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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 16, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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didn't fight back. the firefighters made sure jonathan was safe took him home and that is where they learned he was being bullied because his sneakers krweren't cool enough. >> why getting physical with a child just because he's not wearing the latest model shoots. >> so they bought him a nice new pair of sneakers and invited him to the fire company's barbecue. and remember, this is antibullying month. everybody month should be. stand up for what's right and stop what's wrong. >> have a good morning. newsroom starts now. happening now in the newsroom, minutes from now, hillary clinton's top aid meets with investigators on capitol hill. what will she say about benghazi? and what's your bet on biden?
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one of his closest confidants sends a letter saying a decision is coming soon, even outlining the type of campaign biden would run. but what is the veep saying? >> have you made your decision yet? >> plus inside lamar odom's room at the brothel. >> he spent $75,000. and that was his number. what he wanted is two girls, 24 hours a day to take care of any of his needs. >> the nba star's family by his side in a las vegas hospital as loved ones hoped for the best. >> compassionate and friendly and nice. and everybody loves lamar odom. >> let's talk, live in the cnn newsroom. good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. she's hillary clinton's most trusted aid and most visible confidant but next hour she's goes behind closed doors facing
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questions on the benghazi attack. lawmakers believe her special access may provide new insight but aberdeen has drawn scrutiny from the right once that he was tied to muslim extremism. it was an attack so baseless john mccain took to the senate floor to condemn. >> it these allegations about uma aberdeen and the report which which they are drawn are nothing less than unwarranted and unfounded attack on an honorable citizen, a dedicated american and a loyal public servant. >> uma goes back to capitol hill and that is where our senior political reporter manu is live with more. >> reporter: live in about an hour uma will be talking with
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benghazi investigators. it will be transcribed. so we'll have a sense at least internally what she is saying. we'll see if she'll actually talk to us afterwards. and ms. abedin is just the latest clinton aid to testify behind closed doors with this committee. several others have as well. but this is all a prelude to next week when hillary clinton will be talking publicly with this committee, with the benghazi committee about what she knew during, before and after the benghazi attacks. what we're expecting today from ms. abedin is to talk about similarly those instances, what she knew, what hillary knew and how she responded and whether she responded effectively.
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we're not expecting the committee to really dive in deeply into her role with the clinton foundation as can well which has come under scrutiny, particularly from the right. but the committee wants a sense on whether or not hillary responded appropriately. of course as we've seen in the past several weeks, republicans have made comments suggesting that this committee has helped hurt hillary clinton's pole numbers. republicans are treading carefully now and that is something they have to worry about next week two when hillary talks before this committee in a very long hearing, something that could last several hours. republicans want to trip her up but they also don't want to push her too hard. all of this is just foreshadowing a egg much bigger event next week. >> thanks so much. one of joe biden's closest advisors is adding to the intrigue over whether the vice president will enter the race. cnn obtained an e-mail by
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biden's former chief of staff ted kaufman, addressing other former staffers. kaufman says biden is aware the clock is ticking and if he decides to run we'll need each and every one of you, yesterday. this latest flirgs with a possible run comes after biden is talking how to best launch a campaign. >> reporter: finally we have something in black and white that indicates yes the vice president is still considering this run for president. as you said this e-mail to supporters to biden-backers. former biden employees, biden advisors. ted kaufman was chief of staff to vice president biden when widen was in senate. he became a u.s. senator when biden left to become u.s. vice president. and this letter, it says i am confident that the vice president is aware of the practical demands of making a final decision soon. he has been in public and
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political life a long time and has a good grip on the mechanics around this decision. that's the best indication, carol, as you and i and everybody else have been waiting. are we ever going to hear an answer from vice president joe biden? this is an indication that yes, something is coming. and i did talk to a top democratic source yesterday evening who this source said that she had heard from members of vice president biden's inner circle. and that the indication was is that we should have a decision within the next three days. we should add there is a major caveat with that and that is that only joe biden know what is joe biden will do. and he could decide today, he could decide next week. he could decide a month from now. that is what you hear from the vice president's people. but this top democratic source indicated and i think it is because of this conventional wisdom around washington that the window of opportunity is closing that we're duetti duettg close to a decision that seems
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to be imminent. very interesting to hear how it's laid out. the vice president would be talking about lifting up the middle class. how joe would be "joe." in this election cycle of donald trump and ben carson and people shooting in the hip that the vice president is being styled in sort of the same way to this letter to supporters. and of course it is no news flash that joe biden would shoot from the hip. but he would very much sort of fit into the character of this 2016 cycle on the democratic side. and i was just talking to a major biden backer down in south carolina a few minutes ago who said, you know, this vice president is so unlike hillary clinton, it would make for a very interesting contrast heading into the democratic primary season. but of course we need vice president biden to make up his mind. and we want to play some sound real quick. he was pressed yesterday by reporters outside of the vice president's mansion as to whether he's made a decision. it was vintage joe biden. take a look. >> have you made your decision
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yet? >> i can't hear you. >> have you made your decision yet? is there still an opening for you in the race, sir? >> you like that carol? a little bit of a throwback to ronald reagan. what? what? i can't hear you when reporters would shout questions at him. t we'll have to wait and see what happens. >> thank you. be sure to tune in this afternoon for cnn's interview with hillary clinton. that is today on "the lead" with jake tapper at 4:00 eastern. what the donald wants the donald gets. donald trump and ben carson were threatening to boycott the next republican debate robbing the
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forum of its top two candidates. the issue. the length of the debate. and cnn agreed the debate will be two hours, fantastic news for all especially the millions who will be watching. dylan byers has more on this. good morning. >> good morning carol. how are you? >> i'm good. so cnbc, what, broke? >> yeah. basically what happened is donald trump and ben carson and some others in the campaign sort of forced their hand. they all got on conference call earlier this week and campaign managers and spokespeople said look, we're not comfortable with another debate that runs to three hours. and we also want to make sure that we have opening and closing statements. obviously if you are cnbc, the idea of having a two hour debate with opening and closing statements really leaves less than 90 minutes for actual debate between at least ten candidates standing on that
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stage. so obviously it wasn't their first choice. but by the time, you know, within last few hours cnbc did agree to limit the debate to two hours. they have spoken to the rnc. and now with the rnc, the republican national committee, is doing is making phone calls to these campaigns to make sure all of these campaigns are on board with the decision to limit it to two hours. as for the decision regarding opening and closing statements that remains to be determined. >> dylan byers, thanks so much. trump says cnbc caved and biden looks like he just might throw his head into the wring. so it is round table time. joining us our guests. welcome both of you. so john, trump says he won the battle against cnbc. did he? >> look, you know, trump through the trump card and seems to have a gotten cnbc to change the
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rules to fit him and ben carson. it really speaks to the way that he is such an outsized attraction when it comes to ratings that he's got influence over people who run the debates. >> so the debate is now going to last two hours and there are still just as many candidates so it will be even more of a shout fest, won't it? >> yes it will. and to me though, the most telling situation -- or the most telling comment about the republican debate last time around was something the republicaned insider comparing to it tth democratic debate which was a very civilized affair earlier this week, was they said the democrats got an infomercial and republicans have to have the hunger games. and they really feel like they have had to follow the directions of the networks. it is three hours. you can't do this. you can't do that. you can't have notes. you can have water. and candidates are allowed to set some of their own ground rules. and three hours is long for an
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audience and way too long for standing there up. and i feel like it was very smart of them to put their foot down because they had the power to do it. >> yeah and they were all covered in sweat by the end. it was awful. really gross. and the hillary clinton next as a v dub. these campaign posters popped up in san antonio. oh i'm going to cry they're not there. can we talk about them when we don't have them. >> we can try. it is basically the iconography, the shepherd ferry iconography of the president obama last time around. what appears to be a latino -- and it's the couver of her firs book. >> oh there there are. praise jesus they popped up. >> yeah. praise something. there is always appeal of the iconography getting a little too
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big. and with hilly they are going to throw the avita card. >> but i don't know who made these patricia, but obviously some hispanic group made it, right? and it was meant as the compliment. >> oh yeah. >> yes i think so. but obviously a complement. if we're talking about it it didn't go over the way it was planned. when you are complimenting hillary clinton by comparing her to avita that is going hit different people different ways. they are trying to help but sometimes your best friends can be your worst enemies in politics. >> it is really not a decent comparison. let's move on to joe biden. if you are a betting man, how much would you bet?
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>> the fact this comes from kaufman, his former successor in the senate is a big deal. but until biden says it is a go it ain't a go. his team is scrambling essentially to keep the option open. but look, conventional wisdom in washington is a fickle thing. a week ago people were saying biden was bearing down and hillary was dying and after the debate hillary is rising and -- the people on the stage get to determine the time. everything else is just win. >> if you were a betting woman patricia, what would you bet. >> well i am a betting woman, carol. and i kind of feel like maybe he's going to do it. and the reason i say that with absolutely no inside information here is that hillary clinton's candidacy has risen and fallen on every day's head lines. and her momentum seems up one day and down one day. multiple bad things have happened for hillary clinton that nobody envisioned. and so joe biden is going to
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have to divorce himself from that momentum. and ask himself for the last time this his life, this is my last chance. do i want to run for president. it is the best chance i'll ever have. my son wanted me to do it. so that leads me in one direction. it may lead him in another. >> i got to leave it there. thanks both of you. still to come in the newsroom, a holy shrine goes up in flames as the situation continues to deteriorate in israel. is the violence about to get even worse? at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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i want to take you to bethlehem now because disturbing things are happening there. a cnn team witnessed palestinians throwing rocks and molotov cocktails at israeli security forces. they responded with tear gas, live fire and rubber bullets. amid calls of a militant group
6:20 am
for a day of rage. in the meantime a religious shrine was torch eed overnight. the fire broke out at the tomb of joseph. palestinian president mahmoud abbas has condemned the attack. the incident took place just north of jerusalem where there are growing fears that other religious sites town easily targeted. like the site of jesus crucifixion and burial and the tomb of william & mary. ben is in bethlehem now. >> reporter: well deteriorating isn't how i would describe it because it's been deteriorates for some time. these clashes have been going on almost every day for well over a week here. the moment the israelis have brought out this truck that launches about 30 canisters of
6:21 am
tear gas. and that has managed to drive the palestinian demonstrators way back. but before this area in front of me was thick with the black of smoke of burning tires, the white smoke of tear gas, there were molotov cocktails exploding on the ground around that truck. now, we understand that some live fire has been used. that two palestinian youth were wounded as a result we saw as the ambulances took them away. now, this is just one spot in this area that is quite hot today. down in heb ron in the southern west bank. an israeli soldier was patrolling the occupied streets of that city, where he apparently was approached by a palestinian wearing a vest that said "press" and he stabbed him. immediately the israeli troops shot him on the spot. now there's been more unrest in gaza, particularly around the fence that separates gaza from
6:22 am
israel. in that instance we understand a 20-year-old palestinian was shot dead in those protests that are right up on the border with israel. now today of course is yet again, i think it is the third in one week, a day of rage declared by the palestinian factions. and every time that happens, you have these clashes. but in fact you don't even have to declare a day of rage for these clashes to take place. carol. >> ben wedeman reporting live this morning. thank you. other top stories at 22 minutes past. turkish war planes shot down a drone nearyrian border. they opened fire on ton manned vehicle after it entered turkish air space and ignoring three different warnings. russia is denying it was their
6:23 am
aircraft. and in a statement posted on the kremlin's website this morning, putin said hundreds of terrorists and their ammunition sites have been destroyed. putin is in talks with several mideast countries and continuing to try to establish cooperation with turkey and the united states. in southern california, many thorng, stunning images. cars trapped several hours after heavy rain and large hail trigger massive mud slides. crews rescuing stranded drivers. some with small children. the mud so thick. cars submerged, roofs barely visible. >> there is nothing growing in california because there is no water for the farmers to use. and then all of a sudden we get this el nino switch to just really flip on. and this el nino switch has just
6:24 am
rained and rained in the same spots. so here is yesterday right here around palmville, sanity c sant. hail the size of golf balls. i-5 shut down from the grape vim vine to about 138. there are detours but it is still a mess and they don't even expect to start looking at it until about 2:00 because they have to check out the hillside around it to see if they are still stable. flash flood watches all the way from vegas to l.a. and even farther to the northeast of there today. here is what's happening right now. the rain is east of l.a., west of vegas here in the desert. i love rain in the desert. it really makes the flowers grow and things get pretty for a while but could we spread this out for a little bit when we have that drought stricken state
6:25 am
there. >> chad, i'm sorry i could not hear you but i hope our viewers could. thank you chad meyers. still to come. from basketball phenom to fight rg if his life. the late oebs lamar odom's condition next. ♪ so jill, i know the markets have taken a hit lately. mm hmm. just wanted to touch base. how did edward jones come to manage over $800 billion dollars in assets? huh. okay. here's our latest market outlook. two things that i'd like to point out... through face time when you really need it. so that's interesting, you know we had spoken about that before. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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lamar odom's children are now speaking out. his son and daughter seen here releasing this statement. thanks for our outpour of prayers and support for our dad. we appreciate everyone respecting our privacy at this time. we ask for your continued prayers. no updates on his condition have been made public in the last 24 hours. loved ones are staying tight lipped since he was found unresponsive in nevada at a legal brothel. stories about the star are
6:30 am
continuing to pour in. >> i seen lamar a couple of months ago ai was supposed to start training him. and i can't wait till he get better because he owe me a work out. >> lamar is probably wasn't of the greatest and nicest young man i ever met in my life. he would give you the shirt of his back. if he was around good people he could do good things. but if he was around the other element he would just go with the flow. that's who he was. >> well the odom and kardashian families have tried to keep things under wraps here not wanting a lot of information to get out. the last we heard is lamar odom still on a ventilator and still not talking. and khloe kardashian went so far as through her rep as the owner f the brothel to stop speaking to the media.
6:31 am
lamar odom spent a lot of money in what could best be described as the brothel binge. let's listen. >> he spent $75,000 and that was his number. what he wanted is two girls, 24 hours a day, to take care of any of his needs from food, anything in the bedroom. i'll be here a minimum of four day, maximum of five days. i'll give you 75,000. the girls agreed. he put it on a credit card. >> he put -- >> and also we talk with lamar odom's grandmother, florence over the phone and she talked about what a nice young grandson he was. what a fine young man he had become. and she said perhaps the spotlight, perhaps that show had gotten to him, carol. >> reporting live from las vegas. thank you.
6:32 am
if the war in afghanistan seems like it will never end you have reason to believe that. an endless war is exactly what it may become. the president has decided to delay the u.s. troop withdrawal from that company and that sparked immediate reaction from the republican whose hope to skoo secede him in the white house. >> reporter: destabilized that country and he now is recognizing that afghanistan is becoming potentially a haven for isis. >> he understands the security environments deteriorating. he also is trying to keep a campaign promise of ending wars and he split the baby so to speak and it's the worst possible outcome. >> and while jeb bush issued a statement acknowledging he was glad the president reversed his plan he said if president obama is truly committed to fighting terrorism and securing a stable
6:33 am
afghanistan she chould change what our military commanders have said they need to complete the mission. >> i think it is a wise decision to say we're just not going to go running out of there and lose awful of the things that we have invested over the years. >> with me matthew miller, chief policy officer for iraq and veterans of america and lieutenant commander in the navy reserves. welcome. >> good morning carol. >> you recently completed a ten month tour in afghanistan. is president obama right to prolong the withdrawal of u.s. troops? >> well carol what we see is that the civilian population in this country has kind of moved on from afghanistan. they have moved on from iraq. and what we hope will happen with the president's announcement is that he will call attention back to the fact that we are still a nation at war and that now is a time to unite behind our military men and women who have raised their right hand to protect and defend the united states.
6:34 am
>> what's it like for you as an active service member to go back to afghanistan these days? >> well carol, as you said i have been back for about a year from afghanistan. but it was -- afghan people are great and gracious people. but in what our focus is in trying to make sure that the active duty military person, once they come home and they are on the ground with their families that we have a safety net. we have a v.a., a veterans administration that is thinker f their for them. cares for them. meets the needs for p std, meets the need for female veterans, and protects the give bill. >> if you are a the soldier or active duty member and you are told you have to go back to afghanistan these days, don't
6:35 am
quite know what your mission is. how does that feel? >> carol as your initial segment pointed out there are sides parts on the left and right. for a military member the only left or right they have is the man or woman next to them. and their only concern is doing that you are job. making sure that when the light goes on that they are able to perform to the best of their ability and that the platoon leader, platoon sergeant, things like that, they are there to make sure that people come home. and that is all that they are concerned with. just doing the job and coming home. >> the u.s. has spent years training the afghan military. it costs taxpayers $65 million. why do we continue to fail in that area? >> carol i would say that is a larger question you would have to ask the -- the president would have to ask the folks on the ground. our main focus again is making sure the troops have what they
6:36 am
need, that when they come home they are protected -- >> but sir, these troops they work alongside the afghan military. >> well you are correct. but again the bottom line for them is making sure that they perform their job. if their job is to train the afghan military, that they do it to the best of their ability. >> and i think that is admirable. but a part of me says that must be frustrating. >> well carol, you know, the men and women in uniform, it's been a time-honored tradition to talk about things that -- that their national leaders have done. but again, when the light turns o on all that goes aside. there is no concern of partisanship or policy. the only on concern is the person to their left or right and when they come home making sure that we have the safety net for them. >> thanks for being here. >> still to come in the newsroom
6:37 am
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and you can eat even tough food. fixodent. strong more like natural teeth. fixodent and forget it. cnn has obtained video of a disturbing traffic stop death. watch. >> get your hands behind your back. you are under arrest. >> you can't do that. >> get your hands behind your back. >> officer what are you doing? >> get your hands behind your back. >> officer. ow. >> a prosecutor ruled this police officer was justified shooting this unarmed teenage seven times after that altercation.
6:42 am
and now the 17-year-old's family is suing, arguing the officer used excessive force when he killed their son who was pulled over for flashing his headlights. gene casarez is here with more. >> this is very hard to watch this video. really is. and the body cam on the police officer recorded six minutes from the time that he pulled over deven. the victim. it keeps escalating and escalation and escalating. watch this and see what you think. >> driver's license, registration, proof of insurance pleases. i pulled you over because you flashed me. i didn't even have my bright lights on. >> yes you did sir. >> on his way to his girlfriend's house back in february, sergeant jonathan frost pulling him over for flashing his high beams. >> driver's license, registration, proof of insurance please. i did not have them on. >> i -- >> driver's license, registration, proof of insurance
6:43 am
please. >> sergeant frost asks several times for his license. >> am i being obtained? >> guilford begins recording the interaction on his cell phone. >> you can begin to comply with the traffic stop or. >> the officer calls for back up as the situation escalates. >> you do not have your driver's license on your person, correct? >> yes i do. >> you do not have to see it. i cannot see -- you had your brights on sir. i'm not lying to you. i was just doing that to be polite. i didn't want you to have flash someone and have someone go off the road and crash, you know? >> do you realize that if you had complied with this traffic stop it would have gone a whole different way for you. >> tries to make a phone call and orders him out of the car. >> out of the car or you are going to get tased. everything is being recorded, son. i have no problem with that.
6:44 am
get down on the ground. >> oh my gosh, stop yelling at me. >> down on the ground. right here, facing me. down on the ground now. >> what do you mean? >> get on your belly, right now. >> this is what american -- >> put your phone down and put your arms out to your side now. >> sergeant frost kicks guilford's cell phone away. >> are you -- i don't have a web. hey. >> son -- >> you can't do that. >> get your hands behind your back. you are under arrest. >> about 90 seconds br back up arrive, sergeants frost tases guilford but he's too close for it to work properly. roughly 14 seconds later you hear gunshots. [ screaming ] [ gunshots ] sergeant frost says guilford attacked him, hitting him repeatedly with his fists. look at this slow-mo, frame by frame. you can make the scuffle out just a little more clearly.
6:45 am
this body cam video captured sergeant frost at the scene transported to the hospital with these injuries. >> and the officer was cleared of all wrong doing. the prosecutor concluding that frost was acting in self defense. that he reasonably blooefld believed at that moment he could be killed or seriously bodily injured. there was damage to the body camera. it was strewn all around the area. and the med cam examiner finding the wounds from guilford were all from the front, which indicate a struggle. the family saying the officer used excessive force, violated their son's constitutional rights and wrongfully caused his d death. and deven father said he had become so focused on the
6:46 am
internet and shootings and people being pulled over and his father said he was fixated on. >> and you could tell he would not put his cell phone away. and the other question, he was pulled over for flashing his bright lights. i didn't know that was illegal. >> according to michigan law it's illegal to flash your bright lights at on on coming car if you are within 500 feet. >> because it could be dangerous -- >> right. but even if it's illegal. the officer would be -- he could contest it in court. >> disturbing. >> thanks so much. still to come in the newsroom, call it dancing with the devil. a former hostage speaks out on the bizarre behavior of the masked isis killer known as jihadi john. (vo) what does the ? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas.
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6:51 am
didn't think isis could get any more bizarre and sadistic. a hostage says he wasn't only beaten and terrorized, he was forced to dance the tango. his dance partner, the notorious killer known as jihadi john. >> reporter: he may have killed some himself and with each video, he's trash-talked his enemies. >> obama, you keep striking our people so it's only right we
6:52 am
continue to strike the next of your people. >> reporter: now a new and bizarre account of the cruelty handed out by jie hardy john, the masked isis. daniel rye, a danish photographer held by isis are for more than a year, he says, one day, quote, he picked me up and i had to dance the tango, john and i. >> it's not surprising he would have this almost clock work orange sense of sinister humor about torturing and abasing one of his hostages. a lot of the isis trolls on twitter were laughing about this. they think it's hilarious. >> reporter: in an interview with danish tv, right eye was tg with him. he said looking looking him in the eye quoo bring a beating. he was beaten anyway. they threatened to cut my nose
6:53 am
off with pliers and things like that, where i was thinking what the "f". >> a lot of guys who control their hostages are saidists. >> reporter: rye said he was held alongside james foley. rye was released several weeks before foley's execution. rye's family reportedly paid isis a large ransom, which the u.s. government had previously discouraged american families from doing. >> the survivors of hostage families, there's a great deal of resentment they harbor toward the obama administration for simply not talking to isis. either directly or indirectly as many european countries have done. >> reporter: president obama has since changed u.s. policy, agreeing to communicate with terrorist hostage-takers but still no payments. as for jihadi john, either british or u.s. officials will say where he is. >> he's absolutely a high value target. we know the british government
6:54 am
is looking to strike him in a big way because he's done so much damage to u.s. and uk relations. he's also done some terrible things to their own citizens. >> reporter: jihadi john hasn't been seen in a video since january of this year and his fate remains a mystery. there were uncorroborated reports he might have fled from isis. one analyst says his lack of visibility recently might simply because isis might be running out of western hostages to murder. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> still to come in the "newsroom," fantasy sports websites are exploding just about everywhere right now, but in one key state playing them is now against the law.
6:55 am
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6:59 am
>> oh, yeah, can you believe it? it's going to be the mets and the cubs. i feel like i'm living in an alternate universe and wondering still to this day what happened to my detroit tigers. this is just amazing, andy. >> yeah, who would have thunk it at the start of the year, mets and cubs would be playing for a chance at the world series up. know these two fan bases are two of the most tortured fan bases in all of the years. cubs haven't won in 107 years so one of these teams gets a chance of playing in the world series. the mets owe a big thank you to their second baseman, daniel murphy for his performance last night. he basically single-handedly beat the dodgers. he runs to third on this walk because the dodgers simply weren't paying attention. he would score on a sac fly to tie the game 2-2. the very next inning he comes to the plate and will hit a home run off zach grk greinke.
7:00 am
that series gets started on saturday. tonight the alcs gets going. you have the royals and the blue jays. >> i know. even that's kind of weird, right? the royals and the blue jays. wow, i'll be watching, though, because that's kind of awesome. i'm rooting for the royals. why not? let's talk about fantasy baseball, shall we? >> the big news in fantasy sports, we keep talking about these fantasy daily sports sites, in the state of nevada, the home of gambling has banned both of these sites saying whereas the federal government in 2006 put out a niche for fantasy sports saying it was more of a game of skill than gambling. the home of gambling, nevada, says, no, in fact, this is gambling and no longer allowed in the state. they both have to apply for a license if they want to continue to operate. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," minutes from now, hillary clinton's top aide meets with investigates on capitol
7:01 am
hill. what will she say about benghazi? and what's your bet on biden? one of his close confidantes says a letter saying the decision is soon, even outlining the type of campaign he'll run. what is the veep saying? >> have you made a decision soon? >> i can't hear you. inside lamar odom's room at the brothel. >> he spent $75,000. he wanted two girls, 24 hours a day to take care any of his needs. >> the nba star's family by his side in a las vegas hospital as loved ones hope for the best. >> compassionate and friendly and nice. everybody loves lamar odom. >> let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. she's hillary clinton's must trusted aide and moss visible
7:02 am
confidante. but she goes it alone, facing questions from a house panel about the deadly benghazi attack. what did secretary of state know and when did she know it? they believe her special insight might pry more about the tragedy and how it was handled. manu on capitol hill with more. good morning. >> in a matter of minutes she'll be walking behind me in this private setting to talk to republican and democratic investigates on that benghazi committee. each will have an hour to question her about what she knew about that fateful attack in benghazi. maybe two members of congress. this is supposed to be done in private. now, she's one of 54 people interviewed by this committee. that's a fraction of the amount of witnesses who were
7:03 am
interviewed by past contest that have looked into similar type controversies and scandals, the iran contra affair, for example, had 500 people. by a similar point in the investigation, democrats believe republicans have been dragging their feet in the investigation to put it into election season. the clinton campaign is responding to her appearance before the committee. they believe there's a witch hunt. they hope this is not an effort to undermine a strategic effort to leak her appearance and to bring her before the committee in order to shift the focus onto hillary clinton rather than the attacks itself. so, clearly, the battle lines are being drawn to the big event next week, when hillary goes before the benghazi committee in interviews in public, testifies in public and something that will certainly shape the campaign trail over the next several weeks. guys? >> manu raju, thanks.
7:04 am
these are live pictures. i'm going to go back to you. obviously, huma abedin is walking into the room where she'll be interrogated by committee members. >> it looks like she did not stop for questions. we're not expecting her to answer. maybe afterwards she'll make a statement. if we do hear from her, i'm sure they'll contend she didn't know anything about what happened during the benghazi attacks. she was simply what the clinton campaign says, is a scheduler, someone close to hillary, but had nothing to do with the security response to the benghazi attack. she's walking in the room right now. we're expecting this testify to go on for a matter of hours. we'll see how long it does go. she is at least the fourth clinton confidante that's gone behind closed doors to talk to this committee, easterly of those like mills, sullivan, two
7:05 am
high-level clinton aides, and blumenthal was also pressed about what he knew about the benghazi talks. it will be interesting to see what abedin knew about the attacks or whether she distanced herself from what happened that day and the administration's response immediately afterwards. >> thank you much. one of joe biden's closest advisers is adding interest. cnn obtained an e-mail sent by ted coffman addressing other staffers. he says biden is aware the clock is ticking. quote, if he decides to run, we will need each and every one of you yesterday. this latest flirtation as biden personally calls democratic strategists about how to best launch a campaign. jim acosta is here with more now. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning. this e-mail from ted coffman to the vice president's political network is the clearest indication yet that a decision
7:06 am
is coming and, perhaps, coming soon. the message appears to be designed to address concerns among democrats that biden's window is closing. it says to supporters he's aware of the practical demands of making a final decision soon. but it goes on to add what a biden campaign would be about. let's go ahead and put this up on screen. it says -- this is ted coffman talking. if he runs, the message says, he will run because of his burning conviction we need to fundamentally change the balance of our economy and t. those flocking to this race, like donald trump, confidantes promise biden will be biden, unscripted, should he decide to run. biden has been downright cagey about his intentions, considering how he answered the question yesterday.
7:07 am
>> i thought we were going to the joe biden bite again. we don't have that. jim acosta, reporting live from washington. on the republican side, donald trump is claiming vick over to other the cnbc network. trump along with ben carson threatening to boycott the debate if it was more than two hours in late. this morning cnbc agreed to limit the debate to two hours. trump tweeting about his triumph, saying in part that it was fantastic news for all, especially the millions of people who will be watching it. joining me now to talk about this and more, robert zimmerman, a democratic strategist and fund-raiser and supporter of hillary clinton, and amanda carpenter, former communications director for senator ted cruz. thank you for being with me. >> good morning. >> happy to have you here. amanda, let's start with you. donald trump, a big win over cnbc. a good decision by the network? >> i don't like the decision. the two front-runners, donald trump and ben carson were openly seeking to limit debate. they don't want the dynamic in
7:08 am
the race to change, therefore, they want to deprive their opponents of time to take them down. they won. i would like to have seen another hour of the debate, but i understand three hours is a long time. so, it is somewhat reasonable. moreover, i would rather see the people polling 1% and below get out of the race and give the people the time and attention that deserve it. >> i would have to agree with you there. i did like what carly fiorina said, however. she talked about ben carson and trump's stamina. she prefers three hours because, frankly, she has the energy to do it, robert. >> absolutely. very frankly, i would hate to see donald trump and ben carson in the situation room if the meeting lasted longer than two hours, as oftentimes they do. i think it's an interesting commentary on their influence and impact. obviously, they drought ratings. in politics, as in life, those who have the gold -- those who have the gold follow the golden rule and those who get the
7:09 am
ratings dictate the standards. i'd be a bit concerned about that if i were another candidate. >> it's a bit more on trump because trump's son came out and said, amanda, his father should have secret service protection. donald trump said a couple of days ago he should have it, too. he doesn't have secret service protection because he doesn't happen to be a democrat. your thoughts, amanda. >> we did see some clashes at his latest rally. i'm not sure to the warrant of taxpayer secret service protection. we'll get further down the race someone gets the nomination and they really deserve that protection. >>. >> the secret service determines a strat sgi. this is another spin by donald trump. his last great discussion about how he was embattled with el chapo and how he tried to make that into a media event. i think so at one point there has to be some reality check. maybe he needs not just secret
7:10 am
service protection, maybe he needs other type of counseling as well that might be more helpful. >> robert. >> sorry about that. >> let's switch gears and talk joe biden possibly running. if he enters the race, he'll just be another white person running on the democratic side, right? if you take a look at the republican side, some say it's the most diverse in history. >> that is true. there's all this speculation if he's running or not. i think he absolutely is. if you're wondering, ask yourself this question. would joe biden leave public life? if the answer is no, he is absolutely running for president because after this what else is there? there's no immediately viable option. yes, i think he's running. yes, i think it's going to hurt the democratic party with the trifecta of hillary clinton, bernie sanders, joe biden, old washington establishment as it gets. that plays certainly into the republicans' favor. >> it's just plain kind of old, right, robert?
7:11 am
>> you know, first of all, you can never look at hillary clinton and talk about her being the establishment because of what she stands for, her background and who she is. the bigger point, when you talk about diversity, and we hear a lot of discussion about diversity amongst the republican field, yes, they're individuals who are accomplished people who represent diverse backgrounds but they campaign like old, rich white people. i mean, when you think about -- from the 1950s, no less. ben carson, for example, ted cruz, they're advocating to overturn the 14th amendment -- >> you're not saying ben carson isn't a real black person, are you? >> no. i'm saying they're advocating an agenda that doesn't speak to diversity. their agenda to demonize the gay and lesbian community, for example. so, i think the issue is not just your background. the issue is what you stand for and what you believe in. >> the issue will be whether the democrats present a continuation of obama's failed economic and national security policies or we're ready for a stronger,
7:12 am
freer, safer america represented by a republican president in 2016. >> when you move past the talking points and bumper stickers -- >> no talking points here, buddy. >> i have to leave it here. >> robert zimmerman, amanda carpenter, thanks to both of you. tune in this afternoon for cnn's interview with hillary clinton today with jake tapper at 4:00 p.m. eastern. you can catch all the democratic candidates sparring when cnn reairs the debate at 10:00 p.m. eastern. another wave of violence in israel today. is it just getting even worse? we'll take you live to bethlehem next. iflike i love shrimp, come to red lobster's endless shrimp... ...for as much as you want, any way you want it... sweet, buttery, and creamy. like new pineapple habanero coconut shrimp bites... ...and teriyaki grilled shrimp. and yeah, it's endless, but it won't last forever.
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7:17 am
take a look at these new pictures out of bethlehem on the west bank where four palestinian protesters were shot during clashes with israeli security forces. a cnn team says activists were throwing molotov cocktails and rocks. the military responding with tear gas, rubber bullets and then live fire. all of this comes amidcalls by hamas for a day of rage. in the meantime, a religious shrine was torched overnight. officials say that fire broke out at the tomb of joseph, an important figure in the old testament, cherished by orthodox jews. mahmoud abbas has condemned the attack. the incident took place north of jerusalem where there are growing fears other religious sites in the old city could be easily targeted like the site of jesus' crucifixion and burial, along with the tomb of virgin mary. ben wedeman is on the west bank
7:18 am
where the situation is tense. hi, ben. >> reporter: hi, carol. these clashes have been going on now for about five hours. i'm going to step out of the way so you can just get a look at what's going on. what you see in front of you is this truck belonging to the israeli border police. on top it's mounted with something that launched 36 canisters of tear gas. if you hang on long enough, you may see it as it goes forward and fires it down the street where there are several hundred political protesters, shooting rocks, sling shots with marbles, throws improvised explosive devices and molotov cocktails at the police. we saw several protesters hit by live fire. this has really been going on day after day after day for the last two weeks in this location. but it's not the only location where clashes are ongoing. in gaza we understand one
7:19 am
4-year-old palestinian was killed by live fire there at a protest near one of the fences that separates israel from the gaza strip. on previous occasions, there have been attempts to actually get over that fence and inside israel. now you see this jeep going forward. you know, when it fires these tear gas canisters, i have to tell you the air is absolutely completely thick with tear gas. fortunately, we're not on the receiving end. if you are, it's completely disabling. you cannot function if you're in one of those clouds. so, carol, i'm going to be quiet because i think it's about to -- [ gunfire ] >> reporter: there you can see the canisters falling. they spew this thick, white cloud of smoke that really is impossible to breathe in.
7:20 am
nonetheless, this is a means to disperse a crowd. the problem is the crowd disperses and as soon as the gas itself disperses, everybody comes back and it's deja vu all over again, carol. >> so, palestinian factions have declared this a day of rage. what exactly does that mean? >> reporter: basically a call for people to demonstrate, protest in clashes. fy had a dollar for every day of rage i've attended over the last 15 years, i probably wouldn't have to work for cnn anymore. in this instance what they're doing is, these are days of rage in protest against the 40-year-old israeli occupation and protest over the perceived change of the status quo.
7:21 am
there's a whole long list of grievances that one can attribute to the day of rage, but on it goes. carol? >> well, certainly effective because there was a crowd there and after those tear gas canisters were fired into the crowd, nobody there any longer. you're right, they'll be back later. ben wedeman, reporting live. >> reporter: they'll be back. >> they'll be back is what ben is saying. live from beth will he h the we here you see turkish soldiers gathering in the area where the aircraft was reportedly down ignoring three separate warnings to leave turkey's air space. let's head to the pentagon and cnn's barbara starr. >> reporter: russia is dismissing these reports a russian drone was shot down by a turkish warplane over turkish air space. russia saying all of its drones are operating as expected.
7:22 am
so, moscow very much saying this did not happen. to be clear, the pentagon is looking at initial reports, initial intelligence. they are not sharing what that intelligence is. that tells them it was a russian drone. we do not know who was operating that drone in some ground station somewhere at the time. as for the turks, they are saying they shot down an unidentified aircraft, indicating they thought it was a drone, not a manned fighter jet. as always, in this very troubled area, everybody's got a different opinion of exactly what is going on. >> barbara starr reporting live for us this morning. checking some other top stories at 22 minutes past. a 22-year-old man is accused of stealing the personal information of u.s. military members and then giving it to isis. he is being defained in malaysia. officials say he hacked into the computer system of a u.s. company and stole information on
7:23 am
more than 1,000 american service members and federal employees. also this just into cnn. hungary is closing its border with croatia and not allowing any more migrants to come in. hungarian government spokesman telling cnn the border will close tomorrow night at midnight, local time. hundreds of thousands of migrants have fled to europe this year from countries like syria, iraq and afghanistan. still to come in the "newsroom," l.a. drivers trapped in their car as a flash flood leads to dangerous mudslides. what if one piece of kale
7:24 am
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[annouget up to 48 monthsy interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends sunday at sleep train. family of tamir rice will hold a press conference. he was killed by a cleveland police officer in training who miss took a pellet gun for a
7:28 am
handgun. they called the officer's decision reasonable. all of this as attorneys for the victim's mother have some harsh words about the prosecutor. in a new letter they write, quote, the obvious shortcomings of the reports themselves has contributed to make the rice family feel your office is not committed to securing an indictment in this case. it now appears the grand jury presentation will be nothing short of a charade and whitewashing this police killing of a 12-year-old child. cnn's nick valencia has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. less than a week after the prosecutor's office released these two commissioned reports that were both independent which found the shooting death of 12-year-old rice was an objectionably reasonable one, the family is expected to host a press conference. we expect them to adamantly voice their disapproval with the two independent reports. one done by current county prosecutor in the denver area, another done by a former fbi
7:29 am
agent. the attorney for the family called them pro-police hired guns. in a letter they released to the media last night questioned their credibility. part of that letter, i want to read that now. saying the unorthodox if not unprecedented use of expert reports at this stage of the criminal proceeding is all the more troubling because these reports are clearly designed to excull pate the officers. typically biased reports of this type are offered by criminal defense lawyers at trial. here it appears your office has abandoned its obligation to diligently pursue criminal charges against the killer of a 12-year-old boy. they go on to say the county prosecutor in denver was only chosen by the cuyahoga county prosecutor's office after he gave an interview siding with the police officers. as for the former fbi agent who wrote the second report this weekend, they question and discredit, saying in 002 grand jury found selective testimony,
7:30 am
selective facts according to this attorney. we should mention, carol, as well that the family of tamir rice has a pending civil litigation against the city of cleveland. ultimately, all of these facts will be considered by a grand jury. we just don't know when that will happen. carol? >> nick valencia reporting live for us this morning. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the los angeles county fire department having to rescue eight people by helicopter overnight and another four by swift water rescue. amazingly, no injuries to report. but karsz were trapped and stuck for hours after heavy rain and large hail triggered massive mud slides. listen to a driver recount his ordeal.
7:31 am
i apoll gisogize. we don't have that sound. large equipment like that, thaw just saw, was brought in to move the mud. this is just the beginning of a terrible rainy season for california. chad myers joins us with more. good morning. >> good morning, carol. it is el nino season and it is a big one. it may rival 1998-1999 for the amount of rain that can come down. yesterday, right here, northern part of l.a. county is where the rain started and it rained for a couple of hours. and it didn't stop until there was 2 to 3 inches of rainfall in that flood area. even more in the hughes lake area. we're not seeing a lot of pictures out of there. but there was 5 or 6 inches of rainfall there yesterday. and it will rain again today. i-5 is still partially closed up to the north of l.a., across the grapevine. we'll watch that with flood warnings and watches likely again today. the watch is already in effect. the warnings may be coming in because it's going to rain in the same spots. this is what el nino is going to be like. this is what we're going to expect for the next months on
7:32 am
end. low pressure systems in california, not as many in northern california, washington or oregon. california needs the rain. just don't need it all at once. what happened here? this was rain that came in across l.a. county. l.a. county goes up into the mountains. as the moisture came up to l.a. it came up toward grapevine. that's where the heaviest rain was. 4 to 6 inches of rainfall that came down yesterday and more today. we'll keel watching it for you, carol. >> thanks. still to come in the "newsroom" -- a fight for his life. cnn goes in the room where lamar odom was found unconscious.
7:33 am
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7:37 am
lamar odom remains in a fight for his life this morning. family and loved ones are staying tight-lipd on his condition since he was found unresponsive at a legal broth willing brothbrothel in nevada. not quiet, dennis hof, the love ranch owner, who was on nancy grace last night. >> what is this business about him spending $75,000 in, what, three days? >> he spent $75,000 and that was his number, what he wanted, is two girls, 24 hours a day to take care of any of his needs from food, anything in the bedroom, i'll be here a minimum of four days, maximum of five days, i'll give you $75,000. the girls agreed to it.
7:38 am
he put it on a credit card. >> he put $75,000 on a credit card. did i understand? >> correct. >> that's $25,000 a day for three days. >> well, four or five days. >> i didn't take math in law school. well, hold on. $75,000 for what? >> well, for 24 hours a day for two girls, and he said, i'll be there a minimum of four days, a maximum of five days. so it's $15,000 a day, two girls. >> i'm not going to get into exactly what all that entails. >> i appreciate that, nancy. also this morning, stunning new insight into the final days before lamar odom collapsed. cnn cameras were invited inside that crystal, nevada, love ranch inside the bedroom where odom was found unk. more now from randi kaye. >> reporter: the love ranch in crystal, nevada, is about a 90-minute drive from las vegas.
7:39 am
t.j. moore is the general manager and was one of the people who tried to save lamar odom. so, this is the bedroom where la more odom would have been staying? >> this is the bedroom where he stayed. >> reporter: he took us into the v.i.p. suite, the owner's suite reserved for special guest. the rate is $10 grand per night. odom spent about $75,000 here before they found him unconscious. how de look to you? >> he was on his back. he had foam coming out of his mouth and a little blood coming out of his nose. and i got him rolled over on his right side and he did have a bunch of fluid come out of his mouth. but i knew from previous experience that i had to get him on his side. >> reporter: so he would have been -- was he on this side of the bed or that side? >> he was on this side of the bed. and i was letting him know it was t.j. >> reporter: t.j. had driven odom to the ranch on saturday. what did you guys talk about?
7:40 am
>> about everything. about a brothel. we talked -- he told me about his life, told me about a lot of the sadness, losing his mom at an early age, being raised by his grandmother. we talked about baseball, because i'm a baseball fan. >> reporter: how was his demeanor? >> he was relaxed. he was very comfortable. i was really surprised because he was so easy to talk to. it felt like -- it felt like i had known him for a long time. >> reporter: t.j. says odom told her he wanted to have some fun. that fun, he says, included taking sexual enhancement supplements, sold here in this souvenir case. is this where you would also sell -- the ranch sells herbal viagra. >> yes. and they were actually good until 2016 and '17, but i have pulled them from the case. >> reporter: turns out cnn has learned it is neither herbal or viagra. back in his vip suite, odom
7:41 am
picked out the women he wanted. most people you don't do the lineup in the actual suite but for him you did the lineup in here. >> for him, that was his preference. >> reporter: he requested that? >> yes. >> reporter: he sat on the couch and -- >> he sat on the couch and the ladies lined up here in front of him. i introduced the ladies. i said, this is lamar, ladies, please introduce yourself. >> reporter: t.j. says odom hung out in his suite with two women he chose and also in the love ranch's bar, where t.j. says he played youtube videos and talked. some time after leaving that bar, lamar odom collapsed in his room. randi kaye, cnn, crystal, nevada. still to xom in the "newsroom," the feds say a frequent fox news guest is a phoney. why he's facing the possibility of decades behind bars. diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady,
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are the names, addresses and phone numbers of more than 1,000 u.s. service members and federal employees in the hands of isis? authorities arrested a 20-year-old hacker who they accuse of not only stealing all of that sensitive information, but then handing it over to the terror group. cnn justice correspondent evan perez live in washington with more. good morning, evan. >> reporter: good morning, carol. the justice department is calling this case a first of its kind. that's because it brings together cyber crime and terrorism charges. a citizen of kosovo and living in malaysia. the fbi says he gathered the personal data of 1300 u.s. military members and passed it to isis terrorists, including home addresses, photos, phone
7:47 am
numbers and e-mail addresses. ferizi used this twitter handle, called the director. the fbi says he regularly communicated with isis members and was offering his computer expertise to them. among those he passed information to was this man, hussein, an isis hacker and propagandaist, who was killed in i u.s. air strike in august and hussein and other members of the so-called cyber caliphate posted some of the military members' information on the internet. they called it a kill list. malaysian police say they arrested ferizi about a month ago, after being alerted by the fbi. the u.s. will seek his extradition back to this area. >> evan perez reporting live for us this morning. thank you. to texas where flames are threatening more than 150 homes. a state of disaster has been declared in one county as a wildfire rages. the hidden pines fire now burning 4400 acres. 38 structures have been destroyed, most homes.
7:48 am
400 families have been evacuated as a precaution. the fire now 25% contained. the french train here now recovering at home following last week's stabbing attack. the hospital where he was being treated releasing these pictures of stone with his doctors and nurses. you might remember the 23-year-old was left in critical condition after being stabbed outside a sacramento bar. just months earlier he was hailed a hero for this warting a gunman on a paris-bound train. it's an historic day as us airways makes its final flight, two years after merging with american airlines. at the top of the hour, flight 1939 will depart from philadelphia, making stops in charlotte, phoenix and san francisco before landing back in philly. the stops represent major us airways hubs and former headquarters and the flight's name is nostalgic as well. 1939 is the year the company first began operating. for those of you who watch fox news, wayne simmons was a
7:49 am
familiar face. a guest who offered insight into the workings of the cia. all that changed yesterday when he was arrested and his ties to the cia questioned. for more on this story, brian steltzer joins me. >> good morning. this is a shocking story and cuts to the heart of what we do here on tv about credibility. when you're on tv, it confers credibility and legitimacy. wayne simmons was a familiar face on fox. often talking about a former cia operative. on air he's introduced aa former cia analyst or former cia operative. the government says he was making it all up. the charges came down yesterday. he was indicted by a federal grand jury and arrested yesterday, accused of falsely claiming he worked for the cia for 27 years, 1973 to 2000. he used that to get a government security clearance, which he did, and worked as a defense contractor, che did. which raises governments for the federal government why he was
7:50 am
able to pass that. there were some questions over the years, the cia would get calls, checking out this man's credibility. but it's sort of a tough situation because they oftentimes won't confirm someone actually worked for the cia. so, he was able to use this credential, which the government says said he made up, to talk on fox, talk about terrorism, be an analyst. he hasn't commented. we've heard from fox. fox news says he was never paid as a contributor. he was never on the payroll of fox so they're declining to comment. this is a big red flag not just for fox but television in general. the people we choose to book on television, the people you and i sit and talk with on television. it's a reminder we have to vet these people, check them out. doesn't mean mistakes don't happen. but because this man appeared on fox so many times, it's definitely kay cautionary tale. >> not only did he appear on fox many times, he said questionable things which should have sent up red flags. >> back in january he talked about how he alleged there were
7:51 am
19 muslim terrorist training camps in the united states. islamic training camps for terrorism. that was widely debunked. there wasn't proof of that. because he it said and because the banner on the bottom of the screen there said former cia operative, it's the kind of thing that can be believed by people, taken seriously, can get attention. >> if you're a news organization, don't you say, that sounds kind of fishy, maybe we better check things out. did he appear after? >> you're right about that. de make several other appearances on tv and radio on fox programs since january. he appeared on the network off and on for over a decade. not a regular guest but a recurring guest. a familiar face to viewers. although it involves fox, it involves television more broadly. the guests we put on tv are legitimate, accurately describing their credentials. nonetheless, it's the jobs of the producers, journalists and anchors to be sure we're talking to the people we think we're talking to. crazy story. >> brian steltzer, thank you so
7:52 am
much. we all know ellen moves like jagger. ♪ ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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quick check of top stories. 56 minutes past. the u.s. now expected to hit the debt ceiling on november 3rd, two days earlier than it anticipated. so says treasury secretary jack lew. would likely happen later in the first half of november. showtime's hit series "homeland" hacked. arabic street artists were to give it an air of authenticity. but they spray painted the background critical of the show. they slipped in slogans like homeland is racist.
7:57 am
it's a joke. somebody from the show finally caught it. actually, a member of the audience did. the show's producer says he regrets not catching it, but has to admire the act of, quote, artistic sabotage. from celebrities from politicians f you're appearing on "the ellen" show, one thing for sure is you're going to shake your groove thing. who had the best boogie down? here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: first he loosened up backstage and then 74-year-old bernie sanders made his entrance on "ellen" to the beat of "disco inferno". ♪ burn baby burn >> reporter: we don't know if bernie had a burning desire to dance but he did it in "new york" magazine called trial by dancing, encouraged by ellen. barack obama did it back when he was first running for president. ♪ >> reporter: michelle obama has done it. ♪ >> reporter: she's done it not
7:58 am
once, not twice, but three times. ♪ >> reporter: ellen even sells a cd called "i'm going to make you dance jamz." she's made cnn's wolf blitzer dance. but occasionally there is someone who is able to resist the siren call of ellen. john mccain opted to walk rather than dance onstage. so did joe biden, the vice president even whispered in ellen's ear -- and though hillary clinton resisted any impulse to boogie down back in 2007, last month ellen managed to lure her into learning the whip nae nae during a commercial break. politicians are becoming more like the movie stars we expect to dance. though ellen had to use a $20,000 check for charity to seduce matt damon into the whip
7:59 am
nae nae. >> that's all i know. >> reporter: when ellen asked bernie sanders what song he would sing to in a karaoke bar, he chose "staying alive." we don't have polling data to find out if public dancing keeps a candidate's campaign staying alive. ♪ staying alive >> reporter: jeanne moos, new york. a check back on capitol hill to what's happening there live right now. just about 45 minutes ago huma abedin, a top hillary clinton associate, entered through that door. you'll see her soon, i think. she's already inside, right? is she already inside? she's inside. she's now being interrogated by committee members and they're trying to figure out what exactly went down in benghazi and what hillary clinton knew and when she knew it. there you see huma abedin earlier this morning walking into that room. the testimony has been going on for just about 45 minutes.
8:00 am
thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts right now. if you are a close friend of joe biden, you might have received an e-mail overnight with big news about a presidential run, countdown to decision day. it's on. happening now, parts of bethlehem up in flames. young palestinians facing off with troops. the violence claiming dozens of lives in the past week. and a routine traffic stop turns deadly. stunning video that raises new questions about both players involved. mi'm john berman. kate bolduan is off. e-mails and phone calls and flares, oh, my. flaming signals from biden world that


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