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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  August 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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people. [ inaudible ] >> sanctuary cities. it is a disgrace. what happened in san francisco and other places, sanctuary cities should be de-funded and gotten rid of. sanctuary cities are a disgrace. go ahead. we will talk about that. go ahead. [ inaudible ] well, somebody wrote an article that i was a whiner, that i complained. i said he's right. i do complain. our country is in trouble. we are run by people that either are not smart, perhaps they're incompetent, perhaps they have bad agenda, which i actually don't believe, i just think they're not good at what they do, i think they're incompetent. and he said i am a complainer, a whiner. i am. i complain and complain and
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whine and whine until i win and then i win. i will win for the american people. we're going to have great trade deals, a strong military, we're going to take care of our vets. we're going to take care of this country, get rid of obamacare and come up with something that will be spectacular, better for people. look what's happening with premiums on obamacare. they're going through -- take a look what's going on with the premiums. they're going through the roof, up 40%, 45, 50%. we will make our country great again. all right, maybe one more question. say it again. [ inaudible ] >> jeb bush is a low energy person. for him to get things done is hard. he is very low energy. go ahead. [ inaudible ] >> you know what we spend on
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illegal immigration, $130 billion a year. if we can spend a similar amount and not have the problem, it will be phenomenal. it is a good deal. it is a one year payback, not that i'm looking at that. but we do need it. hey, we are losing as a country on a yearly basis billions and billions beyond anybody -- they can't even believe it. you look at our trade deals, look at what we are talking with illegal immigration. we have to straighten things out and we will. a lot of people are saying that the plan, building the wall is something that has to happen. it is not expensive. won't be expensive. the reason it looks expensive is you have people working on it that don't know what they're doing. it is not expensive. and that wall will save us. but one thing i have to get before we leave, i want people to come into the country. i want them to come in legally. and i want really talented people also to come into --
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great workers, great talent. i want a lot of people to come into the country, but they have to come in legally. [ inaudible question ] >> i love that question. who are you? this is a great guy. why can't you ask me a question like that. it is very interesting. north carolina came out, a poll came out, public policy polling. i am leading in north carolina by a lot. and i'm leading against hillary clinton by a lot. very important place, very important state and a great state, and a lot of things. and they went over the numbers. and so did many of the other polling companies. i draw from democrats and from conservatives and tea party. i draw from everybody. people are a little surprised,
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straight across the board. we draw more than anybody else from the democrats and that's good. ultimately we're going to have to do that if we're going to win. go ahead, one question, you look so nice. >> but they never vote for you. >> all i have to do is look at the poll. that's changing. excuse me. say it legitimately. how much has that changed in the last three, four weeks. in new hampshire it is so positive, and by the way iowa, it is so positive. they've gotten to know me. i have been to iowa a lot, and south carolina a lot, we have incredible numbers. in the places i go my favorability is through the roof, including new hampshire. okay. i'm going to have to go. one from you, but it is always a negative question. go ahead. can you ask a positive question? see if it is possible. >> do you think that americans -- >> if necessary i would do that.
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we have to stop isis. i didn't want to do iraq, it was a big mistake, should never have happened. the way we got out was also a big mistake. we cannot let isis continue to do what they're doing. if necessary, the answer is yes. okay? thank you, everybody. i am jim sciutto in for erin burnett. welcome to viewers in the u.s. and around the world. outfront, the two top republican presidential contenders speaking to voters in a crucial primary state of new hampshire. town hall meetings in fact a few miles apart. trump just finished speaking to reporters just moments ago and i'll tell you it was the donald at his most combative. called jeb bush, he said i don't see how he is electable. the iran nuclear deal, called it one of the dumbest deals of all time. took aim at mitt romney, republican candidate of 2012, saying he choked in that
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election. a lot more. he is a line a minute. there's going to be more later tonight. in a few minutes when he is expected before a crowd, his campaign estimates at more than 1500 people. jeb bush just down the road, about nine miles away, speaking to a crowd of only about 200 people. when asked why he scheduled a town hall at the exact time as bush, trump told a reporter because bush draws so poorly, i figured it would be a good time for me to draw a crowd. it is trump's first town hall as a candidate. we will take you to that in a few minutes. he is also going to talk to reporters shortly which we heard a few moments ago. plus, more good news for trump earlier. that and the latest cnn poll. trump still riding high, not just leading the republican field but closing in on democratic front runner hillary clinton. he is just six points behind clinton in a head to head matchup. two months ago, clinton led trump by a full 20 points.
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meanwhile jeb bush, he trails clinton in the same matchup by nine points. sarah murray is outfront at the trump town hall meeting in dairy, new hampshire. we saw trump very combative as i was saying in questions from reporters. what are voters there, though, wanting to ask him when they get their chance to throw some questions his way? >> reporter: well, like you said, you saw him combative with reporters, talking about jeb bush, slamming jeb bush on common core, immigration, on women's issues. going after him there. when you talk to voters, they have their own set of issues they're concerned about. they also want to hear from him about immigration. the cornerstone of donald trump's campaign, that's what brought a lot of folks here. beyond that, they want to hear him talk about the economic plan, what he is going to do for small business. a number of thechl told me they want to hear what he will do with social security. they're about to turn 65, want to hear more about plans on that. if i said it once, said it a
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million times. at town halls, you cannot predict the questions you'll get. new hampshire is used to seeing presidential candidates up close and personal. and voters here think hard about what they want to ask presidential candidates. one question that came out of left field when we talked to voters, they want to ask donald trump what's his favorite scripture. >> it is a state as we know that takes this responsibility very seriously of how they ask questions of the candidates, how they challenge them. out front to talk more about this, jeb bush supporter anna navarro and jeff lori. if i could begin with you, let's have a listen to sharp words that donald trump had earlier tonight, talking about jeb bush who is of course having a town hall eight miles down the road from him. listen to what he said about the electability of jeb bush. >> have i gotten under jeb bush's skin?
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i don't know. i will tell you this, you mention the word skin. he said the other day one of the dumber things i've heard ever in politics when talking about iraq that we, the united states, he said have to show them that we have skin in the game in order to go into iraq. i would say between common core, his act of love on immigration and skin in the game with iraq, that's the third one that we've now added, i don't see how he's electable. >> he is calling him out on a rock on active love. talking about birth right citizenship, immigrants that come in and have a baby here, referred to that as an act of love. how do you respond to donald trump's dismissing one of his leading competitors for the republican nomination? >> well, what you just stated i think is inaccurate. i don't think he was referring
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to undocumented immigrants coming here and having a baby as an act of love. i think he was referring to something else. but you know, on the larger point, jim, i haven't -- i didn't hear one new thing from donald trump in this question and answer. perhaps one new thing was admission that changing the 14th amendment, if that is what is required on birth right citizenship may not be feasible and is a long and drawn out process, not as easy as he initially tried to paint it, but you know, jeb bush on women's issues, jeb bush on common core, jeb bush on act of love. blah blah blah blah blah. he's been saying this now for two months. so i mean, now he's in new hampshire. i am very happy he's there because the questioners there, people show up with well craft, well researched questions and i'm not sure this broken record and entertainment routine, this
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spectacle, is going to sell when it comes down to town halls. >> jeffrey, i want to ask you. you look at the poll that came out today from cnn, it shows trump very competitive against hillary clinton, but when we look back to 2011 or 2007, they fade. rick perry in 2007, you look further back, when you look, michele bachmann, for instance, is it possible that bush is going to turn donald trump into the bachmann or perry of the 2016s? >> i think the answer is found in the description i heard from cnn a few minutes ago that there are 1500 people at donald trump's town hall and 200 at jeb bush's. right there i think is the essence of the answer being seen in the polls. >> jeffrey, we are watching the two duelling town halls.
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stay with us. this is a live picture of donald trump's town hall where the candidate is expected to take the stage at any minute. we're going to take you there. plus donald trump now fully competitive in the race, six points behind hillary clinton according to the latest cnn poll. is he becoming the candidate to beat? plus, immigration and birth right citizenship. signature issues for trump. if i want to go up...
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breaking news. duelling political events in new hampshire. donald trump about to speak to voters, jeb bush doing just that as we speak a few miles away. trump holding his first town hall as a presidential candidate in new hampshire. right now it is standing room only there. campaign claims more than 1500 packing a high school auditorium
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and overflow room. tonight it is not only voters paying attention to trump but hillary clinton. new cnn poll finds trump is closing in on the democratic frontrunner in a head to head matchup. tom foreman is outfront. how competitive is trump proving to be against hillary clinton? >> competitive to have all those people in that room very excited. these numbers suggest trump may be overcome one major stumbling block, the idea he couldn't beat hillary clinton in a general election. he has been steadily chipping at her lead on that front. take a look at this. back in june he trailed by 24 points among registered voters. in july, just 16 points closer, not so close people thought he could take her on head to head. look at him now. right up here, 45 to 51%. that's why people are so worked up about this. and if you want a comparison, and it is important, take a look
4:17 pm
at jeb bush, jeb bush second behind him is way back here at 43%. still 12 points behind clinton. jim? >> tom, the only competition not only on the republican side of the ledger, how did she hold up against democratic challengers? >> her support is steadily declining. st still a commanding lead. we should note different times, different candidates. this is roughly the difference that she had at this point over barack obama in the race that culminate in 2008. joe biden is not in yet, if he gets in, that could change the equation. all of this is despite the fact her still commanding lead on the democratic side is despite the fact that her unfavorable rating has been steadily rising and is now way up at 55% among all registered voters. this is a difficult thing for anyone to overcome, certainly
4:18 pm
has to be a worry for the campaign. even though, jim, they say no, we don't believe the numbers. she's going to be just fine on that front. >> it is her first time i believe under 50% of support since she declared. thanks for joining us from d.c. senior adviser joining me, you're aware as we are, clinton was high in the polls two months ago. now we see that approval rating coming down. trump six points behind her, getting enormous amount of ground over the past two months. you look at the figures, how concerning is this to her campaign? >> i don't think it should be concerning at all frankly. if i was the clinton campaign, i would be ecstatic about numbers. >> i could -- >> no, absolutely, here's why. if hillary clinton were to beat donald trump by six points, she would beat him by more than barack obama beat mitt romney. that would be a massive
4:19 pm
electoral victory. if at the end of a difficult summer you beat the leading republican by six points, you should feel good about that. they have a lot of work to do. >> it is about the trend, trend on favorability is down, how far ahead from trump, 20 points, now 6 points. she has bernie sanders putting up strong numbers there. >> right. bernie sanders' numbers are good. i think what we'll have to see, the race can change a number of ways. if joe biden gets in the race, that could effect numbers. if he doesn't, poll shows his support goes to her. they're in a very strong position. donald trump gained almost all ground solidifying republicans. he has to get independents in order to or persuade democrats to do better than mitt romney did in 2012. i think for all the bemoaning and worrying about the hillary clinton campaign, they should
4:20 pm
feel good about this, if when the race moves from referendum on her to comparative exercise between her and a specific republican, her numbers, approval rating does not improve, that would be a challenge. right now, they should feel good. >> dan pfeiffer, thank you for joining us tonight. we can be sure to hear more from donald trump about hillary clinton as well. what you're watching are live pictures from new hampshire. we are waiting for donald trump to begin what will be his first town hall meeting with voters since he declared himself a presidential candidate for 2016. please stay with us. we are going to be right back to the auditorium there in new hampshire after this break. when you're not confident you have complete visibility into your business, it can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at&t's innovative solutions connect machines and people...
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customers feel like friends, neighbors and it makes it a little bit more special. together, we're building a better california. breaking news. donald trump about to hold his first town hall as a presidential candidate any moment now. it is a packed house there as potential voters get their chance to directly engage trump. a lot of questions tonight will no doubt be about trump's controversial immigration plan which he defended during interview today with our chris
4:25 pm
cuomo. >> look, at some point we have to be honest with ourselves. it's called like you use the word undocumented because it is more political. i don't use that word. they're illegal immigrants. they came over illegally. some are wonderful people and have been here for awhile. they've got to go out. >> how do you do it in a practical way. do you think you round up 11 million people? >> at some point we try to get them back, a lot of good ones. >> sending a mixed message, mr. trump. say you'll get rid of whole families, then you want them back. >> they have to go back. they're illegal. >> one part of his immigration plan is under attack by rival jeb bush. >> reporter: donald trump and jeb bush. facing off over immigration. >> you are going to love me in terms of immigration. >> mr. trump now has a plan, if that's what it's called. >> reporter: trump arguing the
4:26 pm
united states should revoke the citizenship of people born here to undocumented immigrants. going a step further than his earlier proposal to end birth right citizenship for such children. that right is enshrined in the 14th amendment to the constitution which says all persons born in the u.s. are u.s. citizens, but the gop frontrunner isn't so sure about that. >> if you speak to some very, very good lawyers, some would disagree, many of them agree with me, you're going to find they do not have american citizenship. we have to start a process where we take back our country. our country is going to hell. >> reporter: while trump isn't the only candidate that expressed support for the idea of ending birth right citizenship, he says the real estate mogul's attack on citizenship doesn't make sense. >> i don't think it is legitimate to say that you're going to change our constitution and that's going to solve our problem. i don't think that's the proper thing to do. >> reporter: he says the way to prevent abuse of citizenship rules is better enforcement of
4:27 pm
the law. >> better enforcement so you don't have these, you know, anchor babies as they are described coming into the country. >> reporter: trump's talk is helping win support for now, but could spell trouble for the republican party down the road. mitt romney won 27% of the latino vote in 2012, and the party has to do better than that to win in 2016. >> it is insulting for latinos. if you endorse ending birth right citizenship, you're not going to get more support from latino voters and you're not going to win the white house. >> reporter: this week the conservative leaning editorial board of "the wall street journal" wrote mr. trump is bidding to make the gop the deportation party, end quote. the board said if they want to lose in 2016, they'll follow trump's anti-immigrant siren. >> athena jones in washington. back with me, anna navarro, jeffrey lord. jeff, i want to begin with you.
4:28 pm
a short time ago jeb bush taking a shot at donald trump. listen to what he said about trump's electability. >> mr. trump has clearly got talent. there's no denying that. he has won over a lot of people. people are very angry about how washington is not working, he has tapped into that. when people look at his record, it is not a conservative record. even on immigration where it's, you know, look, the language is pretty vitriolic for sure, but hundreds of billions in cost to implement his plans is not a conservative plan. >> jeffrey, donald trump has donated to democratic campaigns before, opposed the iraq war. is he a true conservative? >> sure, i think he is a -- he says he is a conservative. i have no reason to doubt it. you know. >> look at his position. that's the question. are they conservative positions? >> sure. i know plenty of conservatives
4:29 pm
who end of the day believe president bush was wrong to invade iraq. i was not one of them, but there were plenty of conservatives i spoke to at the time who did feel very strongly that way, so donald trump was, you know, well there with a lot of other conservatives that believed the same thing. >> and anna, let me ask you, you talk about the conservative view of donald trump, "the wall street journal" editorial page very conservative, calling trump's plan a recipe, his immigration plan, a recipe for failure for the gop in 2016. i am holding right here that famous 100 page report the republican party put out after the 2012 election, a strategy for in part getting more latinos to vote for the republican party. when you look at this immigration position, hold on, please hold that thought. in a few moments, donald trump will come out to begin this town hall we have been waiting for. jeffrey, i will come back to
4:30 pm
you. here he is walking out now. this is in a high school auditorium in dairy, new hampshire. donald trump's first town hall meeting with voters since he declared himself a presidential candidate. >> that is so nice. thank you, thank you. wow! [ applause ] >> you know, i say it, the silent majority is back. we really are in a position that we haven't been in in a long time. the people are speaking, it is an amazing thing, it is like a movement. this is happening. so many other things. friday i am going to be in alabama. and it was going to be 500 people. and the room held about a thousand. they heard we were there and within about two minutes that room wasn't big enough, so they went to a room that held 2,000
4:31 pm
people, they heard that wasn't big enough, and now they went to the convention center and heard that wasn't big enough. they're going to end up being 30 to 40,000 people in alabama, so -- [ cheers and applause ] -- and new hampshire has been so amazing, i mean, the relationship i developed with so many people even in the room has been -- they're incredible people. somebody said, i left new york, what are they like in new hampshire. i said you know what they're like? they're hard working people that love the country. that's what they're like. [ applause ] and you know, right down the road, thank you. right down the road we have jeb. very small crowd. we have 2500. you have the best real estate, by the way, you have the best real estate. there are other rooms, the overflow rooms all over this building, they have closed-circuit television that people outside with speakers, so
4:32 pm
i give you credit and to the other folks, i have to say we love you equally as much. next time you have to get here a little earlier, all right? something like that. but you know, i look at what's wrong with even our party and the other day, and i say it very strongly, i heard that jeb bush, that marco rubio, that governor walker, who? who? that's what they're saying, who? they're going to spend a huge amount of money on fighting trump. and i say i think that's okay, does it matter? haven't you sort of heard everything already? it is sort of getting boring. jeb has $114 million, the others have a lot. hillary has 60. i think hillary is in big trouble, by the way, folks. [ cheers and applause ] so i heard the other day that
4:33 pm
spend a lot of money on negative ads about me. so i think, you know, you can listen, you're fired, but i just heard it. they said they're going to spend -- i love the rowdy crowds, isn't it great, the spirit! the spirit! [ cheers and applause ] you know what, i tell you what, you know what's happening to jeb's crowd as you know right down the street? they're sleeping, they're sleeping now. but you know, i saw that jeb made a statement and i wrote it down because i couldn't even believe it. we're talking about iraq, okay? now, we are in for $2 trillion. thousands of lives, thousands, great people. great people. wounded warriors who are the best. and we love our wounded
4:34 pm
warriors. they're great warriors. and they're all over. and jeb made the statement about the possibility of going back into iraq, he said i give you the exact quote. the iraqis want our help. every time a bullet is fired, they run. they leave our humvees, drop their equipment. the enemies have the best equipment, we have the old stuff. he said the iraqis want our help. listen to this. they want to know that we have skin in the game. can you believe it? after years of fighting unsuccessfully because of the way we fight, i mean, we should -- can you believe, skin in the game. and i thought that was incredibly dumb, as dumb as on immigration an act of love, it is an act of love when they come
4:35 pm
in. it is an act of love. or a belief in common core. and the reason i talk about jeb is he was supposed to do well in new hampshire, he is going down like a rock. how the hell does he do well between common core which he desperately wants, that means your children are going to be educated by the bureaucrats in washington, i think new hampshire wants to educate their children locally, do we agree with that? do we agree? [ cheers and applause ] so our problem is -- what's that? [ inaudible ] >> oh, my group. these are my people. these are my people. i don't mind if you shout out. be careful of your language, you're on about seven live broadcasts tonight.
4:36 pm
but you know, the problem we have is we don't as a country, we don't have victories any more. we don't have victories. when is the last time we had a victory. we make this horrible deal with iran which is a disgrace, and by the way, could be one of the worst deals, depending what ultimately happens, it could be -- could go down as one of the worst deals in history because it is going to in my opinion, you'll have nuclear proliferation all over the middle east and maybe beyond. you're going to see things you've never seen before. you know, the deal, not only the 24 day deal, the 24 days, how about this, you have 24 days, but before the clock starts ticking, it is a long process before you get to day one. nobody knows that. >> bring them home, donald. >> that's right, in many ways, bring them home. and i am the first one. you look at july of 2004, reuters, reuters is here, they're all here, they're all over the place, look at these
4:37 pm
people, they're all over the place, but if you look at reuters july of 2004, you're going to see trump saying, and by the way, before i say it, i believe more strongly in the military and military strength than anybody running by a factor of a billion. >> you're listening to donald trump live at an event with voters in new hampshire. outfront next, a rare event. three presidential candidates, chris christie, jeb bush, donald trump all speaking to voters now in those town hall meetings. when we come back, we're live again in new hampshire. so this beauty can be yours and 10% financing.ment oh larry, lawrence. thanks to the tools and help at, i know i have a 798 fico score. [score alert text sound] [score alert text sound] oh. that's the sound of my interest rate going down. according to this score alert, my fico score just went up to 816. 816. 816! 816!
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welcome back. breaking news. you are looking at live pictures of rare events, three presidential candidates facing off with voters at town hall meetings in new hampshire. christie, trump, bush, perceived front runners for the nomination. the front runner now very much donald trump. let's listen to him in dairy,
4:42 pm
new hampshire. >> totally. and those people, i mean, actually they do like me, those people, they're friends of mine in many cases, some are enemies, some are terrible people, but i know them all. i see the hamptons, on fifth avenue, park avenue, all these great locations they're having parties. when a guy gives a million dollars and much more than that, some give much more, do you think they're talking about like nothing? they're talking turkey, talking lots of different things. and with me i don't need anybody's money. i don't want anybody's money. with that being said, i have to say people are sending in money. one woman sent in $7.24. and you know what, she wrote me a two-page letter and i read it. the guys that want to give me a million, who cares.
4:43 pm
i know these guys, they're not good people. some of them are okay. but the woman writes me a beautiful letter how she wants to see our country, she's 84 years old, wants to see our country, another sent me $17, $22. it is an amazing thing. i love that. they're investing in the campaign, investing with their heart, not saying you have to give me an ambassadorship, you have to do something bad for the country, let ford go into mexico. you have to approve the nabisco deal. it is all deals. and it is not good. and it is not good. and we've got to stop it. we've got to stop it. we're going to take some questions. [ inaudible ] >> thank you. we're going to take some questions. i tell you what, this is a town hall. a town hall.
4:44 pm
never saw a town hall with 2500 people sitting in the theater. but we're going to call it a town hall, right? but we are going to work really hard and you know, everybody said he's not going to run. you remember that, right? never going to run. then they said well, he is never going to file those papers. not the financial papers. had to sign my life away with one page. i am signing my life away. said i will never sign that. he announced he's run, we had the event, now sign the paper. then they did say he is never going to file his financial documents because he's probably not as rich as people think, right? so then i filed 98 or 102 pages of financial. it was much, much bigger than anybody anticipated. actually, i wanted to file the financials, you know, i am sort
4:45 pm
of a bragger. no, i actually wanted people to know. i am a private company, they don't know. these people are analyzing. one analyzed he is only worth $3 billion. but we haven't looked at about 200 of his corporations. how do you figure we are worth that. it is amazing. i filed the papers, they were spectacular. i did a great job. the reason i tell you that is not to say i did a great job, it is to say that we need somebody with that mentality to straighten out our country. we can't have -- we just can't have these people that don't know what they're doing on all these -- as an example, i call carl icon, a great guy. >> we lost a signal there.
4:46 pm
that from the live town hall with donald trump in dairy, new hampshire. he has been speaking. here he is back again. donald trump. >> made a fortune. i said carl, i'd love you to do me a favor. if i pulled this off, if i get in, i want to make the country so strong financially. some people say it sounds crass. i had one person say we're going to make the country rich again and then make the country great again. the person said mr. trump, that sounds so crass. i said what's crass. rich. we have to be rich to make it great. we are right now a debtor nation, going up to 21, 22 trillion, 24 is the magic number that's a disaster. and we're going there. you know that. and we need -- it won't be long. we need this kind of mentality to make great deals. you know, an example, not financial but the same thinking, the iran that we all know about, everybody is talking about, everybody thinks it is bad, it
4:47 pm
is so bad, it is so bad. but take sergeant bergdahl. does anybody remember that name? so this is the way we think. so we get a traitor named bergdahl, a dirty, rotten traitor, who by the way, when he deserted, six young beautiful people were killed trying to find him, right? and you don't even hear about them any more. somebody said the other day well, he had some psychological problems. in the old days, bing, bong, when we were strong. when we were strong. so we get bergdahl, a traitor, and they get five of the people that they most wanted. >> mr. trump live in dairy, new hampshire, doing a bit of call and response in that high school auditorium. outfront next, we will take you back to new hampshire where donald trump will continue to
4:48 pm
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breaking news. welcome back live from derry, new hampshire. donald trump his first townhall meeting as a presidential candidate. he has just started taking questions from voters. let's have a listen. >> -- why do you think he shouldn't run? i saw it with some of the people when i was on the debate. which by the way, the polls all said i won the debate.
4:53 pm
can you believe it? you know, if you listen -- [ applause ] and my questions were slightly harder than everybody else's -- would you agree? a little bit harder. but i have seen some of the things i have seen in the political circuit. it really does take a certain amount of courage and when i made that decision, that final decision, i tell you it went right up to the wire. i just took a deep breath, i said, "here we go. ladies and gentlemen, we are going to make our country great. i am running for president." i just said, "i have done it." because i want to make it. i want to do something so special. and you know as well as i have done in business and all of that, it's so much, this is so much more important what i am doing now. it is just so much more -- i am building buildings. i'm building one on pennsylvania avenue right next to the white house, between the white house and congress, the old post office. okay. it's great. it's by the way under budget and
4:54 pm
ahead of schedule. is that nice? wouldn't it -- right? it will open far ahead of schedule. under budget. one of the great hotels of the world the i love doing that. doral in miami, turnberry, iconic stuff. i do, this is all so important. that won't even matter if our country falls apart. and our country is falling apart. and i just wanted to do this. you mention wall -- i will build the greatest wall that you have ever seen. and i would never do this myself. but i hope it is going to be so -- actually it will even look great. i already know what it should look like. you note, the other d-- you knor day i was watching these politicians running against me. you can't get mexico to pay for
4:55 pm
the wall. of course you can. they can't. because they would never think of it. do you know how much mexico is making from the united states? that's peanuts, the wall. then they say, "you can't build a wall. it's too big. it doesn't work." well 3,000 years ago, right, the great wall of china was built. we would like to have that wall. that wall nobody gets through. that i can tell you. that's 13,000 miles, right. it did take them 500 years, in all fairness. a pretty long time. they don't stop. they don't stop. that's why we need tough people to negotiate with the chinese. >> energetic donald trump in new hampshire. we'll have more of his townhall meeting right after this. rry, s it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one?
4:56 pm
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40% of the streetlights in detroit, at one point, did not work. you had some blocks and you had major thoroughfares and corridors that were just totally pitch black. those things had to change. we wanted to restore our lighting system in the city. you can have the greatest dreams in the world, but unless you can finance those dreams, it doesn't happen. at the time that the bankruptcy filing was done, the public lighting authority had a hard time of finding a bank. citi did not run away from the table like some other bankers did. citi had the strength to help us go to the credit markets and raise the money. it's a brighter day in detroit. people can see better when they're out doing their tasks, young people are moving back in town, the kids are feeling safer while they walk to school. and folks are making investments and the community is moving forward. 40% of the lights were out, but they're not out for long.they're coming back.
4:59 pm
breaking news. donald trump holding court at his townhall in new hampshire.
5:00 pm
crucial first primary state. he has already taken aim at jeb bush, hillary clinton, the country of mexico. there will be more. thank you for joining us i'm jim sciuto. and "ac 360" starts right now. >> good evening. thank you for joining us tonight. a whole string of firsts. first look at federal sex crime charges against jared fogle, charges he is pleading guilty to. sex with minors, child pornography. the details paint the picture of a child predator. >> tonight another first-- the first poll showing donald trump sharply closing the gap against hillary clinton. donald trump holding his first townhall event taking questions from an estimated 1,200 people. the pinkerton academy in derry, new hampshire. let's listen in. >> and they saw so many people killed violently and viciously. the other night, 66-year-old veteran, raped,