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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  May 27, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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disaster in texas as the state reels from deadly storms right now flash flood watches are again in effect. how they're preparing for another round. you can call it soccer just don't call it clean. breathtaking charges of corruption, bribes and kickbacks. $150 million worth. the u.s. justice department takes on the world's most popular sport. on the move. in the operation to take back
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ramadi from isis, we're just getting word the iraqi forces are heading into the southern edge of that city. we'll take you inside the standoff that's under way. hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. happening right now, threats from the sky, fears on the ground. a flash flood watch in effect right now for three texas counties including harris county. that's where houston is. this is an area that really cannot afford at this point a single drop more. >> i think the headline is that it's raining right now in parts of houston. raining and they don't need it. this threat is complicating the search for missing and the efforts there to repair the devastation. 18 people have been killed in texas and oklahoma. 13 people are still missing. and just south of dallas for the last several hours there has been a nervous watch on a dam at risk of bursting with so much
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water pushing against it. folks have been evacuated from their homes. livestock has been moved. at this point officials are hopeful that this dam will hold. millions of people are being affected by this disaster in some way. we have our meteorologist tracking the latest storm to hit the region and we'll check in with him in a few minutes. >> let's get over to rosa flores in houston. you are able to get very close up look at one of the homes hard hit by the floods. how is it looking? >> reporter: i'm inside that home. we have new information in houston authorities. 1,400 structures we learned have water damage. this is one of them. this is the home of sandra brown kind to let us in. we met her yesterday. to give you a little background the water started rising and she
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can tell us what she did because you had to save your dogs and your family and try to stay dry through this. >> it wasn't fun. our daughter woke us and told us the bayou was rising. we started moving things higher and then a family stranded their car out front and they asked to come in. of course we let them in. the water is rising. first we told everybody, okay. get on the couches and then as water kept coming we put the family on the dining room table that's propped up over there. and then we realize that was going to be a problem too and we told them the plan was to come to the counters next if it would continue to rise. we were getting everybody out to get on the top of the flat bed cover of my husband's pickup truck.
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the plan was if got higher, we would use the truck to get on the roof. >> the water levels here you can see it right on the counters and so you are sitting on the counters for how many hours? >> it was probably four that we were on high ground. we stayed here from probably 3:00 in the morning and water went down around 10:00 the next morning. we probably really couldn't get down and walk until 9:00. >> so she called 911 so they're on these counters. i want to show you the other side of the kitchen here. they're on these counters. and now of course they are trying to salvage what they can so they're going through all of this. your family had a plan. that was the good news. so tell me about that. what was that plan and did it work for you? >> well, first we have a disaster evacuation plan. i'm a disaster manager at legal aid here so we recommend that everybody have their own disaster plan and disaster kit.
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it was already too late to evacuate by the time that water was coming. our secondary plan was just to stay safe and keep the other family safe and that's the plan. >> reporter: it worked. john and kate, i'm sure you can tell by saundra's demeanor she has amazing energy. she's in very high spirits and given what you see all around us, i mean, it's really a gift but again 1,400 structures in the area of houston are looking exactly like what you're looking at now with a lot of water damage. back to you guys. >> can she even live in the house right now after spending five hours on top of the counters yesterday, i imagine everything is soaked and ruined. >> reporter: they're asking me about where you spent the night. she was telling us she spent the night with friends but it's a few blocks away. >> we got a lot of offers to spend the night from our
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children, from friends. we chose to stay with friends about ten blocks away. we had to leave our dogs here. so we wanted to stay close so we could be back early in the morning and check on the dogs. we're lucky to have a big support structure. a lot of people are willing to help. it was amazing. we had people showing up to volunteer yesterday. >> reporter: it's definitely been a great effort. if you're dog lovers, you'll love this story. they had to put their dogs on the dinner table in order for the dogs to survive so the dogs could be on high ground. it was an effort on all fronts to save the family and the dogs as well. >> if we were going to be evacuated and they couldn't take the dogs, my husband was going to stay. we knew we were safe or he wouldn't drown if he stayed with our dogs but the dogs are very important so we stayed last with them and got them to high ground and got the visitors out on back
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of the truck also. >> reporter: thank you so much for sharing that with us. john and kate? >> rosa, thank you. please thank saundra. it's amazing what she's been through. what high spirits with everything they went through and still cleaning up for quite a while. thank you so much, rosa. that's a view from houston. let's get a broader view from danny perez with the texas department of transportation. >> he's on the phone with us from houston. danny, thanks so much for being with us again. i wonder if you can give us the latest status update on conditions there. i understand it is raining again. is that getting in the way of your sort of recovery efforts there? >> the storms are moving through quite quickly. we've been monitoring roadways since of course the day before when this all took place. we have gone out to make sure we're keeping drainage clear and remove debris to make sure that drainage is flowing correctly
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and make sure pumps are working. we have high water locations throughout the houston district and making sure they are keeping things clear and helping out with traffic control. things look okay. we make sure that we're monit monitoring and working with our partners at office of emergency management and monitoring roadways and see if there's anything we can do to help to make sure things are flowing out there. >> there are rescue efforts that are statewide still searching for those folks. one thing you told us at this same time yesterday is there were 1,000 cars abandoned on just houston streets that you were going to be dealing with. what's the view of that now? how do things look now? >> most of the cars have been removed. we ask folks if case we get more
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rain or bad weather there is high water spots and we're asking folks not to take a chance and make sure if they see high water not to try to take a chance and go through it. avoid it. turn around, don't drown. that's a big theme with us. make sure folks are safe out there. there's really not a -- there's roadways that could look like it's just a few feet of water and it could be more than that. it could be deeper and missing manhole covers so people should not take a chance out there. >> especially at this point not to take a chance. danny perez, thank you for jumping on the phone with us. we really appreciate it. >> obviously if it's raining even within 100 miles north of texas, anywhere in texas, that water can keep flowing and put houston in a very dangerous situation. >> we're going to bring in our meteorologist in the cnn severe weather center. take us in the 24 hour/48 hour view here in what we're looking
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at in terms of places that have been hard hit. you have been keeping an eye on an area near dallas where a dam is threatening to break. how does that look? >> there's so much going on here. the last 3 1/2 weeks have been chaotic. there's been rain in houston. it's been light but much heavier in the northern suburbs. notice it's moving into parishes of louisiana. flood warnings in southern arkansas. i'll get in close here. this is ellis county southwest of dallas. southeast of ft. worth here and you can barely see it. let me show you pictures. this dam is going to give way. engineers on the site are noticing now that it's been occurring for a while that we have this overlapping water and seepage and overspill which is in a way some good news to release the pressure. when it comes to these dams, they're not built to withstand high level of water because of the amount of stress. so what you're seeing here is the integrity of this dam is
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going to be faltered here because of the water chipping away at the concrete creating stress fractures. authorities there believe this will do two things. one, it's going to aid in the fact that we should not have large wall of water make its way down the river here when this wall and this dam collapses because we're getting some pressure release. however, because this water is occurring and breaking this down, they believe that a structural integrity of this, a collapse is imminent and the natural flow of water will move into a lake that will flood out cottonwood creek and make its way to u.s. highway 287, which they believe will be flooded. there's a lot of farm and ranch land there. authorities have already shut down u.s. highway 287 just believing this is going to occur in the next few hours. there are 25 homes that are down river and residents have complied with the warnings and have evacuated.
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but again with this heavy amount of water, any inch, any two inches is going to add to the pressure. when we reach a three-inch threshold, that could mean more high water rescues when we get down into the houston area. again, even though it's light now, the storm drains that have not been cleared are going to continue to see the water pool so we could have more high water rescues but it's going to be in the afternoon. to put this in context quickly for you, over 19 inches in oklahoma city is a 1 in 100-year event. we've had rainfall totals throughout the last three weeks that have either been a 12-hour or 24-hour total that are 1 in 2 200-year events and 1 in 500-year events. amazing. >> they need time to clean up. any rain is more than they need. thanks, tom. great to see you. ahead for us, an explosive scandal just rocking the world's most popular sport.
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how a secret wire and raid led to a dramatic takedown involving the folks in charge of the world cup and millions of dollars in kickbacks. plus, isis retaliates. the terrorists launched a wave of suicide attacks targeted soldiers as iraqi forces try to retake a major city near baghdad. my name's louis, and i quit smoking with chantix. i had tried to do it in the past. i hadn't been successful. quitting smoking this time was different because
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new this morning, kickbacks, bribery, corruption. a monster scandal shakes the world of soccer. i mean monster. moments ago the u.s. attorney general announced indictments on 14 people including really high
8:17 am
ranking fifa officials. fifa is the governing body for soccer. the charges include racketeering, wire fraud, money laundering and making millions and millions of dollars worth of bribes. >> the dollar amounts are eye popping. listen to the attorney general as she lays out the case just a few minutes ago. >> many of the individuals and organizations we will describe today were entrusted with keeping soccer open and assessable to all. they held important responsibilities at every level from building soccer fields for children in developing countries to organizing the world cup. they were expected to uphold the rules that keep soccer honest and to protect the integrity of the game. instead they corrupted the business of worldwide soccer to serve their interests and to enrich themselves. >> she really lays it out right there. let's bring in senior writer at "sports illustrated" and author
8:18 am
of "the beckham experiment." you have corruption, racketeering, wire fraud and you have folks saying really? this is not a surprise for a lot of folks within the soccer world. it's huge what they laid out today. >> just the scale of this is enormous. people have known for a long time and thought this organization, fifa, is unclean but nobody has gotten the goods on them before. this is the highest levels of the u.s. government, the fbi investigating fifa. fifa has never been scared of anybody before including their own sponsors. and now they have reason to be scared when the highest levels of the u.s. government are coming after it. >> you said there was a notion out there they were unclean. today we hear from the u.s. attorney general they are filthy to the core. it's interesting. despite all of this, fifa is now saying we're not going to change the locations of the world cup in 2018, 2022. we have election for fifa president scheduled for friday, we're not going to change that either.
8:19 am
things will go on as they are which shows just how crooked this place is. >> it's unbelievable actually. fifa is coming out today saying nothing to see here. everything will proceed normally. things have changed starting today for fifa. they can't just paper over this like they tried to in the past with their own investigations which never had teeth or smokin. they arrested 14 people today that could turn and implicate higher officials. >> that's what gets you when we start reading into this. these are high level people who have been arrested. when they talk about this has been going on for two generations of officials in fifa, how did this not reach all of the way to the top? for someone who doesn't follow soccer a lot, learning about how
8:20 am
powerful it isepp blatter is. >> he was not arrested today but he's presided over this corruption organization for decades. >> we like soccer in the united states. it's not the american sport per se. why is this the u.s. government, the full might and force of the u.s. government now involved in this. is this about the u.s. not getting the world cup in 2022? >> there were americans involved in the alleged wrongdoing. chuck blazer is an american that lives in new york. former fifa committee member who pled guilty and turned on fifa and provided evidence. he wore a wiretap at the 2012 olympics. this investigation has been going on since 2011. the question was would the fbi ever provide the goods. we've been waiting four years. it happened today. >> one quick final question. let's be selfish americans right now. with all of this being laid out, did the u.s. lose out on a bid
8:21 am
for the world cup because of bribery? >> certainly possible i think. we're going to hear more and more about the bidding process for the 2022 world cup, qatar one. a lot remains to be answered. could very well have been a dirty deal. >> it makes deflategate seem very small. very small indeed. >> there we go. >> to compare this multibillion dollar enterprise to a deflated football -- the white house is defending its defense secretary after he said that iraqi forces do not have the will to fight. but as those forces now try to capture ramadi, isis is fighting back. we'll take you live to baghdad with new information. a mother and her two children swept away by floodwaters while staying at a vacation home. as the house floated away, she called her sister to say
8:22 am
good-bye. you're about to hear from her sister and the neighbor also who lives just two doors down.
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this just into cnn, isis just carried out a brutal execution in syria. according to a human rights group there, 20 people accused of being supporters of bashar al assad were killed. >> iraqi forces are battling militants a short drive from baghdad. sources tell cnn the university of anbar in the key city of ramadi is now back in iraqi hands.
8:26 am
but in another part of anbar province, 30 iraqi soldiers were killed when three isis suicide bombers targeted an outpost near fallujah. i want to bring in cnn's international correspondent arwa damon and cnn military analyst rick francona. give us a sense of this new offensive from the iraqi military but mostly the shia militias? what have they done? are they in ramadi? >> not at this stage. bear in mind this is an operation that's encompassing two provinces. they did manage to capture the university that you were mentioning there. it's located just to the south of this city itself. they have not yet breached the perimeter in ramadi. what it seems like this force is attempting to do is not only recapture ramadi which is one of the main targets of this operation but also deny isis one
8:27 am
safe haven but perhaps more importantly cutting off logistical routes to prevent them from being able to resupply and also move weapons and fighters with ease across the various different chunks of territory that they do control. this is very important. as we have seen isis do in the past, they are very capable of suffering losses like they did in tikrit but then very quickly regrouping and launching attacks in areas where they deem the iraqi forces to be vulnerable. >> all right. thank you so much. let's bring in colonel francona to talk about the scope of this and what this new fight means. colonel, the iraqi forces are working to enter the southern edge of ramadi. what is key this time? what's going to make this effort different than how it clearly did not pan out last time? >> they need commitment to go in and take the ground and keep it. the iraqis have always been good at taking territory but not
8:28 am
holding it. we saw it in tikrit and we see it again here. the problem is not the iraqi forces. the iraqi forces are capable in and amongst themselves. they don't have support from baghdad. they need the logistic trail and heavy weapons and they need logistical support they're not getting. if this is done right and this is what the american advisers are there for to show the iraqis how to do this. it's sort of disappointing that iraqis have not yet figured out how to do this. >> colonel, it doesn't seem to be the iraqi military trying to get into ramadi on the southern edge. it's the shia militias. are you suggesting they hold that territory in ramadi? that could create a new set of problems. >> it's going to create new problems. the realization has come in washington and in baghdad that the most effective fighting force is in the iraqi forces at large are the shia militias. you use what's effective.
8:29 am
it's a political problem for people in anbar. when you move shia militias in like anbar, you have problems on the horizon but iraqi government has no choice. they have got to take back that territory. >> when you talk about political problems, there's a political problem on this end of this fight. the war of words seems to continue when it comes to the obama administration as we all have discussed in much detail. the secretary of defense talking about the fact that iraqi forces showed no will to fight but again today the white house seemed to dance around that line and not be able to fully back exactly what the defense secretary said. listen here to the white house communications director. i want to get your take. >> i think we've seen some issues in the past. we need to address those. i remind you also and we talked about this a year ago that prime minister abadi came in in a situation where there was a lot of division, a lot of work
8:30 am
needed to be done to better unite the forces and to better bring them together and to equip them. he's done that work. his security forces have done that work. it takes time. >> it takes some time she lays out. how much time do you think they need? it clearly hasn't worked to this point. >> i think that's key. it clearly has not worked to this point. we thought it would happen much sooner. we thought iraqi forces would gel together and they have not. that's why you are seeing relyiarel reliance on the militia. the iraqi army just doesn't have the commitment you need to go out and carry out this kind of a fight. i have talked to the soldiers doing the training. and they recognize the skill that resides in the shia militia but said iraqi soldiers are there for the paycheck and they don't have the will to fight. this is going to be a problem down the road. >> it's a problem already. colonel francona, thank you for being with us. appreciate it, sir. a developing situation in
8:31 am
texas right now. it's raining in houston. they do not need more rain. the people there are reeling from deadly floods and you're going to hear from a woman coming up whose sister called her as the house floated away. plus, the irs hacked. the accounts of more than 100,000 taxpayers breached in a sophisticated operation. we'll have details on that ahead. making a fist
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happening now. it's raining in houston. more rain. that's the last thing that city needs. central texas under a flash flood watch until noon central time. recovery teams have found more victims killed when their cars were caught in these floods. a total of 18 deaths confirmed so far in texas and oklahoma. 13 people are still missing. >> it's been more than three days since the mccomb family's vacation cabin washed away in the flooding. laura mccomb, her two children and family friends staying with them in the house have still not been found. you see mccomb's husband there, jonathan, who survived with a broken sternum and collapsed lung after the home hit a bridge and broke apart. as the house drifted away in the flooding, laura mccomb called her sister and that sister spoke to cnn about that call.
8:36 am
>> a little after 1:00 in the morning she called me and said i just want you to know the ceiling has caved in and the house is floating down the water and tell mom and dad that i love them. i love you. and pray. >> i'm trying to imagine what was going through your mind while she's telling you these things. it must have just been terrifying. >> it was surreal but the strangest thing about it is she was so incredibly calm. you're not calm in these type of situations. i had been calm with her that evening and i would say that it was a sign of her faith in god and god and her faith were just so incredibly important to her. >> she has deep faith. >> she has deep faith. and i think she was at that moment where she knew that she needed to be there for her family. she knew what was coming.
8:37 am
she was ready to accept that. >> that's remarkable. again, the mother and two kids still missing at this point. we talked to the grandfather yesterday and they're holding out hope, not much hope but still holding out hope. >> holding out hope for a miracle. >> the situation in texas still perilous. more rain in houston. i want to bring in chad myers. they were not expecting this round of rain. >> i think what we have here now is a greenhouse effect. not like we think about global warming and that. you have so much moisture on the ground, the sun comes in, hits it, and evaporates and hits outflow boundary or another front and it rains again. it was supposed to rain in new orleans today and it's going to but not in houston. let me show you what happened just in the past couple of hours. there's houston. there's the rainfall right along i-10. this is happening again and it's happening not that far from san marcos. we have so much moisture on the ground that all of a sudden it can rain at any time in places
8:38 am
where we don't need any rain at all. we don't need rain in houston and we got most of it to the north. guess which way the water goes in houston? north to south into the gulf of mexico. we showed you this here earlier. rain about two to three inches in parts of houston. what happens to these bayous all of the way here? we have from 8 to 36 feet. rain is over. guess what? it rained and it's back up again. now it's not flooding. we don't need anymore rainfall and it could rainfall a lot of the day. it could rain in san marcos and where reporters are there and anywhere across texas simply because it is so moist. rain makes rain. drought makes drought. if you have an area that's so dry there's no humidity to evaporate so it can't rain again. you have humidity on the ground and water to evaporate. you can get more storms.
8:39 am
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hillary clinton is making her first visit to south carolina in the 2016 presidential bid. it was in that state seven years ago you remember clinton faced a beating in the polls. she lost to then senator barack obama by 29 points. that's significant. this came after comments made by former president bill clinton who is criticizing obama. those comments many considered to be racially charged. it's a early test for clinton to see if she can move past the wounds of that campaign. >> there's a new candidate on the republican side. he's now making a second bid for the white house. i want to bring in our senior
8:44 am
political reporter. let's talk about can hillary clinton rebuild the coalition and have it work in her favor. >> this is a test of that. 55% of the voters in a democratic primary were african-american in this last campaign in 2008 and you expect those similar numbers going forward for hillary clinton. it's also a place where you can test out strategy and messaging among those voters and then replicate it in other states where there are sizable african-american populations and crucial african-american populations, places like ohio, places like virginia. places like florida. so this is what she's going to have to do with this campaign going down there. i was down there for a couple days on the ground. people certainly remember the battle days of 2008 and some of
8:45 am
the flubs that clintons made down there that some saw as racially charged. they are prepared to give hillary clinton a chance and back her. the question again is whether or not they'll turn out in record numbers and whether or not there will be an obama surge. obama brought 2 million more african-american voters to the polls in 2008 and those are the kind of numbers that hillary clinton needs to replicate in a general election should she have a chance to win. >> this is her first southern test. let's stay in the south if we can. let's move to louisiana for a second. this is all just coming out right now. i want to get your take on it. john and i were talking about this earlier. you have the governor of louisiana, bobby jindal, coming out swinging against a republican contender for the white house, rand paul. just to remind our viewers and set this up, rand paul was on msnbc and he said this that had a lot of people paying attention. he says isis exists and grew
8:46 am
stronger because of the hawks in our party who gave arms indiscriminately and most of those arms were snatched up by isis. bobby jindal just coming out saying because of that rand paul is unsuited too be commander in chief. what's going on? >> this is strong language from bobby jindal. he's obviously someone who needs to figure out a way to get into this race and needs to figure out what his lane would be should he get in. if you flashback to february, he said the same thing about obama that obama had disqualified himself to be commander in chief because of his prosecution of isis or lack of prosecution of isis so this is a similar line he used back then when he was standing in front of the white house against president obama. the problem with bobby jindal is you look at early polls and there isn't any room for him and you have early people who declared that are making a similar case against rand paul. rand paul's problem is that
8:47 am
there seems to be many faces of rand paul. i think he was very much speaking to a certain audience there. i think he wouldn't have said that if he was speaking on laura ingram show so he's got to figure out what he's going to try to be in this race. he obviously wants to be less of a hawk. whether or not that's going to play well in states like south carolina or iowa is anybody's guess. probably not. >> interesting to see. violating 11th commandment thou shall not speak illinois of a republican all right, coming up, it was possibly the most important show of david letterman's show. and who wrote some of the biggest jokes? an intern. we'll speak with her next. i try hard to get a great shape. this... i can do easily. new benefiber healthy shape helps curb cravings. it's a clear, taste-free daily supplement that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer.
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8:51 am
an amazing revelation about one of the biggest tv episodes of the century, of the world, of the history of universe, biggest shows and biggest jokes and an intern was behind some of them. we're of course talking about david letterman's star-studded top ten. >> there were the top ten things you always wanted to say, and the top ten were what the intern wrote. >> thanks for finally proving men can be funny. >> dave, i'll never have the
8:52 am
money i owe you. >> oh, no! >> all right, joining us now, the most sought after writer on earth, no doubt. the brain behind those jokes, caroline, thank you for joining us, you joined us by skype in paris, where i imagine you are vacationing right now as a college student does. that was tina fey, and they were reading jokes written by a 22-year-old intern, how did this this come to pass? >> well, i wanted to write for late-night tv for a long time. so in my free time, i would just write down top ten jokes for practice. and then chris belair, one of the writers on the show talked to the head of the show and made it so i could submit. so for about a month i had been submitting jokes and it just so happened that the two i wrote
8:53 am
for bill and tina ended up getting said by bill and tina. >> i mean, was it a surprise? how did you find out they were actually going to be reading your jokes and i would love to find out your reaction when you found out they were reading your jokes. >> the morning of the show, i found out mine was being considered for bill's. and when i found that out i immediately burst into tears and ran out of the writer's room. and then, i found out live as we were taping that i had written tina's so -- a big eight hours for me. >> i think this is one of the most refreshing stories i have heard in months. i think it's wonderful, who are you and what are you doing next? >> well, i just graduated from the university of michigan. >> wow, go blue! >> oh, thank you, i got a degree in french, so my family gave me a trip to france as my
8:54 am
graduation present. so right now i'm just vacationing. and then i'll go out to new york and figure it out from there. >> i do want to know what your desires are. because the world is your oyster as they like to say, caroline. but can you remember some of the other one-liners that you pitched, that you made in your pitch for the top ten? i would love to know what those were? >> for the celebrity top ten? a lot of them were lines like, which ones, dave? is it pronounced dave? >> i say that every morning when i come in on the show, which one is john berman. >> i was going to say, have you ever tried writing news? because i'm just saying, we have a show here and you seem to know what you're doing right there. look, you say you burst into tears. reflect for a moment on the experience of being -- this being your dream to write comedy for so long. you were there at that show in that historic moment.
8:55 am
what was it like for you in general and on top of it all to have two of the great jokes on the show. >> i mean, every day, awesome, it was the best day of my life. i was so happy every day to go in and slide my idea into the ed sullivan theater. but that day i was already vibrating at my highest capacity. like it honestly could not get better to have two of the funniest people in the world say some dumb lines that i wrote. it's unbelievable. >> not dumb at all. and the writers are famously noted to be male clubs, and i was kind of thinking about your line for tina fey, you kind of cut right to it. is that what it was based on? >> yeah, i think any young woman in comedy has heard something along that line, at some point, oh, you're funny for a woman. so just turn it around.
8:56 am
>> well, you're funny for a woman or man. >> you are funny for a human, flat out. klein sc k-- caroline schaper, k you for joining us. >> i'm bursting into tears. >> she burst into tears and ran out of the writer's room. >> and she won. >> caroline schaper, thank you so much. and congratulations. plaque psoriasis ad moderatee most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara® it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara® your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths.
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welcome, everyone, i'm ashleigh banfield, our breaking news takes us to san marcos, texas, where we have a live update on missing people, let's listen in. >> on caldwell county, and hays, a male victim at the section fm 2325 in wimberley, none of those fatalities have been identified. i suspect that identification is maybe even coming in as we speak. if it happens while we're still here we'll give that information to you. the -- otherwise, we're going to send it out after. but if it happens while we're sitting here right now, i told them interrupt us,


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