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tv   Wolf  CNN  October 21, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- hello, i'm wolf blitzer and wherever you are watching from around the world, thanks for joining us. we begin with breaking news. the vice president of the united states joe biden announcing just moments ago he will not, repeat, not be running for president of the united states. he ended weeks of speculation with the surprise news conference, statement at the white house rose garden explain nag the loss of his son beau had factored into the decision.
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>> my family has suffered loss, and i hope that there would come a time, and i have said it to many other families that sooner rather than later when you are thinking of your loved one, it brings a smile to your lips before it brings a tear to your eyes. well, that's where the bidens are now today. thank god. beau was our inspiration. unfortunately, i believe that we are out of time. the time necessary to mount a wing campaign for the nomination. but while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. i intend to speak out clearly and forcefully to influence as much as i can where we stand as a party and where we need to go as a nation. >> lt's bring in the senior white house correspondent jim acosta on the north side of the
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lawn of the white house, and the timing of the announcement, and we were all expecting the announcement to dday or tomorro or in the coming days, but a lot of people were surprised, jim, that he decided not the to run. >> well, that is right, wolf. all indications heading into last weekend, and early this week were all pointing to us the direction that vice president joe biden might run for president, that he was going to run for president. i can tell you that as of late last week, i talked to a couple of the democratic sources who said that he is going to be making a decision within 72 hours, and apparently, that is the time frame in which he made that decision. and then late last week and early this week, we had conversations with harold shaveburger who is the head of the national firefighters union, and he said that the vice president was revved up in the their conversations, and that he was very much considering this, and definitely leaning in that direction, but i will tell you
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that i have talked to harold shapeberger this morning, and i can tell you that by listening to the voice that things were not so quite set in stone, and that the vice president was having second thoughts about that, and the union was p preparing for a possible candidacy and now we know it is not going to be coming. and what vice president did is to look at reality in the face, and realized that hillary clinton was way out in front in terms of the fund-raising, organizing, racking up the endorsements, and she has basically the democratic party behind her with the exception of the progressive base that is backinger bernie sanders, and there is no avenue for joe biden to pursue to get close to the nomination. and i can say that talking to people here in the white house that there are so many people here that are so heavily vested in hillary clinton's campaign and top former staffers who went to work for hillary clinton and they also did not see a path to the nomination for joe biden, and even though he wanted to run
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and feeling it in his heart, i think that he finally came to the realization that it was not going to happen, and so he had to come tout get the statement today. and quite extraordinarily, because i peeked out into the rose garden coming out of the pen and pad session, and it was not on the schedule, a nd then e saw dr. jill biden coming in, and his adviser ted kaufman. thank you, jim. i want to bring in jake tapper and also gloria borger and brianna keilar. this is clear ly a difficult decision for the vice president, jake. it is not an e easy decision. i think that the instinct was to go for it, but practically speaking, he, himself, acknowledged that unfortunately, he thought that he was out of time. >> it is very clear that he thinks that he would be the best president of everyone running. there is really no reason for him to take these kind of the
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dings that hillary clinton is saying at the democratic debate that she is proudest of the enemies that are republicans, which he did again today, and he did it again today. >> fourth time. >> and no reason for him the to do that other than to contrast himself. he feels in the gut that he'd be a better president than hillary clinton or any of the other nominees and certainly more than any of the other republicans, and clinton values not as good as biden values, and clinton is divisive and yet he is, and there is no path for him to the nomination. in the cnn poll with biden tested, and joe biden the president with 18% and then without him, she is going to soar up, and he was not going to be a factor, and you have to
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give krcredit to hillary clinto because she knew that he would be the biggest threat, and so she got in early and locked up the endorsements, and signalling that she was going to be running for president, and when he says that it is no timek an si not like if he had announced a month or two months ago that there would have been time, and publicly very polite talking about the vice president and the needs as a grieving father, but also outmaneuvering in other way ways ahead of the democratic party elders telling me that the reason that hillary clinton came out in favor of the trade deal that she supported as secretary of state, had knot doing with bernie sanders, but outmaneuvering joe biden who had a strong relationship to labor and she didn't want to give him the labor path to the nomination. >> and the decision, gloria, is going to help hillary clinton more than bernie sanders. >> as jake points out, without biden, she is up 11 points. and in listening to joe biden today, it is like an
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announcement speech without the candidate. it is almost as if he was announcing, but saying, sorry, the window is closed for me, because he is pragmatic, and he knows what it takes to run and don't forget he has run twice before and lost. >> one of those times to hillary clinton. >> one of those times to her. >> you know, it is clear to me in looking at the the man in full as we say, this is a man in early 70s who spent his entire life and found his purpose in life as he said today in public life. he had intended to live through his son who was in public life, and then his son passed awayt a young age, 46, and it is not the way that joe biden thought that life was going to be, and so, he thought momentarily or for a month about taking that torch and running with it himself. and in the end, he decided not the to do it, a n he was getting the conflicting advice as we all know sitting around this table,
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some of the close aides wanted to do it and some of the close aides didn't, and the others were like, if you want to do it, we will be with you, and so it is tough, very tough. >> and brianna, when asked if he would like to run or not run, and 30% had no opinion, and 31%, he is a practical politician, joe biden and senator for decades and now the vice president for almost seven years, and he reads the polls just like all politicians do. >> yes, and the recent polls show that there was a lack of demand and more people thought that more polls for lean democrats thought that he should run than shouldn't run, but this is, i think, pardon of me, a culmination of a couple of blows that biden was dealt obviously on the personal side with the death of beau biden in may, but going back to january of 2014 when priorities usa, the big donor, superpac, was aligned
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with president obama in the 2012 election made it clear it was going to back hillary clinton, should she decide and then you saw old obama hands coming over including jim massena, and this is the arrow that stung so much, jim massena, president obama's campaign manager coming over to this pac and it is seen as the sign that hillary clinton and not joe biden had been annoyanced as the caretaker of president obama's legacy. what was fascinating for the way that the vice president addressed it in a way that he said that the candidate needs to run on president obama's legacy, and so when we have been sort of trying to read the tea leaves in what he had been saying in the last couple of days, and dinging hillary clinton, and he put it in context today when he said that he wants to influence, and that he wants this to be about a candidate that is inclusive and
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not divisive as you mentioned and someone who is not going to distance themselves too much from the obama record. >> that is another way that hillary clinton has been wise, because she has embraced in terms of boxing out any path for joe biden, she has embraced obama y, and i will have to say that what is the group that joe biden in political lore appeals to? it is the white working class vo voters and that is what we heard, joe from scranton and appeals to the white working class voters, and hillary clinton also reaches out the white working class voters, so i don't know where his support was going to come from? >> and the speech today, it was not an endorsement of hillary clinton by the way. he continued with the same themes that he has been talking about for the last few days, and he didn't, you know, come out and say, well, we are all for hillaryingk. >> -- hillary clinton. >> and he is not going to do it in a few days and the 5ids will presumably will as well.
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stand by. and in the rose garden remarks, the vice president harkened back to the beginnings and the desire to be anything that he wanted. >> to be anything that we wanted to be, and to do anything, anything that we want, and that what we were both taught. that is what the president was taught. it was real. that is what i grew up believing. and you know, it has always been true in this country. and if we ever lose that, we have lost something very special. le we will have lost the very soul of this country. >> and let's bring in the senior political commentator david axelrod, former adviser to president obama, and david, at some point it sets the stage down the road and maybe not the next few days or weeks, but the president and vice president sending out the message they would like to see the former
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secretary of state hillary clinton capturing the presidential nomination, and is that your assumption as well? >> well, look, i think that first of all i think that the president has sent some strong signals of friendship to secretary clinton before this, ab one of the things, and they may have been more robust had biden not been contemplating a candidacy. i don't know that either of them are going to be rush iing to endorse a candidate and i'm not sure thoo secretary clinton need needs that. it seems to me that she is in a good position right now to seize control of this race, and they have time to officially enter. it seems pretty clear from the vice president's remarks from yesterday and today, he is not racing out the door to make an endorsement, and he is content to poke and prod and play that kind of role within the party as
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these months go on. >> and he certainly did once again mentioning the fact that republicans are the opposition. they are not our enemies. those are his words, and not our enemies and hillary clinton at the debate the other day asked who she was proud to have as enemies and she said iranians and mentioned republicans, and it is a sensitive subject right now. what if any, the timing of the vice president's announcement today going into the rose garden and the timing coming a day before hillary clinton testifies before the ben gghazi select committee. do you see any connection there? >> well, i don't think that there are two things that were coming up that probably prompted an announcement today. one is that he didn't want to appear to be reacting to whether or not she had a good or bad performance at the benghazi committ committee, and he did not want to be seen as making a decision that was dependent on something that hillary clinton did. the second thing is that there is an important event coming up
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in iowa the jefferson jackson dinner where the candidates speak in the arena without a prompter and make the case to the voters, and it is must-do in iowa. if you are a candidate, you have to be there and he wanted to make the intentions clear before then so there is not pressure for him to come there. and so there were reasons for him to do it. honest honestly the string had run out o. his strategy was partly predicated on the notion that he could overtake hillary clinton in south carolina and that is what some of the folks were telling people, and just the other day, congressman clyburn who is a very powerful voice in the d democratic politics in south carolina, and african-american leader in south carolina urgeled the vice president not to run. and that is a signal that the south carolina strategy was wanting, so there were all kinds of things mounting up that added up to what everyone has been saying which is that it is just not there for him.
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my thought though is that there was a moment in the campaign in the summer when hillary clinton seemed to be reeling, and there was a lot of discontent among the democrats when there was a market for the potential alternative and there was something within the vice president that kept him from leaping in, and at that point, and my judgment was that ultimately he never was going to run, and that he was going to play out the string, and it is very hard for the guy who has aspired for the presidency almost his entire adult life it is over and done and my public career is going to be ending in 15 months, and he wanted the play the string out as long as he could, but his time was earlier in this campaign not now. >> good point, david axelrod. thank you very much. ahead, much more on the breaking news here that the vice president of the united states joe biden deciding not the run for president. we will talk much more about this and the political commentators will talk about
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we intend to spend the next 15 months fighting for what we have always cared about. what my family has always cared about. with every ounce of our being, and working alongside the president and members of congress, and our future nominee. i am absolutely certain we are fully capable of accomplishing extraordinary things. we can do this. we are following the breaking news here on cnn that the vice president of the united states joe biden has made his e decision on the 2016 presidential race saying he is out of time and he is not going to be seeking the democratic presidential nomination. another democratic presidential contender bernie sanders says that joe biden a good friend has made a decision that he feels is best for himself, and his family
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and i thank the vice president for his life of public nation, and for all he has done for our nation. that is are from bernie sanders. the fallout from the vice president's decision, and our cnn political commentators donna brazile and s.e. cup. donna, you been watching like the rest of us, and i was convinced that he was going to run, but you were wondering would he or wouldn't he, and were you surprise ed d by the t decision today? >> no, i was not surprised. look, this is a great american, and he is someone who i believe took all of the information and listened to everybody, including his own heart, and came to the conclusion that, while the door was closing, the window was still open. look, joe biden is a good strong american. he could have run. he could have run, and he could have made it a more interesting race, and i don't know if he would have run in the long term, but he would have been a competitive person, because joe biden is a man of ideas who believes that the middle-class needs a champion, and he has a record of public service that i
10:22 am
think that would have given him the ability to attract the support that he needed, but that said, you know what? joe biden is going to be around for a long, long time and he is going to be making a difference and not only that the next president of the united states is a democrat, but he is going to be around a long time to continue to fight for the causes that he deeply believes in. >> and our most recent poll shows that it is good news for hillary clinton, and she goes up by 11 points nationally among democrats. with biden running, she was 45% to bernie sanders 25%, and without biden she goes up to 56% and he goes from 29% to 33%. so this is going to be welcomed news for the hillary clinton campaign. >> well, yes and no, and it makes thing ss a little clean f her, but there is some debt ri mouse left after his decision not to run. the three months that he thought about it public ly, and got sor of a lot of the democratic voters excited about the prospect and sort of said, no,
10:23 am
sorry, it is not for me right now, and there are plenty of democrats who are not satisfied with the current field and they want somebodiles to step in. maybe they love bernie sanders, but they don't find him electable or they don't believe that hillary clinton is trustworthy and looking for somebody else. without joe, you will be hearing the storyline follow hillary around for a while, and that is not good for her ultimately. >> i disagree, because the voters are excited about the candidates who are running, and perhaps they want more debates, but we are democrats, and we like to talk a lot. we are sad that donald trump is taking up all of the air time. and i want to go back to joe biden, because i have known him for a long time and i will not forget in the summer of 1987 when joe biden asked me to help him with the campaign and he is a man of principle, and he knows what is at stake here in the country, and for this man to devote his time working on issues with president obama this is a man that we should say
10:24 am
today, thank you, joe, we need you, and stay involve and he is going to make an impact, thank god. >> and this is a presidential speech without a actual presidential run behind it. >> and yes. he could have give even if he decided to run. >> and this is the legacy, and this is what i want you to think of me or to hillary clinton and bernie sanders, these are the messages that i want you to hear when you are on the campaign trail, and this is what you should be saying and this is how you should be appeal ing ing to voter, and maybe it is a combination, but it was not certainly a sorry, guys, i won't run and thank you for giving me this time. this is is a moment that he wanted. >> and it is not just for the presidential candidates, and i think that joe biden was talking to the democrats who in 2014 ran away from the administration and 67 consecutive months of consecutive job growth, and all of the things that the president
10:25 am
is doing on climate change and criminal justice reform, and the message today of joe biden if you want a fight in 2016, you beter fight for what we have ak can come plished and keep going. >> and also, if you don't want to be losing the blue collar older men, you have to appeal to the guys in scranton and you have to appeal to the guys in there who want to tell the kids "it is going to be all right, honey." and he does not want the abandon that simply because he is not running. >> and to continue the breaking news, vice president joe biden just announcing over in the rose garden that he is not going to be souking the democratic presidential nomination with his wife and the president with him in the rose garden. and we have a tweet here. he is a great man and always inspired by the optimism and commitment to sign the world for the better which is signed h as
10:26 am
opposed to one of the staffers tweeting it. that is is the immediate a reaction from hillary clinton on twitter. he said that while he is not going to be seeking the democratic nomination, he said that he will not be silent. and so we will talk to someone who knows him well and what to expect in the weeks and months ahead. ay? we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. after the deliveries, i was ok. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? for my pain, i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. the possibility of a flare swas almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid,
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welcome back. we are following the breaking news that the vice president joe biden announcing a little while ago that he is not going to seek the demt krat ic presidential nomination, and this is after months of speculation, and he made the announcement in the rose garden with the president of the united states alongside him and his wife jill biden standing alongside as well.
10:31 am
the reaction is pouring in. donald trump tweeting, quote, i think that joe biden made the correct position for him and his family, and personally, i would rather run against hillary, because her record is so bad. >> and reince priebus says that the vice president's decision not to en the ter the rater the to be a ploe to the democratic party, who will almost certainly be saddled with their unpopular and scandal plagued frontrunner hillary clinton. and priebus concluding with this, with each reflation about the growing e-mail scandal or the growing conflicts at the state department, hillary clinton is getting more beatable by the day. and let's bring in someone who has worked closely with vice president biden, and joining us luis navarro who was her
10:32 am
campaign manager in 2008 when he was seeking the presidential nomination. and than you fk you for joining. did you think that he would make this decision? >> i was not sure, but i knew that he would make the decision best for what was best for his family and the country and the party. >> and he said that he didn't have a pathway that was too late to win the nomination, because it was so late in the process. he said that the family was ready for it, and he had gotten past that, but he didn't feel like he could win. >> well, due diligence and the staff in the dnc, and talking to the head of the firefighters union and this is a function of of the process that he went through in terms of trying to assess what the pathway was to nomination, and clearly he made the decision that the time and window had closed. >> so many people who had spoken to him over the past few weeks, they came to the conclusion that he would seek the democratic nomination, and so this must have been very painful decision for him, and it is also made
10:33 am
relatively late, right? >> i would also say that a lot of people came away from the n conversations, hearing what they wanted to hear, and so p the vice president said that i am thinking about it, and while i'm looking into it, the people who wanted him to do that might have inferred that he is absolute areally doing it in part because that is what they wanted. >> people were hired to work on the campaign, and people were moving to washington and elsewhere to start working on the biden campaign, and they are going to be deeply disappointed now with this decision. >> as with any situation, i don't know how the process went in terms of hiring, but in my case i did not take my job until i met with then senator biden and so it all depends if i had been in their situation, i think they would have asked for that to have my own sense of mind. >> he did not do well the first two times he ran for president, and i remember covering the effort in 2007 and 2008 and i moderated at several of the
10:34 am
democratic presidential debates, and he did very well. >> absolutely. >> and he did not translate that to into votes and do well in iowa, and i guess that he realized that he would not get the nomination. >> but then those debates elevated him to the point of vice president of the united states, and had he participated in the debates, he would have performed well, and given the unpredictability of the election city, who knows what might have been possible. >> but after eight years in line, behind the president of the united states, he probably felt that he was next in line. >> well, there is a difference of what happened in the beginning tof yea-- begin og ofe year, and the tragedy that befell the family. >> yes, the representative from
10:35 am
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after repeatedly saying no, not interested, don't want it, the congressman paul ryan is now finally signalling to the the fellow republicans that he is after all going to run for the speaker of the house, but he has conditions that have to be met or he won't do it. last night he told the republican colleagues that he wants a promise that the reps in the house of representatives are will reunite behind him including those in the freedom caucus who helped to force out john boehner and he set a
10:40 am
deadline for them to agree, and that is this friday. >> i thought that last night went very well, and hopefully by the end of the week, we will have a nominee. >> and what do you believe -- >> don't know. >> ryan by the way is scheduled to meet with the house freedom caucus at 4:00 p.m. eastern and meantime, the republicans are going to vote for their nominee one week from today on october 28th, and then it goes to the full house for the vote the following day. we will see what paul ryan and the other republicans have to decide. the other big story in washington is tomorrow's testimony behind former secretary of state hillary clinton who will be testifying before a select committee in congress. >> thank you for coming here. >> great to be here, wolf. >> trey gowdy says so much more to the investigation than the e-mails, and important leads to
10:41 am
follow outside of the e-mails, and what specifically are you looking for tomorrow from hillary clinton that we have not heard yet? >> there will be many lines of questions that i think that the secretary has not been asked about in previous congressional investigations. i'm particularly focused on the security incidents, and the posture of the state department with respect to the security requests. we have learned through e-mails and through documents that there were hundreds of mentions about security incidents particularly in 2012. so we have questions for the secretary about what she did with respect to the security requests. so we have a lot of unanswered questions, and we look forward to a long day of question/answer, and i hope that we are able to get to the facts, and that is what we have been very focused on from the beginning of the investigation 17 months ago. however, we do continue to receive more documents, and as you know, yesterday, we received 1,300 more e-mails of chris stevens. we don't even believe that is
10:42 am
all of the e-mails, and we don't have all of the documents, and all of the e-mails that we have requested from other individuals, so it has been very frustrating for us, and that is why it has taken this long to get to this place. >> and as you know, several other investigation s hs in the house and the senate and the state department and the inspector general's investigation, and the house intelligence committee led by then chairman mike rodgers of michigan concluded that there was no intelligence breakdown sayin saying, and i'm quoting now from the report that the intelligence community provided intelligence about previous attack, and the increased threat in benghazi, but no specific tactical warning of the september 11 attacks in benghazi, the same day as 9/11, 2001, and you are critical of the house intelligence committee report led by chairman mike r rogers, and why? >> through the investigation, we have interviewed over 47
10:43 am
individuals who had never been interviewed by congressional committees in the past. we interviewed seven individuals who were actually on the ground on the night of the attack who had never been interviewed. so our interview is more comprehensive and i commend the work of the other committees, but we have so much more documentation. we did it in a comprehensive way. the broader the jurisdiction has been much broader. and because of that, we are now able to ask not only secretary clinton, but we will be asking other agency heads questions, and people that have not not been questioned in the past as well. the investigation doesn't end thursday. i know that a lot of people believe it might be, but it is not going to the end. we have questions of the director petraeus, and questions of secretary panetta and gates. and so we will take the documents, and the witnesses that we have interviewed and complete the investigation, so i look for ward -- >> i take it that the three individuals that you just
10:44 am
mentioned have not yet been called to testify, right? >> well sh, we have not had the date yet set forth, but that is because we also have been waiting to get all of the information, and to do a conference of investigation, it is best to have all of the documents in order to ask the witnesses the questions, and we have had a difficult time getting all of the documents for the state department and better time getting them from the cia and the defense department, but we are going to plan to call them and ask them to be witnesses before the committee. however, because of the nature of the testimony in all likelihood, it is a clas fid si setting, and not in the public setting, because of the nature of the positions, but they should anticipate they are going to be called at some point, and we will look forward to their testimony. >> and bob gates and leon panet panetta, and they will be called
10:45 am
this year to testify? is that what you are saying? >> yes, we would like to do it, and we have a number of witnesses scheduled in november, so and so we will be working with the colleagues and the staff that have helped to arrange the meetings and the interviews and the hearings, and setting forth that schedule. but i must say that we want to finish this investigation. we want to issue that comprehensive report for the families of those who died, and for the state department employees who are involved and the state department employees who are working in dangerous places. so we want to get to this, and the secretary clinton was head of the state department at this time, and she a critical witness, but we have more critical witnesses to go >> representative susan brooks of indiana, thank you for talking to us. >> thank you, wolf. >> we will have much more on the hearings on benghazi and they are scheduled to go about eight hours. we will have much more on that
10:46 am
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my next guest has had a long distinguished career as ambassador to the undersecretary of internal affair, and also served under prt clinton for policy secretary to korea. she is now with the harvard kennedy school in cambridge, and ambassad ambassador, thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you, wolf. >> quickly on the benghazi hearing tomorrow, you know that the former secretary of state hillary clinton is going to be
10:51 am
testifying hours tomorrow before the committee and knowing what you know now, what should have been done to prevent the death of chris stevens and the other three americans? >> well, wolf, because of is secretary clinton and the initiative that she took and the work of the accountability review boardf after the horrific events of benghazi, the state department has implemented 29, all of the recommendations of the accountability review board and undersecretary of political aft affairs, i was responsible for all of the bureaus and the international organization, and every single day started with me trying to assess who might be at risk. we put more security guards in place, and more training, and hardened more embassies, and we have created a process called the vital presence validation process for high-risk posts, and put new ways of when to understand a place might be at risk, but i think that most viewers understand that we have
10:52 am
all kinds of challenges coming at us everyday, and you cannot anticipate all of them, so you have to have the team well prepare and the ambassadors start their day looking at what risks are in front of them. i'm very grateful to what secretary clinton did, and i'm sure that she is going to be speak to this, and i'm glad that she is doing it publicly and u say "we" because i consider my colleagues, and though former, colleagues, and glad she is doing it publicly, because she advocates for the security as s secretary kerry does and president obama does. that is critical. >> and to the subject of iran and you were the lead negotiator in putting together the u.s., france, germany, and all involved to freeze the nuclear program of iran for the next 10, 15 year, but nobody knows what is going to happen after that, and to today, the supreme leader
10:53 am
khamenei saud he would approve the deal, but if there are any issues with the agreement, it is over. do you agree with this deal? >> it is not about trust, but it is verification and monitoring, and indeed, we will see how fast iran can implement what they need to do in temperatures of taking the nuclear steps that are outlined in the deal, and at that point, we will be ready to lift sanctions along with the european union and the u.n. security council, but all of the the sanctions and the concerns regard iing the state sponsorsh of terrorism, and human rights abuses will remain in place. we have good evidence that they will comply and the first step in this, the joint plan of action has been complied with, for nearly two years now, and so i'm hopeful, but this is about actual implementation, so we will all be working hard, and my former colleagues will be working hard, and most of all,
10:54 am
this is what the iranians are going to be doing, and i am hopeful that they will do what they said they will. >> nuclear deal with new yoorth korea. we know how that turned out. they now have, what, ten nuclear bombs going toward a hundred. why did that deal collapse and a lot of people are wondering if that deal collapsed this one could as well. >> well, it was quite a different deal, woman. actually, ambassador bob ga lucic negotiated the agreed framework it toward the end of the clinton administration. i was trying to negotiate an end to long-range missile testing so they wouldn't have a delivery weapon for nuclear weapons. all during the clinton administration there wasn't a single ounce of additional plutonium that was created. that could be used for a bomb. i will say however that
10:55 am
agreement was four pages long. the iran agreement is many many many more pages than that. it only addressed plutonium, not enriched uranium, which this deal does as well. it did not address covert concerns, this one does. and indeed the additional protocol of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty was created in the aftermath of the north korean deal, among other npt concerns, because we wanted to make sure we had a way to get to any site where there were suspicious activities and that's now in place. we have an additional access agreement in the iran deal to ensure that if the international atomic energy agency which will verify this deal will be able to get to any site they need to if they have any suspicions at all. >> let's hope this one has a better outcome than the north korea nuclear deal. let's hope this one works so much at stake right now. wendy sherman, thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern
10:56 am
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breaking news here. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we have breaking news out of washington, d.c. the political man of mystery is not, i repeat, not running for president. joe biden after months of speculation and guessing games and recent jabs at hillary clinton revealed his decision moments ago alongside the president of the united states and his wife, dr. jill biden. let's let the vice president explain. >> as my family and i have worked through the grieving process, i've said all along what i've said time and again to others, that it may very well be