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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 11, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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>> has cuba's president found his faith? raul castro makes surprising comments following his meeting with the pope. hello, welcome to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. this is "cnn newsroom." officials in philippines are warning of storm surges and flooding after typhoon noul tore across the northeastern tip of the country. thousands were forced to seek shelter and evacuation centers. heavy rains and powerful wind reaching up to 315 kilometers per hour. pummeled the area. the storm has weakened and is now forecast to move towards japan's okinawa island. for more bring in our meteorologist. this is frightening because it is the landslides after this, isn't it? and flooding too.
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the real concern for people. >> an ongoing story, absolutely. 315 kilometer power gusts. super typhoon reached 315 kilometers an hour. sustained wins that strong. this particular storm, sparsely populated. good news. areas in red. high leapest on the plan tight see cyclone activity. about 20 of them begin to move in toward the philippines. 10 make landfall out toward the philippines every year. you talk about this year. the month of may. intensity. activity picks up. culminating in july and august for peak season. active weather. pick the eye out. the tip of it where it made landfall on sunday afternoon across the region of the philippines coming in with winds. we know sparsely populated. damage isolated.
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major impacts felt across receipt under. lot of ice, torn fields. severely impacted. 62 commuters, stranded they were trying to get out. the storm of the region. unable to got out. wind. 260 kilometers. that would put category 5 equivalent. catastrophic damage, expected, if this were a densely populate read under. storm pulls away from the philippines. makes landfall in 24 hours as a tropical feature losing its characteristics. tokyo with rainfall in thec couple days as well. and storm system. low probability, forming the next day. that becomes high proability. one after another. that time of year. where you begin seeing these multiple times per week a nother one in the works right now.
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>> yeah, a problem. of course an area used to being pummelled by these. many thanks. join-up aga you again very soon. >> u.n. secretary-general is calling for calm in macedonia. it happened in kumonovo, 20 kilometers from the capital. police raided a group. believed planning attacks on institutions. eight officers were killed. 30 wounded. 14 gunmen also died. want to turn to yem noen wh the saudi coalition has been stepping up its air strikes against houthi rebels. saudi arabia launched 130 strikes over the weekend. one of the targets that was leveled. the home of the former president, has been accused of
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supporting the rebels after the attack. he made a statement outside what was left of his home. take a listen. >> hello, everyone. >> translator: this enemy is a cow war you. are welcome on the ground. make your move. we will receive you with a greatwegrea grateful. and i predict the tables will turn. >> the former president there. air strikes come ahead of an expected cease-fire. saudi arabia officials suggested the truce. rebels agreed to it. to allow aid into their country. scheduled to take effect tuesday. turning to africa. hundreds of women take to the streets in burnudi, to protest
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the decision of the president to seek a third term. while this demonstration remained peaceful. reuters reports 19 people have been killed in violent protests since the president's announcement. the government has denounced the protesters as -- terrorists. for more on the details on this unrest, we want to turn to robin crill. we are seeing burnudi's president running for a third term despite some claims that is unconstitutional. some say it isn't. now protesters are prevented from getting on the streets with already seen deadly streets. where is this all going? >> yes, we have seen international condemnation of the violence in burnudi. 19 people dead. one person killed in appropriate tests yesterday. not the women's march that you
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showed just moments ago. bought nother protest some where else in the capital. so we have seen international condemnation. now we are seeing, regional condemnation. and extra ordinary summit of the east african community. kenya, rwanda, and others, real concern on the ground in east have riff ka this could spiral. what's concerning. it looks like in some pots. they cannot keep a handle on security. it would be full-scale vigilante violence eruption. some incidents of this, captured on camera. here's that report. >> reporter: these images captured by associated press photograph, jerome delay, paint a street scene in the burnudi capital of desperation and pure hatred. >> this young man is seen bergdahling for his life -- beg
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the sidewalk. >> eyewitnesses said the mob hunted the young men down, searching houses and vehicles. these attackers are vigilante supporters of the current opposition. they're angry at incumbent president's decision to run for a third term. insisting he is exceeding term limit rules. on tuesday the country's constitutional court ruled in favor of the president, saying he was indeed allowed to run for a third term. that decision was criticized by a senior court official and opposition parties. on thursday the president promised that if he was re-elected in june, that would be his final term. his party are gauze his first te
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term didn't count. he was appointed by parliament rather than elected. >> we agree with the decision. without altering anything. we are going to fully implement it. >> reporter: no one could save this man. he was burned alive in the middle of awe busy neighborhood, accused of working for the government intelligence service. at least a dozen people have died in clashes like this over the past two weeks. human rights grufz, say security forces have responded with live ammunition. tear gas, water cannons. the situation continues to escalate. the united nations african union and united states have all condemned the violence saying the current situation is not to free and fair elections. the u.n. says over the past month. 40 d people of burnudi have fled to neighboring countries. it's only been ten years since
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the sun tree's civil war ended. images like these are reminders of a past no one wants to relive. >> reporter: saturday, rosemary, the deadline for opposition candidates and the president to register to take part in the elections which are scheduled for june. that's the presidential elections. and this month are the parliamentary elections. all three major candidates did register for the elections, but they're still asking the international community. regional leaders they be postponed. rosema rosemary. back to you. >> african leaders have called the summit. and hold that, and hope these will be peaceful elections watching that very closely. many thanks to you joining us from kenya. >> angela merkel spent sunday in moscow honoring those who died in world war ii. able. the focus quickly turned to the
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crisis in eastern ukraine. together they laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldiers. later, the pair held a news conference. mr. putin says some progress has been made in the peace process with ukraine. mrs. merckle sees things ditch rently. and says that it frayed the relations with europe. >> you cannot really say it is the one side or the other side that is clearly at fault. you could say there are also quite a few -- infringements by the separatists. >> it is not a secret that the relations between russia and germany are going through a bad period. because of differences in the assessment of events in ukraine. >> french president hollande arrived in cuba a short time ago. he is expected to meet with the cuban president, raul castro on
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monday. hollande is the first french leader to visit cuba in years. aimed at boosting french and european interest there. and they cut ties with cuba. a decade ago. over a crackdown on journalists and activists. talks resumed last year. castro met with pope francis, and may have walked away as one of the faithful. the long time atheist said he was so impressed by the pope's teachings. he may return to his religious roots. international correspondent ben wiederman live with more. raul cass tre's comments have raised yoi brows. some suggested this was a throwaway line. he did say he was serious. what is being said about this. given cuba has a long line of
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persecuting, and since his brother raul castro claimed power? >> there is a saying in italian when in good company the priest took a wife. maybe in good company at the vatican, the communist found faith. really difficult to say. it's important. let's listen to what raul castro said yesterday when he was at a press conference, just after meeting with pope francis. this is what he said. >> i said if the pope continues to talk as he does. sooner or later i will start praying ining again and return catholic church. and i am not kidding. i am a communist, cuban communist party did not alit. it is being loud now. a step forward. >> this has not featured largely in the state controlled cuban press.
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certainly here, it is raising eyebrows. more amusement than anything else. given that pope francis is wildly popular here in italy. and many people nod their head and say yes. we look pope francis too. it doesn't necessarily mean that everybody is flocking to church at the moment. but there is an understanding that this man has an appeal that crosses ideological barriers. even ones that have been up for decades in this case. rosemary. >> it is interesting. when you look, mention, how it is not playing out in cuba. talk about this visit. how it is playing out, what you were saying there, across italy and in rome. >> what's important to keep in mind is that this is not the first time a cuban leader has come to the vatican. fidel castro met with john paul ii in 1996. two years later, john paul ii went to cuba.
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benedict xvi was in 2012. and raul castro met benedict in rome. not necessarily such a big story. given this is a really a process that began so long ago. and it is the fact, and, you know, people have taken note that, that, pope francis was critical at ending the diplomatic deadlock that existed between havana and washington for more than 50 years. but they see this news about, about an old communist, a man who has been in the cuban communist party, longer than i have been alive. sudden leap discovering faith is causing some, some sardonic commentary. one of the newspapers this morning. featured a cartoon. and shooting a selfie of himself with one of the members of the swiss guard. it is causing chuckles more than
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anything else here in rome. >> interesting. ben wiederman. thank you for the live report. appreciate it. next, here on "cnn newsroom," the cnn freedom project uncovers a frightening reality of the fishing industry. thousand of men trapped into years of slave labor at sea. >> i kept thinking of my family. there were times i was abut to jump into the sea to kill my sef. my friend held me back. otherwise i would be dead by now. ening will damage your teeth? introducing listerine® healthy white™. it not only safely whitens teeth... ...but also restores enamel. lose the nerves and get a healthier whiter smile that you'll love. listerine® healthy white™. power to your mouth™! have you touched the stuff?. it's evil. and ladders... awwwwwww!!!!! they have all those warnings on them. might as well say, "you're going to die, jeff".
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turn to roc® retinol correxion®. one week, fine lines appear to fade. one month, deep wrinkles look smoother. after one year, skin looks ageless. high performance skincare™ only from roc®. >> welcome back, everyone. hundred of people were rescued over the weekend from several boats stranded off the coast of northern indonesia. new photos show the refugees now resting in a shelter. most are believed to be from myanmar's muslim rohinja community where sectarian violent caused many to leave the country. many of the refugees left thailand about a week ago and were found near indonesia's aceh
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province. some died during that journey. the cnn freedom project is an ongoing mission to bring an end to modern day slavery and human trafficking. this time we turn the spotlight on to slavery at sea. there are some 4 million ships in the global fishing fleet. 3/4 of which operate in asian waters. 90% of the workers on board the ships are small-scale operators from developing nations. now roughly 10% of the population makes its living in the seafood industry. in a recent crackdown on illegal fishing in waters around southeastish is southeast. asia. thousand of men came off the ships.
12:22 am
many reported being forced to work as slave labor unspeakable conditions. one fisherman who made it home after six horrific years in captivity shared his story with cnn. >> translator: who in here is tired? asks this reporter? >> translator: i am, almost every single one replies. more than a dozen men crammed into a room. filmed by thailand's channel 3. just one fisherman is allowed out to buy food. the tv reporter convinces him to let them in. it is a make shift jail. a virtual cage in the basement of a fishing company on an indonesian island. local police say they have nothing to do with it. the fishing company detaining them says they have been here only two days for questioning. but these men say they have been here three months. the team takes photographs, notes names. they will try to find their families to tell them they're still alive.
12:23 am
the jail is on benjina island eastern indonesia. one of many places where indonesian authorities have recently intercepted boats on charges of illegal fishing. the vessels are often manned by fishermen from across southeast asia. many of whom say they're being used as slave labor. further west on ambon island a boat was forced into port and the crew held for questioning. among them, sanat senasok, now back home in thailand. he recounts his nightmarish experience on board the ship. he tells me how he barely slept between long shifts on deck. he tells us he injured his hand. he thinks the bone was broken or tendon torn but was forced to carry on working. he and the others say they were often beaten by the captain. >> translator: he kicked and punched me. in the nose and mouth, bleeding.
12:24 am
i still have blood cuts in my teeth, and my jaw hurts every time i chew. >> reporter: in desperation he wrote an open letter to the thai prime minister asking for help. signed by dozens of others from neighboring countries. that got him freed from indonesian custody and flown to thailand in march. samat says he wanted to escape, but told us the captain held on to all of the workers' documents. beside he says, the captain gave hem a seaman's passport with a false name on it. a paper document that can easily be forged. >> translator: i kept thinking about my family. there were times, i was about to jump into the sea to kill myself. my friend held me back. other wise i would be dead by now. >> reporter: he breaks down. we give him a moment. but six years of abuse has taken its toll.
12:25 am
>> translator: i felt so desperate. i had to lift solid frozen blocks of fish. 20, 25 kilos. sometimes thrown and hit my body. i was forced to work in a freezer room for long hours. i wanted to die. my buddy couldn't take it any more. i cried countless times. i was doing it for the money. they said you could have big money. but i ended up in debt. and nowhere. >> reporter: a commission fee to the agent. a payment for bringing the workers to the boat. paying money to be used as slave labor. he has got new documents. sleeping in a labor rights group office with the help of activists he is fighting a legal battle for compensation.
12:26 am
he won't name the company fearing he won't be paid or worse, a backlash. activists estimate potentially there could be up to 3,000 trafficked victims working on boats in these seas. initially we found homeless thais on the island with no food. and then we start to find graves of perished sea crew. turns out there are so many. on benjimina island alone, we found more than 70. we decided to do our best to bring back those alive before they die like the others. >> reporter: as well as thai fishermen there are workers from cambodia, lao and myanmar. and sure, this man's story isn't new. we have heard it so many, many times before. and that is the tragedy. it still goes on.
12:27 am
friends died in indonesia. and their graves were marked with the wrong names. like if i died, my grave would not bear my name. but it would bear some one else's. i'm speaking to you on behalf of many lost souls who could not come home. powerful report there. i am joined by our cnn reporter from bangkok. the exploitatioexploitation of fishermen, what has been the reaction of the thai government to this story? >> well, rosemary, we used pictures there of an affiliate tv station here in thailand which exposed all the thousands of stranded men from around southeast asia. and the initial reaction was, from the prime minister, was why was this even put out on air? this should have been brought to us directly. not quite the response you would
12:28 am
imagine. but since then, in april, beginning of april, the government decided to implement various precautions to try to stop this from happening in the future. the two major changes are sending an inspection team on ships when they go out and come in to check. the people on board who who they say they are. and they want to be there. and when they come back in, that they're the same people and they were away for a limited amount of time they planned to be. look at samat, he planned to be away for a year, he was away for six years, rosemary. can't imagine what that must have been like. that interview there, i want to share with you when he was speaking to us and he was breaking down it was incredibly unusual a, for a thai man to barack do break done like that.
12:29 am
also, everyone in the room it did weigh heavien the air. everything he had been through. that's why the thai government planned to install vms, vessel monitoring systems, kind of like gps for ships itch you like. sounds like some very basic changes. but crucial ones. and finally, it has taken a long time. rosemary. >> indeed. there is a lot of money at stake here. let's hope the authorities take these boat inspections seriously. and many thanks to you. freedom project series on slavery in the fishing industry continues all this week here on "cnn newsroom." in tomorrow's roar, why activists claim some governments are not making it easy for former captives to transition back to a normal life. i'll be back with more news right after this short break. stay with us. many wrinkle creams come with high hopes, but hope... doesn't work on wrinkles. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula...
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you are watching "cnn newsroom." i'm rosemary church. want to check the headlines for you this hour. in yemen, the houthi rebel group has agreed to a five-day cease-fire proposed by saudi arabia set to begin on tuesday. meantime, the saudi-led coalition continued its air strikes against the rebels. late sunday a moroccan war plane taking part in the attacks went missing over yemen. a rare sunday audience with pope francis in italy, cuban president raul castro may return to catholicism. castro is a long time atheist, he said the pope's teachings impressed him. he promised to attend all the pope's masses when heap visits
12:34 am
cuba in september. >> super typhoon that roared across the northeastern tip of the philippines downgraded to a typhoon. the threat of landslide and flooding looms. the storm had powerful wind with gusts reaching 315 kilometers per hour. the tie fines eyphoon is expect toward japan. >> a baby among several people rescued from floodwaters sunday in the u.s. state of texas. other states experienced rough weather from tornados to a tropical storm. more severe weather expected in parts of the country monday. all right. well meteorologist pedram jaheveri in the studio with us. there is more activity, nor than normal this time of year? >> it is peak season. we have seen about 100 or so. it is on cue with what you
12:35 am
expect. it picks up very fast for a lot of people. 30 million dealt with severe weather in the u.s. sunday. 54 million are expecting severe weather come today, monday. expansive region, houston all the way out to cleveland, ohio. we'll have active weather. threat on scale of one to five on sunday was a four for potential for severe weather. drops to two. expand far more people. watch this here for more storms in line over the coming couple days. take a look at 24 reports of tornadoes in 24 hours. close look. north of dallas. three additional ones south of dallas. in fact, near oakwood, eastern texas. tornado warning in effect. radar indicated tornado on the ground across the region. 15 minutes from right now. the warning will be allowed to expire. active weather north of louisiana, shreveport. southern arkansas as well. tornado watches in effect for portions of little rock arkansas until 5:00 in the morning. certainly not done just yet with
12:36 am
all the storms we have seen in reecen't days. over 10 inches of ran has come down south, just south, south and north of dallas fort worth region. left tremendous flooding. more than two to three months of rainfallen some spots that they have seen. the storm had a wintry aspect. south dakota, work your way, 125 miles west of where we had several twisters. in people yar, snowfall coming down across the region. share with you video out of areas in lake city, iowa, perspective there of a tornado touching down. in fact the high school, stadium there, roof comes off of it. on this footage here. we know 100 people attending a ceremony in there impacted by this. made it into the locker room. basement. seen last, five, ten second. no injuries. incredible to see the roof come off with the tornado touchdown in lake city. so, rosie, the storm train continues to go forward. the storms continue to be in the forecast the next couple days.
12:37 am
>> yeah, good for you. you are giving people a head up at least. people are prepared aren't they for these situations? >> in the united states, they are. they know the lower portion of their home away from windows. they have shelters, some people do at least. they're prepare. but some storms, there is little you can do. >> still bad stories that occur. many thanks for bringing us up to date. well if you hear the term "revenge porn" you may think of pictures that victims wouldn't want-up to s you to see. this disturbing online threat has expanded to live acts that victims don't want to do. all part of a growing internet underworld that uses buy, sell, and trade in women's humiliation. here is cnn's lori siegel. >> reporter: a young girl wearing glasses. she is nude and crying in front of her web-cam. according to this site, only accessible through the dark web,
12:38 am
she has been hacked and blackmailed into stripping for a live audience. >> so it says this, this white girl is blackmailed to take off her clothes on web-cam. and then she refuses. and in the beginning. but after a while she has no choice. you don't want to imagine what they did. told her that they would tell her family or some how embarrass her, humiliate her the she made the choice to go ahead with their request. >> we don't know who she is or where she lives. she could be an where in the world. but her most private moments are now exposed. an underground community is emerging. one devoted to humiliating women. she is one of thousands explo exploited on this particular site. their photos and videos available for sale or trade. >> look at the name of this. abuses, humiliates, passed out girls. >> chris hadnagey is a good hacker, he looks for
12:39 am
vulnerabilities like this site where women are being exploited. >> the content of the videos that for a mere $55 you get this download link to get all these videos. most of the time these guys are, are harvesting these and trading them like baseball cards. >> how vast is this? >> unfortunately, what we have seen is an increase in the sites that offer these type of things. >> reporter: you don't have to take a naked photo of yourself. you could still be a victim of revenge porn. >> you could. there is a trojan out on the web. if someone were to send you an e-mail, and click on it. install on your computer. never noeknow it was there. give the hacker access to turn on and off your web-cam at will. >> this girl has the no idea people are looking back at her. >> a clinical psychologist. she says this is a new frontier for an old perversion. >> this is like the next generation of peeping tom,
12:40 am
it's voyeurism, wanting to look at somebody particularly that doesn't know you are looking. it feels like you have power and control. then ability to share it with others and put it out there. that's somebody that goes from being the peeping tom, to now i am going to come in your window and do something to you. >> reporter: a dangerous community. and cracking down on it is difficult. the dark web was designed to be anonymous. what do you do about the dark web? i mean if i were a parent, and that were my daughter -- >> that's a great question. on the dark web there is not much you can do. a lot of times we see that men are the instigators of this, so it is teaching men respect, teaching your sons respect for women. what is acceptable and what is not. >> unbelievable. that report from lori siegel is part of a series from cnn money.
12:41 am
revenge porn, the cyberwar against women. log on to for more. we'll take a short break. it feels like that brick's. on your face? try zyrtec®-d to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms. so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec®-d. find it at the pharmacy counter. let'at your credit. >>i know i have a 786 fico score, thanks to all the tools and help on so how are we going to sweeten this deal? floor mats... clear coats... >>you're getting warmer... leather seats... >>and this... my wife bought me that. get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions.
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welcome back, everyone. well it has never been done before. but tuesday, a pilot will attempt to fly across the pacific in a solar-powered plane. the plane is light, about the weight of a family car. but it has a wing span that is even greater than a boeing 747 jet. now if all goes well, it will fly from china to hawaii. thank you so much for joining us. of course, as one of the pilots on this solar-powered flight. talk to us about how this is going to work, particularly once the sun goes down.
12:45 am
>> well that's the challenge as you understood. in fact. the first time that we will try to cross oceans powered by the sun only. it is easy during the day. of course the challenge to make it through the night. we had to build an aircraft, extremely energy efficient. a demonstration of energy efficiency. that's why it has the size of the 747, the weight not exceeding that of the car. >> why did you decide to do this? what exactly are you trying to prove here? >> to make it feasible, we have used technologies which we call clean technologies which makes everything more energy efficient. lighter materials, more efficient electric motors. more efficient lighting systems. very good insulation materials to protect the batteries which would use to insulating homes.
12:46 am
what we want to show is that with this technologies, we can reduce energy consumption. if we can do this in an airplane which of course the most difficult because of space, because of all of the constraints we have. we can certainly do it on the ground as well in the way we build homes, in the way we build ground transportation. if we would use technologies we could reduce energy consumption by 50%. why not only think about producing more energy instead of thinking about how to to the energy in a much more efficient way. >> if you are successful, this will be of course, as you mention, the first oceanic crossing in a solar powered aircraft. what if you aren't successful. if things don't go as planned. >> we have different plans. we have an airplane which is i think really designed to be reliable.
12:47 am
experimental airplanes fly over the desert. normally. if you have a problem you replace them. rehabilitate. and we will be flying over hang high, over even when i leave the coast of china. this airplane was designed in fact to be safe and reliable. we have a plan b and c in the aircraft. but in the worst -- we have plane. in the worst case i have a parachute. i have a life raft. we trained how to -- survive in the oceans. so we have prepared for the worst. in some ways it is the best way not to be afraid of it. because you know you can handle it and put it in the corner of your brain. >> it is extra ordinary. we'll be watching closely. andre borschberg, you leave on may 12. best of luck to you. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. very brave man there. all right, two daredevils from europe take on china's highest
12:48 am
tower. we will show you their climb, that's next here on "cnn newsroom."
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12:51 am
this just in to cnn.
12:52 am
pedram was telling us earlier about several reported tornados in state of texas. emergency officials in the city of van, texas, say one possible tornado caused widespread destruction. one local official describing it as a mass casualty incident. a large-scale search-and-rescue operation is now under way. we'll keep an eye on that story of course. >> eight singers in china have been injured after a stage suddenly dropped. ♪ unbelievable. 80 people were rehearsing at a theater over the weekend when the accident happened the two of the injuries were serious. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the stage to collapse. >> also in china, two daredevils broke into the construction site of one of the tallest towers in
12:53 am
the world and climbed all the way to the top. it is a finance center and it is 660 meters high. the two are from ukraine and russia. there they are. they shot this video of their climb back in february. but it is just gone viral on line. makes you giddy just looking at it, right? big week in the entertainment world. prince hold a rally for peace concert in the u.s. city baltimore, maryland. avengers smashes the box office. and new orleans welcomes a celebrity couple as another sells their historic mansion. to catch you up, we turn to the managing editor of "in touch weekly" and i spoke with her just a short time ago. kim serafin, thank you for joining us. we want to start with the prince concert in baltimore. take a quick listen to his newly released protest song about the recent troubles in that city.
12:54 am
♪ are we gonna see another bloody day ♪ ♪ we are tired of crying and people are dying ♪ >> it was released early saturday. of course played at the sunday concert. what has been the reaction overall so far to the song? how has it been received? >> yeah, i think people obviously when prince does something people pay attention. i think that was his aim. getting people to pay attention to what is going on in baltimore, to what is going on around the country, around the world. i think prince is a good person to do that they did do the concert in baltimore but also streamed on jay z's title streaming site. people could listen for free. they want to raise money to give to baltimore's youth charities and to raise awareness. i think prince is such a good person to do this. to talk about freddie gray, to talk about baltimore, incidents
12:55 am
going on for years. >> yeah, indeed. all right, let's move to the latest "avengers" movie. it is dominating at the box office. nearly hitting the worldwide $1 billion mark. what are people saying about that movie, that left all others in its dust? >> yeah, "avengers" second highest, second weekend box office, only second to the first "avengers" just beat "avatar" in terms of second weekend box office growth. $313 million, domestically, $875 million globally. getting close to the $1 billion mark. and "furious 7" passed that. and "avengers" next. only second to the first "avengers." >> the movie everyone is talking about it. finally what is going on in new orleans, seeing the coming and going of celebrities. what's that all about? >> new orleans is losing two of
12:56 am
its famous celebrities, angelina and brad selling their $6.5 million mansion. they went to new orleans after hurricane katrina to draw light on what was going on. brad still does have make it right foundation helping to build, rebuild houses lost from hurricane katrina. don't worry, because new orleans is gaining a couple of big celebritiesch celebrities, beyonce and jay z bought a mansion with 26-foot ceilings, 13,000 square feet. paid $2.5 million for a mansion, used to be a church, ballet studio, home to beyonce and jay z, great new residents. >> new orleans will be excited about those new celebrities coming. sad to see the old ones leaving. kim serafin, thank you for joining us. >> i'm rosemary church. the news continues after this
12:57 am
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. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> our breaking news. a possible tornado in texas east of dallas about 73 miles of dallas. a large scale search and rescue operation right now. significant damage to multiple homes. it is a possible tornado. a wild night, frankly, of tornadic activity. >> let's get straight to pedram javaheri with the latest. >> we will touch on what is happening in van.


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