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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  August 3, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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work this out. >> it's a great way to put it. a sad reality though but our greece basically. >> right. that's right. >> christine romans thank you very much. go to you can learn all about why this matters for you right there. puerto rico's crisis in two minutes. thank you so much for being with me today. i'm poppy harlow. carol costello is back tomorrow. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. a new close call in the skies. for the third time in days, a drone gets dangerously close to a passenger jet and just now the government sends a bulletin warning these drones could be used as terrorist weapons. the search for a coward. that's what the police director says. a manhunt is under way for the person who shot and killed an officer during a traffic stop. and you think the republican debates will be interesting? try hillary clinton versus joe biden. why the vice president is considering a run and how he would shake up the entire race.
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hello, everybody. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. we'll begin this hour with new fears this morning at one of the nation's busiest airports. a drone coming alarmingly close to a passenger jet, and it happened at new york's jfk airport last night, and that is the third such incident in just the past three days at jfk. >> and breaking just minutes ago, homeland security sent a bulletin to law enforcement across the country warning that drones could be used as terrorist weapons. all three close calls happened as the airplanes were landing at that incredibly busy hub. federal officials now investigating. jean casarez has the very latest for us. jean, what can you tell us? >> reporter: that's right. along with the new information from the department of homeland security, it also cites other risks and the concern is because of these three drone sightings in the last three days by commercial aircraft all on approach to jfk airport in new york city, now the big question for authorities is who is doing
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this and why? the latest one, as you said, was last night. it was the crew of shuttle america flight 5911 from richmond, virginia. they reported an unmanned aircraft off the left side of its embracing e-145 aircraft as it was landing at jfk. now, on friday two flights once again landing at jfk spotted drones close to their aircraft. the first one, according to the faa, jetblue flight 1843 noted a drone at 2:24 p.m. when approaching the airport. the cockpit audio recording obtained by cnn says the drone passed just below the plane's nose when the jetliner was flying 800 to 900 feet. the next one on friday, 5:00 p.m., delta flight 407 was once again preparing to land at jfk when the cockpit reported seeing a drone under its right wing. now, we were just able to obtain the cockpit audio from last night, the third drone sighting. let's listen.
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>> there's a drone at the edge of the runway. >> location, please? >> roll out of behind this perimeter 5911. >> how close? >> 30 feet. >> left or right? >> left side. >> continue straight ahead on bravo and monitor ground to the left. >> that drone is on the edge of the runway. >> say again. >> that drone is on the edge of the runway. >> the faa is saying in general across the country it gets about two reports per day from pilots saying they spotted an unmanned aerial vehicle, but once again the department of homeland security security bulletin is saying this is concerning because drones conceivably they say can be exploited as terrorist weapons along with the other risks involved. john, kate? >> jean casarez, thanks so much. want to bring in cnn aviation analyst les abend. he's a pilot and contributing
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editor of flying magazine. also with us richard quest. let me start with you. there are idiots who will fly zones near airports and then there's also this possibility of something nefarious going on. i want the pilot's perspective as you're taking off or landing. what could a drone do for you in flight? >> we're dealing with all sorts of environmental issues from weather to now laser sightings now drones. we can only focus, you know, on so much, but take off and landing is critical. we generally on takeoff it's a very critical time. 're accelerating very quickly. you know, for us to with a high angle of attack is what we call it, the nose is way up there. for us to see something, it's difficult. approach and landing is difficult. that's where this incident occurred. we can bank the airplane and avoid it the best we can but
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we're stabilizing our approach and it's difficult at those slow speeds. we don't have a lot of margin for error. that being said, what can happen, you can impact the wind stream. we do have heated windshields so it does have some elasticity. we heat it for birds and for various other things mostly for window heat for icing situations but it could crack it and reduce the visibility. in the engine, depending upon the material the drone is made out of, it could ingest into the engine and possibly cause an engine failure. we're trained to handle engine failure but flight control is another issue. we're talking mass times velocity. that's the formula for momentum. you know, the bigger the particular object and the faster it's going, the more damage it's going to do. >> there are rules that are supposed to keep drones from getting close to a plane and anywhere near an airport. there are rules that are in place. clearly the same thing with lasers. people aren't following the rules. but what is the flying industry saying or what does the flying
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industry want to do about it because the use of drones is only growing. >> right. so you have two competing issues here. >> right. >> you have the drone community who say it's a recreational hobby, we enjoy flying them, and on the other side you have the aviation industry and you have the rules no higher than 400 feet, no closer than 5 miles to an airport. but if you listen to the latest incident, they're talking about at the runway edge at 80 feet or 30 feet or whatever it was. so you're talking about somebody flying a drone on the other side of the fence. now, how you deter that, i mean, you can do it with security cameras, you can do it with guards, you can do it -- but you really can't. you're talking about people showing common sense and you're talking about the drone community who have put up a very vociferous argument for being continued to allow these things in a variety of circumstances. >> unless you protect some of the air space around the airport. >> it's protected already.
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it's protected already. that's the point. you're not supposed to be flying drones within five miles of an airport under 400 feet. >> it's illegal what they're doing. >> the radio control folks have been around for years, 50 years, they've been responsible enough. these are airplane-type models that they fly very responsibly and they know this rule. >> the difference is to fly a radio controlled plane is quite difficult. it's actually challenging. >> it does take a skill. >> it takes a skill to take it off and land it. so you've got people who are absolutely steeped in aviation. >> drones are different. >> drones are different. you buy it at walmart, you send it up in the air, and you see what you can do with it and anybody can fly them. and that's what you're seeing. that's why -- you don't have these cases of radio controlled planes going near airports, but you're having them with drones and unless somebody starts getting serious, well, dot, dot, dot, will happen. >> it looks like dhs is getting
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serious. they're putting out this bulletin -- >> they're warning -- dhs is warning because of terrorism and -- >> right, that's one of the risks. that's the road you walk down, right? >> but that's an entirely different ball of wax. >> than just getting in the way of a plane. >> yes, yeah. that's a very -- >> dumb and evil are two different things but dumb might be dangerous enough is what you're saying, richard quest, right? >> that's very well put. >> i have never seen richard speechless. >> not speechless. >> mark this down, folks. history made. thanks for being here. happening now, an intense manhunt under way for an alleged cop killer in memphis. cnn has just received audio of a frantic police call on police radio seconds after the shooting. >> summer lane. he's shot. >> officer is shot?
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officer down in front of the location. you are on the scene with three, four delta. >> the subject bolted out. >> checking, you are advising that the officer is down or the suspect? >> call an ambulance! call the ambulance. >> the slain officer is sean bolton who served in iraq killed here at home. police are looking for a tremaine wilbourn. he faces first-degree murder charge and he is on the run and said to be armed and dangerous. nick valencia has been following this and has many more of the details. what more do we know about this horrific incident? >> reporter: i just got off the phone with the head of the police union there in memphis, and he tells me that the u.s. marshals have now joined this
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very aggressive manhunt for 29-year-old tremaine will bobou the suspect of the murder of sean bolton, a five-year veteran of the memphis police force. bolton noticed wilbourn and another man parked illegally. he approached the men and a struggle ensued. you heard on that difficult to hear police audio that local residents heard what happened. they ran to the scene, tried to use officer bolton's radio to get in touch with 911 dispatch to let them know a police officer had been shot but it was simply too late. bolton was transferred to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. last night a very tragic press conference by the head of the memphis police talking about the loss of this man's life. >> last night we lost not only an officer but a great man, a dedicated servant to our community and a family member. >> reporter: armstrong went on to say at a press conference on
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saturday night that in the last four years, three memphis police officers have been gunned down in the line of duty. to add to this horrific tragedy, we understand from the head of the police union that bolton's own father had died recent lib so the bolton family was still grieving from that. only now to be mourning the death of this 33-year-old man. kate, john? >> just awful. nick valencia, thanks so much. >> you bet, guys. all right. if president obama's vice president and his former secretary of state both want the white house, does the president endorse? joe biden right now considering a run. we'll speak with someone wlo ju who just left the white house inner circle. months after the riots in baltimore, violence in that city still out of control. the murder rate hitting a 40-year high, and police are now calling in federal agents to help. and a new turn in the hunt for more debris that could belong to the missing flight 370.
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right now, buy an eligible printer, and get three months of free ink with hp instant ink. available at participating retailers. the most affordable way to print. hp instant ink. the political world is upside down this morning with the word that vice president joe biden is at least considering a run for the white house and against his friend and former administration mate hillary clinton. >> the pressure is building. a close adviser of biden's late son beau, he has joined the draft biden super pac and that's just one thing, and "the new york times" is reporting that beau biden who passed away in may, he pleaded with his father to run for president once again. joining us to discuss senior
8:16 am
washington correspondent jeff zeleny and cnn political commentator and former senior adviser to president obama dan pfeiffer. great to see you both. so jeff, you have been reporting on this on the conversations, the fact that biden is still considering it. what is the latest that you're hearing right now? >> hey, kate. we know that vice president joe biden is keeping his options open. one adviser told me that anyone who thinks he's made his mind up simply is wrong. he has not made up his mind. he's keeping his options open, and he's extending his window a little bit. a few months ago we thought early august was the time frame when he would make his decision. i'm told he's moved that back a little bit. it could be in september, perhaps even slightly beyond that but not much beyond that, and he's simply observing what's happening in the democratic field and, you know, seeing what the possibilities are. there's definitely a part of biden world, let's call it that, his constellation of advisers, who would like to see him run. there is definitely a segment of them who would, and the voices
8:17 am
we're hearing now the loudest are from them, but it's political reality also sets in that it is a difficult road at this point if he were to jump in. so we shouldn't get too far ahead of ourselves here, but it is significant to note he is still at least thinking about it. >> dan pfeiffer, i don't want to put you on the spot but i want to put you on the spot. you're not that far removed from the white house. you run in these circles. this morning david axelrod says he doesn't think biden is going to do it. i want to know, yes or no, caka handicap, do you think he's getting in. >> i think jeff is right, i don't think he's made up his mind. i don't know that for certain. whether he gets in or not, i don't really know. if he does he would be a legitimate candidate but jeff makes another point that may weigh on him, hillary clinton is well ahead of him not just in the polls but the organizational skutwork you have to do.
8:18 am
she has been organizing iowa and new hampshire while he hasn't been involved in the political scene at all. he certainly has more than earned the right to run if he chooses to do it but it would be a hard piece of business i think. >> also maybe put president obama in a hard place, you're talking about a hard piece of business, because he's going to be hounded by questions if biden would get in about hillary, about biden. you were a former adviser to the president. i want to get your tyke ake on you would advise him to do. josh earnest was asked about biden this morning. josh started out saying he has been a terrific vice president and then he said this. >> and i think there are a lot of people in washington, d.c., that if -- certainly a lot of democrats that if he made that decision, that they would be honored to work with him, but the fact is we've got some great candidates on the democratic side already, and ultimately each of the candidates will have to make up their own minds. >> josh has to stay noncommittal
8:19 am
and dance and say as little as he possibly can but what do you advise the president to do? >> what i would tell the president to say if this fantasy of the press were to come true and he would have biden and clinton running against each other, i would have the president say he doesn't get involved in democratic primaries, period, full stop, and change the subject. because that is the traditional role for the president. the more he talks about this, the more anyone talks about it, the harder it will be so short and sweet and get out of dodge. >> just run and hide. jeff zeleny, you mentioned the phrase biden world, but let's talk about biden world because joe biden has run for president twice, once he dropped out early and then eight years ago he got less than 1% in iowa. he's from a small state, delaware, there's no machine, democratic machine there. i mean, is there, you know, is there any giant national apparatus to back a biden campaign? >> well, half of the democratic delaware machine is on our screen, dan pfeiffer is from delaware, so maybe he could
8:20 am
better answer that. but i think, look, you make a really good point, john. the reality is at this point a lot of the talent is sort of scooped up, but not all of it. he has been in public life for so long, first as a senator for 36 years and as you said he did run for president a couple different times. so if he would decide to run, i think he would be able to get the strategist and the apparatus out there. a question i have is fund-raising. presidential campaigns are so expensive right now. if he wanted to go to iowa or he wanted to go to new hampshire, he has no fund-raising apparatus at this point. but that is one of the reasons that one of the former advisers of beau biden is joining this super pac movement just to see what support is out there. so i think it is too late for anyone to jump in except joe biden. he's one exception because he's universally known, of course, so it's possible, but, boy, the clock is sure sort of expiring here for him to compete with hillary clinton, but the big question is hillary clinton's
8:21 am
favorables are not good. people have questions about her standing, so that's fueling this. >> and, dan, you said it was a press or media fantasy that they would run against each other. it's not just a fantasy because someone, let's be honest, within biden world is allowing this story to continue and they are at least considering it. they're allowing that narrative to get out there. >> right, absolutely. i only say fantasy in the sense that -- >> i know. >> -- the press would love a competitive democratic primary and biden versus hillary would be a great story. i do agree with jeff though that if the president were -- the vice president were to decide to run, he would be able to recruit the talent he would need to do that. there's a lot of people in obama world, if you will, who have not yet signed up with a candidate who have tremendous loyalty to the vice president because of the loyalty the vice president has had to president obama so i think he would be able to put together a top notch campaign staff quickly. >> do you think obama people would flock to biden? >> some certainly will. many of them work for secretary
8:22 am
clinton, you know, like jennifer pal mary, but there are a lot of obama people without a candidate yet and i think many of them would okay the opportunity to work for vice president biden again. >> jeff, dan, thanks, guys. coming up for us, the deadliest month in baltimore in more than 40 years. violence there reaching a point the city is calling in federal agents to try and help. you're going to hear what they're going to do. plus, evacuations under way. families leaving homes behind as flames spread in what is being called a tinderbox. we'll take you there live. look at those pictures. and forget thursday's big debate, tonight more than a dozen republican candidates under the same roof for one crucial event. we will ask the man running it all how he plans to deal with donald trump.
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this morning baltimore is getting federal help to try and rain rein in what's being called unprecedented violence there. the city is coming off its deadliest month in more than 40 years. 45 homicides in the month of july and, listen to this, 191 for the year so far. >> goodness. now, ten federal agents from the fbi, dea, atf, secret service and u.s. marshal service will help city homicide detectives. they will be there for the next couple months. the interim commissioner says these are the boots on the ground the city needs. can they really make a difference? joining us to talk about this, edward norris, baltimore's former police commissioner. thank you for being with us,
8:27 am
sir. do you really think a handful, a couple handfuls of federal agents and officers coming in are going to turn things around? >> no, i don't actually. it's a step in the right direction. you can always use the help and the resources are tremendous but this is not the answer. >> what is the role and the relationship when they come in? john listed out all of the agencies that would be coming in to help. what's the role and relationship then with the baltimore police? how is it going to work do you think? >> i don't know but i'm assuming, i looked at the list of agencying coming in, the secret service, the marshal service, fbi, dea, we all know what roles they play but i think they're going to use them, the vast resources, tremendous money, and specific nudge, bkno but the fact is you don't solve the crimes after they happen, they need to be prevented. these murders need to be prevented before they actually occur and this is not just the most violent month since 1972.
8:28 am
you have to keep in mind the number is the same, 45 murders, but the city is a third smaller now than it was. so it's much more violent per capita. >> everyone i hear from in baltimore is just up in arms over this. they are incredibly distraught. the same community leaders who were so active in helping calm things down after the riots there in baltimore spending every day to try to make a difference there. i'm curious what you think, they got rid of the police commissioner there. what more can you do? >> well, you're going to have to win back the confidence of the police department because no one wants to speak the truth about this. the fact is the police are not stopping people the way they were because they're afraid to. they feel they're not supported by the government here, the politicians, the prosecutor, the mayor's office, people like that. if they're not going to stop people proactively, people are much more willing to carry guns and shoot each other. that's the bottom line. solving after the fact is nice, but that's not what you want. >> now, the current police commissioner, he kind of described this setup as flipping the script of sorts, kind of
8:29 am
trying something new to try to quell this violence, but when you look at it, the fact they're now having to ask the feds to come in to help them out, does this tell you they've completely lost control? >> no, i think what he means by flip the script, usually police officer go out to federal agencies to work in partnerships, this is unusual to have them work inside the police department. i think he's trying to think outside the box because things are extremely violent and desperate times call for desperate measure. the police commissioner can't speak about this because he works for a mayor and there's a city council but i speak to officers every day in this town. they don't feel supported and when you don't feel supported, they're not going to do things the way they did them before by getting out of the car and stopping people. it's easier to be the third car on the scene than the first in a climate like this and that's how they feel. >> you're saying it's a choice? it's a choice that officers are making that's leading to this surge in murders in baltimore? >> absolutely, positively. and people don't want to hear it, but of course it's a choice. it's a very unusual job.
8:30 am
how many jobs are there when you leave in the morning you don't know if you're coming home at night. they get killed in the line of duty in this city more frequently than many. um unfortunately, you have to convince them they're doing the best they can every day, if they don't feel that and they feel unsupported, they're not going to be as aggressive. they all have families and homes to protect. a lot of them feel they are being unfairly criticized in this city for policing a very, very dangerous american city. these are some of the most dangerous zip codes in the world. these people risk their lives every day. >> there's definitely the trust factor between the community and the police department, the police department and the community. that seems to absolutely be broken at this point. >> edward norris, thanks so much. >> absolutely. it needs to be repaired. anytime. coming up for us, families leaving everything behind as flames spread across california. the governor calls the state there a tinderbox. we'll take you live to the wildfire zone. just into cnn, brand new
8:31 am
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8:35 am
>> it sure looks like it. more than 9,000 firefighters are there battling the flames. the governor issued a state of emergency over the weekend calling up the national guard to help. just look at these images. stephanie elam is live just north of sacramento. you have been following it all. what are you seeing right now, stephanie? >> reporter: good morning to you, kate and john. we are out here in the evacuation zone for the rocky fire. there are some 2700 firefighters out here battling this fire, and i want to show you a couple things. right here, this area where i'm standing, you can see it's all burned through. this is a case of fighting fire with fire. what they're doing is back burning here. they're burning this area out yesterday and then the reason being is because on the ear side of that ridge out there, that is where the fire is burning and it is coming this way. so they're hoping that by burning this out, there will be no more fuel for this fire which is now 60,000 acres burned and now i can tell you is 12% contained, which is good news.
8:36 am
that means they're getting some handle on this fire and this back burning is part 69 way they' they're doing it. there are issues this with fire because the wind starts picking up, the humidity is low. there's been lightning strikes and all this dry brush is just so easy to light up, and for those embers to spread. so that's what they're dealing with. on top of the fact that by the time the day really gets going, it's about 100 degrees out here. this is what the firefighters are dealing with. and over 12,000 people are dealing with being evacuated out of this area for safety while they're trying to battle this fire. it's a different kind of fire because it spread so quickly overnight saturday night going for some 20,000 acres to up to about 40,000, 47,000 acres overnight. that normally doesn't happen because of humidity levels and that's what makes this fire dangerous and different than other fires that we normally see here in california, kate and john. >> folks sure just cannot get a break. stephanie, thank you very, very
8:37 am
much. stephanie elam on it for us. coming up, tonight nearly every republican presidential candidate will be in new hampshire, but some big names are glaringly absent. who is it? coming up, a preview of the first forum before this week's big first debate. lots of forums, lots of firsts. we'll be talking to the man who will be asking the big questions. and a decision months in the making. the u.s. military, now the president in fact now authorizing the possibility of air strikes against the forces of bashar al assad. a key new chapter in the tragic morass that is syria.
8:38 am
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new hampshire becomes the center of the political universe tonight. 14 republican candidates for president will face-off at the voters' first forum. it's not a debate. that's later this week, but tonight's event is more of a question and answer session and everyone was invited. >> and everyone accepted except three people won't be there. the toronto rfront-runner donal trump declined, mike huckabee didn't respond and jim gilmore, he missed the deadline. let's talk to the man who will moderate the two-hour event, jack heath. he's the host of new hampshire today ona m 610, wgir, something of a new hampshire player. mr. heath, thank you so much for being with us. really appreciate it.
8:42 am
>> talking about my golf game, john? no, john and kate, great to be with you. >> i want to talk about someone who will not be there, donald trump. he wrote a letter to the publisher of the manchester union leader explaining why he wouldn't be there. he said knowing you as i do i feel it is unlikely i will be getting the endorsement from you and the union leader. i made a great fortune based on instinct and that, unfortunately, is my view. therefore and for other reasons including the fact that i feel there are too many people ontage to have a proper forum, i will not be attending. do you think his spirit will be there? >> i don't think donald trump will be a big part of the forum. i would be surprised if many bring him up at all. i intend to kind of have a trump-less forum talking about issues voters here in iowa and south carolina think are important and they want to hear
8:43 am
answers to their questions. >> why trump-less? he is the front-runner nationally and absolutely i think we can say at this point going to be on the debate stage on thursday. why trump-less at the voters first forum do you think, do you hope? >> well, number one, number one, kate, he's not going to be here, so i don't know why fill up the room with a lot of that oxygen if mr. trump is not going to be here. actually i think the real reason he might not have come wasn't just his instinct on the endorsement. i think it was of the editorial on the week where he was having a flap with senator john mccain over senator mccain's service as a veteran and a p.o.w., but i really think we have so many questions, thousands of questions that have come in from voters here and in the other early states on important issues, important issues ranging from how would you deal with isis, employment, how are we going to grow the american economy more than 2%. real important questions, immigration reform. so i think just bringing up donald trump plays into the
8:44 am
whole tabloid nature of the polling. the real reason why we're having this forum in new hampshire is the organizers, the new hampshire union leader and others felt we shouldn't allow national pollsters and national networks, no disrespect, cnn, you're not on that list right there with fox. >> none taken. >> you are but you're not part of the debate thursday night, is to you allow them to draw a line in the stand of where the top tier and second tier. donald trump could have been here. he's not going to be here, so i think talking about him doesn't do the voters a real service here. >> it will be great to hear about the issues tonight, jack, and we do appreciate that. new hampshire always important, the first in the nation primary. this year i feel like there are more candidates than usual who seem to be staking it all on new hampshire. you have chris christie to an extent, george pataki, john kasich. donald trump, new hampshire is a crucial state to him as well. how do you think that will play into tonight as well. will there be people on stage who really need to outperform others? >> yes, you mentioned a few.
8:45 am
i think a lot of these candidates have been traveling to new hampshire and donald trump has, too. i think there will be a number of these candidates that may not have the national base in place yet that will dry and either differentiate themselves, they might give me an answer to a question about jobs and then they might say i want to go back to something governor bush said. a way to differentiate themselves on some issues. so i think a few of them, i don't want to say who i think it is, will try and have a moment tonight where they shine a little more, differentiate themselves because they need every chance they can get if they're not going to be perceived nationally as a so-called top tier candidate. >> that's absolutely the case. and the way this is set up and as we said, it's not a debate. they're all going to be -- it's going to be a question and answer session, each of them getting five minutes with you. you will take the questions to them. i did think it was interesting that because of the senate vote that is scheduled for today where republicans in the senate are attempting to defund planned parenthood, at least three is what i saw, cruz, paul, and
8:46 am
rubio, they're not going to be there in person. they're going to be answering your questions remotely. what do you think the impact of that is going to be? >> kate, because it's not a debate, i think it's going to be fine. we're doing an interview like such this will be tonight and i think with technology and c-span does it all the time, because it's a forum and an interview, i don't think it will have a real impact. if it was a debate, i think you might have had a little bit of, they're not in the room, they can't see the others but i think it will work fine. kate, i'm hoping you send me an e-mail during the day to tell me how to be a good traffic cop and make sure they stick to time. >> just yell louder. when they run over time, just go stop. >> wave your arms like this, no more! >> i have the new hampshire house speaker on my show this morning, my radio show, and he said he was going to bring down the state gavel that i could put on the desk next to me, just raise it as a way to remind them that we need to stick to time. we're going to have two rounds of questions so i'm hoping we
8:47 am
get a little more time and depending how quickly we can get through all the questions for each candidate. >> millions of people will be watching you tonight. this really is the first chance to hear most of the candidates all at once. we wish you the best of luck and we thank you for doing this. >> thanks for coming in. >> john and kate, thanks, and i hope to see you up here in new hampshire soon. i'm sure you'll both be up here. thank you. coming up for us, twisted metal, broken pieces. what could be considered junk on a beach being given a second look now. could more parts from malaysia airlines flight 370 be washed up on those shores or floating in the waters around reunion island?
8:48 am
8:49 am
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awww, yes! that is what i'm talking about. baby. call and upgrade to get x1 today. ♪ u.s. investigators are heading to france to help figure out if a section of a wing from a boeing 777 is from mh-370. a french lab is expected to begin analyzing that piece in the coming days. >> searchers have expanded the hunt for plane debris to waters off mauritius, an island nation about 110 miles from where the section of wing was found. other islands as well. senior international correspondent jim berman joins us live from paris where closed-door meetings are being held on this investigation. jim. >> this is basically a meeting to organize things. basically we have a lot of
8:52 am
authorities involved here. there was a judicial representative from malaysia, a representation from the the malays malaysian civil aviation authority, everybody assembled around the same time tribaling to get on the same page. basically in the past, particularly in the case of malaysian authorities accusations they haven't been transparent enough and i think they wanted to get everybody moving in the same direction so that it didn't appear to be in any kind of conflict making statemen statements -- after their meeting they basically broke up and didn't say anything to the press. they're on their way down to toulouse in the south of france where that bit of wing, the flaperon, as it's called, is being analyzed and they're going to look at that for themselves. >> jim b, thanks so much. a couple minutes to the hour right now. new u.s. air strikes that
8:53 am
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8:57 am
regime. the u.s. conducted air strikes just last week when members of a u.s.-trained rebel force were attacked. the military believes the attack was carried out by an al qaeda-affiliated group. >> that attack was a big setback for the u.s. program which has already faced major criticism as they acknowledged they've only been able to train about 60 rebels so far. cnn military analyst lieutenant general mark hertling is joining us right now for more on this. so, general, they're going to be getting air cover. but doesn't that raise the chance that the u.s. is going -- u.s. forces are going to come in contact or come up against bashar al assad's forces? exactly what the united states and the president did not want. >> well, it certainly might raise that spectrum, kate, but what i tell you -- i mean, what the force that we're trying to put in place there is attempting to do is a couple of things. first of all, they've got to be defended against the syrian regime. they've got to be defended against al nusra and the al
8:58 am
qaeda elements there. but they're also being defended against the isis forces there and have the capability of attacking there. that's the critical issue. so it's a multifront approach. but we here in the early stages of this program, if you will, and the key element is sustaining and advancing the combat power which is being put together there so we can get more intelligence on the ground and so we can attempt to target isis forces more in the syria area. >> do you think this force is a thro threat to bashar al assad, this group of a few dozen is specifically trained by the united states to battle isis, not battle assad. do you think the assad regime will target them? >> no. not right now, john, they're just too small. but they could potentially be a much greater force and they could provide another threat to
8:59 am
the assad regime. i keep going back to the point where at the very early stages of putting elements on the ground in syria and that in combination with the turkish approach to this fight, which has changed recently within the last week could have some significant a -- could provide significant problems as well as isis. so well as we're not going specifically against the regime i think he is going to see the problem in this area, another front he has to face and it puts more problems on his plate. >> this was a big part of the strategy of taking on isis in syria, the training these rebels. when the administration acknowledged that they had only trained 60 rebels, they faced a lot of criticism that it was going to be a success or was it already seen as a failure? do you think this air cover will
9:00 am
help thurn around? gain momentum? >> that's the key point. you've hit it on the head. yes, it is a small force. yes it's almost laughable when you say, hey, we've trained 60 people and put them on the ground. but when you talk about 60 people on the ground gathering intelligence, contributing to targeting and the fact that you have airplanes in incirlik, less than 150 miles away and can do true close air support as opposed to kinetic strike packages, that makes a heck of a lot of difference and i think you will see in the near fucher there will be many other elements within syria saying "hey, i want to be a part of that." because right now all they have r ak-47s and rpgs. what you could get in the future is the weight of an entire international air armada contributing to the support against isis and, truthfully, against assad regime. >> lieutenant general mark hertling thank you so much. that's all for us. "legal view" starts right now.


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