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tv   Wolf  CNN  August 25, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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it's 1:00 p.m. in washington, 7:00 p.m. in paris, 8:00 p.m. in palmyra, syria. wherever you're watching from around the world thanks very much for joining us. we begin with breaking news. a prosecutor has just laid out multiple terror charges against the heavily armed gun nan last weekend's attempted attack in a high speed train. the prosecutor said there is clear evidence of a terrorist intent on the part of ayoub el khazzani who was stopped, subdued and hog tied by fellow passengers. we're also learning much more about this suspect. prosecutors now say khazzani
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went to a mosque known for its radicalism and was known to spanish police for drug trafficking. he boarded the plane -- the train with about 200 rounds of ammunition, a bag full of weapons including an assault weapon. the paris prosecutor said he was trying to kill a train full of people. and getting inspiration from terror web sites. >> translator: looking at his internet usage on the phone, ayoub el khazzani was looking at -- whilest he was on the tran on youtube on which a jihad -- there were jihadi songs and somebody inspiring people to jihadi acts. >> khazzani was taken to a paris courthouse earlier this morning and a police escorted motorcade. martin savidge is joining us live in paris. what are the charges sand the suspect talking, martin?
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>> well, here's the charges that have been outlined by the paris prosecutor. they include attempted mass murder and also murder or attempted mass murder. this is under what is called the french terrorism laws and being a member of a terrorist organization. what what's interesting here is that they're also trying to figure out where was this suspect moving? it's clear there's a lot of detail the prosecutor brought forward and they're going to be looking at -- going forward in this investigation he seems to have wandered about europe but was there just wandering or is there intent? where was he headed or was anybody supporting him? for instance, they said the suspect was homeless in just the days leading up to the attack on the train yet he apparently has 149 euros to afford a first class ticket. how does that happen? it implies the french believe he was supported in some way, hence being a member of a terrorist
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organization, wolf. >> do we know if he is talking to prosecutors? to law enforcement authorities or is he shutting up? >> he has definitely shotgun up at this point. it started off he was apparently talking. he was telling this story that he had no intention of carrying out a terrorist attack. this was going to be a robbery on board the train, he found the weapons in a park, he says, in a suitcase, most of which the authorities clearly do not believe. but as they began following up, talking to him more severely and intensely, he got more and more silence and they say now he's invoked his right of silence is the way the french put it which would be apparently he's not going to speak on the fear of possible incrimination. >> and tell us about the condition of the fifth man who was involved in this attack, this incident on the high speed train, a dual u.s./french citizen. >> yes, this is mark moogalian and initially it was described that he had been wounded.
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he's a franco american, meaning he was born in the u.s. but has french citizenship, that he was wounded and he was the first to confront the shooting suspect. but the prosecutor tells a different story, that apparently he was actually in that fray, that fracas on the train that three americans and the fourth american were all trying to stop this gunman and that somehow a gun goes off, believed to belong to the terrorist and that it's that gun that wounds him in the neck and unfortunately we are told his medical condition deteriorated overnight. he's being treated at a hospital about two hours north of the city. >> let's hope he'll be okay. thanks very much. we'll stay in touch with you, martin, appreciate it. we also got a treasure trove about his movements. let's bring in paul cruickshank, the co-author of the book "agent storm, my life inside al qaeda." also joining us the former fbi assistant director tom fuentes.
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paul, el khazzani traveled to turkey as we now know. that's very significant and tell us why. >> it's very significant indeed because these european extremists have traveled to turkey to get to syria, we know he traveled on may 10 from berlin to istanbul. we reported that yesterday on your show but very interesting we now know he came back on june 4 and he came back through a place in turkey that is just 15 miles from the syrian border in southern turkey. he took a flight there to istanbul and then via albania, a very convoluted way back into europe suggesting he was trying to fly back under the radar screen. investigators believe he was trying to get into syria to join isis. what isn't clear is whether he managed to get over into syria or whether he perhaps meant isis operatives in turkey because we know that isis has a significant presence throughout turkey especially in the southern
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region, wolf. >> how singh scant that, tom, that he went to turkey, we don't know if he made it into syria or no not. >> well, wolf there's many isis cells throughout turkey to help get get in turkey but also just isis themselves to help them prepare to go into syria or talk them into going home and doing an attack there. the presumption here is he linked up with a cell there. if he didn't get into syria was determined to go back and somewhere on his way back he met up with people that provided by him with those weapons. he wouldn't have been able to fly with them but had no problem boarding a train heavily armed and carrying those weapons with them. >> and the question they're looking at, martin savidge pointed out, he did buy a first class ticket even though he's supposedly a homeless guy on the high speed train. he had a lot of weapons and ammunition which are not
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necessarily that easy to get. the question is was he acting alone or part of a cell? >> well, they will be looking at that very, very closely. did he v contacts in the sort of criminal underworld that were able to get him these weapons. we've seen a lot of people involved in petty crime who have access to weapons. in fact even violent crime, getting involved in jihad imlater on as a way to sort of redeem that past criminal behavior. so he may well have had contacts. it appears that he was linked to drug investigations in spain so maybe he used those contacts to get these weapons. they're investigating where he got the weapons from but the investigation is looking at whether he had a some kind of terrorist cell inside syria or turkey that may have directed him to launch this attack. back in april there was a french isis sell in turkey that
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directed an algerian student in paris to launch a terrorist attack against churches and they discussed online after meeting in turkey the idea of hitting passenger trains. that's one of the key lines of inquiry, whether there's a connection to this french isis cell operating in turkey. >> you don't buy at all his lawyer's assertion he was planning to rob train passengers? >> no, that's ridiculous. he was not and prosecutors are clear on that fact. one additional point as far as other people involved somebody had to provide funding for him to be flying all over europe or taking trains over europe, going turkey. coming back, that suitcase had about a thousand dollars worth of weaponry in it between the ak-47, a couple hundred rounds of ammunition, the magazines cost money, the extra magazines. the 9 millimeter pistol. all of that is spot cheap. so to have a thousand dollars or more worth of weaponry along with a first class ticket, somebody helped him get that far along the way.
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that's the question is who, who helped him and how big of a group and did they know what he was going to do. >> and he had something that didn't cost a lot of money as well, namely a box cutter which is obviously very, very deadly. guy, thanks very much. up next what a difference a day makes. markets in you were and the markets bouncing back. we'll take you live to the new york stock exchange and find out what's behind the turnaround. and late, jeb bush back on the campaign trail today strongly defending his comments on the controversial term anchor babies. will his explanation sacrifice his critics? we'll discuss. permission to park it wherever you please. hey. that's that new gear feeling. this week, these folders just one cent. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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republican presidential front-runner donald trump is at it again, attacking the fox news anchor megyn kelly. remember trump attacked her on social media after the first republican presidential debate. last night he added this retweet
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referring to her as a bimbo. he didn't say bimbo but he retweeted a tweet from someone else calling her a bimbo. let's go to our senior media correspondent ryan stelter joining us now from new york. a very tough response today from fox, brian. >> yeah, this came out a few minutes ago, wolf, from the chairman of fox news, roger ailes. he is a republican party king maker. before he created fox news, he advised presidential candidates on the right like ronald reagan. so to see him slamming donald trump, well, i've never seen a statement like this from roger ailes. let's put part of it on the screen. it says megyn kelly has his full support. it starts by saying "donald trump's surprise and unprovoked attack on megyn kelly during her show last night is as unacceptable as it is disturbing. megyn kelly represents the best of journalism and all of us at fox news reject the crude and irresponsible attempts to suggest otherwise." he went on to say that donald trump rarely apologizes, we all know that. he says "donald trump rarely
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apologizes but in this case he should." the statement went on to say "we have never been deterred by politicians or anyone else attacking us for doing our job, much less allowed ourselves to be bullied by anyone and we're certainly not going to start now." this is all the more notable, wolf, because a couple weeks ago we saw trump going after megyn kelly repeatedly and fox mostly stayed quiet. megyn kelly tried to stay above the fray. roger ailes tried to make peace with trump through a series of phone calls after that presidential debate where trump was so angry. all of this stems from the tough questioning megyn kelly did at that debate. journalists like you and i, i think, were impressed by that debate. we saw a lot of challenging questions asked to all the candidates but as we know, donald trump did not like it one bit. he's been going after megyn kelly pretty much ever since. but this latest ratcheting up of the rhetoric seems like there's now a war between fox and trump again. >> and in this particular latest chapter in this war between donald trump and megyn kelly, donald trump clearly started it. it's not as if she said anything on her show last night attacking
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donald trump, right? >> it was a pretty mellow broadcast. she was covering all sorts of news on monday night. something she said must have provoked him because he put up a series of tweets and we can put one of them up on screen. he said "i like the kelly file when kelly is not there." she had substitute hosts filling in last week. he then went on to retweet fans of his who were criticizing her. as you mentioned one of them calling her a bimbo. another calling her a waste. this is shocking for many reasons, one, it's the gop front-runner attacking one of the biggest stars on fox news and, of course, fox news is the preferred channel of conservatives. preferred channel of the republican party. so what we see here, i think, going on is this infighting that's happening within the conservative movement. we also see it playing out on television. for her part, though, megyn kelly is just trying to do her job. she's just trying to lay low, appear to be above the fray. but the fact that ailes is now defending her so forcefully suggesting to me this is going to go on now.
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we're seeing a dramatic escalation in this fight. >> we'll see if donald trump does apologize as roger ailes is recommending he do. thanks for that, brian stelter reporting for us. let's get analysis on what we just heard. alex castellanos is joining us, he's a founder of and chairman of purple strategies and hilary rosen is with us, our cnn political commentator. what do you think is going on over here? it's pretty unusual, alex, for donald trump to be going after megyn kelly after everyone thought that part of the battle was dying down. >> wow. there's a lot going on. this is about who's the boss of fox. for the past week or two the boss has been donald trump. donald trump has a problem with
10:18 am
treating women respectfully. and the third thing is thats no a stable presentation from donald trump. if he blows up his relationship with fox as a candidate, that's one thing. that's him. but if he were president and blew up our relationship with the soviet union with russia and putin, holy smoke, that could have severe consequences. so those two things really hurt, i think, donald trump in the long run. >> and let's point out that both fox and megyn kelly point out hervication last week was long scheduled. it was not a result of the criticism she was facing from donald trump. >> yeah, and even more support from roger ailes. you know, usually politicians not only don't pay aa price when they attack the media, the public likes them better because the public isn't fond of the media and political journalists. >> unless they attack wolf. >> but fox in particular has an enormous amount of loyalty among their conservative viewers.
10:19 am
so how this is seen, it's a partnership in many ways, the way they describe it. so the fact that he is trying to divide his base from fox, it's a big risky strategy and i think alex is exactly right. the fact he's chosen megyn kelly in such an immature, disrespectful way. like really immature, is just -- you know, not only is it appalling, we'll see. i think it will have repercussions. >> on the republican debate he's been a guest on several fox shows, including bill o'reilly's show last night so it's not as if he's been absent from the fox news channel at all. >> it seems small. it seems petty. it seems thoughtless. he's biting the hand that feeds him and that can't be good politicalpli political politically. >> there's more to discussing kin colluding the war between jeb bush and donald trump. the use of the term "anchor babies" and more coming up. stay with us.
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jeb bush is back on the campaign trail today speaking at a veterans event in colorado. at the end of the event, he responded to a question about the use of the controversial term "anchor babies" that he made yesterday. first i'll play yesterday's remark. >> what i was talking about was the specific case of fraud being committed where are there's organized efforts -- and frankly it's more related to asian people -- coming into our country, having children, n that organized effort, taking advantage of a noble concept with birth right citizenship. i support the 14th amendment. nothing about what i've said is -- should be viewed as derogatory words immigrants at all. >> here's what jeb bush said about that less than two hours ago. >> my record not just yesterday
10:25 am
but over my lifetime is one people can look at. i was talking about a very narrow casted system of fraud where people are bringing children -- bringing pregnant women in to have babies to give birth right citizenship. i support birth right citizenship. i support it. i think that is a noble thing that we should do. i'm 62 years old. when i was 17 years old i fell until love with columba, it's going to be hard to get lectured by anybody about the politics of immigration. >> alex castellanos and hilary rosen are with us. alex, what do you think about that exchange, the clarification, the uproar that's developed over the use of the term anchor babies. >> we're looking for a strong president to keep this country from spinning apart and there at the end you saw some strength. nobody will lecture me. but there's a little rust on jeb
10:26 am
bush. "i wasn't insulting hispanics, i was insulting asians." no, that's no -- you don't want that to be the focus of the debate, especially when everyone knows that jeb bush is not a guy who discriminates against anyone. >> and you know this anchor baby issue just acknowledged that latino immigrants resent the use of the word. stop using it. when people who are discriminated against decide that that is an offensive word, just accept that, don't try and justify it other and over again. but, you know, here's the problem. jeb bush is just twisting himself in knots, the poor thing, trying to figure out how to take some of that trump momentum away. and he gets keeping caught up in it awkwardly. >> here's a new poll, monmouth university poll on south carolina. republican, trurmp at 30%, ben carson 15, bush is down to 9%, lindsey graham only 4%, the
10:27 am
senior senator from south carolina right now. you're from north carolina, alex, why is he doing so well in south carolina right now? >> in southern states the confederate flag really for a lot of southerers -- it was the flag of leave me alone, get hell out of my way, tell washington to listen to me flag. and there's this core in the south that feels that way. donald trump is the replacement, in a way, for that confederate flag. is. >> trump tweeted this after this poll in south carolina came out. he said "congrats, lindsey graham, you just got newshour points -- four point, far better than zero nationally, you're only 26 points behind me." then later lindsey graham was on cnn with kate bolduan and he said this. >> come to south carolina and i'll beat his brains out. i know my state.
10:28 am
donald trump is not going to be the nominee of the republican party. if he is that's the end of the republican party. because what he is doing -- >> so f he is what do you do? >> well, then we'll lose. we'll lose and we should lose. >> there's been a war going on between graham and donald trump. donald trump released his cell phone number. lindsey graham destroyed the cell phone. this is getting more serious. >> again, some immature of donald trump to sort of tweet at him about the polling. it doesn't befit a presidential candidate. i think what we're finding though in the republican primary is we started out saying republicans have an amazingly strong field. this is going to be a tough choice. people like all of these governors and all of these folks with this experience and suddenly we have republicans not? excited about their traditional choices and going elsewhere, ben carson and trump are taking that
10:29 am
heat. >> lindsey graham also basically said that donald trump was an idiot he didn't know anything about the middle east. he was going after him. >> and i think hilary's right. this is immature. there's an old cuban saying, never spit straight up. donald trump is spitting straight up now. this has a long way to go. and he who laughs last will last best i think. >> but also donald trump in the last 24 hours he's had negative tweets about scott walker, rubio, george pataki, jeb bush, hillary clinton, he's sort of been relentless. let's move on. >> here's my message -- grow up donald trump. >> you know what? in fairness to donald trump, he's still doing great in all those republican polls nationally. >> which means he gets 10% of the country. when you're leading 25% to 28% of republicans, you're only at 10% of americans. >> but if you were -- >> it might be enough to win the republican primary. >> but if you're running in
10:30 am
south carolina, you'd rather get 30% than 15% or 6% or 4%. >> yeah but you have to grow from there. you have to act presidential. >> but every time he gets into these uproars his numbers go up, right? >> for now. right now he's a good vehicle for republican frustration but at the end of the day is he going to be the guy republicans turn to to lead the country when he can't even maintain a good relationship with fox news? let's turn to joe biden, vice president of the united states. hilary, will he be on the stage at the first democratic presidential debate in nevada in october. >> yes. i think he will be. and i think that that if he picks elizabeth warren as a vp he could run the table and make himself a serious contender in the general election as well.
10:31 am
>> my heart says he will be, my head said he won't be. >> why. >> he's depending on a faltering hillary. given the polls -- a "usa today" poll yesterday says is true, democrats aren't looking for an alternative. >> i would disagree. >> i want the vice president to do what's in his heart and i think he would be a great president but i think if -- >> but if you're joe biden you're watching somebody other than hillary thinking why not me? >> we'll see if he's on the stage in october. for the latest in politics and the presidential contenders, head over to that's where you get the best information. still to come, we'll find out what's behind the turnaround on wall street after yesterday's stunning losses. stay with us.
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let's get to today's dramatic turnaround on wall street. there you see the dow jones industrials up 223 points. yesterday was one of the biggest single-day swings in the history of the market dropping more than 1,000 points early in the day before closing down almost 600 points. rich queard quest is joining us. richard, the chinese government is pumping money into their economy. is that turning things around for invest norse the united states? >> not really, wolf, that was
10:37 am
part of the story but the reason you've seen a large bounceback is that the realization that the falls of thursday, friday, and monday were largely overdone and things were looking cheap in time to come back into the market. look at that graph, wolf, and you see what i see when i look at it. the market goes up over 300 points and then for most of the session has remained within quite a tight band. which means that the market is still trying to decide where the medium-term direction goes. into that aspect you can certainly put the chinese decision to lower interest rates and to reduce reserve requirements. asia was down. china was down so the shanghai market, the nikkei was down, hong kong was down. but everywhere else if you look at australia, if you look at europe, if you look at all the others, with the exception of the shanghai market which has given back all its gains and more, everything else was up. >> how much does this trickle
10:38 am
do down? our viewers in north america, what does it mean to them specifically as we see the ups and downs, this roller coaster going on. >> on a day to day basis nothing other than a bout of indigestion and the best chance to ignore it with a strong drink. that's the honest truth about this, wolf. when you see the market rise a full 500, go up 300, you are best ignoring in the the short term. now, in the medium term you have to take advantage and decide what does this mean for my portfolio? do i think, for example, that china's woes are going to wash up on the shore here and then you choose the moment to rebalance your portfolio? in this short instant knee-jerk reaction of day to day traders and vast portfolio movements by computers it really -- it has to be ignored. >> but even with this bounceback
10:39 am
of 200 points, let's not forget over the last week or so the dow has dropped more than 1500 points. >> exactly. exactly the point and once you feel that there's an element of equilibrium, once you feel that -- remember, you missed selling last wednesday or tuesday before the fall hand. if you sold on friday you are far worse off by monday because of the -- and if you sold on monday you're even worse off. sorry, i meant if you sold on monday you are much worse off than if you just hold on a little longer and wait to see the direction. see what people are saying in the longer term. this is not a time to take a knee jerk decision for ordinary investors. >> i think investors around the world see an uptick, at least today on the dow jones industrials on wall street. that's encouraging for them as well, what happens here in the united states has a huge impact
10:40 am
in europe and asia. richard, thanks very much. still ahead, republicans preparing for a hard fight in the event hillary clinton does win the democratic nomination. according to a new report, one man may provide them with ammunition. the author of that report, jackie kucinich, is joining us next. stand by. i know how dangerous iran is.
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lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common, or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. joint pain and damage... can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. here in the united states, the republican national committee is building up its arsenal against democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. according to a new report in the
10:45 am
daily beast, one lone staffer is charged with combing through the archives at the clinton presidential library in little rock, arkansas, looking for any contradictions or embarrassments from the and can doubts' past. it's a rather tedious task t out of 750 boxes, the rnc staffer is only allowed to go through one box at a time. from that one box, he's only allowed to look at one folder at a time. from that folder, he's only allowed to look at one page at a time. his activity is monitored by a library staffer as well as closed circuit staffers. jackie kucinich is the editor for the daily beast. she wrote this article. jacqui, thanks very much for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> how did you get this idea -- you went down to little rock and watched what was going on. >> i was curious how they're digging up the dirt on hillary clinton. everybody involved gets e-mail, you see the stuff they pulled. i was curious who they had station there had to go poring through the research. so i went down there and i followed the staffer around for a couple days and just got to
10:46 am
see how he did his work. it is a very tedious process. the national archives and library have very strict rules and he was very careful about following them and explained them to me so i didn't run afoul of the rules when i was there. he's going through box and box, wants to go through all 750 very deliberately to find anything from hillary clinton's days as first lady that they might be able to use against her inthis campaign. >> it's called opposition research. >> indeed. >> all campaigns -- almost all campaign, i should say, do that. i got a statement from the rnc. "we found a lot of useful stuff, we know what we're looking for and who we are looking at. it's a piece of the larger engine." when they say "useful stuff," what does that mean specifically? is there, like, something that's already been released or are they holding it to see what happens down the road? >> it's a little bit of both. he's found things that have turned around and become press
10:47 am
relea releases, it depends on what's in the news. when i was there he found a statement from hillary clinton from her days as first lady that looked like she was contradicting remarks she's made on immigration. he sends that off to the rnc and they haven't used it yet. so we'll see when they use it. they flag it to the necessary teams. this is a huge operation and he is just a part of it. and so whether they use -- it's up to them whether they use it right away or whether they hold it for the general election. >> we didn't get a statement from the clinton campaign. we did get one from a pro-clinton group saying this "if republicans think that you are time is best spent rehashing the false attacks their own party planted at n the age of mc hammer instead of, say, improving the gop's extreme positions, their priorities are m misplaced." but every presidential candidate should assume that people are going through almost everything they did in their public life. >> one of the most interesting things about that is the rnc, this effort, was born out of
10:48 am
what american bridge did when mitt romney was running. >> a pro-democratic super pac. >> yes, a pro-democratic super pac. they had a pile on mitt romney's record before he was even the republican nominee. so every attack they had came quickly, fast, and they really whittled away at his record. so as a result they've set up this massive effort to do basically the same thing to hillary clinton. >> and i assume that republicans, jeb bush's campaign, other campaigns, the super pacs that support them, they're going through all of donald trump's record right now because he's emerged, as we know, as the clear republican front-runner right now. >> you'd have to imagine but there has been a hesitance to attack donald trump, run ads against him, even from super pacs because you don't know if it will come back at you if you're that candidate. the other attacks so far, it hasn't dinged him. he's been teflon in a way. so we'll have to watch and see when they start using any research that they've done. and just how they go about it so they don't end up hurt. >> what they usually do if it's
10:49 am
sensitive, that i leak it to a news organization and they try to make sure that their fingerprints are not seen on that, the news organization checks it out and if it's true they report it. at least in the past that's what's often been done. jackie, good work. >> thank you very much. >> jackie kucinich of the daily beast reporting. coming up, horrifying pictures out of palmyra in syria that appear to be showing isis fighters using ieds, roadside bombs to destroy an ancient temple.
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. we've got breaking news coming out of the pentagon. turkey is ready to begin air strikes against isis along the border with syria. it will fully integrate turkey into the coalition fighting isis. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr is standing by.
10:54 am
are we getting specifics about what is involved in this new agreement with turkey? >> at the moment we are not, wolf. the turks have been talking about it in the last couple of days as a comprehensive strategy against isis. the pentagon going so far as to say indeed they did reach an agreement. turkey will now participate in the air strikes against isis targets, presumably in northern syria. so that's the air component of all of this. but pentagon press secretary peter cook went on to say there's -- they are not being too subtle about it. more work to get turkey to control the border. that is one of the big outstanding issues right now. the u.s. view is clearly that turkey is not controlling the border enough. they want to press very hard to get turkey to crack down on the flow of isis fighters and weapons across that turkish border into northern syria. the turks have also talked about a safe zone.
10:55 am
the u.s. is against a safe zone. in other words, a zone on the ground along the border that would be patrolled from the air. the u.s. doesn't feel that that is very workable. the pentagon wouldn't go so far today. cook would not go so far today as to definitely rule out a safe zone. but no reason to expect that the u.s. policy has really changed. so the turks will conduct air strikes when they find isis targets. don't look for this to be old-style shock and awe. they will go after those targets when they are assigned to them by the command of coalition. but again, the real issue on the table here for many in the administration is to get the turks to crack down on the ground on the border control. wolf? >> just to be precise, barbara, this is seen as a push to get turkey more involved, right? >> it is. it's important to get turkey involved. no the to minimize this at all. they want turkey doing air
10:56 am
strikes in return for the u.s. getting access to u.s. air bases. the turks provide a very close geographical point from which to launch air strikes but the turks have some conflicted priorities here, to say the least. the turks have the definite priority of going after the pkk terrorist group of kurds in northern iraq that they feel threatened in their country. the u.s. doesn't disagree with that but the u.s. wants the turks to pay a lot of attention to isis more on the syrian side of the border. wolf? >> barbara starr, thank you very much, reporting from the pentagon. meanwhile, a 2,000-year-old historic ruin is now gone. isis claimed to destroy the baal shamin temple in syria. this is a picture before the attack and then after the
10:57 am
attack. apparently blown to pieces by isis. let's go to our senior international correspondent ben we wedeman. isis as we know it, it's all about propaganda. what's the point of blowing up these ancient temples? >> reporter: well, really this is part of their shack and awe policy, so to speak. they have done this in here yin syria, iraq and it's dated back towards islam and they have destroyed christian churches and shia shrines as well. they are driving home the message that they will destroy everything that doesn't fit within their very narrow vision of islam. now, of course, for many syrians, for instance, at the moment they have other things to worry about. we heard, for instance, today
10:58 am
from unicef that 5 million people are suffering from a water shortage. there have been continued barrel bombings throughout syria people are suffering from disease, from lack of food, so really at this moment, wolf, before horsemen of apocalypse are loose in syria. >> so far, ben, we've got these still photos. have they released any video and how do we know these are really authentic? >> reporter: well, we did hear from the director of antiquities who saw those pictures and said, yes, that is the temple. this is the temple of baal shamin. there's a very good chance that at some point they will put out video as well as they did, for
10:59 am
instance, in the case of ninava in iraq, the mosul museum where we saw isis fighters going through the museum and just tipping over ancient statues. if we go by previous experience, they will come out with a video version of this vandalism. >> quickly, you've actually been there. years ago you actually went to this historic site, right? >> actually, i've been there many times. the first time was october 1974 when i was living in beirut and been back many times. of course, obviously they were more peaceful times. you had complete full reign of the area. and before the beginning of the uprising, the syrian tourism industry was booming. more than 100,000 people were visiting palmyra.
11:00 am
now, of course, nobody is visiting and we don't know how much longer those ruins, the rest of those ruins will actually be there. wolf? >> ben wedeman, a sad story, indeed. thanks very much. that's it for me. the news continues next on cnn. wolf blitzer, thank you so much. great to be with you on this tuesday afternoon. i'm brooke baldwin. this is cnn. breaking news out of paris where the gunman who tried to unleash a massacre on a high-speed train, ayoub el khazzani was hog