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  New Day  CNN  September 10, 2015 4:30am-4:50am PDT

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welcome back. z donald trump is on the phone, can you hear us? >> i can. hi, chris. >> good. there's a lot to get to. there's a new cnn/orc poll. you are aware of it, other than you don't have more than 32% of the vote. how do you explain the numbers? what do they mean to you? >> i think they mean people are tired of politicians that make deals like the deal we just made with iran, which is one of the worst negotiated transactions i've ever seen in my life. and i'm not just talking about deals between countries, i'm talking any kind of a contract. it's one of the worst deals i've ever seen. it's the most one-sided, lopsided disgraces. and we should not give the money. there are ways to get out of giving the money. i heard some legal maneuvers that they should play because to give them $150 billion and they go around saying that israel won't be here in 25 years, and we're not going to deal with the united states after this great deal that we just made to sign. we won't have anything to do
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with the united states. by the way, the people that were negotiating the deal with other countries, they are going to benefit. you look at what they are doing, they are over in iran right now splitting up all the money and taking a lot of the money that we're giving. so i think people are tired of that. they are tired of sergeant bergdahl. we get bergdahl and they get five killers they have wanted for ten years. they are tired of trade deals with japan and china. they are tired. that won't happen with me and won't happen with me. i'll turn the tables completely. >> are you right that people are tired? obviously, every poll you're in proves that. not to say that you are a protest candidate because in our recent poll, cnn poll, they say why they vote for you? 71% say they like your positions onnish shoo isni issues, not because they don't
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like everyone else. now the next level of analysis is, can you deliver on what you say? because what you say sounds good. the iran deal is the worst deal of all time. a growing number of people who are studying the deal don't agree with you. the global community doesn't agree with you. iran doesn't agree with you. they didn't want to give up their plutonium abilities and their time lines. they didn't want to reduce their stores the way they did, but they had to give up things to get what they wanted. colin powell, a man whom i think you respect, we have to do the iran deal. there's no better alternative. they were on a super highway to getting a weapon. sounds good to say the deal sucks. sounds good to say you'll do better because you do deals, but can you deliver on that when as you just said the iatola said he's not talking to you anymore? >> well, let me just tell you in terms of the deal itself, just look at aspects of the deal. 24-day inspection period. ridiculous. >> but you have none now. >> just let me finish talking.
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>> please, go ahead. >> are you making a statement or asking me a question? >> no, i'm giving context to the situation. >> before you get to the 24 days, the clock doesn't start ticking for a long time. it's a whole process. number one in terms of inspections. number two, they do their own inspections in certain very important cases. so they are going to self-inspect. anybody that trusts iran to self-inspect is not such a smart person. you look at the prisoners, we get our prisoners back, a little thing, very important. just the psychology of it. they kept four prisoners. why wouldn't we get them back? you look at all the important elements of this deal. why are we giving them $150 billion? then take a look at the fact they are fighting us in yemen. they are fighting us all over the place and terrorizing everybody. they are going in and taking over iraq. i told you that was going to happen in 2003 when you were actually on another network doing very well. but i said that that was going to happen in 2003. i said the worst thing you can do is go and attack iraq because
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you're going to destabilize the middle east. because you have two powerful gods, we destroyed one of them, but guess what? iran and isis are getting the oil and iran is taking over iraq. as you're sitting there right now, they are meeting. and with all the money we've spent, we lost $2 trillion and thousands of lives, thousands of lives, and all the wounded warriors who i love all over the place, iran is now taking over iraq. and the oil. by the way, iraq has the second largest oil reserves in the world. they are taking over iraq and taking over the oil. and what do we get out of it? you know who the beneficiaries of iraqi oil is? china. china is getting the oil. and you know who the biggest beneficiary, if you look at afghanistan, very rich in minerals? china. we are on one side of a mountain fighting in afghanistan. china has excavators on the other side making out and not doing anything. >> you look at china -- >> that's why when people ask, i
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wonder why trump's poll numbers are skyrocketing, that's why. that's not going to happen if i'm running things, chris. it won't happen up and you know why? >> china stays russia. india says india. they all want to do business with iran and were not in favor of sanctions. >> that's called leadership. >> but what does that mean, leadership? >> you want to be able to make a real deal. i'm all for a deal, just so you understand. i understand the power of nuclear. i had an uncle who was a professor at m.i.t. he used to tell me things incredible, that was a long time ago. but i'm all for the deal. you can't make a bad deal and we went begging for this deal. we look like a bunch of beggars. we were begging for this deal. >> you also say many are celebrating as being well-reasoneded about the iran deal and there's some thoughtful items in that. people should read it. but you push very hard on the
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fact that i get those -- as soon as i get to be president, i'm getting back the four hostages. you must know they are and were trying hard to get the hostages back. >> i don't believe they were trying very hard. i don't think it was. >> we don't have any proof to the contrary. >> when they asked kerry about the hostages, he said we didn't want to discuss the hostages because we didn't want to complicate the negotiation. how ridiculous is that? he made that statement. and obama, your friend over at cbs, made the same statement saying we didn't want the complicate the negotiations. now, what is the big deal? first of all, the first day, the first hour, the first minute, the first question should have been hostages. we want our hostages back. >> would you scrap the whole deal over that? would you have left the table? >> initially absolutely. because that would have shown what happened. when you didn't get the hostages
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back, that set a bad table. you call the deal like setting a table. that set the table incorrectly. what you do is you go and -- you can convince him. by the way, the right message would have said, you don't want them, nobody cares about them over in iran. over here it sends a great signal in we get our hostages back. >> i'm saying we have every reason to believe the people at the table that they said that. i'm saying -- >> he didn't want to even talk about the hostages. >> no. we know -- >> he didn't want to complicate the negotiations, chris. >> i understand what you're saying. but i think it's a little different than that. i think that it was a topic of conversation. they didn't want to balance the entire deal on the hostages. >> -- they never will. the persians have been great negotiators. they are laughing in iran right now at how stupid we are. >> let's move on to a different topic. ben carson, he's also making a lot of traction. he's feeling good about himself, enough that he's coming at you.
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he is a man of faith, everybody knows that, it's a cornerstone of his existence and certainly is motivation to run. >> i don't know that. i had not heard that. i have known of ben carson for a long time and never heard faith was a big thing until just recently when he started running. so i don't know about that and ben carson's faith. of all of a sudden he becomes the great religious figure. i saw him yesterday quoting on humility and it looked like he memorized it two minutes before he made the quote. don't tell me about ben carson. >> he's coming at you, too. >> he's starting to hit me so i hit back. i only hit back when i get hit. ben carson, you're talking about his faith, excuse me, chris, go back to look at his past. go back to look at his views on abortion and see where he stands. talk about abortion, go back to look at his views on abortion. now all of a sudden he gets on very low key, frankly he looks
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like he makes bush look like the energizer bunny. >> strong words. >> he's got a lot of people pushing him. but ben carson, you look at his faith and i think you're not going to find so much. and you look at his views on abortion, which were horrendous. and that's, i think, why i'm leading with all the evangelicals. as you know in your poll, number one, i'm leading ben carson by a lot. you say, oh, ben carson is surging. well, i'm almost double his numbers. >> absolutely. i'm saying he came out of nowhere is all i'm saying. he's not a big celebrity. people didn't know about him. >> i only bring this up, chris, because i saw him hitting me yesterday. he's questioning my faith. i happen to be a great believer in god and great believer in the bible. >> he is definitely question your faith. >> who is he to question my faith when i am -- he doesn't even know me. i've met him a few times. but i don't know ben carson. he was a doctor, perhaps an okay doctor, by the way, you can
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check that out, too. he was an okay doctor. >> i don't know about okay doctor. he was the first man to separate conjoined twins. >> he's a doctor and hired one nurse. he's going to end up being the president of the united states? but for him to criticize me on my faith is absolutely -- for him to read from the bible in his memory, it looked like he memorized it two minutes before going on stage. >> do you think you are more a man of faith than he is? than ben carson is? >> i cannot quote him. i can say i'm a man of faith. i don't know enough about ben carson. but if you look at his past, which i've done, he was not a big man of faith. all of a sudden he's become this man of faith. and he was heavy into the world of abortion and he was a doctor. and take a look at the hospitals where he worked. he was a doctor, check out the past, and see. all of a sudden he's, oh, he's
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totally anti-abortion. well, if you look back, you will find he's a very much different ben carson. one other thing, he shouldn't be questioning my faith because number one, i'm leading with the evangelicals. i'm protestant and presbyterian. i have great relationships with the people in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, and he shouldn't be questioning my faith. you know why? because he knows nothing about me. i've met him a couple times. >> maybe you should get together. we'll move to another topic. first it was rosie and megan, now carly fiorina. you're making fun of the way she looks. why do you talk about the way women look so much? it's not presidential. >> here's another one. >> you said look at that face. you said look at that face. >> i will say nice things about you so he says nice things about people. >> i'll take it. >> the fact is that carly fiorina has had a terrible past. she was fired viciously from
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hewlett-packard. the -- >> but then you should say that. >> a highly-respected man wrote a paper that was one of the worst papers on ceos. she goes down as one of the worst ever. the company practically -- excuse me, chris, wait. thousands of jobs gone, stock prices that still haven't recovered. it's a total disaster but still hasn't recovered. they are trying hard, but she was a disaster ceo. she had a company before that called luscent in my memory that was worse than hewlett-packard. she then gets fired from hewlett-packard and runs for the senate against somebody that could have been beaten easily, she loses in a landslide and now runs for president. now, when i said that and "the rolling stone" article has moments of beauty and great moments, that was one of the few magazines where i like the pictures. the writer called me and said, i
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wrote this story and he said, they added a lot of stuff that i think is disgusting. but they added that. excuse me, wait, so the statement on carly, i'm talking about her personna. her personna is that she's not going to be president. she's a terrible failed time. >> i don't know about that. i'll tell you why. i hear everything you say about the record. they are all legitimate bases you can level against your opponents, but i'm reading the quote. look at that face. why would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that's the face of the next president. she's a woman and i should not say bad things, but really, folks, come on. are we serious? >> they talk about my hair and that's okay. >> that's tit for tat. somebody comes on my air and makes fun of your hair, i tell them to shut up and move on to somebody else. if somebody does that on my air, he shouldn't be president because of his hair. i'll say, shut up.
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it's unkind and unpresidential. >> you don't have to defend me. i'm just saying, when she and other people hit me on things, nobody ever comes to my defense. so i'm just saying this -- >> you come to your defense. >> she did a terrible time in business. she destroyed a company. you have to get the report from jeffrey sonenfeld from yale. you have ben saying what he said, carly saying -- these are two people that will not be president. >> all i'm saying is that you are the frontrunner. you say that you're going to be president of the united states. there is a manner of behavior that goes with that. i'm not saying be mr. p.c., mr. captain gintility, but you know doling out a bowl every time you get one doesn't work. you see, that's not nice. that's not nice. you're attacking me for asking
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you a question. that's my point. that's not what the president does. >> when ben carson criticizes me, i don't know him. he comes to my club in palm beach. i have a great club in palm beach, he comes to my club. i hardly know ben carson. when he questions my faith, and i'm a believer, big league in god and the bible, and he questions my faith and he doesn't know me? and you say i'm not supposed to hit back. i will hit back on that. >> no, i don't say you're not supposed to hit back. >> he doesn't understand me. first of all, they know i'm going to run the country properly and won't let everybody rip us off and take our money. and that's very important to the evangelical. they are very smart people. and also know i'm a man of faith. i don't want ben carson criticizing my faith. certainly when he doesn't know me he can't do that. >> i understand that and that's a legitimate position to have. i think the carly fiorina situation is something to happen in a different way. i don't get the personna
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reference. i think that's more about her face. you have to figure out how to put yourself out to the voters. let me ask you about issues very relevant to you if you're president of the united states. the kentucky clerk situation. there's a culture war going on in this country. you had the supreme court give the ruling that same sex marriage is the law of the land. that you know that. she says, i'm not going to do it because it's against my faith. she's a public servant elected to do the job of giving out licenses, not to decide who gets them on that basis. what do you think of her? >> te >> well, i hate that she went to jail. i hated that. >> she chose to go. >> and now she's out. but i must tell you that we are a land of laws. i would like to see her get a different job or at least let the clerks do that particular work. we are in a position that's been a terrible situation that has taken place out there. and i understand both sides of the argument. and i embrace both sides of the argument. you can embrace both sides of an
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argument. but it would be really good if she could either stay and let the clerks do that work that she can't do, or in the alternative, get herself something elsewhere she doesn't come into conflict. but that's the way of handling it. it's something that is going to work its way out. but it is a messy situation. no question about it. >> the tone that you've put into the campaign is starting to move through into different candidates. you go after jeb bush in this commercial where it's like he's falling asleep. now he's trying to up his game it seems to come at you a little bit. i don't know if you saw what he did on colbert, but we have a clip. we'll get your take on it. oh, we don't have it. anyway, he's making fun of your hair basically is what he's doing, which is exactly what you were pointing to earlier on. did you see it? hear about it? did you think it was effective? did you think it was funny? >> he was put in a very bad position because he was given the cue cards to read he didn't know about. i actually think he's a nice
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person, but he's not a natural entertainer. and he was put into a position that was very uncomfortable for him. and it was something he didn't want to be doing. and, you know, it was fun and fine. and he did fine. but he was put into a position that he really didn't want to be in. and he could have said, i would rather not do that would have been better. he's probably saying this stuff will haunt me for the rest of my life. but it's one of those things. it's fine. >> do you think, as you continue to stay at the top of the polls, if it stays that way and you wind up getting into a general against somebody else, do you think you will campaign and deal with opponents the same way? where every time they say something about you you go back at them. at some point do you think you have to shift tone to what is seen as more presidential? >> no, i have to win. i have to win. i have to put this country back. this country is in such trouble, we are $19 trillion owed. we are getting ripped off by china, japan, mexico, both in trade and at the border. i have to do what i have to do
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to win. when a ben carson makes a phony statement like he made, i'm going to attack him. and if hillary says something incorrect, look, hillary was the worst secretary of state in the history of the united states. i think she'll be super seeded by john kerry because this deal that he's making with iran will take him over the top. i think he's actually going to go down as worse than her. but hillary was truly -- did a terrible job. the world blew up around her, okay? it blew up. i'm going to say that. i'm going to say that. now, it's sort of interesting because in the polls, and you see, i'm leading with african-americans. i've got the highest poll number in the history of the republican party primary things, i've got 25%. and i'm also, i think you saw, leading with hispanics. and everybody fell off the chair when they heard that. but i love the hispanics. >> you have increased in both of those categories, that's true. >> i'm leading with hispanics and the african-americans. well, if that's the case and i'm
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going to get 25% african-american, we are going to have a tremendous victory for the republicans. there's no republican that's ever gotten more than 9% or 10%. and african-americans because i'm going to create jobs and obama is not creating jobs for them. i'm going to create jobs and i'm going to create wealth for them. i've been saying this for a long time. when that poll came out two days ago saying i'm leading with african-americans and hispanics, i'm the only one that wasn't surprised. >> that is true. mr. trump, as always, we appreciate you coming on and explaining your positions. we look forward to putting more meat on the