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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 19, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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be sure to follow the show on facebook, twitter, i'm john berman on twitter and facebook. that's all for today. i turn you over to wolf blitzer now in "the situation room." \s happening now -- trump talks. our new poll shows donald trump is leaving rivals behind even though he closes in. the gop front-runner speaking with cnn even as he gets ready to speak directly to voters. scaring away latinos? trump is scoring points on his tough talk, but will he hurt the gop with latino voters? next stop, tehran, over u.s. objections, russia is ready to sell sophisticated missiles to iran. they could make any attack on iran's nuclear sites extremely costly. can the u.s. do anything about russia's meddling in the miss
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50e6d and europe. and jared fogle agree toss a plea deal that will put him behind bars for years. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." donald trump speaking with cnn and with voters. the republican front-runner is about to hold his first-ever town hall meeting as a candidates. you'll see it live from new hampshire. and in a sit-down with cnn's chris quoemor, trump is doubling down on his demand to expel millions of undocumented immigrants, that comes as the brand-new cnn/orc poll shows hitch stretching his lead over republicans and for the first time shows he could be a very serious contender to hillary clinton in a general election. he now trails her by just six points, almost within the margin of error. clinton is still out in front among democrats, but she is giving up ground as she
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grappling with the controversy over the private e-mail server she used during her four years as secretary of state. i'll ask john kirby about all of that. our correspondents, analysts and guests are standing by with full coverage of the day's top stories. but first to the special cnn interview with donald trump. he quote with our "new day" anchor chris cuomo today. how did it go? >> we'll get to see a different donald trump today. i think being in the lead, considering this set of possibilities that are becoming more likely are changing what donald trump wants to present to the public. when it comes to immigration, he is still very much owning his hard-line position, being made awar of the risks that presents to him and to the gop. immigration, you have people in the gop worried that you will alienate -- excuse the pun --
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pulling the birthright exception. you shouldn't be taking such an extreme position. what do you say? >> i have to do the right thing. it's a time -- this country is so politically correct, nobody wants to take a stance on anything. i was the one that brought it up and i took a lot of heat. you gave it to me, too. you were one of the leaders, the first week, week and a half after the announcements, a lot of people were not reading it the way i said it. i've been actually complemented by some of the people. i brought up the whole thing of illeap immigration. at some point we have to be honest with ourselves. it's called -- now they like to use the word "undocumented." i don't use that word. they're illegal immigrants. they came over illegally. some are one of the people and have been here for a while, they've got to go out of the. they've got to leave.
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>> how do you do it in a practical way? >> at some point we'll try getting them back. there's a lot of good ones. >> you send a mixed message. you're going to get rid of whole families, but you want -- >> they're illegal. we have a country, we have to have a border, we have to have a wall. i getting a kick out of these guy that is never negotiated -- >> they say they're going to pay for a $4 billing onwall. why would they say yes? >> they make a fortune with us. our companies are moving into members core more than any other place. we're losing or industry, our business to mexico. their leaders are smart as well. i mean, 300,000 -- i looked at your show, 300,000 birthings this year, that means we picked up 300,000 people that will get associate security. people on the border and in one day they walk over, have a baby and now all of a sudden we're supposed to pay -- >> so the citizenship you would
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revoke it. >> number one, the 14th amendment is very questionable whether somebody can come over, have a baby and immediately that baby is a decision. >> the court has pretty much says that it is a minority legal opinion oar talking about. >> chris, there are many people that totally feel -- >> many want it that way. >> amending is -- it would be two terms, i would be in my second term, eighth year, assuming everything went smoothly. >> it takes a long time, especially on a divisive issue. >> i believe you can win it legally, and in any event, the parents have to leave. when the parents leave, they'll take their baby. >> 75% of the people feels you should by trying to find a way to let people stay with conditions. >> the people, the really good ones, we're gill to trying to expedi expedite, but they have to come back legally. the first them ironing doing is getting the bad ones out and they're gone and not coming
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back, either. wolf you you saw something there. he sidestepped the retroactivity. that had about a dynamite for the situation he's already created but there is a caution within donald trump. he knows he's selling something politically tantalizing for those who are outraged, but is it pragmatic? is it practical? he's starting to consider that as well in terms of how he defines his position. >> the issue of birthright citizenship, the kids would be kicked out as well, even though they are now seen as u.s. citizens? what is he saying about that. >> he's saying look, the law is the law. these people are illegal, they have to go, and i'm going to revoke the birthright. however, what is staring him in the face is the law, namely the 14th amendment, and a longtime
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reckoning of it to have inclusive ability legally for immigrants. he is hanging his hat on what has been a minority and somewhat of an outlying legal position about what subject to the jurisdiction of means within this clause. there's not a lot of legs to it legally, but it is something that will sound good to people who want a tougher stance. >> chris cuomo with an excellent interview, thanks very very much. an important note, please tune in tonight for the cnn special report, the donald trump interview, the gop front-runner judges chris with a hour-lone interview, airs tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific, only here on cnn. trump's rise in popularity as come as he calls for the deportation of all undocumented immigran immigrants. will donald trump ultimately hurt the gop with latino voters out there? let's go to jim acosta.
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he's with the president out on martha's vineyard. what is the latest on this story, jim? >> reporter: he's shown the importance of the latino vote. donald trump has all but ignored the lessons learned from that section of the obama playbook and it's the republican party that could pay the price. donald trump may be on fire mountain polls, but angers with white-hose rhetoric, some republicans fear he could torch the gop's chances in to 16. >> trump builds walls, i build walls. >> reporter: consider the latest proposal, end birthright citizenship in the constitution to crack down. >> i don't think they have american -- we have to start a process where we take back our country. >> playing catch-up on the issues, some republicans are now following trump's lead. >> going forward, i believe we should change the rules. >> reporter: it's a risky move
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for the gop. the heavyhanded comments on mexicans may excite parts of the conservative base. >> they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists, and some i good are good people. >> polls show it's a big turnoff for hispanic. >> as far as a wall being built, this isn't china. >> reporter: republicans have seen this movie before, when mitt romney ran to the right on immigration, saying the undocumented should just deport themselves. >> they're going toself deport to a place where they can get work. >> romney lost the latino vote by a wide margins continuing a downward trend for gop nominees. >> we need to be in the inner cities, we need to be in the barrio, everywhere saying, hey, we want to renew this imply and grow it for youth. that's not the trump message. >> reporter: democrats have taken the opposite approach are, courting hispanic. >> america was built by people who said something different,
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who sell, yes, we can. who said, si, se puede. hillary clinton slammed trump's citizenship ideas. >> certainly from my perspective, what is being said by those running on the republican side is incredibly offensive s. and it is unrealistic. it is mean-spirited. >> reporter: the white house does not even see the policies worthy of a response. aides to the president say the president wants to sign immigration reform into law, but that will only happen if republicans in congress send him a bill. >> jim acosta at martha's vineyard, thank you. hillary clinton continuing to struggle with the controversy over her use of a personal e-mail server during her four years as secretary of state.
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jeff zeleny has been working this story. >> the clinton campaign realizes this issue isn't going away, intensifying even before the justice department finishes the investigators of the private e-mail server. today aides to clinton launched a full-court press, lit real a campaign inside the campaign to push back on this controversy. several of her advisers went on television, talking points have been sent out to supporters and donors and aides convened a late-afternoon kar to an questions. jennifer palmieri, a veteran of the clinton white house said we think it's confusing and want to answer questions, but this all cuffs after hillary clinton became agitated on tuesday during questions from reporters in nevada. let's take a listen to that. >> my personal e-mails are my personal business, right? so that's all i can sigh. >> reporter: you tried to wipe the whole server.
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>> i have no yesterday. that's why we turned it over. >> reporter: you were the official in charge. did you wipe the server. >> what, like with a cloth? >> reporter: you know how it works digitally. >> i don't know how it works digitally at all. >> it's those answers that have fault automatic of this. several top democrats believed she hasn't done enough to answer the question it ises. and has she expressed nufz contrition for all of that? wolf? >> these questions not going away, at least not yet. they have a lot of work to do. next hour, we'll be speaking with the responseman and discuss with that in depth. thanks very much. >> hillary clinton, the e-mail flap has nothing to do with her, but investigators want further scrutiny of hundreds of those e-mails. joining us, the state department spokesman jaunts kirby, thanks very much for joining us.
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>> you belt. >> cnn is reporting that an april 2011 e-mail that was forecasted to then secretary clinton by her adviser huma abedin. it included sensitive information about tentative plans to evacuate the special envoy chris stevens, the ambassador at that time. if not criminal as some are already suggesting, and we are not suggesting that, but was it negligent to put on a private server sensitive information about the movement of a u.s. ambassador, who was then facing a very hostile situation? >> for use of the server, i think former secretary clinton has spoken at length about the use of her server, and i'll let her and, while she was here. but what we are focused on, what secretary kerry is focused on,
2:14 pm
as we go through the 30,000-plus e-mails, we review them carefully, redact any sensitive information and when posted to the public, they're done in a responsible way, and we do this every month, and we're doing a little tranche this months. show we're very comfortable that that e-mail traffic was properly reviewed before being sent -- before being sent to the committee and to being made public. >> but at the time it was forwarded to her, this was a sensitive e-mail entitled per special envoy stevens about his movement during a dangerous situation. there's another e-mail that's been released that subsequently was marked classified, secret, no foreign reasons to look at this. another e-mail forwarded to her, jake sullivan, who still works for her on the campaign right
2:15 pm
now, you've dealt with sensitive classified information all the time in your years at the pentagon. you're a retired u.s. admiral. aren't there different standards for different agencies, with you can classify it secret, another agency thinking it's not secret. what is your experience on this? >> the classification process is not binary. it's not black and white. sometimes information is classified inside an agency, sometimes outside the agency and everybody treats them accordingly. i can tell you that none of the e-mail traffic that we've been talking about was marked in a classified way at the time that it was sent or received. so we're still working through. we have a lot more e-mails to go through, but we've seen no evidence at all that there was, you know, negligent wrongdoing with the transmission of information in terms of the markings, but it's not a binary process. oftentimes, you know, it does take an interagency assessment
2:16 pm
to determine the classification on some documents. for instance, as we go through these e-mails and are making them public, we have intelligence reviewers sitting with our reviewers as they go through this traffic, so there's already baked into the pros an interagency approach for the possible upgrades of the classification. >> john, i want you to stand by, we have a lot more to discuss, including new reports that are coming out that the international atomic energy agency is about to let iran do its own inspection of sensitive nuclear sites in iran. we'll see what's going on. much more with the state department's spokesman, when we come back. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should.
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there are growing indications that russia intense to move forward quickly, with the sale of a sophisticated missile system to iran. >> reporter: on parade in. >> as i said for quite some time, and we're continuing to
2:22 pm
monitor it closely. >> reporter: in iranian camps, could mean could not sneak undefected if they wanted to bomb iran's nuclear weapon sites. bombing the radar and missiles first gives the iranians warning an attack would be on the wait. >> we knee more specifics to determine whether anything may be complicated. >> regally traveled to moscow. the u.s. doesn't know if he was there to finalize the deal that may put the entire region even more on edge. >> the airspace already more
2:23 pm
tense and they will be ray dare signals that we can't easily stop or evade. >> reporter: infuriating to the u.s., this comes as 5,000 troops from the u.s. and nato are conducting the largest airborne training exercise in europe since the cold war. making sure they can fight together. >> i think russia certainly has the message. >> pewing has been busy with a new adventure, descending into a submersible mini subin crimea, the ukrainian territory occupied by the russians for over a year.
2:24 pm
>> nato today said russia has a special response to find a political solution to the violence in ukraine. no indication that moscow is listening to that piece of advise, either. wolf? >> thank you, barbara. let's get back to john kirby. is this proposed system legal? anything that the u.s. can do about it? >> it's not a violation of the u.n. security council resolutions. that said, as i noted yesterday, secretary kerry is very concerned about it. but it's very deeply concerning to us, and we've made our case very publicly known to russia about this proposed sale. >> can you confirm that the iranian qods force suleimani, who has been subject to international travel sanction, did in fact visit moscow recently, spoke with the russians presumably about this missile sale? >> he's still under travel bans
2:25 pm
under u.n. security council resolutions, wolf, and no we can't confirm definitively whether this travel occurred. secretary kerry raised 9 issues of the reports to foreign minister lavrov in a phone call a few days ago. we're going to continue to raise those concerns. we want the u.n. to investigate this and to kind of get the ground truth on it. >> what did the russians say? what did lavrov tell the secretary about that? >> i don't president to speak on their behalves, but we want the u.n. to look into this. >> there are they reports that iran worked on the a secret agreement that would actually allow iran it slfz to inspect various nuclear sites that have been under review, including this one site calling, that the iranians would inspect it and report to the iaea, is this
2:26 pm
acceptable? >> the iaea routinely has confidential arranges with countries in question, as they have not set up with iran. one, we're very, very confident, and the ability to address the concerns, to investigate technically possible military dimensions. in the past. more importantly, wolf. iaea is comfortable with the arrangements they have said. going forward. they also have in place the most robust set of inspection regime that has ever been peacefully negotiated with another nation. i won't talk about the details of these leaked documents or draft documents but i'll tell you that we are very comfortable that the iaea will have the
2:27 pm
access and information it needs to make a proper accounting of possible military dimensions. >> do we expect these iranians to tell -- and the international community about the truth about the past nuclear activities which the u.s. government says they were involved in trying to build some sort of nuclear bombn you think they're going to tell the truth about what was going on? >> i'm not going to get into the content and again it's an for -- we're familiar with the arrangements. >> what i will say is we are confident that the iaea is completely confident that they have the arrangements in place to do a proper accounting of both possible military dimensions in the past, as well as going flared, a very robust inspection regime, the most robust that's ever been peacefully negotiated.
2:28 pm
>> we have to leave it there, unfortunately, but we'll continue they conversation. thank you, john kirby. the critics are already screaming this like letting professional athletes do their own steroid tests. that's the cry sim you'll be hearing from the critics of this new arrangement that's just coming to light. we'll left it there and have much more coming up. also we'll go live to new hampshire, where donald trump is trying to upstage jeb bush's town hall with a town hall of his own. later, jared fogle will plead guilty to child important sex with minors, we have details of the plea deal. stay with us. everyone loves the picture i posted of you.
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call and upgrade to get x1 today. ♪ donald trump is getting ready to hold a campaign town hall in derry, new hampshire, just miles down the road from a town hall being held by jeb bush. let's get to sara murray, she's over at the trump town hall. how is it looking? >> reporter: hi, wolf. pretty soon the doors will open, voters will start coming in. they're actually going to get an opportunity to ask donald trump their questions. it's the first big branded town hall event he's holding, so we'll get a much better ideas of what voters here on the ground want to know from the gop front-runner. he's coming here on more good
2:34 pm
news. the latest cnn/orc poll shows in a head-to-head matchup, donald trump only trails her by six points. she's at 61%, he's at 45%, that is a big change from july when he was trailing her by 16 points. so i think we can probably expect to hear about that later on this evening. back to you, wolf. >> i'm sure he will, and he'll have a little q&a with reporters as he often does first. is that right? >> reporter: that is correct. he does love the media. he's going to come in earlier and take questions from the press. we tend to focus on different things than the voters do, so it will be interesting to see whether they're focus on the political attack, whether they're wondering about the dueling town has or whether they have totally different issues on their minds. i'm sure we'll get a good mix of questions. all right, sara, thanks very much. let's discuss trump's town
2:35 pm
hall, all the latest developments with ana navarro, our politics executive editor mark preston and senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny. ana, our views know by now you're very close to jeb bush. what do you make of this the exact time that jeb bush is doing his town hall right down the street? >> oh, i think donald trump is very media savvy, and he knows we're going to portray it ago dueling town halls. i expect him to get a very large crowd. this is his first town hall. jeb has down something like 24, 25 town has since march, and a dozen over events around new hampshire, where he gets asked questions and gives answers. i'm glad to see trump doing this. i think he needs to do retail politicking if he's going to be the republican front-runner.
2:36 pm
do i think it matters to jeb? frankly not. this is a guy i saw handle eight hurricanes in one hurricane season, so i don't think donald trump, though at times he reminds me of a tropical storm -- will rattle him whatsoever. >> stand by. trump told us in a special interview that we'll air later tonight, he said his focus is on the other 16 republican presidential candidates. most of his attention so far has been going after jeb bush. you think he's going to start going after some of the others who are creeping up in the polls like dr. ben carson or ted cruz? >> overall, he said that washington politicians are stupid, so he's put the blanket statement out there but donald trump is the leader, the leader by a lot right now, and he's got to be careful not to punch down. you're giving rise to the candidates that are below you, and we've seen candidates try to
2:37 pm
use that debate by attacking him to try to get his poll numbers up. at this point, if i'm donald trump, and certainly his advisers, you've got to think are telling him this, be careful not to punch down. focus on messaging now. >> let's get back to these numbers. back in june, she krauscrushed . now it's down to only six points. that's almost within the margin of error. is this the result of trump doing really well or hillary clinton's favorability going down? >> yes, it's a mix of both. no question about this. the real that donald trump is doing better, he's appealing to the republican-leans independents and white men. at the same time hillary clinton has had a few issues that have drawn her 3ru68 rating down. some of the on the level don't believe she's addressing some of
2:38 pm
the issues of income and equality. and so the question here is that -- i think that this finding says more that republicans would elect almost anyone but hillary clinton. she's a polarizing figure at this point, has been in the campaign for five months or so. you know, if you didn't like her at the beginning, she's now a politician, so her numbers have fallen. but it's early. any of these head-to-head matchups are theoretical, because they haven't run against one another yet. he hasn't reminded everyone of some of her things, so these theoretical things don't always hold up, but he's basically brought the republicans home behind him. >> and it's amazing how he is doing better and better and better despite the controversial statements. guys, stand by. we have a lot more to discuss, much more with our accomplice cal panel, right after this. across america, people like basketball hall of famer
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into we're back with our political experts. we're talking about the race for the white house. ana, dr. ben carson is now in third place in the latest cnn/orc poll. he was asked today if he would support using drone strikes along the u.s. border with mexico to take out drug car tells. listen to what he said. >> i thinking can use everything. you look at some of these caves and everything out there, one drone strike, they're gone, and they're easy to find. >> what do you think about that
2:44 pm
kind of language? >> uh, you know, i think it's -- i think it's a little bit too simplistic, and i think the border has a lot of things, environment concerns, people, ranches, animals, businesses. so i think it's a bit more complicated than he is seeing it. i think certainly you could have technology by used and drones, not to take out people, but certainty to be a virtual wall, so to speak, and serve as something to look at what's happening, the activity, drug activity and immigration activity going on. but this idea of using drones on the border, which means it may affect the united states, i'm not into that at all. >> jeff, martin o'malley, the former mayor of maryland s. governor, mayor of baltimore, he's -- a distant third or fourth place among the
2:45 pm
democrats, i think in third place, he's way, way down, trying to get some publicity. today he shows up at vegas at the trump international hotel, employees fighting over unionizing. is this the only way that somebody like martin o'malley can get on tv? >> it's certainly one of the easiest ways. he's not alone. other candidates, some republicans are running away from him. democrats like to run toward him, actually, because they are more than happy to point out that they are not supportive of his policies. but martin o'malley has a challenge in that he has been hurt by donald trump. the oxygen is taken out of the race for republicans and democrats alike. but i can tell you after a few days in iowa, martin o'malley has more supporters on the ground. he's more organized than you think. so he has perhaps of perhaps a few trips up his sleeves. >> very quickly, joe biden, the majority of democrats, they want
2:46 pm
him to run? >> they do, because they want a race between hillary clinton and joe biden. i think at this point a gut check for joe biden, the betting money is he doesn't do it. but we'll know in a month or so. >> thanks, guys, very much. joining later tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern for a c special report, the donald trump interview, he sits down with our own chris cuomo for a very frank discussion on his campaign, the one-hour interview tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. coming up, donald trump is about to hold his first town hall of the campaign. we're going there live to new hampshire, where we are waiting to hear from the controversial republican candidate. plus the former subway spokesman jared fogle is facing at least five years in prison for charges of child pornography and sex with minors. we'll have details of the plea deal he struck with prosecutors. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger.
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can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. the former subway spokesman jared fogle notified a federal court he will plead guilty on charges of child pornography and sex with minors. fogle best known for his story of dramatic weight loss which he attributed to eating subway sandwiches. he made headlines when his home was raided by fbi agents who carted away computers during their investigation. our national correspondent ryan young is joining us now from in y dianapolis, where fogle appeared in court. >> we were covering the story since last month.
2:52 pm
fogle held his hands together for quite some time. we learned more details about what investigators found inside his home. >> i cannot think of anything more repugnant than sexually victimizing a child. >> reporter: the charges are horrifying. >> this is about using wealth, status and secrecy to illegally exploit children. >> and the guilty pleas are too. jared fogle was hustled out of an indiana court today refusing to answer questions. >> you know i speak to children all over the country all over the world now. >> reporter: for a long time, the weight of child pornography charges will remain for a lifetime. >> jared fogle expects to go to prison. >> reporter: the father of two pleaded guilty to receipt and distribution of child pornography as well as traveling to engage and pay for sex with minors. court documents show there are at least 14 victims and fogle didn't act alone. russell taylor former head of
2:53 pm
the fogle foundation, allegedly was in on it too. investigators retrieved electronics and dvds from both men's homes in raids earlier this year. documents show explicit images of children as young as 6 were uncovered. the documents also allege taylor used hidden cameras in clock raid yez to capture images of unknowing minors changing clothes, showering and bathing in his home. investigators say he then distributed the images to fogle and others. but perhaps the most shock sg is what happened here at the plaza hotel in new york in 2012. documents state fogle engaged in sex with a prostitute age 17. paid for it and later asked her to introduce him to more girls. documents say fogle told her he would accept a 16-year-old. the younger the girl the better. fogle will serve at least five years in federal prison. the 37-year-old former subway star also faces additional consequences as part of the plea
2:54 pm
agreement. including mandatory monitoring of his electronic devices, mandatory treatment for sexual disorders, a fee of $1.4 million, that's $100,000 for each of the 14 victims. and he must register as a sex offender. subway says we no longer have a relationship with jared. and today, fogle's wife says she is seeki ining to end hers as w. >> jared mentioning he is admitting to the court, and outside the courtroom, so many people showing up, using the cameras to film him as he walked towards the car. he didn't look up once. people were screaming. they were upset. somebody said "jared, what about the children?" >> a very disturbing report indeed. coming up. cyberthieves make public private information, millions of people registered with an adultery
2:55 pm
website. among them, u.s. military and government workers here in washington plus, donald trump speaks to cnn about gaining ground on hillary clinton and about hillary clinton's struggles with her e-mail controversy.
2:56 pm
2:57 pm
2:58 pm
2:59 pm
happening now -- trump's new test. standing by for his first official question and answer session with voters since he launched his presidential campaign. how will his brash style play with supporters with him face to
3:00 pm
face? >> seeking support, new polling on hillary clinton, the presidential race and her prospects against donald trump. how much of her investigation of her e-mail is hurting her? i will ask her spokesman. >> deadly trend, what is driving the spike in the murder rate in some of america's largest cities? tough questions about crime, race and justice. >> cheaters exposed. millions of people who use an adultery website now can be traced online. turns out many work for the u.s. government or the u.s. military. is there a national security threat? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." americans soon will see how donald trump respond to questions from voters instead of reporters. tonight, the republican front-runner holds his first townhall meeting as a presidential candidate. cnn will carry the e dent from
3:01 pm
new hampshire, carry it live. also tonight, a new interview with donald trump predicting the investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails will be in his word "devastating" to her campaign. our exclusive poll shows trump trails hillary clinton by six points if they were in a face-off in a general election today. this as hillary clinton's unfavorable ratings hit a 14-year high and the race for the democratic nomination tightens. i will ask clinton spokesman, clinton campaign spokesman, brian falen, about all this and more standing by live. our correspondents and analysts, are standing by to cover all the news breaking right now. first let's go to our political reporter, sara murray joining us from new hampshire. sara, set the scene for ous on donald trump's first townhall as a presidential candidate? >> sure, well voters have started trickling in. pumping up the country music here. getting people ready for donald trump. they're expecting a big crowd
3:02 pm
tonight. the campaign tells us they have 1,500 rsvp's for this event just started advertising it earlier this week. that many people will not fit inside the venue. we are expecting a little bit of an overflow outside. this is going to be one of the first big retail politic events donald trump has done since announcing his candidacy. as you pointed out, a way for voters to quiz donald trump about the questions on top of his mind. an interesting thing about a place like new hampshire, you never know what a voter is going to ask. >> also, sara, interesting, jeb bush not far from where you are, what only 10 miles away, he is also holding a townhall in the same state obviously around the same time. same time, set the scene for us about that. >> yeah, creating a little fun for us reporters. because there are two big townhalls happening here tonight. look, i think there are going to be crowd comparisons between jeb bush's event and donald trump's event. when you talk to the bush campaign they say they're not
3:03 pm
super worried about the trump crowds. they don't think their voters are likely to defect to go to donald trump. they think he is a blip in the race not in it for the long haul. that said, his super pac is spending $10 million on the airwaves in early states, including new hampshire. you don't do that if you are not worried. >> if you have $100 million as a super pac, that is not a lot of money, spending a lot on the ads. thank you very much, sara. we will get back to you. we have donald trump's first response to our exclusive new cnn poll that suggests he would be very competitive in a general election against hillary clinton. trump sat down with cnn's chris cuomo. christmas, joining us from new york right now. you spent a lot of time with him. you spent time with him in the past. how did it go today? >> different than expected. you are going to see a different donald trump here. i will use a word you would never attach to him in politics, softer. he comes to the interview as a
3:04 pm
front-runner as someone with expectations on him. even say something to lose. quite a change in terms and events for him as coming out such an outsider. so, tonight, you are going to hear him talk about the poll, but just as important as what he says, is what he does not say. take a look. the latest cnn/orc poll, you don't get more accurate than that -- it has you for the first time considered competitive in the general election. 6 points separating you and hillary clinton. you must be shocked. >> well, it is not my focus right now. right now i have 16 other people i am looking at. that is not my focus. indirectly i think it is. i think hillary will have a hard time being in the election based on the e-mails, servers, maybe even the speeches. i think it is going to be a very hard thing for her to overcome. when i look, chris, at what happened with petraeus, on a much smaller level, great general, wonderful guy, everybody loves him.
3:05 pm
and they destroyed his life over much less. i mean, in terms of confiden confidentiali confidentiality, in terms of importance, much less, far fewer. it would seem hard to think somebody could have a much worse situation than him and escape. >> well the factual distinction would be that was classified with petraeus, he knew it, and he used it. here we do not know yet that hillary clinton was doing the wrong thing or mishandling classified information? >> it looks like it was. it certainly looks like it was very high level information. what's the purpose of it? it is always skirting the edge? what's the purpose of it? in the end she had something in mind. she didn't want people to know or something. but what is she doing? why is she doing it? >> you think this is going to really hurt her long time? >> i think it is devastating, for the election, but i think her bigger problem is not the election. her bigger problem is going to be the criminal problem. >> you really think this could turn out to be a criminal situation for hillary clinton?
3:06 pm
there is no reference from the investigators now. >> i don't think i amount only one. the fbi is involved. they only do criminal. i'm not the only one. it is either criminal or incompetence. either gross incompetence, or krim nachlt neither is acceptable to be president. >> i feel look you are skipping the headline. you are six points from hillary clinton. nobody would have expected that. you are kind of glossing over it. why? shouldn't you say six points. i cannot believe i am not ahead? >> that's one thing i could say, i guess. i think we will do very well against hillary. hillary's record as secretary of state was a disaster in favor of the iraq war, obviously not a good sound bite. i think we are going to do well. as you know i have been against it for years, the iraq war, i said, "you are going to decimate iraq. iran will take over the middle east and iraq." which is what is happening. somebody will take over the leftover oil. who did that turn out to be --
3:07 pm
isis. if you look at 2004, exactly what i said happened. call it vision, i have to call it vision. i've am trying to get elected. first time in my life trying to get elected. i'm a politician all of a sudden. there was a certain vision, i have gotten a lot of credit for it. they made a terrible mistake. then they made a terrible mistake the way they got out. in my opinion got an even worse mistake not keeping the oil. >> let's talk about this. chris is still with us. chris, a full hour interview we have that will air later tonight. and but getting back to the point he is suggesting what she is going to potentially face criminal charges in connection with this? is he going that far? >> yeah, that's the trump that we are familiar with. pushing the facts to suit his argument against hillary clinton and to his supporters that will probably resonate. however there is not a lot of connection or attachment to what we are learning from the investigation, what he is saying, it doesn't match up. just as instructive, wolf, what he is saying, what you don't
3:08 pm
hear him saying. i would have within a year of lunches off you, wolf, if we made a bet whether i would have to prod donald trump to brag about his situation in a poll against hillary clinton. he showed restraint. why? i would suggest because he is going through transition of being someone who is loud who someone who wants to be perceived as a leader. you heard himself call himself a politician. this is a different donald trump. >> it certainly is. we are looking forward to the full interview later tonight. chris, good work. thank you, very, very much. the full interview, the chris cuomo interview with donald trump, will air later tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. our viewers will want to see it. the special report "the donald trump interview" what we are calling it. >> tonight, our cnn/orc poll shows 56% of americans think hillary clinton was wring -- wr use a personal e-mail account. the controversy appears to be having an impact on her support in the presidential race. let's go to jeff zeleny, he has
3:09 pm
got the latest numbers in the poll. tell us about the numbers, jeff. >> wolf, hillary clinton knew a coronation wasn't coming her way. she couldn't have expected this. bernie sanders is rising. her numbers are falling. in the middle of it all, donald trump, gained legitimacy, and now he is within arm's reach. >> it is all entertainment. >> i think he is having the time of his life. being up on that stage. >> reporter: hillary clinton and other democrats have been all smiles that donald trump and his influence on the republican presidential race. look who is smiling now. donald trump is not only leading the republican field, he is within striking distance of clinton in our new cnn/orc poll. >> we have turned over the server. >> somebody has got a big problem. >> reporter: in a head-to-head match up she now lead trump by only six points. tightening dramatically since summer began. in june, she held a 24-point advantage. in july, 16 points. but clinton can't get ahead of
3:10 pm
herself. she is a democratic primary fight on her hands. she wins support from 47% of democrats. falling below 50% for the first time in our poll. she now leads bernie sanders by 18 points. but since july, a change of fortunes. clinton has fallen nine. sanders has climbed 10. >> i don't mean to be self-serving. i think it is fair to say there is a lot of excitement in the bernie sanders' campaign right now. >> reporter: one other warning sign -- her unfavorable ratings are at a 14-year high with only 44% holding a pz tiff view of her. she has been unable to shake the controversy dog her campaign. over the decision to use a private e-mail server as secretary of state. >> my personal e-mails are my personal business. right? >> you were the official, did you wipe the server? >> what? with a cloth or something? >> i don't know. you know how it works digitally. >> i don't know how it works digitally at all.
3:11 pm
>> reporter: her frustration showing through tuesday in nevada. yet for all the questions, clinton is still in a position of strength. when tested against any of her potential gop rival she's wins. beating jeb bush by nine points. and carly fiorina by 10. that is a good piece of context, secretary clinton still in a stronger position than any of her rivals. but one more element of uncertain team. a majority of democrats, 53% want joed by tune get in the race. we will find out next month if he will. >> he is kidding it, as we are told by friend and associates. thank you for that report. we are getting new information about the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. our justice reporter, evan perez, is working his sources. evan is with me in the situation room. what are you learning, evan? >> we know that one e-mail that sparked hillary clinton's e-mail scandal, an e-mail forwarded from huma abedin, describes the
3:12 pm
deteriorating security situation in eastern libya and possible evacuation plans for american officials from benghazi including chris stevens, later killed in the benghazi terrorist attacks more than a year later. the huma abedin, e-mail publicly released in may. it raised concerns because it contained classified information about potential evacuation plans at the time. the clinton presidential campaign says today while it may have contained classified information the e-mail itself was labeled as being unclassified. so neither huma abedin, who forwarded the e-mail or secretary clinton who received it would have known it was classified. the clinton campaign says this is one reason why this shows the entire scandal is overblown. now, wolf, the fbi began investigating the clinton e-mails as early as may. months later the inspector general flagged four separate e-mails and asked the fbi to investigate and wolf, again,
3:13 pm
the, despite all this controversy, you know, critics would look at this and say, if you look at what is contained in these e-mails it should have never been sent on a private e-mail server. >> because it is sensitive information. >> all right, thanks very much for the report. evan perez. let's get some reaction from the hillary clinton campaign. the press secretary, ryan fallon, joining us right now. what is your reaction to the report, that evan shared, huma abedin, e-mail, the ambassador in libya, special envoy at the time in a dangerous area. talking about moving him around that's pretty sensitive stuff given the security concerns. >> well, wolf, what i would say is that in many conversations that we have had today. i spoke to evan earlier today. this is causing a lot of people to rethink the nature of the inquiry that has been reported by the inspector general. the reason why i say that is because this e-mail is already publicly available out in the
3:14 pm
public sphere since may. the fact that this, in fact, is what the inspector general had in mind when he made his referral to the justice department is causing a lot of people to suggest there is not much there there. the underlying e-mail as evan mentions marked unclassified. huma abedin, secretary clinton's aide was not the ridge nay toor the e-mail. though it may not belong on an e-mail system. a career foreign service officer sent the e-mail initially. a responsible person who knew the difference between classified and unclassified information. so we would say that this e-mail, it has been affirmed by the state department it was neither classified at the time nor classified today. you could go on the state department website and look it up for yourself. it exists in unredacted form. people can judge for themselves. the fact that it surfaced to day this is what the i.g. is looking at, i think is causing a lot of people to rethink the
3:15 pm
seriousness of this investigation. >> but there are other e-mails that they're looking at right now, including this one e-mail, that was released an e-mail that was forwarded to hillary clinton, secretary of state, by jake sullivan, works on her campaign, national security adviser to then-secretary of state. that was released. half of all it has been redacted. subsequently classified as secret, no foreign -- sure you have seen that e-mail as well? >> sure. this e-mail as well one out in the public domain. it's true there were a few lines in the underlying e-mail that was redacted when e-mails were made public in may. as the state department said at the time that e-mail too is one that none of the underlying information was classified when it was sent. this is an ex-post facto decision because it may concern on going law enforcement action. but again, as the state department is on record saying, none of the information in the
3:16 pm
e-mail was classified at the time it was sent consistent with what hillary clinton and our campaign has been saying from the beginning. >> looking back, she agrees, i assume she acknowledges it was a blunder, a mistake early on when she became the secretary of state for four years to use a private server for her main source of e-mails, for her only source of e-mails with her top aides. >> certainly, wolf, she has said, including yesterday, she regrets the decision. if she had to do it over again she would do it differently. easy to see how she could have made a decision. previous secretary of states operated on private e-mail. existing members of the president obama cabinet, acknowledged they used personal e-mail. this was not a strange decision for her to make. but she has admitted if she had to do it over again, she would do it differently. importantly, wolf, with respect to what the i.g. made a referral about it would be happening regardless if she used a personal server or not. again the underlying e-mails
3:17 pm
ridge nate e rid. rid -- >> it is the inspector general for the intelligence community who made the referral to the fbi to take a closer look at all these e-mails. and i guess what you are suggesting is that they're wring to even make the referral is that what i am hearing? >> so what we are saying, wolf, is that this is the nature of classification system in the united states government today. former justice department official, actually published an op-ed yesterday suggesting that what we are really learning from this whole saga is the fact that different agencies within the administration both operating in good faith can have entirely different perspectives on what information is classified and what isn't tells you everything you need to know about a sort of system that is bent in favor of overclassification. and so the inspector general of the intelligence community has his opinion, state department has a different opinion. what that means is people in
3:18 pm
good faith can come to different conclusions and what that means is nobody at the state department did anything wrong. >> are you confident there will be no criminal investigation, forget about the secretary of state, but any of her aides. >> wolf, as far as we know in terms of what the justice department has said and how they're describing this it is not a criminal investigation. describing it as a noncriminal review that does not have hillary clinton as the subject. what their main concern has been as they expressed it just to make sure the residual server and the thumb drive that -- on which copies of the e-mails were kept is in safe storage. we previously negotiated the terms of the storage of the items with the state department. as soon as somebody else in the government said they would like to revisit that arrangement we handed it over. we are making every effort to voluntarily comply with what is going on. but the state department's own description is it is noncriminal. >> based on what you know, brian, the stuff, e-mails
3:19 pm
deleted by the secretary of state, not released to the state department, the fbi now has the server. will they be able to re-create what was deleted? >> oh, i don't know. but, i mean, the only -- her, as she expressed -- all of the work e-mails were turned over. those are the ones that belong as a matter of public record. in fact she erred in favor of turning more over. the state department identified 1,200 e-mails that were overly inclusive, personal in nature. they returned them to her. she made every effort. 55,000 pages of e-mails. she made every effort to comply with the state department's request. no other secretary of states have done the same thing that she has. in terms of turning over e-mails that they had from their personal account previously. in terms of what the fbi's capabilities are, i don't know. but again i they will find more e-mails to the extent they're going through the ones that were
3:20 pm
personal in nature if they were able to retrieve them. i think they would be finding more e-mails expressing her preference for iced tea and, maybe her inability to operate the fax machine as we have seen in some e-mail that have come out. that is an important thing, wolf of the e-mails that have come out we are now into the bird round of productions there has been nothing controversial abut any of the underlying e-mails that have come out. >> well, i guess that is a subject for debate as i am sure you are aware. you used to work at the justice department. you know presumably that when the fbi starts an investigation, you don't know where it going to wind up, right? >> that's true. all we can go on is what they have publicly said. they have publicly characterized as noncriminal and security related in nature. i will take their word. >> joe biden, how does the secretary feel about the vice president maybe throwing his hat in the ring? >> hillary clinton herself and everybody with our campaign has deep respect and admiration for
3:21 pm
vice president biden. a number of people on our campaign who worked for him directly. so there is deep admiration and respect for him. he has more than earned the opportunity to take his time and make a decision. and we are just going to continue to operate our campaign in the way that we always have which is to presume we are going to have a competitive race regardless of what the rest of the field looks like, continue to communicate our message to lift middle-class wages and built an economy that rewards hard-working americans so they can share in the record profits corporate ceos are enjoying. >> brian fallon, press secretary for the hillary clinton campaign. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. >> retired nato commander, general wesley clark. he is standing by live. get we' we'll get his thoughts. >> standing by, we will hear from donald trump. he is getting ready for his first townhall meeting as a presidential candidate. lots of news happening today right here in "the situation room."
3:22 pm
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the republican front-runner donald trump is preparing to hold his first townhall event since becoming a presidential candidate. as our new cnn poll shows he would be competitive with
3:27 pm
hillary clinton if the general election were held today. let's bring back our senior washington correspondent, jeff zeleny, and senior legal analyst, jeffrey toobin, mave reston, and former democratic presidential candidate, wesley clark. very quickly, general clark, a former democratic presidential candidate yourself. i know you are supporting hillary clinton for the democratic presidential nomination. what is your take right now on the appeal, enormous appeal among republicans that donald trump is showing? >> i think it is a function of celebrity. he has been on television. he is getting enormous coverage right now. he strikes a chord of people say there is a lot of things that need to be fixed in this country. this guy looks like he has been a successful person in life and business. maybe he is the right guy to articulate these concerns and fix them. i know you can feel that appeal. but you know, wolf, what they say in politics -- your greatest
3:28 pm
strength is your greatest weakness. what happened thus far is this whole surge on donald trump is a function of his, it's celebrity and lots of media coverage. when people really get into this and say what kind of a businessman was he? what kind of a person is he? he is the right person to lead the country? the republican viewpoint might be very different. >> the hillary clinton e-mail controversy -- you dealt with classified information your whole career leading up to becoming nato supreme allied commander. was it smart for her to go ahead and have this private e-mail server to do all of her e-mail activity during four years as the nation's secretary of state? >> well i think you always have a problem when you are in a high position because you still have a personal life. you still have family. you have friends. you have other things. and then people are sending you information that they think is not classified. but it might be classified. so it is not what you are
3:29 pm
sending, it's what they're sending you. and it's almost impossible to control this. whether it had been on or personal e-mail it would have been the same issues. what is going to happen when this is said and done. a lot of people in the state department who say "gee, i didn't know that was classified." wolf, every department seems to have a different standard. different people in the department have a different standard. i have known hillary over 30 years, i am confident she is not holding anything back. i am very confident she never would have abused that system by trying to send classified e-mails that anyone thought were classified over her private e-mail. this is a -- this is the kind of controversy that swirls around you when you are doing well and people want to take you down. >> you go way back as you point out, with hillary clinton, back to arkansas, where you grew up as well. mave, you are doing a lot of reporting on what is going on right now. there are a lot of analysts out there -- a lot of people are
3:30 pm
saying she hasn't answered all the questions. what are you hearing? >> well i think -- >> hold on, it's for mave. >> we were just with her in iowa over the weekend. there are a lot of democratic voters out there who are hearing a lot of these details of the e-mail investigations and not knowing exactly what the facts are. what she did. what she shouldn't have done. i think that the concern we are hearing among democrats is that this is one more piece of sort of the clinton iffa aimage over years, the rules don't apply to them, they have different rules they go by. i think a lot of democrats -- as you are looking to people like joe biden, bernie sanders -- saying is she really the strongest nominee that we have? that's not a good thing for her. her campaign does not want to be talking about this issue right now. they want people to be focused on what she is talking about out on the campaign trail.
3:31 pm
>> stand bishgs jeffrey toobin is with us. jeffrey, told we are a few minutes away from his q & a with reporters, donald trump in new hampshire. that sets the scene for his first formal townhall with voters in new hampshire. quickly, you have studied the supreme court, written excellent books on the supreme court, a legal scholar, i must say this, can you do what donald trump says you can do, change the 14th amendment to the constitution, get rid of the birth right clause which automatically grants citizenship to children of illegal immigrants in the united states if they're born in the united states? can you do that through statute? passing legislation in the house and senate? or does it require a constitutional amendment? >> it probably requires a constitutional amendment. but the supreme court has never addressed this issue directly. back in the 19th century, a couple cases that dealt with. a long time ago and those precedents wouldn't necessarily be followed today. the 14th amendment itself was
3:32 pm
designed to give birth right citizenship to everyone who was born here. it was designed to overturn the idea that slaves were not citizens. but this precise issue regarding parents of illegal immigrants, it does seem it is, sorry, with parents who are illegal immigrants, they, it would probably require a constitutional amendment. but it has never been settled for sure. certainly the question would be -- if the congress were to pass such a law -- which does not seem likely, the court would have to decide whether it is valid. >> we'll take a quick break. waiting for donald trump. we'll take the q & a. very quickly before i end the subject. there is one exception, at least maybe more than one exception. children born in the united states from visiting foreign diplomats serving in the united states they're not automatically granted u.s. citizenship. >> right. that's the argument. once you have a certain set of exceptions which are established by law, that is one, could you have others?
3:33 pm
and that would be the argument in favor of the statute and the birth right citizenship. >> stand by. we're awaiting donald trump. there you see the podium there. he will take reporters' questions. much mr. rigore right after thi. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul?
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take a look at this live pictures coming in from new hampshire. donald trump, the republican
3:38 pm
presidential front runner about to go into that room, go to the microphone and answer reporters' questions. sets the stage for his first formal townhall meeting as a presidential candidate. we will have live coverage. standing by to hear from donald trump. there you see the picture. let's bring back general wesley clark, retired nato supreme commander, former democratic presidential candidate. when you hear donald trump say he gets his military advice from retired military officers, jack jacobs, retired colonel, tv sunday shows, john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., on tv shows, what does that say to you? >> well, i think trump is trying to do the best he can. jack jacobs is a good friend of mine. i know him very well. i think he has great judgment. that doesn't mean that donald trump is going to take it. i listen to what donald trump said on the middle east. honestly i can't figure out whether he is going to bomb them or put troops in or, or, or try
3:39 pm
to steal the oil by inserting oil companies. i don't know what he thinks he is going to do there. he said a lot of different things. this is part of his appeal is that he gives expression to a lot of things that other people think. when you actually roll through it, it might not be a very sound policy. and if you really tried to implement it, it might be against the law, infeasible, may not get an oil company who would volunteer to risk their personnel to fight with you in syria to steal 200,000, 300,000 barrels of oil a day off the pipeline. but he is saying, venting people's ordinary frustration. and so i am looking forward to hear what people ask him today. i wonder if they're going to be satisfied when he says, here's what i am going to do and you are going to love it. it is a great sales pitch. but you know, is it real? is it deep? is it feasible? >> i'm always interested, as you are, hearing what the voters, the people out there in new hampshire are going to ask as opposed to what the reporters at
3:40 pm
this news conference. they're about to ask. stand by, general for a moment. mave, you covered all the political stories for a while. this is his first townhall presidential campaign event as we say, a formal townhall. it looks, based on what he told our own chris cuomo today in that full interview that will air at 9:00 p.m. eastern tonight, he is becoming more serious not as bombastic as he has been. are you getting that sense as well? >> yeah, definitely. i think maybe donald trump is the most surprised person out of all of us that he is continuing to stay up in the polls and bring in new support, obviously, today the, looking at our polls and showing him with increasing strength against hillary clinton. i think that he figured out after the first week or so though that he does have to look more like a serious candidate. actually put some policies out there and to the general's point -- it doesn't make a lot of sense.
3:41 pm
so he is going to have to explain more of that to voters. >> all right, hold on. here is donald trump. he is going to start answering some questions. >> hello. yes. how are you? [ indiscernible question ] >> well, i have a great relationship with the mexican people. many of them work for me. they buy my apartments. but if i am running mexico, i'm saying the same thing. because i have to. because what they're doing to the united states is unbelievable. both in trade and in the border. you know nabisco just announced they're leaving chicago. they're moving to mexico. nabisco. so, if i were involved with mexico at a high level or the head of mexico i would be saying the same thing. look, we have to straighten out our country. our country is a mess.
3:42 pm
and whether it's china or mexico or japan, we have to straighten out our country. i would be saying the same thing, yes. >> yes or no? [ indiscernible question ] >> here is the story. i don't give yes or no. it's not that easy. for you it's easy. let me till yell you not that e. it is a horrible situation we have placed ourselves in. we have thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants in our country not only taking jobs but many of them are causing problems beyond belief. and you see that all over. we have to straighten out the problem with illegal immigration. it starts with getting the bad ones, you know the gangs in, you saw it, the gangs in baltimore. you know that, right? did you see the people? you have illegal immigrants in many cases. in chicago, illegal immigrants. the bad ones are getting out
3:43 pm
fast. day one. if i win, day one of my presidency, they're getting out. we're getting them out. we're getting them out fast. we're going to work on numerous things. the first thing is building a wall which mexico will pay for. okay. we're going to build it. i know how to do it. it is going to be a real wall, not a toy wall like we have right now. that is 10 feet tall and it's a fence. we are going to have a real wall. and people are going to come into our country. and i want people to come in. i want people of great talent to come in. but i want a lot of people to come in. they have to come in legally. they have got to come in. if we don't have them come in legally, we don't have a country. we don't have borders, we don't have a country. they have to come in legally. i want them to come in. they have to come in legally. all right, david. >> you want to build a giant
3:44 pm
wall. if you build a giant wall, you are going to keep illegal immigrants out -- >> there is a very big question as to the anchor babies. they have been talking about it for years. there is a very big question as to whether or not the 14th amendment actually covers this. we are going to find out whether or not it does. changing the 14th amendment would take years and years. a long, drawn out process. a lot of people think that tip is absolutely, in terms of anchor babies, that it is not covered. so we are going to find out. look, here's the story. here's what happens. wait a minute. wait, wait, wait. here's what's happening. a woman is going to have a baby. they wait on the border. just before the baby they come over to the border. they have the baby in the united states. we now take care of that baby, social security, medicare, education. give me a break. it doesn't work that way. the parents have to come in
3:45 pm
legally. now, we are going to have to find out what is going to happen from a court standpoint. but many people, many of the great scholars say anchor babies are not covered. we're going to find out. yes. yes. >> there was a conference today -- [ indiscernible question ] >> i think large portions can be. i am not a common core person. jeb bush wants common core. i want local education. and i think large groups, and large portions can be shut down. absolutely. i have no question about that. you look at the department of education they have done such a poor job. we're number 25 or 26 or 28 or 32 depending which you look at
3:46 pm
in the world. we spend, one thing we are number one at, that's a definite number, we spend more money per student than any country anywhere in the world. and we're way above number 25 in the world. so we are terrible at education. but we spend more money than anybody else. the department of education has done a terrible job. i happen to be a person that does not believe in common core. i believe the people of new hampshire, locally, locally should work mostly on the education. do we allow a little pieces -- yes. largely it should be shut down. i am very surprised to hear that other of the candidates don't want it touched. because that really does surprise me. say it again? [ indiscernible question ] >> have i gotten under jeb bush's skin? i don't know. i will tell you this, you mention the word skin. he said the other day, one of
3:47 pm
the dumber things i have heard ever in politics, when talking about iraq. that we, the united states, he said have to show them that we have skin in the game in order to go into iraq. we have lost $2 trillion, thousand of lives, wounded warriors who i love all over the place, and he is talking about we have to show them we have skin in the game? and every time a shot is fired they run because they're practically is no iraq. and iraq whatever that is is being taken over by iran after us spending trillions and lives and warriors, wounded warriors. for him to say that we have to show them that we have skin in the game is one of the really dumb statements. i would say his other dumb statement is an act of love. that they come here for an act of love. and i would say between common
3:48 pm
core, his act of love on immigration, and skin in the game with iraq. that's the third one that we have now added. i don't see how he is electable. on top of that he talks about women's health issues and he's against women's health. he then comes back a few hours later and says, he misspoke. but he is bad on women's health issues. nobody is going to be better on women's health issues than donald trump. yes. >> you seem to see the world fairly clearly divided as winners and losers? >> no, i don't. i have a much bigger heart than other people. and frankly than probably any of the candidates i have heard so far. excuse me? >> have you ever failed? >> not often. if you want to know the truth -- have i failed? not often. >> who was? >> two men involved, arrest ford
3:49 pm
allegedly beating up a hispanic homeless man. they told cops it was okay because you were right on immigration. are you worried that you're inciting violence? >> i don't know anything about death threats for megyn kelly, you tell me about that. i haven't heard that. >> i have no idea about that. in all fairness. >> excuse me. excuse me. take it easy. i have no idea about death threats for megyn kelly. i haven't heard about that. i think that would be a shame. i haven't heard about that. i they want this country to be great again. and they are very passionate. i will say that. everybody here has reported it. yes. go ahead. >> have you heard -- >> go ahead, what do i think about what? i think heidi klum is a very nice person. >> what about the secret deal
3:50 pm
cut from iran, iran -- >> i think it is crazy, the iran is the dumbest deal you can imagine. i think it will go down as one of the worst deals in the history of this country, maybe of the world. it is a total and complete catastrophe. you know, it is beyond even talking about. so it is hard to believe that people actually -- do we have negotiators, do we have anybody that knows what they're doing? not only the 24 days, which by the way it is much more than that, 24 days to start the clock takes a long time. not only the fact that they still have our prisoners, every aspect of that deal is incompetent. and shouldn't be approved. the amazing thing is even if it is not approved now, they get $150 billion, plus, plus, and they're going to use that money for terror all over the world. it is one of the great dumb deals of our time. >> white house assures there were no side deals, and we find
3:51 pm
out in fact there was. >> well, i'm not surprised, i'm not surprised to hear there are side deals. the white house doesn't know what they're doing. that's been proven, whether it is obamacare with a 5 billion dollar website, the white house truly has no clue what they're doing and the iran deal is a disaster. it is a disaster. it is going to lead in my opinion, nuclear proliferation, it is going to -- so many things are going to come out of that deal for the bad, and i'll tell you, israel is in big trouble. probably something will happen because israel, i don't know how israel can live with that deal. >> martin o'malley today is in las vegas and staging an event in vegas with employees trying to get them to unionize. do you have any response to what martin o'malley -- >> i know nothing about him. i think he has less than 1% on the poll. i did see my beautiful building, tallest building in vegas, proud
3:52 pm
of it. most beautiful building in las vegas. i know he was in front. as you know, we have beaten, we've won, say a nicer word, we won with the employees. let's see what happens. employees love us, decided not to go union, that's a great honor as far as i am concerned. they love me, they love us. martin o'malley was there to try to get publicity, which he desperately needs, and i think he was the one that said lives don't matter. white lives don't matter. i mean, is he the one that apologized almost in tears because he made a mistake of saying? is that the same martin o'malley we are talking about? i think he should be ashamed of himself. i heard he was in front of one of my buildings to try to get some publicity, i think it was in las vegas. >> we're going to continue to monitor donald trump. let's take a quick break. more after this. but your stellar notebook gives hanyou the gumptionlc.
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3:57 pm
donald trump still speaking, answering reporters' questions. he's ridiculing mitt romney now. >> you're the frontrunner, when will we hear about the state of your health. >> i had a physical the other day. they said you are really good.
3:58 pm
you can all hear. very good. knock on wood. >> your father died after a long battle with alzheimer's. >> he was 88 when he developed it and died at 94. he was 88. my mother was 88, 89 and was in amazingly great health and my father, too, was in great health. they lived long lives. >> mr. trump you said earlier in this press conference you would support -- can you give more specifics and do you think other candidates in the republican race of out of touch on health issues? >> i think jeb bush is totally out of touch on women's health issues, totally. he basically said he wasn't going to fund it. he came back after his polster told him you made a mistake, came back a few hours later, said he misspoke. but i'll be very, very strong, very powerful on women's health
3:59 pm
issues. who do i see as strongest. the only thing constant is trump. i mean, all of them change on the bottom, going up and down like yo-yos. i have been up there a long time. i hope i'm going to be up there a long time. i read a lot of phony reports, couple reports in the paper saying oh, well, when donald trump gets tired of doing this, he's doing great and leading the polls, but at some point -- i'm not going anywhere, folks. i'm not doing this for my health. i'm doing this to make america great again. and again is a very important word. very important word. i'm not going anywhere. i'm not going anywhere. got a lot of money. i don't need people funding me like the other candidates. i have people coming up all the time wanting to give me millions, $5 million last week i turned down from one man. i said i don't want your money. and i think that resonates with people. i think it resonates with
4:00 pm
people. [ inaudible ] >> sanctuary cities. it is a disgrace. what happened in san francisco and other places, sanctuary cities should be de-funded and gotten rid of. sanctuary cities are a disgrace. go ahead. we will talk about that. go ahead. [ inaudible ] well, somebody wrote an article that i was a whiner, that i complained. i said he's right. i do complain. our country is in trouble. we are run by people that either are not smart, perhaps they're incompetent, perhaps they have bad agenda, which i actually don't believe, i just think they're not good at what they do, i think they're incompetent. and he said i am a complainer, a whiner. i am. c


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