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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 12, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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spirit's ceo tells the cnn the tropical storm that slammed texas caused the majority of those delays. the airline with the least complaints, southwest airlines. that's it for "the lead." i'm turning you over for with you brianna keilar, who's in for wolf blitzer next door in "the situation room." \s a new cnn poll just released this how shows donald trump maintaining his latest lead. and tonight he fires off again in an interview with cnn. what is he saying about hillary clinton? most dangerous threat. the top pentagon leaders says russia is now the greatest menace, with allegations of russian computer attacks, and attempts to expand in europe, is vladimir putin trying to heat up the cold war? wall of flames, a massive explosion, a giant blast seen and felt for miles, hundreds of people possibly hurt.
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right now a frantic effort to find and treat the injured. what caused this fiery disaster. unrelending, growing suspicion that kim jong-un may have gotten rid of one of the his most important political allies. his regime is suspected of carrying out mass executions, conducting landmine attacks, and even creating its own time zone as one of the world's most ruthless leader become totally unhinged? wolf blitzer is off. i'm brianna keilar, you're in "the situation room." we are following breaking news, a new cnn/orcp poll just out tonight showing donald trump and hillary clinton leading their respective feels and trump weighing in on the controversy of clinton's use of a private
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e-mail server as secretary of state, a servers she's now handing over. in an interview with jake tapper a short time ago, trump called it a criminal situation, and there's breaking news from the carter center in atlanta. president carter has just announced his cancer has spread and he will be undergoing further medical treatment. with more of that this hour, our expert analysts and guests, we want to begin with senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny. what are the latest twists and turns today, jeff? >> hillary clinton has agreed to turn over her private e-mail server. taking together if you're an establishment candidate, it's been a tough day on the campaign trail. five months after saying no -- >> i believe elf met all my responsibilities and the server will remain private. >> hillary clinton finally said
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yes, and agreed to surrender the private server. her campaign says she does nothing wrong, but is cooperating with the investigation into how classified material was handled. it's an issue that's followed her all summer. >> i am confident that i never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received. >> republicans have been clamoring for this. >> about damned time was my initial reaction. i can't help but smile it is nothing that someone is voluntary turning over something to the fbi. they generally don't ask. they tell us to do so. >> it's raised questions about her credibility, and given an opening to bernie sanders. he's drawing bigger crowds than any 2016 candidate. we have a message to the bill billionaire class -- you can't have it all. >> he has a seven-point edge,
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according to a new frankly pierce university poll. david speegle is one of those new hampshire democrats, who is turning to sanders. we caught up with him this week at a clinton campaign stop. >> i think the message resonates with a lot of people who feel that the elections are bought and paid for by very wealthy donors and corporations. >> reporter: for republicans, donald trump is still overshadowing the race and overwhelming his gop sfrech opponents what would jeb bush do? he would probably say it's not a good thing, and if he ever said it strongly, which he wouldn't because there's no energy will. we need energy, we need tone. >> reporter: focusing is on clinton -- >> in all of her record-setting travels, she stopped by iraq exactly once. >> the one bright spot for hillary clinton came in iowa,
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where our new poll shows her with the lead, but it showings an attack because of that private e-mail server, including from jeb bush. in nevada he listed her in a series of people who have threatened security. this controversy is certainly not going away. jeff zeleny, thank you so much. a key race alert, the results from a new cnn/orcp poll, where the first caucuses of the 2016 campaign will be held in less than six months. our chief national correspondent john king is here with the number, and what do they tell you, john? >> brianna, more proof you might say the world in politics this year is upsidedown. last time it was iowa that stung hillary clinton, only to lose in 200. this year our brand-new numbers
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show iowa saying we want you, hillary clinton, as our front-runn front-runner. if there's a message to the vice president, the last couple weeks he's thinking about getting into the race, iowa viters don't seem to be clamoring for biden. he was lating in the new hampshire polls, hillary clinton is happy with iowa. let's look at our brand-new republican numbers. trump is ahead. look at the shake up. scott walker, now in our poll in third place behind ben carson, who had a strong finish to the primetime debate. carly fiorina, widely viewed as having won the -- look at that jeb bush is at 5%, in the bottom of the pack.
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if there's one warning sign for this poll, it's right here. he does have a big gender gap. if there's one state where this is less of a problem, this would be iowa. donald trump says he went to the best school, his support are coming from those who have not attended college. scott walker and ted cruz desperately need tea party support. donald trump, a man who has spoken favorably about the single-payer plan, has a position that some would believe is amnesty, is leading among tea party supporters. can he handle the economy? a big edge. can he handle immigration? a big edge. even an edge on terrorism. iowa, iowa republicans think he is by six points, by all polling
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shows out, they -- >> electable so key. thank you so much. we want to bring in ana navarro. a lot to look at here. you see him in seventh place with 5% of the vote, as you heard john say, of course, the campaign never thought this was their state, but know his was also seventh place in another poll that came out this week, this is low by even the measures that the campaign has set out for itself. >> what do you mean? there's 17 people running, look at the glass half full. i think these are early polls. polls are going to go up and down. we have a bunch the debates and forums before the first iowa caucus, before the first vote is
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cast. you know, i think jeb will be spending more time there. he has the kind of campaign that is competing everywhere. he is within the margin of error. every candidate except trump and carson, so, you know, it's not like there are wild distances between a lot of these candidates. >> all right. so that's a lot of optimism, i would say, john. what do you think about that? >> look there were polls a couple months ago that showed jeb bush moving up. his campaign suddenly set maybe there's a chance. this debate shows the shift in the field that it could be a bit like 2012. however, the one constant has been donald trump at the top. so i think republicans are nearing the point where think all thought this would flame out, this would go away.
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all that not hurting him. the conventional weapons of politics -- money on television ads -- will have to be used to try to take donald trump down. >> it's fascinating, jeff, that he's leading the gop field on the economy very far away from the others, terrorism, illegal immigration, electability. what is it the voters are responding to? >> they don't like the stat convulse quo, they don't like what's happening in washington. i'm not surprised he's leading in these separate areas, because he's leading overall in the poll with so many people in the field, it would be difficult for someone else to break ahead, but look, i think it is still summer, we have seen this movie before. not this version, but we saw candies in the summer of 2012, herman cain, michele bachmann.
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the key question is, did he have a serious second act? once the leaves begin to change and the fields are harvests, voters take a more serious look at candidates and their issues. this is all a process, but it's ridiculous to count him out as many of us have. i think we know he's here for a while. >> ana, take a listen to what trump said about the iraq war when he was talking to jake tapper this afternoon? erchlts unlike jeb bush, unlike the brother who god us into the whole war, i was totally opposed to the war. in july 2004, headline -- trump opposes war in iraq. i'm the only one of all the candidates, i'm the only one that opposed the war. so, you know, one of those things. you could call that vision. >> is that an effective argument? >> i think you call it
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coincidence. remind me, brianna, is that back when he was a democrat? or is that when he was an independent? because there was one before he was a republican. that answer basically puts him to the left of hillary clinton, puts him right there with bernie sanders, the people who saw the intelligence that was faulty we know now, decided differently. he was basing that opinion on, i don't know, instinct? got knows what donald trump uses to form opinions. unless drump says something outrageous, we aren't talking about him, because he hasn't put out any policy. i would like to hear his policies on what we're going to do in the middle east. i think a lot of republicans are forward to hearing him talk policy. >> he does falter when it comes to republican values, we see
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that in this poll. i wonder also, with evangelical christians, jeff, we actually see he does pretty well with them, yet he's made comments in the past where he's talking about communion, i get my little cup of wine and little cracker, and he says he doesn't think he's ever asked for forgiveness from god. that's surprising to me he's doing so well with the evangelicevan jell cans. >> i think they don't know enough about him. what john mentioned earlier, if tv ads are used as a weapon against him, i promise you every evangelical on sunday will have a flyer on their wirkt. >> then the question will be, does it matter? so far they don't care, because
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they want him kicking. he kicks president obama, they want a fighter. he kicks hillary clinton, he's a fighter but he also kicks the establishment. jeb bush is saying we need to get along, that's a smart general election message. john, jeff, anna, we will be back in just a moment. after a quick break. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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breaking news, jimmy carter has just announced he has cancer. in a statement released by the carter center, 990-year-old former president reveals that i have cancer that's in other parts of my body. i will be rearranging my schedule as necessary so i can undergo treatment be physicians at emory health care, a more complete public statement will be made when facts are known, possibly next week. we have back with jeff zeleny and john king, but first i want to bring in dr. sanjay gupta, joining us on the phone. this is a limited statement about the former president's health situation. what does this mean, especially with someone of his age?
2:20 pm
>> yeah, certainly he doesn't specifically say what type of cancer it was, whether it's liver cancer specifically or cancer of other organs in that area, gallbladder or pancreas. but certainly to your point, he's 90 years old, this is a tough cancer for everybody, but more difficult when you're older. treatment can be very difficult as well. he has said, my understanding is he is going to pursue treatment. i should point out, you know, that jimmy carter and his family has a very strong history of pancreatic cancer. many may not know this. every one of his siblings died of pancreatic cancer. he mother had that as wet. there's a strong genetic history there. we'll probably get more information here in the next
2:21 pm
couple days, about specifically what cancer, and where has it spread in to other organs, to lymph nodes around the organs? all of that makes a difference in terms of his prognosis. >> when you read this statement, do you think that doctors are trying to just get a better sense at this time about what's going on? do you think they really only have a limited idea at this point? >> well, yeah, i think what's happening here, probably given his family history over time, i know that he was looking at getting screenings, to see if he had any masses or anything in and around his pancreas. a few years ago he started getting blood tests as opposed to getting the scans anymore. somebody probably showed up that sort of warranted looking and seeing if there was a mass or something, suspicious, and that was ten days ago to remove a small mass from around his liver. i think just now, they probably
2:22 pm
did some sampling of tissues around that area, which looked special as well, and they're just now getting that information. you have to put the complete picture together, how big is the mass, how -- if they're talking about this thing they're calling cancer now, and how much has it really spread? i don't know in they're necessarily trying to put a rosier picture or not, but once you get all that information, you'll have a better why's of what the prognosis is. pancreatic cancer, liver cancer that has spread. obviously those are signs, but exactly what kind, how far it spread, how big those masses, all of that will make a difference. >> john, president carter, he certainly is going to be focusing his taxi on his for health, but in recent decades, he's had such a vibrant
2:23 pm
post-presidency. >> it was jimmy carter who essentially put the modern-day iowa caucuses on the map. if you think no way he can win, he has a crazy family, he doesn't have the indiana from a trier, jimmy carter came out of nowhere. the democratic party thought this is cute, a southern governor running, it was the pre-interneat, post-watergate, but it is proof a guy who plugs away and takes advantage of the political mood of the tap, taps into it when the establishment politician, his presidency defined by inflation, stagflation, the iran hostage crisis, ronald reagan's history. he'sen an outsider in the former presidents club. even the former presidents club, occasionally raising some eyebrows with hugo chavez, or his hugging of the palestinians and criticism of israel, but
2:24 pm
mostly he's remembered for the carer center, reconciliation work, habitat for humanity, his charitable work. >> we're certainly thinking of him as he's going through the treatment. dr. gupta, thank you. a huge explosion just lights up the sky on a major port city. we're getting new details. aa chance to try somethinglook. different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. take advantage of our summer offers. get this low mileage lease on select ats models, in stock the longest, for around 269 per month. technology empowers us it pushes us to go further.
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we are following deeply disturbing new developments in the war with isis. pictures posted on jihadist website indicates an offshoot in ejudgment has followed through to behid a croatian contract worker who was kidnapped last month. this comes days after a couple in mississippi was accused of using a honeymoon to cover up going to join isis. their plight is the subject of an in-depth report on the huffington post. julia is joining us along with phil mudd. thanks so much to both of you for being here. phil, first i want to ask you about this croatian hostage who appears to be killed by isis in video we are now seeing.
2:30 pm
you're saying we wouldn't have seen something like this even three years ago. >> we talk about operational impact, about how many village isis has taken, how many air strikes or drone strikes. i think equalitily important is the critical impact of the isis ideology. we've seen beheadings of christians in north africa, a few years ago you would not have heard about the afteria in the sinai desert, and suddenly they say i'm affiliated with isis, think took off the street, and midsummer, this hostage, they killed him. i think the real bottom line is not that isis is expanding operationally, but other groups are saying i like this idea, this idea gains international impact, i'm going to sign up. >> taking part in their strategy. >> that's right. >> julia, your piece that you have out in the "huffington post" is fantastic, an in-depth
2:31 pm
report on parents whose kids have joined isis or have converted to radical islam, joint terror groups, al qaeda as well. i want to look at a video clip from your piece. >> i've got a -- won't say hi anymore, and the -- and i can see that she's -- well, that's the mother of a terrorist. >> family members can't -- it not only is losing the kid, but the whole terror aspect, you know, how could this happen? >> this is just one of the voices that's in your piece. tell us about what you found. >> i covered the stories of six mothers in five different countries -- canada, denmark, norway, belgium and france. all but two of the kids have been killed and the mothers are dealing with how this happened. some of the mothers had no idea
2:32 pm
that this -- they were seeing what was happening to their kids and children were being radicalized, but it was so early on, they had no idea what they were seeing. they had no idea what anyway seeing was their children being radicalized until one day they disappeared and called them from the turkish border. in some way when they kids go to syria to fight with isis, the mothers at least in a psychological sense go with them, bay they're mothers and a lot of times this is the first time the kids have been away from home. they write back as if they're college freshman. how are you doing? how's my brother? how's the cat? thee kids. >> did you find similarities between these kids in their experience, something that might have in retrospect been a tip-off to the fact that they were vulnerable or at risk? >> well, what i saw was, you know, in the family of western converts, the child is usual usually troubled, the father is usually out of the picture.
2:33 pm
in the families of muslim immigrants to the west, the kid feels that they cannot access the local identity, the danish identity, the belgian identity, so they latch on to the identity they know for sure they have, which is the muslim identity. this provides with a very simple explanation for everything that's wrong in their lives. what's super-interesting about this is it's mostly the mothers. the father recede into the background, either they wre not there to begin with or they don't want to be public about this, they recede into the shadows with their guilt. the mothers are the ones trying desperately to understand why this happened to them, and how they can prevent it from happening to other mothers. >> julia, it is a great read, i want to encourage people to check it out. phil, thanks for your insight. coming up, breaking news about the latest water quality test after 3 million gallons of toxic mine waste fills into a pristine river in colorado.
2:34 pm
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2:39 pm
river has returned to where it was before the spill. the spill is blamed in part on an epa cleanup effort that went wrong. with us on the phone is colorado governor john hihien higgenloop. they say the levels have returned to pre-event conditions. if you were in durango, would you want to drink from the water there in the river? >> as a matter of fact, you know, we tell people you should never drink from river water in the west. there's so much livestock, and you can get best continual bugs. >> but if they're taking it in for use, would you be comfortable with it? >> i wouldn't drink the water
2:40 pm
normally, but that being said, i am happy to take a swig or two of the water now, if they put iodine in the water, take a swig, i would be happy to do it. this isser heavy metals that over a long period of time can call public health issues, but a swig or two will not make a difference. >> what about folks reliant on the well water. >> this is not a flood event, right? this was a leak into the river, but the river didn't go over the banks, generally the hydrologic radius -- it comes in handy to have a master's in hydrology. the water is usually from the wells into the river. even if you're quite close to the river, it's very unlikely you would get place from the event. this river, while certainly good for rafting, fishing, does have a higher content of certain heavy metals than you would want to drink on a regular basis.
2:41 pm
anyone who's getting place from this event is probably getting it day to day anyway. again, this wasn't a flood event. this didn't push water out over the bank or out from the river. it's unlikely you would get place from an eye vent in a well. >> the epa was supposed to be doing a cleanup of this gold king mine. when things obviously went awry. it turned out the spill was three times what they initially said it was. there's a lot of folks who are skeptical of the epa at this point and how it's responded. can they trust the epa when they say this water is safe? >> well, they can trust it, because the state of colorado has been doing parallel tests all the way along. our tests are exactly the same. we are bag to the pre-event water. we're going to recommend actually in just a few minutes, we're going to -- about -- half an hour ago we recommended to
2:42 pm
the city of durango they begin intake again for all the municipal use. in a few mince, we'll recommend they reopen the river for rafting. we think it's back to the preevent conditions. there are a lot of small businesses, raft companies, guides for fishermen, this affects their livelihood. >> governor hickenlooper, thanks for answering our questions. >> i appreciate the time to let people know that durango is open for business. thanks, governor. coming up, breaking news, new details about tonight's huge explosion in a major port city. is the unpredictable leader up to now? their type 2 diabetes...
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we are following breaking news. it's a massive explosion. it's injured dozens of people in the port city of tianjin, china. chinese television is reporting this blast happened at a container port with flammable material was being stored. cnn's will ripley will join us right now on the phone. give us the latest. republican i'm standing outside an emergency room at a hospital that's closest to the blast sight. i was talking to a couple guys here who were looking for their friend.
2:48 pm
they say 180 people at least have been reported it may be higher as numbers are scattered around several hospitals. the blast was felt and heard and smashed in windows from a great distance. so a lot of these -- >> sorry, will, pick back up, we lost you for a few seconds. >> reporter: sorry. the cell phone signal is a bit weak here. seven people are reported dead so far, 180 injured. a lot of it from broken glass. this explosion was so big, it actually pushed people's windows in and smashed people's windows around the city. and the cause is still under investigation, but we know the fire is still burning. firefighters are on the ascertain. 18 fire crews, at least two firefighters are missing at the
2:49 pm
moment. people are wandering around, trying to figure out what happened. we've seen a lot of smashed windows just driving around here, and a lot of people standing outside the hospital, not really sure what to do this morning as the sun comes up. >> will, we'll be monitoring this story with you. will ripley for us there. at the pentagon today, a new warning about the growing thread posed by vladimir putin's russia. i want to bring in jim scuitto. >> we've talked a lot about the competing threats between isis and al qaeda in the arabian peninsula from iran following the nuclear deal. the army chief of staff say today by far it's russia that is the most dangerous threat, not just to the ukraine but key >> reporter: ukrainian soldiers
2:50 pm
locked in battle with russian backed fighters in eastern ukraine. six months into the second attempted cease-fire there, the fighting still raging. it is operations like this one has the outgoing commander the most dangerous threat to the united states today. more than isis, more than china. >> i'm concerned. they have shown some significant capability in ukraine to do operations that are fairly sophisticated. and so for me i think we should pay a lot of attention. >> reporter: nato tripling the size of rapid reaction force to 40,000 troops. and undergoing a series of training exercises in eastern europe. the general warns that only a third of u.s. brigades are scapable of winning the so-called hybrid warfare russia is undertaking. with undercover russian troops backing local fighters. >> do you have any evidence that the strategy that the administration policy in terms
2:51 pm
of deterring russia is working? >> we have a long way to go. i think we have to continue to increase our ability to move quickly there. because a true deterrent, one where people are worried if they conduct operations there will be some level of response. we have to improve what that level of response may look like. so we can deter. >> reporter: with russia undeterred in ukraine, u.s. and nato leaders are concerned moscow may attempt to destabilize nato allies neighboring russia. lithuania, latvia, and estonia. >> how concerned are you that russia will try the same strategy in nato allies bordering russia? >> russia is assessing the reaction of nato to any of their actions. what i were radioaboorry about and violate article 5 of the nato agreement. i asked the general if they have the deterrent capability to deter russia. he said in his word, it has some, not a ringing endorsement
2:52 pm
of the ability of nato to deter russia from further military action. he says they're just beginning they have a lot of work to do. jim sciutto, thank you for your report. we are looking into reports that a top korean official has not been seen in public for months. cnn's brian todd has details on this. >> concern that kim jung-unmay be eliminating any one that mildly crosses him. from seoul to washington, officials are scrambling to find out what happened to a man who served kim and his father for many years. a top official in kim jong-un's government vanished from view, chon gon jong hasn't been seen in eight months according to the unification ministry which tells cnn it is watching closely for possible change in the status. >> it could mean that he is on hold. it could mean he is under suspicion or investigation. it could mean that he is dead.
2:53 pm
>> reporter: the state department says if chon gon jong was executed, the vice premiere's disappearance comes in a bloody campaign of purges by kim jong-un. he has executed at least 70 top officials since taking power in late 2011. >> i think the inner circle is a very tense place to be under kim jong-un. the leads within the inner circle. a handful are beth looking over their shoulder, looking at kim jong-un. trying to define what he wants. >> reporter: kim had his defense minister, hung jong chul for nodding off at meetings. there are published report the architect of pong yongyongyang't because he didn't like the design. executions are kim's way of solidifying his position and sending a bone chilling signal to those closest to him.
2:54 pm
>> don't mess with me. i'm the boss. and if you know what's good for you, you will stay absolutely loyal to me. >> reporter: kim famously had his powerful, zang jong tek executed. >> they ran the most totalitarian system of course that's ever been operated by human beings. but during their tenure, the royals always stayed safe. that was one of their rules. if you were in the royal court, you were in pretty good situation no matter what was happening to hundreds of thousand of people in prison and so forth. >> reporter: the people close to kim who are safe, blood relatives, namely his younger sister, kim yo jong rising in power and shadowy older sister, public said to be advising - behind the scenes. >> fascinating. brian todd. thank you for your report. breaking news straight ahead. donald trump slams hillary clinton on the e-mail
2:55 pm
controversy dogging her campaign suggesting something jimmsometh criminal took place. trump solidifies his status in a skrchlt cnn poll. we'll go behind the numbers, why he is tops in the key states, does he have a path to victory?
2:56 pm
bill's got a very tough 13lie here...... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke
2:57 pm
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happening now. criminal attack. donald trump is blasting hillary
3:00 pm
clinton and e-mail controversy, suggesting crimes may have been committed. something the campaign denies. stand by, as the clinton e-mail investigation widens. >> striking isis, america launches a new air offensive against the terrorist and the top general says the u.s. may soon need to kid sending in ground troops. is president obama listening? and armed or framed? after new violence in ferguson, missouri, a surveillance video proves a shooting suspect had a gun. but the teenager's family and some witnesses say it isn't him. we want to welcome viewers in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is off. you're in "the situation room." >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> breaking news tonight, donald trump is hammering hillary clinton over her use of private e-mail while she was secretary of state. he spoke to cnn a short while ago.
3:01 pm
only hours after clinton revealed she is turning over her e-mail server to the justice department. trump says he thinks something criminal may have been going on. which her campaign says is not true. >> don't know frankly that she will be able to run. it just looks to me that the whole e-mail thing is, is a very criminal situation. and it could cause problems for years to come. >> cnn just released exclusive new polling, it shows trump, clear front-runner in iowa, despite controversies hanging over candidates. we have analysts, news makers, standing by. covering all the news breaking now. first global affairs correspondent, elise lavette with more on the investigation. >> the clinton camp pushing back hard against assertions like trump's that clinton did anything criminal sending a message to supporters trying to clear up what they call misinformation and asking them to set the record straight. they say clinton turned over her
3:02 pm
server willingly, but it is something she initially resisted. answering justice department concerns about the security of her private e-mail server, hillary clinton is now turning it over. along with a thumb drive of work related e-mails. her spokesman says the former secretary of state "pledged to cooperate with the government's security inquiry and will answer any remaining questions." in march, a defiant clinton refused to surrender the server to a house panel investigating the benghazi attack. the server contains personal communications from my husband and me and i believe i have met all of my responsibilities and the server will remain private. >> reporter: today the republican chair of the committee was unimpressed. >> about damn time was my initial reacts. we asked her in march to turn the server to a neutral,
3:03 pm
detached arbiter. >> reporter: two of clinton's e-mails contained top secret information. the highest classification. but the info was never marked classified by the state department. and clinton may not have known it should have remained on a secure server. she has long said she handled all information properly while using her private account. >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. >> clinton told cnn last month the controversy would not damage her presidential campaign. >> i trust the american voter 100% because i think you know the american voter will weigh these kinds of accusations. >> reporter: but as the the e-mail probe expand to her former state department staff, a new monmouth university poll find that more of half of registered voters think clinton's e-mails should be subject to a criminal investigation. 3% th
3:04 pm
38% think she had something to hide. an opportunity for republican contenders to excite their base. >> it is a national security consideration that if classified information was going over a private server against the rules of the obama administration and against skochl mon sense, i mean, come on, man. >> clinton has the said she wiped the server clean. but that does not mean there isn't recoverable information on the server. that's what the justice department wants to determine as well as what kind of system it was and whether there was any indication it was improperly secure. >> elise, thank you for the report. i want to bring in cnn justice reporter evan perez. what are you learning how the justice department is going to handle this, evan? >> what we know already in, referring to what elise just said, we know already the fbi knows that the way this, the e-mails were being housed was improper. if you have classified information, if you have top secret information then a private server is no place for that to be. especially if you have top secret information. there is specific rules as to
3:05 pm
where this stuff is supposed to be. it wasn't. so we know already there was something improper done. now the question is -- what are they going to find? we know is they're going to look to see who sent these e-mails. who received them? who else was part of the server? i believe the kaccampaign said, couple others, cheryl mills were on the server, we don't know who else might be on there. >> actually i will say, cheryl mills was not on the server is my understanding. i believe one of her top aide was, huma abadeen. >> those are the questions that they will look to answer. >> when you say it is imprommer on a private server. that makes sense to a lot of people. clear this up for us. you have the campaign saying at the time things were not classified. >> right. >> if things are classified later, then, explain that to us? it's puzzling to so many people. they're saying was it classified? well it wasn't at the time. is it improper if it wasn't technically classified at the time?
3:06 pm
>> now they know there was classified information on there they have to go retrieve the server. that's what's improper about that. you cannot have this information sifting there in the hand of a lawyer who perhaps is not cleared to possess it. >> or tech people. >> or tech people accessing the server. >> exactly. what now is happening they're securing the servers and the thumb drives to make sure that it is being, being properly secured. now the question is -- as you're raising is -- did she know that the information she was receiving was classified at the time? as far as we know and as far as what the campaign is saying there was no indication, nothing that said top secret or classified at the top of it. and so now the question is -- you know what does this really mean? is this really a criminal issue? is this something that is an investigative issue for the fbi? it's going to take months for them to look at this. sis this is something that is going to hang over the campaign for months and months. >> an issue she wouldn't have if there wasn't this private server
3:07 pm
that had been used? >> that's right. while clinton may not be the target of any criminal probe. may be some one saw information on a classified system and talk to her. this may not only include clinton. it may, when they find out who sent the e-mails there could be other people subject to criminal investigation. we see that the scope is really expanding not only to clinton but to staff. >> those around her. elise, evan. thank you. >> also breaking, the pentagon says, manned u.s. war planes are launching new strikes against isis. flying for the first time out of an air base in turkey. the turkish government recently agreed to open its bases to the u.s.-led coalition and its battle against the terrorists. tonight, a top u.s. general is speaking out about another option, against isis. and that is ground troops. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr has details and this is raising some eyebrows, barbara. >> indeed. good evening. the chief of the u.s. army,
3:08 pm
general odierro. about to retire in the next few days. he met with reporters here at the pentagon and got very candid about the tfight against isis. >> reporter: u.s. air strikes over syria trying to squeeze critical isis strong holds. in the west ramping up pressure near aleppo and idla, in the east, striking al-raqqah. iraqi troops may finally be getting ready to try to retake ramadi. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: but the top u.s. army general did not mince word about any part of the effort. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: on getting iraqi forces to fight. >> it hasn't gone as well as we would look it to. >> reporter: on the overall situation -- >> i think right now we are kind of at a stalemate. >> reporter: and a warning, the
3:09 pm
president's strategy especially in iraq may need fixing. raising the option of putting u.s. boots on the ground. >> if we find in the next several months we are not making the progress that we have we should probably absolutely consider imbedding soldiers. >> reporter: a program now in crisis since the first unit disbanded before it could fight in the field. >> i think we have to, we have learned some lessons from that. and find out how we can best employee them to ensure survivability and viability in the region. >> reporter: a caution about suggestions from a top gop presidential candidate. >> i would go in and take the oil and put troops to protect the oil. i would absolutely go in take the money source away. believe me they would start to wither and collapse. >> when you hear donald trump say, we should just moven with our trumps and take their oil, and bomb the iraqi oil fields and take the oil away from isis,
3:10 pm
does that anything like that even remotely have military utility? >> there are limits to military power. we can have an outcome. the problem we have had, do we achieve ju achieve sustainable outcome. sustainable outcome. >> you disagree with donald trump. >> i do. i do. right now i do. >> general o dihad one caveat. if isis was a direct threat to the united states, there was some sort of imminent attack and that intelligence was presented then he might agree with the notion of taking very strong military action. >> barbara starr at the pentagon. thank you. >> joining me is the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee, thank you for being with us. you heard general odierno there. he said troops should be on the ground in iraq in the next several months if progress isn't made. do you agreen with that?
3:11 pm
>> will i think the pity here, its that we didn't use u.s. air power to defeat isis from the air. 14 major cities in syria then in iraq. they took the cities. if at any time during that year, we could have, could have hit them when they were on the road and visible. so now the question is, having not done that, and having not allowed the kurd 180,000 kurdish soldiers, not allowed them to be aermd with artillery, anti-mortar, we'ren a si ein a situation. what do we do next? i'm not sure how much that would help. i'm told the consequence of these decisions going through washington, d.c. are such that our pilots have to wait to get an answer back before they can drop their ordinance. let's say he is talking about, deploying some spotters, special ops, i take it that's what he
3:12 pm
means. i don't think he means brigades on the ground there. i think he means, spotters. a situation like that would still depend upon an agreement out of this administration that they're going to allow the field commanders to make the decisions in real time. >> what about syria? you feel they're playing telephone. some one being forward and essentially scouting out the scene for air support. >> the canadians do that by the way. >> sure. if you took out that game of telephone, i guess, do you think that would be the best route in iraq and in syria to have troops there? >> i actually think the best route is to arm the kurdish soldiers. 30% of those battalions are women. and yet they're fighting with small arms against isis. that is using heavy weaponry. and because of opposition from baghdad and especially from the
3:13 pm
iranians, because of the operation this administration continues to refuse to arm a force that can do the fighting on the ground and frankly if you get the kurds properly armed they could be doing some of the spotting. so my frustration has been all along for the last -- for the first year of this campaign against isis the administration wouldn't even allow air purr to be used against them from the air. i think we have -- set back and watched the administration allow this to become a crisis. and i don't understand to this day why we don't arm the kurds. look, i know the resistance that is going to come, the arguments from baghdad and maybe from turkey. but this is a crisis situation. you have soldiers who want to do the fighting why. not let them do the fighting on the front lines. >> whatever general odierno may be recommending here to the white house, would obviously, i would imagine, it passed his
3:14 pm
prolong that would be met with resistance. boots on the ground. even as he describes imbedding soldiers without having them fight. >> yeah. >> let me clarify -- >> you doubt the utility in what he is saying? >> well, i am raising the question -- will the administration finally allow the field commanders to make these decisions in real time. if they will, then having forward observers call in air strikes that makes sense. i don't think he, i don't think general odierno is speaking now about sending in u.s. brigades. i don't think there is support for that. but in terms of having forward observers hit a target. that presupposes they're going to be given the authority to do that without running that through the lawyers. and washington. or through basically the white house. and the problem so far as i perceive it, the feedback that we get, is that -- those decisions can't be made on the ground. this thing is being micromanaged
3:15 pm
out of washington, d.c. and not micromanaged well on any level. >> chairman royce, stay with me. i have more questions for you out of the next break. u.s., f-16, flying out of turkey. bombing isis targets. we'll be discussing that in just a moment. that's that new gear feeling. this week, filler paper and folders just one cent. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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we're back now with house foreign affairs committee chairman ed royce. the u.s. beginning launching manned air strikes against isis from an air base in turkey. these are f-16s, congressman, that are operating out of incirlik air base. do you suspect as they target syria, isis and syria, that we are going to see isis retaliate against the west in response? >> you know, i don't think there is anything that we could do one way or another in terms of striking isis that would deter their efforts to attack the west. that is something they have done on a full-time basis. and in fact -- if we were to degradedef defeat isis,
3:21 pm
they are successful and on the march, they're viewed as winning. if they're viewed as losing it makes it less likely they can attract agents to car out attacks on the west. >> as congress reviews the iran deal that the u.s. and other nations have struck with iran on its nuclear program, stopping it with the aim to stop it from getting a nuclear weapon, you have the head of the iranian force traveling to russia in violation of sanctions. what should the u.s. do in response? >> clearly this is a violation. apparently part of this deal will lift the sanctions on sulamani. ten days after the deal is done and full implementation he is out there meeting with putin and with the secretary of defense of russia. obviously in my view talking about weapons transfers. let me tell you what i think should happen. we should call iran on this right now and call the russians on it. i wrote a letter to the president about this.
3:22 pm
because this individual, sulamani is responsible for the death of approximately 500 americans. he is responsible for leading attacks by hezbollah into israel. he is also responsible for foqu forces operations and in syria and iraq. what i am telling you is he is the chief commander for iranian foreign forces outside of iran who carry out their assassinations and carry out their attacks. and the fact that he would violate the sanctions prior to it being lifted upon him by jumping the gun. this gives us an opportunity to call the russians to account and the iranians into account for already violating this agreement. we should do so. >> chairman ed royce. thank you for talking with us. we really appreciate it. >> thank you very much, brianna. >> we have more breaking news
3:23 pm
next. new cnn poll numbers, these are big numbers from the key state of iowa, they reveal some of the reasons why donald trump is so popular with republican voters there. plus, new developments in ferguson, missouri, where a state of emergency has now been extended. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? no sixth grader's ever sat with but your jansport backpack is permission to park it wherever you please. hey. that's that new gear feeling. this week, filler paper and folders just one cent. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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tonight the donald trump juggernaut is gaining steam in
3:28 pm
the first 2016 battleground state. our exclusive new cnn/orc poll shows donald trump has a significant lead in iowa, ranked as the gop candidate who has the best chance to win. that is a big deal. tonight one u.s. senator is comparing trump's popularity to the surprising surge of democratic candidate bernie sanders saying that both could be attributed to america's cynicism about washington. our senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny has more on the 2016 race and the trump and sanders phenomena. jeff. >> hey, brianna. clinton has a lead, 19 points over sanders in iowa. not the case in new hampshire. he is leading there emerging as a potential spoiler. turning out to be an upside down summer on the campaign trail. front-runners fade and challengers soar. a long road until the first votes are cast. but for now at least the establishment candidates are having a bumpy ride. soaring summer for bernie sanders. he is front-page news today.
3:29 pm
vaulting over hillary clinton in new hampshire. his populous cry is catching on. >> we have a message to the billionaire class. and that message is you can't have it all. >> reporter: his candidacy is taking off. for the first time, a new franklin pierce university poll shows him with a seven-point edge over clinton. all this as clinton faces new questions about the private e-mail server she used as secretary of state. she agreed to surrender it to the justice department. it has given sanders an opening to be a potential spoiler of the 2016 campaign. and he is not alone. >> the president of the united states, donald j. trump. >> reporter: pup pup republican one of their own. donald trump is leading, our cnn poll shows with ben carson in second place.
3:30 pm
spoilers are up ending the race sending clinton and jeb bush to the back burner at least for now. >> jeb and hillary on the same day they said donald trump has too strong a tone. the world is cracking up and they're worried about my tone. >> reporter: instead of taking on trump, bush turned his attacks to clinton last night in a speech on iraq at the reagan library in california. >> where was secretary of state clinton in all of this? like the president himself, she had owe popposed the surge. and joined in claiming credit for success. >> reporter: instead of challenging sanders, clinton is fixated on bush and the gop field. >> i have to draw a contrast with the candidates on the other side of the aisle. >> reporter: while truchmp is ud to the spot lalight it is new forrerfor sanders, democratic socialist.
3:31 pm
his rallies are the biggest of any 2016 candidate. >> are they underestimating bernie sanders? >> people have underestimated me. i am in the race and we're ready to win. >> bernie sanders is smiling a lot these days. drawing some of the biggest crowds we have seen in years. important to remember not a national campaign yet. starts in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, and nevada. sanders trump and other surging candidates must build an organization to sustain them into next winter when the voters finally start having their say. brianna. >> can they translate to votes. jeff stay with me as i bring in cnn analyst, ron brownstein, editorial director for "national journal" and cnn chief congressional correspondent dana bash, and senior political reporter, nia malika henderson. you see how well donald trump is doing in the polls, second day, showing him ahead in iowa. there is this thing, a gender gap we are seeing. does that portent a bigger problem for him?
3:32 pm
>> this is a good poll overall for donald trump. not only is he ahead. but scoring well on issues and on personal characteristics such as bringing change to washington. it is good overall. a gender gap is more survivable in a republican primary than a democratic primary because of the overall gender gap. 60% of the voters in the democratic primary will likely be women. in a republican primarily, evenly divided. 50/50. in iowa, most of the iowa republican caucus, will be men. donald trump can survive that. underscore one thing, jeff made in his piece, ben carson and carly fiorina. doing well. reminder of things. things can change quickly at this point in the race. second undeniably a strain in the republican party looking beyond traditional politicians. when you see fiorina and cars on ahead of jeb bush and marco rubio for example. that tells you something about what the temper of the republican primary electorate is at this early point in the cycle.
3:33 pm
>> as you eye the democratic field what's behind the sanders surge? some people joke maybe, you know voters in new hampshire are just sort of having a fling with bernie sanders but ultimately going to settle down with hillary clinton. what do you say with that? >> look, historically, new hampshire and iowa new hampshire has been the best terrain for the insurgent, socially liberal candidates like bernie sanders that draw support from white liberals. hillary clinton is ahead in all the polls among minority voters and the democratic primary. once gets past iowa and new hampshire, virtually all white, those advantages will come into play. look back through democratic history, gene mccarthy, gary hart, and bill bradlee, new hampshire is often very promising terrain for these kinds of candidates. hillary clinton will probably face a challenge all the way through in new hampshire. from bernie sanders. if he can't get over the top there, it is likely to deflate
3:34 pm
quickly. if he does he faces the challenge with minority voters shef she cannot dismiss new hampshire. >> in iowa, good news for hillary clinton. well ahead of bernie sanders. 50% to 31% over him. doing especially well among women. 58% to 26% over sanders. that's crucial for her not just in iowa but in states beyond. >> it is. in states beyond and in the general election. women are going to be the most important demographic for hillary clinton. that's why you have seen her over the last days hit back at jeb bush over his comments on planned arnt goparenthood. attacked donald trump for his comments about megyn kelly. and marco rubio and stance on abortion. if you look back at particularly among white, white, white-collar women, professional women, which is also why on monday she talked about college affordability, that resonates with that group. obama got about 46% of professional white women. if she grows above that, as well as getting african-american
3:35 pm
women and asian women and latino women it really puts her in a good place not only in the primary but also in the general. should she win. >> someone who has seen good news in the poll, ohio governor john kasich. dana, you just interviewed him. he talked about hillary clinton. what did he say to you? >> that's right. you know, i had just seen that rand paul, one of his republican competitors had, had been talking about her. other people obviously have been talking about her. mike huckabee, quick to put out statements slamming hillary clinton for the fact that she had to, not only, that she had to give over her private server to the fed, but that she apparently had some classified information on there. he didn't go there. it really speaks to the kind of sentiment that ron was talking about. that he kind of gets. which is people don't necessarily want to hear from regular old politicians slamming other politicians anymore. they want to hear about what --
3:36 pm
candidates are going to do for them. that its where john kasich is focused. whether donald trump or any body else. he said on hillary clinton, bri, i bet she is regretting every day that she put that server in her house. waking up wanting to yell at anybody that didn't convince her not to do that in the first place. >> he might be right about that. jeff, him ellary clinton target by jeb bush today. a big speech on foreign policy. kri criticized her last night and president obama's policies when it comes to iraq. then it is interesting on the flip side, you'll hear her supporters hitting back on jeb bush and obviously jeb bush being hit by donald trump as well when it comes to iraq. do voters really want to relitigate the iraq war? >>some do. some believe it was a, you know, a big mistake. so its one of jeb bush's big challenges sort of the we have seen him sort of struggle with trying to differentiate himself from his brother. i was a little bit surprised
3:37 pm
that jeb bush used that issue specifically to -- draw, because it also drew attention to, sort of one of his short comings or at least challenges in showing the public he is not like his brother. but i think what's been happening recently is interesting. jeb bush and hillary clinton going at each other. actually, pretty significantly on twitter. in speeches. never mind the fact that they're both ignoring donald trump. basically. so they would love to preview to the general election campaign. both campaigns, if you've really press them they believe they'll be running against the other in the general election campaign. boy, a long time between now and there. particularly for jeb bush who has a very, very crowded field to. day jeb bush took it one step further in nevada. he compared hillary clinton to edward snowden and bradley, and he used that in the same sentence saying her e-mail server is that serious the we haven't heard him be quite that extreme before.
3:38 pm
>> i do want to turn ron, we learned that former president jimmy carter has cancer. he put out a short statement. we don't know a lot of the details. but he has had a vibrant career post presidency. i think now he has he is turning to concentrate obviously on his health. that really comes into a lot of relief as you think about what he has done over decade since he was in the white house. >> yeah. absolutely. you know the context of the conversation we are having today. the last time the president that field was this crowded was 1976 when jimmy carter was nominated. and he really kind of cut the mold for the kind of nonpolitician candidate. though he had been the governor of georgia. he was not a typical politician. he carried his own luggage. he kind of changed that. had enormous difficulty as president. economy and foreign affairs. since he left office really redefined the post presidential role. again cut the mold that others have followed. with his very activist, post presidency, really a unique figure in american political
3:39 pm
life. >> now, certainly it is, jeff. especially when you think about his contributions in a way, even off to the iowa caucuses, right? >> no doubt. ron is absolutely right. such a crowded field. no one expected this, this peanut farmer, this, man from georgia, he had been the governor. you are right, but to come through the iowa caucuses back in 1975 and 1976. when you could campaign living room to living room. of course it all changed now. the iowa caucuses live on because of him. his autobiography is called "a full life" he has certainly has had a full life. we certainly wish him the best with his treatment. >> yeah, we will be thinking of him getting that treatment. jeff, nia, dana, ron, thank you to all of you. ahead, more of dana's interview with a rising star in the gop presidential race. governor john kasich. how tough is he willing to get when it comes to donald trump? dana will find out. and what does a surveillance video from ferguson, missouri actually show? duelling claims about a shooting suspect who was shot by police. you totalled your brand new car.
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tonight one of the big winners from the first
3:45 pm
republican presidential debate is speaking out to cnn, specifically to chief congressional correspondent dana bash. who is back now with more on her interview with ohio governor john kasich. what did he tell you, dana? >> well, you know, brianna, when you are out on the trail with candidates you can tell instantly whether they are kind of trudging through, making the round and meeting and greeting or whether they really feed off the crowds. john kasich is loving it. >> never heard of. because we are not -- >> reporter: john kasich is rising in new hampshire polls, his events now more crowded thanks to a stand-out debate performance. >> i am having so much fun. so we gogo into the townhall, i most lost my breath. >> reporter: why? >> so many people in there, noon, going to say a friday. wednesday. you lose track of time here. >> reporter: back in time, the 1990s in the house, kasich helped balance the budget with president bill clinton. >> that's a big deal.
3:46 pm
>> reporter: you like to say the first time it happened since a man walked on the moon. >> yep. you know why that is a big deal though? it's a big deal because people don't believe it can happen. >> reporter: how do you do that again? is it really doable? >> yeah, you do it over time. you don't have to do it, you wouldn't want to do it like in a year because it would be so disrup disruptive. not just chopping and cutting. innovating. thinking differently. shifting some power back. and economic growth. if you could put a credible plan on the table you are going to start to get economic growth. >> reporter: you talk about the social safety net in the ways republicans don't. you sound look a democrat some times. >> i tell you something that is weird about all of this. i balanced more budgets than about any bed waody walking on face of the earth, just kind of kidding, i have done that. i cut taxes every step of the way. largest tax cuts in ohio of any sitting governor right now. i am for school choice, we are getting at the problem of higher
3:47 pm
education costs. and somehow because i care about people, or care about the environment that that makes me something other than a conservative. i think, i think republicans allowed them selves to be put in a box. like if i care about people, somelady whispered to me when i walked out of the townhall. she said thanks for caring about people. like whispering like that's -- no. to me conservatism is giving everybody a chance to be able to be successful. >> hillary clinton met here in new hampshire yesterday with black lives matter protesters. i don't know if you saw. bernie sanders had a disruption in one of his events because of protesters. martin o'malley, apologized for saying all lives matter. do you think that it's pre appropriate to apologize for that. what's your view on this issue? >> i have been very involved in ohio. we have a collaborative effort with african-american leaders, law enforcement, come up with 23
3:48 pm
recommendations. >> should an elected official apologize for saying all lives matter. >> i don't know about the issue. all lives matter. black lives especially now because there is a fear in these communities that, that, the justice isn't working for them. but it is about balance. and, you know i am not going to get myself caught in, in some sort of a wedge that community has to understand the challenges of police. police have to understand the challenges of the community. >> reporter: as for the republican front-runner, kasich is consistently careful not to slam donald trump. >> you thanked donald trump for being in the debate because you think he drew 24 million people. >> yeah. >> reporter: who also got a look at you? >> yeah. >> reporter: do you think he is a positive source in the gop field? >> i think he is tapping into people's anxieties. anxieties are real. people have about had it with frustrations in their lives connected to the government, connected to the loss of jobs. i don't think people want to stay on the negative side. they want to know what the
3:49 pm
solutions are. they're skeptical. when i talk over there, what's going through my mind is are they going to believe me? i keep telling them how to check my record. because they dent waon't want s old. they want solutions. they want to believe that somebody can deliver solutions. look, i'm only a, a guy. okay? i'm not some magic man. i just do the best i can. but i think i, i know i have the experience and the record. and maybe even some of the personal strength to be able to help this
3:50 pm
>> dana bash, thank you, great interview. just ahead the latest on the situation in ferguson, missouri. and state of emergency that's been in effect since new violence broke out. with available technology to help you find just what you're looking for. ♪ come in to the lexus golden opportunity sales event, where you'll find some of the best offers of the year on our most luxurious models. now through september 8th. this is the pursuit of perfection. . when you travel,
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tonight, ferguson, missouri, is under a stage of emergency even though a new round of unrest has eased. they are extending the emergency order until at least tomorrow as a precaution. tonight, we are learning details about where the violence began. tom fuentes is here with us. give us a lay of the land.
3:55 pm
you have great pictures and video that show us what happened. >> this is the storefront, the individual with the gun, believed to be tyron harris. there's muzzle flashes. then harris runs across the street to here. this is where he is finally shot by the police. we don't know if the police came in from this way or came down from that way. they claim that harris was firing at them. the officers returned fire out of their police car. there's damage to the police car at that time. we will show the video. there's two videos that are synced. we have the black and white video here where you will see the individual on the sidewalk holding the pistol. and then you will see that person here in color, once this individual moves out of the way. when this video starts, the person in color has white shoes, red pants, white t-shirt, holding a gun, running over towards a vehicle parked next to
3:56 pm
the white truck. >> let's play that and see. these are two different angles so you can see these at the same time here. tell us what we're -- >> okay. this is believed to be harris running behind this dark colored vehicle. >> on the other side we see -- >> he has run this way out of the camera view. now, on this side, you will see -- you see muzzle flashes coming over the top of that vehicle by other people. and it looked like at least two different people were shooting from the other side of the white pickup truck. eventually, we will see muzzle flashes low and another person higher up shooting. we believe this individual with the red pants has already run out of the scene and across the street as i had mentioned. >> and this is tyron harris. he has been shot. >> he has been shot at this time. this is after the encounter with
3:57 pm
the police, after the police claim he shot at their police car, put a pubullet into the windshield. critical was the red pants. here is a picture of the squad car. >> this is critical because you see in this photo and you see it in the video. sg >> the video you see the white shirt, red pants. >> there's skepticism whether b whether he was involved. they say it's mistaken identity. >> the parents say he doesn't have any guns. the grandmother said he doesn't have guns. you will show -- >> we have a picture -- >> we have the facebook of him holding up two guns. >> i want to bring in phil banks, a former top official with the new york police department. we know that a state of emergency has been extended another 24 hours. why are officials doing this? why does it -- why do they extend this even though it seems like the violence eased? >> they feel better to be safe than sorry.
3:58 pm
here is a town that has never experienced anything like what they have gone through in the last year. they are probably just on the side of caution. getting back to the comment about the parents, i think that most parents will probably disbelieve when they are presented with the fact their child was carrying a weapon. it certainly looks like he did. in my experience, dealing with parents and confronting them with cold facts, some are in disbelieve like i may be. >> tom according to local reports, there are two women who have been charged in connection with the highway shutdown we saw earlier this week. one has been charged with a felony for punching a driver who tried to drive past giving the woman a black eye. does news like this bolster the need for an extended state of emergency? >> that's a good question. if they think still that people are going to be out and shut down an interstate where they might get run over and you might have road rage or a violent encounter, in this case with
3:59 pm
fists, what if one of the two had a weapon, especially the driver? you don't know who is out there that may have a gun and not appreciate being slowed down. the potential for violence is a decision that the chief of the st. louis county police has to make the decision of protecting the people. >> phil, as you look at how they have arrested some of these folks during protests, what is your read on how they are handling the highway shutdown. >> it appears -- i'm not privy to the intimate details of what go into the decisions. from afar, it certainly looks like they are handling it very appropriately. once again, this is a small police department. a lot of outside resources coming in. the country is looking at what's going on because of what happened in the past. that police chief certainly has a lot on his plate. i think that he is doing a very good job making sure he can deliver safety to all involved. >> phil, tom, thanks so much to both of you. join us tomorrow in "the
4:00 pm
situation room." thanks for watching. i'm brianna keilar in "the situation room." erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" tonight, breaking news. donald trump dominating. new cnn poll numbers just released has trump on top of the republican pack, this time in the key state of iowa. but there is one major sign of weakness for the frontrunner. more breaking news. an explosion, the final death toll still unknown. more than 250 people injured. wait until you see this amazing video. allegations of brutal interrogation tactics used on prisoners after two killers escaped from a new york maximum security prison. what happened there? let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm k


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