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  CNN Tonight W Ith Don Lemon  CNN  July 1, 2015 7:01pm-7:21pm PDT

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>> because our country, honestly, it's going to hell. >> joining me now, donald trump. you have to be ham pill about this newest poll. it has you second behind jeb bushel 19 to 12 pnt. why do you think you're doing so well? >> well, i'm not happy to be behind jeb bush, to be honest with you. he's extremely weak on immigration. he thinks people come over for love and i'm not at all happy. i don't understand how he's at first place, but i'm certainly honored by the poll and people are understanding my message, which is basically make america great again and we're doing very well. >> why is he beating you then? >> i have absolutely no idea. maybe it's the bush name. but the last thing we need is another bush. but i will tell you, i'm a little surprised that he would be in the position he's in. look, i'm right behind him and i think we'll do very well. i'm surprised, if anybody, i'm surprised it would be him. >> in your mind, why shouldn't he be president? >> i don't think he's got the
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gravitas. i don't think he's a negotiator at all. we need somebody who can trade deals. we need to make our country rich again to make our country great again. he's not a guy that will be able to negotiate with china, make deals with iran. it's just not his thing. i think he's probably a nice person. i have no idea. but he's just not somebody who's going to take us to the promise land. that's my opinion. i feel strongly about it. >> you're a blunt talker, so is chris christie. is he competition to you? >> he's a frernd iend 06 mine. i like him very much. you know, years ago, i kept saying chris, go do it, go do it. and if he did it, he would have beaten romney. but i think chris christie, you know, is a good man. but i just don't think it's going to work this time. i think he's got a lot of problems. i just don't think it's going to
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happen. i think four years ago he would have beaten romney and i think he would have beaten obama. but this is a different age and a different time. there's been a lot of water over the dam. >> well, my colleague, glor ya, just interviewed his wife and she believes that the bridge scandal is behind him. you say he has problems. what problems does chris christie have? >> i think the whole, they love the talk and they love the bluntness and he's been through such a hard time. i understand. he's really suffered over the last couple of years. and i just think it's probably -- and i may be wrong. i mean, who know's what going to happen? who really knows? and if you would have told people three or four weeks ago that trump would be in the position he is, and, by the way, speaking of that, i've always said if i ever announce that people have ever felt, i walk down the street and everybody wants this business ability that i have and other abilities. they wanted to make the country great again.
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and, you know, and i've always said that if i announced, and if people felt that i was actually going to run, i would be at the top of the polls. and that sort of happened. >> but, you know, it seems like, to me, and this is just me, that you're getting clobbered by the leaders of the party. the leaders of the party don't appear to be taking you seriously. but the actual voters appear to be taking you seriously. that has to be frustrating. >> the leaders of the party take me very seriously. and i'll see them on television when i say look. you know, when you're number one and number two in the polls, michigan just came out number two. i think michigan is an amazing place, by the way. they came out i'm number two in michigan and i haven't been -- i haven't campaigned in michigan yet. and, frankly, i think they're taking me very seriously. i'm getting notes from people at the top of the party. i'm getting noets from other participants. >> what will it take for them to support you publicly?
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>> don, you know what they like to do? they like to say, "well, we don't consider him a serious candidate." why wouldn't i be? i went to the wharton school of finance, it's one of the hardest schools in the world to get into. i go out, make a tremendous fortune, i write a number one selling book of all time. i do "the apprentice." tremendous success. renewed again, which, by the way, nbc was not happy when i ran because they wanted to run the "apprentice" but that's okay. and then they say oh, some governor who's nothing, some senator who's not very good, i'm going to take his place on the stage. isn't that too bad because i'm at number two and they're at number 12? i'm saying to myself, why wouldn't i be on the stage. i've had a great record of success. by the way, i'm employed tens of
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thousands of people over the years. tens of thousands, don. i don't mean, like, 500 or something. i mean, tens of thou sands of people over the years. and to this day, i'm building the post office on pennsylvania avenue. and then i'm not supposed to be understaged by a politician who hasn't done a good job? >> you're going to stay on this long enough toe be on the stage for these debates? >> of course i will. why would i ever get out? i want to see our country thrive. our country is being run by people who don't know what they're doing. i want to see great trade deals so that instead of china, it's a one-sided deal. they're sending stuff to us. if we're sending stuff to them, it's almost impossible to get it in. take a look at the deficits we have with china and japan and, by the way, mexico. i love the mexican people. i've had a great relationship with mexico and the mexican people.
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and i'm really disappointed -- >> let me talk to you about that. >> don, i'm really disappointed in our relationship with mex quo. what's happened is the mexican leaders and negotiators are out-negotiating our people wauz because our people are not smart. >> let's talk about mexico. i don't mean to cut you off, but let's talk about mexico. you did mention nbc not being happen. they cut ties with you today because of your comments about mexican imgrants. >> because they're weak. you know, they cut ties because they're weak. and it's very sad to see. that's it. i'm talking not about mexico. i'm talking about illegal immigration. and it has to be stopped, don, in this country. >> hmm. >> it's killing our country. >> let's talk about macys. >> people are pouring over the borders. we have incredible border patrols. these are incredible people. and they can't do anything. people are pouring into the united states. i guess some come from mexico,
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but they come from all over the world. by the way, they come from the middle east. we don't even know where they come from. >> why did you have to say that they're rapists, though, donald? why did you have to say they're rapists? >> who's racist? >> no, no, no. not racist. why did you have to say they were rapists? >> well, if you look at the statistics -- >> i didn't see about mexicans. i said the illegal immigrants. if you look at the statistics on rape, on crime, on everything coming in illegally into this country, they're mind boggling. if you go to fusion, you will see a story about 80% of the women coming in, i mean, you have to take a look at these stories. and you know who owns fusion? univix. and it was in the huffington post. i deal a lot of talking with people on the border patrols. they're incredible people. >> i want to get some clarification. >> no, but don, all you have to do is go to fusion and pick up
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the stories on rape and it's unbelievable when you look at what's going on. so all i'm doing is telling the truth. >> i've read the -- i've read the washington post. i've read the fusion. i've read the huffington post. and that's about women being raped. it's not about criminals coming across the border or entering the country. >> well, somebody's doing the raping, don. you know, well, who's doing the raping? >> um-hmm. >> who's doing the raping? how can you say such a thing? so that's -- look. the problem is you have to stop illegal e legal immigration coming across the border. you have to create a strong border, don. if you don't, we don't have a country. >> i want to get this macys in there because macys cut ties with you today. they took the stuff off your shefls. macys is a company that stands for diversity and inclusion. we have no tolerance for discrimination in any form.
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how do you respond to that? >> they folded under pressure. it's not a big business for me. it's very small. it's ties and stuff. but they folded under pressure. terry lundgrund folded under pressure. he says -- who knows. they folded under pressure. that's the problem with our country. everyone folds under pressure. instead of doing the right thing, immediately, they have two people go outside with a sign and you see twro pick ets and they say oh, gee, this is pressure. pressure. people can't handle pressure. and that's what they did. they did a total fold. and that's okay with me. that's okay with me. it's a very small business. let them do what they want to do. >> this came from -- this says trump statement. i don't know if you put it out or your company put it out. it says i have decided to terminate my relationship with macys because of pressure put on them by outside sourgss. >> i was told that they said they're under pressure and i said you know what, let's folds
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it up. >> and you had concerns about products being immediate e made made in china? >> that's true. it's a part of my speech. you're not bringing up anything really novel, don. it's -- i would make it part of my speech. that i go out and ties made in china, i'm not in love with it. but the fact is that china so manipulates their currency that companies in the united states, don, can't compete with them. and it's all because of currency manipulation. currency manipulation is the bane of the united states. kwhooi that and other countries, japan is one of the greatest of all time. what they do in terms of colonel any currency manipulation is amazing. japan has so knocked down their currency. so the currency manipulation is if biggest probable we have.
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and we don't even address sdsh we don't have e even have a prth who president who understands what it means. >> why didn't you ebd that relationship sooner? >> when i heard they were under pressure, i said let's end it. they were folding under pressure. they can't handle pressure. >> all right. >> a lot of people can. bid the way, i've had some calls from people that are fantastic. they're tough. they're smart. and they were put under pressure and they said don, no way. and they just ride it through. i've had this all of my life. you have to ride it through. macys was unable to handle pressure. they folded like dogs. >> we come right back, more with donald trump. i want to know if the campaign were an episode of "the apprentice" who would donald trump fire? or make a backyard pizza oven? oh yeah. i can almost taste it now. tastes like victory. and pepperoni...
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everybody said oh, no, he'll never do this. iffy're a very successful person, or even a successful person. i've learned it and i've heard it for years. it's very hard to run for political office. okay? >> okay. i want to ask you this. and since i found out i was getting the interview with you, i wanted to speak to you about this. nine sded in charleston. when you hear what's happened there and other racial-related stories around the country, what do you think is a problem? and what would you do to fix it? >> so sad, first of all. and the one thing i'll say about
7:17 pm
charleston, the way that was handled was beautiful. i've never seen anything like it. i would have been angry and i would have wanted to rip this guy's heart out. and i watched the way these people reacted and i thought it was one of the more beautiful things i've seen dm my life. >> what did you think of the president's speech? >> i thought it was comment. i'm not a fan of the president. our real unemployment rate is probably 19-21%, et scetera, et
7:18 pm
cetera. but i thought his speech was excellent. and i loved when he started to sing. >> how high of a priority would improving president relations be. >> it would be a high priority. we have so many places whether it's baltimore or newark or cleveland so many places where there's such tension. we have to get more spirit to the country. the country doesn't have spirit. and the other thing you have to do, you have to create jobs. the jobs are being taken away from our country by all of these other countries. woe loegs our base. in a case like kwhooi that, they take our money, they take our jobs and then they loan it back to us. we owe japan $1.3 trillion right now. japan sells us cars. they come into these massive ships in l.a. you see them coming in.
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you wouldn't believe it. i've never seen anything like it. the size of these ships and then we yoe them money. and we pay interest to japan. we pay interest to china. so what we need, don, we need jobs. we have to have jobs. and we have to creatie incentiv for people who want to work. >> i was in chicago just a couple days ago at bill ransik's new rest e restaurant. he's done very well. but i want to ask you, the republican field is shipping up to been an episode. at least two more to come this month. which candidate would you fire first and why? >> well, i think i'd fire a lot of them. i don't want to use names because i don't want to insult anybody. there a lot of people who just don't have a chance. >> like? >> well, i don't want to say. i want to be a nice person, okay. i've strifen all my life to be nice.
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>> i can't believe you're holding your tongue? >> i could give you a very big list. i could give you a very big list. i am very surprised. i'm not a bush fan. and the last thing we need is another bush. the bush family should rest and relax and go back to sitting on boards and picking up checks. this guy will never be able to make our country great. he doesn't have the energy. he doesn't have what it takes. again, not nice to say, but i'm being blunt because we have no choice. we have to do something to bring our skoun tri back. >> yeah. is there anything -- i know sometimes you feel that cnn is hard on you. you feel that a lot of the media is hard on you. >> and some of it is very fair. not all of it, but some of the media treats me very, very fairly. but these poll numbers that just came out, i mean, some of the
7:21 pm
media, it's really been very nice to watch and they've given me a lot of credit fr it. >> is there anything you'd like to clear up while i have you here? >> nothing. absolutely nothing. >> donald trump, thank you. ha