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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 25, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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as for the 12-year-old, he will not have to pony up any money. we're still waiting to learn how long he will be graded. that is all for us. i turn you over to wolf blitd zer in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news. more losses, wall street rallies after a massive selloff. but loses steam and plunges again as the dow ends down another 200. what will it take to stop the bleeding. and donald trump launches more insults at presidential candidates. the world leader and fox news anchor. trump has a live campaign appearance coming up. how will he respond? terror ties. the gunman subdued by fellow passengers on a high speed chain is charged with attempted mass murder and other crimes. prosecutors say he viewed jihadist videos aboard the train and investigators are urgently looking in to links to a terror
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organization. and putin on a show. russia's president cozies up to miles per hour allies at a moscow air show, but has russia moves ahead with advanced missile sales to iran and threatens more aggression in ukraine, does the u.s. have an answer? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in the situation room. breaking news, stocks sky rocket and then fizzle again. a day after an extra ordinary worldwide selloff, all three wall street major indices finished in the red. the dow took off but ran out of gas ending down 205 points. in the last five trading days, the dow down more than 1800 points. in three months, the last three months, the dow has dropped almost 3,000 points from its all time high. donald trump is back at it, he's
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lashing out at his rivals calling jeb bush a mess. he's lashing out to the president of china and once again lashing out at megyn kelly earning an angry rebuke from the powerful fox news boss. trump on the receiving end, as well. lindsey graham today called him, and i'm quoting him, a complete idiot. so what wiwill trump say next? we're standing by if a campaign appearance in iowa. and our analysts tstanding by with full coverage. let's wribegin with the breakin news. let's get straight to richard que quest. he has the details. >> a most extraordinary day that took place, wolf. neff seen anything quite like it. a dow jones that is at the open had rich more than 400 points. we saw a range today of 600 and
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40 points. at its top, it was up 441. by the time it closed, just look at that last hour and a half of trading. and the dow's lowest point down 220. and there was seemingly no obvious reason for why the market suddenly turned turtle in the last 45 minutes or so. other than a feeling that there are more losses in asia to come. i want to show you how the last few days have traded. because this is significant when you look at the last five days going back from last wednesday. just put this into perspective. wednesday 163, last thursday, 358, friday 53 1rks yesterday 588 and today we're now off 205 points. it's a total of about 1850 odd points give or take. now, what that means from the all-time high back in may, the
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market is off 14%. and since this fall actually began, the market is off somewhere around 10%. we're starting to see a complete feedback loop. asia was down, europe was up, but the u.s. couldn't maintain that momentum. and now the u.s. takes all of this with the dow jones down so sharply, the u.s. takes it all and shoves it back into asia where the markets also fell, wolf. >> so the question is, and a worry question as you though, because as you point out, may 19th of this year, just three months ago, the dow hit its all time high, 18,351. 1800 in the last few days alone. what will happen? people are wondering, is it still going to continue this steady slide, slide, slide? >> so the first thing we have to
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understand is what we saw today is volatility. yes, the market might be down at the close on a one day basis. but if you look at a one rekree basis, we're seeing an enormous amount of volatility and that will continue. because what the market is now seeking is any form of certainty. whether that dos from the fed saying at jackson hole don't worry interest rates won't move anytime soon, or whether it comes from china,dos from the f saying at jackson hole don't worry interest rates won't move anytime soon, or whether it comes from china, everybody i'm speaking to is saying the pressure on the market is down. not huge, just takes something to turn it round. and there is no reason other than low prices in some markets on certain stocks, if you look at the dow 30, you would see certain stocks did manage to rally, but they so very late in the session. otherwise i'm afraid to say you're waiting, you're
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watching,nd you're swatching, and you're seeing a reason for the market to turn and there isn't one at the moment. >> a gloomy assessment. let's hope it changes. thanks for that report. other you news we're follow, donald trump once again hammering jeb bush over the use of the controversial term anchor babies to describe children born to undocumented immigrants in the united states. sarah murray is tracking the latest war of words between the two republican rivals. she's joining us from dubuque, iowa where donald trump is getting ready to have a campaign rally. so what is the latest over there, sarah? >> reporter: there are 17 republicans in the field, but today you would think it was a two-man race between jeb bush and donald trump. today donald trump was feeling pretty fiery on twitter going after jeb bush for what like you said the anchor babies phrase. let's take a look at that tweet. trump said asians are very offended that jeb said that anchor babies applies to them as a way to be more political correct than hispanics.
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a mess. now, he was referring of course to comments jeb bush made yesterday saying anchor babies doesn't just apply to hispanics. let's take a look at that. >> what i was talking about was the specific case of fraud being committed where mr. is organized efforts and frankly it's more related to asian people coming into our country. >> reporter: now, jeb bush may have been trying to quepd his use of the phrase anchor babies, but it looks like it was a little bit of a stum brel for him. today he ride to clean up that mess in colorado. let's take a look at what he had to say today. >> i was wondering if you redwret your use of the term anchor babies and your scapeg t scapegoating of the asian immigrant community yesterday. >> my record is pretty clear. i'm married to a mexican american united states citizen. i'm immersed in the culture. i'm bilingual. i feel like i'm by cultural. i'm proud of the diversity of my own family.cultural. i'm proud of the diversity of my own family.
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and my record not just yesterday but over high lifetime my lifet people can look at. i was talking about a narrow casted system of fraud where people are bringing pregnant women into have babies to get birth right citizenship. i support birth right citizenship by the way. so i appreciate the comment, but i'm 62 years old. when i was 17 years old, i fell in love with her and it will be hard for me to get lectured to by anybody about the politics of immigration. >> reporter: you can see jeb wu bush using his family to defend himself. the battle has been escalating in the last couple days. the question for jeb bush, will he face the same fate as some of the others languishing in the polls. >> i see a lot of empty chair so is far. they will presumably be full for this donald trump rally over there where you are in dubuque.
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is this a huge room, small room, how many are anticipated? >> reporter: they haven't started letting people in yet. there are a couple people lined outside. a few dozen. the campaign says they're expecting 3,000 people tonight. but we have some intrepid in-beds with who counted all the seating and said you can see the about 1,000 people. but there is lot of standing room. so we'll keep an eye on the actual crowd count. they tend to be a little controversial when it comes on donald trump. >> we'll stand by for live coverage of that thank you. joining us, ryan lizy, kevin madden, and mave recent ton. just today, he hit donald trump to not having what was described as a serious immigration plan.
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saying i'm not surprised dwud endorsed big government, big budget, anti-tree market ideas. that's how he approaches most issues from health care to taxes. he's a big government guy and that's how big government guys think. so what do you make of this new approach from jeb bush going on the attack if you will against donald trump? >> it really started to emerge when he went to the iowa state fair and his campaign came out and started really drawing some polling city contrasts to donald trump. i actually position this is a really good fight for jeb bush to have. he is in the conversation. as much as trump keeps going back and forth at him, jeb is trying to push the conversation over to a policy discussion where he positions that he can win against donald trump. i don't know if about that is true or not. i think we'll have to wait and see on that front. but clearly this is the back and forth that the bush campaign
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wants to have and they feel like it's working for them right now. jeb has had some stumbles along the way including yesterday with some in-eloquently phrased positions on policy, so he's, working through that. but i think that the back and forth with trump is sharpening him up as a candidate. >> concern, you'kevin, you've s reopen is over. they are in the regular season right now. and that some of trump's criticisms of jeb bush, low energy, weak, not really strong, that that will last in the minds of voters. >> we are moving very quickly from the earned media only phase to a paid media contrast basis campaigns where all the ka candidates will be sizing them up. bush campaign does see the opportunity to consolidate the part of the eelectorate not with
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trump right now. but that is a big race, right now this is an electorate that is putting a premium on who will be a strong fighter. when you see jeb bush not doing counter punching, i think it made a lot worry but also wonder is this the guy right to us. so i think the campaign is starting to fill that void. they will counter punch every time that they see an opportunity with trump. >> new south carolina monday mouth university pollwill count time that they see an opportunity with trump. >> new south carolina monday mouth university poll likely republican voters, trump at the 30%, ben carson 15%, jeb bush down at 9%, marco rubio 6%, everybody else 6, 5, 4. south carolina senator lindsey graham at only 4%. what do you make of this south carolina poll? >> well, it's not just south carolina. you see jeb bush fading across the board in the early states
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and donald trump gaining traction. new hampshire he's well over 30% and bush is out of the running. everyone else is out of the running. i think what jeb has finally come alive and started to attack. original strategy was we have $100 million, more money than a lot of the candidates combined. we can stay in this race longer than almost anyone else and let's just wait to see about if this trump phenomenon lasts or if he implodes. he can he didn't implode. he's only become stronger. maybe desperation is too strong a word. in-the i think there is a certain sense from the bush campaign that somebody has to take him out and it better be them. they can go the longest and at the end of the day it's bush versus trump, that's good for jeb bush. >> trump about to address in dubuque and you know he will go after bush once again.
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donald trump also went after senator lindsey graham in a tweet today. he wrote, congrats, you just got four points in your home state of south carolina. far better than zero nationally. you're only 26 points behind me. later in the day, lindsey graham was on cnn with kate bolduan and he said this. >> the policies that mr. trump is proposing are demagoguery. his approach is hurting us with hispanics. the way he attacks women will be a death blow to the future of our party. come to south care kkacarolina beat his brains out. i know high stamy state. >> and he also said in his words donald trump was a complete i had had i had krot. so give us your analysis. >> if anybody knows how to throw
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a punch, it's lindsey graham. so i think that is a fun fight to watch. so far lindsey graham hasn't got much ox agaygen in the race, bu will be to see what happens when trump does take him on directly in south carolina. i think the more serious point that graham was making there is that he and other republicans really do feel like this rhetoric from donald trump is hurting their party and they are trying to draw out contrasts that make voters pay attention to the fact that donald trump does not speak for the republican party and there really is a wide spectrum of opinions on a lot of these issues from immigration to climate change to everything else. so if lindsey graham is out there making that argument, that probably gets him a little bit of attention along the way. >> all right. everyone standing by because we have a lot more to discuss including we thought there was a cease-fire between donald trump and fox news. not necessarily. that cease fire has now been broken as donald trump has gone
2:16 pm
after the fox news anchor megyn kelly again. roger ails is weighing in.
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his confrontational style. he started a fresh assault on megyn kelly tweeting i like the kelly file much better without megyn kelly. perhaps she could take another 11 day unscheduled vacation fp today the fox news chairman roger ailes responded with a statement saying donald trump surprise and unprovoked attack on megyn kelly during her show last night is as unacceptable as it is disturbing. donald trump rarely apologizes, although in this case, he should. we're back with our team of political experts. kevin, i thought there was a cease-fire since the republican debate until last night. all of a sudden that cease fire is broken when kud starts tweeting these negative comments. >> this is typical donald trump in the sense that he wants to build up a whole bunch of news about him versus megyn kelly. he'll go on megyn kelly's show, it will be a very highly rated interview, it will be marketed as big confrontation. and then he will attack all his
2:22 pm
other opponents. he's building up his audience in order to send another message. >> do you agree -- i can understand going to war if you're a republican presidential candidate with liberal news organizations. mainstream media as they call it. but to go to war with the fox news channel? >> number one source of news for republicans is fox news. i used to think there was no reason when trump would strike these fights, but someone said today the way to think about truchl is professional wrestling. that's how he you views things. professional wrestling and realityconstantly inventing new story lines just like a great reality show or wwf match. and's a playi ehe knows the cov rye cystable for us. >> and a lot of people rooting for the villain, too.
2:23 pm
>> and the republican base which is angry. >> and if this is sort of like professional wrestling, going into -- in he's going to appear on her show, megyn kelly's shows, the ratings would be huge. >> they would. and i love kevin's theory on that. i will say when i was out talking to voters this iowa, new hampshire after he started going after meg appalachiyn kelly, th were a lot of women interested in trump, but who didn't like that level of nastiness. so i think that there is a risk for trump on that front. but as ryan points out, many things we've said about trump in the past have been wrong. so i don't know if this is the best strategy to him, but it certainly does keep people tuning in every day. and he's controlling the conversation again and again driving the story lines and that is making it a really hard for all the other republican candidates to get their message out. >> and we're waiting it see what
2:24 pm
he says at this rally about to take place in dubuque, iowa. guys, stand by. the republican presidential candidates, now just weeks away from their second presidential debate. it will air right here on cnn on september 16. live from the reagan library in california. coming up, we're receiving new information about the gunman who was sub could ydued in france. what are we learning about fr police travel records. and vladimir putin antagonizes the united states with a sale of missile systems to iran. we have new details. no sixth grader's ever sat with the eighth grade girls. but your jansport backpack is permission to park it wherever you please. hey. that's that new gear feeling. this week, these folders just one cent. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. what are we learning about fr the challenges of keeping everyone working together can quickly become the only thing you think about.
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we're learning more about the desperate struggle aboard a high speed train in which a heavily armed gunman was an subdued by tell lo fellow passe. french prosecutor says there is clear evidence of terrorist intent and that the suspect sought to kill a whole trainful of people. brian todd is with us. what are you finding out? >> we've learned crucial new details. information on he will kazan el khazzani's travels. and new details on the weaponry he was carrying.will kazan el
2:30 pm
khazzani's travels. and new details on the weaponry he was carrying.kazan el khazzani's travels. and new details on the weaponry he was carrying. >> reporter: he came out of the train bathroom with no shirt on armed with more than 200 rounds of ammunition. it could have been a blood bath. and tonight paris' chief prosecutor reveals whatel khazz. >> he was looking at youtube site which is called for people to carry out terrorist acts. >> reporter: a far cry from khazzani's train that he was on the train to rob passengers. what the suspect didn't have according to one of the americans who took him down was skill in firing his weapons. >> he clearly had nofirearms training whatsoever and, yes, if he knew what he was doing, or even just got lucky and did the right thing, he would have been able to operate through all eight of those magazines and we would have all been in trouble and probably wouldn't be here today. >> reporter: tonight the
2:31 pm
prosecutors charging kazhazzani with mass murder and membership in a terrorist organization. and cnn is learning about his traveling before he boarded the train. french prosecutor says khazzani immigrated from spain where he had been radicalized as a mosque. the suspect claims to have bounced around between cities, claims to have been homeless for a period living in a park in brussels. the french prosecutor says khazzani was flagged to surveillance in france but never actually followed. a german security source says when kazan any flew to turkey in may, he was flagged for a search and then allowed to proceed. how could he have fallen through the cracks? >> for an individual if or going to surveil him, you need 10, 20, 30 or more police to surveil someone, to make sure they don't pick up on the tail. when you have a couple thousand,
2:32 pm
up to a couple thousand frenchmen who is gone over into the battle, that means tens of thousands of people to surveil those individuals alone. >> reporter: security services are also investigating who might have financed ayoub el khazzani because despite his claims of being homeless, he did seem to have means. his train ticket was first class costing 149 euros, about $170, that's according to the prosecutor. and despite having a return plane ticket for his trip to turkey, he apparently never used it. according to french and german sources, somehow be obtaining a separate ticket to travel from southern turkey through istanbul to albania and then somehow back to either brussels or france. >> obviously looking to see where he got that money from. thanks very much. joining us now is a member ofs the house armed services
2:33 pm
committee. ayoub el khazzani was flagged as a potential foreign fighter. those are the official words from the europeans. while he was in germany en route to turkey. does europe have enough coordination among themselves as far as these foreign fighters are concerned? >> no. no, they don't. it's obvious from this situation and there others that they do not. although they're working at it and keep in mind europe has open borders from one country to another. so it's very difficult situation. i think another question is does america have appropriate communication with european governments about women that may be trying to travel within the united states. i'm not sure that we do, hour. >> it's a very serious question. didn't even need a visa to come to the united states. the question is would he have been flagged if he had decided to fly from paris to new york. >> well, that's a very good question for the congress of the
2:34 pm
united states to ask our homeland security folks. if not, what can be done for our border and airports, get the appropriate information we need about folks that have been flagged in europe as being potential troublemakers. >> the cash, he needed a lot of money to fly from berlin to turkey, then fly back to paris. then get a first plastic ket on that high speed rail, the train from amsterdam to paris to get all these weapons, all that ammunition. i suppose they're trying to find out where this so-called homeless guy got all that money. >> well, that's the connection. and i'm sure that connection will be made. you just don't go pick up eight magazines and ak-47 and automatic pistol anywhere. you have to have money. you have to hahave a connection. somewhere somewhere s somebody somewhere set it up and apparently they think he's tied
2:35 pm
to a terror cell somewhere. we need to know that in america because that may very well provide us with toinformation about people coming into this country and certainly information the european authorities must have. >> because the french prosecutors say that ayoub el khazzani while on that train just before the shooting incident, he was looking at videos inspiring people to jihadi acts. they found it on his phone while he was on the train. here is the question, though. watching hose individuthose vid does that automatically cause red flags among law enforcement authorities? >> it should. and also among those internet companies that are allowing these videos to be shown. this is something we've talked about here in the united states. internet companies have a responsibility to take a hard look at the kind of things that are being displayed on their networks. my answer is, yes, they should.
2:36 pm
they have a responsibility. and when they see these kinds ever things that are clearly inspiring jihadists, they should take them down and report that to the appropriate authoritiest inspiring jihadists, they should take them down and report that to the appropriate authorities. >> i want you to stand by. we have more to discuss including sophisticated jets to europe as russia is getting ready to sell a new sophisticated air defense system to iran. can a business have a mind?
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the congressman is still with us. but first, this. the pentagon now warning that the united states will still have ways of responding as russia moves forward with the sale of the advanced air defense missile system to iran. let's go to our pentagon correspondent barbara starr. she has new information. what are you learning, barbara? >> well, wolf, vladimir putin likes nothing better than to put on a show. but everyone when he's doing that, is he sending a message. warplanes take to the skies, part of an exhibition near loss c moss could y moscow. putin watching intently.loss moscow. putin watching intently.
2:42 pm
two kooe middle east allies putin is courting. the later saying -- >> translator: i'm glad to use this time to talk about regional and bilateral relations. >> reporter: putin is talking to both leaders about the fight against isis and the war in syria where russia is still supporting se ining syrian lead al assad. not the only putin move in the middle east that has the u.s. deeply worried. russia is selling an advanced s-300 air defense radar and missile system to iran to help secure iran's air space. >> we obviously problems, we've experienced those concerns to the russians. we can't see this as a positive development. at the same time at the defense department the president will have options available to him. >> options to do what? >> military options. >> reporter: and in europe, as
2:43 pm
russian fighters continue threatening ukraine, the new advanced u.s. air force f-22 fighter preserving u.s. options against putin. the air force announcing several f-22s are now being sent to europe on a training exercise to reassure u.s. allies worried about russian advances. sglel. >> we'll get it into facilities that we would potentially use in a conflict in europe. and just a couple days ago ash carter called russia an taking nas tick. that's the u.s. message back to putin. no indication he's planning to change his behavior anytime soon. >> all right. thank you. we're back with the member of the armed services committee. so the u.s. sending these raptors supposedly for training missions in europe. does nato based on everything you though have enough military
2:44 pm
might to fight russia if things really heat up? >> well, i think you said the right thing, and hopefully we won't have to fight russia. we have an incredible ability to wage war wherever we may need to. but we don't want it a war in europe. we've seen that too many types and it's really ugly, really, really bad. all the while we need it make it very clear to mr. putin that you're not going to be able do just anything you want to in eastern europe. but there are consequences. so it's really a show of strength. but it's also a show of determination. even during the cold war, there were very serious and fruitful negotiations going on with the ussr at that time that led to a deescalation of some of the major nuclear threats. and we ought to be communicating
2:45 pm
with russia in many, many different ways, certainly parliament to parliament, u.s. congress to their parliament, as well as at every level. i know that secretary kerry did reach out to russia. communications very, very important. as is maintaining strength military and otherwise. >> what do you think of this russian deal to sell iran advanced s-300 air defense missile systems which presumably would make any u.s. air strike against nuclear feacilities or israeli air strike a lot more difficult if the deal goes through? >> well, i think the question is a lot more exactly what is that. keep if mind that we have extraordinary cape ats. we've been preparing for a long, long time to deal with these kinds of defense systems, missile defense systems. and we do have the capability to deal with it. is it more difficult than if they did not have it?
2:46 pm
yes. is it impossible? no. but the answer here is to make sure that that nuclear deal actually works, that we don't have to engage in offensive military action. with regard to the jordan and others going to russia, that's a game as old as the cold war. russia and the united states were constantly you wooing the leadership in the middle east, one side than the others. but there is also something understand lying this that may be very important and that is that russia is assad leadership, they are the supporters. and if there is going to be some sort of a deal worked out with that terrible situation in syria, russia will have to play a role in that. so maybe there is something good that is happening here behind the scenes. we can be hopeful. but at the same time, we have to be strong. >> congressman, thanks as usual for joining us. coming up being we're standing by to hear from donald
2:47 pm
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we're learning more about the foiled attack and the high speed train and the suspect now charged with attempted mass murder. let's bring in our law enforcement analyst, a former fbi assistant director and our cnn terrorism analyst. tom, the suspect in this particular case, he was at a jihadi website on this train just before the incident.
2:52 pm
they now have the cell phone. how was he radicalized? >> not so much radicalized but maybe he just wanted one last pep talk before going operational. we don't know how far back he goes. he was a drug trafficker from morocco, ends up in spain other, european countries and travels to turkey, then back. at what point he became radicalized, i don't know when that was but it is clear that somewhere along the path it happened. >> i'm sure they're going through his cell phone record to see what he was watching, who he was talking to. paul, you're also getting new information about his travel back in europe. what have you learned? >> that's right. what we're learning is that he traveled back from southern turkey. that's just 15 mile from the syrian border so there is a lot of suspicion that he traveled
2:53 pm
over into syria to perhaps link up with a group like isis. they don't know for sure that he actually managed to get into syria. on his way back, he come through istanbul and then takes a flight to the capital of albania, a very strange way to get back into europe. >> he was trying to masquerade his real intentions, is that what you're saying? >> absolutely. if you were a tourist, you would come through a european port. he actually travels to albania in order to try to get back into europe. that's a very, very strange indeed. and perhaps because he was trying to mask what he was really up to and he didn't want european security agencies to know that he entered europe. >> so this guy is supposed lay loser, homeless, he has no money but he's flying from berlin to turkey and then back in a different route. he has first class ticket.
2:54 pm
he has all the weapons and ammunition. where does he get thought money? >> i don't know. he had some been factor. >> so he was not necessarily a lone wolf. >> no. i don't think so. and this idea that he was going to do a robbery, all he had to do was sell that suitcase that had about a thousand dollars worth of weapons and an nigss. so this was not a pauper. a first class ticket and a thousand dollars in ammo and weapons. he was certainly well equipped. >> so the assumption, he was part of a terror cell. >> that think is what they're at. they're not sure if he might have joined one a group in syria. growing concern from european security agencies that isis is using turkey as a base to launch attacks back in europe. in fact, there was a plot in paris in april to attack churches and other targets where
2:55 pm
the algerian student involved actually met with the operative in addition safe house in istanbul and also southern turkey. and then got back to france and started discussing attacking passenger trains. they're looking at all that very closely. >> thank you. coming up, donald trump lashing out. why does his campaign resemble a reality tv show? i'll ask a former "the apprentice" contestant. and the vey that joe biden gets the president's green light to jump into the presidential contest. no student's ever been the king of the campus on day one.
2:56 pm
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happening now, breaking news. how low will it know? the dow jones average is down more than 1,800 points in the last five sessions alone. what is sending wall street into a nosedive? trump launching new attacks on his adversaries and speaking out to howard stern. we're standing by for trump to answer reporters' questions live. and we'll talk to the former contestant who is helping the iowa campaign. terror warning. an unprecedented bulletin saying isis is increasingly trying to recruit women in the united states, and a growing number are actually trying to join. what is drawing them to the terrorist forces? and porn drone. police foil a plot to deliver pornography, drugs, a gun and other contraband to prison
3:01 pm
inmates by drone. are the high-tech toys changing the way smugglers operate? we want to welcome our viewers from the university and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in the situation room. >> we're following breaking news, hopes of a wall street recovery dashed in a dramatic day that saw the dow plunge again as trading was drawing to a close, erasing a gain of more than 400 points. instead the dow is down another 205 points. more than 1,800 points down in the last five sessions alone. we're also standing by for donald trump to answer reporters' questions, live in iowa. we're covering that and much more with our correspondents. and the former "the apprentice" contest tan is standing by live.
3:02 pm
we begin with the chaos on wall street. once again, richard quest has been watching it all unfold. how bad was it? >> reporter: it was ugly, extremely nerve-racking. and for a day that started so optimistically, that 300, 400-point rise at its best the dow jones was up 441 points. throughout the whole session, it held on to many of those gains. 45 minutes to an hour to the end, the gains just evaporated. and the reason i'm being told by those in the market, feeling with china, the issue about china has not gone away. has not been put to rest. if you take, for example, the chinese deciding to lower interest rates, to change bank reserve ratios, it is not enough. people in the market do not know how bad the chinese economy is and nobody wants to go in
3:03 pm
overnight in an open position. that's the reason. why right at the end, things turn turtle. >> a lot of us think that we may be going back to the future, if you will. take a look at what happened in 2007, 2008. you will remember a lot of our viewers will remember the dow back in october 11, 2007, reached a high of 14,498. only a year later it was down, 6440. now jump forward. since then it moved up. three months ago, may 19, the dow was at an all time high at 18,351. since then, it has come down about 3,000 points, closing 15,666. and people are worried. could we be bracing for another similar disaster as we all saw back in 2007, 2008, and early 2009? >> reporter: excellent graph,
3:04 pm
wolf. beautifully shows the difficulties of the market. so the short answer, could we be looking, is it possible? yes, it is. is it likely? is it probable? no, it isn't. for this reason. so far, we don't believe that there are anything like the imbalances in the banking system, in the developed world that we have back in 2008. huge amounts of liquidity and capital restructuring, you name it. it is all built up the banks to a position where they could withstand losses. is there something smelly, nasty, unforeseen lurking under the chinese economy that could absolutely destroy all of that? yes, it is possible, wolf. is it likely? the better minds don't think it will happen that way. the imbalances in global economics are there but they're not as real or as bad as 2008. >> let's hope not.
3:05 pm
>> that would be awful if that were to happen again. although a lot of russ concerned about the 3,000 point drop in the last three months. that's pretty bad. thanks very much. let's move on to the presidential race in the united states. donald trump is in iowa. we're standing by for him to answer reporters' questions live just ahead of a rally in dubuque, iowa. what's the latest? >> reporter: you can see they opened the doors. the crowd is starting to fill in. maybe we'll get a fiery donald trump. he was on the war path earlier today. today battling with jeb bush, calling him a mess over his defense of the term, anchor babies. >> what i was talking about was the specific case of fraud being committed, where there's
3:06 pm
organized efforts and frankly more related to asian people, coming into our country, having children in that organized efforts, taking advantage of a noble concept which is birth right citizenship. >> reporter: trump didn't hold back on twitter saying it was a clumsy move to get out of the anchor babies dilemma saying asians are very offended that jeb said anchor babies applies to them. on the trail today, bush needling trump. >> there is a lot of really good talkers running for president. and there is one in particular i'm thinking of. look, talking is good. it is important to communicate. i got that. i think it is more important to solve problems now. >> reporter: the latest exchange, a signal of how the battle for the republican nomination is quickly coming down to a war of words between two top candidates.
3:07 pm
bush was not trump's only candidate. last night he bashed president obama's plans to host a state dinner for the president of china saying if he were in the white house -- >> i would not be throwing him a dinner. we've had this. i get him a mcdonald's happen burger and probably a double size big mac. >> we'll give him a state dinner. what he has done is sucked all of our jobs. >> he hasn't done it. >> even refusing to rule out a trade war with the world's second largest economy. >> you have to do that. then you bring it back to naufrl you have to choice. >> rounding out his latest takedowns by reigniting his grudge against megyn kelly, saying i liked "the kelly file" much better without megyn kelly. perhaps she could take another 11-day unscheduled vacation. roger ales calling on trump to apologize saying donald trump's surprise and unprovoked attack
3:08 pm
on megyn kelly during her show last night is as unacceptable as it is disturbing. donald trump will arrive today. he will take questions and speak to the growing crowd. it will be interesting to see here fires on tonight. megyn kelly, jeb bush or another one of his gop rivals. for now we have a lot of excited voters, ready to check out donald trump up close and personal. >> it looks like a big crowd getting ready. we'll have live coverage. we'll be speaking shortly with the co-chair of the iowa state campaign for donald trump. a former apprentice contestant. our chief political corresponding, the chief political correspondent for slate magazine, and our senior political analyst, ron, the editorial director of the
3:09 pm
national journal. also joining us, our national political reporter. as we get ready to hear donald trump, what is he up to? why has he decided to end that cease fire with fox news and go after megyn kelly right now? >> attention. just like everything else. he is driving the story line once again. i think that this is sort of a curious line of attack. i'm not exactly sure who it resonates with. we're all tuning in and waiting to see what he says next. i did think that smackdown by fox was really interesting. but you know, there are some theories out there as kevin madden told you earlier, this is just part of a trump fox ratings scheme. that could absolutely be the case. we have no idea. everybody is still talking about trump and his feuds and that's the way he wants it. >> let me ask ron braunstein who has covered him over the years. what is his strategy?
3:10 pm
>> we've never seen anything quite like this. it is hard to say what the precedent is. certainly, i think he feels he is getting a lot of traction by saying things that politicians normally don't say, by behaving in ways politicians don't behave. the question for donald trump is whether that puts a ceiling, clearly an audience for that. the newest polling established that. the question is whether that kind of posture and behavior puts a ceiling on what you'll need to win. he has found a nerve among the most disaffected members of the republican party and he is poking at it day after day. >> let's talk about this new monmouth university poll. it has donald trump ahead in south carolina at 30%. ahead of almost everyone else by double digits. he is leading among many states. all of his comments don't seem to have hurt him.
3:11 pm
they seem at least in the polls to have helped him. >> there is a substantial number of republicans, even if they enjoy fox news, there is something thrilling about watching someone do that. they want to hear someone slam president obama, to slam all the other republicans who they feel have betrayed them over the last six or seven years. promising things and never delivering. it doesn't surprise me that he is doing so well in south carolina. this is a state in 2012 voted for newt gingrich, giving him the win in south carolina. i wouldn't be surprised if trump stays in longer, we'll see that again. >> the senior senator from south carolina, lindsey graham is at 4% and he just got reelected with a pretty impressive majority as well. you're a good democrat. you're looking at this whole fight among republicans. do you understand what's going on? >> who am i to question the
3:12 pm
methods of donald trump? everything he does violates the political rules. don't attack fox news, don't say offensive things. he's made that work. democrats are overjoyed bip what's happening to see donald trump soaring, jeb bush struggling, marco rubio struggling. what is most important for november 2016 is that trump has pulled the entire immigration debate. so more than the republicans are comfortable with. they have to do so much better than they did in 2012. >> democrats should not necessarily be thrilled overjoying right now, if that's the word to use. i'm old enough to remember in 1980, there was an incumbent named jimmy carter and they were overjoyed when a former actor ronald reagan got the nomination them thought it was a lock that he got reelected. >> the entire tenor, you remember after 2012, mitt romney
3:13 pm
won a higher part of the white vote than ronald reagan in 1980 and lost the election. there was a commission that talked about expanding the reach demographically. if you follow the arc, trump is not just something that erupted out of nowhere. there's only been two years of retreat. they've rallied around this counter theory. the problem is they didn't mobilize enough conservatives to vote in 2012. you see the party moving. when jeb bush is tanglinged, talking about anchor babies, when jeb bush is in there, you can see how much they've moved and where they'll be in 2016. in fact, an overwhelmingly white coalition. >> and what is happening is trump is what it looks like. trump is what it takes on get white voters out to the polls. the missing white voters that may have sat out 2012. those are trump voters. i'm not sure the republican party wants to go down those roads. >> the trump campaign is holing
3:14 pm
a contest to pick the caucus leaders and it is being models after the show, "the apprentice." and the apresentis runner up. >> thousands and thousands have stood in long lines and endured the rigorous process all for a shot at becoming -- "the apprentice." >> a mother of two, owns a lucrative clothing business and one of mary kay's top selling saleswomen. she rose to the top with a positive can do attitude and sharp negotiating skills. >> tanna is joining us now from dubuque, iowa. let's talk about this the competition. how does that lead to votes in
3:15 pm
the caucuses? >> it has been so well received. it is awesome. i'm actually, as i was mentioning to you last week, i get so many volunteers, so many people want to be part of this movement. to be a part of this that i'm finding the best of the best and putting competitions together to get my caucus leaders. people with sharp negotiating skills, people who are excellent communicators who can draw a crowd, throw a party, get people out to caucus for mr. trump. it is a riot. i'm having so much fun. >> does the reality type of format that you're using, the reality tv format, does that undermine the serious nature of these iowa caucuses? that's what the critics are suggesting. >> oh, no, please. are you kidding me? it is creating a buzz, an exciting. people say they've never been so excited about politics. why not? you don't just want somebody to
3:16 pm
be out there. you get your opportunity to make your last pitch. i won't put somebody in there that is afraid of public speaking. i'm looking at, this is a great that opportunity for people to get jobs. mr. trump will know who is doing a great job and at the end of the day, some of these people might get hired. >> we have more of the cease fire between donald trump and. to news, goes after megyn kelly. more after this. devhighest quality,the clinically proven nutrition isn't easy, so at gnc, why do we do it? why do we include key ingredients found in fruits and vegetables to create the world's best multivitamin programs? why do we do over 150 quality checks before putting them on the shelf? well, here's why... ♪
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. we're standing by for donald trump. >> she's out. >> let's talk about this latest little war going on between donald trump and megyn kelly. you defended trump in the past comments. she had some tough questions at that first republican debate. now even fox news ceo roger ales saying the attack was unacceptable, disturbing. he is saying that donald trump should apologize to megyn kelly
3:22 pm
to which you say -- >> don't mess with the bull, honey. you're going to get the horns. the reality is don't attack mr. trump and he won't come after you. he has nothing to defend himself, no apology to make. >> go ahead. >> i was going to say, we know that she treated him unprofessionally. and he will not stand by and just take that. that's what i want in my next president. i want a tough guy who isn't afraid to take his stand and say i will not be treated that way. and i won't go down without a fight. >> he also retweeted someone who called megyn kelly a bimbo. is that appropriate? >> the reality is he is human. he is defending his position right now. we all make mistakes. we all do things that we don't make at the moment but he is like everybody else. that's what the people in iowa love about him.
3:23 pm
he is human. he has human qualities. he makes mistakes like the rest of us. i can't speak for him. he is leading in the polls and people don't seem to mind it. i don't mind at all. i think for all those people who are worrying about it and want to still talk about it. for goodness sakes, stop worrying about his tweets and do something. >> so you know donald trump. when people say they're offended about those comments about megyn kelly and the tweet saying she is a bimbo, you say that comes with the territory? is that what i'm hearing? >> you know, i'm just saying, don't be so sensitive. so many americans are offended by anything. i would say quit worrying about his tweets and go make america great if you think you can do a better job. >> you have a lot of people e-mailing you wanting to be part of the donald trump caucus team of how paid staffers are there in iowa and how many people do
3:24 pm
want to be part of the team? >> i think we have 10 or 11 paid staffers. as i mentioned, i get over 400 now, about 500 e-mails, phone calls a day. i want to be part of this and we're taking everyone of them. we have a place and a role for he have one of them. we will not turn anyone away. we don't need to pay anymore staffers. people are paying their own way them want to spend their own money and they are. >> let's talk about one other sensitive issue that has come up in the last several days. donald trump's immigration plan. richard thornton said trump's plans in his words to gather up families and ship them out is a big mistake. what is your take on the immigration plan? >> i think he is 100% accurate. i support him 100%. and people like i said, we're human. mr. thornton is human. he may have, may not have said what he said but we all have our
3:25 pm
opinions and those are not my pinls. >> the former "apprentice" contestants. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. have a great night. >> you too. i'm sure you will. there is a great crowd behind you getting toward hear from donald trump. sources say that he has president obama's blessing and is more likely than not to run. we're talking about the vice president, joe biden. what is the white house saying about a potential presidential bid? what is the very latest? what are you hearing about the vice president's plans? >> reporter: you know the white house has been barraged by this and does this put the president in an impossible situation between choosing between his vice president and the former secretary of state? what exactly was said in that lunch yesterday between the president and vice president? the white house isn't wading
3:26 pm
into it. what they have offered repeatedly is effusive praise for biden. they said today conversations between the two of them will stay private. further, the decision to run for president is intensely personal. they want to give biden the time and space to do that for himself. even when you ask a question in a more general sense, couldn't the biden run be good for the party? the white house won't go there. they're not ruling out that the president will endorse somebody down the road. i think what we're seeing now, everything biden does over the next few weeks will be viewed with another level of meaningful today he was in ohio for a funeral of a former congressman. that is a battle ground staxt polling is showing that he could do better than hillary clinton against a rival like donald trump. tomorrow, he will be lobbying members of the democratic national committee on the iran deal. couldn't that be bad for the campaign and and they're saying that's something he is leaning
3:27 pm
toward. >> all right. thank you very much for that. let's bring back our panel. and dan, you worked for the president. we are hearing that the president has given his blessing to the vice president to run for the democratic presidential nomination against hillary clinton and the others. what does that say to you? >> i can't imagine a scenario where the president would not give his blessing. the personal connection between men are incredibly close. the loyalty between them is tremendous. and i am confident if this is what the vice president wants to do, he thinks it is best for him and the country. >> do you think he'll do it? >> it is really hard to read all the tea leaves. it wouldn't surprise me if he did or if he didn't. if he gets in the race, hillary clinton is ahead but he may catch up. >> he doesn't have a clear line of argument. he doesn't have a big generational contrast. he's from the same wing of the
3:28 pm
party. you think about the difficulties she's had with african-american activists, joe biden was the principal senate architect. what he has is her as a resulter in bill. that is the clearest argument. to some extent this choice will depend at least as much what happens to her as to him. if hillary clinton continues to seem weakened, it is harder to see the lane that is open for him. >> good take a look at this new poll showing hillary clinton way ahead of the pack in the iowa right now. she's at 54%. bernie sanders is at 20%. biden who hasn't even announced is only at 11%. it will be hard to catch up, although not impossible. >> yes. very hard. if you step back and ignore the e-mails, it is very clear that hillary clinton is popular with vast majority of democrats. even the polls showing up
3:29 pm
behind. an isolated case in every other staitd state where there is been early polling, she is ahead. i would say i would very much want biden to jump in. even if she is strong with democrats, it's it is good to get in fighting shame. >> that was a hard fight. it really encouraged people to go to the polls. >> let's not forget, we have five months to go. at this point as you well will rerks in all the polls leading to iowa, hillary clinton was way ahead as well. president obama who won the iowa caucuses was not necessarily doing all that well. >> i know we love polls at cnn but i would not pay that much attention to biden's numbers. if he gets into the race, if he starts making a clear argument for the candidacy, there are a
3:30 pm
lot of hurdles that he can get through that other people who are unknown at this point in the democratic field would have. more trouble with. the thing about biden is that he really resonates with that blue collar worker who is upset with the way things are going in the country. that is why obama brought him on to the ticket originally. and he really could be someone who could answer donald trump. and i think there's a lot of democrats out there who are feeling not that excited about hillary clinton. i've talked to a lot of them in iowa and new hampshire. you have as well and other members of our team. so i think there is a lane here for biden. a question of whether or not the money will follow. whether hillary has all the donors in new york locked up. and whether people will be willing to write a check to both of them and let them fight it out. >> as you know, there are a lot of democrats who may not talk about it publicly but they're pretty worried. maybe there's more to this e-mail controversy than her
3:31 pm
campaign has indicated so far. >> i think if the vice president will get in this race, he should do it because he wants to get in. hillary shl increditably popular with democrats. over 80%. so he will to have get in and make a case for himself. not as. against hillary clinton. it is a narrow path but he could do it. >> we're just learned, getting back to donald trump. i want you to weigh in. sam clovis, a kerry supporter, we're being told he will introduce donald trump at this rally in dubuque at this rally that's about to begin. >> we haven't seen it break into the center of the party establishment. we're moving from no one taking it seriously to more figures in the party saying, maybe this is something that's real. historically the republican primary has functioned as two brackets. there will be a center right candidate. probably from the pool of jeb
3:32 pm
bush, chris christie, marco rubio, there will be a right candidate. scott walker and ted cruz, it seems like the front-runner. donald trump is clearly dominating the voters. it is now possible that donald trump could emerge as the candidate from that bracket, still having to face someone more centrist than him and iowa is the place where it happens. >> we their q & a between donald trump and reporters' questions. we'll cover that. we'll air the debate on september 16th live from the reagan library in california. cnn will host the first democratic presidential debate on october 13th in nevada. we're standing by to hear from donald trump. he is about to take reporters'
3:33 pm
questions. big rally getting underway shortly. an unprecedented fbi warning about isis recruiting women in the united states. devhighest quality,the clinically proven nutrition isn't easy, so at gnc, why do we do it? why do we include key ingredients found in fruits and vegetables to create the world's best multivitamin programs? why do we do over 150 quality checks before putting them on the shelf? well, here's why... ♪
3:34 pm
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3:36 pm
i'm a senior field technician for pg&e here in san jose. pg&e is using new technology to improve our system, replacing pipelines throughout the city of san jose, to provide safe and reliable services. raising a family here in the city of san jose has been a wonderful experience. my oldest son now works for pg&e. when i do get a chance, an opportunity to work with him, it's always a pleasure. i love my job and i care about the work i do.
3:37 pm
i know how hard our crews work for our customers. i want them to know that they do have a safe and reliable system. together, we're building a better california. we're standing by to hear from donald trump. just before he holds a big rally
3:38 pm
in iowa. first, the fbi is putting out an unprecedented warning alerting law enforcement nationwide to a disturbing terror trend. a growing number of women in the united states trying to join isis. our justice correspondent is working the story. this new warning says american women are increasingly becoming a key part of isis' fighting force overseas and the homeland. >> jalen del shawn young. >> jalen young, daughter of a police officer and a mississippi state university chemistry student, who graduated high school with honors. young is the latest accused female isis recruit here in the u.s. she was arrested two weeks ago for allegedly trying to join the terrorist group in syria. she represents a growing phenomenon according to the fbi. in a new warning to law enforcement nationwide, the fbi
3:39 pm
says, quote, some female violent extremists have recently demonstrated an interest in engaging in operational roles to include preparing to carry out attacks in the homeland or traveling to syria to fight. >> before they wanted women to come be their wives and the mothers of their children. now what we're seeing, they are luring women and attracting women to come fight. the element of surprise. we don't expect women to do this. >> out of the more than 50 alleged isis supporters charged this year, at least seven have been women. one from pennsylvania who allegedly wanted to be a suicide bomber and two women in new york arrested for allegedly acquiring bomb making materials to kill go americans. more than 500 western women have made it to syria and iraq to join terrorist groups, according to one official. these three high schoolers ran away from home last may.
3:40 pm
>> of the thousands and thousands who have traveled, as many as 550 are women from western europe, from the united states, australia, new zealand and elsewhere. >> reporter: the fbi says isis has tailored some of its produced propaganda videos to target women. showing young families living a privileged life. >> they're creating these videos that are a little like the real housewives of years. i can't you get these cars and you go to parks and you have the beautiful children. the reality is that it is brutal and violent and these women will be the victim of rape and assault. it is a horrible existence and chances are, you are going to die. >> reporter: officials i've spoken with say media sites are playing a big role, influencing women, particularly girls between the ages of 13 and 22. >> pretty shocking stuff. thanks very much. let's dig deeper with our terrorism analyst and the counter terrorism analyst, how
3:41 pm
significant, and you've read this fbi warning. how significant is it? >> i think it is significant. not in terms of timing. this is what i would call a trend bulletin. advice to state and local police on how to understand trends. significant because if you're looking at a cell in a city like washington or new york, 15 years ago after 9/11, you wonderful have even considered a woman or a 14, 15, 16-year-old girl participating in an operational cell. even more bluntly, i don't remember a single woman ever being spoken of by the al qaeda guys. they never mention women of you fast forward today and you have the bulletin from the fbi telling state and local police. not only are women being recruited as support roles but as potentially suicide bombers. a remarkable indicator, a book mark in the war on terror. >> a major new develop many. not only are they being
3:42 pm
recruited to become isis wives, they're being recruited to become fighters. >> only to a point. mainly isis see these women as wives for their fighters and mothers for a new generation for the caliphate. there's really not that much evidence they're being used as a combat role. sure, they're going out on patrols and holding isis virtue. and that's different. they were running out of men at that time. but at the moment they got plenty of men. the main role in syria and iraq for these females coming from the west and elsewhere is as wives and as mothers. i think the concern now is that women in the west, in the united states, because they have a
3:43 pm
different conception of gender roles, they are more likely to become operational on their own. isis inspired attacks. we saw that plot in queens, new york, in april, to bomb new york by two women. >> very disturbing, as i say. thank you. just ahead, donald trump about to take questions from reporters in iowa. we'll go there live. no sixth grader's ever sat with the eighth grade girls. but your jansport backpack is permission to park it wherever you please. hey. that's that new gear feeling. this week, these folders just one cent. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. bill's got a very tough 13lie here......
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3:46 pm
donald trump's news conference in dubuque, iowa. he was a support he of kerry but just announced he switched. he is a donald trump supporter. he is answering questions on why he decided to make that decision. donald trump is about to answer
3:47 pm
a report he's questions as well. let's listen in. >> i felt it was the honorable thing to do for governor perry. i think the world of him, to step aside so i wouldn't have to be part of the calculus of figuring out to get me back on board. as such, i had the opportunity to look at other situations and this is a situation that presented itself. and i'm very happy and very proud to be here. >> okay. who is next? yeah, please. sit down. you weren't called. sit down. sit down. go ahead. >> i have the right -- >> no, you don't. you haven't been called. >> i have the right to ask a question. >> go back to univision. >> go ahead. go ahead. >> [ inaudible ]. >> sit down please.
3:48 pm
you weren't called. go. >> i have the right to ask questions. >> yes, go ahead. >> that's jorge ramos. he is being escorted out of the room. donald trump didn't call on him. that is why he is being removed. >> i thought her questioning and her attitude was totally inappropriate. so if you look, all you have to do is look on the internet and you will see who people favor in that one. it is a very small element in my life. megyn kelly. i don't care about megyn kelly. no, i would not apologize. she should probably apologize to me but i just don't care. yes. >> [ inaudible ] a pledge to have the nominee on balance. >> i just heard about it today.
3:49 pm
we're looking at it. we have plenty of time. that doesn't come due for a long period of time. we certainly have -- september 30th. a long period of time. we're thinking about it. i say to everybody, we're leading every poll, leading every state from iowa to new hampshire to south carolina to north carolina, polls have come in from virtuely every place and we're leading every place. we're doing incredibly nationally. the one poll came out today at 40%. over 40%. so my whole desire is just fairness. i want to run as the republican nominee. i want to win. i think we will win. we have tremendous spirit in this party. i've been contacted by so many people that haven't voted for years. they love the republican party but they haven't wanted to vote. they're going to be out there. we're going on win. i don't think it will matter. i think i'm going to get the
3:50 pm
nomination. and i think we're going to go on to win and we'll make america great again. that's all that matters to me. i didn't say that. i will certainly consider it. and we have a lot of time to worry about it. yes. >> you're running for president and one of our country's top journalists, an anchor of univision was just escorted out of the news conference. do you think you hand that about him. i don't believe i ever met him except he started screaming and i didn't escort him out. you'll have to talk to security. certainly he wasn't chosen. i chose you and you're asking me questions. he stands up and starts screaming so, you know, maybe he's at fault, also. i don't consider that. somebody walked him out. i don't know where he is. i don't mind if he doesn't come back, frankly. yes? yes? >> [ indiscernible question ]
3:51 pm
>> no, i'm not. i've done meet and greets but i don't care if anybody, we have a small group where people, i guess, it's over here where people can send in, one woman sent in $7 and 30 some odd cents and people are sending in $10 and $20. it's not a lot of money. i don't care about raising money. part of my thing is frankly, i'm not controlled by anybody. these other people are raising hundreds of millions of dollars. i could do that easily. i don't want to do that. it's not necessary. the one in new hampshire is a small ticket item and they can come in free and do whatever they want and for me, it's just a meet and greet and going to take place in new hampshire and massachusetts and it's just a very small situation and i don't consider it a fundraiser. in fact, people don't have to pay. people supporting me from the beginning, they want to see good
3:52 pm
things happen for the country. i could do fundraisers and raise millions and millions of dollars and i haven't done that nor do i want to, okay? i do meet and greet. i have to meet people and that's part of what i'm doing and i'll be in new hampshire and south carolina and dallas in a couple of weeks. we'll be all over. okay? yes? >> obama has taken tough questions, is there a reason why you won't? >> because he was out of order. i would take questions in two seconds but he stood up and started screaming. >> would you let him back in now? >> i told you already, if he wants to come back in -- you can't stand up and scream. is that correct? i was saying yes and this guy stands up and starts screaming. he's obviously a very emotional person. okay? so i have no problem with it. i don't know him. i have no idea, but i would certainly love to have questions from him. yes? yes, sir, go ahead.
3:53 pm
>> i wanted to ask you, secretary clinton was here two weeks ago -- >> her college what? >> her college affordability plan -- [ indiscernible question ] >> we're coming out with a plan in about four weeks and i think it's going to make people very, very happy. we have so many people going all over the country. i've been asked so many times by students what are you going to do? the ultimate question is jobs. college debt and debt all over the place up to their neck and they come out and can't get a job in this country whether it's china or japan or mexico. they are all taking our jobs. we need jobs in our country. enough with what we're doing with foreign trade. i think that's one of the reasons we're leading by so much in the polls because know that i'm going to make good trade deals. it's not going to be a horrible situation where we get nothing f. you think about china, they took our jobs. they took our money.
3:54 pm
they took our base. they took our manufacturing and we owe them $1.4 trillion. how do you figure that? it's like a magic act. we owe them $1.4 trillion now. we owe japan 1.4 tral$1.4 trill we owe them money. how do you figure that? we'll turn that around, yes? >> the campaign said and done cost about $1 billion for every candidate. you have a lot of money but ultimately, just 300 million in liquid as sets -- >> okay, you saw my income is almost $500 million a year. if i want to, i can do that. at some point the republican party once you get the nomination will kick in and a lot of money will come into the campaign, i would say. >> will you hold into those interests? i don't think so. i've told people i turned down and i sort of made that, i think week before last a lobbyist a person, very good person came to me, and offered $500 million,
3:55 pm
please, i want to give you $500 million for the campaign. i said i have no interest. it's the first time i think he's ever been told down. he told me. the first time he's been turned down because i know this person, smart, tough, he'll beco comingo me and saying in one year, four years, he'll be accerepresentin country, company or person, i'm not doing anything for him. so i said i don't want to embarrass you by taking your money and say i'm not going to see you. i'm working for the people and we'll make the country strong and rich and great and i hate to say rich, but we're a poor nation. we owe now $19 trillion. actually much more than that but $19 trillion. we'll get things back in shape. this country is going to be so strong and so great. so when he offered $5 million, i know he'll becoming and it will be adverse to the people of this
3:56 pm
country so i didn't take his money. yes, sir? >> governor bush and immigration, yesterday he was down by the border in texas, he said your immigration is unrealistic and it would cost too much money and suggested an immigration policy -- >> i watched him, by the way, and he had a very small crowd and very little enthusiasm. he is a low energy person. you need a lot of energy to get this country turned around, including immigration and the word immigration and illegal immigration you wouldn't be asking this question if it weren't for me. when i announced, i'm the one that started this and i took a lot of flak the first two weeks and now everyone is apologizing to me. i mean, people in this room are apologizing to me because i brought something up that's very, very serious. i brought up the crime. i brought up all of the things that happened since, indicating
3:57 pm
kate from san francisco with an incredible family who i got to know a little bit and jamil who was gunned down by an illegal immigrant and so many others. the other day, in california 66-year-old veteran, okay? 66-year-old veteran was raped, sodomized, beaten and killed by an illegal immigrant. that's few of many that's a big problem. you ask the question jeb bush doesn't have a clue and if i weren't in this campaign, jeb bush would not talk about illegal immigration. if you remember, he said he come as an act of love. okay? tell that to the families and there are many, many, many families who lost a loved one, act of love. no act of love. it's tough stuff, mean stuff and it's going to be taken care of. a lot of the gangs in baltimore
3:58 pm
and st. louis and ferguson and chicago, you know they are illegal immigrants. they are here illegally and rough dudes. rough people. they are going to be gone so fast if i win that your head will spin. they will be gone so fast. okay? yes, ma'am? go ahead. >> to your question, where do you stand on funding for alzheimer's right now -- >> i'm very strong toward funding for alzheimer's. it's a terrible situation and they haven't made much progress, unfortunately, but i'm very, very strong in trying to find an answer for alzheimer's, big problem. yes, sir? >> [ indiscernible question ] >> no, no, no, i didn't say -- i said tv, newspapers, i read the wall street journal and new york times and many newspapers and i read "time magazine" this week, you know why?
3:59 pm
because i'm on the cover. i read a lot about that. i read and i have people that i like and people that i respect and it's a great place. you get a cross section of everybody because you see people you never have the opportunity to see or meet and from there go and decide what you want to do but go ahead. >> [ indiscernible question ] >> i do. i do they will be announced over the next two or three weeks. >> [ indiscernible question ] >> that would be possible but to be honest, this country is in trouble. infrastructure is crumbling, ridges, roads, airports, we're in such trouble. we're going to fix our country. our bridges, 59% of our bridges are in trouble. whoever heard of that? in trouble. serious trouble. we're going to fix our country. i'm going to spend a lot of time
4:00 pm
here in the united states. yes, sir? >> [ indiscernible question ] >> well, i like scott walker and i supported him. i actually gave him quite a bit of money. i liked his fight and drive and he came to my office six months ago and gave me a trophy, beautiful plaque and i thought that was very nice and in the end, i think people see, though, that what is happening in wisconsin, i love the people of wisconsin. i know wisconsin well. i have friends that live there and they are incredible people but if you look at what is going on in wisconsin, i think people saw that they have a $2.2 billion budget deficit, it was supposed to be a surplus of a billion. that's tremendous. they are borrowing to a point that nobody thought possible. stey are ranked number 38 in the


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