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tv   Wolf  CNN  June 30, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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but as long as my focus and my team's focus is on what is going to make a difference in the lives of ordinary american ss. are we going give them more opportunity to so if they work hard they can get ahead, are we going to make this a more inclusive economy, a more inclusive society, a more fair just society, if that's our north star and we keep on tacking in that direction we'll make progress. i feel pretty excited about it. i might see if we can make next week even better. [ laughter ] i love press conferences. it's my press team that's always holding me back. [ laughter ] i want to talk to you guys everyday. [ laughter ] sorry, josh.
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>> translator: we take the issue of security in large events very seriously. we take the question of security in large-scale events as a very serious issue which means that we involve all of those bodies or agencies that can and will ensure proper security during the upcoming olympics. they include the armed forces the federal police service and all of the state-level police bodies in the state of rio de janeiro. we already have experience in the public security arena because last year we organized and stage the world soccer cup and we did -- we had to provide security not only to just one city we had to cover the whole country and there was not one single action that was left uncontrolled in the 12 different host cities of the world cup in brazil.
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thereby establishing a very effective control system by means of command-and-control centers as well as monitoring control centers covering all activities including the displacement of athletes as well as high-ranking government officials and authorities so we followed up on and ensured proper security conditions to all of those steps. and that is why i am certain that we will be in a position to ensure absolute security during the olympics just as was the case during the last years world soccer cup. i actually believe that the upcoming 2016 olympics to be held next june and july in rio will be a unique and special occasion because it will bring
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together the joy of the brazilians and the beauty of rio. of course each country thinks they have the world's best city but i think rio de janeiro is the world's best and most beautiful city so the olympics will bring together excellent organizational capabilities and also the wonderful ability of brazilians to receive visitors and athletes and all of those who wish to come to brazil off standing invitation to come to the olympics because we assure not only proper security conditions but we will make sure you will be able to enjoy beautiful and great celebrations during the upcoming olympics i'd like to now call upon our sao paulo daily newspaper reporter for the second question. >> reporter: petrobras, our state own oil giant are being sued by investors who lost millions of dollars and it's being investigated by the
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department of justice because of allegations of corruption. is it an issue of concern? >> you know, i make it a policy not to comment on active cases that are working their way through the justice system. partly because the people here in the united states know that the lawyers work for me and i want to make sure that we appear impartial. i'm not familiar with all the details of the case so i'll decline to comment on the specifics. i will make a general statement that i have had the opportunity to work with president rousseff on the open government initiative we've been trying to
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mobilize internationally and brazil has been a great partner in that process. that the more we can create accountability and transparency in our government systems, the better off we're going to be. and that takes work it takes time but brazil's been a strong partner with us in that process and i hope that both countries can continue to make progress on that front. >> translator: i would like to highlight the fact that petrobras is indeed one of the major oil producing and oil exporting companies in the oil and gas industry. petrobras has more than 60,000 employees. some employees working for petrobras did engage in acts of corruption therefore the
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investigation, of course, that is going on has been going on by the federal prosecutors' office and they are being sued by that office. the circumstantial evidence available from the prosecutors are pretty substantial. so what i'm trying to say is that all legal measures that may possibly be taken against or petrobras will have taken to account thatting acts of corruption were practiced within petrobras but it does not involve 100% of the company and all staff members so it therefore follows that those who did practice acts of corruption be held accountable and be punished. the people who actually engaged in these acts of corruption should be punished. to them though, what will happen in terms of the corporate
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processes. the good news about petrobras is that it's a strong company. very well managed today with proper governance processes and compliance processes, well in place and properly adjusted. were that not the case how could you probably understand that it has come to a production level of 800,000 barrels a day. further more it was awarded this year the so-called oscar of the oil industry oil and gas industry by the otc, the innovation award was granted to petrobras this year. so petrobras is a corporation that is at full blast. it's a fully operational company, not the contrary. now, as regards to your second question. i have never appointed for have i dismissed ministers that may have been appointed or dismissed by the press or by the media. that being the case i will await until all facts and events
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be properly looked into and disclosed before i come to an assessment. but at least in principle i think it's important and necessary that all of us have access to the same information. the brazilian government does not have access to the court records. strangely enough there was this selective leakage of information supposedly or allegedly stemming from the dockets or the court records so apparently people are free to say whatever they want and those who are accused have flo way of defending themselves because they don't really know exactly what they are being charged with. we are a country marked by a democratic process. we were able to put an end to all of the arbitrary arrangements and violations of rights in the past. in the case o of brazil we had a strong military dictatorship so given our track record we should really enshrine the right to defense. we should stick to the principle
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of sentencing only when evidence is available, not the other way around. i mean supreme the right of proving that they are innocent. only those who accuse are the ones who should provide evidence of guilt. that's the underlying basic principle of western civilization that we all share. that's what we talk about when we talk about democracy, people's right to a fair defense. and also the burden of proof. the burden of proof lies on the accusing party and it should be of course, a grounded type of evidence not just allegation speculation. that does not ensure access to all of the court records. that would be medieval. it would send us back to the middle ages. that's not what we do in brazil today. >> jim, about last week i had a chance to do the rose garden celebration of the court decision around same-sex marriage. i do not have a chance to comment on how good the white house looked in rainbow colors.
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[ laughter ] that made it a really good week to see people gathered in an evening outside on a beautiful summer night and to feel whole and to feel accepted and to feel that they had a right to love. that was pretty cool. that was a good thing. >> reporter: no regrets on involving -- >> that was a good thing and the only bad part about it was i couldn't go out and peek at it myself because then i would have had to clear out all the people or secret service would have. so i could only reflect on it from a television screen. that's a moment worth savoring. thank you very much, everybody. >> all right the president of the united states and the visiting president of
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dilma rousseff wrapping up a nearly one hour joint news conference. we want to welcome back our viewers in the united states and around the world, i'm wolf blitzer reporting from washington. lots of important issues came up in the course of the q&a with the two presidents including the fate of that iran nuclear deal that u.s. and others are negotiating right now with iranian officials in vienna austria. i want to bring in gloria borger our chief national correspondent jim sciutto. let's talk about what the president said about these iran nuclear negotiations. he made it clear that unless the ayatollah khamenei the unless the iranian president rouhani, unless they all agree to what the u.s. thought they agreed a few months ago, if they back out of any of those commitments the united states and the other permanent members of the u.n. security council and germany will walk away from a deal. that's what the president said. >> we're now in overtime on these negotiations. double or triple overtime depending on how you count it
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with these delays but this is for all intents and purposes the final extension possible up to one more week july 7. the president saying listen, if we don't get the things we want we will walk away. which is something negotiators have said before throughout these talks. verifiable is the word he uses. the trouble the standard for verifiable has changed over the course of the last 12 16 18 months with things like how much do the iranians have to admit to 'fess up to for past military work? how much -- how many inspections they have to allow and where based on the hints and public comments from others involved in this. he says you won't have a deal unless you can verify, but the definition of "verify" is very key. because from what we're hearing, that definition has been watered down. >> were you surprised the president once again when he was asked specifically about those four americans who are still in prison in iran right now, if there's any linkage, must they
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be released must they be freed as part of some sort of nuclear deal which gives the iranians at least $100 billion in frozen assets almost right away. the president did not directly link their freedom to any such deal. >> that's been a consistent administration position this is basically a challenge for another time. yes the president said we're deeply concerned, yes in his words we will push hard irrespective of a deal but they're willing to make a deal with three americans behind bars in iran one still missing, robert levinson. the families are not happy with this. they like the families of other families held hostages feel like they haven't been given their chance and that this is a missed opportunity. it will be impossible to satisfy them. but it's a difficult position to walk away from, what would be a his store deal with a lot of money going to iran with those three americans behind bars. >> he did take a victory lap at that news conference responding to questions from jim acosta
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our senior white house correspondent. he made it clear, gloria he was extremely, extremely happy with what happened here in the united states last week. >> but true to the no drama obama form he didn't spike the ball in the end zone. he was understated what about occurred last week at the beginning talking about trade and how the court decision on obamacare and same-sex marriage was gratifying. but what i found interesting was he came back to it afterwards because he clear lyly had this vision in his head when the white house had rainbow colors that evening -- >> to support gay rights. >> and he was inside the white house. you've got the sense that he was somebody who was kind of trapped watching a celebration that he really wanted to participate in and he couldn't do it and i bet he actually thought about going outside the white house to celebrate but he said to see
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people feel whole and accepted that they had a right to love, that was a good thing and he said it was a moment to savor. i think this is kind of part of the obama that's showing a little bit more of his inner thoughts to the american public because now we have this vision of him in the white house watching that celebration feeling quite gratified the court decided that way. >> that victory lap i was referring to at the end of the news conference on his own. he didn't have to bring up the whole issue once again of same-sex marriage here in the united states and that rainbow color that emerged outside of the white house friday night. he basically said to those who oppose same-sex marriage in the united states, the supreme court has ruled, get over it. >> that's right. and one more other thing from today that i found interesting, the whole nsa spying scandal which kind of she canceled a visit here once before and she
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sort of said today we're going to engage directly and i told the president pick up the phone any time you need a question answered which leads you to wonder why that never happened before. >> he did say the greece crisis is enormous for greece for the eurozone for the europeans. the spillover he suggested in the united states might not necessarily be that huge. >> he said primarily of concern to europe. he even made a point of saying he thinks the markets have priced this in already, the dangers in the u.s. markets, et cetera. so him i think trying to calm the markets to some degree but it's a risky thing to say this is primarily for europe because the european economy, america's number one trading partner, if they experience a major dip there's no question there will be questions. >> a lot of jittery people, the new york stock exchange dropping 350 points, the worst drop of this year. guys stand by we'll continue to assess what we just heard. we're also following breaking news out of new york state where top officials are now being held accountable for the escape of
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breaking news on the fallout from the prison escape and the manhunt in upstate new york. 12 people have been placed on administrative leave, that includes the prison superintendent who is basically the warden. his deputy is also on the list. it also includes nine members of the security staff at the clinton correctional facility. let's discuss what's going on with evan perez and jeff dumas who worked at the clinton facility. jeff, 12 people put on leave, three garpds.uards: this is a huge deal which seems to suggest there were major blunders there. >> it is a huge deal. however this is a move that is kind of expected from the
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government in albany. we kind of expected it. none? of these people are going to have anything do with aiding in the escape. they are going to suspend these people just because of where they worked. probably the officers in the block that evening even though they did their rounds and their job correctly because of the escape they'll probably be suspended. so it's going to be suspending and pending the investigation. >> but there's a separate investigation under way right now is of the facility allegations of drug use, heroin use. >> it sounds dysfunctional, with all due respect. it appears the state government has decided to move quickly here because they know not only is their an ongoing investigation by the state inspector general the fbi in assist the state police in investigating the
10:23 am
escape escape found there was widespread use of heroin and that there was concern and that there was a drug trafficking ring including these two escapees. so now the question remains where any of these people were lax on their job. there was allegations some of these guards were sleeping during the time they were supposed to be working so it appears some deep deep problems here that the fbi and others were try to get to the bottom of. >> well as far as the heroin use, it's an epidemic amongst criminals. they all come in they all have prior drug use. and it's not just that facility. and it's not just new york statewide it's across the country. >> but the question is how do prisoners, some of whom are serving life in a maximum security prison like the clinton correctional facility without the possibility of parole. how do they get heroin? they have to get it from guards. somebody has to bring it in. no.
10:24 am
>> no no it doesn't come from the officers. the visiting rooms that the families come into is where majority of the drugs come in. >> so somebody's -- how do they let the families come in with heroin? >> there is no way to detect -- we send them through a metal detector so that we will eliminate guns knives that kind of thing but heroin drugs, they don't come up in a metal detector. >> well they should come up some other way, then right? they should physically go through everything they're bringing in to see if there are illegal drugs that these family members are bringing into a prison. >> they do. but one of the common ways to get it in is to -- for a woman to have a balloon of heroin she can stick it in her bra, anywhere we are not allowed to frisk the person because we don't have that right. they haven't done anything wrong. they're simply coming in to visit so we can't physically frisk their body. and they hide it on their body and in their body. goal in into the ladies room, we can't monitor the ladies room they have personal privacy,
10:25 am
they'll throw in the their mouth, come back and, wolf they sit at a table very similar to this in the visiting rooms. there's no plexiglas with a screen to talk to. it's just like you and i and the women can lean over the table, they can touch their husband, hold hands and as soon as they kiss him, she just passes the balloon of heroine to him. >> there are video cameras watching everything going on. >> no. >> well there should be. >> absolutely. there should be a lot of heightened security measures there there. but the way the sedate works, it's the bottom dollar they want money. >> who wants money? >> the government. the new york state government. >> they have to fix this. they have to fix this. to hear a maximum security prison in my home state of new york where this is going on and what we heard was going on with these two convicted killers serving life in prison and having these opportunities to serve in an honor block and go out there in the cat walks and have a party if you will this is crazy.
10:26 am
>> i agree. i 123e7b9 2spent 22 years of my career there. it's unbelievable how well murderers, child rapists, how well they are treated. they aren't treated like inmates. they give them liberties, they give them the job, the light heat and power guys to go fix this. they are learning the infrastructure of the facility. that's a security risk. but the warden or the superintendent at the facility he can't govern that. because he is a superintendent and not a warden albany has control. >> i think the governor of new york has to take charge has to learn from the lessons not only here at clinton correctional but attica some of the other major prisons in new york state. go through it point by point by point and learn from what happened and make sure it obviously doesn't happen again. >> yes, because we had the escape in elmira in 2003. >> i remember that very vividly.
10:27 am
we'll continue this. we values a new image of the end of the line for the fugitive killer richard matt. some of you may find the image disturbing. matt was shot by police when he refused to surrender last friday. we'll show it to you right. matt and fellow fugitive david sweat split up several days before this. police noticed the smell of alcohol as they approached the body. new york governor andrew cuomo says they found richard matt had blisters on his feet and that may have contributed to matt and sweat splitting up. meanwhile, david sweat has been upgraded from serious to fair condition. he's been talking to investigators from his hospital bed in albany new york revealing details about the escaped plan. we are also hearing from joyce mitchell the prison worker who admitted she helped matt and sweat escape. her attorney now says mitchell is "ecstatic" that the manhunt is over, that no one other than the inmates were injured. coming up as the holiday weekend approaches why is there
10:28 am
now here in the united states a heightened concern over a possible terror attack on the u.s. homeland? plus donald trump dropped from nbc over comments he made about mexicans and immigration. now an unlikely ally coming to his defense. the details and more when we come back. g
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there are growing concerns of a terror attack. intelligence officials are warning local law enforcement agencies across the united states of possible domestic attacks on the holiday weekend. this comes after recent terror attacks in tunisia, france and kuwait. some 30 americans have been arrested so far this year on charges of trying to support isis or similar terror charges. and the u.s. homeland security committee says to expect the number of arrests to increase. >> we just arrested an isis follower yesterday that was planning to build an explosive device to hit a landmark.
10:33 am
we had another individual last week to blow up the george washington bridge. i anticipate you'll see more and more arrests as we lead up to the fourth of july holiday and that's to get these people off the streets so they can't conduct a terrorist attack. >> the advisories from authorities don't point to any active plot against the u.s. homeland but they do say the islamist terrorist threat is the highest it's been in years. how possible is it? with us here is phil mudd, the cnn terrorism analyst, former cia counterterrorism official also jonathan gilliam from new york, a former fbi special agency police officer and air marshal. phil mudd how concerned should we be about this latest advisory from the department of homeland security and the fbi? >> back when i was at the fbi we'd meet everyday to talk about threats. firm sitting at that threat table today i would be nervous and the reason is straightforward. back through the first s.e.c. cade of this century after 9/11 we had a target, that is al
10:34 am
qaeda, that we could use intelligence capabilities against. intercepted e-mails, for example, if you look at the call for from isis now you step back and say who are we supposed to target? some kid who's never travelled? some kid who just wants to shoot up a shopping mall or something. so you say if one out 30630 million americans wants to heed that call we have a problem. >> and given the availability of weapons in the united states jonathan and soft targets that are so plentiful this causes enormous fear especially this notion of a single individual striking out. >> well wolf i'd like to see people back up from fear a bit and increase their awareness. as phil will tell you, that's the way we find these people either through sources, intelligence or our own awareness as agents that are out there searching for these individuals an right now -- you know let's look at the boston bombing, for instance that bag,
10:35 am
one of the bags that was set down sat there for two and a half minutes and one of the individuals that had his blegs blown off told law enforcement when he woke up i know the guy who did it i saw him put it down there and i stared at that bag for two and a half minutes. he didn't do anything. that's the biggest thing i think right here besides what the authorities are doing is that people need to increase their awareness of what is normal and what is not. that will be the biggest thing that saved them. >> that's a good point. if you see something suspicious tell somebody, don't just stand there and phil, that's the advice we're getting from jeh johnson, secretary of homeland security, james combey they're saying the same thing. go have your fireworks, barbecue celebrate, but just watch a little bit more carefully. >> i think the message from jonathan is significant. when you are looking at the al qaeda target it was the federal government who would go to locals and say hey, we ear looking at a sale in pakistan
10:36 am
that might have reached back to the united states. wow wouldn't expect a local police department, a state police department or the sheriff to call the feds and say "we see something." now with this disorganized threat that game has reversed. as jonathan says you have to look at a family member or friend somebody in the street to be vigilant because you won't pick these up from federal security services. >> we'll watch it closely. hopefully it will be a wonderful happy joyous fourth of july for all of our viewers out there. guys thanks very much. the road to the white house getting increasingly crowded. today it grew more with chris christie jumping in. you'll hear why he thinks americans should put him in the white house.
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at the high school where he served as class president some three decades ago, the new jersey governor chris christie today launched his long-awaited presidential campaign. he enters a crowded field of republican candidates. he's number 14 who's made the official announcement. once a political favorite christie's popularity has recently taken a hit over the
10:41 am
bridgegate scandal in new jersey and questions over new jersey's finances. that doesn't seem to phase chris christie. >> i am not running for president of the united states as a surrogate for being elected prom king of america. [ laughter ] i'm not looking to be the most popular guy who looks in your eyes and tries to figure out what you want to hear say it and turn around and do something else. when i stand up on a stage like this in front of all of you, there is one thing you will know for sure. i mean what i say and i say what i mean and that's what america needs right now. [ applause ] [ applause ] >> his logan is "telling it like it is." as you heard, that seems to be what he's trying to do right now. let's bring in gloria borger and david chalian. gloria how did he do? >> i thought it was great for him. it's his brand, i'm the truth teller i won't fool around with you, we have to talk about the
10:42 am
problems we've got. it's not easy to do that for a half hour talking to an audience extemporaneously. this has been his brand for his entire public career and he's sticking to it. it took a detour during the bridge gate scandal and he's trying to get it back on track right now. >> i want to play a few more clips of what he said. >> so listen you want to have the conversation later i'm happy to have it buddy. but until that time sit down and shut up. did i say "on topic?" are you stupid? on topic, on topic. next question. good thank you. thank you all very much and i'm sorry for the idiot over there. take care. if you decide what you want to do is put on a show today, let me tell you something, i can go back and forth with you as much as you want. after you graduate from law
10:43 am
school, if you conduct yourself like that in a courtroom your rear end will get in jail, it idiot. >> that's not what he said today but over the years. he's obviously very blunt. he talks in a tough way like that from time to time. will that play going forward? >> i think we just saw wolf a chris christie greatest hits volume one and two. it's the greatest hits of what he's been doing in the new hampshire town halls and as gloria was saying like getting his brand out there then you see volume two and it's like these are his greatest hits also which cuts both ways. seem people finds that refreshing then he crosses a line and people are turned off and concerned like do we want someone that brash? is that presidential? i think you'll see him turn that more to his advantage than disadvantage.
10:44 am
disadvantage. >> gloria, you spoke to his wife and she spoke about how that bridge gate scandal impacted both of them. >> she did. it's a very tough time for their family. here's the truth teller accused of somehow being behind this plot to close the george washington bridge and i asked her whether the family kind of felt like they had been abandoned by their friends. take a look. people abandoned you? >> i think you felt like people were against you and you wanted to shout what the truth was. when you here in those situations you know you can trust your family and so we leaned on one another in a strange way. i think it was healthy. i wouldn't recommend it but it was healthy in some ways. >> she obviously is a very very active part in their family. and in his life. she got very personal in this
10:45 am
interview. >> she did. she's quit her job on wall street which was quite lucrative. he loves to talk about how she's the breadwinner. now she will be campaigning full time. i also asked her about this sit down and shut up kind of chris christie kind of person and she said you know sometimes when people are rude that's what he's going do back. so she was very defensive about that behavior as well. >> we'll have much more of this interview later on your special report in the situation room later tonight. david, he did wait a little bit long though. he's number 14 among the republicans. is it too late? i guess the broder question is he had a real shot maybe four years ago, maybe a better shot then than he has now. >> big question did he miss his moment? the waiting was in large part due to the new jersey budget which is just wrapping up now in new jersey so he wanted to wait for that portion of his day job to be done. so i don't think it's too late in the season now but the bigger question wolf is did he miss his moment?
10:46 am
he's add about middle to low single digits 4,% nationally or so. he's going to try to town hall his way through new hampshire and to try to catch that magic. make lightning strike for him again, similar to what john mccain in 2007 and 2008. i don't rule out that that could happen but it's a narrow path. >> very quickly. suddenly donald trump getting backing from another republican presidential candidate for his controversial remarks about mexicans and immigration. >> ted cruz says he likes the brashness in the donald and ted cruz was out there this morning sort of giving donald a shot in the arm, donald trump tweeted back a big thank you to ted cruz. i have think that also shows you which wing they're both running in in the conservative race inside the republican nominating race. i'll be more surprised if we see jeb bush. >> david and gloria -- >> the enemy of my enemy is my friend. >> stay with me for a moment. i want to turn to president obama right now. he's obviously coming off a banner week. the u.s. supreme court decision upholding a key provision of obamacare. the court affirming same-sex marriage, the passage of trade legislation and a news
10:47 am
conference just a little while ago with brazil's visiting president. our own senior white house correspondent jim acosta asked the president if last week was his best week ever and what he'll do going forward. my best week? my best week, i will tell you, was marrying michelle. that was a really good week. ma li yalia and sasha being born excellent weeks. many of what i did was a culmination of what i've been working with. how am i going to spend whatever political capital i've built up? the list is long and my instructions to my team and my instructions to myself have always been that we are going to squeeze every last ounce of progress that we can make when i had the privilege of -- as long as i have the privilege of
10:48 am
holding this office. >> for the first time in more than two years, half of the country right now approves of the job the president is doing. in our brand new cnn/orc poll his job approval rating is at 50%. gloria this is a good bump for the president going right now. what do you make of this bump? why is he suddenly at 50%? it's the highest he's had in quite a while. >> you know the old saying nothing succeeds like success? this is a president who's had a lot of success in the past week and those people in one wick ofng of the party, the more progressive wing of the party who might have been down on him suddenly might be more up on him. the popularity of obamacare is growing and also i think people are beginning to feel a little bit better about their own economic future and you can't discount that at all. it's what drives american public opinion. >> our new poll also shows david, that americans agree basically with those supreme court decisions. for example, 63% support the high court's views. 34% are opposed.
10:49 am
those numbers have an impact on his legacy. >> no doubt, because that is support for the obamacare ruling and this is his legacy. that's why that ruling was so consequential when it came down that john roberts of all people the chief justice, would be the person twice now to secure the obama legacy. i can't think of another accomplishment from his two terms in office thus far, the second up with not complete, that is going to be more prominent in his presidential library or in historic discussions about the presidency than obamacare. >> and it might be the iranian nuclear deal if that should occur occur. >> we'll see if that happens. the poll also shows there's strong support for the court's decision on same-sex marriage. allowing same-sex marriage. you see it right there, 59% support the u.s. supreme court decision on same-sex marriage. 39% oppose. presumably that will impact his job approval as well. >> it will impact his job approval. it's also going to impact how
10:50 am
the republican party tries to navigate this social issue because in the primaries, while they can run to the right on same-sex marriage and they've been doing it some of them talking about a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage which would never go anywhere american public opinion, including young republicans, is five or six years dramatically and republicans are going to have to position themselves to take that into account in a general election. >> there is another poll number that we have not necessarily all that encouraging for the president. americans have serious doubts about these nuclear negotiations under way with iran the final day is right now. how is president obama handling the u.s. relationship with iran? only 38% approve. 58% disapprove. that's a potential source of serious concern for the president. >> without a doubt, wolf. as gloria was just saying the president has said this will be on me. if we -- if the united states somehow gets a deal with iran and it falls apart and that region of the world gets more
10:51 am
unstable president obama knows that is going to be part of his legacy as well. . he says he's ready to accept that. >> we have significant numbers to assess. coming up nuclear negotiations with iran are going into overtime again. we're going to get an update on where things stand. and president obama tells iran deal or no deal the ball is in your court. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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. this was supposed to be the deadline for reaching the nuclear deadline with iran but negotiators extended the talks to july 7th. president obama says the ball is in iran's court. the iranian government must agree to talks in switzerland. >> there's a lot of other talks on the other side from the
10:56 am
iranian negotiators about whether, in fact they can abide by some of the terms that came up. if they cannot that's going to be a problem. because i've said from the start, i will walk away from the negotiations if in fact it's a bad deal. if we can't provide assurances that the pathways for iran obtaining nuclear weapons are closed and we can't verify that if the inspection regime is inadequate then we're not going to get a deal. >> so where do the nuclear talks stand right now? where do the u.s. and the other negotiators go from here? aaron david miller is a president at the woodrow wilson center in washington. deal or no deal? what do you think? >> nobody ever lost money betting on this but i'd say a deal yeah.
10:57 am
both sides have too much invested. it's the end game. a lot to lose. the president was right, though. he's confident, he's empowered and made it very clear that the iranians have to stick to the terms of the agreement. he did say some of the -- >> he said they have to agree to what they agreed to at luzon which was a couple of months ago and the ayatollah said the u.s. and other presidents iae, can't go to military facilities they are not going to get the history of what iran did in its nuclear program. he's laying out a public line that if in fact the easternensiranians back away from that he will look silly. >> he will set the tone. he can legitimatize whatever deal they sign. so i still bet, even at this late hour with all of the problems and complications,
10:58 am
we're probably heading to are a deal and, in large part i think it's a good deal. a really good deal. think about it from tehran's perspective. they give up or put constraints on a weapon they have not yet made a decision to develop and may not choose to develop it in return for billions of dollars of sanctions relief and legitimacy and a way to increase their influence in the region and they still maintain the capacity to weapon uponize if they decide to do that. it will kick the can down the road. >> the president was asked specifically why not link the release of those four americans, including a washington post reporter a u.s. marine why not release them he says -- he was asked, as part of this deal. the iranians are going to get $100 billion in sanctions
10:59 am
relief at least free these four americans. the president is not making a direct linkage between these four americans and this deal. >> that's right. they have compartmentalized irans at home and i think the real problem is not the nuclear issue. the real problem, ultimately is iran's behavior in the region. frankly, unless iran transforms we're going to feed their aspirations through sanctions relief. >> the billions of dollars that they are about to get, they are going to use that money not necessarily to use a bomb but to -- >> clapper said that he believes iran still primary -- one of the major sponsors of terrorism in the world today. look, unless you're talking about a transformed regime you're talking about a deal that serves the narrow interests of each side but is not going to
11:00 am
dampen iran's aspirations. >> thank you for joining us. >> pleasure, wolf. >> that's it for me. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. in the eastern room. our coverage continues with "newsroom" with brooke baldwin and that starts right now. wolf blitzer, thank you so much. hello, everyone. i'm brooke baldwin. the manhunt may be over but the fallout that brought the new york prison to its knees is just beginning. david sweat tells police that he and richard matt did indeed did a dry run the night before they tunnelled their way out of the correctional facility. this news comes to us after word that 12 people including three executives in charge of the clinton correctional facility have just been placed on administrative leave, including -- let me show you a photo -- this man here in green on your screen talking to new york governor andrew cuomo. this is the prison's superintendent along with the top brass, nine