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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  August 10, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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most of the food, this was his idea. the u.n. said 4 million people have fled syria in the worst refugee crisis in a generation. >> that is a powerful statement. >> that is a wedding you will remember. >> yes, everyone will. >> and more good news, there are four of us on this couch right now. >> yeah. ana is expecting! congratulations to you and your husband. >> thank you. >> blessings ahead. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> very good. you have to think about number three. >> what! i said it. >> one at a time. one at a time. it's time for newsroom. we're going to be aunties! >> that is tough to follow announcing ana is pregnant. congratulations, ana! that's exciting! >> we have at least some excuse for the growing belly over here. >> you look great. don't worry about that. guys, i'll take it in here. i'm pamela brown in for carol costello. thank you for being here with us.
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we begin in ferguson, missouri on this monday. heavy gunfire erupts city streets forcing demonstrators to run for cover. this is what it looked like overnight as peaceful protests marking the shooting death of unarmed teen michael brown replaced by chaos, anger, and a barrage of bullets. >> we just want to be as patient as possible. [ gunfire ] >> is that gunfire? >> here is what we know now. at least four people are behind bars after multiple shootings during one of those incidents, police say a man in his 20s used a stolen handgun to shoot at plain clothes officered. the alleged gunman undergoing surgery and listed in critical condition. new video shows the aftermath as
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police surround the suspect. we want to warn you, the video you're about to see is graphic. >> back up! back up. [ shouting ] >> all of this as ferguson gears up for more protests later today. i want to bring in cnn's sara sideer in. she was on the ground when the gunfire broke out. >> reporter: it was quite extraordinary to listen to the amount of shots that went off. a barrage of shots, as we were listening to the new interim police chief and suddenly you see his eyes shift and the shots start firing over and over and over and over again. it was one of three shootings that we heard last night. at least three people have been hit by gunfire.
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>> reporter: gunshots ring out on the streets of ferguson on the one-year anniversary of michael browne's death. erupting in chaos overnight when gunfire sent protesters and police running for cover. watch as this video captures another angle of the moment the shooting breaks out. >> the suspect engages them with gunfire. the plain clothes detectives returned fire from inside the van. >> reporter: st. louis county police say officers were involved in heavy gunfire in two shootings sunday night. in one incident the suspect shot directly at officers with a stolen 9 millimeter. >> there were four officers in that van. all four fired at the suspect and the suspect fell there. >> reporter: i captured gunshots on camera as i interviewed ferguson's interim police chief. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: this graphic video posted by search for swag on
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twitter shows a man who is shot while fleeing police. police say he fired at them. police say a stolen handgun was found on the scene. angry protesters clashing with police. [ chanting ] hurling bottles and bricks at officers. police deploying tear gas to disperse the crowds. two businesses were damaged and looted. these images capture bullet holes in unmarked police cruisers caught in the cross fire. the night of unrest following a day of peaceful vigils to remember brown's death and the movement it started. demonstrators marched and observed 4 1/2 minutes of silence. one minute for every hour that brown's body lay on the street after he was shot. brown's killing by a white officer sparked outrage and protest nationwide. though the officers was later cleared by the grand jury and the department of justice investigation. anger bubbled over.
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violence then mirroring violence now. one year later. >> reporter: for the st. louis county police have said very clear they believe that what happened out there with the shooting were criminals responsible for that not protesters. we do know that an officer was hurt not by gunfire but getting a brick or rick thrown at her face. she has some cuts to her face. there were also bullet holes in the windows of two undercover police vehicles. we know that the person who was shot by police is in unstable and critical condition, pam. >> sara sidener thank you very much. let's talk with jeff the st. louis police officer association. thank you for being with us. >> good morning. >> first, what is your reaction to last night's unrest? >> well, disappointment a terrible disappointment but not
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surprised. this is what happens when you plan civil disobedience and you have a justice department that pressures and bullies local police departments from doing their job. this hands off disengagement approach was never going to work. it was a disaster in baltimore and it was a disaster last night. >> hold on a second. what makes you say the justice department is pressuring them to practice restraint and not do their jobs. it seems like a far fetched statement there. >> i never said not do their jobs or practice restrait. practice restraint implies that the cops aren't restrained when they're on the front line. having them stage a long distance from where the planned civil disobedience is is dangerous. not just for the folks who live around there but the folks
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involved in the protest. as we saw last night. >> and, jeff, you look back a year ago. it's not a different scene from what we saw last night. has much changed in a year? >> well, police tactics have changed drastically. we've seen police engage in very different tactics to try to adjust to the realities on the ground, and the outcome doesn't change because you've got violent elements within the crowd that co-op what would otherwise be a peaceful protest. dozens of people armed with guns. shots fired well into the wee hours of the morning last night. officers hit in the face with bricks, maced by people in the crowd. i mean, this is -- as the chief said last night an untenable situation. >> let's talk about that. multiple police officers were injured. we know from sara's report that
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pepper sprayed and another hit in the face with a brick. do you think this is a true measure of the mood in ferguson right now? >> well, you know, it's a year later, but as you asked, i mean, how far have we come? what have these protests gotten us other than to put some more folks in harm's way? and, you know, i think a healthy dialogue is needed not more violent protests. >> quickly there have been a lot of incidents controversial incidents since michael brown shooting a year ago. do you think that tensions with police have only escaladed over the past year? >> they have, unfortunately. i think the reality in the united states is that across this country thousands and thousands of police officers are involved in hundreds of thousands of interactions with citizens that are -- that go without incident, that have a
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good outcome, but more and more we're seeing incidents with deadly outcomes. police officers killed by gunfire more than doubled since the michael brown incident. officers involved in fatal incidents with suspects returned violence against them sharply increased. we need to step away from the clashes that we have seen -- that we saw on the street last night and get back to having that conversation that moves this country forward. >> i think all side could agree we need a healthy dialogue. jeff roorda, thank you very much. we're learning what lead up to the fatal shooting of the unarmed black teen in texas. one year to the day after the death of michael brown. this new video is edited and released by a surveillance company. it appears to show christian tailor breaking into a texas car dealership. we see him getting out of his
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jeep there at the dealership. she's jumping on the hood of a car, apparently, and breaking through the windshield. moments later, he was shot and killed by a rookie cop. cnn is live in arlington with the latest on this story. ed? >> reporter: well, texas police say they continue to investigate the matter. as far as we know, the officers involved in the shooting haven't been formally interviewed by investigators to determine whether whether or not the shooting was justified. according to arlington police, a lot of things will center around the altercation police say took place just moments before the shooting took place. the medical examiner in tarrant county tells us that christian taylor, 19 was shot in the neck, abdomen, and chest multiple tiles. all of this happening just moments after the surveillance video you showed shows christian taylor acting erratically at 1:00 in the morning friday morning a few days ago, and then
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driving a jeep into the showroom floor of the dealership. we're told that the officers do not have cameras on their body and there were no video cameras inside the building. police were saying there was some sort of altercation. no word if it was physical or verbal. 49-year-old rookie police officer shot four times. police also say that the officer that was with him used his tasering stance and not a firearm. a lot of questions surrounding that moment that altercation. they say a lot of this investigation will hinge on exactly what is shown happened during the moments to determine whether or not the shooting was justified. >> and we know the fbi is now been asked to join the investigation. ed lavandera, thank you very much. still to come the u.s. consulate in turkey issuing an
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new this morning we've e learned ten u.s. service-members and two american contractors were injured in last friday's attack on a nato coalition base in afghanistan. that's according to a u.s. military official. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the nighttime attack which began with an explosion from a suspected suicide bomber and followed by insurgents with small arms. the base known as camp integrity houses u.s. and coalition troops that train afghan forces. and we're following breaking news out of istanbul. police say two female terrorists launch an armed attack on the u.s. consulate there. and now u.s. citizens living in the country are getting a warnening. the shooting comes as the u.s. sent six fighter jets to turkey to fight the war on isis. we are following both
6:17 am
developments from the pentagon. barbara? >> reporter: good morning, pam. a short time ago the state department issued a caution warning, if you will, to u.s. citizens in turkey to stay away from the u.s. consulate in istanbul and to be careful when they are near large gatherings. the incident still unfolding. according to turkish authorities two women launched an attack at the u.s. consulate in istanbul. it's still a very significant u.s. facility. one of the women captured. they're looking for the other woman. both said by the turks to have belonged to a left wing terrorist group. it does come as the u.s. has sent six f-16 war planes into turkey. they are going to be based in southern turkey prepared to conduct air strikes into northern syria trying to shut down the last piece of that border where isis fighters have been crossing into syria. no indication at this point one
6:18 am
way or the other about whether the two incidents are linked at all, but those f-16s very high profile getting a lot of attention. >> barbara starr, thank you so much. u.s. lawmakers from both parties are in israel to discuss the nuclear deal with iran. benjamin netanyahu is fondly against the agreement saying it poses a grave threat to israel's security. now 22 democrats and 36 republicans from the house of representatives will hear from israeli officials directly. president obama insists it's the best way to prevent iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. he spoke exclues lisively to fa zechariah. >> it's a complicated piece of business. we're negotiating with a regime that chants "death to america" and doesn't have a high approval
6:19 am
rating here in the united states, but the people who know most about the central challenge that we're trying to do, which is making sure that iran does not get a nuclear weapon, they are overwhelmingly in favor. >> cnn white house correspondent michelle kosinscan zikosinski h latest. how problematic are the meetings for the president in israel? is there a concern? >> reporter: we won't know until it's over and we see whose opinion was swayed. keep in mind for the lawmakers, they're mostly freshmen members of the house, they're not being public now with what they're opinion is on the deal. so whether or not prime minister netanyahu influences them, itwel have to wait to see. it's possibly the world's most vocal opponent to the iran deal that the point. we know a democrat in the house,
6:20 am
the house minority whip he's leading this group there. they met with netanyahu yesterday and he himself is undecided. what he's saying is that some of these members have already made up their minds. some haven't. this isn't going to affect the long-term relationship between the u.s. and israel. but what the white house is expressing, still, is confidence. they do still have the votes to sustain a presidential veto. so even if congress did vote disapproval of the deal ultimately that the veto president obama would surely issue would stand, basically. and while the president isn't doing a lot of outreach right now while he's on martha's vineyard on vacation, or trying to be. before he left on the trip, he did a number of interviews with various types of outlets. you heard the sound byte. there's an interview coming out today. the white house is pushing that. saying he is talking up about
6:21 am
iran and the deal and his views in that interview, as we've heard from him multiple times now over the past couple of weeks. keep in mind he's not backing away, either, from the rather harsh criticism some might say of his opponents to the deal that we heard in that speech he gave last week at american university. in fact, he's explaining that stance and he's reinforcing it. >> all right michelle kosinski, thank you very much. donald trump standing firm on his controversial comments about megyn kelly. could it hurt the campaign? we'll be right back. toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus.
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6:26 am
menstruating. trump saying the up roar was a misunderstanding. >> i said blood was pouring from wherever because i wanted to finish off the sentence. i want to get off the whole thing and get back to the subject of jobs or whatever we were talking to about right after that. so i didn't even finish it because i didn't finish it. i was going to say nose and/or ears because that's have a very common statement. blood pouring out of snb's nose was showing anger. she had great anger when she was questioning me. only a deviant would say what i said was what they were referring to. nobody can make that statement. you almost center to be sick to put that together. >> this morning one of trump's female supporters is speaking to cnn on his behalf while issuing a sharp criticism of megyn kelly. >> that's an expression blood spurting out my eyes.
6:27 am
it's something that is common. i didn't think a thing of it. frankly, blood was spurting out of my eyes. i was pretty furious and upset for what the comments and the questions that megan had posed. joining me now to discuss republican strategies margaret hoover and editor in chief of "the daily beast" john avalon. do you buy what trump's excuse is, margaret? >> it doesn't even matter. nothing hurts the guy. it doesn't matter if he changes his story. as long as he doesn't apologize and keeps moving forward he'll continue leading in the polls for the foreseeable future. i don't think if you buy it or not. the journalist asked a fair question. >> the argument she was unfairly attacking. >> this, again, plays directly to truly a crowd. journalists are asking unfair questions. if you've been in the political arena for five minutes, you know
6:28 am
journalists will ask hard questions, maybe unfair questions all the time. >> and if you're competing for a leader of the free world you have to take it. >> rand paul is someone outspoken. we heard him take aim at trump during the debate. he's continuing the attack in an op-ed writing in part, we owe the american people substantiative issues not bluster and bombast. maybe it's time for the gop voters to tell mr. trump he's fired so we can find a serious candidate who will bring real change. so urging voters to dump trump. you heard what was said. do you think this latest controversy will change anything? >> well, look, i think taking on megyn kelly is a risky bit. in one weekend you have donald trump lashing out on twitter on-air from erick erickson to
6:29 am
megyn kelly. he wants attention more than leader of the free world. rand paul is right. i think it's a challenge to the gop. at the same time the gop needs to do soul searching now about how it let a candidate like this dominate such a strong strain of conservative populism. there's not only going to be a lot of soul searching on the part of the gop but a challenge to voters to reward substance rather than this attention seeking bluster which ultimately serves nothing, if they actually care about winning back the white house. >> and you mention carly fiorina. she has called his comments inappropriate. trump, as he normally does fired back on twitter saying i just realized if you listen to carly fiorina for more than ten minutes straight, you develop a massive headache. she has zero chance. so my question to you, margaret, is he digging an even deeper hole for himself by going after carly fiorina, the only female gop candidate?
6:30 am
>> no. nothing is digging a whole for donald trump. what you see is a gentleman with an incredibly thin skin. it's hard to imagine that somebody can sustain politics in sort of the political arena if they can't take small and gentle jabs from their opponents. what is also so interesting is the majority of the gop field is getting traction when they hit back at trump. that's when carly fiorina hits the news, that's what rand paul gets in the news. they all are. it's like who does it the best? so you have lindsey graham breaking up the cell phone. this is a bully that entered the race. the flip side is 24 million people watch the gop debate for the first time. far more people have turned in. they heard a little bit of bluster from trump and a lot of substance from 16 other candidates in the field. so there's a flip side to this, too. it's not all bad. i don't think this rubs off on the republican brand. donald trump is the first guy to say he's happy to run as an
6:31 am
independent. there's a pretty stark contrast if you're looking closely between donald trump and the rest of the field. >> he takes full credit, by the way, for bringing in the additional millions of viewers. >> okay. >> go ahead, john. >> it's a mirror to our culture. even in a presidential campaign, celebrity has a way of donnell dominating real substance. it's a larger issue for us to deal with. >> and something he's been criticized for he's a lot of fire all talk but there's not a lot behind. not a lot of substance. he's been criticized for not providing the in-depth positions. now we're learning that the campaign will publish the first in a series of policy papers this week. so, john, what do you think? will it help change the conversation or is it a little late here? >> look, i mean, if he's putting forward serious policy proposals even if they're written by somebody else if it helps elevate the debate a little bit that's a good thing for the country. policies treated as a side issue
6:32 am
but it's the core of what we expect presidents to do and implement in an office. we forget it's not simply a reality reality choke on the republican side of the aisle. any sub pools that kicks off a real debate would be welcome now. >> all right, margaret hoover, john avalon, thank you so much. and still to come here in newsroom making college affordable. hillary clinton's plan to keep students from needing loans. we'll be right back. wish your skin could bounce back like it used to? new neutrogena hydro boost water gel. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena.
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right now authorities are investigating a string of shootings in ferguson, missouri. overnight peaceful protests cut short by chaos, anger, and gunfire. the video you're about to see shows the moment when one of those shootings broke out. [ gunfire ] at least four people are now behind bars. during one of those incidents, police say a man in his 20s fired on police using a stolen gun. he's now in critical condition. and the video appears to show the suspect on the ground right here. take a look as he's surrounded by police. you can hear the chaos in this video. all of this happening one year after unarmed teen michael brown was shot and killed by a white police officer. even though a year has passed,
6:38 am
many in the community are still angry. [ chanting ] ready for war. ready for what? ready for war. >> and more protests are planned for today. let's talk about all of this with former south carolina state representative. he joins us over the phone. thank you so much for being here with us, mr. serls. we appreciate it. >> caller: thank you so much for having me. >> first off, what is your reaction to the violence that unfolded last night one year after the death of michael brown? what do you make of this violence? >> caller: well, for me, it's simply simply -- right now that's not the case. there's so much unrest in ferguson. there's so much unrest in cities across the country. this is an issue we have to tackle head on. the issue that democrats and republicans have to come together on. black and whites have to come
6:39 am
on. to talk about how we save lives and we don't have the unnecessary violent interaction and killings when it comes to people in law enforcement, especially young african-americans. >> there have been a number of controversial interactions between law enforcement and the communities over the last year since michael brown's death. do you think that tension has only escaladed over the past year? >> caller: i don't know if tensions escaladed, per se. but i know the light is shining brighter. i don't want to say it's just some happenstance 0 curreoccurr. we've had flat out murders. whether it was walter scott or the young man murdered by the police in cincinnati. these immans a imagines are flashing across the screen. we've had a young man get shot
6:40 am
by police and we're sorting out the facts with that because the facts don't match with the police report. the world is pay attention. the country is playing attention. and there is a new generation of civil rights leaders of activists. there's a new generation with people and with social media and phones and thing was that sort. >> on the flip side, mr. sellers, there have been a number of police officers killed over the last year. the couple of examples that come to mind the two officers in new york, the officer recently killed in memphis during a traffic stop. and what is the solution here? i mean, you have all the incidents where, you know, as you said there is a spotlight now shining on this issue, but what is the solution? what do we need to do for both sides? >> you can't lose sight of the law enforcement men and women who go out and do their job very well every day and have a family who expect them to come home.
6:41 am
you can't lose sight that have. that has to be a part of discussion. it can't be left to the side. there's no if's, ands, or buts about that. my heart aches for the two families in new york. i was in memphis when the incident occurred there. so, you know, we have to understand and we have to begin to reevaluate the value that we give to human life. that's important. we have to also have a conversation about guns in this country. who has access to them and how they are using them. we have people with guns and we have violence going on in this country that it's just not sensible. we need to pause and breathe. >> violence like last night in ferguson, missouri. bakri sellers, thank you. still to come right here in "newsroom" drones near aircraft. new worries for pilots heading into one of the busiest air spaces in the united states.
6:42 am
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when you have a migraine, you'll reach for anything to make the pain go away. truth is, most pain relievers don't work like excedrin migraine. it relieves my pain starting in 30 minutes. that's fast! plus, sensitivity to light and sound. excedrin migraine. wow, that was fast. to wall street now. the opening bell just moments ago and the dow bouncing back after seven days of losses. the good news for a lot of people. up almost 170 points now, and there's a lot to discuss, because i guess the first big question is what change oefrd the last seven days? >> warren buffett wrote the biggest check of his life.
6:47 am
berkshire hathaway bought another company paying $37 billion for it. there's a lot of merger and optimism today. twitter announced a new deal with the nfl to put cool content of twitter via nfl in game highlights, custom game recaps and that stuff. there's excitement in tech. that stock is up 4% today. you have a bounce back because you needed one. the longest losing streak in four years. we were spoiled for awhile. >> investors were worried about a higher interest rates. higher interest rates are coming. probably next month, but if not next month very soon. there was reality check. higher interest rates, as you know, pamela means car loans become more expensive. mortgages become more expensive. you pay more in interest what mortgage rates raise and credit card debt will become more expensive. so for i would say highly
6:48 am
leveraged households or people in the market to borrow money or companies to in the market to borrow money interest rates will rise. i think they worked through it. i think investors know it's coming. this morning you're seeing a bounce back, i think, you're looking at the fundamentals of american economy and business conditions. they're looking at the positive. >> happy monday. cnn money chief chris tee romans, we appreciate it. hillary clinton's pledge to boost the middle class will focus on education today. the democratic frontrunner unveils a plan to make college for affordable. it could cost some $350 billion over ten years. cnn political reporter knee y e. >> progressives have been looking for for hillary clinton to unveil a college plan. college affordability plan. she'll do it today in new hampshire, and this plan would
6:49 am
basically make -- allow students to attend in-state universities or colleges without having to take out any loans. it would also continue obama's plan. he announced a plan on state of the union address that would allow for tuition-free community college. and this plan, as you said, would cost $350 million. for the borrowers there's something like a $1.2 trillion owed in college debt. for those borrowers it would cap repayment at 10% of their income. is something that comes as there is this discussion that we have seen for folks like elizabeth warren and other democrats on capitol hill. something that is crucial to repaying the student loan debt that is so massive for so many young kids, young students. and remember, this was part of the coalition that elected barack obama. we also remember marco rubio, remember that debate, he had the great line in the debate where
6:50 am
he said, listen, how is somebody like hillary clinton going to lecture me on student loan debt given he owed $100,000 just four years ago. this is going to be a key part of this campaign, not only from the republicans but also democrats. from hillary clinton's perspective, she sees this as her big domestic plan. what obama did with obamacare under his administration. >> so this proposal would cost $350 billion over ten years. where is that money going to come from? >> reporter: well, it's going to come from -- her plan is that she would limit the itemized deductions. bernie sanders' plan would be free tuition for all in terms of public university education. he would tax wall street transactions from large investment firms. that's where it would come from. then the money would be
6:51 am
transferred to the states. and for the states to participate and to get this money, they would have to agree to increase their spending on education. that is something that in some ways has been cut back on, education has, because of the recession. and so it would take not only agreement from congress but agreement from republicans and democratic governors to participate in this plan. >> nia-malika henderson, thank you so much. >> thank you. and checking our top stories at this hour, in iran the final hearing for the jailed washington post reporter has ended. the verdict was announced and remains unclear what happens next. jason razion has been held since 2014. he denies all the allegations. next hour, jason's brother ali joins us. we'll have more on this coming up. in afghanistan now five people were killed today by a suicide car bomber at a
6:52 am
checkpoint right outside the international airport in kabul. 16 others were wounded. the taliban took credit for the attack. it's the latest in a series of assaults that have claimed more than 50 lives since friday. one of those attacks wounded ten u.s. military personnel and two u.s. contractors. and the faa is investigating another drone sighting near an airport. it happened sunday afternoon when four commercial flights reported seeing an unmanned aircraft as they approached newark's runway. the drone was 13 miles from the airport and flying at an altitude between 2,000 and 3,000 feet. no one was injured. well, nasa's astronauts have a special meal plan that you can't find in stores. they will sample red romaine lettuce grown on the international space station. it's part of nasa's plan to grow food on their spacecrafts.
6:53 am
and in a few minutes from now, two russian astronauts will have a space walk right outside of the station. and from the gridiron to the broadcast booth, we remember the hall of fame career of frank gifford. unbelievable! toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. smash it! make the call and ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. new larger size now available.
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6:57 am
the sports world is mourning the loss of legend frank gifford. the 84-year-old hall of famer died this weekend of natural causes in his connecticut form. the former nfl player and current cnn sports anchor died at his home. with more on how he's being remembered as a pioneer on and off the field, coy, a lot of people are mourning his loss. he touched so many lives. tell us what the reaction has
6:58 am
been in the community? >> reporter: absolutely, pamela. frank gifford was an icon. i can say as a former player in more ways than one. on the field he rose to fame as the face of the new york giants in the '50s and '60s doing likely what will never be done again. he became a pro-bowler at three different positions. as a player, that's unfathom able. he played offense and defense and went to eight pro bowls altogether. was the league mvp and led his team to a championship and arguably the most iconic giants player of all time. by the way, he was also inducted into the college football hall of fame as well. now, he went on to make the transition into broadcasting, helping pave the way for former athletes fortunate enough to do it today. many people remember frank gifford as the voice of "monday night football." one of the premier positions in all of sports broadcasting. on top of that, he may most well-known be the husband of an icon in her own right, kathie
6:59 am
lee gifford. >> beyond that, he's known for more. he had an incredible life outside of football broadcasting and outside of being married to kathie lee gifford for 30 years, right? >> that's right. people associate him with the football, but this guy reported on olympics, he commentated for golf, even was part of the famous evel knievel dare-devil stunts and really a game-changer. when you look at what he did in the booth for football, he convinced his partner to talk about when john lennon passed away. he helped to shape the game in terms of sports broadcasting. now i want to get to some of the comments out there. we heard from entertainment stars, politicians like chuck schumer and don ald trump. and shannon sharp said growing up there were two people you wanted to call your games, frank givenford and pat summerall.
7:00 am
so sorry to hear of his passing. now they have all passed away. the original "monday night football" telecast was the best. pamela? >> coy wire, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. and the next hour of "cnn newsroom" begins right now. good morning to you. i'm pamela brown. thank you so much for being here with us. we begin this monday in ferguson, missouri. gunfire, bricks and a war of words. a barrage of bullets overnight forcing peaceful protestors to run for cover as we see in this video. all of this one year after unarmed teen michael brown was shot and killed. >> we just want to be as patient as possible. >> our message to those -- >> was that gunfire?
7:01 am
>> here's what we know so far. at least four people are behind bars after multiple shootings. and in one of the incidents, a man in his 20s used a stolen handgun to shoot at plain-clothed officers. the alleged gunman is now in critical condition. plus, new video shows the aftermath of that shooting as police surround the suspect. and we want to warn you here, the video you're about to see is graphic. >> this is a crime scene, back up! >> back up! back up! >> give us some help! >> back up! >> give us some help! get up now! [ bleep ]. >> all of this as ferguson gears up for more protests later today. let's bring in cnn's sarah sydner on the ground there. i imagine that was a scary
7:02 am
situation for a lot of people? >> reporter: i think it was surprising, first of all, because the protestors and police were facing off as they have done many times before here. and there weren't that many protestors out at that hour. maybe a few dozen protestors who were out. coming face-to-face with prison, then the shooting happened a couple hundred yards away down the street. and according to police, they don't think it had anything to do with the protests breaking out between two people who started shooting at one another. then police say when they pursued one of the suspects, that suspect then turned around and shot towards police. and then he was fired upon. and so i think this took a lot of folks by surprise. and in some ways, they weren't really a part of any of the protests. and they were sort of expecting this to be, you know, sort of one of your typical protests at night. but all day it had been very peaceful. it had been a silent march. they had held a moment of silence for michael brown.
7:03 am
all of this, though, happening in the city that certainly tensions have gone up and down over this year. and this was commemorating the anniversary of the day that brown was killed by officer darin wilson. he was not indicted by the grand jury. they said he was not guilty of wrongdoing when it comes to the shooting in this case. >> sara sidner, thank you so much. we appreciate it. even though a year has passed since michael brown was shot and killed, many people are still angry. in fact, several police officers were injured during last night's unrest, including one who was hit in the face with a brick. joining me now to discuss, cnn law enforcement analyst cedrick alexander, he is also a public
7:04 am
safety director in georgia. thank you so much for being here with us. >> thank you for being me. >> i first want to ask, what is your reaction when we hear about this violence that unfolded in ferguson last night, one year since the death of michael brown? >> it is very unfortunate the peaceful protestors that were out there last night were exercising their constitutional rights. there's clearly a different population out there that's creating this violence. and local authorities there certainly have to attend to them appropriately should it continue to erupt, but it's so unfortunate as we mark the first anniversary of michael brown's death. certainly by many people in that community, not to be forgotten, but i think part of the healing process is going to have to be moving forward. and a lot of work, a lot of good work has been done in that community over the course of the last year. and certainly that should not be mered by those who imposed so
7:05 am
much violence last night. >> so last hour i spoke with jeff roorda from the st. louis police officer's association, and he said he's not surprised by what happened last night. let's take a listen. >> this is what happens when you plan civil disobedience and have a justice department that pressures and bullies local police departments from doing their job. this hands-off disengagement approach was never going to work. it was a disaster in baltimore and it was a disaster last night. >> so do you think that criticism is fair, cedrick? >> absolutely. it is unfair. and let me be clear about that, to blame in on the justice department is totally unfair. and it is a very limited view of a much bigger social problem that exists in that community. in one of the biggest challenges that we have today in any police agency is how much force to apply. and i think in certain
7:06 am
situations whoever the incident commander is, they have to make that judgment. they make that judgment based on information that they have in front of them. but you cannot blame the justice department or anyone else in cases such as that. it is a very difficult and challenging balance. we remember what took place in ferguson. we remember how it took place in baltimore. and in each incident commander, each police chief, whoever was in charge of the operation, this we have to make the decision based on their intensity of what they are feeling and their experience, and they have to go on the consult of others as well, too, who are in the environment with them. so it is much bigger than just what has been spoken to, blaming it on the justice department is not going to get us where we need to be. in fact, the justice department has been actually quite supportive, quite helpful of local police across the country when it comes to incidents like this. >> and speaking of the justice department, the attorney general loretta lynch just tweeted,
7:07 am
here's what she said, i strongly condemn the violence against the community, including police officers in ferguson, missouri. i want to ask you, cedric, it seems like there's so much talk about the violence and the tension between the police officers in the last year since the death of michael brown. but it seems like there hasn't been a lot of progress. what is the solution here? >> well, the progress takes time. and you have to remember the relationships between police and communities of color have been strained for a long time. a lot of great work has been done across this country and over the course of the last year, and you take, for example, the 21st century task force, a lot of recommendations that were made out of that. a lot of police agencies across this country are employing those recommendations. communities are embracing those recommendations. so ferguson, in and of itself, still has a lot of work to do. there's still a lot of bad
7:08 am
feelings towards police. it's a lot of community work that needs to be done over the weekend. i had an opportunity to speak to andre anderson there, and he's working day and night with the support of a lot of community people there in order to make some changes in that community. so we must note and highlight those things, but it is going to take time. and i truly believe that over time we're going to see police continue to advance and move itself in a way in which community and police are more joined together. but it's had its challenges. i'm a police administrator in my own community. we have our challenges. i don't think there's a community anywhere that doesn't have its challenges. but we have to -- we got to find a way to be optimistic about this and continue to work towards the change. and not blaming on anything -- you cannot blame any one person or institution. we are all in this together and will find resolve about that. i am thoroughly convinced of
7:09 am
that. >> that is certainly the hope. cedric alexander, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. and we are following breaking news out of turkey right now. the u.s. consulate in istanbul coming under attack today. turkish authorities say the attackers with armed with a long-range weapon and artillery. we are joined from the pentagon with the latest from barbara sta starr. any casualties so far? >> reporter: thankfully no, however the u.s. state department put out a message saying the consulate would be closed for the rest of today and they will see whether tomorrow they reopen. they are also warning american citizens in turkey to be cautious about being in large gatherings and to stay away from the consulate area. this attack said to be carried out by a left-wing group in tour key. that consulate has come under attack before. most recently in 2013 when a turkish secure guard was killed
7:10 am
there. so a lot of concern about what is going on. there have been a number of attacks across turkey today. turkish authorities very watchful. pamela? >> the u.s. just employed six fighter jets to turkey. does the u.s. suspect a possible connection given the timing of this attack? >> well, the timing is very interesting. there's nothing yet to indicate any solid connection. this is a group, however, as we mentioned that has been a very public place in opposition to the turkish government. so we'll see. these are six u.s. air force f-16s with 300 military personnel flying out of italy to the air base in the heart of southern turkey. they are prepared now to carry out air strikes across the border in syria. their goal, their mission is to try to shut down the last area of that turkish/syrian border where isis is still able to cross over with its fighters, weapons and equipment.
7:11 am
if they can shut it down using air strikes, they hope that will go a long way to putting a crimp into isis, at least in this part of syria. pamela? >> barbara starr, thank you so much. and still to come right here in "newsroom," donald trump unapologetic for comments he made about a fox debate moderator. but could his reaction cost him in the polls? we'll be right back. fires up the free wifi, with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before! so he can rapidly prepare his presentation. and when he perfects his pitch, do you know what chris can do? and that is my recommendation. let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! he's ready. la quinta inns & suites take care of you, so you can take care of business. book your next stay at! la quinta! no, doing the whole living room. hey you guys should come over later. behr® marquee interior color collection. covers in one coat, guaranteed. sfx: phone chime
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7:15 am
donald trump dominating the headlines once again. controversy swirling after remarks he made about fox news' megyn kelly. some say it was a comment saying
7:16 am
she was menstruating. but donald trump denies those comments. >> i wanted to finish the sentence because i wanted to get off of the whole thing and back to the subject of jobs or whatever we were talking to right after that. so i didn't even say anything because i didn't even finish the thought. i was going to say nose and/or ears. because that's a common statement showing anger. she had great anger when she was questioning me. only a deviant would say that what i said is what they were referring to, because nobody can make that statement. you almost have to be sick to sort of put that together. >> well, a lot of people are deviants because it did offend a fair amount of people. and as you might imagine, trump's rivals seized on his comments. >> come on, give me a break. do we want to win? do we want to insult 53% of all
7:17 am
voters? >> what donald trump said is wrong. >> they were completely inappropriate and offensive comments. period. >> all right. so let's talk. paul is a democratic strategist and part of the pro-hillary super pac. and sherry anne is a democratic strategist. sherry anne, i'm going to start with you. are you fearful that this will have a broader impact on the republicans pulling in female voters? >> i really don't. i mean, it could just on the margins, but donald trump does not represent republicans. and the people who are supporting him, we still don't know how many there are. there are no numbers after the debate last weekend, but a lot of the voters don't say, well, if trump isn't the nominee, we'll vote for another republican. these are "apprentice" fans that are new. he doesn't have the ability to bring in the new people. but where this is, why this is
7:18 am
so important to republicans is because hillary clinton in the polls is now losing white women voters. last week there was a poll five days ago that came out to say she's down by ten points. this is without her being out there to say anything. this is on her credibility with regard to e-mail scandals. there's a real opportunity here for the right republican candidate to do very, very well with women, in particular, because hillary is now doing so poorly. >> so you bring up hillary and some would debate with you she's doing poorly. >> there's a poll that says she is. >> well, paul, i'm going to bring you in on that. we have not heard from any democrats or her on the controversy surrounding trump's comments. do you think that's a smart play here? do you think that is the way they should handle this or should they speak out? >> well, i think she's doing exactly the right thing. you know, it was napoleon who said never interrupt your opponent when he's destroying
7:19 am
himself. trump is not destroying himself but helping to destroy the republican party and the rest of the republicans are helping. here's free advice to jeb bush, a decent, smart guy. he's not a very good candidate it turns out. i'm surprised to say this. i thought he would be the class of the field. that comment is very destructive. he did not say it is wrong to insult women. he said, we could lose votes. now, jeb, just pretend at least in public that you care about the american people, you care about women instead of women voters. he sounded like a strategist, like a hack like me instead of a potential president. the republican party is in such trouble with women. not just mr. trump, but governor bush saying we shouldn't spend a half million dollars on woman's health. senator rubio is saying even if she's a victim of incest he doesn't support it. donald trump is just one of them. >> we heard talk about this after the last election, do you
7:20 am
think trump is impacting this at all? >> what trump is doing in some ways is sort of putting off the start of the real republican primary. he's not going to be the nominee. he didn't answer the question at the debate when asked how long have you been a republican? we don't even no if he is one. and now i find it hard to believe he's be the front-runner. we have all the candidates struggling with name i.d. we have 17 of them for goodness sake. he had name i.d. and in the early days he went out there, but i think he's messed up so badly he does not have republican support. and what is going to happen is, i think people are going to sort moving around the other candidates inching forward and impressing people. the otherlesser candidates will drop out, so the votes will increase and support will increase for other candidates. and trump, you know, i think within a short period of time we won't be talking about him anymore. but right now he's a distraction. his comments were horrible. he does not represent the republican party. and again, with hillary losing
7:21 am
so many women voters' support, she desperately needs trump to run as a third-party candidate because she cannot win with a majority. she needs trump as the third-party candidate. that's a big problem for hillary because she's losing so much of the support that she depended on from women. >> quickly, paul, some would argue on the flip side, sherry is saying trump is not representative of the gop field, but some say he's helping the republicans. he brought in millions of viewers to watch, that's what some say, millions of viewers to watch the gop debate. i think it was something like 24 million. of course, trump takes full credit for that. is there concern among democrats that he is in some ways helping the republican party and bringing more attention to their issues? >> no, the only concern i have as a democrat is how long can he sustain this? sherry may be right, he will burn himself out and likely not be the republican nominee. sherry knows her party better than i do, better listen to her
7:22 am
than me, but the 24 million, i wish it was 124 million. i want every american to see what the republican party stands for. and it is not just mr. trump's theatrics, but the substance of every one of them would criminalize a woman's right to choose. every one of them opposes raising the minimum wage and every one of them wants to cut taxes for the rich. this is exactly what i want people to know. this is a gift mr. trump is giving to the democrats. he's shining a light in a coarse way. >> paul, if you believe that, you would be anxious to have your candidate out there. >> she's out there today announcing her college plan and talking about the issues. >> paul, when she goes out there to talk to people and to give press interviews, her poll numbers go down. now you have her hidden and her poll numbers go down with women. look, you're kind of darned if you do and darned if you don't. they don't talk to her and don't like her when you keep her
7:23 am
hidden. >> i don't think we'll reach a conclusion during this segment. cheri and paul, thank you for coming on. it was great to hear your perspectives. and just weeks after a study showed college costs have soared 16% from a year ago, speaking of hillary clinton, she's set to roll out a plan to make higher education more affordable calling it a, quote, right and not a privilege for those who can afford it. cnn senior political reporter nia-malika henderson joins me from washington. nia-malika, hillary clinton wants to make college affordable, but it's a hefty price tag of $350 billion. who will foot the bill? >> reporter: this is one of the plans to call on the wealthy. it will tax or cap the value of itemized deductions that wealthy individuals claim on their tax forms. so that's how she's looking to pay for it. let's look at what this will do for college students. it would mean that they would be able to attend a public
7:24 am
university or college without having to take out any loans. it would also continue president obama's free community college plan. and for folks to it there who already have loans, it would cap at 10% the amount of loans you have to pay, 10% of whatever your income is. of course, the price tag is $350 billion over ten years. she's going to make this announcement today at 1:30 in manchester, new hampshire. remember in new hampshire, bernie sanders is very much nipping at her heels, at least according to the polls we have seen so far. he already has released a college plan that would call for free tuition across the board, martin o'malley also released a similar plan to call for a similar plan. and you have heard from progressives, it's a desire for hillary clinton to get on board with making college much more affordable. elizabeth warren, this has been a hobby horse of hers, so we'll see what the reaction is today when she releases the plan.
7:25 am
>> i have to access this because we just had this segment on with donald trump and his comments about megyn kelly, do you expect to hear reaction from hillary clinton on this today? >> reporter: certainly. she's in a sweet spot here because here is donald trump kind of doubling down on some of the things he's said. and she's able to kind of quietly be under the radar there. but obviously she takes questions from reporters and i imagine that will come up. >> absolutely. nia-malika henderson, thank you so much. still to come in "newsroom," outrage after the rape and murder of an air force veteran. the immigrant who has been in trouble with the law before. and two weeks before this murder, police officers arrested him for possession of meth. do you know what we had to do? cite him out. that's the problem with the system. not just in santa maria, but all over the state of california and owl over the united states. (vo) after 50 years of designing
7:26 am
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7:30 am
good morning. i'm pamela brown in for karen costello. thank you for joining us. an undocumented immigrant's arrest is sparking controversy. he was an undocumented immigrant from mexico who has been arrested several times but never deported. cnn's stephanie elim is live in los angeles with more on this story. this is so disturbing. >> reporter: yes, it's a very upsetting story when you listen to it, pamela. this goes back to taking a look at what happened on july 24th. they are saying it is around 10:00 a.m. when two men broke into the house of marlin farris,
7:31 am
a 64-year-old woman who worked for the air force. they say that this woman was brutally beaten, that she was sexually assaulted including being beaten with a hammer. what they say is that this woman was actually able to call authorities and saying she needed help. they responded and they were able to track down one of these individuals that they say played a part in this beating at a nearby house where he was apprehended. now, what i can tell you about marilyn farris, she went on to die on august 1st of a coronary embolism. back to this picture that you see on the tv, that's victor martinez. he's 29 years old and from mexico. this is not the first time that he has tangled with law enforcement. he's since been charged with sexual assault and residential burglary with special circumstance of torture. they believe there's a second man involved. they apprehended fernando gomez
7:32 am
born in san francisco. both of these men could face the death penalty. but obviously a lot of interest surrounding martinez since he is not an american. >> a lot of questions raised. stephanie elam, thank you so much. meantime, peaceful protests in missouri turn violent on the one-year anniversary of michael brown's death. police say a man fired at them with a stolen gun. just one of three shootings throughout the night. he was critically injured when officers shot back. the gunfire igniting chaos and anger in the crowd. protestors chanting "we're ready for war" as we hear in this video. police had to use tear gas to break it up. all this as more protests are planned for today. i want to bring in kevin powell, a political activist and author.
7:33 am
thank you so much for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> when you look at the images of the violence and chaos last night, it's really not that different from what we saw about a year ago in ferguson around the death of michael brown. have we made any progress? >> unfortunately, i was out there a year ago and out there a few months ago and am going back hopefully to do more work in the area, i hate to say it, but i feel like we have not made much progress in the last year or so. there's still ugly tensions between the police and the community. there's still a lot of anger. some of it rightfully so, but at the same time, we cannot condone violence in any form. i don't think we should be ready for war, we should be ready for peace, we should be ready for love, we should be ready to organize and build our communities back and having open and honest conversations that we seem to be avoiding with racism in this country. >> loretta lynch echoed that sentiment and here's what she said today. she said, i strongly condemn the violence against the community, including police officers in ferguson. as we have seen over the recent months and years, not only does violence on secure any message
7:34 am
of peaceful protest, it places the community as well as the officers who seek to protect it in harm's way. so that's a little bit of what she said. there has been a lot of talk and dialogue about the tensions between law enforcement and the community over the past year. and not only with the michael brown killing but also other incidents this past year that have been controversial. but what is the solution? we are talking about it and have been talking about it for a year, what is the solution? >> well, number one, you know, i think that real leadership has to emerge out of these communities. i'm not quite sure who the leadership is in places like ferguson or the other places that exist. when i say real leadership, people who understand the social and economic conditions this places like ferguson or baltimore that explode in the first place. and i know there are leaders out there, the issue is that a lot of the folks at the bottom feel like their voice is not being
7:35 am
heard. which is why you see these scenes. but we are saying we don't want the police to shoot at us, but we don't want to shoot at police. that's all unacceptable. >> many police officers have been killed in new york and elsewhere. >> that's right. clear-headed people have to come together to have the difficult, uncomfortable conversations that has to include the social and economic conditions around poverty. in ferguson as we have learned over the last year, people are skirting the issues. putting a black police chief in position is part of it but not going to solve it. there's one racial profiling case after another across the board. to the point where people are angry and outraged. and what i'm saying to folks, we have to sit down and talk with each other and listen to each other. not just black and white people, all people, latino, asian, this affects all of us in this country. and as i've said on cnn several times, the world is watching us. they are watching us as they did in the 1960s. what is actually happening in america at this point,
7:36 am
especially when you have a biracial culture and a black president in the white house. it is ironic. and the attorney general. >> yes. do you see this being resolved? do you have hope that we'll come together? >> i have hope because i travel extensively as a speaker and writer and see the conversations, especially with younger people, but at the same time we have to create spaces. when i was in ferguson, we had a space where people spoke and it was very, very peaceful, but they also spoke their minds. the very next day i was part of a second town hall meeting with the police chief there for st. louis and it was ugly and vicious and people were yelling and screaming at each other. it is how we bring people together. what is the context of bringing them together? and what are the parameters of it? people want to say what is on their minds, but at the same time some of us have to say, okay, i have this anger but is it going to be proactive and am i going to be a bridge builder or am i going to tear things
7:37 am
down? we need to build up our communities. at the end of the day, the people who suffer are the folks in ferguson not getting the opportunities that led to this in the first place. >> kevin powell, thank you so much. and still to come, the final hearing today for a washington post reporter being held on spying charges in iran. what the waiting game has been like for his family up next. [ nurse ] i'm a hospice nurse. britta olsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight." [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson.
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7:41 am
in iran the final hearing in the trial for a jailed "washington post" reporter has ended. no verdict has been announced and it's not clear what happens next. jason rezaian has been held by
7:42 am
the iranian government since 2014. he calls this a sham and denies all the allegations. joining me is his brother, ali rezaian. thank you for being here. >> thank you, pam. >> your brother finally got to present his defense. how did that go? >> we know they have a comprehensive defense. jason's lawyer has been able to review the entire case file. she knows all the charges brought against him, and she made it clear there's no basis for the charges and we know they were able to bring that information into court, present their case and now we just have to wait for the verdict. >> very quickly, ali, refresh us what this stems from and what iran says these charges stem from, the espionage charges? >> yes, it started 384 days ago. they took jason away as he's the washington correspondent there.
7:43 am
they charged him with four charges, the most serious is espionage and also collaborating with hostile powers and p propaganda as well as working with guys and journalists. they don't have any proof, but they mulled through his e-mail and looked through e-mail to friends and colleagues and made claims about different things. things like an application to the obama administration where he said that he really wanted to help our countries get closer together and not have the anonymity they have had in the past. these are things they claim as evidence. it's on absurd. jason is a reporter. he did the kind of things reporters do and it's just been very, very unfair and inhumane the last year. >> i'm curious to hear your thoughts on the iran deal because we know congress must vote on the deal by september 17th.
7:44 am
and there have been several key democrats that announced they won't back it. are you worried that opposition to the deal with the u.s. could impact what happens to your brother? >> you know, i think that any of it brings more attention on my brother's case and it will help him. i think it's important to show the world what is going on in iran in jason's case. and it gives the iranians the chance to follow their own rules and laws. they have not done that for the last 13 months but here's an opportunity for them to do that. people are going to make their decisions for political purposes one way or the other. but i'm just very glad that people are talking about jason and the other americans and it doesn't get forgotten. >> and we are still waiting for a verdict. of course, the hope is for him to be freed and for your family to finally have peace. ali rezaian, thank you so much. >> thank you, pam. still to come right here on "the newsroom," president obama pushing forward upon the iran
7:45 am
nuclear deal. but could a trip to israel derail the deal? we'll be right back. when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf. great. how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at ♪ hp instant ink can save you up to 50% on ink delivered to your door, so print all you want and never run out. plans start at $2.99 a month. right now, buy an eligible printer, and get three months of free ink with hp instant ink. available at participating retailers. the most affordable way to print. hp instant ink.
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well, congress is set to vote next month on the iran nuclear deal. and nearly six u.s. lawmakers are traveling to israel to discuss the matter. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is against the agreement saying it poses a brave threat to israel's security. and now 22 democrats and 36 republicans from the house of representatives will hear from israeli officials directly. i want to bring in cnn white house correspondent michelle
7:50 am
kosinski with the latest from martha's vineyard. this trip was planned before the iran deal was reached, but is the white house convinced that the majority could vote against the deal? >> reporter: it's possible. the white house isn't expressing concern about this. of course, they wouldn't want to openly say they are worried necessarily. what they have been expressing over and over again is confidence that if congress did reach the level of opposing the deal, that they vote disapproval of it, the white house feels like the votes are still there to maintain a presidential veto that would absolutely happen if congress voted it down. so the timing of this trip is really interesting because as you said, yeah, this happens every two years. they take about the same number of people in the house, mostly freshman members, but this time around, i mean, it's a critical time. they are going to be meeting with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. democrats met with him yesterday. he's probably the most vocal person in the world right now against the deal.
7:51 am
this trip is funded by the charitable arm of apac, the american-israel group staunchly opposed to the deal. someone from the group said they won't lobby the members, some are indeed undecided. even the leader of the democrats, the house minority leader, he himself is undecided. so the trip is not supposed to be all about the iran deal. they are going to cultural sites, they are going to meet with various leaders, the u.s. ambassador to israel, they're supposed to be talking about reaffirming the strong relationship between the u.s. and israel regardless of disagreement over this iran deal. but you know that that deal is going to be a focus during this trip, pamela. >> yeah, i imagine it will be a centerpiece of a lot of discussions. michelle kosinski, thank you so much. right now two russians k
7:52 am
cosmonauts are installing new equipment and taking pictures outside the space station. when they come back inside, they will have a special treat. get this, red romaine lettuce grown on the space station for the first time ever. and here's a picture of that lettuce. it's all part of nasa's plan to eventually grow food on spacecrafts. pretty interesting. and still to come right here on "newsroom," donald trump defiant. refusing to apologize for flamatory comments made to a fox news anchor. but the question is, how will she respond? i brto get us moving.tein i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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7:56 am
donald trump isn't just refusing to apologize about the comment made to megyn kelly that many say insinuated she was
7:57 am
menstruating, but many say he says he should be apologized to. >> the fact she acted that way to me, she should be apologizing to me. despite what you said earlier in the morning, joe, every poll, virtually every poll has said that i won the debate. you said i didn't do well. and i don't understand how you can say that because i actually felt, and in light of the horrible questions i was being asked. >> all right. so to break this down, we'll bring in cnn media correspondent brian stelzer joining me with the latest. megyn kelly has been laying low since donald trump made the remarks. i have a feeling she won't be apologizing any time soon. >> she won't be apologizing. she did her job thursday night asking tough questions to the gop frontrunner and doing the right thing. and she was fair about it in my
7:58 am
view, but i support the trump supporters thought it was unfair. if you can't handle megyn kelly, you will not be able to handle the tough things as commander in chief. this was preparing donald trump for a big job. but besides the vicious attacks from donald trump and his supporters, she laying low. maybe she's say something about it tonight, but for now she's taking the high road and not encouraging this story to go on any more. >> what is a smart strategy for her in dealing with this? >> this is a true clash of the titans. the number one candidate for the republican presidential candidate in the polls versus the number one news media for conservatives as fox news. i haven't seen anything like this. he should be hoping for attention from this. fox has backed off coverage of trump in the coming days. there's talk of him coming on for an interview tonight, but i don't think megyn kelly has
7:59 am
interest to talking to him. he's been offensive to her. this morning dredging up megyn kelly talking about her sex life, almost like trying to shame her. he would have been smart to back down days ago but hasn't. he continues to pick this fight. i don't think see how this will be good for him given how influential fox news is. >> showing that fox may not have him back on. do you think they will invite him back after the comments for megyn kelly? >> it could be a corporate calculation maybe wanting the ratings to come from a moment like that. on the other hand, even though they won't say this publicly, they are discussed about what trump said about megyn kelly and are not interested in seeming to be giving him attention. maybe they want to bring him on in order to take him down a notch or two. >> and donald trump denied he was implying what many people think he was. so he, of course, has defended
8:00 am
himself and continues to attack. >> and we have been spending three days talking about this instead of policy, that the other candidates want to talk about. >> thank you so much for joining me today. i'm pamela brown. "at this hour" starts right now. ferguson on edge. new protests expected soon after shots rang out on the anniversary of michael brown's death. and an undocumented immigrant attacking a woman inside her home. hear why the police chief says the blood trail starts in washington, d.c. and it's time for donald trump to go. that is from a republican power player in new hampshire. she joins me live as trump is not apologizing for comments being considered and called sexist. and the moment of impact caught on video. see what happens after a twister touches down.


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