing right now just north of the dallas metroplex. here in sisco west of dallas about two hours and this is where the tornado struck yesterday. you can see the trees just snapped in half. we have a couple of homes that were a total loss. unfortunately one person died in the storms yesterday. three others critically injured. we're up a little bit higher and our vantage point you can look out and see all the trees snapped. we don't have access to where the homes are destroyed because trees are down power lines are down and we can't get through, but this just paints a little bit of a picture of what is just beyond that curve. we have seen most of the storms today stay to our south and to
2:51 pm
our east which is a very good sign. we had the potential for a few storms to develop out west and head this way but we haven't seen that so far. most of the stronger storms have been east of us but the flooding in northeast texas is definitely something to watch. if you are in that area just try to find a safe place and the best advice we can give you is do not drive in it. six inches of water can completely carry your car off the road and you do not want to be caught in a situation like that. >> we've been seeing these images these are images taken just moments ago not live pictures but this is what they're dealing with right now, just moments ago they're in denton county, texas. jennifer jennifer, say with me. some tom sater, can you give us a comparison where it is with reference to dallas-ft. worth? >> this is a town near crum. if you know where dallas is in the northeastern part of texas, ft. worth is just west of
2:52 pm
dallas. just like the sisters, right next to each other. just north of ft. worth then say the northern suburbs is where we're getting these pictures from so the town of crum just a northern part of the dallas-ft. worth area it's very large metroplex as we call it but this is just north of that area and of course as you see, it gets to be agriculturally quite green, it's vast we do know obviously just like every other area there are rivers and streams, of course throughout this region that the last several days with the rain have been topping banks. this is going on for about 45 minutes and there is another band of rain as mentioned which could easily just make this a worse situation. >> they need relief. do not jive drive. we've seen a number of cars being swallowed up by the flooding here in denton texas. as these emergency rescues continue there.
2:53 pm
we'll take a quick break and be right back.
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2:55 pm
we're continuing to monitor severe weather across northern texas especially right now you're looking at images taken moments ago of medevac helicopter rescues there in denton county, texas, where there is severe flooding as they continue to reel from the severe weather that has been really the past few days hitting them extremely hard they're not out of the woods yet. we'll keep a close eye on this bring you more at the top of the hour. we'll talk about something else happening tonight in baltimore. baltimore, prince is getting involved in the situation in baltimore throwing a special benefit concert tonight, doing it after the death of freddie gray in police custody and the goal is to raise money for different community programs and children in baltimore. the singer released a song titled "baltimore." listen.
2:56 pm
♪ >> prince asked the people that attend tonight at 8:00 p.m. when the concert is to wear gray clothing in honor of freddie gray. portion of the proceeds will benefit local baltimore-based youth charities. the concert will stream online tonight through the streaming service title. let's talk about it with anthony decurtis contributing editor for "rolling stone." one of the few journalists who interviewed prince multiple times. thank you for being here. >> appreciate it. >> it's interesting because i think of prince and i think of someone who doesn't exactly get in the headlines or do a lot of interviews or put himself out there a lot. it's a very private guy. >> exactly, and that's why i was trying of surprised to hear about the concert. it suggested the depth of his feelings about this and the
2:57 pm
degree i think of national feeling about it. this isn't somebody who is jumping on every cause or you know looking for ways to comment on political or social events. he's been very reluctant to do that. i think in this case he was stepping up. >> remember at the grammys this year's grammys. >> exactly. >> he came and talked about black lives matter. >> he made a quick reference to it that was notable also. that was not something he would typically do but it is you know a little talk -- he reverend to that term and it just indicated the degree to which these events were on his mind. >> so let's talk about the bigger picture here when you look at these benefit concerts. we saw them here in new york after hurricane sandy, and we've seen them you know for tragedies around the world. how effective are they? >> i think it varies but i think it's always a good thing when certainly artists of prince's
2:58 pm
stature address an issue like this it makes people think about it. even if they don't agree with them. the song which is fairly upbeat and more of a plea for peace, takes a strong anti-gun stand. >> did that stand out to you? >> yes. >> that he has sort of now made his -- in the lyrics to this song it's ia very aen tie gun position he's taking. >> wasn't shocked he would feel that way. i was shocked that he would talk about it and i think it's obviously a highly charged issue, but i think whenever an artist steps out in that way, it makes people they should engage the world around them and try to find out more about these issues mean and in the case of obviously what's going on in baltimore, it has a big impact on them. >> what we're told also is that several other well-known artists will be there tonight, not releasing the names. i think it's interesting that it's streaming on title, this is
2:59 pm
the new streaming service that jay-z owns and has launched. do we expect him to be there? >> you know it wouldn't shock me if he turned up. on the other hand he hasn't announced it and it's a little hard to say. i don't want to encourage people to believe he's going to be there if we don't know for sure. >> it's interesting when you think about the focus on youth, i spent a lot of time in the last week talking to the kids from baltimore. >> sure. >> this is clearly aimed at the youth. >> yes, i think, you know it's something that is designed to connect with the events of people's lives. i think, and that's important, and i think that's something that prince in many ways has been reluctant to do. he's not somebody -- partly i think because he's a jehovah's witness and has certain separation i guess between the events of the world and what he sees as the events of his spiritual life. >> yes. >> this is a way on his part to connect those and connect them
3:00 pm
to his fans. >> anthony decurtis from "rolling stone" thank you very much. >> my pleasure. thanks so much. >> have a great week. >> you bet. -- captions by vitac -- 6:00 eastern, i'm poppy harlow joining you live from new york. we're watching dramatic images coming in to us from denton texas, taken moments ago. you see extraordinary flooding there after days of severe weather, flooding that has left cars floating down the road. we do not know if there are any drivers or passengers inside this car, but we've seen multiple cars that have gotten swept up by the extraordinary flooding. let's get straight to jennifer gray joins us live not far away from there in cisco, texas, where we had one of those tornadoes touch down yesterday, taking at least one life. is the worst over for


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