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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 18, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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that's it for the lead in nor jake and turnover to wolf blitzer in the situation. >> a tourist area and backpack at the scene of an earlier bombing that killed nearly two dozen people. who is behind the attacks. on the frontlines and one of the very few rebels now speaking out of the danger of the fight and isis. we have shocking new images of torture and the image that is they use on the own people. front runner. they like him. really like him. in the brand new pole donald trump jumps as he boosts the lead among the voters. >> the real gi janes.
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they completed the army ranger school, but will they be allowed to join the elite joint? i am wolf blitz er, and you're in the situation er, and you'ren the situation room. a manhunt in the world capital has been hit by a second bomb nothing two days. no one was killed today at a river in bangkok. the death toll is up to 22 after yesterday's blood bombing. police are looking for this man and dressed in a yellow shirt and picked up with a backpack and leaving without out just before the deadly blast.
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our corr spontaneo-- are standi. what is the very latest? >> reporter: wolf police have not linked the two explosionexp. the second one causing no injuries at all. it was the same mo. it was a pipe bomb. it hit a pill er. it was throne and hit the pill er and bounced into the water. it was a big explosion. luckily no one was injured. we're looking at surveillance video and that's all that they have to go after the moment. this came after a few hours of a massive explosion and take a look at the moments when that bomb went off.
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>>. >> reporter: you call this a time square of bangkok. that was detonated at the busiest time of the day and paying respects and also tourists in that area. a lot of chinese will visit that shrine and looking for some blessings as well as others as well. that was time for the maxim pact and maximum damage to loss of life in the area and 22 dead at the moment and they have the suspect. they know say that -- >> do they have any idea who this bomber is and behind the two blasts? >> reporter: well all they're saying at the moment is that they're very sure that this is the bomber. they have changed the language
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without the last 15 hours or so. we're look for a man and now a suspect and now for sure a bomber. now they're saying they don't know if he is a thai but they're thinking a thai national. he puts the backpack down under a bench and then leaves, and then just a few minutes later, it erupts. there are so many theories to investigate. they have a rest and long term rest on the streets here. it's in the south of the country and then the suggestions that they maybe involved and many deport from the thailand in july. there's a lot of different leads that they're looking at the moment. >> thank you. we turn now to a cnn ex plclusi. a syrian rebel now speaking out
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and given the akwount of isis. let's go cnn nick peyton walsh. nick, tell us what you have lea learned. >> reporter: well, these are a vital blank of the u.s. military and isis. we have the air jets and fighters and drones. without a force like this on the ground that can push isis out of the territory and let the societies make place, all of that air power is at a loss. at this stage they're just about 40 of them active in side in syria. we spoke to one of them. >> this is ordinary a million dollars worth of pro-american syrian rebel looks like. these are the first pictures of the mere 54 moderate fighters of
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the pain stakenly and trained and equipped with the weapons. there are not enough of them yet to worry isis. in fact, some of them were recently detained by al queda after a fire fight and leading to claim the $41 million program was a failure. one of them in syria is speaking out. >> translator: nearly 17,000 people syrian men want to join, but the train as good very slow. we need it to be faster. 30 days instead of 45 days. more trainees. our training in jrgeorgia was 8 and it should have been 500 there and in turkey. it needs to happen faster. >> here they are days before being attacked. some of those detained have been released. despite the awful start, they're determined to fight on.
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>> the americans follow him using a gps on his wrist and vest. he targets the air strikes for them. >> i go and give locations for the workplace to bomb. we have advanced satellite devices to target whether we see it or not. there are daily droplets and in the sky as i talk to you right now. i speak to the american every hour. a total of four hours a day. >> one in recruiting is that there are unit is only allowed to fight isis. not most syrian rebels first and worst enemy, but despite of the restriction o all of the same resists and they will fight the regime. >> the second training project is that we fight whoever. we will take it from isis and have to take it up. are we going sit still and not
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fight? make a fly sewn and then we won't two europe. we don't want it to be on tv. we want it to stop. >> after the venting the tensions, confused i am s, one thing is clear. the unshakable and the regime that lies ahead. >> now wolf this program according to one official has always been about it and after four years of the civil year and having about 40 of these rebels to go on the battlefield is undermining it in the eyes of many the same time they may see it and they're going to see 70 more joining them and hundreds more. they seem to be involved in calling an air strike of the coalition of the stage. it could provide air support on the battlefield. u.s. officials deskried it as not the traditional mission.
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they prepare them and let them out in the field and then they go on to some degree because the venting in their mind guarantee that is the destination that they follow is where the u.s. would like for them to be. you can see in the eyes when we spoke to him how dedicated that they are to syria in the future and a notion of the society that could see some traction and right now the numbers are so small. so small and that's the real challenge. >> yeah, let's not lose sight that over the past 300 or 400 years 300,000 people have been killed. hundreds of thousand more injured and nick peyton walsh, thank you very much. >> coming up with a strategy and shocking new evidence is emerging and then the regime.
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bryan is here with me in the situation room. >> well, photographic evidence and this comes after he is under in creasing power tonight. a top un official calling it unlawful. how does he respond to pressure? well, they take us in side the torture cam be torture chambers and show a level of cruelty. some of the images in this should be disturbing to some viewers. a top un envoy expressing the anger of 100 civil civiliians i government air strikes. >> i am in awe of the disregard of human life. >> despite that the president is bombing his own people and used chemical weapons on them, he
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likes to present himself in interviews as a soft spoken leader. >> it's not my nature. i am quiet and frank. >> but his opponents say that these photos show what happens to people that cross him. pictures so graphic that we have to blur him. bodies mutilated and many had their eyes gauged out. >> so many of them a sharp thing is used to cause a spray of blood and it just as the routine welcoming in the torture that they're going to have to endure. >> these picture in the halls of the u.s. congress taken by a former syrian military police that goes by the name seicease testified and is now in hiding. he said that he was torture in a way that was clinical.
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when arrested he was made to strip and then a doctor came. >> the doctor came and started to touch and seeing the muscles like i have and then he told them start with level three, so they would not waste time doing stuff that my body can handle. >> human rights act vaiss say that they were citizen and some that spoke out or believed to have information on those at that did. they displayed a picture of a man that was wounded up with the father and tortured for being the neighborhood. the father told him of his son's last words. >> he carried him and put the head on the lap. he could not say anything. he told me he looked him in the eye and said i just don't -- i don't want to die dad. >> we reached out to syrian officials at the un about the
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pictures, and they did not respond. one asked about the photos and said that the accusation of government tortures and killing is a big lie. wolf? >> the pictures are awful awful. thank you bryan very much. >> joining us of arizona and a member of the armed service and retired u.s. air force and america's first female fighter pilot to fly in congress. what is your reaction to what is going on? it looks like the past three or four years there has been such brutality there and no end in sight. >> yeah, we have seen it by the numbers. we know the regime as the brutal torture regime and hundreds of thousands have been killed and i think when we see the personal face of it and the personal stories, it hits home for the viewers for sure. we have known for this regime
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and that's backed by iran has been killing and torturing it's own people for years now. as we're training up now and 41 rebels to address isis and not addressing the regime and the murder that he is, it just highlights again the strategy that we have in the middle east. >> all of these people have been killed and tortured and injured. they're all fellow syrians and fellow arabs. it's brutal what went on. the u.s. has spent $41 million to train 54 syrian rebels. zbl it sab lawsuitly does. it's been late to the game many of us are calling on and stepping up the efforts much
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earlier and the price tag is really concerning to me. i would like to see a break down of that. for 45 days of training we put the soldiers through basic straining and i am certain that it's much less costly than that to give them the basic skills and then the follow on skills to be out on the battlefield. cannot do that in just 30 days. that price tag is concerning, and there's no way to address this entire situation in syria and the fight against isis and dealing with the regime and iran's influence in the region just be 41 guys. >> i know back from iz skpral you apose this u.s. backed nuclear deal with iran. you say that it's a bad deal and want them to go back to the table. the secretary of the state do not think that's realistic. what is your response to that? >> well, you know what wolf over
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200 times we have had a branch or treaty and some in credibly involved with multilateral and other countries and congress has directed them to go back to the table in certain conditions or resfrirkss and said look we will support it but you need to do the following things. that's happened 200 times and once again they're rewriting the history and trying to have people forget that's what a cocan equal branch of the government does when it comes to agreements and this is not a treaty. john calls it a political agreement. it's our right to identify the flaws. i will tell you across the board israel is a very diverse political country as well. across the board people leader and the government and the military and journalist are against the deal. they're confused with america
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has allowed iran to have a patient path to a bomb. so it's our responsibility because of iran's disstabilizing in the nation and being the largest state sponsor in the world and then the rejaem and we talked to people that are dealing with the thousands of rocket attacks coming out and aimed and school chuildren running into shelters. while this is negotiated, they continue to chant death to america, so this is a bad deal. i appreciate the diplomatic effort. i in the military see it assess a last resort. it's not this deal or war. we need to keep the sanctions in place. we need to crank them up and lead in the international community in order to get a deal that does not give them a path
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to a bomb. >> stay tuned. you're the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat. two soldiers both woman could be the first u.s. ranger soldiers ready to fight in combat. we will get your thoughts when we come right back.
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we're talking with a retired air
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force pilot. two woman soldiers have broken through a tough barrier. barbara has the story. >> for military woman history is made. for the first time two female soldiers have passed the grueling 62 day army ranger training program. >> secretly sense of pride. we can not really cheer the females on. it's a humbling experience and get a chance to see the woman come through. >> even after all of the hard training the pentagon won't let woman join the elite 75th ranger regiment. one of the most special operations unit. army woman say that they won't no special treatment. amber smith flew held comicopte
2:24 pm
iraq and afghanistan. >> it needs to be straight across the board and the physical and mental strength to accomplish the mission. >> the 75th ranger regiment large scale entry into a combat zone under fire while executing the surgical rate to take out any treats. how hard is ranger school? 400 students started and only 94 graduated. of the 19 woman that began, 16 dropped out, one is still working to get through the program. little sleep and food is just the beginninbeginning. the soldiers have to do 40 push ups, 50 sit ups and a run. a 12 mile foot march in three hours, helicopter jumps and 27 days of at that patrols.
2:25 pm
the army general has yet the make the recommendation on if woman will be allowed to serve as rangers in combat units. >> i want to take a hard look at that and make sure that the standards in the force and there's no doubt in my mind that woman can engage with the enemies of our nations because they have done it. >> they have done it. since 9/11 more than 150 military woman have died and more than 1,000 wounded and all assigned to combat operations. >> okay. barbara, thank you. back to congresswoman of arizona and she was the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat. what do you you think, should they be allowed to join the unit? >> absolutely. i am so proud of them to make it through the grueling training. for them to go back and start again, it's been about four
2:26 pm
months after this in tense training on the ground. they have shone tremendous courage and strength and leadership and they deserve to be able to serve after they earn the ranger tab. i have been a strong advocate that we're a merit based military and need to have the most qualified. when you have a couple of hundred men that did not make it and the two won did, they deserve. >> you speak with the authority and giving the record and the first to fly in combat. coming up trusting trump. a new poll finds that republican voters put the faith in the gop front runner on several major issues facing the country. what can they do to catch up? super model heidi klum is no longer a ten.
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donald trump continues to dominate the headlines for the republican no, ma'mination. the latest poll shows him with a clear lead and now holding a favorable view of 24 percent and saying that he is the first choice for the nomination. let's discuss all of the latest political news and cnn and the cnn politics executive editor and he is at 24 percent and jeb bush at disat that particular time second at 13 percent.
2:32 pm
he is doing amazingly well donald trump. i don't know what the republican strategy for the challengers and to push them down. >> well, if you're a candidate right now i don't think that you can engage him. you let him be trump and use this campaign to get the ideas that we have seen scott walker do. the really not much success try to do the same thing. in just talk to go a senior adviser to one of the candidates in iowa says that he is shocked where donald trump is now. i was surprised to hear this. he say that is this is the problem with donald trump running for president in iowa. 16 people in the race and donald trump could win the iowa caucus. >> he could win south carolina and iowa. let's see if that stays. if you go through the voters the republican voters think that he is best at handling the economy
2:33 pm
45 percent, best at illegal immigration 44 and best at happeneding isis and those are impressive numbers. >> that's why they're you supporting him in the polls because they think that he is doing the right things. the problem is that people keep on waiting for him to self-distract. even when he says in credibly done thi dumb things and gets military advice from a sday talk show and some of that would sink it, it has no impact at all. attacking him does not work. letting him say dumb things does not work. it's difficult to see what the others are suppose today do. >> let's see to faith yum for us. 58 percent of the republicans think that the party is going to have a better chance of winning without donald trump.
2:34 pm
58 percent. he is still winning in all of these polls. what is going on here? >> well, let's simmer it down here a little bit. put it another way and 75 percent of the republicans support a different candidate. 58 percent acknowledge that donald trump cannot win. when you're one of the 17 candidates and you happen to have the biggest name and money supply, then i don't think that it's that hard to be a front runner at 25 percent, so i mean i understand trump is stuck around a little longer than we all thought that he would, i don't know if that's the end of the campaign. >> how do you explain the se. 60 percent of the republican woman think that he is doing a good job. >> i don't want to get in trouble with my people, but i think that woman have a lower
2:35 pm
threshold for bs than men do. we're just as annoyed of the bs out of washington if not more so. i am not surprised that republican woman are finding him appealing. he talks to them straight. he cause not talk down to them and tells them what they want to hear. he is blunt, and the woman appreciate it. >> what does that mean? this is a guy that's parading the worst sex imand you're saying that woman like that and being told that you're having your period, so you must be upset? this has not been around for 30 years. >> you did not hear me say that woman like that. the straight talk on the issues and immigration and the policy and economy. woman do appreciate that. most woman find his outbursts about other woman offensive.
2:36 pm
for some reason they can come part mentalize that. >> okay. let's talk about ben carson. >> why. >> what is donald trump's appeal right now? he is not from washington and an outsider. >> we're seeing that from ben carson and someone that's a doctor and does not have the way of washington and speaks the way that washington speaks. that's why he is doing so well. we're not seeing this on the democratic side and we're seeing is bernie sanders, you know -- >> very quickly and donald trump and got back to him and he said that heidi column is no longer a ten. watch this. >> he looks like a ten to me. >> i don't know why he is picking on heidi klum.
2:37 pm
cannot defend it by yelling outsider. i think some of that you have stuff is going to end up not disqualifying him but turning some people off. >> we will have more on the politics coming up. stand by coming up a verdict of the secret trial of the american reporter detained in iran. what makes them think that they're using him as a pawn. desperate firefighters and turning to sources for help, the u.s. military. toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. look at the footwork! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain.
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learning his fate after see krooet weeks of trials. they accused him and some say that he is being used as a pawn in the me dposh yanegotiations looking into what is going on. what are you finding out? >> well, no one consider s these charges substantial and they continue to influence there. we may find out as soon as tomorrow morning what the verdict is and the sentence is in this case. otherwise it's the latest and his family waiting with great worry and u.s. officials watching this very closely as
2:43 pm
well. >> he spent 391 days in iran's prison without being charged for months and tried behind doors and now a verdict comes this week. american jason and the chief appeared on cnn and parts unknown and just before he was detained last july. he was accused of spying and collaborating with a government and charges the family and government baseless. >> we want jason to have a fair trial and the only fair verdict so the acquit him. >> along they resigned as one of four americans held or missing in iran. president obama has vowed to win the release. >> we will not rest until we bring him home to the family safe and sound. >> they came under sharp fire
2:44 pm
after not securing the freedom and briskly when challenged by a s supporter. >> it's a major that's nonsense. >> the family peoplfeels that j is a political pawn. >> he is paying the price and the animosity and the parn noah between the two countries for more than 37 years. >> iran has a history of holding them on charges from journalist to the american hikers captured in iran. later releasing them after public trials and before serving out the sentences. there's a concern on why iran is detaining them and what they hope to get out of all of this. >> because he is a high profile prisoner in iran there's a chance that he is being used as
2:45 pm
a political pawn and once the government has no further use for him, he will be released. >> that offer hope and when you look at the case she was charged as well and one of the charges that jason is facing and she was sentenced to eight years in prison, but that was later reduced to holding classified information and then she was given a suspended two year sentence and released, so wolf listen it's impossible to predict what will happen in that and over the weekend, but it's perez for charging and many people watching this very closely and the family holding out deep hope for this. >> let's hope that he is released and released quickly. okay. thank you. now, deeper in this story is a former cia official, if he is not released, what options do
2:46 pm
does the u.s. have. >> well, the president is going to face the choice. that's how to use the power. we have seen him use that on accelerating the release of the prisoners and the deal here if is a deal we get a conviction and the president has to decide whether to use the authority to trade the prisoners that we have here for some of the americans that we have there. >> so you're saying that the u.s. would release prisoners in the united states in exchange for the americans in iran? >> yeah, for a couple of reasons. i can't believe the debate that will go on here and the people that want them around. without that debate, i doubt that latitude to ignore the process and the exchanges of the prisoners authoritized are common. we have washington post journal for irans here and i they it's
2:47 pm
going to have a good decision on a trade. >> okay. we will see what happens. thank you for that. coming up wild fires in western states and stretching firefighters to the limits. now the u.s. military is on the scene after an urgent plea for help. donald trump boosts the favorite blt with the voters nationwide. we will have the details and the brand new poll coming up. when you're not confident your company's data is secure, the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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i want to go to north las vegas. hillary clinton is speaking about the e-mail controversy answering reporters' questions. let's listen in. >> at the very least, you stonewalled and you said you should tell the american people i'm sorry, i was wrong. instead, talking about snap chat. you can blame the republicans. isn't leadership about taking responsible? >> i take responsibility. i just told jeff in retrospect, this didn't turn out to be convenient at all. and i regret that this has become such a cause celebra. that does not change the facts. no matter what anybody tries to say, the facts are stubborn. what i did was legally permitted. number one. first and foremost.
2:53 pm
okay? number two, i turned over out of an abundance of an attempt to be helpful, over anything that i thought was even vaguely related. they've already included more than 1,200 of the e-mails i gave them have nothing to do with the work. and i said, make them public. that's the process that one goes through to make them public. i know there is a certain level of, you know, sort of anxiety or interest in this. but the facts are the facts. but ed, you're not listening to me. if it were -- ed, if it were -- well, if it were a government account, they would be saying the same thing. >> [ inaudible ]. >> no, no. look. >> the information got out. >> this is a -- first of all, that is not in any way agreed upon. the state department disagrees.
2:54 pm
that happens all the time in these efforts to say what can go out and what can't go out. that's a part of the ordinary process. everybody is like there is the first time it has ever happened. it happens all the time. and i can only tell that you the state department has said over and over again, we disagree. so that's what they're sorting out. and that's what happens a lot of the times. but whether it was a personal account or a government account. i did not send classified material and i did not receive any material that was marked or designated classified which is the way you know whether something is, what you're seeing now is in disagreement between agencies saying, you know what? they should have. and the other is saying no, they shouldn't. that has nothing to do with me. if it had been a government account and i said release it, we would be having the same arguments. >> the fbi believes that you tried to wipe the entire server.
2:55 pm
did you try to wipe it? >> my personal e-mails are my personal business, right? so we went through a painstaking process and turned over 55,000 pages of anything we thought could be work-related. under the law, that decision is made by the official. i was the official. i made those decisions. as i just said, over 1,200 of the e-mails have already been deemed not work-related. now, all i can tell you is in retrospect, if i had used a government account, and i had said, you know, let's release everything. let's let everybody in america see what i did for four years. we would have the same arguments. so that's all i can say. >> we're going to continue to monitor hillary clinton. much more on the breaking news coming up right at the top of the hour. business everywhere,
2:56 pm
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3:00 pm
. happening now, second blast. the day after a powerful and deadly bombing, another attack. who is behind it? trump soars. our new poll shows he is even farther out front of the republican rivals, gaining in popularity and voter trust on key issues. are trump's opponents being forced to follow his lead? and tense confrontation. we have new video of hillary clinton's private talks with black lives matter activists. what does it reveal about her
3:01 pm
campaign and their tactics? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >> this is cnn breaking news. >> let's get right to the breaking news. a manhunt is underway for a suspect in a powerful bombing attack. they're very sure a man seen in surveillance video is in fact the bomber. the footage shows him leaving a backpack at the blast site monday. authorities say a second explosion involved a similar bomb. also, donald trump widens his lead in the republican presidential race. our exclusive new poll shows he is winning his party's trust on several top issues. more than any of the other gop candidates. we'll dig deep entire the numbers. and i'll get reaction from presidential candidate mike
3:02 pm
huckabee who is joining us in "the situation room." our correspondents and analysts are standing by to cover all the news breaking right now. first, andrew stevens jones us with the very latest from bangkok. >> reporter: the linkage is very clear between the two blasts in bangkok. the second one in the early hours, fortunately not injuring anyone. the m.o. was the same. the same type of device was used. a pipe bomb and the same type of target. a target with tourism at the heart of this. what happened in the second explosion is that a pipe bomb appears to have been thrown but it bounced off a pillar into the water where it did explode. that was a powerful explosion. it was a big bomb. it was aimed at tourists who were lining up on a pier to catch a ferry. there's a lot of tourists there.
3:03 pm
this is another big tourist spot. this came a few hours after this major blast here in bangkok. at one of the busiest parts of the city. the so-called times square of bangkok. take a look at the moment of the explosion. there is been a lot of video circulating on social media showing that blast when it happened. it gives you an idea. this is an area where you get a lot of tourists at the time and the date. 7:00 p.m. in the evening, people were leaving their offices and going home and stopping at that shrine to make a blessing. so you had a mixture of a lot of local people, particularly chinese, who come there also seeking some good fortune and other tourists as well. it could not have come at a time
3:04 pm
more likely to inflict maximum damage which is what it did. thank you. >> to donald trump. gaining even more momentum tonight. he comes out on top in question after question in our exclusive new nationwide poll. while he is the clear leader among republicans, there is also skepticism about how he might do in a general election. cnn athena jones has more on the numbers and trump's rivals. how they're responding to donald trump. what are you seeing? >> right now it looks like nothing can stop donald trump. he's been driving the conversation all summer. our new poll shows his support is growing. all of this suggests he may have real staying power. >> drawing crowds wherever he goes. donald trump is dominating the republican field nationwide. >> i'm going to new hampshire, going to iowa, going to south carolina, tennessee, we're going all over. >> and growing his lead.
3:05 pm
in the new cnn/orc poll, the billionaire businessman earns the support of nearly a quarter of gop voters. up 6 points since july. nearly double support of his nearest rival, jeb bush and three times the support of scott walker. two governors who were close hinlds him a month ago. trump's favorability is also on the rise. 58% of republicans now have a favorable view of him. even after controversial comments about fox anchor megyn kelly. >> you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. >> and former prisoner of war john mccain. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people who were not captured. >> he tops on every issue with republicans trusting him most to deal with the economy, social issues, isis, and illegal immigration. in fact, he is setting the
3:06 pm
agenda and driving the conversation on illegal immigration. >> we have to make a whole new set of standards. >> he is calling for among other things, deporting all of the undocumented. an idea some of his opponents blasted as unworkable. >> it is not doable and secondly, i don't think it is right. i don't think it is humane. >> on trump's proposal to end birth right citizenship, a right enshrined in the 14th amendment to the constitution, there seem to be some agreement. >> i don't mind changing that lawful i think it is a bad practice to give citizenship based on birth. >> i'm open to doing things to prevent people who deliberately come to the u.s. for it. >> now trump is already contradicting himself on the immigration issue, tweeting today, when foreigners attend our great colleges and want to stay in the u.s., they should not be thrown out of our country. but the plan he released on sunlds would make it harder for foreigners to get certain visas
3:07 pm
and green cards to stay here and work. so there's some inconsistency there. we'll see if it hurts him. if recent experience is any indication, it won't. >> certainly right. thank you. let's turn to the democrats right now. hillary clinton just spoke out moments ago out of the campaign trail in nevada. she was in north las vegas about the controversy over her e-mails and whether she sent classified information through her private server. let's bring in our senior washington correspondent, jeff zellen. he has more on what we just heard from the former secretary of state. she was very passionate, speaking out in her defense. >> she was. we've heard her say most of these things before. she's been defiant in her defense saying she did not break the law. she did not knowingly send or receive classified information. she added a bit more. she said this has become a cause celeb. >> no matter what anybody tries to say, the facts are stubborn.
3:08 pm
what did i was legally permitted. number one. first and foremost. number two, i turned over out of an abundance of an attempt to be helpful, over anything that i thought was even vaguely related. they've already conclude more than 1,200 of the e-mails i gave them have nothing to do with the work. and i said, make them public. that's the it's process that one does to make them public. i know there's a certain level of sort of anxiety or interest in this. but the facts are the facts. >> a certain level of anxiety or interest. that's just from democrats. i talked to democrats in iowa, new hampshire, they are anxious about this and they're wondering how far this is going to go. of course, there are multiple investigations going on, congressional hearings coming up later this fall. so it is clear these questions won't be answered quickly and
3:09 pm
will quickly follow her through the campaign trail. but it is important to know, voters didn't raise this in the town hall meeting. it was afterward with some reporters in nevada. >> in north las vegas. we'll have more on this part of the story. that's coming up. jeff, thank you very much. >> and joining us now, republican presidential candidate mike huckabee joining us from jerusalem. where he's been meeting with top israeli officials. we'll get to that in a few moments, governor, thank you for joining us. let's talk a little about what's going on in these polls. this new cnn/orc poll that just came out shows donald trump doing remarkably well. you not necessarily all that well. what is going on here? >> well, if we go back eight years ago, rudolph giuliani was 2-1 over the next challenger who was fred thompson. the eventual nominee was john mccain in the fourth place. then it was rick perry over the
3:10 pm
next potential challenger. that was either michelle obama or mitt romney. to say things are in a mess, no, they're not. they're exactly where we hope they'll be. we're focusing on organization. we have the largest organization going, the most deep bench structure in iowa and south carolina. that's how you win a nomination. >> one of the things that's clearly helping donald trump is his strong stance on immigration. he said he wants to do away with the so-called birth right clause in the 14th amendment to the constitution that automatically grants citizenship to children born in the united states. he would like to build that wall along the border of mexico. have you had a chance to tae take a look at his immigration plan? what is your thought? >> i don't spend as much time talking about donald trump as
3:11 pm
you guys do. we have to secure the border. what do we do with all the other come opponents of immigration? one of the thing that people have not understood. until you take economic incentive away from not only the employee but the employer, for illegal immigration, you're going to have it. one of my reasons for advocacy of fair tax, it removes the economic advantage to both the employer and the employee to illegals. i think it is the kind of thing we have to be doing if we're serious about solving this issue. >> without mentioning donald trump's plan on this substance, would you deport 11 or 12 million illegal immigrants in the united states? >> i don't see how that's realistic. i'm not sure that that is necessary. i don't think we ought to have amnesty. i don't know of any of the republican candidates who advocate open amnesty. but there has to be first some confidence that we're controlling our borders, which there isn't any confidence.
3:12 pm
we can do this. 73 years ago, we built a road between british columbia and alaska. it was a 1,700 mile road and we did it in less than a year. with engineering capabilities of 73 years ago, and during an arctic winter. to say that we can't secure our border is ridiculous. we can if we have a president who makes that a priority and who absolutely says let's get it done. and i would do that. >> what about the 14th amendment to the constitution which the courts have said automatically grants citizenship to children born in the united states, even if their parents are here illegally? >> i think that will require a little bit more discussion. the fact is that we have operated under the assumption really since the 1800s. to change it, it would require some strong will, either on the part of the president. the biggest issue is not changing so much how we interpret the 14th amendment. it is making sure that we start
3:13 pm
enforcing our own laws. and we do need to deport people who have committed crimes. we don't need continue to have a lax enforcement. we need to get rid of sanctuaries. these are common sense things. >> let's talk about hillary clinton. there is now video of her meeting with black lives matter protesters. we heard her say they're going to need to come together to demand change but they need to change laws. she said you won't be able to change everyone's heart. do you agree with her on this? >> you know, i've dealt with race issues my whole life. quite frankly, i think it is more of a sin problem than a skin problem. there are injustices in our culture. i fought them as a governor and before that, as a pastor when i integrated an all white church and did so against death threats. i understand how people have great passions.
3:14 pm
but i understand the way you begin to resolve them is you do it by loving people and treating people with dignity and respect and you don't do it by magnifying the problems. you do it by magnifying the solutions. and when i hear people scream black lives matter, i'm thinking, of course they do. all lives matter. it is not that any life matters more than another. that's the whole message dr. king tried to present. and i think he would be appalled that we're elevating some lives more than others. >> i want to take a quick break. you're in jerusalem. we'll come back. more with mike huckabee after this.
3:15 pm
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3:19 pm
we're back with mike huckabee in jerusalem talking about the iran nuclear deal. right now, president obama is losing more democratic support for that agreement. jim acosta is traveling with the president on martha's vineyard. what's the latest development in the story? >> wolf, they expected bob
3:20 pm
menendez to defect. but they said the white house remains engaged on this agreement. despite the bipartisan opposition building on capitol hill, aides to the president are confident this agreement will survive. the list of democrats coming out against the iran nuclear deal is growing. this time it is the senate foreign relations committee's former chairman bob menendez. >> if iran is to acquire a nuclear bomb, it will not have my name on it. >> reporter: but menendez is hardly the biggest setback of the week. that distinction goes to republican senator jeff flake who likely ended white house hopes for any bipartisan support for the deal. >> the president and the administration are saying that it doesn't tie our hands. but the plain text of the agreement seems to do so. >> reporter: the president out at the beach today on martha's vineyard isn't throwing in the towel just yet. a white house official said the president is engaged on the
3:21 pm
issue adding, we remain confident a majority of democrats in both the house and the senate will support the deal. that's critical as republicans face an up hill battle needing 11 more senators to defy the president. both to block the agreement and then to override any presidential vetoes. which explains were mitch mcconnell was saying, the president has a great likelihood of success. >> new deal. new deal. >> reporter: but republicans in the race for the white house vow they'll have the final say and tear up the deal once they enter the oval office. >> until you open any facility, the united states of america without anyone else's permission or collaboration, we'll make it as difficult as possible for to you move money around the global financial system. >> reporter: the deal's critics say iran is still dangerous, noting this tweet from the ayatollah saying tehran will take all possible means to
3:22 pm
support anyone who fights israel. >> it guarantees iran, run by a radical shia cleric with an apocalyptic of the future will possess a nuclear weapon and a long range missile that can hit the united states. >> reporter: white house officials insist the number of democrats who support this deal will start to grow, as senators and house democrats start to announce that they're coming out in favor of the agreement. as a matter of fact, that happened earlier today when rhode island's two democratic senators said they will back the deal. and aides to the president insist, wolf, that the bottom line has not changed. the republicans simply just don't have the numbers to block this agreement from actually coming into fruition. >> all right, jim acosta, thank you very much. and we're back with mike huckabee, the republican presidential candidate joining us from jerusalem. let's talk about some of the controversy you caused not that long ago when you suggested that this u.s./u.n. brokered deal
3:23 pm
with iran was in your words, marching israel to the doors of the oven. how has that been received in israel? that is clearly a reference to the holocaust? >> it was the iranian who's brought up the holocaust. they specifically said they've developed a missile system and they're ready to deliver a holocaust to israel. for 36 years the government has said they would wyoming israel off the face of the map. what i'm speaking of is the inherent danger that exists by our capitulating to the demands of the iranians, giving them a deal that inevitably will allow them to have nuclear material. we violated every single thing that we said was a prerequisite in this. any time, anywhere inspections, that they couldn't have any enrichment, whether there were unlimited access to the inspections. none of that turned out to be true. we caved on all of it. we don't even have our hostages back. there are four americans sitting in an iranian jail. and as a result, this is a tragic deal in which we've now
3:24 pm
sided with the iranians who represent about 15% of the world's muslims, versus the sunni muslim countries, which represent about 85% of the muslims. >> what is your alternative? the president said you and the critics say you have to alternative to the current plan. >> that's the president's problem. reagan said trust but verify. this president says trust but vilify. pretend there's no other solution. the real solution would have been continue the sanctions, make them even tougher, begin to help the people who would like to overthrow regime, and most importantly on our own domestic side, ramp up energy production so we're exporting energy. we change the marketplace of europe, africa and asia by exporting the energy and become the come petter to russia, the iranians and the saudis. change the balance of power and bring the prosperity to america and bankrupt the bad actors like
3:25 pm
iran. >> on another issue, a very sensitive issue. i want to give you a chance to respond and clarify where you stand. you're getting a lot of criticism. correct me if i'm wrong. the 10-year-old girl who was raped by her stepfather. that 10-year-old girl should not be allowed to have an abortion. should be forced to have that baby. a lot of people are saying, were that were your relative, god for bid, what would you do? >> it is a tragedy. we don't help that person by compounding the problem by taking an innocent life. in this case, the life of the unborn child. we either believe it is a person or we don't. it is not that i'm lacking in sympathy but i'm also believing that one of the worst things that we do is to create and compound the problem by taking
3:26 pm
the life of someone who has nothing to do with the sin and the tragedy. and i don't think anybody who really looks at this understands, if a person is a person, period, then you're either pro-life or you're not. i mentioned to dana bash the other day on this network. i once worked for a man some 40 years ago who was the product of a rape. his mother was raped and attempted three times to have him aborted. she couldn't find a doctor willing to do it thankful god she couldn't. because he turned out to lead a christian organization that now provides food, water and existence for literally hundreds of thousands of people across the world. people who would not have their lives had it not been for the fact that he has his. and he wouldn't have his had he been aborted. >> so what would you say to that little 10-year-old girl? >> you know, i don't know that would sit down and say to her, this is what you have to do.
3:27 pm
i would say to her that what has happened to you is a terrible, horrible tragedy. we're not going to abandon you or leave you alone. we want to help you there this. we don't want to have yet another mistake. another problem. another tragedy by taking the life of the unborn child that is within you. and let's hope this child ends up doing something terrific and wonderful in the world and defies the very crime that created him or her. >> i just want to be precise. you disagree with donald trump and other republicans, conservative who's oppose abortion but they have emingss and, rape, incest, the life of the mother. you say there should be no exemptions. no exemptions at all. >> when you say save the life of the mother, you try to save every life. sometime in the course of medical practice, a doctor won't
3:28 pm
save every life in the room but he will try. what we're talking about with abortion, it's not that you couldn't save a life. that you decided not to. if you actively took the procedure that would end a human life. and if i'm different than my republican opponents, then so be it. i feel like we have to be consistent. if we think that's a human being and we come to that conclusion. the conclusion is that all humans matter. there is no such thing as a worthless person. there is to such thing as a person who does not have intrinsic value. i personally know a number of people who are products of rape. one, rebecca who is a wife and mother in michigan. you ought to have her on the show and ask her how she fweels the idea of saying that a person is the result of a rape, that they really don't matter and they should not have been allowed to live. >> let me be precise. if the doctor says to the woman, the baby will be okay but if you deliver the baby, you will die. you would say what?
3:29 pm
>> i would say the doctor has to make tough decisions. the doctor will try to save everybody. he may not be successful. that often happens in cases where a doctor is desperately trying to say whether one patient, two patient or everyone in the e.r. after a tragedy. you don't blame the doctor for trying to save everyone. you don't blame him if everyone doesn't get saved. we're talking about something very different. when there is an intentional desire and action that results in the life of a human being. >> governor huckabee, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. and just ahead, what is driving up donald trump's popularity among republicans? we'll take a deeper dive into our brand new poll and trump's controversial moves. and hillary clinton's tense private conversation with activists from black lives matter. how much of a problem potentially is this for democrats?
3:30 pm
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3:34 pm
breaking news we're following. hillary clinton has just spoken out about the controversy over her e-mails denying she sent classified information over her private server. listen to what she said out on the campaign trail in nevada a few moments ago. >> in order to be as cooperative
3:35 pm
as possible, we have turned over the server. they can do whatever they want to with the server to figure out what's there and what's not there. that's for the people investigating it, to try to figure out. we turned over everything that was work-related. every single thing. personal stuff we did not. i had no obligation to do so and did not. thank you all very much. >> let's get more on what she said and didn't say. joining us, our senior correspondent, our senior reporter, and our political reporter, and jeffy toobin. she always says in recent days, she didn't receive or send any information that was marked classified. which is a very specific term. >> she is saying that for a reason. a key distinction. she is saying it was not marked classified at the time meaning it became classified after the
3:36 pm
fact. a couple years after the fact which actually often happens. i talked to people in the community. if things change in a situation, things can become classified after the fact. she is saying she did not knowingly turn over any information. that's why this is different than the other cases that seem similar like david petraeus and others. that was marked classified. she is saying she did not turn over, or did not knowingly turn anything over. but the rest of the fact is, she still is defiant that she basically did nothing wrong. she said she did it out of convenience. now it's not so convenient. it all goes back to the decision made in january 2009 to decide to do a private e-mail server in her home in chappaqua when she was secretary of state. that is haunting her and will continue to haunt her. >> i want to play that clip for you. she was obviously irritated with the line of questions shelf did take questions knowing the
3:37 pm
sensitive subject would come up. >> whether it was a personal account or a government account, i did not send classified material and i did not receive any material that was marked or designated classified. which is the way you know whether something is. what you're seeing now is in disagreement between agencies saying, you know what? they should have. the other is saying no, they shouldn't. that has nothing to do with me. if it had been a government account and i said release it, we would be having the same arguments. >> all right. what's your analysis? >> what she's saying is true as far as it goes. what it doesn't deal with is the fact that the government overclassifies everything. and the standards for what is classified and what is not are very murky. so what will happen now with almost certainty is that the government is going to say, you know what? some of these e-mails that you thought were unclassified are in
3:38 pm
fact classified. that will be embarrassing and that will be a problem for her. it will be a political problem. not a legal problem. i don't think there is any possibility that she will be prosecuted or even a grand jury impaneled here. but it is going to be a continuing embarrassment. it is a certain if i some of those e-mails, the agencies will say, you know what? we can't release it because it is classified information. >> i want to listen to another little clip. this is the former secretary of state, the democratic candidate, hillary clinton only a few moments ago, trying to put a little lighter note on the issue of wiping that server. >> i don't, i have no idea. that's why we turned it over. >> you were the official in charge. did you wipe the server? >> with a cloth or something? no. i don't know how it works digitally at all. >> what do you make of that? she is obviously trying to have a little fun with it. >> she is trying to have a
3:39 pm
little fun with that and we saw her do that before when she made the snap chat joke with democrats who ate it up and thought it was funny. the press folks didn't think it was so funny. she is trying to make light of it. trying to take the edge off. trying to show that she is afraid there is any criminal wrongdoing here. that there is any real political cost to be paid here even though as jeffrey said, she will be answering questions about that for this time. i'm sure she regrets what she did. that there is some sort of political cost. we've seen the ads cut by the super pacs that are saying what she said versus what other people said. she has a long road this and it will keep going and going. >> let's go back to our poll. these numbers are pretty interesting. the enthusiasm level among democrats and republicans, according to our poll, 55% of democrats are enthusiastic right now about voting. 61% of republicans say they're
3:40 pm
enthusiastic about voting right now. so that potentially both well for republicans. if they're enthusiastic about going to the caucuses or the polls. >> no doubt that has a lot to do with the occupant of the white house. i went back and looked at the numbers in june 2007. eight years ago. when a republican george w. bush was occupying the white house. the numbers were completely filmed. the democrats were enthusiastic about 60% and the republicans were about 52%. when you're out of power for eight years, that is a big motivator for to you get your party out to vote. >> jeffrey, the donald trump phenomenon, i must say, in this poll among republicans, pretty amazing. he is way, way up. take a look at this. among registered republicans, his favorability number is 58% to 38% unfavorable. but among all voters out there, his favorability is only 36%, 59% unfavorable. so there's a problem potentially
3:41 pm
for donald trump in the republicans if he were to get the republican nomination, right? >> well, yes, potentially. but these favorable/unfavorable numbers, 40 is the new 50. people are not popular. politicians are not pop lafrl hillary clinton has terrible numbers in terms of favorable and unfavorable. the fact that his numbers are 36 isn't as bad as it sounds. all politicians, favorable/unfavorable numbers these days are pretty bad. >> very quickly. i know you're going to south carolina. that's where the vice president joe biden is vacationing. he is speaking to friends and supporters trying to determine whether he should throw his hat into the ring. what are you hearing? >> he has a lot of support down there. people talking back and forth about what he could do down there. folks he could hire if he decided to get in this thing. i guess we're told that it could be weeks to decide. he will decide by the end of the summer which i guess is the end of september. there is still some time to make
3:42 pm
this happen. south carolina would figure pretty prominently in his plans. if he is to do well, it would be among those african-american and key voters in that state vefl different. >> if you're a sitting vice president, you have to play everywhere. you can't pick what state you're starting in. >> south carolina comes right after iowa and new hampshire. stand by just ahead. a sometimes heated confrontation between activists with the black lives matter movement and hillary clinton. stand by. i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders. sfx: [screams] they have all those warnings on 'em. might as well say... 'you're gonna die, jeff.' you hired someone to clean the gutters. not just someone. angie's list helped me find a highly rated service
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3:47 pm
with activists from the black lives matter movement. video has emerged from a 15-minute closed door meeting. let's get more on what's going on. our cnn analysts. let me play you a little clip. a little of the exchange that occurred between hillary clinton and these representatives from the black lives movement. listen to this. >> if you don't tell black people what we need to do, then we won't tell you all what you need to do. >> i'm not telling you. i'm telling you to tell me. >> what i mean to say you, this is and has always been a white problem of violence. it is not, there is not much that we can do to stop the violence against us. the conversation -- >> i understand what you're saying. >> and also respectfully -- >> respectfully, if that is your
3:48 pm
position, i will talk only to white people about how we are going to deal with a very real problem. >> that's not what i mean. >> let me get your thought first. >> it's tough. i was not there for the whole thing. but just from that, listen, i have great respect for the black lives matter movement. as i have great respect for hillary clinton as well. she has served this country. i think that if i were giving advice to the black lives matter, maybe they don't want my advice. i'll tell what you my boss said once i got a job. he said you have the job now. you've got the job. so now it is time for you to sit at the table and own it. sit there with hillary clinton. you have her ear. one of the most powerful women in the world. she is listening to you. now it is time for both of you to listen to each other. so i think that just from that little bit, i don't know how
3:49 pm
much they were both listening to each other. but it is time for them to start listening to each other and start making a difference and to stop talking over each other. just for that little bit. i was not there the whole thing. i don't know the full context and that's important. i just saw 10, 15 seconds. >> nia, this is the first time the representative from the black lives matter movement have had a major candidate for the presidency. i assume there will be more down the road. what was your reaction when you saw that? >> it is the first time we've seen proof of it. they've been meeting behind closed doors. folks like bernie sanders, martin o'malley. and some have met with hillary clinton before. and this is the first time it's been video tamed. this idea that they are talking past each other. hillary clinton in that meeting was saying, listen. give me a plan. where do you want to go in terms of legislation as they acknowledge the importance of legislation.
3:50 pm
they're critiquing hillary clinton in terms of her support for the crime bill. they seem to want hillary clinton to acknowledge something more. the legacy of white supremacy. that's the language they use. and theyments want her to say that a white supremacy informed this disposable way. this is kind of the language they use. i don't think she'll get there. you had bill clinton come out and apologize for the crime bill sponsored by joe biden. so i think they want her to sort of say get closer to the language, not just black lives matter but acknowledging the legacy of white sup preliminary si. >> where is this moving, jeffrey? >> i hope it's moving to specifics. we're talking about lowering sentencing and getting rid of mandatory sentencing and the crack cocaine versus powder
3:51 pm
cocaine. mass incarceration. these are issues where black lives are really impacted and i would like to see this debate move from who did what in the mid 1990s to what can be done now and specifically and that seems to be the appropriate next step for this discussion. >> i assume you agree, don. >> jeffrey said what i'll say because bill clinton, the former president admits heed a added te problem with the bill and sentencing and fighting drugs in the '90s. where do we go from here? now that you're at the table and have the job, how do you become professional and move fast. >> good point. all right. guys, thanks very much. don will be back tonight, much more on his program "cnn tonight" 10:00 p.m. eastern. check it out. we'll have much more news right after this. i have type 2 diabetes.
3:52 pm
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this just coming in cnn jared fogle is expected to pled guilty to the possession of child pornography. this comes about five weeks after federal and state law enforcement agents raided fogle's home carting off computers and other electronics. an associate of fogle who ran
3:57 pm
the an oh besty was -- obesity was charged. subway ended its relationship with fogle and has no comment. tonight a cnn special report on a killing spree that horrified the nation 46 years ago this month. the manson family murders and followers. sarah is joining us with a preview. sarah, set the scene for this amazing documentary. >> you know, we take a look back at this trial and talk to some of those who were directly involved in it, and it really is an amazing look and you'll hear details about this case that has fascinated people for 46 years now. >> i proved through witnesses that manson was the only one that had a motive for these murders and that motive was --
3:58 pm
>> later on he said the black man have to look around at those white people who survived who had escaped from helter skelter. >> to prove manson was the mastermind, he needed a witness from inside the manson family, a witness like barbara hoyt. >> i was afraid. they threatened my family. i got different death threats, different times. >> and i told her i would give her all the protection of the lapd that i could. >> but manson's followers got to her anyway, spiking her hamburger with lsd, enough to overdose her but she survived. >> finally what it came down to is i wanted to be able to live with myself when i got old and from there i knew what to do. >> that little girl came back and she was an excellent witness for the prosecution. >> even when manson tried to intimidate her as she took the stand.
3:59 pm
>> he pretty intense. he would stair at me. the girls would. leslie would intame every gesture i did, if i cocked my head, she would do the same or asked me a question, charlie like this say no and i said yes and he looked pretty peeved. >> and you're going to hear for more people a juror, one of the friends of sharon tate who was eight months pregnant when she was brutally murdered and you'll hear from a reporter who met with manson continuously throughout the trial and she has interesting details to share. that's a really interesting story and look back, wolf? >> we're really looking forward to seeing it tonight. sarah doing important work for us. you can see the entire special report "face of evil, the charles manson murders" that area tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. sarah, thanks very much. remember, you can follow us on twitter. go ahead and tweet me @wolf
4:00 pm
bliltzer a blitzer. thanks for watching. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" tonight, donald trump soaring in the latest cnn poll but given his sometimes sexist comments, why is trump winning the hearts and minds of so many women voters, too? plus, breaking news, hillary clinton speaking out tonight vigorously defending the use of her private e-mail account and taking on donald trump. and a hostage dies in a hail of gunfire struck ten times by police bullets. why was no one held accountable. let's go "outfront."


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