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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  August 2, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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growing collection. >> you're going to get thousands the way it sounds. >> reporter: matthew says he wants to read every book. >> it's interesting. plus it gets you smarter. >> reporter: and share them with other kids too. >> i'm just super happy. >> that's a great story. you can impact your world. just go to thanks so much for being with me this afternoon. much more straight ahead in the newsroom with poppy harlow. hi, everyone. 5:00 eastern, 2:00 pacific. we begin in tennessee and word of another traffic stop gone terribly wrong. multiple reports say memphis police have a possible suspect in custody at this hour with the connection of a killing of a police officer on saturday night. 33-year-old sean bolton was found shot several times after a routine traffic stop.
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a citizen used the officer's radio to call for help. bolton was found at the scene. he died later at the hospital. the memphis mayor spoke about the challenges faced by his officers. >> this again evidence the fact that there are so many guns on our streets in the wrong hands. that's the key thing. and the men and women in blue have certain rules of engagement that they have to follow. but at any given minute in a 24-hour day, they're dealing with folks who have no rules of engagement. >> it is unclear what could have led to the shooting. let's talk about it with tom fuentes, former fbi assistant director also formerly a police officer himself. the first thing that comes to mind, a citizen saw what had happened in the aftermath, used the officer's radio in his car
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to call in the shooting. does this mean that this officer had no partner with him, no backup? >> i would assume he had no partner. as far as the backup usually when a traffic stop is made at night, the law officer radios in the license plate number if the car has one and a location and another car in the area will come by just as a matter of course. if he thinks it's really suspicious possible drunk driver or other indications of criminality, specifically might ask for an extra officer which will result in several cars coming to back him up. >> can you walk us through the procedures that you took as a police officer that officers take now during a routine traffic stop to protect themselves? because frankly, you have no idea what situation you're walking into. >> no you slugtly don't. really, the danger of making a traffic stop hasn't changed since the days of bonnie and
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collide clyde. when you make that stop and you call in your location, description of the vehicle, and whether you think somebody automatically, possible drunk driver let's say when you call that in you get out of your car and take those steps toward that car, and often times you can't see the occupants insited. if it's nighttime, street light glare off the windows. you hear this term driving while black. i can tell you often you can't tell what race color, sex, anything about the occupants of that vehicle until you walk up to that driver's side window. and you are completely vulnerable. you don't get out and approach the car with your gun drawn in the ready to shoot mode. you're walking up. your gun is holstered. and you hope to have a professional discussion or engagement with the motorist driving that car. but the motorist may have other ideas. that's the problem. they know what they intend to do. you don't know what they intend to do. >> what about the dash cam on the police vehicle, right? we know that all officers don't
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have body cameras. but dash cameras are they always rolling? when you think about this man hunt looking for this person were they likely working off of video that would have captured the license plate of the vehicle? >> they might have been. not every car has a dash cam. if his car had a dash cam and they were able to review it it still might not tell them anything. if the person just learned their arm out the window and started shooting they might have no description of the shooter. if the car didn't have a license plate number and they drove a short distance and abandoned it maybe the car was stolen that might lead to no specific clue as to who pulled the trigger. with a body cam, you might have a chance if it was aimed at that drive ear's window. again, an arm coming out of that car, there have been dash cam videos that i've reviewed that a passenger and a driver get out simultaneously guns blazing,
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and gun down the officer before he takes two three steps. people think it's all an traffic stops. when i ran the fbi in indiana, we had a state trooper there killed. he was assisting a motorist with a flat tire. when they go to the address of the license plate of that car, the owner answers the door, what car, my car's parked in front, what do you mean. when he went to the officer friendly and helped this person out with a flat tire, that person had just stolen that car. thought he was coming to arrest him and shot the cop dead. so these are the situations that you don't know even if you're trying to assist somebody whether it's a traffic stop for a violation any number of things. the people in that car know more than you do. >> tom fuentes, thank you very much. our thoughts with this officer's family. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> now to california where august in california always means wildfires.
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add into that the horrible drought that california has been experiencing and fire season nowing with a statewide emergency. 21 separate wildfires are burning right now. the most worry some in northern california. 47,000 acres have gone up in flames. 50 homes and other buildings have been destroyed and several thousand others are in the path of danger depending on which way the wildfire can suddenly shift. some of the fires are just barely contained. even though the weather is helping a little bit, more than 12,000 people are in a mandatory evacuation zone. stephanie e lamb is on the phone joining us from the region where the fires are the worst. what are the people there saying stephanie. >> reporter: we're making our way to this fire which is really what cal fire is describing as a massive fire. we've seen fires bigger but
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that is still a lot of acreage. on top of it, how this fire has grown. it started wednesday afternoon. really really ballooning overnight from the low 20,000 acreage to now there's 47,000 acreage. that is odd. most of the time what happens overnight, the temperature drops down. and because of that, the fires -- it gets a little cooler here because you're closer to the water and that brings down the temperatures and the fires don't spread as much at night. that did not happen with this, with it churning through extra acreage overnight. you can blame that all on the drought. that is a huge problem here is that everything is so dry. so there's plenty of kindling out there for it to take on more and more branches bushes, dry underbrush. they have a perimeter around it on 5% of the fire but they continue to work that. there's about 2,000 fire personnel battling this fire alone trying to get containment.
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but obviously, a lot of nervous people as you got these 12,000 people who have been evacuated because of this fire. it's a very different pattern for this fire and that makes it very dangerous. that is why they've expanded these evacuations for people in the fire line since the winds have been erratic and the winds helping to pick up some of those flames and spread them. >> so the winds are hurting. also i'm hearing some of the humidity may be helping a bit. is there better weather on the way that could help temper the flames? >> right. that's part of the issue here too. the humidity is in the single digits. when the humidity is low that's really great for wildfires. more humidity in the air means more water making it harder for the fires to spread. that has definitely been a problem. in this region, you can feel it. the air is dry. that makes it easy for these fires to spread. that's why they've taken this precaution around these couple of california highway routes to
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keep people away while they are fighting with. with these erratic winds, it could spread further. as of now no one has been injured. >> the pictures we're looking at as you're talking are just absolutely extraordinary. let's remember a firefighter yesterday there in california losing his life battling these flames. stephanie, thank you very much. coming up next u.s. investigators are reason to believe that mh-370 was intentionally veered off course. but how could experts know what was going on inside the cockpit when the plane is still gone? next our cnn aviation expert and 777 pilot weighs in. we always were told we were german. we were in a german dance group. i wore lederhosen. so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. no student's ever photographed mean ms. colegrove. but your dell 2-in-1 laptop gives you the spunk
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malaysian investigators. ma slay shah flight 370 was a boeing 777. they are working to definitively say that piece is part of that plane that disappeared 17 months ago. we are live where the piece arrived yesterday. i'm interested in the first thing that they will be looking for. >> reporter: well, hi, poppy. of course the primary concern here is to match, as you say, this what we know to be a flaperon from a 77 aircraft to mh-370. it may still not be. it depends which expert you really speak to as to whether they believe it is or not. there's only one 777 aircraft missing in the entire world. they know mh-370 went down in the indian ocean where it was found. but we don't know that this
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flaperon came from that. because a lot of parts are sometimes swapped around. they did take two numbers from this wing which i'm assuming they've perhaps already run tests through. maybe that is now they matched it to a 777 aircraft. but did this particular part come from mh-370. that is the primary concern not at least to know what happened to the plane, but most importantly for the passenger's families. >> that's what it is all about, is the agony that they've had to go through now for 17 months still with no answers. i am glad to see people being very cautious this time around before they definitively say this is indeed part of the plane. as we mentioned, it has been almost a year and a half since mh-370 veered off course mysteriously and vanished with 239 people on board. a preliminary assessment from
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u.s. intell intelligence suggested that someone someone in the cockpit, the plane part was found i should say -- someone in the cockpit deliberately caused the aircraft's movement to veer off course before it disappeared. les abend joins me now. this report from u.s. intelligence was prepared months ago. it just came to light this week. it wasn't meant to be made public. it also came to light around the same time this part was found, but they have nothing to do with one another. given that when you look at this it says that u.s. intelligence sources believe someone in the cockpit deliberately caused the plane to move off course. what it doesn't do is describe any motive and it doesn't say the plane was deliberately crashed. you say there is a parent difference. >> exactly. how did they know -- how do they -- we don't have the specifics of this information
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nor do they probably want to release it at this point in time. but you don't know what's going on inside the cockpit of the airplane. what establishes what -- you know, how that turn was made? was it done with the auto pilot? there's no way of telling. we got down to the point with this -- remember there's no communication. the only thing left was primary radar from malaysian military and they're being very skrechy about what they tracked and so on and so forth. without any communication at all because it was shut down, as we know from whatever source i don't know how they could possibly know that something deliberate was happening in the cockpit. >> it sounds like you're very skeptical that u.s. intelligence could come up with a theory without a lot of information from the cockpit. >> that's just me flying the airplane now for five years. there's certainly aspects with the communication in a normal sense that they know what -- air
2:17 pm
traffic controls known what i've done as far as steering it and so on and so forth. >> let's talk about the e&e compartment. something i'd never heard of. some have called it the achilles heel. what is it. where is it on the plane? and do you think that that could have any role in how this plane disappeared? >> anything is possible. the e&e compartment is basically the brain of the airplane. airplanes back into the '50s and '60s had an e 1k35 ebay. where is it located? it's located just above the first class galley area. it can be accessed from above. it can be accessed from below. there's certain ways to be able to access it. and it -- it can be asecurity concern if it's not locked but my point during this whole thing because there's been some allegations that this could be the source of a possible
2:18 pm
nefarious act, in order for that to occur, you'd have to disturb cabin service. somebody would honestly have to know. if somebody came up from underneath prior to departure, it would have to be a bunch of people to do a nefarious act and how would they know what to manipulate even if they had absolute knowledge. once they did manipulate controls or disable things there's no windows down there. >> we're going to talk a lot more about this e&e compartment. we have a fascinating report on it. thank you. >> turning to politics now, donald trump cutting ties with one of his political advisors but this after he would not do the same he refused to do the same with another top aide who stepped into controversy recently. what does this tell us about donald trump the candidate? we'll discuss next.
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to politics now. donald trump has fired plenty of folks on his show "the apprentice" and now he's doing it with a member of his campaign staff. sam nunberg allegedly wrote the posts in 2007 and 2009. one of the posts called civil
2:23 pm
rights leader al sharpton's daughter the n word. another called president obama, and i quote here a social list markist islamo fa shis na si appeasers. he denied he wrote the post. anything posted under my name does not mean i posted it. he also told cnn this i'm not adept at essential media and anything you're reporting on does not reflect on mr. trump or his campaign. let's talk about it. guys, thank you for being here. you just wrote this article up on called what would a donald trump administration look like. we will get to that in just a moment. jeremy let's talk about this. trump flip-flopped actually on this staffer. he tired him back in 2012 for setting up a profile called "36 hours on the fake campaign trail
2:24 pm
with donald trump," he hires him for this race. they are insisting this was not a high level staffer. tell us a little bit about him and his role in this campaign. >> well, sam nunberg has been involved in the trump political world for a long time now. he's been one of donald trump's political advisors. he's an associate of roger stone, the famed political consultant who worked for richard nixon. so he's been in the trump world for a long time now. the campaign is now trying to describe him as a low level, part-time advisor. that's not exactly true. sam nunburg has definitely been one of the political advisors. so he's been there as a key advisor to mr. trump as he's considered his political aspirations. >> when you look at this he fired nunberg, but he kept an aide who stepped into a big controversy with comments he
2:25 pm
made on marital rape. what do you make of the fact that he kept that staffer and let sam nunberg go? >> i think you can tell by the way the campaign responded saying he was this low level staffer that he had become more margin alized. michael cohen has been around for a lot longer. he's much closer to the donald trump inner circle. so donald trump does tend to be loyal to those people who have been with him. the other thing the campaign did when michael cohen ran into trouble, said he's not part of the campaign. he works for the trump organization. that's separate from the campaign. so they were able to kind of put an arm up and say, look these are two separate enterprises. we don't have to worry about him within the campaign. >> let's talk now about your article. you're looking at someone in donald trump that not that long ago was a pro-choice democrat
2:26 pm
who supported universal health care, gave one to hillary clinton, called her quote terrific. might we see him a more moderate running mate? >> i'm not sure about that. i'm not sure what he's looking to do in his candidacy that is going to be moderate. and his appeal is showing this brash personality, a very kind of bold appear to voters. but what is clear is that you know, the question is during the debate what's going to happen there. that's probably when he's going to be called out on some of these flip-flops or at least it's going to be brought to voters' attention. >> absolutely. as mel robins put it this is going to be the most-watched republican debate perhaps in history. we'll see when we get the numbers. trump gets a lot of heat for not going into specifics. for example, he's been asked many times what would he do with
2:27 pm
the 11 million or so undocumented immigrants in the united states. he said you know we're going to deal with them. politicians aren't going to find them because they have no clue. this morning, though chris christie was asked by jake tapper about what he would do with the 11 million undocumented immigrants. he said, i don't have specifics for that yet. that's the next thing i'm working on. i wonder if trump is taking more heat on issues like this for not having answers or specific plans than some of the other cappeds. >> i think the interesting thing, this is a very difficult question for any republican. it's a question many in the field have dodged. i think the reason that donald trump gets so much flak for not setting specifics, we have seen chris christie come out and given speeches on specific policy issues ranging from health care to foreign policy. we haven't seen the same from donald trump. even though chris christie dodged that one question we haven't seen donald trump put
2:28 pm
out policy on anything. they say it's written, they say they have it ready and will release it on their own time frame. >> and why not release it right now when you're in the forefront. jeremy to you, the economy always often is the issue number one in elections. looks like it this time around as well. economy, economy, economy and jobs. trump playing up his business expertise. talking about, don't know if i'm a good debater, but i do know how to create jobs. you got to look back at a book trump wrote in 2000. he proposed a one-time 14.25 increase in taxes on the wealthy. he said it is only reasonable to shift the burden to those most able to pay. how does trump deal with that in the debate? >> that's the remark that's drawn him the most heat from a group called club for growth which is a conservative advocacy
2:29 pm
group. so that's going to be a huge question for him. he said even before that the economy does better under democratic presidents. so these are remarks that he's going to have to come fwas to face with during this debate most likely. it's unclear if that's going to be coming from the moderator alone or if someone the other candidates may try and press him as well on those issues. at the center of all of donald trump's policy proposals is him. he is the deal maker. he is the one who can bring jobs back. and he really does need to start, i think explaining the specifics of how that works if he really wants to keep voters keep the amount of support he has and increase support ultimately. >> thank you both. you can all read their article, coming up next donald trump may be at the top of the republican polls, but when you dig deeper into how he's seep by female voters he has a lot of work to do.
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the first republican debate is just four days away. thursday night. you can bet a lot of folks are going to be watching. let's talk a little bit more about the donald trump phenomenon phenomenon. he is all be surely going to be part of this debate. with me now, legal analyst mel robbins and cnn political commentator ben ferguson. mel, begin with you. you have some connections with donald trump. you've interviewed him on camera. you know this guy. how's he going to debate? >> i think he's going to debate exactly how we've seen him. trump has one style and it is what we call offense. no matter what people say, he is on the offense even when you attack him. if you note what does he do?
2:34 pm
he never concedes. he actually just pushes back harder. i personally think this is going to be an absolute amazing thing to watch. donald also has the advantage that he gets to be himself and everybody else is having to be a politician. so it should be fascinating on thursday night. >> that's what he's been saying i am not like them. clearly that's resonating with voters and that's what this polling is showing. ben, is he going to have to answer and be held to the fire on a number of these flip-flops, key issues like -- >> i'm going to bring that up at every opportunity to try to remind people of not what donald trump is saying but his actual record. it is the complete opposite of what he's now selling. donald's biggest asset is the fact that he is always on offense, always throwing knockout punches. when he gets in trouble he doubles down. that's why people like him is he
2:35 pm
will not back down. also though, on a debate stage, can get you in serious trouble. if you do have a mistake and you basically try to get out of it by overreaching or stretching too far on something you may not know or may be the opposite of what you said in the past that's when you come out and people say it was not a good night for that candidate. i think that's his biggest risk come thursday. >> something that has largely been overshadowed in the recent polls is how he's doing among women voters. they wrote about it on this week. look at these numbers. 61% of female voters have an unfavorable opinion of trump. that's reflected in iowa, new hampshire, some of those key early states. why is he struggling to attract the women's vote? >> i don't think the fact that he's anti-choice and recently, poppy, this is one of the
2:36 pm
positions he's flip-flopped on the going to help him with a lot of female voters. but i also believe that in some cases, the fact that he is not so presidential. look what is it coming down to for republicans? do you want a person a candidate that's presidential or do you want somebody that's a personality, that represents winning, that represents fighting that represents going for it no matter what. and that's what the decision's going to come down to. i think for some women, his brashness, the history of womanizing the way that he communicates the fact that he's so aggressive that may be a turnoff for some women. but i don't think that he over the course of time is going to have that big of a problem because there are plenty of women that are frustrated with congress that are frustrated with the government -- >> the difference is this though. so many women i've talked to on my show have said they don't like donald trump for the same reason they haven't liked other
2:37 pm
politicians in the past. he's pompous and arrogant. >> let me jump in there. i do want our viewers to hear this sound. just to push back a bit on what mel was saying. this is from kate bonner. she co-authored a book with him back in the late '90s. i want you to hear what she had to say about how supportive he's been. >> that said back -- my experience with him and the way i saw him in the '90s with his family with his children. i never -- i'm sure i'm going to get lambasted for this but i never saw him or heard him to be a sexist. when i worked at trump in 1999 more than 50% of the senior executives at the trump organization were women. he was surrounded by powerful women. so it wouldn't be foreign to him if that was the case. >> ben? >> yeah, i think -- i think she worked for donald trump and she
2:38 pm
made a lot of money working for donald trump. >> she co-authored -- >> so i expect her to have great things to say about donald trump. but the average woman out there that's going to be asked to vote for him is not making money from working with donald trump. it's completely different paradigm of viewpoints here. one is making money, the other is judging from the outside. >> thank you, mel, we have you on for a little more later. appreciate it to both of you. coming up next focusing on the city of baltimore. the baltimore police department facing a huge new wave of violence. ten people shot overnight. now the feds are stepping in. what's it going to look like and will it help next. just two months left until the fit nation pack takes on the triathlon. they've been training hard swimming biking and running.
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but one member says time has been his biggest hurdle. >> consistency in training. it's rough. you work a full-time gig plus all the other stuff that comes along. got to cram in an hour of workout every day. that's rough. >> despite that, he's managed to get the workouts in. learn to cook healthier foods. >> the weeks i cook my life is a lot better. a lot more structured. >> and inspire people along the way. >> i've never been someone i thought that would inspire people to go work out. i think that's a byproduct of what i've been trying to do. >> the change he's most proud of his type two diabetes seems to be improving. >> the numbers are totally different now. everything is different. and so that's a good thing. >> and for him, it's been more about the journey than the end result. >> most people who are athletes and try to be competitive, they
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agents will help baltimore police as the city deals with a very violent summer. the fbi, dea, atf agents secret service will embed with the city's hods unit. that's after ten people were shot last night. let's talk about it with cnn law enforcement analyst tom fuentes. before you ran the fbi as consistent assistant director, you were a police officer. is this the right strategy having federal agents embed with local police in baltimore? >> no it's not poppy. the reason i say that is because we don't need additional people to investigate dead bodies after they're already killed. we need the police to stop the killings in the first place. and the inconvenient truth for the leaders of baltimore and many of our big cities is that that's not going to happen until they back their police officers up when they do stop and fisk
2:45 pm
when they go up to people and take the guns away before they kill each other with them. last month, baltimore had 45 people murdered. investigator investigating after the fact isn't going to help. even if they stop the crimes, they're going to go to baltimore jail which is run by the family. what they need to do is embed with the fbi, create task forces under the federal government, treat gangs like black guerrilla family the same as mafia families using the federal authority to conduct wiretapping and prosecute in federal court and put them in federal prisons. i think having ten agents help cops is next to nothing as far as i can see. >> just to go back to what you said about who's running the jail system there in baltimore, where does that come from? >> it comes from a very detailed article and study done by
2:46 pm
jeffrey to been as a matter of fact that the black guerrilla family essentially is in charge of that jail. one powerful inmate actually got four separate female prison guards pregnant while in that jail. so the drugs, everything else going through that jail make it almost impossible to stop anything if you're going to put people in there. i think so far, until the police officers get some backing and are told take those guns off the street, you have thousands of bad guys with guns killing each other, all the investigation after -- after the fact is not going to solve that and all the community policing won't solve it in the short run because the police officers going into schools, rotary clubs chambers of commerce pta churches, these guys doing the shooting aren't attending any of those meetings. they won't be meeting any of these community police officers. >> also baltimore has a new
2:47 pm
interim police chief just in the past month or so. some people argue bringing in fresh blood, if you will fresh perspective can't hurt, that it helps. >> it can't hurt -- i don't think it will hurt. that's true. i think the detectives in baltimore fairly capable of figuring out who's killing everybody. as i said the people are already dead. we need to stop the killings before they happen. >> tom fuentes, thank you. >> you're welcome. coming up next is vice president joe biden considering a run for president in 2016? certainly a lot of buzz about that this weekend following a column in the "new york times." we will talk about whether he poses a series threat to hillary clinton if he does jump in. when i lay in my tempur-pedic contour, then i slowly feel it start to kind of wrap itself around me... my mind just goes kind of blank- and the next thing i know it's morning. with tempur-flex you've got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress and it also adjusts to my body.
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the huge field of presidential hopefuls the new rules for political fund-raising have led to some pretty eye popping figures in campaign coffers this election. the huge numbers, with ben ferguson and mel robbins. let's run through some of the numbers here from the new fund-raising totals compiled by the center for integrity. presidential hopefuls bringing in almost $400 million. not raised by the candidates themselves themselves but by their super pac. benefiting most of all, this man, jeb bush bringing in almost $100 million in donations
2:52 pm
just in that period. he's not leading in the polls, of course unlike the official campaign super pacs can accept unlimited donations from companies, from unions from individuals, you name it. mel, to you first. okay jeb bush isn't getting all the headlines, donald trump is. does it matter when he's getting so much of the cash? >> you know i think we're still very early. the reason we're so excited is obviously because donald trump is such an unknown, in terms of unknown what he's going to do next. so people are paying attention, because it's so entertaining and interesting. but i think personally believe that the only person in the mix of republican candidates that has a shot not only against hillary clinton, but also against donald trump at this point, is jeb bush. he is the most serious candidate, the most presidential candidate, and probably the most likely to get elected if he can get past trump. >> ben, when you look at the numbers for hillary clinton, her
2:53 pm
super pac bringing in $20 million, but her campaign in terms of direct donations has brought in $47 million so far. what does that tell us about her as a candidate, how people are responding giving more directly to her, that signal more supporters out there that hit that limit in terms of how much they can give? >> no not necessarily. i think when you're in a big primary like the gop, you want the majority of your money to be able to be used any way it can, and super pacs are much more effective way of attacking other candidates. there's kind of that arm's length away from your campaign. they can be a little more intense than your campaign can. hillary hasn't had really anybody to go up against. bernie sanders has jumped in yes, but if you're her campaign you want the money to come in directly to her campaign. for quite some time she's really been running unopposed. she's having to deal with bernie sanders, so i think you'll start to see her super pac numbers
2:54 pm
become a lot different than her campaign numbers have been. i think it's the dynamic of the primary. if you cannot have to worry in the primary, give all the general election funds to my campaign like jeb bush is going to have to do please write those big massive checks that have no limit on them to my super pac, because i'm going to need your help. >> comments this week hillary clinton naming jeb bush's super pac directly in that speech at the end of the week. >> yeah. >> i want to switch gears and talk about vice president joe biden. that has certainlily been the political buzz this weekend. a lot of talk about vice president joe biden potentially throwing his hat in the ring for 2016. cnn's jeff reporting this week biden has been talking to close friends and confidantes, not ruling out a run for the white house. i want you to listen how hillary clinton's campaign spokeswoman responded to it this morning on
2:55 pm
reliable sources. >> we will let him make his decision. the -- however hard it is to secure the democratic nomination is however hard it is. we never thought this was going to be easy. there's a lot of views in the democratic party. and, you know we'll be prepared to handle whatever comes our way. >> welcoming the challenge, mel, saying this was never going to be easy. mel, can biden energize this party? and when is too late for him to jump in? >> you know what i think that joe biden's about as big of a threat to hillary clinton as jim gilmore, who just jumped in the race a couple of days ago. >> really? >> yes. i mean come on what are people going to get excited about behind biden? they're tired of him. there's nothing new and fresh about him. unlike hillary clinton who does have the female factor. there are still a lot of people in this country would love to see a woman winning the
2:56 pm
election. and i think she's the most qualified of any candidate out there. no will joe biden galvanize the democratic party and give hillary clinton a run for her money? absolutely not. >> this is the same exact thing -- >> brian stealther asked her come pain about it this morning, is the untrustworthiness, and the concern about that in the polling for hillary clinton. >> well two things. one, bernie sanders lets joe biden know that there are people out there who do not like hillary clinton. and that's what's inspiring him now more than anything else. so i think joe biden is saying maybe i should relook at this. you know what maybe i should run, because this is not a coronation and not everyone is onboard with hillary. >> all right. ben, mel, thank you guys very much. appreciate it. coming up in the next hour four people have died in an outbreak of legionnaires' disease. the search for what is causing the deadly outbreak, ahead.
2:57 pm
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-- captions by vitac -- 6:00 eastern, 3:00 pacific this sunday. i'm poppy harlow in new york. we begin with the update for the search for malaysia flight mh-370. the part of a plane wing found in the indian ocean is indeed from a boeing 777. that much was confirmed today by malaysian officials. the plane disappeared last year with 239 people onboard, was also a boeing 777. the question everyone wants answered is this a piece of mh-370. investigators in toulouse france are working to identify the debris this week.


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