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  State of the Union With Jake Tapper  CNN  June 28, 2015 6:14am-6:33am PDT

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mill they're real estate developer and reality tv star is an actual contender for the republican nomination. in 2000 when you were flirting with running as a reform party candidate, you wrote that you're a liberal on health care and you supported a canadian-style system where the government acts as an insurer. is that what you still believe in? >> you know, i looked at that. i looked at it very seriously. i do believe and some people don't agree with me on this, i want everyone to have coverage. i do want people to have coverage. i think that a great forum could be, and i love the free market. i love the way it works. but we never had a free market even before obamacare it wasn't really free market. as an example we're in new york right now. and what i want to do, bid out my health insurance and all sorts of things, we had boundaries. i could only go in new york. if i wanted to bid it out to a company in california, new jersey, anywhere, i mean, and i was getting like, you get no bids. >> but the single payer no more, you're not interested? >> no. you know there are different times. and over the years you've got to
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change your attitudes. you're going to learn things and you're going to change. and i evolved on that issue. i've evolved on numerous issues. >> let me ask you about china because as you may or may not know this is a trump tie. i bought it for this interview. >> not only that. i buy a lot of stuff. >> as you know, they're made in china. >> beautiful tie. >> it's a lovely tie. it's need china. >> correct. >> is it hypocritical at all? >> not at all. >> while you're manufacturing your clothes -- >> no and i'm building the old post office and i just made an order from china, because they've cut their currency to such -- i have -- i'm a private person. i may not be a private person. for long. who knows. we'll see what happens. i talk about my ties in speeches. >> right. >> i'm open. i say my ties, many times, are made in china. not all of them. but a lot of them are made in china. because they've manipulated their currency to such a point that it's impossible for our companies to compete. >> when it comes to outsourcing jobs which is what this tie would be representative issue
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of, one of the issues is that the people in china, the laborers, are paid a lot less and the standards are worse when it comes to the environment and health care and worker safety. >> many problems. i agree with that. >> isn't that -- but what do you say when somebody says -- why don't you be a leader and make these in philadelphia? i'd be willing to pay more for this tie. >> you would and unfortunately, you would see that it's very, very hard to have anything in apparel made in this country. do you know how much is made outside of the country? >> most of it. >> and now vietnam, so many other places. the problem is -- >> american -- >> i know you bring that up. but i put ties in my speeches. >> it just seems interesting because you dinged ford for manufacturing their products in mexico. >> i don't ding them. i say congratulations i think it's a good deal but i wouldn't let you do it. i wouldn't let them manipulate their currency. because that's what they do. >> back in 2012 you tweeted, quote, the concept of global warming was created by and for the chinese. in order to make u.s.
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manufacturing noncompetitive. >> well of course i'm being sarcastic, you know. i love to -- >> that's not to be taken seriously? >> no, it's a little bit serious. there's a little bit of seriousness there. look, we are restricting our factories much more than china. i go to china. they have factories that are much more competitive, i'm not saying friendly, but they're certainly not environmentally friendly. i'm a huge believer in clean air. i'm not a huge believer in the global warming phenomena. >> but the overwhelming majority of scientists say it's real and it's manmade, and things are happening -- >> well, there could be some man-made, too. i'm not saying to zero. but not nearly to the extent. when obama gets up and said it's the number one problem of our country. and if it is, why is it that we have to do our and clean up our factories now and china doesn't have to do it for another 30 or 35 years in their wonderful
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agreement? our wonderful negotiators. they have much smarter, much better negotiators than we do. it's really as simple as that. and that's part of the reason i'm doing this. >> because you're the man the wrote the art of the deal. >> i did write the art of the deal, in all fairness. and a lot of people, the administration hasn't read it obviously. but we have horrible trade deals. >> you would tear up nafta -- >> i think nafta has been a disaster. i think nafta's been a disaster. i think our current deals are a disaster and i'm a free trader. the problem with free trade is you need smart people representing you. we have the greatest negotiators in the world but we don't use them. we use political hacks and diplomats. mexico is smart. they've outnegotiated us to a fair deal. they're going to be the capital of automobiles pretty soon the way they're going. i respect what they're doing. i think it's great. i like mexico. i love the mexican people. i do business with the mexican people. but you have people coming through the border that are from all over. and they're bad. they're really bad. i've spoken to border guards,
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and i said how bad is it? they said, mr. trump, you have no idea how bad. you have people coming in and i'm not just saying mexicans. i'm talking about people that are from all over, that are killers, and rapists, and i mean they're coming into this country. >> let me talk to you about that for one second. the government of mexico called those comments prejudicial and absurd. and i think that what they're objecting to is the idea that of the 11 million undocumented workers, illegal immigrants, whatever you want to call them, in this country, that you're painting them with a very broad brush, rapists, criminals, when that's probably a very small percentage. >> no, no, i don't think it's a small percentage. it's a lot. but it's not mexicans necessarily. they're coming from all over. >> you talked about building a wall and having mexico pay for it. >> yeah. >> how exactly are you going to get mexico to pay for it? >> mexico has not treated us well. mexico treats us as though we are stupid people. which, of course, our leaders are. i don't blame mexico. china's even worse. >> how do you force a country to build a wall?
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>> you force them because we give mexico a fortune. mexico makes a fortune because of us. a wall is a tiny little peanut compared to the kind of money -- >> so you would cut off business or impose tariffs unless they built the wall? >> i would do something very severe unless they contributed or gave us the money to build the wall. i'd build it. i'm very good at building things. >> can we talk about isis for one second? >> yes. >> i think you said that you want to bomb the oil fields in iraq? >> yes. >> to take on isis. >> the only way you're going to beat them is that. you know why they're rich? because they have the oil. now if you remember -- >> they have the oil in syria, though. >> they have some oil in iraq. >> there's a refinery that they're fighting with the iraqis. >> and they're going to get it. fighting with iraq. they're going to get it. the iraqis will throw up their arms, they'll leave and it's just one of those -- >> i don't think iraq. i don't think the government of iraq would want us to bomb the oil fields. >> the government of iraq, there is no government in iraq. the so-called government in iraq went to iran to meet with iran. iran is going to take over iraq. that's as simple as that.
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okay? as simple as that. >> i don't know that iraq, the government of iraq or whatever you want to call them, would support our bombing the oil fields in iraq -- >> who cares. >> okay. >> i don't care about the government of iraq. they're corrupt. the government of iraq is totally corrupt. who cares. >> let me ask you about a few social issues because they haven't been issues you've been talking about for several years. i know you're ee posed to abortion. >> right. i'm pro-choice. >> you're pro-choice or pro-life? >> i'm pro-life, i'm sorry. >> so how important is that issue to you now, when president trump picks supreme court justices, would that be a litmus test? >> it is. it is. look you have a lot of pro-choice people out there. but that is an issue, it's very interesting because in terms of polling, the pro-choice is actually going down a little bit. you know, it's very interesting. >> let's talk about same-sex marriage. you said a few years ago that you were evolving on that issue. where are you? >> i'm traditional marriage. it is changing rapidly. >> but what do you say to a
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lesbian who's married, or a gay man who is married, who says donald trump, what's traditional about being married three times? >> well, they have a very good point. but you know, i've been a very hard-working person. i've had actually i have a great marriage, i have a great wife now. and my two wives were very good. and i don't blame them. but i was work iing maybe like hours a day -- >> i'm not asking you to explain your divorces. >> i'm saying i blame myself because my business was so powerful for me, i don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. >> what do you say to a lesbian or a gay man who are married, and say -- >> i really don't say anything. i am just, jake, i'm for traditional marriage. >> i want to note that the interview with mr. trump took place before the supreme court issued its ruling on same-sex marriage friday. he said afterwards that he would have preferred that the high court leave the issue to the states. our interview with the donald is not done yet. polls show he is hot on the
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my here at c.k. mondavi.on, the vice president of operations to make this fine wine it takes a lot of energy. pg&e is the energy expert. we reached out to pg&e to become more efficient. my job is basically to help them achieve their goals around
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sustainability and really to keep their overhead low. solar and energy efficiency are all core values of pg&e. they've given us the tools that we need to become more efficient and bottom line save more money. together, we're building a better california. welcome back. the so-called 11th commandment often erroneously attributed to ronald reagan decrees to republican candidates thou shalt not speak ill of another republican. now plenty of folks have flouted that rule. but perhaps none with as much relish as one mr. donald trump. taking notable aim at jeb bush, who is just ahead of him in the latest polls. you seem to really be taking on jeb bush, in particular, in your campaign appearances.
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why is that? >> i don't mean to. and i've been told that by others. i was actually told that by my wife. and i don't mean to. because i think he's a nice person. i watch him. i think he's a nice person. and i actually felt bad because i hit him very hard one day and i said, why am i hitting him so hard? >> his approach to you seems to be not taking you seriously. his campaign, not taking you seriously. >> trust me he takes me seriously. >> you think so. i was going to say, what is your message to jeb bush? >> my message is i think he's a wonderful person. and i look forward to seeing him. >> but in terms of him not taking you seriously. >> you know he takes me seriously. and his people, believe me he takes me seriously. >> why do you say that? >> because, they call. >> and what do they say? >> what would you think? >> stop it? stop attacking beb? >> you know what? they take me so seriously and they do call and they write, and just believe me they take me very seriously. >> okay. >> but with all of that being said, i really think he's a nice
6:29 am
man. i think he's a wonderful man. i don't know if i want him negotiating with isis. i think trump will do a lot better. you think so, too, but you're not going to say it. >> i don't know if anybody's going to negotiate with isis. >> you could bring them to a point, look, the whole isis thing has to be ended. it's got to be stopped. we have to stop that. what's going on over there is incredible. >> let me ask about the other side of the aisle, hillary clinton. i was surprised to read that hillary actually went to your wedding. >> she did. >> she went to your wedding and i know you contributed to her campaigns in the past. you've said that her husband is the best post-reagan president -- >> well i can't go with bush. and senior bush i really liked. but read my lips i couldn't stand it. >> are you still in touch with the clintons? >> no. i'm not. i'm not at all, actually. >> how do you -- are you worried at all that somebody who has given money to hillary, she was at your wedding -- >> i give money to everybody. >> republican voters in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina might be concerned about that? >> no. actually a lot of people like her. we have gridlock in washington.
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for instance, i've helped nancy pelosi. i've helped reid. i'm a business. >> right. you gave money to reid and pelosi to help recapture congress in 2006. >> i'm a business. you know, i was in business. i built a great company. they always treated me nicely. we need that in washington. we have total gridlock. >> so you will argue to voters, yes, i gave money to reed and pelosi to help recapture congress but this is what we need, more bipartisan -- >> i'm a conservative republican. i'm a very conservative person, actually. but i get along with everybody. i would be more successful in beating hillary, assuming that she gets it, which i think she probably will. although -- >> who knows. >> who knows i mean if you go back a few years she was going to get it before obama came along. that was like a dead -- that was a done deal. >> you think bernie sanders can beat her? >> well he's making a lot of progress. you would have said and i've watched him. i've seen his crowds. i get crowds that are fantastic, too. he's got that. he's got a lot of people going to see him.
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do i think so? no i don't think so. but you know, stranger -- hey, you've been in this world a long time. >> absolutely. >> stranger things have happened. some people look at you running for president and say, this is just about ego. it's just about getting his brand out there. what's your message to those people? >> my message is that they're wrong. it's something that i've looked at over the years. i looked at it very seriously as you know four years ago. i've been thinking about it very seriously over the last period of time. and i've decided i'm going to do it. and -- >> you're in it to win it. >> i'm in it to win it. look, i give up a lot. i give up hundreds of millions of dollars in deals and potential -- you know, things that i do. in all fairness, i don't want to sound trivial, nbc renewed "the apprentice" because we had a great season last season. and they would love me not to be doing this. i will tell you right now. the top people come to my office and say, please do this -- i'm not doing it because of this. i can't do it. i'm not allowed to do it. essentially, legally i'm not
6:32 am
allowed to do it. but i give up the apprentice. these politicians i see them all the time. i'm with them now. they run, they lose, they win, all they do is run. they don't lose anything. they help themselves. i'm giving up hundreds of millions of dollars. forget about what it cost. that's peanuts. the cheapest part is what it costs to do it. i'm giving up hundreds of millions of dollars to do this. i'm giving up a prime-time television show. i'm giving that up to do this. i'm a little blunt, but -- >> just a little. >> but you know what? maybe that's what we need. we have to take it back. we have to take our country back. we've lost our jobs. we've lost our money. we're a third world nation and we're a debtor nation at the same time. you need somebody with the kind of thinking -- i built a great company. i have some of the great assets of the world. and i talk about that only from the -- not bragging. i talk about it because that's the mentality that this country needs. we need that mentality now. and we need it fast. >> donald trump, thank you so