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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  May 26, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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soon right? >> in six to eight weeks they expect to have the forensic results. >> key information. i'm bree onna keeler. thank you for watching us. erin will be back tomorrow. ac360 starts right now. good evening. thanks for joining us. breaking news and sadly a rising death toll in the wake of the massive weather system devastating tarts of texas, oklahoma and mexico. nearly a foot of rain in places seemingly all at once. sections of houston under water. rivers and streams hitting flood level in a matter of hours overnight and then rising even further. also rising as we mentioned, the number of lives lost. at least 13 people have died in this country. 13 more in mexico. in addition. 15 people are missing, including a mom and two children in a vacation cabin when it was swept into a local river and carried downstream. we'll speak with the women's
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sister who was on the phone with her as the house was being swept away. and we'll speak to the first responders who have thrown themselves into the floodwaters who have thrown themselves in to pull others away. >> dozens of counts in texas -- counties were in emergency evacuation declarations and many evacuated in oak. and turns many streams into rivers flooding residential areas and leaving over 80,000 residents without power. >> in wimberley, southwest of austin over 400 homes swept away. >> we have roadways like i just described, there are a road full of slabs. we don't have any structures on them at all. >> the blanco river, located in the town surging to a record 44 feet. >> we saw an increase a rise in
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the river in a 30 minute period of 30-40 feet. >> they searched for those still stranded. at least three in houston are confirmed dead and at least 12 more missing. >> she was a good person. >> she was always there. >> this was one of the victims. at just 18 the student counsel president and homecoming queen was driving home from prom when her car stalled. she called for help but her car was swept away before it could arrive. >> she did the right thing. she called 911 and called her father and it was too much and too quick. >> and now we also have more breaking news. cnn confirming from the fire department here in houston. >> there was an overturned rescue boat earlier today and
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three people inside one person accounted for, and of course they are telling us now that some of those people who are missing from that boat could be part of the rescue team. anderson. >> it is horrific. i appreciate the update. more on the dangerous work that rescuers have been doing. as rosa said. jay horden and captain and swift water rescue worker and the rescue began at 4:00 a.m. when the crew decided to shine a light and spotted an arm. the captain joins us to tell the rest of the story. captain thank you for what you are doing and for being with us tonight. and the death we got of a first responder on the capsized rescue boat in houston, it underscores the risk that you and other first responders are taking in weather like this. >> correct. it is a shame. and i hate to hear that kind of stuff. we lost a brother, a first
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responder in oklahoma who got sucked into a storm drain. it is a shame. and it is something that i hope we can do something to prevent. >> the woman that we saw you rescuing in that photo, what happened after you saw her in the water. how did you get her out? >> i didn't see her. kurt shuttle and brad mason, two co-workers shined a light to see how high the river was getting and they saw a hand and waving and they said did you see that and they stopped and she was speaking only spanish and they didn't know she what -- what she was saying and she knew she needed to get out. and the town was being sect orrized and closed and we couldn't get people in there and we tried the boat attempt and we
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couldn't get the boat in and did a shore-based walk and found out that we could access her position from the river right side but we couldn't get the boat around there and that is when i figured i had some make-shift throw-bags and i lapped to be -- i happened to be wearing them and i had my pfd, my flotation device and we hooked them together and it was just enough length to make it to the tree to put a pfd or a life jacket on her and my shore crew pulled me in. >> just incredible. >> yeah it was pretty harrowing. >> this is a tough question but what is it like to be in water like that. no one expects it to be as strong as it is. there is the current and objects in the water you can't even see. how tough is it? >> i teach swift water rescue
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and have so since the mid-80s and i liken it to a crash course in physics. if you are standing in 3 mile-per-hour which is up to your pockets you have 20 pounds force on your legs. if you double that speed to six, you don't have double the force on your legs you have quadruple the force on your legs and now that is six miles per hour and that is like a jog. still not fast water. you get to 15, 20, 30 miles per hour in fast water and you have exponential pressures and people don't understand the force and you can see some of the debris behind me, by ripping free -- trees and floating houses and away and people didn't grasp the force of the water at that point. >> and as you said you teach the water rescue, and some of the biggest mistakes people make even the firefighters it is easy to get killed out there.
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if you are a firefighter, and you are wearing firefighter gear people don't take that into account sometimes? >> well actually it is appalling to see your newest newscast with agencies trying to do the best across the country, standing on a boat or close to the store and bank of the river in their turnout gear that is the gear we use to fight fire to protect us from extreme heat. do not use that to go into the swift water. once you fall in it floats at first, but once it absorbs the water it is ten times as heavy to begins with and then it absorbs the water. you see the brim. you take that into a water and it can snap your neck in swift and powerful water, you need a helmet like a kayaker helmet and you notice i have a brim on this to keep the sun out of my eyes. >> that is incredible. if a firefighter, if the brim of the hat gets under the water it
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can snap their neck? >> when you talk about water this fast and powerful, you don't want anything that catches the current and you want to have like gear like here is the fins that we use, they are not scuba fins they are shorter because they peel you off the rock so you have to have a life jacket with 23-235 pounds of flotation to keep your face above water to breathe and if i could do anything anderson it would be to beg, plead with anything first responders my brothers and stirss out there, emt, first responders take a course on swift water rescue, you need to learn the power of water where your instructors can keep you safe and get the gear and the training and get prepared for it because it is too late to just do it on a whim at the last
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minute. >> and we've seen some of the results of that. captain horton i appreciate your training and helping others and being with us tonight, thank you. i appreciate all of you. just incredible with so many first responders, trying to do that now in texas, oklahoma and mexico. the total number of confirmed fatalities now to 14 and talking about in texas, and oklahoma. and despite the best efforts of a lot of emergency crews, the force of nature was too much in some places. and you saw rosa lisa ramirez lost her life returning from the prom when the floodwaters overtook her car. she was able to call 911 and her dad but nobody could get to her in time. she was the homecoming queen and student body council and joining us tonight is her aunt.
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what do you want people to know about he niece. what kind of person was she? >> she was just in a way your typical 18-year-old young lady. she was beautiful. full of life. ready to take on the world. cheerleader, volleyball tennis. on the other side of it she just had a dreep rooted faith and belief there was a higher being that she answered to and that her desire was to just show people more love and to be able to bring that message to the people around her. >> on saturday night, did she have any idea the weather was going to be that bad? >> no. anderson i don't think anybody really expected it. texas is tumultuous that way. one minute the sun is shining and the next you have rained. the kids had met, about 50 of them at her house before.
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all dressed up and ready to go to prom and celebrate and the storm hit while they were inside and i'm not sure they understand the depth of it. >> and she was nearly home. >> yes. in fact where the accident happened from the house, you could see where it happened. the home is on a hill on some acreage and it is about, excuse me about two miles away from where it happened. so she did everything that she knew how anybody would do. she found herself in distress and called 911 and called her dad and said dad, i'm stuck, what do i do called 911. he said sit tight and i'll be there and within the 10-12 minutes it took him to get there, the watters were just raging and it was too late unfortunately. >> it is so awful and just so stunning how quickly life can change and everything changes. >> yes, it is. her father the family is very strong in their faith and her
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father is a practicing attorney but he also dough votes his time to the church and he had the opportunity to speak to the senior class the week before and he was talking to them about how important the decisions this they made in life were going to be for them and they needed to get a good bible and get them into the word and read and make sure they were making the right choices because they were not guaranteed another tomorrow and they don't know if tomorrow was going to come and ironically their daughter was sitting in the front row listening to the same message and here we are a week later we are going through the same tragedy. >> roberta, i'm sorry for your loss and we appreciate you sharing with us tonight. thank you. >> thank you so much, anderson. we appreciate that and appreciate the prayers and condolences. >> we'll follow the weather
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throughout the hour and the night tonight. more on a family trapped in a cabin and then the water picked it up and carried it downstream and hit a bridge and split it in half and a mother and father and two children were inside and the mother was on the phone with her sister and we'll talk to her shortly. >> and where the money trail is leading investigators into the kidnapping and extortion of a wealthy washington family. this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. ♪ no artificial flavors, colors sweeteners preservatives, and no artificial smiles.
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breaking news tonight, the flooding waters are receding but an additional fatality confirmed in houston. some of the devastation that rose three times above the flood level in three hours and there was no stopping it. anyone in its wake was in trouble. and including one mother who was on the phone with her sister. but first a background. >> in women-- in texas, this blanco river, flooding catastrophically after huge amounts of rain and still a violent current. >> our community has been devastated by a tsunami of water, a historic tsunami of water that came down the blanco
5:18 pm
river very quickly in a very powerful way. >> and in this small county people have lost their lives and many are missing. among them a mother and her two children laura mccome and 6-year-old son andrew and 4-year-old daughter lay ton. the husband and father is in the hospital. >> right now he is heavily sedated and in the hospital. >> john was tossed in the river with his family. >> we don't know how long he was in the water and being tossed around and slammed up against the rocks and things. >> she called her sister when the cabin was floating. >> the house is floating i just want to tell you all i love you. i don't know what is going to happen but i just wanted you to know i love you and i'm with my kids and my husband and that was
5:19 pm
the last of the phone call. >> so far no signs at all the mother and -- of the mother and children. about 70 homes have been destroyed in this county. some 1400 houses damaged. >> this home owned by a woman who that said in 40 years of coming here she's never even had minor flooding. >> could you ever imagine this much destruction from this river? >> no. but i respect it now, i'll tell you that. >> the furure of these waters tossed vehicles like they were toys. this was a volkswagen jetta. >> police and emergency officials are still hoping for miracles. they still consider this a search and rescue mission. >> gary what is the river level right now? is it still high and still dangerous? >> it is still well above flood stage anderson and that is a great concern considering the forecast a few days from now of
5:20 pm
more heavy rain and concerning is the current. this is a placid river. i want to show you. i can ill state by walking in up to my someones -- to my shins. and i have to hold on to -- the searchers are behind me. and one can only imagine in the dark as they anded up with the river. the floodplain was 13 feet and in 1926, 89 years ago the level was 32 feet and this weekend, not 32, 44.5 feet demolishing the old record. >> and in the dark with that stuff in the water. just devastating. i spoke with her sister julie shields and i was struck by someone experiencing such profound loss can show poise and strength and love she is showing
5:21 pm
tonight and as you listen to our conversation i think you'll agree. >> i cannot imagine how difficult this is for you and your family. if you can, walk me through what happened. i understand you were on the phone with your sister laura when she was floating down the river. what did she say. >> she called me and she said we're in wimberley and we're in it a house and we have water coming in. and i said okay. and then she started to look outside and sees how high the water was getting. and i told her to call 911. and she was surprised, she didn't fathom that 911 was what she was supposed to call. and she called and they told her help was on the way and after 1:00 in the morning she called and said i just want you to know the ceiling has caved in and the boat -- the house is floating down the water, and tell mom and dad that i love them i love
5:22 pm
you, and pray. >> i'm trying to imagine what was going through your mind while these telling you all of these things. it must have just been terrifying? >> it was surreal. but the strangest thing about it was she was so incredibly calm. which you are not calm in these type of situations. and i had been calm with her that evening. and i would say that it's -- it was a sign of her faith in god and god and her faith were just so incredibly important to her. >> she has deep faith. >> she has deep faith. and she was at that moment that she knew she needed to be there for her family and she knew what was coming and she was ready to accept that. >> and i understand that the cabin actually split apart and separated your brother-in-law jonathan from your sister and your niece and nephew.
5:23 pm
your brother-in-law is being treated in the hospital. have you been able to speak to him? how is he doing? >> he is not -- if you can imagine, if you are the one person that is not left behind you don't know how to process. he lost everything. he lost everything when my sister and his two children disappeared. and i don't know how you live with that type of grief. he did everything he possibly could to save them. my mom talked to him yesterday, when he was in the hospital and he told her that a wall of water separated him from my sister and that was around the time that the house -- the house hit the bridge. and the house then split in two. >> what do you want people to know about your sister? >> she was loved. she was loved. she had a very big personality, she was a good wife. she was a loving mother and and
5:24 pm
her -- and sher kids were her life. >> and her kids are so beautiful. i don't know if there is any consolation in this but that they were together has got to be some source of strength right now. >> that is a source of strength and it is somewhat comfortable because she would never leave her babies and the fact that they are together is very very important and something that -- i don't know what to say. >> julie, i'm just so sorry for what you're going through and your thoughts of everybody here are with you and your family. and i just wish you peace in the days ahead. >> thank you. thank you. >> there is a lot of people in need right now in texas, oklahoma and down in mexico.
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disturbing new questions in the investigation into the murder of a wealthy washington, d.c. couple and their 10-year-old son and housekeeper. one suspect is investigated and we have more. >> cash money orders for $2,500 have been ordered since 40,000 dollars have been dropped off. >> you released them. we know where they work their cell phone numbers and where they live and their family members so the police felt they can release them. and you are still under investigation and there might be charged to come in this case. >> and police continue to investigate, a individual
5:30 pm
described as a assistant who helped in dropping off the money at the home. he changed his story about when his boss contacted him about picking up the 40,000 dollars and revised details about the money left at the mansion and admitted he lied by not saying the cash was in a red bag. >> there is no reason to lie. the detectives are looking at him, to find out whether the money was -- -- dropped off or not and to see whether he was connected to wint or not. >> and cnn has learned after the murders in washington, d.c. wint took a bus to new york to stay with his girlfriend. once he was publicly named as a suspect. wint paid a thousand dollars to hire a uber car service to take him back to d.c. >> and the two women who purchased the money orders wrp released from police custody in
5:31 pm
less than 24 hours but we're told the investigation into them is active. authorities are looking at possibly bringing charges such as accessory after a crime but charged are not imminent. police do not believe the suspect wint committed this quadruple homicide alone. and more. amber walker has a ac360 report. >> iraqi forces have started to free areas from isis. this is a week after isis took over the city of ramadi. two wal-mart employees were killed after killing himself. marcel willis has stationed at grand forks air base. there is no connection between willis and the victims but an investigation is underway. two daughters of b.b. king are saying he was murdered by
5:32 pm
two close associates saying they gave him medication to induce diabetic shock. an attorney calls the charges ridiculous. he died this month at the age of 89d. and a volcano on one of the galapagos island has erupted for the first time in 33 years. there is concerns it will damage the eco-system on isabella island and threaten species, including the only population of pink iguanas in the world. >> amazing pictures. thank you, very much. any fallout for the duggars and growing calls for tlc to cancel the popular series 19 kids and counting over molestation claims.
5:33 pm
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tonight more fallout for tlc's 19 kids and counting. three companies are pulling
5:37 pm
their ads after josh dugar admitting he molested three kids. dugar has now resigned with the council council. we have the latest tonight. >> for years we watched the family grow. duggar live documented in 19 kids and counting in a group, glowing up dugar, co-authored by the oldest daughters but they are staying quiet and the darkest chapter plays out in public, claimed that josh molested five including sisters, when he was a teen. late last week he issued an apology. saying twelve years ago, as a
5:38 pm
young teen-ager, i actedin excusably for which i am extremely sorry and deeply regret. now in 2008 he made an apparent joke about his siblings an incest. >> we chose jan and john david. why not have a double date. the dugars a conservative christian family made famous about tlc, and airing a marathon of old episodes hours after this was made public. and announcing they would take all episodes off the air temporarily and there is no word whether the show will go on. >> it depends on how willing tlc is to being transparent and how the duggars is to address this on screen it. can't continue without some sort
5:39 pm
of acknowledgment. >> some sponsors are pulling their ads and a petition on to cancel the show started nine months ago has racked up 193000 signatures. a rival petition to keep the show has garners more than 212,000 signatures. online a sign of support for the embattled clan a blog post for josh's sister's father-in-law who writes it pains me to see that they are now having to relive the nightmare that had been laid to rest well over a decade to og with josh's repentance and reformation. in a joint statement jock's parents jim bob and michelle said their son made very bad mistakes. his wife pregnant with the couple's forth child is standing by his side. the audience waiting to see if the family gets another chapter.
5:40 pm
alex ander fields cnn new york. >> so many other unanswered questions. dr. drew pinsky joins me tonight. the fact that josh duggar hasn't received any professional treatment or assessment other than a so-called christian counseling program was just a family friend that had a construction business does that make any sense to you? >> no. it is actually -- it frightens me. the fact that this man is with his own children amongst his siblings who remain at an age which he had targeted in the past with no -- no assessment whatsoever we don't have any idea what this potential could be. whether he's continuing to do it whether he's even treatable, we have no idea. the fact that there is no assessment we don't know if we can treat it.
5:41 pm
this couldn't be associated with profound profound disaster. >> if there is say preddelection for children. >> yes. >> this doesn't just go away. we all know this. >> no it does not. and the fact that you lead about the -- read about the family's intervention. we've taken the difference we taught him the difference between right and wrong. they know they are doing something wrong. they know right from wrong. they didn't control the impulses the urngs and -- the urges and the drives and even after he confessed, he did it shortly thereafter and the family intervenes by telling a trooper who is going time for child pornography. >> and this trooper who gave him a stern talking to is serving years for child pornography. >> it is unbelievable that
5:42 pm
people in this day and age can contemplate, particularly in law enforcement, that contemplate that all you need to do is rationalize or talk to or teach someone or be stern with someone with this problem, no. this is far more serious. >> and you think about the victims in this who have not had justice but as far as we know we don't know what sort of counseling they've had or if anybody has listened or cared about what happened to them. it seems like the folk yous -- the focus was on we gave a stern talking to at the time what about the victims in this? >> what about the victims? have they been identified. people who engage in these activities don't understand the extent to which they perpetrated and victims they wall it off. they unwire that memory or the piece of the emotional machinery associated with the trauma so the victim certainly doesn't
5:43 pm
come forward and doesn't want to talk about it or think about it and have effects that life long. >> doctor thanks. >> you bet. and a kayak exertion turning deadly. and she said her husband died accidentally and now the victim's body has finally been found.
5:44 pm
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5:47 pm
stumping people. a bod recovered over the weekend is the man that prosecutors say was killed by his fiance last month while kay acing in the hudson river. the body could reveal clues about what happened on the water that day. the case that prosecutors are building is deeply disturbing. randi kaye reports. >> reporter: an evening kayak trip for a couple that appeared very much in love. but before it was over angela's vieh anza -- fiancea has dispeered, presumed. they were between plum point and vasser mab island gas wald called 911 from the river to report his fiance's kayak had capsized in the choppy water and couldn't find it. >> it was april after a cold winter so the water was only 40 degrees.
5:48 pm
rescue crewed searched the river with no luck. grass wald a u.s. permanent resident but not a citizen, described the scene to reporters. >> i saw him struggling he was trying to figure out how to paddle the waves because they were getting crazy. and then i just saw him flip. >> but the police don't believe that story. grass wald is charged with second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. the indictment alleged that as he reached for his paddle to save his own life gas wald pulled it away. this is her defense lawyer. >> did your client try to save her fiance that night on the river? >> i think she did. even if she could have gotten to him, she didn't have the physical ability to save him. >> prosecutors suggest she may have set him up to drown by
5:49 pm
tampering with the plug so the boat would fill with water. >> so your client didn't remove the plug from the kayak? >> she did not. vincent left in his kayak without the plug, knowingly, as he'd done several times in the past. >> in the days following the tragedy, gas wald posted this video of her doing a cartwheel and smiling selfies, all raising eyebrows and showed up on stage at a lokele pub singing -- local pub singing hotel california and her perm formance was described as strange. >> does she has a temper. >> the temper would come out on occasion. there was no inclination she was capable of anything remotely capable of this. >> when she broke up she made an attempt to take the case. >> she threatened to break into
5:50 pm
the house if i didn't give her the cat and i got an alarm installed in the house the next day. >> she later moved into this townhouse with vincent. and why would she want to harm her fiance. the prosecutor said she stood to inherit 250,000 dollars from life insurance policies and talked with what she -- about what she could do with the money after his death. >> was she aware of the insurance policies. >> i'm not aware of it. >> what about her diaries? grass wald told a reporter she complained about her fiance wanting a sefrm you'll three some. >> what partner hasn't requested a three some. this is not craziness. it is out of the ordinary but not a motive for murder. >> motive or not, investigators now have a body. >> interesting sound bide from that gentleman. >> oh, yes. >> randi kaye joins me now.
5:51 pm
was there any evidence she made an effort to get help for her fiance. >> the state police handling the investigation they said she did call 911 at 7:40 and said it capsized at 7:15 and did she wait and why did she wait and they said she was in shock and they said she tampered with the plug so her kayak would fill with water and she did not tamper with it and we spoke with someone, he would worry more about the cockpit, why is where someone sits. and marking 35 years of cnn. and that is wolf blitzer, he's been here for 30 years, bringing
5:52 pm
us some of his memories, coming up. but this morning a city i've never been to felt like one i already knew. i just wanted to thank you for sharing your world with me. it felt like home. airbnb. belong anywhere. right now, verizon is offering unlimited
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we're celebrating a milestone. the world's first 24 hour news conference was launched on june 21st, 1980. it will be hosted by wolf blitzer. >> i dedicate add cable news network. >> shots were fired at the president. >> for 35 years we've been everywhere. >> the skies over baghdad has been illuminated. >> o.j. simpson is in that car. >> in danger. >> covering the devastate. >> he has a big laceration. >> the terror. >> there has been a second explosion. >> possible suspects in the boston bombing. >> and triumph. >> director can you talk to us?
5:57 pm
>> breaking news. >> what is going on in ferguson missouri. >> and wolf blitzer joins me now. 35 years. it is amazing to believe. it is hard to believe. you've been here 25, i've been here about 13 years or so. what stands out to you in all of the year tz all of the stories you've covers? >> so many of them have been amazing. the first gulf wore that put cnn on the map when we were covering on baghdad. we had three reporters there, and our photographers. peter arnette, bernie shaw and i was at the been. >> you had just started. >> i started a few months earlier, may 8th, 1990 saddam hussein and operation desert
5:58 pm
storm and tv was a whole new world and at that time the whole world literally was watching cnn because we were the only 24/7 cable network and the only one reporting live from baghdad so it was an amazing story that we were covering. and it put cnn on the map. >> and it is incredible how a seemingly ordinary day, not that there is any ordinary day but everything can change in the matter of a seconds, a story comes out of nowhere, a u.s. airways jet down in the hudson and michael jackson dies and the whole network kicks into high gear. >> it is what i love about cnn and i'm sure you love it too. that we have incredible news gathering capabilities here in the united states and around the world. i don't think anyone has the reach that we have around the world, when there is a tsunami in japan, we were all over there. you were there. and it is amazing. any big story that happens and
5:59 pm
it has been like that for me since i started in 1990 whether it was the first gulf war, the mura federal office building 9/11, these stories impacts the world and impacts us so much. a lot of time we're professional journalists and human beings and as you know covering katrina and other poignant stories it has a powerful impact on all of us as people as well. >> and now we're mandates to wear the same glasses. >> i like your glasses. they make you look younger. 13 years when we covered the iraq war, we went to qatar, and you were much younger looking then. i don't know if we could show our viewers a picture. >> you had a fancy room. >> i did. and you were new to cnn. >> and people were like why did
6:00 pm
they hire this guy. what is his role. >> we had total confidence. >> wolf it is an honor to work with you. thank you. >> thank you. >> wolf blitzer. that does it for us. now here is "breaking news" 35 years of cnn" with wolf. >> the following is a cnn special report. >> i dedicate a cable news yet work. >> good evening, i'm david walker walker. >> and i'm lois hart now here is the news. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> approximately four shots were fired at the president. >> the massacre of hundreds of thousands. >> the president has endorsed german reunification. >> for 35 years we've been every year. >> the skies over baghdad has been illuminated. >> this is one pocket fz turmoil in the