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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  August 15, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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. hi, everyone. 5:00 eastern. i'm poppy harlow. you are in the "cnn newsroom." good to be with you today. we begin this hour in iowa where tomorrow donald trump says he
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plans to release details on his immigration policy. today he is at the iowa state fair where 2016 hopefuls from both parties are criss-crossing the fairgrounds, mingling with critical iowa voters. trump along with hillary clinton making waves in the hawkeye state. here's donald trump moments after arriving at the fairgrounds. >> we've done so well because people hear my message. we're being ripped off by people all over the country, china, japan, mexico. mexico is becoming the new china in terms of trade. so many companies -- just yesterday i readwhere nabisko is moving to mexico. give me a break. we need to reverse that. we need jobs in our countries. we're taking jobs back from china and japan. and that's going to be the challenge. and we'll do it and it's not going to be that difficult. i spoke with carl icahn.
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he's a great friend of mine. he will help us. all the best negotiators, we have the best businesspeople in the world in this country. they'll all help us. and believe me, when i get the right people negotiating with the right countries, we will come out on top every single time. that's what we need. >> cnn's senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny live at the fair. also with us, senior editor at "the federalist," david simon. jeff, this was a quick mention by donald trump but perhaps the most important thing he laid out today ands that that he will announce details of his immigration plan tomorrow morning. the first specifics we will hear. >> reporter: right. that is what he said. he said he would announce his immigration proposals. immigration is one of the things that has thrust donald trump in the spotlight on the republican side. a lot of the controversy he generated at the very beginning actually resonated with a lot of voters across the country, certainly here in iowa and other early voting states.
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he says we'll hear from specifics tomorrow morning during his interview on "meet the press." but people here just wanted to see him. he appeared as much more of a celebrity than a caucus candidate. so he has to convince people he's a serious candidate. that's why he's doing policy proposals starting tomorrow. >> you have a very engaged electorate in iowa. the voters that want specifics. maybe there's the initial celebrity but they want and will demand specifics as they go into the caucuses. david, you've said about trump, quote, once the hissy fit is over, conservatives will find a more compelling and realistic candidate. how do you find someone more compelling than donald trump? >> if you care about issues, not just in personality, it will be nice to see some specifics because it's been basically just gibberish and 5% actually policy
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proposal, which is mostly just this populism that plays into the worst instincts of some voters. i don't think there's staying power. but maybe if he has great policy prescriptions, people will be compelled by him. >> jeff, you spoke with trump a little while ago. i want people to listen to what he told you specifically as he took on hillary clinton. >> it's a criminal problem. it's going to be a very serious problem for her, jeff. it's going to be about as serious as it gets. you look at general petraeus, he was destroyed over a much lesser event. >> reporter: but his e-mails were marked classified, hers were not? >> i think some of hers were. seems like they took a lot of markings off. somebody's got a big problem and it looks like it's hillary. >> reporter: any worry republicans could overplay their hand on this e-mail controversy? >> it is what it is. it was a terrible thing she did, foolish thing. there was no reason to do it. she's got a big problem.
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>> all the reporters on the ground are asking trump and hillary clinton about the e-mail scandal. is that what the voters are asking them about? >> reporter: some of the voters are, poppy. it's not on the top of the mind at the iowa state fair. you can see behind me, people are having fun. it's the weekend. but when you talk to voters who are really engaged about what their concerns are, i heard from a lot of democrats, talking to a lot of iowa voters over the last few days, there are democrats who wonder whether this e-mail controversy will be a problem in the general election campaign. in the bernie sanders crowd today, which was a huge crowd, a lot of democrats said that could be a problem here. so voters are asking questions about this. no question. >> let's listen to some sound from bernie sanders. one of the biggest if not the biggest crowd ever for a candidate at the iowa state fair. let's roll that bernie sanders sound. >> you've been doing a lot of rallies across the country.
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at some point are you going to turn your focus to iowa counties specifically and start organizing here? >> we're doing it right now. that's what this guy does. we're paying him a fortune to organize. he's having meetings all over the state. robert, how many do we have in iowa now? >> 44 on the ground, 14 offices. >> 14 offices, 44 people. we are beginning to put together the kind of grassroots organization to allow us to win the caucus here in iowa. >> reporter: what does the crowd here tell you? >> the same i've seen all over the country. people have had it up to here. they are sick and tired of seeing this great nation, a great nation like ours, almost all of the wealth and income are going to the top 1% while the middle class continues to disappear. they are sick and tired of a campaign finance system that allows billionaires to literally buy elections. people did not fight and die to defend american democracy to
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have a handful of billionaires deciding who senators and presidents will be. >> would you welcome vice president biden into this race? >> i've known joe biden for a long time. if he gets in, that's great. if he doesn't, that's great. if he gets in, i look forward to an issue-oriented campaign. >> reporter: are the e-mails and the private server an issue for -- >> speak to hillary about that. >> reporter: others say it's a general election liability. >> david, to you, just your reaction to bernie sanders drawing such a huge crowd, beating hillary clinton among iowa voters when it comes to honesty, how big of a threat is he? >> i don't know how big a threat he is. but i think this is the time in an election where idealism matters. people are sick of the calculated politician that someone like that who speaks his mind, who obviously believes in what he's saying and is principled is appealing to a lot of people.
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i think at some point voters start asking themselves, is this person electable, that comes later. right now, you get to latch onto someone who really speaks for you in an honest way and he does it for many democrats. >> jeff, you were schchasing af him as he was walking away. why do you think he didn't want to address the hillary e-mail issue? >> reporter: bernie sanders has been like that from the beginning. he doesn't want to mud-sling. he did not want to pile on or in fact, as you saw, even answer my question, if it's a legitimate issue or a liability. but i can tell you, a lot of supporters do want to talk about that. a lot of other democrats do want to talk about that. in fairness, some don't. some supporters of hillary clinton believe it is a distraction. we'll see a divide on that. but overall -- you saw bernie sanders there explaining why people are being drawn to him. his challenge now is turning
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that into support at these iowa caucuses where organization matters much more than big crowds to. >> jeff, great work. you're getting every big name that's there at the fair on the record, on camera. go chase more politicians and we'll talk to you in a few. thank you, guys. let's talk to a voter. stephanie mcfadden is an iowa voter there at the fair and she is a self-proclaimed, huge, huge trump supporter. thank you for being with me, stephanie. >> hi, glad to be here. >> let's talk about, why do you like donald trump so much? >> you know what, i have a whole lot of respect for donald trump because i think he's just not afraid to say what he's thinking. i think he really represents what a lot of americans have on their mind. he's just not afraid to go out there and speak about issues that really affect all americans, regardless of party. >> you say regardless of party, there was an interesting article
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in "the washington post" this morning talking about how some democrats are even liking trump thinking of voting for him. i don't know if you feel comfortable revealing your party or not but have you always been, do you always vote republican or are you a democrat who likes trump? >> i'm the kind of voter who votes on a person based on really their values and what they stand for. i wouldn't say that i'm really party specific. i'll admit that i lean a little more republican. but if you can give me a democrat whose values and principles align with me own, i'd absolutely give them a serious look. i will admit i was a big mitt romney supporter and i believe he is a very good human being. i think we could have used mitt romney right now. but i think trump has a lot of good things to say and he's not afraid to say them.
2:11 pm
>> i wanted to ask you, you have said you think hillary clinton is a big bully. you use that word. can you explain why and some other people have called trump a bully. do you think he is or no? >> well, no, i don't believe trump is a bully. i think he's very outspoken and he speaks from his heart. i think he's not afraid to say what he thinks. i do believe that hillary clinton is very condescending. and there's a lot of really strong women in this country who could do a great job leading this country. and it doesn't necessarily have to just be hillary clinton. >> let's talk about trump's record with women. he said even when he landed there at the fair this morning, he said, i cherish women and he's said it over and over again. but you know the question he got from megyn kelly in the gop debate, what he's said about women before. what he said about megyn kelly and the bleeding comments after
2:12 pm
that. does any of that bother you as a female voter? >> you know what? i think we get caught on all of that. i think that is just -- it's something we need to stop focusing on so much and let's just focus on really what values -- we just need to stop focusing on that kind of stuff. i think that sidetracks what's really important. >> let's talk about what's really important, it's jobs, it's the economy. it's big policy issues like immigration, et cetera, health care. stephanie, i'm not sure what you do, what your business line is, et cetera, but i wonder if you could speak personally about what donald trump, you think, will do for you and how he would help you in your life and in business. >> well, i feel like what's really important right now is absolutely jobs and the economy. this is something that transcends party lines, and i
2:13 pm
believe that we're really stuck today on social issues. and i think at the end of the day, those things are not going to be as important as jobs. i can speak from personal experience myself. my husband has been unemployed. he is an educated man. her true middle class and the middle class is suffering. education is another thing. my daughter is going to be graduating from high school and we are now looking at colleges. colleges are very unaffordable, very expensive. my daughter does not want to be in debt when she graduates from college. and we've got a lot of kids that are graduating very well-educated but the jobs aren't there. and when the jobs leave our country, they're not coming back. job creation is a big thing. >> i think you speak for so many americans when it comes to jobs. the employment numbers look great on the surface but there's a lot of pain out there. stephan stephanie, thank you so much for being with me. i appreciate it. >> thank you. i'm glad to be here. >> take care.
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coming up next, switching gears to a political sex scandal. two michigan lawmakers in trouble for more than just an extramarital affair. it's the bizarre cover-up that has people calling on them to resign. your credit is in pretty good shape.
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♪ ♪ ♪ it has been a nightmare travel day for thousands trying to travel in and out of airports in washington, d.c. and new york. there was problem with an automation system at an air traffic control center in virginia. cnn producer capturing this photo of stranded passengers at reagan national airport in washington, d.c. where that producer was also stranded.
2:18 pm
roughly 25% of the scheduled departures there canceled today. other airports including dulles and baltimore reporting delays of two hours or more. still not clear what exactly caused the glitch. but they do seem to be turning the corner. it is the political sex scandal that is rocking the state of michigan. a state lawmaker accused of trying to cover up an affair. the plan backfired and now his alleged lover is speaking out for the first time. here's cnn's ryan nobles. >> reporter: for the first time, the female state representative at the center of a sex scandal rocking michigan's state capitol is speaking out. >> i know that i've made some poor decisions as they relate to my personal life. >> reporter: cindy gamrat and todd courser are accused of engaging in an extramarital affair. both conservative lawmakers with spouses and children. the alleged affair came to light
2:19 pm
after the detroit news obtained an audio recording captured by a staffer where courser hatches a self-targeted plan to send an e-mail under a fake name falsely accusing himself of soliciting a male prostitute. the alleged goal? to distract attention from his relationship with gamrat. >> what does this do? i need to if possible inoculate the herd against gutter politics that are coming. >> reporter: the salacious details are leading to calls for both courser and gamrat to resign. a tearful gamrat acknowledged mistakes but stopped short of admitting to the affair and has refused to step down. >> my husband is here, joe, and i have three children. they don't deserve what's come upon them. i take full responsibility. >> reporter: meanwhile courser who's not admitted to the affair has released a 27-minute audio
2:20 pm
statement where he does admit to faking the e-mail and describes himself as a broken messenger, but he, too, refuses to step down, claiming that former staffers led by political opponents are trying to blackmail him. >> so i refuse to leave quietly and have decided these efforts really need to come out. >> reporter: back at the state capitol, michigan house speaker kevin cotter has ordered an investigation into the allegations and whether any house rules or laws were violated. it's an investigation gamrat welcomes. >> i'm looking forward to the investigation. i think that will vindicate me in that. >> reporter: michigan speaker of the house has called this scandal disturbing. he joins a growing crowd of people in michigan calling for both of these lawmakers to step down. poppy? >> ryan, thank you very much for that reporting. coming up next, a police detective in alabama still covering from a vicious beating. his attacker now charged with attempted murder. the officer says he could have used force but didn't. find out why next. taking charge of
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with pg&e's business energy check-up. a police detective in alabama who was beaten unconscious with his own gun says he didn't use force on the man who beat him because police are under such scrutiny in this country right now. there's also something else disturbing. these pictures were taken by a witness to the beating who then
2:25 pm
posted the pictures online instead of helping the badly injured officer. our nick valencia reports. >> reporter: sucker-punched and pistol-whipped with his own service weapon, a birmingham, alabama, police detective says he chose not to use force against a man attacking him because he didn't want to be another headline. the brutal beating occurred during a routine traffic stop. the detective, a six-year veteran, noticed a man driving on the interstate erratically. so he pulls the car over. the two end up here at this shopping center where the detective calls for back-up. during this time, according to police, the suspect gets out of his car and gets aggressive with the officer. instead of following policy to try to get the man back into his vehicle, the detective says he hesitates. it's just enough time for 34-year-old janard cunningham to sucker-punch the officer, knocking him unconscious. he then allegedly grabs the police officer's gun and uses it to pistol-whip him.
2:26 pm
adding insult to injury, witnesses do nothing to help. instead some post images of the attack on social media, bragging about it. quote, pistol-whipped his ass to sleep, one user wrote. another mockingly offered the officer milk and cookies for his nap time. >> i believe in god and i think that is the reason why the detective is with us today. >> reporter: heath boackle, the head of birmingham's police union, says fearing media scrutiny, more local police officers are second-guessing their actions. >> we're walking on eggshells to make sure we do everything the way that it should be. we want to be treated with respect or kindness just as if anyone else would be. >> reporter: it's a sentiment the injured detective knows all too well. he was unwilling to go on camera with cnn or be named for safety reasons but in an interview with us, he said, a lot of officers
2:27 pm
are being too cautious because of what's going on in the media, i hesitated because i didn't want to be in the media like i am right now, it's hard times right now for us. according to the head of the police union here in birmingham, the suspect in the attack, 34-year-old janard cunningham, spontaneously told police the reason he attacked the officer is because of all the negative coverage of police across the country. he was arrested shortly after the incident and has been charged with attempted murder. we've attempted to reach out to cunningham and his family. they've declined comment. nick valencia, cnn, birmingham, alabama. >> our thoughts with the officer tonight. coming up next, hillary clinton makes a joke last night about her e-mail controversy. will those remarks come back to haunt her? >> those messages disappear all by themselves. now their family's often need a helping hand. after brushing, listerine® total care helps prevent cavities, strengthens teeth
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hillary clinton is criticizing her republican opponents for keeping the e-mail controversy over her use of a private server going on and on, calling the continued questions, quote, partisan games. today, the democratic front-runner faced new questions over her use of that private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. she said the issue just isn't brought up when she meets everyday voters. she even joked about it last night at a campaign dinner. watch. >> and i know that people across the country are following us on social media as well. by the way, you may have seen that i recently launched a
2:32 pm
snapchat account. i love it. i love it. those messages disappear all by themselves. >> cnn's politics reporter jeremy diamond joins me now from the des moines, iowa, state fair where a lot of the candidates are today. what do you make of that tactic, hillary clinton turning the page, making a joke about e-mails because it's been such an issue to plague her campaign? >> i think hillary clinton would love for this whole e-mail issue to just vanish away just like a snapchat message. but it's clear that they're using this tactic of trying to make a joke out of it, trying to be a little bit more light-hearted about it. that will play great with her base. her base will eat that up. but at the same time, clinton dismisses the scandal and says voters aren't talking to her
2:33 pm
about it, it's clear to some extent this is an issue, not just with the media but with voters overall. some of the recent polls have shown a majority of americans don't believe clinton is honest and trustworthy. >> right. >> reporter: those numbers can vacillate and change. but there's a lot of work to be done for sure. >> let's show those numbers. in iowa, specifically, where you are, it shows that hillary clinton is seen as less honest than bernie sanders. she came in at -- 35% think she's less honest than bernie sanders. do you think the e-mail scandal is helping bernie sanders who's running right behind her in iowa? >> reporter: i think it's definitely one of the factors that might be propelling bernie sanders as he kind of gains all of this grassroots enthusiasm. he had a really large crowd here. donald trump had a huge crowd as well. but bernie sanders also had a large crowd. and that's definitely one of the fabrics.
2:34 pm
people see bernie sanders as kind of very authentic and he's got that kind of appeal. so there's no doubt that when hillary has all these issues with the e-mail scandal and other questions like that, that's going to help somebody else in the race. >> what about the actual core issues, the issues that matter the most to people there -- jobs, the economy, immigration, health care, what about those issues? what are the voters saying they want to hear from these candidates? >> reporter: there's a lot of support here for hillary clinton, for sure. there's a good amount of support for bernie sanders as well. there's a little area here where you can put your corn kernel in a jar and vote for your candidate and hillary clinton's is the the top just as she's at the top of the polls. most democratic voters are resonating with what hillary clinton is saying and her message. but there's the progressive wing of the party that bernie sanders has really tapped into there.
2:35 pm
and it's something that hillary clinton is going to have to try and steal that support back from him if she wants to continue to be successful in this election. >> and her camp's always saying, this isn't going to be a coronation, this is going to be a tough fight. we're seeing it more and more, especially from bernie sanders. thank you, jeremy. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like... my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. we only eat chex cereal. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. mom, brian threw a ball in the house! it's a golden opportunity to discover the exhilaration of efficiency. with six models to choose from, there's a lexus hybrid for every driver. ♪ come in to the lexus golden opportunity sales event,
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u.s. government officials this weekend convinced without a doubt that isis fighters used mustard agent as a weapon in an attack in syria. they're looking very closely into the aftermath of this isis attack also in iraq where it is suspected mustard agent was also used. the next step, checking a possible link between chemical weapons and the syrian government. that could take the war on terror to a new level. here's pentagon correspondent barbara starr. >> reporter: the patients came to this northern iraqi hospital with blistered skin and respiratory distress. the kurds say isis fired mortars at them containing a chemical agent. >> translator: 38 rounds exploded, seven did not. >> reporter: the u.s. is investigating and will test samples to find out if it was mustard agent, a chemical weapon
2:40 pm
isis could possess in small quantities. >> it's a game-changer. the introduction of chemical weapons, when you do that, you have an issue with protecting troops and ensuring the safety of civilians in the battle zone. >> reporter: samples from an attack a few weeks ago near hasaka, syria, confirmed mustard agent was used. now two attacks this week in kurdish northern iraq are being lo closely looked at. officials hope to find out if chlorine was used again. kurdish fighters have proven capable against isis but a chemical weapon would make their task more difficult. >> they are much more exposed, much more at risk. so this is for them very dangerous and could really hurt
2:41 pm
their ability to fight. >> reporter: the question now, from where could isis have obtained the mustard agent? all the weapons from saddam hussein in iraq, a secret stockpile from syrian president bashar al assad that was somehow not destroyed in 2014 under an international agreement or did isis manufacture the agent on its own? president obama once threatened military action if the syrian regime used chemical weapons. >> a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. >> reporter: now that it's isis, what will the obama administration do. >> i think it's very important for us to send a signal not only to the kurds but to isis as well that we are going to support the kurds in any way that we conceivably can. >> reporter: barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon.
2:42 pm
>> kim dozier and bob baer are with us to talk about how significant this is. kim, you were reminded in that barbara starr piece that president obama, not that long ago, threatened a u.s. strike on syria if the assad regime used chemical weapons. ultimately we didn't see that strike. but if there is a confirmed link here, does that cross the line for the obama administration? >> with the mustard agent, the implication is that it was in some stockpile that got overrun and isis got ahold of it without any cooperation with the assad regime. there is another aspect to this that there are repeated claims by human rights organizations and syrian rebel groups that the assad regime is using chlorine. chlorine wasn't part of the deal brokered with russia and the u.s. to get rid of its chemical weapons. it's illegal under international
2:43 pm
law. but it's not part of that original deal. so at this point, i don't think you're going to see much of an escalation by the obama administration against the assad regime. >> bob, he's talking about the fact that it is believed these were from long leftover stockpiles and isis mixed the mustard agent themselves. is that what you think is most likely? >> i think so. there's no evidence the syrian regime gave these weapons to the islamic state. you can't rule it out. but they've got technicians that could do this, put them on warheads, mortars and fire them against the kurds. what the kurds are concerned about, according to kurdish sources, is they'll take this mustard gas and fire it into erbil, close to yesterday's strike, causing the foreigners to flee the city. and that would be an absolute catastrophe to the kurds. we may not react to the mustard gas attack by the islamic state
2:44 pm
but the kurds will. >> is it more concerning if indeed isis was able to mix this itself, to see a terror group like isis so well-funded, growing so much, taking so much more territory essentially able to make its own chemical weapons? >> absolutely. even if they're only making them in small quantities. if they use them often enough, the u.s. and the coalition have to start thinking about, do we start supplying kurdish forces and iraqi forces with a way to combat this? like a full bio suit and the training on how to put those suits on. and after each possible exposure, do they have to have a new one every time? those suits cost up to hundreds of dollars. and they're hard to wear in that heat. so it adds, especially for the kurds who suffered great losses through chemical attacks under saddam hussein a psychological
2:45 pm
impact degrading their ability to fight. >> how does it change the way the kurds fight, that the u.s. arms and equips the kurds and others? how does it change the game on the ground? >> well, i think it changes the game on the ground if there are widespread casualties thanks to gas on the part of the islamic state. i think there's going to be more pressure on washington to do more against the islamic state. we just cannot let these crazies with chemical weapons shooting them in all directions. i don't know how many they have. but if they do have a lot and they manufacture this stuff, there's going to be a lot of pressure on the obama administration to really move more than air strikes. >> i'm interested, bob, as a former cia operative if this surprises you. certainly it's a headline that i think shocks a lot of people to see isis, chemical weapons in the same headline. does it surprise you they've been able to achieve this? >> not at all, poppy. the fact is, a lot of saddam's
2:46 pm
experts have defected to the islamic state. they know how to handle this stuff and how to manufacture mustard gas. they could build it locally. they know how to put it on mortars. it's very complicated. without these former officers that had once been with saddam, they wouldn't have managed to get this far. no, it's not a surprise. >> bob and kimberly, thank you as always for the perspective. coming up next, a story two years in the making, children as young as 12 years old telling cnn their role in bringing drugs across the mexican border. why they say it's a matter of life and death. you will not want to miss this. i'm reworking the menu. mayo, corn dogs... you are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein... and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars.
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hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity we're hard at work, building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone rings] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. mexican drug traffickers are finding a new way to get drugs across the u.s. border. drones. this week two men pleaded guilty. they admitted to smuggling 28 pounds of heroin on a drone that
2:51 pm
crossed into children. u.s. officials say it is the first cross-border drug seizure involving a drone but it is not the first attempt. this is a picture of a drone that crashed in a tee wanna parking lot in january. it was loaded with pacts of methamphetamine. the use of drones to smuggle drugs in from mexico is an emerging and ever growing throat. now i want you to seat this. a cnn reporter takes you into the life of teens, teens forced into doing the work of violent drug cartels. the names have been changed to protect the young men and their families. here's the story. >> sometime they make you kill someone, sometimes they make you beat up someone, stab someone. >> i've moved weed, i have moved cocaine. >> i know i directly, me myself, i have shot down like five
2:52 pm
people. >> you get recruited at any time beanyo by anyone and at any age. i've moved weed, i've moved cocaine, i would teach illegals how to say u.s. citizen or i would hides them. you got to be ready to due at me moment. it's a fear of mine but i've accepted it as an inevitab inevitableability. >> i have to do it because i knew they are bad people and they do bad things.
2:53 pm
>> i grew up in mexico and i went to the u.s. here in the united states the cartel, the drugs kill families. >> if you know a member from the drug cartels, they come to you and tell you want to join. but if you don't know them, sometimes they make you kill someone, sometimes they make you just beat up someone, stab someone.
2:54 pm
♪ and i've been here in eagle pass, you know, i've crossed drugs, smug eld drugs, cocaine, marijuana, heroin. well right now, after everything i've done, all of the problems i've caused, i just want out. i want out of all of this. but if they ever need me, i know that i have to go back. >> thank you to our colleagues at cnn digital for that remarkable reporting. quick break. we'll be right back.
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are very few people of color. i think people feel shut out. as an editor for over 40 years, picks up the pace, makes it more exciting. i thought i'm going to help the people who need the help the most. >> growing up i loved film and television, but my childhood was mostly taking care of my dad. he was pretty ill. i really didn't have like the opportunities to pursue my dreams. and if you always say yes, yes to everything rmgs we bring in industry professionals to bring low income and minority youth how to make films. the training we provide is hands on. >> once a camera is set you want to shoot everything you possibly can from that angle.
2:59 pm
>> screen writing, camera, producing, casting, it's necessary that they learn all of these skills js we're trying to make emotionally impacting films here. >> students who graduate find jobs with contacts with studio personnel. >> i can't imagine a world without the program. words can't say much about how much appreciation i have. when i mamy dad passed away, li he's given me good advice. >> we're looking for a more diverse future for our students in hollywood and they're achieving that. what a great program. thank you for being with me. ahead tonight on cnn, the '70s, terrorism the at home and abroad. from kidnapping of the royal athletes to a member of the royal family, the 1970s witnessed horrific series of kidnapping, hijackings and
3:00 pm
bombings tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. you can get all of the latest news all of the time at i'm poppy harlow. thank you for being with me. i'll see you back here tomorrow evening. smerconish begins right now. ♪ ike mime l smerconish. welcome to the program. love him or hate him. donald trump is thus far running a successful campaign. how has he been able to pull it off. i'll ask a noted strategist with whom he has just parted company. plus, is the media giving trump a free ride because he's so good for the ratings? >> hillary turns over her server but was there anything on it? the clinton camp getting nervous about the e-mail issue. we start today with an inside look at the trump campaign. exactly how has donald trump been able to defy the pundits like yours truly and


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