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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  August 13, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> you know you could have just kept the extra eraser and it would all have been okay. >> listen, i've got somebody to answer to. the lord. i want to be honest. >> she didn't want to be honest. she was honest. needless to say the store is not going to cash the check. >> thank you for being here with us. >> alisyn is getting her deserved time off and sleeping in. >> it's good to have you. >> you too. good morning. you guys have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. ♪ happening now on the "newsroom," trump still on top. guess who he's winning over? we break down the latest poll numbers. plus, putin a big problem? why a top american general say it's russia we really need to worry about. and rex to the rescue. this linebacker's jaw breaking
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punch might have sidelined a quarterback, but it won't keep him off the field. let's talk. live in the cnn "newsroom." . good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin this morning iowa where for the next 11 days republican presidential hopefuls blanket the state fair to shore up votes for their white house bids. the highlight, the des moines register soap box where candidates get 20 minutes to make their pitch to voters. guess who will not take part? donald trump. the topic of gop caucus goers, 22% backing him. rounding out the top five -- cnn political reporter sarah murray has more on the people expressing support for trump. she's going to parse the numbers for us this morning. >> reporter: i do want to say just because donald trump will not be on the soap box, do not
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expect him to be absent from the state fair. he'll be there this weekends. hopefully he'll be trying some fried food on sticks. we'll see. the iowa poll does show him on top. voters give him really high numbers. he's ahead of the field when it comes to dealing with the economy. when it comes to dealing with illegal immigration and terrorism. all of this is particularly interesting because donald trump hasn't released specific policy proposals on any of these issues and yet he's still in the lead on a number of issues. let's talk about who is supporting him. even though this guy is a billionaire candidate who's funding his own presidential campaign, he's drawing a lot of support from working class voters. the place he is suffering is with women. 27% of men say they support donald trump. just 15% of women say the same
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thing. now, that's a big deal. if you are going to win the republican nomination, that's one thing. but if you are going to win the white house, you need big numbers of women voters to offset the problems the republican party has had winning over hispanics. the last thing i'll say is two-thirds of the voters in our latest poll say they are still undecided. this is a very fluid situation. we could still see a lot of changes between now and when voters actually go to the polls. >> thanks so much. perhaps and i emphasize perhaps, the man to beat trump is ohio governor john kasich. kasich is now surging at least in new hampshire, justi six points behind donald trump. >> i've balanced more budgets than about anybody walking on the face of the earth. i'm kind of kidding, but i've done that.
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i've cut taxes at every step of the way. we have the largest tax cuts in ohio of any sitting governor right now. i'm for school choice. we're getting at the problem of higher education costs. and somehow because i care about people or i care about the environment that makes me something other than a conservative? >> with me now to talk about all this paul debartelo and julian epstein. would you ever consider voting for john kasich? >> i had a long conversation with the driver on the way in this morning. the commute from eastern suffolk county into manhattan gives you a lot of opportunity to do a lot of talking. so like i explained to him, it's not really that i love donald trump. to be perfectly honest with you, i never even watched "the
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apprentice." i've never followed donald trump in any way. i'm for what he stands for. i feel like he is speaking for the unheard majority in this country, people like me. >> he's a very wealthy man, but most of his supporters are decidedly not wealthy. what about donald trump resonates with you then? i'm assuming you're not worth $10 billion. >> no. as a matter of fact after this program i'm going with my wife to central park to tavern on the green and have a lunch. straight from here i get in my car and draif to woive to work. >> how would donald trump improve your life? >> just to give you an example, over the last couple of years just looking at my insurance costs, which would resonate with a lot of folks in this country -- and i know they do because i'm getting a lot of
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stats from my website that i built to support donald trump. because my deductible and the cost of my insurance has increased at such a high rate, it's actually exceeded my raises, which is not a good thing. >> what will donald trump do for you to -- >> not just me but for the entire country, he'll bring the jobs back from other countries, basically like he says, they're killing us right now. >> how will he do that? >> he's make certain restrictions. he'll make wise decisions to make sure the jobs stay here. >> you don't know exactly how because donald trump hasn't said exactly how, right? >> it's so early in the game right now. let's face it. he needs to concentrate on staying in the lead with republicans. and later on when he's up against biden or the other fellow that's in there -- i think biden will be the one that he has to face.
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>> you think joe biden will get the democratic nomination? >> absolutely. i can almost guarantee you it's going to be biden. >> really? joe biden is mulling over a run for the presidency as we speak. so what do you think about what paul just said, julian? >> i think -- i don't know whether joe biden is going to run or not. i think he's a celebrated figure in democratic circles. i think hillary continues to be the presumptive favorite. it's going to be virtually impossible to unseat her. with respect to donald trump, i think democrats hope -- i think like most political professionals that donald trump will be a roman candle and he will fizzle like most of these summer romances do in the off year presidential elections. but from a democratic point of view anyway he's very good for democrats, because i think he is definitely harming the republican brand. if you look at the last six
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elections democrats have won the popular vote in five of the last six elections. part of it is because the self-inflicted wound the republicans do to themselves in the primary process. if you think of how they crawl over each other for the antiestablishment vote, it tends to be a lower income and very angry demographic. that represents about five million voters. the problem is there are about 140 million voters that are going to vote in the next election. if if republicthe republican pa catering to five minute people, there's something fundamentally wrong with that math there. when you look at all of the head-to-head polls, hillary trounces donald trump in a general election. not only hillary trounces a donald trump, every democrat
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trounces donald trump, including bernie sanders. i think trump is going to fizzle at some point. three essential reasons, one is he has no ground game going right now. he's conducting almost the entire campaign out of the trump towers. secondly i think the low brow style, the insults to women, the insults to latinos, the trielli everybody who disagrees with him they're stupid, they're losers, that is going to wear thin. it's increasingly kind of low class. and finally, just to go to the point on policy here, donald trump's supporters are somewhat confused. donald trump is on record as saying that democrats produce the best record. donald trump is on record saying he likes health care. just a few years ago he liked the single payer program.
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he's now disavowed that. several years ago he said he liked the single payer program. >> we get your point. i just want to pose one more question to poll. you've heard what julian said. george will who's a conservative wrote a column in the "washington post" this morning echoing what julian said. >> sure, sure. listen, let me just tell you a quick story. very quick story that's going to blow your mind and a lot of mind of the people out there. a friend of mine at work, brett, he mentioned to me when i told him i was coming on the new knew show, which was last thursday, he's a lifelong democrat. he told me i've always voted democrat. i've never not voted democrat. let me tell you something, donald trump intrigues me. i feel like he's speaking to me. this is a lifelong democrat. he says more and likely i'm going to vote for him. i'm not positive right now because it's early in the game,
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but more than likely. that's a democrat speaking. forget about the independents. >> not when you pull the layers back. >> i've got to leave it here, guys. >> good luck. >> thanks so both of you. i appreciate it. let's talk about jimmy carter. well wishes pouring in for the former president after he announced he is indeed battling cancer. this political editorial cartoon titled another journey is featured in today's atlanta journal constitution. you see it there, jimmy carter cancer survivor. president obama and vice president joe biden both spoke to carter on the phone. carter says doctors discovered the cancer had spread when he had surgery last month. he hasn't revealed what type of cancer he's facing or his prognosis. but says he'll share details as
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early as next week. martin savage is in atlanta with more this morning. >> reporter: a lot of people are anxious to hear what those details are, specifically what kind of cancer is it that jimmy carter says he has. his family has had a long and painful history to pan krcreati cancer. he lost his brother to it. he said the cancer has spread. that is a concern once it spreads in the body. he is 90. going on 91 in october. medical experts say there is no reason given how healthy he has been that the prognosis shouldn't be good given the right sort of treatment. then you mentioned just the out
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pouring. it's not just because he was president of the united states, but because of the humanitarian work that he did afterwards. they are receiving all of that here at the carter center. so many, many people rooting for the 39th president, carol. >> many thanks. still to come in the "newsroom," deadly explosion in china so violent they could be felt for miles. but the images from after the blast are disturbing. toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. smash it! make the call and ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. new larger size now available.
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at least 50 people are dead after a series of deadly explosions so powerful and so violent they could be seen and felt for miles. they registered as earthquakes. the blast came from a warehouse in northern china that handled hazardous materials, created a fireball that charred buildings and melts cars.
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will ripley is live to tell us more. >> reporter: yes. we are one mile away from the epicenter of the blast. when you take a look at this danger, it really is incredible to think that one mile away a blast caused people's living room windows to fall into the street. the wind has been shifted here and the fire continues to burn, even though we can no longer see the huge plume of smoke because night as fallen. in between shots we've been wearing these masks to protect us from the toxic air. these factories that are burning have a very hazardous mix of chemicals. even city officials here right now are acknowledging that there is a danger of prolonged expose of people breathing the air. this morning, horrific video
6:19 am
pouring in of a series of catastrophic explosions in a major chinese port city late wednesday. watch this surveillance video obtained by abc news of a man standing near the entrance of a building. the blast decimating the wall, caving in right on top of him. the explosions felt miles away, emanating from an industrial warehouse in tianjin, two hours south of beijing. the chemical material inside, unknown and dangerous according to xinhua, a state run news agency. xinhua reporting firefighters are now suspended from tending to the billowing flames in fear the mysterious chemicals might pose a further threat. this, as the death toll continues rising. dozens now dead including firefighters and more than 500 injured. the house collapsed, we didn't know what happened, says one
6:20 am
survivor. during my live report from outside the hospital, tempers flared. a group of apparently distraught survivors along with security officers demanding the s to see pictures on my phone, forcing me off the air. the massive explosions i kw equivalent to a small earthquake. the aftermath found far and wide, buildings destroyed and cars completely charred more than a mile away from the blast site. right now, thousands of people are spending the night in shelters. these normally densely populated neighborhoods, as you can see, are pretty much empty right now. there's thousands of people who live in these apartments alone. it just goes to show the scope of a disaster like this in a city of some 15 million people. it also raises new concerns
6:21 am
about these industrial plants and how close they are to people's homes. >> will ripley reporting live in northern china this morning. thank you. . for the first time in the war against isis u.s. fighter jets are now using an air base in southern turkey to carry out air strikes against isis targets in syria. the outgoing army chief of staff warns the air strikes alone might not be enough. >> if we find in the next several months that we're not making the progress that we have, we should probably absolutely consider embedding some soldiers there and see if that would make a difference. that doesn't mean there would be fighting but it would be embedding them and moving with them. i think that's an option we should present to the president which the time is right. nick payton walsh live in turkey to tell us more. hi, nick.
6:22 am
>> reporter: behind me is the air base which the u.s. has long negotiated with turkey for the use of. we've seen a number of f-16s soar over us here. the pentagon saying not only were they hitting inside syria yesterday, a number of targets they had longed planned to hit, there are also activists inside syria suggesting it's been a pretty heavy day on the receiving end of coalition air power there on isis targets. just now we saw a fuel reloading cargo plane that helps planes refuel in the air just take off from here, a c-17 cargo plane. this base has had american troops on it for a number of years, nearly 2,000 of them. they haven't been allowed to carry out strikes like this.
6:23 am
the key reason the u.s. wants this so badly is it takes the flight time from hours to just 15 minutes. 15 minutes from taking off from this runway strip to being in the skies over syria and able to h hit isis targets. that means they can spend longer in the skies over syria hitting isis targets, one they've long spotted or one that perhaps emerges on the ground as they're in the air. that radically speeds up the fight against isis. there's been a public dispute between the u.s. and turkey as to the way forwards in the ground war inside syria. turkey badly wanted a safe zone, an area free of isis and the kurdish militants they don't like either. many say you need some kind of ground presence to really push isis back in northern syria. but it's here on that airstrip
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. an alarming new warning from outgoing army chief general, russia, not isis, poses the most dangerous threat to the united states. listen to what he told reporters on wednesday. >> i believe russia is the most dangerous because of a couple things. first, they are more mature than
6:29 am
some other of our potential adversarie adversaries. they have some stated intents that concern me in terms of how the cold war ended. i'm concerned. >> he also cited russia's fierce battle with the ukrainian military. he isn't the first to sound the alarm when it comes to russia. last year general joseph dunsford expressed similar concerns. first off, do you agree? >> i think the general is correct in saying that russia is a threat. i'm not sure i completely agree with him saying it's the most
6:30 am
dangerous. but it's certainly a growing concern. we saw that up close and personal when i was commander in europe. >> it seems he's saying that russia is more of a threat than isis. is that what he's saying? >> well, i'm not sure i would interpret it that way. that you could cause more problems and be more of an existential threat to the united states. we've seen over the last few years they have shifted from attempting to partner with us and even doing some bilateral training exercises with us, now they're invading countries and trying to establish some frozen conflicts as they're calmed not only in ukraine but in georgia a. there's growing concerns they've poured more money into developing new weapons systems and training their force. truthfully, mr. putin's
6:31 am
intentions are partly known and partly unknown. that's what's most disconcerting. we're not really sure what he's looking for. but we do know, because he said this, he feels threatened, he feels threatened by nato and what the west's moves are. he wants to return to the age of having a great influence for russia similar to the old soviet union. >> as far as a direct threat to the united states, what might that be? >> what we're seeing in ukraine right now is very dangerous. they are not an ally, but a partner. should russia decide to do things in other countries that in fact are nato allies -- and i'll tell you from experience the governments and the militaries of the baltic countries from poland, romania, bulgaria, they all feel threatened by russia and some of the things that are going on. that's not to mention what's happened in georgia.
6:32 am
if mr. putin was to try and intimidate those countries that are nato members, i think you would see some different approaches by the united states in terms of what we're doing. right now we're partnering with several countries to help the ukrainian military improve. >> so final question, the u.s. has already imposed sanctions on russia. what else should it do? >> i think what you're seeing is there is an increased emphasis on putting forces and the potential for forces in eastern europe. that's happening. there's an exercise right now called atlantic resolve where we have several european forces, u.s.-european forces partnering and putting equipment in some eastern european countries. the ones i mentioned before are all three of the baltic countries as well as poland, romania and bulgaria. that's on going and it will
6:33 am
occur in the spring. you're going to see some rotational forces, not only army, but also air force, increased exercises by u.s. and nato naval forces in the baltic and the casspian seas. we are still looking to provide security and stability and we're trying to reassure our partners that we will be there for them to prevent any kind of incursion by mr. putin and russia into their sovereign space. investors bracing, all eyes on china after yesterday's currency fall. the opening bell rang just moments ago and the dow is actually up 11 points. so let's head to alison kosik to check in. we're expecting the markets to be down and they're actually up, which is a good thing. >> reporter: it is a good thing.
6:34 am
what does this devaluation of the yuan mean for americans? number one, if you like to buy stuff made in china, this is good news for you. because china's currency means good exported to the u.s. become cheaper. china makes everything from computers to clothing to furniture. you can see cheaper good there. also, the devalued currency will push gas prices even lower. oil is priced in dollars. so the purchasing power of the chinese is going to be reduced. they're going to use less oil. less demand leads to lower prices. many u.s. companies do a big chunk of their business in china. think of apple that makes their iphone and ipad there. but the stronger dollar when compared to the yuan means any
6:35 am
income in china could lead to lower profits for the companies and if the companies don't do well, people could lose jobs. you see this sort of domino effect that could happen. at the moment, though, we are seeing stocks in the green. we shall see how the day goes. still to come in the "newsroom," the iowa state fair, an important campaign stop, kicks off today. why do candidates court voters in places like iowa and new hampshire anyway? are they that important? it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. i'm reworking the menu. mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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checking some top stories for you at 39 minutes past. isis is claiming responsibility for a deadly bombing at a
6:40 am
baghdad market that left at least 36 dead and dozens injured. the white house says it's launching an investigation into that toxic river spill in colorado. the announcement comes after both democrats and republicans put the environmental protection agency on blast for a slow response. the epa is claiming full responsibility for the accident which turned the animas river bright orange for nearly a week. federal officials say contaminant levels are now back to preaccident levels. . three new women have come forward accusing the comedian of sexual assault. appearing together on wednesday with their attorney, they provide disturbing details of their encounters with cosby. the women join a list of more than 40 others who claim to have been sexual assaulted by cosby. fried foods, butter
6:41 am
sculptures and a hearty helping of presidential candidates. consider this, at least one million people are expected to attend. one of the biggest highlights, the des moines register soap box where candidates get to make their case to voters. at least one is not participating, that would be donald trump. he is expected to make a weekend appearance at the fair. right now trump is ahead of his competitors in iowa. trump is on top with 22%. let's talk about this and more with the director at the university of virginia center for politics. i'm also joined by andy smith on the phone. welcome to both of you. >> goodmorning. >> thanks, carol. >> larry, let's talk about the iowa caucuses for just a moment
6:42 am
and the iowa state fair. what does that say about the cnn o.r.c. poll numbers and the iowa state fair? >> well, i think you have to take everything with a grain of salt this far in advance of the voting in iowa or new hampshire and certainly the general election. look, iowa and new hampshire are traditions. iowa goes back to 1972, those caucuses. new hampshire, i believe, goes back to 1920. i think they have been more influential at other times, because first of all you had a fewer number of primaries and caucuses. in 1968, there were only 17 primaries. in 2016 there are going to be about 40. so there are more contests, more states to campaign in and most of all a heck of a lot more money thanks to super packs so that candidates can last well beyond iowa and new hampshire as we march through the states.
6:43 am
>> interesting. okay. so andy, i know you're a new hampshire guy. but i'm going to ask you about iowa. how much does it matter? >> iowa, i think, is important in the nomination process, but not so much on the republican side. historically there hasn't been a single nonincouple wakunonincum who's won both the iowa caucuses and the new hampshire primary. but that said, i agree with larry. this early on, any polls are just in no way predictive of what's going to happen in the election. >> you know, you're both having said that, it makes me kind of guilty like telling our viewers about those poll numbers. but in a sense, they are surprising because donald trump has remained on top for such a long period of time. even early on, that's unusual,
6:44 am
right? >> well, donald trump is on top by a very small margin. >> go ahead, larry. >> carol, if i could throw in one fact here -- >> sure. >> i beg your pardon. if i could throw in one fact here, carol, do you know how many people are paying close attention to the presidential contest? it's about 20% of american voters. 20%. >> wow. >> as you get closer to election day, whether it's iowa, new hampshire or the general election, that number goes up significantly. and then people are making decisions and they tend to remain with those decisions for the most part. but we're nowhere near that point. this is the silly season. it's the summer and there are no consequences to people giving answers to pollsters about being for this one or that one. >> so why to the candidates spend so much money and time in states like iowa then, so early
6:45 am
on? >> what they're doing is i hope if they're going to be successful in those states is building organizations. they're out making phone calls and knocking on doors, identifying voters who can potentially vote for them, providing lots of information to help them make that decision. and then when the iowa caucus eventually comes arnold, they're going to make sure they get those people to the caucus on caucus day and vote for their candidate. it's the organization that's being done right now by far more than what's in the polls or in ads. campaigns are usually very reticent about telling you a whole lot about what their campaign organization is actually doing. >> thanks to both of you. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," a player cut by the jets for breaking the jaw of his own quarterback has already landed with another team. can't say the same about the guy he hit.
6:46 am
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just one day after being cut from the new york jets for slugging quarterback geno smith and breaking his jaw, the linebacker known as i.k. was picked up by the buffalo bills coach rex ryan. it's not the first time ryan has come to the rescue of an nfl bad boy. richie incognito, remember him? he's just one other player to get a second chance under ryan. here is what the coach said yesterday, though, about i.k. >> this isn't just a bad guy. you know, i think he's -- he made a mistake, clearly made a mistake. there's no question about that.
6:51 am
we believe he could be successful here, and there's no guarantee he makes our football team. >> there are also reports that the cleveland browns might be interested in former ravens running back ray rice, who was suspended by the nfl following his arrest for knocking out his then fiancee. let's talk about this with rachel nichols and denise white in los angeles. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> so, good morning. so, rachel, i want to start with you. what's with rex ryan? he has a team of troublemakers? >> this may be a major troll job on his old employer, the new york jets, who fired enemkpali. he says that he knows he's generally a stand-up guy. this one incident doesn't define the player. that being said, he did mention
6:52 am
yesterday he hasn't even spoken to i.k. yet, so he signed him without hearing his side of the story. so it's really just about you'd have to think sticking it to the new york jets, and he does know the player, though, from the year before. he felt maybe he was getting a deal because no one else was going to want him. as he did point out in the clip, they're not going to necessarily have him on the team. he'll bring him into training camp to see how he fits in with the group and make sure he doesn't punch any of their quarterbacks. i don't know. >> so, denise, i'm surprised that ik wasn't charged with assault. he broke geno's jaw. he's out for ten weeks. >> yeah, you know, it's interesting geno didn't press any charges. i think there's history there we don't know about. again, not giving ik a pass in this at all, he broke his quarterback's jaw. but at the same time there's some history. and, rachel with attest to this, this is training camp. people are heated.
6:53 am
they're out there two-a-days with pads, not giving anybody a pass here, but these things do happen. not necessarily breaking the quarterback's jaw, but we do see scuffles in practices. these guys going at it one-on-one. so it's not uncommon for these guys to get into skirmishes but it is unusual to break a quarterback's jaw. >> if you know his personal history, he spent his entire youth in childhood getting into fights himself. he was a real scrapper, a troublemaker. hauling off and punching a guy because he may or may not have owed you money was just age 15, 16 for rex ryan and his brother. this is something he's comfortable with, let's put it that way. >> let's look at the optics as a whole. the browns are considering ray rice. come back and play for us. richie incognito and this ik guy and the buffalo bills. wasn't the nfl trying to clean up its image, denise? >> i'm not sure any player who
6:54 am
has ever committed anything, and denise and i talked about this before, i don't think they should be banished from doing their job for the rest of their life, right? >> exactly. i don't think ray rice is irredeemable here. i think we should stop treating him like he is. if he's putting in -- and this may not be the popular consensus at this time, but i've seen articles come out with female journalists writing ray rice should get a second chance. head of the national coalition against domestic violence and consults with the nfl believes ray rice should get a second chance. it's time to give him a second chance if he's putting in the work and doing the right things. he could be a very valuable voice against domestic violence. and i think we should use that towards our benefit in raising awareness. he did a horrible thing. there is no doubt in anyone's mind what happened with him. but i also believe in second chances and that he deserves one
6:55 am
at this point. >> i agree with both of you, he does deserve a second chance. he's been working really hard to get mentally healthy, right? he's been working hard and has been very public about it. on the other hand, i really don't get rex ryan. and you say he's scrappy and he's been in fights himself. but seriously -- >> the idea he didn't even talk to ik about this incident before signing him certainly raised a lot of eyebrows. you would expect at least for the public face, the dog and pony show, hey, we had a heart to heart. we had a conversation. he's really sorry. it was an isolated incident. hey, this is rex rye yan. he said, i know the guy. he's all right. let's bring him in here. and there is the subtext rex ryan was fired by the jets. maybe, who knows, he decided geno deserved to be punched. we don't know what rex ryan thinks, but we do know that he was willing to say, yeah, i'll take that guy.
6:56 am
an internet troll job to the new york jets. remember, the bills and jets play each other twice a year. so if ik does stick with this team, it's one more thing to throw into the mix that will be spicy. >> and buffalo bills need to generate interest, let's be honest. denise white, rachel nichols, i appreciate it. still to come, there could be another name in the mix in the race for the white house. how about this guy, joe biden. next hour of "cnn newsroom" after the break.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
my name is peter tran. i'm a gas service representative. i've been with pg&e nine years. as an employee of pg&e you always put your best foot forward to provide reliable and safe service and be able to help the community. we always have the safety of our customers and the community in mind. my family is in oakland, my wife's family is in oakland so this is home to us. being able to work in the community that i grew up in, customers feel like friends, neighbors and it makes it a little bit more special. together, we're building a better california.
7:00 am
and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. is joe biden getting closer to a presidential run? he's running a respectable third as the possible democratic
7:01 am
nominee and he hasn't even decided whether he's going to run for president. of course this is significant. as i said, he hasn't decided. he's been talking to friend as he vacations on the coast. michelle kosinski has more on that from martha's vineyard. good morning, michelle. >> reporter: you have to wonder what he's thinking of those numbers or how closely he's looking at something like that. that's really the first we've seen that hillary clinton has 50% support of likely iowa caucus goers. bernie sanders, 31%. and joe biden, who is not in the race yet, at 12%. so there are these indications now that as he's on vacation, he has been doing a little bit of reaching out to supporters and politicos talking about at least the possibility of a run. now he talked to his staff or the white house and officially what they say is he's focused on his family. he's focused on his work. when he makes a decision, that's when we'll know. that's when he'll make a
7:02 am
decision. but you go a step further than that and you speak to people who know him and they say, look, he's still grieving the loss of his son beau who died just in may. he's considering that emotionally, and the consideration that, sure, he and his son wanted to run, but then this happened, that those emotions versus the rigors of a campaign and how well he could even do, that he has to wrestle with all of that. those are the possibilities there as well as the big questions of now at this stage in the game going up against hillary clinton and bernie sanders who is commanding these crowds of more than 10,000 people in some locations, is he going to be able to put together an effective team at this point, and how exactly is this going to go if he were to get into this race, say, now, carol? >> all right, michelle kosinski reporting live. thanks so much. while we mull over a possible biden run, let's mull over the republican field. in little more than an hour mike
7:03 am
huckabee will kick off the "des moines register" soapbox at the iowa state fair, the first of 14 gop hopefuls to make their pitch to voters over the next few days. and a new cnn/orc poll from iowa -- out of iowa shows huckabee makes the top five alock with carly fiorina, ted cruz, scott walker and ben carson among likely caucus goers. donald trump, though, sits atop the field with 22% support. so let's talk about that and joe biden, cnn political reporter sarah marie, here to parse the numbers for us. good morning. >> good morning. >> okay. so before we dive into trump, let's talk a little joe biden, sarah. do you really think he'll run? >> well, i think that's hard to say right now. this is a very personal decision especially given the loss of his son, but i think if you look at some of the recent polling it's hard if you're a joe biden not to be enticed by some of it. when you're at 12% in iowa and haven't even said you're running, that's a good sign. when you look at hillary clinton's numbers on the honest
7:04 am
and trustworthy issue, these are not moving in the right direction for her. it's the only place bernie sanders does better than her when they're matched up on these different issues in iowa, and he does much better. he's at 35%. they say he's the most honest and trustworthy candidate compared to 28%. they say the same for clinton. joe biden is looking at those numbers as he decides whether to jump in this thing. >> should hillary clinton worry? >> i don't think he should be too worried at this point. joe biden's decision is going to be the fact has hillary clinton been so damaged by this e-mail controversy that there's an opening for him. remember the last time he ran for president in 2008, although he's beloved in iowa, he barely registers 1%. at this point it doesn't look like hillary clinton has been so damaged that it gives that lane for biden. the complication for the vice president is that we're not going to know exactly how this e-mail thing turns out even if it's proven that hillary clinton has done something wrong for many, many months.
7:05 am
it's in the justice department, the fbi. these things take months to come to fruition. biden needs to decide very soon he's going to put together an organization, although there's a super pac working on his behalf to get ready, he doesn't have the kind of organization he would need to run for president. there remains a substantial risk for the vice president even if he decides hillary clinton could be vulnerable down the line and he decides to jump in. >> all right. let's talk trump now. sara, trump is skipping the soapbox in iowa. he'll arrive on saturday presumably in his personal aircraft. why isn't he there today? >> the soapbox goes on for a couple days. we'll see candidates the next couple of days. the reason he's not doing the soapbox is because he's still in this long-running feud with the "des moines register." the "des moines register" published an editorial essentially saying he shouldn't be out of the race, we shouldn't be taking him seriously. he took that editorial very seriously and has been boycotting them and their events
7:06 am
since then. he's not skipping the iowa state fair. this is a ritual for people running and he will show up in one of his own aircraft and will walk through the fair and maybe he'll try some fries. >> i was hoping that he could offer helicopter rides to the kids at the fair but i understand the fair grounds people don't like that idea so much. a final question for you. ben carson did surprisingly well in the cnn/orc poll. why do you think that is? >> if you look at that poll in iowa, it's the nonpoliticians, donald trump, ben carson, and carly fiorina that catch your eye. they're really tapping into something this early in the race. there's a real public discontent with establishment politicians, doubts whether they can actually get problems solved but, you know, we're still six months or more away from the first votes being cast. all the political science suggest people may flirt with outsiders and nonpoliticians at
7:07 am
this point in the race, but when it comes to deciding who they want to be the next president of the united states, they tend to become more circumspect. more people get into the decision making base of the party and start to look at these canndidates and that's why establishment politicians like jeb bush or marco rubio or scott walker will probably end up being at the top of the pack in january and february, not donald trump, ben carson or carly fiorina. >> thanks to both of you. i appreciate it. former president jimmy carter says he will undergo treatment for cancer. he says doctors discovered he had the cancer and it had spread when he had surgery earlier this month. carter hasn't revealed what type of cancer or his prognosis but we do know he has a family history of pancreatic cancer which concerned his doctors. >> it's a really significant family history. and what doctors specifically do and what president carter had done, we understand, he did get monitored through scans for some
7:08 am
time, cat scans, to look to see even if you don't have any symptoms at all, might you be developing signs of an early cancer. several years ago it sounds like he stopped doing those scans as he got older in age and was just doing blood tests. what likely happened over the last couple of months one of those blood tests came back and showed something abnormal and that's what sort of prompted this most recent operation ten days ago. >> well wishes pouring in this morning for carter. cnn's martin savidge is live at the saecarter center with more. good morning. >> reporter: regardless what people may have thought of president carter when he was president of the united states, it is nearly unanimous people consider what he's done after the white house, especially his humanitarian work, is really quite remarkable which is why this announcement, even for a 90-year-old man, maybe caught some people off guard. the way the president released it was in his own words to say, quote, recent liver surgery revealed that i have cancer that now is in other parts of my
7:09 am
body. i will be rearranging my schedule as necessary. that means necessary for treatment. it's expected that he'll be treated at emory health care here in atlanta, a very fine facility. we don't know what kind of cancer it is. there are concerns that it could be the kind of cancer that has already devastated his family in the past. until we know for certain, that's just sort of speculation. the medical experts say, hey look, just because he's 90 doesn't mean he can't have a successful outcome. they will say there are ways to treat it even at that advanced age and that the prognosis could be good depending on how early they catch it. we already know, though, that it has spread. on top of it, those who know the president say he is a fighter. speaking of which the current president of the united states sent his best regards along with michelle obama. they recognize the fact that all of america is rooting for the former president. the president and vice president also called president carter last night. the outpouring has been tremendous. take a look at this political
7:10 am
cartoon in the atlanta journal constitution. normally they are biting. this is not. it essentially shows someone putting a sign in their yard and says jimmy carter for cancer survivor. a lot of prayers, strong, good wishes coming his way. i'm sure that makes the president feel very good, carol. >> i know how beloved he is in atlanta, the state of georgia. still to come, another top official vanishes. is this man the latest victim of kim jong-un's brutal regime?
7:11 am
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7:15 am
became the latest victim in kim jong-un's deadly purge. this man is now missing, the vice premier has not been seen in eight months and this morning there are growing concerns he was brutally executed. brian todd live in washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. this is growing concern that kim jong-un may be eliminating anyone who even mildly crosses him from seoul to washington officials are scrambling to find out what happened to a man who has served kim and his father for many years. a top official in the government vanished, a north korea vice premier, hasn't been seen in eight months. that's according to south korea's unification ministry which tells cnn it is, quote, watching closely for possible change in the status. >> it could mean that he is on ho hold, that he's under suspicion or investigation, it could mean that he got dead.
7:16 am
>> reporter: the state department says if he was executed this could be another example of the extreme brutality of the north korean regime. his disappearance comes during an extended, bloody campaign of purges by kim jong-un. intelligence and foreign ministry officials say he's executed at least 70 top officials since taking power in late 2011. >> i think the inner circle is a very tense place to be right now under kim jong-un. the leaders within that inner circle, and there are only a handful of them, are both looking over their shoulder, looking at kim jong-un, trying to define what he wants. >> reporter: kim reportedly had his defense minister executed with an antiaircraft gun apparently for pushing back on kim's orders and nodding off at meetings. there are published reports that the architect of pyongyang's new airport was executed because kim didn't like the design. u.s. officials tell cnn executions are kim's way of solidifying his position, a way of sending a bone chilling signal to those closest to him. >> don't mess with me.
7:17 am
i'm the boss. and if you know what's good for you, you'll stay absolutely loyal to me. >> reporter: kim famously had his very powerful uncle executed. analysts say that signaled a departure from the way kim's father and grandfather operated. >> they ran the most totalitarian system, of course, that's ever been operated by human beings. but during their tenure, the royals always stayed safe. that was one of their rules. if you were in the royal court, you were in a pretty good situation no matter what was happening to hundreds of thousands of people in prison and so forth. >> reporter: the people close to kim who are safe, blood relatives, namely his younger sister who is rising in power and a shadowy older sister who has never been seen in public. she is said to be advising him behind the scenes. carol? >> really scary. brian todd reporting live from washington, thanks. checking some other top stories at 17 minutes past, c l
7:18 am
chelsea manning could be placed in solitary confinement for a series of disciplinary issues including having a copy of the "vanity fair" issue of caitlyn jenner, is charged with medicine misuse, expired toothpaste, and pushing food onto the floor. manning has a hearing before a disciplinary board next week. the military has not commented. manning, who was born a man but identifies as a woman, is serving 35 years for leaking classified government material. an attempt by hillary clinton's campaign to connect with millennials seems to have backfireded. it started with this tweet. how does your student loan debt make you feel? tell us in three emojois or less. do you know what people who went to college with use? words. we can use emojis on occasion but also have articulate
7:19 am
discussion abouts economic matters, right? this is like when your mom tries to be hip in front of your friends and totally fails at it. swedish prosecutors say they're dropping sexual assault charges against julian assange but allegations of rape still stand and continue to be investigated until 2020. that means assange's stay at the ecuadorian embassy doesn't appear to be ending anytime soon. the wikileaks founder has been holed up at the embassy the last throw years to avoid extradition. he says he's extremely disappointed in the decision and maintains he's completely innocent of the charges. the u.s. has stepped up the bombardment of isis targets in syria by launching air strikes from an air base in southern turkey. the turkish base puts foighter jets much closer to targets. as punishing as air strikes can be, though, the highest ranking general has not ruled out the possibility of putting some u.s. ground troops in iraq.
7:20 am
>> if we find this in the next several months we're not making the progress we have, we should absolutely consider embedding some soldiers to see if that would make a difference. that doesn't mean there would be fighting but it would be maybe embedding them and moving with them. that's an option we should present to the president when the time is right. >> barbara starr has more from the pentagon this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. general ray odierno is going to retire at the end of this week as the army chief of staff. the top general in the u.s. army. but his words carry a lot of weight. he has, himself, had several tours in command in iraq. he is highly respected. he's giving his military advice there which is it could get to that point that you will need some group of personnel -- military personnel on the ground inside of iraq. but it's always been a challenge. if you're going to put u.s. troops on the ground in combat,
7:21 am
you know, that's more than just putting a couple of guys out there. you have to have the complete ability to support them, rescue them if they run into trouble. it's a very difficult proposition and that's a good reason to a large extent the pentagon and the administration have shied away from it. general odierno also goes on to say he thinks that it's all at a bit of a stalemate right now, that is also a word we're increasingly hearing, stalemate. some of the momentum has been rolled back but not enough. and so a lot of concern about how to make real progress from here. and this comes even as earlier today there was a terrible attack in baghdad that isis is claiming responsibility for. a large explosion by a suicide bomber, dozens of people killed, dozens injured in baghdad in this vegetable market when this bomb exploded and it wasn't the first one this week. isis very much still on its
7:22 am
rampage of violence. the u.s. still looking for a way to deal with it. carol? >> barbara starr reporting live from the pentagon, thank you. still to come in "the newsroom" new clues and a new witness could help piece together the final moments of a clemson university student before he fell to his death. why his family is accusing the university. when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf! great. better yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 o'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta! no sixth grader's ever sat with but your jansport backpack is permission to park it wherever you please. hey. that's that new gear feeling.
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safe and reliable services. raising a family here in the city of san jose has been a wonderful experience. my oldest son now works for pg&e. when i do get a chance, an opportunity to work with him, it's always a pleasure. i love my job and i care about the work i do. i know how hard our crews work for our customers. i want them to know that they do have a safe and reliable system. together, we're building a better california. new clues in a possible hazing case could finally bring one family closer to finding out what happened the day their son died. tucker hipps was a sophomore at clemson university when he fell to his death last year. new court documents allege hipps was forced to walk along a narrow railing as part of a fraternity stunt, and his family is accusing the university and three students including the son of a congressman of a cover-up.
7:27 am
cnn has been looking into this case. we are joined now with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. this is a mystery that's been going on more than a year as the family has been trying to figure out what happened. 19-year-old tucker hipps was found dead in lake hartwell after participating in an early morning run with his attorney. for 11 months people didn't know what happened. did he jump over a bridge? was he forced to jump over a bridge? was he pushed over this bridge? there was a history of forcing pledges to jump over bridges and swim to shore as part of a hazing ritual and we also know from the attorney that the brothers were upset with him that morning because he was supposed to bring mcdonald's breakfast but he didn't have the money to do it. so three brothers are being sued. one the son of delaware congressman john carney. and now we're learning the new witnesses coming forward, finally giving the family perspective on what might have happened saying that tucker was,
7:28 am
in fact, forced to walk along the railing of the bridge. this is what the court documents say, that tucker slipped from the railing and caught the railing under his arms, tried to climb back onto the bridge u unassisted, lost his grip on the bridge and fell headfirst into the water below striking his head on the rocks in the shallow water. of course afterwards the lawsuit says they tried to cover it up. they waited several hours before they called police and reported him missing, even lied to his girlfriend about where he was, telling her he'd been seen in the library. i talked to his mother yesterday. absolutely heartbroken, as you can imagine. this is what she told me. it does answer some questions. it connects some of the dots. his dad and i miss him so terribly. he is still the first thing and the last thing we think about every day, and he is just terribly missed. of course she is still wondering if their only son died over mcdonald's biscuits. >> a stupid hazing ritual,
7:29 am
right, allegedly. what does the university say? >> all the defendants are denying these allegations, of course. the lawyer for john carney's son sam carney says that sam didn't see anything that day and doesn't know how tucker went over the bridge. all the defendants are essentially saying the same thing. >> sara ganim, i am sure you will continue to look into this. thank you so much. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the iowa state fair, butter sculptures, freud dough and good old american politics. it all starts today. republican candidates with the exception of donald trump will take turns selling their agendas to iowans itching to vote in the caucuses. donald trump will make his way there saturday. he'll skip the fair today because, of course, these talks are sponsored by the "des moines register" and he doesn't like the "des moines register" because they wrote the awful on ed about him, editorial, i
7:30 am
should say. he's sitting pretty in the latest cnn/orc poll that shows him leading in at 19% followed by ben carson, scott walker and ted cruz. note rand paul fares poorly but he is fighting back with his own brand of trump. >> we have now people up there who say such profound things as, you're stupid. you're fired. you're a pig. you look terrible. you only have half a brain. when you respond with an argument, you're stupid. or my favorite is, the reason i tell women they're ugly is because i'm so good looking. >> as you might expect donald trump returning fire over all of that and a rand paul ad that shows trump praising democrats over the years. in a statement trump said, i feel sorry for the great people of kentucky who are being used
7:31 am
as a back up to senator paul's hopeless attempts to become president of the united states. weak on the military, israel, the vets and many other issues. rand should save his lobbyists and special interests money and just go quietly home. let's talk about all of this. with me now is the news director for tea party news network. thank you for being with me. >> thank you for having me, and what a great segwusegue. >> well, i wanted to talk about tea party support because in the cnn/orc poll it shows tea partiers do support donald trump and i wondered why. >> it's simple. because donald trump represents honesty. sure, we might not necessarily agree with everything donald is saying or how he's saying it but we know he's being honest. i think that's a lot of the reason donald trump is popular
7:32 am
with everybody. there's a mistrust of washington, d.c., and politicians these days that at least donald is saying exactly what he's thinking, something that we can't necessarily guarantee with anyone else running for office. >> well, it's interesting because george will had an interesting op-ed in "the washington post." he is surprised by tea party support for donald trump. from what gop faction might trumpites come? the organizing activists who are passionate about policy. and will goes on to say trump has no definitive policies. so why would the tea party support him? >> it shows george will is uneducated about what the tea party is all about. he is right that we are about policy, about fiscal issues, national security, and immigration as well as protecting our rights. that's what we deal with.
7:33 am
we have not been able to see any policy from any of the people running for president right now. they have not been necessarily given the opportunity or the platform to do that. whether they do it on their actual website, some of them are start iing to leak it out. the truth is we've not been able to be given a chance for any of the candidates to tell us exactly the definitive of what they want to do in certain areas. now in defense of donald trump, he has been able to tell us what he would like to do with china. he has laid out a deal with dealing with isis and the national security and the threat there and whether you like it or not, he has said when it comes to the border, he is going to build a wall and he is going to find a way to make sure that mexico pays for it. that right there -- now, granted, we need to know specifics but that's more than we've gotten out of a majority of the candidates up there running for the 2016 gop nomination. >> i would disagree with you there because jeb bush just gave a long policy speech on his foreign policy and what he would do about isis and he has specifics in there.
7:34 am
>> that just came out. i could have sat there and told you everything that donald trump wanted to do concerning china just by watching what he said in 1987 in an oprah interview. that is people want to sit there and say you don't see policy out of donald trump, it's been consistent all along in regards to how he would handle the number one issue to the tea party which is the economy. we know how he wants to deal with trade. we know that he has this idea of negotiating to a certain extent, but treat it more like a business deal than necessarily diplomacy government deal that has gotten us in the situation we're in today where we pay for more stuff that's going out than coming in. >> let me go back to george will's op-ed in "the washington post." it's titled counterfeit republican. he calls donald trump a counterfeit republican. in other words, he's saying that donald trump is saying all these
7:35 am
things people want to hear, but he's not really serious about it because he's changed his mind so many times over the years. >> you have to remember his background as well. he hasn't always supported staunch republican or the good conservatives. you can see in george will from the very beginning has had his dagers out for donald trump. you can consider where the source is coming. but for anybody that sits there and wants to say that donald trump has not been a consistent republican, well, neither was ronald reagan. ronald reagan actually voted for abortion amendment when he was governor of california. he also voted for a pro-amnesty act when he was president, things he later regretted completely. the old saying is i didn't leave my party, my party left me. a lot of cases it happened to be that way for donald trump. the difference between the donald and possibly other candidates like jeb bush and others, he hasn't flip-flopped within the past few years. these are things he has -- mitt
7:36 am
romney actually endorsed al gore in 1988. all of them have a track record of flip-flopping issues. if you live in a glass house, please stop throwing stones. >> all right. scottie nell hughes, thank you for your insight. i appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> you're welcome. still to come in the "newsroom" the warming relations between the united states and cuba. john kerry poised to make his first visit to the country next. the one on your right is made out of high strength steel and the other is made of aluminum. now i'm gonna release a 700 pound grizzly bear into the room so you better pick a cage and get in it. this is crazy. oh my goodness.
7:37 am
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at least 50 people are dead after a series of deadly explosions so powerful and so violent they could be seen and felt for miles. they even registered as earthquakes. the blast came from a warehouse
7:41 am
in northern china that handles hazardous materials and create add fireball that charred buildings and actually melted cars. cnn's will rippley has more for you. >> reporter: the first thing they saw, the orange ball of flames followed by the blast. when i heard the first explosion, i thought we were finished. he and his wife are migrant construction workers, two of tianjin's citizens, jolted by fourful explosions heard and felt for miles. the house collapsed. we didn't know what happened, she says. "so we just held each other." strangers pulled them from the rubble, barefoot, barely clothed, barely feeling the jagged shards of broken glass in the street. they managed to carry some clothing and belongings leaving all their money behind, a
7:42 am
choki choking chemical smell in the air. they have no choice but to breathe it in as they run to this parking lot. when you look around at the devastation, it's remarkable. all the damage done to this convention center building, the windows smashed in, the doors as well. take a look at this car. it clearly caught fire. the windows smashed. it's crumpled. we are standing two kilometers from the blast site. at the nearest hospital a severely burned man is wheeled past waiting crowds. others collapse from the pain or the anguish of losing someone they love. during my live report from outside the hospital tempers flared. an angry mob demanding to see the pictures on my phone forces me off the air. police don't stop them.
7:43 am
emotions are high. "one moment we were asleep. the next we were here on the street," she says. "we don't know what to do, where to go." a sleepless, terrifying night, an exhausting, confusing day, and still no answers for all the people now surrounded by devastation. will rippley, cnn, tianjin, china. john kerry will visit cuba tomorrow to help raise the american flag and formally reopen the u.s. embassy there. the first time a u.s. secretary of state has visited havana since 1945. the cuban government raised its own flag at the embassy last month after both countries agreed to restore diplomatic relations that were severed more than 50 years ago. patrick is live with more for you. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carolyn. about 24 hours from now we should have secretary of state john kerry here in havana. the u.s. flag should be raised for the first time in 54 years
7:44 am
over the u.s. embassy in the cuban capital. obviously a historic moment. cubans of all stripes, literally everyone i know says they will be coming even if they have to stand outside the embassy just to catch a glimpse of this momentous occasion. furious pace of work to get everything ready. it's been surreal to see cuban and u.s. officials who for so many years have been at odds with one another working quite closely to prepare for this visit and it'll be the last moment to get everything ready but they say they will be ready. there are meetings in the afternoon with members of cuban civil society including dissidents. no word yet on any meetings with raul or fidel castro. today is fidel castro's birthday. he's 89 years old and he had an article in cuba's state-run media where he talked about how the u.s. owes cuba millions of dollars, he said, for the economic embargo over the years.
7:45 am
despite that comment, the party is going ahead and it's going to be something of a celebration of the new relationship between cuba and the u.s., carol. all right. we'll see what happens tomorrow. patrick oppmann, many thanks. still to come, tom brady or the cryptkeeper? the sketch that has the internet talking next. when you're living with diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. so you think this chip is nothing to worry about? well at safelite we know sooner or later, every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at
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tom brady is facing off against the nfl over deflate gate, but it's this face that's getting all the headlines. yes, it's a courtroom sketch. it's supposed to be brady.
7:50 am
do you see any resemblance? critics now taking to the internet with hilarious memes like this one. tom brady, more like et. a real thriller here, right? there it is. finally, check out this bunch of bradys. there they are in all their glory. as for the longtime sketch artist, she is now saying she's sorry. >> i feel really bad when i do a bad sketch. i'll apologize for not making him look pretty enough for the world. tom brady is a very good looking guy. >> although i enjoy talking more about this, rachel nichols, i suppose we have to get down to business. >> i don't know, carol. what do you think would do more long-term damage to our image of tom brady, that he may or may not have cheated or that picture? >> well, thank goodness that gis gisele was not in the courtroom.
7:51 am
>> reporter: it could have been bad, absolutely. it was an interesting day in court. for those of us who have had to follow the story for more than 200 days and have had to listen to the participants duck and weave and evade answers, answering any questions, it was fascinating to see judge berman in federal court actually question the lawyers for both sides in a place that they couldn't run and hide anymore. they were under oath, and he was very pointed on the nfl side, he basically poked holes in a lot of their case. he questioned whether there was any direct evidence linking brady to any scheme to deflate footballs. he also questioned whether ted wells, the investigator who came up with sort of the guilty verdict for brady, was independent or whether he was just being paid to find the verdict that the commissioner wanted. a question, by the way, we hear at cnn asked back at the super bowl. but i will say that he also poked holes in the nflpa's case. he questioned about brady and the cell phone and destroying it
7:52 am
and why brady wasn't more coperative and whether the footballs were deflated. the whole point of this, judge berman is known as a settlement judge. he wants the sides to settle. they were both very dug in in their positions believing they were right, they couldn't lose, and he wanted to show both sides, hey, you both have problems. you both have ways you could lose this case, and i could rule in a way that wouldn't make you happy at all so get back to the bargaining table. when they left court, they decide d to proceed on two separate tracks. they were going to continue in federal court with the legislation but with a mediator to reach out a settlement. we may see them back in court next wednesday. who knows what the pictures will look like from that one, carol. we could get a whole new set of internet memes. >> and it could mean 200 more days for you. >> reporter: don't say it. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry. rachel nichols, thanks so much. i appreciate it. still to come, eagle versus
7:53 am
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together, we're building a better california. checking the top stories, 57 minutes past. take a look at this video out of minneapolis filmed at the nightclub first avenue. it shows the moment a ceiling collapses during a concert. just two were sent to the hospital. if the club looks familiar it might be because prince filmed scenes from the movie "purple rain" here. starting today verizon is no longer offering two-year contracts, a trend that started a couple years ago with brands like t-mobile. from now on new verizon customers will have to buy their phones outright and pay monthl service bills. what about current customers? if you have a contract with verizon and you like it, you can
7:58 am
keep it as long as you want. and finally what happens when a territorial eagle spots a high-flying drone? the answer is caught on camera. here is jeanne moos. >> reporter: when we send in the dron drones, what must the animals think? it's enough to make a gator glare and a ram wonder. does that thing bite? the latest confrontation pitted an australian eagle against a drone. the eagle used its talons to knock the drone out of the sky. the videographer wrote this is the last thing a small bird sees when a wedge tailed eagle decides you are dinner. the eagle was said to be uninjured. the drone operator had some advice for his fellow pilots. if you see a bird of prey while flying, land. the same could be said if you see a chimp waving a branch at a zoo in the netherlands,
7:59 am
demolished a $2,000 drone, and she and her friends had their mug shots taken as they examined the debris. who needs a stick when you have horns? a new zealand ram head butted a drone then went after the guy who came to retrieve it. at a zoo in naples, florida, an agitated alligator could do nothing but lunge while elsewhere in florida a swarm of bees engaged in aerial combat. the tv news drone -- >> when you see the video, it looked like "star wars." >> reporter: even landing -- >> he's sitting there -- >> reporter: for a pair of leaping labs, a drone was nothing but an expensive dog toy, a frisbee with blades. perhaps the most futile effort to down a drone was made by a golfer who missed by a mile when
8:00 am
he threw his club. that doesn't count as a birdie. but this does. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. berman and bolduan starts now. donald trump on top. joe biden still deciding. is the gop's best weapon against both carly fiorina? the massive explosion killing dozens of people and leaving behind ashes of devastation. we're going to take you there. and a top general says america's greatest threat is not isis yet he says the situation is getting so bad president obama may need to send troops into iraq soon. hello, everyone. i'm kate


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