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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  August 10, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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that does it for us. we'll see you again at 11:00 p.m. edition. another edition of 360. thank for watching. cnn tonight with don lemon starts now. >> trump means never having to say you are sorry. this is cnn tonight i'm don lemon. you heard it here first, the republican front-runner taking a shot at fox news megyn kelly. >> she gets out and starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions. you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever, but she was -- in my opinion, she was off base. >> well, that was right here friday night. but donald trump is not backing down. in fact, he says megyn kelly owes him an apology. what is he so angry about? i want you to listen to the exchange from the gop debate that start it all. >> mr. trump, one of the thing
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people love about you is you speak your mine, and you don't use a politicians filter. however, that is not without its downsides. in particular, when it comes to women. you've called women you don't like, fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals. your twitter account. >> only rosie o'donnell. >> no, it wasn't. >> consume. >> your twitter account -- >> thank you. >> for the record, it was well beyond rosey o'donnell. >> yes i'm sure it was. >> your twitter account has several disparaging comments about women's looks. you once told a contestant on celebrity apprentice it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees does that sound to you like the temperment of a man we will elect as president. and how will you answer the
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charge from hillary clinton who is likely the democrat nominee that you are part of the war on women? >> i think the big problem that this country has is being politically correct. >> and the mogul who wants to be your next president doesn't stop there. here's what he told me just 24 hours after the dbtsd. and i want to point out we are not editing what he said. here it is. >> let's talk about megyn kelly because you brought her up. she did push you, pushed a lot of people. but what is it with you and megyn kelly? >> well, i just don't respect her as a journalist. i have no respect for her. i don't think she is very good. i think she is highly overrated. when i came out there -- what am i doing -- i'm not getting paid for this. they start going lift up your arm. i didn't know it was going to be 24 million people, but i knew it would be a big crowd, because i get big crowds, i get ratings. they call me the ratings machine. she gets out and she starts asking me all sorts of
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ridiculous questions. and you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever, but she was -- in my opinion, she was off base. and by the way, not my opinion. in the opinion of hundreds of thousands of people on twitter. because it has been a brutal day n. one way, a great day for fox. and another day in the twitter sphere it has been very bad because she has been badly criticized. >> shortly after that remark about megyn kelly donald trump wassin disinvited to the annual red state gathering in atlanta. he later tweeted he was talking about blood coming out of kelly's nose. what does this mean for his campaign? joining me a panel. i appreciate all of you joining us tonight. let's have a great conversation about this. okay, so, maria, you first.
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trump says only deviants would assume he was talking about women -- i can't even am saying this, men true ating. are you a deviant. >> you know what's interesting, don, when i heard the comments when he was doing the interview on your show, i didn't think of it that way. so i actually believe donald trump's explanation. but here's the point. it doesn't matter. he discall fooizified himself in terms of being somebody capable and deserving of being a commander in chief long time ago. and what i find sort of bemusing and interesting is the conservative blog sphere's selective outrage. where was their outrage when donald trump intentionally insulted a whole country and 54 la teepos that live in this country? where was their outrage when he insulted our veterans, our military heros? when he insulted the whole of nursing mothers.
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so i think what he said was outrageous. and if people who heard it that way, of course they are going to be offended. i think it was stupid for him to talk about that. i don't think any man speaking in public should ever talk about blood coming out of any part of a woman's body. >> maria -- >> i just think it's trump. >> when you said that, i wasn't sure what he meant. certainly it didn't strike me when i heard it. i thought it was crude but donald trump is crude. and megyn kelly is a friend of mine. had i thought it was that way i would have defend her more. but she doesn't need me to defend her. she is a strong woman. rick? >> i think a lot was indicated by that sort of snide 13-year-old boy tone he used when he said something like in other places. that was obviously something that you -- you could easily infer that. and the fact of the matter was is that this is not a guy who
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has covered himself in glory when it comes to deal with women. >> okay, sarah? >> i just think that that kind of comment when you are talking about blood coming out of someone's body one way or another is not what you want to be talking about as a republican presidential candidate or any presidential candidate. the reality is that is pretty crude language as you pointed out, don, and i think the people who are offended just don't think that belongs in dialogue for people who want to be president. >> katrina. >> i am going to have to agree with maria on two counts. first of all, it is interesting there is selective outrage because we didn't hear anything from the other side when sarah palin was being dragged through the blood. more importantly, i watched the show myself and just like maria, i didn't take it that way. when you hear all the comments in context, it didn't come across that way. >> he said similar things about chris wallace and went on to say that. >> exactly. >> it didn't strike some people
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that way. >> people hear what they want to do. >> we have to take him at his word. he said he didn't mean it. it was certainly crude. >> moments ago megyn kelly addressed the whole thing on her show. here's what she said tonight. >> apparently mr. trump thought the question i asked was unfair and felt i was attacking him. i felt he was asked a tough but fair question. we agreed to disagree. mr. trump did interviews over the weekend that attacked me personally. i've decided not to respond. mr. trump is an interesting man who has captured the attention of the electorate. that's why he is leading in the polls. trump, who is the front-runner will not apologize. and i certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism. so i'll continue doing my job without fear or favor. and mr. trump, i expect will continue with what has been a successful campaign thus far. this is a tough business, and it's time now to move forward. >> maria, that is what one calls
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taking the high road. >> yes. and i actually think that she is going toe viewed very highly because of. that but here's the point. again, twrfs outrage, not just from the conservative blowingo sphere, but the proper candidates who were on the stage with mr. trump when he went after megyn kelly in the debate? and over the weekend, when he retweeted a tweet about her being a bimbo. all of that, i think underscores that he is not qualified to become president of the united states. >> okay. >> and everything that he has said before that as well. >> here is what roger ales, fox news president, said about the whole thing. he said donald trump and i spoke today. we discussed our experience and i again expressed my confidence in megyn kelly. she is a brilliant journalist and i support her 100%. i assured him we will continue to cover this campaign with fairness and balance. we had a blunt but cordial kpfrgs and the air has been cleared. so katrina, trump is now saying
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that megyn should apologize to him. he also posted a tweet linking to an interview she did with howard stern. this is back in 2010. and it says, oh, really, check out innocent megyn kelly discussion on howard stern show five years ago. i am the innocent pure one. here is the interview where howard and megyn talk about well, just about everything. >> well, yeah, and i think -- >> those are real breasts? >> yeah, these are real. i mean, they don't look fake. >> wow, you are a c cup, aren't you. my husband calls them killer bebees. and when i was pregnant, they were swimming cs and doug was frolicking in the ocean. >> when you go on howard stern, that's what he does. that's his thing. i thought she handled herself very well on that show.
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she didn't give away anything. she played along but didn't give him too much. is it time for him to let the feed feud with megyn kelly go? >> i think so. she handled herself well. with trump, this is the way trump responds, same thing, like howard stern. i think where he feels slighted is the question she had asked him about his comments had nothing to do with donald trump the man, but everything to do with donald trump the television character. no different than calling ronald reagan a wife beater because he played a man who beat up his wife on a movie once. >> i replayed the whole thing. i have to say, it was pointed. i mean, donald trump did get personal questions and the other guys mostly got policy questions. but donald trump is not a politician, so there 3r7b9 many policy questions to ask him. >> there is no policy to be had with donald trump.
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this is purely an ego operation with donald trump. there is no there there policiwise. i'm sure his ad is going the say things like i'll make our health care system terrific. the problem with the debate and the questions is that donald trump took questions about his character that will be asked of him if he is the nominee -- if the apok slips upon us and donald trump is the nominee, he willan asked questions like that. >> should you not hit back when someone attacks him? why shouldn't he hit back. >> there is a difference between being not pc and being a giant epic deutsche canoe. he actions like someone who doesn't have the gravitas and dignity of the president's office. it is a tough balance. you want to punch back, be assertive, you want to have presence on the stage. but on the other hand this becomes completely about donald trump's delicate ego.
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notice, this isn't all about megyn kelly, an outstanding journalist, it isn't only about her. every time he is dinged by a reporter, they are suddenly an idiot, a jack ass the worst in the world. >> rick, i did not give a warning before the show because i'm sure kids may be watching -- i tell you what -- >> it's late, don. but rick is right. >> this is don after dark. it's early on the wechlkts so i apologize to all the families there. >> sorry about that. >> sarah, before i get you back in as the trust's cnn correspondent let's have a palate clanser and then we'll come back. you will hear donald trump live on new day tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. coming up, does donald trump have a woman problem? hillary clinton says his remarks are offensive. but there is republican she says is just as troubling.
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is precious to us. ♪ love is strange so when coverage really counts, you can count on nationwide. we put members first. join the nation. donald trump satisfies comments about megyn kelly right here have a lot of people wondering, does trump have a woman problem? and will it hurt his campaign. back with me, maria core car
7:17 pm
dona, rick wilson, sarah murray. rick, does he have a woman possible? i don't know if the polls are reflecting that? is that just fodder for the paparazzi. >> right now the polls show donald trump as a front-runner who is polling from a broad base of the republican party. i think the question is whether those polls starts to change post debate and as more people hear the things he said in the debate and about megyn kelly. this is in an area where republicans have been working hard to shore up their support not just in 2012 but for deca s decades. it's easier for democrats to win women voters than republicans. and they are trying to change that. and they are not sure that comments like this are going to help them with that cause. >> the campaign viedor was fired or quit, depending who you ask.
7:18 pm
he was asked in an interview tonight, about whether trump is a guy who likes to fight back or has a temperament. >> this is a trump maxum, if somebody hits you, hit them back, but harder. i agree with. that but not if you are a candidate run forth the president of the united states. it's different if you are a mogul or a celebrity television star. in the realm of politics you are better off to move off of those and move back on to your message. >> time wasted? >> yeah. when he talks big picture he zooms to number one this the polls. >> here's the question. i watched the interview, the one with poppy hare lou here on cnn this weekend. i wasn't sure -- he said he quit. then he is also stale supporter. so, i mean, what is -- is this all some weird strategy that we don't know what's going on behind the scenes? are they in collusion?
7:19 pm
the trump campaign is saying he is doing it for his own publicity? what is going on here? >> roger moves in mysterious ways. he is one. greats in this business and has deep knowledge. if roger has departed from the trump orbit i take him at his word that it was his decision. what he says has the ring of truth because it's obvious trump is not listening to pril council, he's listening to the voice in his brain. >> you about it's worker for him. >> he is the guy racing down the track and parts are falling off the machine but he still thinks he is doing to lead and win the race. and without political counsel, he brags about not doing polling, about not having consult aptsz, this is eventually going to be something that donald trump can't put together on his own. he can't wing it. you have to run an actual campaign. you have to build out a series of policy ideas, build out an operational plan for the states.
7:20 pm
you have to build out a broad national strategy but of the only to win the primary but to win the general. he is not doing those things most. time he is holed up in trump you are of tower. like howard hughes he is stuck in trump to your most of the time isolated from the world calling in to tv shows and running his campaign that way. look, god bless twitter, i loift but you can't run the whole campaign based on that. >> lindsey graham said trump is permanently damaging the gop. is he right? >> no, he damages the gop because he is one of those go along to get along politicians tuck your tail and hide before you do anything wrong. donald trump isn't doing things the traditional republican way and he is still ahead. he is not paying for dichlktal, not asking for minimoney, not doing those traditional things, yet his numbers continue to go up. whether or not he wins the nomination, i think republicans
7:21 pm
should take notice as to what is galvanizing his acceptance in this race. he is because he is unapoll jet i go. yes, he and megyn got into it. but he is like that with anybody. it's not just against women. anybody who comes after him knows he is going to come back at them. and people want somebody who is going to defend themselves. >> what they don't want is a president with his finger on the nuclear button who is short tempered thin skinned impulse driven guy with no fuse. >> rick -- all right. here's -- when i had this conversation. as you can imagine i was popular for people talking about this interview. less so than megyn kelly and trump. but people wondering what was it like for that moment, and blah, blah. somebody said, i appreciate his candor, i like that he doesn't
7:22 pm
have boundaries on his talk ints po. that he is a guy who says what he thinks. but is he a guy who i want to have his finger on the button. >> don, one voter's candor is another voter's jerkiness. absolutely, a commander in chief should be blunt, should talk the truth to voters. but they also need -- they need to know how to conduct themselves on the world stage. that's exactly what donald trump has demonstrated he doesn't know how to do. >> that's what the world needs. >> exactly. >> no. people say that's what america needs, someone who is blunt now, straight talking, can tell people like putin where they need to go and they think that donald trump is the answer regardless history onics. >> you know what? those people, don, i think have a limited number within the republican party. though katrina said something that is true, republicans do need to take notice in terms of what donald trump is doing?
7:23 pm
okay. >> and the kind of focus he is putting on voters that don't feel like other republicans are speaking to them. >> okay. okay. i want to get to sarah. sarah. basically for hillary clinton's comment. if you can tell us what hillary clinton had to say. >> as you might imagine hillary clinton was not impressed with donald trump's comments about megyn kelly. >> i think the guy went way overboard, offensive, outrageous, pick youred a jek tourtive. but what marco rubio said has as much of an impact in terms of where the republican party is today as anybody else on that stage. and it is deeply troubling. and it should be to the press, not just to those of us who have been doing this work for so long. >> that resonating? >> i think the shrewd thing is all republicans aren't talking about women in the same way. but when she says they have the same policies, not for paid ma
7:24 pm
terntd leave, u.n. defund planned parenthood. i do think that's a potentially potent political attack. it's just, you know, the same policies wrapped in a different packagi packaging. isn't that typical of hillary clinton, though? >> hang on. sarah, tell me about the rubio comment she is referring to. >> the comments were in the debate where he was saying that he doesn't believe in any epgss for rape, incest for life of the mother when it comes to abortion. >> yeah. >> which is interesting because he has been a cosponsor that includes all those exceptions but apparently now this is where he stands. >> go ahead rick. >> he clarified that statement later. it's striking to me that hillary chose to attack marco by the vector of donald trump because i know he is one of the few candidates that makes hillary clutch her life alert because she is terrified because she has been to this rodeo before when her husband was the outer with the great rhetoric and the presentation, she recognizes the
7:25 pm
power of somebody who is new player on the field who doesn't come across as somebody like her who would be in public life for 374 years now. she attacks marco through the vector of donald trump. trump is going to be like radiation of a lot of the candidate. just like donald trump, you are contemp use of women. just like donald trump, you are someone who doesn't respect the, you know, wages or rights or whatever of women. you are going to see them try to use trump as a back stop to attack other republicans. >> they don't need donald trump for that. hillary clinton has -- >> quickly. >> they don't need him, but it is an extra bonus. they are using his celebrity as a bounce to get even further traction on the messages that they normally would use in their normally deceptive and -- >> maria. >> mitt romney and john mccain won. >> maria first, and then katrina. >> thank you. republicans are making it really easy, first of all, because
7:26 pm
donald trump is the front-runner of the republican primary. >> do it fast, maria. >> secondly, because he is essentially denigrating the republican brand with the constituencies that the gop need to win the house. latinos, and women. >> i've got to go. katrina. >> not at all. not at all. donald trump wasn't around when mitt romney lost. wasn't around when john mccain lost. and frankly i will talk about hillary clinton about her war on women when she talks to everybody else about the all rich white people democratic primary. >> okay. that's it. last word. thank you, guys. >> thank you, don. >> i wonder if rick had nails tonight for dinner. he was on fire. we are not done talking about donald trump. when we come back, a former apprentice contestant who defends the republican front-runner. am rosa mad gal is here. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
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in the wake of donald trump's comments about megyn kelly on this show a lot of people are asking if he has a woman problem. not my next guest.
7:31 pm
she defends trump even though she was fired by him. >> you not only lost. you got creamed. you know, i've always been a big omarosa fan, but omarosa, you are fired. this was not close. >> thank you for bringing -- >> thank you mech. >> joining me now is omarosa manigault. did i say that right? >> can you start with me not getting fired. >> let me introduce you. former contebs testant. apprentice, and former consultant for vice president al gore. >> no i have got to direct you. i was deputy associate director of presidential personnel. my last appointment was in the clinton administration. i did work for gork which was torture, but that was for a very short amount of time. >> am i fired now? >> get my credential's right, boo. >> he speaks like the reality show celebrity that's. you are not one of those people who has a problem with him? >> i don't. because you know what, i think
7:32 pm
it's just so unfair. i know you shouldn't talk about fairness. but what a classal waste of time that we are spending all of this time trying to interpret what donald trump said about megyn kelly as opposed to getting down to where he stands on women's issues. we speculated all weekend about whether he was talking about hormones instead of talking about the gender wage gap or funding or defunding planned parenthood. shame on the press. shame on the media. shame on people for wasting the people's time. >> no women problem, you think? >> he has an authentic problem. he is too real for the republican party i heard on your last panel that you were saying donald trump had some way damaged the gop. do you know who damaged the gop? george w. bush when he couldn't
7:33 pm
pronounce certain countries, george w. bush when he didn't know the geographical location of our enemies. sarah pay palin. are we seriously trying to figure out whether or not he would make a good president. he has major skills. instead we are trying to come up with a tabloid headline. we need to treat him as a serious candidate. >> you said he is too real for the gop. >> yeah. >> is he too real, though to be president? it has to translate to other parts of the world. not just here in the united states. >> well, they were talking about his temperament in your last segment. have you ever met kick cheney? seriously. if you want to meet somebody with a temperament problem. he shot his friend in the face. donald trump can be president. he is cool, calm, has his new york swag. we need a little of that in your face. i can't wait to see him go thai toe to toe against hillary clinton on real issues because if the gop keeps playing around with donald trump, he is going
7:34 pm
to slide right in there and steal that nomination and we will see the best debate in history. hillary rodham clinton, done j. trump. asked him this question on friday, if you are going to stands up against putt skpin china and all of that, but then you get upset when someone like megyn kelly asks you a tough question -- a question that many people saw as fair. he didn't see it as fair but i think most other people saw it as fair -- then how are you going to negotiate with world leaders if you are viewed as so thinned skinned. you don't think he is thin skinned? >> no. i have been on the receiving end of one of donald trump's wraths. he is tough but fair. he opened up donald trump due by. there were world leaders at this event. talked to them. i met people from india, asia, russian. they were there, they loved him. he knows how to negotiate on an international stage. do not underestimate the power
7:35 pm
of donald trump or you will be scratching your head wondering how did he get the republican nomination. >> you know, he is going to be focusing more on policy is what we are -- you have been called a high hard democrat, some say that trump is more -- >> i am. >> more of a democrat than a republican when it comes to policy. so what do you think about -- what people call his flip-flops on issues, like health care, like abortion? before you answer that. >> well, yeah. >> even in the debate there was a question that said -- i think megyn said when did you become a republican? >> you know, i think having been in politics since i was 13 years old i can tell you that people evolve, people change. even i changed. i don't know if you know i ran for school board. and suddenly people are asking me my opinion about certain things, certain issues. there was my periscope, sorry. about certain issues i had never thought about before. so then i had to start to conceive and think about my positions. even though i had said things before, if i didn't have that
7:36 pm
information i couldn't formulate clear policy. let me tell you something, donald trump is hiring the best policy analysts that money can buy. he is being advised by the best. when he puts his position papers out believe me, they are going to be solid, reflect where he stands on issues. and you won't be scratching your head. by the way, he is not the only one. i went to jeb bush's website -- any don't have clear policy position us because it's still very early. >> omarosa, you are fired. just from this seg mercht because it's over. >> that's so original. >> i know, it was corny. thank you omarosa. always a pleasure. >> great to see you don. >> you as well. we'll be right back, protesters in the streets of ferguson tonight, one year after michael brown was shot by police. we will have the latest for you. ♪"once there was a hushpuppy" by dan romer and ben zeitlin ♪ is man kind? are we good? go see. go look through their windows
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break news right now. it's in ferg. protesters gathering on the streets there tonight in missouri a year after michael brown was shot to death by police. st. louis county under a state of emergency. cnn's jason carroll live in ferguson, where there is an
7:41 pm
uneasy calm right now, especially after what happened overnight, jason, some arrests last night. a number of arrests today. what's going on? >> don, i think you hit the nail right on head when you said uneasy calm. that's what the feeling is like out here. where we saw so much violence last night. tonight what we are seeing are a number of protesters, numbering about 100 here to along west floorisent. on the other side of the street that's where you see the huge law enforce numbers we see out here. from st. louis county police, and also state troopers in riot gear. when you say uneasy calm. that's what we are experiencing. you have got some protesters out here who are obviously still angry. a year later there needs to be so mup much change in this community. you feel it when you are listening to some.
7:42 pm
protesters who are hear who have expressed so much 6 their anger. when they get in front of the officers out here, they let the officers hear it. ette they let them know how angry they are, even a year later saying there still needs to be change that happens out here. one of the things i found interesting and that i observed is the dialogue that is occurring out here tonight which perhaps didn't happen last night. you have one of the community activists right here in this crowd. look at it as we are talking. one of the community activists that's been out here has been engaging with a member of the state troopers out here, really talking back and fort worth trying to isolate those who might be trouble makers in the crowd. when i spoke to the state trooper, he said the people are out there, demonstrating peacefully, they have to right to do that. there is no curfew of. we just want to keep thing safe. that is the goal here tonight. it is still early. >> jason, you said there is a community activist out there
7:43 pm
trying to establish lines of communication. >> yeah. >> police aren't engaging with them, right? is it just an engagement with members of the community or community leaders, between them and the police? >> it is a little bit of both. what i witnessed when i was out here just a few moments ago was this community activist speaking to this officer saying, hey, good job, and doing what you are doing. because at one point some. members of the protesters game agitated as they got in front of the police. the police pulled back, not wanting to engage in that way. but also trying to do everything they can to isolate anyone who might be out here not wanting to demonstrate peacefully. that is the goal here. that's what they want to apreev tonight and tomorrow night and the the night after that. >> jason carroll for us in ferguson, missouri. thank you very much. break, what lessons have relearned since ferg fergie rupted in violent unrest last year. and what can police to do keep a
7:44 pm
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. protesters in the streets of ferguson tonight with st. louis county is under a state of emergency. the county is under a state of
7:48 pm
michael jordan. joining me a member the stsr state of florida's police officers association. author of a book. and also with me is kris chest nut, an attorney who represented the family of jonathan ferrell, an unarmed man killed by a police officer. and harry hawk is with us this evening. we just went live to ferguson. jeff, i don't know if you got see the report, but what we are seeing right now is peaceful protesters, he says there is dialogue between the protesters, the community leaders and the police. is that good in your opinion? >> it is, don, but these things are good until they are not good. and you know, it's sort of the bewitching hour. midnight tends to be when things really go astray up there. i've been texting back and fort worth to the cops on the line up there. they are using words like rowdy, dicey, tense. and that worries me. >> why does that worry you?
7:49 pm
>> because it's such a powder keg. and you know, we've blown through 365 days of missed opportunities talking about faux police reforms when we ought to be talking about how to make life better for these kids that live in the inner city seth that are so hopeless and in such despair that they have turned to violence and turn it more and more frequently against cops. sometimes the kid dies. sometimes the cop dies, either way it's an unhappy outcome. >> jeff, you say faux police reform. i mean, no agency, no one is better effect. police could usury forming and i'm sure the kids, the people who live there can use help themselves. so it's not just on the community, don't you think the police could use some reforming? >> this is a profession that is in constant evolution, constantly evolving. and you know, we -- we, know assimilate to the surroundings we are in. just as they did last night,
7:50 pm
they tried different tactics again last night. the police reformed thk their tactics last night and we still had terrible outcomes. we ought to be talking about the root issues here, and not distracting everybody in the country with the big lie which started with the hands up don't shoot myth. >> chris, let's talk about that. he dogs have a point. he said, you know, police, they did do some changes. ferguson has had some changes over the past year. that it did result in violence last night. and police did make it clear today. there is a difference between the protesters who have been out there all day -- and as they say, these are their words, the criminals who started this mismess. what gives here? >> you know, i think this is a missed opportunity. i think that we also have to acknowledge that we need community policing here. not paramilitary policing but community policing. community policing would be going in the community and learning the people. it's why we go to school. school is a socialization process. each got to learn the community,
7:51 pm
understand the community and then you don't have to shoot the community. i think it is a bifurcated process. it is a give and take on both sides. we also need more discipline in homes but we can't have the government regulating how you parent your children. and then taking issue when the children grow up and are -- >> government sends police in the neighborhood to clean up the mess. >> exactly. >> you have to know the people. >> they do. we have been doing community policing since the clinton administration. >> why don't you ask those kids in that neighborhood to regulate you. it's about understanding, where you are from. we have police officers coming into the neighborhood where they don't understand, all they are trying to do is enforce. >> chris, you are not saying they shouldn't keep the peace? >> absolutely they should keep the peace but it is the mechanism of keeping the appeals. it's understanding the community. you have got to go into the community. speak to the people, understand them as human beings. understand the cultural nuances, understand who these people are.
7:52 pm
and then you will be less inclined to take violent or act by force. >> go ahead, harry. >> i think what we need is we need the community also to understand the police officers here. i mean, this big lie that's being perpetrated and that's behind the black lives matter movement is the fact that you know we had an officer here that's totally exonerated in his shooting, although -- but he has still been made some kinds of a demagogue, been made some kinds of a bad guy. and they consistently use this type of rhetoric and use this specific ferguson incident as one of the problems with the plepts. and it's not. and the facts clearly show that, sir. clearly show that. >> if you take away the gun -- in jonathan ferrell's case, if you take away the gun is it murder. >> i don't know anything about that. i can't comment on that. >> if you take away the badge it's murder. we have to reevaluate how we
7:53 pm
police. what is ultimately happening is an erosion of trust in police officering. >> this is a imshachlt this breaks my heart, don. i was hopeful last night that we would actually see some peaceful demonstrations that went on without any disruption. >> 20 seconds, jeff. go ahead. >> it is peaceful. >> august and march and november. it's a shame. >> one person acts out and all of a sudden it's not peaceful. >> he is dead. >> there is no reason for shooting a police officer, but still. >> dying in the hospital. >> i think we have to reevaluate policing because there is an erosion of trust in law enforcement, and it's beyond black people. >> we have got to go in and try to take care of this and you won't let us. >> hold on, robert champion is a great example of that. >> we'll be right back. sorry. ♪
7:54 pm
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this week's cnn hero was searching for her lost dog when she found another creature that needed help arc baby sloth. she took it in and today she is a protector of these animals and is known as the sloth lady. >> sloths are very cute because they are very slow animals. they like to hang out. they have always a smile on their face. here we have the most pristine rainforest of the whole world, but sloths are facing loss of has been gnat the urban area. ten years ago, we started doing sloth rescues. when sloths are in trouble, all the telephone calls come to us.
7:59 pm
my biggest rescue ever was this plot of land that was going to be cleared. we rescued in total 200 animals, mostly sloths. there were sloths all over in my living room n the cages. he was sloth iified. i have a lot of sloths. >> he came in with his nails cut. that's why he has to stay with us: it's a lot of work. but wherever i go in my house i may see a sloth. what does a sloth do all day? it sleeps. it grooms. it eats. >> your whole face is yellow. >> and it sleeps a little bit more. it is ridiculous the way he is lying. my life with sloths. the best part of the rescue is when we release the animal. you are going to the forest. sloths are not pets.
8:00 pm
wild animals belong in the wild. find yourself a safe spot, huh. my work is about the environment. we should value and it protect it. >> kind of looked like bob. [ laughter ] to nominate a hero go to i love you be bochlt just kidding. that's it for us tonight. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. i'm don lemon. "ac 360" starts right now. [ laughter ] good evening, thank you for joining us tonight. donald trump is standing by remarks about fox news's megyn kelly that even fellow republicans say go over the line. they say his war of words with kelly is offensive to women, hurting the party. he says they have got it all wrong and she should be apologizing to him. we have the latest details, including my conversation with roger stone, up until this weekend a trump insider. now he is an outsider.


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