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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  August 16, 2015 3:00am-5:01am PDT

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so grateful to have you with us. from the u.s. and around the world, a good morning to you. >> we want to start with breaking news that's coming in this morning. a passenger plane carrying 54 people has disappeared in a remote area of papua province. >> the plane lost contract with air traffic control about four
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hours ago. we have mary shchiavo on the phone with us right now. what do you know about this area in which it was flying? >> the area can be very mountainous. it's a remote stretch of islands just north of australia, to the west of oceania. it's part of the island chain of indonesia. i guess what's most striking about this is the airline. it's a very small carrier, indonesian carrier. over the years there have been concerns about the quality of the airline. this is a french plane, a
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french-spanish, european consortium aircraft. very small airline, usually a regional indonesian carrier. could be lots of things. could be the carrier hasn't reported in and had to be put down in an area or it could be a mountain somewhere. there's lots of possibilities. >> we have kathy novak live in seoul, south korea. this is the jet that is missing, again, with 54 people on board. what are you learning? >> the very early information that we are getting at this stage from indonesia's national search and rescue agency, but i can tell you a little bit more about the people on board.
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there were 54 passengers on board, 44 adults, two children, three infants and five crew members. we're trying to get information about what might have happened. of course the people related to these 54 passengers on board would be extremely concerned and anxious about getting more information about what has happened to this plane. there is a relatively checkered history in this counted. >> mary you were mentioning all the different scenarios in terms of them maybe just not checking in. but being that four hours has gone by, what does your gut tell you about this? >> well and given the region over which it was flying, the mountainous region, my gut tells me they have probably gone down
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somewhere in the mountains there. i checked weather. it was partly cloudy. there have been cases in the past where planes have gone missing and they have had just confusion, but after four hours they usually have that sorted out. so it does sound like they have had some sort of difficulty and may be down in the mountainous area there in the middle of papua and papua new guinea. >> air traffic control lost contact with it at about 3: 3:21 a.m. they were scheduled to last about 4:16 eastern time. give us an idea of what is
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likely happening right now over this intended path. >> hopefully they have already put up search planes, also sent information to the military to have them help as well. we did see a lot -- the world kind of got a bit of a flavor of some of the -- i don't want to say lack of quality. but some of the concerns over indonesian air, including both domestic and military and their ability to operate in all sorts of conditions and to handle accidents after the air asia crash last year. and then in the aftermath of mh370, so there's a lot of concern about their ability both to investigate, to you know, fully shall we say oversee their aviation activities. one thing pops out at me as
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you're putting these images on the screen. it was an atr 42 and it was carrying 54 people. the number after the atr means the configuration for passengers. so it was an atr 42 carrying 54 people -- now 44 were passengers and the other were crew and lap children and babies in arms. that's still a very, very full plane in the united states. under our standards, it might have considered being overloaded. but they might have had a different configuration. >> would that cause a problem as it relates to weight? would it be germane to the reason why this went down or just an uncomfortable over packed flight, mary? >> all of the above. if they ran into some sot of
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difficulty in the mountains, if they were trying to maneuver to do something different, if they had to fight some weather and they were in a situation where they were battling a stall of the plane where the air flow wasn't across the wings to keep it flying -- it could be all of the above. that would signal in the united states under our regulations, if that were true that it was 42 people, then it wouldn't have been in the united states illegal flight. it's impossible to tell from the information. but that just jumped out at me. that's an overload. >> david soucie is with me as well. david, i know you're just hearing this news this morning as well. >> one of the things that jumps out at first again, as mary said, i'm not sure we're accurate of the number of people on board, but for the families
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needing to get information right now, that's where the primary concern would be. the indonesian government has already put out the search and rescue. we have search and rescue teams outlo outlookinlooking. it is a rescue now. there's every hope that there is survivors on board. so let's keep our hopes up about that. >> she mentioned the concerns over the ability of rescuers in that region. air asia passenger jet that she mentioned that crashed back in december that killed 162 people, because of that, that prompted the government to introduce new regulations in safety in that region when it came to air travel. do you know what safety procedures were implements?
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>> they were a result of increased audits. so the indonesian government has increased their audited at the direction of icao. that has been increased. there has been krecreased surveillance and audits. if in fact, those were applied and put in place with the way they were recommended, this search and rescue could be expedited. >> david, there are people tuning in today. you literally wrote the book on mh370. who are seeing another missing plane in this part of the world. step back a moment. i'd just like your reaction to this happening again in this part of the world. >> it's tragic.
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and you know, as everyone in the world knows, so much coverae over mh370 and the scrutiny over that in the media as far as how much coverage went on, the thing i'd like to point out is the in fact this media coverage and the things we're doing right now at this moment are things that push the government to do things about their safety. typically, safety is something that comes after the fact. it comes after the accident report. it comes after two years of investigation. and finally during that two or three years to follow, things happen. what i'm thinking right now is this is very important. we need to get all the informing we can out to everybody, especially the families, so they know what's going on at all times. and that's our duty and obligation. this area needs that scrutiny and open discussion about how they can improve safety. there's no doubt in my mind that this area is probably the least safe place to be flying right
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now. >> david, i just want to recap for folks who might just been joining us. this indonesian plane that's missing, it is from the trigana air service. that's a picture of a similar plane. there were 44 adults, five crew minutes on board, three infants and two children on board. all of them, of course, missing right now. it was about a 50-minute flight. it did have to go over, as we understand it, some mountainous regions. it left at 12:55:00 a.m. eastereaster eastern, lost contact at 3:21. when you look at the top pograp,
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how capable are rescue crews to get there in a short period of time? >> i investigated in a very similar care area in casper, wy, which had similar topography to that area, demand that search -- i'd have to see what the weather conditions are there right now. it starts with the helicopter search. if there is any kind of flight tracking -- this is what we questioned in mh370. because we didn't have the flight tracking to tell us where the aircraft was. in this smaller jet, it's under a different set of operating rules. so i doubt they had flight following on this aircraft. so it's going to be a very
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difficult thing to find. they know where the aircraft was. they know it was on track on its exact flight plan as filed when it disappeared. that will help a lot. at least you have a corridor to search from the air. >> i want to go back to cathy novak, cnn correspondent in seoul, south korea. local time it's after 7:00 p.m. the sun is setting. it's going to be dark soon. tell us about the search that's going on right now. what are we learning? >> that's a major concern, yes, because it is getting dark. we are reaching out to the search and rescue teams. our affiliate was able to speak to the head of the search and rescue. he was saying an air search is set to get underway tomorrow. as you mentioned, it is getting
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dark. they are going to do a visual search over the area but a tale from oksibil will be searching. how are these rescue teams going to get to the area they're going to have to comb over to see what happened here. >> you're hearing that an air search will begin tomorrow. is that suggesting this will be the first search so long after air traffic control lost contact from this plane? >> this is the early word we are getting via cnn indonesia from search and rescue. it seems they are going to be doing what they can to do a visual search over the area and also get a land search underway. but of course the concern is what they are able to do when it is dark.
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we are reaching out for more information from search and rescue. some of it, it appears, may have to wait until tomorrow because it is getting dark. >> mary schiavo, is that something you would expect so long after a plane is missing or disappear, that the air search would begin the next day? >> no. it's quite a delay. on the plane you have emergency locators and of course the world learned about the problem of lack of location ability on planes with mh370. but when the plane goes down on land they also have emergency locators that have a signal that can be emitted. it's a very long time to wait because i've worked many accidents where if you can get to the plane, if it's a downed plane, if you can get to it promptly, there are many, many more survivors depending on the nature of the accident.
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the delays are troubling, very concerning. >> please stay with us as we continue to follow this breaking news out of papua. again, you're looking at the flight path of a plane that is now missing. the earliest word is they will start searching by air tomorrow for this flight. it makes you wonder what's happening to the 44 adults, five crew members, three infants and two children on board. stay close. (vo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive.
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adults, two children, three infants and five crew members disappeared on its route on the papua province. we're getting the very latest here. this is the information we have about those on board. we have with us david soucie, cnn safety analyst and kathy novak, cnn correspondent in seoul, south korea. just before the break, david, we learned from catkathy -- i can' imagine that is going to be the first search. what do you think? >> the first search is the other planes that are flying over the area. the good sign we have here is they haven't reported any kind of smoke or fire or anything like that along that same route.
3:21 am
so that tells us that if it did go down, there's a higher probability it went down in an area that's more survivable. of course, that's speculation on my part. but nonetheless, if you're flying the same route and it went down over that same route, then there would have been other aircraft flying over that same region and the same area. the first thing air traffic control in that region would do is notify all the other airplanes to keep an eye out for signs of the aircraft being down. that's good news, the fact that there is no large smoke plume or fire that was noted by other r aircraft flying overhead. >> what do we know about that kind of plane? we have a picture of one right here. >> it has a mixed history,
3:22 am
actually. but most of the history of the atr 42 when it comes to accidents, have to do with flying in severe weather and icing. several years ago the ice had bullet up built up on the wing and caused it to be too heavy. since that time, there have been a lot of improvements, including procedural on what you fly into and what you don't. >> it's a regional jet and there are different operating rules. was there flight tracking capability on a plane like this? >> there is flight tracking capability. it's not like what we talked
3:23 am
about with mh370 where it's satellite related. this is a ground-based system that does flight tracking. similar information being sent back to say, here's where we are. it's not nearly as sophisticated as it was or should have been on mh370, nor any airline that crosses large oceans. so that is a little bit different. but it is certainly just as capable because of the fact that it's more land based. i'll have to look to see exactly where it was, because there seems to be some dispute about how far along in the flight the aircraft was. when we get that information, we'll come back and tell you more about what type of flight tracking was able on a ground-based system. >> we want to bring in weather from ivan cabrera. what do we know?
3:24 am
>> conditions the time the plane went down here, we're talking about a few thunderstorms that were out. normally when we look at this and we see an explosive mass of thunderstorm activity, that would be an indication. but just to point out this is the area we're talking about. steep terrain and a few thunderstorms have blown in. typically what happens across this part of the world is we get a sea breeze happening here and you get a little bit of lift here right around the mountains. you can get thunderstorms that develop. but we're not talking about a big system covering papua new guinea. what a see over the next few days is actually the weather is going to get worse. we're going to get more activity
3:25 am
and more disturbances rolling in. search and rescue are going to be there. obviously the terrain is going to be an issue there as well as we have some pretty steep slopes across the western side of the island. the winds, at the time of the incident, five to ten miles per hour. so i don't see any issues. planes fly through plenty of wind, so the thunderstorm activity could be an issue as far as affecting the vertical wind speeds. but not any big storm, not anything that covers the whole island. during the monsoon time, we get plenty of rain here. this is a drier time across papua new guinea and indonesia.
3:26 am
we'll keep an eye on it. but i think conditions getting worse over the next couple of days. but at the time of the incident, we had a couple of thunderstorms around. hard to say at this point if that was the cause there. >> stay with us for a period because we want to continue to have this conversation because now they will likely have to search that mountain region. but no indicators there was anything explosive as it relates to in that area. this is an atr 42 with 49 passengers on board. a minor issue there, but could relate to weight. >> stay with us. this is a picture of a similar plane, the one that is now missing in the papua province. stay close. the average person will probably eat something or drink something that is acidic on a daily basis. those acids made over time wear the enamel.
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. breaking news we want to share with you. we are getting word that a plane has disappeared in papua carrying 44 adults, five crew members, three infants and two children. this is a picture of a similar plane. it's an atr-42 turbo prop. i think one of the things that's most disturbing to us as we sit and listen to this, first of all it's getting dark. it's a mountainous region. it has been missing for about four and a half hours at this
3:31 am
point. they were 33 minutes into the flight when they lost contact with this plane. and as we understand they are not going to start a search or resume a search until tomorrow morning because it's dark there. >> let's get the latest here from kathy novak. what do we know about this search and when it will resume? >> we're hearing via our affiliate cnn indonesia that the transportation ministry has confirmed that the search has been suspended until morning, because it's dark. they lost contact with the plane at 2:55 p.m. local time. as you say that makes it about four and a half hours that it has been missing. now they're saying they're not going to be able to start searching again until the morning. they're saying there were no reports or indication that there
3:32 am
was a distress call from the plane. and the ministry is in contact with the airline and a team is on its way to the region. >> let's take it to david soucie, who is our safety analyst standing by. these are critical hours after a plane disappears. is it likely they are working on the assumption that there are no survivors? why would they not try to search throughout the night if possible? >> victor, that's a great question. it's profoundly difficult to make these kinds of decisions. you have to weigh putting other lives at risk for the rescue. at what point do you say it's just too much risk? you know, there's risk associated with everything we do every day. but when you talk about going out at night with helicopters in an area that could be very hazardous for helicopters, for
3:33 am
search and rescue, if you have winds in this type of terrain, the winds go in and out throughout these peaks and valleys, causing extreme small winds in certain areas. you could have 10 knot winds in some area and as you go through a canyon 30 or 40 knot wind as you come around a corner. the visibility is horrible. they're probably not equipped with night goggles and night vision there. that's something that perhaps only u.s. search and rescue teams would have. it's a difficult thing to weigh. it's a profoundly difficult decision, especially for those loved ones waiting to hear what happened. this does not give any indication they're looking at this as just a search and recovery now. it's still a search and rescue. and there could be survivors at this point, still. >> we have this new timeline
3:34 am
here that its took off about 2 1:22 eastern time. and they lost contact at 1:55 eastern time. when you have a timeline like that, you would have some indication, obviously, of where that plane might be. david soucie, let me send that to you. >> yes, definitely you do. there's a flight plan that's filed. and that flight plan is followed in which the aircraft is monitored toas to where it is. there's ground flight following which would report back to the ground flight following to say here's where we are. it's not a satellite system like we've talked about before with other lost aircraft. this is the same system because they're triangulating where it is most of the time likely. they should have a good idea
3:35 am
where this aircraft is. it should be along a specific line and not have gone off to the left or right too far unless they reported that they were doing so. >> one element we just heard from kathy novak in seoul is there were no indications there was a distress call from the plane. but knowing what you know about why planes crash in what types of incidents would there be this disappearance of a plane in which a crew would not send a distress call? that something would happen so immediately that they either did not have the opportunity or were possibly distracted? >> first of all, victor, it's not terribly uncommon for this to be the case, because the first thing the pilot's going to do is try to address the emergency that's underway, if there is one. and once that's addressed,
3:36 am
they'll fly the aircraft and navigate and decide where they need to go, what the reaction needs to be, what kind of mitigating things they need to do. for example, retook into account an engine out or react into a fire on board. before trying to communicate to the outside world -- so in an accident, it's not terribly uncommon that this happens. >> kathy novak, we understand you've got some more information for us. what have you heard? >> the information we're getting is coming from the people speaking to our affiliates there in cnn indonesia. and our focus has been on whether or not they have been able to search for these people. it seems that any search that's going to be happening is going to have to wait until tomorrow. because where i am in this region it is getting dark.
3:37 am
it's nighttime. they are not able to send out search teams until the morning. we've been talking also about the topography of this area. it's a mountainous region. we don't want to get into too much speculation, but it would be difficult to access a lot of these areas by land. but we're told that there will be land teams sent in as well, that a team of investigators is on the way. the big concerns would be about access on how they're going to be able to search this region. i've actually spent some time in neighboring pap ua new guinea. what you have there at least is a lot of these small local flights, because of that mountainous topography, because there are not roads that connect cities to cities like other places, you have a lot of people taking these small carriers from
3:38 am
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3:43 am
region, we understand. it is now dark in that region as well. there was, according to the spokesperson for the transportation ministry, a search which was launched earlier today. it has now been called off because of bad weather and the fact that it is almost dark there now. they're trying to make sure that everybody is safe. they will possibly be sending helicopters up in the morning. but as of right now the search for that plane in general, because the spokesperson has also said that it has crashed. it is just missing. and that search will resume in the morning. >> bad day for travel yesterday, not nearly as dramatic as this story. but thousands of passengers stranded because of a computer glitch at an faa facility in
3:44 am
virginia. a lot of frustrated passengers tweeted about this. over fuelled plane, deboard, reboard, throw up in aisle, pilot out of time. cnn's ryan nobles is at la guard guardia. >> reporter: today things are a lot easier for people to travel by air. here at la guardia there are no major delays to report. and there are no nj delmajor deo report at the d.c. center. in leesburg, virginia, there was a computer malfunction there that forced a ground stop at the three major airports in washington, d.c. and that problem rippled up and down the east coast. frustrated passengers, thousands
3:45 am
of people left to wait in terminals, some to wait in e airplanes on tarmacs waiting for airplanes to take off. >> i was supposed to go home friday night, got delayed because the crew wasn't available. then we were suppose to fly out this morning and the pilot wasn't available. then we got on the plane and we were told that the radar wasn't available. so here i am zblmpl. >> reporter: her story was like many passengers who had a difficult time yesterday. many of those flights that were cancelled, 640 flights total, many passengers were rebooked on flights that won't take off until monday. that's the frustration for many of those passengers. many on social media saying they
3:46 am
abandoned their plans to fly and just rented cars to get to their destination. if you're flying today, check the status of your flight before you head to the airport and make sure any effects from yesterday's major delays don't impact your flights today. >> of course we will continue to get you more on the breaking news, this passenger plane carrying 4carry ing 49 passengers, five crew members has disappeared in a remote part of papua province. we'll be right back. out of high strength steel and the other is made of aluminum. now i'm gonna release a 700 pound grizzly bear into the room so you better pick a cage and get in it. this is crazy. oh my goodness. why did you pick the steel cage? harder for the bear to get into steel. you want to see something else made with high strength steel? that's the chevy silverado. made with high strength steel for high strength dependability.
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the latest breaking news we're watching, a plane has disappeared in the skies of papua. this is actually one that took off from jayapura airport and it flew to oksibil. that was supposed to be where it was flown to. it was 32 minutes into its flight with 44 adults, five crew members, two children and three infants on board. now, i want to point out that the spokesman for the transportation ministry has said, we have not said that it's crashed, however, it is indeed missing. and it's missing in a treacherous mountainous region, we understand. this is a picture of a plane like it. it's an atr-42 turbo prop, a regional jet. a search was launched earlier today, but has been called off right now because of bad weather
3:51 am
and the fact that it is now dark in that region. they will resume the search in the morning. we assume by air. but you can only imagine how devastating this is for families who were waiting for people to get off that plane. again, 54 people total on board including two children and three infants. and that plane is still missing this morning. donald trump head back to new york city where he will report for jury duty tomorrow. it comes after a quick trip to the iowa state fair where he arrived in dramatic fashion. that's the way donald trump arrives. skipped out on the soapbox, though. huge crowds to see the gop front runner who went through the fair, trying fried foods, allowing kids to ride the chopper. trump also spoke with media. one of the major topics he addressed was hillary clinton's e-mail server controversy. take a listen to what he told
3:52 am
cnn's jeff zeleny. >> it's a criminal problem. it's going to be a very serious problem for her. it's going to be about as serious as it gets. i think she's got a very big problem. look at general petraeus. >> his e-mails were classified. hers were not. >> some of them were. it is what it is. it was a terrible thing she did. it was actually a very foolish thing. there was no reason to do it and she's got a big problem. >> let's talk more about this. we've got jason johnson and eric braidner on the ground there. okay. we don't have eric. let me start with you though, on this 100-minute visual it to iowa. he's in and out.
3:53 am
>> this is the kind of thing trump is going to do. he's going to literally helicopter in. people pay attention to him. it's exciting. here's what matters to me and here's what matters to the republican party. does he have a group on the ground? does he have people working for these caucuses. if you don't have people on the ground organizing for the caucuses, you'll still lose. >> how representative are the polls this early on of the masses? >> they really aren't very representative. first of all, you're only polling that particular state. we don't have a lot of polls of donald trump versus hillary clinton. so we don't know how he stands up against most of these other can candidates. >> i understand that he actually has on his team -- the name escapes me.
3:54 am
the person who lead santorum's effort back in 2012. it seems he has someone who is organizing. there's a piece in politico. let's talk about this billion dollar commitment, that he would spend a billion dollars on the process to become elects, on the campaign. he said yes. but what was he going to say? >> you've got the koch brothers who said they're going spend $900. so yes he's going to spend a lot of money, but also it's a shot across the bow for the republican party. if you said i've got a billion dollars to spend out of my own pocket, that means he'll spend it wlhether he's a candidate or the nominee. he's saying, leave me alone.
3:55 am
i've got enough money i can do this on my own. >> from the moment donald trump's helicopter flew overhead yesterday, the buzz was all about him. we're talking about the people who are not normally interested in politics, who were sort of ignoring the other candidates' visits. they were running up to trump. it was almost like a mosh pit at a concert, just moving throughout the fair with hundreds and hundreds of people around him pip talked to a lot of people who were following him and a lot of them made the same comment, like him or hate him, at least he doesn't have to rely on corporate interests, rely on lobbyist's money, the people who donate to candidates who don't have 10 billion dollars at their disposal. there's a ton of interest in trump that is really unlike
3:56 am
anything i've ever seen. >> i understand that bernie sanders had a huge crowd yesterday. >> reporter: he did. bernie sanders and hillary clinton, the two democratic front runners were both on hand yesterday. hillary clinton did a lower key visit. she moved throughout the fair, greeting a lot of fans along the way, shaking hands, she signed one woman's book. but bernie sanders drew a huge crowd when he did the des moines register's soapbox. it's a 20-minute opportunity for them to take the stage with cheering and jeering iowans around. >> thank you both. we'll take a quick break and we'll be right back. reviews carefully.isor
3:57 am
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4:00 am
good morning, everyone. so grateful to have your company. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. >> breaking news this morning, a passenger plane carrying 54 people including two children and three infants is missing right now in a remote area of indonesia. >> it was supposed to be about a 50-minute flight. but in a little more than 30 minutes air traffic control lost contact. >> it is dark there now, because night as fallen. and this is a densely forested region, we understand, very mountainous. officials say they will begin
4:01 am
searching on land, by air tomorrow. kathy novak following the story live for us from seoul south korea. >> we're being told by the transportation ministry is as you mentioned, because of bad weather and because it is dark now, that the search has been called off. it was launched earlier in the day, about five hours roughly since that plane was due in. but now it's going to be called off because of bad weather. but the sporkesman is saying th p priority is to look for the plane and will resume in the morning. >> do we know anything about the search and how quickly they pulled their forces together to do so? >> very little information about how much searching has already been done. we do know this plane took off around 2:00 p.m. local time and
4:02 am
wus suppo was supposed to land roughly 3:00 p.m. local time. we're being told there was no signs of a distress call so lots of questions around what actually happened. but seems like a lot of those answers are going to be coming tomorrow at the earliest. >> we understand that this first search was -- the initial search was suspended because not only was it getting dark, but there were weather problems as well. do you know anything more about the weather there? >> well, we were told earlier or at least the head of the search and rescue team at jayapura told our affiliate at cnn indonesia, that he thought the weather was clear when the plane took off. what we're being told now is that the weather conditions are too bad to search and of course it's too dark because it's become nighttime now.
4:03 am
about five hours have gone by since the plane was last heard from. >> stand by for us. we want to go to cnn correspondent david. okay. this plane has been missing. they've called off a search. where are they? what are they going through? you know this region very extensively. help us understand where it is that the plane disappeared specificfulally in that route between the two cities. >> reporter: what's extraordinarily troubling is is how remote that region is. the city of jayapura on the northern shore there on the pacific ocean from where this plane took off on this 45-minute flight. this was a short hop to a city
4:04 am
in the interior, oksibil. the thing about this terrain, it is so remote and tlhere is a mountain range that runs from west to east across the island, some of those peaks 10,000 feet high. we know that the plane lost contact about ten minutes before it was scheduled to lapd. th that is roughly where it would have been over those mountains, extraordinarily remote, difficult to reach. the fact that it is now dark there doesn't help. >> i know you were there covering the crash of flight 8501. and this month we're supposed to get a report on that investigation. i know that it's preliminary to discuss what we've learned from that, but i know there were some changes that were supposed to be made after that crash. >> reporter: victor, that's right.
4:05 am
one of the questions that came up from air asia 8501, 162 people on that flight when it went down in december, there was a question about how pilots were receiving their weather information, whether they were getting online or via e-mail or whether they physically had to go pick it up from the weather office. interesting thing about this time of year in this part of the world in indonesia, it is the try seaso dry season. but still the weather can be quite unpredictable. another thing i want to mention think about plane, the atr-42, you know, these fly all over the place in the region. it's not an unusual aircraft at all. twin turbo prop, fuel efficient. they make short regional hops whether it's other places in southeast asia. there's nothing that stand out right now as a warning sign especially with the weather
4:06 am
being clear on takeoff. they have no sign of it, no distress call and of course night as fallen. >> again, to david's point there, the spokesperson for the transportation ministry says they have not said it has crashed. they will not go there at this point. they will only say that it's missing. but david did mention the weather. and we want to get to that with ivan cabrera. he's been trying to examine the weather and some of the flying conditions there. >> i wish i had radar in this part of the world. we don't, so we have to work with satellite. but you can get a pretty good indication of weather conditions in any part of the world. i've put the clock here and we're going to put this in motion. this is saturday night local
4:07 am
time. this is jar ra puyapura. this is oksibil here. there was no thunderstorm activity across that region during this time. we talk about wind patterns across the region. sure, you can get some gusty winds. if the winds are horizon, that is not an issue. the issue would be vertical wind. as you're passing through the mountains, the winds can variate. but no big thunderstorms across the region. this is what we can see during the daylight. again, not much activity here. the airport itself, 2500 feet. so we're talking some pretty high elevation as it took off. and this is just called pa eed.
4:08 am
this is a province of indonesia. over the next few days, we are going to see some showers and thunderstorms impacting the search and rescue here. the weather turning a little bit worse in the next couple of days. but no torrential downpours, no significant thunderstorms here as i see it. again, we are in the drier system. this time of year, all the wet weather moves up toward the north. here we are with the accumulation potential in the next 24 to 48 hours. at the time the plane went missing, as i see it, no significant weather across the region. as far as thunderstorm activity and any very heavy rainfall, that was not the case at around 3:00 p.m. local. >> thank you so much for that. >> let's bring in now cnn aviation analyst and former
4:09 am
inspector general of the us department of transportation may m mary seechiavo. most people understand after mh370, the underwater search. but technologically what resources are available beyond the visual search for a search on land potentially in this mountain region? >> the emergency locator transmitter which is on board this aircraft is designed to in the case of rapid deceleration would trigger this device. it sends out a signal to a network of satellites that can receive and triangulate the position of that emergency transmitter. we haven't heard anything yet about whether that signal was received or not. i suspected we would have heard
4:10 am
if it was. that communicates a couple of things, one, that it did fail and, two, that it hasn't received that rapid decelerat n deceleration. there are systems in place that are designed to report back similar to what we've talked about in mh370. >> mary schiavo, does the lack of radio transmission report anything as well? >> two of which would be that they were so busy dealing with whatever they were dealing with, you know, a situation, that they just didn't have time to do a distress call or that they didn't realize they were in trouble. i mean, so many of the crashes that david has worked and i have worked in the mountains come new situations like this, where you
4:11 am
have partly cloudy weather in the mountains and you've got something else going on that distracts your attention. now, another thing that we learned from mh370, from air asia and several crashes in region is that your emergency beacons are only as good as the maintenance they're on. meaning if you don't change the batteries and check them, that they may not have even had the power to power these emergency locators. it may not mean anything that there wasn't a locater beacon. remember, this is one of the carriers on the e.u.'s list of do not fly. >> david, this was a relatively short flight from jayapura to
4:12 am
oksibil, maybe 50 minutes or so, not very long at all. help us understand the degree of difficulty even in just a small area of searching for a plane in this terrain. >> you know, it's incredibly difficult, victor. because of the terrain, you have problems with radio frequencies, so the communication between the search teams themselves can be very troubling. and so coordinating where they are, what grid -- the first thing's done is the suspected search area is broken out into grids. then the assignment of those grids is assigned to various teams. now you have to prioritize which ones you start with based on how many teams you have. this can get very complex very quickly in those types of regions. you've got steep mountains, ravines. you first start searching in
4:13 am
those areas that are the most survivable. because in a search and rescue in a nonsurvivable area, you wouldn't search that area first. i suspect tomorrow morning, first thing, which is our nighttime, so our evening this evening they're start the search in those areas down below where the aircraft could have made a successful landing. >> stay with us. of course we want to learn as much as we can about this plane that is now missing and the search for it that we understand will resume tomorrow. after that we'll talk more about the airline that operated this flight. u the gumption to reach for the sky. that's that new gear feeling. this week, these office depot brand notebooks just one cent. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. [whirring drones]
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4:17 am
following breaking news this morning of a passenger plane that's carrying 54 people, including children and infants, is missing in a remote area of indonesia. >> the plane took off from a local airport there in jayapura on the country's northern coast. it was supposed to last about 50 minutes to oksibil. but about 32 minutes or so, the air traffic control lost contact with the plane. >> and it's dark there and this is a densely forested region, we're told, very mountainous. bad weather has moved into the area, we're told, as well. so officials say they have suspended the search and will resume the search tomorrow. we should point out that the transportation ministry spokesman says we have not said it has crashed. they will not go to that place yet. they only say it is missing.
4:18 am
david, you know the area extensively. what about this airline, you are familiar with it? >> reporter: one of many, many domestic airlines in indonesia. you know, i've just been looking through their website. they're based in jakarta. they fly a lot of domestic flights. talking about their fleets, the twin turbo prop that's involved in this incident, they have a handful of those. they also fly some boeing 737s. what's important to think about at this point too as they begin this search evideffort which wi continue once the sun comes up, what's important to note is two things. you have a lot of these aircraft flying bo ining back and forth remote islands in indonesia.
4:19 am
a very vast country with thousands of islands. for some people, this is the only way they can access one place to another. for the question of maintenance, this is a big, big point. it is fairly typical for these flights to fly a route, land on the tarmac and then quickly turn around and then head out on the next route. sometimes they'll hop from one destination to the other across the country. in an effort to save money and take on passengers, there is a case i'm sure you'll reboumembef this case in taiwan back in february, just to give you an example of this aircraft, typical turn around time for a plane like that was about 30 minutes. that gives you an indication of what they might be doing with the planes in between flights. >> mary schiavo pointed out this is an atr-42. and that 42 indicative of
4:20 am
capacity, the number of passengers. we know there were 49 passengers here, obviously above the 42 suggested. is that typical of this region, of this airline? >> reporter: it's hard to say. we certainly know that these airlines do like to make money and presumably would like to fly with a full aircraft rather than an empty plane. in terms of capacity, just something to note, this is a single aisle airliner. so that's two seats on each side of an aisle. one thing unique to the atr is the main door where you board it via stairs is actually in the back of the plane. there are emergency exits or at least one near the front outside the cockpit. but that main entrance and exit is actually in the back. >> okay.
4:21 am
we appreciate it. thank you so much. after the break we take you live to china with the latest on the deadly chemical explosion there. stay close. imagine - she won't have to remember passwords. or obsess about security. she'll log in with her smile. he'll have his very own personal assistant. and this guy won't just surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10. get started today. windows 10. a more human way to do.
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4:24 am
we have breaking news. just to catch you up real quickly here, a plane has disappeared over the skies of papua. and there were 54 people on board in flight. we're talking about 44 adults, five crew members, two children and three infants. this is the flight path they were due to make. it's about a 50-minute flight.
4:25 am
and a little over 30 minutes into the flight they cost contact. we want to go now to mary schiavo and david soucie to talk a little bit about this plane it is. it is trigana air. this is a small regional jet. our renee marsh did some research on this. according to aviation, this particular airline, in july of 2007 the e.u. added this airline to its list of banned carriers because of safety oversight issues. what issues normally would warrant a ban like that, mary? >> in the case of airlines out of indonesia, there were two main ones. one was that indonesia itself had ineffective safety
4:26 am
oversight. indonesia's version of the faa was simply ineffective. they didn't have inspectors. they didn't have really the ability to police or control the airlines. and the second problem was training, just really inadequate training, sometimes class room book training where you needed hands-on training. real lack of experience. and the kind of training that we would hope that our own faa enforces on behalf of this country and finally on the atr itself, it's operations in bad weather. particularly icing. you wouldn't expect icing conditions. but the plane is not rugged in bad weather. >> what has to be done to reinstate it or to remove the airline from that list? and obviously putting on that list does not ban the airline from flying all together. >> right. the e.u. does something we do
4:27 am
not do. we don't have a banned airline list. in the united states we resort to the internet to get our news, unfortunately, about which airline we should get on or not get on, where the e.u. actually has lists of airlines. it's the e.u. blacklist is what it's called of the airlines that can operate there. almost all indonesian carriers except for five are banned. it would take two steps. one, the airline would have to prove that it surpassed indonesia's oversight or lack thereof. and of course this airline hasn't done that. >> david we've also learned from renee marsh, ouruati aviation correspondent, that this plane is 27 years old. how does that rate in comparison to other jets that are flying this amount of traffic?
4:28 am
is it pretty old for a plane? >> it's old for an airplane but it's not atypical at all. these aircraft can fly that long. and under a good routine maintenance program they can fly a lot longer than that. my concern, as mary pointed out, is this particular country has had limited oversight into the maintenance of this carrier. indonesia itself, of the top 26 or so countries that have air carriers of over 30 million passengers a year, indonesia is the bottom of those carriers. and that's the result of an icao audit that was done back in may of 2014. so there's some serious concerns over maintenance of the airline. of course i'm way jumping ahead of the gun on this particular incident as to whether or not we know the plane has crashed or not. >> we know from the authorities
4:29 am
they're saying that -- they are just staying shy of saying it has crashed. they are looking for it. help us understand the regulations here in indonesia of a plane or an airline that has been banned in the e.u. still has regular flight there is from ejayapura to oksibil. >> yeah. there's a difference here between a safety rating or a safety audit rating and the actual work that's being done on the aircraft, that sort of thing. the safety regulations of the airline in that country may be very good. but the challenge here and the problem with safety they've noted with the icao audits, is the fact that are they following those regular latioregulations. i've also reviewed the regulations in indonesia. they're very similar to what we use in the u.s. again, where they fall short is
4:30 am
the audit of are they following those regulations. do they have the right systems and processes in place to ensure those regulations are being satisfied. that's where the safety problems lie. >> david soucie, mary schiavo, stay with us. the breaking news this morning, a passenger plane carrying people including children and infants -- we know there were two children and three infants on board. it's missing in a remote area of indonesia. >> it was flying from jayapura to oksibil. the plane took off from that airport there. looks like it's directly south. about a half hour into this flight, air traffic control lost contact. night has fallen, which means it's dark there, this is a densely forested region. it's very mountainous.
4:31 am
we've got mountains that are 10,000 feet high. officials have called off the search. we have a statement actually from the transportation ministry spokesperson that said a search was launched earlier today but called off because of bad weather. and it's called off now. they will resume that search tomorrow. this is a look at the type of plane that it was, an atr-42 turbo prop. kathy novak is live for us in seoul. what do you know? >> it's very remote. it's very mountainous. and that's the very reason people are takiing these short flights to get from place to place. these places are inaccessible
4:32 am
from any other way. what we know is that this plane was about ten minutes away from its scheduled landing which puts it in that mountainous region with the very tall mountains we're talking about. it took off at 2:22 p.m. local ti time. there were no reports or indications that there was a distress call from the plane. and as we keep stressing the transportation ministry spokesman at this stage is saying they are not saying that the plane crashed. but it will be difficult to get any more concrete information with many many histoours until search in the morning. >> aren't we expecting a press conference from jakarta in the next hour or so? >> we've been speaking to the
4:33 am
transportation ministry spokesperson. i understand they are giving updates in jakarta. we're trying to learn exactly what it is they're doing, what they might have suspected could have gone wrong. we know we're being told it was bad weather, that the region is very remote. the questions that are going to be asked is anything else that could have contributed to any possible problems, was it potentially over crowded, were there maintenance problems. these are the questions people are going to be wanting to ask of the authorities as they wait until the morning to continue their search. >> have we heard anything from the airline or from the transportation minuistry about the families on board? of course, the major question is what happened here, where is this plane. but these 49 people on board, ta also the five crew members, they have relatives who are waiting
4:34 am
for them or saw them off in jayapura. >> that's where your mind goes first, of course, that these people were expecting their loved ones to land in ten minutes and then they learned that the plane has lost contact. and now it has been about five and a half hours since they would have had any news. among them two children and three infants. so you can imagine the family members, the loved ones would be very distressed. and that country, as we've been discussing, unfortunately has a very patchy aviation record. kathy novak getting us the very latest. the search which has been suspended will be resumed tomorrow. >> david malko joining us from singapore.
4:35 am
help us understand how difficult the terrain is going to be for the search. >> reporter: extremely rugged, extremely remote. the province of papua and west papua, no real major population centers in the interior. this town oksibil where the plane was landing may be a few thousand people, something like that. the thing is, ten minutes to landing, how close was it to the airport? that may be one hope in this case if the plane has indeed going down at this point. authorities still saying it is just missing. of course night falling there, making it even more difficult. there is a mountain range running across the island of new guinea. some of those peeaks up to 10,00 feet. difficult to say more at this point. from covering the air asia crash
4:36 am
in december, we know that the military and search and rescue officials will try to get their ducks in a row quickly. they will respond as best they can. we also know from that experience that in these first few hours, these critical hours, there's a lot of misinformation that comes out. so it would not be unusual for officials to say one thing and a short time later for us to learn something knew or something different. >> we know in situations like this, especially in breaking news, that early on the details that we get initially are revised, let's say, as we learn more and the picture becomes clearer. stand by for us there in singapore. we'll be back with you in a moment. we'll take a quick break and push forward on this breaking news, a missing plane carrying 54 people disappeared on what
4:37 am
was supposed to be a 50-minute flight from jayapura to oksibil. ? are we good? go see. go look through their windows so you can understand their views. go find out just how kind the hes and shes of this mankind are. 96% of them are doing rain-fed agriculture. . they're all competing with each other; they're all making very low margins, making enough to survive, but not enough to get out of poverty. so kickstart designs low cost irrigation pumps enabling them to grow high value crops throughout the year so you can make a lot of money. it's all very well to have a whole lot of small innovations,
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4:40 am
we're working to get more on
4:41 am
the breaking news this morning, this coming from the province of papua. a plane carrying 54 people missing this morning. it took off at about 2:21 p.m. local time there. and roughly 30 minutes into the flight, that plane you just saw, that very jet, went missing. and the air traffic control operators lost contact with it. on board, 44 adults, two children, three infants, five crew members. again, a total of 54 people. we know from the transportation minister there in indonesia that the search which began obviously shortly after the plane disappeared, was called off because of bad weather. it's also dark there now. but they have not said this has crashed. they will resume this search in the morning. we have our analysts and our reporters out working to learn more. we'll get you more in a moment. we do want to get you to a
4:42 am
developing story out of china too. chinese teams trying to find an untold number of people who may be trapped underneath the rubble from wednesday's blast. earlier today a 50-year-old man was rescued. he's in critical condition. he's being treated at a hospital. yesterday there was a rescue as well. today some of the hope they have is, we understand, turning into fear because of this. environmental groups are worried about a toxic chemical stored at that site which may have been sent airborne during the blast. let's talk about these rescues. we're talking about wednesday, so four days later and they're still able to find people alive buried in rubble. what are you learning? >> reporter: they found two people who were alive. they found a 50-year-old man, as you mentioned, who was just some 50 meters from the epicenter of
4:43 am
the explosion. they also rescued a 19-year-old firefighter. he has horrible burns, chest injuries, a crack in his skull. but both of those men are expected to be okay. as you mentioned, you look at the power and what the explosion did to this, which was a temporary offense building at a construction site near the blast zone. there's diminishing hope anyone could have possibly survived the two huge fireballs that ensued. 90 people are missing. 85 of them were firefighters trying to respond. government now confirming they did use water in the initial response to the fire. and number of the different chemicals, not only very toxic, but could actually have an explosive reaction when they're exposed to water. that's the big fear now when it rains, if they're exposed to water, what's going to happen.
4:44 am
>> and were provisions made by the government there to try to assess that and protect people? >> reporter: i have to tell you the chinese government sent their premier, the number two in command to the crash zone today. and they made a point of showing him on camera not wearing a safety mask. they've been checking the air and they say the air is safe. i have to say the air quality has improved from this time yesterday. they are trying to down play the risks here. there is major concern baz you saw how far debris has been thrown from the explosion. the force of an explosion that could do this to buildings and those chemicals that were likely being stored with criminal negligence, that they would have shot out and landed around the area as well. but yet the areas continue to be open. people are walking around. we're able to get access to
4:45 am
places like this. and we have hazmat with us in case we encounter anything. and the big fear, the water from any rain. the government has been taking precautions to try to prevent rain in this area, going so far as to shoot substances into approaching rain clouds to disburse. even though that's not being said publicly, there's great concern here about the reaction of water with these chemicals. of course, we'll have more on the plane that disappeared over papua province after a quick break. go see. go look through their windows so you can understand their views.
4:46 am
go find out just how kind the hes and shes of this mankind are.
4:47 am
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4:49 am
following breaking news this morning. a passenger plane carrying 54 people, including two children and three infants is missing right now in a remote area of indonesia. you see the map there. >> yeah, take a look. the plane took off from jayapura on the country's northern coast. it was supposed to be about a 50-minute flight. but 30 or 35 minutes in, air traffic control lost contact with that plane. >> you've got families wondering where this plane is. it was only ten minutes from its scheduled getting word that they can't find the plane. it's night there now. where it disappeared is in a densely forested region that's very mountainous, we understand. we're told bad weather has moved into that area, so officials say
4:50 am
they will resume the search tomorrow because they did, they say, initially start searching and they had to call that off. >> ava correspondent rene marsh joins us now. she's on the phone. i know you've been working to learn more about this airline that operated this plane. what have you learned? >> not only the airline but actually, victor and christi, the airliner itself. this aircraft is about 27 years end. we also know that this airline in july of 2007, the eu added it to its list of banned carriers. usually you'll see that situation if it's concerned about safety concerns or regulatory environments in that country where the aircraft is
4:51 am
come. so we saw that happen in 2007. so essentially what that means is that airline is barred from operating in european airspace. so we do know that about the airline. this same database is also -- and, again, as officials are saying, that they're still classifying this as a missing plane until they get out there and they're able to search and find evidence of the aircraft. but the same database is saying that in 2009, there was another airline that was flying along the same route when that plane unfortunately crashed into the side of the mountains there. we heard david talk about the rugged terrain. they were not far from their destination and just passing over that region. they'll look into that when the
4:52 am
search and rescue starts when the sunrise comes up tomorrow. >> we're learning more about trigana and this plane. we'll take a quick break, and we'll be right back. imagine - she won't have to remember passwords. or obsess about security. she'll log in with her smile. he'll have his very own personal assistant. and this guy won't just surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10.
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4:56 am
jayapura to ox cybksibil. we're expecting a news conference. the highlights as soon as we get them in. >> meanwhile that's a plane that disappeared. let's talk about donald trump where he's going to report to jury duty tomorrow. do you think he's going to get picked if ar jufor a jury? jury asking. it is his duty. he skipped out on a soapbox. huge crowd scrambled to see the gop front-runner as he went through the fair apparently trying some fried foods, gave some chopper rides. mr. trump also spoke with media. one of the topics he addressed was hillary clinton's e-mail server controversy. listen to this.
4:57 am
>> it's a criminal problem. i mean it's going to be a very serious problem. it's going to be about as serious as it gets. you look at general petraeus, and he was destroyed over a much general event. >> his were classified. hers were not. >> somebody's got a big problem and it looks like hillary. >> any word that the republicans can play their hand over this e-mail controversy? >> look. it is what it is. it was a terrible thing she did. it was actually a foolish thing, there was no reason do it, and she's got a big problem. >> cnn's eric brad never ner is ground in iowa. eric, i wonder what the lingering feeling is there this weekend? >> donald trump was dismissive of the hillary clinton. but as he was leaving this became the donald trump show. his helicopter moved in embla n
4:58 am
emblazoned with the trump logo and there was a massive circle around him. it was not just regular politics. it was ignoring all the other candidates just to get a glimpse of trump. whether these people will actually participate in the iowa caucuses remains to be seen, but donald trump put on a show unlike any other candidate here. >> all right. eric bradner, appreciate it so much. thank you so much. it really makes you think in 2008 when everybody thought obama was a rock star. >> he certainly has the crowd around him. let's talk more about the campaign. good morning. >> hey, victor. >> i want to start with you on this policy paper expected to be
4:59 am
released this morning from donald trump about immigration. it seems like he's starting to put meat on the bones that people have been asking for. >> it's a smart move by his campaign. i think that him saying not only am i willing to spend a billion dollars in this sucker, but i'm also going to put out some campaign policies and papers, which is a warning to other gop candidates which is saying you'd better play nice because i might spend a lot of money if you get a third party candidate. i think it's a smart move. it's a big threat, and i think he's willing to back it up. >> maria, this weekend there's been reaction to the comment made by clinton about joining snapchat, that those messages disappear all on their own kind of a reference to the e-mail controversy and there are people who are questioning if that was a smart move that -- should she have made that comment? what do you think?
5:00 am
>> i don't think any of those people who were questioning it were the democrats who were expecting red meat from her, and that's exactly what they got. she got a very good reaction from that comment. that's exactly what the iowa state fair is about. look. it also gave her the opportunity to underscore the partisanship that has become this whole issue about e-mail. -- captions by vitac -- millions of dollars have been dedicated to that, and they have found absolutely nothing. she's in an enviable position. she beats all of the top polls, beats every republican and so i can see why republicans are still going after her. >> we've got to wrap it up. we're actually into the next hour. >> and your new hour of "new day." starts right now. all righty. we're so glad to have your company as always. i'm christi paul. >> and i'm victor blackwell and


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