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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  September 18, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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"at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. donald trump under fire again. this time not for something he said but actually for something he didn't say. will trump's silence hurt him? the political sex scandal that confused the nation. the representative who invented a hook-up with a male prostitute to cover up an affair with a colleague. he quit but he might run again and he joins us live. a little girl wrapped in a trash bag and just thrown away. she is finally identified. a break in the investigation for baby doe. hello, i'm john berman. >> hello, i'm kate bolduan. we start with new outrage at donald trump. this time what the front-runner
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did not say during a big rally with supporters last night. trump was taking questions from the audience and this is what happened. >> problem in this country, it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. >> we need this question. this is -- >> i'm serious, man. but anyway, we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. that's my question. >> we're going to be looking at a lot of different things. a lot of people are saying that. a lot of people are saying bad things are happening out there. we're going to be looking at that and a lot of different things. >> this exchange happened at a rally for trump in new hampshire. let's bring in senior correspondent joe johns with the details. >> reporter: a member of the audience wading into long resolved issues about the president's nationality, his religion and suggesting the need to get rid of muslims. in the middle of it trump saying, we need this question. and he did not challenge the man
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who was speaking. it conjured up memories of the time in 2011 when trump himself was questioning president obama's nationality and demanding the president's birth certificate, which the president eventually released publicly. the trump campaign said he did not hear the question but also said the media wants to make this issue about obama. the bigger issue is that obama is waging a war against christians. christians need support in this country. their religious liberty is at stake. hillary clinton went on the attack here tweeting that donald trump not denouncing false statements about the president and hateful rhetoric about muslims is disturbing and just plain wrong. cut it out. now, there has been a template for handling moments like this on the campaign trail, often involves kreking the record. back in 2008 in the campaign when some of these questions about obama continued to swirl, the republican john mccain got a question along the same lines
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and he corrected the questioner. john and kate? >> joe johns for us in washington. thanks so much. as joe mentioned, the notion of questioning the president's background is hardly virgin territory for donald trump. he was one of the world's most prominent birthers in 2011, challenging the notion the president was born in the united states. this is a reminder. >> very simple. i have people looking into it. i'm starting to think he was not born here. there's a lot of people question it. i certainly question it. i have seen fraud and i have seen scandal and i've seen a lot of things most people don't see. >> most people do not think it was authentic. his mother was not in the hospital. >> there's something on that birth certificate he doesn't like. >> so, perhaps he was born in this country. that's a very big chance. i don't make up anything. let me tell you something, i have done a great service to the american people. >> so that's then and this is now. a lot more of the same. let's bring in doug high and cnn
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political commentator hilary rosen to discuss. doug, from your old perch of being the communications director for the rnc, what do you think of how trump took the question, what he said about it and then what the campaign responded about -- said about it afterward, that he didn't hear the question? >> i don't know if that's true or not. i don't want to see candidates put in the position of traffic cop but when something is so egregious and so long, a, had you to hear it and, b, you had have to do something about it. if you want to talk about politics, and you wonder why they have problems -- it's because of things like this. it's not just donald trump. it almost seems to be endemic in our party. i'm from north carolina. just this week we had a state representative who posted something on his facebook page about obama and being muslims. republicans should be clear and we should be clear throughout the country, president obama is a christian. he's a citizen. he was born in this country.
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end of discussion. move on. then we can talk about his failed policies, which is what we should be talking about anyways. >> so, i want to show you the latest cnn/orc poll. 29% of americans still say they believe president obama is a muslim. 43% of republicans say it. and 54% of trump supporters. look at that number among republicans, 43%. there's all this controversy over the last 12 hours about what trump said or didn't say or didn't justify or didn't clarify. but if 43% of republicans still believe the president is a muslim, maybe this won't hurt him in a republican primary. >> you know, i was going to make that point about the broader republican party. doug made it directly, which is you know, trump is insulting his way into the news. that's the only thing he can do. he stumbled around policy the other night and it was a bad performance, but, you know, in
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typical bravado, he said he won the debate because people are fascinated by watching him. ee theatrical, he's a train wreck in that regard. now what is he going to do? he's literally going to insult somebody new every single day and we'll keep talking about him. but the problem is that the attacks on president obama resonate with trump supporters because they resonate with republicans in general. you know, doug said it. he's obviously a christian. he's obviously an american. yet, you don't hear any kind of respect for the president. trump didn't say it out loud at the debate the other night, but the things they said about the president were disrespectful. not just the worst president ever, but he doesn't care. he's in a league with terrorists. he's focused on the wrong thing. i do think this is a broader
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republican problem and i think it's become okay to just trash our elected leaders in a really disrespectful way. >> doug, to the point of it being a broader republican problem, to what you said, doug, get past this so you can start talking about the issues that republicans should be and want to be talking about. chris christie was on nbc this morning and, no surprise, he was asked to respond to this. listen to this. >> if somebody at one of my town hall meetings said something like that, i would correct them. i would say, no, the president is a christian and born in this country. i mean, those two things are self-evident. >> but they're going to continue to be asked about it. how do you get past it if donald trump continues to go along this path? >> to hillary's point about insulting his way in this scam pain, this is one of the problems republican candidates have. not only has donald trump dominated news conferences with helicopters rides and things
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truly not important to voters and he also takes away from chris christie when he's interviewing or any other candidate. when they go on to do an interview, the first question is donald trump. that's unfortunate for those candidates. they have to push back. if you look at the clips you showed earlier, there's a common theme. donald trump says he's going to talk to people about this. he has plans about this. he never says what those plans are, who those people are. there's a reason for that. not only does the emper not have? i clothes, he doesn't have any answers. we saw that in the debate. i thought cnn did an amazing public service in showing exactly how bad donald trump is on any answers on any issues in this country. hopefully we're at the point where if the balloon will never pop, it's certainly beginning to deflate a little bit. >> the new frame right now that it's somehow the media's fault trump is popular. that's ridiculous. we have to discuss, why is it so
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many people in this country is attracted to that kind of hatefulness and denigrating other people, that they can't feel like america can win begin if everybody wins. only they can win and everybody else has to lose. that's a message that's really difficult to get across. it's certainly not a message the media invented. we didn't invent donald trump. donald trump is speaking to somebody that wants to be heard. >> donald trump will definitely say -- >> i don't disagree with that, but let's face it, we know donald trump has gotten more media coverage than any other republican candidate combined. that's a problem. they didn't create it but certainly aiding and abetting going around. that's why so many people like myself, so many voters throughout the country want to hear real answers, real solutions. we haven't gotten that and, unfortunately, we saw that in the debate the other night. >> you can definitely say that, that he gets more coverage than everybody else, but we would be taking a lot of heat, the immediate, yeah if you will, if we didn't cover the front-runner in the -- >> that's exactly right. >> no question about it. >> you know, republicans --
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>> don't -- doug, hillary, we have to leave it is there for now. until we meet again. not good-bye. >> for all of you, if you did miss the debate or want to see it yet again, it will air again tonight at 10:00 p.m. right here on cnn. >> a lot of people watched that. i don't know if you heard. >> a lot of people. >> we'll watch again. political sex scandal with a bizarre cover-up and a new twist. up next, we'll talk to the state lawmaker who resigned his seat after trying to cover up an affair with a fictional story about having sex with a male prostitute. now there's a new twist. this blind side attack seen on video. so shocking to so many. a referee just flattened in the middle of a game. the players who did it, they are now speaking out why they say they slammed him to the ground.
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a michigan lawmaker who resigned just last week in the face of a bizarre sex scandal and bizarre cover-up is considering running once again for that same seat. he stepped down after his affair with another lawmaker, state repp was exposed. here's the truly bizarre part of it all. he tried to cover up that affair by inventing a story and leaking it himself he had been caught with a male prostitute. >> in the end it all went public anyway. both members were accused of misconduct and misusing taxpayer resources. courser resigned, she was expel but she's announced she will run for her seat again. will todd courser do the same? he joins us now in his first national television interview.
8:15 am
there's a lot to cover here and kay lot of background. but first, the deadline to file for that seat you just quit, the deadline to file is 4:00 p.m. today. will you run for this seat again? >> i appreciate you having me on this morning. i just have to say it, it was really up to my wife. we had to do some meetings. yesterday she gave me the go ahead. she said, yes, run. the people haven't had an opportunity weigh in on this. it was wrong the way they did it. and they need to hear about your votes and the good work you did for them in the state house. so, she gave me the go ahead yesterday. my children late last night. and so we'll be filing this afternoon to run for the 82nd district in lapierre county. >> so, you will be running again for this seat that you just resigned. the obvious question is, why should voters trust you to represent them after everything that went down in such a bizarre
8:16 am
fashion? >> well, i've taken ownership for the underlying issues in regards to my failings, the -- nobody has failed really politically as large as i have. and yet i do think the voters need to take that into consideration and look at the record that i have and then just consider that. i think it's really important. there was a huge media storm that related to all of this. there's also a failure inside of that for the people and the voters to have an opportunity to weigh in. and the expulsion hearing, the way they went through it with three votes and locking down the state house for the better part of 14 hours and forcing representatives not to use the rest room or eat until they voted, it's just totalitarian in the way it was handled. most representatives never even had an opportunity to read the 833 pages, which was filled with a lot of accusations but very little evidence in regards to wrongdoing. >> so, wrongdoing, what do you think, then, that you dp
8:17 am
constitutes wrongdoing? was it leaking a story, inventing a liaison with a male prostitute to cover up an affair with a colleague? does that constitute wrongdoing? >> right, yeah, obviously the underlying relationship was, i would say, the wrongdoing. >> not the leaking of the story? >> no. the next step of attempting to cover that up. there was a reason that e-mail was sent out. i've taken, obviously, ownership for that as a failure. that was a really, really dark moment in my life. in that moment made a really, really poor choice. so, i think the voters need to weigh in on whether or not that is something that's egregious and they don't want me to serve as their state representative. but i've given them good representation in the state house with the most conservative voting record, probably the most conservative in a generation, and i've sponsored cutting-edge conservative legislation. and i think the voters need to weigh in on whether or not that's the kind of representation they want. and they also have to look at
8:18 am
the e-mail and also the past and determine whether those -- were those moments that are now corrected? my wife and i are now in counseling and working through those steps. >> mr. courser, though, on the most basic level, you're in an affair with another lawmaker, extra-martial affair. at any point when you're caught up in such a bizarre attempt to cover it up, leaking an e-mail, saying you had this tryst with a male prostitute, at any point did you think, why am i going this far? i think what boggles everyone's mind is the cover-up is way more bizarre than an extra-martial affair. why did you do that? >> in those moments it's really difficult to describe but there's an anonymous extortionist that lawmakers are still looking into, executed some warrants and it sounds like there's an organization involved in it and they're pursuing those leads. so, i think some of that's going
8:19 am
to be played out here in the next weeks to determine really was it an organized -- an organized -- >> for your part. i think that's what people care most about right now. >> well, it was in those moments. obviously, you're looking at -- you're getting texts from an anonymous source saying they're going to release all this information. you haven't had an opportunity to work that out in regards to your family, even though you're in the moments of explaining that to your family. you don't know what they're going to bring out. there's a tremendous amount of pressure. i made a poor choice. and i think the voters, in essence, it shouldn't have been the legislators who had not read the evidence -- >> did you think you were going to get away with it? >> well, no, it wasn't really about getting away with it. it was trying to force the actual texter to make a -- to take a step that would reveal himself. and it did to a certain extent. there is some tangential connections to one of my staffers who was actually on that tape that night. >> so, judgment is often an
8:20 am
issue connected to leadership. judgment is an issue that voters want to look at when they -- >> i would say character as well, and integrity. >> okay. judgment, character, integrity. when you look at the last three months of what's happened in michigan, in lansing and about, what then is evidence of judgment and character and leadership. >> well, i think that's for the voters to decide. like i said, inside of this, when you're looking at that, my voting record is one that's -- they've been given very good representation. i think the voters should be able to weigh in. it shouldn't be legislators who have a political axe to grind can get together and decide they want to get rid of a member who's been a problem for them. i was a rep without a home really in the republican caucus. i stood against them on their progressive actions in the republican party. so, most of the time on the big, heavy issues i voted against my own caucus. so, it was the democrats ultimately at the end who really felt like there hadn't been a
8:21 am
fair shake and a fair hearing. so they were the ones that held it up for 14 -- well, the better part of 14 hours in regards to my being expelled. they felt like the actual leadership in my own party was hiding something. so, they were pushing for more to be -- more to be revealed. >> i'm just a little curious because you obviously have been involved with politics for a long time and have appreciated the process. do you look at sex scandals and politics differently now? >> oh, my goodness. you know, it was -- it's been horrendous experience for my family, my children, my wife. and i -- you know, i don't think people realize the human interest story and the tremendous cost that a family goes through in these situations. and it's all on me. i mean, it was my responsibility and all of that. and my wife, you know, we talked about it. yesterday at the park, north branch, a small town, and she said, run. she said, absolutely, run. she said, the people haven't had a chance to weigh in, to hear about the good things you've done for the district.
8:22 am
and they need to hear that. and regardless of how it falls, they need to hear those -- they need to hear those details. and so it has been a tremendous -- tremendously difficult situation, yet we've seen some really awesome stuff. you know, i'm a believer in christ and we love to see the reclamation process in our society, but there has to be sort of that moving in the heart. as a couple, we're walking through those steps. and looking forward to whatever god has in the next chapter. >> we'll see what the voters have to say in the face of all of this information coming out. as you just announced, you'll be running again for that seat. you'll be filing the paperwork today. >> todd courser, thank you for coming on our show. hope to talk to you again. >> god bless you. thank you very much. >> thank you. coming up, big news out of boston. a break in the case of baby doe. the young girl found in boston harbor in a trash bag in june. police now at last say they know who she is. also ahead for us, did
8:23 am
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a break in a case this morning that touched the hearts of so many. a law enforcement source in boston tells us baby doe, the little girl who was discovered dead in a trash bag near boston harbor earlier this summer, she has been identified and a suspect is now in custody. >> the girl, approximately 4 years old, was found with a fleece blanket and dressed in
8:27 am
polkadot leggings. that's as much as police really had. they created this composite image of her and asked the public -- pleading with the public for help in identifying this girl. this image had been shared on social media millions and millions of times. the cause of death still a mystery. poppy harlow is joining us now with the very latest. a lot could be coming out today. >> there's a press conference later today. as you said, 3 million people have viewed this image. this is a young girl who captured the attention of the nation, strikingly beautiful, long hair, big, brown eyes. here's what we know. last night a search warrant was executed, the mattapan area boston, according to "the boston globe." we are told by a law enforcement source telling cnn, that man is the boyfriend of the mother of baby doe. this little girl disappeared june 25th on deer island, east of boston's logan airport. she was found in that plastic bag. it was believed she may not have been in the water, just
8:28 am
discarded like a piece of trash on the side there. what we do know is that they've been able to find pollen on her. they tested the pollen. the pollen led them to trees and shrubs in the area, indicating to them that this was a local girl. that helped and then they got a tip. a tip was called into the homicide unit and yesterday they executed that search warrant. now this man is in custody. the boyfriend of her mother. he has not been charged. it's unclear if he has an attorney, if he's cooperating or not, but we do know there will be a press conference a little later today. >> in some ways this was such a public search, a social media search. >> absolutely. >> any sense if it was the public effort and attention that may have at least contributed to that tip? >> absolutely. we know it's this tip. that's a good question. do we know if it's an insider, someone who knew the family? if your daughter's missing, you know, where were those calls? but we know they've received hundreds of tips from 30 states and four different countries. also, if we can pull it up
8:29 am
again, this is a computer-generated image. this is what they believe she looked like. >> that was the outrage of the prosecutor. remember when he came on the show, that's what outraged him so much. someone knows that this person -- that this little girl is missing. it's either your daughter -- >> your granddaughter, your niece -- >> you know a girl is missing. >> i remember he was so emoti emotional about -- as they conducted this search and now there's a break. >> there is a break. we'll see if we get the name, the cause of death. the suffolk county d.a. saying this investigation very much ongoing. >> thank you. coming up, coughed and arrested for making a clock. new developments in the case against a muslim teenager and new information about his plans for the future. and then bowe bergdahl trad for five taliban detainees and accused of desertion. new information coming from his court-martial. this bale of hay cannot be controlled.
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the second day of a military hearing for army sergeant bowe bergdahl is under way as we speak this morning. a short time ago we learned that he will not be testifying in his own defense. we're also hearing much more detail from the troops who served with him in afghanistan, talking about how bergdahl was acting in the hours before he disappeared, deserted his post, his unit back in 2009. >> the authorities now say
8:34 am
bergdahl deserted. he was traded for five taliban detainees in that controversial prisoner swap last year. he faces a possible court-martial and life sentence for desertion and misbehavior before the enemy, but now the question is, could his mental health at the time factor into his punishment? martin savidge is at ft. sam houston in texas. former federal prosecutor and senior defense counsel for the army. martin, bring us up to speed. >> h >> reporter: we're hearing from sergeant major colonel doll. he was the general who was chosen to be the lead investigator when it came to bowe bergdahl and how he happened to come off his post in afghanistan and what happened to him during his period of captivity.
8:35 am
if anybody knows the story of bowe bergdahl it is, in fact, the man on the stand right now, his testimony has only just begun. then you talk about the psychological questions that have been raised here. they've been raised by the defense, of course. and then carried on with a former member of bergdahl's unit who said bergdahl appeared to be the model soldier. gung-ho, ready to serve and was ready to go out and hunt down the taliban. once they got into afghanistan, he began to notice that bergdahl had something different. he was slightly off. he didn't gel with the rest of the unit. and it was so much of a concern, that his former sergeant went to another, more senior sergeant and raised the issue and said maybe bergdahl ought to have a talk with the chaplain to which he was immediately rebuffed. i won't use the language. so, this is what the defense is focusing on. kate and john? >> a lot of back and forth there, and it's far from over. that's for sure. martin savidge on the ground. let's bring in anita.
8:36 am
what, first off, do you make of what we're hearing from martin that bergdahl, this they announced he won't be testifying in his own defense. does that surprise you? >> no. this is basically like a preliminary hearing. in the federal system you'd have a grand jury where bergdahl and his attorney wouldn't even be present in the first place. in the military system, they're allowed to be present. if i was bergdahl's attorney, i wouldn't put my client on the stand because then that is sworn testimony and the prosecutors already have your playbook. so i'm not surprised that in this preliminary hearing he's not taking the stands. >> what about the introduction of his mental health, his state of mind at the time? how will that play into this case? >> just like any other case. the question of sanity comes up. it's just like any other trial you guys cover. every trial, every crime has elements and defenses. the fact that his unit may have been suspicious he may have had
8:37 am
mental health issues is still not going to be an affirmative defense. that might be something -- somebody might look at it as a civil issue. either he was sane at the time or wasn't. like is he sane now to assist his attorneys? this is no different than any other type of case, so though they may be shedding light on this and perhaps they're presenting this evidence because they want to go back to the convening authority and say, hey, as a way of getting a plea agreement, but as it comes to the crime itself, i don't see how this is going to help, unless they ask for a sanity board and some psychiatrist says, no, he was mentally unfit at the time. >> sure does seem like they're trying to make some sort of a case that the military should share some blame for his disappearance. that's for sure. >> thanks so much for being with us. really appreciate it. coming up for us, why did two football players level a
8:38 am
referee in theiddle of a game? here's the video right there. now for the first time, we hear the players' story. also just hours from now, pope francis will be landing in cuba. we'll go live to havana next to get a rundown of his agenda and all of the anticipation for his arrival there. and then his trip to the u.s. jooushgsz i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara®
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8:42 am
. for the first time this morning, the two texas high school football players who blindsided a referee, just laying him out flat on the field, they are speaking out. they say it was the assistant coach who told them, quote, you need to hit him. >> you'll remember this video. absolutely shocking. it shows these two players, victor row hjas, and michael moreno, they make a bee line for the referee, slamming him to the ground. the two broke their silence to abc "this morning" just a short time ago. they allege the referee was directing racial slurs at their teammates. >> the referee, as you know, said he didn't use any racial slurs. did you hear the referee use any racial slurs? >> yes, sir. he told one of high hispanic friends, he told him, speak english, this is america. i got told that.
8:43 am
>> did you hear that or did one of your friends tell you that? >> no, i heard that. and then to african-american on the team, he called them the "n" word. >> you heard him say that? >> yes. >> i heard him when he called moses reynolds the "n" word and -- >> he says that's a lie. >> it's not. that's the honest truth right there. i wouldn't sly about this situation. just how bad it's gotten, the truth needs to be told. >> jean casarez is here. she's been following the story. jean, they are absolutely at odds as to what happened here that precipitated the event. >> so many layers. first of all, we just got off the phone with alan goldberger who is the attorney for watts, the referee, and he says their office was told by their client that these words were never spoken. they were not spoken. and i just got a statement from the northeast independent school district where jon jay high school is located in san
8:44 am
antonio, and they tell me, quote, north side independent school district did not know the two boys had gone to new york to interview with abc news. they continue to be assigned to the northside alternative high school pending the results of their disciplinary hearing. and when i say there are so many levels to this, because the video is what first came out. and you see the first football player, really ambush the referee from the back, getting him to the ground. then the second football player comes in, helmet first, to attack him while he's on the ground. and then after that we heard that one of the assistant coaches, who is currently on administrative lee with pay, mack breed, told hem to do it. what the kids said on "good morning america" today said one of the other football players told me said the assistant coach told us we should go attack us. the other young man said, no, i
8:45 am
heard the assistant coach say we need to go and get him for the calls he was making. >> not for what he was saying. >> john jay high school lost the game. >> no matter what was said, does that mean -- it doesn't justify attacking a referee. >> what's interesting, there could be three separate investigations going on. in fact, there are. into the students themselves who will get punished, did the assistant coach say something? he could get punished. >> and for the referee. >> he could be sanctioned, even though he was flattened. >> that's right. this is really a test of credibility. this game was in marble falls, texas, which is not baer county, so it's burnett county, marble falls, doing the police investigation. district attorney allegedly will be involved and northeast independent school district confirmed with me they're doing their internal investigation. >> it's a mess. >> jean casarez, thank you very much. appreciate you being here. pope francis heading to the united states, but he has a stop before he comes here. he will land in cuba tomorrow.
8:46 am
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. .
8:49 am
see right there the papal countdown is on, and pope francis is head ing ing to cuba tomorrow and the first leg of the historic nine-day tour of
8:50 am
the island and then he is going to be heading to the united states. this morning, the pontiff tweeted this, i ask you to join me in praying for my trip to cue fwand united states. i need your prayers. >> and this is going to be his first visit to both countries, and the first stop in the united states is washington, and he gets there on tuesday and later in the week, he addresses a joint session in congress, but he learned this morning not every member is going to be there and that is interesting in and of itself, and our patrick altman is there at the vatican and patrick oppmann, he is going to be the first latin american pope to visit there, and i imagine that the excitement is extraordinary. >> yes, i am blessed to have covered all three, and we are see the tourists taking pictures of the altar behind me, and the pope's trip throughout cuba and the united states, and we expect to see hundreds of thousands off
8:51 am
people at the mass and thousands more, and the first spani spanish-speaking pope and a connection with the latin people that no other pope has had and he was involved in the secret negotiations with the u.s./cuba negotiations, and when he reaches the opposite end of the island, he is going to be flying to the united states which is the first to do that, and so we expect him to talk about the pushing forward of the dialogue of the reconciliation, and the slogan behind me means missionary of mercy, and that is what the pope says he is coming to cuba to do. >> and the first stop in cuba, and patrick, thank you very much, and let's bring in john allen to discuss that, and there is so much anticipation surrounding the arrival, and i was reading up more on the arrival into washington, d.c. and the address to congress, and
8:52 am
it is going to be like an inauguration-style setting, and that is the reception that e shgos -- he is going to be getting, and what are the big moments that john?re going to be looking for, >> well, john and kate, the cornerstones to the visit to the united states are going to be in washington, it is obviously that address to the joint meeting of congress. the first time that any pope has ever addressed congress, and that is going to be the opportunity for francis to address the public, and we are expecting him to address the key issues of the agenda matters such auz climate change, anti-poverty efforts, criticism of the arms trade, and so on. the issues of immigration reform, and the issues for which francis has become known for around the world, and then the of course, when he gets to new york, there is that address to the united nations, and let's not forget that francis has repeatedly said that he is deeply concerned about the looming paris summit to the u.n.
8:53 am
on climate change and i would expect the fight against global warming and climate change to be front and center to the address of the u.n., and then the of course, when he gets to philadelphia, it is the world meeting of families that the vatican is sponsoring in philly, and delegates of more than 100 nations will be there and i expect francis to talk about all of the threats to the family that he would perceive from the economic and the political threats to cultural and other threats, and so it is a pope- pope-pourri of papal concerns, but it is the american debut of the figure that is the new nelson mandela on the global stage which is that new unquestioned point of moral reference, and the voice of conscious. i think that it is likely to be a scintillating american debut from start to finish. >> i think that a lot of to americans will be surprised by what they hear from pope fran
8:54 am
scis francis, a very different kind of individual, and someone who grew up in argentina with a different view of america than past popes who have come here as well. john allen, great to have you with us, and really appreciate it. >> thank you, john. >> do not miss our coverage of the historic coverage of the pope's visit to cuba and the united states. it begins tomorrow, and when we be following it tomorrow and all week on cnn. don't miss it. >> and more on the controversy of donald trump and this time, it is for something that he did not say. we have trump's reaction to the latest trouble ahead. your winds fixed... trust safelite. our exclusive trueseal technology means a strong reliable bond. at safelite we stand behind our work... ...because the ones you love, sit behind it. (softly) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace♪ you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that?
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you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric... all right. the power of music is now helping kids in jeopardy and some of the top ten albums streamed online are hip-hop recordings. >> so one man is using the power off that music as therapy. here is today's cnn hero. >> i really grew up in a lot of different places. when you have a lot of things that are not stable, it kind of gets you in a really bad situation. so i really felt alone and it turned into me doing the wrong things. >> as a former school social worker, i witnessed how challenging it was to engage african-american male and latino male students in talk therapy.
8:59 am
i knew that if i wanted to really engage this the group that i would have to do something different. >> you are going to have three statements and two that are true about yourself and one that is a lie. and beats rhymes are life is the first hip-hop therapy. ♪ write down the beat and that make makes me unique ♪ >> this is going to create opportunities for youth to reflect and tell their story. >> i can make a difference and always looking forward to the new day. >> it is important for young people to create something. that they can be proud of. this studio makes that possible. >> so the pen and the paper to the story for the ages. >> a lot of people come for the hip-hop, but they stay for the healing. >> i was skeptical at first, but it does not feel like it is a therapy session. ♪ i give you my life, because it
9:00 am
is all that i got ♪ >> when i rap, i let it all go. >> hip-hop are everywhere and so are the mental disparities impacting men of color. what people need to realize is that when the young people have a voice, they can learn to help and heal themselves. >> absolute ly. if you want to learn more about this hero and so many more, please go to thank you all so much for joining us at this hour. >> and "legal view with ashleigh banfield" starts right now. banfield" starts right now. >> thank you. -- captions by vitac -- this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, i'm ashleigh banfield and we want to begin with legal breaking news. this story has broken america's heart, this little girl was thrown out like a bag of trash and found on boston's harbor and since she was found on june 25th, we have known this face as


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