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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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toy, a frisbee with blade. perhaps the most futile effort to down a drone, a golfer missed by a mile when he threw his club. that doesn't count as a birdie. but this does. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> "ac 360" starts right now. good evening. thank you for joining us. tonight the first cnn polling on the first big test in the 2016 presidential campaign winning iowa. there is new polling as well on the second challenge winning new hampshire. two big takeaways, nothing it seems can hurt donald trump in the eyes of republican voters. if they see you as a political insider, well right now you are in big trouble. outsiders whether donald trump, ben carson, or carly fiorina they're clearly in. that hold true to some degree over on the democratic side where vermont senator bernie sanders took his first polling lead over hillary clinton in new
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hampshire today. the entire race which many expect to be a bush/clinton coronation has gotten mighty interesting already before vice president biden decides whether he will get into the race or not. a lot to talk about. chief national correspondent john king starts us off. john, what's the bottom line for trump in iowa? >> bottom line, despite people thinking the debate might hurt him. he has a big lead in iowa. donald trump at 22%. leading in iowa. dr. ben carson. finished the debate strong. second place. scott walker the iowa leader falling to third place. warning sign for him. carly fiorina bounces into fifth place. 7%. look done here. jeb bush. in the bush america in. iowa was never a big state for him. down to 5%. trouble sign for him after the debate. dig a little deeper. donald trump, the billionaire in race. likes to tell us he want to the best schools. his best support comes from those who make less than $50,000 a year and those who did not attend college. huge support.
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an edge, among down scale voters. one warning sign in the poll. 15% of iowa women support donald trump. 27% of iowa men. perhaps some evidence there his confrontation with megyn kelly is hurting him. more men than women vote in the iowa caucuses. going to have the problem. i ways the place to have it. >> what is it -- that iowa republicans see in trump they dent see in the candidates. >> they look him across the board. they view him anderson as the disruptive force in a political system they want disrupted. look at this. by 35 points over the closest rival. voters think he would do the most to change washington. by 27 points they think donald trump is the best republican candidate on the economy. by 23 points. the best candidate on immigration. by 8 points on terrorism. and despite all of the polls showing he would run way behind hillary clinton, they now in iowa say they think donald trump has the best chance to didn't general election. one more illustration. scott walker and ted cruz are tea party favorites the they now run third and fourth in iowa to
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donald trump. he has an immigration position, most tea party would say amnesty. spoke of a single payer health care system. giving money to democrats in the past. 19% of tea party voters, back donald trump, in the lane of ted cruz and scott walker. he is blocking it. >> bottom line for post debate reaction? in iowa? >> as we did see in 2012. debates are shaking of the race. see the debate a month from now. current poll. from temperature, carson, cruz, walker. next to it. the several polls predebate. look at this. scott walker from 20. fallen down. a bad thing. jeb bush. falling down. a bad thing. carson comes up. fiorina from nowhere. cruz goes up a little there. we are seeing evidence the debates are shaking up the field. see what happens after the second one. bottom line is if you thought donald trump was going away after the first debate. think again. now republicans are going to have to thing if he is not going to hurt himself.
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might they have to start spending money on tv ad against him. >> amazing how he is defying laws of political gravity and getting every pundit just about wrong. everybody has been saying all along. well now it is going to start. now it is going to start. he has gone too far. the polls say no. >> approximatelies say no. one rule in this campaign. throw out all the old rules. >> john, thanks. >> joining us, three republican political pros, alex castiallnos, and purple strategies a. man day carpenter, ted cruz's former communications director, and jeffrey lord political director in the reagan white house with "american spectator" and cnn political commentator. amanda, numbers for trump in iowa, voters are socially conservative, more influenced by county politics neither of which is trump's calling card. yet he is doing great? >> anderson, i think the biggest takeaway from the poll, you have
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two complete nonpoliticians, done ald fr donald trump and ben carson. on the democratic side, bernie sanders, surging with 31%. a guy who doesn't self-identify as a democrat, there is something very radical going on in politics today. it is a complete rejection of politics as usual and tra diagnos traditional party structures. >> do you see the rejection continuing on? >> yes, i do. quite noticeable, amman daanda saying. the top four t. t, the way, don trump, ben carson, carly fiorina, ted cruz who is in washington and infamous in, among the washington elites for trying to do just that. this is where this comes from. there is this enormous divide between the republican elites and the republican base of the party. and been it really comes out in
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this poll. >> alex, the early polls from a month or so ago were national numbers. a lot of people dismissed them as kind of who had the most name recognition, celebrity. key state polls, i mean nearly six months out. if trump, jeb bush, scott walker, would people be quick to explain the numbers away? maybe not. i think the challenge for trump. he has the the anti-washington vote right now. he is leading with that. can he grow into a pro-trump vote? this is, right now a big fire burning in the republican party. we want to burn down washington. donald trump is that. that's an anti-washington vote. do we think donald trump can be president? that is going to be the big test for him? can he grow? i would have said a couple weeks ago by the way, absolutely not. now i would say almost absolutely not. a likable guy. a television pro. i think there is a chance that
5:07 pm
the next republican debate, a lot of republican candidates are going to have comb-overs. >> amman dashgs to that point. it is interesting that -- even in the last couple days, it seems like trump has kind of turned from, you know, focusing on megyn kelly, fox and the debate and kind of getting back to the issues as much as he talks about issues and, kind of in a big picture sense. >> he need to flush out his positions. i do think, i will make a predicts, he will be exposed as a faux conservative, and tea party support, as they see where he lines up on obama care, tax plans, previous support for democratic candidates. you will see that support go away to other candidates. but another thing that i think is so interesting in the cnn poll is that 66% of the people polled said that they're still looking at other candidates. so, this, this whole race is very much up for grabs. people like donald trump's style right now. but i don't think they're going to stick around to see his
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substance. >> jeffrey to amanda's point. last election round. a lot changed. debate to debate. people went up. went down. disappeared. do you see the same thing happening this time? >> sure. sure. i mean, rick perry is out there, you know, basically telling his staff. i can't pay you anymore. yes, i mean as this race goes on, i mean for heavens sakes there are 17 people in this race. this is not sustainable for a lot of them beyond a certain point. i would imagine once we get beyond the cnn debate, that you are going to start to see a few more people having a problem. >> alex, talking to roger stone the other night on the program. i'm sure you know him, a long term republican operative. recently parted ways with donald trump. one of the takes on the trump campaign they needed a savvier political operation. i'm curious, at some point, perhaps soon, do you see trump's frals getting more conventional? run by people. experienced at taking the campaign across the next stretch of this marathon?
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>> i think you hear from a lot of political "professionals" kind of the institutional guys staying what we do is terribly important i's not. this is a tv primary. this is a cable tv primary. it's a national primary. the ground game stuff, follows. and you know, barack obama walked into states like north carolina, his first campaign, and found out place he's hadn't invested resources he had already made organization there, because of social media. so, message comes first. donald trump can trump organization with message. >> amanda, do you agree? a lot of people said in a place like iowa and new hampshire the ground game is incredibly important. who is going to show up to caucus for you? >> i think for the time being what's working for trump. going to the media. drawing eyeballs to his message. working now clearly. ultimately he is going to have to figure out how to do fund raising. yes he has all kind of money. but one of the purposes of the
5:10 pm
campaign is to see if people are willing to invest in you? are people willing to donate and say, i will support you with my dollars. he hasn't done any real fund-raising game. i would look to see more of an e-mail strategy. to collect e-mails. seen a couple of e-mails go out. i don't think that's built out yet. and he is going to need to do that, nationally, to have the kind of endurance that other guys already have who have this infrastructure built up. >> anderson -- >> you asked the question, what do people see in donald trump? republicans are scared. they're afraid their country is going down the drain. that they're going to lose the hopes and the dreams this country has always promised them. and that washington isn't doing anything about it. not listening. doesn't get the gravity of the situation. they're not for incremental change. one more politician just budging things an inch or two. they want big, bold change. bold colors, not pastels. that's donald trump. it's going to affect the rest of the field. >> jeffrey? >> anderson, you mention ground
5:11 pm
game in iowa. that's correct. and i would point out that he has rung hning his campaign in iowa, chuck laughtner responsible for santorum's victory. he has a serious iowa professional there. i am sure that, organization is at the top of his list. >> jeffrey, good to have you on. amanda carpenter. alex. coming up what the new numbers say about hillary clinton. her leading challenger, bernie sanders, and possible challenger, joe biden. dana bash talks with ohio governor john kasich. our eyes, they have a 200 degree which is good for me. hey! and bad for the barkley twins. take care of all your most important parts with centrum.
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we have been focusing on donald trump and his knack for defying political gravity. thriving with voters no matter what he does or says to alarm pundits. as was suggested, republican voters appear to want some one sma sharply different from the politician. in some places, new polling shows democrats may want the same thing as well. people have been flocking by tens of thousand to see bernie sanders on the stump. in new hampshire they have given him his first lead in the polls. in iowa though, not so much. john king is back with the l
5:16 pm
lowdown. iowa launched barack obama. began hillary clinton's troubles in '08. how is clinton doing? >> hillary clinton loves iowa. brand new poll numbers. hillary clinton at 50%. bernie sanders at 31%. big healthy lead for hillary clinton in iowa. if iowans are sending a message. it's to joe biden. should i get in the race. no clamoring for joe biden in the state of iowa. there is our brand new poll here. let's match it up. against the poll of polls, average of polls, conducted several weeks ago. hillary clinton, 51%. iowa right now in hillary clinton's corner. sanders competitive. not moving up so fast. why is that great news for hillary clinton because of what we talked about last night in new hampshire. bernie sanders the lead. the senator from vermont. despite the clinton's history in new hampshire, despite being the
5:17 pm
state she beat obama in 2008. struggling in new hampshire. she will be grateful for iowa numbers. >> why is she doing better in iowa than new hampshire? >> democrats compare her and bernie sanders. they like her on the big issues. 11 point advantage. 36% advantage on health care. a big advantage over bernie sanders on foreign policy. big advantage over bernie sanders on energy policy. if you move here, very important, she runs about even with bernie sanders about men. but gets 58% of democratic women. huge edge, gender gap in favor of hillary clinton. >> what about trustworthiness? >> a warning sign for hillary clinton. if you look at this. 28%, democrats find her honest and trustworthy. watch the numbers as the e-mail investigation continues at the justice department and on capitol hill. a warning sign. only 40%, empathy question -- does she understand problems facing people look me? 40% give that to hillary
5:18 pm
clinton. tie with bernie sanders. if there are warning signs on trust and empathy. >> talk more about implications of our panel of democratic professionals, former obama adviser, dan pfifer, maria cardona, and democratic strategist, hillary rosen. iowa looking good for the cl clinton campaign. not part of the plan to trail bernie sanders in new hampshire. the whole idea she is looking for ward to a spirited primary, not this spirited right? >> clearly not this spirited. though i do think they expected to get a good competitive run from anyone who ran against her. because, people, are saying one thing, i think in the democratic polls. they're kind of satisfied with their candidates. not a huge spread among the six canned dan
5:19 pm
candidates. hillary clinton and bernie sanders seem to have locked up most of the support for people who have decided. both of the polls show a majority undecide. for bernie sanders supporters, are really kind of kicking the tires. who is this guy? he seems kind of interesting, fiery and we look him. and he has been poely tlite to hillary clinton. the democratic primary here is much more civil, much more about idea, much more about issues, and i think you are seeing that, you know, issues oriented debate play out among the two candidates. >> dan, do you believe bernie sanders is a threat to hillary clinton? >> i don't actually. i think he has a chance. if he were to win iowa, new hampshire. all bets may be off. but look wary of some of the poll numbers. new hampshire, numbers go up and down. you know, a lot, there has been a history of summer flings in the democratic party. howard dean, bill bradley.
5:20 pm
if you believe poll numbers at this point, him e hillary clintd have been the president of the united states. clinton has organization, name i.d., financial resources. until bernie sanders begins to narrow the gap. hillary is the favorite. >> you think people are summer loving on bernie sanders? >> he is exciting. he is drawing crowds. something to be interested in. but as more voters tune in particularly folks who may not be paying attention here in the summer, i think hillary's numbers will go up. >> if you're vice president biden looking at the poll numbers. how does that impact the decision of whether or not to get in the race? >> i actually think what he is thinking abut n ing ing about n decision. clearly going through still mourning his son. i think the reason why his family is together. it was the last dying wish of his son, bo biden.
5:21 pm
the vice president deserves to look at every angle. he is i'm sure pouring all over all of the polls. let's remember he just want through a -- almost eight years where he has seen as one of the best vice presidents this country has ever seen. he is beloved in the democratic party. no question about that. and also well respected by republicans. if he were to get into the race he becomes a politician. what his favorability numbers are now will start going down. given the history of the last two presidential runs, that he has embarked on, they were not successful. so, i at the end of the day don't think that he will end up making the decision to run. but obviously he deserve and his family deserves all of the time that, that he can in terms of making this important decision. >> hillary, the flip side of that are gaumengument, you are n hit in the past by people saying, you have flubs, you
5:22 pm
speak too much off the cuff. and then you look at done aald trump. maybe people want that kind of now. mistakes and all. or flubs and all. >> well, it's not, not really about flubs, it is authenticity. donald trump ex-cued exudes tha republicans looking for something different. joe biden exudes that. i think the issue for democrats is that joe biden has to find a path that's different than what democrats are currently being offered in hillary clinton and bernie sanders. i think that's going to be hard for him. but you know i love him. if he wants to run. i encourage him to run. i'm just not sure that, hfor hi running, that hillary falter. too many people are counting on that for being a reason for joe biden to run. i don't think that will work. he has to find his own mission and message that will be different from what hillary and
5:23 pm
bernie are saying. >> although, dan, if you are looking at reasons to enter and unfavorability ratings or lack of trust that some people have in here that weighs in favor of getting in. >> he has to make a deeply personal decision whether to run. he has more than earned the right to do this. he will be a legitimate, serious candidate. if he does it he will have to make a case why he will be the democratic standard bearer, why he is better than hillary clinton. he has to make the decision. if he does that's what comes out as part of the race. >> anderson, can i, just very quickly. just want to make the point that, you know, that the new hampshire poll, and every other poll that has bernie sanders surge. let's keep in mind that still today, hillary clinton has the the highest favorability of any candidate republican or democrat. she still beats every single
5:24 pm
republican candidate in an average of polls across the country and in all of these states. her fundamentals are absolutely solid. she has raised record amount of her own money that she can control not super pac money. and she has, she is building infrastructure in the states and she has her eye on the prize. in terms of getting to the magic number of delegates, 2,778. that's what she is focused on. >> maria, dan, hillary, great to see you as well. former president jimmy carter brought us troubling news lit today. he said he has cancer. and he said it has spread. president carter had a small mass removed from his liver earlier this month. he said the surgery revealed there is cancer in other parts of his body. he will be receiving treatment for it in atlanta. in a statement, president and mrs. obama said their thoughts and prayers are with president carter and rosalynn carter. so are ours. more in our next hour, on for two hours, sanjay gupta and what
5:25 pm
the former president is facing. john kasich picks up a big endorsement in new hampshire and sound off on whether he thinks if donald trump is a positive force. will trump's third wife be the country's first lady. donald trump talked about melania trump last night. we'll tell you about her, history, and their relationship. we'll be right back. we got the new tempur-flex and it's got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress. you sink into it, but you can still move around. now that i have a tempur-flex, i can finally get a good night's sleep. (vo) change your sleep. change your life. change to tempur-pedic.
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>> ohio governor john kasich is campaigning in new hampshire after picking up an endorsement from the attorney general. government nor spoke with dana bash. the subject of his opponent, donald trump came up as you might imagine. kasich says he wants a border fence and crackdown on illegal immigration and dana pressed him on his position on pathway to citizenship. >> you talk about the social safety net in the way republicans don't. you sound like a democrat some times.
5:30 pm
>> i tell you something that is weird about all of this. i balanced more budgets than about any body walking on the face of the earth, just kind of kidding, i have done that. i cut taxes every step of the way. largest tax cuts in ohio of any sitting governor right now. i am for school choice, we are getting at the problem of higher education costs. and somehow because i care about people, or care about the environment that that makes me something other than a conservative. i think, i think republicans allowed them selves to be put in a box. like if i care about people, somelady whispered to me when i walked out of the townhall. she said thanks for caring about people. like whispering like that's -- no. to me conservatism is giving everybody a chance to be able to be successful. >> citizenship, you said i'm not closed tight. everybody in the country needs to feel like they have an opportunity. explain what your position is? >> i would prefer for them to be legalized once we find out who they are. because i think they contribute a lot to america. but i don't favor citizenship. because as i teach my kids. you know, you don't jump the
5:31 pm
lo line to get into a taylor swift concert. >> you are leaving the door open to citizenship. >> i don't fafrvorite. let's make citizenship, getting in here legally. that's my view on it. but i am just not going to pound the table on all these things and say my way or the highway. i will on some things. i got to be careful about that. you know what. i think about what it would be to be president. so, you ever notice when people run for president they make lots of promises they never keep them. >> no, never noticed that. >> i do. you know why they make promises they can't keep. because they dent know any better. >> you thanked donald trump for being in the debate. you think he drew 24 million people. >> yeah. >> reporter: who also got a look at you? >> yeah. >> reporter: do you think he is a positive source in the gop field? >> i think he is tapping into people's anxieties. anxieties are real. people have about had it with frustrations in their lives connected to the government,
5:32 pm
connected to the loss of jobs. i don't think people want to stay on the negative side. they want to know what the solutions are. >> dana join us from new hampshire. and with us, mark preston. it's interesting how candidates have dealt with donald trump. some like rand paul go on the attack. kasich seems to be doing the opposite? >> he absolutely does. very much deliberately. i actually asked him. funny you mention, rand paul. i asked him about this new online video that rand paul put out today trying to convince conservative voters that donald trump is a liberal, talking about his former positions on health care, on abortion and so fort. and, you know what kasich. i think rand paul is wasting time and money. he should be focused on the things rand paul is for. the way i think kasich is gleaning the support that trump is getting, lesson that he is taking is that people out there don't want to necessarily hear
5:33 pm
everybody going after each other they want to hear about what you can do, your solutions and so forth. so that's what he says he is going to continue to do. >> mark, in line with that. how much dopolicies fall in line with republican platforms. last week, his answer on gay marriage, appealed to some, surprised some of the candidates speaking on stage? >> sure. on stage, he said he was personally against same-sex marriage. at the same time he said that doesn't mean i can't love somebody. at a time when the republican party is talking about expanding its base and growing its tent. when you hear kasich talk that way that is going to apapeal toa voter. he has been criticized for taking medicare dollars up in ohio. he said these are ohio dollars. these are going to help people. when you talk ill lee guo illeg immigration. he doesn't say we'll led buses and send people home. trying to be more pragmatic or sound pragmatic when you have
5:34 pm
donald trump boisterous talking policy and issues. >> dana, a quick google search, people don't know john kasich. is he too angry to be president, articles abut his canneddor. is he different? he doesn't come across as an angry guy in talking to you? >> no. look, he doesn't come across as an angry gift. in fact before the interview we were joking about the fact that, you know, the rap on him is he is rickly, gets angry and has a temper. tuned be fair that is true in some respects. the flip side of that, what he told me in the interview as well is that, that's passion. and that he is passionate about things. he said i am not a marshmallow. but i also think it is all relative, right. remember, chris christie, everybody says, is he going to be somebody who is going to be too boisterous, rambunctious to play well outside of new jersey. and then, if you stack all of those personalities up against
5:35 pm
donald trump, they look like pussycats, right? >> juxtaposed, certainly. kasich received a big endorsement today. one i am sure many expected to gravitate toward jeb bush. is jeb bush the candidate most hurt by kasich's gains? >> let's focus on the state that john kasich is working on. new hampshire. where we saw, the former state attorney general endorse him. when you look at new hampshire, there are two types of voters in new hampshire. the liberty voters. rand paul voters. ron paul voters. and then everybody else. when you are looking at lanes in politics you would have to think john kasich would be hurting jeb bush more so because he has the same kind of cadence. he talks in the same way abouter use. and he tries to modulate himself. so in many ways, he would be hurting not only jeb bush but the likes of chris christie. irony is that john kasich comes across as a very soft, gentleman. whennen y eyou are talking. dana had the interview. i talked to a long time ohio
5:36 pm
republican that worked with him. john kasich is tie it that would walk in with 20 friends and leave with 20 enemies. >> we will see. seemed to make a lot of friend during the debate. mark preston. appreciate it. dana bash as well. thank you. the republican presidential candidates take aim at each other. take a look at the barbs being thrown back and fort. and a new quasi-trump impression from rand paul.
5:37 pm
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when it comes to bashing the competition, donald trump may be the loudest voice, not the only voice. republicans are in attack mode against each other. at an event in new hampshire rand paul said the debate has gotten kind of foolish, courtesy of well, you know who. take a look. >> i'm all for levity, humor, and reality tv and the presidential election ought to be separate. we have people up there who say profound things such as, you're stupid. you are fired. you are a pig. you look terrible. you only have half a brain. and then when you respond with an argument, you are stupid. or my favorite is, you know the
5:41 pm
reason i tell women they're ugly because i'm so good looking. everybody knows i'm good looking, right? or my other one is, you know i must be smart. i'm rich. i'm rich. i got to be smart, right? >> the infight in the presidential field goes beyond the name calling from trump. it is a big part of it. >> jeb's answer the other day on women's health issues is a disaster for him. and i don't thin, now he, then went and said he misspoke. how do you misspeak about that. >> a couple candidates complaining the questions were too tough. you think that's tough. how about dealing with putin. >> donald trump using the same old tired talking points of the democrats. they didn't work in the past. they're not going to work in iowa. >> i probably identify more as a democrat. i have been around for a long time. it just seems that the economy does better under the democrats than the republicans. >> this should have been handled by governor bush the same way it
5:42 pm
has been handled by any of the other candidates who understand huh to dupe thi how to do this. if we know then what we know now we wouldn't have gone into iraq. >> if we talk who is a spoiled bralt or not. my kids all work minimum wage jobs. do you think any of the trump kids have been working at the pizza hut. rich, attacking the front-runner is obviously tried and true presidential tactic. the gloves also seem to be coming off the rest of the pack as well what do you see happening? >> a couple of things. first of all this 27, 315, however many are in the race they realize they have got to get in the news. you can't nice your way through this. all of us have worked for a canned dadidate who said i am go run a positive campaign.
5:43 pm
you go, no you are not. we are going to turn mother's picture to the wall and go after the other guy. that's what they're doing. with donald trump in the race you can never be tougher or more, nor ugly against your opponents than donald trump is. he has made the bar so high to get over that there is plenty of room for the canned dididates t shot. see what happens. respond the. this the normal course of discourse in a primary. i think it is fine. >> rand paul attacking donald trump's kids. i have to say i was stung by that. >> not, not the wisest course for him. a good rule in politics is don't stand in front of the tsunami. and right now, donald trump is that. rick perry did that. he took on donald trump couple weeks age and he marginalized himself right out of the first debate. let the tsunami pass. and then try to pick, take the
5:44 pm
energy from trump and use it to fuel your campaign. tur turn the anger into action. not a productive course. he is saying donald trump is the fake outsider. i'm the real one. chris christie attack bush. that's establishment, i'm anti-establishment. i'm donald trump. that's the race in the republican party now. >> is there a danger that, this is all happening so early in the primary process, and it is heated up to such a degree, such intense interest, it's already, you know there is this, negativity going back and forth. is there a danger it is too much too soon? >> well, now that we are in the debate season, it is really important to start drawing those distinctions. voters are beginning to tune in more. i think in places like iowa, new hampshire. they're actually at an elevated level of interest with the voters. i think we are close to that time where, drawing a
5:45 pm
distinction between you and the other candidates is very important. you know, alex talked rule of thumb in politics. particularly in debates if you are not on offense, you are losing. and i think many of these candidates, you are starting to see that rule of thumb in campaign start to emerge. >> go ahead. >> just going to say, anderson, that, four years ago all most to the say, we were in ames iowa, iowa draw poll. there was firing back and forth. not sure this is any different. just that we didn't have the straw approximately to kind of measure it. >> interesting, rich, governor kasich we heard from in the last segment. he manages to acknowledge the energy of donald trump's followers without giving him too much credit or trump too much credit still able to deliver his own message in the process. >> well he is a talented guy. he was, he rose to be budget chairman in the house. in a relatively short amount of time. and that's, everybody in the house and the senate, they were
5:46 pm
all mr. or ms. basketball, at home. they're all competing. then he ran for governor. been a very, successful governor. even though there were a lot of people that disagreed with him. a talented politician. that's what you have got to be. people don't look to say i am a politician. >> on the point too, rich, anderson. it might be good enough to got you to 12%. let me make you one guarantee if donald trump and john kasich or john kasich and jeb bush are tied at 22%, 24%. we're in the dep tth th of wint january, you are going to see kasich make sharp distin tkttions between him and candidates. >> that changes very quickly. alex, if you are in jeb bush's camp. how panished a isicked are you? >> not at all. right now, donald trump on top of ted cruz and ben carson, splitting the anti-establishment vote. and, so, and meanwhile you are getting time to establish your
5:47 pm
record as governor of florida, who cut taxes, was a real conservative, pro-life, who grew the economy. you are getting time to go out there and plant your flag. fairly much unchallenged. he has $100 million in the bank. while your enemies are in confusion. not a bad hand of cards for jeb bush to play. >> kevin, you agree? >> i think there is time. i think alex is right in that sense. but if, you look at the polls right now. the declining numbers in iowa. declining numbers in new hampshire that. has to worry him. florida on the calendar which would be, a jeb bush strength, is not sealed off and just going to wait there. it is going to, the electorate there is going to be influenced by early contests. jeb bush has a lot of time and money. >> stop restraining his charisma. >> he has to stop restraining his charisma. >> yes. here's what i think the bush people want to do. i haven't tacked to them. i think we know those guys pretty well.
5:48 pm
what they want to do they just need to stay on trump's shoulder. they can't let him get too far out in front of him. and then just wait for hem, like the, the tour de france. somebody gets way out in front. sooner or later the peleton catches up. reel him in. the guy come in 57th. >> we'll see. alex, rich, kevin, great to have you on. up next, mrs. trump, donald's wife, he mentioned her on the campaign trail. saying she would make a great first lady. in the spotlight more than ever before. we'll till you about her ahead. ♪ fifty! ♪ ok! ♪ ♪ ♪
5:49 pm
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jeb bush speaking in north las vegas. let's just listen in. >> i'll tell you what happens. we did this in florida. what happens when you empower parents, who didn't have the deto dgo to a private school. public schools get better. all schools get better. when you m powempower parents. make decisions engage and give them the chance to make the decision. everybody has to be moving toward them. and the result is in florida when we change the system. created school choice, eliminated this insidious program.
5:53 pm
social promotion, this is what we have in america today. if you are functionally illiterate as a child you are passed on, doesn't matter. it's some one else's fault, your family the income, the color of your skin, the subtle, soft bigotry of low expectations exists in america today it is shameful. we should say that every child by the time they end third grade above, below basic. above functionally illiterate. fourth grade children begin to acquire knowledge. of until then, learning how to read. in fourth grade they're reading to learn i you can't read you will not do math and science. in florida we took on the orthodoxy. a third of our kids were functionally illiterate. that has been cut more than in half. the net result of accountability, school choice, of focusing on school based management rather than the bureaucracy. was that florida went and increased the graduation rate each and every year by 50%
5:54 pm
overall. florida's african-american kids, compared to their counter parts on the fourth grade report card. are number one. hispanic kids are two grade levels. hispanic kids are two grade levels ahead of their counter parts. florida's -- >> jeb bush speaking in north las vegas about education. something he spoke about at the debate. and seemed to score some points with viewers on that subject. well donald trump, in the polls, most voters don't know much about his wife melania. former fashion model. mother to trump's fifth child. business woman herself. trump mentioned her last night in his speech in michigan. >> melania will make a very beautiful first lady i can tell you. and a great first lady. she's got a great heart. a great heart. she cares more about those women, use that bush doesn't care about. >> randi kaye has more on
5:55 pm
melania trump. a potential first lady. >> reporter: to some she is just known as mrs. trump, the quiet impeccably dress force behind her husband. but melania, is much more than a side show to her husband's business empire and presidential ambitions. there is glitzy and glamorous magazine covers, and her own line of jewelry on qvc. >> i want all women to have a piece of my jewelry because it will make them feel special, it will make them feel elegant. >> reporter: she also took a silly turn in an aflac insurance commercial. >> aflac! >> before becoming mrs. trump, melania had long been a fixture on the modeling scene. beginning her career at 16 in her native slovenia. by 18 she had a contract with an agency in italy. je jetting between milan and paris.
5:56 pm
building a career before moving to new york in 1996. that's where just two years later, she met her future husband, donald trump. >> we met in 1998, it was a fashion week, and it was a fashion party that we were both invited. so that's where we met. >> reporter: it was her first marriage to a man known for his famous marriages. and even more, for his infamous splits. larry king interviewed the newlyweds back in 2005. >> do you worry about him and being attracted to him? >> no, i don't worry about that at all. i know who i am. and -- if a man doesn't want to be with me, or i don't want to be with a man. >> good bye, good luck. >> do you worry about her with men? >> no, i know her. that's the rock. >> reporter: a successful relationship that produced a son, baron, born in 2006. >> the energy of the children and of my son it's, i love it. >> reporter: what of her
5:57 pm
husband's bomb baastic style? >> is he a control freak, does he make demands? >> i don't think so. maybe he makes demand in his business, he needs to. he is kind of a general, he need to have people in line. but not at home. we are very equal in the relationship. that's very important. you know to marry a man like donald is, you know, you need to know who you are. and you need to be very strong and smart and, you know, he need to know that he could rely on me sometimes, you know? and we share a lot of stuff together. and i don't think he is a control freak at all. >> reporter: an equal relationship she says, and a supportive spouse. in his wife melania, trump may have the secret weapon he needs to help keep that trump surge going strong. randi kaye, cnn, new york. >> deaw >> definitely going strong.
5:58 pm
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