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tv   New Day  CNN  August 6, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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categorically that the flaperon was completely related to mh-370. it was a match. so he has ruled out, he has basically said quite clearly that 370 and the flaperon are linked. so that's where we are at the moment. we cannot confirm the new debris, but certainly we'll have to wait until it comes back to get word as to exactly what this debris is, whether it is actually linked to 370. >> andrew, it's alyson here, the malaysians have been wrong before as we all remember, in fact, the victims family members don't necessarily trust what the malaysian authorities say. are there other authorities on the ground there to corroborate the new debris? >> reporter: well, most of the information we have gotten has come from the malaysian airports or the prime minister himself. so they are the key sources for
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information. you're absolutely right, alyson, there have been many instances in the past where the wrong information has been set out, particularly in the early weeks, the first couple of weeks where there were a lot of red herrings and confusion regarding the flight path of mh-370. and that really has built up this wall of distrust between the families and the government. we saw it in beijing today when the announcement came out that the link between the flaperon and 370, families in beijing were saying, we just do not believe this. families here are saying, why are they rushing so much to tell us this when there is still a slight element of doubt, which was voiced by the french prosecutor that this flaperon could be linked to 370. yes, there's a lot of distrust here and it is going to take a lot more to convince the people here and in beijing that this is, actually, linked to 370.
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>> all right, andrew. let us know what you find there on the ground and if there's more detail relevant. get to us and we'll come back to you. let's get a better sense of what we should make out of this. the former inspector for the u.s. department of transportation among other creditations. mary, could they easily be wrong that what they are seeing there is related to this actual flight? >> as we have seen before, they could be wrong. the piece of metal before was part of a domestic common household ladder so it could be wrong. however, with these parts they can absolutely, positively identify whether or not it came from the plane because these come from the interior now. so this is a game-changer. if, and a big if, these are parts from the aircraft and are the parts they say they are, they come from the interior to tell us a lot of things. tell us if the fuselage was breached, that it did not settle down quietly into the water and
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slip into the bottom of the indian ocean in one piece. that we would know for absolutely certain that did not happen. and two, we can tell if the aircraft seats are part of the aircraft cushions because the interior of the plane, because it's a pretty new one, a 777, has to meet flammability standards. so they'll be able to test the seat cushions to tell whether or not they are from the airplane to meet the u.s. federal standards. >> all right. in the interest of optimism getting answers for some 239 families, explain to people how a wing that is a big piece of metal and a little plastic sheet from a window could travel at the same rate and show up at the same time, just as a ballist effect? how could they all arrive at the same time? >> the key to all of them is they have to float. this is not wreckage washing up from the bottom of the ocean. this is wreckage that does have to float. it depends on the size of the object and the current action and how fast this big round
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centrofuge is moving in the middle of the ocean. >> so what the french minister is saying, the transport minister is saying, is that aircraft seat cushions and window panes have been founded in the same area. could they be something else? i mean, aircraft seat cushions are pretty distinctive. >> they are pretty obviously to people who study fabric. there are a lot of things that have fabric on them, just like a boat cushion. but until experts meet again, once again it's boeing, until the boeing engineers take a look at them and, in this case, they'll have to test them most likely to make sure they really are aircraft seat cushions and seat covers, seat material. >> that's true. who knows what they look like now, right? it's not like they are going to look like when you sit down on the plane. you know, they have probably become greatly disheveled.
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so you're right, it doesn't go with common sense but you need a level of expertise to identify these things let alone attach them to the plane. point taken. >> mary, thank you so much. we'll check back in with you throughout the show. >> this is coming from an incredible news source. we'll track it down to get detail on what this is, what it could mean and come back to you. in the meantime, new details to tell you about the man shot and killed by police after attacking movie go eers inside a tennessee movie theater with pepper spray and a hatchet. he had been committed to a mental institution four separate times and had a prior arrest. nick valencia is live in national with the latest developments. what have you learned, nick? >> reporter: good morning, alyson. people here in nashville praising the quick response of police who prevented something that certainly had the potential to be much worse. the gunman showed up at this theater yesterday behind me in the afternoon and bought a ticket and carried out his
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attack. >> this shady looking guy stood up, looked like two bags and walked to the back of the theater. >> reporter: a frantic 911 call revealed this morning reveals the chilling moments inside the nashville, tennessee, theater. >> he pulled out like a hatchet and started attacking this family. and then he pulled out a gun and we all ran out of the theater. >> reporter: 29-year-old vincent david montano was in the 1:00 show showing walking in with a hatchet, a gun and cans of pepper spray. montano attacking this father slicing the shoulder with an ax causing minor injury. his wife and child doused with pepper spray. >> i'm eternally grateful. excuse me -- from the metro police department for their fast response today and the fact that no one else got injured. >> reporter: racing to the scene, two officers working a car crash right in front of the nashville theater. >> the officers stopped what they were doing and immediately
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ran to the meter. our response to the theater was probably 60 to 90 seconds. >> reporter: at first officer jonathan firth, a six-year veteran ran inside. mo montano raised his gun and the officer fired. minutes later, the s.w.a.t. team converged dawning gas masks when the suspect tried to escape. a fire of shots pursupursued. >> there were officers waiting. >> reporter: montano was believed to have been homeless. on monday his mother filed a missing persons report with the texas rangers telling them her son was diagnosed as paranoid
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ski skitsz schitzophrenic. >> now with more colleagues, they are trying to get momentum. it's good for the aud y especially to take a look at this. we keep hearing mental illness going unchecked. nick have lens valencia, thank . a massive search for a man who gunned down a shreveport, louisiana, police officer. the officer was responding to a report of a suspicious person inside a home and that's when he was shot. officials say the unidentified officer was hit several times. he was rushed to the hospital. doctors could not save him. we'll keep you updated on all the developments. i don't know if you have heard, but the first republican debate will be held tonight in the key battleground state of ohio. ten candidates are participating in the main event. seven others who didn't make the cut as you know will take part in the earlier forum.
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so how will the candidates standout in this crowded field? and could any of them slow donald trump's momentum? cnn political recorder sarah murray is live in cleveland for us. hi, sarah. >> reporter: good morning, alyson. that's right, the big day is finally here. like you said, it's going to be a double-header. that primetime debate starts at 9:00 p.m., but earlier the 5:00 p.m. debate with the candidates trailing in thele whos. let's take a look at how everyone is preparing. it's debate day, the biggest day in the campaign so far. when ten republican candidates make their case to voters. and possibly score political points against their rivals. marco rubio spent the night before the first gop debate in a bar in cleveland. >> i came in early today trying to convince lebron james to come back to miami. just wanted you to know. >> reporter: ahead of tonight's debate, the candidates are
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deploying all kinds of tactics to prepare and to shake off their nerves. after a couple of political stumbles this week -- >> you could take dollar for dollar, although i'm not sure we need a half billion dollars for women's health issues. >> reporter: jeb bush will spend the morning going to mass. and scott walker is kicking off his day at the wisconsin state fair before hopping a flight to ohio. but the man who was overshadowing them all, donald trump is laying low. he's expected to land in cleveland this afternoon, debate and depart the very same night. his rival campaigns say they don't have much interest in taking on trump on stage. a strategy that would be high risk. >> if you attack donald trump, and look what happened to lindsey graham, not even in the debate. look what happened to rick perry, not even in the debate. if you attack donald trump, he's going to come back at you twice as hard. >> reporter: candidates like chris christie and scott walker are hoping for a chance to take
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hillary clinton to task on issues from the iran deal to her support for planned parenthood. you can bet every candidate on that stage is looking for a breakout moment. but for now, they are keeping their jstrategies close to the vest. now as for that 5:00 p.m. debate, senator lindsey graham is calling it the happy hour debate. that's where we'll see him, carly fiorina, texas governor scott perry and a number of other candidates. many are looking forward to a debate without donald trump on the stage. >> everyone starts drinking at 5:00. >> people are taking the idea. have you been seeing in the media how many drinking games are being developed around these? i'm not kidding. >> i believe you. we'll break down what we can expect tonight in the sober debate. our cnn political analyst and correspondent for "the new york times" is here. and a political commentator who is a political commentator at new york one. maggie, you say that you do not
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believe -- this is what anyone expected when they first thought up this debate months ago. >> i think if we had taken this six months ago that donald trump would be center stage, i don't think any of us would have made that bet. i don't think most people expected an undercard debate at 5:00 with the seven people that couldn't make the first one. this is going to be a wild night, potentially depending on what donald trump does. if he shows up to be the person we have seen the last couple of months, it is going to be really interesting and the drinking games will be really interesting if donald trump shows up and is much more presidential, which a lot are advising him to do, i think it will be better for him in the long run. >> we never put expectations like this on a first debate this early in the cycle. you know, usually it is like, all right, let's get it started with another dozen of these. but this one has expectations attached. and when you look at one moment of intrigue here, you believe in
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the criticism that what fox is doing with this debate structure is worthy of criticism and that that is a part of the story of how this debate is happening tonight, who isn't there, how it was done and the manipulation of it, is that as relevant as what happens tonight? >> not as relevant but it is important. let's keep in mind, it is not just fox news, this is something that the rnc decided. they decided to front-load this and sort of push everybody into one news organization. that news organization then outsourced its decision making to pollsters. i mean, what everybody expected was that there was going to be a fairly orderly kind of sort of shoveling together of the traditional candidates. then donald trump steps in, not so much donald trump, but there's an anchor out there he represents and that's representative of him rising in the polls. now they have to contain that and that's the thing to watch. how much of the real populist anger that's out there, that accounts for the rise in donald
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trump, how much of it is going to find its way into the debate? because the rest of the folks, professional politicians, they are aware that the anger is out there. they know that donald trump himself is a problem and that his supporters are a challenge. >> maggie, beyond donald trump, who are you keeping your eyes on? >> jeb bush. that's the single other person who you need to be keeping an eye on. he had a very rough week. jeb bush has gotten better as a candidate over the last seven months and was an unofficial candidate before june when he declared but basically been a candidate since december. he has not gotten better. he makes a lot of gaffes that really worry his supporters, his donors. on monday in a candidate forum he was pretty listless. he was not very on his feet. he had a very tough answer still and a hard time answering a question about his family. >> what is it about that, by the way? is he not practiced or game for sort of the blood sport that is campaigning? what do people say about what is going on? >> i think when it comes to his family, that's a tough question
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for him. i think that's going to be hard for him to answer throughout this race. that was always going to be difficult and it is difficult for his aides to coach him on to get to a better place. what was interesting at the national urban league where hillary clinton went at him hard on stage in her speech while he waited in the wings, he then got on stage and -- part of it was pre-planned for the speech, but he made a call for civility in the political dialogue. that's not what people want to hear right now. and at least in terms of voters, it is not tapping into the anger out there. so i think that when you're saying everybody please calm down and be a grown-up, i'm not sure it falls on his ears. >> when you have donald trump out there, that creates opportunity for others. who do you think tonight has a chance to seize opportunity? and let's say a significant way that -- because when you are bunched up at 3%, 5%, someone can all of a sudden pop 150% and wind up in a different area of
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echelon. what do you think? >> like many other people i'm going to be watching governor kasich. i think he's got the biggest -- just as you described, percentage gain. >> presidential. >> great resumé and the governor of a swing state. he's had setbacks and done combat down in the trenches and has won and lost. he's someone that can appeal across the aisle. >> this is his state. >> and this is his state. so, you know, he's going to be somebody to watch. somebody else to watch, though, i think are the senators who are in there. i mean, i want to hear what ted cruz, marco rubio has to say. they voted not to end the shutdown in the end. they saw that through really as far as you could possibly take it. and we'll see if they think the republican party wants to play that as a talking point going into 2016. >> very quickly, maggie, the format tonight, are these just going to be nuggets and bumper
3:17 am
stickers from people? any substance we'll hear? >> too soon to hear substance. but the format, i think this is true for a lot of the debates with ten candidates in it, the format is not allowed for lengthy answers. one-minute answers and a 30-second rebuttal if someone else mentions your name. this could be a whole night of back and forth like this. >> i like that. >> the shot clock is going to make it hard. it will make the format of the whole story as opposed to what they are saying. >> but this is an unwielded thing. then you have to see what happens at 5:00 and how in the first debate to see if that influences what happens later in the night with the tone of themes. and is it their responsibility to bring up what could have come up soon her? >> get your beer goggles out. maggie, errol, great to have you here. we'll have a lot of coverage here and do it with the right way with top guests. republican presidential candidate rick santorum will be here. he was a winner in the early rounds of the last election. now he's not even in the big show tonight. what does that mean and why we also have the rnc chairman
3:18 am
reince priebus to talk to us about why what he says tonight could be success for his party. and can donald trump compete against nine experienced politicians? what do each of the candidates need to do significantly tonight? and what should they avoid doing? we'll explore that, next. (vo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. when you're living with diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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the third agency of government, i would do away with the education -- the -- commerce, and let's see, i can't -- the third one i can't, i'm sorry. oops. >> well, that was the moment that rick perry wishes everyone would forget when he had a mental lapse during a 2011 presidential debate. so what do all of the gop candidates need to do tonight to avoid doing tonight? we are back with maggie and errol. i'll tell you what other analysts say that the candidates need to do to avoid doing. you tell me if you agree. rand paul must standout with policy differences but must avoid appearing too isolationist.
3:23 am
>> he needs to standout to remind people he's a different republican and avoid receding into the background. >> all right. okay. i like that. we'll look at what ted cruz needs to do. some analysts say he must remind voters he's like trump but must avoid being too trump-like. >> that's very true. he was supposed to be the populist candidate. he was supposed to be the one to sort of take the popular anchor and aim it back at washington and run as a washington outsider. and trump has reserved all that turf. so what does ted cruz do? sound angry and also unhinged if he's sort of competing with donald trump for who is the a y ang angryiest politician in america. >> and chris christie must reassure conservatives he's one of them but has to avoid his temper. maggie? >> chris christie has to remind conservatives that he's one of them and that he once upon a time was the trump, the tell it like it is candidate. he has to avoid sounding like a bully or like people are getting
3:24 am
under his skin. >> how does he do that? >> we'll find out. >> not our problem. let's look at senator marco rubio. he must remind voters of his policy credentials. he has to avoid blending into the crowd. that can tough in a field of ten. >> the real challenge is, this is somebody running in a way like obama did in 2008. they have often been compared. he has an interesting personal story and engaging style. but you can't do that in 30 seconds. it takes time to develop it and talk about your biography and who you are and the values you want to bring to the race and to the white house. for him to try and like sort of get that all done while he's competing with nine other people, very, very tough. >> maggie, we'll talk about john kasich on home turf. we'll talk at what he needs to do. emphasize his time as governor and avoid prickliness. >> he needs to introduce himself. he was an unknown and second to last entrance to this race. so he needs to tell people who he is with a positive case. he has a lot of terms to do that. but in terms of prickliness, he
3:25 am
needs to avoid the one with a temper problem and cannot let that show. >> another person we are keeping an eye on tonight is governor scott walker. some pundits say he has to show leadership ability but avoid backing away from his own positions as he's been known need the past couple of weeks. >> this is somebody else not really on the national stage. he's really been in the middle of some very high-profile fights in wisconsin. but to the extent that he was a real ideological warrior and won more than he lost. that's not necessarily what you present nationally. he has to make sure he had a modulated appearance tonight. >> we'll look at governor mike huckabee. people know him with his tv show on fox news for a long time. but some say tonight he must play up economic populism and avoid dwelling on social issues. >> he's a talk show host very good in the 2008 debate. he needs to em late that performance.
3:26 am
less talk about lead iing other like he has lately. >> ben carson is a reserved guy. so it is interesting what his advice is from pundits. he must show off conservativism. avoid being too reserved. >> he has to avoid being too rereceivr reserved. he's said some bold things challenging the president face to face. making statements that were just sort of outlandish but sort of taking into account some of the real fire that's out there. some of the populist anger. so he would be a fool to walk away from that now. if they are going to have zipgers, expect ben carson to log one out there. >> that would be interesting. here's the person you're keeping a close eye on tonight. jeb bush. he must step out of the bush shadow, avoid falling into gaffes. >> hard to disagree with either one of those. he needs to show why he's a candidate and needs to remind
3:27 am
conservatives he has a conservative record as the florida governor. this gets forgotten a lot. >> what does step out of the bush shadow mean? >> essentially tell the story of i am my own person without constantly talking about his father or brother or seeming like he has trouble answering the questions like before. he needs to avoid tripling over his words that he had a problem with on monday and avoid sounding too laborous. >> before we get to donald trump, you have both been around debate prep for a long time. what are they doing? >> the guests i have seen the most serious happens when you have overprepared. you get the joke exactly right. that's when people have problems. the other place they have problems is when not listening. there's a back and forth. and when the question comes to
3:28 am
you and somebody says something as was in the famous debate, what would happen if your wife was murdered? how would you react? you've got to listen and understand that somebody just threw something at you. that's not the place to reel out your talking points about the death penalty. >> it's so hard to stay in the moment but yet keep all of your talking points that you have crammed for the exam in your head. let's talk about donald trump. let's talk about what he needs to do. he must, pundits say, prove he's presidential. he must avoid dragging down the debate. maggie, how do you interpret this advice? >> i think he needs to prove he's presidential about being serious to capture this nomination. >> he appears sensible on stage and not hot-headed. >> yes, he comes off level tempered and can answer policy questions in more detail. not a secret plan and i'm not going to tell you what that is for isis. that's difficult. he needs to avoid that. >> he has to show he's a
3:29 am
responsible leader. he has his own interpretation of what that means. his vision of presidential is going to be different from what we have seen before. so i think we're in for a very interesting treat tonight to see what does donald trump think a president is supposed to present like on national television. we'll see that tonight. >> errol, maggie, you have armed us with great things to look for tonight. thank you so much. over to chris. a razor-sharp observation to something we think is all about talking, listening could be the most important skill for those on the stage tonight. one thing that should come up, maybe not, will be what do we do to do better about the mentally ill? new details about the tennessee man who attacked movie goers in nashville with a hatchet, pepper spray and he battled mental illness for years. the question this morning, after a similar attack as we all remember in louisiana just a short time ago, are we witnessing a trend? or is this a window into a problem we must address?
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we actually had altercations with some of the movie patrons. he doused a couple of women significantly with pepper spray and used his ax to cut the shoulder of one male movie goer. those persons were scrambling out of the theater as the police officers were arriving. >> those are new details of what happened inside that movie theater in nashville. however, the more that we learn that is new, the more we hear the familiar. this attacker had been committed four times in 11 years. his family reached out for help saying he didn't manage his treatment and didn't know what to do. we have heard these things and have not acted on them. we'll bring in cnn national security analyst julia kayen.
3:35 am
the fact it's another movie theater involved. the fact there's a similarity of m.o., let's leave mental ill tops the side for a second, but it's the biggest factor. when you look at it as a threat and the profile, is there a way to protect against this reoccurring? >> the short answer is no. because it's just simply too many soft targets in the united states. so even if you could harden or fortify every movie theater, think how many places there are that are open, that we need them to be open in which there are large quantities of people. in fact, in this movie theater, there were only four to six people, so this notion of hard anything all soft targets, i think it's -- i wish we could do it but we simply can't. >> also, israel comes to mind. there's a cultural awareness there that, yes, bad things can happen. but we will not stop living our lives for fear of the possible. is a little bit of that just the
3:36 am
reality that you can't make everything safe? >> i think that's right. and i think -- israel is such a different example because it is such a small population. but you -- we simply have to live with a level of risk in this country. we'll talk about guns and mental health issue, but we have chosen to live vulnerable. this is true whether the threat is terrorism or the threat is mentally deranged criminal. and we like living vulnerable. we like going on our subways. we like going to movie theaters without a lot of secure. and that simply means that in some instances, not a lot, but in some instances you'll have incidents like this. >> so feel free to say that this is a silly notion. but i believe we are at the point where our lack of management of the mentally ill who do not take their own treatment seriously or who can't, not that mentally ill by percentage are more victims of crime than they are perpetrators, so it is not all mental ill, but i believe we are
3:37 am
at the point where this is a significant factor in our domestic security that we are ignoring. is that going too far or is there something to it? >> not at all. people are trying to figure out if there's a linkage between the incidents. whether it is terrorism, isis or these kinds of cases, the linkages are a mental health issue related to the culprit. and then there's access to weapons. and so the challenge for the mental health issue, the violence, is either we ignore it or in a lot of cases we incarcerate people. and i think what you're starting to see is this is not a public safety problem but a health problem. and getting the public health agencies more resources to deal with this and then lower the public safety threat. but chris, one of the challenges we have with the costic gun debate is that it is viewed as political these days. it is not political but a public
3:38 am
health issue at this stage given the number of people who die from guns, far more than any other illness. >> that's true. but the gun debate has been politicized to the point right now in our cultural development where it is almost frozen. mental illness has been ignored. it hasn't been owned politically, representative tim murphy, we don't endorse candidates or politicians on this show, or any of the cnn shows, but you have to look at the bill. families don't have the legalability to help those who don't want to help themselves or can't. that's about law, not culture or policy. julia, thank you for taking us through the steps of the reality of the situations like this. we just keep hitting on this because it matters too much. the crimes are a small percentage of overall gun crime and overall percentage is small. but if there's an answer, why do we ignore it? and donald trump is surging to the top of the polls. stick around for the next segment because how are his
3:39 am
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well, we are following breaking news for you because another potential break through in the search for missing malaysian flight mh-370. reports today that more debris has been found. malaysia's transport minister telling the afp news agency that seat cushions, window panes and aluminum foil were found by a search team on reunion island. that's the same place where part of a boeing 777 wing was found days ago. the malaysian prime minister confirmed that that was from nh-370. the 29-year-old movie attacker was shot and killed by police in nashville. this is important. he was committed for psychiatric treatment four different times dating back to 2004. the same year he was arrested for assault and resisting arrest. police say this man was armed with an air soft pellet gun that he aimed at police. he also attacked movie goers with a hatchet and pepper spray.
3:44 am
well, the republicans are getting ready to rumble. the first debate of the 2016 presidential race is tonight in cleveland, ohio. donald trump looking to maintain his frontrunner status with the whole field expected to attend and to one-up another. seven candidates who didn't make the cut will be in a forum ahead of the main event. severe storms and weather are going to make a bad impact. there will be wind, hail, the threat of flash flooding and it's going to happen in several parts of the country. we'll bring in meteorologist chad myers to tell us who is going to deal and with what. yeah, chris. two separate storm systems, one across the northern plains and one across the southeast. atlanta, you're going to get severe weather today. flying in or out of atlanta, expect by 4:00 this afternoon hartsfield/jackson will be delayed. and some of the storms contain hail, damaging winds and maybe the upper part of the country could see a tornado or two. it is going to be hot, it is
3:45 am
going to be darn hot. hot in oklahoma city and dallas. hot all across the city. dallas, you get to 105 degrees. i know it's summer but that's just crazy. shreveport all the way to 102. 102 in oklahoma city and in the hundreds the next couple of days. in the northeast, not hot. beautiful here. this is the day to be in new york city. get yourself a slice of pizza in the east village. 81, 84, 81 for the next three days. guys, you have the winning forecast today of any place in the country. >> that's great. we struck it rich. maybe we'll go get that pizza. thank you, chad. >> you don't eat pizza. >> i do eat pizza. donald trump is at the top of the polls. so will tonight's debate help or hurt him? we'll ask a panel of his supporters, that's next.
3:46 am
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3:50 am
i'm not looking to hurt anybody, i'm not looking to embarrass anybody. if i have to bring up deficiencies, i will bring up deficiencies. but you don't know what's going to happen. >> that's donald trump promising not to lash out at his republican rivals in tonight's debate unless he's attacked first. so what are trump supporters hoping to hear tonight? here to discuss is jesse lopez, susan walker and paul deportolo. >> i'm an american with mexican an cecestors ancestors. >> i like that. i stand corrected. susan, as far as i know, is a stay-at-home mom from missouri.
3:51 am
paul is a native new yorker who created donald trump support page on facebook. >> yes. >> great to have you all here. pa paul, let me start with you. what are you hoping to hear from donald trump tonight? >> tonight i'm looking to hear his honest opinion on where he wants to bring the country. i love what i have heard so far. >> what do you love? >> the main thing i love about him is he's so honest and sincere. he's really -- i feel like he's speaking for the people that can't speak, you know, that don't have the microphone. i really feel like he's saying what we -- a lot of people really feel. and based on the commentary i've had on the website i built, donald trump for president in 2016, make america great again, i've had so much positive input and everybody is feeling the same way. let me tell you something, people may not realize, but everybody loves donald trump. they either love him or they
3:52 am
respect him. or they fear him in a good way, which is good, too. >> i can see you guys nodding along. jesse? >> i agree completely. i ran into some strange things that i thought -- right after he made the remarks about the mexican immigrants. >> you're interesting to talk to because you said your -- ancestors and relatives are from there. >> and a lot of them immigrated legally. and i know some of them immigrated illegally. and they have different perspectives about how they felt about what he said. >> how did you feel? >> i would have recommended that somebody would have advised him to say it a little bit differently. >> not that mexicans are all -- they are sending their rapists and criminals. >> right. not all of them are rapists and criminals. however, with my work with military police when i was in the navy for 20 years, i worked as a mexican liason working with
3:53 am
the mexican government extra kating military personnel from the military jails. so i know who crosses and what they have crossed with and how they crossed. >> so what he said spoke to you. >> because i said, that's true. >> susan, what do you want to hear donald trump say tonight? >> the thing i guess i like the most about donald trump is that he -- he's not going to be bought out by lobbyists and special interest groups. so he's really looking out for the american people and what is best for us. so nobody can talk him into something else. >> he's not bought or paid for. >> what do you think he should avoid tonight? anything to trip him up? >> the only thing that i would think that would trip him up is if he came on too strong. like he says, i'm not going to attack anybody. one of the things that i have noticed, and i even wrote to the other 12 candidates. >> to give them advice? >> i told them that you people are thinking that donald trump
3:54 am
is a passive path. let me tell you, i have thousands of veterans and thousands of active military people that i know that are not -- they are there to prove that he is not a passing fad. we are vowing for a leader that will save the troop today, tomorrow, and whenever we ask for the troops. we are looking for transparency, not a lead wall. >> susan, some pundits say tonight he's to look presidential. what does that mean to you? >> i think he naturally looks presidential. i would think he's positive, confident, straight-forward. that is who he is. that's why he does good business. >> i think that a lot of people mistake confidence with arrogance. donald trump is very confident. and he's super confident. okay? so i think a lot of people mistake that for arrogance. i think that he's confident, he
3:55 am
knows what he's doing. let's face it, he's one of the most successful people in america. he knows what he's doing. and he knows how to turn america around financially. >> he knows how to turn america around financially because he himself is successful. do you need to hear him tonight giving specifics of how he would do that? >> probably not at this point. i think it is a little early in the game. i think he just needs to solidify his position where he's at right now. and i think we can -- i think we can wait for more details. i don't think details are that important right now. >> and i will give you an example of going along with that. in the military, in any organization, on cnn, for example, a new ceo comes in. he is the new leadership. the rest of the company or country or unit will follow the lead of that leader. if that leader is presenting
3:56 am
himself as weak, unethical, untruthful, unprofessional, inconsistent and unbelievable -- >> it doesn't work. >> that is going to affect the rest of the organization. >> so you see a lot of leadership qualities. >> he's already a leader. presidential, he goes to the white house. as a leader, he's proven it. his track record has proven it. his bank account proves it. >> susan, do you need specifics from him tonight? >> i think that it would be nice if he did talk a little bit more about how he can bring us back. and get jobs back to the count industry. i really am excited the plan of cutting taxes on things that come into the country. so that china is not just sending everything over but when we send things over we get taxed. you know, the american people, i don't think everyone knows that that was going on. >> we are going to talk about issues with you all in our 8:00 hour. thank you so much for sticking
3:57 am
around. go help yourself to some coffee in the green room because we do want to know where you think donald trump is on some of the hottest issues today. thanks a lot. nice to see you. we'll see you shortly as we are following a lot of news this morning. so we'll get right to it. new plane debris may have been found in the indian ocean. >> this is a game-changer. >> this confirms the plane is in the ocean. >> families are demanding answers. shots fired, an officer involved. >> he pulled out a hatchet and started attacking this family and then pulled out a gun. the biggest day in the campaign so far. >> the poll numbers are not only good, they are phenomenal. >> anybody can do well for a month. i'm a new fresh face versus a name from the past. >> it's about record and accomplishment. >> the republicans spent a lot of time attacking each other. i'm not going to spend a second making life easier for hillary clinton to get elected.
3:58 am
>> will she be the real target at this debate? >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alyson camerota and makayla cabrera. we have reports that new debris has been recovered in the indian ocean. and we'll tell you why this could provide our best clues yet as to what went wrong. malaysian officials tell cnn the debris was found on reunion island. the same place where that part of a wing was found from the boeing 777. we'll go right to kuala lumpur with breaking details. what is this stuff and why do they believe this came from a plane, let alone mh-370? >> reporter: chris, i just got off the phone from senior people inside the malaysian transport department. and they say that they do think, they are sure that it is related
3:59 am
to a plane. they are not saying it is related to 370 at this stage, but they are saying it is definitely related to a plane. what i was told is that they have found cushions, window parts of a window and other metal material as opposed to aluminum foil reported. those are the three items specifically mentioned by the transport minister, which he says are related to an aircraft, not 370, certainly not 370 at this stage. we also don't know when. the minister didn't say when they found this debris. it will be sent to france for a further investigation. the transport minister getting his information from the head of the civil aviation department from malaysia currently in franken franfran france. they are confident it's from an airplane. whether or not it's mh-370 remains to be seen. but i also have other information they gave me because this is critical as well. i asked about why the malaysians are so confident that the
4:00 am
flaperon we have been talking about is actually a part of 370. you remember that the malaysia prime minister said last night that the malaysians are convinced it is a part of 370. and i was told that the transport minister has been told that there is a maintenance seal on that flaperon which is -- which belongs to malaysian airline systems as it used to be called. and there's also painting on the flaperon that matched and a serial number that matched as well. that's what the malaysians are saying is why they are so confident right now that the flaperon at least is part of 370. there's still an awful lot of skepticism, though, particularly among the families of those on board. listen to what a woman told grace nathan. here's what she had to say. >> right now we lack a lot of confidence in the malaysian
4:01 am
government. whatever they say, we feel like they rushed it or keep thinking of something to say. so perhaps, at the end, if we find more pieces, and as they keep moving forward, maybe somewhere along the line we'll find closure. but definitely for me and for most of us, this wasn't it. >> reporter: an awful lot of distrust from family members, some family members here in malaysia. also, chris and alyson, from beijing as well. voices from beijing saying they flat out do not believe the malaysian government or the malaysian prime minister that this piece of flaperon is linked to 370. back to you both. >> trust is often about the past and malaysian officials have been wrong and the families feel they have been mishandled. that will stay with them every time they hear something new. >> great information that they are looking at the seal there on the flaperon.
4:02 am
we'll bring in an inspector for us. david, great to have you here. it appears window panes have been found. what do you make of it? >> if this is from mh-370, this could be a game changer. if all the parts went to the same location, yet they are so diverse about how they would be affected by the currents and the wind, then that tells us the actual accident site could be closer to reunion than originally suspected. >> because you wouldn't think the pieces being of different weight and material would all end up in the same place at the same time. >> that's right. if you recall the speculation model we are just using here as soon as last night to show how disperse these things can get, particularly when they are different in size and how much would be submerged versus how much is above water, this could really change the way we view that search area for the underwater part of the aircraft. >> when we get that, it's
4:03 am
science and soft science, a little is currents and that it doesn't travel by its own weight. but that's going to be speculative by nature. but something you will know as a point of analysis, if it comes from inside the plane as opposed to an exterior part like the wing, why is that so relevant to you? >> well, because that does indicate that it was broken up. that the aircraft did hit hard enough. there's some speculation going back to the flaper on that it ws from a ditching, like the aircraft made a smooth landing on the hudson and the flaperon was torn off in this event. but if there are parts from the inside, it would indicate a much more violent impact into the water and rush of the fuselage itself with the parts inside floating. >> the people who found this want to specify that these are very small pieces. it's possible that maybe these are not airplane cushions or
4:04 am
window panes or aluminum material from a plane. or it is possible, david, it is from a different plane. >> that is certainly possible because these things are buoyant items and they have closed cells, meaning they don't get so much water and then sink over time. they are closed cell. that means that they could float up definitely. so if it was from another aircraft, it is possible, highly unlikely, that you would find debris that wasn't noticed before and now it is on those islands. >> but i don't have to tell you, the skepticism is based on the malaysians being wrong in the past. and people are going to ask for more verification now with this wing. they are having to come up with 50 different points to lead you to the conclusion it comes from the plane. but for the families, if for nothing else, better to be safe than sorry that you tried. >> oh, absolutely. the fact that the malaysians are putting information out again and again, and the odd thing about this, too, it was the malaysian investigators who are on site that found it.
4:05 am
it wasn't the hundreds of other people that have been searchin it wasn't the helicopters, it was the malaysian team that found it. which is going to raise a lot of skepticism even more so with the families. and if you're thinking along the lines of a hidden conspiracy or something like that, too, the stories will keep going i'm sure. >> david, very quickly, how soon until they can analyze this and get an answer? >> these are going to be more difficult to analyze because they are not serialized parts. it is not going to be as definitive as it was for the flaperon. >> david, thank you for your expertise. we also have more information from the man shot by tennessee police. what he did, how he did it, it's new. why did this happen may matter most and it is not new. he had been committed four different times in 11 years. we'll go right to nick valencia live from national this morning. what do we know about what happened at the scene and this
4:06 am
guy and what he was dealing with? >> reporter: good morning, chris. people here in nashville praising the quick response of the police who prevented something that certainly could have been much worse. the gunman showed up at this theater yesterday afternoon. he purchased a ticket and went inside prepared to carry out an attack. >> this shady looking guy stood up, with two bags and walked to the back of the theater. >> reporter: a frantic 911 call released this morning reveals the chilling moments inside the nashville, tennessee, theater. >> he pulled out like a hatchet and started attacking this family. and then he pulled out a gun and we all ran out of the theater. >> reporter: 29-year-old vincente david montano was armed with a hatchet, a gun and pepper spray. >> we thought it was a scary movie. >> reporter: montano sliced this father's shoulder causing minor injury. his wife and child doused with
4:07 am
pepper spray. >> i'm eternally grateful for the metro police department, for their fast response today and the fact that no one else got injured. >> reporter: racing to the scene, two officers working a car crash right in front of the nashville theater. >> the officers stopped what they were doing and immediately ran to the theater. our response to the theater was probably 60 to 90 seconds. >> reporter: at first officer jonathan firth, a six-year veteran, ran inside. montano raised his gun and opened fire, backing out of the theaters. >> we have shots fired and an officer involved. >> reporter: minutes later the s.w.a.t. team came in dawning gas masks when the suspect tried to escape. a firefight ensued. the gunman tried to go out through a rear door. there were other officers waiting.
4:08 am
montano was homeless with a lengthy history of mental illness. his mother told police that her son was a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. motive unknown. >> so tragic. thank you so much for your reporting. back to politics, the first debate of the 2016 presidential race is tonight in case you hadn't heard. ten republicans gearing up for the debate. seven who did not make the cut will take part in the happy hour debate. we'll speak to one of the candidates, rick santorum, in a moment. and cnn's complete debate coverage begins with sara murray live in cleveland. how are preparations going, sara? >> reporter: good morning, alyson. things are starting to get underway here. the big debate is tonight as you pointed out. and candidates are trying to fit in the last-minute preparations, whether it means debate prep, a fund-raising event or working on the zingers. let's take a look at how they are getting ready. it's debate day, the biggest day in the campaign so far.
4:09 am
when ten republican candidates make their case to voters and possibly score political points against their rivals. marco rubio spent the night before the first gop debate in a bar in cleveland. >> i came in early today -- trying to convince lebron james to come back to miami. just wanted you to know. >> reporter: ahead of tonight's debate, the candidates are deploying all kinds of tactics to prepare and to shake off their nerves. after a couple of political stumbles this week -- >> you can take dollar for dollar, although i'm not sure we need a half a billion dollars for women's health issues. >> reporter: -- jeb bush will spend the morning going to mass. and scott walker is kicking off his day at the wisconsin state fair before hopping a flight to ohio. but the man who is overshadowing them all, donald trump, is laying low. he's expected to land in cleveland this afternoon, debate and depart the very same night.
4:10 am
his rival campaigns say they don't have much interest in taking on trump on stage. a strategy that would be high risk. >> if you attack donald trump, look what happened to lindsey graham, not even in the debate. look what happened with rick perry, not even in the debate. if you attack donald trump, he's going to come back at you twice as hard. >> reporter: instead, candidates like chris christie and scott walker are hoping for a chance to take democratic frontrunner hillary clinton to task on issues from the iran deal to her support for planned parenthood. you can bet every candidate on that stage is looking for a breakout moment. but for now, they are keeping their strategies close to the vest. now remember tonight's debate is a double-header with the primetime debate at 9:00 p.m. but we are also having what lindsey graham is calling the happy hour debate for candidates lower in the polls. that's where we'll see graham, rick perry, rick santorum and carly fiorina among others.
4:11 am
many are able to get their debate action out without the distraction of donald trump. thank you. we'll bring in one of the candidates on the stagen tonight but not in the primetime debate at 9:00. we'll see him in the 5:00 p.m. happy hour debate. republican rick santorum, you ran for president before, why do you believe tonight is true and is it true that you believe the rnc should be apologizing to people like you? >> well, i just think when you have an abundant of riches like we do in the republican party, the fact that we have over a dozen candidates who are clearly very qualified, competent leaders, the fact that we are arbitrarily limiting that debate, i just think it's a disservice to the american public. and if i was the republican party, i would be boasting about our riches, not trying to call
4:12 am
the field by debate rules. >> how would you have done it, senator? and are you looking to them to apologize to you and the other candidates in the earlier forum? >> well, what i've suggested from the very beginning, let everybody in and divide it randomly between two debates. have eight people on a stage a piece. that way you have an opportunity to really see and let the public decide who the best candidate is. i mean, i've been out there talking about creating jobs or working americans. others have been talking about national security. others have been talking about issues like -- like the marriage debate. and all of those things are important to sort of get a sense in the flavor of what candidates are all about. >> so have you heard from the rnc? have they apologized to you? >> i have not heard anything yet and don't anticipate hearing anything yet. we have always been the candidate that ever since my first race in 1990, we have been
4:13 am
fighting the establishment. we have been the guy on the outside looking in and have done pretty well. we have gone against city hall in washington and passed a lot of reforms. we have run tough races against the establishment and are doing the same thing here. it all works for me. i like coming from behind and being the underdog and trying to fight through the pack. i did it four years ago and have every confidence to do it again. >> fair enough. you can complain how the rnc is doing and how fox is doing it in this first debate. but at the end of the day, the polls do matter and you are not doing well in the polls and neither is the group instead of it. shouldn't that not be relevant if at all? >> two weeks before the iowa caucuses i was at 2% in the national polls and won the iowa caucus and went on to win ten other states. so it is irrelevant and not a predictor of anything. it is not a national race. it's a state-by-state race. and that's what i'm focused on. i'm going to talk to the people in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, i've been in those states the last few weeks and
4:14 am
we'll continue to focus on where the race is. and that starts first and foremost in iowa. and we've got a strong message there that i think will appeal to the people who feel very much look up to. they are fighting for them to create opportunities for their family. that's the message we'll driver and think it lub successful. >> senator, we'll talk about the issue that is will come up tonight. one is planned parenthood and whether or not it should be de-funded. i know you support that but the public opinion polls do not support that. a majority of americans do not think planned parenthood should be defunded. and they don't believe abortion should be banned. is this a winning issue for the republicans? >> well, no one is talking about banning abortions when it comes to the planned parenthood debate. we are talking about providing federal tax dollars for an organization doing barbaric
4:15 am
things in performing these horrific procedures all for the purpose of trying to market these organs and sell organs. this is part of the dehumanization that we see that abortion is all about. planned parenthood from its very beginning was founded by someone who believed that the black race should be called out. and that this organization is doing the same thing. it's dehumanizing the child in the womb just like trying to dehumanize blacks many years ago. that's wrong and we should not be providing federal funds to an organization doing these types of barbaric things. >> planned parenthood says no federal bonds go to abortions. and if you defund them, they end up going away. the services they provide for women, the health services, birth control, et cetera, all that goes away and it ends up making abortion much less accessible. i know that's your goal but that's not where the public is at the moment.
4:16 am
>> well, i would just say this. there are plenty of health organizations that don't do this kind of barbaric thing. they don't co-mingle. you're giving money to an organization, the idea that you can separate them is ridiculous. the bottom line is planned parenthood is given a half a billion dollars a year for things that can be done in a whole lot of other places. these are dollars that hard-working taxpayers pay into washington and shouldn't be used for morally objectionable purposes. >> senator, here's the thing, are they morally objectionable? that's up to you. are they legal? yes. unless you have proof of otherwise. are they co-mingling funds? unless you have proof otherwise. my question to you, do you have proof they are doing anything illegal? because that's the way you sound, like we know they are doing barbaric and terrible things. we do not know that unless we know that they are doing something that the law has not
4:17 am
allowed for quite some time. >> i'm very familiar with the law, chris, because i passed it. i wrote the partial birth abortion statute. if you listen to the tapes and what the procedures are, they are doing just that. manipulating the baby in the woman to deliver the baby feet first so the organs are not hurt and then crushing the skull. that's a partial birth abortion and illegal under federal law. i know because i drafted the statute. it's a statute that is a federal law that is in place, it's a criminal procedure. so i know for sure they are doing that. the marketing -- >> how do you know for sure they are doing it when planned parenthood says they are not doing it. there's been no investigation of it. you're relying on something that you know wouldn't be admissible in court. so we don't really know, why not investigate, find out and if you're right, immediately cut the funding. immediately cut the change to what happened to planned parenthood. but shouldn't you know first before you completely convince people that something is going
4:18 am
on? >> i would embrace your call, chris, to do a full investigation. i hope the obama administration is going to do that and i hope the justice department will fully investigate this and try to get to the bottom of it and actually do something that they haven't done before, which is to go after their political supporters instead of after republican political supporters where this administration is very famous of doing. >> rick santorum, former senator, we'll be watching you tonight. best of luck up there and thank you for taking time on "new day." >> i appreciate you coming on to be tested of the issues. you have done it before and hope you do it again. >> thank you, chris. you bet. we'll talk much more on what to expect tonight with rudy giuliani, the former mayor of new york city. he's taken part in gop political debates. and we will also talk to
4:19 am
reince priebus later as well. and we have news that president obama is making wrong an offer he says they can't refuse. in his most aggressive speech on the issue yet, he says rejecting the deal is a vote for war. we'll go right to the white house correspondent, michelle kosinski. he said more than that, he was making analogies to wrong thinking, saying america must die, an analogy to the republican congress. he threw big bombs metaphor metaphorically. >> reporter: he criticized supporters and that came from the respected sources. the republicans were none too pleased saying iranian hard-liners were making common cause with the republican caucus. the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said democrats are even questioning the deal and wanting to look more closely into it. also, they have reason to be offended. when the president said things
4:20 am
like this -- >> those making this argument are either ignorant of iranian society or they are just not being straight with the american people. those who say we can just walk away from this deal and maintain sanctions are selling a fantasy. >> reporter: the president really wants to hit home how mo men us the this decision is. he invoked history, the diplomacy of kennedy and reagan, comparing this to the decision to go to war in iraq. again, framing it in these terms of being a decision between diplomacy and war. and we know that not all democrats agree with that in making that argument. and the president said while he understands the deep concerns that israelis have over this deal, that the prime minister benjamin netanyahu in his opposition is simply wrong. alyson? >> michelle. thank you for all that. republicans are making their final preparations for the first presidential debate. what are they doing exactly to get ready?
4:21 am
we'll ask someone who has done all this before, rudy giuliani joins us live. [music] do you like cougars? terry will you shut up! you are adorable. thank you. ladies your belts all snugged up? why do we have to buckle up? the pick up stinks with diesel. [ding] you've got to be kidding! oh please! ah! this is the end! oh my god! [brakes screech] we need resuscitation. mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. hurry up! [laughing]
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4:25 am
on the republicans as they face-off in their first debate. there are ten of them on the big stage. then you have the earlier debate as well. how are they prepping? we have people joining us live to pick your that out. we have patty solis dolan here. fill us in, patty, on the kind of people the candidates gather around them and the mock debating that goes on and the policy prep. how does it work? >> well, you know, normally i've been involved in the prep with hillary clinton. normally, we have weeks and weeks of putting briefing books together on each of the hot button issues. we have a mock debate. we have someone playing the other opponent. but in this case with donald trump as the frontrunner, i obviously don't know what he's doing. he says he's not preparing.
4:26 am
and he is probably just practices showmanship and one-liners, if at all. >> and alex, you have been around prep debate for a long time. how would you be prepping donald trump? >> i would be prepping donald trump -- donald trump is not exactly known as a great listener. so i don't know that you could have a -- his advisors will have that much impact. trump is trump. i think patty is right, he's going to be himself up there. and i think it's the other nine gladiators that are going to be in the coliseum with him that a are/they are the ones prepping. >> one of the interesting things that happens in the debate brings the dan quail moment to mind where he was amall jnalogi
4:27 am
himself. these ten have been saying repetitive things. how does it work in terms of getting your one-liners ready? do you have somebody writing those? are you baking your moments? picking your moments? >> i'm sorry. go ahead. >> i think there is someone out there trying to pick the right moment, writing the one-liners. and you look for that. i think in this particular case because trump is such a wild card, it's going to be very difficult. this debate is tailor-made for donald trump. it is 90 minutes once you factor in the commercial break. ten candidates, nine minutes per candidate, if you're lucky. and there's not a lot of time for policy discussions. there's not a lot of time for discourse on substance. it is really going to be about the one-liners and your clever soundbyte. so you really need to come up with those in the debate and be prepared for them.
4:28 am
>> alex, as all the candidates prepare their zingers, what do you tell candidates to avoid? >> you try to avoid a moment of weakness. what you prep a candidate for and what you try to help them prepare for is what we call a moment of strength, m.o.s. because these things are gladtorial contests. we want to see the out-the-door battles. if you can't stand up to chris christie, or donald trump, how are you going to stand up to putin? so these are tests of strength. you mentioned the lloyd/benson moment. they are not just zingers or cute lines. they have a purpose and that's the demonstration of character, the resolve, the quick-whitedness to lead the free world. >> is the name
4:29 am
of your organization that you founded. i am not just giving you a plug, but the new reality of the gop seems to be what donald trump is the face of right now. we are angry, you guys don't get it done and you don't tell us the truth about not getting it done. how do you take that from donald trump? horse do you prep someone to own them. you win by winning the base. >> that's exactly right. here's what candidates like trump are like, they are usually defeated and exhausted. their anger burns bright and hot. and that's legitimate anger. republicans know we are part of the problem in washington. trump has tapped a vein there. but voters want to turn anger into action. what are you going to do about it? so howard dean has a screen, but eventually someone harnesses the heat he generates as their fuel and says, okay, i'm going to lead the country in a better
4:30 am
direction. we're going to reform the republican party and clean our house before we can clean anyone else's. >> alex castellanos, pattisolis doyle, thank you for joining us. and it's the secret phone call raising a lot of eyebrows. what did donald trump and bill clinton discuss weeks before the billionaire businessman launched his presidential run? is it true that bill said, you've got to do it, donald. no, it isn't, i just made that up. but "inside politics" has the scoop ahead.
4:31 am
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4:33 am
4:34 am
you want to know what to know before the big debate? that's why we have "inside politics" with mr. john king. take it away, my friend. happy debate day. >> a lot of fun and energy in the race. it's been an interesting summer, so we'll go "inside politics." we have jackie kucinich here and we'll talk about the debate.
4:35 am
standing center stage today will be republican frontrunner donald trump. he told "the washington post" that he is going to keep it on a high level. i have a lot of respect for them. he has got nothing to lose here, but we know he's a great performer. we know given ten candidates, there's not a lot of time, he knows how to make his point. is there a trap for him or potential downside for him coming in as the frontrunner nationally. he's leading in new hampshire and is tied for first or a close second in iowa? >> i think it's how he responds to people if they decide to attack him. if they decide to go after him and is looking like he's lashing out constantly, that's not going to be great for him. and maybe some knowledge of policy, but i don't think the bar is terribly high for donald trump. he's made of nightmares for the establishment and won't change any minds there. >> is there where they go after him? the republican frontrunner, the man who will the republican front-runner, you are allowed to change your position, but he's
4:36 am
for universal health care. he was quite liberal when running for the reformed nomination back in 2000. he was pro-choice and is anti-abortion. he gave money to hillary clinton's senate campaign and the clinton foundation. and he was once in the long period for guns. that was the republican front-runner. >> i think all that is true. i just do not think tonight is the night that someone brings that up. jeb bush certainly is not going to bring it up. scott walker won't bring that up because that would be picking a fight with him when he's at his top of the game here. i think that donald trump's big challenge here is if he starts to look more presidential, more like donald trump, more serious, some people like what they have seen the last few months and will say, that's not the guy we have seen. we like the bombast, we like all that, but if this is a first debate, debate number four, five or six and he's still leading, all of his issues will be front and center. but tonight i'm sure is not the
4:37 am
night for one of the candidates to bring it up. >> if he comes in at 20 something in the national polls, then they will use weapons, tv ads or something, somebody is going to have to spend money. what do you do if you are another candidate,like marco rubio. your time is limited and you're struggling. so you want to make a key biographical point that some sort of a key thematic point. he's a warm-up from yesterday in cleveland. >> i didn't run for office believing this was owed to me or that i was the next person in line, that somehow it was my turn. >> so that's a shot at hillary clinton or you can say that it's a shot at jeb bush. >> right. marco rubio can't disappear and that's going to be his biggest challenge in a field with a lot of personality. so you're right, he's got to make strong points and has to show the reviewers why he's there and on the stage. >> john, you have marco rubio who has a little bit seemed to
4:38 am
have disappeared. rand paul has been on a milk carton. the rising star in his home state, john kasich, has gone from nowhere to earning a spot on the debate field. >> scott walker is a person standing on the other side of donald trump and has a fairly high burden up. he's won election after election in wisconsin but not perform on the national stage. so the challenge of being a governor always is sort of talking about foreign affairs and other domestic issues outside your home state. marco rubio has been running for a long time. all of his policy speeches that he's been giving over the last year or so, all that helps tonight because that is preparation. but if you're john kasich, he's a new candidate still and scott walker is a new candidate. so i think marco rubio has an easier task. >> with scott walker, we have also seen he's not great on his feet and can be thrown off fairly easily by a tough question. so that is going to be his biggest challenge, not to say something that he ends up trying to clean up later. >> and it never goes as you expect. we'll see who is nimble and who is not in the debate.
4:39 am
one thing we expect to be one of the big questions, and we don't expect much agreement, it will be interesting to see what rand paul says, but the president is making his case with the nuclear iran saying the alternative to trying diplomacy would mean another war. right after that another opponent said, you should remember who they are. >> if the rhetoric in these ads and the accompanying commentary that sounds familiar, it shouldn't. for many of the same people who argued for the war in iraq are now making the case against the iran nuclear deal. >> he's sort of guaranteeing himself a role in this debate with that speech. >> yeah, i don't think he made any friends on the republican side with that speech. i mean, there's a very good chance he'll have to veto where the congress is bringing forward. he'll have to get democrats on his side to avoid the override. >> there are plenty of democrats who are not on board with this deal either. so i thought the speech had a
4:40 am
little more politics in it than most of his foreign policy speeches. but no question, i look for one of the candidates tonight to, you know, take on the president. president obama has been an oddly absent figure in this republican presidential campaign. and he should be the one who is talking about it. so we'll see a resurgence of people talking about the president tonight. >> and tying that to hillary clinton if they do. >> a lot of hillary clinton tonight. that's a unifying factor. we'll move to bill clinton for a second. donald trump had a phone conversation with bill clinton back at the end of may. the two guys know each other and we have pictures of them golfing, one of him at donald trump's wedding, but donald trump and bill clinton, bill clinton said conservatives like you, but listen to donald trump when jay tapper asked him a question. are you still in touch with the clintons? >> no, not at all. i'm not at all, actually. no. >> boy, that was a quick answer.
4:41 am
he didn't miss a beat. in fact, we found out that they are. and this confirmed something that republicans have wondered. what is donald trump up to? is he sort of helping hillary clinton somehow? so this phone call was confirmed by both sides. bill clinton's advisors say it was in may. they didn't talk about 2016. the optics of this are terrible. >> if your goal is to be the truth-teller in the race, he's obviously not telling the truth. >> here i come, john. hi. i've been here all along, john, as you know. and i did hear what you said. and i do like truth telling. thank you for that, john. i know you'll be watching and we'll look forward to talking to you tomorrow. meanwhile, going into tonight's debate, donald trump, of course, leading the gop pack. what key issues are resonating most with his supporters? and why aren't they supporting the other republican candidates? we'll ask all of them when we bring the donald trump panel back, if.
4:42 am
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a lot of people will be watching donald trump tonight to see how he answers the issues. so what issues are resonating most with his supporters? and what do they know about his issues. jesse lopez and paul diportola
4:45 am
are here. we'll start with the immigration here that thrust him into the spotlight. what do you think his position is on immigration, paul? >> i really think that donald trump, he loves -- we get on the subject of hispanics or mexicans, which has been the big issue. donald trump loves hispanics and mexican people. he has a lot of respect for them and says it over and over again. he just wants people to do things the right way. i come from a very diverse family. my sister-in-law is hispanic from colombia and my niece did it the right way. >> so it did not bother you to say they are exporting criminals and rapists. people said that was a gross generalization. >> i think it was taken out of context in a sense. i think that he was specifically talking about illegal aliens that are criminals. okay? i think that -- haven't you ever said something that you wish you
4:46 am
said a different way but can't take it back? i think in hindsight maybe he would -- >> he would take it back? >> i don't think he would have taken it back, but he would have said it in a different way that people would have understood what he was saying. >> a lot of people i know which are hispanic-mexicans, like myself, i'm mexican dissent, and they were insulted by the way he said it. evidently he must not have somebody that is giving him that cultural information that's very important for his candidacy. he needs somebody to tell him you can't say it this way. because a lot of pride is involved in the latino culture around the world. >> if you are giving him a pass because he did not finesse the message right. >> he didn't finesse it. with my work in the mexican
4:47 am
border when i was in the navy interacting with the mexican government, and seeing who could actually come across the border, there are a lot of rapists that come across the border, murderers, killers. yesterday a lady got raped by another felon released, an immigrant. he killed her with a hammer after he raped her. my god! >> this suggests that the immigrants perpetrate less crime than native americans, meaning americans, not immigrants. americans born here. >> there's a lot of immigrants that are strong workers and solace citizens. this is the best criminal element in that section of society. now, what i would like for him to do and what he's trying to do is if you're a felon, stay where you're at. >> let me read to you what he has said about immigration. this is a specific thing he's
4:48 am
said about your comment, i would get people out, the 11 to 12 million imglamigrants who are h, i would get them out and have an excellent way to get them back so they would be legal. is that specific for you? >> yeah, he wants to make it a faster process to get the people that want to be citizens here. he just wants a law, he wants it to be legal. >> but he's not explaining how to get out the roughly 12 million undocumented immigrants? >> i think he does have a plan except because of the small amount of time that he has whenever they do show him, the goal is like, for example, the debate we're going to have tonight, you know, they have 30 seconds, maybe a minute. for example, i have friends who worked for border patrol and said, we cannot do our job. we are being told not to do our j job. america is angry.
4:49 am
and with all due respect, mr. president, you have led america down. you have led many of the military veterans down. >> so jesse, it sounds like you think donald trump is tapping into an angry vein, you share it. however, you do not need to hear specifics at this point? >> i feel it is very early in the game for specifics. just to be clear, hispanics love donald trump. >> how do you know that? >> i have several examples on the facebook page i have built with a lot of hispanic people posting messages on there. i don't know if the camera can zoom in on this, but i have an example here of a couple hispanic women who said, i heard your speech and am not offended. one example, i have many, many examples but can't show them all to you. >> you have a lot of feedback on your facebook page. >> they love donald trump.
4:50 am
he's being misrepresented based on -- what he said wasn't clean but it was real. it was real. it's -- it's just -- he's not working off a script or doesn't have high profile persons writing -- he's not working off a teleprompter. >> hold your thoughts. we have other issues to taught. you're going to have that opportunity right after this very quick break. we'll be right back. [music] do you like cougars? terry will you shut up! you are adorable. thank you. ladies your belts all snugged up? why do we have to buckle up? the pick up stinks with diesel. [ding] you've got to be kidding! oh please! ah! this is the end! oh my god! [brakes screech] we need resuscitation. mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. hurry up! [laughing]
4:51 am
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4:54 am
and we are back with our panel of donald trump supporters. they're all looking forward to the debate tonight. so guy, you all really like donald trump. why not ted cruz? why not chris christie? >> because donald trump does not have all of the special interest groups and all of the people that are giving him money and supporting his candidacy. he's doing it on his own.
4:55 am
so he doesn't have to have favors that he has to follow their direction. he is following his own. >> i see. not a career politician. you like that. >> he's going to do what he feels is best for the american people with our interests, not special interests and not lobbyists. >> and that's a specific point because i started thinking, wait a minute, when people give you a large amount of money, they want something for it and they're going to come back later and collect on it. when donald trump is saying, i don't need anybody's money, in fact, i'm using mine and that's what i'm going to use, because i don't want to be owing anybody anything. i want to use my money and go out there and make america great again, bring the jobs back, make americans -- get them back to work again and start making businesses. and more importantly, bring
4:56 am
americans together. . >> right now everybody hates each other. over the last 50 years we made so many stride in, i'll say, race relations. everybody was doing quite well. and i feel like in the last six years we've gone back 50 years. everybody's against each other. it's terrible. >> we're talking about jeb bush, marco rubio and all the other candidates. it's like okay, when you look into the camera long enough from what somebody wrote from what they're reading -- give me a break. give me something real. >> we want america to be put first. >> you want america to be first and be great again. and you think that's what donald trump represents. thank you so much. pleasure talking to you. shout it out on the website. you can shout it out on twitter
4:57 am
later. let's get over to chris. >> it's good to know where people's heads are as we get into this. it's all about you, right? we're going to have the rnc chair here. also, we're going to have a malaysian official and new reporte reports for you that there has been debris found on reunion island, not the wing, new stuff. we have a live report ahead. stay with us.
4:58 am
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5:00 am
we begin with a potentially huge break in the flight for missing mh370. we've been told new debris has been discovered and this could come from inside the plane. >> that's the same place where part of a boeing 777 wing was found just a few days ago. >> reporter: i've been speaking to senior people inside the transport department and they are confirming what you just said. that is debris from an aircraft. they are quite confident this is from an aircraft. they are not saying at this
5:01 am
stage whether it is 370 or not. that debris, it's parts of a window. it's aluminum material. no more information on that material. and it's a cushion. so they're the three pieces of debris that have been identified. what we don't know, what we're still working to confirm is when this debris was actually found. now, we know it's not in the last 18 hours or so, because we're being told by police on reunion that no new debris has been handed in. we also don't know at this stage whether it has left reunion for toulouse. it's where the flaperon now is. and i've also spoke to the transport officials about why the malaysian government has been so confident to link the flaperon part of the wing to 370. they say critically that there is a seal on that flaperon which
5:02 am
is an m.a.s. seal. that stands for malaysia airlines system, which is the old name of the airlines. there's also matching paint. the french have back pedalled a little bit on whether or not this is actually firmly linked to 370. but this new debris coming from inside an aircraft could prove crucial. meanwhile, let's talk about politics because the first republican debate of the 2015 presidential election is tonight. ten candidates preparing to take their podiums seven who missed the cut are going to be in an earlier forum. tell us what's happening there at this hour. >> reporter: the big day is here. and there is no doubt this is going to be a high stakes
5:03 am
evening. like you said, this is a crowded gop field and everyone is looking for that moment that sets themselves apart from the rest of the competitors. but this is the first debate and the reality is their candidates are a little bit nervous. let's take a look at how they're preparing. it's debate day, the biggest day so far. when ten candidates make their case to voters and possibly score political points against their rivals. marco rubio spent the night before the gop debate in a car in cleveland. >> i came in early today trying to convince lebron james to come back to miami. just wanted you to know. >> reporter: ahead of tonight's debate the candidates are deploying all kinds of tactics to prepare and shake off their nerves. after a couple of political summabsu
5:04 am
stumbles this week, jeb bush will spend the morning going to mass. and scott walker is kicking off his day at the wisconsin state fair before hopping a flight to ohio. but the man who is over shadowing them all, donald trump, is laying low. he's expected to land in cleveland this afternoon, debate and depart the very same night. his rival campaigns say they don't have much interest in taking on trump on stage, a s j strategy that would be high risk. >> if you attack donald trump, look what happened to lindsey graham -- not even in the debate. rick perry, not even in the debate. >> reporter: instead candidates are hoping for a chance to take democratic front runner hillary clinton to task on her support for the iran deal to planned parenthood. you can get everyone candidate on that stage is looking for a
5:05 am
breakout moment. but for now they're keeping their strategies close to the vest. >> so it really begins tonight. we have the man at the center of the debate, the chairman of the republican national committee. pleasure to have you on this big day. >> good morning, chris. >> you're taking heat about the format. you're taking heat about how the selection process was done. justify the decisions that were made to have the ten at prime time, the other guys before. >> you're right i'm taking heat from maybe a couple people, but for the most part people have been thrilled with what we've done. you know we've got 17 people on the stage. and cnn is working on it as well. you have to figure out a way to give everyone an opportunity, which we did, and still put on a production that people can watch and feel like they're getting the interaction that they need. look, one thing that people don't understand, chris, is that
5:06 am
we're not a staging organization, meaning the republican national committee. we did a lot of things. number one, we're not going to have 23 debates. we're only going to have eight or nine or maybe a few more than that. we wanted to have some say over who the moderators were. people didn't think we could do that. we did that. the one piece that we can't do is become a staging organization under the federal election commission. and if people want me to violate f.e.c. laws and start dictating to network what is they can or cannot do with their air time, i can can't do that. it's gone very well. people are thrilled with how it looks in there. it's going to be an exciting night. and cnn ea's debate is going to great too. >> one thing you do control is
5:07 am
what your party is going to be about in terms of what it's going to speak to its platform. i want to tell you about these two proposals. one had to do with being taught in class rooms with where homosexuality is addressed. >> we have a gazillion resolutions that get proposesed and only a few get through our resolutions committee. i wasn't in the meeting. i'm not on the resolutions committee. i think they weren't ready yet to be introduced to the floor. to get a resolution through the rnc, you've got to survive
5:08 am
multiple layers of scrutiny. it just didn't get through. i'm not part of that and i want at the meeting. >> you're saying it could be procedural as well as substantive. with donald trump the man, i know you've had your dealings with him and trying to figure out what he means for the party. what did you get wrong about what people in your party wanted that led to the rise of donald trump? >> well, i think there's a little mistake in premise there. it kind of koe noconnotes negativeness. and i don't think so. tonight we're probably going to have 12 or 15 million people in this country tune into a republican only debate in august. and i think in some ways it can be very helpful to our party. i've had great conversations with donald trump. we actually talk pretty
5:09 am
regularly as i do with almost all the candidates. i just don't see his mind set where people think it is. i think he wants to be the republican nominee. and he knows if hillary clinton is going to get beat or joe biden is going to get beat, they're going to get beat by a republican. and that's where he's at. >> again, i'm not trying to put it on him, although as you know he likes to tell as many members of the field as possible complete losers. but the people who are part of his base of support, that's why they like him. they think the government has let him down and he is the voice of their truth. how do you get those people to support the party and not just supporting the rejection of the party as per son fsonfied by do trump? >> when you have 17 candidates,
5:10 am
you were the to have that balance between allowing some jabs back and forth and some elbows, but not total destruction. so containment is the word that's in my head at all times, reagan's 11 th commandment. i think donald trump has tapped into something where people are tired of the veneer and the plasticized politics that we get. if he countries to do well, obviously we'll see where it goes. those people tuning in today are going to see donald trump and nine other candidates on the stage. it's up to us as a party to put our best foot forward. >> good luck to you. we hope you have a fruitful discussion. thanks for coming on "new day." >> you bet. >> we're going to have former mitt romney advisor here.
5:11 am
he knows what this game is about and the implications. and how about rudy giuliani. we do have other news to tell you about because new information has come in about the troubled past of this tennessee man who went on that rampage inside the movie theater. what have your learned, nick? >> reporter: good morning. this is the second theater shooting in the united states in the last two weeks, a fact not lost on people here in nashville. what happened here yesterday at this theater behind me completely unsettling and unnerving for this community. we are prai . >> this shady looking guy stood up with like two bags and he walked toward the back of the theater. >> reporter: a frantic 911 call released this morning reveals the chilling moments inside the nashville theater. >> he pulled out like a hatchet
5:12 am
and started attacking this family and then he pulled out a gun and we all ran out of the theater. >> reporter: armed with an air soft gun, a hatchet and cans of pepper spray. >> we heard screams. we thought it was a scary movie. >> reporter: attack this father, causing an injury, his wife and child doused with pepper spray. >> i'm desperate full to metro police department, their fast response today and the fact that no one else got injured. >> the officers stopped what they were doing and immediately ran to the theater. our response to the theater was probably 60 to 90 second. >> reporter: he raised his gun and firth fired, backing out of
5:13 am
the three deatertheater. minutes later the swat team converged into the theater donning gas masks when the suspect tried to escape. a firefight ensued. >> the gunman tried to go out through a rear door. there were other officers waiting. >> reporter: montana was believed to have been homeless. on monday his mother filed a missing persons report with the texas rangers saying her son was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and had a hard time taking care of himself. >> it's going to lead in the direction of what we've been seeing too often. this man had mental illness, it was not treated properly, the family couldn't do anything to
5:14 am
help him. we are following breaking news out of louisiana, a manhunt underway for a man who gunned down a shreveport police officer. the officer was responding to a report of a suspicious person inside the home and was shot. we'll keep you posted on the developments. president obama tried selling the iran deal to congress in his most aggressive speech. he said rejecting the deal is a deal for war. >> reporter: president obama hit all those same points about the deal that we've heard it seems like a million times from the administration now. he framed the whole thing this time in a much tougher argument than we've heard before. republicans most rankled by this. >> it's the hard liners who are most comfortable with the status q quo. it's those hard lines who have been most opposed to the deal.
5:15 am
they're making common cause with the republican caucus. [ applause ]. >> that was pretty surprising. you heard that from the crowd too. the administration has brought this up before to some extent. remember, it was republicans in the senate who wrote that open letter to iranian hard liners before this deal was finalized. some democrats out there didn't love the fact that he said that, feeling like they too were lumped in there just because they're undecided and they're looking for more answers to questions. the president saying it being a decision between diplomacy and war. there's no alternate ground. that seemed to hit people in both parties as well. >> aggressive language. but this issue doesn't fall neatly along party lines. how do the votes look right now
5:16 am
in congress? >> reporter: that's a question that's been out there, but nobody seems quite ready to answer that. you have to read the tea leaves. every day there's a few more on the yes side, a few more on the no side. and the white house has to speculate. it would be very difficult to override a presidential veto because there have to be so many democrat votes on that side as well. here's one to watch. pope francis making a move. he is now calling for more compassion for divorced catholics who remarry. as you may know or may not, there's going to be speculation that he may be easing the ban on communion for couples who marry without an annulment. now, the timing is also
5:17 am
relevant. cardinals from around the world are preparing to gather at the vatican for an assembly on family this october. and of course he's coming to the united states. we're going to cover it extensi extensively. we're doing a documentary about who this man is, francis. because it will inform you about everything he's been doing. it's all consistent. >> he does seem consistent, certainly on his message of compassion. >> absolutely. can he change the rules? yes. will he? probably not. but what he can do is almost effectively shame those practitioners of the faith into doing it the right way. so it won't be the what. it will be the how. and that could make as much of a difference. these ten men are prepping tonight like prize fighters. we have people who've prepared for their own debates on what these guys need to be doing. t s.
5:18 am
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5:21 am
. in case you haven't heard, the republican candidates are facing off in the first debate of the season tonight. 459 days before the presidential election. i've been keeping tabs. so who has the most to lose and who has the most to gain tonight? joining us is the newest member of our cnn family, political commentator jeffrey lord. you used to be an aid to ronald reagan.
5:22 am
welcome. also ana navarro, jeb bush supporter. all eyes on donald trump to see how he's going to perform. are you in touch with the trump people? >> i have been on occasion. not in the last day or so. this is somebody that's not going to be moved from being who he is. i'm sure there are lots of people saying donald you should do this and donald you should do that. donald is going to be donald. he'll be polite and respect, but pointed and fight back if the occasion rises. >> this man knows his own mind better than most people who arrive at the position he's at. they're usually craving outside influence into what they should do. that's not how he is. >> he doesn't run his life that way. he doesn't run his business that way. the name on the building is his.
5:23 am
he's very conscious of that. he doesn't do polling. he goes with his gut. he's a pretty smart guy. people are underestimating him. he's bizarre or a clown. that is so far off the mark, it's stunning to me. >> one of our pundits said they're going to be keeping a very close eye on jeb bush. we know you spent some time with him yesterday. what he's doing to prepare? >> i think right now what he's doing is clearing his head. it's a little late to be preparing ten hours out. he has been doing a lot of preparation. i think most of the candidates have been doing a lot of preparation. it means beefing up on policy, learning the debate rules, learning how to answer in concise, tight answers. because there is a strict time constraint. knowing how to make a rebuttal in 30 seconds is harder than it
5:24 am
may seem. having some quick witty lines that you may be able to pull out at some point. i know he's going to be going to mass today. i know he's going to be working out. and i know he's going to be spending time with his wife and just putting his head in the right place. >> what's he playing on his eye pod, do you think? >> i don't know, chris. i think he's much more of a reader than he is an ipod listener. >> while we have you here, his preparation for tonight -- is there a chance that we will not hear him say the name donald trump tonight because of what that triggers on the clock for rebuttal? >> i don't know if he's going to say it or not. it's hard to predict.
5:25 am
every candidate has a limited amount of time. we've got ten guys up on that stage. and if he starts talking about trump, he's got 30 seconds rebuttal time. i hope every candidate including donald trump focuses on themselves and what they have to offer, their policy statements, their policy positions. what i expect is for jeb to come out and talk about his record as governor. >> ana brings up what some people think will be the achi e achilles heel of donald trump. he's not used to having to speak in 30-second snippets. >> he'll find a way to turn that to his advantage. he's not going to approach this, i'm sure, in a traditional fashion. remember too he's a television
5:26 am
performer. i would not underestimate him on that. he was on that television show for a long time. he has very good television skills. >> he is used to the red light. >> he's not used to people going after him. >> i think something that's very interesting is that this time you're turning the tables around. he's used to being the one that's giving the strinstructio and asking the questions at the apprentice. this time he's on the other side of the table. there's debate moderators who are going to be asking him questions and asking him to perform and putting him to task. it's going to be interesting to see how he does. >> you learn more about who they are than what they're aabout ' these things . you go back to benson and quail. to that point tonight you're
5:27 am
going to learn who wants it. do you think trump want this is more than he wants to control his own reputation? because that's the risk for him tonight in going forward. >> i think he want this is. >> it's been easy for him in a lot of ways so far. he hasn't bled yet. >> right. i think they've tried to make him bleed. i'm sure he is aware of this and ready to rumble. i really do. when you read his books, not to mention when you talk to him, he believes in fighting back. so if he thinks somebody is taking him on, he will not hesitate to do it. i'm sure he'll try to be as respectful as possible, but he'll come back at them. he's not going to hesitate. >> who should we be keeping an eye on tonight? >> i think we should keep an eye on that first debate. there's a lot of good people,
5:28 am
some very entertaining people with a lot of experience like rick perry and lindsey graham who are participating in that first debate. we could see some good moments come out of that first debate where there isn't the trump factor. i think on the stage today you should keep an eye on chris christie, i think on all of them and see how it develops. i think there's a lot of excitement here. for those of us who are political junkies, this is like a class reunion that happens every four years where you get to see your friends, your enemies, the candidates. you run into them at restaurants. the games are here. get your motor started because we're about to begin this race. >> do you believe that jeb really wants it right now? how is he weathering getting the hits, being called a gaffer?
5:29 am
what is it doing to his resolve? because you know there's speculation on it. >> i think he is absolutely resolute on doing this. he wouldn't have taken the moves that he's made. remember, he has cut off all his business ties. he is into this 24/7. i see him becoming a better candidate. he's made mistakes. he will continue to make mistakes. but i think he's learning lessons from that. and he kept saying before running that he wanted to do this joyfully. i kept thinking that sounded rather corny and didn't understand what it meant. but i was with him yesterday. the guy is joyful. he's joyful and he's skinny. he's lost 40 pounds. i'm going to call it the republican candidate diet book in nothing else. beginning to irritate me. i told him, if you lose one more ounce -- >> ana does not tolerate corniness. we know that.
5:30 am
great to have you. thank you so much. we'll be watching your takes tonight. >> because it is such a big deal and this really is the jumpoff of the campaign, even though "new day" is the longest show on cnn, it ain't enough time. so we're going to have extended coverage tomorrow morning of what happens at the debates tonight. we'll have jeffrey lord here and ana navarro. the coverage is going to be starting earlier and it will be complete. we promise you that. >> jon stewart signs off tonight as the host of "the daily show." so we take a look back at his 16 years behind the fake news desk and what we might be able to expect tonight. you are adorable. thank you. ladies your belts all snugged up? why do we have to buckle up? the pick up stinks with diesel. [ding] you've got to be kidding! oh please! ah! this is the end! oh my god!
5:31 am
[brakes screech] we need resuscitation. mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. hurry up! [laughing]
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time for the five things you need to know for your n"new day" new debris from inside possibly mh370 has been discovered, seat cushions, window pain panes an
5:35 am
aluminum foil. the man who was accused of attacking a movie theater with pepper spray and a hatchet have been committed four times since 2004. donald trump looking to retain his front runner status with the whole field expects to attack hillary clinton. president obama looking to approve the iran nuclear deal next month. he said rejecting the deal is a vote for war, saying opponents are making an historic mistake. jon stewart leaving the show after 16 years behind the fake news desk. word is he's going to say he's been getting it wrong about cnn all this time. that's what it is, and about us in particular. for more on the five things to know, go to "new day" for the latest. how about this one?
5:36 am
having some trouble shedding ag. researchers found areas in the brain associated with reward are increased in folks under stress. while parts of the brain linked to self-control are dialled down. what does this mean? people under pressure are more likely to chow down on junk food more often than their chilled out counterparts, which is why the relatively tame alisyn is built like this and i am 220 pounds of rage. >> finally an explanation. thank you, chris. so will donald trump help or hurt himself tonight? and which candidate has the most to win? we will talk the rudy giuliani. that's next. when i lay in my tempur-pedic contour,
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. when you're living with diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. . ten republicans will take the main stage tonight during the gop debate. oh by the way, donald trump is one of them. so what should we expect? let's bring in rudy giuliani. he's the form eer mayor of new york city. joining us from the debate site
5:41 am
is former new hampshire governor john sununu. gentlemen, it's great to have both of you here. you both know your way around the debate stage. mr. mayor, let's start with you. what did you do what was effective in preparing for the debate? >> i spent a lot of time with policy briefings, with all your people around the room going what are you going to ask about iran, what are your going to ask about the budget? >> you can overstudy. >> you can. my head was spinning. we worked with just one person and i found that more effective. on the day of the debate, i kind of relaxed. it's like an exam. i now know everything i can know. now the question is, can i be relaxed, perform? i would recommend to all of them
5:42 am
smile appropriately. don't look -- look is just as important as what you say. in a courtroom when i tried cases -- and i tried 100 -- i would tell my clients the jury sees you more than it hears from you. they're going to see these people more than they hear them tonight. they're going to get impressions based on -- i think you mentioned earlier quail not looking at his opponent. those things can be more important sometimes than what they say. >> what do you say to someone when you're getting them ready for a night like tonight? everybody's got a plan until you get punched in the face. what do you tell somebody tonight? >> i think the most important focus is similar to what rudy said. i think demeanor in this first debate is going to be as important as what people say, as
5:43 am
long as they don't say something dumb. demeanor is crucial. they've got to look presidential. they've got to handle the questions and the response. and if that punch comes along, they've got to react in a presidential way rather than in an emotional way. >> you're one of the voices who believes that the donald trump tidal wave is going to come crashing down soon. >> i do. i think a perfect example of why is his silly statement that he's going to make the mexicans pay for the wall. look, you've got to understand the world. he may be a great reality mogul. he may be a great showman. but in some of the stuff he hly doesn't understand the responsibility and the role of the president of the united states. >> is tonight that night? is tonight the night you believe that becomes exposed? >> i think -- look, tonight --
5:44 am
this week really is the beginning, if you will, of the presidential campaign for the republican nomination. and so it's the beginning. it's not necessarily -- i said the other day it's going to happen more with a wimper th wh a bang when trump falls. people may like the words they're hearing now, but there's a guy behind these words who's a great showman, loves to brag about himself. but in terms of the details of policy, how you negotiate policy with a congress, how you deal with foreign leaders, how you reestablish america's reputation around the world, that's not the guy you want. >> you don't want to mistake the message for the man. what's behind donald trump is people are not happy with their party, politicians, government. and he represents the anti-dote
5:45 am
to all of them. >> he doesn't represent the antidote. he represents the headlines, under scoring that angst. in order to solve that angst, you need somebody that is capable of fulfilling the role and responsibility of the president. the biggest problem we have in washington is a lack of presidential leadership. you don't break gridlock without presidential leadership. he worked with a president who spent his political capital in getting the right results. >> i think donald trump is actually fulfilling that need for leadership. that's what you're seeing. like the statement about i'll have the mexicans pay for the wall, which sounds wrong to some people. that sounds like a guy who's going to negotiate on our
5:46 am
behalf. that sounds like a guy that's going to fight for america. he's not going to accept the status quo of mexico can dictate how many people come over the border. >> does that sound realistic? >> a lot of stuff ronald reagan sai said didn't sound realistic. when he made that mistake about at t attacking russia. if you spre i think americans are thirsting for somebody who's tough. and some of the stuff you might note agree with that donald is saying, but he sounds like a guy who's going to take charge. america is going to go on the offense. and i think people that like him and people that don't even like him that much are reacting to that. >> you're confusing loud with
5:47 am
tough. >> let's see how he performs. also, let's be respectful to him because we don't want a third party candidate. i mean, give him a shot. give him his shot to show the american people i can be presidential. or if he's going to destroy himself, let him destroy himself. don't make the mistake of shutting him off like he's stupid, because he's not. this is the most successful man. he has the most television show on that stage by a lot. he's the only one who had a hit show. >> he doesn't have as much as the kardashians, though. >> are you saying the kardashians should run for president? >> no. i'm say iing trump shouldn't. >> we should be listening to him. criticizing where we disagree
5:48 am
with him. but don't make the mistake of sort of pushing him ahead. one of two things could happen. he he cou he could take off. >> people who support him feel they've been disrespected as well. >> you had them on. he is representing a viewpoint that exists. >> and there's a lot of passion around him. guys, sorry we have to go. we're going to save this for tomorrow. thank you so much for your take. jon stewart is biddi inding farewell. the daily show goes on tonight. . sure can. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or make a backyard pizza oven? oh yeah. i can almost taste it now. tastes like victory. and pepperoni...
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what the [ bleep ] is going on here? [ cheers and applause ] the world is demonstrably worse than when i started. have i caused this?
5:53 am
>> yes, it's the apocalypse. jon stewart's "the daily show" coming to an end tonight. so what can we expect tonight? brian stelter is live outside stewart's new york studio. >> reporter: i thought we'd be alone out here this morning. but there are dozens and dozens of jon stewart's fans here because they want to be here to send him off. we know there will be only surprise guests. we don't know who. that's the way jon stewart wants it. he is really signing off on his own terms. he's not retiring all together,
5:54 am
but he is retiring from "the daily show" after 16 years. everyone's had to pay attention to jon stewart. he has taught a lot about how to use television, use video clips to hold people accountable, both politicians and, yes, occasionally cable news anchors. of course trevor noah will be taking over in september, but tonight will be all about jon. >> it's going to be an interesting tonight for a lot of reasons. >> what will people watch more? what do you think? tweet her. coming up, the good stuff. d? terry will you shut up! you are adorable. thank you. ladies your belts all snugged up? why do we have to buckle up? the pick up stinks with diesel. [ding] you've got to be kidding! oh please! ah! this is the end! oh my god! [brakes screech] we need resuscitation. mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
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but when we open up the windows, you can see the dust floating around. there's dog hair. pollen. more work. (doorbell) whoa! what's this? swiffer sweeper! swiffer dusters! removes up to 70% of dust and allergens. stays on there like glue. can't do that with the other broom. wow, i love it. the tobin stance! that is totally what it is! . we interrupt this good stuff for a special announcement from the governor of new york. >> christopher cuomo is turning 45 years old. that is old. i know that i tend to mock my little brother, because that's one of the reasons you have a little brother is to mock a little brother. and my little brother just offers you so much to mock.
5:59 am
i will still mock him because that's what i'm supposed to do in life. and plus, because i enjoy it, frankly, on a personal level. but at the end of the day, i have tremendous respect for him. he has tremendous ability. he's a great father, he's a great friend, he's a great colleague, he's a great journalist. my dad was very proud of him and rightfully so. happy birthday, chris. okay. is he gone? >> is he gone? like fired? this was not nice. >> it's your birthday on sunday, but we have a big day here tomorrow. >> your birthday is not big enough to rate on the day it is. >> that's true, isn't it? >> too much news tomorrow to celebrate your birthday. >> 45 is pretty big. >> how does it feel? >> crushing. soul crushing, i think is a good
6:00 am
way to put it. i feel much less than i once was. but i feel grateful to have people like you in my life. thanks for that. >> michaela wants to say happy birthday. she and i both put a message online that you will have to go online to facebook and twitter to see from us. >> happy birthday. you made it to 45. no one thought it would happen. >> true. my wife is very disappointed. >> we'll see you tomorrow. time for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> happy birthday, chris. >> thank you, sweetheart. >> i baked a cake, but i forgot it at home. i'm so sorry. >> aw. >> have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," new plane debris, what malaysian searchers say they


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