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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  November 10, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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to know there's nothing i can do about it now, the olympic games are gone. the medal is gone, the opportunity is gone, sponsorship money is gone. at this point the truth will be fine, but i think that our -- they could have done a better job. >> i'm so sorry to cut you off. i apologize. i have to throw this show over to our next host. thank you so much for talking to us. and that does it for me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> thanks, brianna. will dr. ben carson this evening experience the full trump? "the lead" starts now. candidates under fire, under pressure, under the microscope. hours before another critical debate, will a cool and calm dr. ben carson be able to fend off a trumpy donald trump? not only are they nearly positive, it was a bomb, but u.s. investigators may now know what it was made of and how it
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got on board a plane that blew up in the sky. plus -- a professor at mizzou ignoring like page 1 of her own textbooks to say, nothing of that pesky bill of rights. asking for muscle to help remove journalists from a public space. good afternoon. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. the politics lead now. the latest gop debate tonight has the potential to reshuffle the race. republican presidential candidates are already jabbing elbows at one another and they have not even taken the stage as donald trump looks to regain his lead by perhaps going on the attack and dr. ben carson tries to tamp down questions about the accuracy of his autobiography while jeb bush, once again, breaking out the defibrillator to jolt some life into his campaign. dana bash joining us. are we getting a sense how tonight's debate might be
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different from last one? >> one clue that i've gotten, in past ben carson has been notoriously mellow. a carson source tells me he's pretty fired up about what you mentioned, about the fact that there have been lots of questions into his past and that that very well may seep into his debate performance tonight. >> people are getting away with murder. i never saw anything like this. >> reporter: without a hint of irony, the billionaire tv reality star who rewrites political rules every day is calling out ben carson for an unconventional campaign. >> you stab somebody and the newspapers say you didn't do it, this the only election in history where you are better off if you stab somebody. >> reporter: for carson, anecdotes about overcoming a pathological temper as a child, like attempting to hit his mother with a hammer, is a selling point for many gop
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voters enthvoter s enthralled with his story of redemption. >> if you try to hit your mother over the head with a hammer, your poll numbers go up. i never saw anything like it. >> reporter: the carson campaign is trying to do diffuse that situation with humor. releasing this new top ten spoof video of carson's youthful indy corrections. >> ben carson checked out a library book and returned it two days late. >> reporter: another drama will be playing out tonight. jeb bush versus his former protege, marco rubio. >> or resign and let someone else take the job. >> reporter: bush's direct hit on rubio in the last debate two weeks ago backfired big time. >> someone's convinced you attacking me is going to help you. >> reporter: ahead of the debate, team rubio released a video before the phony attacks. bush in his own words praising rubio. >> a marco fan.
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>> reporter: their candidate the way they wish voters would see him, energetic conservative leader. >> affirmative action, pro-life. >> everyone's different. everyone's different. >> reporter: team bush says they're being bombarded with conflicting advice how to resurrect his fledgling candidacy. the new york time reports the bush super pac, forbidden from talking to the campaign, is testing an attack on rubio as unelectable, in part because he opposes any abortion exceptions. >> when there is conception, that's a human life in early stages of total development and wo worthy of protection of our laws. >> going after rubio as unelectable certainly could be something that would help democrats if he is a republican nominee, that would happen in the general election. but right now, rubio, of course, trying to appeal to republican voters. as much as anybody paints him as very tough when it comes to abortion, the rubio campaign,
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they say, that can only help him in the short term. >> throw me in the brier patch, thanks so much. joining me now to talk about the debate and republican front-runner ben carson and his campaign strategy, armstrong williams, campaign's business manager. thanks for coming on today. >> always my pleasure. >> want to give you an opportunity to respond to mr. trump. point of clarification, cnn never said that he didn't do it, our reporters couldn't find anyone that saw his bad temper back in the day but that done mean what he said wasn't true. but i want to give you an opportunity to respond. >> you know, nbc did report the issue of "parade" magazine, the mother confirming it. mr. trump should be nervous, and actually desperate. a month ago he was at double digit lead over dr. karsen in south carolina. dr. carson lead's 28-27. he's closing gaps. mr. trump is fond of saying when somebody he attacks the numbers
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go down. he hasn't not figured out how to deal with dr. karsen. why do you think dr. carson is beating donald trump? >> intelligence. pure intelligence. the american people trust dr. carson's intelligence, his substance, his temperament, his discipline, and his humility, far more than mr. trump. and dr. carson is not petty or sensitive or small-minded. >> he's obviously in last week or so been asked a lot of questions about details in his autobiography, and the campaign and he had responded to it in different ways. the most recent way is through humor, funny video put out by the campaign. take a look. >> in the third grade ben carson got caught passing a note in clasp he didn't even use a number 2 pencil. >> number three, when he was a child, witnesses say that dr. ben carson used to
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occasionally color outside the line. >> you get the point. it's a joke. but speaking on behalf of reporters, do you not think it's important that candidates' autobiographies, whether president obama or dr. carson, that the facts be vetted and checked and made sure that the stories are accurate? >> absolutely. you and i agree with that. dr. carson does not have a legislative record and i'd like -- an office record. all he has is his autobiography and many books that he sold and record as world renowned surgeon, of course that's fair. >> the debate moderators have said tonight's debate is going to be focused on economic pol y policy. you and i have talked about how debates aren't dr. carson's strongest forum. as brilliant as he may be as a neurosurgeon, he's not used to giving economic policies. how is he preparing?
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talking to economists? is he studying research papers? what's he doing to prepare for this evening? >> well, he's been involved in debate prep for the last two days, very heavy on economic, very heavy on explaining more of his 10% tax plan, more heavy on talking about medicaid and those issues, which some people feel they're just not certain where he is because you can't talk about hsas. more focused -- >> health saving accounts. >> how to close the gap between the haves and have-nots. i'll tell you a funny thing, allison cam ratty interviewed dr. carson recently and in all of my years i've known dr. carson i've never seen anyone put fire in his belly, and it continued on that friday night in florida where he was respectfully disrupted, where he
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was challenging. you know, we saw something that was quite endearing, and even in the conversations with him, he needed an edge, and i spoke to him not long ago and he was talking about economic policies and i said, my god, man, you sound -- you sound really good. he said, i've been study, i've got to sharpen everything going forth because the other stuff about the biography, that cops and goes. but what's going to endear people to me, i've got to get into the substance of the issue. >> are you expecting him to be attacked, specially by donald trump? >> it would not be wise for mr. trump to attack him. it's not a winning approach. we assume that opportunity was at the last debate. but you never know about mr. trump. given the fact he doesn't know what he's going to say, he's pretty desperate because he cannot even understand how dr. carson, or anybody, is leading him in the polls. he assumed everybody should have
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dropped out of the race by now. he doesn't understand the race has yet to begun. if he thinks dr. carson is going to drop out or be intimidated he's lost and confused. he needs a different strategy. >> we'll be watching this evening. looking forward to. thank you so much. we appreciate it. breaking news now. just getting word that the fbi has arrested two white supremacists allegedly planning a race war. we have that breaking story. we'll bring it to you after this quick break. if i want to go up... hello. if i want to go down... nooo... but, then if i want to come back again... yes. it's perfect. and there you have it. (vo) and now through december 1st save hundreds on select tempur-pedic mattresses and adjustable bases. change to tempur-pedic.
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great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome back to "the lead." we have breaking news now. the fbi netting two would-be terrorists today who planned allegedly to spark a race war.
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cnn justice correspondent pamela brown is here with all of the details. what specifically does the fbi allege these two men planned on doing? >> a couple of things, reading through the criminal complaint here. two men that the fbi says were part of a white supremacy group. they say part of the plan was to kill a local jeweler, use proceeds to stockpile weapons, buy land, and start a race war. also in the criminal complaint, it says the men wanted to use extremist beliefs by shooting or bombing the occupants of black churches and jewish synagogues, conducting acts of violence against persons of the jewish faith and doing harm to a gun store owner and the state of oklahoma. we know that the fbi used surveillance, undercover informants to help fathgather t information. the fbi says in november the men met with an undercover fbi agent acting as inlegal arms dealer to buy weapons that the fbi says these men planned to use to
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carry out attacks. >> in oklahoma, where this is going to take place? >> chester feel, virginia. >> okay. how far did two men get in their plot? did they get close at all? >> the fbi says, in the criminal complaint, that they met at a home with a few other people in the commwhite supremacy group a the fbi says the fact the men took steps to buy weapons, including a .45 caliber pistol was an indication, evidence, that these men meant to carry out the attack using these weapons from this undercover fbi agent and what's interesting here, in the complaint, the men suspected that the undercover fbi agent was actually acting in an undercover capacity but went ahead anyways to buy these weapons. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. world lead now. u.s. officials today closing in on what the bomb that likely took down that passenger plane was made out of and how it got there and how it was detonated, killing all 224 people on board,
1:17 pm
including 25 children. we say likely, because u.s. official tells cnn it's 99.9% certain it was a bomb but not 100%. figuring out what happened is critical to preventing the next such attack with concerns of the 1 million people who work behind the secure lines at american airports. cnn's barbara starr live at pentagon. what's the latest? >> well, jake, russia and egypt sharing little, almost no information, about this situation. but the u.s. is beginning to develop some ideas about what it believes happened to the russian airliner. as the u.s. tries to connect the dots on what happened to the russian airliner, a working theory is emerging inside the u.s. government about the possible makeup of the plot. more than half a dozen u.s. officials in various parts of the administration now believe it likely was a bomb. officials stress, understanding
1:18 pm
what happened is critical for ensuring airline security. >> given the ongoing investigation, we are particularly focused on what happened, understanding what happened, what more we can do in that region. >> reporter: without direct access to evidence, bomb residue, wreckage, data recorders, or the bodies, the u.s. cannot come to a firm conclusion. but the u.s. does have intercepted communications, radar readings, videos, and photos of the wreckage to assess. based on that, u.s. officials tell cnn, a likely scenario is emerging, they believe it is likely jihadists planted a bomb with a timer on the plane, using someone with access on the ground. it was set for enough time to initiate explosion after take-off. the heat flash of the explosion, picked up by a u.s. satellite, along with reports of an intense
1:19 pm
explosion, picked up on a flight recorder, add to the u.s. view, a highly dynamic bomb exploded, one official told cnn, the bomb was likely made, in part, by an easily attainable military grade explosive like c-4, according to two american officials. >> the groups that operate in that region from isis to al qaeda, they would have access to military-grade explosives, that's not a problem. >> for now, u.s. officials say there's no intelligence to indicate the attack was ordered directly by isis back in syria. all of this could change as the u.s. gets more information and more intelligence. >> barbara starr, thank you. joining me to discuss this and more, senator and candidate, lindsey graham, who serves on the armed services committee. senator graham, thanks for being here. if isis was behind this bomb attack, and it has not been confirmed, does this make you
1:20 pm
even more concerned about the threat to the united states, potential threat? >> 0 oh, definitely. it means they have reached outside syria, they can coordinate with people in the sinai to slip a bomb on a plane in egypt, yeah, definitely worries me. i've had a wake-up call two years ago regarding isil. if this is not a wake-up call for president obama and members of congress to get our act together, what will? do we have to get hit here before we take these guys serious? strategy's not working. congress is cutting the budget of the fbi and homeland security, the president has no strategy to destroy isil on the ground what happen point in time do we wake up? >> how serious is threat you consider isis in the sinai? if you were president and you were given clearance, would the u.s. be conducting air strikes in sinai? >> i would concentrate on headquarters in syria in the short term. you wanted to do joint operations with i gept, if that was on the table, couldn't me in.
1:21 pm
i want to partner with arabs and turkey to go after isil in the mideast. we have an historic moment, turkey now aligned with us regarding isil and other al qaeda elements as well as trying to take assad down. there's an historic moment here with a smart president to reset the middle east and take radical islam and put them on the back foot using people in the region who have similar interests. >> you called for 10,000 troops in iraq and 10,000 in syria as part of coalition to fight isis, something other republicans have not said, you say any candidate unwilling to commit is not serious about fighting isis. i want you to take a listen to what senator ted cruz told me last week. >> look, there are some politicians who like to support boots on the ground in every conflict across the globe in an effort to lean forward and show how tough they respect i don't think it's a gail of risk. i don't think it should be politicians moving armies about.
1:22 pm
>> what's when i asked about what the u.s. should do when it comes to fighting isis in iraq and syria. your response? >> ted cruz doesn't have a clue how to destroy isil. his plan is no din than obama. three years ago, when assad was on the ropes and john mccain and lindsey graham were calling for a no-fly zone, along with the entire national security team of president obama to train free syrian army while intact, to have a no-fly zone to they have safety to go after assad and radical islam, he called the effort an air force for al qaeda. senator cruz has been all over the board. he has no foreign policy vision. his view of how to destroy isil is to me, i can't understand how it's different than president obama. i've been to iraq and afghanistan 35 times. if you don't realize we're going to need an army to destroy isil inside of syria, that should be a regional army of which we'll have to be a part, you're not ready to be commander in chief. senator cruz was one of the
1:23 pm
reasons we didn't use force when assad crossed the red line drawn by our president. senator cruz and senator paul all objected to using force at a time when it would matter against assad. everything john mccain and lindsey graham have predicted has come true. senator cruz and senator paul were on the wrong side of both issues. >> as you articulate the fight against isis, almost a top priority for the next administration, the next president. donald trump, one of the front runners for the republican nomination. i asked him about his strategy to fight the terrorist group. take a listen. >> i would hit isis very, very hard. i'd hit them at their source of wealth, the oil, and hit them right now. >> when you say hitting isis hard what do you mean specifically? do you mean -- >> i hate to say specifically because if i -- i'm leading in the polls, if i win, i hate to give all of my information right up front, to be honest. i'd hit them at their source of wealth. hit them at the source of
1:24 pm
wealth, the oil. take the oil away. >> your response, senator graham? >> the reason he can't give you specifics is because he doesn't know what he's talking been this is the donald trump who said they has no problem with russia destroying isil. we should stay out of syria as a quagmire. if you don't realize america has an interest in destroying isil in iraq and syria, you don't understand. you join with russia to destroy isil they require assad to stay in power, the puppet of iran, and the war never ends. the right way to go forward is form a coalition with arabs in turkey going on the ground part of the coalition, 90% them, 10% us, destroy isil. donald trump really has no idea what he's talking about. they get about 100 million from oil, the only way to destroy isil is ground force. senator cruz, if you don't understand there needs to be boots on the ground and the kurds and arabs inside syria don't have the capability to destroy isil, you're not ready for the job.
1:25 pm
where does the army come from if we don't form it in the reegen. sorry you're not going to be at debate but we provided an opportunity here. hope you enjoyed it. >> thank you, i did. >> a u.s. airport partially shut down. fbi called in the frantic hunt for a passenger with a suspicious bag. that's story next. protesters pushing a journalist, and a media professor asking for muscle to take out a reporter. that story next. the best of everything is even better
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welcome gback to "the lead."
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i'm jake tapper. major security scare shutting down terminals at one of the nation's busiest airports. dozens of flights delays for hours at miami international airport after a passenger got through tsa security and boarded a plane with suspicious items in his carry-on. heavily armed police stormed the aircraft, ordered all passengers to put their hands on their heads and then questioned the individual before allowing him to fly. the incident raising serious safety concerns. let's get right to cnn's aviation correspondent rene marsh tracking the story. what were the suspicious items. >> cell phones, wires, materials, that is what essentially sparked the suspici suspicion. tsa was forced to call in the fbi to join on the search for a man authorities believed may have brought a suspicious package on to a flight. caused delays for hundreds of passengers, officers walking through the airports with guns in hand, embarrassing situation
1:31 pm
for tsa, as there is knew scrutiny on security. >> everybody up. in the front. >> reporter: police rushed on board the american air lines flight monday search of a man with a suspicious package. passengers were ordered to place their hands on their head. >> so very large officers in s.w.a.t. gear entered the plane, they proceeded down the aisle looking at each passenger in the eye as if they were looking for someone. >> reporter: tsa, at miami international airport, initially allowed the man through a security checkpoint with a bag containing wires and cell phones. tsa later determined the bag was suspicious. authorities spent the next several hours trying to find him. >> they came in and told everybody to get out. the airport was being evacuated. >> reporter: 73 flights were delayed, nine diverted to other
1:32 pm
airports. darren dowdy filmed this video seated just one row from where the man was finally detained. >> this is the guy and they just kind of jumped on him and said, sir, let me see your hands, you know, when they started yelling get your hands out of the bag, let me see your hands, that's when things kind of get hairy. >> reporter: the passenger was questioned, and released, the bag deemed safe. >> the way that the procedures were written at checkpoint this shouldn't happen. this is obviously a fault. this is tsa missed it in this case. >> reporter: as u.s. and british officials suggest someone may have smuggled a bomb on board the doomed russian passenger plane, scrutiny continues over vetting of airport workers with secure access to airplanes here in the united states. >> this is a trusted population or should be a trusted population. i think there's work to be done there. >> cnn is told that the information that's needed to vet airport workers here at domestic
1:33 pm
airports is the same as a passenger would submit for prechecked security clearance. as for the tsa file-up the miami international airport, how could this happen? minutes ago we got a statement from tsa. i'm going to read it to you in part, tsa stopped the x-ray machine at a checkpoint to conduct further screening of carry-on bag. in the process of transitioning other passengers to another screening lane. they somehow lost sight of the bag and the passenger. >> thanks so much. professor asking for, quote, muscle to keep journalists away on a public place during protests at university 0 missouri. a media professor. reaction from one of her colleagues, next. >> can i talk to you? >> no, you need to get out. you need to get out. >> no, i don't. >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> all right. hey, who wants to help me get
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changing the world. welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. national lead, students heading to class as usual at university of missouri today, after demonstrators protesting for weeks what they call climate of racism on campus had one of their big demands met with resignation of both university system president and pending resignation of the school's chancellor. let's get to kyung lah. i haven't heard specific details what the racist incidents were. can you tell us any? >> reporter: well, they bubbled over in mid-september. this fall semester, there were two incidents where students say they were victims of racial slurs being thrown at them. one of the facebook posts went viral here on campus. then, there was a swastika painted in a dorm, in a dorm bathroom.
1:39 pm
these students began protesting across campus they went to the president, confronting the president, on two different occasions, the response they got from him, they say, unsatisfactory. that spawned the hunger strike and the boycott by the football team, jake. is there a sign that this is behind them? there is at least one sign, the football team, just a couple of minutes ago, started to practice again in the stadium behind me a couple of minutes ago, the very first time in a week. >> fans of the tigers will be happy to hear that. i have to say, there's another side to these protesters, new video circulating of a confrontation between student journalists and demonstrators on the campus quad who wanted to kick the student journalists off public space. let me run some of the video. >> reporter has got to go. hey, hey, go home. you've got to go. >> i have a job to do. dokkck d
1:40 pm
>> this is first amendment that protects your right to stand here, protects mine. >> you're not going to yell. >> calm down. ma'am. >> she doesn't want -- >> ma'am, the first amendment. ma'am, don't yell at me. protects your right to be here and mine. >> can i talk to you? >> no. you need to get out. you need to get out. >> no, i don't. >> you need to get out. >> i actually don't. >> all right. hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? i need some muscle over here! >> i need some muscle here, from a member of the faculty. what are you learning about this incident? >> reporter: it's becoming as teachers here on the campus might say a teachable moment not just for students but also for the professor. let's start with the students. the students are saying that they need to respect not just their own privacy but, remember, there are first amendment rights, flyers handed out to journalists among the students
1:41 pm
here in the quad reminding everybody that they have to respect the first amendment. as far as the teacher, that teacher, who you are seeing there, shes assistant professor melissa click, she teaches mass media and she's clearly trying to restrict first amendment rights of a journalist in a public space. the university of missouri is considered one of the best, if not the best journalism school in the united states. so we went to her office to see if we could find professor click, to if see might be able to ask us what was behind the behavior. she wasn't there she did not return phone calls or repeated e-mails. we are starting to hear from her employers. we did talk to the dean. he did release a statement saying that she has a courtesy appointment at the journalism school and that courtesy appointment is being reviewed bit faculty as far as her full-time employer, the
1:42 pm
communication school. they can't comment specifically about personnel matters but, quote, intimidation is never an acceptable form of communication. >> kyung lah, thank you so much. let's talk about with this a journalism professor at the esteemed university of missouri school of jump itournalism. professor, thanks for joining us. i have to say i found this video shocking, not just this mob of students trying to intimidate the journalist, but they had faculty help. >> yeah. one thing i need to make clear right away, that professor is in a different school. so it's not the school of journalism she's in. she has a courtesy appoint, yeah you can do committee work but she doesn't teach our students. i don't think you'd see any journalism professor out there advocating that kind of action and displaying that kind of
1:43 pm
disregard for student journalists. >> what was your personal reaction, if you don't mind my asking? >> i was pretty mad about it. >> yeah, i would think some as we mentioned dean of the journalism school says faculty members are reviewig this professor, who called for the muscle, melissa click, and her courtesy appointment. do you think she should be stripped of her courtesy opportunities? >> i think that's probably reasonable response. keep in mine that doesn't do anything in terms she's still a faculty member, and in communications department. we have a mass communications department, a school of journalism. some schools it's combined. but here, they're totally separate. and i can't speak to what that department may or may not be saying or doing about her. >> let's turn to the broader issue, because obviously the students that were seen in the video is a small percentage of the students protesting for
1:44 pm
weeks about larger issues of racism, protesters say the resignations of the president and the chancellor are just the beginning. i've reviewed list of demands, one increasing percentage of african-american staff and faculty to 10% in a couple of years, for example. do you think anything else is bound to happen from the list of demands? >> i think a lot of things are bound to happen, whether they tick off the list of demands or not, a lot of things have already happened. one of the things i get across is that this video that went viral with our student photojournalists is the smallest part of a huge day in the life of this institution, which has been here since 1839. i can't say enough what momentous kind of shift is occurring. >> yeah. absolutely. professor, thank you for your time. coming up -- new clues but many questions why
1:45 pm
two officers opened fire on a car, killing a 6-year-old boy. what authorities are saying led to the initial confrontation. battling the physical and mental scars of war but somehow, smiling. how surfing helped these veterans, that's next. (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient? corn? wheat? in new purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one.
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welcome back to "the lead." headlines in our national lead today, new details surrounding the tragic shooting death of 6-year-old jeremy mardis. a source telling cnn, the marshalls began pursuing chris few after witnessing what they thought was a domestic dispute with his girl friend outside a local bar. few fled, the two officers followed him and fired 18 shots into the vehicle. wouldn'ting few and killing his first grade son, who is autistic. right to nick valencia live in marksville. the local district attorney recused himself from the case, citing his relationship one of the officer's families, right? >> reporter: it all comes down to a conflict of interest. the assistant district attorney here is the father of one of the
1:50 pm
suspects. the suspect, each behind bars, held on $1 million bond. louisiana authorities now say a domestic abuse incident led to a police chase that left a 6-year-old boy dead. a source close to the chase says, city marshalls began pursuing father chris few, after they witnessed an argument between few and his girlfriend outside of a bar last tuesday. that pursuit ended in a barrage of gunfire. few's son, jeremy, shot five times in the head and chest. few was critically injured and is still in the hospital. it's unclear if he knows about his son's death. a $1 million bond has been set for each of the two officers involved, norris greenhouse jr. and derrick stafford. they've been moved to a jail in the next perish for safety reasons. both i'ves have had run-ins with the law in the past. staff for indicted on two counts of aggravated rape and both involved in civil cases related to excessive use of force.
1:51 pm
chris few wasn't carrying a gun and no outstanding warrants against him but officer greenhouse and few may have had a history before the shooting. >> we believe they've had some type of relationship where they met each other, knew each other, certain as this progresses we'll find out more information. but i think in a time like this, everyone knows each other. >> reporter: officers were wearing body cameras with footage that louisiana police superintendent calls disturbing. that footage hasn't been released. amid questions about why the shooting happened and the way the crime scene was handled the mayor of marksville admits, there are some issues with government accountability. is this city corrupt. >> depends the way you look at. i think, to an extent, it is, and there are some things that need to be taken care of stwhth that need to be looked at. >> reporter: officer greenhouse's father works for the d.a.'s office.
1:52 pm
exactly one week since the shooting, answers may be in short supply. gag order has been issued by a judge here for all of those involved in the case. jake? >> nick valencia, thank you. it's not really about the waves. these men and women are battling injuries and memories of war by surfing, that's next. where our next arrival is... red carpet whoa! toenail fungus!? fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. are you getting this?! most common side effects include ingrown toenail, application site redness, itching, swelling, burning or stinging, blisters, and pain. oh, epic moves, big j! fight it!
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. buried lead now. that's what we call stories we think are not getting enough attention. 240 years young, a big birthday for the u.s. marines comes before veterans day this year which is tomorrow. group in california is honoring our veterans and interesting way, teaching our wounded military heroes how to surf. it's part of an effort to heal their bodies and their minds and cnn's stephanie elam filed this
1:57 pm
report. >> reporter: these bodies, powering into the pacific ocean, have stories to tell. they belong to american and british soldiers, some retired, some still active duty. all men and women injured while serving their country. >> we have our guards, help for heroes on there, operation surf. >> reporter: this is operation surf. a camp designed to aid wounded heroes' mental rehabilitation by focusing on the physical. >> i've always wanted to try surfing. >> reporter: jake joined the army in 2005. he was injured in afghanistan. >> my truck hit an ied, broke my ankle, my heel, my back, my arm, and some other things. >> reporter: five years later, jake elected to have his leg amputated below the knee, a choice greatly improved his life. >> haven't ridden a wave all wait in, that needs to help. >> reporter: and allowed for this adventure.
1:58 pm
cameron crosby was on patrol in korea when stabbed by a fellow soldier. he was paralyzed and had a collapsed lung. more than a year since his insur ji, he's better but has challenges. >> right side cannot feel temperature, pain, mobility issues. it's a privilege to be out here. >> reporter: but not all of these soldiers' wounds are visible. >> iraq, afghanistan. >> reporter: stacey was a mednick the british army for nearly 14 years. >> reporter: tell me why you were medically discharged. >> ptfd, suffered ten years on and off and suffered from depression and anxiety. >> reporter: what do you thoep gain from your week here at operation surf? >> inner peace, i think. stop being so sad. >> reporter: 9% of the time, they're standing up by the end
1:59 pm
of the day. sure enough it's not long before stacey's up on her board. >> i didn't think i'd be able to do it. >> reporter: for 42 years, van has been catching waves. he began operation surf in 2009. >> it wasn't like this grand idea. it was just the opportunity of just being able to be of service to our wounded servicemen and women in transition. >> you think you're able to do that today? >> two in the past ten minutes. >> reporter: the closing ceremony is bitter-sweet. >> i want to give this award to stacey. >> reporter: a time to celebrate goals met and surpassed, friendships forged and lessons learned in the water. >> surfing is amazing. it's great rehab. a lot of my anxiety's gone down. i feel confident. >> reporter: stephanie elam, cnn, on california's central coast. >> thanks to stephanie elam for that report.
2:00 pm
more importantly, for the men and who fight for us. thank you. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper. turning you over now to one mr. wolf blitsdzzarder in "the situation room." thanks for wanting. happening now -- explosive mix. u.s. officials suspect an insider planted a military grade explosive with a timer aboard the metrojet airliner which blew up over sinai. now, an egyptian source says state security has investigated anyone who had anything contact with doomed plane before it took off. will egypt let the u.s. see any evidence? i'll ask egypt's foreign minister. isis threat -- the isis affiliate in sinai is known for high-profile attacks using insiders. they're led by a mysterious cleric, violent jihadist. did he direct an attack on the airliner. white supremacist plot. two virginia men arrested for allegedly