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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  August 8, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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donald trump dominating the gop race for the presidential tom nation like no other candidate. the new controversial comments to cnn about fox host megyn kelly that cost him a spot at the conservative conference today, has he gone too far? will they reenforce his image as a maverick unafraid to say what he thinks. i am poppy harlow in new york. you are watching cnn. we begin with this. a new day, a new controversy for donald trump, the republican presidential candidate and
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current front runner was axed from a conservative political gathering today in atlanta after taking a dig at fox debate moderator megyn kelly. it came from an interview with cnn's dom lemon last night. listen. >> she gets out. she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions. you could see, there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her, whatever, but she was in my opinion she was offbase. and, by the way, not in my opinion, in the opinion of hundreds of thousands of people on twitter because it has been a brutal day. in one way, a great day for fox, another day in the twitter sphere, it's been very bad because she's been badly criticized. she's a lightweight. i couldn't care less about her. you're competing against her, i have to do this show. >> let's take a look atsome of that, you have been tweeting and retweeting pretty harsh
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language, mr. trump. let's go through something. wow, megyn kelly really bombed. people are going wild on twitter. then you retweeted somebody, gives low marks at megyn kelly a bimbo. we can gut her. a lot of miami are wondering about this lauveng when it comes to women. do you worry that that kind of talk might drive some women voters away? >> well, i didn't see the last one. but she's able to take care of herself. she's somebody that you know is pretty tough. i'm sure she can take care of herself. >> you can watch the whole interview, of courseen on i want to read a response that disinvited trump, erick erickson in part saying he is not a professional politician and he's known for being a blunt talker, but there are lines that blunt talkers and unprofessional
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politicians should not cross, decency one of those line, trump fired back saying not only is erick a total loser, he has a history of supporting establishment lossers in failed campaigns and so it is an honor to be uninvited from that event. mark, in addition to all of this, we'll get to that in a moment, more breaking news now on a major player in the trump camp. >> yes, we learned our onida na bash is reporting donald trump fired one of his senior advisers, roger stone, well known in political circles, long-time friend of donald trump t. trump campaign said roger stone was using the trump campaign for his own personal heiling himself, he has spoken to mj lee, another supporter. he denies that, he says he resigned so we are seeing, of course, turmoil right now in the
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trump company. but this comes as i said at the top where donald trump is fighting back against erick erickson, red state and some of the comments he made about megyn kelly. i will say, poppy, we have heard from the republican rivals for the nomination who have started to come out. they have been critical the latest being jeb bush. motels ago, he had to say this. >> awkwardly, i'm going to have to ask my wife questions so i don't get in trouble at home. i'm already in trouble with donald trump, i can't be in trouble -- >> i tell you what, my friends, are you on the side of women. i'll take your side of that bet. thank you. i present it. cheeshs cheers come on. give me a break. do we want to win? do we want to insult 53% of all voters? what donald trump said is wrong. >> that is not how we win elections, worse yet, that is not how you bring people together to solve problems.
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>> that is not the way to do it. so your decision i think is the right one. mr. trump out to apologize. >> thank you. >> okay. >> there have you jeb bush the latest candidate for the republican presidential nomination chastiseing donald trump. poppy. >> right. so trump then came out and tweeted, instead of trying to clarify, if you will, his remarks, i think we can pull it up for everyone tweeting this morning, re, megyn kelly, quote, you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, her wherever, nodes, just got on with thought. i want to ask you interestingly will is ted cruz. he was asked repeatedly what he made of donald trump and the remarks. it seems like he is refusing to criticize him. >> he is refusing to criticize him. interestingly, he was asked that a couple hours ago. ted cruz speaking here before this conservative gathering. he said it was red state's decision not to invite them.
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that was their decision to make. he also went on to say that they shouldn't be talking about political personalities, that i should be talking about issues of the day. ted cruz was not critical of donald trump, ted cruz was fought critical of donald trump, a few weeks ago, he came out and said john mccain was not a war hero, even though he was a p.o.w. so ted cruz is making a play for the trump voters. you have to wonder, is this just another way for ted cruz to do so? >> mark preston reporting for us live there. there seems to be a new development every few moments. thank you, mark. there has been backlash over trump being booed in red state organizer erick erickson cable out to read the many hate e-mails he says he has received in the past 12 hours or so from trump's supporters. >> you people especially liberal erick erickson are idiots. i'm 56 in iowa around i'm a
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conservativ conservative. i want someone else who is mad as well. i want trump, if you are smart, you'll back him, not the whore. a big mistake, from peter, dis-inviting mr. trump. not a huge supporter, but he's america's best hope and i'm thinking that trump is the only person who request save the countries. the remark dis-inviting trump showed how skewed the political process is. maybe you should ask the c-word not to ask gotcha questions. >> all right, litsdz talk to these folks very familiar with politics. one here with me is the publisher of the federalist and co-founder of erick erickson, liz, ben, let me begin with you, were you
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surprised how much support trump is getting despite those comments to dom lemon last night? >> i'm not really surprised. from my opinion, donald trump has been the expression of rage on the part of frustrated voters. he kind of spoke to them in their sort of faux populist way. he doesn't have to get into specs. he can say all these politically incorrect things but there is a difference between being politically correct and a jerk. he's shown himself to be a jerk over the past several days when it comes to his relationship not just with the typical main stream media that a lot of people on the right are typically frustrated with. but in this case with fox news and megyn kelly, in particular, who has a lot of fans from that same group. i think he crossed the lines here. i think this is a good day if you are like me, somebody on the right, but generally pessimistic about the chance of someone like donald trump and the expression he makes as someone within the republican race. this is a sign that the donald
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trump problem for the right is going to take care of itself. it's going to sort of naturally take care of itself without something having to step in and purpose him out of the race. >> maybe, maybe not. when you look at the latest polling. liz to you, history matters. history matters a lot especially when the republican party is focusing and putting power behind the minority vote and women's vote, 1988, for the majority of american women voted for the republican presidential candidate in a general election. what do donald trump's comments on women and what he said about megyn kelly last night do to those odds in. >> well, i think, theoretically nothing. i think people are increasingly realizing donald trump is not representative of the republican party. he is not a conservative. he went on stage the other night and openly advocated for socialized medicine, what you have in the u.k. as far as the u.s. health care system is earn candidate. it's not a conservative position. ritz not a republican position. he also basically said he is not
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really affiliateing with the party and may run as a third party candidate. so i'm not really sure that donald trump reflects on the republican party in a wide range of the public's eyes, nor should he, quite frankly. >> ben, you tweeted this, rather, about trump's comments, let me read it to you, you sid, if trump can't take a few questions without resorting to periods a spergs aspergss, aspr aspreesions, does that make sense? >> we are talking about someone holding the same position as george walk and thomas jefferson and abraham lincoln. he is speaking in these terms. this is not exactly the lincoln-douglas debates. he is speaking if fiery rhetoric. i understand why he appeals to a certain segment of the right.
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i think in this context you see what happens when this kind of alpha male persona runs into reality t. reality of politics is that someone like donald trump has nowhere near the u.s. presidency. i think the people supporting him now will turn to people basically in the same space in terms of their anger with washington, with a lot more serious ness behind it. people like ted cruz come to mind. >> at the same time, liz, you heard people cheer income that gop debate thursday night when he talked about political correctness, megyn kelly's comments about women, you heard people cheering in the audience. . when does that change the reaction if this isn't going to resonate, it's going to he's sort of going to work his way out of this and the republican party doesn't need to worry about him, if that's what you are saying, then what do you make of the reaction of the crowds galvanizing behind him? >> i think a couple things. first of all, generally, yeah, there is a lot of sentiment of people fed up with the concept of political correctness.
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but second of all as ben said, there are plenty of other people out there who can carry that message and speak to that very, very authentically who don't do it in a way that comes off as being a grade-a jackass. i hope i'm allowed to say that word on tv. i just went there. i would also point out i think when we talk about who supports trump, i still querrey how much we talk about committed voters, let alone committed voters. a lot of the polls are among registered voters. not likely voters. not people who voted historically. i'm not sure those numbers are an inaccurate reflex. in addition to that, when he's going out talking about he's hundreds of thousands of people on twitter, they are talking about the sent ichiment on twit he astro turfs everything, including his campaign kickoff. woi nould not be surprised the
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pro-trump sentiment from the quote/unquote right is actually totally inauthentic and bought and paid for. >> i do want to point out this poll number. trump is according to latest cnn/rnc poll at the end of july the most popular among gop women, registered voters, women voters with 15%. >> but he's also the one that everybody has heard of, right. most of these people. if you go out and ask, this pointed was made on cnn earlier, hardly anybody has heard of carly fiorina. not many people heard of scott walker. probably few herd of jeb bush because his last name is bush. realistically, everybody knows who donald trump is. of course at this stage no matter what he does, he will poll well. i think he's on the slide. >> you brought up exactly what we will talk about next. carly fiorina, she was the one woman on that debate stage on thursday night. and in both of the debates,
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megyn kelly, fought trump's only target. he also went after republican presidential nominee carly fiorina. will his non-stop attack mode work for his campaign for the presidency?
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donald trump kicked out of a major conservative gathering this weekend for a comment he made about a fox news anchor, megyn kelly. shelves not trump's only female target in the republican debate and since. he has very little positive to say about fellow republican candidate carly fiorina. this was trump last night with cnn's dom lemon. >> she ran for senator against barbara boxer in california. she lost in a landslide. i'm not knocking her, i couldn't care less, she's not going to win. so what, you glib, it takes a
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lot more than being glib. she got fired and ran for office and lost in a landssupplied i don't see that necessarily as great credentials. >> carley dpi orie na did not respond directly to that. she did say this about his rude comments to megyn kelly, mr. trump, there is no excuse. immediately afterwards, i stand with megyn kelly. >> ben, donald trump appears to go on the offense once again and goes after carly fiorina, some saying she won both of the two gop debates on thursday night. what do you make of him going after her in this way? >> i think it's interesting that carly fiorina has become a much better candidate. this is the thing for anybody paying attention, she has increased. her game has been stepped up significantly. i certainly was impressed by her
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in the debates. i think many other people were. i think in comparison to trump, you have someone that comes across as being a lot more serious. i don't know if she will be the republican nominee or end up on the ticket. i think comparing these two people, regardless of what you make of their business careers or how much money they made for their various corporations, in that experience, i think there is no situation where you would put the debate performances that they had side-by-side and fought come away being more impressed with carly fiorina. i think that has gotten under donald trump's skin a little bit. >> donald trump took heat in a question on thursday night about the fact that his companies have filed four bankruptcies, carly fiorina did not. but this is probably the biggest challenge she will face is her business record of ceo hewlett packard, she was ousted from the company. she oversaw 30,000 plus layoffs at hewlett packard. something she will have to answer for. do you think this is donald trump attacking someone that can
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be on that stage and say you say you know how to run companies? i know how to run companies. >> you mean, first of all, let me stipulate i have consulted for carly fiorina. she is somebody i am a very big fan of, i consider myself close to. >> that disclosure first up. i think the reason donald trump is going here is carly fiorina offers everything they think about donald trump and she is a savvy policy-smart individual who is capable of communicating in an appropriate and functional fashion. if that weren't the reality. if she weren't a threat, he wouldn't be bothering going there and they going her in the first place. just to deal with the substance of his attacks, having worked on that 2010 senate race, let me say the point we entered with a 15% registration gap between democrats and republicans. we did not lose by 15 point. we lost by far less than that. when you look at that record the fact that carley was a more conservative candidate if california. >> that is worth bearing in mind. because she is somebody that
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demonstrated you can be a conservative and you can outperform typical standards in an extremely blue state. with regard to her business record, people need to go and look at the totality. hp was in a tremendous amount of trouble when she took the helm. that's why she was brought in. it was probably going to be almost impossible to save. the reality is the company still exists today. there were some layoffles. teams that does happen. as carley has said, having been in that role, she knows why jobs are created and c they are tan away. and the role that government plays in that. that is an experience that is envaluable in this contest and i think it will be something that really distinguishes her from other candidates. she has that washington outsider business executive experience, but she is also somebody who has ha actually had to sit in a room with vladimir putin, which donald trump never does, i suspect if he did, he would actually destroy any ability we have to do anything responsible with our russia relationship twoebl for the next 25 years.
12:22 pm
>> ben, can you speak to that as well? hp is still not a company that's been turned around, meg whitman you mentioned ran for governor of california the ceo of hp had to oversee another 55,000 layoffs there. she actually in an interview i did defended carly fiorina and said she needed to do what she needed to do at the company. >> she did. >> the company is not turned around. for you, ben, this is something she will face time and time again, especially as she does better and better among voters. is this tenure as a rocky executive, how as a republican, what's the best way to navigate that with voters? >> well, i think the challenge for carly fiorina is going to be something that has to play out over the course of this. we will see her have the chance to defend her business record as she goes forward as she rises in the polls. she will not be speaking in an aggressive way against hillary clinton and having to answer those questions. i'm pretty confident she will do a better job of defending her record than donald trump has of
12:23 pm
his. he essentially is dismissive of any idea of the business failures have anything to do with him. he's a big -- >> he says i followed the letter of the law in bankruptcy. >> exactly. i think essentially when you look at donald trump's careers, the biggest question is he essentially made the argument time and again as a crony capitalist he is proud of his behavior, she the best crony capitalist, that was his answer to megyn kelly which is not in defense of how he's behaved and what he's done over the course of years and decades of these various deals. there have been questions at cnn about his mob ties in terms of his atlantic city career. i think there are much bigger questions. >> i don't want to put anything out there. i don't know what reporting you have on that. i'm not pulling anything out there on mob ties. >> liz, we do have to go, if you are watching, we have folks, huge supporters of trump coming on the program this evening. thank you for both being on.
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thank you. when you watch a question r debate, it is fought just the words they use. how they say what they're saying is very important. the body language behind it all next. .
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12:28 pm
presidential debate turned out to be a fascinating study on body language, from finger pointing to frowns and rolling of eyes, we look at which candidate won in the non-purple category. >> we look to the body to let us know what your emotion is, your true feeling is underlying the content. >> raise your hand now if you won't make that pledge tonight. >> so he raises his hands, he moves his hand to the side, he smiles, nods his head, what does that tell you? >> he opening up there, saying in effect, trust me, i'm open. i'm not trying to put one over on you, that's who i am. >> he is already hedging his get on the clintons. >> donald trump, his face is so unusual compared to those other candidates. he's got the squint going. he is frowning most of the time. it's a face that would normally be off putting for the average person. somehow trump makes it work. >> the bar is higher for me, that's fine. >> watching jeb bush in the beginning of the tape, what was your take?
12:29 pm
>> he comes out saying i'm my on man, he tilts his head as he talks about his dad to one side what that does is that gives up authority. >> that says, you're in charge, not me. >> if you think it's bad now, you should have seen it when i got there. >> as christie leans into the podium, he is saying i am both comfortable here and creating more of a connection between me and the audience. so i like those moves on his part. >> and then i believe that is an unborn child in need of protection out there. >> i thought it was interesting governor walker is holding his hands like a baby. >> he started talking first and then he gestured. if we are doing it naturally, we gesture first and speak. >> talk to him directly and say how you respond to that. >> jeb bush smiling, trump with his arms out like this. what does this tell you? this must tell you a lot of things? >> there is trump at his most typical. i don't care, so sue me. he's wide opened. i'm not defensive about this. >> i don't trust president obama
12:30 pm
with our records. i know you gave him a big hug and if you want to give him a big hug again, go right ahead. >> what's happening there with rand paul, once again he looks borderline out of control. his voice has gone way up. his gesture versus gotten huge, he is almost pounding the podium there. waving his hand about. whereas christie is leaning on the podium once again, looks a little more in control. >> based on body language alone who won the debate? >> i'd have to say donald trump. he came out strong from the beginning and stayed strong throughout. >> runner-up? >> runner-up was surprising to me, chris christie, i think he connected better than anybody else except trump with the audience. it felt like a conversation, like he was honest and open and talking to us the audience. >> that was based on his body language? >> that was based on his body language. >> it certainly gives us something more to think about and watch for the next debate. cnn will be hosting the next gop
12:31 pm
debate september 16th at the ronald reagan presidential library. several candidates have slammed donald trump over his comments on fox news host megyn kelly. one notably has not. ted cruz, why he is holding back next. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it.
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. >> donald trump's criticism of fox news host megyn kelly escalated friday night. he added to his derogatory comments in an interview with our own dom lemon. those very remarks got him disinvited to the red state gathering in atlanta. listen. >> certainly, i don't have a lot of respect for megyn kelly. she's a lightweight. you know, she came out there reading her little script and trying you know to be tough and be sharp and when you meet her, you realize, she's not very tough. she's fought very sharp. she's zippo, key, she gets out and starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions, you
12:35 pm
know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her, wherever. >> jeffrey lord is with me. he served in the reagan white house, he has written in the past in support of donald trump. thanks for being here. >> thanks, poppy. good to be here. >> your reaction to his comments we just ran. >> poppy the thing that exasperates here about this, megan, i should say, i like megyn kelly. a lot. >> so do i. >> i think she's trick. i also like erick erickson. i know erick erickson, but i have to say, megyn kelly is being treated here like some sort of delicate flower. she is a serious professional journalist and professional journalist who dish and she dishes, i mean, it's not unusual to journalists of either sex, get hit back by politicians all the time. they say things that are, you know, unfair, untrue, hard
12:36 pm
hitting, whatever. and this notion that suddenly megyn kelly should be held up as some sort of frail flower, i think it is insulting to her. i think to be perfectly candid, my friend erick owes her an apology. she accused him of sexism on her own show for remarks about the women's role in the home and all of this kind of thing. >> right. i remember that. >> i don't know if he's trying to regain her favor here or fought. but this to me is equally sexist. i think it's flat out dead wrong. >> let me ask you this, megyn kelly isn't complaining about what donald trump said. you are saying she is being held up like the delicate flower. she is not asking to be held up. >> no. >> she answered a factual question. other people are responding and saying, the way he treated her, in the interview, last night with dom lemon was not okay. >> she is not complaining.
12:37 pm
because she's the professional. it's everybody else that's getting in this and playing this, you know this gender card, which is wrong. tray the ones who are treating her with condesex. megyn kelly, herself, to her great credit is silent as a dhurch mouse on this. good for her. she dishes. she can take it. you know, that's what professionals do. and for all these other people to jump up an, you know, like they're defending scarlet o'hara's honor, this is sad and it's pathetic. >> let me ask you this, the sound byte we played from donald trump saying megyn kelly is bleeding out of her eye, wherever. he said chris wallace is bleeding out of his eyes, do you think there is anything wrong, offensive, about that comment? >> that's just the way donald trump you know talks. i mean, you have to take what he said at literal face value.
12:38 pm
to -- i heard somebody say, well, he's talking about -- he did not say that. all of this stuff coming out of other people is their perception, their interpretation. it isn't what he said. and whether it's donald trump or anybody else, you can be held accountable for exactly what you'd say, fought somebody's interpretation of what you said. i mean, that would seam seem to me to be elementary fairness no matter what we're talking about here. i saw governor bush on there. i'm really sad about governor bush. he has played identity politics here with his wife in this earlier situation over illegal immigrants. now he's into playing, you know the political correctness card. i just think, no republican should go near those kind of issues ever. >> i want to play for you what ted cruz said today at the red state conference, when he was asked repeatedly about donald trump. let's roll it.
12:39 pm
>> well, i think as i'm sitting in the red state, i think every candidate should treat everyone eelse with respect to the standard, i hope all of us aspire to. i also think we're not going to defeat the walk cartel by obsessing over the politics of personalities. >> right. >> so he seems to be one of the only ones fought coming out and criticizing donald trump today or in the wake of the debate. what do you make of this? >> poppy, you know, i have met mrs. ted cruz. heidi, she is a professional. she works for i think or did before the campaign began. she's a serious professional woman. i believe a harvard education. ted cruz would be the last person that would condescend to
12:40 pm
a professional woman. it's not in him. i think his wife would bring him if he did. >> i think i was asking, why is it you think we see ted cruz sort of repeatedly not. he isn't going after donald trump at all. after the mccain comments, not now. i'm wondering strategy wise? >> sure, strategy wise, i think donald trump and ted cruz are a part of if you will the rabieen side of what i call the reagan bush divide or the conservative moderate or establishment divide and ted cruz whose gone after his own senate leadership, which garnered applause the other night at the debate and i mean he's been very strong on this, i think he and donald trump are if some form of agreement about this. so strategy wise, politics wise, i think they're somewhere on the same page politically. >> thank you very much for having you on the program. >> tanks, poppy, i enjoyed it. >> tomorrow morning, guess who will be a guest on cnn's "state
12:41 pm
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[laughing] how's it progressing with the prisoner? he'll tell us everything he knows very shortly, sir.
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many wbut come with high hopes, doesn't work on wrinkles. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula... to work on fine lines and even deep wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®. tomorrow marks one year since an unarmed black teenager was shot and killed by a police officer in nergson, missouri. >> earlier today, crowds turned out to celebrate michael brown's life and to mark the anniversary of his death. his death, of course, sparked
12:45 pm
national outrage and led to protests across this country. we are learning more about another fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager. this one in south carolina. nick valencia reports. >> reporter: poppy, the senate police department kaulsz it a justified shooting, saying their officer feared for his life. but the parents of 19-year-old zachary hammond say their son did not have to die. july 26th, 2015, 19-year-old zachary hammond is on a date with 23-year-old tori morton, who is the target of a drug sting. when they pull into a hardee's parking lot, police are waiting. according to police report, hammond, who was driving, attempt today strike an officer with his vehicle during the attempted arrest. he shot twice. he dies at the scene. >> it's a hooshl situation. i mean, you get put in a predicament. you know sometimes when you sign up to be a police officer you know in your career you might
12:46 pm
have to use deadly force. >> reporter: the seneca police chief says his officer is a victim, too. >> a victim of attempted murder. >> i have a hard time believing it when my son is no longer here. >> that he's the victim. is there the hammonds say police have fought given them answers. so they went looking for their own, an independent autopsy they conducted shows their son was shot from behind and at close range. the family attorney adds the results show the car was stopped at the time of the shooting. >> it's been very hard. not only are we grieving that our son is gone, we don't know why it happened or what happened. we're just trying to fine answers. >> leiutenant mark tiller the officer involved in the shooting is a ten year veteran and has no history of getting if trouble. in a statement, his attorney put the blame on the 19-year-old hammond. in order to stop the continuing threat to himself and the
12:47 pm
genuine public, two shots were fired in quick succession, if not for his quick succession and ability to push off the car, leiutenant tiller would have easily been run over by mr. hammond. on friday, hammond supporters held a vigil, in hopes that attention to his killing will bring them answers from police. the south carolina law enforcement division is investigating the incident. they tell cnn they're still collecting evidence. we've reached out to ask for the dash-cam video of the incident. they say it's a part of an ongoing investigation and will not be releasing it at this time. poppy. >> nick valencia, reporting. coming up next, a few pugh poll showing americans view racism as a major problem in this country. we'll break it down next. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. .
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before the break we told you
12:52 pm
the story of an unarmed shooting, of the shooting, rather, of an unarmed teenager. his parents say their son's case has not generated national attention because he is white. meantime, a new poll from pugh shows that americans are becoming more and more concerned about racism in this country. it shows 50% of americans polled called racism a big problem, up from 33% in 2010 and 26% in 2009. awareness is increasing but are things getting better? let's talk about it with tanzina vega. when you look at this, what do you make of the parents' claims in this in the south carolina shooting? they're saying look, we're not getting the attention the michael brown case got and our white teenaged son was unarmed, shot and killed by a police officer. >> i think there's a lot of things to unpack here. first, we didn't have a video, there aren't any photos of this incident which is something that is often gotten out on social media and people have gotten a lot of attention to these cases because of the graphic nature of
12:53 pm
a lot of these videos and photos that have been out there. but the other thing that's happening if you're watching twitter in the past couple days and people are talking about this case is that folks involved in the black lives matter movement are actually saying we are looking at this case, where are whites who are protesting, are we going to continue to defend police along racial lines. i think that's really where the conversation is starting to get interesting. >> it's an interesting point. when you look at the media and the focus on police and minority relations, do you think it is perhaps too focused on racial lines? >> i think the question is really with this case in particular, you have black activists and black folks who are saying black lives matter who are saying this is also a question not just of race but also of police brutality and excessive police force across the board. the hope is maybe this will somehow bring an awareness to other communities that this is something that can happen to them as well. >> i want to talk about this poll study that just came out. i find it fascinating. not only 50% of americans think
12:54 pm
racism is a big problem, 53% of whites say that and the increasing number of republicans who believe that is 16 point increase just from last year, just from 2014. so what do these numbers tell you at least about the discussion about race in america that has really happened since ferguson? >> this is something that if you go to black and brown communities, people are not going to be surprised that racism exists in this country. a lot of what we see again in videos and on television and in the photos we have been seeing about police brutality, this has been happening for a very long time. this is not new. what's new is that it has gotten national attention and presidential candidates are are talking about the black lives matter movement. what's new is there is a force to be reckoned with that's bringing these issues to life as national issues. we are talking about it in a way that hasn't happened in the past. we are talking about things like structural racism, police brutality, unconscious bias. these are all things that were not part of the conversation that are now -- it's almost
12:55 pm
impossible to ignore that. >> certainly reflected in these numbers and we are seeing it in stump speeches time and time again. thank you very much. good to have you on, as always. coming up next, much more on donald trump's controversial comments and his firing of a top big name aide. you will hear from a member of that aide's inner circle next. you know when you book a fabulous vacation cause the photos look amazing? but you get there and find out it's far from amazing. it's almost like it was too good to be true. that's like when you switch wireless carriers, and find yourself stranded with a frustrating, less reliable connection. if your network isn't working for you... come home to verizon and get 10 gigs for $80 a month plus $15 per line. come home to a better network.
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