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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  June 10, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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aretha. even when it was time to take a bow, what johanna wants johanna gets. she means it with all due respect. encore. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> here's what aretha franklin told cnn. she said, quote, i saw the video. i'm scare of her. i thought i had those moves covered. but she's fear. going door to door. you're going hear why. >> a stuns report of police holding back instead of attacking the crime. they'll speak out on whether
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marilyn moseby has their backs. >> bajd to iraq. the u.s. announces a new move and announces new moves. one of the president's fiercest critics joins us live. -- captions by vitac -- hello, evan. i'm kate bolduan. >> and i'm john berman. we do have breaking news. two buses have collided inside one of the busiest tunnel. you're looking at the new york lincoln tunnel, more than a dozen people were hurt when a new jersey transit bus and a private bus collided in the entrance on the manhattan side of the tunnel. you can imagine what this will do to traffic coming in and out of this busy roadway. we'll bring you updates and conditions of the people as we get them. meanwhile new information on the manhunt for two killers in
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upstate new york including stunning revelations about a prison employee who knew the pair. according to a cnn source, investigators think at one point joyce mitchell planned to pick up richard matt and david sweat after they broke out. >> mitchell's son said that is not true anded as his mother was actually hospitalized the weekend with chest pains. authoritying are examines mitchell's cell phone as they say the phone was used to one of the men on the run. you've got hundreds of officers searching for these guys in two different areas. where is the focus right now? >> well, what's interesting here, kate, is the focus is right where this all started in the small town of dan mora and really the gates of the clinton correctional facility and the new york police putting out statements advising residents of this tiny town they can expect
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increased police presence. they want to retrace their steps shortly after that saturday incredible escape. shortly after that we saw heavily armed s.w.a.t. members, state police and the fbi meeting up in the small town of this maximum security prison basically getting a brief and then heading out. we do expect them to go door to door, checking in with vilks. at this point it could lead them to believe that despite so many different leads none of them have been strong enough to steer them in any specific area. there was concern that they went north into canada or possibly all the way down into mexico is where one of those individuals is suspected of having ties. today with improvements in the weather we can expect search
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crews, officers to resume of these efforts. the people continue moving on with their day-to-day lives, kate. >> tough to think they can because it seems that it's been alter at the moment for sure. thank you very much. the son of richard matt is speaking out about his father. listen. >> do you have any respect for your dad at this point. >> i don't know foim h imto say i respect him or not. obviously he was in jail when i was younger and he wasn't a father 100%. so there's that. i don't know. >> a young man and his family said they have no idea where the inmates are. they don't believe that they will contact the family. joining us now to get further insight into this manhunt in the new developments retired general
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matthew fogg. thank you so much for being with us. there's word that this prison worker joyce mitchell may have been planning at one point to serve as a get away driver and then back out. what does that tell us. >> one, that they were working with someone on the insided on orr two the plan fell apart and they're close by. >> or she simply got cold feet when she realized how serious the situation was. there's any number of things that could have gone through her mind if that's the fact of that. that's the source giving us that. but when you hear of someone trying to help others escape, especially as a prison guard, she has to know what she's facing if they get out or her name gets out.
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i think that's why she started hyperventilating. now, some folks don't have to necessarily be guilty but the bottom line is that blood pressure usuallies rising when you start asking questions around things like this. >> what does it mean that -- let's assume she was planning on provided them a getaway and now got out of it. if you work on that assumption, what does that mean for the guys on the run? >> for them, i'm sure they had con ten gincy plans. they've got a long time to sit back and make sure they get it right. these guys, i believe they got it right. one of the things that i would look for is these freight trains. that's the first one. you jump on a freight train.
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a beggar. they could go north or south. again, if they're still in the area, they're going to be hunkered down somewhere hoping they can just wait there and wait it out for the authorities. >> so there's been a lot of speculation that they tried to run for the border to go to canada. you don't cross the canadian border and suddenly get a free pass. you'd have canadian authorities hunting you down pretty carefully, wouldn't you? >> i don't know if they're goingtutt the same amount of main power we would. they have the same great relation on that side of the border. they will. while everything has intensified, they've intensified their border control. if they wait long enough, of course, as resources start to dispay, again, the key is you go
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into enough country. with really appreciate it. frad to fight crime. two baltimore officers currently on the streets. they break their silence on cnn. this could shed new light on the swirling controversy around that city. and they reveal whether the engineer of the deadly amtrak crash was using his cell phone at the time of the strategy. we veal details ahead squloo and the police officer involved in the pool party takedown has resigned. well, now his lawyer will be speaking out about his client's behavior and his future. will he face charges. put your hand over your heart. is it beating? good! then my nutrition heart health mix is for you. it's a wholesome blend of peanuts, pecans and other delicious nuts specially mixed for people with hearts.
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we have breaking news in the deadly amtrak crash. a short time ago the ntsb reporting that the train's engineer was not using his cell phone for calls, text, or data at the time of the crash. brandon bostian told them his cell phone was in his bag at the time the train jumped the tracks. >> remember more than eight people killed, more than 200 injured in that crash last month. the authorities have been looking at a range of evidence to find out if either human error or a mechanical malfunction was behind this strategy. mary, thank you so much. we finally have some more
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answers about what they've determined. they say no calls no, text messages, no data usage, and no wi-fi was used by the engineer. so where do they look next because as john was pointing out, the train was going twice the speed limit going around that kufr. >> you're exactly right. we have more answers on the cell phone but the mystery continues. i think the ntsb is fairly certain of this. they're looking at the data carrier or cell phone provider because they do have some facilities not in the statement time zone but they looked at 400,000 pieces of metadata with the phone and he did provide it with the passcode to assist the ntsb. so the mystery remains as to why with no problem found on the train yet as to why the speed was not reduced heading into this curve.
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so a missly to besolving and it pose as problem. >> what do you think if it's not distracted driving or something else, what else could it be? >> in most cases in the past, that's what it has been. now, there have been a couple of accidents where there was a train malfunction that made it impossible for the train to slow and i won't say a runaway train but it could not be put into slower mode. it's possible they just can't find it given the condition of the wreckage and they aren't able to find the particular malfunction. that's a possibility. but in most accidents of this time it was a situation where the engineer just did not slow down the train or put on the break. but so far there's no evidence of any cause for it. remember, we looked at the strike on the windshield and that would detract them if they
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thought they had been hit by a stone or a bullet but the ntsb has ruled that out as well. >> to this point the engineer said he didn't remember the moments when the crash happened. as you said. the mistress mystery continues. what looked like a brutal takedown and break up a rowdy pool party, that officer has resigned. you see that officer eric casebolt slamming the 14-year-old girl to the ground. >> casebolt had been on administrative leave while the incident was investigated. he has stepped down. i want to talk about this. we're joined here in new york. eric, i suppose what's the play now for this officer. what will he try to do to stay out of trouble because his department has really cut ties with him completely. they've essentially said good
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riddance. >> they have. what he's done is he resigned before the internal affairs investigation is done. that's a danger to the public because this man can now go get another job, he doesn't have this in his personnel file and no one knows about it. well other than media. but this won't be a violation because the internal affairs investigation is closed. that's why so many people are wanting him to be criminally charged so it will follow him for the rest of his career. >> internal investigation, that's closed dom you do you expect him to guess charged? >> it would be an assault, a misdemeanor assault. if you look at the tape f that was any citizen beside the police officer, he would have been charged on the scene. he shoved this girl into the
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concrete, put her face down on the ground and put both of his knees in her back. i am not sure he'll be charge bud the public is calling for one and i believe he should be. >> what about the department itself. >> what is the future? they seem flat out pleased he quit. >> they are. if you wash the tap -- that's what we've been discussing as well. the other officers were claim. they knew it was a group of teenagers. when teenagers show up, once the police show up, teenagers are gone. they're dispersing, you know, like when the lights cut on. so they know that the teenagers do not want to be there and they told them to leave and he still grabbed this girl and wrestled her to the ground and assaulted her. this is horrible and she's going to live with this for the rest of her life.
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>> they're still speaking out and we're going to hear from his attorney and hear what he has to say a little later today. that will be interesting to see what his future looks like. >> it will be. >> thanks very much. crime and distrust is on the rise in baltimore. are police looking the other wei now to avoid confrontations? up next, active baltimore police officers, they break their silence and speak exclusively to cn. and then they are steps away from the president, not to mention the most sensitive classified material onaril eart. so why haven't some secret security agents not had the security clearance. new surprising setbacks for the agency.
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new this morning six officers charged in the arrest and death of freddie gray are asking that charges against them be dropped. they want the prosecutor on the case. marilyn rose mohs by, they want her to recuse herself from the case. now, since this incident, the city has seen a surge in the crime rate. may was the city's deadliest month in more than 40 years. 42 people were killed, leaving, of course, many to wonder why. >> cnn's brooke baldwin spoke exclusively to two officers still on the beat who say they now hesitate to step in and fight crime. they're afraid, they say, that police work caught get them in trouble. they're speaking out without their department's permission, so cnn is not using their names or showing their faces.
8:23 am
we've also modified their voices. >> since the riots, baltimore has had the deadliest month in the city's history in nearly 42 years. i just read this weekend, a 42-year-old has died, and 8 and 10-year-old shot. why has this happened. >> because the criminal element feel we're not going to chase them if they have a gun and they're using it to settle oil beef or conflict with. i think the public really, really sees that they actually softer, less aggressive police department and we've given them that and now they'll realizing that their way of thinking does not work. >> are the criminals right in thinking that you all will not arrest people as you would before. >> you have to -- you have to
8:24 am
run the risk of -- you have to look at it like if i chase this guy who possibly has a gun and he gets hit by a car, what will i be charged with criminal negligence or possible armed suspect that i did not see the gun. that role of the dice is greater than me driving to the next call and writing a report. these are things we're going to have to weigh when we're running past a group of guys on the corner. we run the risk of being criminally charged. >> we're now in the reactive mode. >> we're now in the total reactive mode. >> this is the result you get. ultimately it does a disservice to the law abiding citizens. it does a disservice to business owners. to everybody but the criminal eleme element. they know that pretty much to
8:25 am
whole police department has shifted to a reactive side. you have no more initiated stops per se. you know, an officer is worried. he's riding down the street. even dwlou havethough you have reasonable suspicion and you see a guy or girl walking down the street and there's a bulge coming in from their waistband and there's different characteristics that we're trained for to look for in an armed person. and i can tell you this and it's the truth. nine out of ten times that officer's going to keep on driving. >> i understand the desire to self-protect but at the same time i'm thinking if i'm a resident of the city of baltimore i'm sitting here watching and thinking this is
8:26 am
not okay. >> you're right, it's. but we need the public's help. that's the only element that's going to fix it. the people on our side do not have our backs. >> wow. brooke baldwin joins us right now. these are major comments. this is a very significant revelation. if you have cops on the street who are afraid to fight crime t system is broken. it doesn't work. now, i understand the kmegser down there has had a chance to see this interview. >> i think he -- one of the affiliates in baltimore after we aired a snippet on my show yesterday, you heard, if we see criminal activity on the street, we're going to drive on by. it was posed to him. he said, listen, i have been out on calls recently. i've seen officers being engaged on the streets. all of these officers have taken an oath to serve and protect and
8:27 am
so they're obviously breaking that oath. he's essentially saying if they're doing what they're telling me. he said they're doing their jobs but they're terrified of going to jail. they're more terrified of going to jail than getting shot. >> you heard these guys on our show say they don't have our back. what do you propose as a solution? >> great question. it's sort of nebulous at this point. i asked does moseby have your backs, no, does blake, no, do commissioner batts have your backs. no. it's not okay. it just came out in court documents because they want her recused from this case, especially now that it's come out that she apajtly gave this directive down the chain to police essentially saying i want you to go out to the pen north
8:28 am
corner. that's where the cvs was looted. when i asked one of the officers this morning to respond to that, that's key, because down the road if you're following the orders and you go down the road and you're charged, it neegts okay. one says it's confusing. i'm worried i'm going to get charged and i want to go home to my family at night. >> this clearly has to be addressed. they have to feel like they can do their jobs. hopefully this might -- >> with the citizens of baltimore caught in the middle of this. >> brooke baldwin, thank you so much. the whole interview is going to air on brooke's show at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. please watch. >> there's going to be a lot coming out of that interview. we're always talking about this. major embarrassment for the
8:29 am
secret service. dozens of new officers assigned to the white house and new positions, they were signed there before their security clearances have been checked out and completed. how did that happen? we're going to talk to a former agent coming up next. the drip, drip, drip of u.s. troop backes to iraq. the u.s. now considering hundreds more. one presidential contender says that's not nearly enough. how many americans would he be willing to deploy against isis? ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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the secret service again in the spotlight for not the right reason. new information that dozens of secret service agents in sensitive positions include that they don't have the required security in place. they're required with protecting the president. >> not just that. think about how close these people are to the nation's secrets. they're in the room when the most classified information is being discussed. so secret service director joseph clancey is taking immediate steps to fix the problem, that's probably a good idea, and all checks should be completed within a week we have to discuss this. jonathan, a lot of these agents were brought in recently to fix some of the gaps of the fence jumpers. there's been a rush of hiring. still, if there's one place you
8:34 am
would think on earth where you want security clearances to happen without incident, it would be with secret service agents who are guarding the president. >> absolutely. this is one of the management challenges that joe clancey faces right now. he has a hiring shortage. he has a manpower gap in both our uniform division and the agents at the white house. so first and foremost, we need to provide protection to the president. so bringing in uniformed division officers that may not have the clearance as bad as that does sound, it's not a -- it's not a challenge that we can't overcome. you can reposition those officers and agents that don't have the appropriate clearance. >> all right, jonathan. but they've been there already. they've been in some of these meetings where classified information has been handed out. this is what we're hearing from the "washington post" reported on that. that's scary. is the president at risk? the not, why is there security
8:35 am
cliffing. >> national security information is not at risk. >> are you sure? >> i'm sure. >> my entire time at the white house, there was not any agent that was not in close proximity who did not have top secret clearance. >> you are nearby when sensitive stuff is being discussed. >> absolutely, but it dpernlds on your posting. the agents assigned to the working shift of the president have been on for an awful long time. they have their security clearances. they actually have the highest security clearances in the country, which is secret compartment appized clearances. so from that standpoint there's no breach there. i think what the "washington post" is talking about is the periphery, the outer post, the uniformed agents that have been brought in on a day by bases. they don't have that top level
8:36 am
clearance. is it a problem? yes, it is. is it something that they can mitigate quickly? sure can. >> i want to ask you about the see krer service at the white house. there's a bomb threat called into the white house. specifically called into the press briefing room. we've all been in that press briefing room. it is very close to the west wing and the president. it's in the building, let's be honest, people. the reporters were all evacuated. not just from the white house but the white house grounds at one point. then we find out the president stayed in the oval office and the first family stayed in the residence at the time. that sounds strange. >> it does but they about it. the press room is way from the oval office. >> step s away. >> it is steps away but it is wouch the most secure rooms. the president was never at risk. the first family who was in the
8:37 am
residence was not at risk. the threat came in to the metropolitan police department. there was some specific information in there that led to, you know, the decision being made by secret service management. let's do our due diligence. let's clear the room, resweep it. i think the swiftness of their actions needs to be con memmendn this. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. there needs to be more, but thank you. >> thank you. more could be sent back, but senator lindsey graham says it's not enough. gram graham wants to take it live mchlt comes up next. also new information on the nationwide manhunt for two ruthless killers. police say they're going door to door to search for these men.
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all right. happening now. president obama is considering sending hundreds more u.s. troops to iraq to help train iraqis in the fight against isis. they'll join about 3,000 americans who are already there. >> we understand the president is close to making a decision on
8:42 am
that. it's part of the president's strategy to break the terror grip. the president has recently taken a lot of heat for saying that strategy isn't yet complete. let's talk much more about this with senator lindsey graham. he's also a republican candidate for president. senator graham, it's always great to have you. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> this is an important announcement coming from the president. that they could consider sending 500 additional troops to iraq to expand the training efforts with the iraqi forces. we know well you have said you would put some 10,000 troops on the ground but the president said he's not going to do that. with the proper training, though, do you think these additional 500 american troops will have an impact? >> no. >> why? >> it's not going to change a thing. well, the sunnis and arabs are
8:43 am
not going todow join. the strategy is not working to. defeat a determined enemy like isil, you have to have the capability and the will. president obama's not providing the capability, and he doesn't have the will. unless he fundamenta loolly cha, we're i ggoing to get hit at ho >> if they're not willing to, how much should the us? >> we saw what they were do. the iraqi army has now become a secretatarian army. the people that fled anbar province would fight to the
8:44 am
death in baghdad. the only way to put iraq back together is to have enough capability on the ground to have our people join with confidence. nobody in their right mind in the anbar province is going to join this capability. if you take bacarrat mehdi and you don't deal with syria, you're going to have to deal with them tochl the american people what does it matter to us. isil is growing. the stronger they get in the anbar province, the more likely they are to get into syria and we get hit. this strategy won't work and it's not going to work. >> but short of putting in ground troops is there anything that you think will work. >> no. >> so american groujd troops have to go back in even if they
8:45 am
they say don't want another war. >> i think they want to be safe. the president has the right goal but the strategy is not going to work. we're not going to destroy these guys from the air. there is no ground component to serve from. you're going to need a regional force to go into seary to be able to hold iraq. you've got to go to the turks, the egyptians and saudis who have large armies jouchl to form large armies. to give them capability they don't have to pull the sal fate up by the roots. if you don't have more troops on the ground to give them capability they don't have today iraq is never going to do it. i don't know how we're going to do it without going over there and fighting these guys in an effective way.
8:46 am
>> you were once a congressman, now a senator -- >> e've been called a lot worse than congressman. >> i can come up with a couple, sir. >> what should congress be doing here because don't they have -- if you want to send 10 troops, they would. you don't think they would stage a vote? >> no, i don't think we should have 535 commanders in chiefs. if i were president here's what i would promise the american people. when it came to you and your family and our way of life, i would do whatever's necessary as long a it takes. whatever's necessary as long as it takes to defeat radical islam. at the end of the day, we can't blame congress. president obama changed his strategy. he failed early on in iraq. he was smart enough to adjust.
8:47 am
this is the crossroads in his presidency. here's what i would say. if you were to come up with a game, provide the activity to degrade and destroy isil, i would be your biggest fan. i would go to the floor and -- >> we can talk about it -- >> no, understand what i'm saying. if he adjusted his policies to do what president obama did, whatever differences i have with president obama, i would stand by his decision toed a more m a degreat isil. i would do that. i would do that to say, mr. president, good job. >> we have a lot more to ask you. you raised a lot of eyebrows when you suggested we bring a rotating first lady. >> who's in the running for
8:48 am
that. >> we'll get your answer next.
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>> we're back now with senator lindsey graham running for the republican presidential nomination. senator, you raised eyebrows on a couple topics. one of them being you said that you have never once sent an e-mail. why is that? >> well, because i call people i want to talk to and i have a good staff, i let them do their jobs and i imagine hillary
8:52 am
clinton, if she had it all over to do again probably wouldn't have sent one. here's the question -- can you be a good president and not e-mail? i think so. >> how do you connect with voters, especially young voters? >> we tweet -- >> -- e-mail is a huge part with our lives. it's the only way i communicate with my husband. >> you should call him more. at the end of the day, i have a good team around me. i tweet, i send out tweets. i call up people and we e-mail. we connect with the voters. here's the question -- have i lived my life in such a fashion to be qualified to be commander-in-chief? to understand the world? am i ready to go in day one? i don't offer the country a first lady. as far as i'm concerned i think single people can apply to be president of the united states. here's what i have going for me. i have background and knowledge to be commander in chief. i've been to iraq and afghanistan over 30 times, i've served in the military, i understand what it takes to defeat radical islam. when it comes to problem solving
8:53 am
i'm willing to work with democrats to do the hard thing. we are not going to fix medicare and social security by sending e-mails and not defeat radical islam by an e-mail. you have to come up with a strategy and empower people to execute that sat there ji. >> i this i what people talk about when they talk about the e-mail senator is does this candidate understand the digital age if he's not taking part in one of the key components of that age? >> oh, i understand technology. it's been a god send to our lives. but at the end of the day, i'm in a business here of trying to be one of the leaders of the country and i've chosen to empower my staff. i think i'm a very informed united states senator. i've learned more about radical islam by going over there and spending time on the ground for the last decade than i would ever learn by e-mails. so if people wonder whether or not i have the ability to be president of the united states, that's what this campaign is all about. bill clinton has sent two e-mails in his life. i would argue that most people thought he was pretty qualified
8:54 am
to be president. >> senator, you brought up the fact that you are single. you raised a bunch of eyebrows in an interview where you suggested that entertaining at the white house you'd have a rotating first lady. and it got laughs. people laughed at that. like you said, shouldn't single people be allowed to run for the white house? isn't there just too much focus on this idea of who the spouse is? >> you know, at the end of the day, we've got a great first lady in michelle obama and laura bush. the last two have been really good and i don't bring that to the table, but i do think i bring something unique to the table in this regard. as a young man i had challenges like most people. i lost my parents when i was 22. had a 13-year-old sister to raise and with the help from my aunt and uncle i was able to help her get through college. my family, my friends and faith picked me up when i was down. we got wiped out when my mom got hodgkin's disease. i'm the first in my family to go to college. but when it comes to being commander-in-chief, i think that's a very important decision, i would argue i'm the
8:55 am
best qualified to take this fight to radical islam and protect this nation above all others, including hillary clinton. >> senator lindsey graham running for the republican presidential nomination. senator, thank you very much for your time. we'll be following your candidacy closely. >> thanks a bunch. police going door to door right now in a desperate search for two escaped killers. we're going to take you live to the scene with the latest developments at the top of the hour. but first, disco is back tomorrow night on cnn. our special series "the seventies" produced by tom hanks begins at 9:00 p.m. here is a preview. >> t seventies awaked us and polarized us. >> it was bombshell after bombshell after bombshell. >> watergate scandal broke wide open today. >> i'm thinking the 1970s, i think more, more naked people,
8:56 am
more misbehavior. >> the world is getting crazy. >> the cultural revolution just kind of exploded and fascinating chaos emerged. >> because of what was going on, people came home and they wanted to laugh. >> one picture take within archie bunker and me. one, two, three. >> it was a period of discovery for a lot of people. >> my only defense was it was the '70s. >> dyn-o-mite! many wrinkle creams come with high hopes, but hope... doesn't work on wrinkles.
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two possible sightings of those two escaped killers. upstate new yorkers growing more fearful by the hour on day five of a desperate search. also this hour, he was never even charged with a crime. the tragic case of a young man who took his own life after spending three years behind bars at new york's notorious rikers island simply waiting for a trial. never actually found guilty of a crime, we should say. and shreveport, louisiana, on red alert as the red river keeps on rising and the water has not been this high in


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