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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  September 21, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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now they formed as the basis of their case. prosecutors admitting it's five days into their investigation. the next hearing's october 20th. do they have the evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the participation of the boyfriend? cause of death not jean casarez, thanks so much. i'm turning you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news. campaign casualty, he was once an early leader in the polls but now wisconsin governor scott walker shows up as just an asterisk. sources say he's about to announce an end to his presidential bid. we're standing by. offending voters, will the gop's efforts to expand its tent collapse as ben carson and donald trump step up their attacks on muslims? i'll speak with one of the two muslim members of the united states congress. possessed by demons. an outburst in court as prosecutors say the man accused of killing baby doe viewed her as possessed. why did no one who knew the
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child report her missing? and maximum security. u.s. cities are turned into fortresses as a massive security cordoned will surround the pope wherever he goes. why are officials so concerned about the papal visit? i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." this is cnn breaking news. >> let's get to the breaking news. sources say the wisconsin governor scott walker about to drop out of the race for the white house. we're standing by for a news conference. we'll have live coverage. walker has gone from an early leader to an also ran in the gop presidential campaign. he shows up at less than half of 1% in our latest poll. all this comes as the issue of religion throws the republican race a bit into turmoil right now. ben carson is doubling down on his controversial comment that a muslim should not be president. and now he says any u.s.
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president should be sworn in on a stack of bibles and not a quran. a leading muslim american group says carson is unfit to lead the country. our latest cnn/orc poll taken before these remarks shows carson has slipped into third place with carly fiorina surging into second after a very strong debate performance. donald trump who triggered the controversy is still dodging questions about president obama's religion and place of birth. trump also slipped in our poll but still leading, down eight points. i'll speak with andre carson, one of two muslim leaders in the congress. and we'll have coverage of all the day's top stories. let's begin with the breaking news. our chief political correspondent dana bash is standing by. dana. >> wolf, this is certainly a surprise to a lot of people in the political world, but the bottom line is that according to a source close to walker the money dried up after scott walker's what this source called
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his poor performances first in the fox cleveland debate and then in cnn's debate last week. and they could not raise the money that they needed. certainly to sustain the operations and the apparatus that they had built in his home state of wisconsin. wolf, beyond the money it of course was popularity. you were talking about the fact that he was just an asterisk in the national poll that cnn released yesterday. just think about the dramatic fall. in march six months ago scott walker was atop the national quinnipiac poll. he went from leading to an asterisk in six months. that's a very tough fall but also iowa in particular. john king was talking to another strategist close to the walker campaign talking about the fact that iowa of course was his launchpad. walker has always admitted wholeheartedly that he felt like he needed to win iowa to go anywhere and he was doing very, very poorly there. a number of reasons lately, primarily donald trump. and i think that is another
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factor that you cannot discount here. the whole idea that republican voters have been wanting somebody who is not cautious, who throws caution to the wind, that's what scott walker is the opposite of. he is a very pragmatic guy. he was too pragmatic even to some sources i've been talking to close to him just in the last hour for his own good. and that got him into a lot of trouble. it made him look like he was flip-flopping on a lot of issues talking about having a wall with the border in canada for example. a lot of people said what was that about. not even getting issues like birthright citizenship a clear for his supporters. so all of those things made it very hard for him he thought to get involved -- or to keep going i should say. and one other bit of color i can tell you. i was told that this was -- the news was given to some of his long-time advisors and confid t confidants this morning at the governor's mansion in wisconsin and that was an invitation his wife the first lady of wisconsin gave to all of these confidants.
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>> and it's interesting he's from wisconsin, neighboring state of iowa. he was actually born in iowa. he was doing really well in iowa and all of that support quickly collapsed. a two-term governor of wisconsin. rick perry was a three-term popular governor of texas. he dropped out in recent days. now scott walker has dropped out. people are already wondering who's next this pretty crowded republican field anticipate more to come probably sooner rather than later. >> that's right. i mean, if you kind of take a step back and you look at what we have on our screen right now, it is a bit surprising that scott walker was the second to drop out because there are others who have been asterisks on the polls, in the polls nationally in iowa and new hampshire since the beginning. i think the big difference is that scott walker built a pretty big campaign which cost a lot of money. and it was hard for him to sustain it. and he saw no way to come back from that. so when you're kind of the little engine that could it's easier to keep going than when you start out big like scott
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walker did and you have this big bloated staff, it's hard to sustain that when you don't have the money coming in. >> popular governors they drop out, but the three top people in the republican campaign right now, if you will, none of them have ever been elected to any political office. and they're doing really well. >> and that was his big thing. scott walker is a young man but he has only had a job in elected office. he's a lifelong elected politician. >> we'll have more on this, dana. standby. i want to get to other political news we're following calls for ben carson to drop out of the gop race after antimuslim remarks. go to senior washington correspondent joe johns looking into the story for us. what's the latest, joe. >> wolf, democrats are piling on. most americans are expressing outrage and even some conser conservatives are distancing themselves from ben carson's marks. so far no apologies from the candidate himself. he's not walking it back. the carson campaign says this is what the candidate believes. and tonight he's standing by it.
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tonight new fallout from the political firestorm sparked by ben carson. the council on american islamic relations today calling for him to drop out of the presidential race. >> jewish, muslim, catholic, black, brown, white, if you are born in this country, if you uphold the constitution, if you have religion, if you're fit to lead, you can lead irrespective of your faith tradition. >> reporter: the outrage comes after carson was asked if he believed islam was consistent with the constitution. >> no, i do not. i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> reporter: carson loyalists say the political outsider will not retract his remarks. >> everything is not about winning the white house for him. it's about standing up for what he believes in, telling the truth. >> reporter: other republican candidates are weighing in carefully. >> well, the constitution provides that there should be no
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religious test for public office. and i'm a constitutionist. >> and donald trump asked if he would be comfortable with a muslim becoming president continues stoking false claims that president obama is not a christian. >> would i be comfortable? i don't know if we have to address it right now, but i think it is certainly something that could happen. some people have said it already happened frankly. >> the back and forthcoming adds outsiders coming as continuing to dominate. donald trump still in first place at 24% although his support dipping since before last week's debate. carly fiorina surging to 15% edging ben carson at 14%. trump taking note launching a fresh attack on fiorina's business record. >> when people see her record, i don't see how she can possibly win. >> and still swinging at his favorite target, jeb bush, in a new instagram video. >> and frankly it's more related to asian people. so 40 years ago i smoked
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marijuana. >> but instead ofrump this time is the normally soft spoken ben carson's comments that have generated the most attention the last 24 hours. republican candidate lindsey graham tweeted that carson should apologize for his remarks and called it bigotry. the carson campaign said he was merely expressing a personal opinion. wolf. >> all right, joe, thank you. joining us now democratic congressman andre carson of indiana. he's a member of the house intelligence committee. he's one of just two muslim members of the united states congress. congressman, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> i'm going to get your reaction to what's happening among the republican scott walker announcing shortly he's going to -- about to announce he's dropping out. but let's talk about what dr. ben carson is saying. you're a member of congress. you took an oath to uphold this constitution. you're also a key member to the house intelligence, privy to the most secret information the united states government has. when you hear dr. carson say he wouldn't agree, he wouldn't like to see a muslim as president of
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the united states in charge of this nation, what's your response? >> well, dr. carson has an esteemed track record as having been a successful neurosurgeon, but that is asinine. it's almost like saying a neurosurgeon could never become the president of the united states of america. listen, the founding fathers as imperfect as they were, as imperfect as we all are we're very visionary in that they establish in article 6 of the u.s. constitution that there shall not be a religious test to hold public office. and any person seeking the highest office in the land as commander in chief, as ceo of this great nation, has to understand that he or she will represent all people, kudos to hillary clinton for her tweet earlier saying the same. >> do you agree with c.a.r.e. that dr. carson should now drop out of this presidential race as a result of his comments? >> i appreciate c.a.r.e. for their boldness in this regard. if he does not drop out, he should certainly recalibrate and get new staffers and perhaps get
2:11 pm
a history lesson of what it means and what the constitution means and what it really means to lead this nation. i think he has to understand that he is living in the 21st century. we're a pollistic society, multicultural society, multireligious society. if he is serious about becoming the president of the united states, he should understand that fact. >> representative carson, i want you to stand by. we're only just getting started. we have a lot more to discuss. we're going to take a quick break. much more with all the news after this. ♪ ♪
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we're back with democratic congressman andre carson. congressman, as you know all this latest commotion over islam and politics started when donald trump didn't challenge a questioner the other night at a town hall who stated that the president is a muslim, that there's a problem with muslims in america. were you by the way surprised at the way trump handled that situation and the comments he's had since then? >> well, you know, i saw where he recently said that he loves muslims. and i know that he has done business with muslims. he's had muslims work for his
2:17 pm
organization. for me i think we're living in a time where politicians are poll obsessed and focus group obsessed. and whoever can say the most provocative thing or inflammatory thing gets the most media attention. and falling into that kind of trap or temptation can become detrimental and dangerous when you're talking about representing the american population that exceeds over 300 million and has over 8 million muslims as a part of that population. >> and these muslims almost all of them are patriotic wonderful citizens of the united states. and you know this firsthand. you've been involved in law enforcement. you're now a member of the intelligence committee. when the u.s. thwarts some sort of isis-related, for example, terror attacks very often it's the result of muslim americans notifying law enforcement that there's a problem, right? >> you're absolutely right, wolf. there are thousands of muslims serving in our intelligence communities. there are thousands of muslims
2:18 pm
serving as police officers. i was one of them. i think i'm still the only member of congress to have worked in an intelligence fusion center. and there are numerous reports weekly as you know of attempted terrorist attacks that have been thwarted because muslims are not only reporting but they're working to help keep our communities safer. >> what is ben carson and donald trump for that matter need to do right now to fix this? >> well, i think it would be wise for their staffers to arrange meetings with muslim leaders, with regular muslims, average everyday muslims spanning across the spectrum. you know, we athere are south a muslims, arab muslims, there are white muslims and so on and so forth. i think they would be wise to sit and hear what muslims have to say. and by the way, these muslims are not wedded to any particular political party, republican
2:19 pm
muslims, independent muslims and of course democratic muslims. >> as there should be in our country. congressman thanks very much for joining us. >> what an honor. thank you for having us. >> thank you representative andre carson of indiana. coming up, as we await governor scott walker's announcement that he's suspending his presidential campaign, our political experts will join us to take a closer look at owl of today's dramatic news in this race for the white house. and later, a prosecutor reveals shocking new details about the death of a little girl whose identity remained a mystery for months including allegations her killer believed she was possessed by demons. across america, people...
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we're following the breaking news in the presidential race. sources now telling cnn that wisconsin governor scott walker is about to suspend his campaign. we're standing by for his news conference. we'll have some live coverage of that. all this comes amid new calls for dr. ben carson to drop out of the race because he said a muslim shouldn't be elected president of the united states. let's bring in our guest rebecca burg of real clear politics along with political commentators s.e. cupp and ryan, also joining us peter, contributing editor for atlantic media. guys, thank you very much. your reaction to the news governor walker is now the second republican after rick perry, former governor of texas, to drop out. >> he's the second casualty of
2:25 pm
this summer of donald trump. he could not get any oxygen this summer. i think it's a little surprising. i think most people thought he would last a little bit longer. but obviously he must have had some financial problems. cliche campaigns don't end right, they run out of money. i wouldn't be surprise first-degree this is strictly a financial situation. doesn't want to go into personal debt just like tim pawlenty in 2012. >> he and his supporters, his aides they looked at our cnn/orc poll, which had him in this most recent poll not at 1%, not at 2%, but an asterisk meaning getting less than one-half of 1%. after coming in a few weeks ago in pretty good shape. >> yeah. he's a guy, you know, you've interviewed him. i've interviewed him a bunch. he likes to say he's aggressively normal. and unfortunately that just isn't working in today's climate in the summer of trump with personalities like ben carson and carly fiorina, it's just not working. and i don't think the campaign was willing to make adjustments
2:26 pm
for trump, carson and carly. they really stuck to their plan, walker, stick to his record, ignore the, you know, trump mania. and it just wasn't breaking through. it's really unfortunate because he's got a great record and he's a great leader. but i think he's actually a candidate the country just doesn't deserve right now. >> he didn't come through in those debates, debate number one or debate number two. on some sensitive issues he was either waffling or refusing to answer and voters don't like that. >> he was. that was part of the problem, wolf. they were looking for someone who was a strong candidate. look at donald trump. he certainly doesn't waffle, at least not during this campaign. and scott walker came off as someone who looked like he was a poll tested candidate. like he was sticking his finger up to see which way the wind was blowing and that bothered people because it ran contrary to the message he was trying to represent. he was unintimidated a strong conservative that fought off the unions in wisconsin.
2:27 pm
another problem for walker is he didn't establish a lean for himself. he wasn't a conservative candidate. he wasn't necessarily in the moderate lane. he was somewhere in between. went back and forth depending on the issue. that made ift difficult for him. >> in the beginning people thought that would be an advantage that he could straddle both camps of the republican party. that didn't work out. peter, does walker getting out of the race make it easier for the so-called outsiders like trump or dr. carson or carly fiorina to score even more points? >> no, i don't think so actually. i think what we have seen in the last few weeks is that the outsider space has become more crowded. first carson rose after trump and now fiorina has run. i think the big winner is probably someone like marco rubio because it takes one candidate out of the more establish camp. you still have jeb there, but after jeb you have rubio -- you had rubio and walker. now walker is gone. and rubio -- and bush is also still i think losing oxygen while rubio is gaining some. so i would say rubio i think is
2:28 pm
an establishment candidate is the big winner here. >> let's talk a little about the controversy that dr. ben carson has right now by saying a muslim should not be the president of the united states. he's not backing away from this at all even though we haven't heard much from him, we have heard of supporters, advisers speaking out his business manager defending basically what he said. >> i don't see how it's defensible in any way. as ted cruz to his credit points out and i hope the other republican candidates point this out, we don't have a religious test in this country. the first thing that needs to be said is, a, there's nothing wrong with actually being a muslim. and, two, it's outrageous beyond disappointing that someone who's actually leading in the polls from one of the party's nomination actually thinks someone of a major faith can't be president in the united states. >> s.e., there are some who say, and it's hard to believe, but some say this will actually help dr. ben carson within republican elections whether a caucus in iowa or a primary in new
2:29 pm
hampshire because there are a lot of voters out there, republican voters, conservative voters, who happen to agree with him. >> well, there are some democrats as well. but this has nothing to me to do with conservatism. there's nothing conservative about ignoring or showing total disdain for the constitution. i just can't equate it. i can't put it in a box. again, this doesn't surprise me. i've been saying for quite some time that ben carson has shown a willingness to overlook the constitution and the importance of our founding documents and the intentions of our founding fathers. he's done that on gun control. he's done it now on this. he is constantly talking about his preference for the way the country should work and it's really out of line with what the constitution says very overtly. so i'm hoping the conservatives who want a conservative in office and a strict constitutionalist in office or at least someone who's familiar with the founding documents really take a hard look at ben carson and start questioning their support. >> hold on for a moment, i want you to talk about donald trump and jeb bush back and forth
2:30 pm
they're having, but peter, weigh in on this latest controversy about dr. ben carson and what he said about muslims not wanting a muslim to be president. >> look, s.e. can say this doesn't have anything to do with conservatives, but this is not the first time. in 2012 herman cane at one point doing well in the republican race said he didn't want a republican to be in his cabinet. >> you mean a muslim. >> yes. mike huckabee said the only religious group that obama cares about is muslims. donald trump of course didn't swat down that question about when someone said we need to get rid of muslims. and if you look at the polling, very, very large percentage of muslims, in fact i think a majority of muslims, majority of republicans in 2014 said they would not vote for a muslim for president. so there is a widespread anti-muslim bigotry here. yes, it exists in the democratic party, but considerably larger among conservative republicans. it's really an epidemic of bigotry that needs to be confronted. >> s.e., go ahead.
2:31 pm
>> first i'd point out hillary clinton first floated this notion that obama was a president back in 2008 something that the obama campaign said was disgusting and bigoted. >> it wasn't hillary. >> the campaign. so it's not just relegated to republican circles to spread this sort of fear mongering narrative. i would also just say that as ryan said ted cruz has immediately distanced himself, ted cruz of all people, has distanced himself from ben carson and pointed out how stupid this was to say. so look, i mean, there are democrats who believe this. there are roms who believe this. it's not bigoted to say you wouldn't vote for a muslim president. >> it's not? >> that's not what ben carson is saying. you can say i wouldn't vote for a muslim or atheist, they're not in line with my ideas. that's not bigoted. that's not what ben carson said. >> just based on religion i
2:32 pm
think it is. >> no, i think based on religion where you have a doctrine of very clear ideas that you might disagree with, i think it's completely appropriate for a voter to judge someone on their ideas, on their faith and on their world view. >> so wouldn't vote for a jew or christian for president, that would be okay? >> no. all the same thing. he wasn't saying i wouldn't vote for muslim, he's saying we shouldn't have a muslim president. that's completely different. and voters are allowed to have those opinions. but what you should not be allowed to say -- >> hold on quickly, rebecca. button up for us. where do we go from here? >> that's a great question. with scott walker out of the race it gives more oxygen even to trump to continue on his path. trump is the front runner in iowa now. and scott walker dropping out of the race right now proves that. iowa was his path to the presidency. >> you think this will help trump in iowa? >> it will help trump in iowa. it will help someone like ben carson doing well in iowa. incidentally it also helps jeb
2:33 pm
bush because scott walker was seen as one of the top competitors. now he's out. donald trump is really doing jeb bush's job for him. >> all right, guys, thanks to all of you. rebecca burg, s.e. cupp, ryan and peter. coming up, prosecutor says a man accused of killing a boston area toddler thought the girl was possessed. also, preparing to welcome a pilgrim for peace amid what's being called the most intense security measures ever, ever for a visiting head of state. if you can't put a feeling into words, why try? philips sonicare leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before, making it the most loved electric toothbrush brand by americans and their dentists. innovation and you. philips sonicare. it's more than tit's security - and flexibility. it's where great ideas and vital data are stored.
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introducing the samsung galaxy s6 edge+ and the note5. revealing horrifying new details about a girl whose mysterious death attracted nationwide attention. the man accused of killing the toddler thought she was possessed by demons and allegedly said it was her time to die. let's bring in our correspondent jean casarez. she has the very latest for us. jean, what an awful, awful story this is. >> it truly is. and we learned so much today. you know, in regard to that boyfriend, michael mccarthy, saying it was her time to die, if true that could be used as a form of confession in context. he's saying i didn't do it at all. the mother of bella, also a defendant, is saying completely a different story. she told that to prosecutors we learned in court today. and they believe they have their case. racelle bond, the mother of bella bond and her boyfriend michael mccarthy listened from
2:39 pm
behind glass as the prosecutor described in graphic detail what they believed happened during the final moments of bella's short life. >> bella was unwilling to go to bed and was unruly. mr. mccarthy said if he would go into her back bedroom and try to calm her down. she found mr. mccarthy standing over bella. and when ms. bond looked at bella, her head appeared to her to be swollen and face was gray. >> reporter: bond told police she knew then her daughter was dead, but she said it was mccarthy who put the body in the trash bag and stored it in the refrigerator trying to justify the toddler's death. >> he said she was a demon anyway. it was her time to die. >> reporter: it was too much for some in court to hear. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: prosecutors said in court a long-time friend of mccarthy who had stayed in the home with the couple while bella was alive witnessed appalling treatment, yelling and being locked into a room for up to an hour because the couple believed she was possessed.
2:40 pm
later the couple allegedly went to boston harbor where mccarthy put weights in the bag and deposited the child in the water. bond now facing the charge of accessory after the fact. and mccarthy facing murder. both pleaded not guilty. bella was born in 2012 to a mother who had spent years homeless and has a criminal history including multiple arrests for drugs and prostitution. two of her older children were taken away by the state. the year bella was born the massachusetts department of children and families opened up an investigation into her neglect telling cnn, dcf determined neglect was involved. services were provided and we eventually closed the case. the following year, 2013, another dcf investigation into the neglect of bella. it too was closed. bella's biological father not only blames mccarthy but also the state.
2:41 pm
>> cases were opened up and then they were closed. i hold a lot of this, you know, dcf responsible. >> reporter: in april of 2014 but in unrelated matters the head of massachusetts dcf resigned, a year after stepping into the position and after three children died. >> my confidence in that whole organization has been rattled. >> reporter: about one year later bella was dead. attorneys for her mother and boyfriend telling different stories after court. >> he is shocked and saddened by the death of bella bond, but he did not kill her. >> she wants to see mr. mccarthy pay for what he did. >> reporter: and it actually was a good friend of michael mccarthy, the boyfriend defendant who had stayed with the couple for a while that realized bella wasn't there and said to the mother, you know, i'm so glad you've quit your drug use because now you can get bella back. she said i can't, bella is dead.
2:42 pm
and he had believed michael mccarthy, that the child was with department of child and family services. the next hearing is october 20th. and, wolf, they still have not determined a cause of death of this little girl. >> all right, jean, thanks very, very much. jean casarez reporting. joining us on the phone is john walsh, the host of cnn's original series "the hunt." we're also joined by our legal analyst sonny hostin, former federal prosecutor, joey jackson is a criminal defense attorney. john, first to you. what went wrong here? >> well, wolf, what went wrong was dcf closed the case. i mean, i don't know how many times we have to listen to news outlets talking about children that should have been removed from abusing families that wind up murdered. every state has their problems. every state doesn't take children out when they should be taken out. look at the track report of this family. look at the track record of this woman. how could this child drop off the radar? how could she not be under
2:43 pm
constant scrutiny by dcf in massachusetts? and both of these people disguised as coward mccarthy and the wife whether he's crazy as he's trying to portray himself, probably not. probably knows that that would be a good defense so that he wouldn't go through hard time. but both of them in my opinion need to spend the rest of their life in jail. i know she's a drug addict. i know she needs help. and i would love to have that empathy for her, but that little girl is dead because of those people. >> and two of her other children were removed from her custody. so you would have thought that raised all sorts of alarm bells. bigger picture, john, no one has studied these issues more closely than you have. there are a lot of these children out there right now even as we speak who are in unsafe homes, right? >> thousands. thousands across this country. i do not know why department of child family services aren't funded properly. it should be on the top of every legislature, state legislature,
2:44 pm
as they go into session and think how did we do last year? oh, my god, i remember when florida had 100-plus children one year years ago that were murdered during the course of the year because social services didn't get them out of the house. we all want to see these kids go back to their families, but wolf, you and i and so does the public watching this show know that lots of people aren't qualified to be parents. they just got pregnant and had a child, abused that child and then there are literally tens of thousands of people in this country that would adopt these children if they're taken from their families. they drop the ball repeatedly, state after state, year after year. and children are the victims. >> john walsh, the host of cnn's "the hunt." john, thank you very much. i want to bring sunny hostin in this conversation. bella the sweet little girl allegedly killed by the mother's boyfriend because he thought she was allegedly possessed, that according to the prosecutor,
2:45 pm
that was her time to dime, was the quote. does this sound like there are mental health issues here? if so how might that legally play out as far as the defense of these two people are concerned? >> well, it certainly sounds like that's how they're teeing it up, right? so we would hear about an insanity defense. they're very difficult to prove. they're generally unwinnable defenses. but i will say this also sounds like a case of drug abuse. we're hearing that this mother may have suffered from bipolar disorder, that she took heroin after her daughter's death with this boyfriend and that he also, wolf, had a drug problem. so i think we are going to hear a lot about drugs and probably mental illness. >> joey, the mother has been charged as an accessory to the murder after the fact. might she face upgraded charges? >> the answer, wolf, is that the investigation certainly will continue. it doesn't end with the arrest. at this point the prosecution is
2:46 pm
comfortable in the notion that she did not have any involvement with the death but merely concealed and otherwise hid after the fact and aided the person who did, that being her boyfriend. however, in the event that the investigation reveals that she had anything she aided, abetted in any way, shape or form, you don't have to be the one who kills. you merely have to be the one who assists the person in doing that. so if information should come out, wolf, certainly we could expect an upgrading of charges. i should also say that i think we may see a defense predicated upon coercion. that being that, you know what, she was helpless, the boyfriend threatened and said if you go anywhere or do anything or say anything we're going to have a problem. and so her attorney certainly is going to be focusing on that aspect of the case as well. >> and, sunny, if two of her other children were removed from the home because she wasn't a stable mother or whatever they felt the kids were endangered, why would she maintain custody of little bella? >> well, that's the question. you know, i think john walsh hit
2:47 pm
the nail on the head. we are hearing these stories over and over and over again. i mean, just recently we've heard there are 700 outstanding cases of unidentified children that have been killed. i think that's probably on the low end. i think the number's probably a lot higher. so we know that dcf likely dropped the ball here. dcf while they want to do a good job, they're undertrained, i think they're understaffed, overworked, underpaid. but this is a discussion that we need to be having all over our legislatures all over the country because the bottom line is this is where the money needs to go. we need to be able to protect those that are most vulnerable in our society. and those would be small children. so the fact that no risk assessment or the improper risk assessment was done in this case is just criminal in my view. because if you have a mother who's had two other children removed from her care and you have an infant, 1 year old in
2:48 pm
her care hasn't been checked on means there was an improper risk assessment done and somebody really, really dropped the ball here. but for that i think this little girl would be alive. >> yeah, that's a good point. sunny hostin, joey jackson, guys, thank you. coming up, we're awaiting a news conference by the wisconsin governor scott walker. sources say he's getting ready to announce he's dropping out of the presidential race. there are also calls for dr. ben carson to drop out after his latest harsh remarks about muslims. plus, u.s. cities turned into fortresses right now as massive security is put into place for the pope's visit. why are u.s. officials so concerned? can a business have a mind?
2:49 pm
2:50 pm
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pope francis arrives here in washington d.c. tomorrow afternoon and security measures are the most intense in history. washington, philadelphia and new york city will be turned into fortresses. let's bring in justice reporter evan perez who is watching what's going on. why this massive security presence? are you hearing. >> wolf, this is a pope that doesn't want to be in a security bubble. he resists the idea he can't have contact with pilgrims, with people coming to see him. the jim kolancy traveled to the vatican personally to work on the arrangements and one message he came back with is this is going to be a bigger under taking than any other president because this pope wants to have spontaneous reactions with people coming from all over the
2:54 pm
world to see him in washington or new york or philadelphia. >> what is the biggest concern? >> the biggest concern is what they don't know. they are keeping an eye on people making threats against this visit for several months but those people are not necessarily the likely ones to worry them. bigger concerns are whether somebody who is a lone wolf perhaps could get through security and get close to the pope. the lead organization, secret service is there to protect him but he comes with his own security detail, so the question is whether or not they can make sure nobody gets close enough to be able to do anything. >> i don't remember, i've been in washington for a long time, a lot of visits by heads of state, world leaders, i don't remember whole areas of d.c. effectively being shut down. >> this is a lot more like a presidential inauguration where you have entire sections like the national mall will be gated and you have to go through security to get in there. this pope wants to have contact with the people, so that's the
2:55 pm
real problem. >> hopefully, everything will be smooth and quiet. thanks very much. glad they are taking tight security. coming up, isis detectives are telling how brutal it is in areas controlled by the terror group. the wisconsin governor scott walker it's said he's about to drop out of the gop race. this coming as there are calls for dr. ben carson to drop out of the race after his anti muslim remarks. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or ld a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome windows 10. the future starts now for all of us.
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3:00 pm
dropping his bit for the white house. we're standing by for the official announcement moments prom now. carson's controversy. ben carson is facing calls to abandon his campaign after making shocking anti muslim remarks. can he survive the backlash as he slips in the polls? we'll talk to a top veteran republican operative. putin's big push. a disturbing buildup of weapons and troops inside syria. israel's prime minister warns they could fall into terrorists' hands. is putin adding to middle east instability? isis horror stories, accounts of life with the terrorists and brutality worse than so many imagine. is disillusion growing inside isis ranks? we want to welcome viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in the "situation room." >> this is cnn breaking news.
3:01 pm
>> we're following breaking news, a new shakeup in the republican battle for the white house. sources telling cnn scott walker, an early front runner in iowa is now dropping out of the race. we're standing by to hear from him momentarily and hearing calls for dr. ben carson to drop out after he said he wouldn't want a muslim to be president. carson slipped into third place in the new cnn poll and in moscow, vladimir putin trying to assure the israeli prime minister benjamin nettster bee netten ya hue does not pose a problem. first, let's go to our chief political correspondent dana bash. what are you hearing about why
3:02 pm
scott walk se walker is suspend campaign? >> money, money, money. i'm told when it comes to the walker campaign, after last month's fox debate and certainly even more so after cnn's debate last week, that he just couldn't get his arms around enough donors. the money was trying up according to a source who i spoke with familiar to what is going on. it's not just that, it's the money but also the support. the support that he is not getting is probably better way to say it, wolf. the two obviously go hand and hand. he went from top of the polls, not just nationally but the first in the caucus, first in the nation caucus state of iowa which is the place he put all his eggs in that basket. he did so well and he's very low there and the bottom line is that when donors see that, they don't give money and he's not one of those candidates who had a pretty small campaign. he had a pretty large campaign.
3:03 pm
he built it all thinking he would go pretty far in his home state of wisconsin -- >> all right, hold on a second. scott walker is at the microphone. let's listen. >> first off, thank you for coming. on behalf of our family, we want to extend our simpympathy to th family of wisconsin supreme court justice patrick crooks. we'll let the supreme court make the official announcement about that. we want to pass on prayers and sympathy to his wife and children and all of his extended family and there will be more to come on that in the days to come. as a kid, i was drawn to ronald reagan because he was a republican and a conservative. most of all, i admired him because of his internal optimism in the american people. that thought came into my head when we were all standing on the stage at the regan library last wednesday.
3:04 pm
ronald reagan was good for america because he was an of to mist. the republican debate drifted into personal attacks. in the end, i believe that the voters want to be for something and not against someone. instead of talking about how bad things are, we want to hear how we can make them better for everyone. we need to get back to the basics of our party. we are a party that believes that people create jobs, not the government. the best way to grow the economy is to get the government out of the way and build it fro the ground up. we are a party that believes that the way to measure success in government is by how many people are no longer dependent on the government because we ultimately believe in the dignity of work. we are the party that believes that a strong military leads to
3:05 pm
piece through strength and that that will protect our children and future generations. the goodwill ultimately triumph over evil. we are a party that believes in the american people, not the federal government. these ideas will help us win the election next fall and more importantly, these ideas will make our country great again. to refocus the debate on these types of issues will require leadership. i was sitting at church yesterday, the pastor's words reminded me that the bible is full of stories about people who were called to be leaders in unusual ways. today, i believe that i'm being called to lead by helping to clear the field in this race so that a positive conservative message can rise to the top of the field. with this in mind, i will suspend my campaign immediately. i encourage other republican
3:06 pm
presidential candidates to consider doing the same, so that the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive, conservative alternative to the current front runner. this is fundamentally important to the future of the party and more importantly to the future of our country. this is a difficult decision, as so many wonderful people stepped up to support our campaign. we're very thankful for the outstanding volunteers and excellent staff that helped us throughout the campaign. you-all have been like family to us. speaking of family, i want to personally thank my wife tonette who has been a rock and our two amazing sons, matt and alex and my parents and my brother david and his family and my family and friends for the love and support. most of all, i want to thank god. i want to thank god for his
3:07 pm
abundant grace, win or lose, it is always been more than enough. thank you. >> so there you have it. there he is, this key race alert, governor walker announcing he's suspending, keyword, suspending, didn't say ending it, didn't say he's dropping out, suspending because for financial reasons, he can raise money if he needs to, if he suspends the campaign as opposed to ending it for practical purses it's over as he made abundantly clear. it's get more and assess who is going on. i want to bring in the former senior advisor to mitt mitt romney's presidential campaign who is joining us. it's interesting what he said he didn't just say he is suspending his campaign, eric, he's encouraging other republican candidates to drop out because he thinks that would do well to help in effect, correct me if i'm wrong, he was making a statement he wants trump to lose and if other republicans,
3:08 pm
so-called moderates were to drop out, if you will or consecutives, maybe that would give a better chance for someone to beat trump. he made it clear he wasn't happy that donald trump was the leader of the pact right now. >> yes, he's right. there needs to be more consolidation in the republican field before we reach critical mass in this race and so long as we have as many candidates as we do, that will benefit donald trump and i think it's helpful, wolf, to think of this republican contest as really two different races, one involving outsiders and other involving more experienced candidates and on the outsider side, they are getting support from about half the electret but because there are so few of them, their vote share is bigger. because there are so many current and former office holder whose are running, they get a smaller vote share. so scott walker is right. there needs to be that
3:09 pm
consolidation. it only benefits trump to have this large and undivided field right now, but i got to believe that the reason he got out of the race is because his support has collapsed. and i think it shows you two things, one is it's really hard to run for president and the second is that things change fast in politics. in the spring he was on top of the national polls. he was the iowa leader. he turn in a couple disappointing debate performances and that hurt his standing in the polls and his donors began to desert him. fund mentally that's why he got out. he wants to attach a noble purpose to it and i think he's correct. until we have more consolidation on the republican side, the biggest beneficiary going forward will continue to be donald trump. >> he went from a leader of the republican pact to now what an asteric in the poll, less than
3:10 pm
half of one percent. it's amazing when you think about that collapse, why did he collapse like that? >> well, you know, it's -- the last thing i want to do is critique a candidate on the day that he exits from the race. i know a lot of people involved with scott walker's campaign. like i said, wolf, it's a very hard thing to run for president. part of me thinks that maybe scott walker got out too soon. that was the feeling four years ago when tim pawlenty exited the race after the iowa straw poll. i have a sense that maybe scott walker should have stuck around until the iowa caucuses. that was the state that was going to launch him and even though his performance lately in the polls there were not, was not impressive, things change. not too long ago, carly fiorina was barely registering in the polls and now she's exploded to
3:11 pm
the top. there is nothing to say that scott walker couldn't come back and stage a successful stand in iowa. >> except he was running out of money very quickly as supporters were abandoning him. we have rick perry, the former three-term governor of texas. he dropped out first. now scott walker, two-term governor of wisconsin, he drops out. i suspect more governors, current and former will probably be next, outsiders, those never elected will do incredibly well. why? >> well, there is no stronger force in american politics than the outsider dynamic and carly fiorina is the beneficiary of performances and that's - reflected in the host most recent polls but with more buzz is more scrutiny and she has to prepare for attacks on her business record. this is what the devil mitt
3:12 pm
romney in the last election and sometimes what is thought to be smart and successful in the world of business doesn't always translate into the the world of politics. so she needs to get ready for those attacks. i thought when barbara boxer used those business attacks against her in 2010 they were very affected. having been through that, i think carly fiorina has all her ducks in a row and will be able to respond when those attacks come. >> the attacks are coming largely from donald trump. you know, he got into a huge fight with rick perry who went after him, called him effectively a cancer in the party. look what happened to rick perry, scott walker at the last debate. he was going after donald trump. look what happens to scott walker and now, donald trump is really blasting carly fiorina, her record at hp, he's going after her. you think those attacks will work? >> well, i wish he would spend more time attacking hillary clinton than some republican
3:13 pm
candidates but look, donald trump is in command in the field and i think the reason for that is simple, because that outsider dynamic is so strong this year, people look around and they think our domestic and foreign policy is in ept, schools are failing. they want somebody who can come in from the outside to fix things. so the environment is perfect for a tough-talking businessman like donald trump and as long as this field remains as large as it is now, he will continue to get top of the poll position. >> and i guess there is one message that could go out, don't mess with trump because if you do, you might be dropping out and your numbers might be going down quickly. eric, stand by. i want to bring in for analysis, gloria borger. our senior political analyst ron brown stein and dana bash.
3:14 pm
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3:18 pm
>> we're back with the former
3:19 pm
senior advisor to mitt romney's campaign and scott walker ending his presidential campaign amid poor poll numbers and lackluster showings in the presidential debates. we're also following the backlash against another republican candidate, dr. ben carson, pafacing calls to drop t after saying he doesn't think a muslim should be president of the united states. let's bring back dana bash. what's the latest on dr. carson? >> i think i can answer that by looking back to 14 years ago, right after 9/11. you remember george w. bush, republican president made very passion net statement appealing for tolerance in this country when it came to muslims. hard to believe how different the republican conversation is now. even in a campaign full of explosive comments, this one immediately stood out. >> i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that.
3:20 pm
>> reporter: ben carson's comment responding to a question whether the islamic religion is consistent with the constitution set off a firestorm in and outside the gop. >> the constitution provides that there should be no religious test for public office and. >> reporter: muslims correct to voter when he failed to correct saying president obama is a muslim. >> we have a problem in the country. it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. >> reporter: on sunday when asked about that and what he thinks of the idea of a muslim president, trump once again stirred the pot making this not so subtle suggestion about president obama. >> people said it already happened, frankly, but of course, you wouldn't agree with that. >> reporter: today both muslim members of congress lashed out. >> that is almost like saying that a neurosurgeon could never become the the president of the united states of america.
3:21 pm
>> reporter: the democratic front runner for president was quick to chime in saying in a tweet, can a muslim be president of the united states of america? in a word, yes, now let's move on. the controversy comes at a time when both trump and carson are slightly slipping in the polls. he's still on top, but losing ground down eight points in a new cnn poll since early this month and carly fiorina is on the rise in second place with 15% after a standout debate performance. >> on day one in the oval office, i will make two phone calls. >> reporter: trump set his sights on fiorina not only going after her record as a silicon valley ceo but persona. >> if you listen to her for more than five minutes straight, you get a headache. >> trump called fiorina a row the both but a lot of people think she looked prepared and presidential and tonight, wolf, she'll have a chance to show her
3:22 pm
personality on jimmy fallon. looking at fiorina and trump, the debate seemed to scramble the republican field in a way that see tcements the idea, outsiders, first-time politicians are doing well and a life-long politician, scott walker dropped out, under scores that more. >> stand by. i want to bring back the former senior advisor to mitt romney's presidential campaign together with our chief political analyst gloria boringer and ron brownstein and dana still with us. gloria, you've been talking to your sources. where do we go from here? >> well, we go without scott walker. what was most interesting to me was scott walker saying other people need to now start getting out of the race or it needs to be this consolidation and he's really launching, i would argue, an anti donald trump campaign here even though donald trump
3:23 pm
tweeted today that walker is a nice person but you'll remember, during our last debate, that the donald trump attacked scott walker quite directly for his record as governor of wisconsin, and what walker is saying all you other asterics, we need to unite against this outsider because we need to bring the republican party to a place where it can get our voters together, consolidate republicans and actually win. i wonder who he's talking to. >> there is the asterics there, republican candidates less than half of 1% but remember at the last cnn debate, scott walker referred to donald trump saying we already have an apprentice in the white house, we don't need another one. >> i think these two stories converge. if you go back to the beginning of the race, scott walker was strong on things that republican front runners are strong on, business, economics, standing up to public employees, cutting taxes along the way decided he
3:24 pm
had to make himself more acceptable to the culturally conservative side so he moved right on immigration and moved right, supported a constitutional amendment to overturn the gay marriage decision and alienated up scale supporters originally and placed himself in the populous outsider lane and a house fell on him in the form of donald trump who was more authentic and angry and more vis hill than walker. bad choice. >> he didn't know if president obama was a christian or believed in evolution, fighting labor was like fighting isis. >> not many republicans wanted to refight the gay marriage decision of september -- >> dana, he said he hopes it encourages other republican candidates to hurt trump. >> because he said he doesn't like the way that the campaign has gone because it's too angry and negative and pessimistic and
3:25 pm
the problem is the fact that walker flip-flopped or didn't seem to have his footing. whenever he was asked a question, the syrian refugees, he said that's a hypothetical question. that speaks to the fact that people out there are yearning for leadership, not just authenticity but somebody with a backbone who is going to actually answer a question, and you saw that and you see that in maybe the three front runners for better or worse and he was so cautious, it reminded people he is a politician. >> let me ask on this whole ben carson muslim issue when he says he would not support a muslim being president of the united states, does that cause damage to the republican party? >> well, look, the religion of a presidential candidate shouldn't matter. article 6 of the constitution says that no religious test will be imposed as a qualifications for any public office in these
3:26 pm
united states but the fact of the matter is we've never had a muslim president. we never had a jewish president. we've never had a moore man president. it's easy to say religion doesn't disqualify but getting elected is another thing. it's incumbent upon everybody in public life whether republican or democrat to make it clear every faith has something significant of value to contribute to our civic dialogue and that nobody should be prohibited from participating fully in our society. >> you were a senior advisor to mitt romney and studied e lek results closely. the fact he was mormon did that hurt or take votes away in your analysis? >> it was more of an issue in 2008 when he ran for national
3:27 pm
office. less of an issue in 2012 because the economy was center stage but i will say in 2008, i remember al sharpton was a big top obama surrogate and he said anybody that really believes in god is not going to vote for mitt romney. hillary clinton in 2008 was spreading rumors that obama was a secret muslim. david pluf had to come out and condemn that type of campaigning. so this is not something where republicans have a monopoly. the democrats are the not entirely blameless and i think as i said, both democrats and republicans need to avoid exploiting these bias and prejudices that exist. >> ron, you look at the numbers closely among evangelical christians who are huge in iowa and new hampshire. >> part of the challenge republicans face is this is
3:28 pm
similar to the illegal debate, a bigger part of the party that many expect that actually agree with things that they are hearing from donald trump, ben carson. the core is blue collar republicans in your cnn poll early this month, 51% of republicans without a college degree say they believe president obama is a muslim. another poll last year, two-thirds of republicans believe that the values of islam are at odds with american values, higher among the numbers of democrats are independent co these arguments. >> if you look at the most recent poll in which donald trump is sinking a bit, he is losing support where college graduates. >> yes. >> and that's important. >> that is. >> he's losing support with women. he's losing support with older voters that always liked him. he's losing support with self-identified conservatives and tea party voters.
3:29 pm
so maybe there is something happening right now in which this part of party is turning and saying maybe we won't support him because maybe he can't win in a general election. you know, that always happens at a certain point in a primary. >> let's not forget donald trump is still the front runner among the republicans. >> absolutely. just ahead, hillary clinton gains ground in our new exclusive cnn poll. wild vice president joe biden still speculation about his future with a very revealing remark. plus, isis sharing horror stories about what they witnessed inside the terrorists forces.
3:30 pm
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breaking news, wisconsin governor scott walker dropping out of the race for the white house and watching democrats showing hillary clinton now widening her lead over bernie sanders who had been gaining ground on her. and the vice president joe biden, the wild card in the democratic race is making revealing new remarks about whether he will jump in. let's go to our senior political correspondent brianna keilar. what's the very latest on the democratic front, brianna? >> reporter: well, wolf, as joe biden weighs whether to even get in this race, we're getting mixed signals from him and his wife jill biden and right now here in arkansas in the building behind me, hillary clinton is speaking. she may be breathing a cautious sigh of relief looking at the new cnn orc poll numbers. her campaign hopes it is a data
3:35 pm
point that could signal the beginning of a turn around. today in baton rouge, hillary clinton hit the campaign trail previewing changes she would like to make to obamacare as she railed for trying to repeal the law. >> i'm not going to let them tear up that law, kick 16 million people off their health coverage. >> reporter: she's buoyed but a poll showing she's opening her lead in the democratic field and stands at 42% nationally with bernie sanders at 24 and joe biden still mulling a run at 22%. it's good news for clinton after months after sliding poll numbers. as sanders and his following sapped away support. clinton told cbs she does not intend to run a negative campaign against sanders. >> i know bernie. i respect his enthusiastic and intense advocacy of his ideas, that's what i want this campaign to be about. >> reporter: a major unknown for
3:36 pm
her campaign, will biden run? if he stays out, most of the support goes to clinton putting her almost 30 point ace -- ahead of sanders. biden who lost his son three months ago made clear he's not ready to make a decision. >> not quite there yet and may not get there in time to make it feasible to be able to run and succeed because certain win ddo will close. >> reporter: one long thought to be resistant to a run, his wife jill. >> i got to talk to my wife about that. got to talk to my wife about that. >> reporter: after reports she's supportive of a run, of course dr. biden would be on board if her husband decides to run for president but they haven't made that decision yet.
3:37 pm
a possible biden candidacy comes after clinic son is trying to be more spontaneous and interviewable. >> let me grab my pen. [ laughter ] >> reporter: asked on cbs to give three words that described the real hillary clinton, she struggled. >> i mean, look, i am a real person with all the pluses and minuses that go along with being that. >> reporter: here in arkansas, wolf, hillary clinton is talking about changes that she would like to make to obamacare. this comes ahead of her visit tomorrow to iowa where she'll be talk income more specific terms about the exact policy propels that she wants to see but this is really a way she's trying to differentiate herself, certainly from president obama but also from republican whose want to repeal the law all together. >> yeah, i'm sure she's encouraged, supporters are encouraged by latest poll numbers which show for the first time, her numbers are going up
3:38 pm
as opposed to going down. there you see them right there. all right. brianna, thanks very much. this important programming note, cnn will host the first democratic presidential debate on october 13th in nevada. just ahead, israel voices strong concerns to russia about his rapid weapons buildup in syria. what did the russian president vladimir putin tell the prime minister benjamin netanyahu and details of isis brutality. sharing real-life horror stories about what they witnessed. the promise of the cloud is that every organization has unlimited access to information, no matter where they are. the microsoft cloud gives our team the power to instantly deliver critical information to people, whenever they need it. here at accuweather, we get up to 10 billion data requests every day. the cloud allows us to scale up so we can handle that volume. we can help keep people safe; and to us that feels really good.
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu brought along several top israeli military and security officials under scoring israel's growing concern over russia's buildup of weapons in syria. we have more from jerusalem. >> reporter: a very quick meeting but important meeting for prime minister netanyahu as he trying to figure out what russian forces are doing in syria so close to israel's border. putin telling netanyahu he understands concern. netanyahu is looking for no conflict and these two interests, russia as it tries to
3:44 pm
property up the syria regime and make sure the border is secure. israeli f 15 fighter jets maneuvering in the skies, giving the country a technology edge in the region. but now a new presence in the middle east, advanced russian flanker flighter jet in syria, according to the u.s. officials and other russian military arms threatening that edge. satellite pictures inside syria show a rapid buildup with russian military equipment moving in. analysts jonathan spier says these weapons put pressure on israel's aerial control of the region. >> if you have russia aircraft in the sky, if you have russian anti-aircraft systems there, the potential for friction and collision and vulnerability of aircraft becomes much, much greater. >> reporter: in northern israel, we've seen israeli infantry but
3:45 pm
israel's policy is to stay out of the syrian war happening right across the frontier. israel says it has red lines and will not allow advance military equipment like russian s-300 missiles to fall into the hands of hasballah. foreign media reports israel has in the past struck weapons headed for lebanon. >> simply there has been previous cases of assad regime to transfer weapons from what we're told, israel reacted over syrian territory to prevent that on a number of occasions in the case of last four years. >> reporter: israel and russia aren't exactly on a collision course but with two military sos close, he says the country wills have to work together to ensure a collision won't occur. netanyahu said after the meeting with putin they worked out and i'm quoting, a joint mechanism for preventing misunderstandings. wolf, as to what that mechanism is, how it works and goes into
3:46 pm
effect or when, none of that was answered but with the speed of this buildup, these are likely answers netanyahu will look for soon. >> intriguing he brought top military advisors with him to moscow. thanks very much. let's dig deeper on what is going on. joining us, the former cia count terrorism official and analyst phil mud and julia who writes for "the new york times" magazine. julia, how do israel and russia avoid a collision because potentially it's there? >> there was a former bb netanyahu advisor who told reuter reuter reuters, they may do something one flies at day and one at night. what is interesting is how russia is moving into traditionally american spaces. there was a report on russian, the main russian newscast this evening that said that, you
3:47 pm
know, israel suffers because of the relationship with the u.s. and has relationship with the u.s. exposed it to threat of islamic terrorism and russia would be a more worth wile partner for israel to have. >> how easy, phil, would it be for this russian equipment that's now being moved into syria to fall into the hands of hasballah or al qaeda? >> the big question israeli haves to have hasballah. i got the to beloieve the conversation had to do with not only weapons are being chance perred and coordinated but whether there is a mechanism to ensure the russians say something, advice israelis if they lose control of weapons. if they lost control, the close partnership suggests that that is an issue, that's the transfer of weapons from syria to
3:48 pm
hasballah. >> does it benefit, phil, the u.s. for russia to have not only equipment planes, tanks, missiles, anti-aircraft equipment but boots on the ground in syria going after isis? >> this is a really complicated but fascinating question. you're right, the boots on the ground, russians have are obviously to help bashar al-assad kill. america will stay this is destabilizing, you're trying to protect a brutal dictator everybody wants to go, but what are the other issues you have to think about? something nobody is saying. with the influx of refugees, there has to be pressure on americans and russians and europeans to figure out a political settlement. i wondered whether the russian commitment will give them greater latitude to tell assad we can protect your regime but we can't protect you. you got to get out. >> julia, you're an expert on russia. what is putin up to now by
3:49 pm
moving this equipment and troops into syria? >> well, i think he's trying to claw back a lot of influence that russia lost. gaddafi and a few years before that, saddam hussein, people that he had gotten used to doing business with. so he's clawing back a lot of this influence. assad is one of the last of russian influence in the region and all of this is part of something larger. it's part of what we're seeing for example in ukraine. this is putin clawing back russian influence on the world stage trying to make russia a contender, not just spoiler, not just somebody that's a minor partner, you know, kid sitting at the at adult table but somebody that has to be dealt with, somebody that has to, that you have to go to to solve huge crisis like this. >> is put in a your opinion, phil, trying to recreate the influence the soviet had during the battle days of the cold war in the middle east?
3:50 pm
>> absolutely. no question. this conversation is on mark. look what happened with that shootdown of the airliner using russian military equipment. the move into crimea and every circumstance they are using the power t. americans are almost powerless. they are saying we can impose sanctions while putins moving militarily. i think the story is clear. >> also, the russian efforts to help bashar al assad. they get nervous when they see that. >> they should be. syria is becoming a problem we didn't want to deal with when we had easier options. now it's increasingly more difficult as they move into the vacuum behind assad shrinking
3:51 pm
territory. >> we'll see what happens. putin is going to be in new york. i'm sure there will be intense discussions. just ahead, defective from isis. now revealing details of the brutality and horror. stay with us. at&t and directv are now one. which means you can watch movies while you're on the move. sitcoms, while you sit on those. and even fargo, in fargo! binge, while you lose weight! and enjoy a good cliffhanger while you hang from a... why am i yelling? the revolution will not only be televised. the revolution will be mozed. introducing the all in one plan. only from directv and at&t.
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who knows, one of these kids just might be the one. to clean the oceans, to start a movement, or lead a country. it may not be obvious yet, but one of these kids is going to change the world. we just need to make sure she has what she needs. welcome to windows 10. the future starts now for all of us.
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we are learning chilling new details of isis brutality from defectors speaking out about the horrors they witnessed and endured. what are the defectors revealing? >> stories about being used as cannon, tapped for suicide missions as soon as they join. they come in a new report inside isis and details of how they treat even their own people. she was once a member of isis' fear brigade. she grabbed other women not wearing the proper clothing and sometimes lashed them. other women who married i sis fighters had a worst fate. >> translator: the foreigners are brutal with women, even the ones they marry.
3:57 pm
there were cases the wife had to be take ton the emergency ward because of the violence, the sexual violence. >> reporter: she is in her mid-20s. their accounts were compiled in a new report for the international center of radicalization. once defected from a jihadi cell. >> they are not prepared for the other side. i doubt they have taken a bullet. it's not the video games they have been practicing on all this time. >> reporter: nearly two-thirds of the defectors left the terror group this year. why did they leave? some are upset they are fighting against other sunni rebels, others horrified by the brutality of the group. >> translator: the worst thing i saw was a man get his head hacked off in front of me.
3:58 pm
>> reporter: they call them racist. >> they forced him to clean the toilet because of the color of their skin. >> reporter: some complained they were immediately expected - to become suicide bombers. u.s. intelligence officials tell vnn isis fighters have limited exit options. the barbaric treatment of those they believe deserted them makes it hard to walk away. what can they provide for intelligence? >> tactics used from the layout of the particular installation where is the islamic state, where, for example are prisoners being held? where is training being conducted? >> reporter: u.s. intelligence won't comment on the information. some may be able to shed light on the group. others may have motivations for engaging with law enforcement that make it difficult to assess
3:59 pm
their value. wolf? >> i'm sure various intelligence agencies including u.s. would like to recruit some of these defectors, maybe send them back to infiltrate. >> we are told, u.s. intelligence officials are not going to comment on that and how they are using the assets. they say he believes there are several defectors who have been debriefed by western intelligence. they could be getting really crucial information to the allies right now on the battlefield. >> is there indication they are going to publicize on social media the horror stories to deter various people from joining isis to begin with, make the trek through turkey and syria and iraq? >> they could do that, wolf. the state department is engaged into a program for it. they have a sarcastic video in
4:00 pm
store. they could use it on social media. >> thank you very much. good report. you can follow us on twitter. tweet me. tweet the show. thanks for watching. erin burnett out front starts right now. outfront tonight, breaking news, walker drops out. scott walker ends his campaign for president after disappearing in the debate and the polls. he went down swinging. plus, calls for ben carson to drop out of the race after his controversial remarks the u.s. not not elect a muslim president. the battle over the business records takes off. le's go out front. go


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