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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  August 18, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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kids who need homes. >> you're horrible for doing that to me. >> not on the shirt. time for the "newsroom" with carol costello. get in on the group hug, carol. you need it. >> i wish i could. i'm too far away. that was awesome, though. "newsroom" starts now. happening now on the "newsroom," hunting the man in yellow. police in bangkok say he is the suspect in the deadly bombing of a popular shrine. also, donald domination. >> i'm leading by double digits. >> new cnn polls out this morning show he's making big gains. republicans picking the billionaire on every issue. is it time for establishment republicans to worry? >> oh, i'm so worried. no. it's a long haul.
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plus, making history for fighting like a girl. two women will graduate from army ranger school. the grueling training they passed and what's next for them. let's talk. live in the cnn "newsroom." good morning. i'm carol kos tocostello. we begin in bangkok, thailand, where police now have a suspect in that deadly attack at a popular shrine. they're looking for this man. he's wearing a yellow shirt and those glasses. he's seen on surveillance video dropping a backpack at the erawan shrine. a second blast rocked bangkok today, this time at a river peer. no one hurt . >> reporter: that's right. two significant developments
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less than a day after this explosion ripped through such a busy part of bangkok, killing 22 people, injuring more than 100. the man in the yellow shirt, is this the break through that the authorities are hoping for? meanwhile, the prime minister saying that that attack was the most deadly ever on thai soil. just in this morning, another bomb goes off in bangkok. this surveillance video shows water shooting into the air. the bomb exploding on the pier only a few miles away from monday night's bomb. thai officials are on the hunt for this man believed to be connected to that bombing at the shine. the suspect seen here in this surveillance video putting a backpack underneath a bench and then walking away. newly released cell phone video captures the chaotic scene during evening rush hour on monday. unsuspecting tourists and locals
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walk along a popular footbridge before the sudden explosion before. >> i hear this huge explosion. i could actually feel it. i see like bodies everywhere and the cars on fire. >> reporter: people waiting in traffic captured the bomb going off right in front of them. smoke and embers filled the air. surveillance video capturing the large and deadly blast lighting up the night sky. >> i saw five different ambulances screaming away from the scene. there were hundreds of medics, police, fire brigade. >> reporter: the bomb claiming more than 20 lives and injuring over 100. local police believe this was a, quote, deliberate act of terror, quote. >> they attacked a tourist site. it tells me this group wants to hit at the economy.
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>> reporter: thai officials telling the state run news agency they did receive a warning of possible attacks, but no specifics. and, carol, a touching scene down at that bomb site today. the traffic is now running again through that main thoroughfare. they've still blocked off the shrine. but more and more bangkok locals are going down there. i saw people with armfuls of red roses and handing out red roses to their fellow bangkok people here, showing their grief and sorrow over this deadly attack. a wave of arrests in china after a series of blasts left hundreds dead as thousands take part in traditional memorials. ten senior executives at the campaign that owns the exploded
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warehouse have been detained, including the president and vice president. homeowners also calling on the government to buy back their homes, saying chemicals in the air make it unsafe to live there. will ripley is life in northern china with more for you. >> reporter: the environmental consequences in tianjin are staggering. you find things like this. this is a barrel of chemicals, an unknown chemical propelled from the explosion late wednesday, a chemical that has a reaction to the rainwater, causing white steam to come up. we've seen this stuff lying all over here along with other chemicals. hazardo hazardous crews out trying to clean up what they can. the chinese government took us along today and showed us one of their environmental quality monitoring stations where they're testing air, soil and water. but residents who have homes
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near the blast zone, say the testing is just not good enough for them. they have concerns about long-term consequences for them and especially the children. the chinese government is cracking down on whoever is responsible for this. a good portion of tianjin's bus fleet is wiped out. we're learning that top executives with the shipping and logistics company that owned the warehouse at the center of this explosion, they were bringing in chemicals, storing them and then distributing them throughout china. and now there is evidence that these chemicals were possibly being stored in illegal quantities. possible charges could include criminal negligence. in chinese tradition, it is a time for the families of the 114 at least confirmed dead and the dozens more missing to stop and pay condolences to those who have been lost. will ripley, cnn, tianjin china.
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search teams have now recovered one so-called black box of the wreckage of the crashed trigana air site after battling fog and rough terrain. they reached the crash site earlier today. they say none of the people on board survived. no distress call was ever made. here in the united states that huge irs hack we first told you about in may is actually far worse than the agency reported. three times as many taxpayers were hit. some 300,000 accounts, not the 100,000 it original reported. taxpayers whose information was compromised will be notified by mail. donald trump has officially stolen the spotlight, surging ahead of his republican
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competitors. garnering support from 24% of registered republicans. that's almost double the support for jeb bush. and when it comes to how trump would do in the oval office, the reality giant wins big among republicans on issues like the economy, immigration and fighting isis. let's talk about this with cnn political reporter sarah murray. tell us more. >> reporter: let's start by taking a look at those top line numbers. donald trump running away from the show. he's now getting support from nearly one in four republican voters. it's a big jump from a month earlier. if you take a look at the folks a little bit lower in the polls, we have jeb bush in second, not a close second. rounding out the top three, another antiestablishment candidate out of washington, ben carson is at 9 prn% support, a five-point jump since july. carly fiorina had a four-point
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boost from a month earlier. let's take another look at these issues numbers. these are pretty incredible for donald trump to see how many gains he's made since july. 45% of voters say he's best to handle the economy. 44% say that about illegal immigration. and that's how they felt before he put out his immigration plan. 32% on isis. what's incredible is that now he has put out this immigration plan, for the most part he hasn't given a lot of specifics on these issues and voters still seem to trust him. as always there is one big cave caveat. when they asked how trump would impact their chances, 58% of republican voters said they would do better without trump in 2016. 38% said they'd do better with
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. donald trump digs in and plants deep roots in iowa. his presidential campaign has mobilized a full-time staff and an army of volunteers in this critical bellweather state. could the donald actually win in iowa and beyond? randi kaye has more for you. >> reporter: donald trump is doubling down on iowa and the gamble seems to be paying off. he spent about an hour on the ground at the iowa state fair over the weekend, enough time to shake a few hands and grab a pork chop on a stick, only adding to the belief that trump is serious about winning iowa.
6:15 am
can donald trump win iowa? >> yeah, i think he can. >> reporter: craig robinson is founder of the iowa republican blog. >> it's been kind of a whirlwind. he kind of just takes the whole state by storm whenever he descends onto iowa. >> reporter: the trump campaign machine in the hawkeye state is in over drive. his team just opened the first iowa campaign head quarters in west des moines. and the trump bus is on the move across the state. the bus invites iowans in for freebies. >> reporter: what is it about trump that iowans are attracted to? >> i think it's a new view. it's broken, it needs to be fixed. >> reporter: trump is leading the pack with 22% support in
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iowa. no wonder he's digging in. he now has 22 full-time staffers here. scott walker has just half of that. even though the election is more than a year away, trump's campaign says it has too many volunteers to count. they're pouring in so fast the campaign can hardly keep track of them all, a good problem testify to have in a key state. he was in iowa the day he announced he was running for president. he's been back to visual it john wayne birthplace museum and the family summit . >> people are come out and self-identify as people who are interested. i think that's smart. >> reporter: and trump is doing his part to make sure iowans feel the love. fresh off his trip to the state
6:17 am
fair, a posting on his facebook page read, just got back from the iowa state fair, record crowds, phenomenal people. thank you, iowa. i will never let you down. randi kaye, cnn, des moines, iowa. >> trump's surge may come at the expense of jeb bush. after all, he was the expected front runner, the family name, and a massive war chest. he also points out he has the luxury of time. listen to mr. bush dismiss the poll that shows trump pulling away. >> oh i'm so worried. no. it's a long haul. >> but should bush be worried? a new cnn orc poll shows trump has a massive lead over bush. 36% more republican voters trust trump on the economy and a similar number trusts him more on dealing with illegal immigration. trump even leads on fighting
6:18 am
isis and on social issues. let's talk think about. with me now cnn political reportreport er mave reston. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> thanks for being here. mr. bush was supposed to be the man to beat, but i bet he never thought donald trump would be his nemesis. should bush be worried? >> well, he should be worried but not just about donald trump. there are two things operating here, one is the trump surge and the other is the recognition, somewhat belatedly by some people, of the burdens and baggage that jeb bush is carrying because of his last name and because of other things. there are two things operating here. isolate trump for a minute. carol, i said a million times over many, many, many presidential cycles that poles
6:19 am
this early are sand castles right at the edge of the seashore. and inevitably there will be big wa wai waves that will sweep them away. >> there are signs that jeb bush's camp and supporters of jeb bush are worried. there's a pack out there. it's put $10 million into ads for jeb bush. i'd like you to watch one right now. . mr. trump's language is devi devicive. i want to win. >> so will that do it for jeb bush? >> well, i think we're going to see a lot more of those ads coming up. the thing to remember is that a lot of voters out there don't know much about jeb bush or
6:20 am
frankly any of these other candidates. i was at the iowa state fair over the weekend with bush. a lot of people actually came up to him and talked about how much they loved his family, his father, his brother. and then sometimes he would meet them and walk on and they'd say i'm still deciding between trump or bush or rubio, a cast of five different candidates. and i think that's the thing that we really have to watch here, is how is bush going to seal the deal? beyond the money, he is very well versed on policy. people like that about him. he's the adult in the room as people like to say. over time that will wear well with voters once the pop and flash of the trump candidacy loses its novelty. there are other candidates who are kind of getting into jeb's space as well. john kasich has been rising in
6:21 am
the polls, another big state governor with a long proven track record who recollec, who' charming on the stump. and a lot of this will be changing over the next couple of debates as we see how trump performs in the long run. >> jeb bush's performance in that first date was flat. he doesn't have really any flash to him at all. don't you need that to win the presidency? >> well, i think you need more energy that he showed, that's for sure. that was an unimpressive performance in my view. it was acceptable, but that's about it. the point being made here is very important, especially for iowa and new hampshire. there's that old prototypical type of iowa voter who's asked have you made up your mind yet
6:22 am
and she answers, no, i've only met the candidates three times apiece. they're still shopping. they're going to change their mind from day to day and especially in iowa and particularly new hampshire, you can have massive changes in the last 48 hours. they're famous for this. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. and just a last thought for you. because maybe what voters really want donald trump to do is test the other candidates. and that's the way they like him at the moment. >> yeah. well, think that's -- >> i think that's a very good point. >> you do see that a lot. you hear that from voters as well, saying i want to see more from governor bush. i'm not seeing enough passion yet. one of the voters said to me he really needs to get his ball rolling. i could support him but i want him to project the kind of strength that donald trump is right now. and to the extend that trump can push candidates like bush to do more of that and really test
6:23 am
their candidacies this early, that's probably a good thing for them. >> we'll leave it there. thanks to both of you for being with me today. newly released video shows just what happened during a closed door meeting between hillary clinton and black lives matter protesters. the conversation is frank and at times tense. >> there's not much that we can do to stop the violence against us. >> well, if that is -- i understand. i understand what you're saying. >> respectfully. >> respectfully, if that is your position then i will talk only to white people about how we are going to deal with very real problems. >> that's not what i mean. >> interesting, right? clinton followed that up by saying the group can't change hearts but they can work on changing laws. the military will fight brutal wildfires ravaging the west in washington state and
6:24 am
california, this to free up experienced crews so they can better attack larger blazes. so far this year nearly 100 fires have torched nearly 1 million acres across seven states destroying hundreds of homes. >> when we declared and had declared that category five fire emergency, that means all 80% or more of all the professional firefighters and all the of the tankers and aircraft are being used right now, we knew it was a matter of time that additional resources would have to be brought in to at least watch the mopup of some of these fires. here's a satellite from august 15th over the weekend. i'm going to move it ahead a couple days here. when the clouds clear, we can still see the smoke. it's all over the place, especially into parts of washington and oregon. the air isn't that healthy to
6:25 am
breathe out there there's so much smoke in the air. portland today gets to 99 degrees. more clouds, more smoke and more wind. and wind is truly, truly is the battling here of the fire. once you get a fire that begins to move and begins to grow in one spot, if you can get a wind gust that blows 10 miles per hour, you can take that ash, you can take that ember and you can send it two miles downstream and start another fire. and that's what this mop-up is all about, to stop those ashes, stop those embers from going any farther than they are right now. still to come in the "newsroom," history in the making. what two female soldiers did that more than 208 280 of their male peers could not. ♪
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. an historic moment and the
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u.s. army and american history. for the first time ever, not one, but two female soldiers will graduate from the army's ranger school. that's an intensive training program, the combat course so grueling only one-third of those who start it actually finish. take a look at this list. from parachute jumps to several obstacle courses, a five-mile run in 40 minutes. and 27 days of mock combat patro patrols. while the graduation marks a major step forward for women, they're still not getting the same opportunities as their male peers. good morning, barbara. >> reporter: good morning, carol. this is absolutely a huge step forward, not all the way, but forward for women in the volunteer force of the united states military. the effort has been for the last couple of years to try and figure out a way to open up combat jobs to qualified
6:31 am
military women. and that decision about really opening combat to women will be made later this year. but this is a step along the way. ranger school. they are now on friday going to be awarded their ranger tab. and they have more than earned it. as you say, this is some of the most grueling training. men and women often drop out. these are the first two women to finish the course. i don't think you can explain enough how stutough this traini really is. 49 pushups, 59 situps, a five mile run in 40 minutes. all of that in 40 minutes. chipups, swimming, a 12 mile foot march. several obstacle courses, four days of mountaineering, chair chute jumps, air assault, mock combat patrols. these women have made the
6:32 am
effort. they have gone all out and they will be awarded their ranger tab. now, they will not be able to join a ranger ridegimantal unit. this is a huge step forward and is being closely watched by military women. i can tell you already in pentagon hallways this morning a lot of women are talking about it and men and women very proud of the accomplishment. >> 288 men dropped out. these women are amazing. thank you so much, barbara. . good morning. i'm carol kos tocostello.
6:33 am
>> donald trump reported for jury duty today in new york city. marked the first time someone didn't have to pretend they were racist or sexist to get out of jury duty. >> a new condition o.r.c. poll shows trump is no joke. he leads the republican field bigtime. jeb bush comes in a distant second. what's most surprising about this poll is this, 60% of republican women have a favorable view of mr. trump. apparently they do not call that trump called rosie o'donnell a fat pig or megyn kelly unprofessional or said heidi klum is no longer a ten. klum hit back tweeting out this video to her followers.
6:34 am
she has a sense of humor. let's talk about all this in a serious way with mindy fin who now runs a nonprofit called empowered women. welcome to both of you. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you for having me on. >> mindy, 60% of republican women like trump. 17% of independent raand left leaning women like trump. that is a major league gap. how do you explain that? >> if you look at the issues -- and in the same pole it was asked who do you trust to handle specific issues like the economy, hike tlike the fight a isis and national security. and trump's through the roof on those issues. those are the top issues for
6:35 am
women as well. i think that's how you explain it. trump's support among women has slipped a little bit and i think that's notable. we make a mistake when we think that women necessarily vote on different issues than men do. the economy is tops for them as well. >> trump often says he cherishes women and he'll take care of women. does that strike a chord with women voters when mr. trump says those kind of things? >> well, besides his amazing hair i believe that donald trump resonates with women, primarily because he plays the game in politics the same way that maria sharipova plays the game of tennis. she is famous for slehrieking a yelling. and donald trump is a grunter. he will make some unpalatable
6:36 am
statements. but that doesn't affect his core game. in researching my latest book where i talk about millennials and spent three years researching them i found that 70% of millennials aspire to become entrepreneurs. they look at trump as the only candidate that who's an entrepreneur. that's why i believe millennial women look up to him and see him in a positive light. >> everyone felt donald trump doesed m dissed megyn kelly, calling her unprofessional. >> trump is a brand and he talks about -- not just women, but men look at the politics and what's happening in washington. it's like showing up at a dental conference when you're not a
6:37 am
dentist. what they like about trump is he simplifies everything and not just for women but men he's appealing to the common man. younger women aspire to start and run a business every day. no matter what their situation is right now, they would love to be able to rise from nearly nothing to become a billionaire. and they do see trump and the trump family as achieving that american dream. >> so is there any other republican candidate out there that might appeal to women? >> well, carson is resonating pretty strongly with them, primarily because he is not a politician, as well as rand paul has political opinions that resonate strongly with them, such as his willingness to crack down on the nsa. you see that millennials have lost a historic level of trust in the federal government according to the latest harvard
6:38 am
poll. so they are going to align themselves with candidate who is do not come across as politicians. >> interesting. mindy, when all is said and done, because i know you have extensive experience with presidential campaigns, how do you think all this will shake out? >> i do think that trump will hit a ceiling. the other important statistic to look at is who do people think should represent republicans in the general election. 58% said the republicans would do better without trump. we're talking about primary voters and him resonating. but a lot of the things like the insults against megyn kelly and some of his positions on the issues do not resonate with the general election audience. at the end of the day i don't believe that trump will be the nominee and i think republicans will be better for it in appe appealing to women. . still to come in the "newsroom," sex, lies and prep
6:39 am
school? the hidden tradition at this prestigious institution that has one former student on trial for rape. (dog) mmmm.
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we turn now to that prestigious prep school facing national scrutiny. at the crux, a tradition called senior shuts. salutes. the school renowned for grooming future leaders like john kerry. today those same halls are marred by allegations of a secret sex competition.
6:44 am
>> reporter: six congressmen, 13 u.s. ambassadors and our current secretary of state, john kerry, have all called this prestigious prep school home. but today the steep traditions of st. paul's school in concord, new hampshire, are getting a closer look as allegations of rape put the school under a spotlight. 19-year-old owen has been charged with the swexual assaul of a 15-year-old student on campus last year, just two days before his graduation. citing a police interview, the associated press reports the alleged rape may have been part of a tradition called the senior salute. >> this case raised an issue that a number of students are taking part in annual tradition of competing with one another to have sexual encounters with
6:45 am
under classmen. >> reporter: senior boys kept a running tally of sexual encounter. >> he claims there were a couple of different kinds of senior salutes. some that were not sexual at all, some that were just going for a walk with a student or kissing someone. >> reporter: court documents show his encounter went well beyond kissing. >> according to his count she was acting very aggressively towards him and he had a condom in his pocket that she pulled out, according to his account. and he put it on and quotes divine intervention and that it went no further than that. >> reporter: a medical examination show that is the female student had a laceration that could be consistent with penetration having occurred. he has plead not guilty to all charges. a spokesperson for st. paul's
6:46 am
tells cnn that current allegations about our culture are not emblematic about our schools or our values. alumni, faculty and staff, end quote. >> boris sanchez reporting. he was set to attend harvard this year to study theology. but he is no longer enrolled. hundreds of e-mails from hillary clinton's private server could contain secret information. here her response, next. her re. . .
6:47 am
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the state department has only just started combing through hillary clinton's private e-mail server, and they've already found hundreds, yes hundreds, of potentially classified documents. after looking at just one-fifth of her e-mails, they've already flagged 305 of them. in other words, some 5% of her e-mails could be filled with secretive government information. cnn's evan perez is live in washington with more. good morning, evan. >> reporter: good morning, carol. that's right, u.s. intelligence agencies are taking a closer look at 305 documents from hillary clinton's private e-mail server for possible classified information. the state department told a federal judge on monday that the e-mails were flagged as part of a review by five intelligence agencies. the government lawyer said that, quote, out of a sample of approximately 20% of clinton e-mails, the reviewers have only recommended 305 documents, approximately 5.1% for referral to their agencies for
6:52 am
consultation. clinton has said that she didn't send or receive any e-mails that were labeled as classified. here is how she views this controversy, carol. >> and you know what? it's not about e-mails or servers either. it's about politics. i will do my part to provide transparency to americans. that's why i have insisted 55,000 pages of my e-mails be published as soon as possible. i have even offered to answer questions for months before congress. >> reporter: and she's very fiery in responding this is about politics, but we should add the fbi and the justice department, run by the democratic administration, is doing its own investigation of the e-mail server, so this appears to be beyond just political. >> all right. evan perez reporting live for us this morning. thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," two competing baseball managers teaming up. the reason may make you cry.
6:53 am
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a scary moment on the mound for new york yankees rookie pitcher brian mitchell. he took a line drive to the face. this is hard to watch, i just want to warn you. but mitchell is okay and he's lucky. watch this. oh, wow. he suffered a small nasal fracture after that. he was taken to the hospital for evaluation. he was later released. of course, team doctors are monitoring him for concussion, like symptoms. our best to him. wow. here is proof friendship is stronger than sports rivalry. the cleveland indians get ready to take on the red sox tonight, the team's managers are putting aside their baseball battle for a different kind of fight. cnn's andy scholes is here to tell us more. good morning. >> good morning, carol. on friday red sox manager john ferrell announced he has stage
6:58 am
one lymphoma and would not be managing the team for the rest of the season. he's sit to begin his first round of key though therapy today at massachusetts general hospital and indians manager terry francona will be by his side. they have been friends since they played together on the indians back in 1988. they also coached together with the red sox. farrell was francona's pitching coach when the team won a tight until 2007. when francona found out ferrell would be starting his treatment this week, francona told ferrell he was going to go to the hospital with him. >> i don't know what to do. i don't know what to say. none of us do, but he's one of my very best friends, and if somehow maybe he ends up laughing or, i don't know, maybe i get in the way like i usually do, but i just felt like i wanted to be there. >> and, carol, ferrell is a pretty lucky guy. doctors discovered the cancer as
6:59 am
he was undergoing surgery for a hernia. his cancer a highly curable. francona going along with him to the hospital, shows what a great guy he is. ferrell said francona is a i lw joking and making fun of every situation. he will probably just give him a laugh as he's going through a tough time. >> what he said is important, when a friend of yours comes down with something like cancer, you don't know what to do and what to say, but you want to be with them in some way. >> those two guys i'm sure have been together through a lot of different things. they were in the red sox dugout together for years when francona was the manager and ferrell was his pitching coach. they've been in a lot of dicey situations. none of them comparing to what ferrell is about to go through, but i'm sure he will be happy to have francona at his side as he begins this treatment. >> thanks so much, andy scholes. i appreciate it. >> all right. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now.
7:00 am
happening now in the "newsroom," hunting the man in yellow. police in bangkok say he is the suspect in the deadly bombing of a popular shrine. also, donald domination. >> i'm leading by double digits. >> new cnn polls out this morning show he's making big gains. republicans picking the billionaire on every issue. is it time for establishment republicans to worry? >> i'm so worried. no. long haul. plus, making history for fighting like a girl. two women will graduate from army ranger school. the grueling training they passed and what's next for them. let's talk live in the cnn "newsroo "newsroom." and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. presidential hopeful donald
7:01 am
trump soars as his competitor slide. the real estate giant has officially stolen the spotlight surging ahead of his republican rivals in a new cnn/orc poll. trump tightening his grip around that top spot garnering support from 24% of registered republicans. that's almost double the support for jeb bush. and when it comes to how trump would do in the oval office, the candidate was big among republicans on issues like the economy, immigration, and even fighting isis. let's bring in cnn political reporter sara murray. she's in washington with more on this poll. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. let's dig into these numbers a little bit. let's start with the top line, like you pointed out there. a big lead for donald trump. he's drawing support from nearly 1 in 4 republican voters. take a look there at jeb bush as well. he's coming in in second. not a very close second, but still faring a little better in our poll than he did in that fox news poll we saw yesterday. rounding out the top three we have ben carson, another anti-establishment candidate who got a big bump from july. now, the person we're not seeing on there who also is getting a
7:02 am
big bump this month, carly fiorina. she's up four points after the first gop debate. one of the striking sets of numbers in this poll is how donald trump is faring on the issues. let's take a look at those. this is a guy who has not put out very many policy specifics. he just came out with his immigration plan yesterday after we were done polling, but still you can see here he has a wide lead on a lot of these issues and is improving. 45% say he would be best on the economy. 44% say he would be best on illegal immigration. 19% say he would be best on social issues even though this is a guy who has flip-flopped on his view of abortion and all of that, and 32% said he would be best on dealing with isis. so it seems like voters trust him even if he does have a history of shifting positions and even if he hasn't given a lot of policy specifics. now, as always, there is one big caveat here, and for donald trump it is how he will fare and how he affects the republican party heading into 2016. when you ask voters what he does
7:03 am
for republican's chnsances, 58% say they would be better off without him. >> i was thinking of the isis number. 19% say droonald trump would be better fighting isis than the other candidates. he gets his analysis from watching television. >> it's pretty incredible. it's like he has said on the stump before voters don't really care that much about the specifics, they trust me, they think i will make a good deal for them and these numbers sort of bear that out. >> sara murray thanks, as always. i appreciate it. police now have a suspect in that deadly attack at a popular bangkok shrine. they're looking for that man on the screen. he's wearing a yellow shirt and he has glasses on. he's seen on surveillance video dropping a backpack at the erawan shrine in bangkok shortly before monday's explosion. less than 24 hours after that first bombing, a second blaps rocked bangkok today this time
7:04 am
at a river pier. no one was injured. nic robertson is following the developments for us. >> reporter: the man in the yellow t-shirt does appear to be a prime suspect at the moment for the police. they are saying they don't know whether he's thai for a foreign national. there's been no claim of responsibility. as far as we know at this moment the motives of this man are in question. was this an attack by muslim separatists from the south of the country? that seems unlikely. experts in thailand say because this doesn't mirror the pattern of attacks they've had before. those attacks have been mostly in the south. there has been political violence in the capital over the last few years in particular, a couple small explosions earlier this year, but that political violence nothing to the scale of the blast at the temple site. why? we say not on this scale because so many people were injured and
7:05 am
witnesses at the scene say that the bombs themselves were designed to cause maximum injuries. now, there is a potential here with this second blast today on a pier by the river that didn't injure anyone. the blast itself captured on video, but there is a possibility here for the police again using close circuit television cameras from the vicinity, that they may get a lead on another suspect, possibly the same suspect again. so whoever is responsible doesn't seem to be afraid of getting out in the public and doing this again. caroli carol? >> thank you. a wave of arrests in china after a series of blasts left hundreds dead. thousands take part in traditional memorials on the seventh day since the disaster. state media reports ten executives who worked for the company who owned the warehouse have been detained.
7:06 am
homeowners are calling on the government to buy back their homes saying chemicals in the air make it unsafe to live there. cnn has also learned that search crews have now recovered both of the so-called black boxes from the wreckage of a crashed plane in indonesia. we're told the flight data and voice recorders are in good condition. investigators are, of course, hoping they will help unlock the mis t mystery of what happened to the flight. >> reporter: it's been more than two days since villagers saw the plane cash into the mountain. now confirmation, no one on board survived. search aircraft spotted debris on monday but couldn't get to the crash site because of bad weather. ground teams have now found all of the bodies and the plane's black box, but the operation to retrieve the bodies has once again been suspended because of bad weather. ground teams are working to build a helipad so a chopper can
7:07 am
land and transport the bodies tomorrow, weather permitting. if conditions don't allow for that, it's about a 14 kilometer hike through steep mountains and heavy jungle to the airport. the trigana airplane was about a half an hour into the short domestic flight when it lost contact on sunday. no distress signal was sent. investigators will be hoping that the black box will reveal more information about what caused the plane to crash killing all 44 adults, 5 crew, and 5 children on board. kathy novak, cnn, seoul. still to come in the "newsroom," countering donald trump. how can the other gop candidates grab attention away from the republican front-runner? we'll talk about that next. pwhat've we got? 5. bp 64/40 sterilize sites. multiple foreign objects in the body. tweezers. (buzz!)
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can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? a stunning 100 wildfires have now torched more than 1 million acres across seven
7:12 am
states damaging hundreds of homes. the fire is so bad that for the first time in nine years the military is joining in the fire fight. hundreds of active duty soldiers will monitor quieter parts of a fire in washington state and california. this to free up experienced crews so they can better battle the larger fires. chad myers is in atlanta following this for us. good morning. >> good morning, carol. there are 82 active, large wildfires across the west. obviously it has been a drought-ridden number of years, but on the satellite picture we can determine that smoke and clouds here, smoke across northern california, here is nevada all the way through washington and into oregon, and that smoke is not going away. the smoke is still burning. the fires still completely out of control and the air quality alerts across parts of the northwest and temperatures are going to be very warm, 99 portland, 90 boise today. you get a little bit of heat, you get the haze, you get the humid, and then you get a little
7:13 am
bit of wind and that's when you get the problems. palm springs will be 112 and it will even be hotter in some spots here across parts of northern arizona. look at all the fires here. i said 82. 82 fires burning, 1 million acres across the west. now, total for the fire year, we're talking -- i can't even get my hands around this. 10,000 square miles, which is the size of new jersey, has been on fire this year so far. here is one of the fires i will take you to right here. this is near prescott, between prescott and phoenix. it's hard to see because of all the haze, area burned here, but this is one of the wildfires out here. only two square miles yesterday but burning in this grassland, another area that's just so dry. you can see there's not a bit of green here. all of that, all of that sage, all of that cactus, all of that area completely dry because of the regular drought because it's a desert out there.
7:14 am
you don't get much big vegetation here but across parts of the pacific northwest where there are very large trees, there are very large trees that are dying out there because of either pine needles or the drought, that's where the fire is the most intense, carol. >> chad myers reporting for us this morning. thank you so much. checking some other top stories for you at 14 minutes past. if you're looking for a christmas getaway, how about cuba? the white house is reportedly trying to secure a deal that would establish commercial flights to the island by the end of the year. a congressional ban on travel to the country still stands but the administration has been chipping away at it by granting several exceptions which effectively allow americans to travel to cuba for the first time since the 1950s. new data shows driving is becoming more dangerous. according to the national safety council, traffic deaths are up 14% so far this year with nearly 19,000 people being killed. the sharp rise is being attributed to busier roadways due to cheap gas prices and more people being distracted because
7:15 am
of their cell phones. anger wins big time. take a look at the new cnn/orc poll and you can see that rings true. donald trump now clearly the front-runner. bush lags behind by double digits, and then come the rest. some of them anti-establishment candidates. trump's staying power is worrying many conservatives though like erick erickson who again this morning called for happy warriors on this red state blog. he writes, quote, right now the right is at each other's threats screaming one way or the other about trump and angry. where are the happy warriors on the right. where is the laugh at the lunacy? it appears no one is listen because trump is gold at the moment. with me now to talk about this, cnn national political reporter, may have been reston and cnn politics senior reporter steven collinson. welcome to both of you. >> hi, carol. >> thank you. >> hi.
7:16 am
so, maeve at this point in time there doesn't seem an effective way to fight the trump surge, does there? >> i think that's what's been most fascinating to watch is how the other republican campaigns are dealing with this. the strategy for a lot of them seems to be come out and say where they differ with trump if it's a really outrageous statement and let his bubble continue to move on. i think that what they are betting on is that over the long run, that the novelty of the trump candidacy is going to wear off on people, that people will start to get more nervous about his outbursts and some of his policy positions. we saw him putting out a lot of new details on his immigration plan this past weekend, and it sounds really expensive. so you have to think about how conservatives and those voters who are actually going to show up to caucus and vote are processing all of this information. i will say for the hundredth time that the polls right now
7:17 am
really don't mean a lot other than who has the most name recognition and who is absolutely lishg getting a lot of the media attention and trump has both of those things going for him right now. in iowa this weekend atalked to voters who are looking at five or six candidates. they're no in no hurry to make their mind. >> so i hear you, but with that said, there are candidates trying to fight back effectively against trump, and i just want to play a sample for our audience. >> anybody can do well for a month in this business, especially if you have talent and you have personality. donald has both those things. >> he's a jackass. >> really? >> that he's bringing his name down, and he's not helping the process. >> but, again, the presidency of the united states isn't for sale, so if it was, then donald trump would just write a check
7:18 am
and be done. >> so, stephen, they're just not as good as that anger/insult thing. >> yeah. the common theme of those three clips you showed there is they're all from candidates who are not doing very well in the polls at all. the three candidates that most analysts think have the best chance of winning the election, jeb bush, marco rubio, and scott walker of wisconsin, have not really got into a one-on-one fight yet with donald trump. there was an interesting develop yesterday though. scott walker came out and tried to harness this anti-establishment wave that donald trump is riding. he had some quite, you know, tough criticisms of mitch mcconnell, the leader of the republicans in the senate, at the iowa state fair. it seemed he was trying to present himself as someone that understands this anti-washington, anti-establishment wave, but he's trying to harness it to present himself as a more appropriate vessel for that anger, as someone that understands it and sees it's
7:19 am
happening but is someone that could come to washington and actually channel that anger through the political process and get something done like, you know, repealing obamacare which he criticized mcconnell for not being able to do. >> and something else scott walker did that was interesting, he embraced donald trump's wall idea. other candidates though, maeve, have really jumped on the trump bandwagon and they just want to profess their love for mr. trump. here is an example. >> i like donald trump. he's bold, he's brash, and i get that it seems the favorite sport of the washington media is to encourage some republicans to attack other republicans. i ain't going to do it. >> smart move by ted cruz, maeve? >> well, i mean, you have to think about the fact that who is going to lose the most votes as donald trump continues to rise in the polls? it's going to be exactly someone like ted cruz. they line up on a lot of the issues, and so cruz has to be
7:20 am
very careful not to push away those voters who are supporting trump right now because if, for example, trump should decide to leave the race eventually because he doesn't like the scrutiny or the process, ted cruz would like to sweep in and take those voters back, and so it's a very delicate balancing act that all of these candidates are having to do in terms of not going too far to alienate the people who really are finding that trump's message resonates with them. >> all right. we'll leave it there. thanks to both of you. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," it's been 20 years since the guardian angels patrolled central park in new york city. now they're back at it. we'll tell you why. but your stellar notebook gives hanyou the gumptionlc. to reach for the sky. that's that new gear feeling. this week, these office depot brand notebooks just one cent. office depot officemax.
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all right. no, this is not a time warp. your eyes are not deceiving you. the guardian angels are back on patrol in new york city with their berets and red jackets. the anti-crime volunteers were a common sight in the city back in the '80s and '90s, and now they're back. a visible symbol of nationwide unease about crime. an op-ed in "the wall street journal" last week declared a new nationwide crime wave, a consequence of the so-called ferguson effect, but let's deal in facts and focus just on new york city for now. as the new york daily news points out, so far this year burglaries, robberies, and larcenies are down from last year's ultra low levels. the total homicides so far this year are at 135. higher than last year, but 30% lower than 2010. so why are people so on edge right now? curtis is the founder of the guardian angels and he joins me now. thank you for stopping by. >> my pleasure. >> why are people on edge now?
7:26 am
>> there's a feel in the street. you see the mentally ill roaming about, you see the homeless everywhere and more aggressive behavior, the homicides are up, the rapes are up. these are the kinds of crimes that scare people and make them fear are we sliding back into the abyss, are we crawling back into the belly of the beast? i got street smarts. i'm 61. year in 18 countries and 130 cities, and i know when a city is on a decline like a detroit, a chicago, baltimore. we're showing the first effects. we don't want your pre-emptive strike. and the crown jewel of the city, central park, there's a good chance the rest of the city will start sliding into that criminal abyss, too. >> do you patrols in other cities? >> baltimore, chicago, detroit. those cities have had a tremendous strike in crime. new york was the safest large city in america for 20 years. >> it's still very safe in new
7:27 am
york city. >> well, you know, in the hood, and i'm a hood rat. when you go into the projects and in one week alone nine women were shot. i'm 61. at no time, as bad as it's ever been in the city, and this mayor with cotton balls in his ears, he says why are you getting hysterical curtis? because i love this city and i don't want it to return to the criminals. >> i understand you got a warm reception when you patrolled in central park and i totally get that. but the crime statistics were so unbelievably low over the last decade or so, and there's been this little spike, right? and so because the crime statistics were so low, does it just feel bad but in reality it's not really that bad? >> you could see it from the cops who are busting their shoes and pounding doughnuts. they're not aggressive out there. they're laying up in their cars and the criminals are beginning to taunt them, they're not showing respect, not showing respect to the citizens and economically, if these crimes
7:28 am
continue, particularly in the hotspots, you got the machete man, the hammer man, midtown manhattan where the tourists, pretty soon tourists will be saying maybe new york city isn't the place we want to be. that's why we have to watch our ps and qs. >> i would like my director to put that graphic back up, statistics from across the country. this op-ed in "the wall street journal" blamed the increasing homicide rates, the increase in violence across the country on ferguson, missouri. do you agree with that? >> "the wall street journal" should stay down there with the 1%-e 1%-ers. they couldn't be more wrong. never before have i seen more dysfunction of white and black people in america. no, this is the result of young men carrying guns and using guns and cops not doing stop and frisk. not pre-emptively preventing this kind of horrific violence. all it leads is more young men
7:29 am
becoming uzi toting, dope sucking psychopathic killing machines. when a city is named chi-raq and it's the hometown of our president, don't you think we ought to be saying we're more concerned with violence in other parts of the world. new york city has birthed me. i have been shot, i have been stand, i don't want to go back and i will do everything within my power with the guardian angels to prevent that here and in 18 countries and 130 cities around the world. >> curtis sliwa, thank you for stopping by. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. within the next few weeks we could learn whether vice president joe biden will run for president. if he makes a late jump into the race, he could become a major competitor for hillary clinton. there's just one problem, there doesn't seem to be a lot of support from inside the white
7:30 am
house for joe biden. so let's bring in cnn's senior white house correspondent jim acosta. he's in martha's vineyard where president obama is vacationing to tell us more. good morning. >> reporter: carol, good morning. no doubt joe biden is the talk of the democratic party right now as he is taking his time deciding whether he will run for president, but as you said, carol, this tepid support for the vice president to make a run for the white house does exist inside the exist. a well-placed democratic source tells cnn even though the white house considers the vice president to be a beloved figure, there is little enthusiasm for a biden candidacy in the west wing, and so far we should point out, a movement to draft joe biden for president is gaining momentum collecting some 200,000 signatures. we know that, but we're also told that there are concerns inside the white house that a biden candidacy would just end badly and possibly damage his image as an elder statesman inside the party. one key source told me, quote, i am not getting any sense of a
7:31 am
joe biden caucus inside the white house. carol, part of the reason for this is that the white house is heavily invested in hillary clinton with several former top white house aides working for the former secretary of state but it's more than that. democratic sources inside and outside the white house say that clinton simply remains the party's best hope for protecting and expanding president obama's legacy, but no question about it, there is deep affection for the vice president at the white house. it's not a question whether or not they support joe biden. of course they support joe biden, it's whether they support him to run for president, and so it's clear right now officials are giving him time to grieve the death of his son, beau, and weigh his political future, and, carol, just to underline this, it's often said inside the white house that the president believes picking biden as his running mate in 2008 was the smartest decision he ever made. but, carol, it does set up this sort of dilemma for the president should biden jump into the race to have to choose or even be questioned about what his choice might be between hillary clinton and joe biden. that would seemingly drag on
7:32 am
more months and months and months and complicate matters inside the democratic party. you mentioned weeks away. a source familiar with the vice president's thinking says biden's decision is expected at the end of the summer and by that we mean late september, not august when people traditionally think of the end of summer. sources close to biden are nearly all indicating at this point it would be a major surprise for the vice president to get into this race. in the end it may just be a gut call. >> jim acosta reporting live for us. thanks so much. i'll be right back. (vo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive.
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a historic moment in the u.s. army and american history. for the first time ever, not one, but two female soldiers will graduate from the army's
7:37 am
ranger school. it is an intensive training program so grueling only one-third of those who started actually finish and i'm not just talking about push-ups and sit-ups. take a look at the list from parachute jumps to several obstacle courses, a 5-mile run in 40 minutes. these women have proved they can more than hang with the boys. there are two reasons the army has open the door to those women. one, to be more inclusive and two to attract more women to the armed services. ata i talked about that with a major general in charge ever army recruiting. >> out of 150 jobs that are available in the army, only 14 of them are closed to women today. we're very proud of that, and we're working on opening up those other 14. we're looking at those very closely. we're doing a couple studies, culture integration study and some general neutral physical
7:38 am
study, a physical demand study on how we might be able to ownership up those other moss jobs, military occupational specialty. >> and they are supposed to make some sort of decision by january. despite that though, there is no guarantee the army will allow these women to serve in this elite capacity. with me now, joshua katz, a former army ranger. i would like to get your opinion, these women made it through intensive training. do they deserve to serve in combat? >> well, if they have graduated the course, one would hope that the standards haven't changed and i don't think that they have, but i think the argument about whether women should be in combat or not actually needed to happen well before we sent women and put women into the elite leadership course that ranger school is. it's for the infantry, not only for special operations but also just for the infantry at large, and there's a larger policy discussion that has not -- we
7:39 am
haven't even begun to have yet. >> and i can see what you're saying. why put women through this. why have them prove themselves when they can only wear the ranger tab but they can't serve in ranger elite unit on a field of battle? >> they can't even serve in a regular infantry unit let alone an elite unit, so we really need the secretary of defense to make a decision. that decision should have happened before we spend lots of money training and putting people through this grueling course. just because we can. and these women graduated one of the most challenging courses that i have been through in my professional career, so we can't lessen that, but to say that they are set up for success, especially long-term with their career, we can't say that yet. >> okay. i have talked to a lot of generals actually about the issue of women in combat, and one of the big concerns they have is privacy. let's say you're on the battle
7:40 am
field and a woman has to take a shower or go to the bathroom. they're really concerned about those things, which i find kind of strange. because if you're in combat, who cares? >> nobody. absolutely nobody. so what you want to make sure is that no matter whether you are a man or a woman, that you are tactically and technically proficient. meaning you can do everything everybody to your left and right and frornt and back can do. you don't want to leave your comrades in jeopardy because you couldn't carry your own weight and more, right? so in ranger school one of the lessons they teach young army infantry leaders is that, is how to lead in those most challenging situations, and there should not be a discussion about where or how you use the bathroom or -- it's absolutely a ludicrous conversation. we should have the conversation about whether people, people, are tactically and technically profish ept. >> let me ask you the bottom question because there are
7:41 am
skeptics out there. so you're in a dangerous situation. you're an elite ranger, right, and you have a woman beside you. are you overly concerned about that woman? do you care that she's a woman? do you feel that she would be at your side just as much as any man? >> so as a former army ranger who served in the 75th ranger regiment and in special operation command, we were never worried about whether the young man or the person to my left or my right was tactically or technically proficient because i trained them. he ensured they met the standards and they were able to do their job to the ranger standard, and i think that's the point, right, is no matter where we are, no matter what we do going forward, those standards should never change. as long as the standards don't change, it doesn't matter whether you are a man or a woman, but if we're going to change the standards, that
7:42 am
completely changes the paradigm and that's what i'm really worried about at the end. >> there are skeptics who think the standards have been changed, but everybody -- like the top brass says no way. it's the same. >> well, carol, i graduated rangeser school in 61 days. it took these women about 120. so as a ranger who went through the ranger leadership course and having graduated without being recycled or having restarted here, restarting there, i have a different perspective because i think we should be held to that standard. if you cannot make it through ranger school, then you should probably lever and come back when you can. >> understand. joshua, thank you for stopping by. appreciate it. >> thanks, carol. still to come in the "newsroom," hillary clinton confronted by the group black lives matter on the campaign trail. we have the undercover video. it's very interesting. we'll play it for you next. bill's got a very tough 13lie here...... looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here.
7:43 am
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enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. new video reveals what happened behind closed doors when hillary clinton and members of black lives matter met on the campaign trail. the two sides spoke last week in new hampshire after the group was shut out of a forum on substance abuse. during the meeting, this private meeting, clinton encouraged the group, which has interrupted various campaign events, to come together in order to create a concrete plan. watch. >> you're going to have to come together as a movement and say here is what we want done about it because you can get lip service from as many white people as you can pack into yankee stadium and a million more like it who are going to say we get it, we get it, we're going to be nicer, okay? that's not enough at least in my
7:48 am
book. that's not how i see how it is. so the consciousness reason, the advocacy, the passion, the youth of your movement is so critical, but now all i'm suggesting is even for us sinners, find some common ground on agendas that can make a difference right here and now in people's lives. >> okay. so it was a frank conversation but at times it got quite tense. listen. >> there's not much that we can do to stop the violence against us. >> well, if that is -- >> the conversation i push back -- >> i understand what you're saying. >> respectfully -- >> respectfully, if that is your position i will talk only to white people about how we are going to deal with with the very problem. >> that's not what i mean. what i'm saying is -- >> clinton went on to say she believes the movement won't necessarily change deep-seated racism, but that it has the potential to change laws.
7:49 am
joining me to talk about this, cnn political commentator and democratic strategist paul begala. >> hey, carol, i advise a pro-hillary super pac, so i love hillary anyway but i have a professional interest in seeing her win. >> we appreciate your transparency. in watching the tape, some of the people that belong to black live matter didn't like that hillary clinton was telling them what to do with their movement. they didn't feel that that was her place. your reaction to that. >> you know, this is politics at its best, it really is. this was real. you know, so often politicians are scripted and scripted by hacks like me. we're really worried, say this just this way because the focus groups say 3% more people will like you. this is the real hillary. i have known her 25 years. this is the real hillary. the fact that both sides were highly respectful but they paid each other the highest compliment which is candor. you're wrong. you're wrong. no, don't tell me what to do. here is what i think you should
7:50 am
do. i just love this. this is what it ought to be. this movement is so important. it's so critical. and the fact that they now have direct access to hillary who is wealthy and powerful and a pretty good chance of being president, and she treats them with respect. at the same time, they have lived a life that she cannot imagine, and she will never know, and so they are trying so hard to impart their experiences to her. i just think it's great. i love this. i wish it happened every day. >> tell me what she meant, i don't think we played this part of the video but i listened to it. she said we can't change deep-seated racism so she intimated maybe we shouldn't try. we should just do it through changing laws and policy. >> i don't think she was suggesting you shouldn't try. this is a woman who was a goldwater girl until she saw martin luther king preach and it changed her entire life. i haven't talked to her about it and i'm not allowed to because of the laws separating super
7:51 am
pacs from campaigns, but i have known her for a long time. all of us have evil in our hearts at some measure. we can't change all of that, but we can change the laws. she's a very practical idealist, right? so she is asking them, give me a concrete agenda of actions and laws that people can put into place to help change this. and she's -- i think she's exactly right. there is still racism in america even though we have many good laws now that protect folks. there's still racism in the human heart. so let's try -- it will go down as we continue to make progress, but let's try to have a concrete agenda to change laws and policies. i thought both the power of the idealism of these young activists and then also the power of the pragmatism of hillary clinton, that that's -- i mean, that's the hope for trying to address these issues. >> of course, hillary clinton really needs a big bit of the african-american vote and something that the movement, black lives matter, is most concerned about is this 1994
7:52 am
violent crime and law enforcement act. it's an act -- it was the largest crime bill in history. hillary clinton helped lobby congress to pass it and during the years that followed, the prison population doubled. so they're kind of upset about that. they want to know what she thinks about that. some of them think this 1994 law was racist. i just wanted your reaction. >> one of the folks who voted for that law was john lewis who to me is a living saint. he was a founder of the civil rights movement along with the late julian bond who we just lost. it's difficult for me having worked for president clinton back then to imagine that there was any racist intent, but there's no doubt, and president clinton has said this and hillary has said, we have to revisit those mandatory minimum laws. what happened was the states more than the feds took that up
7:53 am
and started passing more and more. most of that crime bill was very good. we hired more cops and put them to work in community policing. that's one of the main reasons crime went down. the bill was a very good bill but the mandatory minimum sentences have to be revisited. the effect has been racially disproportionate and it's hurt the black community. it's really important that now we revisit that. there's -- i worked for president clinton. there's nobody who can look back on 20 years ago and say everything we did worked out exactly as we intended. the law of unintended consequences always applies and it's important for the activists to shine a light on thing even where like my folks got to wrong and we can revisit it and try to make it better. >> thank you so much for being with me this morning. >> fascinating conversation. thank you. >> thank you so much. i'll be right back. but your stellar notebook gives hanyou the gumptionlc. to reach for the sky. that's that new gear feeling. this week, these office depot brand notebooks just one cent.
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the murder sent waves of terror and dread rippling across the country and the nation recoiled even more when charles manson emerged as a cult leader. sara sidner previews tonight's special "the face of evil." >> manson's destructive course through life was fixed from the start. >> i don't have any particular reality. >> he spoke to cnn from prison in 1987. >> i spent the best part of my life in boys schools, prisons, and reform schools because i had nobody. >> manson blamed his mother for his troubled youth, kathleen maddux gave birth to manson in cincinnati, ohio, at the age of 16 and went to prison when charlie was just 5 years old. >> she got out of my life early and let me scuffle for myself, and then i became my own mother.
7:58 am
>> while manson blamed his mother, author jeff wynn blames manson. >> charles manson was born. little charlie was taken in by loving relatives. the problem was that charlie himself was a rotten little kid from the word go. >> a rotten kid whose crimes escalated as he got older. from stealing cars to armed robbery. from drug dealing to pimping. >> he sounds like the ultimate con man. >> he is. he's got an "a" in conning people. >> reporter mary nicewinder has interviewed charles manson in prison dozens of times. >> he always said he's been in prison all his life. prison is his home. >> sara sidner is here to discuss. i remember reading the book "helter-skelter" many moons ago and i have been fascinated ever since. >> it fascinates people.
7:59 am
part of the reason for that is charles manson himself and the hold he had on so many people. people are wondering how was that possible to brainwash adults. some of them were children when they came in but they were adults by the time these murders happened, and so i think people are fascinated with that. but one thing, that reporter, i had not heard of her before, and so when we went and sat down with her, she has dozens of letters he wrote to her. she was in prison talking to him throughout the entire trial. she said one thing about him, she said when you're in a room with charles manson, it is like there's no one else. he stares at you, like stares through you and sort of -- it's like no one else exists. she goes that may be one of the reasons why. >> that's even stunning to me because it doesn't translate on television. when i look at him, i see a disgusting human being. >> right. he doesn't give it to you through the screen, but certainly in person she said he is mesmerizing. >> so there are still people in prison for this, right? >> that's right. he's in prison still himself. >> and his members of his cult,
8:00 am
right? >> yeah. >> and they probably will never get out are be granted par ro e. >> thanks so much. "the face of evil" airs tonight at 9:00 eastern on cnn. thanks for joining me today. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts right now. donald trump says he loves women, and apparently republican women now love him back. the surprising new poll results as the billionaire pulls away from the pack. first, a pipe bomb, now a grenade hitting a major tourist hub. who is behind the attacks? a manhunt under way for the person in this video. and then is one of america's most elite prep schools hiding a sick game, a sex competition that includes score boards, virginity, and rape? the new allegations of a dark secret.


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