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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  August 5, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> more than 6 million viewers watched the finale of donald trump's celebrity "apprentice." this is "cnn tonight." by this time tomorrow night, the ten selected candidates will with battling it out. >> simply, i don't want to attack. if i'm attacked, i have to, you know, do something back. but i'd like it to be very civil. >> well, the question is, how civil will trump's opponents be towards him. and what about the early debate? will it prove to be a better testing ground because trump won't be part of it?
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trump takes center stage along with jeb bush, his closest rivals in the polls. the 7 candidates who did not make the cut will face off in what's being called the happy hour debate. good evening, governor. it's a pleasure to have you here. so you didn't make it into the prime time debate, but we're going to see you at the happy hour debate. that's what lindsay see graham is calling it. is it going to work to your advantage at this point? >> it's too bad at this point that the media is choosing who the people should choose from. going to have a reality show - that millions of people watch. i just hope i have the opportunity to express my vision as to how we can bring americans together and solve the problems facing our country. >> the people who have responded
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to the polls would say that donald trump is there because they've responded. not necessarily because of what fox news decided. >> well, for them, in august of the year before the election, it's about name id, it's about celebrity. it's about having a talk show that's being related to presidents. if lebron james were in this mix, he'd be in the 7:00 meet and the governor of ohio would be with me. but, ultimately, don, what people are going to want is leadership that can bring us together. not just do sound bytes or theater or solve problems. i know i can do that. i did it in new york, i can do it in america. >> so why did you want to get into a race this crowded after ten years out of politics and with so many candidates? >> because, in my mind, there has never been a greater need to change the direction of washington. we have a government now where the politicians and their elite
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friends think they know better than us and have to tell us how we live our looifrs. that's not the way america is supposed to work. the people are supposed to tell the politicians what they do. to do that, don, you have to do three things. you have to win. i know if i get the opportunity to lead my party, i can win in the united states. and then you have to change government. and i did it overwhelpingly with a 2-to-1 state house in democratic hands. so you have to win. i can do that. you have to change governing, privilege privilege bringing people together across party lines. i'm the person who can bring it. >> there are several people at the top of the polls who are polling high ere than you are. one of them, of course, is dnld e donald strump.
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>> don and i have always gotten along. he's supported me. but, ultimately, it's not going to be about celebrity. it's not going to be about name id. it's no about taking the chain saw to the tax code. it's about having solutions that the american people can relate to and being able to accomplish those solutions. to do that -- don, you can't do that just as a republican or a dem cat. you need to bring people together across party lines. i can cothat. that's why i'm running. >> do you think that -- you're saying you know the guy and you like him. you feel that you should be there the main debate because of what he's doing. he's tapped into something, washington is not working right.
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but do you think he's turning this into a reality show? >> i think washington is too much of a reality show. i'm doing the iranian nuclear deal which is horrible for us and our allies. it's all about theater. and i'm not about theater. i'm about governing and bringing peel together. maybe that's a liability, but, ultimately, it allows me to govern successfully efully. and it did in new york. people always get excited. they love the theater. but, ultimately, they're going to want leadership that can solve problems. that's me. >> governor, i want to ask you about this before i go. you've been saying donald trump, he's ever where. but that's because he accepts the ichb i havation from cnn or fox or anyone who will have him on.
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many of the candidates whoent do that, yet they complain about donald trump soaking up so much of the media time. >> you can't have it both ways. you can't turn down the opportunity to make the case for yourself and then complain that you don't have the opportunity. >> i believe in this country. >> good luck tomorrow night. thank you for comie inine ining. >> donald trump is up at the end of the race and standing firmly. we've been watching the polls and you see that. what is the best way to take him on. >> why are you smiling, rick? what's going on? why are you laughing? >> bret and i are friends. >> okay. did i -- all right. all right. i just want to make sure. i didn't say anything. i didn't say you weren't friends. but, anyway, if you were
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advising jeb bush or scott walker or any of the other kabd d candidates, what should they say to take on the donald? >> was that brett or me? >> they all have a superficial attraction to people who aren't paying attention beyond the celebrity image. so if they can sdrdrag him to t about specifics with mile high border walls, i think donald drump is going to have a much more difficult time. >> he's not the first person to do it if he doesn't.
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his are more huge. >> that was a very good congresswomanback. . >> any time they're brought up in someone else's answer, any time they're attacking donald trump, won't that end up working in his favor? >> absolutely. it will end up being the donald trump show. that's why i've said consistently, most of the candidates on that stage, if they were wise, rather than attacking donald trump and making him the center of attention, they're e'd be better served to wait for donald trump e trump to attack them and then pift back to the two people we really should be talking about. president obama and hillary clinton. the failed policies of this administration and whether or not we offer a better vision than hillary clinton for the future movering forward. if candidates goedon't do that, would e it will play into donald's ham e hands.
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donald is out in front because of name recognition. >> you think people don't know rick perry? you think people don't know jeb bush? >> i don't think they know them as well as they know donald trump. and donald trump came out with a fire he tapped into republicans that are angry. this is a great place where voters get to make head-to-head comb parsons between candidates. they d only do it if they understand who the oh people are
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on the stage, rather than making donald trump the center of aif he thinks and making everything about him. if that happens, he's going to come out on fop. >> take a look. >> i don't want to attack anybody. main e maybe i'll be attacked and maybe not. i'd rather just discuss the issues. certainly i don't want to attack. if i'm attacked, you know, i have to do something back. but i'd like it to be very civil. >> okay. so, then, rick, how do they get under his skin then if he's not going to fire off at them unless they attack him. >> well, i don't think we can nessly rely on donald trump to nan tan a lot of verbal and message discipline there the course of the debate.
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we're looking at a celebrity first. these are people who have run for office, who have accomplishments, who have philosophies. who have a lot of things that they can talk about and articulate. >> rick is absolutely right about that. donald trump can say he's not going to attack. he said earlier, i'm not going to attack, i might draw some distinctions, but i'm not going to attack. but then he proceeded to call out the people who attacked him and attacks. so the very fact that we're continuing to talk about trump
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guilds his name idea. that's why i think the 5:00 debate, where a person like lind sigh lindsey game e graham makes that debate very interesting. >> chris wallace says he's going to be throwing some doosies out to this topic because he wants to get them off script. i actually think the three moderators are pretty good for tomorrow night. if you're throwing out process questions, fly questions about, you know, different things that have nothing to do with sub stan tifr issues. we need to get tell know these and what the vision of america is. >> appreciate it.
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i'll see you guys soon. much more ahead on tomorrow's big debate. the stage in cleveland is ready to go. and you'll never guess who reportedly ask him. guess? ? >> malaysia says the chunk of debris that washed ashore is from mh-3 70 and it gives a clue of what might have happened on board to wring that plane down.
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all eyes will be on donald trump, donald trump in tomorrow night's debate. joining me now is glor ya borger. i hope you guys are friends like the last two guests. >> yes. >> the moderators have been signaling that they're going to try to get trump to take them on. so what do you expect to see? >> well, i think there's going to be a little tug of war there. obviously, donald trump wants to look presidential. i think we heard that from him on "good morning america." i talked to a couple of campaigns that are going to be on the stage with him. they feel there's nothing in it for us to take him on. they're going to be ready with a couple of zingers if he takes them on. but they feel that they have to
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provide a contrast with donald trump. and, in providing that contrast, tell people why they should be president of the united states. but the journalists have a different role. the journalists, i would argue, and you've got three good journalists there, they are going to try and pin donald trump down on something called issued. and specifics. when it skom stos that, maybe the other candidates will say he's not sooers. >> you see the pictures up there and you see donald trump. he's so animated. the others are boring. so if you're a potential candidate, what would your strategy be tomorrow night if you were participating in this dewait.
7:19 pm
how would you take him on? >> i think you sort of have to ignore him. he does what he does. he understands tv better than anyone on that stage. it is a charisma deficit. they've got to come through with some passion. nad eve gthey've got to presentr own case, as gloria said. i bet the crowd is going to be on his side. you really want to use this moment to breakthrough. >> if you take on donald trump
7:20 pm
frontally, you risk losing his supporters. one day, you want those people. you don't want to get them angry at you. >> newt gingrich obviously didn't like that very much, but the crowd very much on newt gingrich's side. he understands a crowd like mike huckabee who is a preacher. he's going to understand how to get the crowd involved. if the crowd is on your side,
7:21 pm
you look like you're aware. >> a quick answer and then i want to move on. squl no, i think the crowd can applaud and, you know, maybe the moderators are going to say we don't want any of that. you don't know. i think, from a television perspective, it's always interesting to see what the audience does. i think these are people who know how to play to a crowd. these are people who always assume to be doing that and it's going to be part of the debate. >> both camps have confirm ed a bigger role in the gop.
7:22 pm
we don't know all the details of the story. they are, as you know, they have a pre-existing relationship. tin ton's attended donald trump's third wedding. and it's clear that in some way, shape or form, donald trump raised the possibility of him running. >> do they want him in, though? do the clintons want him in? >> why not? if you're at the other end of the line and donald trump is saying i'm thinking about running for the presidency, you're going uh-huh, uh-huh. sure, right? so why wouldn't he discourage it in any way, shape or form. whether he encouraged him for a matter of more reporting, but i do believe it doesn't hurt hillary clinton to have donald trump sucking all the oxygen away from jeb bush.
7:23 pm
he says what if voters have rejekted the political cast with ventura and arnold. the gambler in me still says that frump falls to earth with e maybe with a kra crash of virtue by his hand or mouth. >> i have been saying this from the very beginning. so what do you both think about this? first, nia? >> i think when we're talking, maybe -- >> maybe? >> the caveat is always -- you know x i don't think so.
7:24 pm
i think all of history, with millions of dollars and infrastructure eventually pulls this thick ong out. if you look back in 2011, rick perry was way out in front. i think it's improblem. i think those come parsons with governors not really the same thing. but who knows, stranger things have happened. >> that's why i love politics. actually, you have to wait for the voters to tell you what they want. and what they're going to do. a lot of people in this country would have said hillary clinton is going to beat barack obama. first african american,
7:25 pm
country's not ready for it. you've heard it all. and then barack obama is elected president of the united states. so i would say this. i believe it's improbable. i believe the voters ought to be given a chance to actually decide for themselves. >> i love talking to you two. it's always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> thank you, too. see you soon. coming up, the other gop candidates may gang up on donald trump tonight. but what about hillary clinton? will she be the real target in this debate. more on that next. well, a name your price tool went missing last week. name your what, now? it gives you coverage options based on your budget. i just hope whoever stole it knows that it only works at
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mi'm a lineman here in oakland. day in, day out, a large part of what we do is about providing reliable power to our customers. pg&e is dedicated to the community. i love working here because this is my home. oakland is my home. this is where i'm raising my children so it's important to me to make sure my family and friends have the power and energy that we provide. this is very personal to me. it makes me work a lot harder knowing that this is my community. together, we're building a better california. bush versus clinton. what is this? 1992 all over again? but i'm talk about jeb and hillary. joining me now is connie mack and a jeb bush supporter. also with us, lenny davis. a former white house counsel
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during the clinton administration. two more friends with us. so this is going to be a big love for us. i love you, man, you're right. you're right. >> i don't know who said we were friends. i just want to mess up his hair. >> so, connie, you know what, everybody i'm talking to is saying i'm going to watch this debate. i'm going to watch this debate. people are saying oh, my gosh, donald trump should just be normal. if donald doesn't show up, people are going to be upset. >> absolutely.
7:31 pm
it's kind of a comp limit. >> don, she'll definitely be the targ target because every candidate is going to be trying to show that they have what it takes to go up against hillary and win. and win on a substance. and i think at the end of the day, that's why donald trump will be the bombastic donald trump that he needs to be. if he doesn't, he fades away. but if he does, all of the other candidates are going to say it's the policy decisions in hillary clinton that we need to see.
7:32 pm
>> the problem with that is it kind of bores people? >>. >> it's august, 2015. >> i think there are people interested in what he has to say, though. >> there's a segment that's very interested to hear. unfortunately, he does it in a way that minimizes people. >> okay. >> that attacks peoplemented and that's just not going to work. that's not who the republican party is going to be. >> before trump, jeb bush was a front runner. he had everything locked up and a large portion of the money doesn't seem interested in him right now. is that a real problem for him?
7:33 pm
>> we're at a very bizarre period where people forget that this is actually quite serious. we have a lot of issues in this country. i understand what you're saying about looking forward to it, don. but, at some point e point, this is the summer. it is going to get serious. and serious candidates with serious issues need to debate the issues and approaches and i think that's what you're going to end up with at the end of the day. >> if people are interested in bombastic or donald trump as a personality or even as connie said, his hair, whatever they're interested in, isn't that an opportunity to pull people in who might not have pulled into this.
7:34 pm
>> it's definitely got a plus side. to be hateful and despicable and mean spirited, it's not very good for the country. >> don, i would just say this. i don't think he does bring new people to the party. >> i would suggest that a lot of viewers are candidate that is cannot vote in the primary.
7:35 pm
i think if you look passed at the past four elections, you name it. they just said people were looking for something that they didn't see yet. they want somebody e someone who can be a serious leader for this country. jowl e you can decide what side of the issues you're on, but it will be an aadulthood debate. >> both of you got through this without a hair out of place. >> i agree with connie.
7:36 pm
>> thank you, connie. see you guys soon. >> thank you. >> coming up, with all eyes on donald trump, black voters. minority voters to the gop. does the donald help or does he hurt? woman: this is not exactly what i expected. man: definitely more murdery than the reviews said. captain obvious: this is a creepy room. man: oh hey, captain obvious. captain obvious: you should have used their genuine guest reviews are written by guests who have genuinely stayed there. instead of people who lie on the internet. son: look, a finger. captain: that's unsettling. man: you think? captain: all the time. except when i sleep. which i would not do here. would have mentioned the finger. can save you up to 50% on ink, so print all you want and never run out. right now, buy an eligible printer, and get three months of free ink with hp instant ink. available at participating retailers. the most affordable way to print. hp instant ink.
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make sure you watch. sit down and watch this next segment. tomorrow night's debate is taking center stage. it's sure to attract millions of viewers, beyond the usual political junkies. is this an opportunity to pick off some democratic voters, i believe e including minorities. it might be a tough sell, even for a guy like donald truch. only 26% said that they lean towards a gop. our political satirist, the united shades of america, welcome to cnn.
7:41 pm
are you ready for this? >> first of all, do you see my face? i wonder what that means? >> there's no minority vote es. it's all going to be get my twitter fingers ready. >> so let's talk about angry tweets. how's this for a trump campaign slogan. if you're white, you're all right. any other hue, i don't trust you. come on, is that fair? >> his campaign is already leaked out.
7:42 pm
>> if you look at the people in the town halls, not everybody is rich. they're saying hey, i like this guy. i like alec baldwin. if he ran for president, i'd vote for him just because i like him. trump has personality. all the other candidates have no personality. trump is like a guy who has a rental car and the insurance. he's just driving it like he doesn't care. >> talking about minorities and the different shands of america. >> there's some white people, too.
7:43 pm
>> so, as you travel around the country, what opportunities do they have to pick up voters who may just vote democrat because they do it? >> i think they have to make it clear that they actually like people other than rich white guys. i'm not guilty trying to be flap boint here. >> if you were moderating, what question would you want to ask donald trump? >> what question would i want to ask donald trump? tell me why i should vote for you. reminding him i'm a black dude who's not in his income tax bracket. >> did you watch -- not meet the press.
7:44 pm
he can do bet herb. he can definitely provide jobs. how do you respond to that? >> we can have the discussion, can obama do more for black people? yes, absolutely not. it's a ridiculous idea. >> if you kick every latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, donald trump? >> i would never mien it like that? >> okay. so rosie defended her.
7:45 pm
>> there's a fine line between racism and dumb. that doesn't mean that the comment wasn't racist. you could be racist and dumb. they want those statements to be made. >> the guys in the room are liking it. so everyone say welcome, kamal. squl they like me because i feel like i was just making you uncomfortable, don. >> it takes a lot to make me uncomfortable. >> i promise, don, i don't want your sdwrob. >> coming up, according to the malaysia prime minister, the piece of debris is part of
7:46 pm
flight 370. but what does it tell us about the jetliner, how it crashed. that's next.
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: prime min store of malaiysia confirmed that the piece of debris found is from the mizing mh 370. so, joining me now, cnn safety analyst and author of malaysia airlines. thanks all of you for joining us. david, explain your theory here? >> there's a couple actually gone.
7:51 pm
i appears it was not on the aircraft at the time that it crashed. it indicates to me that it came off at a ditching or in flight at some kind of high-speed decent. i realized the testing we had done and others had done about whether the aircraft would have stalled at a high speed really didn't do that. so there's a little bit of a rub. >> mary, what does this mean in terms of the other leading theories? >> i think most of the theories are still on the table. the report, you know, that was allegedly a report from the united states government that leaked out said they thought it was terrorism.
7:52 pm
and then, of course, there's still the issue concerning willful actions by someone flying the plane. so i really don't think they've ruled out anything. >> early on when this plane went down, you said that i'm a hundred percent sure that this plane exploded into little pieces. >> i hope that these pieces can say something about when the plane was flying or when it hit the ocean.
7:53 pm
we don't know yet. but it seems to me to be small. >> and you still believe that it exploded? >> it's a possibility. i'm not sure, but it is a possibility. >> let me ask you this, you have been to reunion island many times. so why there? what is it? and it's small. >> it's small, but, you know, the current can -- in this area, the current turned could wanter clock. and it can come through the doors and going down. or it can cross directly. >> i want to take a look at this animation. it's a drift model that shows
7:54 pm
how debris may disperse over the past 16 months. can we put that up? there we go. so this reunion island would kind of be right there in the middle, david. if you look at that. so, it is, in fact, if you think back to march or april, the australian university released a prediction that parts would start showing up at about this time. on reunion island. and i'm sorry i'm screwing up the pronunciation there for the french member. so i would expect, based on that report, because it was so 5:00 rat, that there would be more and more debris. >> so, look at this. we've frozen it. but most of it would still be out there. it wouldn't have reached reunion island yet.
7:55 pm
>> there are spaces inside that part that allow air to be trapped and for it to float. but at this point, and this far away from the crash, you can hope that things like a closed cargo container, some of the galley items, tennis shoes flow extremely well. many things will have become water logged and have sunken to the bottom. so the time has really been an enemy on more things floating to the islands. >> you know, where the families are getting mixed messages because some are saying it is a very strong presumption and others are saying that it is. i've got to go, but if you can just tell me quickly, what gives here. >> i think that the malaise yans were trying to get out ahead of
7:56 pm
the french. they should have just said why the strong presumption? i do believe the families are entitled to that. >> thank you, guys. we'll be right back. everyone loves the picture i posted of you. at&t reminds you it can wait. but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you. real madrid have about 450 million fans. we're trying to give them all the feeling of being at the stadium. the microsoft cloud gives us the scalability
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: thanks for watching. "ac 360" starts right now. we begin tonight with hope and doubt. almost a year and a half since malaiysia airlines


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