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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 21, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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@wolf blitzer. @cnn sit room. join us tomorrow in the situation room. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in the situation room. erin burnett out front oig starts right now. out yont oig next, biden is out and the vice president deciding against a run for president. what does it mean for clinton, sanders and donald trump. plus trump live this hour as the latest poll gives him one of his biggest leads yet, a lead he has held for 100 days. and we're live on the ground as heavily armed mexican marines search for one of the world east most wanted criminals, incredibly dangerous assignment for our reporter on the ground. let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin burnett. out front tonight, joe a no. joe biden makes his surprise announcement in the rose garden
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where the president traditionally speaks. biden saying it's too late to run and that his window to win the oval office and that rose garden for a term has closed. biden's decision changes the race. according to one poll, biden the only democrat who could top trump in the general election. as for hillary clinton, the most recent poll without biden mean as much stronger lead in the democratic field for her. clinton and trump both had kind words for biden today and trump added that he prefers to run against clinton because, quote, her record is so bad. donald trump is about to speak at a rally in iowa and sarah marie is there and we'll talk to her in just one moment. that's where he'll be speaking. i want to begin with jeff zell la any. what finally decided this for joe biden? >> he followed his head, not his heart. he's wanted to be president for most of his four decades in washington. but at the end of the day after make all these call, after
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looking in to how difficult of a path this would be, he finally decided that there just wasn't time for him to win the nomination and he doesnidn't wao go out a loser. joe biden walked into the rose garden to extinguish a dream. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> reporter: with those words today, the vice president closed the door to weeks of self in-tuesdayed speculation about joining the 2016 presidential race. it turns out he wasn't firing a washing shot this week at hillary clinton over her suggestion that republicans are the enemy. >> i don't believe like some do that it's naive to talk to republicans. >> reporter: he was offering an optimistic lesson to fix a broken washington. >> i believe we have to end the divisive partisan politics that is ripping this country apart p. >> reporter: of all the places to make his announcement -- >> mr. president, thank you for allowing me the rose garden for a minute.
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>> reporter: the vice president picked a spot he strived to reach since arriving in washington more than four decades ago. >> and that i will well and -- >> reporter: biden may never win the white house, but he's an elder statesman now, me clear that's a role he intends to play. >> but while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. i intend to speak out clearly and forcefully to influence as much as i can where we stand as a party and where we need to go as a nation. >> reporter: he offered no endorsements, but said democrats should embrace president obama. >> this party, our nation, will be making a tragic mistake about about we walk away or attempt to undo the obama legacy. >> the another un. so message to clinton, the party's frontrunner, who has broken with the presidnt on a few key issues. >> democrats should not only defend this record and protect this record, they should run on
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the record. >> reporter: after the the announcement, clip tnton praise the vice president saying in a statement i'm confident history isn't finished with joe biden. as he said today, there is more work do and if i know joe, he will always be on the front lines always fighting for all of us. >> thank you all very much. >> reporter: this week, our cnn orc poll found with pie deny on the sideline, clinton's lead grew to 23 points over bernie sanders. she's the biggest beneficiary of his division. hillary clinton was one of the first two placed a call to the vice president.sion. hillary clinton was one of the first two placed a call to the vice president. it did not lead to an endorsement for now, but hillary clinton is certainly breathing a sigh of relief that one obstacle is out of her way. but there is little time for celebration. tonight she's appear to go prepa appear to go prepare for the house benghazi committee tomorrow. >> point yagnant to watch this
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experience.benghazi committee t. >> poignant to watch this experience. you are now looking at the other beneficiary could be donald trump. he will be speaking live where you're looking right now at a campaign rally in burlington, iowa. sarah murray is there. and donald trump weighed in on biden's decision quickly. >> reporter: yeah, donald trump is always fast to twitter and today was no different. he said i think joe biden made the correct decision for him and his family. personally, i would rather run against hillary because her record is so bad. but erin, if you look at our cnn orc poll, shows hillary clinton beats donald trump by just 5% in a head to head match-up, that was a wider gap when you look at donald trump head to head against joe biden and that potential match-up, joe biden draws 53% support and ten points ahead of donald trump. and a fox news poll echos the
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results showing joe biden winning by an even larger lead in a potential match-up that will never come to pass. >> that's right. and of course in that one, you had trump beating clinton in that fox news poll, but not beating joe biden. sarah, do you expect trump to talk about this tonight, to talk about hillary clinton since he took to twitter or joe biden? >> well, it's always hard to predict exactly what donald trump will do as we've come to learn, but he usually goes after hillary clinton. i'm sure today will be no different. and i wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't made a couple of comments about joe biden. his team was pretty gracious. >> thank you very much, sarah. and of course sarah will be back with us as donald trump takes to the stage. we're watch to go sing to see we is does comment on joe biden or hillary clinton. glor
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gloria, it was poignant to see joe biden. maybe i'm just seeing what i wanted to see, but it moved like he was moved almost to tears there at the end. how did he final and he will reach the decision now? >> i think you're right. is this a m this is a man who spent his entire life in politics. it's august ll he knows. and i think what happened is the longer this dragged organization the more he realized he was running out of time. someone close to him said to me this whole thing caught him off guard. at first, this whole movement for joe biden after his son beau passed away from cancer. and he sent his staff out to go do the dil due diligence and you could hear it today, he clearly wanted to run. he clearly thinks he should be president. and it was a very difficult decision for him will. but in the end, i was told that
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he realize that hd but in the end, i was told that he realize that h that it would too great toll. did he really want,will. but in the end, i was told that he realized that it would too too great toll. did he really want,ill. but in the end, i was told that he realized that it would too too great toll. did he really want,ll. but in the end, i was told that he realized that it would too too great toll. did he really want,. but in the end, i was told that he realized that it would too too great toll. did he really want,. but in the end, i was told that he realized that it would too too great toll. did he really want, and this was a real possibility, to be a three time loser for presidency. >> dan, fox news poll showed that donald trump could beat hillary clinton but not joe biden. ben carson was asked about what this meant today and here's how he answered the question. >> it pretty much guarantees that hillary will be the person that we're running against. >> what about bernie sanders? >> pretty much guarantees that hillary will be the one we're running against. >> the polls obviously, dan, say carson is right. but does bernie sanders still have a slim shot? we look back at when hillary clinton was running against barack obama, the margin was much wider at this point and he triumphed. >> bernie sanders does have a shot. his shot is now a longer shot
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without joe biden in the race than it would be because basically there are some number of democrats, 7% to 10%, who would choose hillary clinton in a two way race with bernie sander, but joe biden in a three-way race. so hillary clinton is strength thi enned in new hampshire. >> so five points of clinton in iowa, that's how close he was. and up ten points in new hampshire. obviously that's a pretty significant. totally plausible if he wins those states. >> if he wins iowa, it will greatly strengthen his hand in new hampshire and if he wins both, it will greatly strengthens his hand in south carolina. if you look at thing a gra gate of the polling, hillary clinton has strengthened her position in new hampshire. and he still has a very good shot and he's in a -- he still
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has a good shot to win in new hampshire, but his chances go down without biden in the race. >> so let's talk about hillary clinton. then there is donald trump, right, that poll -- >> always the winner. >> the poll showing he would beat hillary clinton in a head to head but lose to joe biden. so donald trump is very excited. you see there on the top. he would have been crushed by joe biden. >> well, at this point in time. these are polls before joe biden got in the race. the problem donald trump has is his high unfavorable ratings. if you look in thing a gra gate, some polls have shown it close to 60% unfavorable.
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less among republicans obviously. but that's a problem. hillary clinton is not the pest liked candidate in the world. she has high unfavorables, too, as does jeb push. but donald trump has high unfavorables among independent voters. s which is why we thought we were seeing a shift in his behavior. so we're a long way from these head to head match-ups. >> it will be interesting to see when they ask voters what word you think of, among the top words for donald trump were stupid, for hillary clinton were liar, that would be a race to watch. >> not a great race. >> thanks so much for both of you. next, we're awaiting donald trump going to be speaking live in iowa at that podium. whether he does speak with joe biden and hillary clinton, plus tonight our special coverage continues of the manhunt for el
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chapo. our martin savidge on a dangerous mission to the last known place the drug lord was hiding. he's live on the ground for us tonight. and breaking new, new mexico police announced they have a person of interest in the killing of a 4-year-old girl shot and killed. the victim of road rage. xerox real time analytics make transit systems run more smoothly... and morning chitchat... less interesting. transportation can work better. with xerox. thank you for calling. we'll be with you shortly. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here! customer care can work better. with xerox. wait i'm here! mr. kent?
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you're looking at live pictures of donald trump speaking to supporters at a rally in iowa. let's listen briefly here. >> that's the one, that's the one, when you're sort of like if you have a baseball team or a football team, you sort of get your heart set on something, that's the one we want to go against because you go against that record, you go against that
4:16 pm
record, you just will win. we'll win. we're going to win big. we're going to win. so many mistakes. you know you look at the world, the world is a tinderbox, it's falling apart, blowing up. we are a mess. what has happened to this country between the iran deal and the bergdahl, i call him mr. five for one, we get a -- right. what did we used to do to traitors? boy, that guy's -- you know, they came out with a report, they don't think he -- >> so he's talking there live and we got in this quickly, let you hear what he had to say about running against hillary clinton and how he says he's very excited to do that. it is now 100 days of trump on top. let me say that again, 100 days donald trump has led the republican race for president. the new poll out today shows trump has 32% of the gop vote. that's a significant lead. it's ten points over number two and more than triple number
4:17 pm
three. but at the same time, another controversy for donald trump. mark preston is out front ith that. mark, the newest trump controversy is about comments he made about the war in afghanistan. so let's show viewers exactly what happened. first here is donald trump on october 6. >> we made a terrible mistake getting involved there in the first place. we had real brill kraiant think that didn't know what the hell they were doing and it's a mess. at this point you probably have to because that thing will collapse about two seconds after they leave just as i said that iraq would collapse after we leave. >> and then he was asked about his comments about the afghanistan war being a terrible will mistake, which you just heard him say there. he was asked about that yesterday here on cnn. and he said that he didn't say that at all. here he is. >> we made a mistake going into iraq. i never said we made a mistake -- >> our question was about afghanistan. that day -- >> i never said that. okay. wouldn't matter. i never said it.
4:18 pm
afghanistan is a different kettle. afghanistan is next to pakistan, it's an entry in, you have to be careful with the nuclear weapons. it's all about the nuclear weapons. without the nuke, it's a whole different ball game. >> he's saying he mis-sunday stoot t under stoot the question. is that possible? >> anything is possible, but let's go back to what he said on october 6. and this is where it's problematic for him. let's read you the one line. he said just as i said that iraq was going to chance after we leave, so what is he comparing that to? at the time they were talking about iraq, they transitioned that conversation into afghanistan. so interestingly enough, donald trump never pabacks down and he certainly dwug hug his heels in this. >> this isn't the first time he's claimed there was a misunderstanding. here is he last month on hugh hewitt. >> are you familiar with general
4:19 pm
soleima soleimani? >> yes. go ahead, give me a little. go ahead, tell me. >> he runs the kurds forces. >> right. and i think the kurds by the way have beaeeen horribly -- >> no the kuds forces. the bad guys. do you expect his -- >> i thought you said kurds. >> no. >> i'm sorry. i thought you said kurds. >> mark. >> well, interestsly enough, hugh hewitt is known for asking tough difficult foreign policy questions address donald trump should have been prepared going on. now, listen, could he have misheard it at the beginning? sure. but hugh hewitt said it time and time again. interestingly enough, i was talking to the bush campaign take and just asking them how are you going to deal with donald trump moving forward, all he does is attack you, he says jeb bush is low energy. and they said they think the achilles' heel is on foreign
4:20 pm
policy. they won't go after him on it every day, but this is an opening. >> and now jeffrey lord, donald trump supporter and our political commentator se cup. people to mishear things. 12 sha what happened here? >> this is no way to know. if you take donald trump at his word, there is a lot that you can still take issue with with the things that he says he did mean to say. so there is a whole lot of substance to pour through when it comes to these issues. donald trump i think, you know, pretty consistently either misspeaks or doubles down on something that most people would find insensitive or offensive or ignorant. and so we all try to sort of scramble to figure out what he actually meant. i think that's kind of maybe a waste of time. i think for his supporters they
4:21 pm
seem to defend almost everything he says. he seems to have total immunity. the personality is so much more important to sirpts th supporte than what he actually says. >> i have to say, i've talked to donald trump and i've heard him repeatedly being iraq being a mistake, i've never heard him say that about afghanistan. so i think perhaps he misspoke there. that's number one. number two, i think although i would change the sdwripdescript just a bit, i think these are people demanding serious change. and when you reach that point, you're very forgiving of things that come along that might disrupt what other people think should be a stumbling block. i think we saw this with
4:22 pm
running in 2008. just as an example, since today is the day vice president biden got out of the race, back in 1987, i was the white house source that told the "new york times" that he had blanlg plagi roger kennedy and a week later he was out of the race. i mention this hed this in 2008 on one cared. at that point american electorate was determined to elect senator obama and they didn't care what joe biden had said. so i don't think this kind of thing matters. >> an interesting anecdote. s.e., in terms of the republican electorate at this point, a lot of -- there will people who love donald trump, a lot of people who don't like him, but they seem to be getting in line. 42% of republican voters now say that trump is the most likely to be the nominee, 43% say he has the best chance of winning the general election. that's a pretty stunning turnaround in a lot of ways. a lot of people in the establishment didn't accept him.
4:23 pm
now they to. you're one of the people who doesn't like him. do you now think that he is the one to put republicans backdto. you're one of the people who doesn't like him. do you now think that he is the one to put republicans backo. you're one of the people who doesn't like him. do you now think that he is the one to put republicans back in the white house in. >> let's be clear. it's not that i don't like him. i know donald trump. i think he's incredibly impressive talented person. he's a phenomenal father. and a great businessman and very entertaining guy. frankly, i wish he was running a more serious and inclusive campaign that was going to grow the republican party. and appeal to more conservatives. but my fear is that going forward, when he talks about shutting down mosques and building fences and sending refugees home, this is going to give democrats an advantage that they already have. an even bigger one. look, if hillary clinton is the nominee and donald trump is the nominee, hillary clinton is already going to have a built-in advantage with women, with hispanics, with minorities, with african-americans. donald trump is going to need to
4:24 pm
appeal to more than just this sliver of the country that is really animated by this anti-everything outsider rhetoric. and aside from telling -- as a woman, i have to say, aside from telling me that he would cherish me, i don't really know what he would do for me. i've got a tdad, i have a husband, i have a son, i feel very cherished. what will donald trump do for women, for hispanics, for minority, for all these demographics that he will have to people to if he's going to have any chance of competing with hillary clinton. >> all right. thanks very much to both of you. we'll see how those polls move. but as we said, a very stunning victory for donald trump 100 days on top. up next, martin savage is on the ground in the most dangerous drug capital in the world hunting for the world's most dangerous drug lord. and we're going back to the future. you're look at live pictures as many of the stars from the hit movie are together tonight live. very special screening. we'll be there.
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so this is home to us. being able to work in the community that i grew up in, customers feel like friends, neighbors and it makes it a little bit more special. together, we're building a better california. tonight exclusive access in the hunt for the world's most
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dangerous drug lord, el chapo. martin savidge is on the ground as authorities look for the illusive billionaire. martin savage spent the day on dangerous assignment as the hunt closes in on what may be an injured and desperate el chapo. according to a source, the drug lord fell off a cliff and broke his leg running from police. he's been able to evade capture every since escaping using this underground tunnel. martin savidge is with me now "outfront." and what did you see today, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, i hate to break your heart, but we did not find joaquin guzman. but you do find everywhere you go here evidence of how the incredible search to try to locate him is literally turning lives upside down. and by that i mean lives of local people here. everything from the many check points and road blocks that have been set up by the military, but then on top of that, the military effort, we were just
4:30 pm
trying to get to borrego, part of the golden triangle where all the drug trade known to be centered. and over the weekend, military troops dropped on the of the sky in helicopters. the people there were clearly terrified. they said that the force of just the rotor wash damaged a roof and soldiers burst into their homes, throwing their possessions into the yard trying to find he will chel chapo and questioning an 82-year-old man and he said do you think a man of his wealth would be hiding in my poor home. and so then the soldiers left. so it just shows you how it is really changing and upsetting lives as they focus heavily
4:31 pm
trying to find him. >> do you think he is injured? that would be a much more desperate situation. >> reporter: well, they do believe that is he injured. either broken leg or injured leg and also something on his face. which raises the question medical help. how does he get it. this is a very large area and there are many communities here that are sympathetic and that he has control over. so it wouldn't be that hard for him to find say a clinic or to find medical personnel that would take care of him. he may even have that wherever he is hiding out. the other thing that is going against the military and the national police, is this terrain. we're not quite in the middle of nowhere, but we're definitely on the outskirts of it. the terrain here is both beautiful and also some of the most treacherous i've ever seen. the mountains are just incredibly steep, difficult. the roads are almost nonexistent. we had pretty heavy duty truck here and many times we struggled to get up and down, trying to
4:32 pm
move troops over a road would be nearly impossible. helicopters can't land at least not in many areas because of the thick underbrush that swallows anyone who wants to hide. clearly nature is on the side of guzman at least to this point. and he knows it. >> we can see behind you the dirt and flooding there. i mean, a lot of people there where you are as you talk about being so remote, the people who are there, they like him, he's helped this area, they're on the lookout to help him now. do you feel like you've been watched? i mean how difficult is the story for you to report? you're there trying to report on finding him in an area where he's beloved by many. >> it's extremely difficult to report. security is always paramount anytime cnn covers a dangerous area. we have the assistance of local people who will go out and scout ahead to try to find the places and the people we want to talk
4:33 pm
to. so they know that we're being watched. we have that incident already today. we know there were three people outside of where we were staying. we decided to test it, we sent one of our crew off on an ar an and sure enough two peeled off to follow him and one stayed behind to keep an eye on us. so we are much watched most definitely. >> so being watched by el cha chapo's officers. very much appreciate it you talking to us. martin is on the move, literally stop i boog tping by the side od to talk to us. and really appreciate him doing that. i want to bring in mark barne
4:34 pm
now. and art, you see where marty is and you can see right behind him a dirt road that was barely and a half navigatable. and he's partly cloudy pentagon people he's talking about people are following marty and know where he go. >> the police realize they're in his backyard. i'm sure he has tunnels around there. obviously he's hired some people protecting him. so this is a very difficult area to search in. you're basically in somebody else's backyard trying to find the person that really owns that property there. so this will be a very difficult task. and when you look at what they had to bring into do that, i think from here on out, you see tes per race and it's only going to get worse from here on out. >> so what kind of security do you think el chapo has?
4:35 pm
certainly he has at least three individuals today who were following martin savidge from cnn. what kind of security do you think he has where he's hiding? >> he has different levels of security. he has his internal security force that numbers over 300, very well trained, very disciplined, very well armed and equipped assassins and thugs. and he has traveled with with as many as 300 at a time. these guys are armed with fully automatic belt it-fed pkm and m-60 machine guns not to mention large numbers of assault rifles, ak-47s, m-4s, he has rocket propelled grenades. the marines who raided the ranch just last week in pursuit of chapo came under gunfire and the helicopters that were bringing
4:36 pm
in the raid force basically had to divert and they had to go to the contingency plan and go in on foot. >> all right. well, art and 3450mike, thank y very much. we will continue to follow the story as marty are on the front lines. up next, assad leaving syria for the first time since the war began. safe passage from vladimir putin. we discuss the report and breaking news. police saying they have a person of interest in custody in the deadly case of road rage that killed this beautiful little girl. hi i'm heather cox on location with the famous, big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me?
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tonight the white house
4:41 pm
slamming russia for its, quote, red carpet treatment of bashir al satisfiesed a. the syrian president sneaking out of his country for the first time since the brutal civil war began there four years ago. he's an honored guest of vladimir putin. we'll have a special report on that in just a moment, but first we have to show you these imans of the russian strikes bombarding syria on behalf of assad. nick paton walsh is live along the border. what can you tell us about what we are seeing? >> reporter: what it must be like to be a moderate syrian rebel on the front lines here. this from a group in fact that potentially been given weapons by u.s. and the allies, as well. we see them in these pictures firing at a drone in the skies over them, intense gunfire and how air strikes are slamming into the town near them. at one point fighters getting cover on the ground.
4:42 pm
intense bombardment, syrian state tv talking about and showing how their armor is rolling towards that key population city of allepo. hundreds of thousands of people perhaps hiding. we could be talking about an unprecedented humanitarian crisis if they do reach that city. >> and you have reported in syria, you are in touch with rebel leaders there, rebel fighters. what are they saying about how it is on the front line? we're hearing dozen respect triple that of russian bomb as day. what does that mean on the ground? >> reporter: they are never seen anything like that. we've heard that they need assistance now, they need more of the anti-tank missiles you may see in this video here which can target the regime armor. it's tense, it's minute by
4:43 pm
minute and that regime and russian air strike power is making it hard to hold tear for that has been in their hands. the big humanitarian crisis with we have to watch for. hundreds of thousands of people could be on the move. >> thanks very much for us. and now details on the secret meeting between as sad oilg and putin. jim sciutto has that part of the story. >> reporter: it's believed to be the first time he's left syria since the civil war there began more than four years ago. syrian president bashar al assad traveling to mass coscow to mee face-to-face with putvladimir n putin. t t >> narrator: the terrorism could have spread for more territory, not the just to our region, but other region, two. >> reporter: two weeks in to russia's surprise military
4:44 pm
intervention in syria in the air and on the ground, mr. putin promised mr. assad continued support. >> narrator: we are prepared to do whatever we can, not only in the course of military efforts to fight terrorism, but also in the course of the political process. >> reporter: that's a process the u.s. would like to see result in assad's ouster. today u.s. officials wonder how the visit will paekt upcoming meetings friday between secretary state kerry and his russian counterpart sergey lavrov. the white house spokesman saying we view the welcome carpet welcome for assad at odds with the stated goal by the russians for a political transition in syria. but russia's recent military activities may not end in syria. president putin reportedly sending a letter to iraqi prime minister expressing his support for the fight against isis on the iraqi side of the border raising the possibility of
4:45 pm
russia filling a perceived void in iraq left by the u.s. >> these people in russia and the kremlin will say, okay, we have an opportunity here, we're going to drive our version of a mack truck right through this area and we are going to control the agenda for the northern middle east. and that is exactly what they're doing. >> reporter: u.s. officials are saying they were not surprised would i assad's trip and the fact that it makes sense in light of the fact that he depends on russia now for his survival and the best demonstration, that assad would leave his country to meet but continue on his tur 1/2 the middle of what by all accounts is a critical time in the syrian civil war. >> thank you very much, jim sciutto. and "outfront" next, breaking news. police just announcing they're holding a person of interest after this little girl just four years old was shot and killed, victim of road rage.
4:46 pm
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so they can go out there and kick the butt they came here to kick. the reason they hired me is because i care about the details. i care so much it hurts. it's the little things that make your stay awesome. like free breakfast. and pancake technology that i'm pretty sure we stole from the space program. one button. hot pancake. total victory! reports out of new york city of a strange loud man ambushing people on the streets. >> are you proud of kate blanchett? >> no. >> sources say he's running up to people and forcing them to discuss opinions on pop culture sometimes with a celebrity by his side. police are on the hunt -- look at you. do you think walter cronkite would have spent new year's eve
4:50 pm
with kathy breaking news, moments ago police announcing they have taken someone in custody for killing a 4-year-old little girl. lily garcia was shot and killed during a road rage incident. the little girl you see here was riding with her parents and the car and another vehicle cut each other off and ended in death. >> i'm not sure what is going on. there is a red ford f 150 in the center median. looks like a medical emergency. it's not an accident but there is an adult looks like an unresponsive child. >> officer tanner is spokesman for the albuquerque police department out front tonight. i know you have a person in custody tonight. the police chief had earlier mentioned a suspect who is a hispanic man in his 20s. is that who you have in custody tonight?
4:51 pm
>> it is an individual that does match that description, yes, ma'am. >> all right. so it matches that description. as i said, hispanic man in his 20s as you-all had said earlier today. are you sure that this person is the killer, or are you still looking for other suspects at this time? >> at this point, we need to be very careful with our verbiage at this point. he's only a person of interest. we need to gather a lot more evidence and information to bump him up to call him our suspect and file charges against him. we're hoping to gather that information and evidence through two or three different search warrants we're currently executing right now. >> those search warrants, i would presume looking for a weapon or do you have a weapon at this point? >> no, we don't have the weapon at this point. we're hoping to collect that through one of the search warrants. we also need to get into a home where we believe he might have hidden the vehicle that he was in yesterday. so it's still a very fluid and dynamic investigation and going to be continuing throughout the
4:52 pm
night. >> so what else do you know about how this horrific killing happened? we know it happened incredibly quickly but what else have you learned? >> i think what is most troubling is it wasn't just the 4-year-old little girl lily in the truck with their father, he had picked up her brother, as well, a 7-year-old young man in the back of that truck, as well. there were two children in this truck that this animal decided to open fire on just because he happened to get cut off on the freeway. >> and in terms, i mean, you use the word animal, that's the word people think of when they see that little girl and realize she was shot and killed in road rage. it's incomparable here, this was so unnecessary. is the man you have in custody, is he cooperating? has he been like thus far? >> i'll be very honest with you, i don't know. i came over here as soon as we found out we had him in custody.
4:53 pm
so i don't know if he's cooperating or decided to obtain a lawyer and not answer any questions. at this point, i just don't know where that aspect of the investigation has gone? >> officer, that's okay and i really do appreciate the you taking the time to come over here and tell us about this. thank you. >> thank you so much for having me on. appreciate it. "outfront" next, michael jay fox with the first pair of lacing sneakers this is for real, next. (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world.
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chuck, i know i have a 798 fico score, thanks to kaboom... get your credit swagger on. go to become a member of experian credit tracker and take charge of your score. the sneaker made famous in "back to the future" made the debut. the nike is real, a reality. four years ago nike sold 1500
4:58 pm
prototypes and raised money for the michael j fox foundation. today nike jaif fgave fox the f working pair. >> reporter: cars and self-lacing shoes, two toys for grownups from back to the future. though, none of them throw, it was a da llorians parked outsid studios. and even parked inside studios. >> is that your car? >> no, that's not my car. >> reporter: but it was michael j. fox' self-lacing shoes that would become the breaking news. for all these years, "back to the future" provided hope to think this is too much trouble. marty mcfly was impressed.
4:59 pm
the shoes designed by nike didn't actually lace themselves, it was low-tech movie magic. >> there was actually guys under the false floor that pulled the laces from beneath to make them tighten up. >> reporter: 26 years later, the dreams come true. >> are those the shoes? >> these are the nike mags. >> reporter: they sent michael j. fox an illustrated letter saying the project started as violence fiction, we're proud to turn that fiction into fact. we wanted you to be the first to receive a living pair. they sure sound like they are alive. >> they lace up on their own? >> yeah, see it? >> reporter: nike says the system senses the wearer's motion, a limited release of nike mags will be auctioned off with proceeds going to the michael j. fox foundation for
5:00 pm
parkinsons research and nike says there will be further testing and no word when they might be sold to the general public. talk about shoes that breathe, gee nekne jeanne moos, cnn new thank you for joining us. "ac 360" starts now. good evening. we begin in iowa where republican presidential front runner donald trump is campaigning now. he's not only maintaining his lead but there is a high expectation he will be the nominee and a belief he has the best shot to win the general election. first, sarah murray is on the campaign trail with trump and joins us now. what has trump been talking about so far? is it his usual rhesesuscitatiof poll numbers and what else is he talking about? >> reporter: we're getting a lot of the usual stuff but the first thing he addressed is joe biden sayi


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