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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  November 1, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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and now have a commanding 3-1 lead over new york. game five is tonight. >> thank you so much. make some great memories today. good luck to all of you running the new york city marathon. "inside politics" is next. stay with us. jeb bush insists poor debates don't mean his presidential bid is on life support. >> we have the most money. we're doing fine. >> bush friend turned rival marco rubio. >> someone has convinced you attacking me is going to help you. >> bernie sanders stokes his campus appeal. >> states should have the right to regulate marijuana. >> and hillary clinton looks to build an african-american firewall. >> we need more city toos busy to hate. and we need a country too busy to hate. >> "inside politics," stories
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sourced by the best reporters now. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. jeb bush concedes that he could have done better the other night but don't worry. >> it's not on life support. we have the most money, the greatest organization. we're doing fine. >> he is now running fifth in the national polls, fifth in iowa and fourth in new hampsh e hampshire, where he promises to prove all the critics wrong and come back. donald trump and ben carson still lead the pack. we wait now to see some data, polling, how republicans score the third debate, this is widely considered one of its most important moments. >> marco, when you signed up for this, this was a six-year term. you should be showing up to
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work. literally, the senate -- what is it, like a french workweek? >> the only reason you're doing it now is we're running for the same position and someone has convinced you that attacking me is going to help you. >> if we believe the post debate -- i want to get a little caution upfront for the same pundits who said trump wouldn't run, trump wouldn't be serious, ben carson wouldn't make much of himself. i want to be clear. these people are now saying bush is on life support, in trouble. and with marco rubio and other strong moments in the debate is the resurge in campaign. yeah? >> i would put an asterisk next to that conventional wisdom. i spoke with bush people on saturday and said how do you really see this? they said it's late october, early november. bush and rubio still have a long way in this nomination fight. bush, in some ways, did expose rubio's voting record to a wider audience by bringing it up and they do believe it will get more scrutiny and attention in the coming weeks.
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and they believe that bush has the finances and stature to stay in this race. >> we're nine days away from the next republican debate. rubio will get more attention at the next debate n iowa he is picking up big fund-raising support since the next debate. if you look at him he is still like 6% or 8% in the polls. can he actually move voters? here is part of his pitch. >> be careful of politicians who say how many jobs they created when they were a governor, a senator, a mayor. they don't create jobs. citizens create jobs. >> things look bad for jeb right now. jeb can fix it, new message. it looks awful. >> more disreputation. >> best thing you can say about your candidacy if somebody asked you if it's going okay, it's we have the most money. that's the problem all along. he has the most money but the candidate is not something
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voters are interested in buying. so the performance problem that jeb has just gets worse and worse. after every debate if you look at the polling line it goes down. his podium is moving further and further from the center. and a lot of these donors, people on the inside, they've been hearing from the bush team for months now. it's still early. it's still early. just buckle in and wait. they're getting tired of hearing that. >> it's 91 days until the iowa caucuses. one year from tuesday we pick a new president. we have to pick the nominees first. bush keeps saying i'll get it. and somebody should write the comeback narrative. i'll be fine. >> good luck with that right now. should be noted while rubio is widely considered to have won that exchange with bush, he did cancel an event to go vote in the senate last week. so, it's not that he's ignoring that issue. there has to be some concern that his lack of voting record in the senate this year will come back to bite him. so, you know, while he did well
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in the debate, they are making some alterations as to how they're approaching his "i hate my job" narrative. >> he doesn't want to attack his rivals is silly. he uses language like that. it doesn't pass the smell test. secondly, marco has a great advantage in this campaign, an amen corner in the press. it is so revealing. the people who rally to his side they want him to be their nominee. they don't say it always. if you watch this knee-jerk defense of marco on the right, it is very, very revealing. lastly, on jeb, his challenge is this. these campaigns increasingly have become defined by debates and press coverage thereof. if it's about those issues, your ground game and your fund-raising and your pedigree, it doesn't matter as much.
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if you can't perform in this new system, it's going to be very hard for you to be the nominee. >> this is a fault line, i would argue, in the conservative press, the more established conservative press. it is an amen corner. when you're looking at somebody -- >> that's fair. >> they're animated by immigration and see rubio as -- >> right. on the more populist right are still skeptical of rubio. they think if he is the nominee we'll get right back to immigration reform. >> donald trump is tweeting this morning that paul singer, financier that marco is his amnesty guy. he wants marco to get elected to pass amnesty. faesf it's not donald trump it's ted cruz. he challenged the moderators in the debate. yesterday in iowa he doubled down on that point, saying independent journalists
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shouldn't moderate debates. we should look for, say, sean hannity. >> how about if we say from now on, if you have never voted in a republican primary in your life, you don't get to moderate a republican primary debate. >> next it will be how about we don't let democrats vote and then republicans win? that's not how it works, senator cruz. i'm sorry. i understand your point. to the cruz strategy, he comes out of this debate hitting the media certainly helps with the conservative base. he continues to have a strategy that is dependent on trump and carson collapsing. i'm sorry, there is no evidence as we speak this sunday morning -- trump is down a little bit, but carson is leading in iowa. trump is leading in new hampshire and south carolina. and i think -- >> it's november 1st. >> 90 days till people vote. how long can you -- i'm not going to attack these guys.
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your survival is dependent on them collapsing. >> there is, to some extent a game of "not it" happening. everybody has done that, and is expecting someone else to do the dirty work of taking out the front-runners, right? i think it has become clear in the ensuing months, especially since trump announced that these guys are not going to implode on their own. it could still happen. and nobody also thinks that the polls you see now are predictive in any real sense of how the primaries will turn out. they're meaningless except as an indicator of base sentiment. there's a lot of things we don't know basically. there's a lot of ground to cover until we get to voting. we don't know what's going to happen. the strategy of making sure you have the money and the campaign to hang tight and you don't get one of these death spiral narratives started about you, as long as you can hold -- be in a holding pattern where you're getting a decent amount of the national vote and can stay on that first debate stage that's not a bad strategy.
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>> some of them see trump coming down in iowa. he will drop before iowa, because he won't let himself lose. i don't think so, ladies and gentlemen. i don't think so. trump constantly -- you have to give him credit whether you like him or not. he recalibrates when he sees the moment. he did not go after his rivals in the debate. on the days ahead of time he had been especially critical of ben carson. listen to him on the stump. >> it's not about being a celebrity, i don't think. it's about having a view that's captivating to people in this country because they're tired of being taken advantage of. they're tired of being stupid. they're tired of having their leaders being out-negotiated on every single deal. >> for trump that's actually kind of soft spoken and a little more, i'm going to use the word, humble. at least in his tone. >> it is. i've been covering trump since january and you really can see a
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transition in his temperament. it's not because of his ideology but trump wants to come back in iowa. he can be the nominee. he sees it on the horizon. the question is, how does he get there? he's toning down his attacks and his rivals. john kasich, trump was ready with the lehman brothers line. >> can trump help himself in going after carson? >> it hasn't worked in the past. it's kind of fallen flat. >> he's not going after carson. >> no. >> so herein lies the issue. you can't shoot bambi and nobody wants to shoot bambi. the fact is that cruz doesn't want to go after ben carson. he wants trump to. if nobody touches carson, the assumption is that carson falls on his own. what if that doesn't happen?
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that's the issue. >> he has to make a hard choice. >> i think trump -- carson wins iowa, trump, if he's still ahead in new hampshire, that complicates it for the carson campaign. special ops into syria. top of the hour stay right here, watch cnn's state of the union, farewell to the old speaker and welcome interview with the new speaker, paul ryan. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked.
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welcome back. president obama using troops inside syria is now a flashpoint. hillary clinton says she sees merit in the president's decision. bernie sanders, though, says he has serious reservations. >> my nightmare is that the united states, once again, gets caught up in a quagmire, which never ends and which leads to perpetual warfare. i have gone to too many funerals in the state of vermont from
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brave young men who have fought and died in iraq. >> special operations troops who are there to advise kurdish forces for the most part. it is risky. once you're in, you're in. how much do you see the politics of this? if you're hillary clinton, she has been more of a hawk in the democratic field. she also has to remember her support for the iraq war was her undoing in 2008. >> exactly. i think it is easy to overread this, based on the narrative of 2008. obviously we mow from 2008 what a significant weakness it is for hillary with the left. her record on foreign policy. and that is only exacerbated by her tenure as secretary of state. she was a relatively hawkish voice inside an administration that is relatively hawkish compared to a lot of the democratic base. on the other hand it's not 2008. the people who support bernie are much more about his sort of record of full-throated economic populism and his talk about inequality.
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so, you know, as he broadens this to become a candidate who is liberal on a whole spectrum of issues from marijuana to war and the death penalty and everything else, he clearly is preaching to the choir there. but is that something that broadens his support or -- >> no, it doesn't. >> -- or takes out people who are for hillary? i'm not sure it does. >> he also has anti-war liberals. >> they're not as powerful this cycle, as they were in 2008. they were a big force then. now they've sort of lost their steam. >> this is also barack obama, not george w. bush. >> exactly. you're opposing barack obama on anything, free trade or foreign intervention, if obama is for it, it's going to be hard to be against it and still win over his supporters and that's bernie's challenge. >> the sanders campaign says it understands that hillary clinton has had a good couple of weeks. they say they'll double down in iowa and new hampshire, which is smart, try to take her out in the early states. hillary clinton is taking a
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longer view, both in atlanta and south carolina friday and into the weekend courting the african-american vote. once she gets to more diverse states that she'll be just fine. one potential complicating factor is earlier in the week she was asked about the death penalty. she pass aid crime bill that hillary has now criticized. she said the death penalty needs to be reviewed but -- >> i do not favor abolishing it, however. because i think there are certain egregious cases that still deserve the consideration of the death penalty. but i would like to see those be very limited and rare as opposed to what we have seen in some states. >> that's a safe general election position. bernie sanders quick to say in a statement real criminal justice reform must have the united states join every other major democracy in eliminating the death penalty. a difference on the left but is it enough? >> so far you see senator
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sanders pulling secretary clinton to the left on many issues but you haven't seen secretary clinton damage herself in how her campaign sees her viable for the general election. sanders has changed the conversation, especially on the economic front but clinton remains, as she was months ago, largely the front-runner for the general election if she gets the nomination. >> i wouldn't be surprised to see the clinton campaign pushing the fact that when she was head of a law clinic in arkansas in the mid '70s, she helped to get someone off death row. this is an issue. she has become more conservative on but she has been on the other side as well. >> you do see the traces of the 1980s democrats there and hillary clinton saying, we can't let the republicans take us too far to the left. i can't go that far in the death penalty. even though she has adapted to the year 2015 politics, you still see at times, we can't give them fodder for the
5:51 am
general. >> that was bill clinton's rise in national politics. parties too close to the labor unions, too soft on crime. we have to remember, hillary was being asked of this in the context of rolling out, talking about incarceration, very animating for the left right now. at same time you do have, in some big cities, rising rates of violent crime. there is a fear that crime will be an issue that hurts the democrats again, if people start to feel like there's this crime wave. and all the democrats are talking about is pulling back on what the police are able to do. it was his issue. she is going to be mindful of that. not talk about different ways
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let's head around the table and ask our reporters to give you a sneak peek of the stories ahead. >> marco rubio coming off the big debate will hope to capitalize on that, being at two of the gop financial hubs this week, florida and new york. he will be raising money twice this week in florida and twice in new york. once in manhattan and once over in connecticut. it's going to be fascinating to see who comes to those events. obviously, florida. and places like new york, a lot of people there were leaning toward bush because of their ties to the family. who comes to those events? keep your eyes peeled. >> jackie? >> there's been a lot of chatter about republican candidates taking it to the rnc and taking back the power. people familiar with this process tell me there are some hard realities that they're
5:58 am
going to confront. for example, the under cards are pushing all four people on stage. told that's not going to happen. ben carson's camp has been pushing for longer opening statements. also told that's not going to happen. while they are getting a little bit of leverage, pie in the sky probably not going to happen. >> okay. robert? >> recently sat down with trump's campaign manager and said how do you see the map? the deep south is where he could prepare. hire more people in georgia, coming out of south carolina with some momentum, that's how trump sees it. he may not win but if he doesn't he wants that march 1st primary, srchlts e.c. states. >> if trump is still around at that point, bad news for ted
5:59 am
cruz. >> the big news on capitol hill, new speaker of the house, paul ryan, who, you know, there was a sort of k. mbaya moment, almost elected with all the votes of the republican conference. and he has this two-year deal that boehner pushed through that sort of clears the decks for him. he will still have some challenges. big tests coming up. they have to pass a highway bill. pretty soon we'll see whether paul ryan gets any sort of honeymoon. whether he does better than his predecessor did. >> herding the sheep. refused to vote for paul ryan when the house chose their new speaker. now looking to pay them back with the primary challenge. latest bad blood in the establishment versus tea party fight we've all watched play out over the last few election cycles. they are looking at each
6:00 am
district, looking to surprise three or four of these house rebels if they can recruit top tier candidates by the filing deadlines. keep an eye on that one. that's it for "inside politics." "state of the union" starts right now. >> the buy as that exists in the american media. >> and the party that was payback. then the governator. he may be replacing trump on "the apprentice," but is raising cash for another candidate. who may surprise you. and a reluctant speaker embras his new role. >> we've been too timid for too long around here. >> why


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