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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  September 30, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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off in the united states. with me, i'm spending my own money. i don't have all the special interest characters sending me money and wanting something. >> do you sleep? >> yeah. >> how many hours? >> four or five. >> that's it? >> because i love life. it's not because of anything. i love life. i love doing this. i love doing my business. i love life. i have friends they sleep 12 hours a day but they're all unhappy people. >> thank you, mr. trump. >> thank you, don. >> i appreciate it. i'd be happy to get five hours sleep a night. that's a luxury. i'll see you back here tomorrow night. "ac360" starts right now. good evening. breaking news that could affect tens of millions of people. new york city, philadelphia, washington, d.c., not to mention places like the jersey shore still dealing with the after effects of superstorm sandy now
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bracing for a possible refund. this time it is hurricane joaquin. right now it seems to have the most densely populated part of the country directly in its path. late today new york governor cuomo was urging people to get ready now. meteorologist jennifer gray is in our own weather center crunching the numbers. what's the latest with joaquin right now. >> the latest advisory came down two or three minutes ago. this is now a category 2 storm, sustained winds of 105 miles per hour, and we now have an eye. this storm is strengthening. it's going to sit over the warm water around the bahamas the next couple of days. it's going to allow more strengthening. it's a very rich environment for tropical development. we are going to expect further strengthening over the next
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couple of days. the big question mark is where is it going to go from here? i want to show you the track on the floor. this is the latest track from the national hurricane center. another track will come out around 11 p.m. this has it sitting over the bahamas at least through friday and then taking a dramatic turn to the north, could strengthen to a major storm and possibly making landfall somewhere around thecarolinas, the mid-atlantic. >> it's breaking news, category 2 storm right now. that just happened about two minutes ago. a very densely part of this population, philadelphia, washington, d.c., virginia, new jersey, all problematic. no? >> yes, absolutely. and there's still a lot of uncertainty with this storm. is it going to take a turn to the west? some models have it staying out to sea. a lot of question marks. i want to show you back on the what what exactly we're looking
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at. the we're also looking at most of the models taking it to the west. this is quite a bit farther south than some of the earlier runs. you remember new york city was well into the center of that cone. now it's sort of shifting back down to the west. however, one model that we look at very, very closely, the european model, has it over bermuda sunday afternoon, while the gfs model has it over north carolina. there's about a thousand miles between the two. and so we're hoping that in the coming day they are going to come and agree a little bit more. the problem is this area of low pressure over the southeast. if this decides to deepen, then that storm could take that path and it will just more or less get sucked back in to the mid-atlantic. however, if that low decide not to do that, it could allow that to travel a little buiit farthe to the north and get swept out to sea. that's one of the things we're
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trying to distinguish between over the next couple of days. if it does travel to the west and take how most of the models are portraying it now as well as the national hurricane center, we're looking at massive amounts of rain. the mid-atlantic has seen more than a foot of rain. in some places we could see an additional 8 to 10 inches, causing major flooding, storm surge, beach erosion and damaging winds as well, john. >> stay tuned over the next 24 hours. we'll get a much clearer picture of where this dangerous storm is headed. jennifer, thank you so much. >> during the cold war the u.s. and soviet union never openly dropped bombs on the same country at the same time. now the u.s. and russia both flying missions over syria with different goals and perhaps complications.
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russia launched their first bombings today with no warning and apparently hit non-isis targets. they will sit down tomorrow to try to make sure things don't get out of hand. barbara starr joins us now with more. barbara, the russian air strikes, what's the latest tonight? >> reporter: john, a day of high drama. this all began earlier today when a russian general showed up at the u.s. embassy in baghdad, said we're going to start air strikes in one hour, get your u.s. warplanes out of syria. tonight the pentagon insisting it will continue air strikes that it chooses to do inside syria. u.s. warplanes not going anywhere. the big concern right now from defense secretary ashe carter is how to keep u.s. pilots safe but
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what are the russians really up to? where they struck is not an isis stronghold. that's very concerning to the u.s. they struck in areas where there are anti-regime forces, mill milita -- militias fighting bashar al assad. >> as of now what is the u.s. doing beside watching, being a spectator in the region? i know the u.s. is continuing its on strikes against isis. >> number one, continuing with the strikes that it wants to do, that the u.s. and the coalition want to do. but in his press conference earlier today, defense secretary ashe carter is pretty clear one of his next steps is to be able to sit down with the russian military. he's assembling a team to do that. they want to have this sitdown as soon as possible, talk to the
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russians about procedures for both side, keeping their pilots safe, what kind of information they need to share, how they can stay out of each other's way while at the at the same time time the state department will pursue the political track to try to get the russians convinced that assad has to go. >> barbara starr at the pentagon, thanks so much. >> sure. >> big campaign news tonight. donald trump speaking with fresh signs he's still packing a polling punch. new numbers from "usa today" showing him pretty out ahead of his gop rivals. sarah murray joins us now from keene, new hampshire where a trump town hall just wrapped up. we were watching it here. trump seed loaded for bear tonight in attack mode. >> reporter: yeah, john, i'm calling it something like a trumptastic mix tonight, going
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after marco rubio and jeb bush, mocking their frenemies attitudes. but trump took on a more serious note. he was in a very crowded gym. he went into detail when he talked about what he would do with isis, his tax plan and the syrian refugee crisis. he said if he wins, he will send all the syrian refugees home, john. >> we saw him with notes laying out of details of his tax plan. >> reporter: you're right. this is not something we usually see from donald trump. he had notes. he talked at length about his tax policy, really digging in to the details here. now, as you might imagine, this is not exactly the thing that gets the crowd roaring but they were here, they are engaged and this was a much more substantive speech than we're used to seeing from donald trump. i was speaking to his campaign staff and he said this is a policy speech, we want to keep
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you guys on your toes but we came here to new hampshire in a place where voters really care about what candidates are going to do about president and we laid out details on tax policy, immigration or even veteran affairs. trump said he will come out with additional policy on how he will deal with the v.a. and long delays we see there. >> and he swore at least twice. we are going to hear some of those word and perhaps one of those swears coming up. we'll also talk to two reporters who spent hours and days recently. you'll hear what he thinks off the stump about his rise in the polls and how long he expects to stay there. and later, was it boasting, a confession or something else? what a leading house republican said about the benz hearing that has spun nearly all of washington into a tizzy and could have pretty big implications for hillary clinto
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donald trump making news in new hampshire sparking controversy not just because we swore but what he said about refugees. more on that and his conversation with don lemon. first, key remarks from donald trump in new hampshire. >> two weeks ago i was making a speech and said i respect women, i cherish women and hilary said we don't want to be cherished, we want to be respected. i said i said that. i think you want to be cherished, too. it's better than respect. it's everything. you want to be respected, loved, cherished, everything. i'm putting the people on notice coming here from syria as part of mass migration, if i win, if i win, they are going back. they are going back. i'm telling you. bush is the mentor of rubio and everybody said rubio will never run because it would be disrespectful to his mentor and i understand that. it's called loyalty. he runs.
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and they ask bush what do you think of rubio? he's my dear friend. he's so wonderful. i love him so much. so they ask rubio, what do you think of bush? oh, he's my dear friend, wonderful. they hate each other. hate. trust me, i know. it's political bull. one of my opponents said the thing about trump that's really hard, he's so damn unpredictable we don't know what the hell he's going to do. i said i want to be unpredictable. i want to be. so when they ask me and so does the patten and so does mcarthur. so does anybody who's smart. what do i want to do with syria. i know.
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i don't want to tell. i don't want them to say trump is going to do this so we'll do this. i want to be unpredictable. >> a lot to talk about there. joining us jeffrey lord, anna navarro, kevin madden. anna is a jeb bush supporter, close friend of marco rubio and kevin is a former campaign aid to romney. we heard donald trump and swore at least twice, hillary clinton imitation and jeb bush imitation and gloating about his poll numbers shows him out in front by at least ten points and ben carson in second place. what do you make of the event tonight? i have to say, you know, we've heard donald trump say things that are controversial but swearing and talking about syrian refugees saying he's going to send them back. >> is that okay? we can use the bull word? i didn't know that and donald trump is by far the greatest bs artist in this race right now.
8:16 pm
this is a vintage donald trump speech. it's this ranting and raving and winging it from one top pick to the next where he just offers not a vision where he wants to take the country but running commentary on the state of the race. look at the polls and at a certain point that's a problem for donald trump should those polls change but if you look at some polls, some of the respond dents when asked to describe him, arrogant, out of touch, crazy. those are not the type of words people use when they are going to select a nominee. look, this speech again last night shows that we are still in the entertainment portion of our program. this is not -- we're not going through the process of voters selecting a nominee. >> jeffrey, let's pick up on that because kevin brought it up. the polls show him in front but
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the same poll with the ten-point lead and asked voters the first word they would use to describe donald trump. let me tell you the first words, idiot, jerk, stupid or dumb, apparently a combination. idiot, jerk, stupid or dumb. he's winning but you don't want to be described like that, do you? >> you know, john, i think that something that happened today illustrates exactly why donald trump is so popular. we had the president of the united states sit down with vladimir putin yesterday and putin never said what he was about to do in terms of sending in the russian air force to bomb the bejeebers out of syria. never said a word. we're finding out today they find out by sending a general to the embassy in baghdad. does anybody seriously believe that vladimir putin would have treated a president donald trump that way?
8:18 pm
>> jeffrey, but jeffrey -- >> i don't think so. >> but voters think he's an idiot, jerk, stupid or dumb. >> they called mitt romney nice but he's not president, is he? >> anna, in between the swears and poll talk he did say any syrian refugee that leaves syria because of the crisis in the country with bombs dropping and god knows what else, if they come to the u.s. when donald trump is president, they are all going home. >> i think what he's doing is expanding on a point that brought him to this place which is hard lined, absolutely no exceptions on immigration. it's what brought him to the limelight to begin with in that speech that he gave in june when he announced for president and said he wants to build a wall, a big, beautiful wall because he's great at building things and can build a beautiful wall and he's going to keep immigrants out and i think that includes syrians. i think he's being very
8:19 pm
consistent with his theme and a theme that worked for him in the past. john, i just wanted to tell you something, there is a lot of cussing in politics, usually not in front of cameras. >> i've been to a few campaign events, and i don't think i've heard of a candidate swear -- except dick cheney. i heard him mutter something. there is breaking news elsewhere, ben carson running second in the polls, his campaign released a fundraising figure for this quarter, $20 million. they brought in $20 million this quarter. that is a lot of money. apparently, i think it's a record for republicans in this specific quarter. what do you make of that? >> yeah, a very impressive number, i think i expect that once we find out where that money came from, they will be able to point to a type of grass roots fundraising success with small donors.
8:20 pm
a lot of ben carson support right now is coming from a lot of evangelicals or others within the party at the grass roots that feel like an outsider like him is the best position to represent the party and help change the party. one of the other thinks i'll be looking for is it costs a lot of money to raise that money. so ben carson may have raised $20 million but did he have to spend 10, 12, $14 million to do that and doesn't have a lot of cash on hand? >> we don't know that. to be clear, the campaign says they are getting a lot of money from small donors. anna navarro, your boss or friend jeb bush will he raise more than $20 million this quarter? >> i have no idea. i will tell you that i also heard that bernie sanders raised something like $24 million. it tells you that outsiders are in vogue right now and yes, we have to see what the cash on hand is and what kind of operation they are building with the money. but ben carson's numbers are impressive because there has been 17 people running in the
8:21 pm
republican field so that one of them is able to get that much money, yes, sir, it's impressive. >> jeffrey lord, anna navarro, kevin madden, thanks so much and thanks for keeping it clean. what does donald trump make of the air strikes in syria? don lemon asked him that today. trump answered by saying they don't respect president obama. we're getting much more of what he said next. (road noise) what's happening here... is not normal, it's extraordinary. 291 people, 350 tons, 186 miles per hour... you're not sure what's on the other side to that time after you land. but momentum pushes you forward. you are a test pilot, breaking through where others broke. this is why you take off. same reason the pioneers before you went in canoes and covered wagons,
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don and donald one on one. cnn tonight's don lemon sat down with donald trump today. first, take a listen to what trump had to say to don lemon when he asked about russia conducting air strikes in syria. >> well, number one, they don't respect our president. they really don't respect us anymore and that's why they are doing this. at the same time, if they want to hit isis, that's okay with me. i'm not going to say we have to do it all. we're like the policemen of the world. >> according to u.s. officials, the areas being hit are not isis strongholds. these are areas propping up assad. >> i'm hearing that and then you
8:26 pm
say to yourself, assad bad guy killed hundreds of thousands of people but wonder what will happen with the other people that we don't know who they are. we always give weapons, give billions of dollars in weapons and they turn them against us. we have no control. we don't know the other people we're supposed to be backing. we don't even know who we're backing. >> don lemon joins now and don, donald trump has run into issues with foreign policy, interview with you today but today he seemed to jump right in. >> he did and gave a couple more specifics but he still relying on listen, i don't want to give it away. people tell me i'm unpredictable and that's what you have to do with foreign policy, you must be unpredictable and cannot let the
8:27 pm
enemy where you're going and pushed back and said but if you're voting for president, right, you need to know the american people need to know where at least they think you're going in this, with foreign policy especially when it comes to what is happening in syria. >> unpredictable and knowledgeable -- >> he said look for specifics to come as he put out his specifics in regards to his taxes. >> he did get to syrian refugees and you pressed to the conflict of syria and what to do with the people suffering and leaving that country. >> i asked him a question and he turned it into that. i asked him about, i said, should there be rules of engagement because you have syria, you've got russia flying there, the u.s. flying there. one false move, right, who knows what can happen. and he said well maybe it would world war iii, but i tell you the people coming from there are going back. listen this. >> a couple of bad moves, maybe not one, couple bad moves, world
8:28 pm
war iii over syria, right? i don't think so. i don't think so. look, if russia wants to go in there, would have been nice if we went in as a unified front to be honest, but if russia wants to go in there and knock out isis and maybe stabilize, this big migration with 200,000 people into the united states and i will tell you, if i win, i'm going to say it right now and i'll say it to you, those 200,000 people, they have to know this and the world will hear it are going back. we're not going to accept 200,000 people that may be isis. when you look at the migration, there are so many men and men that look strong to me, i'm pretty good at analyzing things. where are the women? you see so few women. they look strong and young. number one, why aren't they fighting for their country? number two, what is going on? why are we accepting thousands, i heard a number today, 200,000. that's almost like are they bringing, are these people isis? we have no idea who they are and i'm telling you now, they may come in through the weakness of
8:29 pm
obama, they will not stay. they are going back to syria whether safe zones or whatever but they are going back to syria. >> refugees going back to syria. don lemon stick around. i want to bring in someone that spent a lot of time with donald trump for a new york times magazine cover story with the headline "donald trump is not going anywhere". mark liebovitz is the chief national correspondent. he got to watch trump watch himself on tv a lot. mark joins us now. i want to read you a favorite quote from your story that has to do with something you seen tonight. you saw donald trump is a match
8:30 pm
with this political moment. and tonight, we saw donald trump swear on this stuff, throwing bss around and imitating hillary clinton and jeb bush. is that what this moment calls for? >> specifically swearing, i don't think he'll lose any votes because of that but i think that that is a problem of everything that trump does, which is in someways unpredictable but something that flies very much in the face of normal politics. he has been very, very effective with credibility been able to be opposite anyone whose been in politics and he can say that i'm above the false generalness that marco rubio and jeb bush might engage in when they hate each other, let me tell you, they really hate each other this is part of the message resinating and going to a moment and electret starving for something different. >> a reason it's different is you are pressing on big questions people are asking for months, where is this going? how does this end?
8:31 pm
you kept asking donald trump that. >> yeah, he always always say i have no idea and add profanity. he modified the word idea and i won't tell you the profanity but you can probably guess. i think he is very much making this up, i don't think he knows where he will be one month from now, one week from now and that's part of what is so fascinating about this to watch. there is no precedent. so many people in my business and politics have been wrong about so many steps of the way of this process. he wasn't going to run or file. he filed. he wasn't going to go anywhere in the polls. he almost went immediately to the front and stayed for three months and still to this day is all we're talking about. who knows where it ends. that's the ongoing question and he keeps kind of raising the stakes as he goes along. >> i want to put this to both of you. the first thing that happened after the cnn debate. he looked tired and when he walked off the stage, he commented on how long the debate was and the week following, his poll numbers plateaued and he didn't have it seemed quite as much energy as he had had before. today as i was looking at him in new hampshire, it seemed
8:32 pm
different. don lemon, when you were with him today, was he full of the fight we saw earlier this summer? >> he was and said i hope you run all of that because i think we had a good back and forth and energetic heading to a town hall where we caught up today where you guys showed him today. can i speak about what mark said? i asked him specifically about what mark said. i said do you, did you think you would go this far, be honest with me. we were walking out of the interview talking. he said i thought that i would go this far but i didn't think i would be this popular. i said do you think come this time next year do you think you'll be the nominee? he said i don't know but if i could move the election up now to this point i would and he says he only gets four hours sleep a night because he loves life and he knows people who get 12 and they're miserable. >> four hours sleep a night, doesn't eat particularly well, doesn't exercise, 69 years old. can he keep this up until iowa
8:33 pm
and new hampshire in february? >> unclear. again, this pace and this sort of style has never been attempted before. he's never run for anything before. so i mean, it remains to be seen where his metabolism is built for this. he is very, very different. he's very unabashed with i don't work out and i have friends who work out and have knee replacements and hip replacements and are disasters. there is long unplugged "seinfeld" like moments that were very entertaining but just to be around him at a moment when he's going through this now is pretty amazing. >> he needs this. >> thank you so much -- i'm in favor of exercise and eating right. >> and sleeping. and let them watch all the shows they love,
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the words trump and silence rare l rarely get mentioned together but one trump name has remained largely silent this campaign and that's donald's wife, melania.
8:38 pm
we saw her but since then she's been flying under the radar. donald trump told don lemon that may be about to change. >> we saw her coming down the escalator with you when you made the announcement. will we see more of her. >> very much so. she's very much into the women's health issues and i think she'll be amazing. >> melania trump keeps a low profile but in the current issue of "people" the power couple open up. >> we met in new york 1998. >> reporter: when donald trump laid eyes on his future third bride she refused to give him her number but she tells ""people magazine"" she thought donald had sparkle and eventual called him and the rest is history. "people magazine" interviewed her at the couple's 66th floor penalty house apartment in the trump tower. politics is off the table. i'm not ready to go political yet. she told "people" i'm my own person, i'm not a yes person. when asked about giving donald advice, even if you give him advice, he will maybe take it in but then do it the way he wants
8:39 pm
to do it. this is melania's first interview since her husband declared his candidacy. she's been seen but barely ever heard. donald's daughter announced him. >> my father, donald j. trump. >> melania attended the recent cnn debate but her husband never acknowledged her and mrs. trump was also visibly absent. "people magazine" senior editor that wrote the article said melania had a busy summer traveling with the couple's 9-year-old son barron. barron needs somebody as a parent so i'm with him all the time. the trumps reportedly have a cook but no nanny.
8:40 pm
donald talked to "people" about the challenges. >> running for office has impacted the family in that i just don't have the time that i would love to have to spend with my children and my wife, but it's something they understand how important it is what we're doing. >> melania is a slovenia immigrant. she became a naturalized citizen the year after she married donald trump. her response, i went through a whole long process. it didn't even cross my mind to just stay here. i think people should follow the law. in her free time she enjoys tennis, pilates and fashion. does she imagine herself as first lady, maybe not as clearly as her husband does, acknowledging it's a long road and there are a lot of people cheering for him but she takes
8:41 pm
it day by day. if they reach the white house, she says the secret to a happy marriage is simple, have your own bathroom and your own tv. it's a great relationship she says. randi kaye, cnn new york. coming up, man, are the political put downs flying? jeb bush said donald trump needs to put on his big boy pants and sat down with dana bash. the interview coming up and kevin mccarthy under fire from democrats after he bragged how he believes the house committee investigating benghazi, how it helped bring down hillary clinton's poll numbers. yeah, gim and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep it all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your boysenberry apple scones smell about done. ahh, you're good. i like to bake. add new business services with at&t and get up to $500 in total savings.
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new sharp language on the campaign trail tonight, jab from jeb. jeb bush spent the day campaigning in a town hall that ended a short time ago. a new poll released today shows him in fifth place nationally down at 8%. fair to say probably not where he wants to be or expected to be. his former rival, marco rubio allies back then and now rivals. in an interview today with dana bash, mr. bush took shots at rubio. so, dana, i understand that you had a chance to sit down with him today and also asked about the tax plan, yes? >> reporter: i did and he was
8:46 pm
very interesting when it comes to the tax plan and whole host of issues but on the rubio issue, what is most fascinating and you know this, john, the two were close and apparently still are friends but it is really, really personal that not just donald trump is doing better than jeb bush, marco rubio is. i was surprised how tough he was on his former friend. >> i relied on people like marco rubio and many others to follow my leadership and we moved the needle, led the nation in job growth, reduced the role of government, reformed the things that were broken, took on very powerful interests and won and i could be that disruptor in washington d.c. look, we've had a president who came in and said the same kind of thing, new and improved, hope
8:47 pm
and change and he didn't have the leadership skills to fix things. in fact, he's been the greatest, we need a president who can fix things and i believe i have those skills. >> if you didn't catch that, i'm sure you did, he was clearly comparing marco rubio to barack obama which is the biggest no-no you can do if you're a republican. and it's not just that. here at this town hall earlier, he said people in congress who don't show up for votes should get their pay docked. guess who hasn't showed up for just about more absentee votes than any senator, marco rubio. >> now, dana, donald trump just a short while ago was talking
8:48 pm
about the marco rubio-jeb bush relationship and say they are great friends and trump called it political b.s. except he didn't use the initials there, he said the actual words. what does jeb say about that tonight? >> reporter: you know, it happened while jeb bush was talking so i think hats off to his staff because between his town hall here and i guess ten feet over to where, from where i am, he actually gave a talk to reporters, myself included and i asked about that moment and tried to be a lady about it. he wouldn't let me get away with it but had interesting words for donald trump. watch this. >> i will not answer that question until i hear exactly what he said and the terminology he used. >> we can read it. [ laughter ] >> all right. >> i'm not going to answer it until you -- >> political you know what. >> no, no, you got to say it. if you want me to -- >> he said political bull. >> what's the question?
8:49 pm
i'm not clear. >> between you and marco rubio, it's not a real friendship or relationship you really hate each other? >> first of all, i'm sure marco can put big boy pants on, i know i can and we're friends and i can take criticism, he can, as well. donald seems to have a harder time taking criticism and probably needs to put on his big boy pants, too. he's running for the president of the united states. he ought to take a little income. he's great at the giving it out. but we're close friends and i admire him greatly and it's a little awkward as i've always said he's running for the same spot i am but has every right to do it. and i'm a friend and every debate we have turns out we're going to the same church to pray at noon and i love his family and kids, janette is a great
8:50 pm
person and donald trump has no knowledge about my relationship with marco rubio. >> all right. dana bash, you have a potty mouth. second of all, politically speaking, what are -- >> it was a direct quote. >> on the record right now. what are big boy pants when you speak about politics right now? >> you know, kind of stiffen your spine and suck it up. that's basically it. you got to play in the big leagues, you got to know how to do it and the point he was making there was something donald trump himself admitted. he's got thin skin. he doesn't like to be attacked. he doesn't like to hear criticism of himself and when he does, he hits right back and the point jeb bush was making was you heard in my interview, he said not easy things about marco rubio. they can take it. donald trump should be able to, as well. >> that's as loose as i've seen jeb bush on the trail in some time. dana bash from new hampshire, thank you very much, appreciate it. >> even more election heat and
8:51 pm
burning question did the top republican in line to be speaker of the house admit to using the investigative power of the house for a political hit job on hillary clinton over benghazi? some believe house majority leader kevin mccarthy has done just that. last knight he told sean hannity, "everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? we put together a benghazi special committee. what are her numbers today?" he says no one would have known any of that happened had we not fought. reaction from the clinton camp and leading member of his party. comments from kevin mccarthy, democrats for years and now the chairman of this committee has been working over time to show he's as fair as possible blown out of the water and political exercise. one of many things in washington confirms the obvious, what a lot of people suspected. it draws his leadership into question and undermines the work
8:52 pm
of the benghazi committee. >> really interesting over the last several hours not just democrats talking but republicans, too. called this an inappropriate statement and said on cnn to wolf blitzer. >> he did. jason chaffetz is hardly anything but a conservative republican from utah. he said that kevin mccarthy should apologize for this, should retract his statement. we have to watch this carefully. the house leadership elections
8:53 pm
are october 8th. this could undermine kevin mccarthy but cause democrats to rally around hillary clinton. she is scheduled to testify before the committee on october 22nd. it could be one of the biggest days in her campaign in the fall campaign and now this is all definitely being viewed under a political lens. his own words on it. >> big moment following the bigger moment, cnn debate october 13th. thanks for being with us. appreciate it. new accusations against warren jeffs. two of his many children saying he actually abused them. ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. while you're watching this, i'm hacking your company.
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8:57 pm
in just a few minutes, the premiere of a new season of "this is life with lisa ling." in tonight's episode, lisa spells time with two adult children of jailed, polygamist sect leader warren jeffs. they'll speak out about the abuse they say they suffered. we'll speak to lisa in a moment.
8:58 pm
first, a preview of the episode. >> one of my earliest memories of him sexually abusing me. i was about four or five years old and this is where my dad did it, i remember him telling me you should never do this. then he did it to me. >> it was not an easy endeavor to get them to speak. they are two of warren jeffs' many children, two of four, who have escaped from the flds. >> how many kids do you think your father molested? >> i don't know, sometimes i think ten, 20. i hope it's not more than that. >> lisa ling joins me now and i should say she'll be live tweeting tonight's episode that starts in a few minutes. lisa, these kid haves never spoken about this before publicly. why did they decide to come forward now? >> it's so courageous for them. roy left two years ago and becky less than one. they want to tell a story difficult to talk about but their father controls thousands of people inside the flds and
8:59 pm
desperately want those people and include family members and they want them to know what he did to them before he game prophet, that he had this nature about him before he became the hand of god. >> he may be behind bars but presence still there and i understand they wanted him to see this show. this episode. >> becky called me and said can the prison play this episode because the only person who can change things for the people is warren jeffs. he is the only person who can tell the people inside that he is not the prophet and a fraud. >> will they play it? >> we're not sure. we hope he does. we're not sure. >> quick preview, biker gang? >> next week, the mongols club, the federal government is targeting and after waco, there
9:00 pm
has been heightened surveillance on motorcycle clubs around the country and spend time in a jail in richmond, virginia, that has this incredible fatherhood program and a father-daughter >> if you touch someone, the spirit of god is felt by that person. >> there are few figures in recent american history as notorious as the polygamist leader warren jeffs. >> are you warren jeffs? >> from prison, he still controls the fundamental latter day saints, known as the flds, but walls in zion are starting to come down. in growing number, members of his flock are starting to question and break free.