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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 3, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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♪ that does did for me. i'm brooke baldwin. jim scuitto is up next "the lead" starts now. \s. police clamp down this holiday weekend. this is "the lead." the national lead. with so much concern over terror threats, every embassy abroad and police departments here at home are taking extra security measures. we'll ask d.c.'s top cop what she's doing to protect the tens of thousands of tourists in the nation's capital. shortly before his escape richard matt reportedly wrote to his daughter saying quote, see you on the outside. why did authorities have no clue that the prison break was come snug. plus the politics lead.
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one republican candidate is telling his rivals to stand up to trump. if there's one who won't be kept in the shadows, it is the donald. welcome to "the lead." i'm jim scuitto in today for jake tapper. we begin with our national lead an alphabet soup of federal, state and local law enforcement eaks on alert, concerned about terrorists hellbent on making their own violent statement this fourth of july weekend. of tact wall resource will be deployed from coast to coast to protect millions 18th braying is the nation's independence at parades, parks and fireworks show. it's a different balance. officials nationwide are encouraging folks to enjoy the holiday fare but also follow this rule -- if you see something, say something. cities today ramped up security ahead of fourth of july
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fireworks. new york governor cuomo announcing in plans to of enhanced monitoring. this is the new normal across the country. increased security from los angeles to washington to philadelphia. as communities big and small respond to an fbi bulletin for a lone wolf attacks. >> we know a, that there are a lot of travelers, b, trpg has been and is a target of some of these groups and c, that we're seeing an increasing number of attacks, especially large crowd gather. the state of alert extends to americans overseas. the state department ordering all diplomatic posts worldwide to review security. behind the threat a call to arms from isis to supporters around the globe to attack wherever and however they can. this during the muslim holy month of ramadan through the middle of july.
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the terrorist lists of sympathizers growing by the week. >> all they're trying to do is to inspire one or between or a small number of individuals to conduct attacks, and their propaganda begs people to do this in the west in the u.s. in europe in north africa. people are now listens. the u.s. is not alone in facing the threat of isis-inspired attacks. the uk carried out an eerily realistic counter-terrorism drill with more than 1,000 emergency personnel this week. this is the body of 30 british citizens gunned down by an eye supporter arrived home by military escort. joining us is paul crookshank and paul if i could begin with you, this is really for the help of our viewers at home. they hear terror threats all the time. this one is different, i know
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from talking to different -- why is it different and briefly characterize the real threat of an attack. >> terrorist groups have had a long-standing ambition. they realize that could create additional psychological trauma documents found at bin laden's if compound showed that they were interested in this is kinds of attacks. the reason there's more this time around is because isis has called for a surge in they issued a statement followers will be rewarded ten times more in the afterlife if they carried out attacks. also there's an accelerating number of americans getting involved in isis-inspired terrorism. 15 just since march. >> david, part of the issue is that lone wolves are harder to track. if you get a central organization you can interset community indication track
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trainees going from training camps, but lone wolves are anywhere. >> they're hard to track. also isis is pretty good at inspire lone wolves. a lot of people have commented on the mastery of social media. if you look at terrorism in general, it's tended ton a group thing. it's tended to take a group to reinforce someone's extreme ideas and spur them on to action and social media, which has this -- it has this basically illusion of intimacy where you can have they deep feeling of friend ship who you have never met, it plays the role of that group. that's why isis is so good at mobilizing. >> mobilizing a lone wolf doesn't take a lot of planning. your car is even a weapon right? that's more difficult to stop. >> that's absolutely right. isis has basically told is followers, attack any way you
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can, kill anybody you can, directly instigating these attacks. we saw that with the garland texas attempted attack just a in recent weeks evidence has emerged that they're grooming people in bomb-making techniques. this ratchet up the ambition. >> al qaeda was always interested in big spectacular attacks. it seems like it takes whatever it can get. >> they're increasingly moving to a lone wolf model later on. >> partly because of the pressure they were under. >> also the other reason is in their view, the u.s. had spent so much on the war on terrorism, it was more fragile than in 2001. it was dedicated to a plot that was fail but to them it was a succeed. even though they didn't load
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them up they required the u.s. and allies to spend billions or else they said they can try again. >> i wonder iffing there particular attention to the ramadan ramadan, you get ten times the reward in heaven plus added to that july 4th but the lone wolf threat is something that counter-terror guys talk about all the time. is the fact this is the new normal? >> this is absolutely the new norm at not only facing the united states but a threat much bigger in europe places like the uk and france. there's a lot more of these radicals have gone off to syria and iraq. one of the big concerns as well is that at some point isis itself may direct terrorist plots against the west. in fact just last january we saw a plot in belgium which officials believed was directly to the isis leadership. >> we saw in france the interior
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minister say 650 people under france currently under legal proceedings. here there's about 50. they have a bigger threat than we do. >> absolutely. you can see that even if foreign fighter numbers. >> finally, paul just very briefly, you have the state department having ordered its diplomatic posts to reevaluate security around the world. were there any specific threats? or is this part of the posture right now? >> i'm not particularly worried about this ramadan period with isis specifically calling on its followers around the world and its fighters to launch attacks. there's been a spike in terrorism.
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sudden see kuwait tunisia, this attack in france garland texas. daveed paul, good to have you, as always. i speak with washington's chief of police cathy lanier right after this. every single bite. eat loud, live loud, super poligrip. super poligrip holds your dentures tightly in place so you never have to hold back. laugh loud, live loud, super poligrip.
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welcome back. authorities are working behind the scenes to make sure celebration go forward peacefully and safely. the deadly violence from an isis-inspired gunman on a beach in tunisia resonating here on the homeland. isis encouraging terrorists to attack claiming rewards in heaven for doing it during the month of ramadan would be tenfold. is law enforcement doing enough to prevent sympathizing from answering that call?
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rene what is the u.s. doing? >> as you know by definition the so-called soft targets are virtually unprotected, we're talking about bridges, tunnels, train stations ferries. so they're very difficult to protect essentially, because thousands of people at any given moment are going over or through the sides. as we approach the holiday, we are seeing a ramped-up presence of law enforcement. canines have also been deployed. in the nation's capital alone, 600,000 people are expected to take subways, while 2 million flyers per day are also traveling to fourth of july celebrations. but as americans move from point a to point b, law enforcement remains on high alert for terrorists on u.s. soil. >> we prepared for worst-case
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scenarios, and we have contingencies in place should they occur. >> reporter: those reassurances being echoed in celebrations across. >> philadelphia is part of an enhanced network. >> reporter: there's only so much authorities can do to assure so-called soft targets. >> what i fear the most is what we saw in tunisia last weekend, which is one or two people with automatic weapons, and they simply go into a place where it's really crowded, or they go to a bridge where traffic is stopped or a tunnel and just simply taking out 40 50 people. that had be as effective as any large-scale bomb. >> reporter: and isis has been encouraging followers to launch attacks wherever they can. >> look behind me. it's the most iconic image of america. we know it is something that people who don't like us would want to do something, maybe even try to make a statement.
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>> these kind of targets are soft targets, very easy to go after if you have a gun and you're willing to die for your beliefs. >> reporter: authorities say the best thing is to be aware of their surroundings and if they see something that doesn't look right, alert authorities immediately. >> and aarons are seeing a high volume as well. rank-and-file tsa officers told me their supervisors have warned all of them toss on that are ps and qs. if you're flying out you should expect random spot checks. that's happening at airports as well. there are still groups still very much obsessed with making a commercial airplane blow up midair. behind me you will see this setup that you're looking at that will be the site of the fourth of july concert. of course law enforcement here in full force watching that. i to just really hammer home jim, they are warning people but they do want people to come
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out. they say they just want people to be alert. >> it's such a tough balance there. enjoy the holidays but keep your eyes open. i suppose that's the new normal. a number of security measures will be in place across the country, including radiation detectors, bomb-sniffing dogs uniformed and plain clothed officers. there will be a spectacular fireworks show on the mall saturday night. i spoke to police chief cathy about preparing for the event and whether the threat is truly real. >> it is. you think about the significant of the holiday, the significant of washington, d.c. and honestly -- in all honesty, we think about that every single day. it's not just on independence day, july 4th. this is the nation's capital. with what's been going on around the world and the -- you know
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radicalization and some of the other instances we have seen this is something that we don't take very lightly. >> it isis specifically or isis sympathizers? >> the bottom line is it's becoming so prevalent that people that live in your own community can radicalize now without ever leaving their home in a basement on a computer so really the way that is most of these folks are being discovered is somebody close to them in a family or friend saying hey, something doesn't seem right. my family or friend has changed, and something is not right, and turning that information over. so a lot more difficult for us. >> is that something you sfrks -- if you see something, say something. >> absolutely. there's a fine line between trying to encourage people to be security conscious and trying to have fun events without scaring
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people. i think the bottom line is the environment we live in today is everybody is response for our collective safety. we want people to just pay attention, be aware what's going on. it's tough, because people walk around with the handheld devices, the mobile phones iphones, not really paying attention, but when you're coming down to enjoy your hole at a big holiday event, if you see something that looks out place, let us know. >> i'm getting questions from friends and family you are as well. you're not telling folks to stay at home. you're saying enjoy themselves, but keep their eyes open. >> sure. there's so many events. there's multiple parades starting early in the morning, going through the day, the fireworks on the mall but there's all kinds of block parties and things like that in the neighborhoods. there will be hundreds of thousands of people having a great time. >> there's particular attention
1:20 pm
now because of the this isis call to arms around the world, and then even more so july 4th falling within that period a big date but the lone wolf threat is something that i get from counter-terrorism officials aim time is their chief concern now. is this the new normal? for the nation's capital? for americans? >> well if you think about it because this is commonplace in the terror world right now that this is the lone wolf self-radicalized without a lot of trip wires for security to pick up on this is the number one image we see when we talk about terrorist threats right now, but in reality, hasn't that always been a very present danger? that's one of the things we have to ask. if you look at active shooters and person with mental health issues that for whatever reason decide to take some sort of violent action the message is the same. the threat is a bit different in
1:21 pm
terms of what's motivating it what's behind it but we need people to do if they have a loved one or friend that they know something is not right, please alert authorities. if you're out in public and you see something that's just odd -- it's odd enough to get your attention and make you think about it then it deserves a phone call. >> better safe than sorry, and everybody shares in the responsibility. chief lanier thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome. coming up next another missed clue that two men were about to escape prison. richard matt who to his daughters telling of plans to see her on the outside. why didn't anyone catch it? plus this video, a kayaker knocked out of his boat by a shark. how he managed to get away, after this. ness. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink
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welcome back to "the lead." in other national news even more information is coming to light on richard matt and david sweat, the convicted murderers who escaped last month from clinton correctional facility.
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sweat is now in police custody. he's been talking to authorities seemingly nonstop, but new details are emerging on richard matt who was shot and killed last friday. "the buffalo news" reports that he mailed a letter to his daughter writing -- promised i would see you on the outside. i'm a man of my word. what more do we know about this her, deb. it seems like a clear sign. >> it appears that richard matt was so confident he would actually elude escape that he thought he might be able make it 350 miles from where he was at clinton correctional all the way to buffalo. there's no indication that his daughter had any idea that her father was planning this escape. smart according to the news she asked for protections. she was very concerned. this was a man largely not in
1:27 pm
his life for the last 20 years. we do know the family has decided to claim the body of rich art matt. they initially have said no. they have said there would be no private or public services. >> to be clear, no one is reading mail coming out of this prison? >> no one is reading mail going out. mail is searched on the way in for contraband effectively, according to an official but content going out, they don't do that unless there's a reason. it does not appear that richard matt was on a mail watch. keep in mind this letter arrived to the daughter three days after he escaped. we know that inmates can buy stamps inside the commissary so it's unclear where he mailed it inside or carried it with him and mailed it once he was out. so it's unclear who mailed that her. >> it would be incredible if he had time to mail a letter as he was running from police. >> this talk about an intimate
1:28 pm
relationship between one of the guard and were on two of the escapees. we talked about walls and barbed wire but it steam the real weakness here was the guards themselves. >> the correction officers were not doing technically what they were doing. we're talking about a handful. they're supposed to do a daily random cell checks looking for contraband and then confiscating the contraband. they're also to be doing weekly security inspectings that involves going cell by cell checking the walls and the bars you talk to any correction officials, the think they'll tell you they are most afraid of are riots, but also escape. clearly there had been a riot the couple days before. there was a request for a lockout, a partial lockdown was granted, because when they analyzed the information apparently 30 inmates out of 2700 were involved. it happened in the yard no one
1:29 pm
was hurd only one person, and no weapons were found. i don't know whether a full lockdown would have prevented this. they don't do lockdowns all the time. what would have help is if correction officers were following the rules and whether the deputy superintendent of security were in fact following through on that as well. >> at the might have found the holes they cut in the walls. deb feyerick, thanks very much. this man barely got away after a shark knocked him out of hi kayak. that's coming up next.
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welcome bam. i'm jim scuitto. in our national lead for many people the fourth of july means sun, sand surf and sadly if you're in the carolinas sharks. multiple attacks over the past two months have injured ten people but the beaches remain
1:34 pm
open despite scenes like this. in kill devil hills this morning, a fisher man caught this shark, but threw it back because it was too small to keep only 6 1/2 feet. the sharks and swimmers do not seem to be going anywhere. jennifer grey is in wrightsville beach. i know it's raining now. that's finally chased some swimmers away but you've been there a few days. people are still going in the water. >> reporter: absolutely. earlier this beach was packed. the thunderstorms definitely drove the people away as it could, but you're right. this is the sharks' home. in fact more sharks than normal because they're feeding on even turtles in this area. but officials say just be aware and swim at your own risk. new video out of florida shows a kayaker fishing for grouper, and getting a bigger bite than he bargained for, a bull shark.
1:35 pm
frantically swimming for safety as he says other circled nearby. it has holiday beach-goers on alert, especially on the east coast. saw about a five-foot sand shark. >> at least ten attacks in the carolinas since june seven in north carolina alone. that's one more than the yearly average for both states in just the past month. >> a lot of people utilizing the beach. this time of year we also have the migration of a lot of coastal species. >> reporter: experts say along with shark migration, a buff face of nesting sea turtles, and warmer saltier water would attract sharks. fishermen are reeling in sharks. >> we've seen some of the bigger sharks out here it's kind of scary. the victims of the ten recent bites range in age from 8 to 68
1:36 pm
with two teenagers losing limbs. >> any shark bite is a rare occurrence. to have all these occurring recently is very unusual. >> reporter: unusual and unintentional. experts say humans are not targets for sharks and that these attacks are unfortunate accidents. when year hands and feet are splashing, this looks like fish belly, they realize they made a mistake and spit us out again. >> reporter: but there's mixed feelings. >> i was trying to put the shark thing off my mind and i just tried to enjoy it but i did also be careful. >> reporter: the beaches will remain open lifeguards on duties say sharks aren't the biggest danger this weekend. >> i would be more concerned about driving down to the beach and getting in a car wreck than having an incident with a shark. >> yeah. a lot of people -- there have been more than normal bites, but they say they're very, very rare 1 in 11 million, you're
1:37 pm
more likely to get struck by lightning. and also more likely to become the president of the united states but with all of that said there are things you can do. don't swim in the ocean during dawn or dusk when sharks are more likely to be feeding. also don't swim around people fiduciarying. the surfishermen are targeting sharks and also use bait that could attract sharks and don't swim around the fishing piers, either. >> jennifer grey at wrightsville beach, north carolina, thanks very much. for more what is driving they attacks, director of the program for shark research at the university of florida. george i have to ask you, you always see these statistics about how rare shark attacks are. we had a graphic the other day say only 12 people -- but here in north carolina ten attacks in such a short span of time. is this unprecedented? have you ever seen anything like
1:38 pm
this in your experience? >> we see clubbed attacks where you see several in a row on occasion but this is certainly a novel situation for north carolina which historically has not had the same number of attacks, say, as florida. >> what are the conditions that are driving this? is it water temperature? other fish in the area? why so many now? it's a complex situation, it's a perfect storm. we know some things might be driving it higher water temperatures higher salinities there's lot of bait fishes near shore. sea turtles are nexting. that doesn't absolutely explain why we've had seven incidents in three weeks in north carolina. undoubt think there's other factors coming into play. we probably won't discover those
1:39 pm
for months afterwards. >> the things you desired there, though higher salt content, the water, water temperature, are those long term things? does this kind of risk last? >> of course we're dealing with mother nature and she's fickle. things happen for a while, and then they disappeared. this too shall pass. >> let me ask you, would you tell people to stay out of the water? particularly in this area where we've seen so many attacks? >> you know going into the water or not is a personal decision and it's a community decision it's not a biological one. people have to weigh the risks themselves. you know that said perhaps in the areas where the three most is recent attacks occur, one might consider being extra special careful for the next day or two. >> one more final thought, knowing they conditions in the declinas, is there any chance those conditions spread up or down the coast so the risk
1:40 pm
spreads up and down the klein coast? >> if there's an environmental characteristic say, water temperature is the key, of course the watering will continue warming northwards from north carolina up as far as southern new england before the summer is out. so it's possible that those conditions could spread a little farther north, but that's not to say that we could expect this to happen. >> it's so hard to predict. george burgiss, thank you so much. is it a sign that republicans are getting worried about the man moving up the polls? why one candidate is telling his competition, it is time to stand up to donald trump. that's next. plus concerns that americans living on the international space station are running out of food and water. now after three failed missions to take them supplies russia finally succeeds. that's ahead. leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jim scuitto. crank of "god bless the usa" and unfurl your american flags. that's probably what every political consultant told their candidates to do, but more important, maybe they told them to go to new hampshire. joe johns is here with more. all the attention has been on donald trump, of course but you have marco rubio, chris christie jeb bush rick perry, all celebrating in new hampshire. what a surprise. >> every four years it's almost a ritual. donald trump is running strong in the polls, especially in the early vote states even as the headlines have gotten worse and worse. the trump campaign says the controversy surrounding his business deals and his politics are two different things. what's true either way is that trump spent another week on center stage in the presidential campaign taking the spotlight off virtually everybody else in
1:46 pm
the race. >> the trump campaign is stuck in a tough spot between entertainment, business and politics politics. >> they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. >> corporate partners including macy's and nbc universal dumping him over the controversial comments joined by former beauty pageant contestants. >> i think that it's extremely dangerous to generalize a population and to attribute such hateful comments to them. >> even the network that picked up this year's miss usa pageant dissed the donald over his remarks. >> i great with everybody that they're saying. i think the comments are ridiculous. >> still defiant, trump isn't backing down. >> so all i'm doing is telling the truth. >> trump's fellow gop competitors are also weighing in. former new york governor george pataki at the bottom of the polls launch an online pet tick urging americans to stand up to
1:47 pm
trump and called on his republican competitors to denounce his words. some have already done so. >> i don't think donald trump's remarks reflect the republican parties. >> the comments were inappropriate, they have no place in the race. >> reporter: despite the pr troubles hi high-fly the status could mean more pushback from fellow candidates. >> now you have to do something to make the madness stop. if you're a candidate, you've got to get your headlines back out there, and donald trump taking the news cycle every day of the gop primary is back for every other candidate. >> reporter: trump has no public campaign events scheduled this holiday weekend, unlike many others running for the white house. they include new jersey governor chris christie who will be overnighting with mitt romney in new hampshire. >> i suspect there might be a little politics discussed tonight. >> reporter: democrats are also hitting the trail hillary
1:48 pm
clinton at an organizing event. >> i take a intoic seat to no one when you look at my record standing up and fighting for progressive values. >> just to give you an idea of how busy it for the holiday weekend bobby jindal martin o'malley bernie sanders tomorrow more hitting the parade. so we're going to have quite a show in new hampshire and ohio. >> we're about 16 months away. >> a long way to go. i want to bring in cnn senior washington correspond jeff zenneny. but to remind our viewers, if you look back to 2011 he led then as well even in first place. >> the difference is now he's actually running.
1:49 pm
it's been a tease for so many presidential cycles but another different things is he's really diminished himself as the week wore along. we've seen businesses drop his lines from macy's to mattresses but republicans across the country, governors senators are worried about the comments he's making hurting the republican brand. the number that sticks in their minds is 40%. george w. bush won 40% of the hispanic vote in 2004. mitt romney got about half that. they know that republicans, to win the white house need to have about the same amount of hispanic vote and this they fear eats away at that. >> i'm going out on a limb. we have a short attention span voters do have a short attention span is this a lasting phenomenon phenomenon? >> i think it's probably not. a this point it's sort of an entertainment factor a none of the above factor.
1:50 pm
once it becomes time to pick a president, let's say, i do not think that donald trump will be scoring quite this high. you know some republicans thinks he's a bit of a democrat in disguise. so tell me about the democrats? how much are they loving seeing this disarray? >> democrats are being silent about this because they're smiling. they have nothing to say to this? why would you insert yourself if you're a democrat on this? but, look, i think that you know they know this could be good for them long term if the latino vote sore of goes away from the republican party, but i think this fades. this is one of those summer storms that moves along quickly. >> another surprise candidate -- not candidate, but someone who is in the polls, bernie sanders, he's drawing big crowds where he goes. how much of this does shake up the field?
1:51 pm
and does it threaten hillary clinton? >> brooklyn campaign headquarters is watching bernie sanders more carefully. a couple number in mind. 10,000 people ar we're seeing here actually this is a rally in colorado a couple weeks ago, thousands, but just on a couple days ago in wisconsin, 10,000 people. why are they doing they rallies in these nonearly voting states? i asked an adviser, and look it's drawing media attention and helping him raise money. that's a key number. $15 million bernie sanders raised about a third as much as hillary clinton, but actually as important, because his average donation $33.51. that means you can give again and again and again and again. so bernie sanders is out there organically raising money. hillary clinton is getting it by big checks. they're not panicked but they're watching bernie sanders and the liberal wing very closely. how many people were at
1:52 pm
hillary clinton's announcement? >> around 3 to 4,000, and 800 today in new hampshire. >> interesting. jeff thank you very much as always. coming up russia to the rescue. americans watch moscow succeedfully launch a rocket just days after a failed mission here in the u.s. didn't the u.s. win the space race? that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you want a paint
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jim scuitto in for jake tapper and the money lead. today russia is proving once again america is struggle to remain the leader in space. as we speak, a russian rocket is headed to the international space station. it was filled with supplies and on track for a sunday delivery. it comes after a series of failed launching here in the u.s. multibillion dollar operations exploding like this one in spectacular fashion, coming nowhere close to delivers the
1:57 pm
delivery duties. that's raising questions. cnn's tom foreman joins me now. those in the space program will always repeat space is hard. is it harder now? >> only harder now in the sense it's a transitional time. we're putting a lot of rockets up right now. think about this this russian rocket will arrive on sunday morning. that will put at ease a lot of concerns about these astronauts in the space station running out supplies including two americans. but every failure has the space community eye specially here in the u.s. asking hard questions. >> maximum thrust and liftoff. >> the launch from kazakhstan brought a worldwide see of relief less than a week after groves of disappointment. as a rocket from the american space company spacex disintegrated. it was the third spectacular failure to resupply the i.s.s.
1:58 pm
in the past year. two by u.s. firms. yet many space analysts suggest these are simply the growing pains of an industry in transition. charles liu. >> an exileding time but as always it's new and interesting, and we're always crossing our fingers with every launch. >> back in the 1960s nasa was unquestionably winning the worldwide space race. but over the decades political pressure grew to find cheaper ways to get america into orbit, so private companies started developing rockets, capsules and some insist it is all making space less expensive. >> but as you drive the cost down and try to cup up with new ways of building rockets in a way that hopefully is cheaper, you're ultimately going to find the outer edges of the envelope as we say. they're pushing the envelope right now. >> against the backdrop of those
1:59 pm
charges, spacex and boeing have been given government contracts to build the next system to take the u.s. into space. nasa says the setbacks will not upset that plan. >> we've always assumed that we would lose a vehicle every so often. space flight is very hard. >> and they say amid all the rockets' red glares the u.s. remains a leader in space exploration. >> at the same time we should feel very happy and grateful to the fact there are so many nations in the world, so many entities international collaboration producing results that no single nation can achieve alone. >> we should note early on in there we had pictures inverted. they were not supposed to be -- that night time explosion was not spacex. but jim, i think to focus on all of this is truly the difficulty and there have been a lot of successes here both with private
2:00 pm
firms like spacex and others and in just a few days we're going to have a space probe passing by pluto. that's a long ways ahead and a big success story. thanks very much. that's it for "the lead." i'm jim scuitto in today for jake tapper have a great fourth of july. hype going to turn you over to the steady hands of brianna keilar who is filling in for wolf blitzer in "the situation room." \s happening now america on alert. amid growing concern that lone wolf terrorists may launch attacks while americas are out in crowds and especially vulnerable. isis and its supporters have thousands of social media accounts to recruit terrorists and spread propaganda. is the u.s. doing enough to stop them? and un veiling, taking the wraps off a new