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tv   CNN International  CNN  May 30, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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critics slam sepp blatter's re-election as a step back for fifa. more on the promise for football's most powerful man to clean up corruption in his organization. the tentacles for isis reach farther into libya. militants claim they seize an airport as they claim responsibility for bombings in the middle east. and the u.s. takes a step for normalizing relations with cuba. i'm george howell, this is "cnn newsroom." welcome to our viewers in
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the united states and around the world. we begin this hour in zurich, switzerland, with all eyes on fifa, the most powerful man in football, sepp blatter has won a firm term as president of that organization, despite two corruption investigations. blatter defeated jordan's prince ali bin hussein who was his only challenger on friday. but the questions still remain as to how much blatter may be connected to the scandal as the investigation gets under way. for his part, though, blatter promised to the delegates at the group's world congress in zurich that he will do his best, quote, to clean up the organization, with their help. >> i promise you, in the end of my term, i will give this fifa to my successor in a very, very strong, strong position. a robust fifa and a good fifa. >> sepp blatter reelected. let's get more on the story from
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world sport anchor alex thomas who is slive in zurich, switzerland. with more on the vote and the reaction there, alex. good day to you. >> reporter: hello, george, i'm outside fifa house in the picturesque rolling hills outside of switzerland. as i speak, the most powerful man in football are meeting for the first time since sepp blatter was reelected as the fifth president at the age of 79. it could be interesting. in it will be men who supported blatter through the election process and those who didn't. namely the ahead of the uefa federation. who voted in favor of prince ali. you have to see whether his move will be more humble than normal or whether he'll feel emboldened
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from a news conference that's going to begin in an hour and a half's time. given from his swiss tv interview, it sounds that he's back to his yushl bubbly self. saying that the united states organization deliberately targeted fifa. >> you describe him as bubbly, certainly, a likable figure for many of the people, the delegates there but, look, there were a substantial number of countries that voted for reform. kaing the vote effectively against blatter. is there still a sense that reform can happen with him at the helm? >> reporter: there's still a huge amount of unrest among world football figures, george, but there's a real split between those who run the game, 209 national football bowl association bosses that flew from every corner of the globe here to switzerland, to take
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part in that vote, friday, and there were futbol media and fans, also australia, europe, and asia and other parts of the concacaf region and the caribbean where blatter is still really popular. that's why he got 183 votes, prescription ali only got 73. blatter is seen as an endorsement, even though he gives himself a bit of a shock and also a reformer. >> alex, as this investigation gets underway is there a concern among delegates that blatter himself could be arrested? >> reporter: i think there is concern about that. that's probably why the vote was so close. at the start of the week, prince ali had enough votes to take the elegislation to the second round. i think, quite frankly, to spare us all, george, to such a long week, another two or three hours
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to that laborious process that we saw, it would inevitably been a blatter victory. but it was good that the challenger took the debates that far. as you said in your introduction with the twin investigations going on in the united states and here in switzerland, and both camps saying this is just the start of their probe, they'll carry on digging. you can bet is this not the last of the bad headlines we've seen around the world's most popular sport, george. >> world sport anchor alex thomas live in zurich, switzerland. with friday's friday blatter and his allies are certainly celebrating and his critics are in mourning. luis figo said, quote, this vote has only served to endorse the election of a man who can't remain in charge of world football. today is another dark day in zurich. fifa has lost, but of
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everything, football has lost and everyone who truly cares about it has lost, too. chairman greg dyke said, quote, the idea blatter could reform fifa is suspect. i'd be very surprised if he still is in this job in two years' time. and michel plafini said, i am introduced that uefa has defended and supporting a change for fifa. change which in my opinion is crucial if this organization is to regain its credibility. how that the highly anticipated fifa election is over, there's question over what will happen. earlier, natalie allen. >> i think we got a good basis for starting with 73 people having voted for prince ali.
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in other words, they voted for reform. that means 73 countries among the 209 which is slightly more than a slurry had an appetite to change. i think that gives us great hope, great encouragement. we would look to getting together with those, with the european mps and australian mps and others realize it's a time it to have a new fifa. and the way that we're looking at doing that is to have an independent fifa reform condition led by a new commission that could come in and completely overhaul the new organization. because it's got to the stage where its reputation is so low, its credibility is so low, and with the return of mr. blatter as the president it's very hard for the global community to have ongoing trust in it. >> absolutely. out do you get that overhaul that boldness you that need with sepp blatter still at the helm? >> well, you almost -- we're
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encouraged by a couple thing, one as i say earlier, the 73 countries who are members of the all-fifa who are willing to change. that's a very good basis. two, we're encouraged by the example of the olympics in 1999. what actually put pressure on the olympics was the u.s. congress in which they said to the american sponsors, you need to do something about this. or else we're going to bring in a big stick. now, the world has changed since 1999, and we're able to galvanize fans to put pressure on the sponsors. so that's another pat of it. and there are things that we can look at the other so-calleders in the game, such as players, getting together this group of members of parliaments from around the world who realize that it's a sport important in cultures. it helps us develop and shape
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our societal values and the values that fifa gives off when people being arrested and potentially more to come are not those that we want to set as examples for our children. >> absolutely. what about the threat by uefa to just drop out of fifa? what if fifa splinters? >> look, i think that's an interesting one. and it would be -- it would be very interesting to see what uefa does do next. certainly from that perspective, i'm way down here in sydney. the people who are in europe and the u.s. will be looking to open discussions with them, definitely. and there is say lot of money in the game that comes out of europe as well, and certainly, in the terms of the popular and the large leagues. and the current world champions. and the former world champions. so i don't think that's something that can be taken lightly. it will be fascinating to see what happens next. >> we will have much more on the
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fifa election and the corruption scandal just a little later in this hour. now, turning to isis, a group that is expanding its reach beyond iraq and syria. the militants took control of an air base and a civilian air base near cerp libya. they say only one non-operationalle air base was left there. isis released these photos controlling a military base none inside the air base. and in iraq, isis is claiming responsibility for two bombings at hotels that cater to baghdad's elite and foreigners, and if true, this is very significant. our senior international correspondent nick paton walsh is in baghdad with more on that. >> reporter: those blasts in baghdad, which is simply the central nature of them, and
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recognized by heder al baghdadi. and in his had mind, still contested at times by isis as well. as we saw ourselves yesterday. shia fighters say they've just taken the town ahead of us. but look just to the right of the black smoke here. >> oh! >> where was that? >> reporter: it's not that simple. mines on the roadside, past the tree line. the blasts could be them being cleared away by engineers, taking more lives. now heard in the distance, two, one very substantial. we're told that is a controlled explosion of mines in the area they just cleared. and they seem quite calm here but it couldless be that one of the cars was hit by one of the mines. and this is what they videoed
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the fight for this town, close to a vital highway north. isis, was just pushed out to its edges. as we move closer, it gets messier. we think a mortar lands nearby and stay in the car. since we've been lit really waiting on the road there have been three or four substantial explosions which may well be their fighters still coming across booby traps laid within the area. and that just shows you how incrediblily hard that's going to be to retake land here for people to come back to live here. as we pull out, shia fighters pour north up the road, is this what victory against isis looks like. little to savor. natalie, you can see, historically, they've pushed back against that farming area,
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not a particularly large area, a vital highway from here the capital of baghdad towards samarra and baiji as well to the west of it. that group, we're talking about half, we believe they started the offensive and hope to assert but quite clearly there's still a lot of fighting to happen there. natalie. >> nick, certainly, the drive that you took shows everyone around the world what's really happening on the ground and the dangerous situation that the fighters are enduring to take back this territory. but, talk to us, if you conversation about the refugees, the people, the civilians, just trying to get out of the way of isis to get, for instance, to baghdad for safety? >> reporter: well, it is an extraordinarily complex situation for those. certainly, those sunnis often feel that the welcome they get here isn't as warm as they would like.
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this is in some many ways a predominantly shia town, with shia government in it, i think those fleeing ramadi and anbar don't feel that comfortable as they get here. some find the space, and when you drive north towards tikrit, it's amazing how people are able to live in those areas, that have been contested now for months. and it's an extraordinary difficult journey to bring yourself back to baghdad and then find a place to live in. this has been more than a decade now. people i think have become accustomed to that sense of dislocation. >> senior international correspondent nick paton walsh live in baghdad. nick, we appreciate your reporting on an the ground. the german navy has rescued nearly 900 migrants off the coast libya. many of the refugees including 27 children were found aboard
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six boats. others were struggling to stay afloat in the water with their life vests. the italian coast guard said 17 people died on friday just trying to make this journey to europe. 217 people were rescued in this operation. meanwhile, myanmar's navy intercepted a boat carrying more than 700 asylum seekers. the migrants were mostly men, but dozens of women appeared to be kept below deck. you are watching "cnn newsroom." and in nigeria, there is a new president these days, and he's had already facing several daunting tanks as the newly elected leader of that country. plus, flooding, in texas, next when residents may start to dry out.
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the country of nigeria has a new president, african leaders and foreign dignitaries including secretary of state john kerry attended the inauguration ceremony on friday. the new president there muhammadu buhari. and he has a long list of challenges ahead of him. but nigerians are hopeful that
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he can get the job done. christian purefoy has the story. >> reporter: in front of cameras, two men stand in an historic moment in nigeria, the swearing-in of a new president and the first unseated new nigerian ruling party. >> reporter: muhammadu buhari is now president of africa's most populous country and biggest land user. and it's difficult to see the whole scene behind me, it's gone from coup to coupe. but this man, muhammadu buhari has now unseated the ruling party. the nigerians are hopeful that
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buhari will use his democratic mandate to bring change, by a country beset by corruption and poverty. >> elated. excited. this is one of the greatest days in nigeria's history. >> this is change we hoped for, for many, many years. today is in our hands. >> the president has said it, it's what's better in all of us, issues about security, of course, issues about unemployment. issues about poverty. >> reporter: but no one cares about the challenges today, they have a victory to celebrate. christian purefoy, cnn, nigeria. now, on to india where will there soon about a break to the rentless heat wave plaguing that country. temperatures will fall in india. india has seen highs in excess
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of 46 degrees. and the extreme heat has killed 1800 people in the past week along. meteorologists claim that india has seen a number of days that approach 45 degrees celsius in the last 15 years all of this due to climate change. and extreme weather has left a mark in the state of texas. president obama declared a state of emergency following the deadly memorial day floods. and more storms are on the way. our meteorologist derek van dam is at the world weather center with details. >> according to climatologists at texas a&m university this has been the wettest recorded may in all of texas history. we're talking on average, over 7.5 inches of rainfall across the entire state so far this month. that's roughly 200 millimeters spread across this entire massive, massive u.s. state. now, look at some of the individual rainfall totals, exceeding 15 inches, even approaching 20 inches in some
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locations. roughly 500 millimeters. and just outside of the houston, texas, area, in an area called liberty, we're seeing scenes like this. unbelievable stuff. houses completely inundated. heavy rain drenching this area. between 4 and 7 inches fell in some locations just on friday afternoon alone. this is a significantly impacted community, not only for people's homes, but also the agricultural factor coming out of all of this floods rain as well. heading back to my graphics, you can see some of the hardest hit areas near the red river, that's the border of oklahoma and into texas. as a matter of fact, we have five location that's have record their wettest may ever, but it's oklahoma, city, fort smith, arkansas and wichita falls that have had their wettest weather in history. dallas and ft. worth, exceeding 5 to 7 inches of rainfall on friday. there was flooding out of that
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region. here's more rain in the next 24 hours, specifically, north-central texas through louisiana and arkansas, the national weather service has continued with watches, warnings, and flash flood warnings in some locations. hopefully, these images become few and far between, going forward to next week because there is good news here. we have a cold front that's going to sweep through. that's going to help dry things out and give us a respite from the kwiek rainfall. one note here, i want to show you, we've had relief from some that have plagued this region for the past ten years. it went from 10% to 5% just yesterday. back to you. despite a tearful plea for leniency, the creator of an underground website will spend his life in prison. 31-year-old ross olbrick was convicted in february of money laundering and drug trafficking.
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he created the website called silk road which let users make anonymous purchases. the u.s. military said it may have inadvertently shipped live anthrax to australia six or seven years ago. workers where the samples originated went back and found a live batch from 2008. records showed some had been shipped to australia. all those who may have been exposed were given precautionary anthrax treatments. >> and anti-islam rally outside of phoenix, arizona at a mosque ended without violence. others called it a free space rally with a contest to draw cartoons of the prophet muhammad. they were met with counterprotesters who men who attacked in a protest in dallas earlier this month had attended
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that phoenix mosque. futbol's most powerful man. details ahead. plus, another candidate is set to enter the already crowded u.s. presidential race. details as this broadcast continues worldwide on cnn international and cnn usa.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world, you are watching "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell. the headlines this hour -- isis has taken control of an air base and a civilian airport in libya, near sirte. the coalition that had been
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defending the base retreated thursday. they say only one operational military aircraft was left on the base. the german navy has rescued nearly 900 migrants off the coast of libya. many of the refugees, including 27 children, were found on board six boats. others were struggling to stay afloat in the water with their life vests still on. u.s. president barack obama is umping the congress to review the government's surveillance programs. he said terrorists could slip by u.s. intelligence if major provisions of the patriot act are not extended. congress has until sunday for law enforcement agencies to keep the programs running. secretary of state john kerry and iranian foreign minister muhammad gentlemsad de.
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a suicide bomber detonated himself outside of a cricket match. it happened in lahore in a match against zimbabwe on friday. quite a large event. pack tan's foreign minister for media said the nation had reported that blast, then voluntarily agreed to stop reporting it. cnn news reports that six people were wounded and a police officer was killed while trying to stop that bomber. returning now to our top story, sepp blatter clinched his fifth term as president of fifa on friday. his sole rival conceded after the first round of voting at the group's world conference in zurich, switzerland. blatter's election comes from the scandal of fifa. the questions remain how close blatter may be tied to the scandal. cnn's amanda davies has a look
1:32 am
at what the future may hold for fifa and mr. blatter. >> reporter: so a fifth term of office with sepp blatter, but after arguably the most turbulent week in fifa history. how difficult could the land scape look moving forward. well trying to answer some of the key questions. will uefa stay with fifa. i believe it's a last resource, all options will be looked at is what the president has said, that could mean a boycott in 2016. a potentially massive blow to lose the world's biggest leads and biggest stars. you would think they'd be scrambling to get a unanimous vote on that as the world cup set to be held in russia after all. there will be a meeting in berlin ahead of heir champions league final and we should learn more about it, on to question two, what about the sponsor,
1:33 am
let's not good ourselves, football is big business. there's a lot to be gained by allying yourself with the biggest sport in the world. we wii have seen confirmation, coca-cola, visa, all speaking out, strong words as of yet, we haven't seen any action. no money's been pulled. and it's only at that point that you suspect fifa will really take notice. so on to question three, what more is there to come from the legal cases? well, plenty in a word. sepp blatter said in thursday's address that he's no doubt there's more bad days to come. some the swiss case, they're very much in the early stages of investigating the possibility of corruption boo the 2018 and 2022 world cup voting process. 10 of the 12 fifa executive committee members who took part in that process are being questioned. only two haven't been mentioned,
1:34 am
sepp blatter and michel platfini. will they still be questioned? that is definitely going to be watched. and in terms of the u.s. case, current around former members accepting bribes and kickbacks estimated at $150 million. the u.s. attorney for new york's eastern direction kelly curry warned it's just the beginning, not the end of the investigation. and the fbi is not doing this case by hearts. what it uncovers really could be explosive. so, on to the fourth and final question, for now, and that is, will the 2018 and 2022 world cups be moved? well, no country has ever been stripped of the world cup. it's unlikely. but you have to say not impossible as things stand now. the u.s. case is looking at world cups gone by. it's the swiss case that is
1:35 am
probably more relevant here. they're looking at the voting case. and the fact that the vote happens at the same time, means it will be hard to run one vote without the other. there are so many parties involved in hosting a world cup it makes moving or cancelling it very difficult. but once the criminal system or legal organizations get involved it does take it out of football's sphere. the bigs that missed out, the likes of australia, portugal, united states and spain will no doubt keep a very close eye on what happens. and whether or not they've got grounds to take action as well. well, if you've got any more questions about what next for fifa, do send them into us use the #fifaqs. one of hillary clinton's biggest supporters is about to go against her for the same position.
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martin o'malley is expected to announce his candidacy for the democratic presidential nomination today. he endorsed the former secretary of state back in 2007 during the first run. eight republicans have declared their position to run for president of the united states. a washington insider who was once second in line to the u.s. presidency is now facing federal charges. sources tell cnn, former house speaker, dennis hastert was paying a former male student to keep quiet about allegations of sexual misconduct, but then lied to the fbi about it. cnn's pamela brown has the story. >> reporter: federal sources tell cnn dennis hastert, the longest serving republican u.s. house speaker was paying hush money to a student at the illinois high school where he once taught. more than $1 million to keep allegations lastest had sexually abused him quiet.
1:37 am
hastert has not commented publicly but he abruptly resigned from this washington, d.c. firm. and a derivatives firm. has hot discussed abuse but instead spoke kwuss on how the former coach moved the money he was allegedly paying to students. . according to court records, the investigation started two years ago when the fbi started investigating mystery transactions made by hastert. big withdrawals of more than $950,000. the fbi alleges several of the withdrawals were less than $10,000 so he could evade irs detection. >> banks have an obligation to record when you're withdrawing close to $10,000 and there's a pattern of doing this. it's called structuring. that's why they would be looking into this. >> reporter: prosecutors say when the fbi asked hastert about the pattern of large withdrawals, he said he was
1:38 am
keeping the cash for himself. >> that's cnn's pamela brown reporting. investigators have decided not to pursue a possible extortion case against hastert. the high school where he worked released astatement denying any knowledge of the alleged incident. isis is making a chilling threat against america in a new video that was posted online. but what worries officials even more, the man on camera, was trained in america as a special counterterror commander before defecting to isis. cnn's brian todd has this story. >> reporter: donned in isis black, he confident carrying a long sniper rifle, a bandolier of am nation. he picks off a tomato to show his skill. this is an isis video. and cnn has just learned this man trained on american soil. he's a former commander in a special police counterterror unit in tajikistan.
1:39 am
>> translator: from 2003 to 2008, i received special training in the military bags of blackwater. >> reporter: blackwater, a controversial company which sent private security personnel to iraq and at this compound in north carolina. contacteded by cnn, academy the company that purchased blackwater's training facility was unable to confirm that he was there. the state department tells cnn that he participated in five counterterrorism courts in the u.s. and tajikistan between 2003 and last year. we spoke with former army sniper paul shiri about what he might have learned. what skills do you think he might have learned that would help allied battle forces? >> so, the type of training he would have been would have been bake tactics, the ability to move through a building, or an area in a tactical way, basic
1:40 am
sharpmansship. >> reporter: if he was a top commander in tajikistan's counters terrorism forces there's another worry. >> the real problem is he knows how to plan counterterrorism operations so he knows how the people who protect a high value target would be thinking. or protecting an embassy would be thinking. that puts him in the red team on how to think on how to protect those plans. >> reporter: another ominous signal, his threat against what he called american pigs. >> translator: god willing we will come to your cities, to your homes and we will kill you. >> reporter: the state department said all appropriate vetting of khalimov was done before he came to the united states. he has another dangerous skill that goes beyond what he can do with a sniper rifle. in the video, he speaks russia. analysts say that's a marketing disby isis to use him as a tool to recruit other fighters from
1:41 am
central asia. brian todd, cnn, washington. the united states and cuba are getting closer to re-establishing diplomatic ties. ahead, the move the u.s. made to further those operations. plus, the big change in the government as the government settles in. i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara® it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara® helps me be in season.
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell. the united states has officially removed cuba from its terror list. it's a move that is sure to warm relations between the two countries. and it's also the last major road block to opening embassies in each country. >> reporter: in a major shift in u.s. policy, cuba will no longer be included on the united states list of countries to support state terrorism. for over 30 years, cuba had essentially been blacklisted. according to the united states,
1:45 am
cuba's support of revolutionary and terrorist groups around the world with cuba being included on this, with it involved pretty severe financial impacts, this had impact on the surviving economy. they're hopeful it will lead to economic benefits allow more international companies that want to invest in cuba, to start opening businesses, joint ventures with the cuban government, that, frankly, had scared away a lot of international companies from doing. it's also going to have a major impact on cuba and u.s. relations because raul castro, cuba's president, said he didn't foresee the opening of the u.s. embassy while cuba remained on this list. and it wouldn't be until after cuba was removed from the state list of terrorists that he would allow for the u.s. embassy in havana to be reopened. and for a cuban embassy in washington. so this is really going to have
1:46 am
a major impact on the pace of relations now, and we expect, in the coming weeks, cuban/u.s. relations after 54 years to once again be restored between these longtime cold war enemies. patrick oppmann. cnn, havana. the french foreign minister plans to visit israel and the palestinian territories in june with hopes of restarting peace talks there. previous investigations led by the united states have collapsed. france hopes to get israelis and palestinians talking again with international framework set. a planned resolution would set a time period of up to two years to complete those talks. france supports a two-state solution. pts a concept the israeli prime minister has said that he is against. the proposed peace talks are emerging as israel's new government settles in. and there's a noticeable change, more women in israel's parliament than ever before. oren liebermann has this story. >> reporter: you may not see the
1:47 am
difference when you look at israel's new elected, the same number and same parties. the difference is there are more women in knesset than before. >> for ever knesset, the number of women have been growing and this is, you know, part of the way things are moving ahead. and i hope they would be 50%. and i think that will happen. >> reporter: of the 120 knesset members, 29 are women from all across the political spectrum from the left wing to the right wing jewish home party. ten parties of the knesset only two the orthodox parties have no women. this is a security expert. >> every woman feels very important. it's not just about me. but i feel like i have the opportunity to influence from the inside. >> reporter: in 1970, golden
1:48 am
mayer became the first and last woman in cabinet. the knesset is more than 20% female which puts it ahead of the u.s. at 19% but behind the uk's 29%. and yet, women make up half the world population. >> i think it's my responsibility, a legislator, to help women who cannot break this -- it's not a glass ceiling. it's an iron gate on their own. it's our responsibility to take care of equality. to make sure that equality is not a matter of choice, but, rather, a mandatory issue. >> reporter: many women in knesset want to require all political parties to have at least 40% women. right now, there's only one party that would meet that requirement. it's the left wing party. oren liebermann. >> the united states wants china to halt its expansion of the
1:49 am
south china sea. defense secretary ash carter made his stance very clear at an asia pacific security conference in singapore. china has been building islands on the disputed waters in the recent months and had been seen bringing in artillery as well. but the collection of reefs and rocks have been claimed by the philippines, malaysia and thigh juan. an official said the overhas been overreacting in order to make excuse for reaction. three years after her brother's death, a woman gets to see the face ahead. ahead, the touching tribute between a face transplant recipient and the donor's sister.
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell. a united nations group has stopped short of placing australia's great barrier reef on an endanger risk. but it warns the outlook for the the reef is poor. a world heritage committee said australia must carry out the protection of the coral reefs. now, an update to a truly remarkable story out of the
1:54 am
united states. the 39-year-old richard norris underwent a face transplant in 2012, and it changed his life from left to right. you can see norris in high school. and then after a gunshot injury and then after a transplant surgery. the family of 21-year-old joseph aversano donated his face for a transplant after he was killed in a car accident. now, his sister has met him for the first time on "60 minutes" australia. >> reporter: rebecca donates her dead brother's face so another man could live. she's about to meet him on "60 minutes." >> do you mind if i touch it? >> no, not at all. >> announcer: for the first time, seeing, toughing, feeling. her brother's face. >> this is the face that i grew up with. >> a run accident in 1997 left morris with severe facial trauma. the surgery involved replacing
1:55 am
both jaws as well as his tongue, skin, nerve and mussel tissue. and an entire set of teeth. nor miss is the fifth person in the world to have a full place transplant. the 36-hour procedure was one of the longest and most extensive transplants ever. now to the city of love, it is about to break some hearts. and promises, made by millions of couples worldwide. this started in 2008. couples visiting the pond da czar bridge placed a rock around its fences and they threw the key in the river below as a symbol, sealing their love forever. on monday, close to 1 million of those love locks will be removed from the two main bridges. officials say the locks' combined weight is just too much for the bridges. m.i.t.'s robot technique snolg coming along at leaps and
1:56 am
bounds. the university aptly named robot cheetah mastered running last year, and is now taking on hurdles in stride. you see it here. the robot can leap over obstacles more than half its height. at speeds up to 8 kilometers or up to 5 miles an hour. cheetah uses a kind of laser eye to map out what's in front of it, and quickly calculates how high it needs to jump. this is all taking place indoors. but cheetah's next goal is to jump on softer and ground-like grass, i guess you could say. so cool to see that, it will improve year after year. i'm george howell, we thank you for watching this hour of "cnn newsroom." another hour of news is next. stay with us.
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blater is re-elected for a fifth term. we'll hear from him later this had hour. new video shows an isis fighter who received special training forces from the u.s. and u.s. state of texas is expected to get more rain after massive flooding. from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, i'm george howell. this is "cnn newsroom." welcome to our viewer the united states and around the world. we begin with fifa and another victory for sepp blatter, despite the scandals plaguing his organization. friday, he


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