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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  September 15, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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an american airlines to make an emergency landing in indianapolis. she's accused of hitting a passenger and a flight attend t attendant. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. at this hour with berman and boldaun starts now. 24 hours to go. everyone that everyone's preparing, that is, maybe except for mr. donald trump. hear how he's preparing, though, this morning and also who he's visiting. plus the match-ups to watch, the rules and how adding the only woman in the gop field to the main stage could change everything. this is cnn's special live coverage. hello, i'm kate boldaun.
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>> and i'm john berman live this morning at the ronald reagan presidential library in beautiful -- but today rainy -- simi valley, california. we're just one day from cnn's gop debate. some candidates' campaigns could be at stake unless they find a way to derail the trump express. is the front-runner worried? >> so, the debate. i hear they're all gone afting me. whatever. whatever. no, i hear it. >> whatever. but maybe he should worry because in a new cbs/"new york times" poll out just this morning shows dr. ben carson close. carson just a few points behind while the rest of the field, way, way back. the establishment guys have fallen just so deep behind
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donald trump and ben carson. the two outsiders have the inside track if the election were held today, which of course it's not, but the debate is being held tomorrow. the establishment now fighting back. don't trump with a campaign event tonight. >> yes, here in california, of all places, on an aircraft carrier. a huge rally planned where he's going to talk about veterans' issues and how he wants to strengthen the military. this is obviously a very unusual in terms of debate -- the day before the debate, because usually you would be in intensive debate prep, and as donald trump told us, he doesn't need to do that while his other friends in the republican party do. so, everyone else is pretty much down, getting their talking points sharpened, ready to go, and donald trump will come in with, i'm sure, another bombastic speech to entertain us all. >> that was something. that was a full house in dallas last night.
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thousands and thousands of people. they seemed to be eating up whatever he said. >> yeah, absolutely. you see him growing in strength in the polls in the last few weeks. everyone expected some kind of a flame out like we saw in 2012. he seems to be working his way up. ben carson, as you mentioned, is inching his way up. ben carson was here in california last week in anaheim. also bringing out big crowds. and a lot of people in that crowd that i talked to said they wanted anyone but trump. really liked that contrast with ben carson. the sort of quieter, softer, more thoughtful candidate that they could see in the oval office. >> very interesting. they'll be standing side by side at the cnn debate tomorrow night. thank you so much. let's talk about more of where we are right now as we see trump and carson pulling ahead. the outsiders versus. the establishment. joining me, cnn analyst kevin
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and jerry. guys, let me put up this new cbs/"new york times" poll. we see donald trump and ben carson. i don't want to talk about the margin between the two, because running one and two in all the polls. what's most remarkable is the outsiders and separation with everyone else. people are not leaving the establishment guys for other establishment guys. they're leaving the establishment guys for ben carson or donald trump. jeffrey? >> what we see is a battle between outsiders, between trump and carson. with everybody else, possibly not carly fiorina, pushed off to the side. then what do you do at that point? in the past when you have battles like that -- we're here at the reagan library. the battle between ronald reagan and george h.w. bush, was the ticket. you wonder if what we're seeing here is the formative stage, trump/carson or whatever ticket
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here. >> kevin, i was struck you won't see the jeb people go to john kasich or go to marco rubio. seems like everyone's flowing to carson or trump. >> inside many of these polls what we're seeing is that there's a very low sense of trust that voters have for what they call typical politicians. as a result of that, you're seeing a premium shift where voters are putting a premium on somebody with an outsider status, someone that doesn't have a resume as a career politician or what they seem to want right now is somebody who's going to be confrontational with the status quo. someone who's going to be seen as a fighter. and dramatic departure from the last eight years of what we've seen with the obama presidency. and with donald trump, carly fiorina and ben carson, that's what they're finding. >> one of the big questions has been, what does everyone do about this, because they're a rank and file establishment republicans who have been, you
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know, just con founded by what to do with donald trump. now we're seeing the club for growth. not the rnc, but a group with money, economic conservatives. they announced they would do $1 million ad buy, that's a lot in iowa, going after donald trump. >> which presidential candidate supports higher taxes, national health care and the wall street bailout? it's donald trump. >> in many cases i probably identify more as a democrat. >> trump wants us to think he's mr. tell it like it is, but he has a record and it's very liberal. it's really just playing us for chumps. trump, just another politician. >> in many cases, i probably identify more as a democrat. >> club for growth action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> so, this attack -- there's another one also, the trump is a liberal attack. i suppose there's a question of, is that going to work? there's also a question, a
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million bucks against donald trump, that's a lot of money. >> in case you haven't heard, john, he'll tell you, he's very rich. >> he hasn't spent a cent on television ads yet. >> he'll do what he needs. that's a terrible ad from their point of view. what he'll say is, he can come up with tape-recordings of ronald reagan as a liberal. they're out there on youtube. how hard is this? reagan was a registered democrat until four years before he ran for governor of california. i just think this stuff isn't going to stick with donald trump. we're way beyond that at this point. >> i tend to agree with jeffrey. i don't think the ideological frame is as important to trump supporters, peeling off his supporters by saying liberals and conservatives. the other effective part, if it was the central message, donald trump is about donald trump. trump is a fraud and a con, if i really care about the direction of this country. that type of message would break through and voters would feel like they don't want one -- they don't want a trick like that pulled over on them.
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they would be more likely to go shopping for some other candidates. >> it is interesting. $1 million in iowa on tv, it frees up the candidates to do different kinds of messages, right? can't they talk about themselves, can't they talk about trump in different ways? a million bucks against trump on the air waves. >> $1 million from a 527 or super pac doesn't have the same effect. but club for growth is one of those groups on the air making that case to voters. we'll see if this starts to move the dial for those registering support for donald trump. >> if they are quickly pushed into -- if trump pushes them into the corner where they, too, are seeing the establishment, even though we know their history, they have a problem and then they become a bad guy. >> they hit donald trump up for $1 million donation. >> right, right. >> interesting. great to have you here with us. thank you so much. do not miss this cnn debate. it is tomorrow night right here
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at the ronald reagan presidential library. the main event with the 11 candidates begins at 8:00 eastern. before that, 6:00 p.m., the four other candidates face off. do not miss a single second of it. kate? >> and even before that, we have so much more at this hour to discuss her. john's in california. i'm here in new york for you today. the new "x" factor in this debate, that's one topic of discussion. the only woman in the republican race joining the main stage. so, how does that change the dynamic this time around? i'm going to talk to a lawmaker about her experience coming up against men in a crowded political field. plus, donald trump speaking about national security tonight on board a battleship, of course, after a contentious interview on the same topic. is this his biggest weakness heading into the debate? this is cnn special live coverage. stay with us. did you know that good nutrition
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one new addition to the debate stage, carly fiorina. earning her spot on the main stage tomorrow night. one of the moments to watch is when she and donald trump face off really for the first time since trump's comments about fiorina's face. in an interview with ro"rolling stone" magazine, trump said this, look at that face. would anyone vote for that?
8:14 am
can you imagine that, the face of our next president? he goes on to say, are you serious? that's why everyone will be looking to see what it's like when trump and fiorina face off. joining me, republican congresswoman marsha blackburn of tennessee. thank you for joining me. i want to get your take on what you're looking for in tomorrow night's big debate, but first off, what do you make of donald trump's remarks to "rolling stone" there about carly fiorina? >> kate, i got to tell you, women like carly and like me who have been in the corporate world, in the small business world f we had let comments get under our skin or derail us or take our attention off of what was important, then we probably would have been in a heap somewhere and never accomplished anything. you just roll on. you just shake it off. you just move on. and i think that's what people to want see women do. and to get out there and lead
8:15 am
this fight. this is now a movement. people are sick and tired of this. they are tired of the establishment washington. they want to see something done. like one of my constituents said, i'm tired of being broke. you need to do some things to get the economy moving. i think a lot of people are like that. jobs and economy, number one issue with women and they are looking for answers. >> absolutely. you bring up a very interesting way because i think folks are looking into this debate from two very different prisms. one, how is carly fiorina going to react, because you know this moment's going to be asked about? also, how is donald trump going to handle it when carly comes after him? how do you think carly fiorina should handle it when this moment comes up to nigmorrow? >> when guys would say something about my hair, my makeup, my clothes, you're 5'3", blond hair, blue eyes, from way down
8:16 am
south, you couldn't possibly have an answer to a solution. i would just move on and take it as a challenge to prove them wrong. and that is many times what you have to do. when you look at your life's work, the issues of faith, family, freedom, hope and opportunity are issues that deserve my full attention. i appreciate that we've got great candidates. they have created a movement. and when you have candidates like trump and carson and fiorina and the others that will be on that stage that millions of americans who are independents and democrats and republicans are watching these debates and are paying attention, you know, kate, we're going to see an election cycle like we have not seen in a long time. quite frankly, i love the fact that tomorrow night's debate is at the reagan library because ronald reagan was a democrat, was a union member and moved to
8:17 am
being a republican. and what a vision he created for our nation. what a great speech. he would go out for years and give and talk about opportunity and the american dream. remember now, still the first time i saw him in the early '70s and how compelling his speech was. remember the mrashgs date and the people that i was with. >> congresswoman, let me ask you this. when i was reading this morning in the "times," it reminded me that back in '08, just as recently as 2008, joe biden in preparing for his vice presidential debate against sarah palin, he was given clear advice from his advisers in terms of debating a woman. don't correct her, don't belittle her, don't mock her, don't diminish her. those are the rules on how you have to prepare differently, if you will, on debating a woman. do you think those rules apply today? >> i think much of that does
8:18 am
apply. i think just be respectful. >> of anybody, regardless of their sex. >> that's right. be respectful of everybody and the process. >> that in mind, respectful to the process, that isn't necessarily what we see in mr. donald trump, though. >> i think you're going to see on the stage tomorrow night a group of people that are respectful of the process, that care passionately about this country. and i think all of the candidates need to focus more on the issues and less on the personalities. you know, when we focus on good policy and focus on the issues, we win. that's the return strong suit. and the opportunity to have individuals who are watching. maybe it's the first political debate they've ever watched. to hear what actions people would take. people want action now. they don't want words.
8:19 am
they don't want discussion. they want people to say, tell me specifically what you're going to do. that's what they're looking for from the candidates. my advice to the candidates would be to go in there, lay out specifics, drill down just a little bit. and don't think about platitudes, don't talk in platitudes, talk about how you'll save this country because we are definitely on the wrong track and there is bipartisan agreement in that. >> we'll see if the specifics come out. not a lot of time for that in a one-minute answer and 30-second rebuttal but there's always time if you want to get there. congresswoman, good to see you. >> good to see you, kate. thank you. >> one of the moments we're watching for tomorrow night, my friend john. >> donald trump getting ready to board a battleship to talk about national security. but is he ready to handle the nuclear codes? will that even come up at the debate tonight -- or tomorrow night, i should say? plus the video war. candidates putting their best
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john berman here at the ronald reagan presidential library where just one day from now, the cnn debate. the republican contenders face off in what could be a critical moment for all of them. last night the front-runner, donald trump, played to a packed
8:24 am
house in dallas, a basketball arena. thousands and thousands of fans there. tonight he is nearby here in los angeles. he'll be on a battleship talking to a veteran's group about veteran issues and foreign policy. what about foreign policy, defense, the battle against terror, how will that play in this campaign? how will it play in the debate? let's bring in cnn national security commentator mike rogers, former member of congress who dealt with these issues. i want to put up a poll. we asked voters what issues do they think are the very important. foreign policy and terror, it's not the most important issue. economy, health care, social security, they all rank higher than terrorism, which is the first on that list. so how important in this campaign, foreign policy in the battle against terror? >> it's going to be huge. if you look at that number, 80% on any issue is a significant percentage, number one. number two, when you look at polling in early primary states,
8:25 am
it is often times number one. actually, one of the first polls came out in iowa was foreign policy/national security was the number one issue. those are really important numbers for early primary states. important numbers for candidates. >> what do they want to see, policy or proficiency? >> you don't have to be a national security expert to turn on your tv and know something is wrong. we're already suffering that second and third order problem from the iranian deal. you see what the russians are doing in syria. so, people understand that a lack of u.s. leadership has consequences. and i think what they're looking for is they don't need a 48-page detailed plan. they need somebody to understand that leadership counts. that resolve counts. and being smart about how you apply u.s. power counts. and if you can get those categories, you'll find that most of the people will be in support of their national security platform. >> some of the words you brought up there, understand, being smart. those are things that are now in the forefront because of hugh hewitt's radio interview with
8:26 am
donald trump where hugh asked trump very specific questions about terror leaders and policy flashpoints. let's listen to a clip of that right now. >> when you start throwing around names of people and where they live, give me their address. i think it's ridiculous and i think -- >> i wouldn't do that. that's crazy, i agree. but it's an interview, not a debate. >> the names you just mentioned, they probably won't even be there in six months or a year. >> i don't know. nasrallah has such staying power. >> we'll see what happens. you know what, in that case, first day in office or before then, the day after the election, i'll know more about it than you will ever know. >> so, hugh hewitt will be asking questions at this debate. how much knowledge and proficiency does a candidate need to portray on the debate stage? more than that? >> well, i don't think names are important. i really don't. it would be hard for somebody that doesn't do it every day to get the head of el nussrah.
8:27 am
it is a complicated web, indeed, and you need to have a basic understanding and what russia is up to around the world. >> so -- >> china as well. >> the big question is, is trump vulnerable on foreign policy? bobby jindal has a video up now going after trump on that issue. let's play a quick clip. >> as governor, he helped create 1.3 million new jobs. he vetoed billions in government spending. he cut taxes $19 billion, balanced eight budgets and shrank state government. he took on unions and won. with new accountability and over 200 new charter schools. the state was florida. the governor was jeb bush. proven conservative. real results. jeb. >> all right. despite my promises to you, that was not a bobby jindal ad. >> that was a nice -- >> fact-check, false, right there. an anchor not giving you the
8:28 am
straight story. bobby jindal has an ad up attacking trump. is he vulnerable? >> i think he is vulnerable if he doesn't sharpen your game. if he don't take it seriously, the voters won't take you seriously. whoever the next commander in chief s they will be tested by foreign powers, russia, china, iran. we're seeing it now. they're setting the table. the next president better be ready, whoever that next president is. i was disappointed how cavalier he was about the issue. i'll hire somebody to handle it. that's not good enough if you're going to be commander in chief of the united states. he has to sharpen his game. >> no sign it's hurting him. >> i don't think so. i think most people aren't tuned into the details. most people think, do you need to know, you know, who the specific naim of al nusra is. if he stumbles on the bigger issues, i think he'll have
8:29 am
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welcome back to the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. just one day before the cnn republican presidential debate.
8:33 am
the polls, the new ones out this morning, donald trump and ben carson pretty much neck and neck. two outsiders, two candidates to beat, way ahead of the more experienced politicians. now, while this is going on, there is a new campain afoot. we're seeing the video war. really anew here. the rubio campaign put out a pretty entertaining video with the candidate to coincide with the beginning of the football season. >> more nervous before first presidential debate or first college football game? >> i was more nervous before my first college football game. because you were actually going to get hit. no one's going to hit me at the debate. >> at a minimum, marco rubio can catch a football. now, in addition to that, there is an air war, television ads. the conservative group, club for growth, just put an ad up in iowa, $1 million worth of advertising against donald trump. trump just responded. he said, little respected club. they asked me for $1 million.
8:34 am
i said no. now they are spending lobbyist and special interest money on ads. having a hard time reading that tweet. i think that's roughly what he said. joining me now, republican strategist kevin madden and former obama adviser, dan pfeiffer, now a cnn analyst as well. two separate things here. these videos the campaigns are putting up for free and then the advertising out there. i want to start with the videos first because we saw it with marco rubio, the super pac backing carly fiorina, with jeb bush yesterday. they are trying to frame their candidates in a certain way heading into this debate, dan. >> i think what every candidate wants, for every campaign is to go viral. if you have a video that is catchy and can get shared on social media, that's free publicity. the rubio video is the best of the cycle. >> it was terrific. >> it shows us a side of him we haven't seen. it shows the political skills
8:35 am
everyone talks about that i don't think we've seen a lot in this campaign. it was smart. i thought the fiorina video was also a great video. >> the carly fiorina super pac ad showing the many faces. i was surprised that rubio was at the 1985 game where dolphins beat the bears in that great season. let's talk about the paid media. jeb bush's super pac, $100 million in the bank. going up with their first big advertising in iowa. we showed it earlier, a very positive message talking about jeb bush, the governor. does that resonate with voters? >> well, the idea here is to introduce his record as a conservative. and also align him with some of the issues that voters care about, particularly in the primary. you saw a lot of talk in that ad about spending, about cutting taxes, and about reforming government. those are all sort of animating issues when you talk to voters about what they want to see out of their next candidate jeb bush
8:36 am
has been out of the political game for close to ten years so not as many are as readily informed. it's a time to engage those voters. >> when will we see the super pacs backing candidates, going negative? is it time? >> i'm surprised by how little the super pacs have done. i understand their logic f we go after trump, trump will go after them. but it is -- like the establishment candidates are getting more defined. in the age of social media, it is harder to change impressions. they've waited very long. if trump has a historically significant lead. no one has been up by as much as trump has lost.
8:37 am
>> he hasn't spent a cent. donald trump hasn't spent a cent on television ads. >> and he's got millions and millions and millions in free media. >> we think he does. is he willing to spend money? >> oftentimes you use advertising to change the conversation, to create a new dynamic to give your candidate a better environment to thrive in. donald trump is doing that with free media right now. and so, that's why a lot of these other campaigns -- dan's right. we may have passed the point to go negative. one of the great advantages of the super pacs is the super pacs could go negative on another candidate while the campaigns don't actually have fingerprints on the crime scene. it's interesting the first ads from some of the super pacs are positive. >> in one thing i've learned, it's never too late to go negative. >> too late effectively. >> will donald trump spend money on ads? >> i'm fascinated to see how donald trump will respond to this club for growth ad. will he use actual money to do
8:38 am
it? right now he doesn't need to. he's dominating the entire conversation without spending a cent. >> all he has to do is sent out a tweet and that tweet will respond to that all day long. >> great to have you with us. appreciate it, gentlemen. be sure to tune in for tomorrow night's debate right here on cnn. the main event, the top 11 candidates begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern. before that, four other candidates, they face off at 6:00 p.m. eastern. kate, you're right, the fun has already begun. you don't want to turn away for even a second. >> not even a second, don't even blink. coming up for us, no phones, no notes, no props, folks. so, what are the candidates allowed to have on stage with them during the showdown? we'll break down the all-important debate rules. this is cnn's special live coverage.
8:39 am
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the stage is in place, the candidate list is set, so what could go wrong? the les, my friends, they matter in every debate and they will matter very much tomorrow night. tom foreman is taking a look for us on what to expect when the candidates enter the ring for the main event.
8:43 am
>> reporter: the same ten candidates we saw last time around will be on stage with the addition of carly fiorina, who was in the earlier so-called happy hour debate, who's now jumped up to the bigger group. what are they going to have to work with in this contest? they can't bring any phones with them, no tablets, no notes, no props. each candidate will have a pad of paper and a pen and a glass of water. and what will they be facing? well, our panel will be comprised of our moderator, jake tapper, also cnn's dana bash and hugh hewitt from radio. they will be posing questions, along with some confess that will be taken from social media, facebook, instagram, twitter and so forth. the subject matters are going to be foreign policy, domestic policy and politics. big, broad topics. with so many people on stage, they will have narrow windows in which to answer. one minute per answer, 30 seconds if it's a rebuttal to something else that was said about you. and we will use timing lights to
8:44 am
show the candidates if they are running out of time. if you think the people in the earlier debate are at a huge disadvantage, yes, they may very well have a smaller audience, but they'll have a whole lot more time to express their ideas. under the rules f one of them says something that's particularly sharp or interesting, that video clip can be played in the larger debate, and those candidates will have to answer to it. >> thanks so much. that's how carly fiorina broke out in the first debate. food for thought. we will see. beyond the rules, what will happen when the candidates go toe to toe? once again, name calling has become, for better or worse, a mainstay of the republican primary so far. if it's anything like the first debate, you can expect a little or a lot more of this -- >> i think you're on the wrong side of this if you're still arguing for a single payer. >> i don't think you heard me. you're having a hard time tonight. >> i don't trust president obama with our records. i know you gave him a big hug. if you want to give him a big
8:45 am
hug again, go right ahead. >> and, you know -- you know, senator paul -- senator paul, the hugs i remember are the hugs i gave to families who lost heir people on september 11th. >> most of the people on ts stablg i've given to, just so you understand, a lot of money. >> not me. >> not me. >> the match-ups. so what about this time around, what can we expect? joining me to discuss cnn political director, david. david, what do you expect? i asked you earlier for a list of what you think will be the match-ups or maybe what you hope will be some of the match-up moments that we're going to see. three of your five match-ups include, surprise, surprise, donald trump. >> donald trump, that's right, kate. this debate is about donald trump. it's about how he handles all the attacks and how all the other candidates calibrate against him. three specific trump matchups i'm most interested to see.
8:46 am
trump versus bush. to me, that's the main event. that's what the entire political universe is tuning in to see after the relentless attacks from donald trump to jeb bush. we've seen jeb bush step up on the campaign trail a little bit to step back. when he's standing next to him, will he take trump on? does he have the fortitude, the strength to do so? that will be a big match-up. then trump versus fiorina. carly fiorina new to the stage, as you heard tom foreman mention there. these are the two best performers of the entire group. they clearly have been skirmi skirmishing in the predebate days. this is a different one. trump versus carson. yes, it's still donald trump. these are the two front-runners. carson surging in the polls to a solid second place and he's the clear, non-trump, anti-establishment alternative that conservatives are sort of parking their support with right now. he already backed down and apologized for questioning donald trump's faith recently. i'm curious to see if he really tries to sort of lower the
8:47 am
temperature on the debate stage. >> they have two completely different styles. they will be standing right next to each other, so it sure will be interesting to see exactly how -- where the fire is in terms of that match-up. you also are looking for, i think everybody is when you see the match-up we played just before we came to you, chris christie and rand paul, back at it again maybe? >> listen, these two clearly have no love loss for each other. i mean, for the better part of a year and a half, they've been going at it across the air waves, then in the fox debate. remember the physical distance that they have, kate. they are at opposite ends of the stage. so, they can really launch those barbs back and forth. i hope these two mix it up. >> how do they -- they mixed it up on the issues already that we're going to be talking about in the debate tomorrow night. what's left for them to mix it up on? >> well, they idealogically are in different places.
8:48 am
they can talk about civil liberties and national security. that can can go to a whole host of issues. they are two totally different types of republicans. excuse me. >> let me lead up to this, tell me if you're okay, believe me, i know what it's like to get a frog in your throat in the middle of live tv. >> i am. >> the thing i wonder, though, david, does it help -- there are definitely viral moments we talk about later, but when you talk about the polls, rand paul was kind of the chief instigator in really taking people on head-to-head in the last debate and you don't see it. it didn't help him gain ground in the polls. >> no, he has definitely lost some of his support. i think rand paul's mission heading into the debate now, kate, is sort of get back to his base, get back to the sort of ron paul support that existed there. that libertarian support that sort of propelled him to a major contender when we were looking at the race at the outset. i think he has to get back to that place to fuel his rise again. >> here's your sleeper match-up,
8:49 am
cruz versus kasich. i'll give you what i think my wishful match up is. why cruz versus kasich? >> well, because i think these two are the best examples of representing two totally different lanes or paths to the republican nomination. ted cruz is sort of the die hard anti-establishment guy. went to washington really to shake things up inside the republican party. john kasich is really trying to say, hey, if you don't think jeb has the goods to the establishment, to all those donors, to the establishment republican crowd, john kasich is saying, look at my record in ohio. i'm the guy that can do that and do it in a compassionate way. just think these guys have two totally different approaches to what they think the republican party is about right now. and i would love to see them sort of hash that out. >> that is fascinating. in terms of -- you talked about trump and fiorina being the two best performers and you want to see them clash. i would say the two best debaters would be trump and ted cruz. ted cruz is a skilled debater.
8:50 am
i would love to see them go toe to toe. but they've been really playing nice to this point. so, maybe it remains, kate's wishful thinking. we'll see. david, it's great to see you. see you out there a little later. >> thanks, kate. >> thank you. straight ahead for us, we're going to take you inside the reagan -- ronald reagan presidential library for a sneak peek at the stage where republican presidential candidates will be facing off tomorrow night in the big cnn debate. john is going to walk us through there live. hope he doesn't break anything. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers.
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8:54 am
live coverage ahead of the big debate tomorrow night. john berman has gotten up to stretch a little bit and gone inside to see the inside scene. how are you, john? >> hello, kate. i am up here on the debate stage and it is pretty cool. this is what you might recognize as air force one, the very plane that ronald rigan used as air force one, and right behind the candidates here, and the reminder of the por ten shouse nature of the debate, and i should show you that we are very, very high here, and fareed is going to point down here so you can see it, and we are high above the ground, right? it is making you a little nervous to be up here, and look at where the podiums are here. and chris christie is here, and john kasich, and donald trump
8:55 am
over there in the middle and you can see how close they are to the moderator, and dana bash and hugh hewett are right there, and you know, jake, you can't handle the truth! or i disagree with you, and that can get dicey, because, kate, it is the audience where it is different in the debate where in cleveland, you had five or six people screaming, this is more intimate where the candidates are bringing the families and such, and the not so raucous thing that we saw before. but you will be here tomorrow, kate, and not bad. what do you think? >> nott bad at all, and it is up close and personal. and everybody has like a personal space issues, and many people do, and if they want to get in a fight, they are very close on the podiums, and even
8:56 am
closer than you and i are on t set, and we are not fighting that the often. >> yes, and everybody has personal space issue, and by that, i know you mean, you, and one of the things is that there may not be a raw kaus setting, but i have been to some of the debates before, and there are some of the most intense ones that i have ever seen. >> and get excited, and get excited because we will be there together, and the band is getting back together, folks, and join us tomorrow for the special coverage and john and i back together ahead of the big debate, and we will go "legal view with ashleigh banfield" show starting right after this. ♪
8:57 am
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