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tv   Smerconish  CNN  September 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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fingers crossed we get the match in. >> she is so charming. "smerconish" is next. >> we'll be back. i'm michael smerconish. four days until my super bowl in simi valley. and this is the pregame show. the next gop debate is wednesday night right here on cnn. rick perry just threw in the towel. but the rest of the colorful gop contenders are clambering for poll points and trying to draw blood before they even hit the stage. is it working? well, if you're donald trump i guess winning means using your "rolling stone" cover story to criticize a female opponent who just fought her way onto the stage by badmouthing her looks. meanwhile, every other gop candidate is claiming to be the rightful heir to ronald reagan's
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legacy. i'll ask one of his actual heirs, his son michael, whether any of them comes close. and more troubling behavior by the police as u.s. tennis star james blake is attacked by an undercover cop. i'll talk to ray kelly, the longest serving police commissioner about law enforcement in the post ferguson era. but first, the war of words on the campaign trail is heating up. it's all pregame jockeying before the big debate this week right here on cnn. candidates are taking shots at each other and showing up on late night tv. last night it was the donald with jimmy fallon doing their version of debate prep. >> question one, are you ready for the republican debate next week? >> you know, the truth is, i'm always ready. it's really going to be a big debate. but i'm always ready. >> it's not just big, it's huge! it's huge!
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huge! huge! huge! huge! huge! >> i want to drill down on that and lots more with my all-star political panel. he's a political commentator and author, roger stone is a dark practitioner of the arts. it doesn't say that, it says republican artist. will there be different individuals standing in for the candidates? >> absolutely not. he's unscripted and unhandled, he's the real deal. he's completely genuine. is he reading? i'm sure he's reading, but there's nobody in a studio playing the other candidates. there's nobody coaching him with that line or this line. he's not preloaded. he's the real thing and that's what voters are responding to. >> i'm most interested to see the dynamic between ben carson and donald trump, the two front-runners. you saw ben carson making
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trump's faith an issue. and when trump responded in kind, carson quickly backed off. what takes place this week? >> carson doesn't have the stomach for trump's style. you put that unhinged, that was one of the uns you missed there. listen, trump will aim hard at carson because he's the threat, right? i mean, a month ago it was jeb bush saying horrible things about jeb. he will find some way, mark my words, to say something horrible about ben carson in simi valley. >> no one who has responded to trump has seen a gain in their polling data. rick perry tried and is now out of the race. >> he's the exact opposite. everyone he has taken on as dropped like a stone. >> i take reaction he has done that and realize there's no up side for me. >> it's important to realize carson and trump are appealing to the same people in the tea party and the conservatives. frankly attacking trump is counter productive for carson. >> this is a point, roger, that i have raised.
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that there are actually two debates that are playing themselves out in simi valley. and i don't mean the kiddie table. you explain it -- >> no, you're right. there are a group of candidates here who have political job medals next to their names. and then there are three at this point who don't, trump, carson and fiorina. they are the ones doing well. this is the summer when one team is fighting with its fellow players and the other team is fighting with its fellow players. >> okay. so do you fight outside your weight class? if you're jeb bush, do you go after the donald or focus on john kasich who could really pop on wednesday? >> i see it slightly differently and think the party has two wings. the establishment wing and the conservative/tea party wing. there's two fights going on here for each wing. if you're jeb bush, i would be more concerned about john kasich than donald trump. if you are donald trump, look at ted cruz, ben carson and carly
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fiorina. >> carly fiorina will be on the big stage. i want to show you something she said yesterday about donald trump. >> leadership is not about the size of your office. the size of your airplane. the size of your helicopter. >> it's not about the size of your airplane, the size of your helicopter. dissect that for me. >> where is the kelly comment? she's attacking donald trump's manhood. >> is that how you heard it? >> there was a size of something else she was eluding to. >> he lacks the size of becoming president, right? the three of us are wondering that. >> i was going to say something that i am not going to say. vice president biden was on with stephen colbert this week. i think he spoke from the heart. let's watch and evaluate.
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>> look, i don't think any man or woman should run for president unless, number one, they know exactly why they would want to be president. and two, they can look at the folks out there and say, i promise you that you have my whole heart, my whole soul, my whole energy and my passion to do this. and i would be lying if i said that i knew i was there. >> that doesn't sound to me like an individual who within the next 30 days gets to a place where he's prepared emotionally to commit to running for president. >> you know, michael, personal grief is an unusual emotional basis for a political campaign. but i've got to tell you, this is the summer of authenticity. there's nothing more authentic than the words you heard from joe biden. i don't think he knows so we
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can't know. >> but he said by the end of the summer, maybe the indian summer is what he has in mind, that he would make a decision. how do you go from that from being in a position within 30 days to stand on a day and say i'm running for president of the united states. i just don't see it. >> i'm not saying he's gonna, but i think he can. he say, listen, i did the soul search and went to the sweat lodge and now am ready to go. i think he can say that if he's ready. >> here's a different interpretation. stephen colbert sustained tragedy of his own, much like joe biden, lost his father and two brothers when he was a young boy in a plane crash. was this just a candid moment among kin ready spirits where biden was dropping his guard because it was colbert and knew he had that sympathetic ear? >> it's hard to say. it was great tv, but biden failed to raise the third criteria. a guy doesn't run for president, a person doesn't run for president unless they think they can win. joe has tried this twice before and never got out of single digit. i think he recognized that he
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appeals to the same people as hillary clinton. i don't think he'll run. >> in some head to heads, i think he runs well against the republican field. >> but you have to get nominated before you run in the general election, which is completely different dynamic. >> but there's one other relevant. there's a genuine risk here that hillary clinton is not among the strong. >> she's damaged and so is he are his reputations of gaffes. i think there's another candidate but not joe biden. >> of what consequence, if any, was hillary's apology this week. >> zero. didn't feel like much to me. it was like her saying i'm going to be spontaneous this week. >> how can she get beyond -- very interesting story in "the times" today with the backstory behind the apology. how does she move beyond the server issue, if not by vir view of apology? >> this issue probably changes also zero minds.
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the lovers continue to love her, the haters continue to hate her. it is baked in how we feel about hillary clinton. >> i don't agree with that. look at her unfavorables that usually are much lower and continue to climb. it speaks to trustworthiness and honesty. she's cooked. no apology is going to change that. >> men, i hear criticism from cnn viewers, from the sirius xm listeners, it was a criticism addressed by the new york public editor of "the new york times." because the times hears the same criticism. let me put this on the screen, this is under the headline has the times dismissed bernie sanders. and margaret sanders writes, the times has not ignored mr. sander's campaign by any means but it also hasn't always taken it very seriously. the tone of symptom stories seems regrettably dismissive, even mock it sometimes often focused on the candidate's age,
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appearance and style rather than what he has to say. are we all guilty of the media not paying attention to bernie sanders. he's now ahead of the polls in iowa and new hampshire. >> it's a manifestation he's not hillary. if the democrats nominate him, they will lose 50 states. maybe he can carry vermont, maybe. it's not about bernie. look, i give him credit for hard work and being out there, but it's a manifestation of her unpopul unpopularity. >> nevertheless, if he's winning in iowa and new hampshire and drawing those crowds, shouldn't we be paying more deference to bernie sanders? >> i get that. i feel that people running for president deserve the immediate media coverage he gets. but if he stays there, he's a genuine roger. he's actually winning in polls. >> so what he would do is what eugene mccarthy did. draw a stronger candidate. >> look at the comparison between the amount of tension that we heat on the donald.
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i admit it, i cannot get enough of it. it's like a car wreck, i cannot turn roger -- i cannot turn my head. you were fired or quit, i forget about that. >> i quit. let me establish that. >> we give all the attention to trump because he's great tv. and bernie is doing on the democratic side what trump is. >> yeah, but again, he doesn't connect with people in the same way. he doesn't have the same celebrity. >> he's been on the public payroll his entire life but an outsider. please. >> a quick comment on what to look for wednesday night. roger stone. >> fireworks. trump fends off the field and emerges as a winner. >> if there's anybody scoring on donald, i don't see it. but boy who does, they get a lot of points. >> for no bigger junkies than us, it gets no better than this. what better setting than for cnn's presidential debate this wednesday than the ronald reagan
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library. >> i'm a reagan conservative. >> ronald reagan said trust but verify. >> the day ronald reagan was sworn into office. >> reagan expanded medicaid three to four times. >> ronald reagan evolved on many issues. >> but do any of them have the same strange outcome to make reagan an icon three years ago. do they know what he stood for? i have the perfect guest here, michael reagan, the late president's oldest son, a political consultant, author, nationally syndicated columnist joining me from los angeles. michael, are any of them truly reagan-esque? >> they may have traits of ronald reagan in them because they are republicans and somewhat conservative, but are they reagan-esque? no, ronald reagan was likable and relatable. if you are not likable and relatable, you won't get the vote of the american public. i would imagine one of my good friends who just suspended his campaign in the last 24 hours
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was probably the most like ronald reagan because he was a cowboy. rick perry, great friend of mine, wears the same boot size as my father and the same hat size as my father when he went out to the ranch. great guy, couldn't get off the ground in texas. >> i'm setting you up now, who is the least reagan-esque on the stage wednesday night? >> donald trump. >> and why? i figured you were going to say that. i'm glad that you brought that forth because i've been following you on twitter and i sense where you're coming from. but what makes him the least regan-esque? >> ronald reagan didn't attack the people around him or didn't demean the people around him. he brought everybody together at the end. if republicans don't bring everyone together at the end of the day, we do not win elections. we are the smallest bus in the building. we don't have the ability to throw people off the bus and demean them. we have to figure out a way to put people on that bus and move it forward to washington, d.c.
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and i don't think that donald trump is the guy who, in fact, fills the bus with those people that he is demeaned as it goes, in fact, to the system. >> when i think of your father, one of the first things that comes to mind is his so-called 11th commandment. remind everybody what that was? >> thou shall not speak ill of another republican. now there's a 12th amendment by what i would imagine is donald trump, i willspeak llof everybody, in fact, until i get to where i want to, in fact, go. and that's what is sad here. when you don't have the issues, should i say, or the facts, what did you accomplish in government? what have you? you attacked all those people who have accomplished things in government. you follow me on twitter. what was it, a couple weeks ago i said, what, the governor of ohio, john kasich, has he made ohio great again? hasn't walker made wisconsin great again?
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didn't perry make texas great again? didn't bush make florida great again? but yet they can't get traction against somebody who ends every speech with, i'm going to make america great again. >> it's fascinating to me to candidly explain the differences between your father, ronald reagan, president ronald reagan and donald trump. because just the other night the gop frontrunner was on with sean hannity on fox news and characterized your relationship with your dad in a different way. let's all watch that. >> ronald reagan was a democrat and he was sort of liberal. and i knew him, i didn't know him quite, but i knew him and knew him well. he liked me and i liked him. he was like this great guy. and he was a democrat with a liberal bent. and he became a great conservative, in my opinion. >> one of the greatest presidents. >> and a great president and a great leader. he had something very special. but if you think of it, he was a little less conservative than people think. >> there's so much there to unpack. let me begin with this. he liked me and i liked him.
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did they, as far as you know, even have a relationship? >> you know, i never saw him at christmas dinner or thanksgiving dinner out at the ranch, but i would imagine he had a relationship with him because my father was president of the united states and donald trump is donald trump. he stays there in manhattan in the trump towers. of course my father would have a relationship with him, but he had a relationship with a lot of people like the donald trumps of the world. and it was the donald trumps of the world that wanteded to have a relationship with the man who was the president of the united states of america. it's not that ronald reagan said, i have to be with donald trump tonight. more like donald trump was like, i need to be with the president of the united states tonight. i need to ask donald trump, how many state dinners were you invited to? >> you tweeted about current events that i want to raise. my father would if follow the law, not huckabee. explain that if you don't mind. >> i wrote an op-ed piece about mike huckabee who had a campaign event in kentucky this week with
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kim davis. and the supreme court, whether you agree or disagree with gay marriage, and i disagree with gay marriage, but when the supreme court rules and says wait a minute, it's now the law of the land. that's what it is. it is the law of the land until you overturn it. not overturned, it's the law of the land. so i think, in fact, mike huckabee used kim davis and her position and basically had a campaign event. he shuts out ted cruz and says you can't come to my event basically and leaves ted cruz in the background. and people would say that, well, my father would have been there. no, my father would not have been there. my father would have followed the law sent down by the supreme court making gay marriage legal. >> i want to ask this question. and i remember seeing nancy reagan at a time when the announcement was made. how is nancy reagan? >> i mean, she's all right. she is going to have a dinner for all of them after the event on wednesday night. and i hope she's able to be there. but she is 94 years old.
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and she's not -- she's not dancing anymore. but i hope she's able to make it and to be there as she hosts this dinner for everyone after the event. >> as far as you know, does she have a favorite in this group? >> oh, she'll never tell you if she has a favorite in the group. my father never went out and supported anybody in the primary. my dad used to say to me, michael, if you endorse in a primary, right away 50% of the people are just not going to like you. >> how would he have prepared for a debate like this? >> i think you see that in the mondale debates. i think the monodade debates prove you can overprepare. i think donald trump's magic is that he just speaks off the top of his head. i think the others spend too much time trying to remember what they established and how to articulate that in the six-and-a-half minutes they have to be able to speak. so i think that sometimes they get really overprepared through their consultants and they make
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huge mistakes on stage whether it is jeb bush or scott walker or whoever it might be. when you have your moment, you have to take your moment and got to sell it just like ben carson did in the first debates. he only came to them a couple times, but that last time they came to him he hit it out of the park. >> you know, i want to show a great and classic ronald reagan line from a debate and have michael reagan respond to it. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. >> michael, it never gets old. and i am reminded of the fact that even walter mondale was breaking up when he delivered that line. >> you're absolutely right. it's interesting, bob beckel, who i have known for 100 years. he's sitting off stage watching this with the staff, and he looked at the staff as soon as my dad gave that line and said,
6:20 am
the campaign's over. he just lost. and it's absolutely true. the campaign was over and mondale lost. >> we'll think of your father wednesday night at the reagan library. thank you for being here. >> michael, thank you for having me. any time. coming up, carly fiorina fought her way into this week's big presidential showdown on cnn only to run into donald trump. and an ugly double standard for female candidates. am i brought in to help rearrange the fridge and get us energized! i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength to keep you active. come on pear, it's only a half gallon. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein
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[ female announcer ] gold bond rough & bumpy skin therapy. used daily, it reduces bumps 72%. gold bond. it's 2015 and yet female presidential candidates are still being treated differently. carly fiorina had to fight her way into this debate on cnn only to receive a rude present package in donald trump's new "rolling stone" interview. trump's expression sours in schoolboy disgust at the camera boring in on fiorina. look at that face, he cries. would anyone vote for that? can you imagine that the face of our next president? this kind of schoolyard bullying is unseemly to anyone, but in a
6:25 am
presidential candidate, how is it not an instant injection button? joining me now to figure out why trump is leading in the polls with this attitude, i wanted to invite naomi wolf author of "the beauty myth." having been a political advisor to al gore, why do you think he's so fixated on female appearance, whether it is rosie o'donnell, megyn kelly, heidi klum, you know the examples. one after another he's made comments about female appearance. >> respectfully, why l can, let's not fall for it. he knows exactly what he's doing. my agent once said to me, don't lead your media, just weigh in. he knows perfectly well instead of spending billions of dollars he'll get a 15 billion bicycle for tv advertising. you have to pay for it and it's expensive. he gets free media. we're talking about him for free because he said this sexist
6:26 am
thing, the racist thing, and it just keeps the buzz going. it keeps his name recognition out there. that's his strategy. >> 25 years ago you wrote "beauty myth" and in the book you were challenging the unrealistic standards and the cosmetics industry. the perfect person to ask this question, of course there are the exceptions but why generally do we elect only attractive people? >> you know, when you stopped me in the green room, there were so many counter examples to mention. they are counter examples because they are men. we don't -- we have a social taboo against humiliating powerful men in public physically and personally in a way that we tolerate powerful women to be humiliated in public personally around their appearance. so i'm not going to say or name all the presidents or vice presidents or candidate who is are personally not very attractive. since donald trump opened this up, i am going to say, i wouldn't date him. i'm not doing it for me.
6:27 am
>> we began this conversation by talking about what has been said about carly fiorina. let me show you carly fiorina in 2010. >> we saw barbara boxer recently on television and said what everyone says, god, what is that hair? so yesterday. >> women can be tough on women. >> that's jury horrible. what were you thinking? i mean, that is very unpresidential, i have to say. whoever gave her that advice to go after the hairstyle of another woman was just a bad -- >> i think it was an open mike. i don't think it was orchestrated. final question, as a femmist leader, do you look at the potential election of a female president in the same way african-americans look at the election of one of their own in 2008? is the draw of voting for one of your own the same in this cycle
6:28 am
as it was not long ago for barack obama? >> well, i don't consider hillary clinton one of my own just like i don't consider margaret thatcher at one of my own. >> why not hillary? >> because i don't share her politics and think she's fully owned by wall street. it's not entirely her fault we have a system where a candidate can't not be holy owned by the special interests on the left or on the right. but -- and i should disclose my children's father was in the clinton administration, and everyone who works with her loves her and she's a lovely person, there's no question about that, but i object to her warmongering and endorsing the police state. i object to her buying into hyping terrorism as a way to, you know, build the military industrial state who are her donors. i mean, she's not my girl, sorry. >> wow, okay. i naively believed you looked at this as an opportunity to break
6:29 am
that glass ceiling. >> i mean, i would rather vote for a man or woman who represents a peaceful world. that's not the kind of feminist who believes in sexism. just because somebody shares my gender doesn't mean they represent me. i want the best person for the job. >> naomi, thank you so much as always. >> whythank you, michael, a pleasure. tweet me @smerconish and i'll read the best and the worst a little later. up next, this undercover cop's unprovoked tackle of u.s. tennis star james blake was just the latest in a series of bad news for the nation's police forces. i'll ask ray kelly, the man who ran the nypd after 9/11 what he thinks. want to survive a crazy busy day? sfx: cell phone chimes start with a positive attitude... and positively radiant skin. aveeno® positively radiant moisturizer... with active naturals® soy. aveeno® naturally beautiful results®.
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every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california. by now we have all seen the hotel surveillance video of
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former tennis star james black being taken down hard by a new york police officer. blake is not resisting. to the untrained eyes, those would be mine, this looks horrific. but i want an expert, ray kelly was the top cop and the longest serving nypd commissioner. his list of law enforcement jobs is long and impressive and he's just written a terrific memoir. "vigilance." commissioner, great to have you here. let's start with that video when you start to see that video? >> quite frankly i'm perplexed by it. this is the type of arrest for credit card fraud when you go up and introduce yourself to the individual, at least you want to talk to or you want to arrest. and he also -- apparently he was with four other police officers. i don't see the rest of the team. so, i mean, it looks -- it is what it is. what it seems to me, which is an overreaction. >> i have learned my lesson from the rodney king video.
6:35 am
initially there was a snip-it and the whole thing was released. and i want to see all the facts before they come in, but i say, could there any some other part to the story, and i don't think so and you don't think so. >> we would have heard it. if he had reason to believe the individual was armed or had just committed some sort of violent act, but all the information we have now is that this was a credit card fraud case and this individual was just picked out by someone who they were working with. and it just seems to be an overreaction. no other way to label it. >> i was reading an advance of your new book "vigilance" when "the new york times" had a piece of it on page one, talking about the spike of murder rates. there it is, murder rates rising sharply in many u.s. cities. it talks about more than 30 big cities across the country. people talking about a ferguson-effect that law enforcement now feels restrained. do you buy into a ferguson
6:36 am
effect? >> i do. i think the police have done a terrific job in this country in the last two decades reducing crime by proactive policing. i think that the videos we have seen, what happened in ferguson, even though the police officer was ultimately exonerated, brought about a reluctance on part of some of the police to engage in a way they have been engaging in the past. >> in the book on page 294, you finish a particular chapter by saying people will lose lives as a result. and you're talking in that discussion about mayor de blasio reigning in. i know you don't like these words, stop and frisk. and you say this type of backing off is going to cause people to die. is that headline one that you envisioned? is this all related? >> yes. to a certain extent. of course, it's probably too soon to get the whole impact of the ferguson effect or whatever. i think it will go and last for a while, but yeah, i think that it's a natural consequence of
6:37 am
some of the things that have happened, including at least here in new york. the backing up of stop and frisk. >> i watched thursday morning here on cnn "new day," your successor bill bratton was talking be about the reduction of crime in new york city. let's watch together. i want to ask you some questions. >> we have an increase of ten murders last year. last year was the lowest number of murders in the history of the city. so we are working against our own successful numbers. crime is not up overall in new york city. it is down by 3.9% as of this morning. chris christie knows nothing about the crime rate in new york city trying to make political points. basically he needs to pay attention to his own cities, camden, trenton, newark, new jersey, some of the highest crime rates. >> commissioner bratton was saying that overall crime is down. we're doing it with fewer stops and we're able to maintain a better relationship in the minority community. this book is quite a defense of stop and frisk. respond to that. >> well, i think that -- look,
6:38 am
if crime is down, great. obviously that's what we want. i live here. i question some of those numbers, but i don't think i want to do it now and don't want to get in between governor christie and bill bratton. i think the whole stop and question frisk tactic is a sound one. it's one validated by the supreme court decision. it's codified in every state of the union authorizing police to do it. and i think, yes, it will lead to an increase in violence and increase in murder. >> but if you were today back in that top job, you would not be dialing down stop and frisk? >> well, the mayor is the top enforcement person in any city. so you get direction from the mayor to do whatever, that's what you're going to do. commissioner bratton is defending the mayor. i understand that. that's what employees do. but i think in the long-term or the short-term, it will lead to increased violence. and young people, mostly young
6:39 am
people of color, losing their lives. not just in new york but they are backing off in other cities throughout america. >> in the book you talk about your tenure, 12 years as new york's police commissioner. it was on your watch that this chapter, this islamic terror chapter began with ramsey youssef bombing the twin towers. i find it interesting that your word choice in "vigilance" is radical islam. you don't back off from using those words, why not? >> no, why should we? there is a small segment of the 1.6 billion muslims in the world that are radical and dedicated to killing people. and certainly new york has seen 16 plots against it on the bloomberg watch. so yeah, people want to come here and kill americans. they are radical and happen to be islamic. >> tell me if i have this straight. ray kelly, a bachelors from manhattan college. a j.d. from st. john's.
6:40 am
a master of laws from nyu and a masters of public administration from the kennedy school of harvard. >> right. >> how important was your educational background and constantly reaching for higher education to the success you've had in law enforcement? >> well, it certainly helped me. the job gets increasingly complex. so the more education you have, and that's true for police officers as well. at the entry level, i think the better you can do the job. so i'm all for education. >> you turned down fbi director. if president trump calls you and says, ray, i need you in this gig. would you do it now? >> i would have to think really hard about it. >> for mr. trump or anybody? >> for anybody. >> my favorite four lines in the book, and they run in second session. come in your underwear, dead goat, $29,000, no gun. but if they want to know the story, let them read it. thank you. >> thank you, michael. >> what do you think?
6:41 am
tweet me @smer cconish. i'll read the best and the worst at tend. coming up, the firestorm on "fox&friends" elsewhere and coming up we'll tell you what is roll where the poll already aized media. ut sim so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults saw 75% skin clearance. and the majority were clear or almost clear in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common,
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it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. let me tell you a funny story about fox news. so often in cable news people on the extremes are looking for something to set their hair on fire. maybe i don't suffer from that problem for obvious reasons. on fox first they went crazy because they couldn't believe what i said. and then soon after they were basically saying the same thing i had said. let me explain. last saturday i talked about the case of kim davis, the kentucky clerk whose become a national lightning rod after being jailed for her refusal to issue licenses to gay marriages. and at the top of the program i raised a question that i had also asked on my radio show. is this woman in jail because she's being denied her religious
6:46 am
freedom or is she more like an american version of the taliban? by the way, when i asked that question on my website, 902 people voted and said, taliban-like by 68%. on cnn i asked my guest, family research council president tony perkins the following question. here's another hypothetical, imagine that it's not the marriage bureau, it's the dmv. and that there's a muslim clerk who takes the position that the islamic faith doesn't recognize the right of women to drive and this person says, well, i'm not going to give driver's licenses to female drivers a la saudi arab arabia. we could go crazy on that. so the next morning i wake up and see fox & friends and the blogosphere inflamed i would say such a thing. on fox & friends they mocked me as a radio guy and accused me of calling her a terrorist.
6:47 am
>> isn't she a terrorist who should be droned? respectfully. >> evangelical christians last time i checked are not burning people in the streets. >> if you are against partial birth abortions -- >> he does bring up a good point, though, the second half of that. but don't compare evangelical christians to the taliban. >> let us know what you think about that. weigh in on the fight for faith on our facebook page. >> respectfully, do you think she's a terrorist? >> and here's just one example of a blogger, someone calling himself super mexican said, quote, mike smerconish really, usually, isn't this abjectly stupid. but they must have loaded up obama on his teleprompter because he just had to ask this pathetically stupid compareson on cnn. mr. super mexican, it is neither pathetic nor stupid. as a lawyer i'm raising a relevant and rather legal question and guess who agrees
6:48 am
with me? the republican conservative judge presiding over ms. davis' case. kims davis says her religious belief trumps the law of the land, but judge david bunning appointed by president george w. bush said this. personal opinions, including my own, are not relevant to today. the idea of natural law super seeding this court's authority would be a dangerous president indeed. see, the point is, if we let kim davis act on her faith, we are opening pandora's box to do likewise in the name of their god, and that includes islam or a one-man religion someone devises to set their own laws. guess what? by later in the week other people on fox news were saying the exact same thing i was. when fox's shepard smith was anchoring around kim davis' release from prison, he editorialized this. >> well, they set this up as a religious play again.
6:49 am
this is the same crowd that said we don't want sharia law. keep their religion out of our lives and government. here we go again. >> good for shep to step out of the ideological box over there. we already have enough knee-jerk reactions. and this guest on o'reilly said the same thing i said. >> it sets a dangerous president. a woman not issuing driver's licenses to women because she doesn't believe they can drive, or somebody who says they don't believe in the second amendment. >> let's give jessica the last word. >> my point exactly. but this time no outrage. glad to see that every once in a while a thoughtful discussion can conquer the hyperbole. you have all had a lot to say. your best and worst tweets are still ahead. ♪ color is a beautiful thing, i know, i know... ♪
6:50 am
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i always say, follow me on twitter if you can spell smerconish, many can. get your pretentious tortoise shell glasses checked. if you think trump is a wannabe reagan. he is our reagan, you liberal shill. you have offended my glasses. allen says, what's the difference between trump talking about women and looks and everybody else talking about trump's hair? hey, i think lots of times guys' appearances come in to play erroneously in politics. claire barnes says, loved naomi's comment regarding the donald. i wouldn't date him, is what she
6:55 am
said. she says, me neither. that makes three of us. lori says, yikes, innocent on your part, did you ask naomi wolf&she'd vote for one of her own. she said, frankly, that's secondary to me, i thought that was pretty interesting. and then marin la liberty, your name has become a verb in our household. new saturday morning activity is let's get smerconish. great show. thank you for that, i appreciate. thank you all for watching. watch the debate wednesday night. i'll see you here next weekend. did you know that good nutrition
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four days before the next gop debate, donald trump rallies in iowa where he maintains a strong lead in the polls. does he keep the same strategy? and democratic hopeful bernie sanders takes his message to the south where he'll connect with african-american voters and try to take them away from hillary clinton. police in phoenix have a person in interest in the serial freeway shooting incident. are we closer to solving this mystery? now na the u.s. agreed allow 10,000 refugees into the country, americans offer to open personal homes to help. you are in the "cnn newsroom." >> we are always so glad to see you. i'm christi paul. >> i'm martin savidge, if for victor


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