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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 20, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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i turn you over to wolf blitzer, ten years into "the situation room." \s happening now, putin's aggression as the russian leader keeps everyone guessing. the u.s. and its allies now flexing military muscles. there's a sharp new warning from the pentagon. classified controversy. hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state has been hurting her campaign to become president. a top aide is at the center of attention. grudge match, donald trump and jeb bush go after evil other, as trump stretches his lead, is the primary campaign getting personal? and carter's cancer. the former president shares details of his diagnosis. our dr. sanjay gupta was there. he's standing by to join us. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the
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situation room." the pentagon is sounding a drumbeat of concern about the russian president vladimir putin. today top generals are calling russia the top threat to america right now. the defense secretary ash carter today stepped up his dire warnings as well labeling russia under putin, and i'm quoting him now, as an antagonist to the united states. hillary clinton is gearing up to defend her use of a private e-mail server. it's a controversy that won't go away. now the fbi has the server. a top clinton aide is the focus of a hearing by a federal judge today. i'll talk with republican congressman darrell issa and our correspondents, analysts and guests are standing by. let's begin with the latest warning, a stark warning from the pentagon about shall laid mir putin. let's go straight to barbara
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starr. barbara? >> good evening, wolf. vladimir putin has cherished his action man image for years, but tonight the pentagon expressing a good deal of concern about the reality of what putin may be up to. as violence escalates in ukraine, and russia moves forward to deliver a sophisticated missile system to iran, tonight new very carefully chosen words from the defense secretary about the russian threat. >> vladimir putin's russia behaves in many respects as -- in some respects, and from very important respects as an antagonist. that is new, that is something we need to adjust to and counter. >> this follows the most senior generals also sounding a warning. >> if you want to talk about a nation that could post an existential threat, i have to point to russia. if you look at the behavior,
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it's nothing short of alarming. >> i would put russia as a number one threat. >> reporter: why are they all saying this? military analysts increasingly worry that putin will turn his eye on eastern europe far beyond the violence he backs in ukraine. as tensions rise -- >> russia poses existential threat to the united states by virtue simply of the size of the nuclear arsenal it's had. >> reporter: there's little indication that putin will help the u.s. in syria bus enkiraning assad to step down or filled a political solution to a war on his own people. the pentagon is struggling to find a way to train a moderate syrian force willing to fight isis rather than assays. the first 54 fighters essentially melted away after
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being attacked. the u.s. may not turn to others. >> the kurds in both syria and iraq have been exactly what we've been talking about earlier, namely a capable and motivated ground force at taking and holding territory. >> reporter: training syrian rebels, getting iraqi forces able to retake ramadi, and getting the turks to shut down the border, all essentially to winning the war on isis. >> intelligence community says it's a stalemate. >> then you can report that, but i'm not going to try to characterize it. >> reporter: now carter says he's convinced the isis strategy is working, but u.s. military bell gens analysts have said behind the scenes, right now at least in iraq, it is a stalemate and the outcome is not certain. wolf? >> barbara, what else is the u.s. doing to counter this perceived threat from putin? >> well, in europe right now yet
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again a series of military war games the u.s. and ten nato nations training intensively in airborne operations, mean they can all basically jump into a hot war zone and fight together as a nato team if necessary. over the coming months, you are going to see an almost continuous presence of nato nations, including the u.s. in various places in europe, especially eastern europe. training, exercising, conducting war games. the feeling is vladimir putin is not a guy who is open to a deal that you will have to show military strength for him to even begin to get the message. wolf? >> barbara, thank you. hillary clinton's campaign is in and out scrambling to get on top of the controversy surrounding the use of a private e-mail server as the secretary of state. the fbi now hose that server, and intelligence officials want further scrutiny of some 300 e-mails that passed through it. a top clinton aide is the focus
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of a hearing by a federal judge. let's get a closer look at how this controversy got started. cnn's tom foreman is here to walk us through what's been going on. >> it's been a long timeline. clinton's private e-mail server appears to have been set up just before she was confirmed as secretary of state. she says she then used it for both her private and public e-mails throughout her four years in office. it was not, however,en march of 2013 that we saw the first reports that would eventually reveal she was using this private e-mails for all of her official business. she has said it was just for convenience, and she has dismissed the entire affair as basically a partisan tempest in a teapot. listen. >> let's take a deep breath here. everything i did was permitted by law and regulation. >> still, it took until december of 2014 for her to turn over
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50,000 printed pages of e-mails to the state department. it took until march of 2015, almost two years after she left office, for it to become clear that she had been using this private e-mail and she had handed over 30,000 e-mails, and that 31,000, almost 32,000 had been deleted in this process. it was all being handled by a private server in her home. that's when it also became clear, mean the government while she was in office. clinton said at that time she had handed over a grant total of all of these messages, and basically she said the ones she deleted were personal. she's been very careful about what 14th about the nature of classified information. first of all accepted there was no classified information. listen. >> i'm confident i never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received.
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>> now we've reached this point where her team has handed over to the injures department that server that was in her home, that private server, even as the candidate has laughed off questions about whether or not the hard drive has been wiped of information. >> what, like with a cloth or something? well, no. >> in the end, the questions that had been raised by all of this come down to three key ones here. first of all, members of congress and other officials want to know, did she violate some basic regulations about keeping records by relying so heavily on a private system instead of a government e-mail account. second, what was in all those deleted e-mails? right now we have only her word that they contained nothing of importance, it's just personal. third, any classified information left vulnerable by her e-mail practices, wolf. these are the three questions coming out of that timeline that continue to drive this story. >> certainly not going away, at
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least not yet. it's clearly having an impact on her presidential campaign. tom foreman, thanks very much. joining us now, darrell issa of california. he serves on the judiciary and foreign affairs committee. he's called for a criminal investigation of hillary clinton's use of private emale server. why do you think a criminal investigation instead of what the fbi is now doing is net? necessary? >> wolf, the one thing we now know is that, as they said, about 300 separate e-mails, maybe more, contain classified information. i think it's important to get above the discussion of classified documents and so on. if you or i go to a briefing, and we receive classified information. we then produce an e-mail that says things that were in that briefing, that is disclosing classified information. that appears to be what happened. so without getting into leg
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legalese, it looks like her assistant may have produced e-mails back and forth with her that utilized classified information. that's clearly a crime. it not only is a wrongful disclosure potentially, but it made us very vulnerable by the very nature. even if it had been done on a government site, it still would have been wrong. she continues to say and her aides say she didn't send or receive classified information, information at the time was classified or marked classified. do you have any reason to doubt that? >> oh, no. i think she's a very talented lawyer, very smart woman. i think she clearly is use the is/is type of terminology carefully. if huma was typing e-mails and secretary clinton was receiving classified information, she's smart enough to know this was classified information. there is a problem.
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that is a real question. did somebody violate the basically keep a secret secret, don't send it out in an unclassified format? that appears to be probably what happened. is it classified documents being sent out? no. is it classified information being sent out? it's not an accident to have 300 e-mails become retroactively, if you will, determined to be classified. that means somebody sent out classified information and did not recognize it as classified. huma, her assistant, her second daughter, if you will, is brilliant. hillary clinton is briggian. so the question is, are people that smart unable to recognize sensitive classified information? i don't believe so, and i think the fbi needs to look at this, because in fact her server may very well have been constantly observed by third parties, because quite candidly it's not a classify network, it didn't enjoy the robust protection one would expect to have. >> my understanding is those 300 e-mails they are looking at now,
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that they haven't definitively ruled it was classified information. thee going over it right now. there seems to be a dispute going on between the state department and other agencies of the u.s. government what should have been classified, even if it had not been classified at the time. is that your understanding as well? >> it is. a piece of history, during mire chairmanship, it was amazing how the state department classifieded most mundane information. the cia and nsa and other agencies appear to be appalled that very sensitive information was sent out on her nongovernment server in an unclassified format. >> congressman, we have much more to discuss, including the top story, the stark warnings from the pentagon about what russia is up to. stand by. much more with congressman darrell issa, right after this.
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let's get back to our top story. the pentagon today issuing a stark warning about recent russian moves under president putin. we're back with republican congressman darrell issa of california. he serves on the judiciary and foreign affairs committee. ash carter says the u.s. needs to adjust and to counter russia's behavior. what do you recommend?
2:18 pm
what should the u.s. be doing right now? >> i think the important thing is to stop looking at russia as a partner in peace. they're not a partner with us in syria, they're an obstruction. they're part of the reason assad is still there. they're playing games right now in egypt. they're obviously trying to get a deal that's profitable for them in iran. one of the challenges for putin, and i think we hadr we have to look at the existential threat that ash carter talk about, and that is for putin to hold on to power, his has to have turmoil, so it's in his best interests to be expansionist, to be involved in military conflict to mask the fact this glorified gas station he runs, the mineral exporting country is not doing more for its people. that's what makes him so dangerous. i think it's why the department of defense broadly knows it's a dangerous time, because putin
2:19 pm
must do bad things in order to maintain his power. >> ash carter, he's the defense secretary, not a general. i know you misspoke. >> i corrected myself on that. >> let's talk about iran right now. i assume you oppose this proposed nuclear deal with iran, right? >> the deal as it is, obviously is worse nan a status quo. i think that's becoming overwhelmingly accepted by both democrats and republicans. >> the obama administration says iran will not be self-respecting that sensitive nuclear facility, the i waaea would have oversigh even as inspectors go out and take soil samples and other material. is that okay with you? >> well, since 2006, the iaea has want to do go into that site and they've been stopped. at the moment we signed a deal, iran could have allowed them to go in on whatever protocol so
2:20 pm
they would be satisfied they have looked at this prohibited site. they haven't done it. when the u.n. had its vote, this could have done it. the fact is a side agreement with only limit the ability for those anywhere anytime inspection. am i concerned there are more things coming out that seem to limit a deal that already wasn't good enough, and that iran, who easily could have said good faith, let's let them into that site, is now still holding out until 90 days after ratification, which means the congress has to vote first and then iran will decide whether, after nine years they're going to allow something that they've been clearly stonewalling the last nine years. >> darrell issa, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. coming up, donald trump intensifies his attacks on jeb bush during a town hall in new hampshire. why is the presidential front-runner suggesting jeb bush is putting his audience to sleep? >> you know what's happening to
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donald trump and jeb bush held dueling town has in the key primary state of new hampshire. trump took the first swing last night sigging the crowd at bush's event slept through the
2:26 pm
speech. >> right down the road we have jeb. very small crowd. we have 2,500. you have the best real estate, by the way. you know what's happening to jeb's crowd, as you know, right down the street? they're sleeping. they're sleeping now. but you know i saw that jeb made a statement. i wrote it down, because i couldn't even believe it. we're talking about iraq, okay? we're in for $2 trillion. thousands of lives, thousands, great people, great people. wounded warriors who are the best. and jeb made the statement about the possibility of going back into iraq. he said, i give you the exact quote -- the iraqis want or help -- we don't even know if there is an iraq. every time a bullet is fired, they run. they leave our humvees, they
2:27 pm
drop the equipment. you know, the enemy has our best equipment. we have the old stuff. so he said the iraqis want or help. listen to this. this is after all we've spent. they want to know that we have skin in the game. can you believe it? i thought that was incredibly dumb, as dumb as on immigration an act of love. it's an act of love when they come in. or a belief in common core. the reason i talk about jeb, he was supposed to do well in new hampshire, he's going down as a rock, how but does he do well? >> jeb bush fired back, telling athena jones that trump isn't a true conservative. >> reporter: also in iowa, nationally and in your own state, he said last night your crowd was sleeping. >> that's an insult. >> reporter: the narrative that
2:28 pm
your campaign lacks enthusiasm. >> you're repeating the echo of the narrative. look, if you went to the event, you would have found there was a lot of enthusiasm. there is a big difference between donald trump and me. i'm a proven conservative with a record. he isn't. i cut taxes. he's proposed the largest tax increase in mankind's history. i have been consistently pro-life. he until recently was for partial-birth abortion. i've never met a person that actually thought that was a good idea. i think we need to reform our health care system to stop the suppression of wages and allow people to have access to insurance. he's for a single 46 payer system. he advocates these things. he's been a democrat longer than being a rep. i have fought for republican causes all my adult life. i just think when people get this narrative, whatever the new term is, the compare and contrast narrative, they're going to find that i'm going to be the guy they're going to vote for. it's a long haul, man.
2:29 pm
>> let's discuss what's going on. let our jeffrey toobin, s.e. cupp and eric fernstrom, the former communication director to mitt romney. eric, last night trump also specifically not once, but a few times went after your former boss mitt romney. listen to this. >> mitt romney let us down. she should have won that election. he failed, he choked, no different than a golfer that misses a putt on the 18th. no different than a man who strikes out a baseball player, he let us down. mitt romney should have won that election. >> what's your reaction when you hear that, eric? >> well, wolf, you remember that movie "network" from the 1970s, and the character howard beale? donald trump reminds me a lot of howard beale. howard told people if they felt
2:30 pm
ainge iry, go to the window and yell i'm mad as hell as i'm not going to take it anymore. the solutions to the problems weren't as important as expressing your frustration. i think that's the type of candidate we have in donald trump. i think this is a good pairing. i think just about wants this comparison. he wants people to decide between what he calls hi proven conservative leadership versus trump's bombastic shoot from the hip style. i think you'll hear from the bush campaign and probably from the other campaigns a lot more attacks against the trump liberal record, whether it's his support for a wealth tax or single payer or pro-choice position on abortion. >> when he says he's now changed. he's evolved on that sensitive issue. s.e., a in quinnipiac poll calm out today. in florida, this poll now shows
2:31 pm
trump at 21%, bush at 17, rubio the senator from florida, down to 11. he's even leading in jeb bush's home state. what do you make of that? >> a couple things, the margin of error are will 4 1/2 points, so that means they're neck and neck. >> potentially. >> so i actually think it's august 2015, and trump's got a long way to go to make those poll numbers lasting. the more scrutiny the front-runner faces with rick perry, with herman cain, the more scrutiny you get, the tougher little to remain. i'm saying i don't think we need to get too overexcited by some of these poll numbers. >> what do you think about the new strategy -- he's obviously got his talking points. the research his team is putting together to go after trump after
2:32 pm
these specific issue it is. >> you can't fake your personality. you know. people are who they are. jeb bush is never going to be donald trump. i think he's doing frankly exactly the right thing. he's trying to call attention to the fact he has a report. he has these conservative positions, but he can't turn himself into donald trump. he can't turn into an electrifying speaker. and with a conservative electora electorate, it's probably a good idea. >> if you are advising any of these republican candidates, including jeb bush, for example, what would you tell them? what would be the strategy? you can't ignore the fact that on all the of the national polls, in you will a of the polls in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, a new poll in florida, the poll quinnipiac did in ohio and pennsylvania, donald trump is doing so well. >> two things, wolf. the first is, be yourself. nothing is more phony than a
2:33 pm
candidate who puts on a different persona. and then secondly, as jeffrey said, you know, these campaigns are designed to be long enough so that voters can take the full measure of a candidate. if the you can'tl you can't predict where things are going to be going, particularly now jeb we hear he'll be spending $15 million starting in the middle of september right before the second debate takes place. that will scramble all the summer polling. i don't know if they plan on attacking candidates or if it's a pro-bush message. whatever they put up on the air will persuade people and move numbers. we'll see where things stand in the fall. >> if you were doing thor ads, would you have them anti-trump or pro-jeb bush or marco rubio
2:34 pm
or ted cruz? go negative or stay positive? >> i would stay positive, i'll tell you why. with a field as large as this one, it's hard to predict where the -- let's say you attack trump, i don't know if there is any attrition in his numbers where those voters are going to go. it's not guaranteed they would go to bush. i think bush could benefit from some general advertising about his record in florida. you've heard him talk about it on the trail. most people don't know it. i think jeb wants to tell that story. at the same time i think he wants to point out the contrast with some very liberal positions that donald trump has taken over the year. >> as you know, s.e., a lot of political advisers will tell these other candidates go negative, especially with the super-pacs, where the candidates say we have nothing to do with the super-pacs. >> not only do we not know where the trump supporters would go,
2:35 pm
we don't know where they're pulling from. they don't seem to care he's not strictly conservative. they're sticking. going after donald trump on that stuff, i'm not sure it has any power among his diehard supporters. >> we are in a post-citizens united world, where a a lot of these candidates might have dropped out, but with super-pacs, even rick perry has $17 million in a super-pac that could keep him in the race for a long time. the division of the vote may continue longer than it otherwise would. >> thanks, guys, verbal. e.fehrnstrom, jeffrey toobin, s.e. cupp. hillary clinton once referred to a top aide as her second daughter. why is she now at the center of a new controversy surrounding her presidential campaign. ♪
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as controversy swirls around hillary clinton's private e-mail server and threaten toss drag down her campaign, a woman clinton once called her second daughter, has been thrust into the spotlight. jeff zeleny is here in "the situation room" with more on hillary clinton's longtime aide. huma abdin. she has stayed by clinton's side
2:41 pm
rising, to now the vice chair of her presidential campaign. she's now also a central figure in the widening saga. she's never far from hillary clinton's side. >> to my extraordinary staff. >> her loyal confidant for nearly 20 years now at the center of clinton's second bit for presidency. the latest controversy goes back to e-mail messages like this on that private server she used as secretary of state. few people are closer to clinton. >> it looks like a piece of your hair or something. >> okay. >> just as this interview in afghanistan ends, she hands clinton a blackberry with a startling message. >> wow, unconfirmed reports about gadhafi broadband captured. >> born in michigan, raise the
2:42 pm
in saudi arabia. she's the nucleus of clinton's orbit, around the world and on the campaign trail. she met clinton as an intern in the first lady's office in 1996, often seen, but seldom heard. until she stepped into a firestorm of her own. >> this is the first time i've spoken at a press conference, and i'm very nerve out. she was standing by her man, anthony weiner. >> i love him, i have forgiven him, i believe in him. as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward. >> moving forward to a second presidential campaign. once again clinton ace right hand, now new questions about her transition as a state department employee, to a consultant for the clinton foundation and other companies. >> the american people still do not know all the facts. senator chuck grassley chairman of the judiciary committee asked
2:43 pm
how she became a special government employees, allowed to work for clinton in the private sector. abedin said she worked in a personal capacity, no stranger to controversy. >> our marriage like many others, has had its ups and downs. it took a lot of work and a whole lot of therapy to get to a place where i could forgive him. >> in this campaign she's no longer in the shadows, but weathering her own challenges, too, as vice chairwoman of hillary for america. now the questions about abedin's e-mails are what the campaign believe are a witchhunt, but as part of a separate freedom of information act, a judge was assured all her documents would be turned over by next friday, just another sign that she's at the center of this controversy, too. and no sign this controversy
2:44 pm
is going away anytime soon. >> right. thank you, jeff zeleny. north korea fires a shot across the border as military exercises as to go on with the south. also former president jimmy carter says he's still hoping to build houses in earthquake-stricken nepal this year, despite his cancer diagnosis. we'll have much more coming up from that very emotional news conference earlier today. imagine - she won't have to remember passwords. or obsess about security. she'll log in with her smile. he'll have his very own personal assistant. and this guy won't just surf the web. he'll touch it. scribble on it. and share it. because these kids will grow up with windows 10.
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former president jimmy carter today had a remarkable news conference, sharing
2:49 pm
details, personal details of his recent cancer diagnosis. the cancer that has now spread to his brain. they cnn's dr. sanjay gupta was there and he'll join us in judgment. first, our national correspondent suzanne malveaux for much more. a poignant moment in u.s. history. >> an extraordinary press conference when you think about this. he was warm, he was open, he was at peace with his future. i've been fortunate to have the opportunity to interview him several and he's always the same. straightforward, generous with his time. today carter described his battle with cancer as a new adventure that is now in god's hands. president jimmy carter appearing relaxed at the carter center in blue jeans and blazer. announced doctors removed cancer from his liver nearly three weeks ago and it has spread to his brain. >> they think they got it all. but it's shown up now in four places in my brain. it's likely to show up other places in my body as this cancer
2:50 pm
is detected in the future. >> reporter: carter will undergo four radiation treatments over the next three months to treat his melanoma and has already begun taking a drug to boost his immune system. his family has a history of pancreatic cancer which killed his father, brother, and two sisters. carter described coming to terms with his diagnosis. >> i just thought i had a few weeks left. but i was surprisingly at ease. i've had an exciting and adventurous, gratifying existence. now i feel, you know, it's in the hands of god whom i worship. and i'll be prepared for anything that comes. >> reporter: carter said while he'd like to travel to nepal in november for habitat for humanity he'll put his treatment first. the 90-year-old former georgia peanut farmer who became president was reflective about his life. >> the best thing i did was marrying roslyn.
2:51 pm
that's the pinnacle of my life. and we've had 69 years together. still together. >> reporter: carter said his biggest regret as president was that he was unable to free the americans taken hostage in iran on his watch. >> i wish i had sent one more helicopter to get the hostages. we would have rescued them and i would have been re-elected. but that may have -- [ laughter ] that may have interfered with the foundation of the carter center. fy had to choose between four more years and the carter center, i think i would choose the carter center. >> reporter: through the carter center the former first couple have traveled the world for the past three decades doing humanitarian work. i asked president carter in 2011 what he hoped for his life. >> what would you like to be remembered in terms of your legacy for your presidency? >> we always told the truth. we kept our country at peace. we've brought peace to other people around the world. and we promoted human rights and
2:52 pm
never deviated from that commitment. those are some of the things of which i'm proud. >> today carter received call trts both former presidents bush, clinton, obama, their wives as well. obama tweeted, we are all pulling for you, jimmy. close friends have been sending them peach pies, their favorite. carter plans on teaching sunday school this weekend as he does every sunday. >> he's a remarkable man, we wish him only the best. thanks very much for that. let's get more on president carter's diagnosis. let's bring in our chief medical correspondent dr. dawn jay gupta. you were at the news conference in atlanta today, sanjay. let's talk a little bit about it. president carter revealed he has mediclanoma in his brain, possi elsewhere as well. melanoma is skin cancer. how unusual is it for melanoma, which had not been diagnosed on his skin, to emerge in his liver and now in his brain? >> it's a bit unusual, no question.
2:53 pm
and the question really becomes, did he have a skin cancer at some point? and they just didn't find it at the time? or is this one of those rare situations with melanoma where it can infect, originate somewhere inside the body, not necessarily on the skin? we don't know the answer to that question. and as far as treatment goes and everything else, it doesn't really matter because we know that it's melanoma, we know as you heard just now that it has spread to his liver and to his brain. that's a therapy that is going to be getting -- i tell you, being in that room, it was emotional at times. certainly. just when he first said that he had this met static melanoma, you could feel the air go out of the room for a second. i never heard a former president speak like this. so candid, as suzanne was alluding to, spoke without notes for a good 30 minutes about everything. was just very forthright. laid it all out. was funny at times. but very emotional at times. >> you're a neurosurgeon. i take it surgery in his brain
2:54 pm
is not in the cards right now? it's either chemotherapy or radiation, is that right? >> that's right. for the brain what we know is that there are four areas, four different areas of the brain that appear to have melanoma in it. you would not typically recommend an operation in that situation because of the nature of this, being different areas of the brain. so it is going to be sort of pinpoint radiation. they use what's called stereotactic radiation to focus the beams on those areas. and he started that now, he started that this afternoon. he may be already done with his first treatment. in addition, for the melanoma in his body, they're going to use a type of chemotherapy drug which basically serves to bolster up the immune system as again suzanne mentioned. that helps the body's own immune system fight the cancer cells in the body. that drug incidentally, to give you an idea of the status of cancer treatment, the drug he's going to be getting hasn't been approved for a full year yet. these some are brand-new options for him.
2:55 pm
>> we'll wish him on behalf of all of our viewers only the best. let's hope he does all right with all of this. he's 90 years old, almost 91 years old. sanjay, thank you very much. coming up, a drug escalation between north and south korea as live fire now exchanged across the border for the first time in years. so what's behind this sudden eruption of violence? concerns about new clashes tonight in st. louis. after a fatal shooting that's rekindled simmering tensions.
2:56 pm
2:57 pm
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3:00 pm
world's most heavily armed border. kim jong-un is making threats after a land mine blast accelerated tensions. here is the situation about to explode? iran dealbreaker? we're learning more about an agreement that would allow iranians to play a role in nuclear inspections of their own site. president obama's krutices are fuming. bush versus trump. jeb bush is firing back at donald trump after trump slammed him at unelectable and boring. >> you know what's happening to jeb's crowd? as you know right down the street. they're sleeping. and jail for jenner? she's reveling in her new life as caitlyn with the world watching on reality tv. but now she could face a manslaughter charge in a deadly chain reaction car crash. we'll examine the case and the possible penalty. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer.
3:01 pm
you're in "the situation room." tonight the united states is closely watching what north korea's volatile ruler does next after kim jong-un's regime and south korea exchanged rocket and artillery fire at the border. it's the firm armed confrontation between the enemies in five years. tensions clearly on the rise after land mines exploded wounding two south korean siege soldiers. test of thousands of troops in the region are engaging in annual military exercises. one false move at the korean border has the potential to ignite a real war with a nation that has nuclear weapons. the top democrat of the house armed services committee congressman adam smith will tell us what he's learning. our correspondents, analysts are standing by to cover all the news breaking right now. first let's go to cnn's brian todd. he has the very latest on the
3:02 pm
nuclear -- potential nuclear tension along the korean peninsula. >> the tension is palpable tonight across the border. this was the first exchange of live fire across that border, across the demilitarized zone, in five years. it's the got the region on edge. it has officials in seoul and washington watching closely what a violent and temperamental young dictator is about to do next. a dangerous escalation between kim jong-un's regime and his sworn enemy. south korean forces along the demall tarrized zone detect a projectile, likely a rocket, fired toward a south korean loud speaker system. the south koreans respond with 36 artillery shells. that's according to u.s. officials who say they're closely monitoring this tense standoff. >> it raises questions, frankly, about kim jong-un's style of making tension, provocations, escalation, and whether he knows
3:03 pm
how to col escalation. >> reporter: stress has been building for weeks. u.s. and south korean officials believe the north koreans started it all by planting land mines on the southern side of the dmz. an explosion august 4th nearly killed two south korean soldiers. south korea responded by resuming loud speaker broad casts toward north korean soldiers for the first time in a deck tade. messages telling them kim jong-un's doing a bad job and there's a better life in south korea. and this week a massive show of force by the u.s. and south korea. some thi some 30,000 u.s. troops, 50,000 south koreans, engaging in previously planned military exercises. one of the areas scheduled for live fire drills is near the city of pochang. >> roughly here, compared to seoul down there. >> why so close to the dmz and possibly provoke them? >> we want to make sure the north koreans understand we are serious about making these exercises real with the south koreas and us. that's why this is a live fire
3:04 pm
exercise. you're going to have troops doing drills with actual weapons, with bullets. >> reporter: the drills provoked a threat from kim's regime, implying they could hit the u.s. homeland with a nuclear-tipped missile. u.s. officials and analysts say the north koreans don't have that capability. but there's still concern tonight over the judgment and temperament of a 32-year-old dictator. >> the pattern clearly shows that kim jong-un, even more than his quite brutal father and grandfather, uses violence. >> including a pattern of violence in his own inner circle, which makes this escalation even more concerning tonight. kim jong-un recently executed his defense minister, a vice premier from north korea has been missing for eight months. he executed his own uncle. that plus the fact that he was willing to launch his first external attack, planting those land mines on the eve of major military exercises by his enemies, is making officials in washington and seoul very nervous tonight, wolf. >> let's not forget there are
3:05 pm
30,000 u.s. military personnel along that dmz, that border between north and south korea. i understand also, brian that kim jong-un has just given another ultimatum. what's going on? >> kim's regime has warned the south koreans to stop blaring those propaganda messages at the border, saying those messages have to stop by saturday or they're going to take military action. we'll have to see if this de-escalates from this point, many people are hoping it will. >> let's go to the region for more. they're serious tensions along the korean peninsula. will ripley joining us from beijing, you've done excellent reporting from inside north korea, you've been there twice this year alone, you recently were at the dmz, the demilitarized zone at that region which is so tense right now. what are you hearing? >> i visited the dmz in may, wolf. i'll tell you, when i spoke with a junior lieutenant colonel
3:06 pm
there he said it was the most tense place on the planet, a place where violence could break out at any time. and of course we are now seeing that come truitt these very serious escalations. it's not uncommon as you know, wolf, to hear north korea threaten war, but it is much more rare to see live fire across the dmz. and the big fear is there could be a repeat of october 2010 when there were two separate incidents, including an alleged torpedo attack, that left 50 south koreans dead. keep in mind that there are more than 1 million north korean soldiers and three-quarters of them are stationed near the dmz. that is why you have the united states and south korea watching so closely to see what kim's next move will be. >> and you make a good point. 1 million north korean troops not far from the border. almost 1 million south korean troops. those 30,000 american troops in between. it's a really, really tense situation right now. let's hope it calms down.
3:07 pm
we'll stay on top of it. will ripley reporting from beijing. also new ammunition for critics of the iran nuclear deal. the obama administration now acknowledging that there is a side agreement that would allow iranians to be involved in inspections of their own sensitive military site. let's go to our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto who's been working the story. what are you learning? >> that's right, wolf. and not just times where iran will be taking part in those inspections but times where they'll be carrying out parts of those inspections without the presence of iaea staff or inspectors. this may seem like a small detail but for critics of the deal who are looking for, concerned about opportunities for iran to cheat, to find wiggle room, this is certainly raised a firestorm, not just on capitol hill but also on the campaign trail. this is iran's military facility long suspected to be the site of
3:08 pm
past efforts by tehran to militarize its military program. under the draft deal with the u.n. rairanian staff will be involved in inspections of this site. republican senator and presidential candidate lindsey graham saying, "allowing the raunians to inspect their own nuclear sites, particularly a notorious military site, is like allowing the inmates to run the jail." a senior state department official told cnn that the u.n. nuclear watchdog, the international atomic energy agency, would have "total oversight" of sampling and inspections under the agreement between the agency and iran over access to the facility. iran is not self-inspecting, the official said. the official would not deny iranian inspectors would "play a role." iaea does allow iran to take swipe samples but iaea inspectors must be present or monitoring them at the time. swabs and containment bags used would be provided by the iaea.
3:09 pm
>> you're literally taking a material that looks like cotton and you're swiping it over a surface and you're putting it in a bag. if it's a face-saving measure for the iranians to do that, physically watched over by iaea inspectors to ensure it's done properly, then frankly i think that's an entirely unproblematic procedure. >> reporter: today the iaea director said he was "disturbed" by statements suggesting that the iaea has given responsibility for nuclear inspections to iran. adding that the iaea has long-established protocols for inspecting nuclear facilities or suspected facilities and the agreement will follow those protocols. today the state department emphasized the inspection of current nuclear facilities will be more robust. >> we are very confident that this very aggressive inspection regimen that's in place in the deal going forward, for future, is the strongest ever peacefully negotiated. >> from the beginning of these
3:10 pm
negotiations everyone involved has said it's really going to be the devil in the details. this is one of those details, wolf. it comes down to this kind of specificity. will the iaea be present at the site whereas iranian inspectors or officials taking samples elsewhere at the site, without iaea personnel watching them? seems like a small difference, but potentially it could have some meaning. these are one of the things that u.s. officials consistently day this is confidential, it's between the iaea and iran itself. but when you look at this draft agreement as first obtained by the ap, it does appear to leave wiggle room. these are hard questions that the administration's going to have to answer. >> they certainly are. thaps very much, jim sciutto, for that. let's get some more on this and all the day's important international news. the top democrat on the house armed services question, congressman adam smith, of washington state, is joining us. thanks very much for joining us, congressman. it certainly sounds, at least on
3:11 pm
the surface, iran going in, doing its own inspecting, even if the iaea is around there, it sounds alarming but what's your reaction? >> i don't think it is anywhere near as alarming as it's being presented. i'm still looking at the agreement. i'm leaning in favor. but i have questions still to be answered. frankly, this isn't one of them. this is something that the administration actually did brief members of congress on some time ago. and it's a matter of taking samples. and the iranians want to take the samples themselves while the iaea monitors them taking those samples. that's it. i think the critics -- go ahead. >> let me press you on that one point, congressman. the iranians decide where the samples should be taken from? or can the iaea instruct those iranian inspectors to go and take samples from very precise locations? >> my understanding is the iaea controls that. and this is a small part of the larger agreement. and the areas that are being
3:12 pm
monitored by iaea, this is not -- no one says this is an active site. this is not a place where they have centrifuges, this is not a place where they're enriching uranium. all those other sites have complete control of the iaea all time doing the inspections. this is a small site. based on past activity, which is important, but it is not as important as going forward making sure that iran is not doing more that is in violation of the agreement. and there the iaea has very, very intrusive inspections in place in this agreement. so i think this is a small issue that's being blown out of proportion by those who oppose the deal for a variety of reasons. >> you say you're still undecided, you have some concerns. i want to get into that. this new cnn/orc poll that came out, should congress approve the nuclear agreement with iran? 41% said yes, 56% said no. you know there's some influential democrats like senator schumer, senator
3:13 pm
menendez, who said they won't support it. what's your biggest concern right now? >> i think the thing that's making me lean towards the agreement is if you judge it on, does it stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon? does it put us in the best possible position to do that? it's a very strong agreement. they're forced to dismantle all but a relatively small number of centrifuges, they're forced to get rid of all the enriched uranium except for a very small amount, and they're under very aggressive inspection regime for a long time and unable to build anything further for 15 years. i think it's a very strong agreement in that regard. but look, iran is a country that is doing all kinds of bad things in the middle east and elsewhere. if you want to say, look, iran's a bad country, we shouldn't go a deal with them, well, then you're not in favor of any deal. but the point of this deal was to stop them from getting a nuclear weapon. that was the focus. it wasn't somehow if we do this agreement, iran will become a
3:14 pm
pacifist country and won't be doing all these bad -- we still have to work on other issues, we still have to protect israel, we still have to protect our arab ally in the region from iranian activity. but if you're looking at how do we stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon, no one has really presented to this point a better approach than what is in this agreement. that's what i'm still loong for. i'm meeting with constituents. if they have a better approach, i'm anxious to hear it. but i haven't heard it yet. >> in our new poll we asked this question, congressman. how is president obama handling the u.s. relationship with iran? 38% approve of the job he's doing, 60% disapprove. what does he need to do to convince the american public that he's on the right track here? >> i mean, that's -- i'm not sure what he needs to do to convince the american public but i think what he needs to do to convince congress is keep talking about the details of this agreement. look, i mean, again, we have a
3:15 pm
whole lot of issues with iran that have nothing to do with their nuclear program. but if you're solely focused on the nuclear program, that's what this agreement was trying to do. i think what he would have to convince them is he's aware that it's not just about the nuclear program. that there is much more that we need to do. we need to work with israel, as i said. we need to work with arab allies to try to contain a lot of the things iran is doing. i think that's the point is to make sure that we know that this is not the only problem with iran, but it is one very big one. we do not want an iran with a nuclear weapon. how do we stop that? this agreement does as effective a job of it as anything that has thus far been presented to me. >> congressman, stand by. we have more to discuss, including our top story, the new escalating tensions on the korean peninsula. don't forget, north korea does have a nuclear bomb, maybe a dozen, maybe on their way to 100. much more with congressman adam smith when we come back. there are two cages in this room.
3:16 pm
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we're back with the top democrat in the house armed services committee, congressman adam smith of washington state. the united states as you know right now closely monitoring the tensions seemingly escalating on
3:21 pm
the korean peninsula along the dmz where the u.s. still has about 30,000 troops. these are the first clashes we've seen now in about five years between north and south korea. at this time, though, as you well know, north korea does have a nuclear bomb, maybe a dozen, maybe even more. how concerned are you right now that what has happened over the past 20 years in north korea, they went ahead and developed a nuclear bomb even though in the '90s during the bill clinton administration they worked out a deal to kill their nuclear program. how worried are you that iran might do the same thing? >> iran is an entirely different country. north korea is the most isolated country in the world. with a crazy dictator. and they don't care about their own people. they starve, literally, 1 million, 2 million a year. so there's really no comparison between north korea and iran. the reason iran is at the negotiating table is because of
3:22 pm
the sanctions and because of the impact it's having on their economy. and if iran violates this agreement in any way, those sanctions go right back on. iran is a country that actually does hold elections. they're not free and fair in terms of who the candidates are, but they have a populace that is actively engaged in what's going on in their country. even if it as dictatorship that is controlling that engagement. north korea is a very, very dangerous country precisely because they are so irrational and so unpredictable. iran is not really an irrational actor. they are dangerous, their ideology is dangerous, they certainly threaten israel and they threaten us. but the thing about north korea is they are utterly unpredictable. and completely irrational. and armed with nuclear weapons in a very, very dangerous part of the world. so i don't think there's really a comparison between north korea and iran. not that that's particularly reassuring. given what north korea has been up to recently.
3:23 pm
that is cause for great national security concern for us and for that entire region. >> we know that russia seems to be on the verge of selling advanced s-300 air defense missile systems to iran. the obama administration strongly opposes that. is there anything the u.s. can do to block a sale like this from russia to iran? >> you know, i don't know that there is. and to some degree, this points up the importance of this nuclear deal. because the ability to get this deal has hinged on the fact that russia, along with china and the eu, have been willing to enforce sanctions on iran. and as we can see, the ability of that sanctions regime to hold on, even if we don't have an agreement limiting iran's nuclear weapons, is not something that we can count on. so if we have an agreement that's going to control iran's nuclear program like this one
3:24 pm
does, i think we'd be wise to seize it because russia, china, even some in the eu -- remember, some of the early equipment that was sold to iran came out of europe. all those countries are more willing to do business with iran than we are. and how long the sanctions regime holds if we reject this deal i think is a wide-open question. >> congressman adam smith of washington, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. just ahead, jeb bush is sounding fed up with donald trump's insults. can he turn the tables on the republican presidential front-runner as their war of words gets uglier. might caitlyn jenner go from reality tv to serving jail time? we'll talk about a manslaughter charge in connection with a deadly car crash. ♪ we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day.
3:25 pm
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3:26 pm
let's not forget that iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. the deal will increase the likelihood of terrorists getting a hold of a nuclear weapon. so, that's why we need a better deal. plaque psoriasis. moderate to severe isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't take otezla if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. otezla may increase the risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss.
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3:29 pm
the republican race for the white house clearly heating up right now. jeb bush firing back at donald trump after a series of verbal jabs by the gop presidential front-runner against the former florida governor. cnn's athena jones is joining from us new hampshire where the two candidates held what are being described as dueling town hall meetings. athena, what's the latest in this battle between bush and trump? >> hi, wolf. up until just a couple of days ago, bush seemed hesitant to
3:30 pm
really take it to trump. but that's changing in the face of his sagging poll numbers. now the gloves are finally coming off. >> you win when you campaign like this. you don't win when you're campaigning like this. >> reporter: jeb bush hitting back. >> you win when you connect with people about their aspirations, not about how great you are. how rich you are. how this you are, how that you are. that's not leadership. >> reporter: those remarks coming on the heels of wednesday's war of words between bush and trump. the real estate mogul dissing bush -- >> i don't see how these electable. jeb bush is a low-energy person. >> reporter: and echoing an emerging narrative that the former governor isn't energizing voters. >> you know what's happening to jeb's crowd? as you know, right down the street. they're sleeping. they're sleeping now. >> reporter: in fact, one woman dozed off at bush's town hall today. even his fans say they're
3:31 pm
concerned about bush's lack of energy. >> he basically is just flat. he has no energy. out of all the republican candidates he's the one i feel safest with. he would be the one that has the most experience. >> reporter: i asked him today how he's going to change that narrative. >> there's a big difference between donald trump and me. i have fought for republican and conservative causes all my adult life. >> reporter: poll numbers show bush is struggling even in his home state of florida where he served two terms as governor. he also trails trump in iowa, pennsylvania, and here in new hampshire. a state seen as key to his run. the billionaire businessman is also drawing crowds several times bigger than bush's. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: his campaign moved friday's event in alabama to a stadium after more than 35,000 fans rsvp'd for the event. this as other candidates struggle to command the spotlight. senator marco rubio laying out his tax policy.
3:32 pm
>> as president i would begin by fundamentally overhauling our tax code. >> reporter: an event overshadow the by the trump/bush face-off. i asked bush why he's trailing trump in florida. his home state, in this new quinnipiac poll. he said to me, "i'm beating clinton in florida right now, trump is losing to clinton." wolf, that's actually not true. in this poll trump is beating clinton as well in florida right now. >> it's interesting. governor bush got testy on the campaign trail as you know. on the issue of immigration and the term he was using, anchor babies, talk about that. >> reporter: he did. wolf, he got testy a few times during the course of that gaggle with reporters. he didn't like a lot of the questions he was being asked. but take a listen to how he defended his use of the term anchor baby. >> do you regret using the term anchor babies yesterday on the radio? >> no, i didn't. i don't regret it. >> you don't? >> do you have a better term?
3:33 pm
>> i'm asking you. >> okay, you give me a better term and i'll use it. i'm serious. don't yell at me behind my ear, though. >> so he wasn't happy with that line of questioning. i've got to tell you this is the same argument that donald trump gave to reporters when he was asked during a gaggle last night about his use of the term anchor baby, saying essentialtially, do you have a better term? if you have a better term maybe i'll use it. essentially saying, i'm going to stick with anchor baby. i should mention for the record that if you talk to liberal latinos, conservative latinos, many find "anchor baby" to be a very offensive term. >> thanks very much. let's talk about all of this and more with "washington post" columnist, the associated editor, dade ignatius. the chief political correspondent for "slate." our cnn national political reporter maeve. the hillary clinton campaign put out their own statement in response to anchor baby comments. let me read it to our viewers.
3:34 pm
"if republicans continue to wonder how to label these children, hillary has made it clear to them they are not anchor babies, they are babies. they are our neighbors. they are our families." what about this term? how is it playing out there on the campaign trail, jeb? obviously jeb bush sticking with it. >> it's kind of interesting jeb is using that term. because certainly he more than anyone else knows that is considered an offensive term to a lot of people out there. but this is definitely a fight that hillary clinton wants to have. you saw her come out on twitter not once but a couple of times on this issue. she's looking to bring latinos into her campaign. obviously there will be a huge fight in states like colorado and nevada over those voters next year. and right now she wants to do as much as she can to brand jeb bush with sort of the donald trump brush. obviously donald trump has offended a lot of latinos with his comments about immigration, whereas bush is trying to say,
3:35 pm
hey, i'm the guy that can reach out to latinos, i'm the candidate that you actually want up against hillary clinton next year. so it's turning into a very interesting debate over these issues and one that's probably good for jeb bush, honestly, because it's sharpening him up a little bit and getting him out there punching. >> let's see if that happens. david, you wrote a strong column in the "washington post." about donald trump, comparing him to the russian president vladimir putin. you said this. "he uses crude, vulgar expressions that make him sound like an ordinary guy even though he's a billionaire. he's a narcissist who craves media attention and for all his obvious shortcomings he's very popular." you were referring to putin when you wrote those words. you're saying similar stuff about donald trump. go ahead and explain. >> i got to thinking about donald trump's signature slogan, "make america great again." i was thinking, where have i heard that before? that's the baseline for vladimir putin and russia and many
3:36 pm
leaders around the world who say, i want to restore my nation's greatness, we've fallen behind, we want to get back to where we were. and that's the heart of the trump appeal. to say he's like putin is in some ways i think going to be upsetting to americans and should be. but this is a very common theme around the world and we're hearing it now in america. >> but you don't actually think that trump is deliberately mimicking putin, just a coincidence? >> it's the theme that's common to politicians all over. americans historically have usually resisted this kind of appeal. this year they seem to be going for it. >> zeke, as you know, donald trump in part thanks to you, political reporter for "time" magazine, he's on the cover of the new issue of "time" magazine. he posed with a bald eagle for this "time" magazine photo shoot. how about how all of this came together. >> obviously donald trump's at the top of the polls nationally
3:37 pm
as discussed. we were looking to find a way to capture this moment. not only what does this mean for donald trump, what does it mean for all america? in reporting the story we found that voters are frustrated with both political parties, certainly republican voters are frustrated with their own party, looking pack that obamacare hasn't been repealed, the slow economic recovery, rising income inequality, they're looking for authenticity and donald trump, he is who he is in public and he's the same person he was on tv when he was on "the apprentice." that's resonating with voters. that's actually connecting. >> hillary clinton as you know, she's got serious problems right now. this quinnipiac university poll that came out today in three key states asked, is hillary clinton honest and trustworthy? in florida only 32% thought she was honest and trustworthy. ohio 34%, pennsylvania 32%. she's got problems on this issue of honesty and trustworthiness.
3:38 pm
>> absolutely. this is a long-standing problem for hillary clinton. from the beginning of her political career. you saw when she was senator from new york, you've seen in the 2008 campaign people have always viewed hillary as being a little evasive, someone untrust worthy. i think some of this, if she's the nominee -- i think she'll be the nominee -- will resolve itself as democrats are reminded, they think hillary clinton is pretty good, they like her quite a bit. past that i don't know. >> david, donald trump also says that hillary clinton's controversy over her e-mail server, private e-mail server, in his words, watergate on steroids. you and i are old enough to remember watergate. what do you make, when donald trump says something like that? >> this is a man who lives for the overstatement. for the bombastic characterization. and this is one of them. we'll see how serious this hillary clinton e-mail scandal is when we get to the question
3:39 pm
of classified information. we don't know what classified e-mails were there, why they were there, what she and others did about them. that's the heart of this. >> is there an opening right now for the vice president, joe biden, to throw his hat into the ring? given some of the problems that hillary clinton clearly has? >> i think, absolutely. and you know, we all would like to see joe biden go up against donald trump on the campaign trail. i think that would be quite the matchup. he's obviously known as the person who can connect with a lot of the blue-collar, middle-class voters who are angry about what's going on right now. and i think it would be interesting to see that matchup certainly with those trustworthiness numbers it does seem it leaves the door open for joe biden, at least to come in and see whether or not democrats would actually rally around him. in the long run, i still think hillary is by leaps and bounds going to be the strongest candidate. but he certainly has a lot to
3:40 pm
think about on that front. >> zeke in your interview with donald trump in his office in new york, he said that cnn, which is obviously hosting the next republican presidential debate, september 16th, he said cnn should donate -- this is what he said to you -- $10 million to charity. he raised the possibility, if it doesn't, he might not show up. explain. >> donald trump is a businessman first and foremost. that's how he got his start, that's what got him onto tv. that's how everyone knows him. everything's a deal. that's how he thinks. that's his thought process. that's one of the reasons why we included it in the story. . it's not fully relevant but it's key to understanding who he is, everything is a deal. he's looking at if the ratings are going to be what they were, people are going to tune in to watch, obviously it's going to be a great show and he's assuming that a lot of that's going to be because of him. and looking at the polls a lot of people are tuning in earlier than they have in years past partly because it's the trump show. he's saying maybe cnn should give back a little bit. he'll show up one way or the
3:41 pm
other for sure. >> i'm sure he'll show up. there's no way he's not going to show up to the republican presidential debate. >> i love the request for the $10 million contribution. the striking thing about trump is how he's pushing people off their games. watching jeb bush struggling to be trump-like. trying to push back in a very awkward way, i thought. shows you -- jeb bush is not going to win by trying to outtrump donald trump. >> what's going to happen if he continues to try to outtrump trump, he's going to say something that in the general election is going to kill him. that snippy little comment, that was so unlike what we think of jeb bush. >> the most cautious candidate in this field, and today he got knocked off his game. he made a gaffe that could hurt him next november. >> look at the fact that donald trump, he goes on television shows, he does interviews. 10, 15 minutes, hour-long interviews. jeb bush is much more hesitant, much more reluctant. we've invited him several times to come to "the situation room." we hope he accepts at some point. he's obviously very tentative at
3:42 pm
this point. we'll see what happens. thanks very much for all of that. the republican presidential candidates, they're gearing up for their second debate. it will air here on cnn on september 16th live from the reagan library in california. cnn will host the first democratic presidential debate. that's on october 13th in nevada. just ahead, serious legal troubles right thousand for caitlyn jenner. now possibly facing a manslaughter charge. st. louis bracing for more protests tonight after another controversial police shooting. no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one. but you're armed with a roomy new jansport backpack, a powerful new dell 2-in-1 laptop,
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3:47 pm
not the other way around. the world's most famous transgender woman may be in serious legal trouble tonight. we're talking about the olympic hero, the reality tv star caitlyn jenner. sheriff investigators plan to present evidence to a prosecutor that potentially could lead to jenner being charged with a misdemeanor count of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the fatal car crash back in february. jenner could face up to a year in jail if charged and convicted. jenner was driving a black cadillac suv that was the third vehicle involved in a chain reaction crash in malibu. jenner's vehicle hit a lexus from behind, sending it into oncoming traffic where it was struck by another suv. the 69-year-old woman driving the lexus was killed. the l.a. county sheriff's office
3:48 pm
has determined that jenner was going at an unsafe speed for the conditions at the time, even though the suv was actually traveling under the posted speed limit. let's bring in our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin for analysis right now. involuntary manslaughter. obviously sounds very serious. explain what's going on here. >> the difference between manslaughter and murder is intent. that a murder is intentional killing of another person, manslaughter is the unintentional ilkilling. involuntary manslaughter is actually kind of a redundant phrase because manslaughter is always involuntary. >> she took a sobriety test at the scene of the incident, passed no problem, how does that factor in? >> that's one of the factors. manslaughter can be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor. apparently only misdemeanor is under consideration here. which you can understand if there is no issue of drunk driving, there's no issue of going over the speed limit. you can still behave in a
3:49 pm
reckless way without being drunk or without going over the speed limit. you can change lanes in a reckless way. but that leads to usually lesser charges than, say, a drunk driving homicide. >> the fact that she was driving under the posted speed limit but above what was regarded as an unsafe speed for the road conditions at the time, how does that play into this? >> that is one of the factors that is almost certainly leading the misdemeanor rather than felony to be under consideration. the fact that this was not apparently an outrageously bad piece of driving by caitlyn jenner, but something that could be criminal but in a misdemeanor. remember, misdemeanors in the united states, almost no one ever goes to prison for a misdemeanor, even though technically a year is possible, and almost -- no one almost ever goes to trial on misdemeanors. >> you don't expect a highly explosive,
3:50 pm
trial? >> they are almost always worked out in plea bargains. i don't think it's going to come to that. >> you covered that o.j. trial. we will see what happens. thanks very much. in st. louis, there's now fear of new clashes tonight between police and protesters in the wake of a fatal shooting that's stoking simmering tensions. ed, what are you seeing in st. louis tonight? >> reporter: a lot of concern here tonight. s.w.a.t. teams will be at the ready here at the police station in st. louis. armored vehicles in place. this as the mayor, the police chief and clergy leaders are urging peace and tranquility, hoping that will help keep things calm tonight. a car set on fire, houses burning out of control and businesses burglarized.
3:51 pm
tonight, police bracing for more scenes like this after crowds took to the streets wednesday protesting the shooting death of an 18-year-old african-american male by two white police officers. police say he pointed a gun at them before opening fire. authorities attempted to disperse the crowds but moved in after protesters refused to move. officers with riot shields moved in. police fired tear gas after they say protesters threw bricks and battles. some believe the police overreacted. >> are driving down the street shooting tear gas where kids are. >> reporter: police disagree. >> over the loudspeaker it was repeated lid given, this is the first warning, this is the second warning, this is the third and fourth warning. >> reporter: the eruption in violence comes weeks after the one-year anniversary of the shooting death of michael brown, an unarmed african-american male in nearby ferguson, missouri. wolf, all of this started after
3:52 pm
police were serving a search warrant where the violence erupted last night. as they served the search warrant, two men fled the house. one of them, an 18-year-old, turned and pointed a gun at two of the officers. that's when the officers fired back at that suspect killing him there at the scene. once again here, city officials and police are urging peace and tranquility tonight but getting ready for violent outbreaks. >> have police tacticschanged? >> reporter: we met with the police chief. he was asked about the tactics and whether it was heavy handed. they did not believe it was. they said if things were to go the same way it did last night to expect very much the same approach that they did last night. they don't see any other way around the situation here. >> thanks very much. let's hope it stays peaceful. more news right after thchlt. hey terry stop! they have a special!
3:53 pm
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3:57 pm
tonight, cnn takes a look at the original king of shock tv, morton downey junior. >> wants to take -- >> reporter: before bill o'reilly. before glen beck. >> socialism is coming. it's time to wake up. >> reporter: there was morton
3:58 pm
downey junior. >> as you will find out, certain things really burn my buns. >> his show premiered in 1987 with conservative abrasive talk. foreshadowing rush limbaugh. he knew how to play to the camera. >> it felt like it was a theatrical performance. his father had been a singer. he was a singer as well. >> reporter: racism, gun control, abortion, he tackled it over. when a rape scandal made headlines, he seized on it. >> it's developing every minute. >> reporter: a grand jury concluded the woman falsified her account. tv experts say that was the beginning of the end. by the fall of 1989, downey had
3:59 pm
been canceled. not before in a seemingly desperate stunt for attention, he claimed he was attacked by skinheads in an airport bathroom stall. police could never verify it. many assumed he did it to himself. >> you can only do this so long. you can only stir a pot so many times and have it boil over before it spills on you. all he was doing was stirring a pot. i didn't feel it was a there there. >> reporter: after his show came the rise of cable news. and more incivility and confrontation with perhaps downey to thank or blame. >> should we hang this kid? >> his program was absolutely a turning point. so much of what we see today is entertainment that is masked as news. you can see the movie tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern only
4:00 pm
here on cnn. you can always follow us on twitter. tweet me @wolfblitzer and the show. join us tomorrow right here in "the situation room." erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. tonight, trump takes florida. donald trump now leading jeb bush in three key swing states, including his home state of florida. joe biden not an official candidate shows str s strengths beating trump in ohio and pennsylvania. what does that mean for hillary clinton? a look at the woman who could be donald trump's secret weapon. his daughter. let's go "outfront." good evening. "outfront" tonight, donald trump,


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