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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  August 15, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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♪ ♪ breaking overnight. new explosions in china. reigniting fires and sending black smoke, again, billowing into the air. honestly? i think we are led by stupid people. >> how do you really feel? donald trump blasting members of his own party and hillary clinton in his latest campaign stop, but with all eyes on iowa this morning, which candidate is coming out fighting? plus, seemingly a first for isis. the terror group using a mustard
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agent as a weapon and at least one attack in syria and that has the u.s. and others extremely concerned. good morning. good to be with you this saturday morni saturday morning. i'm victor blackwell. >> i'm christi paul. a pair of front runners of the gop presidential will be visiting the iowa state fair today. the mogul expected to make a grand entrance arriving in the g-trump here, his helicopter. this comes after a big rally in another key state. the first primary in the country, new hampshire, that is where he took shots at rivals jeb bush and hillary clinton. he also gave a little more insight into the policy he might roll out. joining us now to discuss is cnn's sunlen serfaty. what is the reaction this morning to trump's speech?
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a little meteor? >> that's right. >> reporter: we talked to people who came out to hear trump speak last night. there was broad consensus among them. they want to know specifics and what a president trump would do in office and certainly this had been a major constant criticism of trump and his campaign that he speaks in broad strokes but he doesn't offer up the policies in specific to back them up. certainly this is a big stay tuned coming from donald trump. in an interview with "the washington post" promising that he will release specific policy papers the first part of september starting with his immigration policy and moving to his tax policy and this comes at a time where the campaign really seems to be trying to take themselves more seriously and trying to dig in a lot of the early states and knowsable that also in that interview, trump is saying he is reaching out to
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some senators in help in writing policy and reached out to senator sessions as he writes his immigration plan. here is donald trump last night in thamnew hampshire. >> it's going to be very soon. i have some of the most brilliant people in the country working on tax, which i'm involved in very much, because i understand the system very well, probably better than anyone who has ever run for office, if you want to know the truth, because i am part of the system. but we have some amazing people working on immigration, so i would say over the next two or three weeks, probably sometime during the september. >> reporter: meanwhile, donald trump continuing to go after his opponents really not light up and honing in on secretary of state hillary clinton and her use of her proiivate e-mail serr when she was secretary of state. here is more of donald trump. >> i think, at some point, she perhaps is not able to run and have to end her campaign. that seems to be the thinking by so many.
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general petraeus, his life was destroyed with a tiny fraction of what she has done. so it's very unfair to him if they are going to destroy him over doing, by comparison nothing, i don't see how she can run. i think she has got much bigger problems than running for office. >> reporter: and trump does head to iowa for the iowa state fair today and it also comes at a time where the campaign there is really beefing up their staffing during the early state. victor, another sign that the campaign is moving towards potentially a longer campaign. they are in it potentially to the long haul. >> we will see. sunlen, thank you so much. meanwhile, hillary clinton unleashes her harshest tacattac on the republicans yet. at a dinner, she blasted several gop contenders by name and brought one rowdy crowd to its feet. listen to this. >> now, i know most of the attention these days is on a
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certain flamboyant front-runner. but don't let the circus distract you. if you look at their policies, most of the other candidates are just trump without the pizzazz or the hair. yes. mr. trump says outrageous and hazel things about immigrants, but how many of the other candidates disagree with his platform? none of the leading candidates support a real path to citizenship. when they talk about legal status that is code for second-class status. the same when it comes to williams health and women's right. >> clinton addressed the e-mail scandal saying she had provided her server to the justice department and she would not play politics with national security. we want to get to the breaking
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news out of china right now. new explosions rocking that same site where we saw that massive blast that killed dozens of people earlier this week. flames now reignited, we understand. black smoke once again in the air. look at the pictures we are getting here. will ripley is there at the site and what can you tell us what is happening there right now? >> reporter: there have been a lot of developments. several explosions were heard here and prompting the evacuation of this emergency shelter we have been report from. we saw busloads of family with children being taken to a safer location farther away downtown and earlier in the day, we were wearing our masks while reporting here but just within the last few minutes the government telling us, in fact, the evacuation was false, that the air they say is safe, and even though deadly sodium cyanide has been detected near the site of this chemical explosion and another with another list of explosive and
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dangerous toxins, they say air quality shows things are back to normal but you can see still see some people are choosing not to be photographed but use face masks as well and a decision we are constantly evaluating. the families of some of the missing firefighters stormed a press conference this morning. we were there and locked in the room gi government officials trying to prevent us from talking with these families who say that their loved ones are still missing and they were in the first wave of firefighters. the firefighters who the government now says used water on that chemical fire wednesday, unaware that water, when being mixed with those chemicals, would create explosions like the ones we saw here. it seems the first responder were unaware of the danger and they were running to try to put out the fire but by using water, that triggered these blasts and that is where the investigation is taking us right now. as we were trying to report about that very topic earlier from a different location, a
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plain clothesed officer shoved our camera and put their hands in front of it and pushed us into our vehicle while we were live telling us to get out of the way. goes to show china the suspicions here of some sort of government cover-up, that why was this facility allowed to store these chemicals so close to where families and children and people were living? people now returning to this emergency shelter, getting water and other needed supplies. there are still thousands of people who are homeless here right now as a result of this disaster and they are not sure when they will be able to go home. >> will, great report and thank you so much. appreciate the update. imagine this. a man in new york saw more than a hundred patients and had an office but authorities say he was no doctor. before he actually was caught, he acted like a doctor for three years! we will tell you how he got away
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cnn's chief national security correspondent jim sciutto has the latest for us. jim? >> reporter: the u.s. has test results that confirm that isis used a mustard agent, the kind of chemical weapon in an attack in syria yesterday and the u.s. investigating two attacks the past few days another chemical agent appeared to have been used against kurdish forces there. the u.s. believes isis has mustard agents in its possession. a very serious chemical weapon and used on the battlefield and a serious circulatiescalation i there. >> reporter: when kurdish soldiers arrived at this northern iraqi hospital this week, kurdish commanders feared the worst, i dsis had attacked them with chemical weapons. >> translator: these are traces of the weapons and almost 45
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rounds in 40 minutes. >> reporter: the u.s. minutes will test samples from the patients and weapons to determine if they included mustard gas, a horribly powerful chemical agent that the u.s. now believes isis has obtained. multiple u.s. officials telling cnn the u.s. has already determined that isis fighters used a mustard agent during a separate attack weeks ago inside syria. >> this would be a new and worrying report, if it's accurate. i have no doubt that if isis could get their hands on this stuff, they would use it. no level of violence is too great for this group. they glorify in the terror that it creates. >> reporter: u.s. officials say it is possible the more recent attacks used chlorine, a less serious, but still horrible chemical agent than isis has used before in battle or possibly precursor chemicals the building blocks of mustard gas. some commanders downplay the effect of chemical weapons but such weapons can spark a new level of fear for kurdish forces already locked in a stalemate with isis. >> their m.o. is basically
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strike fear to everybody, no matter what the tactic or the technique is. >> reporter: the u.s. has not determined where or how isis obtained a mustard agent but there suspicion they overran stockpiles under the 2014 to rid syria of chemical weapons and possible that u.s. officials say isis has an ability to manufacture them crudely on their own. regardless, the introduction of chemical weapons into the war against isis presents the u.s. and its allies with a new and difficult challenge. >> i think it's very important for us to send a signal not only to the kurds and isis well we will are going to support the kurds in any way we conceivably can. >> reporter: among the challenges for the u.s. now, the kurds very likely to ask for u.s. help. they have already been dissatisfied with the weapons that the u.s. has sent them, the speed with which those weapons have come and likely to ask for help now in the face of chemical
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weapons and presents a greater danger if the administration were to decide to put u.s. troops closer to the front lines in the battle against isis. >> we appreciate it. thank you so much. to learn more about how this might influence pentagon planners, bring in cnn military analyst and retired army general mark hertling. thank you for being with us. early indications this mustard agent was rather crude, it wasn't particularly strong. what does that assessment of that tell you about how isis was able to obtain the agent? >> i think it was probably very weak agent, if it was an agent at all. that is based on what is being said and how it was launched and the pictures from the scene. when you get very strong mustard gas, it's going to have extreme blistering and you're not going to be coughing like these soldiers were reported or have irritants in the respiratory system. you will be vomiting because
3:17 am
mustard attacks the mucus. they were rounds of caches and used by isis to me as opportunity rounds. this was not something that was probably planned. in fact, there might be the potential that isis didn't even know they were using these rounds because it's difficult to handle mustard rounds. and they comment about them potentially be precursors. sometimes chemicals are mixed in the rounds themselves and called binary rounds. if you only have one of the two precursors, you're not going to have that much of an effect. so this is very complicated and i don't think that isis is exactly well-trained in using this as much as the forces of the kurdish region or syria would be trained to receive these kind of rounds on the battlefield. >> when we talk about the capabilities of isis perhaps to make its own chemical weapons, are you saying you think they stumbled upon these?
3:18 am
>> i do. based on my experience in northern iraq, there are caches everywhere and that is even after multiple years of trying to destroy these weapons caches. that's how saddam conducted international relationships. he just bought weapons and then buried them underground so they are everywhere. if isis does have a former iraqi badgist general in their ranks they know where these caches are. they were there trying to destroy these rounds. yeah, i think it would be extremely difficult to manufacture these rounds. i'm not sure isis has that capability and even if they were able to manufacture them, handling them is another problem themselves as well. >> i would think so. handling and distributing and that whole thing. retired lieutenant general mark he hertling, thank you. >> thank you, christi.
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official say lightning strikes sparked four fast moving
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wildfires in washington state. here are the latest pictures we are getting in. firefighters battling the flames by air, as well as on the on the ground, right now. hundreds of homes and businesses are being evacuated. also, the world has a new time zone! p p north korea set back the time zones. they had been 13 hours ahead of the east coast in the u.s. and now 12 1/2 hours ahead. south korea made similar moves in the past but show no signs of following suit this time. look at this. volcano erupts. the volcano's first minor eruption in 75 years. ofgs don't believe this nearly 20,000-foot volcano is on the verge of a major eruption. >> i hope not.
3:24 am
monda monument we see every football sunday that is being overlooked. if you don't know what is going on, we will clue you in here. also, an officer pistol-whipped with his own gun and ridiculed on social media. why he says fighting back just was not an option. a doctor who treated more than a hundred patients over three years, arrested because authorities say he was a fake! he wasn't even a doctor! we are going to tell you how long he got away with it. it wouland it turned onif you turned oeverywhere room but that's exactly how traditional cooling and heating systems work. so you pay more than you should. but mitsubishi electric systems give you a better way... with no waste and lower energy bills. control temperatures precisely in one or every room ... ...with no new ductwork. so everyone can enjoy ultimate personal comfort. mitsubishi electric cooling and heating. make comfort personal.
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breaking overnight in china. new fires shot big smoke into the air. look. this is over the factory that was rocked by a massive explosion earlier this week. wednesday's blast killed 85 people and injured more than 700. the blast that happened overnight, no new injuries have been reported. the race for the white house all of the attention is on the iowa state fair, because most of the presidential candidates are there this weekend. some appeared yesterday and some there today and among those set to attend, hillary clinton and bernie sanders and donald trump as well. trump heads to iowa after a big rally in the first primary state of the race, new hampshire. and that is where he took some shots at his rival jeb bush.
3:29 am
listen. >> one of the reasons i've done so as well in the polls is everyone knows i will not be controlled. i'm going to do what is right for the country. no lobbyists. i have all of these and i know them all. i've hired many of them over the years. they are very good. but when they gave a million dollars or 5 million dollars to jeb bush they have control over him. he will do like a puppet whatever they say. >> we will have much more on trump and what he said on his specific policy rollout coming up in the next hour and a live report from the iowa state fair. a birmingham, alabama, police officer pistol-whipped with his own gun and then ridiculed, is talking now. the six-year veteran was left bloodied unconscious, in fact, as a crowd of people stood over him, taunting him taking these pictures. a police union representative says the officer second-guessed himself because he didn't want to be accused of needlessly killing an unarmed man. that officer, as i said, is now speaking out to cnn's nick
3:30 am
valencia. >> reporter: victor and christ i, i spoke to the detective and he is still recovering and thankful to be alive. he says many police officers like him across the country are second-guessing their decisions, putting their lives even more in danger. sucker-punched and whist pistol-whipped with his own weapon. he chose not to put force on a being attacked because he didn't want to be a headline. it occurred during a routine traffic stop. the detective, a six-year veteran, notices a man driving e erratically. so he stops him. the man gets aggressive with the officer and instead of following policy to get him back into the vehicle he says he hess states. just enough time police say for
3:31 am
the man to sucker-punch the officer and knocking him unconscious. he then allegedly grabs the priv police officer's gun and uses it to pistol-whip him. some post it on the social media. one wrote the following. another, mockingly offer the officer milk and cookies for his nap time. >> i believe in god and i think that is the reason why the detective is with us today. >> reporter: heath boacle, the head of the birmingham police union says, more police officers are second-guessing their actions. >> we are walking on egg shells to make sure we do everything the way it should be, not that it should ever be in question, but we want to be treated with respect and kindness just as anybody else would be. >> reporter: it's a sentiment
3:32 am
the injured detective knows all too well. he was unwilling to go on camera with cnn or be named for safety reasons. but in an interview with us, he said, a lot of officers are being too cautious because of what is going on in the media. i hesitated because i didn't want to be in the media like i am right now. it's hard times right now for us. according to the head of the police union here in birmingham, the suspect in the attack, 34-year-old genard cunningham spontaneously told police the reason he attacked the police officer is because what he has seen happening with police officers across the country. he was arrested shortly after the incident and charged. we attempted to reach out to jannard cunningham and his family but they did not respond. what is the line when police find themselves face-to-face with a suspect.
3:33 am
let's talk about this with cnn contributor tom fuentes. what conversations are being had behind closed doors among police officers about this very subject? >> christi, i'm hearing from many officers they are becoming hesitant. they are very concerned because of the narrative that is out there and been out there in the media for a while that is there a lack of trust in the police, that there is a lack of support for the police, and they wait that extra split second to ensure that they are not taking the life of somebody or using excessive force on somebody unless it's absolutely necessary. the problem is that when you're in this situation and an individual confronts you and you're face-to-face, you can't confront every person you meet on the street or make a traffic stop with your gun drawn. so if they intend to sucker-punch you or wrestle you for your own weapon, you know, that is when it happens and you've got a split second to react to it and it may be too late or it may not. i think this whole narrative of,
3:34 am
oh, another unarmed person. when a police officer is standing face-to-face with another person, he is armed in about a tenth of a second if he takes away the police officer's guns. and, unfortunately, many officers, every month, are killed with their own weapon. so the idea of keeping someone who currently is unarmed from becoming armed with your gun is a real concern for police officers. >> well, when you listen to what nick said about the suspect told police that he attacked the officer because of everything he has heard in the news. so the officer didn't even -- unless i misunderstood this -- didn't do anything for that suspect to go after him and that suspect is now charged, as he said, with attempted murder. is that the right charge here? or do you expect other charges will come forward for him? >> well, there could be other talking about why he did it and that it almost making it sound
3:35 am
premeditated and that he intended to harm a police officer. but this is something that, you know, police officers are well aware of the narrative on the street and the current disrespect. nick mentioned in his piece the officer should have followed some procedure to put him back in his car. that is not true. we are seeing where officers can't get people out of their cars to even talk to them or even take them into custody if they are driving on suspended licenses or have committed some other offense. you are not wanting to put that person back in the car. you probably want that person out if you give a sobriety contest which might be done with a person driving erratically on the interstate. people don't walk around our cities and towns with their guns out. the gun is holsters until the last second and if a person wants to get the drop on you, he's got an advantage and he has a head-start. you have to hope for the best that someone won't attack you. you know, the narrative that we have heard so much, the police
3:36 am
officer should deescalate. how do you deescalate something that escalated in about a hundredth of a second when he was attacked? there might not have been something to deescalate until the officer on the street is unconscious the people who were taking and posting the pictures, it's really stomach-turning at the end of the day, but if somebody asked -- could charges be brought against them? if so, for what? >> i doubt that anybody else will be charged but i think it does show that police officers are not being paranoid when they say that there are a segment of people out there who will not hesitate to harm them, if given the opportunity, or insult them or continuing disrespect. here we see that disrespect played out. whether it's a criminal offense, i don't think it's escalated to that point, you know, unless he was dying and no one rendered aid or called 911 on his behalf.
3:37 am
but as far as taking the pictures and insulting cops, they have been taking these insults day in and day out forever, frankly, since the roman empire. i think police officers expect a certain amount of disrespect to happen, not that they like it, but it's out there. and -- but this is get a little bit too far and we saw this with two new york police officers last december killed sitting in their squad car that there are some individuals out there who get motivated by what they see on the media and by what they see as possibly being heroes if they kill a police officer. >> and police officers unarmed, as you said, there's a reason for their paranoia. tom fuentes, so good to have your insight on this. thank you as always. we would like to get your voice in this. go to our twitter page, won't you? #newdaycnn and our facebook page and tell us what you think. a new ultimatum from north
3:38 am
korea. why officials are threatening an attack on the u.s. and is this something they should be concerned about or is this more north korea bluster. the troubled history of this symbol. we are take a look at one of the south's most cherished symbols. a panda at the national zoo? is she expecting? live panda cam this morning. top left! she is sleeping right now so have to bring it down. we are on panda baby watch this morning. [ nurse ] i'm a hospice nurse.
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britta olsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate, administering her medication, and just making her comfortable. one night britta told me about a tradition in denmark, "when a person dies," she said, "someone must open the window so the soul can depart." i smiled and squeezed her hand. "not tonight, britta. not tonight." [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson.
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japan marks 70 years since the end of world war ii. the anniversary was commemorated during a silent moment in tokyt. they paused to remember the service members and thousands kills during that war. later today, japanese politicians delivered an offering the at a tokyo shrine honoring the dead. new threats out of north korea this morning. the country says it will attack the united states if the u.s. decides to conduct military
3:44 am
drills with south korea on monday. kathy yo novak is in seoul following this story. there is bluster out of pa. >> these ones are known as freedom guardian, a north korea state tv says that they are provocative act of war and is demanding they not go ahead. take a listen. >> translator: the united states should and the if the freedom god is executed, then the mainland won't be safe. we are not the same military force from before. we have become stronger and we were able to fight against united states. if united states wants their mainland to be safe, then the
3:45 am
freedom guardian should stop immediately. >> reporter: what is ulti freedom guardian? the military says they are military and exercises and have been planned happening every year and not connected to any world event. still these are the sorts of statements that we are hearing out of north korea today, that the u.s. should keenly realize that the harsher sanctions and blockade it slaps on the dprk, the more the u.s. is working to stiffle it, the more strongly it will retaliate against the u.s. with more muscle. the question when it comes to fler wh north korea, what that tremendous muscle? they often make these sorts of statements and made them before and we know this is a country that has nuclear weapons. whether it has the capacity to really attack the united states mainland is something that is up for debate, but what i can tell
3:46 am
you is that the situation here on the korean peninsula has been tough the past week, because on monday, south korea accused north korea of planting land mines on its site of the heavily militarized border and those land mines went off and severely injured two north korea soldiers. they are threatening indiscriminate attacks. a very tense situation and could keep going as we look toward these military drills that are taking place in a couple of days. victor? >> we will continue to follow this throughout the weekend. kathy novak, thank you. still to come, sex, lies, and the statehouse. a bizarre cover-up of an love affair. we are talking about the flur fleur-de-lis.
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10 minutes until the top of the hour now. city of new orleans is struggling with its turbulent history, frankly many cities in the south are. louisiana governor bobby jindal says he wants to block the city's plan to remove four statues and monuments celebrating the south's past. but it will take much more than removing a few flags or monumen monuments. one of the new orleans most
3:51 am
beloved image fleur-de-lis has more with its history. >> reporter: some are analyzing the symbol's brutal history in the united states. in 1724, french politician john baptiste colbert introduced the fleur-de-lis to the french colony of louisiana. a list of rules regulating interactions between the colonists and their slaves before louisiana became a state in 1803. translated from french if a slave stole livestock they were to be marked with the fleur-de-lis symbols. today the new orleans saints players wear that symbol on their jerseys and it's virtually everywhere in new orleans. three are emblaze onzoned on th
3:52 am
state's flag. they are not alone. it is embroidered into the flags of the city of detroit, st. louis, louisville, kentucky, and mobile, alabama, and it's part of the logo of the boy scouts of america. so let's talk about it now. we have got with us terrence fi fitzsummons. >> victory, my name is fitzmorris. >> there are calls for this symbol to be removed. first, is it appropriate to call the fleur-de-lis a racist symbol and characterize it that way and should it be reconsidered? >> the fleur-de-lis was used to brand calves but that was 1724 through the 1760s. the french imperial government
3:53 am
monarch of a government governed louisiana. that symbol has now been a symbol for a long time of rejuvenation, restoration, reconstruction of a city that was nearly drowned ten years ago. that symbol is not a racist assembl symbol. it should be used and celebrated as the saints do and as we do and you mentioned in your promo, many states and many cities that use that symbol. it's a symbol of hope in the city of new orleans and it unites both black and white in their love affair of the city of new orleans and their beloved new orleans saints. >> so let's talk about these confederate monuments because that is the fight at the forefront right now. new orleans major, mitch landrieu to talk about removing these. but governor jindal is vowing to fight that. let's put up on the screen a
3:54 am
statement from his office. he has instructed his staff to determine the legal authority he has as a governor to stop it. the question is what is the balance? respecting and honoring history, but also removing symbols from at least public property of a rebellion founded on slavery and the fallacy? >> we have to find a balance in compromise with one another which is a hallmark of our country, as a nation. to me the larger issue is to get people to understand why those monuments went up and when they went up and for what reason they went up. the lead monuments in particular was constructed in 1880 through '83 and 20 years after the --
3:55 am
and seven years after the reconstruction government which was biracial was run out of the city. the reason for that statue was to express reconciliation on one sense that the north and the south would be reconciled, but there was more than that. the south wanted to show and new orleans was the epi center of a lost cause. wanted to show that it was now in command of its own destiny, and that the ex-confederates who build that statue, the charles fenner and randall lee gibson's, the francis t. nichols were showing they were in charge of new orleans and to reconcile with a past that was actually one they wanted to erase. >> with that history -- >> the -- >> we are running low on time, professor. i apologize for that, but do you suspect that they will come down or at least removed? >> i have no idea.
3:56 am
i'm a historian, not a prophet. i would think that i would anticipate that the mayor would find some sort of compromise that maybe the statues would remain but there be some sort of educational effort, whether plaques or in educational forms to explain the origins of these statues and their meaning and history. >> professor terrance fitzmorris, thank you for joining us this morning. >> you're welcome. have you heard about this yet? >> honestly? i think we are led by stupid people. >> how do you really feel, mr. trump? he is blasting members of his own party during his latest campaign stop and you know in iowa this morning, a lot of people are wondering what he is going to say next. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived.
3:57 am
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4:01 am
new blasts and fires in china. look at this. the flames and the black smoke shooting into the air has rescue crews continue searching for hundreds still missing. sex, lies and the statehouse. a big switch-a-roo from a lawmaker who tried to distract attention from an affair with another representative. >> i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor black well. good to be with us this morning. presidential hopefuls are in iowa at the state fair. among those to attend is hillary clinton and bernie sanders and lincoln chafee and rick santorum and donald trump.
4:02 am
>> jeb bush has $14 million. what will he do? hit me with ads because. he has to because the guy is going down the tubes. >> write down my e-mail address. jeb at i gave out my e-mail address and exactly what i did when i was governor of state of florida. i released all of mice e-mails. >> don't let the circus distract you. if you look at their policies, most of the candidates are just trump without the pizzazz or the hair. >> i think at some point she will not be able to run and has to end her campaign and seems to be the thinking by so many. >> strong words from the candidates and that final one from donald trump after a big rally in new hampshire. afterwards he spoke about his rivals, we heard, and he gave more insight into the policy rollout we might be seeing soon. joining us is sarah live at the
4:03 am
iowa state fair and sunlen. sunlen, you first. what is the reaction this morning to trump's speech? >> reporter: victor, we talked to a lot of voters who came out specifically to see donald trump last night here in new hampshire and they resoundingly said the same thing they need to hear more specifics from trump before they can offer their support, and certainly this has been one of the major sources of criticism of him and his campaign that he speaks in broad strokes but doesn't offer policy details. so now there is a big stay tuned coming from trump. he has promised in early september, he will be releasing a series of policy papers on his immigration policy, on his tax policy, and it does come as the campaign is making other signals that they are trying to dig in and become a bit more serious and more formalized campaign. also notable that trump, when he has been researching this policy and writing this policy, he says he has been reaching out to some within washington, like senator sessions.
4:04 am
here is donald trump last night in new hampshire. >> it will be very soon. yeah. i mean, i have some of the most brilliant people in the country working on tax, which i'm involved in very much, because i understand the system very well, probably better than anybody that's ever run for office, if you want to know the truth, because i am part of the system. but we have some amazing people working on immigration, so i would say over the next two or three weeks, probably sometime during september. >> reporter: and trump seized on one of jeb bush's biggest areas of vulnerability, the iraq war. jeb bush, after finally admitting he wouldn't having into the iraq war based on the facts that we now know. this week, he also shifted and said that removing saddam hussein from power, he said, in his words, was a good deal. he is donald trump going after jeb bush on that. >> what a mistake iraq was and i heard jeb bush talking about it.
4:05 am
first of all, it took them five days before he could give an answer. after that pollsters told him what to say, he said it was bad and trying to backtrack and probably his brother is saying you're killing me here, you said that is bad. that is my legacy. the iraq war is a disaster for the bush's. that why the last thing we need is another bush. >> reporter: this just sets the stage even more than it already been set for trump's visit to iowa today he is set to make a dramatic landing and set to touch down near the iowa fairgrounds in his 7 million dollar trademark helicopter. >> the g-trump? thank you, sunlen, in new hampshire for us. let's get you to iowa now with cnn's sarah murray. the soap box we know has been a long-held tradition there in iowa. is it true the rumblings we are
4:06 am
hearing, that some will reject it? >> it has been a chance for candidates to offer up their stump speech and more importantly a chance for voters to offer their questions and get that response back and forth which is important to voters here in the hawkeye state. this time around hillary clinton and donald trump will both be skipping the soap box and still coming to the state fair. they are going to walk around and probably, you know, see the butter cow, maybe eat pork chops here and there so it's interesting to see how voters feel about that, if they still feel like they get a chance to interact with candidate or bummed they don't get the q&a they feel entitled to. >> i know all of the dems is were on stage right there in iowa. i read o'malley was speaking the cameras had their backs on him because clinton had just taken her seat. that paints quite a picture. can you give us a good wrap-up
4:07 am
of some of the best takeaways from yesterday? >> reporter: yeah, i think you are completely right. i think all eyes were on hillary clinton last night, even though this is one of the few times we get to see all of these democratic candidates together, hillary clinton, bernie sanders and o'malley and chafee. let's take a listen. >> republicans want to stack the deck even more for those at the top. their policies would rip away the progress we have made. you saw this in the republican debates the other night. 17 candidates and not one of them said a single word about how to address the rising costs of college, not one. they also had nothing to say about equal pay for women, or paid family leave.
4:08 am
or quality preschool for our kids so they can get the best start in life. no solutions for skyrocketing prescription drug costs and no commitment to end the era of mass incarceration or to say loudly and clearly, yes, black lives matter! >> reporter: you can hear the crowd just going wild for that comment. clinton going after her conservative rivals, but also offering up the things that democrats have really been wanting to hear, her talking about paid leave and her talking about black lives matter so that seemed to be a very good moment for her last night and she seemed very comfortable up there. >> sara murray, we appreciate the wrap-up. thank you, ma'am. as you heard, some of the biggest applause last night were for hillary clinton who used her speech to rail against republicans. we heard some of that. let's go now straight to -- from the -- the party there. have we got the sound? let's play it.
4:09 am
what do the republican candidates stand well, i'll tell you. you know already. cutting taxes for the super wealthy, letting big corporations write their own rules, and that is basically it. and we have heard it all before and it doesn't work. trickle down has to be one of the worst ideas of the 1980s. right up there, right up there with new coat and shoulder pads and big hair. let's talk about hillary clinton and the democratic candidates who were there as well last night. let's bring in tom henderson, the chairman of the polk county democrats in iowa. i phrased it that way, because as we heard from sara murray, much of the attention was focused on former secretary clinton. is there still space? is there still a sizeable portion of the democratic party there that is open to bernie sanders or to a martin 0 mally or to a lincoln chafee?
4:10 am
>> oh, absolutely. this campaign is still early in its progress and early is a pejorative term but we won't know until october at the jackson day dinner who is emerging from this crowd. i think democrats are willing to listen to different candidates and still early in the process and candidates are getting around the state and having a chance to meet each of these candidates and i think you'll see some movement in the polls. >> there are rumors that are flying about two possible candidates, current vice president joe biden and former vice president al gore, although some lukewarm water was described throwing on the al gore possibility of a candidacy. is there enough available democratic talent? of course, you know what that means. and money there available in iowa if they were to launch a serious campaign? >> maybe not so much vice president gore. but vice president biden still has a lot of strong supporters here in iowa that are waiting on
4:11 am
the sidelines to find on out whether he is going to run. and until he flouannounces, the won't admit to another candidate. a lot of are individuals are trying to approach to see if they will support him if biden decides not to run. >> a cnn poll found that hillary clinton is ahead of bernie sanders 50 percent to 31% if the election were to be held today. we know other polls have bernie sanders ahead of hillary clinton. is the iowa electorate, are they willing to elect a self-described socialist? >> well, it's kind of an interesting question. i still think bernie sanders' support is locate within the more liberal wing of the party and i think there actually might be a ceiling on that support as to how much he can actually collect. the other candidates are going to try to unite the entire party and they probably have a better
4:12 am
chance of eventually getting the nomination because they have the ability to sell themselves to all of our electorate. >> tom henderson there, head of the iowa democrats. we have the head of the iowa republicans coming up later in the morning. tom, thank you so much for being with us. >> thanks, victor. breaking news we are following. a round of new explosions that are rocking china this morning. you're also going to hear from the man remarkably pulled from that rubble. yes, another rescue. also, lawmakers accused of having an affair and then trying to cover it up. one of them is speaking out now. imagine - she won't have to remember passwords.
4:13 am
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4:16 am
to china. look at this new video we are getting in, after another round of explosions today. this is at the same site where that massive blast killed 85 people earlier this week. that is the smoke billowing into the air today. the overnight explosions were followed by what a remarkable story here, another rescue. yes, a second survivor has just been pulled from the rubble. will ripley is at the site since the first explosion on wednesday. will, first of all, can you tell us more about what you might know of this latest survivor that was rescued? >> reporter: hi. yeah. there have been several rescues i'll tell but moment. i have to say the air quality has gotten knowsably worse the last few minutes or so, we have all put on our masks. workers are handing them out to people who don't have them. there are concerns since the fire reignited at a blast site
4:17 am
which is a couple of kilometers that way. concern toxic smoke may be drifting toward the populated areas and the reason this emergency shelter was evacuated earlier today and a lot of families and children were bussed to what is considered a safer location closer to downtown. i want to show you the video of the firefighter who was i couldn't do -- rescued and interviewed. he was on the scene with his crews fighting the fire on wednesday when the huge explosion happened and he was actually laying on the charred ground for 31 hours before he was rescued. listen to what he tells us about what he remembers. >> translator: i only remember the first blast was very loud. i was loon the ground, hands covering my head and i don't remember what happened after that. >> reporter: and then in addition to that, there was also a man, a 50-year-old, who was rescued today. we are still working to get more
4:18 am
information about him and there was a pregnant woman who actually went into premature labor during the explosion and she has given birth and we are told her child, while premature, is doing okay and expected to survive. the death toll did rise sharply. officials say 85 people are confirmed dead. this is heart breaking. look at this. all of these names on these white boards here are people who family members are coming here looking for. these are the names of the missing. the official number of missing is only in the dozens, but you can see along this wall, christi, how many people are writing messages, an indication that perhaps the numbers here, the number of missing, the number of dead, could take a very grim turn in the days to come. >> goodness. will, thank you so much, for bringing that all to us. we appreciate it very much. >> wow. sex, lies, and questions of a cover-up. we got to tell you about this bizarre love affair that is pushing two state lawmakers into the national conversation with
4:19 am
calls for them to step down. also, disturbing evidence out of syria and iraq. isis fighters are now using chemical weapons against the kurds. we will have the latest from the pentagon. so you're a small business expert from at&t? yeah, give me a problem and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep it all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your boysenberry apple scones smell about done. ahh, you're good. i like to bake. add new business services with at&t and get up to $500 in total savings.
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4:22 am
an alleged love affair between two michigan lawmakers is now sparking calls for them both to step down. now, one is speaking out. while the other is accused of trying to cover it up. cnn's ryan nobles joins us now in new york. ryan, so one of the aides who knew of this alleged affair is
4:23 am
about to go public with details. tell us what you've learned. >> reporter: everybody in michigan waiting to hear what joshua cline has to say. he says he will reveal the inside story of this scandal on monday. this, as the two lawmakers at the center of this controversy attempt to repair their reputatio reputations. for the first time, the female state representative at the center of a sex scandal rocking michigan state capital is reaching out. >> you now i've made some poor decisions as they relate to my personal life. >> reporter: cindy gamrat and todd courser are accused of engaging in an extramarital affair and both are lawmakers with spouses and children. the aled affair came to light after the detroit news obtained an audio recording captured by a staffer when courser was sending a e-mail under a fake name
4:24 am
soliciting soliciting with a prostitute. >> what does this do? >> i need to, if pop, inoculate the herd against the politics that are coming. >> reporter: the salacious details are gamrat acknowledged mistakes and stopped short of knitting the affair and refused to step down. >> my husband joe with me and i have three thinner. they all what come upon them. i take full responsibility. >> reporter: meanwhile, courser, who has not admitted to the affair, has released a 27-minute audio statement where he does admit to faking the e-mail and describes as the broken messenger and saying people are
4:25 am
trying to blackmail him. back at the state capital, michigan statehouse speaker kevin cotter has order an investigation into this and an investigation that gamrat welcomes. >> i look forward to the investigation. i think that will vindicate me in that. >> reporter: michigan speaker of the house, who has called for both of these lawmakers to resign, has called the whole scandal disturbing. he has also ordered that investigation into everything that is happening in michigan. victor? >> ryan as salacious as the details are, so much here to sort out and hopefully some clarity for the people in michigan. ryan nobles in new york, thanks. >> thank you, victor. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i know. i'm still trying to follow that one. is there a major shake-up ahead for the democratic race to the white house? there are rumors, as you know, swirling, with a potential run by joe biden. also a connecticut home
4:26 am
invasion. i know you remember this. called one of the most gruesome crimes ever committed. the two killers were supposed to die but their lives are now spared in a stunning reversal of the state's death penalty. we are talking to one of the jurors who said they should die. . special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world. when you're living with diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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4:30 am
♪ in the race for on the white house, all eyes are will be on the iowa state fair. most of the presidential candidates are there this weekend. among those set to attend former secretary of state hillary clinton, senator bernie sanders, and donald trump. trump heads to iowa after this big rally in new hampshire. that is where he took shots at most of his rivals, including jeb bush. listen. >> one of the reasons i've done so well in the polls is because everyone knows, i'm not going to be controlled. i'm going to do what is right for the country. no lobbyists -- i have all of these -- i know them all. i've hired many of them over the years. they are very good but when they give $1 million or $5 million to jeb bush they have total control over him. he will do like a puppet whatever they say. >> we will have much more on trump and what he said about his
4:31 am
specific policy roleout next hour. plus, a live report from the iowa state fair. we have got to get to breaking news overnight in china. new fire shot thick smoke into the air over this factory. the one that was rocked by a massive explosion earlier this week. wednesday's blast killed 85 people, injured more than 700. . as for the blast that happened overnight, no new injuries have been reported. new details as vice president joe biden appears to be reckoning with another bid for the white house. the subject of a presidential run has really started to pick up steam now after reports emerged that his aides were making preliminary moves toward a run. biden, himself, has not made up his mind on launching a campaign, we are told, but ma sell kosinski is with us now. michelle, have you heard when we might hear an official announcement by vice president biden? >> reporter: well, you expect it needs to be soon.
4:32 am
especially if we now know these feelers are being put out. but in his situation and given his personal tragedy lately with the death of his son, the usual rules don't apply. this is a very personal decision for him, as well as political. so he is going to take all of the time that he needs to take. we have heard it put out there that is it is going to be by the end of the summer but that takes us well into september. so that could very well be the case. i think what is interesting is that this buzz is really going. that said, though, you have to look at, you know, the reporting out there. there's some that put this as well, you know, we have talked to all of these people close to biden and they have determined that he is probably not going to run. but then the next person will say, well, we have talked to all of these people very close to biden and this is really picking up steam and it's looking like it's shaping up to be something. i think that says a lot. the fact that there's so many diverse conclusions out there tells you that he truly has not
4:33 am
made that decision yet. but you can see the wheels turning. the conversations are being had. a lot of these bigger conversations might even be aside from joe biden himself. he is talking to certain people but those people are then talking to each other, they are looking at, you know, if this does happen, where would the financing come from? what would the first moves need to be? what states does he really need to be in now? and which ones can we sort of wait on? so the conversations are out there, but the big piece, the decision hasn't happened yet. >> it's almost like they are just playing bus and just waiting to see how long we can go before we can report something. i'm wondering, though. i believe i saw a report earlier this week that if he ran, based on one poll, he was already in third place? what are the other candidates saying about a potential bid? >> that is really interesting. that was a poll of likely iowa caucus-goers.
4:34 am
it's a fairly small group but an important one. even without him in the race, people are still curious, they are still looking at that possibility. so they put him in third place with 12%. hillary clinton still had about 50% but that might be surprising, given her much higher numbers nationally among democrats earlier on. and bernie sanders was second at about 31%. so what does that tell biden? it tells him that there is some support out there. it might not be something earth shattering that that alone would spur him into taking this chance but it's interesting given he is not in the race and he already registering pretty high on those polls. so what he is going to be look at is how hillary clinton is doing, how bernie sanders is doing. what would likely happen if he enters the race in terms of those other votes. where are his votes going to come from if he gets in? is it going to hurt hillary clinton and is that a bad idea
4:35 am
down the road? part of the debate out there because, keep in mind,th some democrats and some are hillary clinton supporters but they are openly wondering would it be such a good idea for him or is it possibly a little too late for him to jump in now? those around him, though, are saying that he has plenty of supporters. look at his record. he spent nearly 40 years in the senate. well-respected and has a good track record that those supporters would be out there. the financing likely would also be out there. so even though he doesn't have the super pact and doesn't have that structure and what people like to talk about, there is nothing to say that that couldn't be put together and very soon. >> michelle kosinski, we appreciate it. thanks so much. let's talk more about cnn political analyst maria cardon. what is the space left in this discussion potentially for vice president biden between what we are hearing from senator sanders
4:36 am
and from former sector clinton? what is his real estate in this conversation conversation, if he gets in? >> i think you hit the nail on the head in terms of the key question he has to think about his advisers that are around him have to think about, because even though i think that for him, this has got to be one of the most difficult decisions at one of the most difficult times in his life. he clearly knows that this was his beloved son beau biden's last dying wish was for him to run for president. there are a lot of people in his family that think that it's his time, that he should jump in and he should do this. we all know this is something he has yes or arned for a long tim. i think the important decision is what is his past and the states he can look at to where he will have constituencies ready to support him? what i'm hearing is, frankly,
4:37 am
exactly what michelle is reporting, we have heard that a lot of people could be excited if he ran, but there are also a lot of people who believe that he is a beloved and he is, he is a beloved figure in the democratic party and, frankly, very well-respected by republicans, but that there isn't really a path, a clear path at least right now for him to get to the white house. it's late and the money, you know, right now, there is no clear donors out there, even though i think he would have support, so i think that is a big question. >> the question is also is he just a better vessel, a better messenger for an argument similar to what secretary of state clinton is making? we have got the latest numbers from the cnn/orc poll, and it shows that there is one category in which senator sanders tops over secretary clinton and that is honest and trustworthy. sanders at 35% and clinton at
4:38 am
28%. does he necessarily have to come out with a third or i guess in this case, sixth policy platform? or can he just be, some would say, a more credible vessel what we are hearing from secretary clinton? >> i think that is probably too much of a simplistic way to look at it, victor. you know that all of his advisors in the realm of helping him make this decision, you know they are poring over all of the polling data out there, they are poring over what the campaigns they know that are up and running, what they have in the states. and what they are going to realize, victor, is that hillary clinton is an incredibly formidable and enviable position, probably more so than any candidate that has run for president as a nonincumbent in recent history. the kind of money she has raised for her own campaign, not superpact money, that she can
4:39 am
control is a record. the kind of infrastructure she has, not just in the early states but in other states that are out there. the messaging she is putting out there, the technology, the grassroots, the -- in fact, all of her supporters. and so i think that all of this is lost with the whole issue of, you know, the e-mails and everything that republicans are trying to throw at her from a partisan prospective. if you look at the fundamentals of her campaign, they are incredibly strong. she beats every single republican across the board in every state right now and her favorability ratings are better than -- >> republicans would say the trust worthiness number is deteriora deteriorating. >> of course, they would. >> i know you would. we didn't get a chance to talk about former vice president al gore in that buzz report. maria, great to have you here. >> thank you, victor. great to be here. >> cnn hosts our first
4:40 am
republican presidential debate on wednesday, september 16th, followed by the democratic presidential debate live tuesday, october 13th from nevada. a disturbing new development in the war against isis. the u.s. now confirming the terror group is resorting, at least in one instance, to chemical warfare and has a lot wondering if js a sign to come. a connecticut home invasion, i know you remember this. labeled one of the most gruesome horrific crimes ever. that i have lives are spared now. we will talk to a juror who wanted them to die. hey terry stop! they have a special!
4:41 am
so, what did you guys think of the test drive?
4:42 am
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4:44 am
43 minutes past the hour. the u.s. confirming this morning that the terror group isis recently used a chemical agent against kurdish forces in syria. another attack in northern iraq is being investigated as a possible chemical attack. cnn correspondent barbara starr says the evidence seems to support that conclusion. >> reporter: the patients came to this northern iraqi hospital with blistered skin and respiratory distress. the kurds say isis fired mortars at them containing a chemical agent. >> 38 rounds exploded and seven did not. >> reporter: the u.s. has investigated and will test samples to find out if it was mustard agent, a chemical weapon u.s. officials now tell cnn isis possesses in small quantities. >> it's a game-changer.
4:45 am
what it means is the introduction of chemical weapons. when you do that, you have a real issue with protecting troops. you have a real issue with insure ensuring the safety of civilians that might be in the battle zone. >> reporter: samples of an attack a few weeks ago confirmed mustard agent was use by terror group there. now two others are being closely looked at. officials hope more testing will tell them if mustard or possibly chlori chlorine, an agent the kurds say isis has used against them before, was used again. kurdish fighters have proven capable against isis, but a chemical weapon would make their task more difficult. >> they are much more exposed and much more at risk, so this is for them very dangerous and could really hurt their ability to fight. >> reporter: the question now, from could isis have obtained
4:46 am
the mustard agent? old weapons from saddam hussein in iraq? a secret stockpile from syrian pressure al assad was that was somehow not destroyed in 2014 under an international agreement? or did isis manufacture the agent on its own? president obama once threatened military action if the syrian regime used chemical weapons. >> a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. >> reporter: now that it's isis, what will the obama administration do? >> i think it's very important for us to send a signal, not only to the kurds, but to isis as well, that we are going to support the kurds in any way that we conceivably can. >> reporter: barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. this week, connecticut reversed its death penalty law. now two men convicted of killing a family, have had their lives
4:47 am
spared. we will talk to one of the jurors who found one of the men guilty of that brutal crime. plus, donald trump, fire her on "the apprentice," but he worked with her to put together her own reality show. what does omarosa thinks of her former boss? she joins us live in the next hour. watch as these magnificent creatures take flight, soaring away from home towards the promise of a better existence. but these birds are suffering. because this better place turned out to have a less reliable cell phone network, and the videos on their little bird phones kept buffering. birds hate that. so they came back home. come home to verizon and now get 12 gigs for $80 a month
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4:50 am
for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. look aon tripadvisor.l hotel wait. why leave the site? /. stunning news out of the
4:51 am
supreme court, the death penalty is unconstitutional for convicts on death row and we are talking about the two convicts that gained national attention after the conviction of the family of dr. pettitte. >> reporter: dr. william petit nearly beaten to death by a baseball bat and his wife killed and his girls doused with gasoline and left to die in a fire. in the end the jurors chose the
4:52 am
death fire and steven hayes so full of remorse he chose to die. and now, let's welcome in a juror in the trial of steven hayes, and let's go to her, and paula, what was your reaction when you heard a that the two men would not receive the death penalty? >> well, i expected that. because there was talk of that happening while we were in trial. and it made me more certain that death was the proper sentence, because he was the harshest penalty that we could give him and eventually if the state overturned it, he would still have the most intensive kind of incarcerati incarceration. >> hem to us understand what it was about this case that was so emotional for you that made you decide that death was the answer
4:53 am
here some. paula? >> yes. >> i am sorry. i am wonder iing if you can hel us to understand what it was in this trial that made you decide that death was the only answer. >> well, after i looked at all of the evidence and all of the facts that it was really no other choice, and i had to put my emotional feelings aside, and for me, i believe that if he receive received the death penalty, he would be locked away by himself for the amount of time before he was actually executed and that perhaps he could come to some true sense of remorse, but i don't know if it has ever happened, but i would hope that the powers at corrections figure some way out that these people are not just put back into
4:54 am
general population, because that is really no punishment especially for steven. >> joey, i want to get to you in a second, but i want to play some sound with you after my first interview with you, paula, right after the trial. >> early orngs it broke my heart thinking of a tragic life, and there are no winners in this. and it was a perfect storm of evil, and it did bother me, because i'm a compassionate person, but after having listened to all of the testimony and the pictures, there was really nothing, and there was no other choice for all of us. >> no other choice, you said again, and do you feel that the deliberations for that aspect of the aspect of that part of the case were in vain now? >> no, no.
4:55 am
death was the punishment that he deserved, and he does deserve, and now that the state has overturned it, i just pray that they find some way that the 11 men on death row don't just sort of get a free pass and go into general population that there is still some level of confinement or restriction, because especially in this case, these two men, we know for sure have done this crime, and -- >> right. >> -- and death was the penalty, and if it is not available, then something else should have been given, and not just general populati population. >> and joey, back to you, because in 2009, the state's governor brought back the death penalty for this case, and cited
4:56 am
that the truth is that in some cases the crime is so heinous that the only deterrent is the death penalty. so is there any way that the death penalty could be used? >> well, in this case, the governor was jody rau, and in that time, in connecticut, the death penalty was cite and it ended up on her desk, and citing what we saw and we know the petit story and the brutality of that case, and we know that citing the standards of decency and the legislator now saying that now that governor malloy when he got the abolition behind his desk he said abolitions, and no executions from 2012 forward and the supreme court said, wait, if standards of decencies
4:57 am
evolve from 2012 forward, then this should apply to anybody forward and then it must be applied backwards so in connecticut they say that the standards of decency apply, and so the legislature says no standards cannot be applied from 2012 forward according to the supreme court, and that you have to apply it the standards of decency in general, and so that it has to be applied in general, and that is in essence what the ruling says. >> and so the ruling is that all of the people on death row were absolved of the death penalty, and not that it was overturn and moving forward as the law stated. >> right. the supreme court said that you have a new governor and the governor said to abolish the bill, and the same bill of the
4:58 am
previous governor who she vetoed it and said, we are going to have the death penalty, and we need the death penalty, and now it comes that you have a democratic governor and he signs the bill and says that death penalty shall be no more, and the legislature said that we are only going to apply this to the people from april 25th, forward and the supreme court said that you can't do that and how can you have differential standards of decency and what changed from 2012 to 2010 to 2009? so you can't bifurcate it like that, and if it is not decent now, then it cannot have been decent then, and as a result, it is abolished and so now as a result for death penalty to come back and for that supreme court ruling to be overturned in any way is for the popular will of the people through their elected representatives to say that this state is going to have a death penalty, but as long as the legislature said it will not and the governor said it will not, you can't decide to apply it to
4:59 am
some people and not others, and it has to apply equally to everyone, and hence, no more death in connecticut. >> and it is so interesting that there were people who were against the death penalty in in case, and they said if however there was a case for it, this is the case. thank you, joey for explaining it, and paula calzetta, thank you for exbeing with us. and coming up at the top of the hour, a man rescued from the roof of his car in buffalo. look at this, heavy rainfall and flash floods made roads impassable. and affiliate wivb are reports there. look at that. and now, a wall 10 feet high is turkey's latest effort to secure the 165-mile border to keep tout terrorists and smugglers and terrorists, and now despite the wall, turkey has
5:00 am
vowed to keep an open border policy to rebels including allowing supplies and refugees in and out. and now, officials say that lightning have spark ed wildfirs with hundreds of homes evacuated and two state parks evacuated as wel well. and a story that we are follow. a state attorney says no truth behind the allegation that to a 76-year-old woman says that a missouri hospital stole her newborn baby five decades ago and that is the allegation, and now they say that the woman's baby was not born at the hospital. we will tell you more about what the records have finally revealed. >> yeah, an unbelievable development there. and stay with us, because we
5:01 am
have a lot more coming up at the next hour of new day. take a look at what is happening today in china. another fire after 85 people were killed earlier this week. more fire now after that warehouse explosion at the same site and rescues still coming today. >> and a grand entrance. the presidential candidates donald trump, and hillary clinton and bernie sanders are working the crowd for the iowa state fair, but is it going to pay off for any of the candidates? >> and she made a name for herself as the villain on donald trump's "the apprentice" but am rosa does not know if she is going to vote for him. and we will ask her. so much more to come this
5:02 am
saturday morning, i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. >> and so much more with the news coming out of china. a new round of explosions coming out to rekindling the smoke. look at the smoke billowing again, and this is from the same site after that massive blast that killed dozens of people earlier this week. >> and a glimmer of hope here, with crews pulling off a remarkable rescue here after a second survivor is pulled from the rubble, there and this is happening from the first time that we are hear ing from the first survivor. the firefighter is speaking about what is it like to be inside of this. >> translator: i only remember the first blast was very loud. i was on the ground, hands co r covering my head. i don't remember what happens after this. >> will riply has been at the site since the first explosion, and will, you have the mask back on, and what is happening there this morning? >> yeah, we have noticed that
5:03 am
the air quality has been deteriorating and so we decided to put the masks back on, and there is a lot of concern about the toxic plume on the toxic site here blowing in our direction. and there are hundreds of people and this is one of the emergency evacuation sites and one tof th dozens here across tianjin, and one of the hundreds here. and there are some that you can see the busloads of families being evacuated to locations miles away from the site here because of fears of sodium cyanide that is a chemical that officials have detected near the site of the explosion, and so operations here have been suspended for the moment, and you can see the last cars trying to pull out here. these are the officials, and just a handful of remaining volunteers. the rescues of that firefighter,
5:04 am
the 19-year-old, truly remarkable, and you heard of him, and also of the rescue of the 50-year-old man, and both of whom survive ed d in the blast , and also a report of the woman injured in the explosions who gave birth to a premature baby and we have learned that both of the mother and the child are expected to be okay, and those are the good stories and we we want to share them with you, because there is bad news as well. the death toll climbed sharply today, and 85 people now confirmconfirm ed dead, and the missing is in the doz evens and the people have written their names on white boards outside of the emergency shelter, and as the hours pass the number of missing and dead is expected to grow as the human tragedy here and the calls of chai the chinese government allowed a warehouse of this type of chemicals is
5:05 am
allowed to just sit within this area of where people lived. and now, the candidates who will be in iowa today at the iowa state fair are some of the candidates and even donald trump is promising free helicopter rides. sounds like fun. >> yes, donald trump is going to be arriving on his $7 million helicopter, and not that, but they will give free ride s s toe kids there to check it out, and then he is coming into the fair to give the more traditional iowa state fair experience and walk through and shake hand s with the voters, and he is of course not the only one doing it today, and hillary clinton is going to be here as well, and here doing the same thing and making the stops along the way. bernie sanders is going to give
5:06 am
the soap box the give a 20-minute speech and voters can p pepper him with the questions, and the big question is if hillary clinton and donald trump will get the one-on-one, and so there is going to be secret service there for hillary clinton which is a little different for candidates at the iowa state fair, so we will have to see how it plays. >> and so we have to see that hillary and donald trump will be skipping the soap box, and is that a snub? >> yes, hillary clinton and donald trump are not going to the soap box, but they feel they can meet voters around the fair, but there is is a risk, because voters expect to meet the candidates a couple of times and expect to touch and feel them a couple of times and so if you don't do that, you can expect some grumbling, and before that, it depends the access of the voters as they have to the candidates to walk through the
5:07 am
fair, and whether or not they missed out on the opportunity to get up close and personal to the candidates. >> i wonder to see donald trum wp the double bacon corn dog or deep fried something. sfwh and you are having a hint that is your favorite? >> well, deep fried anything is my favorite. >> and well, after of course as he is heading to iowa, this is coming after the big speech at that key primary state of new hampshire overnight, in case you missed it. that is with where he spoke out about the rivals, and jub bush and hillary clinton, and he gave insight as to when we will see the policy rollout, and let's talk to our reporter there in new hampshire, and is that the big takeaway? >> yes, that is what donald trump said, he is going to be are releasing with the
5:08 am
immigration reform and tax reform and he won't do it yet, and it is going to be coming in september, but he says this is coming from a time of small signals of the trump campaign that for their part they are trying to be a lot more serious, and be a full-fledged campaign and it is notable that trump is reaching out to some in washington like senator sessions as he is starting to formulate and write these policy positions, and this is what he said here in new hampshire last night. >> it is going to be very soon. i mean, i have some of the most brilliant people in the country working on tax, which i'm involved in very much, because i understand the system very well, and probably better than anybody who has run for office to tell you the truth, because i am part of the system, and we have amazing people working on the immigration, and so over the next two to three week, and probably sometime in september. >> and meanwhile, donald trump
5:09 am
continues to go after the opponents on the campaign trail and focusing on hillary clinton and the use of her private e-mail server while secretary of state, and this is more of what he had to say in new hampshire. >> at some point, she is perhaps not going to be able to run, and she is going to have to end the campaign and that is the thinking by so many. general petraeus, and his life was destroyed with a tiny fraction of what she has done. and so it is very unfair to him, if they are going to destroy him over doing by comparison nothing, and i don't see how she can run. she has much bigger problems than running for office. >> and he sort of attacks on the opponents and something that we have seen very much coming from trump in the course of the campaign, and so it is interesting to see how he transitions into the policy-specific focus, but christy, we have heard from the new hampshire voters last night and many of them who went out to
5:10 am
the campaign event to see the antic, and that is one voter said, i want to be the antics, and i want to experience donald trump and this is the next experience of the campaign to talk politics. >> than you, sunlen serfati. >> and now, she worked for him, and now, will she vote for him? am rosa has not said. what does he have to do to erp h -- earn her vote? we will talk to her. and what will happen in respect to human rights in havana? we will look at facilities in cuba and which ones, and how likely to be moving them.
5:11 am
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13 minutes past the hour and she is one of the most memorable reality stars to come out of the apprenti apprentice. amar oshgs ssh amarosa got her big break by being fired by donald trump. >> you not only lost, but you got creamed. you know i am a big fan, but you are fired. >> thank you very much. >> and now that her former boss is running for president, she says she has a lesson for the men and women running against him, and now we will talk to her live. thank you for being here. >> glad to be here. >> good morning. you got to know him quite well, and in your opinion, is donald trump capable of running the country? >> absolute ly. our country has serious domestic policies, and serious foreign policy issues, and they are very big business issues, and he is a brilliant businessman and he
5:15 am
would be great at managing it, but he has to get through hillary clinton first. >> and what is the biggest obstacle for him in that regard? >> well, i think that he is working through it right now, and he has to come up with a strong policy platform so that people can know that not only is he a serious contender, but he is capable of governing at the highest office in the land. >> and he has made some controversial comments of women in the last, well, many times, but certainly in the last couple of months that people have taken note of it, and what did you think of him when you were on the show, and did you experience anything from him that you felt would have been sexist? >> well, you have to remember that first of all, "the apprentice" is entertainment. i did three seasons with him, and i did the "apprentice" and then "celebrity apprentice" and then "all stars" and so it is
5:16 am
very different for entertainment, and then it is different of the international stage to run the country and it is a different set of skills. he is a great showman, but now people want to know if he has what ut takes to run the country, and i am here to tell you that he does, and people need to take donald trump very, very seriously. >> you say that he has what it takes, but as i understand it, you have told several people that he does not automatically have your vote. what is your hesitation? >> no, i am a die-hard democrat. and he has to pull some dems and moderates if he is going to be successful to get the republican nomination. and i have worked for the clinton white house, and i am unique that i have worked for the clintons and for trump, and i will tell you that it would be my greatest wish to see donald trump and hillary clinton go head-to-head for the most important position in the world. i am vying to be his apprentice, and i want to see him vie to be
5:17 am
the president of the united states. >> and what would he have to do the secure your vote and anything to secure your vote as a republican nominee? >> well, you know, the republicans have a big issue right now deal with the issues that are important to me and to my community and particularly. i am very interested to see how he will deal with the criminal justice reform needed to deal with black lives matter issue, and the jobs matters, and how he is going to deal with the wage gap with women, and he does not have issues with women, but i want to know how he will deal with issues like reproductive issues like whether he would fund planned parenthood and every single candidate has to fight for my interests, because i am a die-hard dem, but i am
5:18 am
curious how far he will go? so as a die-hard dem, is your hat in hillary's camp or is your hat flung in the air? >> well, my hat, is it flung in the air? and trump's entrance into the race has changed things for many people, and particularly for me, because i have been a loyal friend for over a decade, and yett for hillary, she appeals to so many issues for me, and i have seen her pay her dues, and it would be so remarkable to see the first woman president in my lifetime, and those things are important, but it is important first that we see, one, there is no cloud of suspicion around her and that the e-mail issues go away and she is capable of r running the country without worrying of whether or not she is going to be effective and based on my experience with her, i believe that she can. >> and all right, omarosa, i am
5:19 am
sure that when he finds out that you have not made up your mind, i am sure that donald trump is going to be calling you. >> well, he can earn it, but he is more than capable. >> we appreciate your thoughts on this. >> thank you for having me. >> take good care. >> i feel a tweet coming. there is a tweet on the way. >> omarosa, come on! >> and as we know, maybe scott walker or ben carson, do they have the nation's first caucus in the bag? coming up at in the 10:00, we will talk to the state's gop director and looking at martin o'malley and i don't know why, but what does it take to win in iowa? and a historic moment in cuba, and our flag flying in havana for the first time in 50 years, and how will this impact the
5:20 am
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try meta today. and for a tasty heart healthy snack, try a meta health bar. well, now that the u.s. and cuba have restored diplomatic relations after 54 year, what's next? well, for starters american tourism to the island will pick up again now that the u.s. em bas si has been reopened, but even the u.s. secretary john kerry now feels the two obstacle s and a lot of challenges when it particularly comes to human rights abuses when it comes to the regime. and now, patrick altman rejoins us, and now let's start with the
5:24 am
normalized relations, and what they mean for the cubans, and any consensus for what they are hearing and any immediate impact? >> you know, we are hearing by and large, a very positive reviews from the cuban, and i have to say, victor in coming in this morning, i went by the embassy which is in the middle of havana, and the flag was flying this morning and it takes for everyone some getting used to, and i have not seen it except in old black and white photos, and the cubans are marveling at the symbolism, and a change of tone in the cuban media and very respectful, and talked about how it was an important step, but merely an initial step, and secretary kerry had a very busy day raising the flag, and the ceremony of the opening of the ceremony of the embassy, and
5:25 am
talk talked about the human rights with the ambassador, and he said that cuba has to clean up the human rights if they want to get the embargo lifted. he toured the old part of town, and the historic old havana section and went out to ernest hemmingway's house, and he seemed that he was enjoying himself, and not meeting with either of the castros as some people had wondered if he might, but, you know, this is just the begin, and most cubans realize that there have been the lifting of the restrictions like the travel to cuba, but still a lot of sanctions in place, and if they will have more established relations, and normal relations will require years more of work, victor. >> and if it is going to be having impact on the impact of the media, and maybe free media, and that is not going to be answered in the rest of the segment or this year, and probably over the next several decades, and patrick oppmann,
5:26 am
thank you for joining us from havana. >> and what does donald trump need to do to keep the momentum going. >> and why is the military checking out facilities in kansas and south carolina right now after looking at gitmo? and now, the graduation rate is 56% and almost one quarter of the kids are living below the poverty line and getting kids to fight their way up the ladder, and maybe not literally. chris cuomo explains. >> i grew up in the sandown, winchester community where the riots of baltimore occurred. where the only time to be outside of selling drugs, i was
5:27 am
in wrestling. wrestling teaches a person to be mentally tough to persevere which carries over to other parts of the life. >> reporter: mixing wrestling and stem encouraging a person's life. >> it is a hook to engage students in stem. the opportunities that the minority students are not getting in stem. it is crucial for getting younger kids engaged and involved. >> great job. >> the counselors teach kids that wrestling can build more than just physical strength. >> i like the wrestling, because it helped me to become a man definitely through hard work, commitment, and being a man of my word and then once i am able to shift it to almost anything i i was able to be a bit more successful. >> reporter: the kids don't need much kon vints iing -- much convincing. >> i wanted to be better and win state championships and keep coming.
5:28 am
>> reporter: for more information on how to get involved go to ♪"once there was a hushpuppy" by dan romis man kind?eitlin ♪ are we good? go see. go look through their windows so you can understand their views. go find out just how kind the hes and shes of this mankind are.
5:29 am
5:30 am
and i am a certified arborist for pg&e.ughes i oversee the patrolling of trees near power lines and roots near pipes and underground infrastructure. at pg&e wherever we work, we work hard to protect the environment. getting the job done safely so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. the environment is there for my kids and future generations.
5:31 am
together, we're building a better california. 31 minute past the hour, and we want to share with you some of the most recent pictures of what we are getting in from a
5:32 am
new round of explosions from china. you can see the smoke billowing this morning and this is from the same site of where where the massive blast killed dozens of people earlier this week. we don't have new reports of new injuries, but this hours ago, crews pull off another remarkable rescue. look at this. they dug a second survivor from the rubble this morning. it is a campaign rite of passage as candidates are descending on the iowa state fair and shaking hands with the voters, and if you are jeb bush, you are breaking your diet there and you have to do it. and donald trump and hillary clinton are skipping out on the soap box apparently. >> and joining us is a former
5:33 am
aide to the reagan administration, and very fond of donald trump, and thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> and we want to cite the 8 of 10 early insiders who say that trump cannot win in the early states, and one in iowa said this, trump supporters have to show up to the caucus and finding that many trump supporters that i talked to have never attended a caucus before, and when they find out it is not just showing up and casting a ballot they may find out that it is not worth the effort. his is a campaign built entirely on the celebrity and the short attention spans, and jeffrey to you, and telling a pollster over to the phone is much easier than the caucusing process. >> well, victor, the key to this is the guy named chuck laudner, and chuck is a professional. he ran, and he is from iowa and he ran rick santorum's campaign four years ago, and senator
5:34 am
santorum won the iowa caucuses, and so he is extremely experien experienced and he knows exactly what he is doing, and he is busy there getting everything organize and u really think that they have the best person on the ground that any campaign can have, possibly v and so i am sure that he knows it far better than i do, and he knows what he is doing, and he is going to get the people out. >> and what about that, ben? >> well, the team can only do so much, and full disclosure, i helped the santorum team last time around, and let me tell you, you can have a guy who knows the area, but rick santorum won that, because he is there, and literally almost knocked on every registered door that could possibly vote on him, and he had a ground game where he was there for months on end, and donald trump is one, never going to do what rick santorum did, and that is what is literally a grass roots all-in as an individual, and yes, he had a great adviser and team,
5:35 am
but rick santorum literally did it in an organic way that donald trump would not think of doing, and that amount of dedication, and commitment to meeting and shaking hands, and santorum was literally going in to speak to four and five people in a living room, and ten people in another living room, and this is day after day after day, and i will say this, donald trump may have bought the right person to have helped to advise him, but he can't buy an extra donald trump to do that, and he can't do that. >> and let me hear the pushback from somebody in new hampshire who is going to say this from the piece that is from politico who says that sadly the establishment republican party refuses to embrace that people are afraid to embrace that they will vote for the psychopath than the establishment, and that he is not willing to stay at the three-star business hotel in des moines, there are republicans here who are not wanting to vote for the establishment republican
5:36 am
as they would call him. >> and that is why you saw santorum get up that early steam a moment ago. and ultimately, mitt romney is the one who got them. and conservatives are afraid of mitt romney 2.0 or the john mccain 2.0, and that is why donald trump is doing so well. and i will give him credit, because he is being blunt and bold, and that is why they are connecting, but there are an awful lot of people who are people who cannot stand him, and they would not vote for him in that same sort of conservative deal, and that is the liability. >> and jeffrey, 6 of 10 republican insiders who are saying that donald trump can't win playing right into his hand and narrative. >> yeah, yeah. the key word there is insiders. what donald trump is doing which i might add is something that
5:37 am
ronald reagan did as well is to bring in new people to the system, and people who were not involved before, and probably never thought that they would be involved and enthusiastic about the candidate, and ronald reagan flooded the republican party with all kinds of people among them that eventually called the reagan democrats who turned out in droves to support him, and drove the reagan revolution, and defeated the republican establishment of the day. and so i think that is what we are beginning to see here with donald trump. there is an article with his ability to appeal to the democrat, and it is a serious problem for his competitors. >> and jeffrey lord, and ben, we have to wrap it up. i will give you ten seconds. >> let's not forget one thing, he was running against jimmy carter who is one of the most hated presidents of all times, and the approval ratings in the 20s, and different dynamic than what we are dealing with right now. >> and a lot of people who would
5:38 am
question that characterization of jimmy carter, but thank you both, jeffrey lord and ben hogan. and we will have the first presidential debate on tuesday october 14th from nevada. and the first republican presidential debate will be september 16th. and now, authorities are looking at sites in kansas and possibly could these gitmo detainees soon being calling it home? cell phone network, and the videos on their little bird phones kept buffering. birds hate that.
5:39 am
so they came back home. come home to verizon and now get 12 gigs for $80 a month plus $20 per line. verizon. come home to a better network.
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5:42 am
disturbing revelations out of syria that thisis is using chemical weapons on the battlefield. and there is confirmation now that a battlefield attack did involve a mustard agent. and now, there is also another chemical attack being investigated that a mortar attack held a small amount of chemical attacks that were not as potent as other munitions, but they were toxic. it is is not certain whether they found them or bought them, but they are consistent with the chlorine attacks in the past. and now, there are some new destinations possible for the detainees in gitmo. some of the them are fort
5:43 am
leavenworth, kansas, and possibly the brig in charleston, south carolina, but current law forbids any transfer of the gitmo detainee to the u.s. so let's bring in u.s. attorney general mark hurtling, and why would the pentagon be looking at the prison s s if the current l prevents them are from being used for that purpose? >> well, it is a tough issue, and e creating political discourse, and if i could clarify that the military is looking at the navy brig in south carolina and not the federal penitentiary in ft. leavenworth, but the two prisons there, and the brig is a maximum prison where the military prisons are held, and the political issues involved many this is the fact that the president wants to close guantanamo for several reasons. it is extremely expensive and costs $2.8 million per prison
5:44 am
and given the number of prisoners and the amount of resources we have to put into it, and secondly a huge propaganda tool for terrorist ashs and that i have used guantanamo as a way of showing the fight against the west, so if we can close it, it is a good thi thing. third, it is against or outside of the u.s. rule of law. you can't really deal with the legal issues related to prisoners at guantanamo, and the president wants to do this, and this is the fourth reason, it is the right thing to do. it is who with are as a people. the problem is on the other side of the aisle, you have a lot of politicians who say they want to close the prison, but they don't want any of the prisoners, so you are caught in a difficult situation where it is the right thing to do, but you don't want to bring the prisoner to my state, because i don't want to have them there, and it is challenging. what we are talking about is only 50 of the 160 remaining guantanamo prisoners, and these
5:45 am
are the ones that will probably go through the final court proceedings, and legal adjudication. >> and thank you, attorney general mark hertling, and appreciate the information. >> thank you, christy. >> on screen violence may be causing chaos in theaters. a heavy security presence for the new movie is "straight outta compton." >> and big changes for michael sam, the first openly gay player drafted by an nfl team now walking away from the game ag n again. christina fitzpatrick is covering the story for us. >> yes, for the second time in three months, michael sam is leaving the canadian montreal al lowet oettes, and so is his
5:46 am
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want bladder leak underwear that try always discreet underwear and wiggle, giggle, swerve and curve. with soft dual leak guard barriers and a discreet fit that hugs your curves. so bladder leaks can feel like no big deal. get your free pair and valuable coupons at always you guys supposed to be somewhere? >> these are are artists. >> rap is not an art. >> you cannot come down here and harass my clients because of what they look like. >> "straight out ta compton" the bio pic, and the film could take in more than $60 million and far more than people expected and the fans have been lining up since the thursday premier at more than 2700 theaters across
5:50 am
the country, and now fans have been redirected to theaters showing the film, and what is the justification for addition al officers here, and again, we are speaking about the lapd here. >> it is primarily in los angeles, but the studio making the movie and releasing the movie is working with police departments in other areas, and theaters in other areas in case there are concerns there as well. it is about the birth of gangsta rap, and there are violent scene, and other movies have violent scenes as well, and this is what the lapd says about the increase of patrols. >> we have extra security in place at the theaters this weekend for this particular movie, and the reason is twofold. the first prong is basically because we have seen violence across the country at different movie theaters and that is a concern here in los angeles, and we don't have expectations that
5:51 am
something is going to be happening here, but we want to be prepared and prevent something like that, and the second idea is that different factions of youngsters from different gangs are going to be showing up at the same theater at the same time, and that is a bad recipe, and we want to have be having the extra police officers there at the same time to make sure it is okay. >> that is in los angeles, and it is possible at other theaters at other theaters as well, and that is why the universal is offering to help them, but the movie theaters said they they were not necessarily soliciting extra security, and they don't have concern, because thousands of people saw it ahead of time, and nothing went wrong, but it is an example, victor, of extra vigilance and we heard the comment of the recent violence of theaters in two states, and unrelated events and not at all related to the movie, but maybe it makes the moviegoers a little
5:52 am
nervous. >> but there have been movies about gangs and some put out by this studio, and no security there, and was there any additional showings of the films show showing when they happened like "train wreck" and others? >> that is right, and i have heard a lot of that online, but when the talk of the extra security started a couple of days ago and there was a lot of pushback and appropriate pushback for the reasons that you are describing. when i was at a theater by the way yesterday at new york, and i saw no extra security, and this movie is like you mentioned one of the biggest of the summer, and probably the biggest surprise of the summer according to the analysts, and there is a lot of interest in it. it might be partly because of the moment in time that we are in with a new wave of attention around issues involving police relations with the black community, and involving, you know, the black lives matter movement. and we have seen the marketers of the movie try to tap into it, and not direct ly related in th
5:53 am
slogan like black lives matter, and black lives matter was not around in the 1990s, but we have seen increased interest in a movie like this for reasons like th that, and you know what i mean? >> is and we will have a certainly expanded conversation about that in 10:00 hour of what has changed and what has stayed the same. brian stelter, thank you. and now, the lengths to what this group is going to in order to get a meeting with the pope. and coming back, more problems with michael sam. he is walking away from football. why?
5:54 am
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all right. coming up on the top of the hour now, and investigators arrested and this is what they are calling him a dangerous scam artist, accused of impersonating a clinical psychologist and medical doctor in new york. and officials say that donald lee edwards lived with his parents and ran a pseudo office out of their basement. he potentially provided mental
5:58 am
health service and prescribed anti-depressive medications. >> the office in the parents' basement might have been a tip. >> yes, just saying. >> and now, world war ii memorials and commemorative events have begun in japan and pearl harbor, and yesterday the prime minister reiterated the profound grief of the war, but stopped short of offering apologies. and now, tori lowvello is going to be taking over for red sox manager john farrell as he seeks treatment for lymphoma. we wish the best for him.
5:59 am
and now, the 25-year-old tweet ed yesterday that he is stepping away from football because he is concerned for his mental health. >> yes. and he played for the canadian football team alouettes and has not record ed a tackle. he was drafted in the last round by the st. louis rams after college, and then cut from the dallas cowboys and the practice squad before being released and then last june sam left training camp in montreal citing personal reason, and so we want to ask you, are will michael sam ever find success on the football field, and tweet with us the #newdaycnn or leave us a post on the facebook page. >> and kudos to him that there is an issue to be addressed. >> so much so that he has to step away from the game he loves to play. >> thank you, christine.
6:00 am
and glad to have you here. and we will be back in 10:00 for an hour of "newsroom." don't go anyway because michael smerconish is coming up. love him or hate him, donald trump is running a successful campaign, and how has he been able to pull it off? i will ask a noted trat gist with whom he has just parted company. and is the media giving him a free ride, because he is so good for the ratings? is and hillary turning over the private server, but anything on it? and tin clinton camp is getting nervous about the e-mail issue. we start today with the inside look of the donald trump campaign. how has he been able to defy the pundits like yours truly, a stay atop the gop candidates? the answers might lie inside of an internal


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