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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  June 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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or dvr the show. thank you for watching. erin burnett "out front" starts right now. breaking news in the manhunt for two convicted killers. the district attorney telling us joyce mitchell the employee who helped the convicts may know more than she's letting on and that the two killers may have had a backup getaway plan. plus the white civil rights abt ss activist who posed as a black woman, quitting her job. did she believe she was black or was she lieying? two teens mauled at the same beach. the beach is still open. let's go "out front."
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good evening. i'm erin burnett. we begin with breaking news in the manhunt for two escaped prisoners. the district attorney leading investigation telling us that joyce mitchell the woman police said had relationships with the two killers and was part of their plan, may have had more information than what she is telling them. the prosecutor telling me that the killers may have had a different getaway plan than the one they plotted with mitchell. that leaves the door wide open for where they could be. a new york state official tells cnn the trail for richard matt and david sweat has gone cold ten days after they first disappeared from their cells in one of the most brazen prison escaped in american history. today, joyce mitchell making her second court appearance shackled wearing a bullet proof vest. a new detail about her alleged involvement in the prison break. miguel marquez begins our
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coverage. he is in new york. the search is continuing there. miguel ten days, they are saying the trail is cold. what's the next step? >> reporter: to get lucky, to put it simply. searchers are still out in the fields, the woods, the heavily wooded areas near where we are searching for them. but they need the one bit of luck that one tip that will bring these two back into the hands of justice, just as joyce mitchell is now wearing prison stripes. >> has the defendant been arraigned? >> reporter: joyce mitchell pleads not guilty again of helping two convicted murderers break out of the upstate maximum security prison known as little siberia. how would you describe her frame of mind? >> she is quite calm. i think she's handling thickngs well. >> reporter: she stands accused of sneaking chisels, drill bits and other contrabands to the two
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killers. the 51-year-old developed a relationship with both david sweat and richard matt telling investigators the plan was for her to pick them up and drive. mitchell backed out she says because she still loved her husband, checking herself into the hospital after suffering a nervous attack in the hours after the breakout. her husband lyle cried, says a friend when he heard the allegations against his wife. tonight, mitchell isn't on suicide watch. >> obviously, an inmate of this risk that's gone through this type of stress this type of pressure we're going to keep a close eye. if there's medical issues that may arise, you don't want to wait 30 minutes to find the medical issues. we want to be right there. >> reporter: favro says his gut instinct tells him mitchell was not their plan a. >> if they went through this plan to get out of this
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facility that they had a better plan than her picking them up at 12:30 to take them out of here. they had an actual -- she was the backup plan not the front plan. >> let me start down here. >> reporter: the search focusing onts air on the area near the prison. this is possible evidence being pulled from a stream less than a mile away. favro, whose department is part of the search says he is split on whether the convicts are still in the area. kay gerard grew up exploring the woods she calls home where the killers could be. what do you make of this? >> it's interesting. i feel so safe with so many law enforcement people around. but then again, being in the middle of the wood it's a little scary at times. >> reporter: it's absolutely surreal to be in this idyllic wilderness area and have to a heavily armed police force along the beautiful roadways out here.
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the police are still out there. they are still searching very hard in this area. so far, no clues. we asked the sheriff whether they came up with any dna evidence in that area where they found evidence of them bedding down. he said so far, they haven't seen any. erin? >> miguel thank you very much. the clinton county district attorney thank you for being with us. i appreciate it. joyce mitchell in jail tonight. she's being checked on every half an hour. are you confident she's told you everything she knows? >> everything she knows? i'm not sure that i'm totally confident about that. i reviewed her statements. i've been starting to review video of her statements. based on the week-long investigation with her and then some contact that occurred yesterday, it's apparent that she's trying to be as truthful i
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think as possible. but in any of these investigations we always find out that potentially somebody continues to hold things back for one reason or another. that may be the case here. but we're continuing if she wants to speak with us through her lawyer we're certainly ready, willing and able to do that. >> and in terms of things she could be holding back obviously, she hasn't told you where they are, obviously, because she either doesn't know or who knows what the answer is. but is it possible it could be something that significant? >> it could be possible that it's something of that line of location where they were planning on actually going to. all she's told us to date approximately seven hours away. no specified location. if she knows that and she can provide that that would be helpful if they have left the area. >> in terms of that is it possible that they were always worried about trusting someone
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like her? somebody that they had to rely on coming through for them. is it possible they fed her false information? for example, just like you said seven hours away they told her that. maybe that wasn't their real plan in case she got cold feet? they didn't want her to know the full story because she might tell someone like you? >> someone like me or someone like one of the several investigators that are working on the case that is true. i don't know that they would have known whether she would have gotten cold feet that friday afternoon. but, yes, maybe that was part of their plan to only give her enough information that they felt if she did come and help them that they would be able to leave the area without too much information being put out there, not knowing whether she would talk to her husband at any point in time prior to the escape
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limiting that information, that's always a possibility. >> now, law enforcement officials have reportedly said the escape plan included killing joyce mitchell's husband. his name is lyle. have you learned anything about that the plan to kill her husband? >> that's something that's been brought up over the last 24 hours or so. we're not commenting. neither of the new york state police or my service is commenting on that issue at this time. >> you have told cnn that mitchell's husband could have been involved in some way. in what way? >> in what way? in a way that she -- that joyce mitchell may have spoken to him, given him information as to what had occurred. that is the only lead that we have of relative to him having knowledge. we have no information that he was involved in the escape or the planning of the escape. >> have you made any deals with
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her? if she gives you information, you go for less jail time? >> absolutely not. >> it's being reported that joyce mitchell was investigated in the past for an inappropriate relationship with david sweat. what was the nature of the relationship in relationship? was it sexual do you know? >> the only thing that i would comment on is that there was a relationship between the two of them that was inappropriate in the eyes of the department of corrections at the tailor shop at clinton correctional facility. as a result of that the department removed david sweat from the tailor shop and kept the two of those individuals separated from each other. relative to whether it was sexual or beyond any -- anything other than just inappropriate
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contact, i'm not going to comment on. >> these two men have been on the run now for ten days. i mean it's incredible right? the average prison escape is a few hours. do you think that they might have had a backup plan that didn't involve joyce mitchell picking them up? is that something you consider likely? >> well with the elaborate plan that -- just to get out of the facility it's very possible that they did have a plan b. we have no information whatsoever as to what that plan b would be if it in fact exists. but, yeah we're -- like you said we're into this over a week and a half now, and, you know it's getting very frustrating not only for my office and the community that i live in and protect, but it's the law enforcement officers the correction officers everybody involved is getting frustrated not getting our hands
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on these two individuals. >> thank you so much. i appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you. joining me now, a retired yy edd nypd detective. you heard all of this. it's possible they had a plan b. if so they have no idea what it is. other officials tells cnn the trail has gone cold. that's a damning trio. >> this is getting like worse and worse as we go along. this is something where you could tell from the district attorney's -- from his body language to that he wants to say yes to a lot of the questions. the problem is this. this could be the biggest red herring joyce mitchell that a prison break has seen. these guys went this -- >> they purposely used her, fed her information -- >> would you haveyou would have to think of that. they knew as soon as the police started looking at cell phone
4:12 pm
records, they would be on top of her within a matter of hours. >> right. >> so these guys had planned everything out. in that respect, this could be something that they thought of well in advance. >> she could be withholding crucial information, such as location which would imply differently than what you are saying which implied she knew something. my question would be in that scenario what incentive does she have at this point to withhold information? >> her getting out of jail free card has been used up whatever she told them ahead of time. if she had anything it would have didn't -- >> he was adamant they made no deals. >> the way these things work is they remember after the facts, after the guys are behind bars. they thought they would have had them within days or hours at this point, as soon as they latched on to her. but since that didn't happen now they are going to be more frustrated. >> when do they pull back? right now you have 1,000 people hunting. at some point you pull back. even -- they could be far, far away. even if they are nearby at this point they can wait it out.
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>> you can't keep up this type of operation this long. you are pulling cops from everywhere. what about the other communities? >> a million dollars a day. thousands of people. >> and the fact that we haven't found any physical evidence along the way, no stolen cars nothing, yeah this could be -- they could be way long gone than we thought of. >> an incredible story. thank you so much. the naacp president, a white woman who said she was african-american resigning. was she lying about her race? the u.s. reportedly killing two top terror leaders. a live report coming up. two teens mauled in shark atakza tacks less than 90 minutes apart. both lost limbs. tonight we have the rescuers and the frantic 911 call. >> oh, my gosh. >> hello. >> somebody has been bit by a shark.
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the head of the naacp in spokane, washington resigning today. rachel dolezal said she was black for years. she said she had been the victim of racial hate crimes including putting a noose outside her house. it turns out she's white. here is a picture of her as a teen. there she is now. tonight as dolezal steps aside, many want answers. stephanie elam is out front. >> reporter: while rachel didn't answer the question about her race -- >> are your parents, are they white? >> reporter: the president of the spokane naacp chapter is stepping down writing -- that
4:18 pm
resignation changing tonight's planned protest into a rally for healing. >> we are going to make the conscious decision to forgive rachel forgive all the things that have happened. >> reporter: the national conversation continues to brew with dolezal's adopted brother calling his sister behavior black face. >> she told me to make sure that no one found out where she was from and for me not to blow her cover. >> this is what we have. we have older white men on our currency. >> reporter: this is giving fuel to critics who see dolezal's actions as deliberate and calculating. >> it's a hurtful thing for me because i believed in somebody that i thought was someone else. >> reporter: she says she's not backing down from her social activism. a stance some in spokane honor despite the dramatic turn. >> it doesn't change how we feel about rachel.
4:19 pm
it doesn't discredit her work and everything she accomplished since -- as long as we have known her. >> reporter: there is more controversy brewing tonight. this isn't going away. i know we are learning dolezal filed a law sought against howard university where she went for a graduate grewdegree. it's an historical black university. >> reporter: i'm a graduate of howard university. i can tell you when she was there, she graduated with a masters in 2002. that's when she filed a lawsuit. she was claiming she was discriminated against based on race also pregnancy, family responsibilities and gender. it's important to point out that her parents have told us when she applied to howard university she applied as a white woman. there was no box to check about what race she was and that at that point people said she looked very much like a white woman. it's interesting to see how this changed. we know a judge threw out the
4:20 pm
case saying there wasn't enough evidence on her side to prove her case. >> thank you very much. now that con troetroversy adding to the question what would lead this woman to completely change her race or to say that she's a race she isn't? i'm joined by a psychologist and a professor of behavior medicine as well as our own don lemon. let me show the picture. as a teenager she's a pale-skinned white kid. here she is obviously darker skinned, different hair looks african-american now. it seepms to most people you are white or black or your parents might be both and you are mixed. her parents were white. >> exactly. >> is it possible she can believe she's black? >> i don't think she truly believes she's black. i think what has happened is she's overidentified with being african-american and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. she can come out and say, you know what? i feel that i am a black woman.
4:21 pm
but when you tell the lie that your race is actually something that it's not and you don't have to go there, you didn't have do that she would still have the respect of everyone she worked with and the great work she has done over the years. when you go over that line now you have to build a reality around that lie. she just really didn't have to go there. >> don, mark said it's one thing to want to identify with a culture and ethnicity. but she took on everything but the burden. we heard about the burden of being african-american the way people look at you differently. she always has the at built to walk away from that. >> she does. we have talked about what's transracial. it's one more thing that white people can do that black people can't. i choose to be black and i will be black now. i don't know of many african-americans who say i choose to be white and not have to deal with that burden. >> it's dead serious. >> it is serious. as we are looking at --
4:22 pm
everybody is doing it. look at tom hanks and rita wilson's son. he says -- he says he identifies as african-american or black and with hip hop culture. you can talk more about this. race is a human construct. she said as much in that statement. she's not talking about it. but i think the statement gives it away that she thinks race is fluid. she says while challenging the construct of race not that race is a fact not that this is what we're born a certain race the construct of race at the core of evolving consciousness. that means she believes in my mind -- >> race is in the eye of the beholder. >> race is in the eye of the beholder. >> if she said that then i don't think she would have all the issues she has now. there's another side of the coin here. >> that's not what she did. she said she was something she isn't to most people. >> exactly. >> she said -- >> she did become over time -- >> she changed the way she
4:23 pm
looked so she would look like what she was saying. >> she started allegedly getting other people such as family members to say cover for me. i don't want you to let people know where came from or who i am as far as race. then again, you are building another construct or reality to cover that. the other side of that as african-americans, there are blacks for example, who are very light and who feel that they have had to pass. and we don't think it's healthy to do that. we may understand why they needed to do it. but we don't -- >> back in the day. maybe some people -- i see some people on television now and i go you are not white. many people i see on television. but those pictures as someone who is from louisiana, those pictures of her as a kid say nothing to me. i have relatives who look like her and who are black, who are -- 100% -- >> you are talking about history of american slavery and what happened -- >> the pictures say nothing to me. many of us evolve as people. you don't look the same as you
4:24 pm
looked when you were 10 12 13 14 15 years old. we all change. the pictures say nothing to me. for me if she wants to identify as black, come on in. but then you have to take the burden that comes with it. when you are applying for housing or whatever it is -- >> you have to be truthful. >> you can deal with the possible discrimination. >> pay a higher mortgage rate. >> the other part of that her parents allegedly outed her. her -- one of her brothers says she's parading as black face. there are certain psycho-dynamics going on here with her family with her. that's why i don't want to condemn her. i don't want to judge her. as a psychologist i have to look at what's going on that she feels she needs to identify in a way but go beyond the identification to actually now telling a lie. when you tell a lie, that's when it starts going off the tracks. >> i want to hear from her.
4:25 pm
i do want to hear from her. is this fun for her or is it real? i put on a character and now i'm getting away with it and it became -- >> i think she has been struggle struggling through the years. she has to get help with it and with the family. >> we are talking to her family tonight. >> wonderful. watch that cnn tonight with don at 10:00. you will hear the family. thanks to both of you. jeb bush joining a very crowded field of republican presidential candidates. can he, should he distance himself from the bush dynasty? the answer may not be what you expect. two teens attacked on the same day, same beach, both lose an arm. theparamedics on the scene with us.
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the former florida governor the 11th republican can't to make it official of the white his last name is very familiar today he tried to portray himself as a washington outsider. >> we don't need another president who merely holds the top spot among the pampered elite of washington.
4:30 pm
we need a president willing to challenge and disrupt the whole culture in our nation's capital. and i will be that president. >> the big question right now is will voters ever see someone with the last name b-u-s-h as an outsider? >> i don't know about that. the 62-year-old john ellis bush towers over george walker. they are loving supportive of one another. but wildly different. like most brothers competitive. the bush family are on board. they are excited and poised to potentially make history. the first name slogan says it all, simply jeb. >> i have decided i'm a candidate for president of the united states of america. >> the 11th republican to jump in. jeb bush acknowledged his famous
4:31 pm
family. >> take that from a guy who met his first president on the day he was born. and his second on the day he was brought home from the hospital. >> he took pains not to appear entitled. >> not one of us deserves the job by right of resume party, seniority, family or family narrative. it's nobody's turn. >> the two eldest sons of george h.w. bush and barbara are similar. but deeply religious, graduates of phillips academy who love supports and worship their father. but those in the family's inner circle say they have never been particularly close. >> have ii have no clue where his head is. >> he admitted in 2014 when asked if his brother would run, jeb has also drown policy line differences. >> i would have not engaged, i would not have gone into iraq. >> that's not where the differences end. george, the extroverted
4:32 pm
self-deprecating ivy league c student. >> surprised that i can write, much less read. >> referred to by his siblings as the family clown. >> used to be known as suzanne, now you are suzanne. i'm george. >> while jeb is the introvert, a policy walk fluent in spanish. it was jeb who was expected to follow in his father's political footsteps, to avenge h.w.'s loss in 1992. but in '94 the bush brothers surprised everyone when jeb lost the race in florida while george won it in texas. an upset that a dozen years later brought their father to tears. >> they took note of his doe
4:33 pm
defeated opponent who showed what decency -- >> clearly a lot of love and pride there. so far, president george bush says he will stay away from jeb bush's campaign because voters don't like political dynasties. perhaps an he will strags of that while not scientific while jeb bush's speech was going live the hash tag no more bush was live on twitter. matthew dowd chief strategist for bush's campaign in 2004. you know both men. how complicated is their relationship? the brothership. >> it's a family that doesn't share a lot of personal dynamics out to anybody, even people like me who have been on staff for
4:34 pm
them. i would describe it this way. haven't been in meetings with jeb a number of times and know george w. as governor and then as president, is jeb probably has a much higher policy i.q. is the best way to describe it much more into the details of the policy knows the details. george w. bush has a deeper emotional i.q. if you were in a meeting with 20 people you would think, jeb knows all the specifics of the policy. but i want to go out with george w. and hang out with him. >> he made me feel comfortable? >> he is like one of us. he figured out things in my life that he was interested in and connected with me. that's a huge difference especially in a presidential race. >> when you are running a campaign. some people say the bush name is the kiss of death. cnn poll right now, george w. bush is more popular than barak obama. this is now a fact. and george h.w. bush is as popular as bill clinton. maybe the bush name is a good
4:35 pm
thing. >> i think there is some positives. but i think when you ask that question which i totally agree with and i have seen the numbers, it's different if you ask do you want to see a third term of. do you want to see a third term of george w. bush and his brother and same with hillary clinton, do you want a third term of barak obama in hillary clinton or bill clinton? voters react to that. voters -- i look at this race right now with these two candidates one came out and had her speech saturday and jeb who came out in a speech today, it's like "jurassic world" for voters. the dinosaurs, they want to figure out how to be successful. campaigns are only the win if they are about the future. jeb has the same problem hillary does which is there is something about it that says the past. >> "jurassic world" i love. when you talked to him, you asked how he plans to identify himself. i thought your question and his answer was telling. let me play it.
4:36 pm
>> who is jeb bush? >> jeb is different than george. jeb is who he is. my life story is different. i don't have to disassociate myself from my family. i love them. but i know that i'm on -- for me to be successful i have to show my heart and tell my story. >> he is trying to differentiate himself. he is focused on telling voters he is his own man. all you did was say, who is jeb. >> yeah. you have to. he has no choice. because of what matthew said because of the "jurassic park" issue. they know -- >> we just lost dana. they were doing -- we got it back? dana? >> you have me here? >> yep. >> so what jeb bush's advisers and friends know is that there are a lot of people out there,
4:37 pm
most people don't know hem. they can't get past the name bush. but that he is very different. he is extremely different from his father and his brother. just like all of us. we're all different from our siblings. it's not just personally it's also when it comes to his interests, when it comes to what he has done. so that was very much obviously the goal of this speech today. you can hear them breaking down here. the idea was to get him to talk about his accomplishments here in florida, to talk about things he has done. yes, of course as matthew was saying there's a lot of hunger for something new and different. and what he is hoping is that people don't really -- people will realize, you maybe he is not the guy we thought he was. we kind of do want somebody who has proven leadership. we want to have somebody who i have heard from his camp is an adult in the room. that's also what he is banking on. that's what he played up here
4:38 pm
today. >> final five seconds, what are the odds he's a nominee? >> i think they have dropped dramatically over the last 60 days. i think he's in a very difficult spot. he lost momentum. now a field that's 15 candidates it's hard to break through. still a possibility, but it's low. >> thanks very much to you, matthew and to dana in miami. two terrorist leaders both reportedly killed in drone strikes. were they? are they dead? we have a live report. shark attacks on two teens 90 minutes apart at the same beach. here is part of the desperate 911 call. >> we have somebody in a shark attack. >> okay. i need you to quit yelling and listen. ♪ [music] ♪ defiance is in our bones. new citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream.
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breaking news. a top al qaeda leader killed by an american drone strike according to national security officials in yemen. he was the second in command of al qaeda jim, this is a big blow to the leadership, isn't it? >> reporter: the u.s. is looking to confirm he was dead. yemen officials say he is dead.
4:43 pm
jihadi websites saying he has been replaced. keep this in mind he is the number one and number two official in the two greatest terror threat to the u.s. the number two leader the deputy in al qaeda and the presumed successor. this is a guy who goes back to bin laden days. he was a lieutenant around the time of 9/11. if he is dead it's a significant blow. the leaders are hard to replace in credibility if they can be replaced in name very quickly. >> they are saying another key figure was killed by a drone strike this weekend. he was behind the attack on western oil workers in algeria, 37 host ajzages killed in that. i spoke with his right-hand man.
4:44 pm
i asked him if he was planning attacks. here is what he said. >> translator: speak in french. no no listen. i do not speak to a woman. if you would like to speak to me give me a man. it's necessary to respect our religion. we are -- we do not speak to women. do you hear me? >> reporter: >> that was that time. i spoke to them again through a male translator. the topic at that time was their goal of killing americans. how big would this kill be for the u.s.? >> reporter: they succeeded with the attack you talked about on the refinery. it would be significant. he's the leader of another al qaeda arm. it was al qaeda in the islamic northern africa. he spread off from that and formed his own freelance group. but tied -- what's interesting about this if you look in the past several weeks, you have significant blows struck, leaders killed. a significant isis leader killed on the ground in syria. you would have this leader in north africa killed by a strike.
4:45 pm
and then this leader of aqap killed in yemen. three successes, presumed they're all confirmed successes, but three successful strikes from u.s. drones in a short span of time. that's significant. coincidental timing. u.s. officials say there's no tie between them. the timing very interesting and real blows in light of the threat weerz talk are talking about. two shark attacks at the same beach on the same day. they both lost an arm. was it the same shark? why is the beach open today? the deadly floods that destroyed a zoo unleashing hundreds of animals. incredible video coming your way.
4:46 pm
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a north carolina beach still open today after two teenagers lost their arms in separate shark attacks 90 minutes apart this a 13-year-old girl was swimming
4:50 pm
in shallow waist-deep water when she was attacked and a 16-year-old boy was attacked less than two miles away. calls poured into 911 as the incidents unfolded. here's a bit. >> we have gotten several calls, and wills help on the way. are any of the fengs completely amputated? >> it looks like her entire hand is gone. >> is there serious bleeding? >> yes. >> is he alert right now? >> is he alert? is he alert? he's alert. >> it's the third shark attack in three days in this one north carolina county, and out front tonight the first responders. tracy and robert they were the first on the scene to help the teens after the attacks, and i appreciate both of you being with us. it has to be horrible what you went through, but you saved lives of these two kids. tracy, you were helping the 13-year-old girl the first victim. what did you see?
4:51 pm
>> when we first came to the beach, the outpour of help for the bystanders was amazing. got on to the beach, and they were all attending to the little girl along with the fire department. >> and can you believe what you saw? i mean you know she's lost an arm. i mean you think about it. you saved her life. >> i credit again, the bystanders. turnaquits were in place by the time i got there. they were all helping the little girl. it was amazing. >> the public's ability to adapt to a situation they found themselves in is what absolutely saved this patients' lives. their quick action. >> which is amaze whatting it says about what people are capable of. robert i know you were there. to you think it was the same shark in both cases? >> we have no way to know if it
4:52 pm
was the same animal life that did both incidents or not. there's no way we can confirm that. >> are you surprised that that beach is open? you know when you think about it two attacks in one day. 90 minutes abart. another attack a couple of days before. you know it seems shocking that beach is open. >> i'm personally not surprised. that's something, you know, it's possible any time you are on the beach. we're walking into their environment. so you know 24-7 365, that's a possibility when you visit the beach and if into the ocean side. me personally no i'm not surprised at all that the beaches are still open. >> tracy, with all the work that you have done there, i mean are you surprised? i know sharks obviously do attack in shallow water, but shallow water waist deep this little girl was not far out. are you surprised about where this happened and what that might say about the shark? i can't say i was surprised about it. it's usually where we go into
4:53 pm
the water, and most people only go in about waist high i would say, and, i mean it is a public beach. >> all right. well i appreciate both of you taking the time and, you know, incredible the work that you did to save those two children's lives. thank you. >> yes, ma'am. >> thank you. out front next jeanne moos. zoo flood, alligator on the loose. hippo running wild. you're going to see the video.
4:54 pm
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there's an alligator, hippo running free through city streets. here's jeanne moos. a lion loose on the highway? a hippo roaming the streets? a bear perched above an air conditioner? sights we're not conditioned to see in the city like toblise, the capital of the former soviet republic of georgia. it was as if noah's ark emptied out after flash flooding destroyed much of their zoo. leaving it feeling like a ghost zoo. the zebras were all right, but the bears seemed to bare the brunt. >> the zoo says half of its 600 animals were missing from their enclosures enclosures. zoo spokesperson called it a hellish whirlpool which only got more hellish as more bodies surfaced. the death toll for people at the zoo? was three. there were a few happy endings.
4:59 pm
the hippo was tranquilized and returned to the zoo, as was this crocodile. >> one man is reported to have found a hyenna on his balcony when he got up in the morning. >> so many animals were shot. so many that the zoo posted on their facebook page. we beg, don't kill it. just call us. >> the zoo's director said some policemen exceeded their authority. officials said some of the animals were just too aggressive to be captured and had to be shot. among the casualties one of the zoo's most beloved animals, a white lion. last year he was just a cub. his body was found on the zoo grounds in raging sun. it was shot in the head by emergency forces. there is no excuse for that. i am disgusted. but another tweeted animals were posing a threat for people and this is the last thing to worry about because many people died.
5:00 pm
when the flood came man and beast ended up in the same boat. jeanne moos cnn, new york. >> a sad story when you think about what's happening there. thank you so much for joining us. be sure to set your dvr to record the show so you can watch us at any time. "ac 360" starts now. good evening. thanks very much for joining us. we have breaking news in the prison escape. new information tonight about the search and a deadly detail of the escape plan one that might land joyce mitchell the prison seem stress known as tilly, in a lot more legal trouble if she had a part in it. word that had she not gotten cold feet about being the get-away driver her husband might not be alive today. randy kay has just confirmed that potential. >> they did


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