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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  August 3, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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her 3-year-old daughter lilly is unharmed and is in protective custody. look at this tornado that hit adams county, iowa on sunday. look how incredibly lucky the people there were. nobody was hurt. >> randy, thank you very much. that does it for us. we'll see you again at 11:00 p.m. eastern for another edition of 360. cnn tonight with don lemon starts now. breaking news. donald trump surging in the polls ahead of thursday's first gop didn't. this is cnn tonight, i'm don lemon. new polls show trump leading his nearest roofls by double digits. is the real estate mogul turned presidential candidate trying to lower expectations before this week's important debate. >> i'm not a debater. i don't stantd stand up and debate like these politicians. >> tonight in new hampshire, 16 of the 17 republican candidates square off at the first forum. donald trump skips the event on purpose.
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a controversial interview with former ferguson missouri police officer darryl wilson nearly a day after he shot and killed michael brown. i want to begin with our breaking news. donald trump surging in the polls days before the first gop crucial debate. athena jones is up in new hampshire where 14 of the 2016 gop hopefuls participated in a forum tonight. the front-runner was noticeably absent. but there is excellent news in the polls for a surging donald trump, isn't there? >> hi don. more excellent news. he has had a lot of good news in the polls. two new polls out today, one here in new hampshire, the wmur granite state poll puts trump at 24%. twice the second place runner, jeb bush. the monmouth university poll,
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also out today, that poll has trump at 26%. more than quarter of republican voters choosing trump. that is more than double the next place person, which is also jeb bush at 12%, and scott walker in third place at 11%. he has more than 2 to 1 lead in a national poll. and it's significant because it's more -- it's outside of the margin of error. it is a significant lead although it is quite early on. >> it is early, but it is a significant lead, as you say. three days away, though, from the first gop primary didn't. when will we know who is in and who is out, athena? >> that is a big mystery, believe it or not. tomorrow at 5:p.m. is the cut off time. that's the time that fox news has given for when all the polls that come in that they are going to be choosing from for the five polls they are going to be averaging their calculation to figure out what top ten candidates make it to the debate stage. the cut off time is 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. we deny know how quickly they will do the calculations, do the
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averaging of their polls and announce it to the rest of us. we hope to know more about that certainly by this time tomorrow. i can tell you though in our own cnn poll of polls, or an average of polls, it looks as though the top eight are pretty much solidified and it's the bottom two spots are going to be a battle between ohio governor john kasich, new jersey governor chris christie, and former texas governor rick perry. we'll have to wait and see. >> christie, perry and casic going to be fighting it out to get into the debate. what's the latest now? we've been hearing about the vice president possibly getting in, joe biden. a lot of voters are asking will he or won't he? >> well that's the big question here. we don't know yet whether or not he is going to choose to jump into the race. we know it's something he has thought about a lot. he has already run twice before. vice president biden feels like he would do a good job as president.
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and you have a group a super pack that is aimed at trying to convince him to jump into the raise. that super pack is called draft biden. and just recently, a former close -- a former aide to joe biden'sson, his late son, beau biden who died earlier this year, a former aide has joined into that super pack as a senior adviser. some people are seeing that as a good move. certainly, there are a lot of people who do support joe biden and want to see him get in. they argue he has a higher favorability rating than hillary clinton does and that those numbers in terms of honesty and trustworthiness and favorability is going to be a problem for her down the line. it takes a lot of money to run for president. it's not clear whether or not joe biden is going to choose to get into the race. >> i'm joined by mckay talkins, van jones, and john ray bender.
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good evening to all of you. i'm glad to have you here. van, i want to start with you. what do you think the other candidates think about donald trump at this point? he is not losing any strength at all going into this debate. >> i think a lot of republicans were saying this is going to be a snowflake a soap bubble, he will have his happy moment and move away. >> a lot of democrats said that, too. >> i said it. and we were wrong this. guy is for real. he is a threat. he is going to be there. and i think if i were any of the serious accounts -- certainly if you are jeb bush you are look at thursday as an opportunity. can you do something that at least lets people know that there is a difference between someone who is a great media permit versus a great leader? but donald trump is for real. and -- >> when did you come to that realization, van? because i remember you saying oh, no. >> as usual, don, you got there first. you were trying to warn us. you were right. i i was wrong. i don't mind admitting it this time. donald trump is for real. >> mckay, you are talking a lot
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about all the campaigns. come debate time on thursday, are we going to see the nine other candidates all attacking donald trump? is that the strategy? >> i think, certainly, the entire -- the dynamic of the debate is going to revolve around trump. he's an unavoidable figure. he is going to be perched right at the center of the stage. he is going to be presumably doing the same thing he has been doing this entire campaign. but i think the candidates are going to each have different strategies. i think somebody like jeb bush or scott walker is going to try to ignore donald trump to whatever extent possible to try to look soeber and presidential, using him sort of as a foil or a point of contrast. i think other candidates like ted cruz, who wants to proech some of trump's supporters are going to pander to him a little bit, maybe say you know i'm glad mr. trump is in the race, i think you will hear that from some of the candidates. and then the kind of third group that is important to keep an eye on will be the ones who are
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tempted to lash out and attack donald trump as a way of either raising their own profiles or trying to knock trump out of the race. >> okay. >> i personally think that would be a mistake. i don't see any way -- up to this point in the race, every attack that's hurled at donald trump only makes hiss him stronger. >> yeah. >> i don't see any way that attacking him is going to really hurt him in this debate. >> john, can i ask you something about rick son torm. he carried 11 states last go around. according to the latest poll, he won't be participating thursday night. what's going through his mind? >> i think a lot of people sit there and say the first debate may be the more substantial debate. the second is going to be more chaotic because of donald trump. second of all, what we found in the last two presidential elections on the republican side are polls right now mean absolutely nothing. i was with rudy giuliani in 2008. and he had a double digit lead about this point but we know it was going to be difficult to play well in places like iowa
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and others. last time about this point -- >> giuliani -- pardon the interruption. giuliani did not have the money that donald trump has, did not have the media exposure. >> he raised over $50 million and. >> and he got 50 votes. >> there was a super pack. the truth of the matter is it'sics extremely early. and nobody knows donald trump. in fact, until we go through these debates i mean if you put will ferrell in the race tomorrow he might be at 10% until we go through debates. you have got to be realistic about where we are on these things. what donald trump is is it's the i'm mad as hell and i'm not going take it anymore votes. >> that's a movie network reference there. stai stand by. i want to bring in the director of the maris institute for public opinion. lee, you have been listening to this conversation. and i'm sure on many nights here on cnn there have been different conversations. why did you decide to stop
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asking primary voters who they are supporting? >> i think it is a bad use of public polls to sort of let the polls dictate not only what the candidates are doing because now they are all trying to get a bump in the last couple of weeks to get higher polls to get into the debate. i don't think the polls are designed with that precision carried out with decimal points and margins of error to consider. it is not a good use of public polls to try to decide who should be on the stage or shouldn't be on the stage you. >> feel like you are affecting in some way the election, right? the election process? >> i think polls are supposed to measure public opinion. media is supposed to cover it. now you have got a media sponsored debate which is reline on polls to determine who is going to participate. >> how would you like to see it handled. >> two one hour debates. let everybody decide who is going to get into debate a, debate b. scott walker, 42% of republicans
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in our poll say they dope know enough about him to have an opinion. 36% say the same about marco rubio. it's name recognition that's catapulting donald trump at the moment. we asked whether people consider him to be a serious candidate or a distraction. and although a majority of republicans think he is a distraction, not party activists -- key party folks, strong republicans, they think he is a serious candidate. you were just talking about whether he is going to be a factor in this. he sure is. donald trump gets 20% against jeb bush and hillary clinton in a threeway poll making most of his support coming from lawns. if they don't treat donald trump well and he goes as an independent, well, all bets are off. >> he is going to take the -- i don't think donald trump would leave his votes on the table, right? i think he probably would take them with him. >> that's the kind of support he
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probably has at this point. but the debate is an opportunity for the voters at this early stage to try to assess some of these folks who are mostly unknown to most of the voters who are going to be deciding. and look, it's not a national primary. it's iowa, it's new hampshire, it's south carolina. what do the national polls mean, especially when you are carrying them out to decimal points and rountd rounding up, rounding down, margins of error, and the like? it doesn't serve the democracy that well. that's why we chose not to. there will be enough time down the he had ro. right now i don't think the public polls should be used in this way. >> lee, thank you. i want to bring back the panel right now. what do you guys think of what lee is sething, divide the candidates at random into a two-hour long debate? first to you, van. >> i think that would be good. part of thing is, the republicans in some ways were hurt by having too many debates. this time, you really do need to
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have the opportunity for every one of these candidates to be heard and vetted. kasich was a good governor. rick perry was a good governor. i don't think chris christie is a good governor. you may not get a chance to hear from either of those three candidates because of national polling data and that kind of stuff. campaigns matter. but if you can't actually hear from people because you have got a circus show going on with donald trump it's unfair to everybody and unfair to the company. >> john? >> all but two of the candidates are within the margin of error of that top ten spot w. these spots they are not asking likely republican voters. they are asking all voters, many of whom will not vote in republican primaries. third of all, the polls should not drive the dbtsz. the debate should drive the poll. >> well said. >> carly fiorina not being in it and some of these others i think is unfortunate. >> stand by, everyone. thank you lee. i appreciate it. please come back. everyone else stand by.
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we have more on donald trump's surge in the polls. but is there trouble in his campaign? a staffer is fired for something he allegedly posted. ferguson police officer darin wilson gives a news conference almost exactly one year after he shot and killed michael brown. and amy schumer puts down the jokes and teams up with her cousin chuck schumer to stop gun violence. we'll talk about it with her train wreck co-star, collin quinn, when he joins me here in the studio. expert from at&t? yeah, give me a problem and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep them all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your boysenberyy apple scones smell about done. ahh, you're good. i like to bake. with at&t get up to $400 dollars in total savings on tools to manage your business.
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tonight. new polls showing donald trump surging ahead of his gop rivals just days before the first big debate on thursday night. back with me, our panel. van, you admitted i was right on national sneeflgs we were all saying this guy is going disappear, a snowflake, a soap bubble. you said from the beginning he is tapping into something that's real. we didn't agree with you. you have been proven correct. he is up double digits. but i think part of season that you are seeing this is that he has actually played this media game in a way that is masterful. he started saying negative stuff about the latinos and everybody got upset. then he switched over, threw some punches at republicans and switches back over. so unpredictable that he becomes arresting and he suffocates
7:18 pm
everybody's media. and i think he has more political skill than anybody gave him credit for. except possibly you. >> i think where donald trump is smart -- and this is why i didn't think he was going to flame out -- he is used to playing in the new york shark infested media waters. he knows how to play the media, and he knows how to suck all the oxygen out of the room by getting on television, accepting interviews. the other candidates are realizing that donald trump is on the air waves because he anticipates accepts the interviews. everybody else goes, no, it's not the right time he is getting on the press, on every single channel every night. i digress. mckay, there may be trump in the trumpland. he had to fire a campaign staffer for a racially charged facebook post dating book to 1997. you know about this guy. what happened? >> sam nunnberg. he was one of donald trump's kind of political right hands. he has been with him for a while. actually last year -- he was
7:19 pm
fired a year ago for helping to facilitate an interview that i did with donald trump. mr. trump did not like the article i ended up writing, fired sam nunnberg, and made a big kind of show it. hired it back a few months later and now he is goingr being fired again. the thing that is interesting about all this is that what got sam nunnberg fired this time is a bunch of very inflammatory, racist kind of charged posts on facebook. but what's fascinating is aside from one where he used the n word, which i think everyone would agree -- maybe even donald trump would agree is out of bounds -- aside from that, the comments on his facebook wall are not all that different from the kind of comments that donald trump makes on a routine bice basis. i mean, this is a guy who spent the entire 2012 election cycle floating kinds of wild conspiracy theories about president obama's birth place. he is a guy who started his campaign this time around not
7:20 pm
ten minutes into announcement speech muzing about mecke can immigrants and rape. it's not like this guy -- donald trump is not known for his racial sensitivities and political correctness. and frankly i've got say, having spent some time with donald trump in his inner circle last year, the stuff that nunberg said and that got him fired this time around is not all that different from a lot of the stuff i heard from the other people in his inner circumstance snooel as you said -- i mean -- go on. i didn't mean -- you were there. and those people aren't here to defend themselves. >> look, no -- to clarify, i did not hear any n words. that certainly is the one exception. >> that's a pretty low bar. >> yeah. >> the inner circle that donald trump surrounds himself with is a retinue of mini trumps. it's people who act like him, who imitate him, who try to be like him. it shouldn't be shocking when we find out that one of his aides
7:21 pm
has said inflammatory -- >> as you said, donald trump is the running around calling people the n word. when i have the interview again, i will ask him about his people in his inner circle. >> the real challenge for the candidates is donald trump is not going to be the nominee. i'm telling you that right now. >> how dues thao you say that? my experience of 30. i'm telling you he is not going to be the nominee. he can pick the nominee for this reason. someone is going to win with a very small number of votes. donald trump has the ability to win 10%, 10% all over the place. the question is who are those going to come from? i argue they come from cruz and christie and paul the most. frankly, i think that trump probably does benefit jeb bush
7:22 pm
at this point. >> isn't that where the power is, if he has the power to pick the next -- even if he is not the nominee -- which you say he is not going to be, i'm not so sure about that but he has the power to pick the next nominee? >> i think he has power to do. that i think you will see the republican party treat him as credible with a lot of respect. it doesn't mean he is going to be the nominee, but i think they think he is helpful to drive voters to the polls in a rally in the republican party and i think they should treat him respectfully. >> i have got to go. next time. thank you guys. appreciate it. coming up, next week will mark one year since officer darren wilson fatally shot michael brown in ferguson, missouri. and wilson is now speaking out. what he says has a lot of people angry. the signs are everywhere. the lincoln summer invitation is on. get exceptional offers on the mkz sedan... the luxury small utility mkc ...the iconic navigator. and get a first look at the entirely new
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i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose..
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as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california. take a look at this. there is a new profile of darren wilson in the dmorker just days before the one year anniversary of the fatal shooting of 18-year-old michael brown. in the article, the former ferguson, missouri police officers speaks out about the life he now lives in relative obscurity. how he longs to return to the
7:27 pm
ferguson police force and hasn't been able to land a job there or any police department. and you how his family has to pick certain restaurants with like minded individuals where you know it's not a mixing pot  he says in the interview. let's discuss this with mark o'meara. mark lamont hill and jeff florida. good evening, gentlemen. >> good evening. >> mark a lot of people, perhaps unfairly maybe see a lot of coded racial language in some of darren wilson's comments in this article when he says things like black people in ferguson, kids running wild, come from -- this is a quote -- a different culture, than the right culture, the better one to pick from, pregang culture where you are just running in the streets not water about working in the morning, just worried about your immediate gratification. the same younger cull tire that is everywhere in the inner cities. so what's the problem with saying that?
7:28 pm
isn't he just being honest about what he saw on the job? or no? >> no. first of all, i don't think it's unfair to call that coded racial language. even the author of the piece says when i pushed darren wilson on those questions he didn't have a good answer. i think it's fair to say he was talking about black people. whether you think it's accurate or not is different. my answer is no, this isn't accurate. this is gross representation of black cultures. did he see some people in ferguson or jennings where people weren't responsible or made bad choices? >> of course. they exist everywhere, in black neighborhoods, white neighborhoods. middle class neighborhoods. i think that informs how he polices. i think that comes through in the piece and certainly in his life. >> do you think that's coded? does it sounds coded to you jeff? >> i think first all i think the article is intentionally unflattering. you look at the picture of darren with his eyes darted off and looking down -- it is a
7:29 pm
terrible picture, and it's an article that i think is in a magazine where they feel pressed to sing along with this chorus that we've heard for the last 127 months which ignores the reality of what happened on august 9th of last year. darren wilson is no racist. i know him well. and i think the article misrepresents who he is. >> yeah -- can you hear us, mark? mark o'meara, are you there? >> i think we lost mark o'meara. we did. okay. go ahead mark, go ahead. >> i was going to say i don't think that the piece misrepresents him. if you read the piece in the first section of the piece it paints a favorable depiction of what happened on august 9th. it offers a clear examination of the grand jury report even to say that many of the things that media said about darren wilson were incorrect. the article shows him with his facedown and his eyes down
7:30 pm
because they are saying he is in a bad place because of what happened post grand jury investigation. i think it's a very accurate assessment. >> come on mark. >> go ahead, do you disagree with that? >> yeah, go ahead jeff. >> i've been with this guy talking with him for the last 12 months. he is a sympathetic character. they delve a little bit, not much into his childhood, which is one that i think that's the real story here. serious. >> the he brought himself up from a terrible upbringing. and ended up being a police officer. and ended up being a respectable part of our society. >> here's my problem. it's not accurate. the piece goes into his child hoochld i found out about his mom, her mental illness, the crimes he committed, i found out about his relationships. it's inaccurate to say they didn't cover the stuff. what is fascinating, in the piece, darren wilson says he doesn't have the luxury about knowing about context, knowing
7:31 pm
people's psychological states. he said i'm only there to fix the problem. on the one hand we want to look at his whoo whole life, whether his mama loved him or not. >> let me read that. >> go ahead, don. >> he says he doesn't like really being a part of history as it relates to race. he says i'm really simple in the way i look at life. what happened to my great grandfather is not happening to me. i can't base my actions off what happened to him. we can't fix in 30 minutes what happened 30 years ago. we have to fix what is happening now. that's my job as a police officer. i'm not going to delve into people's life long history and figure out why they are feeling a certain way, a certain -- in a certain moment. i'm not a psychology. what's your reaction to that? >> that's the way all the cops that i know think, too. and i don't think there is anything wrong with that. you have got a job to do. and there are some environmental issues that surround the circumstances you end up in and contribute to why the kid you are dealing with is acting the
7:32 pm
way he is. but you can't fix that. all you can do is deal with the problem you have got in front of you at that moment. >> but you can't analyze the problem you have in front of you if you don't understand the context and the backdrop. that doesn't mean you get into each person's life history. it means you understand the neighborhood. >> when you are looking down the barrel of the gun you don't have time to figure all that out. just time to react. >> what you just did was make a straw man. i said when you are policing you should be looking at the context of the neighborhoods you operate in. thinking about the history of that, thinking about the community police relationship. >> that's what darren did. darren sought out the guy at the jennings police department that he thought had the best interaction with the neighborhood there and with the community and understood -- >> based on the fact that he talked black? >> based on the fact that he had a great relationship. >> it was more than that, mark. it was also his reaction that he was part of a mentoring program for black youth and this was one -- his mentor who was a guy
7:33 pm
man who said in some way he could understand what it was like. >> he found that out later. that's why knot why -- >> mark o'meara are you back? >> i'm back. >> you know what it's like to be someone who is acquitted but still faces tremendous criticism. do you understand where darren wilson is coming from in this article? >> we tend to want to make our deemons and our heros much more and digger and more significant than they are really in life. darren wilson was a come he wp. he was doing it for a few years, was good at it. he had all the biases that cops do. in this case, based on his interaction with blacks and we know it showed up in the police
7:34 pm
department. i of and right now it's showing up in the cincinnati police department. that's the way he is. the fact that he had this childhood, or went to this mentor, that's a part of the story we are exploding to make it more significant. >> were you in my office? i said almost exactly what you said. when i met darren wilson, he was much more ordinary than the media made him out to be. he seemed larger than life. he was just this ordinary guy who was a police officer who just sat there and talked to me. >> don, you may remember when chris cuomo did the interview of george zimmermann one of his takeaways that he said on tv, the one thing about george zimmermann, he is less than you think he is. not as an insult. u just that's who he was. with darren wilson, that's what he was. particularly in wilson's case we look at what he did and how he did it and why? i think the why the important.
7:35 pm
i don't think he had great hatred in his heart but if he is dealing with the subtle tees that we keep talking about that inform the way the police look at their interactions then it's going to keep showing up in those ways. >> haven't we done the same thing with michael brown? we've conflated him, too. >> thank you, guys. i appreciate it. up next, what does michael brown's family think of this? i'm going to talk to their attorney. ♪"once there was a hushpuppy" by dan romis man kind?eitlin ♪ are we good?
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this article when asked about michael brown's parents darren wilson said quote i'm sorry that their son lost his life. it wasn't the intention of that day. it's what occurred that day. and there is nothing you can say that's going to make a parent feel better. he went on to say, i did my job that day. joining me now, anthony gray, attorney for michael brown's family. mr. gray, good to see you, how are you doing? >> good to see you don. i'm doing great, yourself? >> i'm doing great. you heard what darren wilson says michael brown and his family. he also said he shot a bad guy and said do i think about who he was as a person? not really, because it doesn't
7:40 pm
matter at this point. do i think he had the best upbringing? no, not at all. you don't like hearing that? >> no, that's just one comment that was hip kidcal of the person making the remarks. there are so many inconsistencies and hypocrisies throughout the article, you probably don't have time to go through them all. but as it relates to that one particular statement, i find it apauling that he would make that reference when he had a turbulent upbringing himself by his own admission. so i just -- that kind of hypocrisy really turns, i think most readers off. and it just per pet waits the view of darren wilson as being self serving in everything that he has said and done since august 9th. >> michael brown's family, have they read this article? are they familiar with it? >> i know they are familiar with the article. the father participated in portions of the article. i think he talked with jake about some of the information.
7:41 pm
the mom, i don't think she participated at all. but everybody is aware of it. whether or not they -- i think it's a 10,000 word article. whether they went from top to bottom, i don't know, but i know generally speaking, everybody has a mixed reaction to it. and they just think it's full of hypocrisy. consistent with the way darren wilson has behaved after this incident on august 9th. >> what do you mean they have a mixed reaction to it? how is it mixed? >> because in one sense they want to be angry about the things that he's basically saying about their son. and on another hand they are not surprised. i mean, since this thing has happened, don, as you know, and i've said on many occasions, you know, he began to concoct this version of events as to what happened on august 9th. and that became his represent you take to the family and to most of us that have looked at his behavior. so we're not surprised by what he says. and so that element of not being
7:42 pm
surprised, mixed with, you know, a little bit of anger is what i mean by having a mixed reaction to it. >> anthony, you say he began to concoct, he concocted this. darren wilson has been exonerated twice, first by the grand jury. then by the department of justice. >> yeah. >> is that -- it seems like there are two different reports who agree with what he said. does the family think that both the grand jury and the department of justice both got it wrong. >> don, and you will find out shortly -- i can't comment a whole lot on the evidence. there are so many missing pieces to the story. if you examine what wilson told his supervisor immediately after this incident, he was the one that created the notion that michael brown had his hands up. i mean, his story got better and better and better until he got to the fifth and most perfected version, which the grand jury and the justice department accepted. they just ignored the prior four versions that are totally inconsistent with the physical and forensic evidence. >> what about the forensic
7:43 pm
evidence that you just mentioned that shows -- that backs up this officer's story? >> well, first of all, it didn't necessarily back up anything. what it didn't do was refute a lot of stuff. for example, let's take the fact that in this article he said he unholstered his gun, and he pointed it. i'm assuming he unholstered it to point it at mike brown. but yet the whole time he said mike brown jr. went for his weapon as though that was mike's intent from the first place. we know now from darren's own admission -- and this is a minor point -- that he introduced the weapon to this encounter and that it was his intent to turn on mike brown. what mike brown did with it afterwards that's debatable. but the notion that he reached inside the car and grabbed darren wilson's weapon to try to kill him in 45 seconds is absurd. oust his own mouth he proven that. >> how is the family going to
7:44 pm
spend this sunday which is the first anniversary of the shooting? >> they are going to have a memorial on sunday. there are other activities that are taking place on thursday. i know that there is activities on friday as well as saturday. and i think those list of activities are being posted on line and on the website. and of course if you want to learn more about it, don or your viewers, they can go on line and take look at night anthony gray, a pleasure, as always. thank you, sir. >> likewise. coming up, two cousins comedian amy shumer and chuck schumer push for new legislation after the deadly shooting at a louisiana movie theater. we'll talk about it with amy's co-star in the movie, collin quinn when he joins me in studio. that's next. hp instant ink can save you up to 50% on ink delivered to your door, so print all you want and never run out. plans start at $2.99 a month.
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the way you charge. the samsung galaxy s6 and s6 edge, with built-in wireless charging capabilities. comedian amy schumer is using her fame to help out her cousin, new york senator chuck schumer. they are teaming up to call for tighter background checks for potential gun owners. the action comes in the aftermath of a movie theater shooting. two people were shot dead while watching amy's new movie train wreck. joining me now is amy's co-star, collin quinn.
7:49 pm
and he is an author. amy got emotional. >> i saw that, yeah. >> let's listen. >> we're here today to say enough is enough. to mass shootings in our schools, our college campuses, our military bases and each if our movie theaters. she is shootings have got to stop. i don't know how else to say it. maybe the worst part about all this is that there is a common sense way to stop mass shootings. there are many ways. for me, the pain i share with so many other americans on the issue of gun violence was made extremely personal to me on thursday, july 23rd when -- i'm not even going to say his name. but this -- when -- he sat down for my movie train wreck at the grand theater in lafayette, louisiana. two lives were tragically lost and other injured. and i have thought about these victims each day since the tragedy. >> does this event change your
7:50 pm
mine at all about guns in our society? >> no. this event? no. i always thought we should have background checks. you know what i mean? but i still believe in -- i believe people should own guns but i believe background checks. it's crazy how easy you can get a gun. >> i think most people believe that you should be able to carry a gun. >> right. >> it's in our constitution. but when people have mental issues, they should not be able to get a gun. >> it's psychotic that you are allowed. to it's crazy. it subject even be -- isn't it nuts. >> yeah. did you know this they were cousins. >> i thought she was lying. she told me like two years ago. >> i said like chuck schumer? she goes, yeah, he is my family relative: i thought she was lying. >> you didn't believe her. >> i thought she was lying. >> until today. >> today is the day i firmly believed it. how do you feel about
7:51 pm
celebrities becoming involves in political issues and issues like this? >> as long as they don't become strident and preachy like they have all the answers. everybody lives in a different world. sometimes i feel like celebrities have a right like any citizen to give their opinion. but sometimes they act like -- you know, when people on the red carpet in their versace dress to people eating hungry man dinners telling them how to live, that's crazy sometimes. >> but to get up there, with her cousin -- >> and they have the same name so people know they are related. >> i want to show you something. this was in the new york times on saturday in response to the killing of cecil, the lion, or whoufr you want to call night cecil, yeah. >> do you see this cartoon, it's someone shooting at a lion, and then it shows a police officer shooting at a suspect in a car, presumably a black man. >> is this like a roar shack test? what do i see? >> yeah, what do you make --
7:52 pm
>> are they trying to say people don't care about black people getting shot? >> i think that's probably the kritd kichl. >> well, yeah, why is that even -- i don't believe that. >> that more people care about the killing of a lion, it's on the empire state building. >> well, if you want to go by that measuring stick, more people care about the lion and the black guy getting killed than the memphis cop that got killed the other way. nobody knows his name. it's all relative to what gets publicitity. >> yeah. there was actually one of the police chiefs down there said, you know, it's time we figure out all lives matter, not just black lives, not just some lives, but that all lives matter and that's become controversial. do you see that as controversial? >> no. i think it's crazy that it's controversial. i think it's nuts. >> why so? >> because, you know, i don't believe that most people don't -- i don't believe that most white people don't believe black lives don't matter, you know. >> yeah. >> and cecil, people are going crazy oversee sill.
7:53 pm
guess what. cecil, for all the people going crazy -- i bet there are a lot of giraffes and willed beasted celebrating since the other day. i'm being real. cecil wasn't exactly pure himself. let's be honest. >> you are a one man play, collin quinn, new york story based on your book the coloring book can be seen now at the theater in new york city. thank you collin. i appreciate it. we'll be right back. but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you. real madrid have about 450 million fans. we're trying to give them all the feeling of being at the stadium. the microsoft cloud gives us the scalability to communicate exactly the content that people want to see. it will help people connect to their passion of living real madrid.
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pwhat've we got? 5. bp 64/40 sterilize sites. multiple foreign objects in the body. tweezers. (buzz!) (buzz!) if you're the guy from the operation game, you get operated on. it's what you do. (buzz!) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. charity begins at home, and michele ripley's home is the entire lakota indian reservation in south dakotaa. this cnn heros is fulfilling a promise she made in her
7:56 pm
childhood. >> my grandmother was fullth blood la coda. she was my world. she asked me if i would promise to go home and help our people when i grew up. the lakota reservations are very isolated. the spirit of the people that's alive, but they struggle with the conditions tremendously. we have extremely high rates of suicide, addictions, food often is in very short supply, unemployment, health issues are another huge challenge. i formed a group to keep a promise to my lakota grandmother to go home and help our people. we're almost to the front do. there you g. you are at the front door. >> at first i was traumatized because i was blind. all my electricity outlets and stuff were no good. and it i could have had a house fire. >> we're doing as much as we can to make her house safe for her. >> it's feeling even more newer
7:57 pm
in here. i can't see it, but i feel it. >> we've been teaching how to eat healthy on a very limited budget. >> i'm going to give you a couple of these. >> we have a medical team. we work collaboratively with the tribe everywhere we go. we are going to continue obviously the toys and the new clothing. we get in everything from beds to food. >> he is a blessing to our reservation. we call her an indian word that means you are helping people. >> we are all children this earth. and we need to work together so that everyone has a chance of having a decent life. >> to nominate a hero, go to cnn we'll be right back. when you're on vacation, it's time to play. so at hilton we say play hooky from your regular monday. and while you're at it, play hooky from the ordinary. the uninspired. the routine. but mostly, just play.
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they've given us the tools that we need to become more efficient and bottom line save more money. together, we're building a better california. before we leave you tonight, we want to pay tribute to a boy nimd kaiser carlyle. a 9-year-old with a dream job,
8:00 pm
batboy for his favorite baseball deem, the liberal bee jays. last night kaiser died after being hit in the head after a player took practice on saturday. the team was devastated. kaiser was nicknamed the little spark plug. our zmauts prayers are with his family tonight. >> that's it for us. i'm don lemon. i'll see you back here tonight. "ac 360" starts right now. good evening. thank you for joining us. we have got breaking news tonight that could decide which ten republican presidential hopefuls make it on stage for the first debate of campaign 2016 and may also say a lot about donald trump's staying power. there is new polling just out from fox news which is of course running the didn't. you can see it there. it shows mr. trump leading by a lot, 26 to 15 over jeb bush with wisconsin governor scott walker third and john casic, who happens to be governorf


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