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tv   New Day  CNN  June 29, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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this morning, convicted killer david sweat, is in custody and fighting for his life suffering from two gunshot wounds to his torso. cheers from spectators as the ambulance arrives at a hospital in albany new york. >> extremely limited. he will be basically 24/7 lockdown for the rest of his life. >> this photo obtained by cnn moments after the capture shows sweat bloodied and in full camouflage guard. you can see the wounds to his chest. >> the swarms like bees. >> reporter: he was shot by jay cook during a routine patrol less than two miles from the canadian border. >> he was alone when it happened. go home tonight and tell your daughters that you are a hero. >> reporter: the fugitive was jogging along the road when cook spotted him.
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that's when sweat took off, nearly making it to the woods when cook opened fire. >> the terrain is so dense, you can't see five feet in front of you. if sweat made the tree line he would have been gone. >> sweat and his deceased partner in crime, richard matt used pepper to throw off tracking dogs. >> we had difficulty tracking so it was effective in that respect. >> reporter: matt was killed in a shoot out with police. >> it was an extraordinary circumstance. the first escape in over 100 years, but one escape is one too many. >> reporter: now, chris, law enforcement saying because of where he was found two miles south of the canadian border they believe that's where he was headed. to give you perspective, he was about 16 miles away from where his partner, richard matt was shot and killed on friday. he was unarmed.
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however, police authorities here are happy that he was kept alive because that is going to be key. here at the hospital chris, they are working, trauma doctors, cardiovascular doctors working to keep him alive to question him. >> so many questions surrounding how they got out and stayed there. we are talking three weeks on the loose, like it was a long time. it could be years given the type of terrain they were dealing with. how did they do it? we have details on the clues and strategy that took law enforcement from new york to canada. we have more in new york. polo? >> reporter: good morning. really sweat was close to slipping away very close. in fact the field behind me is where sweat and the police sergeant locked eyes. off in a distance you are able to see or make out a tree line about a mile and a half north of
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that is the u.s./canadian border. there was concern he would be able to slip away. instead, a couple shots changed everything wounding david sweat, leading to this headline and relief for people in the communities. this is not just felt here. four hours south of here in broome county with the family of kevin. he was brutally murdered in 2002 by david sweat. the family is speaking out and their appreciation. i would like to read a portion of it. we would like to express our thanks to the thousands of law enforcement officers who worked tirelessly. we are certain kevin was with you all keeping you safe through the process. really alisyn the last three weeks have been personal for the family and the people in the communities. it's been extraordinary. >> nerve-racking for everyone involved. thank you for that. we want to bring in jeff
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dumas. thank you for being here. are you surprised by how the capture ultimately went down? >> no. those officers out there did an outstanding job. the border patrol tactical unit and the state police sergeant it's wonderful. can't ask for anything better than that. >> there is a question this morning as to whether or not david sweat will survive. he's in critical condition. you have a condition certain that if he survives and if he starts talking, the information may not be trustworthy. in your experience what will he tell investigators? >> well that's what you have to worry about is what's in it for him? if he is going to tell the truth, we have had in the past inmates that escaped who never, ever told us and they have kept it inside the whole time. we will see if this guy is
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narcissistic if he has that type of ego, he wants to display everything he's done and tell the truth or mislead investigators and play a game to entertain himself while he's locked in. >> really, what is in it for him to talk? >> the only thing that is in it for him is a bargaining chip for him now. within the department he's going to be locked in his cell 23 out of 24 hours a day in solitary confinement. he's goupg to try to use that chip with new york state so he isn't locked in 23 out of 24 for an extended period of time. for this he's going to get seven to 12 years of solitary confinement. he will use it as a bargaining chip to get out early. >> is that right? after a prisoner escapes, generally they get seven to 12 years of solitary confinement as
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punishment? >> yeah it's going to be a disciplinary hearing. they will sanction him for what he did and obviously, that is for reasons of safety and security. if we have a threat who can escape, he needs special attention. he needs to special cell. that's where he is going to go. >> if he talks, he can somehow avoid that stretch of solitary confinement? >> he won't avoid all of it but some of it. it depends on new york state and how they bargain with this guy. >> you say the big deciding factor in your experience because you have dealt with escapees before because you have dealt with ego. >> exactly. morgan and dale in 2003 as soon as they were caught their egowent through the roof. they were willing to tell us everything they did. they were so proud of
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themselves. they wanted to make the department and that facility look like they won, they beat them at that game. so now we have sweat in custody. we will see what he is going to be, what his personality is going to be like. >> do you anticipate more charges with the prison guards? gene palmer and joyce mitchell. do you think it's bigger than those two? >> it is bigger than those two, but i'm not sure if anybody is going to be arrested. i say it's bigger in that the policyies that have run the facility they need to be changed. >> what is wrong with the policies? >> you had the honor block. so hopefully, the honor block for a maximum security facility of 3,000 inmates like sweat and matt, hopefully the honor block
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goes away. there's no need for that. you have the policy of inmate labor in the cat walks and the tunnels. there's no reason for those individuals to be used for labor purposes to save a dollar. bring in civilians, plumbers electricians let them fix the problems inside the facility and give the inmates simple jobs around the facility inside. you know new york state says they are going to rehabilitate them by giving them a job. no you are giving them access to crucial parts of the facility and security things that help them significantly. >> jeff dumas, great information. thanks for being on "new day" and thanks for your expertise. thanks so much. we will raise all these issues when we speak more about this case with new york's governor andrew cuomo. back to chris. >> if you think of what happened with the prison escape think to
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north carolina where we go where 29-year-old convicted killer christopher mcneal broke out on saturday with the help of a kitchen worker. sound familiar? mcneal was back behind bars sunday night, that's the big difference there. however, the worker is in custody, charged with three no no's. aiding and abetting harboring a fugitive and having sex with an inmate. greece could default in less than 24 hours. officials are scrambling to do anything they can to stop it. richard quest is live with the latest in athens. what is the scene there, richard? >> reporter: good afternoon from athens where it is now lunchtime. just after 2:00 in the afternoon. if you want to know what a bank run looks like this is what
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happens in greece at the moment. most of the people in this line behind me they are greek citizen zs trying to take money out of the bank. overnight, of course the banking system has been shut down. the stock market is closed and the people here are being restricted to just 60 euros a day. now, that works out to about $67 a day is all they are allowed to take out for the time being. the reason of course alisyn talks with the other european countries broke down. the bailout expires tomorrow night. greece is about to default on more than a billion of debt to the imf and the country is to have a referendum on its future next sunday. put all this together and you see a sense of crisis. here is the interesting thing, alisyn. there is no -- it's surreal here
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in athens because although people are restricted on the amount of money they can take and they have no idea about their financial future business is going ahead. the shops are open and athens people are on the street. >> a new normal they hope doesn't last that long. richard quest, thank you so much. we'll check back with you. in cairo the league is holding a meeting to discuss the terror attacks in kuwait and tunisia as details emerge about the gunman who killed 38 people authorities took him out. let's get to nick payton walsh. he got access to the hotel where this erupted friday. nick? >> reporter: absolutely chris. important new details about the gunman who went through the hotel killing 38 30 of them british. we are hearing from the prime
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minister. he says clearly, this man, they believe, acted alone, has some accomplices. there's no outright link to isis. they are examining his colleagues at university six or seven who may have introduced him to radicalism. they think he was radicalized online. there's no question he traveled abroad where isis has training. we haven't necessarily rule it out. behind me the interior -- about to give a press conference. they were talking to british citizens applauding them to stay on. here is what we heard from a german tourist who decided to carry on his holiday. he witnessed the attack. >> it is explosions. smoke. smoke. and i look to my wife, hurry up
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hurry up. >> reporter: now, the other question raised who was the man who drove the gunman to the hotel? isis claimed responsibility. they put up a picture of the gunman up with that statement. were they involved in the planning? that question is to be answered. the minutes following the minister in the hotel behind me. >> keep us posted on the answers. nick thank you. the deadline for a deal with iran is tomorrow. senior u.s. officials tell us it is not going to happen at least not tomorrow. like the last deadline all sides will remain at the negotiating table for as long as it takes. officials say there are a number of quote, unresolved issues and word come thag the iranian foreign minister returning home to thai ron for 24 hours of consultation.
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in the u.s. lgbt rights celebrated. this is the turkish police breaking up the gay pride parade. thousands in attendance sunday, despite police warning them not to march because of ramadan. this is the largest gay pride parade in istanbul. funeral services today for a victim of the church massacre. myra thompson is the eight victim to be laid to rest. four others took place over the weekend. meanwhile, the woman arrested for trying to take down the confederate flag in charleston in defiance of police on the ground, remains free on bond this morning. upstate new york can rest easy this morning. two murderers who broke out of prison have been neutralized, as they say. we are talking live with andrew
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cuomo about the end of the manhunt. plus despite the ruling the fight for lgbt rights continues. conservatives are lobbying inging congress to take a desperate action against it. one of those fighting the fight joins us next. staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... introducing boost 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. so it's big in nutrition and small in calories. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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fugitive david sweat in an albany hospital this morning. he was captured nearly a month after escaping prison. he got within two miles of the canadian border before being shot by a new york police officer. joining us with the developments is new york governor andrew cuomo. thank you for being here. what an ordeal the past 22 days have been. how relieved are you this morning? >> tremendously so alisyn. you have to remember from a governor's point of view running a prison is one of the most challenging aspects of the job and one of the most frightening. a prison with have a major problem where people lose their
4:20 am
lives. we had a prison uprising in new york during my father's time. we had the prison uprising. it's frightening. we have never had anything like this before. this is one of the toughest prisons in the state, 100 years old. no one had ever escaped before this escape. 100 years. this was peculiar on every level. they had facilitators, cooperators cooperators. it was fascinating. at least it ended well. these were very dangerous individuals. no one got hurt no law enforcement got hurt. that was a big deal. >> no residents in that area. everyone was afraid. i want to ask you about david sweat's capture. he was shot by a new york state police officer. he looked conscious. he looked sort of okay in the moments after his capture.
4:21 am
we understand his condition has been downgraded. can you tell us if he's conscious and in critical condition this morning? >> he is in what they are calling critical but stable alisyn. he was approached by a lone new york state trooper who was a sergeant trooper cook whom i spoke with last night. trooper cook saw someone on the road. he stopped his vehicle, he got out, he questioned sweat, he recognized sweat. they had been watching the photos obviously for three weeks now. he challenged is the appropriate term sweat. sweat turned around started to run. the state trooper sergeant chased him through the field. they were only a mile and a half from the canadian border. sweat was headed for the border and a tree line. the trooper knew he would lose him in the tree line.
4:22 am
he couldn't catch sweat. at one point, he goes down on one knee and fires two shots stopping sweat. you then see the pictures of sweat. he was conscious and coherent. his condition, later on deteriorated to critical but stable. he was wearing camouflage gear he had a bag. >> yeah, we see that. while he was conscious, was he able to provide investigators any answers? >> no, they didn't really question him. they were more concerned with his medical health. he had a bag with him that had a number of supplies. he had maps he had a certain amount of tools, bug repellant, wipes, pop-tarts. interestly is the breakfast of christopher. so he had a number of items in the backpack which as part of
4:23 am
the investigation, we want to find out where they got them. was it planned before? did he acquire it after the escape? we still want the ongoing investigation to find out exactly how they did this and the extent of cooperation they received from the people in the prison. >> governor if he does before you are able to ask that question how will you figure out what needs to be fixed in that prison? >> well we have two people in custody. we have the woman, mitchell who believed she had a romantic affair with either one or both of the escapees and she facilitated their escape. she put the hacksaw in the ground beef that a corrections officer transported to the prison. and the hacksaw is how they got out of the cell.
4:24 am
once they got out of the cell they got to the cat walk. once in the cat walks, luckily, they found what's called a job box. a very large steel box used by contractors to keep their tools. it was locked. one was a burglar, so they could pick the box. they opened the box, there was every tool you can imagine. they used the tools for the escape. >> we only have a few seconds left. we got a tip. i just want to check it out with you. is it true when you got the word that richard matt was killed that you were actually fishing at that time? >> i'm sorry? >> is it true -- >> sorry, the audio has gone dead. >> is it true you were fishing because the source we have here says that you are posing with what is an impressively large fish but that is not what you
4:25 am
caught. you are just posing with that fish that somebody else caught. true or false? >> oh that is totally false. that source i would disqualify that source from any other information. that is actually breathtaking. my breath has been taken right now, as i sit here. >> good to know. governor thanks so much. we know you are relieved. we appreciate all the information that you have given us and looks like you had an impressive weekend out there fishing. thanks for joining us on "new day." >> we caught a number of things this weekends. it was all good. >> that's right. yes, very good. you were on a roll. excellent. thanks, governor. >> you notice he wasn't holding the fish in his hand he was holding it with a grip. a violation of man law, by the
4:26 am
way. >> i didn't know that. >> just so you know. from that governor to one that would certainly hold a fish in his hand chris christie. what are his chances? what does he know that makes him confident despite the polls? john king has a look "inside politics." g the menu. mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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this morning, greece is in the headlines and for bad reason. it is taking desperate measure to keep the economy from going belly up. banks there will be shut down all week. there will be a limit on withdrawals and atms. all of this after debt negotiations broke down. they could see a default as early as tomorrow. it could be expelled from the euro zone. donald trump is out at "the apprentice," reportedly so he can run for president. critics hope the move is permanent.
4:30 am
200,000 people signed a petition to cut his show after comments he made about mexicans. john king. >> nice fish mr. cuomo. how did you do? >> just because he's holding the fish doesn't mean he caught it. i know you would never do that john king man's man. >> a family feud you can work that out among yourselves. >> busy day to go inside politics. jackie is here from the daily beast, olivia from yahoo! news. what to do in the wake of the ruling on same-sex marriage. if you listen to them they say it's important to respect religious liberty, if you are a christian church or evangelical or in private business. how do you exempt yourself and comply with this? listen to governor mike
4:31 am
huckabee. does he go over the line with this? >> if they have a con yenious objection, they should be excused. i don't think they should all say it's the law of the land. there's no enabling legislation. >> get it for somebody in private business. this is a sensitive issue. if you support same-sex marriage a governor and attorney general, they put their hand on the bible and promise to uphold the law of the land. like it or not, this is the highest court of the land and they say this is the law of the land. >> i don't think they can. it's not feasible. it doesn't seem like a lot of governors are going to do that. it is the law of the land. mike huckabee has a certain constituency he is looking to. they are not happy about the ruling. he is speaking to his people.
4:32 am
>> is it credible cultivating, if you will if you are telling people in leadership positions they should ignore the law? >> on the political front, it's the avenue to the long shot candidate for the white house. this is his only path. we saw a few hot takes from the republican field after this ruling includeing bobby jindal saying we should do away with the supreme court. some of these guys are running for the right. those with a general election shot a big one, jeb bush and marco rubio say i don't like it but it's the law of the land. we have to respect it. >> the ohio governor john casic is low on the polls, but he was an establishment camp that does not like it personally but -- >> but, i think everybody needs to take a deep breath and see how it evolves. religious institutions and entities like the catholic church. they need to be honored as well.
4:33 am
i think there's an ability to strike a balance. >> to strike a balance a more sober tone there. there has been analysis over the weekend maybe this is an opportunity for the republicans, if they can put these issues behind them they can focus on national security and the economied in 2016 election. that is more favorable for them. that is true if they can get across the quick sand. is there reason to believe f you put ten or all 15 or 16 debates, they won't get stuck in them. romney didn't want to say self-deport, but that's where he found himself tugged. is there a reason to believe jindal and others in the debate they can say let's not debate these issues? let's not go right and drive other people away? >> i would be shocked if this doesn't come up in a debate. you have all these people vying to be on stage. all these tiers, they can't put them all on stage at this point.
4:34 am
because there are pockets, there's a conservative candidate. you are going to have the conservative who is the most am bass tick and trying to get attention. >> it's not 2004 when george w. bush was running for re-election. he came out banning same-sex marriage. it's not 2004. the dynamics have changed. no they are not going to get an easy path. it's going to be in the debates. the establishment don't want any part of it. >> another establishment candidate, we put him there, the new jersey governor chris christie. he's low in the polls at home and when you look at what republicans want. chris christie is jumping in the race tomorrow. he said the best advice he got was from his mom. >> i taught you that in a trusting relationship you don't hold anything back. and, if you are going to run for president of the united states and you are going to ask these
4:35 am
people for their vote that is the single most trusting thing they can do as a citizen, is to give you their support. so you better tell them exactly what you are thinking and exactly what you are feeling. when you ask about my moral compass, that's it. that's it. >> the 2016 version of straight talk from john mccain. the work where is his avenue to come back from the bottom? >> it's a very crowded -- even on the straight topic express, it's crowded. someone like john casic, with the same monotra. new jersey their economy is a problem. chris christie has to have an answer to that. >> if he has a chance it's a strong showing in new hampshire where that plays better where he plays better as a candidate. >> a couple footnotes on the democratic side.
4:36 am
bernie sanders agrees with the same-sex marriage ruling. he defended his gun record. he says i'm from rural vermont. you have to respect people who want to own guns. he says obamacare is great, but go to a single payer system and make it better. >> i do believe that we have to move toward a medicare for all single pair system. i think it's not going to happen tomorrow but that should be the goal. >> this is way to keep it establishing a viable alternative in the polls? he's closing in. is this the way to do it? keep that liberal base in. >> bernie sanders is saying what he believes. it's working for him. look at the poll numbers in new hampshire. when we get to a more split crowd, i think he might have a problem. >> let me jump in on this one. we have vice president biden went from ame emanuel church with his son hunter.
4:37 am
the wall street journal has a fascinating story today. we talked about this in the past. he will decide by august whether or not to get into the 2016 race. how can he do it now? he hasn't built a staff. beau biden, before he died told his father i want you to run. hunter biden said dad, why don't you do it? >> they are saying this is not the appropriate time to discuss anything like this. the vice president is a vigorous, energetic campaigner a politician. he loves the fray and the fight. he's taken on a lot of difficult jobs inside this administration crushing the stimulus, iraq and other jobs. as you say, it would be tough to get in and tough to build the kind of machine, national organization he would need to. officially everyone in the white house is saying how can you ask this right now? >> it would be interesting to see him on the campaign trail. no structure at the moment.
4:38 am
it's fascinating to watch. we want to have respect for the vice president as he goes through this grieving period. it will be interesting. he hasn't called in or built a staff, but he is a joyous campaigner. we'll keep an eye on that. >> that would be an interesting development. does friday's ruling on same-sex marriage put religious freedom at risk? some say yes. they are calling on congress to act. we will hear from a vocal opponent on same-sex marriage, next. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. when you get up to 50% off thousands of hotels with travelocity it means you can also afford to get up to 50% swedish-er swedish massages. making it the place to find a place for summer escapes. go and smell the roses.
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friday supreme court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage is prompting criticism from lawmakers. they are calling for greater religious freedom protections. 90 are co-sponsoring the first amendment defense act. is this move a way to legalize discrimination against same-sex couples? it's the religious freedom laws we have state by state. let's have someone arguing in the affirmative say thg is a
4:43 am
good move. senior fellow for policies for the family research counsel. good to have you on the show. make the case f me. why is this necessary? >> well nothing in the supreme court's decision changes the first amendment right for the free exercise of religion. there are people who are hostile to the free exercise of religion by those who believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. the first amendment defense act is an effort to make sure that the government does not discriminate in government action against private entities because they hold to the belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. >> why is it needed? when you look at massachusetts and other states with gay marriage you do not see cases like this the idea of the
4:44 am
christian baker who is a christian first and baker second. you don't see a lot of cases like it. you have such strong defense of your right to free exercise under the constitution. >> what we saw in massachusetts after marriage was redefined in that state was, for example, catholic charities long involved in the adoption business was driven out of the adoption business because they had an objection to placing children with same-sex couples. there was no shortage of adoption agencies willing to do it. catholic charities chos to operate on the basis of their convictions, they were forced out of business. that's an example of the government discrimination based on religious viewpoint that is this type of law would prevent. >> why isn't that a law of example of discrimination by the
4:45 am
religious? a church or synagogue doesn't have to marry same-sex couples if they don't want to. it's bubbling as a scare tactic in the wake of this decision. but, you say catholic charities, if you want to adopt babies and be part of that process, you have to be equal to all. that's equal protection. if you don't do that and respect the law of the land you are discriminating. you are not discriminated against. fair point? >> even if there is an establish established fwi law or the court right of same-sex couples to adopt, as long as that right is able to be exercised, then there should be maximum accommodation for people from an objection to that. otherwise, you are simply using
4:46 am
the coercive power of the state to try to force people to change their deepest religious convictions. that is definitely contrary to our first amendment rights. >> absolutely. i don't see where it is involved with the free exercise of your right. it is not a part of being a catholic to not give babies to gay people. that's not part of the catholic catechism and that's the question that this law, as the religious freedom law did. it smacks familiar to what happened in the wake of the laws and the civil rights laws where people said and some cited the bible, some stated religion and said it's against my beliefs, i shouldn't have to participate. you know that's not how the law works here. >> well the problem with your premise, chris, is you think that you have the right to dictate how someone else
4:47 am
exercises their religion. if you disagree with their convictions about how to apply their religious beliefs, they shouldn't be allowed to aplay it that way. it's not the way it works. individuals and religions get to decide for themselves how to exercise their religious convictions. >> we both know that your religion my religion is the rule for you and for me but not for all. you don't project your religious beliefs on to the behavior of others. we can't do that. this seems like sour grapes and a little bit of trying to defie, which is okay culturally but it is not okay when it comes with the supreme law of the land. >> i'm talking entirely right now, this whole conversation has been about the activities of either private individuals or private organizations that are acting on their religious beliefs. that has nothing to do with how the government treats people.
4:48 am
it's sad that people who have achieved a great victory in terms of the supreme court ruling are unwilling to be gracious winners and allow other people to simply disagree and act on their beliefs. >> where are the cases? we know about the one infamous pete and the christian baker. do you believe there's a reasonable expectation that if you want to get married to your partner, your same-sex partner, you are going to use a baker that doesn't want to use you and sue them. you are going to seek people that hate you for your own wedding? do you believe this is going to be something you have to protect against? >> well i just read an article in the newspaper this morning that in one of these cases involving the wedding industry, involving a reception at a farm in new york in fact the same-sex couple actually recorded the conversation in
4:49 am
which they called and requested the opportunity. this is not something where -- i mean it was obviously a set up. they were setting up a challenge. this is the kind of thing that i think is inconsistent with our tolerant and diverse society. we should be able to have diversity in our views of marriage as well. >> it's dangerous in selective tolerance. you don't hear this from so-called bakers or second marriages or marying adulterers. peter, let's save it for another day. this is going to be an ongoing discussion. see what happens with it. thanks for joining us on "new day" and having this contest. >> thank you, chris. >> absolutely. what do you think? this is not done because the supreme court said something. it doesn't make it our culture. what do you think? tweet us #newdaycnn or
4:50 am alisyn? >> it was a family affair. stephen matts made his next debut and impress zed on the mound and at the plate. they call it a debut for the ages. andy has the details in the bleacher report. that's next. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation
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lebron is now a free agent. let me tell you about sports. yeah he was opting out of the last year of his contract that he has. >> he is? >> yeah. the cleveland fans shouldn't be too worried this time around.
4:54 am
yeah. andy has this and more with the bleacher report. >> good morning. yeah. lebron is not going anywhere. it's a formality. i wouldn't be surprised if he plays the rest of the year with the one-year contracts. by doing so he maintains all the power within the cavs organization plus when the new team deals kick in lebron can get a new raise. the big fish that has a realist realistic of changing teams is aldridge and gasol. new york pitcher had himself quite the debut. mattz went 3-3 at the plate with four rbis. and the four rbis is a major league record for a pitcher in his debut. you have to check out the matz family in the stands. they were going nuts all afternoon. especially grandpa. he loved it. he said after the game he loves
4:55 am
hitting. the mets won the game 7-2. you had to know it would be a special day for matz he grew up from down the road where the mets play. >> do you understand everything about sports? i do. i have a way of getting it when you communicate it to me. >> that's good. i've never been accused of that before. it took three weeks. some say they might never have found the guys. it could have taken years. we're talking about these two convicts in new york state. one wound up dead. the other one now in critical condition. the investigation far from over. we'll tell you the questions and the answers ahead. at book club they were asking me what you're doing now, janice. blogging. your blog is just pictures of you in the mirror. it's called a fashion blog todd. well, i've been helping people save money with progressive's discounts. flo, can you get janice a job?
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he was shot twice in the torso. >> at this time his condition is listed as critical. >> he's be on 24/7 lock down for the rest of his life. on the brink of financial
5:00 am
ruin this morning. >> we don't know it whether a last-minute deal can be stitched together. >> the situation will deteriorate rapidly. >> someone has abused our flag of hate. >> it's a symbol of bigotry. a symbol of racial hatred. >> the true spirit behind the flag will never die. >> this ruling is a victory for america. >> it is wrong. it is not law. and it is not enough. >> it's the law of the land. we'll abide by it. >> this is "new day".." good morning welcome to "new day." nick is off today. we have news about the manhunt for the two fugitives in upstate new york. it is over! a policeman shot and wounded. david sweat days after his fellow escapee richard matt was shot and killed. >> sweat was taken down


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