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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 14, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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facebook. i am jake tapper. that's it for " the lead" here. happening now, breaking news, isis chemical attack. the u.s. confirms forces used a mustard agent on the battlefield and other chemicals weapons as well. historic sight. the american flag flying in cuba above the newly re-opened u.s. embassy for the first time in half a century, but tensions remain as washington and havana re-establish relations. can they move forward with the u.s. embargo still in place. bin laden warning. a chilling message believed to be from the son of the notorious al qaeda founder unseen since he was a child, and now he is calling for terror attacks in
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washington, and is his son claiming his father's deadly legacy. and donald trump offers children at the iowa state fair free wides in one of his private helicopters. the frontrunner poised to make a appearance in the spotlight. welcome or viewers to the united states and around the world. i am pamela brown. you are in "the situation room" . we are following breaking news. u.s. military sources are telling cnn that tests have confirmed that isis forces have used chemical weapons including a mustard agent and chlorine on the battlefield. and the son of bin laden surfacing, and he is calling for
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jihad to launch attacks in cities around the world, including washington. we are following historic events. unimaginable, just a year ago, the american secretary of state residing over a flag raising ceremony at the embassy in havana. after 54 years it's once again open for business as u.s. and cuba re-establish ties severed during the cold war. a member of the house foreign affairs committee is with us this hour, and we have our correspondent analyst standing by. jim scuitto, what are you finding out? >> they have test results from an attack inside syria two weeks ago that show isis used a mustard agent. they have not in those attacks confirmed the presence of a
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mustard agent. when kurdish soldiers arrived at the northern iraqi hospital this week with blistered skin and difficulty breathing, kurdish commanders feared the worse. isis had attacked them with chemical weapons, one of two attacks this week now under investigation. >> these are traces of the weapons. almost 45 rounds in 40 minutes. >> the u.s. military will test samples from the patients and weapons to determine if they included mustard gas, a chemical agent that the u.s. now believes isis has obtained. phup it's determined isis used the agent months ago inside syria. >> it would be a new and worry some report if it's accurate, and i have no doubt if isis
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could get their hands on this stuff they would use it. no level of violence is too great, and they are glorified in the terror it creates. >> it's possible the more recent attacks, they used chlorine, or possibly, precursor chemicals, and some commanders down play the field affect of the weapons, but it could spark a new level of fear. >> their mo is basically strike fear into the hearts of everybody, no matter what the tactic or technique is. >> the u.s. has not yet determined where or how isis obtained a mustard agent. it's also possible u.s. officials say isis developed the ability to manufacture them on
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its own. regardless the introduction of chemical weapons in isis presents the u.s. and allies with a new difficult challenge. >> it's important for us to send a signal not only to the kurds but isis as well that we will support the kurds in any way that we conceivably can. >> we know the kurds have not been fully satisfied to this point with the weapons they received from the u.s. and the speed with which they used that, and do they ask for support to head off chemical attacks like this one, and this is a question for the question hanging out there sometime now, and do u.s. forces get more forward deployed in the fight against isis, and whether it's forward deployed advisers if isis has a chemical weapons capability and that would put the u.s. troops in greater danger as well. >> let's talk about some of the
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questions raised with a member of the house foreign affairs committee. thank you for coming on. >> thank you, pamela. >> what can you say about the chemical weapons attacks jim just reported on. can you confirm there have been others? >> although i serve not only on the foreign affairs committee but also on the intel committee, we don't confirm nor deny, we go with whatever the administration says is the public record, but i will say that it's very disheartening that we have a administration that said very clearly early on that the use of chemical weapons would be a red line and we would not accept if anybody would use it, and we were discussing assad's use of chemical weapons against his own people, and it was confirmed he had use it time and time again and we chose to look the other way. now we have the new development. what is the united states prepared to do? what will the administration do?
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it's disheartening to say the least. >> i don't know if you can see the images we're putting up now, but we are looking at video that was reportedly an isis chemical attack on kurdish peshmerga. when you look at the pictures they are so disturbing and it brought up the red line, as the president said, with bashar al assad. should we do more, shift our strategy, and help kurdish fighters counter what isis is capable of now that we see? >> absolutely. you know, people have said we don't want to be drawn into another battle, and although that's understandable, it depends on how you ask that question. we have natural fighters who say we want to beat isis and eliminate isis, not only does jordan want to do it, egypt and the kurds want to do it yet we are slow in supplying them with the ammunition and hardware they need to wipe out this cancer.
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the only reason iran is helping in the fight is because iran wants to establish the caliphate and don't want isis to do it. when we used to say the enemy of my enemy is our friend, no, they are still our enemy and we need to help our allies destroy the mennice and the administration is not willing to do that. it's a historic day in cuba, and we'll talk about that right after this break. ♪ hp instant ink can save you up to 50% on ink delivered to your door, so print all you want and never run out. plans start at $2.99 a month. right now, buy an eligible printer, and get three months of free ink with hp instant ink. available at participating retailers. the most affordable way to print. hp instant ink.
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we're back with republican congresswoman of florida, a member of the foreign affairs committee. we will talk to her about the historic events in havana, where the u.s. flag is once again flying after 54 years. secretary of state john kerry and members of congress were onhand for the reopening for the reopening of the u.s. embassy. it's a development as the u.s. and cuba re-establish ties severed in the cold war. you sat down with secretary kerry, and tell our viewers about the historic event. >> reporter: well, pamela, you can't down play the historic moment as the u.s. anthem played and as the flag rose above the embassy for the first time in more than 50 years, but the real question is how is this going to
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affect the cuban people. the cuban government is saying the relations between u.s. and cuba are not going to improve until the embargo is lifted and they are looking for john kerry today saying they want the u.s. president, barack obama, to use more of his executive authority to do more things like he has done, lifting restrictions on business and travel, but the real question is how is this going to improve human rights on the island, pamela. as you know, the u.s. government, barack obama, and john kerry have argued that increased engagement with the cuban government will help improve the very poor record for human rights, the very poor record for cuban dissidents on the island, and i said to kerry, you argue this, and defentions increased and last week 90
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dissidents arrested and it's business as usual for the cuban government. >> we remain convinced the people of cuba would be best served by genuine democracy and people are free to choose their leaders and express their ideas and practice their faith, and realized where institutions are answerable to those they serve and a more civil society independently is allowed to flourish. >> there's a certain amount of habit and it's playing out and it has to change and we will confront those conversations and we had a direct conversation about human rights and they are ready to engage on these issues and let's see what progress can be made. >> reporter: he said eight months is not enough time to make a judgment, and i said how much is enough time before you can grade whether this policy is working? he said he hopes in the next several months as the u.s.
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engages the cuban government more they will have a better handle on how to move forward, and secretary kerry said he will be back here within the next year to follow-up, particularly on an issue of human rights, pamela. >> we will hear more of your interview with secretary kerry later in the show. and kerry's visit, how quickly will things change. our cnn washington core jack tapper is also in havana. how is this historic day playing out on the streets of havana? >> reporter: i would say that there is a lot of hope, that this might mean something in the last few weeks we have seen the cuban government allowing some wi-fi hot spots, about three dozen of them to spring up throughout havana. normally internet is not readily accessible anywhere, but that
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has happened, so that's at least one small step. there have been other small steps seen here and there. quite honestly, i think a lot of people are really just waiting to see what happens. we spoke with dissidents yesterday, and we ran the interview on "the lead" earlier today, and he thinks things are getting worse, that the obama administration policy, this recognition, the restoration of diplomatic relations is bringing the cuban government cover and international credibility, allowing them to repress dissidents all the more so. this is the country that does not have freedom of the press, and does not have the right of assembly. you can go on and on. so i think a lot of people in cuba are thankful that the u.s. is back and also worried about what it might mean, and some have hope and some have serious concerns, pamela. >> jake tapper, thank you so much. let's talk about what jake just raised with our republican
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congresswoman of florida, a member of the foreign affairs committee. we just heard what jake said, he interviewed a dissident that said things have gotten worse in cuba since the u.s. and cuba began re-establishing the relationship. what do you say to that? what is your reaction? do you agree? >> absolutely, that is true. antonio is a human rights activist that said that and we have confirmation, this is the 17th consecutive sunday where the castro regime has beaten the heads of dissidents. why do they do it? they feel emboldened by the obama administration as given the green light to keep on harassing and detaining and beating the ladies in white, this is a very peaceful group, trying to call attention to human rights. what a missed opportunity for secretary kerry. he could have pulled a ronald reagan and said, mr. castro, let's have free election. mr. castro, liberate the
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political prisoners. mr. castro, let's have freedom of the press. that's what president reagan did in front of gorbachev almost 30 years ago, and instead we had a secretary of state to capitulate to the castro regime so not even one single human rights activist was invited to the u.s. ceremony, not a single one. the castro regime had to scrub our list and we said we won't do anything to embarrass you, and so what does the opposition think? the united states is no longer helping them, that we are in bed with the cuban regime. let me tell you one more thing that was interesting, pam. the press conference that the secretary of state had with the counterpart in cuba is in the national hotel which is an illegally confiscated property from an american citizen, the intercontinental hotel, they have a certified claim against the castro regime for stealing
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u.s. property and this is where they hold the conference, and they have fugitives and confiscated property and they are going to keep on beating the dissidents. that's the truth. >> we have to leave it there. thanks for coming on. we appreciate it. coming up, a terror legacy apparently being picked out by a new generation. bin laden's son believed to be calling for holy war on the west. after igniting a series of controversies, there are signs donald trump may be trying to wage a more serious presidential campaign. we'll be right back. >> i agree. did you hear what he said? you could win it. you're way out in front. i agree. smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling,
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we're following a potentially dangerous development on the war on terror. one of bin laden's sons appears to be trying to follow in his father's footsteps. cnn's brian todd has all the details. >> i have been responding with a counterterrorism official and he says it's no surprise al qaeda would broadcast the bin laden name. and bin laden is one of the bin laden's 11 sons according to analysts. he is around 10 years old, and
2:26 pm
he is now in his mid-20s. and he calls president obama, quote, the black chief of the criminal gang in the white house. he praises the boston marathon bombers and the ft. hood shooter, nadal hassan, and like isis has done so frequently, he calls for lone wolf attacks in the west, and he said take the battle to washington, london, paris and tel aviv and take it to all the american jewish and western interests in the world. analyst say this message is a crucial signal right now that al qaeda is grooming bin laden's son, a son he is believed to have been close to to take over a leadership role in the organization. he says al qaeda needs younger leaders to compete with isis and baghdadi.
2:27 pm
but analysts say it's believes bin laden could turn that tide since the bin laden family is so much better known than baghdadis, and the bin ladens are still, quote, the first family of jihad. >> what more do we know of bin laden? >> he has disappeared. the best estimate among our analysts he may be in pakistan's tribal region. after 9/11 they got him out of afghanistan and he spent several years in iran and he moved back into the tribal region around the summer of 2010, a year before the navy s.e.a.l.s killed his father. he is believed to be at the compound with the s.e.a.l.s went in but he was not there. >> with us now our guests, tom
2:28 pm
fuent fuentes, and phil, i will start with you. what do we know about bin laden's sons and his son is sending this message. we have only seen these pictures of him from 2001. >> we know he is one of 20 kids bin laden has, and it looked like he might have been killed in the compound and he was not there. he was very close to his father in the communications captured in the compound and he wanted to return to the side of his father. remember, he lost not only his father in that raid but a couple brothers to u.s. raids, so he has motivation to talk about places like new york and washington. there's a rare day when i say there's a good news story encounter terrorism. this is the good story. this is the b team, and you have
2:29 pm
to dip down to a guy that was born sir kau 1991, and that's the best you can do to compete with isis, and this is a good day for people like me. >> the b team, and some people thought isis was the b team, and now look. and he has a big name, and what role might he play within the organization. >> they are trying to compete tooth and nail for an isis jihadi war. so being able to bring in a fresh face, somebody that has the last name and able to galvanize the troops to try and attract forces, not just in syria or iraq where they lost their ground, but can they turn it around and attract those forces and that's why they are targeting the specific areas, whether it's washington, london
2:30 pm
in the west. >> do you think it's a call to the lone wolves here in the u.s.? >> there's nothing additional coming from a young punk, basically. the father had credibility because he helped the afghan people defeat the soviet army, living a life of luxury with all the wealth he has been and went in the mountains to fight, and so the question is whether or not people will follow him just because he has the name doesn't mean everything. >> we're learning that the u.s. has confirmed test that isis did, in fact, use mustard gas against the kurdish fighters. >> not a game changer yet. the big story is where the military will continue to fight, and the kurds have been the
2:31 pm
victims of the attacks. what you have in this situation is in syria, probably. they found chemical weapons and might have been able to find them who might have effected from the regime. this is a disaster in humanitarian terms. >> josh, how were the fighters that the u.s. is trying to help right now supposed to counter chemical weapons isis is using. >> the trouble is the fighters that the u.s. is training have been small in number and not effective. the folks on the ground have been the kurdish fighters and the most effective, but not a game changer but concerning. in the way chemical weapons can change the international perception, and i think it's going to be a bigger story as we move forward. >> the question is what else do they have in their arsenal. okay, thank you so much and we appreciate it. coming up, she could be the next first lady of the united states. meet the former supermodel who is married to the presidential
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hampshire. >> reporter: tonight it seems that the donald trump campaign seems to be digging in a little deeper in the early states, for instance, tonight here in new hampshire, he is not just holding a campaign rally but meeting behind closed doors with state party activist. also, tomorrow in iowa, we will see trump do something he has not that done much of, retail politics. riding high in the polls, donald trump will make a dramatic landing. on saturday, trump will fly in on his trademark helicopter for his trip to the iowa state fair and he will take supporters up for free rides. while it may all seem like fun and games, tonight there are new signs trump may be trying to mount a more serious campaign, beefing up staff in iowa and laying the ground work for a longer campaign and policy specifics, but when asked for some of the substance, trump
2:38 pm
said not yet. >> i don't do a plan, i go in and get it. too much talking and not enough action. >> meanwhile, a less dramatic entrance from jeb bush. >> we went in from the hampton across the street and right in. >> here's my deal. i'm a republican and a proud conservative. >> reporter: but he is still trying to find his own footing. his brother's legacy continuing to cast a wide shadow, still tripping him up on the trail. after finally saying he would not have gone into iraq based on today's facts -- >> it was a mistake. i wouldn't have gone in. >> reporter: bush is now saying this. >> i will tell you, taking out saddam hussein turned out to be a good deal. >> reporter: going after president obama -- >> it's time we had a president that accepted responsibility for the duties of the presidency. if there's a problem, don't say
2:39 pm
the dog ate my homework. >> reporter: and hillary clinton. >> i just gave out my e-mails, and i am writing an e-book about my e-mails and i think we need more transparency is politics today. >> reporter: bush has a lot of ground to make up. >> oh, i'm so worried. no. last time around there were candidates that were winning at this point that never even made it to the starting line. >> reporter: jeb bush later went on to say that he believes slow and steady will win this race. one thing that will slow down donald trump, he has been summoned back to manhattan for jury duty on monday. let's get insight from our political experts, gloria and our political director, david haorbgs is in iowa. gloria, i want to start with you because it seems as though jeb
2:40 pm
bush's brother's legacy with the iraq war continues to haunt him. >> it's amazing, because this is the question you would expect right out of the box, and the first time he got asked he had to be asked it over four or five days before he answered it and said no, the iraq war was a mistake, and look, it's personal, he doesn't want to throw his brother under the bus, but what he's trying to do is take a turn and pivot and we saw in his foreign policy speech this week that what he said was the rise of isis is not due to my brother, but the rise of isis is due to the fact of barack obama and hillary clinton did not support the surge as they should have, and if you had more troops there you would not have had the rise of isis. he is trying to pivot away from that, but at the same time 17 of his 21 foreign policy advisers are people that worked for his brother, so it's a difficult
2:41 pm
difficult path for him to navigate. >> he was asked about that by somebody there on the ground in iowa, and he gave an awkward response and it's clear he is in a tough spot. david, what is the word on the ground about baush? what are people telling you? >> he does, and the latest poll he is tied for seventh place, so he does have ground to make up, brown, and i was with him earlier at the state fair in des moines, and as gloria was saying, the iraq thing is tricky and jeb bush is trying to talk look into the future as to what his strategy to combat isis will be, and that's where he feels he is on firmer ground, and if he is looking back, attacking hillary clinton and barack obama, or looking back at the initial decision to get in from his brother, he is on shakier ground. his strategy moving forward is
2:42 pm
the politically stronger position for him to be in, but i have to tell you a. lot of voters in iowa who have not made up their minds yet are not as put off by the bush name like you might think. and many said it's because of the bush name that i am here to listen to him today. >> we can't have a political conversation without talking about donald trump, of course, who plans to be there in iowa tomorrow and apparently he's going to give helicopter rides to children at the iowa state fair in his personal helicopter. is this real life? is this happening? >> reporter: it is happening and it's great political theater. can he move from landing his helicopter in iowa and offering free rides to kids who are attending the state fair to actually doing the retail politicking on the ground, shaking hands and meeting with voters, or if he is going to be in such a bubble of interests,
2:43 pm
if you will, the media circus around him, he is not going to be able to do that very important work of interacting with voters, and that's what is going to be key to watch tomorrow. >> very important work to layout specific policy proposals which we have not seen yet, gloria. do voters even care? supporters of donald trump? >> i think voters will care and the other candidates f. we don't force donald trump to do it the other candidates will attack him from the right like we have seen, with rand paul saying you are not a conservative, and so far the rules don't apply to donald trump. people like the fact that he is an anti-politician. they hate politicians so much, that when they see somebody that is not one of the above, and donald trump is definitely not one above, they like him, but the question is how long will this last? you know, we just don't know. donald trump says he doesn't need policy papers because he
2:44 pm
builds policies as you go along, like he builds buildings, but you still need an architect, i would argue. we just don't know the answer to that question. you can be sure everybody is going to be continuing to press him and eventually the voters will, too. >> stand by. we will be right back, and we have more news including a possible first lady. in a minute the one time "sports illustrated" sports model, who is mrs. donald trump. we'll be right back. aw. aw. ♪ thirsty? they said it would make me cool. they don't sound cool to me. guess not. you got to stick up for yourself, like with the name your price tool. people tell us their budget, not the other way around. aren't you lactose intolerant? this isn't lactose. it's milk.
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former supermodel, one-time "sports illustrated" swimsuit model. those are two resume lines you probably wouldn't associate with the would-be first lady of the united states. cnn's brian todd is back with a look at donald trump's wife melania. >> a few weeks ago no one would have dreamed a former supermodel from slovenia would have a legitimate shot to become first lady. tonight there is a lot of buzz around mullany and trump, a woman who had a career in her own right before they met. she's as hard to miss as he is. melania trump, former supermodel, married for a decade to the man now crushing other republicans in the polls. she's said to be the quieter of the two. she once told cnn's larry king she had no problem with donald trump's bluster. >> the way he is in the board room and he tells what he thinks. and people, they love that. >> but he's popular and he fires people that people like. >> yeah, i know. but people like tough people.
2:50 pm
so -- they like to see how he will do it. >> reporter: melania, 24 years younger than her husband, born in slovenia, started modeling at 16 years old. she moved to the u.s. in 1996 and a few years later was featured is a "sports illustrated" swimsuit model. 1998 she met donald trump. he says he was supposed to meet another supermodel at the event but was captivated by melania. >> it was a great chemistry and energy. we had great time, we start to talk. you know, it was -- something was there right away. >> reporter: they married in 2005 and now have a 9-year-old son baron. she's appeared on trump's nbc show "celebrity apprentice." >> i cannot believe they spelled my name wrong. >> reporter: she's got her own line of skin care products and a line of affordable jewelry she markets on qvc. she talked about how understanding her husband is. >> if i say i need an hour, i'm going to take a bath, i'm having
2:51 pm
massage, he doesn't have nothing against it. he's very support 97 that way. >> reporter: melania trump's tastes for her own surface are a little more upscale than what she hawks on qvc. she posed for "vogue" magazine in her wedding dress from christian dior, priced at over $100,000. the wedding was a grand affair in palm beach. among the guests, bill and hillary clinton. her facebook page is full of pictures of the lavish trump apartments and houses, of her on trump's private plane. >> her big challenge is connecting with everyone because she lives a life unimaginable for even the 1%. you might say that she's the 1% of the 1%. >> reporter: when melania trump has spoken out, as she did in the qvc promo, she's shown a playful sense of humor. >> i hope you tune in or call me. call me -- not good. >> analysts say melania's going to need a sense of humor for the
2:52 pm
grueling campaign road aa head. they say despite the glamorous reputation and her lifestyle she might be able to connect connect with a wide set of voters if the campaign plays up the fact that she started working as a teenager and forged her own career before meeting donald trump. the trump campaign would not respond to comments about their lifestyle and the challenge that presents with average voters. >> do you know how the campaign is going to present her? is she going to be traveling to places like iowa with donald trump? >> that's going to be a challenge. i asked the campaign about that. a trump campaign official would not comment. we get the sense they're trying to figure out how to present her on the campaign trail. at everybody knows donald trump has a lot of challenges winning women voters right now. >> brian todd, thank you so much. let's bring back our political experts. cnn chief political analyst gloria borger and cnn political director david chalian who is in iowa. gloria, what's your reaction? >> wives are the character witnesses for their husbands. and we saw that in the last campaign because both candidates
2:53 pm
needed some humanizing. and michelle obama did it for her husband, ann romney did it for mitt romney. and i guarantee if donald trump goes the whole way, that is the role his wife is going to play. the challenge is to let the public know that they don't just live in this bubble, that they weren't born in lifestyles of the rich and famous, right? that, yes, she did work her way up as a teenager, she started working, and that they understand the problems of ordinary americans. hillary clinton has had a problem with that. in relating. if hillary clinton had a problem, how are melania and donald trump going to do it? >> melania, a gorgeous supermodel, "sports illustrated." >> right, right. >> likes to get her massages and everything else. you know. housewives in america, she's going to have to relate to them. she might well be able to as she does on qvc, we just don't know. >> david, hue do you think she can become relatable to voters and how do you see her role
2:54 pm
evolving in trump's campaign? >> well, listen, obviously the voters are not begrudging donald trump his wealth or living up in trump tower or being famous and a celebrity. they are still excited and enthusiastic about his candidacy. because of the way he is speaking truth and what they believe is this brash style and willing to take anybody on. so even though he he was a completely different lifestyle than the voters he's sort of tapping into, they still feel he's giving voice to their anger. if she can do that similarly on the campaign trail, melania will be a huge asset for him. in addition to being the character witness, as gloria is saying, which spouses always are, it's also, if you have a successful spouse, somebody who can really get out there and bring the message, you double the time on the trail, basically, of the candidate. so she could be in new hampshire while donald trump's in iowa. when you get to the candidate resource of time like that, it's extraordinarily important.
2:55 pm
>> yeah, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out there. thank you so much, david chalian, gloria borger, we appreciate it. and breaking news up next. the u.s. confirms that isis has chemical weapons and has used them on the battle field. we're learning new details. plus the u.s. embassy in cuba open for business tonight. but serious hurdles remain as washington and havana try to normalize relations. cnn goes one on one with secretary of state john kerry.
2:56 pm
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2:59 pm
happening now. hostage. shocking new information about
3:00 pm
caught lin mueller's treatment by isis. before she was killed. and how the terror group's leader al baghdadi was involved. chemical attack. we have new confirmation that isis used a mustard agent as a weapon. i'll ask intelligence insider congressman peter king what he knows about the investigation. raising hope. with the u.s. flag now flying in cuba will the castro regime allow more freedom? stand by for a new cnn interview with secretary of state john kerry about his historic trip to havana and whether he's rewarding bad behavior. blast from the past in a presidential race that already has a bush and clinton. is al gore thinking of jumping into the mix? we welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm pamela brown. you're in "the situation room."
3:01 pm
cnn breaking news. >> breaking news tonight about isis. and its use of banned and dangerous chemical weapons. multiple u.s. officials now confirming to cnn that the terror group unleashed a mustard agent during a recent attack in syria. stand by for more details on that. also tonight, cnn has learned that american hostage kayla mueller was sexually abused during her time in captivity by the top leader of isis, abu bacher al baghdadi. sources tell me al baghdadi was personally involved in arranging for mueller to be held in the home of a senior isis leader after she was captured. i'll ask congressman peter king about that. he's a leading member of the house homeland security and intelligence committees. and our correspondents and analysts also are standing by as we cover all the news. i want to start with our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. he is here and been digging on the kaila mueller story. we have confirmation from kaila
3:02 pm
mueller's family of her sexual abuse by isis leader abu bacher al baghdadi. "we were told kaila was tortured, that she was the property of al baghdadi, we were told that in june by the government." i'm told the information about mueller's sexual abuse by provided to the u.s. government by two girls held in the same compound. what else do you know? >> right now we're learning this as you say from those two girls, also the interrogations of the wife of abu sayyaf killed in that strike a few weeks ago. significant mostly for her family, just horrible news to come out, be confirmed on what would have been kaila's 27th birthday. significant as well because it shows the lengths to which the leader of isis will go to strike fear and carry out atrocities like this. i think it's also significant, pamela, about the movements of the leader of isis, that he felt he had the freedom to move from what is perceived to be isis'
3:03 pm
safe zone in raqqa to this place in eastern syria where we knew the compound was where kaila mueller was health. the fact that he felt he had the freedom to make that movement is significant. the storyline had been because of pressure from the u.s.-led air campaign, that that kind of movement greatly restricted that kind of movement by not only isis leaders but also isis fighters. >> right. on that note, how much travel doing we think he was doing going to abu sayyaf's home? is he more exposed than perhaps thought? >> well, if he was able to go there repeatedly, then he was able to do more traveling than we thought possible. and that we've heard would have been possible. particularly for senior leadership. because we know baghdadi has been a number one target of the u.s.-led air campaign. they're working every day, as they were working every day to track the movements of abu sayyaf before they successfully killed him in an air strike. they're certainly devoting resources to track the movements of baghdadi. if he was able to do this -- granted, this was a different
3:04 pm
time, u.s. assets have gotten better on the ground, more presence in the air, seemingly better intelligence on the ground based on some of the strikes we've seen since then. regardless, he's been a target since the start of this campaign. the fact that he was able to do those movements, if they turn out to be true, this based on the testimony of the prisoners also held hostage, sex slaves, and the wife of abu sayyaf. still significant that he was able to, looks like, to make these movements. >> from the sources you've been speaking with, how much credence are u.s. officials putting into this testimony from these two hostage girls? >> they're putting a fair amount of credence. of course they're matching that to other sources. one of those other sources is the wife of abu sayyaf. she was not just a bystander in the u.s. view. it's the view of u.s. government, u.s. intelligence, u.s. military, that she had a senior role in isis organization as well. they are treating what she says about the activities, the personal activities of abu sayyaf, who was holding kaila
3:05 pm
there in effect as an isis sex slave, helping the leader of isis, mr. baghdadi, to come there, they are treating her as knowledgeable and therefore treating that testimony as credible. >> so disturbing. jim sciutto, thank you so much, we appreciate it. we have more now on isis and the breaking news tonight. new confirmation that the terror group recently launched a chemical attack. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr has been digging on that. >> if isis indeed has a chemical weapon, the big question tonight, where did they get it? the patients came to this northern are iraqi hospital with blistered skin and respiratory distress. the kurds say isis fired mortars at them containing a chemical agent. >> 38 rounds exploded, seven did not. >> reporter: the u.s. is investigating and will test samples to find out if it was mustard agent, a chemical weapon u.s. officials now tell cnn isis
3:06 pm
possesses in small quantities. >> it's a game changer. because what it means is the introduction of chemical weapons when you do that, you have a real issue with protecting troops, you have a real issue with ensuring the safety of civilians that might be in the battle zone. >> reporter: samples from an attack a few weeks ago neconfir mustard agent was used near al hasakah. two attacks this week in kurdish northern iraq are being looked at. officials hope more testing will tell them if mustard or chlorine, an agent the kurds say isis has used against them before, was used again. kurdish fighters have proven capable against isis, but a chemical weapon would make their task more difficult. >> they are much more exposed, much more at risk. so this is, for them, very dangerous and could really hurt
3:07 pm
their ability to fight. >> reporter: the question now, from where could isis have obtained the mustard agent? old weapons from saddam hussein in iraq? a secret stockpile from syrian president bashar al assad that was somehow not destroyed in 2014 under an international agreement? or did isis manufacture the agent on its own? president obama once threatened military action if the seer yab regime used chemical weapons. >> a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. >> reporter: now that it's isis, what will the obama administration do? >> i think it's very important for us to send a signal not only to the kurds but to isis as well that we are going to support the kurds in any way that we conceivably can. >> reporter: some activist groups in the area are disputing some of the details the u.s. is
3:08 pm
offering but it really just underscores the sensitivity and the urgency of this situation. officials say they need to figure out exactly what happened and what isis has in its inventory now. pamela? >> a lot of looming questions, barbara starr, thank you so much. i want to bring in republican congressman peter king of new york. he is a leading member of the house homeland security and intelligence committees. congressman, i want to talk to you about isis using mustard agent as a weapon as we heard barbara starr report. first, can you confirm that isis leader abu bacher al baghdadi sexually abused kaila muler? >> pamela, what i can tell you is that the reports throughout the spring that she had been subject to sexual abuse by isis leaders, also reports that al baghdadi was interested in her. so these reports, while i can't confirm them, are very consistent with what we've been hearing the last six months. and again, if it did happen, it's absolutely terrible. >> it's horrific.
3:09 pm
when you say reports, are you talking about what we're hearing that these two uzidi girls apparently saying this was what's going on? >> no, this was several months ago, different people you'd talk to said they had heard she had been subjected to sexual abuse. baghdadi's name was not mentioned in particular in any conversation i recall having, other than the fact that he supposedly had an interest in her. again, these are not classified information i was given, this is conversation among people whoed had a familiarity with the issue. it was never 100% confirmed but reports out there she was subject in a way as a sexual slave. >> so disturbing. knowing what we know about how isis treats american hostages, what does this development tell you about how prized western hostages are and the length that isis may go to do capture more?
3:10 pm
>> they realize first of all the impact it has on us as a people, a civilization. it helps them to recruit. as brutal and horrific as we think it is, yet that enables isis to recruit followers to them. so it's why anyone should never put themselves in harm's way, not just havoc it could cause them, the damage it could cause the entire western civilization. isis wants these hostages and they want to be able to carry out horrific acts, whether sexual abuse, decapitation, or both. again, the terrible torment they can cause to so many good people, their families, and all of the western world. >> congressman, is this a huge intelligence failure that we weren't able to rescue her or track him down, considering that al baghdadi, according to what these two girls said, was going to the home and sexually abusing kaila mueller repeatedly? is this an intelligence failure? >> well, if that is all true,
3:11 pm
then it certainly shows we do have gaps in intelligence. i don't know if i would necessarily blame the intelligence community per se. the fact is, by the president's really pulling back on military force and boots on the ground, if you will, in that part of the world, we have nowhere near the intelligence assets we should have. and again, by not having people on the ground, by not having sources that we would have otherwise, that's why we do have these gaps in intelligence. yes, i'd say it is an intelligence gap but i wouldn't necessarily blame it on the intelligence community. i'd say it's because of the reduction of our presence at that time when this was occurring. >> kaila mueller was doing humanitarian work in syria at a refugee camp. she was an incredible young woman. and i want to move on now and talk about some other news that we've been covering today. and of course the fact that chemical weapons were used by isis, apparently. the u.s. has tested this and apparently it is true that it used mustard gas against kurdish fighters. can you confirm there have been others?
3:12 pm
>> first of all, i can't confirm this. i'm not doubting it, i'm just saying until i'm actually told what the results of those tests are and how the tests were conducted i think it would be irresponsible of me to say they definitely use them. i wouldn't be surprised if they use them. my concern would be, first of all, how this changes the game as far as giving isis more power. but also where they got them from. were these left over from syria? are they able to do it on their own? somehow left over from iraq? where they got them is very significant. because if this is a one-off, happens two or three times, that's one thick. if they're actually equipped and able to use chemical agents, that definitely changes the war on the ground. >> because i know there was concern, congressman, that syria, the assad regime, was hiding a cache -- stockpile, essentially, of chemical weapons. do you have any sense that this mustard gas could have come from that? >> i would say probably the most logical hypothesis of all this is that there was mustard gas that was being stored by syria,
3:13 pm
either intentionally or unintentionally, and not been turned over. as isis was going through syria and making the ground they have made that they came upon this. either that or someone in the syrian government who actually could be again, a spy or agent for isis, could have made them aware of it. again, we don't have very much intelligence on the ground in syria so we're really playing catchup there. >> congressman king, stand by, we have a lot more discuss right after this quick break. aa chance to try somethinglook. different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. take advantage of our summer offers. get this low mileage lease on select ats models, in stock the longest, for around 269 per month.
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3:18 pm
we're back with congressman peter king. stand by, we have a new interview with secretary of state john kerry. he's in cuba where the american flag is flying. and the u.s. embassy is open for the first time in a half century. it's a historic step in restoring relations between havana and washington. cnn global affairs consider ant elise labott joins us live from havana where she sat down with secretary kerry a short while ago, elise? >> reporter: it was a real historic day steeped in symbolism, not only did the national anthem play as secretary kerry raised that flag over the u.s. embassy, later he took a walk in old havana and then visited the home of ernest hemingway, is american writer who lived here. a real symbol of the culture
3:19 pm
that u.s. and cuban people share. it's a long road ahead back from 50 years of acrimony between cuba and the united states. particularly on the issue of human rights. now, secretary kerry said that he saw this increased engagement with the cuban government would lead to an improved human rights record. eight months in you see dissidents are increasingly being arrested and detained, lack of freedoms for cubens on the island. secretary kerry chalked that up to old habits die hard. i pushed him about whether it's business as usual for the cubens. take a listen. if eight months isn't long enough, how long is it until you will have a measurable amount of success? >> well, the announcement was made eight months ago. that we were going to move towards this policy. but we have to negotiate for many of those months on the actual process itself. i don't think we're -- we're not even yet -- today, we raised
3:20 pm
flags, we've opened embassies. you've got to give this a moment. if they challenge their own citizens on the issue of human rights, you will hear us loudly and clearly taking them on with respect to that. >> reporter: the most pressing issue for secretary kerry and the administration is securing the support of congress on the iran deal. this as a top senate democrat, chuck schumer, has vowed to oppose it. >> you've said you respect your friend and former colleague chuck schumer for disapproving of the policy. but this isn't prime minister netanyahu here. this is the future leader, possibly, of your party in the senate. actively lobbying against an important policy initiative of the president. seems like a pretty big betrayal. >> i don't look at it that way at all, i just don't. chuck schumer, i know him well, a friend of mine. we've worked together very closely. he's a person of conscience.
3:21 pm
he made a hard decision based on his view. and i don't think he is lobbying. >> reporter: in the battle against isis, when asked if isis used mustard gas -- >> reports of chemical weapons used by isis in syria and iraq, game changer? >> we have alleged, i have pers personally alleged, the possibility of chlorine being used -- >> we're talking about maybe mustard gas. >> this is separate -- i've said, but i'm saying, we are not surprised by the possibility, possibility, that something has been used by somebody and we've been investigating it very, very closely. >> reporter: and with the situation in syria continuing to deteriorate, new allegations that isis is using chemical weapons. secretary kerry did tell me that there is a renewed effort between the u.s., russia, saudi arabia, turkey, to get a political process together in
3:22 pm
syria to negotiate an end transition to the end of the regime of bashar al assad, because as you know, pamela, he's been seen as one of the main impediments to ending the civil war, which is really why this crisis in syria has begun. so a lot of efforts by the u.s. and others. secretary kerry said he isn't necessarily confident it will lead anywhere. a real intensification of effort, including figuring out who the opposition is. five years later they still don't know who can lead this country after assad is out. >> elise labott, thank you so much, interesting interview with secretary kerry. congressman peter king, discuss what we heard. you say president obama hasn't done enough with regards to human rights in cuba. but secretary kerry as we heard said the people of cuba will be better off as a result of the u.s. restoring diplomatic relations. do you disagree with that? >> yes, i do. based on the entire record so far. for instance, it's been eight
3:23 pm
months and i know secretary kerry tries to diminish that. you would have thought cuba would have been at least on better behavior. instead the persecutions and harassment of dissidents have increased, the government has gotten worse during the last eight months, during a time you'd think they'd be trying to show good faith. also what really bothers me here is the pomp, the ceremony, somehow the equivalency that the u.s. was wrong, the cubaens are wrong, trying to work this out. all the presidents took this action against kaub because it's a vicious, violent police state and there's been nothing to show any change. in addition to that cuba is holding on to fugitives from american justice. a cop killer is down there, others who were involved in the bombing of francis tavern in new york where innocent civilians were killed. if there was any sign of good faith by cuba that would be one thing. instead it seems to me the president is so anxious to make this deal, and quite frankly, even if there was some practical reason to make it, i could
3:24 pm
understand that. i can't understand somehow this love affair that so many americans have with castro. some kind of romantic figure. going down there and smiling, flags going up, music being played. to me it's the wrong signal to send, especially to those poor, suffering people in cuba who depend on the united states or have depended on the u.s. for the hope of their future. >> congressman king, thank you so much. just ahead, right here in "the situation room joocti"t swags ro "the situation room," is al gore considering a comeback? we're standing by for remarks by donald trump as he plans a high-flying stunt at the iowa state fair.
3:25 pm
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sources close to former vice president al gore are shooting down speculation that he might jump into the 2016 presidential race. the fact that gore's name is even being mentioned says a lot about the rumblings among democrats who want more alternatives to hillary clinton. clnltd and her current rivals are coming together to give iowans a taste of what they have to offer over plates of chicken wings.
3:30 pm
cnn senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny is in iowa with more on the democratic field and whether it may be expanding. >> reporter: good evening. that certainly is the chatter and conversation among iowa democrats. will their party's bill expand? in clear lake, iowa, outside the famed surf ballroom, you can hear the excitement from martin o'mally supporters. hillary clinton supporters are more quiet in the distance. the conversation in iowa is, will their field expand? the field of democrats take stage in iowa. there's hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'mally and more. but other hopefuls may still be waiting in the wings. vice president joe biden called more supporters today. he's asking advisers to start making a plan if he decides to run. even friends of al gore wonder if he should jump in. a suggestion his spokeswoman quickly shot down. never mind bush/clinton. a bush/gore rematch?
3:31 pm
>> my first reaction was really -- look, he's qualified. >> reporter: at the democratic booth at the iowa state fair it was the topic of conversation. >> we have something for hillary clinton, martin o'mally, bernie sanders, jim webb. is there room for another person in the race, do you think? >> oh, i think -- well, look at the republican side. obviously i hope we don't get to that level but there's always more room. several people have said they hope joe biden jumps in. it would give a good choice, it will give more depth. i'm truly undecided. >> reporter: clinton holds a wide edge in iowa, leading sanders by 19 points. but not all democrats are convinced she's the one. the controversy over her private e-mail server has eaten into her trust and credibility with voters. >> i don't know. as much as i'd like to see a woman in there, definitely, i don't know about her being the one. >> reporter: clinton is trying to show he's the strongest democrat by taking on bush and
3:32 pm
other republicans like she did today at a stop in dubuc. >> when george bush -- i confuse -- jeb bush said -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: as sanders draws crowds and rallies across the country, o'mally is trying to win over voters one by one. taking time out to hit the giant slide with two of his kids. >> you're optimistic, voters are open minded to your candidacy? >> i am. there's no doubt people are looking for a new leader. after we get done with our summer of anger people are going to evaluate which of us is that new perspective of a new gem race that can govern and get things done. >> reporter: that summer of anger has upended the race on both sides. the question is whether it seeps into the fall. now, all this talk about a potential new candidate in the race certainly frustrating to the clinton campaign. but they can hold on to a couple of positives, pamela. senator tom harkin, former
3:33 pm
long-time iowa senator, endorsed her candidacy today. they're also leading bernie sanders by so much in the polls. you talk to so many iowa democrats and others across the country, they still may want a few more candidates. six months to go until those iowa caucuses. we'll have to wait and see. >> let's talk about that with our panel here. cnn chief political analyst gloria boernler, cnn chief congressional correspondent dana bash, cnn politics executive editor mark preston. gloria, you've been talking to sources about a possible biden run. what are you hearing? >> it's hard to say, actually. i think when you look back to 2013 and 2014, it was almost as if joe biden had said, okay, i'm not going to run. and it seemed as if hillary clinton was all but blessed by president obama, her exit was with the president if you recall, some of his top staff has gone on to run what's become her super pac.
3:34 pm
then something changed. i think hillary clinton is out there now dropping in the polls. the vice president very tragically suffered through the loss of his son. and more and more people started coming to joe biden and saying, why don't you think about this? this isn't a coronation of hillary clinton. you still have a lot to do. you still have a lot to contribute. some people said it was just people who wanted to make him feel good. but now it seems to have gone to a next stage where the vice president has actually made some phone calls to potential donors. let's say he has no money and no organization at this point. but it is a lot of people around him who could do that. and he's spoken to people about it potentially. no decision has been made. he's in delaware this week with his wife. they're going to be talking about it, advisers are still going to be continuing to talk to him about it. so at this point, we really don't know what joe biden will
3:35 pm
do. >> dana, do you think joe biden would even be considering this if hilly had a lock on this race? >> well, i'm not so sure. probably not. however, if you sort of -- in a vacuum, you have somebody who ran, didn't do as well -- remember, he did run before he became vice president. and he has been in public service for so long, it's kind of hard i think for him and the people who are really closest to him, meaning his family, to see that this is really his last chapter. but the fact of the matter is, at this point, hillary clinton isn't doing that well and that is why he's deciding. one person close to biden reminded me, though, that he had promised that he would decide by the end of the summer and that the end of the summer this year is september 23rd. looked it up, actually, on the calendar. so it might be a little while before we know what he decides. >> i interviewed him around the midterm elections. and i asked him, well, you'd only run if hillary didn't run?
3:36 pm
and he said no. he said, no, i'd run no matter what hillary did. >> now there's these rumors, if you will, swirling that al gore might be considering running, that that's not going to happen. what does that tell you about the nerves in the democratic party about hillary clinton? >> a couple of things. and literally talking to folks up in new hampshire, iowa, and even here in washington, specifically along the k street corridor where the lobbyists have -- hang their shingle. here's the thing about hillary clinton. they're frustrated. they're angry. they say this is the same old, same old from the clintons. >> because of the e-mail controversy? >> because of the e-mail controversy, because of them having to deal with benghazi. having said that, though, they say this is to be expected and we're not going to leave our candidate right now. this is our candidate. when things -- the fire starts to get a little hot, you don't move away from your candidate. as far as al gore -- >> let's hear a democrat. >> then you throw them under that bus. but listen, al gore thing can be
3:37 pm
started by one adviser with one phone call to one reporter to one blogger. >> what's the calculus of that? >> tfunny you said that. i was talking to former gore staffers one of whom said to me, anybody could be called a former gore staffer/adviser, he was in the white house for eight years, had a campaign after that in the senate. so it's a very broad -- look, the people who i've talked to who kind of know gore's thinking is, no way. and also that this is that sort of point in time in the summer, before the cause docuses, that e look at the field, someone like hillary clinton, presumptive nominee, and say whoa, are we sure we want to do this? and other names come up. >> once you've run before and you have a taste of it, do you think you should be president? yes. that goes for both joe biden and al gore, who thought he did win the election. >> right.
3:38 pm
>> so, you know, you sort of have to get into their heads. you say, well, why should hillary clinton be coronated? she's not doing well, i could do better. >> let me ask you this. we all expected hillary clinton to run. but where we are now with her campaign, how she's doing in the polls, does it surprise you at all? >> it does to a degree. because i didn't think she was running against anybody. you know, at first we all -- i'll speak to myself. but we didn't take bernie sanders that seriously. a man who self-identifies as a socialist, right? i mean, really? and we thought that hillary clinton would be a retooled candidate from the way she was in 2008. she has to a degree but not as much as i kind of anticipated, i don't think. >> look, she's going to drop in the polls, right? once you go from being a nonpartisan secretary of state to becoming a partisan politician, you are going to drop in the polls.
3:39 pm
i think that the clinton campaign is just as surprised as everyone else in the united states that bernie sanders is doing so well in these early states. in some ways it's good for hillary clinton. she needs to be tested now. she needs to try to get through this. she needs to be battle tested. that's why barack obama was so strong back in 2008 when he ran against hillary clinton, because it was actually a race. it made them better. >> battle tested so people see it's not easy for her. >> exactly. not a coronation. a coronation would be worse than a tough fight. >> i know i'm going to get hate mail by sanders supporters. of course bernie sanders has legitimate supporters but i think a lot of this is hillary clinton running against herself. in that the people who are rah-rah bernie sanders is because he's the shiny, red, liberal ball that they can go for who's not hillary clinton. and that's part of it. >> that speaks to joe biden. because joe biden is to the left of hillary clinton, particularly on foreign policy. that's been his place. he's never been a huge fan of
3:40 pm
either of the clintons. and so the space that joe biden would occupy would be to the left of hillary without being bernie sanders. but the big question for him is, where would he make his pitch? if he ran in new hampshire, for example, you could argue he'd be the spoiler. and hand it to bernie sanders. so we'd have to make his stake in south carolina, i think. >> all right. stay tight. we can't have a political panel without talking about donald trump. we have a lot to discuss on that front. stick around, we'll be right back after this break. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should.
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donald trump is delivering a one-two punch in the leadoff battlegrounds of 2016. he's about to hold a rally in new hampshire and we're standing by for his remarks right now. later, the republican presidential front-runner flies to iowa to join the political roundup at the state fair. cnn is at the trump event in hampton, new hampshire. sun lin? >> reporter: pam, we're learning tonight donald trump is going to get specific sometime soon. he says in early september he'll start to roll out a series of policy proposals. this is after a lot of calls for him to get more specific. now, donald trump telling "the washington post" this evening in an interview, "my immigration paper, my tax paper, they're pretty much done but i don't want to do them in august. i'll wait until september when everyone is back." now, this sort of lack of specifics has really made him vulnerable to his opponents and even people here coming out to his rally here in new hampshire, saying that they want to support
3:46 pm
trump but they just don't know exactly what he stands for on immigration, on isis, on the economy. so certainly that's something that trump campaign really strategically releasing in the leadup to the second republican debate september 19th hosted by cnn. >> there are some signs donald trump may be mounting a more serious campaign. explain that. >> reporter: that's right. we are seeing a little bit beneath the surface in the trump campaign, that they're somewhat moving organizationally and operationally towards mounting a more full-fledged campaign. for instance, here tonight in new hampshire he's not jose mourinho holding a large campaign rally. we're noticing behind the scenes he is going to be meeting with state party activists. also we know he's beefing up his staff in iowa. basically making preparations potentially for a longer campaign. and definitely this sort of release of policy papers, the specifics that everyone from voters to his opponents have been calling for, is a big sign
3:47 pm
that at least he wants to get serious. >> sunlen, thank you so much for that. let's go back to cnn chief political analyst gloria borger, dana bash, politics executive editor mark preston. gloria, you see political candidates, they try to be more average to appeal to the down to earth iowa voters. but in this case, on the other hand, you have donald trump planning to ferry children around in his personal helicopter. >> but he's not charging them! >> for free. so generous. clearly flaunting his wealth. why is this working for him? >> this is the mystery to me. it's sort of the -- it's the nut that i can't crack here, which is that we are in the middle of a huge debate in this country about income inequality. that's going to be sort of the major topic. topic "a" in the campaign. and donald trump is saying, i'm very rich. i'm very, very rich. and nobody objects to that. and the reason, i think, the more i think about it, is that
3:48 pm
people say, you're successful, i believe in your success, and you can make me successful, unlike these dunderhead politicians who can't do a thing for me. hillary clinton didn't -- >> if other politicians did what he was doing, bite never go over. >> right. >> one of the things that politicians always try to become, more importantly their advisers want them to be, is relatable. there's nothing relatable about having your own fleet of helicopters. never mind the trump tower and everything else. except that he is just different because he doesn't have to sort of -- he's not held to that standard. because he talks like a person. he doesn't talk like a politician. so he's got the charisma and the ability to communicate, and that almost cancels out the idea that he doesn't live any kind of life that any people who would vote for him live. >> and what do you make of the fact he's assembling this team
3:49 pm
in iowa now? seems like a more sort of serious shift for the trump campaign. >> so a couple of things. donald trump, all the attention directed on trump is because of trump being this unscripted politician. telling everybody the people in washington are dumb, they're stupid, they don't know how to negotiate trade deals, what have you. when you look at the ground game in iowa, though, we're seeing huge crowds that are starting to come out for donald trump. the problem with that, and i talked to his folks in iowa about this, people who have been in the political game for a very long time. it's one thing to get folks to come out and see your helicopter. it's one thing for folks to come see you speak, because you are a reality tv star. it's another thing to get those folks to come to caucus for you and support you in the really cold days of winter. and really for trump, what trump's going to have to do is try to pivot off of this, he's going to have to get his own supporters out there to go door to door and get their neighbors to back them up. and that's the big problem. >> that's where the issues come
3:50 pm
in. >> i believe presidential campaigns are built on ideas. >> he claims he has written his policy paper. >> it's built from policy positions that then get built into a pyramid. top of the pyramid is the candidate. candidate says vote for me. i'm going to make great, but here is how i'm going do it. when you go to the caucuses and they talk to each other about positions and about what the candidate believes, i think that's where it's going to count. >> the question is whether or not we have seen the kardashian-zation of the cautiocautio caucuses. >> i didn't know that was a word. >> you should trademark that right there. let's watch this video.
3:51 pm
okay. >> so let's look at the images. very simply let's look at the images. we saw isis. we fear isis. we saw obama. a lot of people are frustrated how he is leading the country. we saw clearly chaos and something on fire. people think the country is burning down right now. you see the clintons and frankly a lot of people are frustrated and tired of the clintons. you piece that together, makes a good video. >> it's anger. again, i come back to the point about presidential campaigns. you have to give people hope, optimism, good feelings. ronald reagan said mourning in america. there has to be an optimism rather than a mean spirit. >> that's going to work. that will work to a certain extent. you have to be negative just as you have to be positive. in the end, he is going to have to be positive.
3:52 pm
being negative helps fuel his candidacy. >> thank you. we have to move on here. dana, gloria, mark, we appreciate it. we are coming down to the next republican debate at september 16th at the reagan library in california. you will see it here on cnn. a state of emergency now has been lifted in ferguson, missouri. it was ordered monday after gunfire broke out during protests marking one year since the death of michael brown. the demonstrations have eased and there were no arrests the past few nights. to find out how you can address the issues of race and justice raised in ferguson, go to your world. we are standing by to hear from donald trump in new hampshire. an update on the explosions in china. more video tonight as the death toll rises.
3:53 pm
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find new ways to save energy and money with pg&e's business energy check-up. happening now, donald trump is taking reporters' questions in new hampshire. let's listen. >> do something very strong. it does have a big problem. i've been hearing it from everybody. bigger than any place else.
3:58 pm
>> when are we going to see you roll out specific policy? >> it will be very soon. i mean, i have some of the most brilliant people in the country working on tax, which i'm involved in because i understand the system very well, probably better than anybody that's ever run for office, if you want to know the truth. i am part of the system. but we have some amazing people working on immigration. so i would say over the next two or three weeks, probably sometime during september. >> aren't you worried about what putin has done in ukraine? >> ukraine is a problem. but at some point don't you think that the countries of europe should be a little bit more involved than they are? we are leading all these fights, and ukraine is a big problem. germany is a very rich, powerful country. germany, economically tremendous power. tremendous unbelievable unleashed economic power. why isn't germany -- do we have to lead every fight? ukraine is a problem.
3:59 pm
we should help them. but let germany and other countries over there that are directly affected -- let them work it. we have enough problems in this country. we have to rebuild our country. china and other countries have drained us. china has created the greatest theft in the history of the united states. i mean, if you think about it, it's the greatest theft in the history of the united states. the money they have taken out from us. it's a one-way street. so we have enough problems. now, we back our folks and we back our friends and we want them to straighten out ukraine. and i want to see it straightened out also. but don't you think maybe germany and those countries directly affected should be fighting -- it's almost like they don't even care. they don't even care. i think i get along great with them. i get along great.
4:00 pm
who know snzs? >> lou arand paul spent three d here in new hampshire. he spent those days criticizing you. >> rand paul you have to understand is a disaster in the polls. he is a disaster on military and defense. he is getting decimated by everybody. and other than giving him a lot of money for an eye center at his request -- he asked me, could i have money? i said, absolutely. i thought it was worthwhile. i gave him a lot of money for an eye center, which is hypocritical when you think of it. but other than giving him a tremendous amount of money for his eye center, which i'm happy about, frankly, because i'm sure they do good work, i hope they do good work, he is doing so badly that he figures he has to attack trump because i'm leading by a lot everywhere. i don't mind. i think he's -- he is never going to make it. never going to


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