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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  September 15, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- hey, everybody, i'm ashleigh banfield and welcome to "legal view" and great to have you with us one day before the great republican showdown in seemy valley and more proof that two of 15 candidates is standing apart from the rest, and one of them is named trump. check out the new poll, folks, and it seems to be a repeated story, donald trump is in the accustomed position at the head of the pack, but now he is four points a ehead of dr. ben carson, and this poll has a
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6-point margin of error meaning that the soft-spoken surgeon and the blustering billionaire are in a tie, and more remarkable is the contrast from early august, and less than two months ago, dr. carson quadruples his standing from six points then to 23 now. note also the fall of jeb bush. he has now less than a half of the support that he had back then, and all of this, of course sh course, it could change tomorrow, and in two debates that you will see only right here on cnn from the ronald reagan presidential library, and if you don't believe that it is really anybody's race, let me show you one more find ing from the cbs/new york times poll, fewer than 4 republican voters in 10 who already or say they have already have the favorite candidate, they have totally made up their minds. have you made up your mind? 37%, but more than 6 in 10 say
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that it is far too early to lock in that choice. that means it is still open, folks. i want to bring in david challen and dana ruslan, and what are you making of the polls? >> well, clearly, ashleigh, dr. carson is bursting into the second place, and he is providing the conservatives an alternative to trump in the nonestabli nonestablishment railing, and so if you do not like the politic tigss as usual, then you have an a alternative to trump and then you have a style in dr. car sso
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to where conservatives can park themselves, and now ben carson is consolidating himself in the nontrump alternative in the rac race. >> and now, jumping in here, as i look at the significance of each one of the people here for tomorrow night, it is survival, and if you don't make a splash, you could be done, and you could be gone, and you could have the next rick perry moment, and that what they are thinking? >> well, i think they are, and if you think about the number of candidates in the field, and it is just enormous, and so difficult to get attention particularly with donald trump in the race, a tnl only person who has been able to do that is ben carson out here in california last week, and ta talking to the voters in the rally about how they do want the ant anti-trump, and they love that he is bringing sort of the quieter, and more thoughtful approach to the campaign, and they say anyone but trump, and so it is fascinating to watch that play out, and for the rest
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of the candidates, they are to the category of also rand, and walker practically falling off of the stage at 2%, and somebody thought to be the leader, and the pressure is on jeb bush to show that he can bring the pressure against donald trump. >> okay. now, a quick graphic and looking at the numbers, and we have seen that donald trump does not like to call it a surge, but it is what it is when you jump ahead a lot, and he is upset that the media has not been calling his success story a surge, but it is a success story, but it has not been a surge like dr. carson's, and talk to me, david, about what is at stake for donald trump, and he is not so hot with the facts, and he struggles with with the fact, and he has a tend stoi offend women and other key group, and it is not bothering him lately, and the conservative credentials is bothering him,
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and is this old news or go after the issues on the stage tomorrow? >> well, we will see some of the competitors, ashleigh, trying to stake out the position to where they think they have a more true conservative position than donald trump does, and they will try to draw -- >> oh, no, we have lost the signal from simi valley, and this is what is going to happen, because we will fix it, because that is the most important site in cnn's week, the simi valley shot, and wet got you back and you are laughing it, and we just lot you at the start, so finish the thought, david. >> i was saying, ashleigh, there are going to be conservatives on the stage trying to post up against trump on the policy, and convince voters that he is not the true conservative, and they are more conservative, but we won't be surprised by donald trump, because he is holding the debate prep in public, and what we saw in the rally last night
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in texas, and what we will see tonight in the rally speech here in california, he is working out the best lines that he is going to be walking into the debate with wednesday night. >> and maeve, i want to bring up the nuggets regardless of what trump says, it is a surge for ben carson, and he has built up the following that is loyal, and quietly, and allowed trump to come in to attack his energy level which he has done to jeb bush, and dr. carson says he does not want to get into a gladiator fight with trump. and these things are working for ben carson, but, maeve, will they work when he is on stage next to all of them. >> well, to the an extent, and he did get some great lines out of the last debate, and his performance was one of the more memorable ones, and what is interesting is that he is such a dramatic contrast to trump that
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there are all of the people out there that saying, i am a not sure that i can imagine donald trump in the oval office, and looking to ben carson as the outsider alternative, and the same voters are interested in carly furnn carly fiorina, and she is going to be taking her place on the stage, and she has plenty of zinger zingers lined up for donald trump, and she is excellent for that campaigning, and expect her to bring it tomorrow night. >> all right. i want to leave it there, but i have a lot to go over in regard to the strategies, and what those candidates are doing right now in preparation for a lot of eyeballs on them tomorrow night. maeve reston and david chalian, thank you for joining me. and tomorrow, we will have all of the bugaboos fixed, and so stick with us for the latest on
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aside from the fact that they are co-favorites at a least for now anyway in the gop presidential contest, donald trump and ben carson may have
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one thing in common, in a large field, dominated by senators and governors and former senators and governors, mr. trump and dr. carson are relative neophytes and neither has held any public office, and the same goes for carly fiorina. and so does this explain the appeal and the single-digit purgatory to which the experienced politicians are confined? i want to ask my serious commentators strategist donna brazile with me from washington, and here with me for the, tara mitchell, and so usually, you can tout the all of the people that you have led, and they have made it an industry to go after barack obama for not having experience in the last two rounds, and now the top two contenders are using it to their advantage, and am i
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crazy? >> no. it is a fascinating dynamic, and my how things change in eight years. it is more about the fact that the republican primary voters are so upset with the establishment in washington because they voted them in expecting the results they did not get, and the establishment has rolled over on the issues, and not lived up to the promises that got them up to the majority, and the disappointment of mitt romney as a weak candidate against barack obama in 2012, and the primary voters have had enough is enough of the establishment guys, and they won't do what they say anyway, and go for anything different, and you can't get anything more different than donald trump. >> that is right. >> and it is fascinating for those in the political class and outside of the beltway who have not seen anything like this befo before. and then you have the dr. ben carson coming in, and if you don't like donald trump's method, you have the polar
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opposite in ben car sop, and so right now, it is an emotional protest vote going on right now. >> and uniquely republican. and let me put up a washington post poll that talks about how much people want experience in the choice for president. among the democrats 73% want experience. among the republicans just 36% want experience, and donna brazi brazile, what is going on there? you would think that the disenchantment of the electorate out there is equal opportunity offending, and they don't like the hill. they don't like the white house. they don't like what is going on in d.c., and why the difference of the democrats and the republicans? >> well, first olt all, the democrats want somebody with a driver's license who know where to go and they understand the road ahead, and they have seen all of the detours, and they have been able to see how far we have been able to come over the last 6 1/2, 7 years, and so i am
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sure that is what is driving the democratic voters, but i want to say something to tara's point, because you know that i have been playing in the republican primary game, too, and that is why i am wearing red today, too. i am excited for the next debate. they are on a shopping spree, and they are not depressed or mournful, but on a shopping spree, and looking for the object, and donald trump is giving them everything, and he lifts them up, and he insults the people that he does not like, and praises the people they like, and when it is all said and done, he talks about himself, and he wants everybody to like him. so i am enjoying the republican processes, and i know on the democratic side we are expecting a great debate in las vegas next week, and i am hoping to get the blue back on when the democratic time is on, but it is just fun. >> and you can't say these thing, because i am wearing red, and you can't make reference to the people on television of what
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they are wearing, donna brazile. >> and tara, we have been talking about the recent polls, and i want to go back to the recent time in june, a couple of mont months, and look at what the cnn/rc nsh cnn/rc -- orc poll shows the drastic fall to jeb bush, and si not like in june there were not outsiders and establishmenters, and so this is not all the blameworthy establishment behavio behavior. >> well, jeb bush is experiencing the same similar decline as hillary clinton, and maybe donna is wearing not the blues with the dramatic slide of polls, and she is in trouble, and she is establishment, and the same thing as the democratic side, and bernie sanders even
9:17 am
though he has been in the senate for 30-plus years, he is considered the outsider, and he does not want to play the game, but he is talking the good game from the left as the outsider perspective and the same thing on our side from legit outsiders who are not in the office, and is so it is interesting dynamic. but for jeb bush, he is out of politics for a long time, and the bar was set so high for him, and he did not have much room for error, and he has made a lot of them thus far, and the more people see him, and the more unimpressed with him, he is just barely holding on. >> oh, tara, tara. >> he has a lot of numbers -- >> and tara -- that zinger -- >> and hold on for a minute, because i want to show you something that is coming out, and that is something that the people are going to be seeing on the television set, that the super pac of jeb bush has dro d
9:18 am
dropped $24 million of advertising -- >> wow. >> just in iowa against trump and take a peek. >> as governor he created 1.3 million jobs and vetoed government spending, and cut taxes $18 billion and balanced 19 straight budgets, and shrank the budget, and the governor was jeb bush, and proving conservative, and real results. >> so i mischaracterized that, because i was under the impression that is anti-trump, and that is not anti-trump at all, but all pro-jeb. >> yeah. he is introducing himself, and he is introducing himself. his last name is bush. everybody knows him, and he is trying to reintroduce himself. and look, jeb bush has to show the republicans that he is the fighter, and he is the champion,
9:19 am
and he is the one who knows how to get it done. i don't think that is going to be doing the trick, and $24 million, and tara, you and i are in the wrong business, we need to own our own tv stations. and that exclamation point behind the name, jeb. he needs to jump it up a little bit. and get it up a little bit. >> and he has been around a long st stim, and the fact that they have not done it so far is a flaw in the candidacy, and he has to do better this time around. and hillary has almost $100 million also. >> and hill i have going to wipe the sails off that boat, honey. >> and i know this is a lot of fun, and you will have a lot more chances to talk this through. thank you, ladies. and now, turning a quiet presidential library into a raucous debate stage. and we will take you right up to that stage, and show you the view that the candidates will have as they shake in their
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because the time to think about today. go long.
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less than 30 hours to go before the first group of republican contend ers face-off on cnn. this debate could reset the 2016 race. the stage is set at the reagan library and the site of tomorrow's big event. athena jones is there live in simi valley, california, right now, and athena, take me on the tour and give me the background
9:24 am
behind the scenes, and in front of the scene, and all of the scenes that we will see tomorrow night. >> hi, ashleigh. well, take a look here at what the audience is going to be looking like. you are looking at fewer than 500 seats are going to be in the audience for this big debate tomorrow night. you can see the teams preparing, and doing the rehearsals all day, and it is a rather intimate setting here, and people invited by the reagan library, itself, ad the republican national committee, and few of the folks in the crowd are invitees of the campaign, but it is a much more intimate setting than we saw in the first debate in an arena where they play basketball, so thousands of people versus a few h hundred, and it could affect how the candidates interact with each other. and the podiums here set up, and the candidates are going to be a few inches from each other, andless than two feet. and shoulder to shoulder, and donald trump is center stage, because he is top of the polls, and flanked by ben carson and
9:25 am
jeb bush. >> and then right over here, that is the interesting backdrop there. a and it is spectacular there, the air force one that president ronald reagan flew on. and now, cnn has built this entire stage, and it does not usually exist. they have spent three weeks to build this stage in order to allow the airplane to be symbolic. and you hear all of the republican candidates talk about ronald reagan the icon of the party, and so it is only fitting to have his plane as the backdrop, ashleigh. >> quickly, has anybody arrived yet, and do they get to go up to have a ree her sal and get the sea legs going? >> well with, the candidates are arriving tomorrow, but donald trump is the only one not hunkering down and studying. he had a big rally last night, and tonight, a big national security speech for veterans. he said that his whole life is a
9:26 am
preparation. and jeb bush who is told to have a good showing here, and i am told that he is going to be delivering a hopeful and optimistic message to e reform what he calls a broken washington, and try to draw a contrast between himself, and donald trump. we will all be watching tomorrow night as these guys ash and the woman, carly fiorina who is the new addition to the prime time debate as they battle it out. ashleigh. >> i love the setting where you are, and it is really terrific, and air force one is majestic in the backdrop. thank you, athena, appreciate that. and coming up next, are the candidate candidates nervous as the hours are ticking down, and you heard athena report that donald trump is saying that his whole life has been a debate, and who is going to be studying, and who is going to be winging it? and who are all of the helpers there to help them in that majestic library? did you know that good nutrition
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with one day to go before the big debate on cnn donald trump is hanging on the lead in iowa and across the country, too, and that means for republican contenders, this is the next big chance to shake up the leaderboard. we are going to be checking out the strategies in a moment, but first, i want to get you a look back at some of the few crucial moments from the last debate.
9:31 am
>> anyone on stage, and i can see hands, who is unwilling tonight to pledge yur sour supp to the eventual nominee of the republican party and to the pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person. raise your hand if you won't make that pledge tonight. mr. trump. >> this is what is wrong, he buys and sells the politicians of all stripes. >> they call me veieto coralone >> you have called people that you don't like fat dogs and disgustingnd pigs -- >> only rosie o'donnell. >> and it is not the supreme being and we need to change the supreme being instead of ripping
9:32 am
up the body parts and sell them like parts to the buick. >> if it weren't for me, you wouldn't even be talking about illegal immigration, chris. >> and i don't trust president obama with the recorders and i know you gave him a big hug, and if you want to do it again, then go ahead. >> i remember the hugs that i gave the people who lost their families on september 11th. >> and it is sad to know that the russians and the chinese people know more about hillary clinton's server than the people of the united states. >> and you are arguing for the single-payer service. >> no, i am not, and you are having a hard time hearing me. >> and a guy with half a brain would go to washington and beat me to it. >> and you have a chance to be a is a start or a stumble as they face off live on c nshgs nshnn. how are they doing, and doing
9:33 am
right now, and prepping for the debate, and what are the nerves like, and working on the cue cards, and the clever one-liners, and the long hours, and who is going to be winging it? i want to bring in jeffrey lord, and form political xhen comment and white house reagan commentator, and also jeffrey lurie who was the dukakis campaign manager in 2008 as well. and now, jeffrey, take me back to that time, too, in the reagan administration, because reagan was famous, and star, and very much like donald trump is, and how much debate prep do you believe that donald trump might be doing as compared to ronald reagan as we head to the ronald reagan library tomorrow? >> well, here is the debate story of ronald reagan, and in 1994, and he had two debates with walter mondale, and the first one, he prepped like crazy, and they had all of the
9:34 am
statistics like, your debate did this, that, and this and that, and so terrible that people asked if he was too old to be president. and roger ails advised him, and mrs. reagan was furious, and just go be yourself and stick to the principles and the messages, and so that is what he did, and so reagan came up with the line when he was asked about the age, and he said, well, i won't make my opponent's inexperience and youth an issue in the campaign. >> and it is magical moment in history. yes. and we saw sarah palin drilled blue card after blue card in preparation of the debate, because there was a thought that she needed more boning up on the foreign policy, and with that, mitch, you went back to the obama days, and the guy was
9:35 am
brought in the saerngts and did you have to do any debate prep where him, and thinking that anybody is going that advice, don't study too hard and be you. >> well, sarah palin needed the help on the foreign policy as evident by some of the responses that she saw, and one being that she saw russia from the front porch, a ndnd with the presiden debate prep, he did a couple of things or the campaign did a couple of things to put him in a comfortable place. so we would go to the remote e location, and at one point, we would see colorado, and went out soo outside of las vegas at one point so he could seclude himself, and focus in on the debate prep, and work the advisers, and from the campaign perspective, one or two events, but light lifting from his perspective to really focus. the lead up to the first debate in 2012, it was not as successful as we hoped, but you
9:36 am
did see the turn around in the debates of two and three, and soy suspect on the republican side, the candidates will look at debate one and what did work and did not work, and apply the lessons to tomorrow night. >> and do you think, jeff, that carly fiorina is going to be looking at donald trump's business record, and there is potential fireworks between the two of them, and already the donald's big line is that she failed as the ceo of hewlett packard and so she is going to be digging deep in his background, because he has bug ga boos out there? >> well, everything is out, there and the question is what is she going to be saying that is going to be new? he has talked about the hewlett packard thing, and maybe she will, and maybe talk about the bankruptcies, and he gave, a very solid explanation that a lot of people don't understand the bankruptcy law, and these were different companies out of 100 companies, and maybe she
9:37 am
will go into that kind of thing. but she has to get her own agenda across, and this can't be a trump-prep, but it has to be debate prep, and her game, and what she would do, and not stand there and take the punches, and for that matter, all of the candidates have to figure it out to be themselves -- >> and so, mitch -- one of the things that when you say they have to be themselves, and last night, donald trump at the american arer rena airlines last night with lines and lines of people coming to see a show, and it is one thing with the people wanting autographs and signs, and funny homemade posters and almost like stuffed toys, but it is another thing to harness the excitement, and turn them into real voterings because they go to the show, does not mean they go to the polls. and mitch, you did it well with an exact science, and explain what this guy needs to do if he wants to turn the excited
9:38 am
enthusiastic people into the real voters. >> i would not call it a show, but it is more like a circus, and everybody loves the circus, and the crowds that you are seeing right now at trump's events do provide him and the campaign an opportunity that he is taking advantage of, and for us on the obama campaign, it is to establish a relationship with the prospective voter, and they can turn into the volunteer, and that can be a volunteer to turn into the donor, and we looked at the events online and offline as opportunities to build the relationship. as you said, we were exact how we did that, and every time we had a public event, we were meticulous about getting all of the data that we could on the individuals that we could to follow up with them. and not only that, so for tomorrow night, 500 people in the actual debate arena, and millions watching it on cnn, but from the campaign standpoint, we would organize thousands of house parties to watch the
9:39 am
debate and then here is a list of people in the neighborhood to go out to talk to them, and tomorrow night is an example -- >> and tomorrow is an actual ballot marking, because it is one thing to go out on the show, and another one on the election day. >> and it is -- >> i have to leave it there, jeffrey, and i know that i will have you back, because i have so much to ask you before tomorrow night. and thank you, jeffrey lord and mitch, thank you so much. we invite you the watch the debate beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern time, and 6:00 p.m. and so now in other news, a fraternity news, a pledge dies and dies of hayesing, and now over three dozen people are implicated. we have the disturbing details coming up next.
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a grand jury has recommended charges for 37 different people, 37 people in a hazing death. it happened to a new york city college student in december of 2013. police say that chung michael deng died as part of a fraternity ritual that went in three phases, and as each phase passed the so-called game got
9:44 am
more severe. and the phase three was when they were blindfold and weighted down with a pack of sand and then had to make their way through a path while repeatedly tack told the ground, and according to the police that is what happened to the college student at a house in poconos. they say that deng was among five pledges subject fod hazing, but that he was singled out. and that he was treated more harshly. not only that, it gets worse. the police say it took two hours before anyone got him any medical attention. sar sarah again -- sar ah ganin jois me with 37 potential charges, and explain it? >> that is right, the police are doing it in phases with the
9:45 am
least serious of the charges and the least serious are still serious, ashleigh, from hazing to lying to police, and obstructing justice, and i want to show you some of the concealing the evidence is one of them. this is so brutal and massive that everyone in the house has been implicated in some way from murder to involuntary manslaughter to aggravated assault. the five charged so far, and only five, and those were the lower level of the charges, conceal i concealing and destroying evidence, though, ashleigh, they were hiding fra teternity memorabilia after the fellow brother died, and they told police they were wrestling when in fact, no, this is a hazing incident. and part of why, ashleigh, this is so brutal and so horrific is because after he went unconscious, and he fell back and hit his head, he was by a fire giving him chocolate and
9:46 am
water, and instead of taking him to the hospital, and he needed medical attention, and injuries were multiple traumatic injuries according to the coroner, significant blunt force trau marks and at least three clear impa impacts to the head and the massive bruises to the back and the thigh, and the brain injury was so severe it would have taken hundreds of g-forces to cause that kind of trauma. >> oh, my lord. and i want to bring in joey if i can, and look, in this conversation, it is early, and we have five people charge and the additional 32 facing charge, and i am looking at some of the thing, conspiracy, tampering of evidence, lying to investigators and hazing, and they have charged the national fraternity president a man named andy mang, because the police say they encouraged the group to hide all of the items that sarah was mentioning. >> that is right. >> and walk me through how serious the charges could be for those at the end of the chain,
9:47 am
and end up with the most serious, and also, what it means for this andy meng who is on a phone call apparently and may or may not have done this. >> it means bad things really for all of them, and presuming that there is a conviction, and moving forward what you have to look at is this. what they are doing is that the prosecutor wants to deter acts like this from occurring and so he is going after everybody, and to be clear, each and every person to be accused of the crime, there has to be something that was established that they engaged or participated in the crime, and to be clear to go through the ranges when you talk about the least serious crimes, hindering the prosecution, and lying to the prosecutor, this is third-degree conspiracy to agree to engage in the act of really a crime, and talk about the third-degree felonies in pennsylvania which carry seven years, and so not serious, and i am not sure that we can say it is not so serious, because they r and the most serious charges are the murder charge, and the
9:48 am
involuntary manslaughter, and which they had planned to do in phases, and now it is about 20-year charge, and aggravated assault hitting someone and causing the serious injury, and that is 20 years, and the fraternity president saying to get rid of anything suggestive, and involved with the fraternity to hide it, and that is hindering the prosecution, and so that is a third-degree felony, and i know they have the defense defenses, and everybody is innocent until proven guilty, but they can go in stages to establish that each one of them is responsible for the stages of the crime. it is problematic. >> and sarah, you have spoken to the family of the victim in this case michael deng. >> and in all of the cases the family is devastated, but he was and only child, and the mother has kept the room the same way,
9:49 am
and she is heart broken, but this is a powerful statement from the family attorney and he said that these individuals knew that michael was in medical emergency and needed emergency, and chose not to give him that help, and when they knew that tragedy was upon them, they chose not to act and at some point in the courthouse these individuals will find themselves in hell and that is how the family feels. what greater harm can you inflict upon a family? that is what the family attorney says they feel about the people, and that is the pain that the family is in. thank you, sara ganim. and as we wait for history to be made on cnn tomorrow, we will show you some of the magic and the tragic debate moments forever etch ed in political history, and the highlights are next. [ female announcer ] when you're serious about fighting wrinkles, turn to roc® retinol correxion®. one week, fine lines appear to fade. one month, deep wrinkles look smoother.
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so you don't have to stop., tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol®. presidential debates affect the presidential e elections, but do they the create big moments? oh, you bet. they make history. take a look. >> there is no soviet domination of eastern europe -- i am sorry. >> raise your hand now if you won't make that pledge tonight. >> mr. trump.
9:54 am
>> i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. >> i served with jack kennedy, and i knew jack kennedy, and jack kennedy was a friend of mine, and senator, you are no jack kennedy. >> the third agency of government i would do away with the education, the commerce and let's see, i can't -- the third one, i can't, sorry. oops. >> that is what the next question is about. >> hello, democratic candidates, as president, what will you do to ensure that my son will live a full and happy life? >> well, it depends upon your
9:55 am
philosophy of the issues, but can you get it done? i believe i can. >> who am i? why am i here? >> senator clinton tried to spend $1 million on the woodstock concert museum, and now, my friends, i was not there. i was tied up at the time. >> it is true now. >> and rick, i will tell you, what, $10,000 bet? >> you are asking me if -- >> i am paying for this microphone, mr. speaker. >> i don't think they 'm that bad. >> well, you are likable enough, hillary. >> i wish they had that sound track, that dum, dum, dum, going we behind the debate so we could watch it live. the republican debate in case you didn't know airs on cnn and
9:56 am
round one of the candidates begins at a 6:00 p.m. eastern, and then the primetime debate with all of the faces taking place at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn and do not miss it. i am looking forward to the carly fiorina and donald trump part. and up next is my colleague wolf blitzer who knows a thing or two about debates and he is out in simi valley. he will be with us after the break. strengthens teeth and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine® total care to the total family. listerine® total care. one bottle, six benefits. power to your mouth™. and for kids starting at age six, listerine® smart rinse delivers extra cavity protection after brushing.
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-- captions by vitac -- so the debate. i hear that they are all going after me. my whole life is preparation for a debate. i'm going to be attacked and i guess they 'm going into the lion's den. >> ipaign hard. bam! if somebody comes after me, i will go after them. >> and i am not interest ed in the going after of the the food fight between jeb bush and donald trump. >> and i can see that carly fiorina is giving me a hard time, but her poll numbers are horrible. >> and i hope that we can focus on tissues. -- on the issues. hello, and i'm


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