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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 12, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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thank you so much for bringing it to us here on cnn. this is it for me. i'm back here at 5:00 eastern. in the situation room for international viewers amanpour is next and for our viewers in north america newsroom with brook baldwin starts right now. top of the hour. thank you so much for watching. this is cnn. we begin wefor a race for the white house. president bernie sanders or president donald trump. could the 2016 presidential ticket really come to down to democratic socialist from vermont and a billionaire reality tv star? both of these men now sitting on top of the polls in new hampshire. look for yourself. the critical first in the nation primary. bernie sanders at 44% surging ahead of hillary clinton at 37 pkts.
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and while donald trump leads his republican rivals in new hampshire he can add iowa to his gains pushing scott walker out of first place. joining me now roger stone, republican consultant and donald trump's former senior adviser and in the interest of transparency he says he quit last week. donald trump says he was fired. also an english professor has been following sanders since his early days since he was mayor in burlington, vermont. gentlemen, welcome to all of you. roger let me begin with you. you know, he keeps rising in the polls. no matter what the flap or the misstep may be. if you did indeed quit are you sorry you did? >> no. i'm delighted because a lot of the critiques that i made from the outside seemed to be listened to. he's now flushing out his issue positions and staffing up in the
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early states and coming to grips with getting on the ballad. i'm 100% for trump. i like bernie sanders even though his philosophy is different than mine. both these candidates are nonestablishment candidates. and when it gets down to policy, bush and clinton, that's identical on every issue. never sound different but i think the same anger and frustration by the voters that is propelling trump is also propelling sanders. they're both populists. >> 66,000 people which is incredible. jay, to you, you know, i mean, you are so well aware given your opinion piece that i read, anything from isis, iran to this racial injustice platform for bernie sanders. what would a bernie sanders presidency look like? >> it would be a radical presiden
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presidency. bernie sanders genuinely does represent the 99% of working people. i ran into a guy on the street and he said to me you're for sanders aren't you? i said i sure am. he said i work 40, 50 hours a week and my wife does in local businesses and we can't find sneakers for our three kids. something is wrong in the country where your average person can't buy sneakers for your kids. they look to bernie and say here's a guy whose policies is to average working people. donald trump doesn't just represent the 1%. he almost by himself is the 1%. >> do you want to respond? >> the voters don't want to redistribute the warmth either. the same anger is true. voters don't want to say i'm a liberal. here's what they know. the system is broken. i worked in washington for 30
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years. i've been a lobbyist and worked on the senate side and campaigns. politics is a sewer. the special interests can buy anything, the packs, the lobbyists, the special pleaders, the coke brothers, the billionaires everything is for sale. bernie sanders, i think he's honest and ethical. this is true of trump. i think the same anger is fueling these candidacies and we're going to turn both parties upside down before this is over. >> jay, with regard to those supporting bernie sanders, not to mention the massive grounds he's drawing, silverman was backing him yesterday, this internet famous influential online rapper lil' b made national news by switching from hillary clinton to bernie sanders. here's a clip of our interview. >> at lot of people started talking to me about bernie sanders and like you need to pay attention to him. bernie was a part of fighting
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against segregation. that was something that touched my heart and i appreciate it. because most likely i don't think that was cool for him to do that back then. but he still marched. as well as i heard he was for free education which is -- that makes me so happy because there's a lot of poor kids that might want to learn. >> jay, sara silverman. who are in these crowds packing these arenas for these men? >> if you look in the crowds you see a lot of young people. my 20-year-old son tells me all of his friends are crazy about bernie. i think mr. stone is correct that donald trump and bernie sanders represent authentic voices and they're not bought men. donald trump obviously could buy and sell anybody. but bernie sanders represents average american --
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>> not the best connection. but i think you're saying bernie sanders represents average men and women in the country. roger back to you. on bernie sanders and trump, over the weekend there was a black labs matter activist who took the stage and took the podium away from bernie sanders. he allowed her to do that and left. and donald trump took that moment and ran with it. >> yes, sir. yes, sir. >> took off his microphone to a protester. >> i would never give up my microphone. i thought that was disgusting. that showed such weakness the way he was taken away by two young women. the microphone. they just took the whole place over. i feel badly for him. but it showed that he's weak. you know what, he's getting the biggest crowds and i'm getting the biggest crowds. we're the two getting the crowds but believe me, that's not going to happen to trump. >> granted that was prompted by a question but do you think we
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will see more jabs from mr. trump toward bernie sanders or toward hillary clinton? >> first he's got to get nominated. he's running against 15 -- >> they're not waiting to get nominated though. >> i'm not sure that i'm prepared to say that bernie sanders will be nominated. he's clearly getting some strength. i think it speaks more to the weakness of hillary clinton than the strength of bernie sanders. neither trump or sanders would appear to be the candidates winning this race on paper. where i disagree with the professor is the kind of americans voting for trump, they're not wealthy. they're populous conservatives. they are the working class and for example, his proposal for a one time tax increase 20 years ago to eradicate the deficit in a swoop only on the super, super wealthy, the republicans say that violates the republicans. not for the trump voters.
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they're working class voters. >> i think jay would counter you a bit. but read his opinion piece. he goes line by line and may disagree. as we look ahead to the next republican debate you helped trump prepare for this last one. who should we expect to see on that stage out of donald trump? >> i think trump will be fine. look, he's not a career politician and never done this before. the format was not favorable to him. >> how come? how do you mean? >> you have seven whole minutes to speak out of this entire two-hour debate. >> there's a lot of candidates. >> that doesn't lend itself to a detailed discussion of the issues. like anything else in life, i'm confident he'll be better than in the first debate and i thought he did fine in the first. my arguments in my letter of resignation had to do with the post debate. he's now clearly back on the sweeping messages that have
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propelled him to the first place in this race which is the economy is in the toilet and getting taken to the cleaners by our trade partners. our veterans can't get decent health care. >> he's not talking much -- he says wait to the next debate. so hopefully we'll hear all those issues you were just outlining. does he have the infrom structure to maintain this? >> i think he can get the infrastructure and certainly has the financing. the last person that had this kind of uprising was ross perot. a man propelled by working people. i see the same thing with sanders and trump. >> quickly, a piece on the wall street journal. not his own money is going toward this. i believe i read frugal. as donald trump goes over the budget for the upcoming week. is it fair to call him frugal? >> yeah. they say you went to atlantic
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city and stiffed the big banks. that's not dumb. that's smart. that's the guy i want running the federal government. there's almost a trillion dollars unswept today. every president from nixon to clinton swept those funds in the general fund but not barack obama. let's find out what's already in the budget. that's trump's view. >> you sure you don't want back? >> absolutely. >> thank you both. don't forget the new cnn poll will be revealed at 4:00 today. on the lead. jake will have an interview with donald trump 4:00 eastern. don't miss it. next, a rookie police officer fired after shooting and killing an unarmed football player. was his deadly mistake criminal in the eyes of the law? plus they beat us and blamed us in the search for answers, hear what inmates at that maximum security prison in upstate new york said what happened once these two broke
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you're watching cnn. this rookie texas police officer who shot and killed an unarmed college football player has now been fired. brad miller let go from the police department for what the police chief called inappropriate judgment. he had been on the force for less than a year. miller shot and killed 19-year-old christian taylor while responding to a burglary call at a car dealership. cameras captured taylor entering the lot and damaging cars. these are pictures of the surveillance video. getting on top and smashing some of the windshields. miller was working with a training officer when he opened fire on this young man. his training officer pulled out a taser gun.
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obviously the officer pulled out an actual gun we're discussing. i have the statement just in for the attorney for this police officer brad miller and it says in part, quote, chief johnson used 20/20 hindsight to protect his job. officer miller made decisions in a heated confrontation to save his and other officers' lives. media thee at tricks are not even close to due process. let's discuss with phillip holloway and hln legal analyst joey jackson. let's just again with that statement. >> well, look, his attorney, the officer's attorney has to defend him and in his defense he's saying due process requires more, an analysis of the facts. >> those are strong words. >> of course they're strong words but you expect nothing less from an attorney. for the chief's part he has something broader to protect. he based this upon procedures
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and protocol. two things in particular were very troubling to the chief and led to the firing. number one, not establishing a safe perimeter outside of that area and in fact, without establishing that perimeter going into the building and number two, failing to communicate with the other officers such that this event may or may not have happened in the way it did. so that's what the chief was passing judgment upon. the protocols in terms of whether the procedures were followed that might have prevented this tragedy. the chief was not passing judgment on the criminality or lack there of with regard to the taking of the life of unarmed christian taylor. >> on the criminality we know he has been fired but could there be and what would they be as far as criminal charges go? >> good afternoon. you know, whether or not there's going to be any criminal charges is going to depend on whether or not the officer's conduct was
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reasonable under the totality of the circumstances and the officer's attorney apparently has read the law on this because it comes from a u.s. supreme court case called graham versus connor. it says that in criminal cases or if it were a civil case, the courts cannot use the lens of 20/20 hindsight to determine whether or not the officer's actions were reasonable. however, when it comes to making a firing decision, the chief was well within his rights to terminate him if he believed that the officer even so much as failed to follow the restraining policy. >> do we know -- we know there was some kind of altercation that led to this. do we know if it was a verbal altercati altercation? i'm wondering how would the officer feel like his life was in danger? >> look, it ultimately everything will develop and we'll get a full picture of exactly what happened but there
11:19 am
are things that are known now. it's know that they never got to be a physical confrontation. number two, that apparently officer miller felt it could become physical by virtue of taylor approaching him. now to holloway's point on the issue of the law, it turns into if the officer in fact is reasonably in belief that he's going to be emnantly threatened or harmed. >> then the officer who pulls out the taser. >> exactly. that hurts in a negative way because what you do is use this objectively reasonable point of view in the officer's position and the other officer apparently felt that a taser was more appropriate than a firearm and that's what's going to be problematic from a defense perspective. >> as a defense attorney, how would you argue against the use of a dataser?
11:20 am
>> i would say that this officer did in fact not only subjectively in his own mind feel his life or the lives of the other officers was in danger but it was objectively reasonable for him to feel that way. to joey's point, the prosecution would counter by saying look at the other officers, they did not make the decision to rush in or the decision to leave their partner and they did not resort to a firearm first, they went to a taser. i think it's going to be difficult to say it was objectively reasonable to do so. >> this reminds me of the charlotte case where the one officer killed the one man. >> they'll make the determination, grand jury. >> thank you both very. >> thank you. >> coming up, life after the escape. while david sweat and richard matt were on the run in upstate new york, new details emerging about what happened inside the clinton correctional facility in the days following their prison break and in the moments as
11:21 am
well. fellow inmates painting a pretty grim picture including allegations of torture and beatings and prison officials unleashing their anger with those details. deflategate heads to court. tom brady before a judge today to fight his four-game suspension. >> tom! >> don't settle, tom! if your purse is starting to look more like a tissue box...
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11:26 am
over his suspension regarding these underinflated footballs. rachel nichols has been all over this. she's joining me from atlanta. tell us what happened in the court. >> reporter: more than 200 days since the alleged footballs were deflated in the championship game. >> here we are. >> the two parties appearing in in front of judge richard berman who is known as a settlement judge. he likes to find middle ground before he has to rule. he met separately with roger goodell and his attorneys and then with tom brady and his attorneys privately in what they call the robing room. very cloak and dagger there and they came out into open court where it became fascinating. judge richard berman openly questioning attorneys from both sides asking a lot of the questions that we in the media have been asking for months now. only this time they're under oath and they have to answer them. so from impressing the nfl side
11:27 am
on whether this big investigation that the nfl keeps touting is independent. the judge says how could it be independent if you guys paid millions of dollars to the lawyer who completed it? one of the nfl attorneys actually edited the report before it was finalized and given to the public. also the nfl was questioned on whether they had any direct evidence of tom brady doing any kind of cheating. and the attorney really couldn't provide that falling back on the fact that it's really just falling under the judgment of roger goodell. the nfl was questioned on the cell phone. why didn't tom brady destroy his cell phone. did he obstruct the investigation? what this was was not only an exploration into the issues but also the judge again pushing the sides to settle by demonstrating to them that hey, your case that you think is so strong has got some holes and i have seen it on
11:28 am
both sides. so if you think you have all the cards, you have the winnable position and your other side is just going to have to fold, think twice. you're going to want to settle because you have some problems, too. it will be interesting to see if these two sides are shaken at all by what happened in court today and they start to move closer. >> to be continued my friend. to be continued. >> oh, you know it will be. >> rachel nichols, thank you. >> i really think i'm going to win. i'm an optimist. >> donald trump the optimist. dominating the polls and the conversation. what does he have to say about what he will do if or when he wins? let's bring in cnn politics reporter to take us through some of the policy versions trump has put out thus far. so great to have you on. let's begin starting with what
11:29 am
trump said on new day about the iran nuclear deal. >> i guarantee you that if i were president, this deal wouldn't be made, a deal would be made that's 100 times better. the sanctions would be doubled because i will convince germany and all of the countries that we're talking about. >> convincing, convincing. he's hoping to dominate with his negotiating prowess. >> and first of all, the iran deal, there's nothing that republicans love to dump on more than that deal. >> it's true. >> it's not surprising that trump would talk this way. it's a great way for republicans to say president obama and his foreign policy, you know, deals are not good. this is not good for the country. and for trump, talking about himself as a negotiator is a key and central theme of his candidacy. >> businessman. >> right. >> negotiating powers. >> over the decades he had made all these business deals and therefore has made billions and billions of dollars according to
11:30 am
trump. this is a central part of his cappedcy and a way in which he has differentiated himself from the rest of the field. he talked swimmingly about how he would get along with vladimir putin. but he had never held public office before. >> his plan to build a wall from keeping the bad dudes from crossing over into mexico. >> it's 100% they're going to pay. if they don't pay -- it will be paid but we need the wall. we have to stop these killers from coming in. >> he says case in point of success, look at the great wall of china. >> immigration is the issue that has propelled trump to the top, but there are some holes in the way he has talked about how he would address illegal immigration. the first question is this wall.
11:31 am
how would you pay for it? he's been asked this over and over again. i think he has literally said they will just give us the money. where does he get that confidence from? >> who is the they? >> right. who is the they? maybe it will be a -- look, i got this. they're going to pay for it so don't worry about it. the second question is what to do about the millions of undocumented immigrants currently in the country. that's the question that dogged him and an area where conservatives said he is not the conservative, he says that he is. he talks a good game but when you look into the details of what he talks about and how he talks about illegal immigration, he is not so conservative and haven't always had that record. >> okay. next, donald trump in an interview proposed health savings accounts to replace obamacare and this is where his opponents have accused him of the flip-flop. >> another area where he has a record in the past doesn't
11:32 am
necessarily line up with where he says he is now. look obamacare is also an issue where republicans, it's easy for them to say we will repeal the law, and trump has said that. he has said the first day in the white house i will get rid of the law but also said i will repeal and replace with something terrific. so what is that something terrific? what are the actual policy proposals that you would get to make sure that the millions of people who are currently insured and benefiting from obamacare that they would be taken care of? >> thank you very much. he keeps saying wait until the next debate i'll give you the details. we'll see. next new fallout from upstate new york. the inmates left behind are telling they're own stories about allegations of beatings and torture and even in one case a death threat as these frustrated prisoners search for answers.
11:33 am
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clinton collection nal facility. you know the name by now. the prison in upstate new york where those two inmates convicted killers escaped back in june. now some correctional officers are facing allegations of prisoner abuse. complaints that several officers assaulted, tortured and even placed inmates in solitary confinement for weeks on end. this started the day after the escape was held. the allegations are these guards
11:38 am
went on a campaign of retribution. the reporter who broke the story is with me now in new york. also with me the executive director of prisoners legal services of new york. the organization where the complaints were filed. welcome. michael, congrats of a phenomenal piece of journalism. we're starting to hear these stories let me begin with a man named patrick alexander who was in a cell add adjacent to these two guys. what did he tell you? >> he was living next door to richard matt and on the morning these two were found missing, obviously he's in a position to know something or at least that's what correction officers and investigators suspected. these individuals cut large holes in the back of their cells. he was interrogated several
11:39 am
times throughout the day and towards evening was taken for interrogation but this time instead of the standard interrogation he was used to he was taken to a broom closet, beaten up by what he claims three correction officers he says that he had his head slammed against the pipes in the room. had a plastic bag put over his face and was punched in his face as correction officers shouted questions trying to get information about where these two were headed or what they had in mind. when he claimed he didn't know anything, he said the beatings got worse. >> and there was another inmate in the piece who talked about how he was tossed in solitary confinement and when he went back to his cell a lot of his belongings were missing including his wedding rings. karen, how many complaints has your office received or letters? >> well, it's now up to 71 complaints that we received. >> wow.
11:40 am
what are common themes in those letters, complaints and also, what are you seeing as far as inmates being pressured to sign statements that they were not abused? >> well common themes are we were whisked away in the middle of the night. taken to other facilities. put in solitary confinement. without any disciplinary report. or any due process and held in solitary confinement for three to four weeks with only the clothes on their back. in the same underwear they were in when they were taken from clinton. not given any phone privileges. not given any stamps to write. which is a great concern of ours because pls was created to be a voice for prisoners who need a voice on the outside and they were unable to reach us for a significant amount of time.
11:41 am
>> please continue. >> and in other complaints were similar to what mike just mentioned to you in terms of being beaten. one individual said they took a plastic bag and tied it around his throat in an attempt to suffocate him. so those are the types of complaints we have been seeing. >> let me jump in. this is what clinton correctional facility, how they responded to your piece. they said the complaints have been referred to the state nft to general. any finding of misconduct will be punished to the full extent of the law. i had a question for you michael on the honor block where these two lived. one of the details that came about during the whole search was a lot of times overnight these correctional officers were asleep and inmates joked that
11:42 am
were the cockroaches. do the inmates think that's the issue? >> this is investigators who have suggested that there was nobody patrolling those cell blocks between the hours of say midnight and 5:00 in the morning when they have their first count. investigators believe not just inmates that this allowed mr. sweat i think primarily they think now to spend hours night after night for a number of months even going into the cat walks and boring into the tunnels looking for a way out and eventually found this steam pipe that led to his escape. it is unclear at this point at what point matt and sweat carved the holes in the back of their cells. that obviously would have caused a fair bit of noise. they apparently used hacksaws to do so.
11:43 am
another inmate we talked to said they heard nothing and it's clear for anybody is sawing somebody would have heard something. >> even governor cuomo, did you hear the hack say? karen, you're reading through all these complaints and you hear what the prison system is saying. how is this fixed and what happens with these inmates who say they have been abused? >> well, we will investigate all of the allegations. right now they're just allegations. we'll interview witnesses and the clients. foil documents. if these allegations prove to be true, we would represent them in advocacy and litigation if necessary to make them whole. but the department of corrections is also doing their own internal investigation. the commissioner has been very responsive to our complaints and i think that we need more oversight, we need more
11:44 am
transparency and may have to work on changing the culture of the prisons. but it doesn't happen overnight. it's going to take a lot of work. a lot of training. and we just have to do it because we never want something like this to happen again. >> karen let me follow up and i promise i'm finished. i'm curious, you mentioned the 71 complaints you received, do the correctional officers, do those within the facility, do they know when these inmates write these complaints? are the inmates flagged? >> they may or may not know. there's an internal grievance process where a prisoner if the he is harmed is required to file a grievance in order to exhaust his administrative remedies before he can go to court. they may find out through that. but they should not find out through a prisoner writing to us because they're not allowed to
11:45 am
read legal mail. >> i was just wondering as far as potential punishment or allegations, have they got worse based on the complaints. thank you so much. i really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. breaking news. we have got this video. this is a massive explosion you're about to see. it was felt and heard miles and miles away. dozens of people reportedly injured. we will take you there live and explain what happened next. you premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™, you could pay no deductible at all.
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breaking news out of china. a massive explosive that rocked the city in the northern part of the country. multiple injuries reported. will ripley is live in china. he's on the phone. will, what happened? >> reporter: well, we just learned from the public security ministry that there were firefighters fighting a chemical fire, a city of 15 million people. this chemical fire as the fighters were on scene exploded and this fireball and mushroom cloud and tremers were felt several miles away from the scene. we're told enough to jolt people awake in the city. thankfully the area where it happened was relatively a new development separated from the downtown area. it's still too soon to know the cause. we have know that 18 fire fighting teams are on the scene right now and firefighters missing and that have been injured and unknown number of
11:51 am
other casualties right now. we're seeing gruesome videos surfacing showing people lying on the ground. just don't know if those people are unconscious or something worse has happened. we are on the way. as soon as we get more information, we'll let you go. >> thank you so much in beijing. we'll be right back. ♪ look how beautiful it is...
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since i know you are glued to your tv's watching our original series the '70s. tomorrow night it's all about music from disco to rock and everything in between. my colleague bill weir. when he's not traveling the world he talks to rock stars like singer cheryl crow.
11:56 am
they talked about the '70s. take a look. >> yes. records. this is what you did. >> yes. >> you went like this. >> yes, kids. don't you remember sitting down on the floor and peeling the plastic all for the first time? >> i do. i remember unzipping the zipper of sticky fingers. yeah, it was an event. >> let's go through grand parsons. >> there was a whole period of country music for me that was emmy lou harris and the rolling stones. the first two fleetwood mac records were mount lmonumental . it was the first time i heard and seen a woman go out in front of a band and really rock and yet, keep her womanliness. 1970. i was 8 years old. for 10 years i got to experience what it was like to hear every
11:57 am
different kind of music on the radio. >> the '60s was about peace and love. '70s was about the hangover and the walk of shame a bit. >> yeah. short of switched mid '70s into a more corporate sound. it wasn't as emotional. it was more sort of calculated. and then you had the introduction with the begees to disco music. >> what did you think of disco? >> my memory was getting grounded for sneaking out and going to see "saturday night fever". >> you were too young. that was risque stuff. >> it was risque stuff. ♪ >> just makes me sound like i was born in the dark ages but we would dial the radio on sunday nights to chicago to get king biscuit hour. that's when we heard what was happening. >> what was your first live show?
11:58 am
>> peter frampton. ♪ >> and i was 13. we drove to the coliseum in memphis and stood outside the back door waiting for him to come out. >> oh, there's your boy right there. >> there he is right there. gorgeous. >> the best part of this album is you get this effect. offopen it up and get the full peter. >> wow. okay. all right. you said it, not me. >> you know what i mean? >> yes. ♪ i want you ♪ to show me the way >> and then i met him many years later and i told him, i was in an elevator in australia and i said mr. frampton you were my first concert and he just kind of looked at me like ooh. >> she's so cool. >> so you're in cheryl crow's barn going through her personal records? >> yeah.
11:59 am
do that. drop by. if you're outside of nashville, she's very friendly. >> i'll drop by. first live show. what was your first live show? >> it was the world series of rock. i think it was 1981. it was foreigner. 38 special. ♪ rockin' into the night >> remember that? like arena rock. corporate rock. >> i'm a little bit younger. born in '79. but bruce springsteen. >> but this episode, the cap stone of the series. >> this is the one. >> you had bowie experimenting and the stones in a steamy basement in the south of france. >> there's no auto tuning. >> exactly. we had to start hip hop. it was started to morph. some went disco. >> and the influence is still alive in music today. >> exactly. >> cannot wait. >> what was your first concert?
12:00 pm
>> the four tops and the temptations in atlanta. listen, i love my motown. i grew up with a -- what you call it -- in my kitchen. little albums. jukebox. my goodness. yeah. so a lot of motown growing up. thank you bill so much. watch him. go to the original series, the '70s, tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern. we're going to continue on. top of the hour you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. right now something is happening in the race for the white house and probably very few had predicted. you have donald trump versus bernie sanders. trump, the billionaire reality tv star leading the pack for republicans and bernie sanders, democratic socialist from vermont.
12:01 pm
mounting this challenge to hillary clinton among democrats. when you look at the numbers, both men sitting on top of the polls in new hampshire. the critical first of the nation primary. bernie sanders at 44%. look. he is surging ahead of hillary clinton with 37%. and while trump also leads his republican rivals in new hampshire. he can add iowa to his gains as well pushing scott walker out in first place in the first poll taken after last week's debate. the editor in chief of the hill. welcome. >> hey, brooke, how are you? >> wonderful. did you ever think you would have -- you know, these unlikely candidates, the bernie sanders, the donald trumps, shaking it up? >> no. very unpredictable. one of the most unpredictable presidential races in history. certainly when donald trump launched few thought he would be able to take on jeb bush much less surpass him and bernie
12:02 pm
sanders from a neighboring state, vermont next to new hampshire and doing very well. and trump has said wait a minute my crowd sizes are bigger than bernie sanders. but sanders has had the biggest crowds. has to concern the clinton camp especially with the e-mail controversy going on. >> which we'll talk about later. on the numbers, 65,000 people all coming together for bernie sanders recently in both l.a., portland and seattle. if, this is a big if, if joe biden gets in this race, maybe he comes from the old garb, do you think he would steal some of bernie sanders political thunder? >> it's hard to see at this point. >> which part is hard to see? >> that he would take a way a lot of what bernie sanders -- the left loves bernie sanders. he is an independent.
12:03 pm
he's self described socialist. a lot of democrats don't want him to become the general election nominee because they don't think he could win a general election. i think biden, if he jumps in and he gets in only if he gets a significant bump from all the buzz about whether he runs i think he would try to siphon off the clinton backers who are getting nervous how she has lagged in the polls and the enthusiasm is not there as it is for sanders. >> donald trump called bernie sanders weak. this is a jab at sanders. i don't know if this speaks to hillary clinton's weakness or bernie sanders strength. somebody stealing his microphone over the weekend. donald trump said if they tried that with him he would fight him. do you think that's the beginning of more attacks from donald trump? >> sure. i mean, i think donald trump goes after everybody especially anyone who attacks him. he likes to counter punch and
12:04 pm
he's a pretty effective counter puncher. they're both viewed as not the establish -- even though bernie sanders has been in the senate. he's viewed as a different type of candidate and very, very clear about where he stands on issues such as keystone. we don't know where hillary clinton is on that big issue. so that is what the nonpolitician or the outsider, the underdog has now risen in the polls on both sides. quite a phenomenon. >> on the debate side it was rand paul who kept trying to come after donald trump. i don't know if it worked or not. now there's this new ad airing in new hampshire and iowa through the weekend and he's basically attacking donald trump for praising some democrats. >> liberal on health care. we have to take care of people that are sick. >> universal health coverage? >> hillary clinton is a terrific woman. i'm biased because i know her
12:05 pm
for years. i live in new york. chef lives in new york and i've known her and her husband for years and i like them both a lot. i think she does a good job. she's a really good person. >> it depends upon what the meaning of the word is. >> what do you think, bob? do you think this is a strategy that will work for rand paul? >> well, i think that rand paul needs a comeback. he's media savvy and knows the story is donald trump and it's frustrating paul and other candidates. i think that ad is effective. it shows that donald trump has changed positions a lot. but on the other hand, trump's 20% is solid. they don't really care that much about his policies. they like him, his style. and basically going after people and not being politically correct. whether donald trump can expand that to 30 or 40% that remains to be seen. his head to heads against
12:06 pm
hillary clinton not strong. that's something the candidates are going to go after him. brooke, as you know, it's all about winning. the voters on both sides are going to be ultimately selecting the nominee that has a best shot of becoming the next president. >> bob, thank you. editor in chief with the hill. come back. meantime jeb bush has ha plan to defeat isis. discussing his attack strategy while at the same time blaming hillary clinton for the rise in the terror group and bringing up his brother's war to make this point. >> so why was the success of the surge followed by a withdrawal from iraq even not an a residual force that the commanders knew was necessary. that premature withdrawal was the fatal error creating the void that isis moved in to fill and iran has exploited to the full as well. where was secretary state clinton in all this? like the president himself, she had opposed the surge then joined in claiming credit for its success.
12:07 pm
then stood by as that hard won victory by ally forces was thrown away. >> what is jeb bush's plan? for one, he's calling for a no fly zone over syria to prevent the regime from bombing civilians and going after the president and removing him from power and he wants u.s. troops imbedded alongside iraqi forces pulling u.s. forces out of iraq gave isis an opening he says. let's go to our global affairs analyst and managing editor for core. when i was going through those details, how different is jeb bush's plan from the current obama administration plan against isis? >> not a whole lot different. it's where the obama administration very gradually is going towards. they don't like to say there are american boots on the ground and yet they keep sending more and more advisers. they're going on patrols.
12:08 pm
that's going to happen as the fighting escalates. in that sense, what he's proposing is not new. no fly zone over parts of syria. turkey has been asking that. and without actually saying it is also gently moving in that direction. a lot of strategy on syria against isis has been dictated by what's happening on the ground because nobody in american politics wants to take that particular thing by its horns and shake it's up. >> what about the fact that jeb bush is bringing up his brother's war. yes he's attacking hillary clinton and president obama. but this is a war that he admitted was a mistake. do you think that will back-fire? >> he's picking on hillary clinton because she's the one in the campaign that he can take aim at. not much point in blaming bernie sanders for isis and nobody else from the democratic side who might be vulnerable.
12:09 pm
let's say if joe biden came into the campaign i think you would hear bush take pot shots at him as well. the growth of isis, it's the whole story about success having lots of fathers and the failure being an orphan. the success of isis has a lot of fathers. a lot of blame to go around. it starts with bush's brother, the war in iraq, that basically sets off the chaos into which isis and predecessors of isis arrive and thrive. did the ultimate withdrawal of american forces strengthen that? to some degree it did. to say the u.s. left iraq as if the iraqis didn't have a choice is bizarre. the iraqis said you have to go. obama administration wanted to keep a quite substantial force of americans in iraq. like 30,000 american soldiers permanently. if memory serves correctly.
12:10 pm
democratic elected government said no we don't want you you have to leave. then that government proceeded to further antagonize the sunees. there are lots of different people -- there's enough blame to go around. george bush has to be one of them. there are some parts of the obama administration's policy in iraq that have to carry the part of the blame. a big part is the iraqi government itself. >> thank you. appreciate it. next, hillary clinton. hillary clinton is handing over her private server. her actions may have violated federal law and she should be held accountable. we'll explain his point next. and a newly discovered reporting of a speech given by dr. king. his story said this could be the first time he ever used the phrase i have a dream.
12:11 pm
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12:15 pm
big, big news today out of the hillary clinton campaign. the former secretary of state agreeing to surrender her private e-mail server baresed in her home as well as a thumb drive. all going to the justice department. for months and months clinton's e-mails have been a source of controversy from her political rival. let's discuss with former cia counter terrorism analyst and legal analyst. first on the legal side, why is this happening now? >> well, the inspector general
12:16 pm
of the state department did a preliminary run-through on this e-mail of hers. they sampled the e-mail and they took 40 e-mails. two of them had confidential security type e-mails that was a problem. the talk is that there's as many as 35,000 e-mails out there. i did the math and was surprised. if it works out to the same ratio as the 40, that would come out to 1,700 problematic e-mails. i mean e-mails that may have classified information on them and stored hmm properly. why precisely it's happening now? i'm sure it's the pressure of the political campaign and a bunch of things going on behind the scenes at the justice department to make sure they demonstrate it's been a thorough investigation. >> i had someone from the hillary clinton campaign. she said nothing has been
12:17 pm
criminal. she said hillary clinton didn't know what she was turning over was classified. you point out the fact that there's no criminal investigation and saying that's a problem? >> what do you mean? they're looking at this as a criminal matter. it has to be. we're talking about maybe there's this confidential information. those are all federal felonies. if she sent top secret information on unclassified e-mail system which it seems like she did this is a federal felony and punishable by ten years in prison and a large fine. there are reasons why national security agencies exist. there are strict procedures that everybody has high level clearance knows about to prevent this information not just from getting out to the enemy and giving it to the enemy would be espy knowledge. you have a legal obligation to do that. hillary clinton using a e-mail she set up for herself, that is obviously to me. and to other people, she would argue that. it doesn't change the legal
12:18 pm
jeopardy she would be for sending classified e-mail on unclassified server. each one you could ask the lawyer to my right is a criminal count. and the defense is i didn't know it was classified which is not really a defense. >> it's got to be classified and then the law looks at when we're deciding if it's a miss da mean or felony. when i looked at other criminal prosecutions. you have things ranging from general petraeus, he had a laptop that his mistress had class ti classified information. he got a slap on the wrist. he didn't go to jail. there are cia agents who are in prison for having not properly secured classified information. so you have a whole range and it's going to depend on what the information was and did its disclosure or potential
12:19 pm
disclosure constitute a threat to the united states and number three, did she know this. >> when we're talking about the latest reporting that there was top secret information, that's obviously classified to anybody who works in this area of national security. it's not well maybe, kind of, sort of. in fact it is graded by how much danger would be done to national security if it were to be disclosed or improperly protected. her server is not properly protected. that is known. she said there was no classified. now there is classified. she did not know -- now this is the secretary of state. she didn't know which is not really a defense and on top of that she said they were classified after the fact which is also not a defense because the information, not the markings at the top and bottom is what is protected under federal law. she had to know this and decided she was going to do things her own way. do you think she's be held
12:20 pm
accountable? probably not. you would be looking at a federal produsecution and at a minimum you would be fired. >> with the transition to e-mail communication that's taken place in all parts of american lives how many others in washington are taking their computers home? how many members of congress are doing this and communicating back and forth? it used to be this was written stuff kept in file rooms and leave it at the office. we have the ability to take the office home. i'm betting there's a lot of washington d.c. that's very, very worried about what's -- >> for all the reasons we just said. >> we'll talk about investigations. thank you for your opinion. paul, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next here, this is phenomenal today. this rare reporting of a historic speech by martin luther king jr. one of the first times he used
12:21 pm
the phrase i have a dream before he ever gave that famous, famous speech in washington. you will hear that decades-old recording next. ♪"once there was a hushpuppy" by dan romer and ben zeitlin ♪ is man kind? are we good? go see. go look through their windows so you can understand their views. go find out just how kind the hes and shes of this mankind are. i needed work done around my house at a fair price.f sure can. so i could get a faulty light switch fixed? yup! or make a backyard pizza oven? oh yeah. i can almost taste it now. tastes like victory. and pepperoni...
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12:25 pm
the nation, i have a dream. months before dr. martin luther king jr. delivered those words in washington in 1963 he rehearsed his speech in front of a small group inside of a high school gym in north carolina and that never before heard audio just released. >> i have a dream tonight. it is a dream rooted deeply in the american dream. >> joining me now the man who discovered this treasure, north
12:26 pm
carolina state university english professor, jason miller. professor, welcome. >> thank you, brooke. >> this is incredible. how did you stumble upon this? >> back in 2008 i started the process of successfully documenting that dr. king's dream had its origin in the poetry of hughes. although i traveled holding the speeches and handwritten drafts of the poems. the most interesting evidence i found was in rocky north carolina and i found this audio tape, a reel to reel tape about this large, seven inches in diameter. the box had rust on it. the reel was cracked and the end of the tape was frayed but i was hopeful because the box was labeled dr. king's address, november 27, 1962. if it held that i knew we had something very, very special. >> i can't imagine even finding a box that is labeled dr. king's
12:27 pm
address. you have this piece of history in your hands. can you tell me about when he addressed -- it was a high school gym back in '62? >> it was. it's a jgymnasium. in this speech dr. king is humor rouse and serious and goes into his how long not long set piece he made famous at the final march in 1965 and then he says eight lines of i have a dream and goes into let freedom ring. it's a combination of all these amazing things that the residents of rocky mountain knew about but we haven't been able to hear. when you hear dr. king rapping on the podium, the audience reaction and the way he delivers perhaps the 20th century greatest, there's really no substitute. >> let's listen to more. >> your life, and all men are
12:28 pm
caught in an inescape network. >> why do you think he did this? so much verbatim in this high school gym in north carolina before that following year. what do you make of all of this? >> well, the thing that's most exciting for me as a scholar is this was not only a new tape or the first document of i have a dream but as a scholar working on my book which is now available, this was a key piece of evidence in documenting and confirming hughs' own belief that dr. king's dreams were related to his poetry. dr. king started writing lines i dream a world and later in 1959 he started preaching about shattered dreams. >> yes.
12:29 pm
>> and in 1960 the two exchanged letters where dr. king asked hughes to write a poem and the poem was unpublished until my book is the subject of dreams. dr. king quoted hughes poem from memory. how to combine and relate to his own language, prophecy, the american dream and the dream poetry or langston hughes. >> makes me think of raisin in the sun. thank you so much. incredible find. >> it's been my pleasure. thank you. >> next photo, going viral. showing these two police officers both as you can see on their hands, his life matters, pointing to one another. one of those officers will join me live. also an update on the breaking news. the blast so massive it was felt and heard from miles away in a city that is the fourth largest
12:30 pm
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we're following this breaking news out of china. this massive explosion rocked the city in china. one hospital receiving more than 50 injured people and the number rising. our will ripley is headed in that direction. i have our global affairs analyst back with me onset. you were saying as we were finishing a different segment. that explosion in china is a huge, huge deal. tell me where this is and why? >> it's in a city about two hours drive from beijing in the northeast of the country. it is a city of about 8 million people. >> 8 million people?
12:35 pm
>> bigger than york. it is one of the busiest ports in the world. this seems like this explosion took place in that port. it's the fourth largest port in the world in terms of cargo. it is twice as large as the largest port in the united states. if you want to get a sense of it. it's one of the richest cities in china per capita income. richer than shanghai and beijing. china, a lot of exports go through that port. this is a crucial port. it's 3:30 in the morning now. as daylight eamericans we'll get a better sense of how bad the damage is. but it is very, very big. >> do you know if this explosion happened at the port? is. >> it would appear so. the pictures that the -- the videos suggest that it took place in the port. you can see containers and big tanks. there are big gasoline tanks storage facilities there. some reports say a shipment of
12:36 pm
explosives blew up. others say it was a gasoline tank. it could be a combination of both those things. we'll know when there's daylight. or it's clear that you see from the videos -- they were able to measure on earthquake measuring equipment the scale. there were three or four quick explosions and some made the earthquake machinery -- >> that's how tremendous this was. we'll stay on it. thank you so much for that context. breaking news. the united states in the fight against isis has begun flying manned missions from an air base in turkey. let's go to the pentagon to barbara starr who has more on this. barbara, what do you know? >> reporter: now the pebt gone announcing at expected the first air strikes by u.s. air force f-15s out of a base in southern turkey into northern syria or iraq. they will not tell us at this hour what the target was.
12:37 pm
they want to preserve some operational security. but what we do know now is the first air strikes by those f-16s in turkey with a pilot in the cockpit and why is that so important? this puts u.s. pilots much closer to the targets that they want to strike. it really ramps up the ability of the pentagon to get to isis targets. until now, these targets in northern syria and iraq were having to be flown from airplanes hundreds and hundreds of miles away down in the persian gulf. syria is a top, top target right now. these planes are expected in their missions to try and shut down that last part of the syrian/turkish border that isis controls and using to bring in fighters, equipment and weapons from southern turkey into northern syria and over to some
12:38 pm
strongholds into iraq. a lot of effort going to be made by the airplanes to go against the targets. >> thank you. to ferguson missouri, a state of emergency extended for 24 hours. officials say they are taking extra precautions after the shooting earlier this week. they stress this is not because of an uptick in violence. they have been marking the one year anniversary of the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown. in the small town of trinity, texas. let me show you a photo of two police officers there. perhaps you have seen it or shared this. these officers posted this video in response to the black lives matter movement and this is received many, many clicks and shares on social media. >> in the same way that sometimes only images can is expanding the conversation on black lives matter movement and
12:39 pm
what beyond that it's truly about. joining me one of the men in the photo. this is officer donald gibbons of the trinity police department. thank you for all that you do and joining me. i'm sorry we couldn't get the other officer. he's on vacation with his family. he's allowed a little time off. we'll forgive him for that. sir, welcome. >> how is it going today? >> it is going well. it is going well. can you just tell me whose idea was this? >> well actually me and chief we normally get together and think about certain things to do for our community here in trinity as well as ourselves as a department and we came up with the idea because of the issues going around the nation and we talked about the black lives matter and we didn't want the black lives matter to be standoffish. i don't want it to be a hate group. some people see it as like the kkk, the skinheads and such.
12:40 pm
we took it amongst ourselves to say our lives matter. >> i'm sorry. i'm hanging on your every word but i think when you say, you know, black lives matter movement will be like a hate group i can imagine the activists will disagree with you and they're there to bring a voice to a group who they feel like hasn't been heard and who has been abused by police officers. >> well, that's true. i mean, but at the same time we all need to come together as a nation and not just one particular race to be heard. i'm the only minority on this department and by no means have i been isolated and singled out by no means and even throughout this community. as a nation we should come together with our local department, local officials and state government and voice our opinion. but violence is not the way that's portrayed in our american
12:41 pm
society today. >> what do you do, officer gibbons, day in and day out just to make sure you're patrolling the streets of trinity with compassion and care and not with a bias? >> i'm a community affairs officer here. my job besides fighting the crime is to go out within the community and talk to people and listen to their concerns and issues and pay attention to the concerns they have and bring them back to the department. we talk about those issues whether positive or negative and try and make sure those issues are taken care of. so i think as a department across the nation if the communities can come together and go to their local departments and say these are the issues we have, they can be corrected. i don't think they should be ignored. >> i know you have been following the news and all the different stories making national headlines with regard to potential police abuse. which is really sort of -- i don't know -- risen the curtain,
12:42 pm
the need for body cams and how some police, there are allegations of lying on police reports and that kind of thing. a need for transparency and when you're watching all of this, all these stories unfold, what do you think? >> well, it's isolated. again it's just isolated and unfortunate that some of those incidents have taken place and as a law enforcement officer, we still have a oath to uphold and abide by the constitution to uphold the law. unfortunately that was something that shouldn't have occurred and hate they did occurred but by no means i will turn my back on my law enforcement people whether white or black. when we get up in the morning we pray that we come home to our families and i pray about this nation every day. i wish, you know, it could get
12:43 pm
better the way it is right now. >> i'm mindful of your family and the sacrifices you take on each and every day. officer donald gibbons thank you so much and tell the police chief we're sorry we missed him. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. imagine - she won't have to remember passwords. or obsess about security. she'll log in with her smile. he'll have his very own personal assistant. and this guy won't just surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10. get started today. windows 10. a more human way to do. it's got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress. you sink into it, but you can still move around. now that i have a tempur-flex, i can finally get a good night's sleep. (vo) change your sleep. change your life. change to tempur-pedic.
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there's another police department in south carolina coming under fire for shooting and killing an unarmed man, a 19-year-old. the officer was white and this young victim was white as well. police say the shooting was justified. zachary hammond was shot and
12:48 pm
killed last month. he was out on a date with a young woman who was the target of the sting. police say during the confrontation hammond tried to run over the officer but hammond's family don't believe that. they want a federal probe. they ordered an independent autopsy and say the results contradict the police report. they want answers. >> i just don't feel that the seneca police department is being honest about a lot of things. their stories keep changing. and we've just lost a lot of confidence. the confidence that we actually did have with the police. it's just shattered us. totally. >> so that was a conversation you, don lemon had last night on your show. this is one of those where the family is saying why aren't more people outraged over this? because we do continue to cover, you know, the shooting deaths of
12:49 pm
young african-americans and so what more did they say? >> basically what they said in press release, in a statement is sort of what they told me. they said they wanted the united states justice department to investigate the death of their son zachary with the same thoroughness as other interracial settings. every death of an unarmed teen strips a piece of our dignity and humanity as a society. >> what's the likely they would do that? >> i think they're looking into it. but this goes to show that yes it is about black lives and police and their treatment of young african-americans. mostly young men overall, it's about how police treat everyone. and i think that it is -- sometimes we forget it's often about class. >> yes. >> more so than race when it comes to dealing with police
12:50 pm
officers. >> wasn't it more about class. >> it's more about class. if you're dealing with someone who has means you may think twice about how they deal with them because they may have the means to go after person who has no money or means, it doesn't matter their color, then you may feel if you're in a position of authority, that you can make up things, you can create things, and that people are going to believe you, because who is going to believe this person who does not have the means? you're a criminal or you're poor, what have you. this family is saying, all young lives matter. they say yes, black lives matter, but all young lives matter. in fact, they said the biggest support they have gone is from the black lives matter movement. >> how about that? >> yeah. yeah. >> we should watch it just like we're watching the other cases. >> they want the dash cam video to be released. it has not been released the u.s. attorney's office and from
12:51 pm
the fbi, all they want to interview. >> don lemon, thank you so much. make sure you watch, 10:00 eastern here a cnn. coming up, jake tapper's interview with republican front-runner donald trump. this is cnn, set to release new gop poll numbers. we'll be right back. no sixth grader's ever sat with theighth grade girls. but your jansport backpack is permission to park it wherever you please. hey. that's that new gear feeling. this week, filler paper and folders just one cent. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. yoabout summer pizza?ng it tastes light. it tastes fresh. and it's pizza. try our new grilled chicken margherita pizza. a large for only $12.00. and, add a chocolate chip cookie for only $5.00 more. better ingredients. better pizza.
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well, the world was infuriated over the killing of cecil the island. in that same week, five elephants have been hunted and killed. they leaving small orphaned elephants for dead, only some of which might find refuse in the wildlife trust nursery. i went there myself recently, adopted two baby elephants. i can attest to some of the
12:56 pm
horrors myself. i'm joined by the man who regrets the day he hunted an elephant. here with me, geoffry kent, founder of abercrombie & kent. you grew up on a farm in south africa. i could sit with you forever with the stories. can we begin with the story of hunting an elephant? >> we grew up in a farm, grew up hunting. that's what we did. at age about 15, one was big enough to shoot something more than a crocodile. it was a rite of passage. i went off with one of my godfathers. it was an hunting area back then, can you believe it. that's where i shot two buffalo, and then the big thing was to shoot an elephant. we waited to for the day.
12:57 pm
i described it. when i thought the elephant, it was like horror. that's when i wrote that forever i would rather shoot with a camera, and not with a gun. that's what became the cornerstone of abercrombabercrombi abercrombie & kent. it's because of you i went and adopted two baby elephants, just because of what i learned about the place from you and from kristin davis, who i know is involved as well. you tell these stories about real-life issues, like the terror attack in mumbai, and you had groups in mumbai who you had to get out and also what happened? south sudan. >> what happened in mumbai, we all know now it was a terrorist attack, but one of my guides called them in their room and literally, you come out, you turn left, walk down 100 yards, see a ladder down the windows, come on down and you'll see the abercrombie & kent yell ro sign and there was a guy in his blue
12:58 pm
suit, kay on the everywhere. they came down the landing and were transported to the four seasons hotel. we always prepare for emergencies. the key thing with our trips is you have to be safe. >> with -- when you read your book, and just knowing you, with the people you have taken, ted turner, who are near and dear to our hearts here at cnn, your friend prince charles, myself, i didn't -- i knew a little bit about a & k and hopped up a mountain a couple years ago, and made a dear friend with one of your phenomenal guides, who is the most interesting people or person that you've taken? >> they're all very, very different, every one of them very different. i think that -- going back in my book, i remember richard burton, tons of fun, to ted turner, one of the most brilliant entrepreneurs of all time.
12:59 pm
>> where was his favorite place that y'all went? >> botswana. botswana, kenya in the early days, but today everybody loves botswa botswana. we have beautiful camps, and you have to go there someday. >> it's on my list. i think when i met you before, you had this like scratch notepad where you were already dreaming up a trip to the south pole. can you tell me about that in 30 seconds? basically i've been almost anywhere, and now i have to get the map and now we'll do they expeditions and live with the emperor penguins, then another plane down to the south pole, and then climb a mountain that's never been climbed before. >> the world is your neighborhood. >> i love it. >> geoff kent, thank you so much. again your book, "safari." >> it was great friend. that does it for me here in new york.
1:00 pm
i'm brooke baldwin, thank you so much for being with me. stick around, coming up next, the republican front-runners and all the polls right now, donald trump is on next with jake tapper. "the lead" starts right now. \s hey, folks, we have some brand-new presidential poll numbers from the key stay of iowa, coming to you in jux seconds. i'm jake tapper, this is "the lead." new cnn/orcp polls showing that donald trump is now on top in iowa, too. and that the first republican debate has totally reshaped the rest of the field. we'll have donald trump reacting live. also in politics, as her poll numbers drop, and her trust deficit rises, hillary clinton finally hands over her private e-mail server, after top secret messages were found. the world lead. it looked like a meet i don't hitting. witnesses those it was a nuclear bomb. ne