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tv   The Seventies  CNN  August 11, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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good evening. 9:00 p.m. here. donald trump made his first
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campaign speech since the gop debate in cleveland and the controversy that followed. with new polls out tonight showing him leading in new hampshire and for the first time, also ahead in iowa, mr. trump appeared to be at ease. he told reporters covering the spraenl the poll number prove him right and he left the door open to running as an independent if the party does not treat him in his view fairly. after that, he turned to the large and vocal crowd who assembled and waited much of the day. here's a sample of the news conference leading up to it. >> ladies and gentlemen, president of the united states! donald j. trump! >> we're going to do very well with the hispanic vote, with the women vote, if you look at nevada. they did the poll and i'm leading in the hispanic vote. i create jobs. i will be creating a tremendous number of jobs.
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i think we'll do great. the women's health issues, i'm for that. i cherish women. i hope that i will be the republican nominee. that's the best way to win. i'm going to keep the door open on the other. if i'm be treated fairly. it doesn't mean well, it means fairly. if i'm not treated fairly, we'll see what happens. >> then you have the killing of kate in san francisco. beautiful kate. and it is like, it just happens. this guy came in five times. the fifth time was a disaster for a family. a great family. a family that i've gotten to know a little bit. a family that i've spoken to on numerous occasions. and a family that i don't think the president has yet called. which is incredible. he hasn't called. think of it. he hasn't called. and the media, look at all those people back there. scavengers. they're like scavengers. they're like scavengers.
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so many. hello. i see a couple that i really like. there are some that i really like. melania, she'll make a very beautiful first lady. i can tell you. and a great first lady. she has a great heart. a great heart. she cares more about those women issues that bush doesn't care about. she cares more about that. between melania and ivanka. believe me. i said let's say that jeb bush is president. he's not a stupid person. i agree with you. you know, he was so nice to me at the debate. by the way, they said i won the debate? is that nice? is that nice? right? the polls came out and said -- and boy, did i have nasty questions. i stood up there and said i don't believe this. some of the questions. actually, rosie o'donnell saved
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me. this is one time. she saved me. i never thought i would be giving credit to rosie. but in this case, she was great. jeb and hillary on the same day, they said donald trump has too strong a tone. too strong! we have heads being chopped off because they're christian in the middle east. we have borders, the world is cracking up and they're worried about my tone. i should be toned down, down. the last two weeks, i've hired many of the lobbyists. that's true. i hire lobbyists. they're great. they're terrific people. they can do whatever the hell you want them to do. it's true. i've had a lot of them. it's amazing when you go to number one how they want to give you money. you know, if you're number 12, i guarantee you, rick perry is not getting a lot of calls from
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lobbyists and neither is lindsey graham. the two guys that hit me the hardest were perry, right? they hit me harder than anybody else. now it is rand paul. do you believe it? he's the new one. i said rand, i've had you up to here. i've had you. >> donald trump speaking to a live crowd in michigan. talking about why this candidate is different. >> reporter: susan and marsha were the first penal to line up to see donald trump. seven hours before he was scheduled to speak. >> he is like this generation's movie star. he has got charisma, he has got glitz, he has great ideas, he tells it like it is. >> i'm on the trump train, babe. i'm on the trump train. >> reporter: the trump train is speeding down the tracks but how much longer will it be running? >> he speaks his mind and he is
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not a puppet. >> reporter: bob also showed up to see him. and believes he will win the nomination. out of all the candidates you voted for in your lifetime. mitt romney to ronald reagan in 1980, does donald trump rank up there as one of the top candidates? >> yep. him and reagan. the ones i've had the most passion for. >> reporter: in the small down of birch run, michigan, is a republican fund-raiser. not everyone who wanted to go could go because it sold out. the owner of bengie's car wash was not able to get in. he said he's intrigued by trump because he is making the other republicans squirm. >> if he can't get the nomination, i hope he goes as independent. >> would you support him? >> yeah, i would. >> reporter: trump discussed keeping his options open for the independent bid. >> i have to keep that door open. if something happens where i'm not treated fairly, i may have
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to well use that door. >> however, they prefer he not go that route. >> would you support him? >> probably not. i am a dyed in the wool republican and always will be. >> but many here feel that's a moot point. they believe he will get republican nomination. >> do you think he can win the presidency? >> i do. i do think that. >> do you think he can beat hillary clinton? >> god yeah. >> the republicans are saying he can't beat hillary clinton. how do you feel? >> wrong, wrong, wrong. everybody can beat her. >> reporter: whether that match-up happens remains to be seen. but the trump train continues to speed ahead. >> i understand you asked trump a question about how he is conducted his campaign. >> reporter: that's right. i asked him a question the see if he was ready to do some soul searching. i asked him a question about whether he's made any mistakes, whether he feels he's made mistakes while on the trail.
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>> reporter: in all candor, do you think during this campaign, do you feel there have been some times when you think you've gone over the top in. >> i don't think so at all of i look at the polls. i can only go by the polls. a new poll came out. 32%. that's the highest for anybody yet. so i can only go by the polls. the people that we're dealing with, whatever has happened. it is what it is. you just look at the results. i guess iowa just came out a little while ago. leading in iowa, leading in new hampshire, north carolina, south carolina, leading in nevada, leading everywhere. so that's all i can go by. >> mr. trump does not appear to have any qualms. this availability lasted about 50 minutes. the biggest applause line when he talked about building a wall on the border, people stood in this room and clapped about 45 seconds. when it ended, the song played
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over the p.a. system that plays over most of the rallies. it was twisted sister. we're not going to take it. anderson? >> appreciate that. we bring amanda carpenter for ted cruz and strategist paul begala who runs a pro clinton super pac. you've been pretty down on trump. it is hard to, a ufl he was fired up tonight, hitting a lot of big issues. very at ease, talking in front of the crowd. even with reporters. where is the big stumble that so many say is imminent? >> i have to say it is amazing to see him in michigan, steps away from the little town where i grew up. this isn't a typical republican stronghold. there are a lot of democrats that i believe are in that audience. the people showingum. i think largely are republicans who probably traveled from around the state. and their support for them is
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the ultimate saying washington, you are fired. if you were going on come one a bumper stick today, it would be elect trump. fire washington. would it sell like bananas. people are supporting him as a way of protesting the old way of doing things. when you hear his favorite book is the art of the deal, which he happened to write, second only to the bible. is that why he doesn't care, he doesn't give politics specifics? they're so distracted. his self-confidence is extraordinary. >> you know, anderson, i think in presidential politics there is a, i'm being a little inexact here. but such a thing as the sort of broader canvas of a personality. and the american people, republicans in this case, know donald trump's peonality. they know exactly the kind of attitude he would bring to the
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presidency. so they respond to that. and then the fly specifics, a policy here, a policy there. there will be plenty of time. they responded to ronald reagan. if you recall, he was a public personality for 40 years or more by the time he ran for the presidency. they really felt they knew ronald reagan and they knew they could count on him. that his word was his bond. i do think they have that feeling about donald trump. and it is also interesting in materials of senator cruz, senator cruz has moved up in these polls. between the two of them, i think that they've got some portion of the same message here which is what people are respond toxg it is very much an anti-establishment message. >> paul, listening to trump tonight. you're a craft i think would you acknowledge he has an energy and a persona and one of the thing he attacked jeb bush on is energy. and trump is saying that he has
6:12 pm
no energy. that it is his tone. and it was interesting to hear donald trump talk about tone. it was one of the things he's been criticized for. he stands out. >> it is not a bug. it is a feature. he takes that criticism that his tone is over the top. they were standing next to each other. roger ailes did an enormous favor. i guess they did it by poll numbers. the fact that jeb was standing next to mr. trump really highlighted it. jeb just slept walked. and you really saw the difference. believe me. he said the only book better than his book was the bible. i guarantee his favorite verse is judges 15:16. samson said i have slain thousands of men with the jaw bone of an ass. i think that's the energy and
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kick butt attitude that donald trump exudes. >> you're not at all worried as a democrat or somebody that supports hillary clinton. you're not worried if he is in fact the nominee. you think matched against hillary clinton, what? >> i'm just not. i don't want to jinx it. there is no chance that he is the nominee. but i'm wearing my knees out praying that he will be. >> why 46? where do you see those numbers? >> look at mississippi and utah. some states are just not open to democrats. but no. this guy isn't going to be the president of the united states. >> go ahead. >> you know, i mentioned to you once, two things here. a poll from december of 1979 that showed jimmy carter beating ronald reagan 60 to 36%. listening to amanda describe her home area of michigan, we all remember the phrase, some of us do, reagan democrats.
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which were not apparent in that december 1979 poll. i'm wondering from her description of the kind of folks that might be there, union blue collar workers, whether we're beginning to see the arrival of trump democrats. >> that's interesting. new polling numbers out today. donald trump is trumpeting. no doubt about it. some surprises about his less well known challengers. some of whom seem to be enjoying a bounce from their debate performanc performances. and jeb bush speaking at the reagan library. am's card today i can offer you no interest for 24 months. thanks to the tools and help at, i know i have an 812 fico score, so i definitely qualify. so what else can you give me? same day delivery. the ottoman? thank you.
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we're looking at jeb bush speaking at the reagan library. first more on the new poll numbers out. donald trump calls them a validation of his campaign. and how he did at the debate in cleveland. dana bash has more on that and some of the second tier candidates. >> reporter: in the first contest state of iowa, donald trump is leading for the first time edging out scott walk here spent months treading lightly around trump and is now taking the gloves off.
6:19 pm
>> donald trump is using the same old tired talking points of the democrats. >> reporter: trump's rise come in iowa as he told chris cuomo, he still won't close the door on running as an independence. >> i have to keep the door open. and the bombastic billionaire is owning up to being a whiner. >> i am a whiner and i keep whining and whining until i win. >> reporter: trump is trying to redeem himself with female voters after a public feud with fox news' megyn kelly. >> i cherish women. i will work hard to protect women. >> reporter: the new iowa poll shows despite the comments about we will, trump is at 14%. winning with female voters in the first caucus state. this gop opponent isn't buying it. >> vulgarity does not equate with insight. someone can stand up and say you're stupid and you're ugly does not equate with a vision
6:20 pm
for the country. >> reporter: trump's lead has narrowed in the first primary state of new hampshire. on the upswing, to breakout states. >> we're like the little engine that can. >> reporter: john kasich catapulted from barely registering in new hampshire to third place. in a live free or die state, voters not turned off about comments about same-sex marriage. >> i went to a wedding of a friend of mine who happens to be gay. >> reporter: and carly fiorina who couldn't get on the main stage last week moving up in iowa and new hampshire. candidates who are not doing well are as much of a story as those who can. chris christie is practically living in new hampshire of his number have dropped so much. he is only at 3%. rick perry is struggling so much that his campaign is no longer paying staff. instead they're asking them to volunteer. and though jeb bush was never banking on a win in iowa, he is now in seventh place there which
6:21 pm
is troubling to some supporters. cnn washington. >> particularly given all the money he's raised. so leading in iowa, leading in new hampshire. not exactly tim motion that some predicted. it does seem, and we've seen this over and over. things that would cause problems for any other candidate just don't cause project for donald trump. >> it is really incredible. he has a teflon type quality. i think it is because he absolutely owns his persona. like a lot of politicians get involved in scandal. once they admit a moment of weakness, they're pretty much done. donald trump never says sorry. and so he's commanding an odd degree of respect among the voters for it. one thing that sticks out about the polls, the people dropping are the ones who i don't think are fighting against washington. the people who are rising are perceived as new to the
6:22 pm
presidential stage or have been seen as fighting the establishment, fighting washington, call it what you will. the people dropping down the polls such a jeb bush, scott walker, i think they have on tap into that energy that donald trump has harnessed. >> that's interesting. you look at fiorina, cruz, carson, even kasich. 55% of republican voters in iowa now say they're less comfortable with trump as a presidential candidate after the debate. 70% in new hampshire either don't support him or don't think he has the temperament to be president. do those numbers matter? do they pose a risk for him? >> well, marginally maybe. i think at this stage, this is august. 2015. any number of things, as we've already seen, can interfere here. i would like to say one thing. you have michael on earlier who i'm sure is a terrific guy. he had that column. i answered some columns of his
6:23 pm
at the conservative review today. he talked, as does a lot of the establishment about donald trump, if you go down this path. the republican party will fail. and i think to point out respectfully, that the bush presidency, and i like president bush, certainly, but a cbs new york times poll four days best left office had him at 22% approval. 73% disapproval. which was the worst numbers in like 70 years since the gallup had started taking these polls. and you have to believe that the audience that was there in that room tonight has some understanding of this. they see this as an establishment that utterly fails politically speaking and they're ready to go in a different direction. so the more people say, well, you can't go with donald trump because he will be a failure here. they're looking back at the bush years and saying this really didn't work out too well.
6:24 pm
>> rand paul hit back against donald trump. and he has clearly been trying to hit donald trump early. and he hit back. trump tweeted that he reminded him of a spoiled brat. i want to play some of what he said. >> you know, i don't know. i think if we're talking about who is a spoiled brat. my kids all work minimum wage jobs. do you think any of the trump kids have been working at the local pizza hit? i live a pretty ordinary life. and i'm not begrudging him his wealth but there is nothing about me or my family that's spoiled. i've worked from a young age. my kids all work and we're proud of them, delivering pizzas, working in a pizza place, working in a call center. all my boys work. they work and we're proud of them for working. >> did that surprise you? i was kind of shocked that he went after donald trump's kids. >> really big mistake. low class.
6:25 pm
kids should be off limits. either adult kids. mr. trump's kids are adults and successful but they're not running and they ought to be off limits. it was really unfortunate. a cheap shot. not the first time. jeb bush took a shot at chelsea clinton. there is plenty to criticize each other. they shouldn't be attack family. >> rand paul is not the only one to go after him. basically deflecting his jabs for weeks. is that a sign that he feels he is not getting momentum? not getting traction? he hope this is will help? >> i think it is a sign of desperation. we've seen a number of presidential candidates trying to define themselves by going after trump. rick perry did it. he gave a speech, bashing trump. look where he is now. he is not even showing up. rand paul has double it a few times. it always seems to back fire. they should not be defining themselves by bashing trump.
6:26 pm
there is a lot of time left. they need to show the voters what they're for. what they're going to pledge to do as president. it is a bad idea. it feeds into the trump circus that they are not going on win. >> i keep coming back to how early we are in the race. the interest at this stage is so incredible. as someone who has covered it, it is fascinating and exciting and i can't wait to see what happens on all sides. good to have you. we have to leave it here. up next, jeb bush laying out his foreign policy plans if elected and taking aim at hillary clinton when we come back. >> that effort should involve even greater engagement with the sunni tribes. ♪"once there was a" by dan romer and ben zeitlin ♪ is man kind? are we good? go see. go look through their windows
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no leader or policy maker involved will claim to have gotten everything right in the region. iraq especially. yet in a long experience that includes failures of intelligence and military setbacks, one moment stands out in memory as the turning point we had been waiting for.
6:31 pm
bfs the surge that turned events toward history. where was secretary of state clinton in all of this? like the president himself, she had opposed the surge. then joined and claimed credit for its success. then stood by as that hard won victory by american and allied forces was thrown away. >> talking with gloria borger, it is interesting to hear jeb bush talk about iraq given the stumbles he had earlier in his campaign. >> it took him four days going into iraq was a mistake. clearly the family issue there that weighs on him. in that clip, we just heard, he blamed hillary clinton and barack obama by rushing to get out and called it a failure of intelligence to get in, rather than blaming it on his brother. so what he is saying tonight. what he said in the speech is
6:32 pm
that we ought to augment air power in iraq. and he agreed with a lot of other republican candidates who are talking about making a greater use of limited forces there. not combat forces but increasing the number of forces which is now about 3,000 or so. >> and hillary clinton has already responded. >> yes. hillary clinton's campaign wasted no time firing back. they said if jeb bush wants to spread the blame for the situation in the middle east, he doesn't need to look much further than his next family reunion. and the statement goes on from there. so you want to talk about iraq? talk about your brother. don't talk about hillary clinton and her haste to get out of iraq. >> so interesting on a night where donald trump is sort of speaking off the cuff to see jeb bush. the tones could not be any more different as donald trump talked about tonight. did bush in any way create any daylight between him and his other gop challengers? >> there are a lot of republican
6:33 pm
candidates out there. lindsey graham, perry, walker, kasich have all said they're open to the idea. more troops in iraq. kasich said it might take combat troops. most are saying we need some trumans that are in support roles. of course, those trumans would be in harm's way. don't forget, american public opinion, given the beheadings we've seen from isis and the rise in isis. american public opinion has shifted in that more hawkish direction. it is not like they're taking a real risk within the republican party. >> appreciate you being with us. breaking news from the clinton camp. hillary clinton handling over the private e-mail server she used while she was secretary of state. it's interesting. back in march, clinton was saying she would not turn over this server. so what has changed?
6:34 pm
>> what's changed is that the u.s. government, the dafrl justice has been asking for server. originally this was by congressman gowdy who is heading the house select committee on benghazi. that was seen by the clinton camp as a political witch hunt to go after her and ruin her political chances for president. now at the department of justice, there has been a lot of questions about the security of the server. not only that but about the thumb drive that her attorney has. if you read the statement that the clinton camp put out. she said secretary clinton pledged to cooperate with the government's security inquiry. so she won't give the benghazi committee any fuel to add to the fire but she wants to be seen as being cooperative to any concerns the government and the department of justice has. >> where does the investigation go from here? >> which investigation? there are so many. right now the fbi is investigating whether there was any classified information on that server.
6:35 pm
whether there was a potential breach of compromise of information. not only by clinton but possibly by her staff. we're not talking about her actually passing around classified information. this is information that has since been classified. wasn't marked as such. then you have any series of investigations by various committee chairmen. senate the judiciary committee chair, chuck grassley has asked for a lot of information related to clinton's e-mail, the classified information. then there are e-mail about her staff, abedin and work status. so what has happen is this one benghazi investigation by the select committee has snow balled into so many various investigations. that i think the clinton camp is really trying to blunt this before it goes any further. >> thanks very much for the update. donald trump drawing a huge
6:36 pm
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donald trump ended his day in front of an enthusiastic crowd. he began his day in front of
6:40 pm
chris cuomo. >> i know exactly what i want to do. i just don't want to announce it yet. >> i don't know what that means. help me with that. if i were sitting across from you you a pitch to do anything for you, i said i have a plan but i'm not going to tell you yet. i think i would get an eye roll. >> i am prepared to tell out your fantastic show that's getting better ratings because you have trump on. >> this is the first time i've had trump on you. >> i'm saying trump or trump-related. trump-related, definitely. you can have me on again. >> we offer an open forum to everybody. you've talk about the military. you say i you rand to it isis. the iran deal stinks. >> you said i hand what to isis? >> you would give it to them. really take them on. >> so your definition of hand it is a lot different than mine. >> i'm not saying you would give -- >> i would take their oil away, their money away.
6:41 pm
how do you take the oil? >> i would make sure saudi arabia, by the way, iran, which gives plenty of money to isis, believe it or not, iran is funling money into isis too. and iran is going -- >> do you put troops on the ground? >> i would go in and take oil and i would put troops to protect the oil. i would go in take the money source away and believe me, they would wither and collapse. it is not about megyn kelly. >> she didn't come up at all? >> it's not about that. there was a misinterpretation of what i said. what i said i was obvious. unless you're a deviant. >> you know what it was -- >> roger has done an amazing job at fox. he called me and i have no problem. >> the reason that people were inclined to see it that way was because of the other things you've said in the past about women. which is why i started this early on about whether or not you wanted to apologize. >> i don't know what it is but i
6:42 pm
don't know how -- i wented to heartest school to get into. the best school in the world. the wharton school of finance. super genius stuff. i came out. i built a tremendous company. i had tremendous success. the after the deal, "the apprentice," who would make a statement like that? i didn't make -- >> smart men aren't always good to women. >> i've always been good to women. and there will be nobody better to women as a president because i'll take care, when i talk about health issues. i will take care of women like nobody else can. certainly jeb bush doesn't know what he is talking about. believe me, that will be his 47%. just like it took down romney, the 47%. his statement on women's health issues will take him down. by the way, hillary clinton won't. she won't take care of it like i will. >> how can you say that? how can you say hillary clinton won't? >> i know my capability and i think i know her cape bill and i'm much more capable than she
6:43 pm
is. >> some would say women on the issue of being pro choice alone would give her an advantage. >> there are plenty of women who agree with me on that issue, with exceptions, you know that. we're not just talking about me. many women agree. that's not just a man issue. a woman issue too. >> coming up, a shocking new report concerning escape of richard matt and david sweat from that upstate new york prison. prisoners left behind say guards beat them on find out any information from the escape. i'll speak with one of the report here's investigated, next.
6:44 pm
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welcome back. new and troubling details surrounding the prison break by two killers of the maximum security lockup in june. details about what allegedly happen to prisoners who were still at the clinton correctional facility after the escape. the investigation by "the new york times" found some were beaten, choked, even threatened with waterboarding as guards tried to final out what they knew about how richard sweat and david matt managed to escape. prisoners left behind at the prison, the idea was that this was an attempt by guards to get information about the escape?
6:48 pm
>> exactly. in the hours and days after the escape. there was a frantic search for these two inmates who were extremely dangerous. both convicted murderers, convicted of gruesome crimes. and it seems in the rush to try to find information, correction officers used tactics that might have violated policy. they punched inmates in the face. knock their heads against walls. choked them. put bags around their heads. >> do you know how many inmates this allegedly happened to? >> we spoke to or contacted about ten of these inmates. through the organization called prisoners legal service, we found out about a total of over 60 inmates who are similar complaints about abuse, about being thrown into solitary confinement afterwards, and about moving around and losing a lot of their property. a lot of their property was stolen or lost or damaged.
6:49 pm
>> did they start filing complaints? >> a lot of them through legal services. this represents indig ents inmates. we contacted several through their wives. we have been contacted by wives of the inmates from the beginning and began reaching them that way. >> you talked to an inmate who was in the cell next to richard matt. and governor cuomo had actually spoken to this inmate. i think we have some of that on camera. >> so the, obviously, he is intimating the guy must have heard something. but the guy, what did he tell you? that he got in trouble? >> the assumption obviously was these individuals cut these two,
6:50 pm
richard matt and david sweat cut through back of their cells using hacksaws, would have had to have created a sound. an obvious assumption. the person who was a neighbor of richard matt said he heard nothing and was baffled by all of this. nevertheless, he was taken and interrogated every times on. one of these occasions, taken to a broom closet. beaten up fairly badly. this was one of the individuals who had a plastic bag placed over his head, he claim, and was beaten to get information out of and when he didn't provide that information or didn't provide the information that correction officers wanted, he said the beatings had gotten more severe. >> what's been the response from the facility? do they deny this? >> they said that these allegations have been under investigation for some time. they have turned over some of the complaints to the state's inspector general, which investigates various state agencies.
6:51 pm
>> and are all of these inmates still in the facility? >> no, after the escape, many of them were sent to various prisons around the state. some of them tstopping first fo several weeks at a time in solitary confinement. that's one of the complaints that a lot of inmates have. that these were some of the best inmates in the prison. many of them haven't had very serious disciplinary imfraction. yet, they were put into solitary confinement and sent to different parts of the state. >> so where do things go from here? >> it's being investigates. we know no names of correction officers who might have been involved in this. the corrections department says it's investigating. the state inspector general is supposed to be issuing a report about all of the security failings. >> so the inmates didn't want to give you names? >> the inmates didn't know the names. a lot of the inmates told us
6:52 pm
when the beatings were occurring, they did not have the name tags that they typically wear on their uniforms. so a snnumber of them told -- a number of the inmates said they couldn't identify the corrections officers. they were from the other facilities. >> appreciate your reporting. tha thanks for being with us. just ahead, protest by an unarmed 19-year-old. the latest on what's happened to that police officer next. and] right on cue. [cat meows] ♪meow, meow, meow, meow... it's more than just a meal, it's meow mix mealtime. with great taste and 100% complete nutrition, it's the only one cats ask for by name.
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the rookie police officer shot and killed an unarmed 19-year-old has been fired. the local police chief saying that brad miller exercised poor judgment that left christian taylor dead. >> reporter: the 19-year-old christian taylor vandalized and broke into a texas car dealership brad miller made troubling and catastrophic decisions. that's the scathing critique from the city's police chief. >> the facts available demonstrate that officer miller exercised inappropriate judgment. >> this is how investigators say the events unfolded leading to the shooting death of christian taylor. police radio traffic captured
6:57 pm
when taylor is spotted inside. officer miller broke away from his partner and entered the building alone against department protocol. miller told investigators taylor was screaming obscenities and moving towards him. investigators say miller fired his first shot when taylor was 7-10 feet away. investigators say there was no physical altercation. the officer's partner and training officer then deployed his tazer. and, right after that, miller fired three more times, killing the 19-year-old football player. miller told investigators he feared taylor would overpower him. but the police chief says he has serious concerns about miller's justification for the shooting. >> this feeling of isolation was the result of his poor decision to enter the building without assistance and without an arrest plan. >> adrian and josh taylor are crust y
6:58 pm
christian's older brothers. they can't explain the 19-year-old's behavior that morning. >> it was just tough to watch. it was just not him in that video. not in his right mind the little brother we grew up with. we're still looking for answers, as well. >> taylor's family doesn't understand how the young football player who was 5'7" and weighed 170 pounds could hurt two police officers. >> do you think there's any way that christian could have threatened these officers' lives? >> knowing my brother, he wouldn't dare. he never actually would harm anybody. >> i just don't feel like that was the best op pgs to go. >> arlington police officers agree with taylor's family. and now, a rookie police officer has been fired and a grand jury will decide if brad miller will
6:59 pm
face criminal charges for the shooting death of christian taylor. >> and there's no video of the actual shooting, correct? >> that's our understanding. that the officers here in arlington are not required to wear body cameras. we spoke with the car dealership owner. we're told they have 32 cameras, a few of them that can rotate around. but from what we understand, numb of those captured the actual shooting and the police chief said the said thing tonight. no video has emerged yet. >> the investigation, where does it go from here? >> well, as we mentioned, all of this is being -- the investigation is not officially over. all of these officers in that incident were interviewed over the course of the last few days. and the police chief wanted to get that narrative out of there and inform people. all the files will be turned over to prosecutors and they will present that to a grand jury. so there is a serious chance of
7:00 pm
this officer facing criminal charges. >> all right, appreciate the update. that does it for us. we'll see you again one hour from now, 11:00 p.m. eastern. "cnn tonight" with don lemon starts right now. >> donald trump is at it again. this is "cnn tonight requests. i'm don lemon. i want you to listen to what trump just told a sold-out crowd in michigan. >> ladies and gentlemen, president of the united states. donald j. trump. >> oh, it seems no matter what he says, donald trump is teflon. leading in iowa and new hampshire and taking shots at his rivals. but don't just take my word for it. i want you to listen to a few of


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